Three Bald Eagle Cams to Watch

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Bald Eagle
Bald eagle soaring over Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Don Freiday/USFWS

1. Berry College Eagle Cam

Berry College is located in Mount Berry, Floyd County, Georgia, just north of Rome. Yesterday, the first eaglet hatched:

Berry College Eagles February 22, 2014 Happy Birthday, little eaglet!

2. Decorah Eagle Cam Live Feed

Decorah eagles,Teamwork and Mom D getting frisky (2/16/14)

Viewers missed the Decorah Eagles in 2013, because they built a new nest (N2). This year, the camera is adjusted to the new nest, which the eagle couple has prepared with soft materials in the nest cup. They have been courting. The Decorah Mom is younger than Dad, and is easily differentiated by her “eyeshadow” and darker feathers interspersed with the white ones on her head and tail. Dad has a fully white head and tail and is noticeably smaller than Mom, as bald eagle males are normally 25% smaller than females.[18]Raptor Resource Project Blog explains courtship and copulation:

In Decorah, courtship activities begin in late fall. Mom and Dad bring sticks and branches into the nest, eventually adding soft nesting material as courtship deepens. Food is (often) shared. The eagles vocalize together and spend more time in close proximity, moving from sitting side by side to gently pecking and footing, wing and tail brushing, and body rubbing with tail twisting and vocals. Mom is letting Dad know in no uncertain terms that she is receptive and ready for copulation.

3.Southwest Florida Eagle Cam #1

This nest is in Fort Myers, Florida. The website reports that E4, age 60 days, is currently on the nest.

Eaglet Growth

The young birds grow rapidly, they add one pound to their body weight every four or five days. At about two weeks, it is possible for them to hold their head up for feeding.
By three weeks they are 1 foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size.

Between four and five weeks, the birds are able to stand, at which time they can began tearing up their own food.
At six weeks, the eaglets are very nearly as large as their parents.
At eight weeks, the appetites of the young birds are at their greatest. While parents hunt almost continuous to feed them, back at the nest the eaglets are beginning to stretch their wings in response to gusts of wind and may even be lifted off their feet for short periods.

2/21/14, 11:52 AM…

There are quite a few bald eagle cameras. For additional information on eagles, visit:

American Bald Eagle Information
Bald Eagle – Nesting & Young

7 Responses to Three Bald Eagle Cams to Watch

  1. Breaking news!!

    The Decorah Eagle Mom laid her first egg today.

    Decorah Eagles,Mama laying her 1st egg,congrats M&D Decorah

  2. Here is a really cool map:
    North American Bald Eagle Webcams 2014

    Click to access 2014-eaglecam-map.pdf

  3. Sunday Morning soaring…..great.

  4. JJ says:

    This year I saw on news report that Eagles were scared from their nest by fireworks. Thought the nest and cam was located here in Port Charlotte / Punta Gorda. My search revealed that it was probably on Marco Island. The report below states it is the second year that fireworks emptied the eagle nest.

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