23 Responses to Federal judge rules that NSA data collection violates Fourth Amendment

  1. roderick2012 says:

    This is just the first step to impeach President Obama.

    I hope all of you who are happy about this decision understand the political ramifications.

    • crazy1946 says:

      roderick2012, While impeachment is a goal for some of the TP members of the HOR, at this time it would not make it thru the Senate. Only if the GOP/TP were to gain control of the Senate would the leadership of the GOP give into the radical portion of their caucus and take that action. However that is why I stated earlier that I would less concern if the Judge that voiced that decision had not been so political in his past decisions… I suppose that we will find out, in due time. If one were to be objective, it would have to be admitted by Judge Leon, that the current administration is merely following in the legal framework as established by the prior administration, who had several times claimed what they were doing was legal and allowed under the constitution. There has been much discussion about the secret courts that granted almost blanket warrants allowing the search’s to take place, and it has been mentioned that from the inception of the Dept. Of Homeland Security, these type of actions had been occurring on almost a daily basis. One could only conclude that it was not an issue as long as the GOP was in power and only became an issue once a Non White had, in their opinion stolen their White House… I still question why we are allowing them to make such an issue of this while all but ignoring the lack of these same rights they feel they have lost have been refused for years to such a large percentage of their fellow citizens because of the race of that group… It would seem to me if you wish to enforce the rights of the people it should encompass all members or society and not just a smaller and more affluent part of our society… that is just my simple opinion….

      • Malisha says:

        I’ve seen decisions made JUST for the purpose of getting them resoundingly overturned in a dramatic coup on appeal. There are various theatrical productions in our courts and we really don’t know who’s doing what to whom, even when they roll the credits.

      • roderick2012 says:

        I understand the process, but technically the House votes to impeach and the Senate votes to convict and remove the President.

        Given that there are several red state Democratic senators up for re-election next year I wouldn’t count on them to vote no on conviction.

        I agree that it depends on who has the power at the time whether partisans complain, but we know that Republicans are the biggest hypocrites.

  2. crazy1946 says:

    While we are hearing many people expressing considering with the NSA access to our phone records, do we hear as much concern for the rights of minorities who have their rights violated in the “War On Drugs”? Why do they think their rights are more important than those individuals? Will we ever see equal application of constitutional rights amongst all people in our society? Are our rights more equal according to status within our allegedly classless society? So while our attention is diverted by the NSA fiasco the rights of a large number of our fellow citizens as provided by the 4th amendment is being violated with little notice or concern….

    • crazy1946 says:

      Wow, I guess my last two brain cells are going away.. the first line of my post should have said “expressing concern”! Guess it’s time to make another post of coffee and get my mind back on track to the point that I edit prior to posting rather than after….

    • MDH says:


      I don’t see any outrage over stand your ground {actually should be called harass and intimidate} being used a means for a person with a gun to infringe a persons fourth amendment right to not be subject to search of seizure without cause. It is bad enough that law enforcement gets away with this, but they want to be able to do it under the guise of a neighborhood watch.

      Tea Baggers are John Birchers who worship at the alter of private property and want to create a society wherein those with lots of property can harass, intimidate and enslave those without property.’

      That’s why this judge is against the NSA.

      He does not want anything done on private property subject to close inspection.

      So his Tea Bagger view of “freedom” extends only to the propertied class.

      Keep in mind that the one man one vote concept of government of for an by the people is how the masses protect their freedom from the elite. That’s the real reason Tea Baggers want to get rid of government. Without a government, they are free to subjugate to poor.

      • crazy1946 says:


        “Tea Baggers are John Birchers who worship at the alter of private property”

        Actually IMO these people are not true “John Birchers”, they are much worse, they are much more aligned with Libertarians. That movement contains all the evil within the Birchers and throws in the even more racist ideology to boot…. To sit back and watch so many people support that movement against their own best interests because of racial hatred was IMO simply beyond comprehension… These are the same folks that would cut off their own finger to get rid of a splinter rather than simply removing the splinter…

  3. In other news today, someone filed a bar complaint against Mark O’Mara alleging an ethical violation, but we don’t know who it was or what they alleged.

    Until we do, there’s nothing more to say.

    That’s why I haven’t covered the story.

    Go here to check out the story.

  4. colin black says:

    It does not matter an iota what federal laws or statutes say on pieces of paper Goverments do an continue to do anything legal or not to maintan governace over the populace.

    Governess where always stern in those bodice ripping novels for to govern some thing .Is to control.

    A government has activitys isted as above top secret an then there are off the record opperations so called black ops .

    All of the actions taken an legalised after 9 11 unfetered access to tap phones act .

    Had been the norm for decades an the time was right to bring it out into the open.

    There are actions goverments never let see the light of day or face scrutiny..

    • crazy1946 says:

      colin black, Hey guy, you’re on your honeymoon, and if you continue to neglect your bride (by reading and posting on here), we will soon hear about a pending divorce… 😉

  5. crazy1946 says:

    I suppose that I would be more enthusiastic about this ruling had it not come from Judge Leon, he has made other rulings that had a pretty fair odor of political ideology. I’ll provide a link to him that will allow you to make your own decision…


    Did he make the ruling in an effort to ensure the constitutional rights of the citizenship, or was it another effort to undermine the incumbent in the white house? Look at his decisions on some of his other high profile cases… Perhaps I am being overly cautious by questioning the motives of the Judge?

    • He was appointed by George Bush, so skepticism is warranted.

      Nevertheless, many paleo-conservatives take the Fourth Amendment more seriously than liberals do, and support for the so-called long war against terrorism is wearing thin.

      People are concerned about debt and the lack of jobs that pay a living wage.

      I don’t believe people want the NSA snooping into their private lives.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Professor, I was not as concerned about his being appointed by Bush to the office, as I am about some of the decisions he has made in the past. Perhaps at some future point in history politics and the justice system will divorce….

        • According to Fractal @ Firedoglake,

          Larry Klayman [a plaintiff in the case] formerly was a relentless attack dog against Bill Clinton who scored some decent litigation victories. But, since Obama was elected, Klayman essentially lost his mind and joined neo-Confederate racists in public protests on the Mall demanding a shutdown of the govt until Obamacare was defunded.

          What’s the old saying, “Politics makes for strange bedmates,” or something like that.

          Could we be watching a drive-in double bill: “Revenge of the paleo-conservatives” and “Right for all the wrong reasons.”

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, Could I be excused for wondering if we would even have the knowledge of the governments actions had President Obama not been elected… How much of this case is a result of the American voters electing a man that the losing side did not approve of because of his race… The perfect example of tea party style politics is what we are witnessing… I guess this is a good time to recall the old saying “the end justifies the means”, or does it???

          • You may be on to something. Would the right wing be defending the 4th Amendment, if Romney had been elected?

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, Does it not concern all of us that the GOP/TP is extremely concerned with their rights under the 4th amendment, but not at all concerned with the minority members of our society that they think are not to be afforded the same rights under constitutional law as they receive… In response to your question about the prospect that if Romney had been elected, you must look back into the reign of emperor Bush and remember how many of our constitutional rights were trampled under their wealthy and powerful feet…

      • Malisha says:

        Skepticism is ALWAYS warranted.

        We need the “war against terrorism” to make us appreciate the “war against drugs” more.

  6. bettykath says:

    Finally!! This is great news. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging back toward the people.

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