Open Thread, featuring LLMPapa

by Crane-Station

Good afternoon! Fred is sick today. This is an open thread. To begin, I found LLMPapa’s video so touching it brought tears. Here is his video:


Here are a few potential topics for discussion today, and I would like to ask that if anyone has information on Live stream for horrendous bigot Michael Dunn’s case, please provide a link.

1. What do you think of Angela Corey’s half-assing it, somehow blaming media, for defying court order, and not providing jailhouse phone call transcripts timely?

2. Do you get the feeling the the sun only shines sometimes, for some people in Florida?

3> Why is George Zimmerman, who can’t read a street address when it is staring him in the face, and who has no idea what street he lives on, threatening people on twitter by specifically asking for their address?

4. Jordan Davis’s mother speaking here, saying that these murders will happens again; suggests grass roots movement change-, ie, the ‘stand your ground laws.:’

5. In case you had not heard, U.S. Is Seeking Death Penalty in Boston Case

Please feel free to chime in on these or other subjects. I did see that the judge may allow viewing of jury selection (not the jurors, of course) but I cannot find a link. Humor, satire, videos, serious topics are all welcome!

Hopefully Fred will be able to be up later today or tomorrow, so please carry on, and I will be checking in from time to time today. (Frankly I am disappointed that this Dunn thing is so secretive. They exclude media from the courtroom, and them blame the media for any slight misquotes. That way, it’s the ‘librul media’s fault.

47 Responses to Open Thread, featuring LLMPapa

  1. somehow i suspect the anonymous charity that all funds go to will be George Zimmerman. #deadkidsmakemerich

  2. MDH says:

    That would be me, the day a black minister gave me a ride as I walked along the side of I-94 with an empty gas can. His act of charity allowed me make a test on time and continue my climb to the nice job I now have.

    My parents were the last white couple on their street in Detroit. They had a lot more examples than I.

    I spent seven years of my life working in Detroit party stores. It is kind of hard to see people as less than human when you deal with them on a daily basis.

    I struggled to pay my tuition at WSU.

    One day, I had five bucks left in my pocket and went to the store, only to be caught by a group of five boys and girls from Holcomb who wanted Cool Markus – that’s what they called me – to give them some candy. So I told them they have to work for it. The next thing you know, I have them doing jumping jacks and push ups. Anyhow, I left that store with no money, no eats for myself, and a big smile on my face from the laughter and joy that happy children bring.

    Tyrone’s father was a brick layer. He and his wife had three girls bracketed by the eldest son and the little guy.

    Later on, after I moved, little Tyrone, became a man.

    When I was visiting my folks, the now big Tyrone told me that anybody who fucks with pops – that’s what they called my father – will not be long for this earth.

    In the often told words of the late Harry Smith – “what goes around, comes around”.

    Or in the words of Jesus – “whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”

  3. ed nelson says:

    Crane… It’s Eddie Boy… jessus babe, I got a couple a things to say, so, anyhow…

  4. MDH says:

    Hey, maybe Fogen is denying his women his “essence’ 🙂

    • racerrodig says:

      I think I’ll heave on that one…….

      Sooooooo we’re to think Schiebe is enthralled Fogen is stepping into the ring ??

      If this match this happens, I’m thinking Shellie bets the farm on DMX.

      • Malisha says:

        Sickening in so many ways. soooooooooo…many.

        • racerrodig says:

          I’m still having a hard time on that one……”essence” of what ??

          I’m betting he’s what we as teens said is “Pindick the bug fucker”

          Pardon my French……..but It’s a bet I’d make. Sorry, It had to be said

  5. MDH says:

    On a scale of 1-10, the bravery required to get out of that car, sans gun, and talk to Trayvon would have been about 0.5.

    • Malisha says:

      Also, he didn’t have to do anything at all. He had reported the “real suspicious guy” and had advised the police that the “suspect” looked like he was “up to no good.” Fine. Shut your mouth, hang up the phone politely and go buy your goddamn groceries.

      • MDH says:

        That is another non-considered aspect of the debacle that is Fogen. If he had done what you state, then that would have been another false accusation amongst the score he had already made, thus wasting more PD resources chasing a whole lot of nothing.

        And that should be another logic data point to dismiss his fairy tale.

        Fogen made unreliable accusations against others, in the past. The 9-11 call he made that led to Trayvon’s murder was based on an unreliable accusation.

