Verdict Watch Day 3 Michael Dunn Trial

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Today at 9 AM in Duval County, Florida, a jury of twelve will enter their third day of deliberations in the Michael Dunn trial. The jury is deliberating on the guilt or innocence of Dunn for first degree murder (Jordan Davis) and three counts of attempted murder (Jordan Davis’s three friends, who occupied the vehicle). A variety of lesser included charges have been submitted for their consideration, if they cannot reach unanimous agreement on some or all of the principle charges.

Please join us for discussion. Fred is back and feeling better after he finally saw a doctor yesterday!

Here is the link to First Coast News and their Live Video coverage of the trial.

So far, the jury has deliberated for about 11 hours.

They sent hand-written questions to the court yesterday on a few occasions:

One juror was missing some pages from the instructions, and those were provided. They wanted large paper, or a dry easel, and that was provided. They wanted a larger external monitor and that was provided. They wanted “the dummy with the sticks” named Bendi, and that was not provided, due in the end to Michael Dunn’s objection, which he is entitled to do, according to Florida case law. Toward the end of the day, they wanted to know the date that a letter the press has been referring to as ‘The Black Friday Letter’ was written.

This video broke yesterday (although it may have been available sooner, not sure):

Michael Dunn’s Neighbor Speaks to Davis Lawyer John Phillips

Michael Dunn’s Letters from Jail

January 30, 2013 – Letter to Son or Daughter
February 2, 2013- Letter to Sibling
February 12, 2013 – Letter to Sibling
February 20, 2013 – Letter to Grandma ______
February 24, 2013- Letter to Grandma
May 7, 2013 – Letter to Grandma
May 15, 2013 – Letter to Grandma
May 15, 2013 – Letter to _______
May 20, 2013 – Letter to Michelle
June 14, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
June 22, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
June 23, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
June 26, 2013 – Letter to Daughter
June 26, 2013 – Letter to ______
June 30, 2013 – Letter to Mom and Dad
July 1, 2013 – Letter to Mom
After July 1st – Letter to _____
July 2, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
July 3, 2013 – Letter to Cousin
July 4, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
July 4, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
July 5, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
July 7, 2013 – Letter to Rhonda
July 12, 2013 – Letter to Daughter
December 5, 2012 – Letter to Rhonda

Each letter listed has a link.


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  1. Two Sides upthread reminded me, it’s Valentine’s Day!

    Hit this up, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Old Fashioned Love Song – Three Dog Night with The Tennessee Symphony Orchestra

  2. Fred is currently going through a folder of pending comments, so if your comment is in jail, it will show up, as he approves it!

    Thank you for your patience!

  3. I’m a dedicated recluse – but here’s my all-time favorite love song – have fun with your lovies and families tonight!

  4. acemayo says:

    MD have time to go home and get his lie set
    When dealing with black male you shot or kill
    made him a thug
    He got his hand in his pant
    He looking into windows
    He looks like he on drugs
    He out late at night
    The clothes he have on
    Made sure no one hears what you are sayings
    Say you see a gun or weapon
    Pray he has an record

  5. On one hand, I’m disappointed and discouraged – on the other, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet . . . : /

    But if they’ve hit the wall tonight – what makes tomorrow any different? Any ideas, folks?

    • whonoze says:

      They don’t get to go home until they agree (or convince the judge they really REALLY can’t). In general, most folks can only hit (their head against) the wall so many times before they decide to plot a different trajectory. (Republican Congressfolk seem to be an exception, though, so who knows?)

  6. crazy1946 says:

    Did anyone else see the look on Done Dunn’s face? I think it is finally soaking into his brain that his goose is cooked… This was a look that has not been seen during this trial up to now…

  7. Putting this link here in the comment thread, to stash it someplace.

    They actually came on a bit ahead of our link.

    Anyhow, that’s it for today. Court resumes at 9AM.

  8. We have reached a wall – doesn’ t sound encouraging.

  9. I’d like to see this body language expert video – the body-language lady was spot-on about Fogen.

  10. Waiting to Exhale – feels like waiting music to me!

  11. Lord love a duck. Trolls on the #DunnTrial twitter feed tweeting from a bunker, or something, I tell ya.

  12. crazy1946 says:

    I’ll make a prediction, they will convict on murder 2 and all the other lower counts, but no reach a verdict on murder 1…

    • varney33 says:

      I think you’re an optimist; I predict they agreed on M 1 (not guilty) and can’t agree on M 2; guilty on the others

    • MDH says:

      That seems very logical.

      Murder 2 is a slam dunk, unless his self-defense claim is accepted. If it was, then the jury would be letting Dunn go free.

      That’s what makes the one juror who held out for a while in the Zimmerman trial a joke. Apparently, she did not accept self-defense, but felt depraved mind was not proved. And then she let herself get tricked by not understanding the context of ‘intentional act’. And the other jurors not giving her any help or misleading her gives them ethics of an asshole equivalent to Zimmerman.

    • I keep thinking they have it figured out except the attempted murder charge on one of the boys.

  13. He’s going to let the jurors deliberate as long as they want tonight and is thinking of continuing deliberations on Sunday, if they have not reached a verdict.

  14. Okay fine. I’ll just…I cannot help but start guessing. What the hell are they hung on?

  15. Rachel ‏@CraneStation 38s
    MT. Q2 Is it possible to NOT reach a verdict on one count AND reach a verdict on other counts?
    A Yes.

  16. We’re back live.

    Jury has “a question or two.”

    Can we take a 30-minute break?

    Is it possible to not reach a verdict one one count and reach a verdict on the other counts?

    Answer to both is “Yes.”

  17. J4TMinATL says:

    Here we go….a question

    They need a break…30 min


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  19. JJ says:

    During Dunn’s testimony, he was so calm and able to respond to all questions. Yet Dunn was on trial. Would think being on trial is a very scary situation. So why was this “calm as a cucumber, rational guy” so in fear of his life that he killed and shot away as though out of control. I’ve never seen Dunn look as tho he’s afraid in other scary situations – like being interrogated at the police station – he seemed calm and tired.
    Doesn’t make sense that he was in fear of his life – think he learned his defense from Zimmerman as a perfect example/role model.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      the stuff he was spouting on the stand are the standard ‘self defense’ lines found in many stupid handbooks made just for this reason. there are actual groups of ‘self defense’ nuts who sit around and practice this crap.

