Kendrick Johnson and the importance of collecting and preserving evidence

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good afternoon:

The disagreements about the videotape evidence in the Kendrick Johnson case demonstrate the importance of establishing and following procedures regarding the acquisition and preservation of evidence by law enforcement personnel.

Acquisition of Evidence

Evidence can consist of real (land) and personal (things) property. Personal property includes statements, documents and photographs as well as audio and video recordings and the hard drives of computers and cell phones.

Personal property can be acquired from a person, business or organization by abandonment, consent, plain view seizure, Terry patdown, plain feel seizure, search incident to arrest, search authorized by warrant, inventory search, subpoena duces tecum.

Abandoned property is free for the taking. Anyone can seize it without the former owner’s permission.

Property may be seized from a person, business or organization by obtaining consent freely and voluntarily given by the person or authorized representative of a business or organization.

Police may seize any property they immediately recognize as evidence of a crime without consent or a search warrant, if it is in plain view and they have a right to be where they are doing what they are doing.

Pursuant to Terry v. Ohio, police may stop and temporarily detain a person whom they reasonably suspect has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime in order to identify the person and briefly investigate the suspicion. To protect themselves, they may also pat down the suspect’s outer clothing and seize anything that feels like a weapon or controlled substance.

Police may arrest and search a person, if they have probable cause to believe that he or she has committed a felony. This is a search incident to arrest.

Upon a showing of probable cause to believe that certain property such as a vehicle, airplane, boat, residence or business, contains evidence of a particular crime, police may obtain a search warrant from a neutral and detached magistrate or judge authorizing them to search the property and seize that evidence. The Affidavit for Search Warrant in Philip Chism’s case, which was unsealed yesterday after a grand jury indicted him, is an example of an application for a search warrant and it reveals some, but probably not all, of the information obtained by police at that point in the investigation. Affidavits for search warrants are excellent sources for discovery material and, with the exception of a client’s statements, they are the only discovery a criminal-defense lawyer gets before trial in a federal case.

A search-warrant return is an itemized list of all of the property seized during the search authorized by a search warrant. Such a search is called executing the search warrant.

Inventory searches are routine searches of property seized by police, such as a vehicle or a wallet or purse, to itemize the contents. These types of searches occasionally result in a discovery of incriminating evidence. They do not require probable cause, so long as the police lawfully acquired the property being searched and inventoried.

A subpoena duces tecum is a subpoena (i.e., order to appear and testify at a hearing or deposition) to bring specified documents or property to the hearing or deposition.

Preservation of Evidence

With the exception of wet clothing or other wet evidence, every item seized must be maintained in the condition it was in when seized. Wet items must be dried to prevent contamination and possible destruction by fungus or bacteria. Each item must be separately packaged in sealed plastic or paper bags. Clothing and bedding should always be stored in sealed paper bags. Controlled substances must be described, weighed and packaged in sealed plastic bags. All evidence seized must be assigned a number, inventoried and stored in a secure area within the police department that is conducting the investigation.

Each evidence unit must maintain a log or record listing from whom and when evidence was received or to whom it was released and for what purpose.

Chain of Custody

Every item of evidence has a history beginning with who, when and where they seized it, who packaged it, who delivered it to the evidence unit and who logged and stored it away. Every time that item was examined, who examined it and for what reason must be documented in the log. If sent out for analysis and returned, the net weight of the item after testing must equal the difference between its original weight minus the weight of the amount removed for testing.

The chain of custody is the documentation of every human contact with a particular item in evidence. Police are required to document every contact so that defendants, lawyers, judges and juries can know that a particular item in evidence is in the same condition that it was when seized with any differences documented and explained.

A material break in the chain of custody should result in the exclusion of that item of evidence at trial.

The videotapes in KJ’s case

At this point, substantial questions exist regarding the videotapes, including whether they are complete and/or have been subjected to tampering.

I am especially troubled by the remarkable “coincidence” that the only camera focused on the area where the mats are stored and Kendrick’s body was found recorded an out-of-focus or blurry video.

Coupled with other evidence we have reviewed and the failure of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s deputies to immediately seize and preserve all of the videotape evidence, I believe I have a legitimate concern that evidence of a murder may have been destroyed or subjected to tampering in order to protect the person or persons responsible for KJ’s death.


Something is rotten in Denmark and the FBI has a duty to KJ’s family, we the people and to itself (since two sons of a special agent are potential suspects) to figure it out.

147 Responses to Kendrick Johnson and the importance of collecting and preserving evidence

  1. tf0620 says:

    the guy they were talking about deleting his facebook accounts name is Bruce Brown, the people closes to KJ call him out by name.