        Yet his defenders take his story a 100% true, unless we can disprove it beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no way one can disprove paranoid delusions. Which leads me to believe that the USA is suffering from mass psychosis in the right wing.

        When I was a child, I thought this was funny:

        Today, I find it frightening.

    • racerrodig says:

      0.5 ?? That high ?? All Fogen had to do was stay on the phone with the police and tell Trayvon he was on the phone with the police. The entire event would be recorded. I believe Fogen hung up so he would not be recorded. If you listen to any TV show where something like this happens, the call is nothing like Fogens and the cop will very often say “…stay on the line until the police arrive” They even told Shellie the same thing.

      But it was still profiling since he does not have any reason to follow Trayvon at all. Even the police admit that. If you read between the lines on Fogens call you can almost see Sean thinking…..soooo, he’s walking……in the rain……doing nothing else…….he’s a black male…..late teens……and you called us for what reason ???

      I encounter people of all races and creeds in my travels, all over the place, at all times of the day.

      Here’s what works for me 100% of the time and I have many witnesses…….

      “Hey, how are ??”
      “What’s up man?”
      “Can I give ya a hand ?”
      “You lost, where ya headed ?”
      “I’ve never made one of those…..they any good ?”
      “Here, they just put this milk out….it’s got an expiration date….”
      (eye wink)
      (nod of the head)
      (wave of the hand)
      (open the door for them)
      (admire their T shirt / sweat shirt picture)
      (start conversation while in line at the store) one of my fav’s
      (acknowledge their young son or daughter somehow)
      (make innocent comical remark about anything)

      The truth is that I don’t look at what color they are, or what they wear, or what they drive. I make the effort to open the friendly door 1st……then if they walk in, we’re all the better. My wife & son marvel at that. To me it’s easy…..but to racists, I’m the boogie man.

      So why do people like Fogen, Dunn, Wafer and this latest one Black, have to be so paranoid that they shoot 1st and then act like it was the thing to do because……..owwwwww, I was so scared.

      In every one of these cases, they had a safe place that they either got out of, or were still in !! And then they claim self defense ??

      • MDH says:

        I must be really weird. I have heard white’s justify racist fears by saying that even Jesse Jackson goes to the other side of the street when he see young black males.

        I always found that statement funny.

        For I always stay on the same side and engage anyone coming my way be they black, white or whatever.


        I think that is what eats at racists. Showing respect is a tacit admission that the other person is equally different and equally valid.

        My father used to have two rules:

        Treat others as you would want to be treated

        Try to put yourself in the other persons shoes

        These days, I live in a very multi-cultural part of Montgomery County MD. What a person looks like is about as significant as the color of their socks.

        Our Gym has a great cast of regulars.

        Bobby the white guy from PG County who speaks “black” better than most of the others who are darker skinned.

        The Preacher, an ex-pro Cricket player for a club in England who is originally from the Caribbean. A game for wimps, some say? This guy bangs out 12 reps in the deadlift with perfect form.

        Me, the A-hole who always complains about the plates being left on the floor 🙂

        I could go on and on

        Humanity and the embracement of it is really all there is in life.

        To me creeps like Dunne are self centered anti-social people who take no joy in others. That’s not a life worth living, IMO.

        • MDH says:

          Note the preacher does those 12 reps with 415lbs.

        • racerrodig says:

          “Treat others as you would want to be treated

          Try to put yourself in the other persons shoes”

          My grandfather always said that as well. I love hearing about other people’s past and the stories. You’d be shocked at what we all have in common, whether it be family problems, school issues, raising kids issues, job problems or whatever.

          Taking the stance that anyone else is below you or subhuman is so despicable. I always go back to this story my grandfather told… you’re in a bad accident…maybe your car hit a pole real hard and you’re bleeding real bad and you’re shin bone is sticking out.

          So along happens a car……and this big burly black guy looks in……..and you say to him………

          No thanks……I’ll wait for some white guys.


          Thank God someone stopped……..

          I’m betting the latter even if your name is FogenPhoole….or Dunn, or Wafer…….or that newest shooter Black in WV.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            Great posts, guys.

            I’ve found by staying on the human to human wavelength that some of the people others might find scary due to looks, etc. are often the kindest and most compassionate and most interesting people. What you put out is what you’ll find, and the extremely conservative, fearful mind just creates toxic situations.

  6. MDH says:

    Re 3;

    Easy, George is a coward with very low self-esteem who is using a coward’s method of bolstering his ego.

