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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Good afternoon:

A winter weather advisory has been issued for our area from midnight tonight to 5 pm tomorrow. Looks like another ice storm will hit us before yesterday’s ice storm melts away.

Crane and I are going to walk to the store to get some groceries. Along the way, I’m going to try some things to start the motorcycle. With the temperature in the low 20s, I don’t know if the road will be ice free. Even if I can get it to start, I’m not going to risk life and limb by driving it on an icy road.

Since we are going to be away for several hours, I’m going to open this new thread for comments.

Court was not in session yesterday in the Kelly Thomas case. The trial will resume Monday.

Here’s a link to an NBC report. I think Kelly’s dad, Ron Thomas, nailed the cops with this statement:

“In his statement Cicinelli says he had no other option but to beat Kelly ‘s face to hell. What about handcuffs? He never tried those,” Ron Thomas said.

The world lost a great leader and human being a few days ago. Nelson Mandela passed to the spirit world. He made the world a better place. By word and deed he showed us that a man of peace can triumph over racism and hate. Think of him when the going gets tough. Draw courage and inspiration from his indefatigable spirit. RIP Nelson Mandela. Peace and condolences to your family.

What’s on your mind today?


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Fred and Rachel

14 Responses to Open Thread

  1. breelee says:

    Another nice young man killed while trying to get home. Reading the comments, I get the feeling the shooter was another “my way or the highway” type. I’m trying not to pre-judge, but my heart is hurting over all these deaths that Didn’t have to happen. The deceased sounded like a wonderful young man. Question: do campus police have the right to chase someone home?

  2. Boyd says:

    what’s on my mind? Cryto-currency, BitCoin. The Hidden internet and the Tor Network. interesting reads on a snowy day.

    and I like that 3 Presidents are attending Mandela’s funeral, that’s a wonderful gesture.

  3. MDH says:

    IMO, the USA needs an American “Glasnost”. Complete collective ignorance of our history is a tool used to divide and conquer us.

  4. MDH says:

    The Reuther Brothers were communists during the 1930s.

    Early life[edit]

    Reuther was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on September 1, 1907, the son of a socialist brewery worker who had immigrated from Germany. Throughout his career he was close to his brothers and co-workers Victor Reuther and Roy Reuther. Reuther joined the Ford Motor Company in 1927 as an expert tool and die maker.[1] He was laid off in 1932 as the Great Depression worsened. His Ford employment record states that he quit voluntarily, but Reuther himself always maintained that he was fired for his increasingly visible socialist activities.[2] He and his brother Victor went to Europe and then worked 1933–35 in an auto plant (GAZ) at Gorky in the Soviet Union being built with the cooperation of Henry Ford. While a committed socialist, he never became a communist. At the end of the trip he wrote, “the atmosphere of freedom and security, shop meetings with their proletarian industrial democracy; all these things make an inspiring contrast to what we know as Ford wage slaves in Detroit. What we have experienced here has reeducated us along new and more practical lines.”[3] Reuther returned to the United States where he found employment at General Motors and became an active member of the United Automobile Workers (UAW).

    Reuther was a Socialist Party member. He may have paid dues to the Communist Party for some months in 1935–36, and he has been accused of attending a Communist Party planning meeting as late as February 1939.[4] Reuther cooperated with the Communists in the later 1930s—this was the period of the Popular Front, and they agreed with him on internal issues of the UAW, but his associations were with anti-Stalinist socialists.[5]

    Reuther remained active in the Socialist Party and in 1937 failed in his attempt to be elected to the Detroit Common Council. However, impressed by the efforts by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to tackle inequality, he eventually joined the Democratic Party.

    Later on, Walter Reuther became a strong supporter of MLK.

    Calling a person a communists is a key propaganda trick used by the right wing. The idea is the logic that all communists are the same and, as such, anything they advocate will lead to a Stalinist regime. The trick works well in a USA where any objective education about all forms of communism is strictly verboten.

    If anybody on the right wing uses that with me, I just ask them to name one advance in human or worker rights that was not first advocated by a communist party.

    The USA, IMO, has a childish fixation on seeing things as 100% good vs. 100% evil rather than the shades of grey that is reality. I think it is a result of Cold War propaganda wherein all thing communist must be seen as evil and all things capitalist must be seen as good.

    One of the men who survived the Doolittle Raid has a picture of himself posing with his savior. The savior being Mao Se Tung.

    Ho Chi Minh fought against the brutal Japanese occupation of Viet Nam.

    Or I could post Karl Marx’s letter to Lincoln commending the emancipation of slaves.

    World history is complex.

    [Fixed it for you — Fred]

  5. Lest we forget, the teachings of Jesus are consistent with communism and socialism, but not capitalism.

  6. Dave says:

    Nelson Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party and served on its Central Committee.

  7. dianetrotter says:

    Many racists call Mandela and MLK Communists. Why?

    • crazy1946 says:

      dianetrotter, Good morning, hope you are staying warm and dry… I might suggest the reason for labeling Mandela and Mr. King, as communists if two fold, the first being that in the small minds of racists that equality for all people is Communistic, and the second reason is that using the “N” word would expose them as the racist that they are, so they hide behind the word Communist… Case in point, Romney passed a health care law in Mass. while he was their governor and he was/is praised by the right wing as a hero for doing so, then along comes President Obama and he passes a similar health care law and suddenly he is a “Communist” who takes from the rich and gives to the poor… No double standard there, now is there….

  8. Two sides to a story says:

    As with the Fulton-Martin family, the Thomases are gracious and dignified and make more sense than the defense obfuscations.
    LIke the Fogen, Ciccinelli and Ramos trashed Kelly because they wanted to. And now they trash him a second time to try to save their sorry hides.

    Sending energy visualization for a vroom-vroom cycle!

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