  20. Oh! What was that? Just heard sound in courtroom.

    Lord, I’ma have a heart attack.

  21. Heather Crawford ‏@HeatherFCN 2m
    Team coverage of #DunnTrial #VerdictWatch starts at 5pm on FCN. @FCN2go

    First Coast News is the link we have open.

  22. Brandy says:

    Hi all, I have been scrubbing bathrooms and floors to get out my nervous energy. Will they let them deliberate tomorrow ( Saturday) if they don’t come back with a verdict today?

    • fauxmccoy says:

      have time to swing by northern CA and scrub anything else? this disabled mom could use some help on that front.

      honestly, glad you found something productive to do with the nervous energy … i only wish i could still do that same thing.

    • Late answering this, but yes, in fact, Judge Healey was even inquiring about Sunday. Monday is a holiday.

  23. J4TMinATL says:

    And all 4 alternates are stuck at the hotel.

  24. YQ says:

    HLN=talking turds!!!

  25. As colin says, just waiting…
    Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude (w/ Duane Allman)

    • This is excellent, thank you! BTW I may have missed some music a few posts back and if I did, I am very sorry. Sometimes I do step away, and I tend to get a bit screwed up, going through nested comments!

      Anyway, when he is told to think, and he starts talking, I am reminded of this:

      Monty Python – Philosophers’ World Cup

  26. shyloh says:

    I was shocked the SUV had doors that opened instead of sliding from front to back. I guess I say that because mine slide.

    My feeling on the verdict if it comes back this man walks, it may open up a can of woop-ass and then all blacks will own or steal a firearm. I wouldn’t blame them on bit if they did. Especially in Florida.

    I don’t understand why tempers are so short these days. Seems like a micro-wave mentality. Too quick to assume things. Too quick to argue and no patience what-so-ever.

    Would Dunn do this where I live in Chicago? NOOOOOOOOOOO, he’d most likely be shot before he finished his words!

  27. neveragain says:

    @ lurker are you saying Dunn was sitting exactly opposite of Jordan???…if so why the hell eould Jordan need to get out with a gun in his hands?? Y would the jury believe that crap……Jordan could have remained right in his seat and brandished a gun if his purpose was to scare dunn……why is the jury taking so long??..the other jurors need to realize that they can’t convince those jurors who believe that Dunn is not guilty……..

    • neveragain says:

      Plus the vehicles were so close that Jordan would have had to close his door after he stepped out in order to get to dunn…..why would he go through so much trouble????

  28. J4TMinATL says:

    They kind of just did it @Lynn with a green Durango on HLN!! Is that it?

  29. neveragain says:

    @ crane station…I was not implying that Dunn shoukd have driven iff and left his firlfreind behind…..he could have driven to a different spot….if there was ni other soace maybe circle around and come back to pick up his girlfreind

    • Malisha says:

      OR he could have called 911, and had police protection for his big sissy ass AND his poor “love of life” at the same time! HEY, why didn’t I think of THAT?

      • Malisha says:

        FoDung was out hunting.
        Fogen was, before him, out hunting.

        If FoDung is acquitted we will know whom it is open season on in Florida. And something would need to be done about that. Not more trials.

    • He had no legal duty to do that and it’s not very practical.

      • neveragain says:

        Legal duty to leave an area when you believe you heard talks about killing, intead you wind down your window and ssk if they are talking about you?…and you claim you did not want any problem??

  30. lady2soothe says:

    Anyone else having problems getting the letter links to open?

    I can get the 1st two but none of the others:

    January 30, 2013 – Letter to Son or Daughter
    February 2, 2013- Letter to Sibling

  31. Can’t help but ponder extreme theoretical examples. Let’s say, a white person, on tape and with an audience, boards a busload of black children or immigrants, systematically executes them all…and then claims self-defense…and the jury acquits.

    What sort of remedy would there be?

  32. J4TMinATL says:

    “It’s not what I knew at that time it’s what I surmised.” MD on cross regarding Black Friday “historical account” of the night he killed JD.

    SURMISED: Suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it. To form an opinion about something without definitely knowing the truth.

  33. Eric says:

    How many hours has been going on? Wasn’t Dooley convicted in about two hours?

  34. colin black says:

    That court room Is huge an the well of the courtroom floor could double for a dance floor.

    Do they allow Weddings?

    Exra income for the State.

    Ted Bunddy took it upon himself to get wed in a Florida courtroom.

    If you take another as a Wife or husband in front of a Judge in a courtroom its a legal marriage,

    A bit like a Ships Captain at sea I suppose.

    He was acting as his own attorney an simply turned to his intended in the court .

    An asked her if she would wed him an be his wife.She said yes an he said then we arelawfully wed.Before anyone could object it was a done deal.

    He even consummated the wedding in a prison visiting room an impregnayed his spouse.

    Mind you Ted Bundy had so many groupies Im surprised half the women in court didn’t stand up an say I do.

    Instant multiple bigamy charges right there.

    And in front of a Judge.

    • Malisha says:

      But Bundy had to wed; he feared for his life.

    • lurker says:

      Anyone have the exact numbers on Dunn’s marriages? There was the first, spawning a son he ignored. Was Chris their only child? Now, Dunn has spoken of having two daughters. Are they by the same woman?

      Reason I am wondering, the interview with the former neighbor speaks of marriages to two different “foreign national” women, who seemed to have children from previous relationships. Did he have the daughters during those marriages? Or was there yet another?

      While wife #1, Chris’ mother, seemed to be self-assured (despite her surprising testimony), the neighbors’ description of the two wives that they knew, coupled with what we have seen of Rhonda, indicates that he goes for timid and easily frightened/manipulated women.

      All completely off topic, not evidence and having nothing to really do with the trial. Just amusing myself while awaiting a verdict.

      • CherokeeNative says:

        I’ll pipe in and add what I’ve read/heard on this – I’ve only heard of the three wives, and now the fiancé. The first wife, Chris’ mother, was the result of a marriage that was right out of high school IIRC, which would have given wife #1 time to be away from Dunn long enough to have acquired or regained her own mental strength and ego sufficient enough to express her own self-assuredness today. Then there were two more wives – both foreign nationals – who from what we have heard were in fear of Dunn.

      • Dunn stated that he has two daughters. I believe he had a daughter with each of the two wives. One of these, Rebecca Dunn, has a Justice for Michael Dunn page on Facebook. She attends university in Iowa. Last I looked, the group is open but only has 52 members.