    A brave man would arrange to meet the other person in a public place and time that is agreeable to both parties.

    A coward wants to know only where the other party is so that they can set up an eventual meeting wherein their safety is insured in that they control time, place and other factors. For example, they can observe the habits of the other party and set up a surprise encounter when the other party least expects one.

    His mentality is the essence of the conceal carry people who support him. They want to be able to “bravely” confront people they do not approve of, knowing full well they have a trump card hidden on their person.

    To gain his freedom, George had to convince others that he was a man beaten down by a much smaller teen to the point wherein he feared for his life. That lie makes him a coward.

    Or the truth wherein he stalked a much smaller teen to start a confrontation wherein he knew he had a gun to keep him safe. That truth makes him a coward.

    A brave man would have got out of the car without a gun and started a conversation with Trayvon Martin.

    Was the 7-11 clerk quaking in fear at the site of Trayvon Martin?

  7. papa where you been? we need you and miss you.

  8. bettykath says:


    Two African-American men were killed by a white West Virginia man on Saturday when he shot the neighboring landowner and his brother on an adjacent property in Barboursville.

    Rodney Bruce Black, 62, shot and killed Garrick Hopkins, 60, and his brother, Carl Hopkins, Jr., 61, with a rifle while the two men were inspecting a building on a piece of land that was newly-purchased by Garrick Hopkins and his wife. Both men were married and had children.

    The Cabell County Sheriff’s Department arrested and charged Black with two counts of first degree murder after the shooting, which occurred at 2:30 p.m., according to authorities.

    An accidental shooting death

    Black maintains that he thought the Hopkins were breaking into a building on his property. The land in question once belonged to Black’s family, but did not at the time of the incident.

    The brothers were allegedly looking in a shed that held nothing of value when Black fired.

    Authorities later found dozens of guns inside Black’s home. Police may investigate whether all the firearms were legally purchased.

    “He used one gun,” Sheriff McComas told an area news outlet. “Yes, he owned numerous guns, but he only used one gun.”
    “In the grand scheme of things, the fear in the black community isn’t whether or not Black will go to jail,” he said. “The deep seated fear is that he doesn’t care,” Johnson continued, adding that these trends suggest that for some it is possible that, “killing a black person is so inconsequential to them, that they couldn’t even consider the consequences, because the act was so second nature to them.”

    • Boyd says:

      That’s not an accident. That was stupid thinking.

    • racerrodig says:

      This one will be a hoot. How far away were they from Black. He used a rifle ? did he need a scope ??
      Then he claims they were looking into a shed on his property ? The article clearly states he used to own that property and what, just forgot where the property line is.

      Noooooooo Sireeeeeee Bob. I’ll bet he has a jailhouse call where he claims he was “…just thinning the herd..” or to the like.

      What ever happened to that good old fashioned “Hey guys, my names Mr. Black……I live over there……can I help you guys with anything……coffee, maybe, how ’bout a beer?”

      That would be too easy now, wouldn’t it.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      How incredibly horrible. How many more of these idiotic shootings are we going to have?

  9. Two sides to a story says:

    Great Fogen bashing – an interesting anonymous blog post, open letter to Christi O’Connor :

    • Malisha says:

      Whoever wrote it, though, is disorganized, interested in moralistic pontification, and misapplying lots of pop psychology.

      Some of this, “We love, support and pray for you Shellie” seems to ME to be some patriarch’s protestations of non-guilt for having really SUPPORTED Fogen before he cheated on his wife, when his “only crime” was having killed a Black kid (after all, as Dershowitz pointed out in so many ways, THAT one should not be over-charged).

      The writer has a real thing about adultery. And a confusing thing about Christianity, that is offended by Fogen’s confusing thing about Christianity. It left me cold.

      • bettykath says:

        I agree with you. Poor writing and marginal message.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Yes, I’d agree with some of your points. Whoever wrote it seems to have some connection with Shellie or the family, so to be expected.

        What interested me is this person is probably also a disgruntled Fogen supporter. They are melting down at the moment, with only the most pigheaded still changing his diapers.

      • gblock says:

        The things that the writer said seemed to me to range from spot on to way off base.

    • MDH says:

      This women is way off base.

      I cite this paragraph from that ramble she wrote:

      “In the beginning of the case against George Zimmerman, he had some intelligent supporters who cared about the law and justice. They did not want to see the legal processes subverted to accommodate the majority view in the country. They felt that this is a republic, and a majority view should not sway the laws which are in place, which is why so many Zimmerman supporters took to reading and commenting on online blogs…”

      I completely disagree with this.