  2. tf0620 says:

    here it is, her name is Kelsey Stone

    • tf0620 says:

      if you go down you can find what all she says , Im wondering if the kid in the red shirts name is Wade he replies as well to the video

  3. tf0620 says:

    the kid in the red shirt in the latest video outside the gym’s last name is Stone, his sister is on Youtube defending him

  4. tf0620 says:

    everyone keeps asking about this weight lifting class, well I heard
    the weight lifting class is in the gym straight to the right

  5. Young white male says:

    Also, the gfs mother aka the teacher has some very voyeuristic if not creepy pictures of her daughter and her bf, brian, like close ups of HIS booty! Mother, daughter, football hunk love triangle? Probably not but it would be awsome.

  6. Young white male says:

    Also, multiple posts on being sued for talking about this and mentioning names of minors but I am pretty sure this is on the police for not scrubbing the last name on page 51. We gave every right to investigate and the fact that all their information is voluntarily made public by themselves should leave all responsibility on them. Any law professionals out there? I think the public officials in Valdosta are causing people to be quiet through fear.

  7. Young white male says:

    Drew, I thought today at how to go about contacting anonymous, I hope all goes well. I don’t have twitter but they should check out the topix forums for Valdosta GA, Leigh touchton the former white NAACP leaders is on there arguing with people but her nor anyone else deny being racist when accused. Most of it is the last few pages.

  8. tf0620 says:

    well that might be where the rumor has come from that the CVC is a gang then..

  9. Drew says:

    Another scummy racist friend of the brothers has tweeted “go to hell” in response to Al Sharpton appearing at KJ rallies.

  10. Drew says:

    The older brother’s twitter is blank from January 10 through January 24. Pretty odd!

    Could mean nothing. But… pretty odd!

  11. tf0620 says:

    and this
    all them ppl on lhs staff liers they kept yelling they dont know who got killed yet. like how dont you know??

  12. tf0620 says:

    I also discovered this the about the day KJ died, one student and Im not playing their names on here said this
    Lowndes High don’t care about shit. Cause they was still gone have that damn assembly until all them parents came! Smh. They DGAF about shit

  13. Drew says:

    There’s a twitter archive at that may or may not contain deleted tweets.

    I couldn’t find anything particularly incriminating so far.

    But that guy I posted above seems really suspicious (and racist!).

  14. Young white male says:

    I’m glad the police department forgot to scrub their last names allowing amateur internet sleuths like us to figure this out. I bet the suspects are actively following these threads pooping their pants. Someone’s gonna talk eventually.

  15. Young white male says:

    The mother tweets the definition of the word rumor either on the day of or day after the death, or should I say murder.

  16. tf0620 says:

    ok I found this and its on one of the CVC twitter pages, my question is who is Bruce and his girl and why did they delete their facebook pages on the 11th of Jan

    (Bruce deleted his Facebook cause he ain’t wanna leave any evidence)

    So that f**k niqqah an his bitch both deleted they facebook accounts.!

    • Drew says:

      I saw something weird about a guy (last name?) Bruce, too; can’t remember what it was, can’t find it now. I’ll try to find it again soon.

      • tf0620 says:

        they didn’t give a last name, but its about someone named Bruce and his Girl Friend, and there must have been something damaging on his facebook page for him to delete it, I still looking for more info on that

        • Drew says:

          Oh, what I mean was I thought Bruce was his last name.

          Here’s a weird post from a girlfriend of one of their racist friends (possibly an ex-gf of BB, as well):

          “Who are you to take someone’s life.”

          Date is January 11.

          • tf0620 says:

            I dont know I just know they were talking about someone named Bruce, and he deleted his facebook page

  17. Drew says:

    Here’s a tweet from one of the potential accomplices. He’s into GZ.

  18. tf0620 says:

    and Bell was dating this girl at the time of the murder, and the mother has nothing to say at all the day of and after KJ was killed

  19. tf0620 says:

    the only people talking about KJ death are his friends, on that day and after that day..

  20. Young white male says:

    This is insane, check out the gap in time in the girlfriends page around the date of the death. Plus Brian retweets something along the lines of “flirt with my girl and ull get killed”

  21. Young white male says:

    Anyone notice Brian Bells girlfriends mom is a teacher at the school, also according to the police report any administrator computer at the school can access security camera footage. Also, check out this from another forum on topix…

    Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#14401 hr ago

    Brian bells girlfriends mother is a teacher at the school. U people keep saying he was in another class but he got caught lieing to the cops twice before his daddy got him a lawyer. He said he didn’t know or have any classes with kendrick, then they found out about the fight, then even ough he said he didn’t have any classes with him he tweeted he was looking at Kendrick’s empty chair in class. This was a cover up in the school, not the police, my opinion losers. Ur all going to jail.

  22. Drew says:

    Maybe finding someone with a motive / connection to KJ is no good.