  35. bettykath says:

    I think a lot of time has been spent on whether or not it was self-defense. If they resolved that to not self-defense, then M1 or M2. I have no doubt it was M1 but don’t know if the jury will see it that way. He carried with him an attitude of using his gun if anyone challenged him according to his former neighbor. This attitude carries premeditation, just no specific target. Of course, this isn’t evidence.

    As to the order of the shots, I believe the first 3 were in the rear door and killed Jordan. The next three were aimed at the same place but hit the front door as the Durango backed out. Dunn said he didn’t realize that the Durango was moving. The finl three were the ones in the back as the boys drove awy.

    • Malisha says:

      Dunn said he didn’t realize that the Durango was moving.

      Sure. He saw exactly that there was a “stick or a gun” and what size barrel it was and exactly what kind of gun and all but he didn’t notice a moving car? A BIG car moving?

      So. He “sees” whatever makes his case look AOK but he doesn’t “see” anything else?

      Right. I think what he “saw” at the time was some targets. Afterwards when it turned out that somebody saw his license plate #, he retroactively saw whatever was needed to make the case into “self-defense.”

    • neveragain says:

      That makes no sense…..the bullets in the bsck door are straight shots….was Dunn sitting exactly oppisite if Jordan in his car??

      • crazy1946 says:

        I can’t provide a link, but if you look at the photo of the Durango with the dowel’s stuck thru the bullet holes you have got to question why Done was parked ten foot from the yellow block at the front of the parking spot… If he was lined up with the bullet holes in the back door, he could not have had the conversation with the passenger in the front of the Durango… IMO

      • lurker says:

        I believe so. The SUV, being higher up, would have better clearance over the curb or the cement barrier. It could pull clear up to where the wheels would make contact. The car, lower to the ground, would probably be stopped by the bumper making contact.

        I am wondering if the gap between the first and second volleys were him opening the door and turning his body for better aim as it backed out, and then the next gap being him exiting the car and taking aim at the back of the fleeing SUV.

        • Lynn says:

          There was no curb. Instead it was random upright 3 ft poles. My reasoning is that a long suv is use to pulling up to keep their tailend out of traffic. A small car is used to not pulling up and he may not have done so. Also, the Jetta is almost a foot shorter. Totally could have been side by side.

  36. J4TMinATL says:


    Our buddy Mantei is busy with the Marissa Alexander case. His request to revoke her bond was denied by the judge.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      ahhh, thanks for the update.

      my opinions on that case will likely differ from most folks around here, so i’ll keep it cool. i realize she was an abused spouse and she gets all the empathy i can muster for any woman in such a position.

      as a gun owner, however, i am vehemently opposed to the old ‘warning shot’ thing and consider it negligent discharge of a firearm. the problem i have with her case is mandatory minimum sentencing, which i hate.

      • crazy1946 says:

        fauxmccoy, I agree with you, she was guilty, just the sentence given was excessive. The location of the bullet holes and the location of the other party and children in relation to the bullet hole is what causes me to consider her guilty…

        • fauxmccoy says:

          thanks, crazy. in my world there is no such thing as ‘just a warning shot’ unless one considers the sound of a shotgun racking.

  37. colin black says:

    If this goes on into the weekend then its either an aquitall or hung jury I m o.

  38. J4TMinATL says:

    Jury “went out to lunch”

    Aren’t they having a great Valentine’s Day?

    Speaking about parking

  39. colin black says:


    peirce moran

    has finaly been hauled in for questioning by police about his self confessed originater of phone hacking for spicey tidbits to print in his scandal mags.

    Hopefull arrest an charges will follow.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      awesome! i’d love to give him back to you guys! now, if only we could give rupert back to the aussies … hope springs eternal and all.

  40. neveragain says:

    To the jury couldn’t Dunn hace driven away intead of rolling diwn his window and asking if thry were talking about him??…even Dunn himself admitted that they could have been singing….many rap music have lyrics about killing

  41. J4TMinATL says:


    Jury is at lunch and returning momentarily not sure why it didn’t show on the stream.

  42. People have been asking questions regarding what happens if the jury cannot unanimously agree on guilt or innocence (i.e, hung jury)? The analysis goes count by count.

    (1) A verdict requires unanimous agreement. A verdict on a count is a final determination of guilt or innocence as to that count, regardless of what happens on the other counts. For example, the jury could reach a verdict on some counts, but not others.

    (2) The jury cannot consider lesser-included instructions regarding a particular count or charge, unless it has failed to reach a verdict on that count or charge.

    (3) If the jury cannot reach a verdict on a count, even after serially considering each of the lesser-included instructions, the foreperson will so advise the court.

    (4) The court may order the jury to continue deliberating or send them the following question:

    Do each of you unanimously agree that further deliberations as to count (fill in the blank) would not produce a verdict?

    If the answer is “No,” he will order them to continue deliberating on that count.

    If the answer is “Yes,” he will declare the jury hung on that count.

    (5) At no time may the court ask or the foreperson reveal the status of the vote or describe the disagreement.

    (6) Federal courts and some state courts have what is called an “Allen charge” in which the court tells the jury that a lot of time, effort and expense went into trying this case and it should accordingly make every reasonable effort to reach a verdict. Don’t know if Florida follows this practice.

    (7) The prosecution can, but is not required, to retry a count where the jury could not reach a verdict.

  43. fauxmccoy says:

    ok, this is going to sound crass, so i’ll apologize in advance.

    jordan davis was shot in the ass, literally. twice. those shots were considered ‘disabling’ by the ME and this is in addition to the kill shot. how can anyone consider this as anything but being shot in the back ? … davis is definitely not facing dunn and cannot be a threat. there is no other possible scenario.

  44. Sophia33 says:

    Still nothing? Just checking in. It’s times like this that I wish we all had a physical meeting spot, Faux and Crazy cab bring refreshments. LOL! Know that I’m praying with you in spirit!

  45. YQ says:

    Man, if this guy walks, I would _________ .

    (Fill in the blank)

  46. Oops. don’t know where my comment went.

    Hoping for a VD verdict. I’m off to a meeting, have no smart phone, and hope I don’t miss the verdict – if so, you guys register a sigh of relief for me, hear! :]

    Love to all and may all beings be free from suffering, even you know who.

