You need to shop around for generic drugs

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good morning:

Crane and I have discovered that generic drugs not only vary widely in price, but your local independent pharmacy may charge you considerably less than CVC or Walgreens.

Hundreds of dollars less for the same generic drug.

PBS NewsHour Weekend’s Megan Thompson interviewed her mother, Carol Thompson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, about her experiences purchasing Letrozole, the brand name drug she was prescribed, and its generic after it went off patent a couple of years later.

Because of her high deductible, Carol Thompson had to pay over $400 per month for Letrozole. When it went generic, the price for a one-month supply varied from $10 at Costco to $455 at Target.

Megan Thompson also interviewed Lisa Gill, the editor for prescription drug coverage at Consumer Reports. Gill organized a survey of more than 200 pharmacies around the country to find out what they were charging for five blockbuster drugs that had recently gone generic.

The study found the cost of a month’s supply of generic Plavix, a blood thinner, ranged from $15 at Costco and $12 at an online store …all the way up to 10 to 15 times more at Target and CVS. It was similar for generic Lipitor, used to control cholesterol. Prices ranged from 15 to 17 dollars, up to around 9 times higher at other national chains.

The results of the survey were published in the spring issue of Consumer Reports. You can read the article here.

As the following exchange demonstrates, do not forget to check with your local independent pharmacy when you comparison shop for the lowest price to pay for your prescription medication.

PBS Newshour reports:

MEGAN THOMPSON: Costco wouldn’t tell us the wholesale price it paid for my mom’s cancer drug, but another pharmacist told us what he paid. Tom Sengupta owns Schneider Drug. It’s one of just a few small, independently-owned pharmacies left in the Twin Cities. Those smaller independents all quoted my mom some of the lowest prices for her breast cancer generic, something that surprised her.

CAROL THOMPSON: It’s not intuitive, really, that a corner drugstore, an independent– small, independent retailer would also have some of the best prices.

MEGAN THOMPSON: At many large chains, prices are set at the corporate level, according to representatives we spoke to. But Sengupta decides on his own what to charge – $14 for my mom’s drug. He just adds a small mark-up to the wholesale price he can buy it for – anywhere from around 7 dollars to 28.

TOM SENGUPTA: And also, my pricing is based on the person I’m talking to. You know, because if they need something, this is my responsibility to provide that to them. I’m not losing any money.

MEGAN THOMPSON: Sengupta guesses that big chains, which buy in larger volume, can probably get even better wholesale prices than he can. And he bristles when he hears some quoted my mom a price of more than $400 when he’s charging just $14.

TOM SENGUPTA: How could you justify that? You know? If you had any morality – we don’t need to make money like that. We have to ask, what’s happening? Where is their moral compass?

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.

I hope this information saves you much convenience and money in the coming year.


(This is our 821st post)

27 Responses to You need to shop around for generic drugs

  1. ed nelson says:

    Thank you Freddie for these oldies… Thank you for being there… Fredrick… and thank you to Crane Station… you know I love you both…

    Edsville… Nelson

  2. ed nelson says:

    Jeezus, Hi you’all, I was on another blogg, I thought!!

    Well Merry Xmas to FRed and ‘Crane Sta” i forgot yer name, Station!! I know your name some kind of way,

    Oh anyhow… Merry Xmas!

  3. ed nelson says:

    My vote is for the Ronettes. That is a song that resounds…

  4. colin black says:

    The foggage ones garnering attention this he craves.
    Even attention with negative conotations is no concern to the foggage.

    No publicity is bad in his view heck.

    He MURDERED A CHILD an cutapukted himself into the minds of the masses as a cultlike messianic figure of reknown .

    So why would he consider fadeing back into his obscure little cop wannabee no mark.

    When he now has fame surely fortune is not lagging to far behind his ever expanding portfoolio an Hynie.

    Heck he could churn out a cottage industrys of hos knock of plaugurised art an set up his own site to flog it.

    Ive just copy righted the Name Z.Bay foggage if your intrested the price is A HUNDRED GRAND.

    Or I will give you the domain free If you agree to take a polygraph concerning the night you ended TRAYVONS Life.

    An pass it!

  5. colin black says:

    I couldn’t shop on ebay even if I wanted to..
    Im a bit of a trogilite an revel In my ignorance re pc an computers.

    In my day computers were the size of houses an the domain of Bond Villians

    I would have believed we would be living on the moon wearing lame jump suits with rocket boots .

    Before Id believe that we would all have access to computers that allowed us to communicate instantly anywhere round the world.Face to face or post videos watch movies ect.

    I know what I like about social media an I know what I detest about social media .

    An ignore it also graigslist ebay an such has no intrest to me.So I don’t care to learn how to operate on it

    Merry Christmas from me an me an Gail an

    • Merry Christmas to y’all from Crane, Mr. Nikko and yours truly.

      Hey Colin, this is our half birthday. Happy half-birthday.