    It could have been an isolated incident by some totally inconspicuous student / staff member that has been overlooked.

    I dunno. The whole thing is too upsetting and I’m going crazy thinking about it.

    • Drew says:

      Something that doesn’t sit right with me, and I can’t really pinpoint what it implies, is that there’s no gossip or rumors coming out of the school. I work with high school kids and I find it really striking that nothing has leaked out. Like I said, I’m not saying I’ve changed my mind and think this was an innocent accident; I really just don’t know what to think any more especially with not much new information being released in the last few weeks.

      • tf0620 says:

        well I have done some more research tonight, and Ill do more this weekend, tho Im puzzled about a few things, first off could this town be split in half, with one thing in common ( Football) all of KJ friends pretty much play sports just about, and the CVC players stick together, now Brian might be on their lists but unless they are talking team stuff they don’t seem to talk, yet not a few days go by that the CVC are not tweeting about KJ, and the night they showed his body on CNN was the worst, they were upset and hurt and tweeting back and forth like crazy, they might not know who did it but they know he was murdered, there is just no way around it, one guy even tweeted CNN that night and said that the school the day he died acted like it was a normal school day,

      • tf0620 says:

        Drew I discovered those close to KJ were talking on twitter and they tried to delete some of the comments but failed to understand they would show up on others timelines because they added them to the conversation, the name they keep talking about is Bruce Brown,

    • crazy1946 says:

      Drew, Any possibility that the Bell bros. are Trojan horses provided to throw people off the trail of the real killer? I thought about that, but I don’t think these fools are that smart. They thought that all they had to do is declare it an accident and it would go away like it has done before in the deep south… Remember a black person is not a real person to these people, and who would have ever thought that people would demand to know the truth for once…

      • Nayalex says:

        Hi! I’ve been reading up on this case all day long and found this thread to be the most interesting. I’m not usually one to read so far into these stories but for some reason I feel compelled to educate myself on what I believe to be, this young mans murder. Does anyone have any new theories?

  23. Lynn says:


    • crazy1946 says:


      “I do believe her kids are Tory and Mary Alex Carter. Pics on her facebook match. shows them. He has a twitter and she has a facebook. Nothing interesting. I don’t believe they are in any way involved. Call it a hunch but I think they are sheltered kids.”

      Thank you for finding the names, I thought that the freshman football player named Tory was probably Amy Carters son, but could not find the name of her daughter..

      I think you are right, they are/were probably sheltered kids. My hunch however is that Mary Alex Carter is quite possibly the girl that is involved in this mess… if you look at the power structure in the area (Valdosta) and Amy Carter’s position at the school, along with the ages of the kids, who else has the ability to command this type of cover up in this murder? Maybe I’m totally wrong, but am I? Look at this whole cover up real close, can you name one other person with enough power in the community, school, and state to pull it off? Sheriff Prine would not take the chance of losing his elected position for any of his staff, nor any little peon in the community or even a low level FBI officer, it would have to be some one with a lot of political pull to force him to take the risk he has taken, can you see anyone else in the picture that would fit?

  24. Drew says:

    The older kid hasn’t updated in four weeks, which is extremely rare for him.

    The younger in four days (one of his longest stretches, too).

    I think they’re getting scared.

    Article yesterday in Valdosta times parroted the investigation’s claims that the two had alibis for the day in question.

    • crazy1946 says:


      “Article yesterday in Valdosta times parroted the investigation’s claims that the two had alibis for the day in question.”

      Isn’t it strange that they have an alibi, but we don’t really know the time of death? I’m going to go out on a limb and make a guess about something, I think Kendrick was murdered after the game the night of his disappearance. I’m basing that on the officer that arrived on the scene first saying his arm was “slightly” stiff. Rigor mortis per my research (depending on the temp) has fully set in after approx. 12 hours.. I may be wrong, and it will not be the first time… There are a few other questions that are bothering me, the investigators checked the rest rooms across the hall from the gym, that is where they found the bloody tissue in the girls room, but there is no mention of them checking the locker rooms, this was a gym correct, it had to have locker rooms, yet they did not check them for evidence, but instead checked rest rooms across the hall??? Does that make sense? Also some one had mentioned the use of weight equipment to cause the injury that Kendrick had on his neck, both of the Bell boys were weight lifters, along with being wrestlers… actually didn’t one of them claim to have been in the weight room at the time the body was found? More later….

      • Drew says:

        Well the lack of clarity w/r/t rigor mortis and time of death seems to be a purposeful thing. As we saw with Trayvon, the more botched the evidence collection is, the more hazy the case is.

        Yea I think the kid being a wrestler and able to bench 300 lbs is significant. Doesn’t prove anything obviously, but clearly he had access to and knowledge of the gym, and is able to lift large items.