  47. Luke James ‏@lukejamesbgn 1m
    RT @danfissel “@lukejamesbgn 16.5 hours” <—- Length of Zimmerman trial deliberation. Thanks! #DunnTrial

  48. neveragain says:

    I’m just thinking of some things that certain individuals would do, how they would react…..maybe Jordan wanted to go at the front of Dunn’s vehicle where he would be in full view and give him the finger, maybe bend over and show him his ass…..that is not a nice thing to do but it is no reason to get shot……you don’t shoot a person that you are arguing with if they get out of tgeir vehicle….then you can simply fabricate a I saw a gun story …..welp you can if you are arguing with a black person cause the jury will give u the benefit of the doubt no matter how stupid your story is

  49. Jordan Davis Shows Some of His Moves
    posted by:
    Law Offices of John M. Phillips – St. Augustine

    • breelee says:

      Thank you Crane for sharing this adorable video. My boys are 40 & 37, so I only have these sweet memories of them on cassette tapes. I pray someday Jordan’s parents can watch videos like this one, and smile and enjoy their sweet son. What a handsome funny young man Jordan was. R I P.

      I’m hoping for M1, and have only one reason that verdict will bother me. fogen will be having a field day, bragging how much smarter he is than dunn. It’ll be worth it though. Anything less than a guilty verdict, and I’m finding me a hole to crawl in.

  50. J4TMinATL says:

    Here’s an update on the six member jury in FL

    The Senate Criminal Justice Committee on a 4-3 vote approved legislation to require 12 person juries in any case where the sentence may result in a life sentence.  In the Florida House of Representative, a companion bill would require 12 member juries for all criminal cases.

  51. Tee says:

    This is not about the evidence or the lack there of, this is about Florida and its racist people. I’m not even going to apologize for calling a spade a spade, I was born there and its not a Republican state for nothing. Black boys are considered men and white boys are considered “kids, boys”, I smh head because Dunn was right in one of his letters when he said that people where he lived thought like him. Guy could have opened up the heavens and it still wouldn’t be good enough for Fl. Someone on that jury brougt their prejudice inside that jury room, justice is blind my ass! I pray that whomever have common sense in that room stay strong and don’t give up their vote for right, this is my prayer.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Tee, Florida is a big, long state. South Florida is not Republican by a long shot. Monroe, Dade, Broward, and (surprisingly) Palm Beach counties went for Obama twice, as did Florida’s electoral college for that matter, And Florida was going for Gore when the U.S. Supreme Court nosed in on behalf of W.

      • Tee says:

        Florida maybe long and it may have voted for the president but it is Republican state. I am from Miami Dade county which is Democratic county but the state votes Republican you can check it this is a red state.

  52. neveragain says:

    the jurors need to ask themselves…is a person with a gun less of a threat while stting in an SUV??…why do you think they are more of a threat when they step out in a small space between two vehicles?…Dunn made up that gun story because he knows he had no reason to shoot… what if Jordan wanted to step out to go infront of Dunn’s car to taunt him?…that is no reason to shoot him….Dunn knew he was not in any iminent danger and he had an option of driving away

    • Lynn says:

      Also, why would a person who supposedly has a shotgun and threatens to kill you get out of vehicle without said shotgun???

    • lurker says:

      I think Dunn just added in the getting out of the vehicle detail for cover. He was banking on there being a weapon of some kind being found in the SUV. When that didn’t happen, he invented a back-up threat.

  53. It is possible that lunch was brought to the jury room, and this is a working lunch. That does happen.

  54. Wow, just past noon now.

  55. neveragain says:

    I looked at the bullet holes at the back door for the first time and would not have posted alot of comments yesterday if I had examined the holes before…….it is clear that Jordan was not standing when he got shot….you don’t need a medical examiner ti explain that….so Dunn is saying that he got back in the truck and sat back down ….even if Jordan did get out of the truck…he was unarmed and Dunn knew that which is y he made up the imaginary gun story….even Jordan got out, Dunn could have chosen to drive away instead of shooting…..btw does any one know which bullets hit the SUV first….??..because the bullets at the back door came in straight from what I understood…correct me if I am wrong, and the bullets at the front has an angle… did Jordan get shot while they were driving away…???

    • The pathologist testified that she could not offer an opinion, on the order of the shots fired, so it stands to reason that we do not know the order…other than the two volleys. Dunn himself talked about the second volley being ‘suppression fire’ after the vehicle was attempting an exit.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Suppression fire? Reminds me of the Okalhoma City bomber downplaying collateral damage. Personally, I would like to suppress Dunn’s ass.

        • Me too, and those words- “suppression fire” – are Dunn’s words and not mine.
          Good thing the driver ducked.

          • Trained Observer says:

            Right. I knew they were his words, not yours, Crane. As the accused, Dunn comes off looking like an ass using terms as if he were a ballistics, firearms or a SWAt battle strategist, when he was only a raging gunman.

            Besides, it wasn’t even very smart to use that term from the standpoint that it shows he was cognizent enough to employ his beloved suppression fire, and not just mindlessly fighting for his life. .

          • I kept thinking, he learned that in some training class someplace, or in some movie. His problem is, there was no weapon, of course.

      • racerrodig says:

        Personally I think the 1st 3 shot hit the front door being 90 degree hits. then as the Dodge began backing out the next volley thereby having the angle they do. This angle is what gives Strolla the ammo to make up the door was open crap.

        The police could be wrong on the order of the shots and in fact as
        pathologist as you pointed out did not offer an opinion.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Mz. Crane-Station, Good morning (well ok, afternoon!)… IMO there is a real possibility that the Durango was actually moving at the time of all three shots… If the second set of shots were the ones that killed Jordan then they were fired while the Durango was attempting to flee and totally blows Done Dunn’s self defense allegation… Only important if the jury is hung and a re-trial comes about…

      • J4TMinATL says:

        I watched the ME testimony but cannot find where she was asked.

        The Homicide Detective I believe is who determined that the first set were fired at back door.

    • Boyd says:

      If they’re discussing Dunn’s explanation, then the system is flawed. And if they’re debating we can overlook him not calling Police then our system is broken.
      There has to be some evidence to support it Dunn’s explanation. No witness saw Davis or heard an argument. The Contractor virtually saw the entire incident, if he saw Davis he would have said so..

      If this is hard then it’s impossible to convict leaders of gangs, drug cartels or wall street people.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        in all due diligence, dunn’s testimony should be discussed. if i had the luxury of being foreperson, i’d tackle that first and flat out ask other jurors if dunn’s testimony should be given any credibility and then go from there. once you determine that he is not credible, the rest of it should be easy.

