Congratulations to Colin Black and his better half

Here’s Colin:

PS The Wedding was splendiferous In every way possible,

I was the late one though .
As my Better Half I s disabled…enabled realy….

We had the sevice In our home I was In the Bath still with Ten minutes till the Ceromany.?

I couldn’t believe it

Three weeks before the cermany they call you down to the Registars office to ask your liniage.

Your Fathers Name Mothers Maiden nAME Tere occupation show your pass port an Birth Cerificate.

Ditto my Better Half B T Y They charge you for that 35 pounds for me as I could attend there office 45 pounds for my Better Half as She coudnt an they had to attend at our home.

Turns out the reason they do this Is because they give you a pop quiz on all the same questions 5 minutes be fore the service .

So I was fashionably late but just as the sevice was due to commence I had entered down stairs I remembered something I forgetten vital?

An had to rush up stairs …Family Bible so about turned an flew up stairs again .

Onlt to return In seconds to the registars freaking out about me having a Bible an almost going to burn me at the stake telling me in no uncertain terms to get rid?

Besides that small hick up It was Brilliant will attempt to post some thing .

PPS Thanks for all the well wishes.

10 Responses to Congratulations to Colin Black and his better half

  1. lady2soothe says:

    Congratulations Colin and Better Half,

    True love is a sacred flame
    That burns eternally,
    And none can dim its special glow
    Or change its destiny.
    True love speaks in tender tones
    And hears with gentle ear,
    True love gives with open heart
    And true love conquers fear.
    True love makes no harsh demands,
    It neither rules nor binds,
    And true love holds with gentle hands
    The hearts that it entwines.
    (author unknown)

  2. colin black says:

    Thank you Fred and Crane and everyone .

    Toerag our Tabby an our Best Man performed his dutys .

    The Rings were around his neck on a collar that belonged to our beloved .

    Dog a Lakeland Terrier an it also had the nametags of all out past pets.

    As the rings were asked for I removed the collar an rings Toerag jumped up onto Gails bed an fell a sleep. As It was raining outside.

    He an the rain are not on good terms wich was lucky for us as he was present the entire wedding an reception. .

    I thought we would struggle to keep him indoors as he Is a big old barnyard sized Tabby whom loves out doors an his mates.

    But It pissed down cats an dogs like stair rods .Told you 13 was my lucky number an as I an me Better Half where married at Home the Weather was no concern to us..

    Also wasn’t a bother for our guests our house is tiny so space was premium there were two Registars to perform sevice one to talk an one to scribe .

    Me an the WIFE! made 4 Toerag 5 Photo Grapher 6.
    Plus 7 friends made 10 for sevice an two latecomers who one due to School could only attend reception an other due to work commitments ditto only made reception so all In I think 12 people In a space the Size of a walk In wardrobe you see In thease big ole posh pads an cribs in the homes of the rich.

    An It was fanfuckingtastic the bestday bar none off my life although I must admit my legs buckled when She pronounced us Man an Wife..

    Just realised???Both Registars wer Womwn as were all the guests???

    One late arrival was Mandys Daughter Ruby aN ONLY MALE WAS Richard.

    So at the actuall Wedding I was the only male In the room

    Only just dawned on me talk about being slow on the up take.

    Not to mention out numbered.

    Thanks again Fred an Crane for the thread me an Toerag Gail an moi thanx you for the Honour.

    P.S .
    Will attempt to post pics an maybe vt when I receive them from the photographer another femme?…

  3. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Wonderful news!

    Congratulations Colin and all good wishes for your happiness always!

  4. aussie says:

    Congratulations, Colin. I know you will continue to be very happy together.

  5. bettykath says:

    Best wishes, Colin and Better Half!

  6. Sophia33 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! I wish you a very happy life together!!!

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