The death penalty does not bring closure

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good morning:

Ironically, it is much easier to adjust and begin to focus on how one wants to live the rest of their life when the sentence is life without parole.

The death penalty does not bring closure.

Instead, it brings year after year after year of appeals, collateral attacks, stays of execution and remand hearings. The emotional roller coaster may last more than 20 years and there is no certainty that the process will end in an execution.

Putting one’s life on hold and investing one’s limited amount of energy into obsessively and compulsively hating another person and praying for their death is self-destructive.

Nothing good can come of it.

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  1. colin black says:

    Lee Rigbys

    Murderer give Michel Abeowoldo 28 given entire life sentence natural life.
    His 22 year old cohort given life with minimum of 45 years before elegable for jam roll ..parole.

    ps blade runner murder trial pistourious

    A K A Pisssedanfurious he shot his beutifull g f on Valentines nigh
    Allegedly because she received a txt from a former boyfriend
    A Famous rugby player wich is huge in S Africa.

    His defence aiS HE MISTOOK his g f for a burgalar and as he didn’t have his blades on .No phrosthetic just his stumps and was unable to move around or jump even he panickrd

    When he hears a noise in the toilet an grabbed his gun.
    He shot through the bathroom door an ended up strikeing her eith 4 bullets.

    The cynics argue that he snapped after an argument over the new décor for the ensuite bathroom/

    He wanted black marble an pine for the Bathroom Door .

    But his Girlfreind was dead against It.

    If only he had slipped on his blades an been able to move faster and jump about!

  2. Malisha says:

    The death penalty is also about winning.
    It helps the people who “lost” in the crime get “one-up” on the guy who “won” on the crime.
    Thus it becomes part of the crime.
    The crime (often, but not always) starts out with CRIM winning over VIC and then there’s an imbalance in the “righteous triumphs” myth that sustains our culture.

    The VIC’s “seconds” (as in a duel, which it should not be) then get over on the CRIM and put HIM (or her) to death so there cannot be a “ROUND THREE” where the CRIM will win again.

    It’s essentially a horror movie with the ending put where the more powerful people want it to end. It looks at crime not as a social disease but as a game. Vengeance is the state’s and the state therefore becomes godlike and very jealous. The state can kill (death penalty, wars, denial of critical care) but thou cannot.

  3. colin black says:

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    Good morning:

    Ironically, it is much easier to adjust and begin to focus on how one wants to live the rest of their life when the sentence is life without parole.

    The death penalty does not bring closure.

    Instead, it brings year after year after year of appeals, collateral attacks, stays of execution and remand hearings. The emotional roller coaster may last more than 20 years and there is no certainty that the process will end in an execution.

    Putting one’s life on hold and investing one’s limited amount of energy into obsessively and compulsively hating another person and praying for their death is self-destructive.

    Nothing good can come of it.

    That’s true hate Is a destructive negative emotion unlike love or compassion and empathy .
    Hate drains one strains ones soul the desire or hope for a negative outcome pain an suffering for a fellow sentient creature be that an earthworm or a butterfly .

    Let alone a fellow soul of the same species although in essence all life on Planet Earth Is the same species we share the same D N A as Daffodills or Goldfish or an h I v Virus .

    No matter how heinious an act someone has commited and be they kith an kin friend or foe
    Stranger or Familiar to you.

    To hate them is wrong not even just for there sakes an the hope theres a glimmer of something redeemable In there.

    But more importantly for your own sake your own peace of mind an your own health.
    Hate cause stress an stress causes ansyty an elevated bllod pressure.
    Stress can lower your immune system due a myriad of conditions it can cause within our systems .

    Each of us are unique it could be an out break of acne or boils an your immune system has to diver t .

    Presious resourses fighting this bad unnessery shit caused by YOU

    Self inflicted because you let this negative shit an thoughts eat you up.

    Irritible Bowell System another stress related condition an foggen sufferd from I B S

    And we no for a fact he was stressed out and full of hate

    Im not making this up.

    So while we have an unending supply of hate .

    We don’t have an infinite supply of white blood cells healthy an good anti bodies.