      The Majority of the USA is still either outright racist or in denial that white privilege exists.

      So all it took was for the Zimmerman defense team to wave the “blacks are always complaining about racism in post-racial USA card” and the MAJORITY came running to his defense.

      F all of them, if they now see that George is a sociopathic con man who played them like a fiddle.

  10. colin black says:

    Dunns Jury to be seqesterd 12 with 4 alternates 16….

    This Is what an alleged knowlagble attorney actually said about the Jurours up comeing isolation …its a ver batim quote?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    It’s absolutely not a glamorous gig. In fact, it’s quite contrary,” said Jacksonville attorney Richard Kuritz. “They’re not going to have their smartphones. When they go to the hotel room at night, they’ll have everything taken out of the hotel. There’s no Bibles in there, there’s no television in there, there’s no phones in there. They’re not entitled to anything……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Thats a load of tosh.

    Not going to have there Bibles In there?

    Fact..Its against the LAW to prevent anyone from practiceing there Religous beleifs .Be that through prayer to Allah or reading a Bible or Koran or Book of Mormon.

    Even Prisoners thrown into solitary confeinment must be given a copy of there Holy book If the so desire.

    So theres no way there going to stop a jurour from reading a book let alone there chosen book of faith.

    No TV ??? Yes they have TV giant flatscreens most likely set up to receive agreed up on channells .Obviously all news chanells ect will be blocked.

    There also allowed monitered contact phone calls from spouses an children .
    Gourmet Food an all sorts of wee perks to keep them sweet.
    Judges fawn over seqestered jurours an any attorney sugesting harsh treatment is B S .

    True crime an crime films also restricted .
    For this guy to suggest that A jURY Is not only seperated from here family jobs enviroment ect.

    But also treated like criminalls is absulte nonsense .
    Why would anyone be trying to propogate a myth that thease Jurours are going to be 12 angry men types due to there harsh treatment.

    An from an attorney no less whom knows damm well he is speaking lies .

    Is yet more proof that T P T B are planning on letting waste of air an an skin walk free…

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Waste of air and skin – Dunn’s sort of a skinwalker, a Native American version of a hungry ghost.

  11. colin black says:

    Get well soon Fred moi an minein Bettter Half are getting over severe chest infection thats doing the rounds.
    Bad enough but with bad health to start with can be frightening ..8 days ago the GP wanted Gail hospitalised her chest sounded so rough gurgleing an wheezeing..

    It didnt happen as I know She got v i p treatment an recovers better at home.
    And lucky it proved so appitie is back an once again She Is engrossed in her hand held game consull…………………………………………………………………………..


    iN THE LANGUGE OF rOMANIE Or traveller s talk Gypsy et all.

    Your corrie is an anotomical part located between your buttocks .

    The Sphincter to be precise an asshole.

  12. kllypyn says:

    Like when she half assed the Zimmerman trial when she left out some of the most damming pieces of evidence against Murderman. Isn’t withholding evidence in a murder trial a crime?

  13. towerflower says:

    Hope you’re feeling better Professor.

    1. While it is the prosecutor who is responsible for releasing information to the press, a lot of what is being protested is what both sides didn’t want released. This is why I’ve mentioned before, that I feel that the Sunshine Law needs a tweak so that the judge can choose to withhold information being released in high profile cases so that the jury pool doesn’t get contaminated. Let it come out in the trial first and then make it public.

    2. Greetings from Florida from a life long resident. Yes we have had several high profile cases in dealing with SYG, but it doesn’t mean that it is all one sided. The Tampa Bay news once had a link to about 200 known cases and it could be broken down by race and the %’s were just about even across the board for convictions and releases. But we are bearing the brunt of the high profile cases as if it happens all the time. Yes certain areas of Florida could still be considered backwoods but that could be said about almost any state in the country.

    3. For someone who wants such a normal life, I could never understand why Fogen has a public twitter account. Fact is he is a “bomb” thrower. He makes the comments and then enjoys watching the two sides hash it out without ever commenting on the thread again. He is encouraging having a 16 yr old in engaging his haters and has so far threatened 2 people. The first one supplied his address and fogen was a no show who then said he was only kidding. The second one, he was also a no show but it lead to this latest boxing thing when a promoter offered him $20K to get into the ring. Bottom line, if he wants a “normal” life, the first step would be to make his twitter account private–but he enjoys the attention even if it is negative.