    • Sandy says:

      From what I understand, Jordan was in the back seat. He got hit with the shots that look like they went in straight. The front side door was hit as the Durango was backing up to get away. That’s why those bullets are at an angle.

  56. YQ says:

    This is just like the Zimmerman trial when people were saying, “Wait, we have to be sure it was self-defense. One kid is dead and another’s man life could be ruined.”. So quick to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. A black man would be in prison already even if he broke down and cried and apologized to everybody. Dunn showed no remorse-end of story, there’s gotta be a prison with cell with his name on it.

    • Boyd says:

      I agree, I’d be in there asking WTF going on, it’s a no brainer.

      • Malisha says:

        We’re in trouble, though, if they’re using their “hearts” (Oh don’t really get mad at a guy who loves puppies and says the girlfriend is the love of his life!) rather than their “brains” (You can’t say it was a crime if he didn’t mean to kill). Sorry to say, it is possible that jurors’ hearts are not as soft toward dead Black kids as they are toward 50-year-old white men whose families say they had a great time at the wedding.

        That said, I believe this jury will do a yoeman’s job and come in with a guilty verdict on one or more of the charges, and certainly I hope they have the three attempted murder charges on the other three kids in the car.

        • Eric says:

          I’m thinking a hung jury

        • YQ says:

          Exactly my point in the first paragraph. There is basicallly no real concern about the families of the dead. It’s all resentful towards them for the way their kid behaved. Even in death, no respect just the harsh truth (in their depths of perceptions)-and the real truth would be buried just to protect this old geezer bc “it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t mean to kill”.

          Bury the truth with the dead and respect the killer.

          And responding to the second paragraph, I hope that they are trying to figure out what else to charge, but the dummies and letters wouldn’t be as telling to me as a simple transcript of Dunns own testimony would. I hope the side of good prevails this time.

        • racerrodig says:

          “(You can’t say it was a crime if he didn’t mean to kill).”

          Thats’ like saying Hitler wanted all the Jews in one place so they could all worship together.

          As the hours pass on this one, I hope it’s because they’re going
          M1….M2…..M1…..M2…..and there is one M2 holdout, not he’s a good hearted guy who loves puppies….give him a break. And his GF is a crybaby…..look what he’ll be doing to her.

          • YQ says:

            racerrodig-understandably so, but due to irresponsible and reckless abandon someone still died. If not the fault of the accused, how can it be the fault of the victim who already paid the ultimate price?

            And actually Hitler didn’t kill a single Jew, but since he held the executive order he was responsible for their deaths.

          • Malisha says:

            YQ, Hitler didn’t personally kill a single Jew.
            BUT he did personally kill his niece, Gelli, probably for not submitting to his “love.” Had he been prosecuted for murdering that girl, the history of Europe might have been different by 1945.

    • lurker says:

      I don’t understand the logic in Florida law that puts the burden on the state to prove that a murder WAS NOT committed in self-defense.

      BTW–while waiting for the verdict, I have been watching some of the video, including the first police interview. Dunn keeps his eyes on the floor, never makes eye contact. That body language does not communicate someone satisfied that they did the right thing.

  57. YQ says:

    Geez, I coudn’t be a juror in there. How much critical thinking is necessary for a conviction in this trial? He shot an unarmed minor and fled the scene. Also he didn’t contact authorities. If Dunn was African American, he’d already be in orange scrubs getting booked. What’s the hold up??? Are they evaluating something I missed??? Is all this time deliberating over whether the door was open or not??? Seriously, we don’t need them to be detectives, that’s why MEs and detectives testified. They probably didn’t take any notes!!!

    • I can’t help but guess- I think they are considering the other charges. I mean, the murder one is straight forward, right?

    • Malisha says:

      If the door was open, FoDUNG murdered a kid in a car with an open door. If the door was closed, FoDUNG murdered a kid in a car with all its doors closed. If Jordan Davis was sitting straight forward, FoDUNG murdered him while he sat straight forward; if he was tilted, FoDUNG murdered him at an angle.

      What, pray tell, could be the issue here?

      BTW the guy who got the license plate number deserves a medal.

      • Trained Observer says:

        You have nailed it, Malisha. It drives me nuts when people parse the minutae at expense of ignoring the bottom line. Since he guy supplying the license number got 7 years, I think he deserves early release, however, in lieu of a medal. And hopefully he’ll be given opportunity to turn his life around.

      • MDH says:

        And victims stay at a crime scene to report details to law enforcement wherein criminals flee; and only report {interpret as make up lies} when law enforcement finds them.

        In my idealistic mind, I am hoping that the only issue that might have a few jurors on the fence is M1 vs. M2.

        Any result less that M2 along with attempted M1 will be a travesty of justice that will raise my anger to a much higher level.

        These white guys with anger issues should not be tolerated in any way. I have mixed daughters and, frankly, if Taffe opened his pie hole in front of me, he would be eating cream of wheat for the rest of his life. And I would get away with it. For I have that privilege that should apply to all men and women in our society regardless of their skin tone.

      • Trained Observer says:

        On second thought, Malisha, is the penalty for blowing away a black teen with an open door lesser than the penalty for offing, say, a white teen with a closed door???? And what if it were a Jeep without a door?

        • Trained Observer says:

          Then again, if jurors are debating M1 vs. M2, the finer points of whether the door was open (or ever open) or closed (or always closed) and whether the Dunnster “aimed” (as he denied) or pointed (he later used the word aimed) would make a difference.

          Reasons wny it takes a while to convict someone even when obviously guilty. The issue becomes guilty of what. Dunn wasn’t even charged with fleeing the scene.

        • Malisha says:

          You bring up a lot of interesting questions, TO. There should probably be hearings and the legislature of Florida should come up with different degrees of murder now:

          M-1 First degree murder with intent to kill and no provocation
          M-2 Second degree murder without the use of the word “homie”
          M-3 Third degree murder, applicable in four-door sedans with the rear doors both closed
          M-4 Fourth degree murder, four-door sedans or SUV’s with only one rear door open less than or equal to 40 degrees
          M-5 Fifth degree murder for shooters who do not have pets
          M-6 Sixth degree murder, involving two-door vehicles and/or victim not wearing designer jeans

  58. Tee says:

    Smh! Someone in there is making this harder than it has to be. Fl, justice system!

