Texas Republicans cannot reanimate the dead

A patient in a hospital bed connected to equipment.

Why are Texas Republicans so ghoulish?

Good morning:

I will be subbing for Crane Station today because she is busy working on her case.

Four Republican candidates seeking their party’s nomination to run for the position of Lieutenant Governor of Texas in the fall election participated in the first televised debate of the primary season on Monday evening.

Under normal circumstances, I would not comment on the debate.

I have decided to comment, however, because the four candidates disagreed with the judge who ordered the hospital to disconnect Marlise Munoz from a ventilator. They also vowed to change the law so that this mistake will not happen again.

I believe their position is indefensible legally and ethically and I believe it demonstrates why these men are not qualified for the position they seek.

The primary is March 4th.

First, Marlise Munoz very likely was brain dead (i.e., clinically dead) before she was transported to the hospital. If not, she soon reached that condition. Her condition was irreversible.

Second, but for the Texas statute, the hospital was ethically required to unplug her from life support.

Third, it was undisputed that the fetus was not viable and but for the Texas statute, the hospital had no choice but to let it go.

Fourth, the statute cannot be rewritten to bring the dead back to life.

Therefore, the court made the correct decision and the Texas legislature cannot amend the existing statute to require the hospital to bring the dead back to life.

The four candidates have no excuse for not being aware of this impossibility.

Characterizing the court’s decision as wrong and promising to rewrite the statute to, in essence, reanimate the dead can only work in zombie films.

President Obama did a pretty good job of zombie politics in his State of the Union address last night.

Photo by José Goulão released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

25 Responses to Texas Republicans cannot reanimate the dead

  1. stan says:

    Dear Crane-Station:

    I completed the survey you sent to me and I must say the rewards really sucked hind teat.
    I thought I was going to receive free of any charge or obligation a new Ferrari or condo in Spain, but were these among the choices I was offered?

    Absolutely not!!

    Talking about disappointment!

    But, I will take it as should an adult.

    I will accept as a consolation prize a serious response to the serious comment I made about reanimation. :>)

    P.S.Blogs will be written,
    Comments must be true,
    If you don’t respond to me,
    I won’t verbally play with you.

    Bronx cheer! :>)

  2. bettykath says:

    OT Good news

    Today, CCR announced with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that we have reached an agreement for the City to drop the appeal in our landmark stop-and-frisk class action, Floyd v. the City of New York.

    In August 2013, a federal judge found that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had engaged in a widespread practice of unconstitutional and racially discriminatory stops and frisks. The court ordered the appointment of an independent monitor to oversee a collaborative, joint remedial process.

    The outgoing New York City mayor and police commissioner appealed our victory this fall and temporarily stopped the reform process from moving forward. The new Mayor’s action – and his decision to accept the findings in our Floyd case about the NYPD’s unconstitutional and racially discriminatory police practices – came as a result of enormous community pressure to reform the police department.

    Now we can begin the long and important work of identifying and implementing real, lasting reforms to the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices, and holding the Department accountable to ensure these reforms happen.

    The joint remedial process ordered by the court in Floyd will bring together affected communities, elected officials, the police, and plaintiffs and attorneys in the case. The process ensures that communities who have been directly affected by these practices shape the future of stop and frisk for New York. The people of New York made clear at a packed event on Monday with activists, elected officials and experts that they are urgently waiting for this reform process to move forward.

    We will celebrate the official dropping of the appeal in the coming weeks. For now, we are rolling up our sleeves.

    Please consider giving today to help ensure that CCR has the resources needed in order to continue this critical work.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Vincent Warren
    Executive Director

  3. stan says:

    Once again, I am forced to throw my philosophically cynical fedora into the Leatherman/Crane-Station ring of highly intelligent discussion regarding that most germane foci of theological dispute: the reanimation of the clinically deceased.

    So, let’s cut to the chase and munch the lipids of farcical, logical ratiocination together.

    Dear friends, of course the clinically deceased can be reanimated, and every devout American Christian who accepts the King James Bible as the inerrant word of ‘god’ firmly believes in their hearts that The Christ rose from the dead, and that they will also experience a physical/spiritual reanimation.

    Therefore, since this great home of the free and land of the brave is touted to be a representative democracy, and by the wonderful invention of secret balloting, if put to a vote, as is our election of corrupt, amoral Texas public officials, reanimation would be a shoe in.

    Of course, those atheists and agnostics who consider the chances of physical reanimation to be right behind Stephen Hawking winning the cross country skiing event in Sochi have ignored one indisputable fact that cinches the absolute truth of physical reanimation.


    If Texas seceded again, would anyone care?
    This time we should let them go!

    • colin black says:

      Jesus reanimated some dude called Lazzirus after 4 days deceased,
      He was so moved by the greif of the mourning of his wife an children.
      Electic sinals betwixt neurons power our brains like wise our emotions do emote into the ether.

      Our motor activity via mucles is also achived by mild electrical currents.
      Everyone has seen an experiment carreid out for over a hundred years
      Electic circuit makes frogs legs deaseased frogs legs start kicking again.

      Soon if not already achieved mankind will meld with AI an computers with qutom memory with more data down loaded on an atom sized hard driveThan existis in the entire universe,

      Wich will allow virtual consciousness and more .Theres even a movement towards this consept .
      Manny see it as inevitable .
      The singularity.


      • stan says:

        Dear Herr Black:

        I was just laughing on paper.

        Here it is and this is the straight dope!

        Dead is dead.

        If one wants to believe in myths, superstitions, or magic that is surely ones prerogative.

        But still dead is dead.

        And the ultimate unification of all cosmic forces will not bring any of us back to this time and place.

        But then again, time will determine if I speak the truth or am just another “…fool full of sound and fury signifying…,” absofuckinglootly “… nothing.

        Bill the Bard would have been proud of the last remark.

        Until fate once again coerces me into elucidating the critical minutiae of the ridiculous, absurd, and sublime that life constantly parades before our *trusting eyes, take care.

        *After all we only see the reflected image of reality. What if the light lies? Plato might have been on to something you think?

  4. Two sides to a story says:

    My computer is acting up, so likely I’ll end up with a double post again.

    Crane – a video linking geoengineering – chemtrails – to Morgellons and other increasing odd and neurogenerative diseases.

  5. Two side to a story says:

    Crane, here’s a video on bioengineering that links chemtrails to morgellons and an increase in other odd or neuro-degenerative disease.

  6. colin black says:

    from left field

    For Pete Seeger as he has a sence of humour

    From his Bud Bob

  7. racerrodig says:

    “The four candidates have no excuse for not being aware of this impossibility”

    Sure they do…….you said it yourself…..They’re Republicans.

  8. colin black says:

    Republicans can reanimate the dead .

    Ronald Reagan.

    Nuff Said.

  9. bettykath says:

    We need to stop electing legislators who think they are doctors and scientists. I never expected to see so many sociopaths. Maybe they’ve been there all the time and I missed it until they became emboldened.

  10. fauxmccoy says:

    to be fair, they likely deny all of the sciences, not just medicine. so, they’ve got that going for them.

  11. crazy1946 says:

    It is strange that the state of Texas would be willing to spend so much money to keep a dead person breathing yet be so unwilling to spend money to allow a poor person access to health care to allow them remain alive… Strange priorities for what is claimed to be such a God (or was that gun) loving state….

    • Two sides to a story says:

      And unbelievable that some politicians may be using this case to attract votes. How very sad for them and for anyone who agrees with them.

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