Tony Seibert Tribute

Tony Seibert was an amazing person. Unfortunately today (January 7, 2014) an avalanche in the East Vail Chutes took his life and hurt three others. I loved every moment I spent around Tony and so did his friends and family. He was always so uplifting and caring for others. You will be greatly missed Tony and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
May you Rest in Peace

Tony Seibert, grandson of Vail’s founder, was tragically killed in an avalanche at Vail yesterday. He was an incredible skier.

Just two weeks ago, he rescued a skier from there was an unrelated avalanche in the East Vail Chutes backcountry Errata, updated accordingly:

Just before Christmas, there were two separate skier-triggered slides in the East Vail Chutes. One of them was captured in a harrowing video posted on YouTube that depicted a man quickly rescuing his brother, who was buried in snow up to his neck.
Before today’s fatality the last avalanche-related death in the East Vail Chutes occurred in 2008 when two people were killed in separate slides just four days apart. There have been five more fatalities in that area dating back to 1986, according to published reports.

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10 Responses to Tony Seibert Tribute

  1. Annie says:

    You people are confusing two separate events.
    The slide 2 weeks ago had nothing to do with Tony or his
    brother…do yer homework before having an opinion.

    • So, Annie, where at Vail do you work then? My nephew, who has driven a snowcat at Vail and lived and worked there for many years and who knew Tony personally, explained that Tony was involved in a rescue just two weeks prior to his death. He linked the video. Perhaps the video for the two weeks prior amazing rescue doesn’t meet your strict qualifications for a related event because it is if fact not directly related to his death. But you had to attack me rather than read the goddamn post., but I really have to ask you, 1) did you know him personally, ski with him, and do you work and live in Vail, such that you have a conflicting first-hand account?

      How are you blood related may I ask? And which parts of Vail do you groom and patrol?

      • Plus, it is really cool of you to take away from the main message of the post, which is to offer a tribute to Tony Seibert that contains some footage from a place that he truly loved. Nice job.

        Maybe you can dick up the tribute even more by finding each and every single little tiny possible inconsistency or mistake in both vids, and then we can all focus on the fucked up vids and forget who Tony Seibert was all together. Is that your goal here?

        You see, that way, it can be All About Annie!

        • Finally, Annie, since you are the expert, I am totally open to issuing an errata and posting the wonderful second footage film from Vail that you feel is more appropriate, but I will not replace the Vimeo.

          • Okay “two weeks prior he rescued a skier” should read “two weeks prior a skier was rescued” from an avalanche.

            You happy now Annie? Can we focus on the Tony Seibert tribute now, or do you have a long list of other issues that distract from the tragic loss, because Annie must attack a blog site?

  2. bettykath says:

    Condolences to you and to his family. It’s amazing that he rescued someone else in an area that ultimately took his life.

  3. ed nelson says:

    Too bad the guy died!

    Too bad that so many of us need to put themselfs into harms way, just to be… Macho, or to get some creds…!

    Too bad, that that type of a guy, (who is ”fearless”, so to speak,) died doing the thing… (he loved the best… !).

    I don’t shed one tear!

    Dare Devils, have to pay the premium, and pay back to the maker.

    Skiing is only a viable option and something that made sense for travel in some kind of places in the past where you don’t got much options. Norway… etc.

    People who want to be Daredevils, well, good luck to you!

    Skiing, is sure a good one of these tests for the daredevil to start with, hey! I mean: Sony Bono; the Kennedy kid… etc.

    Too bad the guy died! Oh yeah, I hope you’all are fixed up with enough blankets down there in… God’s little acre… !

    • My nephew, who has worked at Vail for many years and who is also an insanely amazing expert skier knew him…this was a terrible tragedy for the Vail community, as he was well liked and had rescued many himself. But, he was in a high-risk area for avalanche, that said.

    • gblock says:

      Ed, in the two cases that you mentioned, the people were partly at fault, and not just because they were skiing. The Kennedy kid was playing some kind of wild game with some other members of his party even after the lift operator told him to stop. Sonny Bono was skiing through the trees in an out-of-bounds area.

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