    • Malisha says:

      If this jury hangs and the case gets re-tried, we should create a huge fuss about not putting on the rebuttals to his “nice guy” defense character witnesses. The interview Attorney Phillips did with Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hendrix just about says it all: Here was a guy who bullied everyone and who “really wanted to kill somebody.” Hendrix even went to the law to report that Dunn had solicited help doing a contract killing against someone who had sued him but said that the police were not at all interested! What kind of system do we have where a white man can beat his wives, threaten his adversaries, solicit help in committing felonies, terrorize all and sundry, lie, cheat and steal, and still have (a) no consequences and (b) a carry permit for a damn gun? Brushes with the law? Fogen? YES. FoDUNG? YES. Their victims? NO. Yet they get this “nice guy” presentation that none apparently dare challenge.

      FoDUNG is a racist, a bully, an abuser, a criminal and a liar. If there has to be another trial, THIS should be the response to the defense presentation of “Mr. Nice-Guy.”

  59. Does anyone know what time the lunch break is? Seems to me it is coming up soon.

  60. silk says:

    reminds me of bernard getz ! The subway shooting of unarmed black teens in nyc.

  61. Gangsterofboats ‏@AlanLEmery 1m
    “@MeMii84: “@thejiving: #DunnTrial: An excerpt from #MichaelDunn’s letter to his grandma from jail:””
    #Racism period

  62. Folks, we would like to welcome our visitors from other countries this morning:



    United States
    United Kingdom

    Hello and welcome, thank you so much for joining!

  63. Folks, here is Bendy, going to the store:

  64. Watching Dunn it occurred to me that it’s likely that every juror on this trial or any has a husband, brother, son, family member, coworker, boss that is “verbally” like the defendent.

    The defendent is a disgusting object of detritus to me, but to many a guy like that is home. I’m a 50 year old white guy so other 50 year old white guys talk to me & you can’t imagine the stereotypical false nonsense they spew. It’s all talk, until it’s not. My sense is that real societal change will only come after many more years of integration & until that crux is reached, these men who are watching their power structure decline daily, will react like rats cornered.

    The good news is that in my life I’m seeing a glacial cultural fissure actually move..

    • bettykath says:


    • lurker says:

      Ham, the ones we have to worry about are any jurors who think like Dunn. Demographically this is a better (and larger) than the Zimmerman jury. But one, or two stubborn jurors pre-disposed to believe that an SUV full of mouthy black teens playing rap music is a clear and present danger, or needs to be taught a lesson, can really slow down the process, or possibly even hang the jury.

    • Malisha says:

      these men who are watching their power structure decline daily, will react like rats cornered.

      It’s not their power structure that is declining. It’s their PRIVILEGE that MAY be declining — but even that is only a guess. This guy had as much actual power when he killed Davis as he had when he was just a fifth-wheel at his son’s wedding. He had made lots of money, had his own home, income, company, girlfriend, etc. His neighbor says that she believes he always wanted to kill someone because it would be “the ultimate power trip.”

      These guys (NONE of whom should have guns) are power addicts. No amount of actual power is enough for them. So it’s not a question, in my opinion, of assuring them that nobody is taking away their power. It’s a matter of either bowing down to them in every way for every whim, and more and more and more and more and more, or of saying, “There are just SOME THINGS you are not allowed to do, and killing other people is one of them.” The question that arises in my mind is whether 12 Floridians have the guts to say, “You went too far,” and actually punish this pompous sociopathic bully.

    • Oh for a lovely Valentine’s Day verdict.

      I’m off to a meeting and have no new-fangled cell phone. Hope I’m back on the laptop when the verdict comes in. If not, please add my relief to yours, ya’ll!

  65. disappointed says:

    So I read your note about the electric bill Mason. I made another donation today except pay pal decided to be picky because I just made one recently so I used my husbands card. No worries- he gave it to me so I could make it. I did not just rob the old man, lol.

  66. Boyd says:

    It does not matter what Dunn says about where Jordan Davis was.
    The contractor heard Dunn’s voice , saw Dunn fire the shots, saw the bullet holes in the door and he never saw Davis. The doors were probably less than 5 feet from each other. Smith’s testimony impeaches Dunn.

  67. Trained Observer says:

    What revenge, you might ask. Well, here’s Michael Dunn’s big plan. Please don’t choke when laughing your ass off.

    Michael Dunn: “… I do have a 5-year plan though. Here it is: Today is 1/30 — the state will turn over its discovery to my attorney. Cory will CAN’T READ that that the investigation was sloppy. Very soon, we will request a bond hearing. Sometime during the month of Feb — we will have the bond hearing and the judge will grant me a bond which we can afford. I will return home to Melbourne. I will immediately resume my work with H.P. & will soon thereafter resume my work with Xerox. The trial will be in 12-18 months from now. I will be acquitted or found not guilty. After the trial, I will bring a lawsuit against the state.. They will settle and I will us a portion of that for a down payment on a modest house for REDACTED. I will use the bulk of the proceeds for inveting in Dunn & Dunn. With the rebounding economy, business will be booming and I will use my share of the profits to buy or build my dream house on the river. This will be a 2-story house constructed in a manner where I can park a seaplane underneath and then take off or land in the river. That’s my 5-year plan.

    • Boyd says:

      he’s a true believer. Now it’s a must to watch the verdict

    • disappointed says:

      TO~ I thought you were being sarcastic, he really wrote that garbage? lmao Good luck with the Lawsuit. Idiot. What is he suing the state for? Free room and board for the past 15 months? Free cable? Free security system? Dunn does not look like he’s lost weight so I guess he is eating pretty well for free. He shot someone and left the scene. He can not really believe he has 10 hours or 10 days to report self defense.

    • Girlp says:

      This man has serious issues….does not live in the real world. Maybe he needs to call the Physic line…Oh yea the one he worked for and ripped off.

    • shyloh says:

      Don’t forget Charlie. He has to have a dog house built onto the side of his home. Charlie means the world to him. Nothing too good for Charlie!!!!!!!

  68. Trained Observer says:

    As we eagerly await a verdict, here’s and other selected reading from the pen of Michael Dunn:

    From a 5/20/13 letter to Michelle: ” ….I’m sitting here, stewing in my own juices — waiting for my day in court and plotting my revenge against the system for all the civil right violations.” Dunn adds a frownie face.