    To waste fighting thease conditions cause by negative emotions.
    Unlike love an healthy emotions there no release ever for your hate .
    Its a catch 22 round about you can never leave bit like Hotel California.

    The only escape is to let it go no need to forgive but just to forget.
    Honestly its as if someone has lifted a ton weigh from your head.

    The other side of the coin Is not only does it stop the loved ones of the Victim from moveing on if they have this constant battle to see the person whom caused the suffering an loss put to death.

    In a country that’s always blathering on about cruel an unusall punishment for the people you incaserate.

    As Ed Nelson pointed out recently there can be no cruell er or unusall an tottally unjust punishment in my mind..

    Than to sentence a person to death an then have then serve decades sometimes before there sentence is either commuted or your executed.

    That’s double punishment triple realy triple jeapordy.

    You palce a person in a state where Its impossible for he or she also ti try an move on an have at least some limited exsistance an purpose in Jail.

    People whom have never served time have the misconception some how that peoples lifes are over an some how prisoners are no longer quite human almost empty shells whilst incaserated .
    An nothing happens an every days exactly the same .

    But Prisons are a micro organism of out side society every thing that happens on the out side happens in Jail although sometimes either in a Limmited capacity

    Or sometimes in an exsesive capacity .Sex Violence Deceit Theft obviously happens on the out side so called free world.

    Well all those things happens in prisons to the max .But its not all bad as I said all the good experiances can exsist an do exsist in prisons also.

    You make Friends not many but useally good ones .You can read or write or contemplate your navel an why there always fluff iN THERE
    Or contemplate the absurd nature of exsitance chance an how your spinning on a mote of dust in a universe so vast an yet its produced you.
    Therfore you are its creation every bit as much as a blackhole or red giant or pulsar.
    Or photon bouceing about millions of years inside the sun randomly bashing into others this way an that .
    Untill finnall escapeing into the vacuum of space to take 9 minutes to come an warm my soul,

    Or how plants use quantum physics to ensure the ony except the 3 pecents of light photon specra they want to make there food throu photo shythisis .

    97 percent of light specrum frequency is unacceptable an useless to a plant so how do they know wich photons to accept an which to reject.

    Puzzled phycists an botanists for a long time .

    Turns out plants grass ect knew about quantum physcics before we did wich to be fair is understandable.
    As plantl life ferns ect were on this earth billions of years before even single celled non plantlife creatures started to evolve
    That sqwiggled an wriggled about

    Although sea weeds an sea pods plankton were the early type plants even before plants spread to dry land .
    Like animal life organic plant life evolved in the sea an spread to land.

    Otherwise we would have no atmosphere to breathe today…

    But I digress you can still have some sort of life in prison .

    Not much of one though if your isolated on death row an have to live every day unable to interact with any thing anyone that will bring you any rhyme or reason to be alive anyway .
    Same way with those super max prisons this country that sticks two fingers up to the world by sayinf

    We don’t do cruell an unusall punishment..

    Tell me why does a country even need such legistation.
    Unless its of a mind to ponder.

    Hey we have some crazy mo fo s in positions of power an influence.

    Whom are able to incaserate our asses an whats more thease cazy mo fo s

    Are liable not just punish our citizens but will think up devious an horrible ways to inflict hease sentances.

    So we need to legistate to stop thease people of power being able.

    To teat its prisonesrs in any cruel or unusall fashion?

    An boy whomever those guys where they sure had 20 20 see into the future eyesight…

    Cruell an Unusall punishment has become the U S A forte an not just with in its prison walls.

    Even sitting in a Cinema or sitting in the back of an S U V or walking through a gated community can get you instantly an cruelly treated and punished If you fit the bill.

    And Im not talking about Americas Bill of rights

    You have a much larger bill to PAY.

    A BILL OFF Wrongs .

    Number of minors serveing a life sentence without possabbilty of release in the entire World Africa UK Hong Gong S America France Ausrtalia Canada Russia Syria Libya Mongolia India Turkey Greece N Zealand Ice Land Germany Slovenia Luxenburg Ukraine Katmando.