      • colin black says:

        Mine half birthdays gone its 25 th crimbo in uk
        But belated thanks an happy half birthday to you 2

        PS Besides who cares Im on Honeymoon .
        On earth realy with my honey.

        Never thought of crimbo eve as my half nirthday but your right on song.

        Custard Mustard snot an BOGEY P



        Let the festivites commence.!

  6. Malisha says:

    The whole idea that one’s right to prevent others from being able to live decently is a “freedom” is so insane that I can hardly believe we have 70 nations organized and operating under that principle. It’s as if something happened to us a few thousand years ago that utterly destroyed a normal person’s ability to think. We’re being led AND CONTROLLED by moral bankrupts who couldn’t manage to produce one living generation if they weren’t constantly invading and destroying someone else’s life interest. Ghouls. OMG pinch me, wake me up, is this really happening?

    Oh yeah, and peace on earth, good will towards men…and all like that.

  7. The generics, lord help us. I take generic Imitrex tablets (sumatriptan) for migraine headaches. They range from being effective to ineffective to making things worse, depending on the pharmacy. They range in price from $32.00 per tablet (pre-off patent) to $5.00 per tablet (Seattle currently) to $11.00 per tablet (Paducah, one day) to $ 9.00 per tablet (Paducah, same place the next day) to $110.00 for three tablets (Paducah, across the street, random other day). My regular (not a big chain) pharmacist charges 9.00 per tablet, and the tablets work, but I keep track of the surreal ever-changing prices and keep my pharmacist up to date.

    Amazing what we are reduced to.

    • The free market is a license to commit fraud and cheat people, subject only to la mordita payable to the United States.

      The Department of Justice calls it a civil penalty.

      We are on our own.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        That’s damn straight. Since I’ve been observing my elderly mom and dad’s HMO and their medical and pharmaceutical issues, I’d say the entire US medical system is riddled with corruption from one end to the other. Cannabis oil did far more for my mom in the long run (in remission from lung cancer) than all the $4k per three months that they sucked up from Medicare for her cancer drug (she only had a small co-pay). What a scam. The HMO nearly killed my dad three times with bad drugs, one of which went under investigation by Congress a few years back. And only 18% of patients taking my mom’s cancer drug are cured anyway, double scam. The FDA helps more people get ill or die than they do to protect and regulate.

  8. Malisha says:

    I’m really sorry to go OT right now but I have just phoned ebay and gotten THROUGH by pushing this number and that and waiting about 5 minutes, and I delivered the following message: I WILL NEVER SHOP OR SELL ON EBAY AGAIN IN MY LIFE. I also promised to let all my friends know, and to try to start a petition and a mini-movement, and do all I could to legally harm ebay’s business to the greatest extent possible. Why?

    The same day ebay helped Fogen collect more rewards for murdering a Black child and getting blessed for it, ebay removed a perfectly legitimate painting IT labeled “hate” goods because it depicted KKK racism and violence.

    Ebay is, in my opinion, an agent of racism and hatred. Commerce and trades can proceed on, craigslist, or elsewhere on-line; they need not benefit monsters, murderers and slavers.

    • No need to apologize. Expresses our sentiments too.

    • No need to apologize. As I shared before, years ago I chose not to get involved with selling on eBay because of some gut feelings/misgivings I had, after doing a number hours of research, actually. That was a while back, but anyway, I remember seeing some substantial concerns regarding authenticity of some items (again, may have been handbags). Some of the sellers appeared to be top-notch scammers.

      Seems I was on the right track:

      FBI On Hunt For ‘Fugitive Multimillion eBay Fraudsters’
      Crooks said to have put up fake ads for cars, boats and motorbikes across the web

      So. And now this?

      Man, fuck eBay.

      • I’m not an ebay aficionado, but the name triggered an unpleasant memory.

        Meg Whitman.

        Here’s wikipedia,

        Whitman served as president and chief executive officer of eBay from 1998 to 2008. During her 10 years with the company, she oversaw its expansion from 30 employees and $4 million in annual revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue.

        She spent $144 million of her own fortune [$1.3 billion) and $178.5 million, including donors, in a losing effort against Jerry Brown to be elected governor of California.

        She now serves as President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          Eh, the info above rang a bell with me. I’d forgotten that Whitman had spent a shitload of money to defeat Jerry Brown and that she was associated with Ebay. I hope Cali stays blue from now until eternity – or at least until middle-of-the-road Republicans take back their party.

          Ebay and Walmart suck. Use at your peril.

    • Rachael says:

      I said the same thing on another site too, that I’ve only bought on eBay like 2 times and was considering starting a craft business, but I won’t use them. Not just because of what you said, but because of the fact that they let GZ be there at ALL. Profit off of killing a kid – disgusting.

      • Malisha says:

        Rachel, check A friend of mine is an artist who does very well there. She says it’s easy to start, too.

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