  69. Malisha says:

    Easy to explain: He saw inside the other vehicle with his super-smart-superior white man vision that sees that Black kids are “up to no good” and “suspects” and “thugs” and that they wield fictional weapons to “take over the country” from victimized upstanding white men. Got that? If not, we can call in a Vietnam Vet to be an expert and explain it to you.

  70. J4TMinATL says:

    Blushed and crazy and me are talking about this on previous thread but thought I’d bring it over here.

    Me and the engineer just did an experiment.

    2 vehicles. One is Acura TSX sedan. Other is Mercedes M class SUV. We parked next to each other. Mercedes is parked on left, 6’3″ person in TSX. Used BB gun to experiment.

    It doesn’t work. Backed up TSX 3 times. To get similar angles in rear door of Mercedes the TSX is so obviously not pulled in and the TSX rear is sticking out past the Mercedes. Makes no sense and very strange if that is how he pulled in. Thompson or a passenger in Mercedes (I got out and got in that seat) and couldn’t even see inside the Acura.

    • blushedbrown says:


      Good experiment.

      But you left out something.

      The person driving the smaller car has to have the same amount of alcohol that Dunn had that evening.

      We know he had 3 of rum and cokes, a toast of champagne which could have been a sip. According to Rhonda he doesn’t like it.

      We also don’t know if had a drink at the hotel before going to the wedding.

      Considering that he hasn’t been close to his son, and other immediate family was to be in attendance, I would of had a drink or two to calm my nerves before going to this shindig.

    • BBs perforated through the door? I thought Acuras were made better than that.

      Who played Bendi?

      • J4TMinATL says:

        Lol. We played Bendi last night on the couch. No BB’s were shot at Mercedes. Not scientific but a start lol. The gun appears to line up near bottom door of Mercedes. When leaning back in car, same thing. When window is rolled up couple of inches and gun rested there it lines up or appears it could and if fired would have a straight projectory…

        With drinks in Dunn I’d say he has pretty good aim, dumb ass decisions, and possible delusions.

        • blushedbrown says:


          J4T wrote:

          With drinks in Dunn I’d say he has pretty good aim, dumb ass decisions, and possible delusions.

          My point of the alcohol was about his parking/driving. He parked very close to the SUV. Did he do that on purpose to let the other person know how close they were parked to the yellow line or was it the alcohol that might of impaired him a little on his parking skills?

          I have seen people do that to prove a point of how badly the person next to them parked in their spot. Hoping that a dent or scratch will be on their car to start an argument if they see damage on their car.

          In this case, he had something else to bitch about, the music.

          • J4TMinATL says:

            Yeah I see that too….people get territorial. Did Dunn say which entrance he came in? Wonder if he took right or left into that end spot or drove straight in cutting through gas pumps.

          • blushedbrown says:

            @ J4T

            hmmm. I’ll take a look around the video see if Guy asked that question or the police interview. BRB

          • J4TMinATL says:

            This is why juries get in trouble for experimenting….lol.

          • blushedbrown says:



            May I also add that even though Dunn had a couple of drinks, I don’t think it impaired his accuracy of his shooting because he focused on Jordan, knew to shoot at his particular door because that is where he was sitting. Continued to take aim at the back of the vehicle for additional shots fired.

            He has been a gun owner for over twenty years, practiced once or twice a month. It was second nature for him. I don’t believe he was intoxicated, like a stumbling drunken fool, but slightly over the legal limit for driving if caught by law enforcement in the state of Florida. JMO

          • J4TMinATL says:


            I watched that video you posted in previous thread to @crazy and me. Do you have any more like that? Or a link? Very interesting thanks for sharing.

          • blushedbrown says:


          • blushedbrown says:


            Your welcome. 🙂

            CroakerQueen is very reliable for me…
            Here you go….


          • Lynn says:

            I remember hearing he came in from Southside entrance. This makes sense. Coming from Orange Park, Fl he would be on Southside heading north and would just turn right past the Gate and turn left into the parking spot past Davis.
            Turning in from the other entrance would require turning left on Baymeadows, pulling a u-turn past the Gate and turning right into the Gate with another right into the second half of spots.

            The gas station is caddycorner and I always seem to approach from Baymeadows when I go there and I hate it.

          • blushedbrown says:



          • J4TMinATL says:


            Should have clarified which video…sorry about that.

            I meant the video with the men firing at a target from inside the vehicle

          • blushedbrown says:


            Got it.

        • Patdeadder says:

          I just have so many questions.Was dunn tested for drugs?
          Why was dunn indigent if so why when he told Ronda to sell his car for 89 thousand dollars and he would sign the papers?
          Why would dunn feel comfortable telling his neighbour he wanted a guy killed?
          This neighbour would be a bad witness for the prosecution IMO.
          Lastly do the jurors know the penalties for the charges?
          I can’t imagine how the lawyers are feeling now,both sides.
          This would be he’ll especially for Davis family.

          • J4TMinATL says:


            He thought someone would buy his Jetta for $89k??????

            He wasn’t tested for drugs. If he was I don’t remember it being discussed in court.

            Jurors are not allowed to be told what the sentence is for a crime. If they know from prior knowledge they are not supposed to consider it.

    • YQ says:

      I always thought those kids, sitting up so high above the Jetta, wouldn’t be able to see what Dunn was doing inside of there. Dunn is a slimey rat!!! He caught them off gaurd when he shot!!! They didn’t know he was going to shoot!!!

      • fauxmccoy says:

        i get an excellent view into other vehicles in my chevy tahoe … once observing a man with hand firmly on a knob and not of the shifting variety.

        other than that, the visibility of the vehicle is awesome.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Faux … In Florida, we are have what are known as cypress knobs, but rarely, if ever, in vehicles. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Dave says:

        The gun was probably in his hand when he started the confrontation. We’ll’ never know for sure though.

      • Lynn says:

        He mentioned rocking forward to open the glovebox, then rocking forward to get the gun and then he would have had to pull the slide back with both hands.
        He’s a big guy, hence the rocking. I’m big and it wouldn’t be like I could lean, open and retrieve without doing the same.
        They probably saw the rocking towards the glove box and by the time his big arms pulled that gun in front of his chest (as opposed to his lap like skinny people in the movies do, haha) to pull the slide back…they were screaming and leaning and putting it in reverse as fast as they could stumble through the shock of it all. Leland said he saw the gun and physically pulls Jordan his way. You know…exactly like the ME said.
        I think they knew it was coming.