    Basicly every other country In the world There are 9 minors sentenced as minors whom will never be released.

    Number of Minors sentenced to natural life without possabilty of parole In U S A TWELVE THOUSAND..

    Number of Countrys using Super Max Conditions on Minors an Adults
    One = U S A .
    Execute Mentaly Ill = America
    Runs Detention without trial concentration camp in Cuba = U S A

    Has at least 17 secret out soursed Detention Centres throught the world .Where as in Cuba they detain antorture prisoners without due process.

    Thease are random forign Natinals your country either scoops up.
    Or pays bribes /bountys to Countrys to hand them over . Or threats of military strikes.

    Random Military srikes with Drones or Planes with no though given for civilian collateral .Often thease Zones bomb school buses full of children mistaken for insurgents.Your spook spin doctors either silence the truth.

    Or blame a terrorist I E D for the atrocity

    All thease things Are Cruell and unusall unnecceasey and not the actions of a Democracy.

  4. colin black says:

    Yup I was watching live bonds on orange county feed they can be entertaing in a car crash manner.

    On wild about channel site I flicked over to the reeves bond hearing an mistakenly thought it was live.

  5. Trained Observer says:

    Here’s Jordan Davis’ mother, Ms. McBath, in a post-verdict interview with Salon. She’s a long way from closure, but does showe the serenity of purpose.

  6. I believe this hearing took place February 7th. Bail was denied.

  7. 15 minute break after defense counsel’s closing,

    (defense led off because they are the moving party)

    Prosecution will be next.

  8. colin black says:

    live hearing looks like reeves is going to bond out this shit is live now.

    Reeeves is nutzois shot a guy had pistol ready an waiting .

    An once after pestering the guy 4 times about txt.

    Theatre was empty almost an he chose to sit right behind his victim.

    THROW popcorn

    sentence death
    ex cop also

    • Thanks for the link. I’m watching.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Defense attorney comes off as really abrasive … if people didn’t know better, the picture painted is that the deceased out of nowhere attacked a dear sweet frail innocent old man … not a hulking gun-toting self-appointed cell-phone copper with a reported history of harassing texters.

        The state, by contrast, seems quite low key as it lays out deadly facts: Among the most lethal was Reeves’ verbalized declaration along the lines of “I’ll teach you to throw popcorn.”

        He sure did. And now he’s going to pay for that deadly arrogance.

        In refusing to grant bail, I’m thinking judge did not only the community but wife Vivian a favor. Imagine having to constantly put up with this old coot around the house.

        (FYI, the judge — displaying a touch of dunderheadedness — did say that if he had granted house arrest, Reeves only would have been allowed to go to church and the grocery. Big sigh of relief, no doubt, among texting church-goers and cell-phone using shoppers in aisles from produce to red meat.

    • colin black says:

      This ex cop stroke control freaks defence his wife was besides him an believe you me she aint no foggentieite sheLIE Type.

      She tottaly dissrisputes ALL that her hasband of 40 years claims .
      He is 70 retired cop an still thinks he txt police.

      Enters a nearly empty theatre looks about .
      Movie hasn’t even begun an notices his victim txt ..

      Turns out it was a problem his Daughter had a minor storm in a T Cup thing.

      So reeves superman ex cop self appointed txt police drags his wife to sit in aisle an seats directly behing rouge txter..

      As soon as he sits down seconds he leans over an tapped his victim on the shoulder an told him to shut off his phone.

      Victim does not respond

      Reeves taps shoulder dittos demandes Victim ditto IGNORES.

      Third time still Reeves superman ex cop is ignored.

      Stands up an thunders of up isle muttering an methinks going to prepare his weapon.

      Chamber a round remove from holster ect have as they say .

      Ready to go go..KILL..

      Anyway he claims his exit was to complain to an alert management.

      Don’t forget his job is Reeves super bad ass ex S W A T Cop not just your average doughnut munching pansy cops.

      An its his duty to alert management ,ah hem prime his weapon an then go back into theatre an directly confront perp whom has now had the audacity TO FRIGGIN SHUT OF HIS CELL PHONE AN PUT IT AWAY!

