Rally to honor Kendrick Johnson on Wednesday

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good morning:

CBS News in Atlanta is reporting that members of Kendrick Johnson’s family are special guests of the Ebeneezer Baptist Church this morning.

The family, along with attorneys Benjamin Crump, Chevene B. King and Ebenezer Baptist Church senior pastor Dr. Raphael Warnock, are expected to address the media after services Sunday morning.

CBS Atlanta will provide video later Sunday.

A rally in Kendrick’s honor is scheduled for Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm at the Georgia Capitol building. The Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Joseph Lowery, Martin Luther King III and radio personality Rickey Smiley will be speaking at the rally.

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Fred and Rachel

17 Responses to Rally to honor Kendrick Johnson on Wednesday

  1. Drew says:

    Anything noteworthy occur w/r/t the Kendrick Johnson case?

  2. fauxmccoy says:

    hey folks — just wanted to check in, say hello and wish you all well through the holidays.

    i’m in a bit of a family emergency, my 76 year old mother took a bad fall on friday morning. without thinking too clearly, i forced my disabled body into carrying her to my truck (have learned the hard way to call 911 for these things). she was released that day, but has fractured ribs, pelvis and a head injury.

    i am currently playing nurse maid to one of the finest rehab nurses in this country. it’s an enormous amount of work while still attending to the needs of my own teens and my mother might possibly be the world’s worst patient.

    if you don’t hear from me, it is not a lack of care, only the prioritization of my cares.

    peace to all,

    • Lyn says:

      OMG, all the best for you and your mother. Hope you can find a second or two for us. It is a hard world out there. We have had 3 deaths of elderly parents in August, October and November. People are living their lives then one day, an event occurs that changes everything.

    • crazy1946 says:

      fauxmccoy, Take care of your mother and check in with us when ever you can, you will be missed… Take care of your self as well, you will be in our minds and our thoughts go out to you…

    • Thanks for checking in. Good luck to you and your mother.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you and your mom, Fauxie. I’m so sorry she had such severe injuries. : / Om mani padme hung hri.

  3. Endless Summer says:

    I hope that the rally will help open eyes and shine a brighter light on the circumstances of Kendrick’s death.

    Here is another new shooting death of Cameron Redus, a student at a private university, by a campus police officer. Redus was unarmed:



    Redus was shot in the parking lot of his apartment complex, not on campus. The officer attempted to pull him over for speeding. The officer claims the student resisted during an “altercation” so he emptied his gun into him. The officer has had 9 different law enforcement jobs in 8 years (no red flags there). Redus’ friends are completely bewildered by the shooting, as they all say he was a kind, gentle person who was never aggressive.

  4. crazy1946 says:

    We have got to keep the pressure on, or the corrupt legal system in Lowndes County will continue to ignore justice and protect those people who they feel are above the law… There are people in high political places that are up to their backsides in this cover up, and they are not exempt from the laws that apply to the rest of society… The truth will come out… They may have muddied the water of justice so badly that no one will ever be convicted for the murder of Kendrick, but they will still fall like a stack of domino’s and disgrace will come upon their names and their families future will be clouded with shame….

    • I am very interested to hear what Ben Crump has to say about the status of the re-investigation.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Professor, Off topic, did you get your bike running? I had asked in another post which Harley do you have, IE, a Sportster, FXD, FXST or? My FXST does not have the kick stand kill switch yours has. When you try to start it do the lights dim even just a little bit? Harley’s have always had a problem with the ground from the battery, but I know you checked the terminal and the frame ground point as well? It has been my experience that battery’s only last about a year and I have had the cheap ones not even make it a year… I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will now post you have it running and beat the new ice storm home….

        • Nope. It’s not a Harley and it’s not running. It’s a 2002 Honda Shadow 750. I lack knowledge and tools to fix it. Going to have to rely on shop to pickup and fix it.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, My bad, I thought you had said some time ago that you had a Harley… Guess I was hearing voices from the dark side again, right? I have a friend that has a 750 Shadow, and I’ll walk over there and look at his in a little while and see if I can see anything to suggest… Hate to see you have to give money to a wrecker and the shop as well.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, Ok, I went and looked at his bike (2006) his kickstand safety switch has three wires to it, a green/white, a yellow/black, and a solid green. His switch went out and he bypassed it by linking the green/white wire to the solid green wire. We did unhook them while I was there and with them unhooked the bike would not start… That might be where the problem is, especially since you said the bike quit running as soon as you lifted up on the kickstand going down the road… Hope that helps… Good luck, I hate to see you give your money to a shop and a wrecker…

          • Thanks. This situation is extremely frustrating. It’s my only means of transportation and I’ve had no luck getting it run. Plus, the roads are still icy with temperatures predicted to remain below freezing until the weekend.

  5. Lyn says:

    I love Ebenezer Baptist Church. Very soulful place.

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