    • Lynn says:

      Acura and Mercedes are comparable in length. Not exact yr/model for all these specs but gives idea. Length is 185.6 and 189.1 for the two. Durango and Jetta is 182.2 and 199.8.

      So many variables. A longer front end or a snub nose would change things. Would have to use the exact models.

      • J4TMinATL says:

        Acura is 2009. Mercedes 2008 and has push bars on front if that helps.

        • J4TMinATL says:


          Width: 72.5 in.
          Height: 56.7 in.
          Length: 186.2 in.
          Ground clearance: 5.9 in.
          Front track: 62.2 in.
          Rear track: 62.2 in.
          Wheel base: 106.6 in.


          Width: 75.2 in.
          Height: 71.5 in.
          Length: 188.5 in.
          Ground clearance: 8.3 in.
          Front track: 64.0 in.
          Rear track: 64.1 in.
          Wheel base: 114.7 in.
          Angle of approach: 27 degrees
          Angle of departure: 25 degrees

          2003 Durango

          Width: 71.3 in.
          Height: 70.5 in.
          Length: 193.5 in.
          Ground clearance: 8.5 in.
          Front track: 60.9 in.
          Rear track: 61.9 in.
          Wheel base: 116 in.
          Angle of approach: 23.8 degrees
          Angle of departure: 23.4 degrees

          2005 Volkswagon Jetta

          Width: 68.3 in.
          Height: 56.7 in.
          Length: 172.3 in.
          Ground clearance: 5.2 in.
          Front track: 59.6 in.
          Rear track: 58.8 in.
          Wheel base: 98.9 in.

          • Lynn says:

            Thanks. I did not know what years the vehicles were. Durangos have really gotten bigger over the years. I even read one spec of 202 inches. But there is still an 11+inch difference there.
            In your demo the cars are closer in length 2+inch and if the Mercedes has push bars then that would be even less they could pull forward.
            It does help to compare. I’m a visual person and that’s why I refer back to pics constantly.

            BTW, HLN just did a recreate with taped bulletholes and a durango and mentions the things we all mentioned as spot on. Too bad the prosecution didn’t call hln’s crime scene analyst to testify.

          • J4TMinATL says:


            Damn it….how did I miss their reenactment.

            I hope they re show it. What did their analyst say and show??

    • bettykath says:

      The car front bumpers should not align. The smaller car would be further back. High cars pull in further than low cars. Also consider that the shots did not go in at a 90 degree angle to the car body. A straight in shot would leave a round hole. These shots left slightly elongated holes.

      • blushedbrown says:



      • J4TMinATL says:

        We started aligned and backed up TSX 3 times.

      • Don’t forget to consider that either or both vehicles may not have parked parallel to the stall dividers.

        • J4TMinATL says:

          Stall dividers? Does that mean the lines?

          I’ll go experiment some more. I took some pix but how do I upload personal pix?

        • J4TMinATL says:

          I’m sure my co- experimenter would like a couple of Manhattan’s right now!

          Iced and snowed inside since Tuesday night you get a little stir crazy

          : )

          • fauxmccoy says:

            manhattans with good bourbon is the only thing i’d even both to drink these days. as it is, i get 3-4 drinks per year, so i try to make them memorable.

            go for it!

        • ay2z says:

          Some witness noticed the Durango was parked closer to the line, as I recall. That is a bigger vehicle than the Jetta and it did not matter how close the Jetta was to its right boundary as that was not a parking space.

          There is also a photo taken from the rear of the Durango with its side doors opened, as it sat in it’s final parking space in front of the ice machine that night.

      • crazy1946 says:

        From what I have been able to estimate if the Jetta front bumper was even with the front of the tire on the Durango, the door post of the Jetta would be virtually at the middle of the front door of the Durango! Again IMO it would be physically difficult for Done Dunn to have fired a virtually straight on shot to the rear door of the Durango with the door shut or for that matter even open slightly… Especially using two hands to shoot… I still suspect the shots that hit Jordan were the second series… That would explain the position that the shots hit him in as well. However like all opinions, there is a very valid chance that I am 10000% wrong…

    • Really interesting, thank you.

  71. Tee says:

    I’m smh at the defense giving press conferences before the verdict is read. This man has to be searching for his 15 mins. Of fame, he should be embarrassedm if not, I’m embarrassed for him.

  72. roderick2012 says:

    C-S: They wanted “the dummy with the sticks” named Bendi, and that was not provided, due in the end to Michael Dunn’s objection

    Does the jury know this?

  73. The jury is in deliberations, and Judge Healey now commenting on sound issues. The issue is, can sound be heard, through the walls? I believe Judge Healey will exclude the press from the courtroom until five minutes before the court is back in session at any given time, for this reason. They had previously been simply sitting in the courtroom for convenience.

    Court back in recess, back to verdict watch.

    Good morning everyone, and thank you so much for joining!

    • Trained Observer says:

      So acoustics are lousy in brand new judge chambers/jury deliberation room/ courtroom???

      • I am not sure, but apparently there have been concerns that bystanding press, seated in the courtroom waiting, might be able to pick up bits, through the walls. The jury deliberations room is very likely adjacent, or maybe across a hallway but at any rate, it is close.

      • J4TMinATL says:

        Jury rooms are sound proofed including the bathrooms. Usually 2 different entrances. I can always here laughing and muffled sound, possibly more if I put ear up to a door or wall.

      • lurker says:

        Brand new jury room and nobody thought to install a large-screen for viewing videos presented in evidence?

      • Not certain the they are lousy, but imperfect for sure. They could solve it, by moving the jury room.

    • I’m going to tell a story from back in the day.

      I was trying a case with a good friend who was representing a codefendant.

      The judge ordered the lawyers to remain within 5 minutes of the courthouse while the jury was deliberating.

      This meant we could not leave the courthouse, which was more than five minutes from pretty much everything, except jails.

      We were in the empty courtroom killing time when he suddenly produced an empty water glass from his briefcase, walked over to the wall separating the courtroom from the jury, pressed the glass to the wall and started listening . . .

      A stethoscope would have worked better.

  74. disappointed says:

    Curious as to your thoughts on not wanting Bendi to go back, Mason. Do you think Dunn changed his mind because it clearly shows his story did not work?

  75. J4TMinATL says:


  76. They are now in the courtroom, two minutes early. Judge Healey wants to send them on back.

    Healey remarking on the thickness of the walls and sound, and he adds, “There has never been a trial in this courtroom.”

  77. blushedbrown says:

    in session

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