      Instead of simply returning to his seat sitting with his Wife and enjoying a movie.

      He escalates this situation his Victim is 6 ft 2 he is short 5 ft seven ,
      However as he is in row directly behind his hight is elevated ten Inches .

      As the theatre is banked in ten inch steps rraising back verticlt to avoid the old back in the day problem of blocked veivs in level movie theatres.

      Judges back with desisin live feed on again.

      Sounds like the judge is going to bond him out?


      Yup is deffo going to bond him out

      And he is dragging it out an its deffo going to be bail my geastimate 100grand bond house arrest except church.


      He Is denied BAIL


      Leaves it wide open for appeal

      Judge is telling what he would have done if..WHEN BAIL IS GRANTED

      But says he thinks State has met its case an he is right.

      Anyway back to what supercop reeves did…

      He does the shoulder tap again an this times says.

      Huh? NOW! Ive reported you to the Manager ?NOW! NOW?
      You shut the phone off now you put it away.

      His VICTIM Finally snaps stands up an turns to confront supercop.

      Super Cop off course is ready
      special tactics training an all.!

      He also stands up although 5 7 He is on higher ground than his VICTIM.

      His tatget yells at not that its an of your effin biz my Daughter has a problem and he throws some popcorn toward supercop

      Reeves In one fluid motion raises up his weapon an shoots his victim dead


      I will teach you to throw popcorn at me.

      His victim was dead before the first piece of popcorn struck reeves supercop on his chest.

      Although contrat to his Wife and other witness .
      Reeves will claim he didn’t say that.
      And it was dark an he just felt some thing strike his chest.

      Said it may have been a cell phone or a fist.

      Said victim threatened him and he thought he was about to receive an assbeating..

      Wittnesses an Defendants own Wife all refute this an say victim never once threatened supercop.

      In fact at one point straight after the incident as
      Super cop was reiterating to one officer what went down.

      He was in proximity to hear his Wifes interview a few feet away across cinema foyey.

      And whatever he heard he was not copacetic about It as he broke off his tete a tete with his brother officer.

      To march across an inform his Wife of 40 years .

      To shut her fucking mouth and not say another word.

      Anyway I digress

      His version of events seem to be malaleable an like the fluid movement he describes he retrieved his weapon an fired
      It like a bycicle apparently you never forget… s w a t… tactics.

      So his Target was already dead by the time the first piece of popped cord struck his chest..

      This is deja vu on rewind.

      Im so glad ther refused bail but I think he will get out on house arrest an stritct conditions soon.
      He wiiil have a sudden convenient medical malaise ths suddenly strikes an he needs to see specialists ect…

      An then the miracle cure when he gains his release on bond.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Sums it up, Colin. Thanks for link as well. (Doncha think wife Vivian is hugely relieved this old coot didn’t get bail? First break she’s had in decades. .

        • Trained Observer says:

          Bad news for anti-texting, gun-happy Reeves: Besides an off-duty cop, among eye-witnesses to the shooting is a 27-year air force retiree who flew and trained in normal and counter intelligence endeavors including clandestine cases, mostly in China. He makes a habit of scanning his surroundings. Happened to be in the same row as Reeves.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Well … well … well: According to the off-duty cop who held Reeves awaiting arrival of Pasco Le, the wifey Vivian looked at Reeves and told him “That was no cause to shoot”

          Reeves, says the cop, turned on Viv, pointed an accusing finger and said “You shut your fucking mouth and don’t say another word.”

          Viv got up and moved a seat away from him, “posturing,” according to the cop.

          Cop claims to be dumbfounded over that little spat.

          My guess: Vivian was likely smart enough to see all their retirement savings going down the hole on lawyers fees

          This “no bail in the end” hearing must stake out a record on length. Might as well have brought in a jury. Some murder trials are shorter than this. .

