Defense in Kelly Thomas case resorts to character assassination

Thursday, December 12, 2014

Good evening:

The prosecution rested its case yesterday in the Kelly Thomas case.

Defense resorts to character assassination.

Adolfo Flores of the Los Angeles Times reports,

Among the witnesses defense attorneys called to the stand Thursday were some of Thomas’ own relatives, including his grandfather, Walter Dieball, who testified that in 1995, his grandson hit him over the head with a fireplace poker while he was watching television.

“I heard the fireplace tools rattling and I looked around and he had the poker in his hand and he hit me with it,” Dieball said.

Ramos’ attorney, John Barnett, asked Dieball if the poker was heavy, tapping his podium twice with a fireplace poker.
Dieball said it was.

An image of the fireplace poker taken after Kelly Thomas struck Dieball was projected onto a screen. It was bent.

Dieball said Thomas hit him another time on the head when he was on his knees attempting to get up and another time on the back as he fled into a room.

He told prosecutors he went into the room because it had a lock, a phone to call 911 and a gun for protection. Dieball, who was pushed to the stand in a wheelchair, wore a yellow ribbon worn by supporters of Thomas.

The defense also called his mother to the stand. She testified that he attempted to choke her in December 2010. She also was wearing a pin exhibiting a photo of his face and a yellow ribbon.

They also called a man who testified that Kelly punched him on the chin when he told him to leave a party for being disruptive.

A woman, who worked at a produce stand in 2010, testified that Kelly Thomas threw rocks at her after she told him to leave the area and chased him away with pepper spray and a machete.

Whether these violent acts will influence the jury remains to be seen.

Regardless of what he did or threatened to do to someone else at some other time in the past, the simple fact remains that the video shows that the police beat an unarmed young man to death and never even attempted to handcuff him.

The trial will resume on Monday.


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3 Responses to Defense in Kelly Thomas case resorts to character assassination

  1. Malisha says:

    I see. “Prior bad acts” cannot be brought in about the defendant but they can be brought in about the victim? How’s that constitutional? So long as I can get enough negative testimony about a person can I kill him and use that for my defense? Oh, and also, we’re presuming these things actually happened although of course the accused (the decedent) is not there to have “notice and opportunity to respond.”

    Our country’s sense of fairness at law is degenerating so dangerously that not even Salem Witch trials suffer by comparison.

  2. dianetrotter says:

    Sounds like the same kind of reasoning to kill Trayvon Martin. Menace to society, worthless, taking up air space, etc. So….exterminate him.

  3. Never mind that the cops harrassed and killed Kelly. He didn’t deserve a death sentence no matter what he did in his past and the cops who killed him should take responsibility for what they did.

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