Decorah Eagles 2014 Livecam

The Decorah Eagles camera is back, after being offline for nearly a year! This morning, I was pleased to actually see one of the eagles, doing some ‘housekeeping’ in the nest. Raptor Resource Project says:

Welcome to Decorah Eagle Cam your one stop for live streams, videos and alerts for the amazing saga of the Decorah eagles. For those of you new to the craze, the birth of 3 eaglets has been witnessed live by millions and become a viral internet phenomenon.

Through the genius of the Raptor Resource Project a 24 hour webcam has been placed so that the world may watch the growth and lives of a family of bald eagles. We here at Decorah Eagle Cam have embraced this amazing opportunity and have put together content from across the world wide web in one place for your convenience. In addition, we have set up a system of alerts to let you know when the real action takes place.

Please have a look around the site and enjoy!

Also, on YouTube is this recent video:

Dec 26, 2013
12/26/2013 10:23 AM CST Edited video, 5 minutes.Long fly in. More nesturations going on. Laying in nest bowl and scraping.

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8 Responses to Decorah Eagles 2014 Livecam

  1. colin black says:

    Vultures is also the name of one of my favourite poets poems

    “Vultures” by Chinua Achebe
    In the greyness
    and drizzle of one despondent
    dawn unstirred by harbingers
    of sunbreak a vulture
    perching high on broken
    bones of a dead tree
    nestled close to his
    mate his smooth
    bashed-in head, a pebble
    on a stem rooted in
    a dump of gross
    feathers, inclined affectionately
    to hers. Yesterday they picked
    the eyes of a swollen
    corpse in a water-logged
    trench and ate the
    things in its bowel. Full
    gorged they chose their roost
    keeping the hollowed remnant
    in easy range of cold
    telescopic eyes…
    indeed how love in other
    ways so particular
    will pick a corner
    in that charnel-house
    tidy it and coil up there, perhaps
    even fall asleep – her face
    turned to the wall!
    …Thus the Commandant at Belsen
    Camp going home for
    the day with fumes of
    human roast clinging
    rebelliously to his hairy
    nostrils will stop
    at the wayside sweet-shop
    and pick up a chocolate
    for his tender offspring
    waiting at home for Daddy’s
    Praise bounteous
    providence if you will
    that grants even an ogre
    a tiny glow-worm
    tenderness encapsulated
    in icy caverns of a cruel
    heart or else despair
    for in the very germ
    of that kindred love is
    lodged the perpetuity
    of evil.

  2. colin black says:

    I Love Birds of all sizes an Vultures are amazeing birds also.

    Although given a bad press as if carrion are not serveing a perfect niche in nature an a nessesery niche to boot.

  3. cielo62 says:

    HURRAY!! Each year for science we study birds, and I play this webcam non-stop on one of the netbooks in the classroom! It just fills me with joy and awe!

    • Me too, this made my day. Someone else told me that both eagles were in the nest together, just a short while ago. So anyway, apparently, this is a go, for the 24/7 eagle cam. Great news!

  4. Two sides to a story says:

    Cool beans!

    I was privileged to live in an area of a SW state where you could see bald eagles sitting atop telephone poles most every day! Of course, that’s not as cool as being able to observe their nesting habits, but it was inspiring to know they were there and nested nearby.

    • Eagles are too cool for school. At my parent’s home in Seattle- they live on the Puget Sound- I have seen them fishing, and it is remarkable. They can turn themselves into missiles. Big, huge birds. Beautiful.

      • William Walton says:

        Crane, spent a lot of time in Wyoming when with BASF, Amoco, and was a partner in Techno-Chem. I would spend 3-4 weeks up there at time. To break up the stint, we would spend a weekend in Yellowstone. Of course we would fish daily on Yellowstone Lake. It was awesome to see a bald eagle or golden eagle swoop down and grab a cuthroat trout. It was just amazing to watch the eagles while we were waiting to catch a cutthroat.

        • I don’t know how they do it, they must have amazing eyesight. In the past, I have seen the Decorah Eagles dine on fish- I think the nest is near a hatchery.

          What strikes me is the wingspan. Apex, they are. And gorgeous.

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