  9. Pdeadder says:

    I don’t believe in the death penalty but I wonder how I would feel if I had to deal with it personally.
    The last person hanged in Canada was 1962 although I don’t think it was abolished until 1976.
    In 1959 a boy was convicted of raping and murdering a school mate.he was sentenced to hang it was commuted to life.He was 14 years old.He was released 10 years after his conviction and was exonerated in 2007.
    I thought about him for years because he was my age and my Mother always believed in his innocence.
    He married has children and grandchildren.He lived under an assumed name even his children didn’t know who he was but they did study about the case in school.
    He finally came forward to fight for his name to be cleared and won.
    He worked as a millwright for 40 years.
    I can’t imagine who the people are who apply for a job to carry out the death penalty.

    • Malisha says:

      They are the people who go on the ultimate power trip.

      Fogen and FoDungen only went on the second-to-ultimate power trips; government executioners go on the ULTIMATE!

  10. Malisha says:

    OT, but I just read an article about the new “point gun to warn” or “warning shot” or “threat of force” bills that are going to expand the “stand your ground” laws. This will mean that NO DOMINANT PERSON (white or rich or politically connected or just attractive to judges or juries or slick and fast-talking or whatever) can ever be convicted of ANY KIND OF GUN MURDER in the future in Florida.

    All the person has to do is approach someone he wants to kill, shout, draw his gun and get a reaction from the victim. As soon as the victim reacts in a self-defensive (read “violent”) manner, free killing is in order so the gunslinger can stand his ground against a threat of violence!

  11. cielo62 says:

    Personally, I don’t actually care whether it brings “closure” or not. My only concern is that the perpetrator will never, ever get the chance to harm another person. Death will make that a surety.

  12. Two sides to a story says:

    Actually, one of the most hateful victim’s families I’ve ever seen in a murder case is the family of Jodi Arias victim, a family you would think would be far more forgiving with their strong Mormon faith.

    That victim’s mom only has about an ounce of the dignity and faith that Trayvon’s and Jordan’s mother have.

    • Malisha says:

      I don’t think any particular religion or any degree of adherence to that religion is a reliable measure of moral fiber, conscience or good behavior. Sorry; it’s like saying judges are all good and intelligent decision-makers. Can’t buy it. Nuh-uh!

    • elizbowe says:

      2 Sides – Travis, the victim, parents were long dead before his murder. There was no Mom. His grandmother died before the case went to trial and if she lived through it she may have given guidance to his siblings. They felt and were very destroyed and disconnected. If some people forgive the murderer, we should also forgive the family for their apparent hatred which is something I pray they move out of into the next phase of forgiveness.

    • Sandy says:

      Hmmm… hateful…. forgiving… these words puzzle me in this context. My 17-year-old grandson was murdered last year during an armed robbery. One perp is now doing LWOP. The other is still out there breathing the same air as the rest of us. Believe me there is no way to know or understand how victims’ families feel unless you’ve walked in their shoes, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I will cut these people a lot of slack.

      • masonblue says:

        Crane’s nephew was murdered and the crime was never solved. She never has gotten over it, but she is opposed to the death penalty.

        • Sandy says:

          I am also opposed to the death penalty. Not that I feel it’s cruel and unusual punishment. But because our justice system is run by us flawed human beings, and innocent people are executed. We aren’t perfect, our justice system isn’t perfect, so we shouldn’t be about the business of executing people.

  13. lady2soothe says:

    Michael Taylor, Convicted Killer, Set To Be Missouri’s Fourth Person Executed In 4 Months

    Officials say they will use a lethal drug provided by a new supplier. Taylor’s attorneys are questioning Missouri’s use of the new, unnamed compounding pharmacy to provide the pentobarbital for his execution.

  14. Two sides to a story says:

    Yes, I’ve also read articles in which victims’ families recanted after an execution and said it did not bring closure and was, in their own words, corrosive to the spirit, so to speak. Same with public officials who had been involved with executions – they often come out the other side and oppose the death penalty.

    For the most part, when we’re angry with someone, we want to destroy them. This is something we all need to work on. It seems to make sense in connection with a heinous crime, but it’s equally as damaging to our spirits as to temporarily wish someone harm that we’re angry with. Better to wish criminals a long good think during a life sentence. For all we know, that horrible, no good, unsocialized person will be a great teacher in his or her next lifetime.