    4. Too many times cases are associated with SYG when it doesn’t apply, like with Z.

    5. I would leave it up to the families who lost their loved ones. But also I would not be in favor of creating a martyr for others to use.

    • Malisha says:

      Fogen enjoys attention (even if it’s negative) because of his seriously impaired personality and his dysfunctional family and his atrocious upbringing in a state (Virginia) that lets a guy like his father get away with anything. AND his father, as a magistrate, would certainly owe a lot of favors to others, and those others would certainly know how to get crimes covered up and records destroyed.

      Fogen appears to be an attention whore, a scaredy-cat and a bully. ALL of this is thanks to an American cultural atrocity that is becoming more manifest daily.

  14. Two sides to a story says:

    Get better, Fred!

    1. I can only hope that AC simply doesn’t want the case tried in the media and wants to keep Dunn behind bars for the rest of his natural life. Time will tell.

    2. When I lived in FL in 1990 and ’91, it was a cesspool of racism, and though there were good people there then and plenty of good people now, and conditions have likely improved in 20 years, we can still see that racism has not been eradicated there, and that the status quo still protects the status quo to a great degree. But these sorts of folks are getting desperate it seems, and hence all the topsy-turvy dog whistle nonsense going on.

    3.Fogen is revealing the depth and breadth of his narcissism and his unbalanced mind on Twitter. Thank goodness, because if he wasn’t on there, he wouldn’t be outing himself nearly as well and as publicly.

    4. The law of kindness and compassion is the only thing that will trump any other laws regarding weapons.

    5. I’m against the death penalty in all cases. We are all dead men walking with ridiculously short lives – it’s enough to deny a person their freedom for the rest of their natural lives for their crimes, no matter how heinous. Capital punishment is thinly disguised revenge.

  15. bettykath says:

    The focus is on the stand your ground laws, but the real problem is the whole everyone-needs-a-gun-b/c-the-big-Black-dudes-scare-them culture. Never mind that the “big Black dudes” are unarmed teens that are smaller than the armed white guys.

  16. bettykath says:

    Just watched the dunn and girlfriend interviews. Some white guys are such dumb focks. Big white guys with guns are so afraid of unarmed Black teens that they have to kill them. Then the dumb focks talks to the police instead of calling a lawyer. Of course, this is Florida, so they have a great population that will likely see how really afraid they are of unarmed Black teens that they will let them go. Unfortunately, unless there is a strong juror (what B29 should have been), dunn is going to walk.

    • It will get interesting for damn sure. His I was scared to death, to us with an actual brain, is a joke. The white detective corners him with “why did you get out of your car if you were scared” and he went right back to “I’m a scared big white guy……what do want from me……so I overreacted, what ??”

      The biggest joke is his “…did you look for a stick…” line.

      The cops did harp on the you can’t assume so much aspect. He can’t just think “Hey…..I MIGHT be in danger” Not only that, he must exhaust every avenue of escape and he sure failed on that one.

  17. Xena says:

    Crane, sorry to hear about the Professor not being well.

    I posted a link on the other thread but don’t know if you guys saw it. It addresses the latest agenda of harassers. I respect you guys so decided to publicly address it.

  18. racerrodig says:

    Get well real soon Professor.

    1) It almost looks like a get out of jail free card. She fooled us last time around.

    2) That’s pretty obvious.

    3) This is what happens when a crazy shit like Fogen is empowered…..and I blame Corey at this point.

    4) Unless these kill and lie laws are removed, they will probably happen at an alarming rate. Fogen’s handbook is being circulated and if Dunn gets off……FL better collectively lower the cost of funerals.

    5) Good…….cowards they are by planting bombs….and deserve it.

    • Rachael says:

      They are happening at an alarming rate.

      • Malisha says:

        And in fact they always HAVE happened at an alarming rate; the media did no clue us in about them until recently.

        • Malisha says:

          In fact, here’s how you get the “Black on white crime” statistics:

          Record a case like Fogen as an assault by a Black 17-year-old against a white man.

          Upped the statistics right there. THAT is where we get our “data” from forming the basis of what we “know” — and even that is skewed by open corruption and boldface lying. Not everybody has to hide what they do as does Angela Corey.

          You know where the special place in Hell is reserved for Angela Corey? RIGHT NEXT TO FOGEN!

  19. bettykath says:

    Sorry Fred is feeling ill. Hope he is feeling much better soon.

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