  15. Malisha says:

    If anybody needs to be reminded that the death penalty itself is the problem in many cases (in addition to problems of racism, prejudice, legal malpractice, atrocious courts, corruption, politics, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.), look no farther than the Todd Willingham case. A WHITE MAN gets accused of horrific murders and quickly convicted and his own attorney announces after his death that he had no sympathy for his client but ONLY SYMPATHY FOR THE POOR CHILDREN HIS CLIENT MURDERED — If you think there is ANYTHING that cannot go wrong once there is a death sentence possible, guess again.

    This guy was basically convicted because he had pissed some people off and they got a chance to kick him in the balls and gloat over it. THEN the governor of Texas gets to say that the guy deserved to die because he cussed out his killers before being put to death for their entertainment.

  16. JJ says:

    OFF TOPIC: A blind man who killed his drinking buddy friend was acquitted via Florida Stand Your Ground law. Recently he went to court to get his 10 mm Glock back. The judge had no choice but to return the gun to Rogers.

    • concernedczen says:

      Went to your link. Apparently the same guy in 2010 shot at his relative 15 times and ended up taking a plea deal on that charge that gave him 1 year probation.

      How does it happen then that Marissa Alexander gets 20 years for one warning shot and this guy gets probation for shooting AT someone 15 times but missing?

  17. lurker says:

    Yes–it is true that the death penalty is not only very expensive for us in terms of cost, but disappointing to victims’ families who believe that it will bring closure. It seems as though I have read research on this somewhere. The victims’ families who have gotten to the other side report disappointment. However, there is some indication that the families of victims CAN arrive at a sense of closure through meeting with the criminal. Again–I can only recall reading this somewhere. But I believe that there are some voluntary programs available to support families in meeting with their loved one’s killer. Not quite as simple as sitting down in a room with them. Only happens after some self-examination and preparation regarding questions to be asked, etc.

    What CAN come of this sort of interaction is some knowledge of last moments, insight into the person who carried out the killing, and the opportunity for the killer to express honest remorse.

  18. My inner voice says taking a human life is wrong in any abstract and it’s society’s sad reality that we need to incarcerate people for life even when they are beyond repugnant. That being stated, when I learn about some of the undeniable acts perpetrated by people on death row, the death penalty seems appropriate & truly the only response.

    The part of this debate that moves me against the death penalty is the reality that indigent defendants often don’t get good council & without that benefit can be found guilty of something they never did.

    That’s a horror that could happen to anybody.

    • The fear of executing an innocent person is fact-based. It has happened in the past and will happen again, if we continue sentencing people to death.

      The sad fact is our criminal justice system is broken and unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.

  19. Malisha says:

    OT — but does anybody know what Strolla is doing now? Will he represent Dunn in an appeal? Will he represent Dunn in the retrial on Murder-1?

    • I’m curious about all of that M. Where is he being held? When does AC need to make the decision by? Is it “SOP” to make him a deal to plead guilty to 1 of the murder charges in exchange for a something on the other charges.

      Have a great day!

      • Corey has 90 days from the date that Judge Healey declared the mistrial within which to commence the retrial. She has announced that she is going to retry him in May.

        In the meantime, he will remain in the Duvall County Jail where he has been held without bail since his arrest in November, 2012.

        He’s already looking at a 60-year mandatory minimum on the three attempted murder charges, plus up to another 15 years for shooting into the car. That’s a life sentence since he’s 47-years-old.

        There isn’t anything she can offer him that would reduce the time he’s already looking at so he has no incentive to plead guilty to anything. Therefore, I’m expecting the case will go to trial.

        • lurker says:

          Did I read somewhere that a date (I am thinking May something or other) had been set for the retrial?

          • Trained Observer says:

            That’s reassuring. Thanks for detailing the explanation on mandatory minimums, etc.. After the Fogen catastrophe with Trayvon, I think among the worst fears of fair-minded Floridians is that Jordan’s killer should weasal out of his just due,

        • Trained Observer says:

          With amped up evidence (like broader use of Dunn’s own tell-tale correspondence) and more strategic use of Dunn’s inconsistent testimony compared to his detective interviews, I’m hopeful Corey’s team focuses on making jurors understand Dunn was racially profiling Jordan and the other teens from the get-go.

          (Dunn should be grateful there wasn’t a third teen in the back, or he’d likely be looking at 80 years minimum.)

          I think it’s clear Dunn felt their lives were barely worth his ammom which may be why he stopped shooting when he did.

          As a back-up charge to M1 (with M2 and manslaughter alternative options made known to jurors), can Dunn also be charged with attempted murder on Jordan?

          One other question: Do I understand it clearly that his sentencing will be delayed until after retrial on the M1?
          Or will he likely be sentenced on March 24, as scheduled?

          • As a back-up charge to M1 (with M2 and manslaughter alternative options made known to jurors), can Dunn also be charged with attempted murder on Jordan?

            One other question: Do I understand it clearly that his sentencing will be delayed until after retrial on the M1?
            Or will he likely be sentenced on March 24, as scheduled?

            Dunn killed Jordan and he is necessarily guilty of M1, M2 or MS, unless he acted in self-defense. There are no other possibilities.

            No point in sentencing him until after the murder charge is resolved because the judge has impose one sentence for all the conduct.

            A sentence for the 3 attempts without considering the murder would have to be the least possible sentence, given the mandatory minimums and no injuries to the victims. But, if he is convicted of the murder, the sentences for the attempts likely would be longer.

            Piecemeal sentencing makes no sense because the judge has to look at the big picture, and without a conviction for the murder, the big picture looks like a guy who acted in self-defense but got a little carried away. Makes him almost seem sympathetic since he did not injure the three boys.

            That ain’t the way it went down and he is not a sympathetic character.

          • Trained Observer says:

            Thank you … guess some of us (me included) are edgy that if Dunn gets off on (or hangs up) a retrial on the M1, his earlier convictions will be jeopardized, or that his sentences on those counts will be reduced to where he’d be out in 10 or 15. That would be a yet another tragedy.

          • The convictions will not be jeopardized.

            Mandatory minimums are mandatory. Mandatory consecutive sentences are mandatory.

            The 8th Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments might come into play, but it’s unlikely because mandatory minimum sentences and mandatory consecutive sentences have withstood those arguments.

        • gracias professor. it’s just so classic. in the end what he fear’s most is what he will be confronted with everyday.

        • Soulcatcher says:

          Meanwhile, here in Calif…..

          California ‘lifers’ leaving prison at record pace

          SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Nearly 1,400 lifers in California’s prisons have been released over the past three years in a sharp turnaround in a state where murderers and others sentenced to life with the possibility of parole almost never got out.

          Gov. Jerry Brown has let a record number of inmates with life sentences out since he took office in January 2011, and he has gone along with the parole board about 82 percent of the time.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I recall Strolla saying in an interview that he was done with the case. Sounds like the family is short on funds.

  20. Malisha says:

    In a sense, the death sentence involves the victim’s family in a process that is itself corrosive to the spirit. It is not unknown for a victim’s family member to oppose the death penalty, either. In one of the cases I worked on (where the convict who was put to death had not been the kind of “evil person” and “monstrous wrongdoer” who engenders the kind of automatic revulsion we see with someone like Craig Wood) the victim’s mother was extremely invested in the execution whereas her two surviving children were not; yet they kept facing interviewers and appeals to “stand up for” the opposition to the death penalty — which they could not do for fear of hurting their mother more! It was a horrible situation. It exploded, several days before the execution, into a series of very unfortunate speculations printed by journalists who were exploiting the situation and obviously distressing the victim’s family. Meanwhile the convict on death row HAD NO REMAINING FAMILY and did not know how to express any of the kinds of thoughts that might have made the situation less excruciating. Understandably. He was an inadequate personality who did not know how to avoid his own criminal behavior, which, by the way, he had committed at the age of 19 while very immature, unsocialized, and emotionally disturbed. I will never recover from the experience I had working on that case. EVER.

  21. CarolMaeWY says:

    Thanks for writing about this.

  22. bettykath says:

    Agreed. It also spreads devastation to another family that loses one of its members.

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