      • If he wasn’t dead and rolled up in the mat, where was he between 1:30 pm when he entered the gym and the end of the festivities sometime after 8 or 9 pm?

        The cameras didn’t spot him.

        The timing doesn’t work.

        According to Wiki,

        RM typically sets in 3-4 hours after death and reaches maximum extent after 12 hours and gradually lessens until finally gone after 24 hours.

        Source: Saladin, K.S. 2010. Anatomy & Physiology: 6th edition. McGraw-Hill.

        • Drew says:

          While I do not support this theory in any way, the conventional wisdom is that he fell in at 1:30, it happened quickly and silently, and no one could hear him because he was either unconscious already or just too deep in the mat for sound to project, and no one could see him because he was in the mat.

          That is the explanation that gullible people and right-wingers give.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, This is a continuation of the last post, did not want to fill the page…

            We have no way of knowing that the video provided is not corrupted or altered. I did a little test earlier using my video camera. I set it on a tripod and turned it on record for 10 minutes. I recorded the traffic on the road in front of my place. I then put this on a DVD and put it in my combo DVD TV to play it. Just so you will know, it did show the time the video was taken on the data files along with the lens setting etc. I then waited until after lunch (about 1 hr. and 45 min. approx.) and set my camera (still on the tripod) in front of the screen at about 6 ft. to get almost the entire screen but not the edges, and proceeded to record what I had done earlier. I then checked the data files and guess what, I had a new time and date… If I can do this here, then I have no doubt they could have done something similar…. Will post more later about what I think “might” have happened and when it took place..

        • crazy1946 says:

          Professor, Read the info I have copied and then check the link, and you will see that the time that you got from Wiki might not be accurate. I had checked several sites about this prior to making that statement and none of them give the short time that they do..

          “Rigor mortis is the reason why the word “stiff” is a slang term for a dead body. Two or three hours after a person or animal dies, the muscles start to stiffen. This phenomenon progresses in a downward, head-to-toe direction. In 12 to 18 hours the body is, as the saying goes, stiff as a board. At this stage, you can move the joints only by force, breaking them in the process.

          It takes about two days for rigor mortis to fade, and once it does, decay sets in. If the body isn’t embalmed or cooled to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3.3 degrees Celsius) or below, it will quickly decompose.”

          In addition I had checked the weather for the two days in question and the temp was pretty warm for Jan, into the 70’s during the day. One more thing that has been mentioned is the internal temp of the body and the body muscle mass along with exercise immediately prior to death will all affect the onset of RM. I’ll mention exercise again, only because if there was a struggle of the magnitude to cause the death of Kendrick he would have gone into RM almost immediately unless he was caught off guard and killed almost instantly, which is quite likely with the injury he sustained… We have had two conflicting statements in the narrative provided by the SO, one from the officer who first checked Kendrick, the second from the paramedic who later checked him, the officer indicated RM had just begun, the Paramedic said it had already set in. Which one was correct?


          • wiki links to a medical text.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, Whoops, the posts are out of order…
            I knew Wiki links to a medical text. I have 17 different sites that all link to various medical texts in various ways. I just used one to illustrate in language that would not put the other readers of this blog to sleep.. Face it, most medical texts and law books are not the easiest books to get people to read data from… So I tried to use a source that while it did use medical books for reference, used language that most people can relate to…
            I’ve gone thru the information that the SO has provided and quite frankly, it contains so many questionable statements that even I can find, it will be shocking if Mr. Moore claims to find no evidence of murder…

            Do you suppose the reason that the SO waited so long before releasing Kendrick’s body to the Paramedics is to allow the internal temp to drop enough that time of death would be virtually impossible to determine? They held his body a lot longer than necessary for some as yet to be discovered reason…

            Before I close this post, I need to explain why the lack of RM per the first officer on the scene is of such importance to me. RM per every thing I have read starts at the top and works down..

          • Lynn says:

            Doesn’t RM go from top (face, neck, arms, trunk) down (legs)? Then after a certain timeframe (8-12hrs) the RM leaves in the same order (top to bottom)?
            Could they want us to think his arms and fingers were stiff because it was just “setting up” when it was actually completed?
            If his fingers were stiff with the headphones intertwined and the arms stiff, them timing would be not much more than 12 hrs or the RM would be leaving the top half.
            If he fell in by accident shortly after 1:09pm on the 10th then almost 24 hrs had passed and he would not be stiff in his upper half. Seems more like the time around or after the ballgame makes more sense.
            Hide body in cover of darkness. Perhaps unknown male left a way to get back in that night. What time was the mystery figure caught on the gym camera? He probably thought the cameras wouldn’t activate in a lights off gym, until he walked into a lighted area and tripped the camera briefly. They also mentioned a cafeteria window was open during their search of the premises the next day.
            I had read rumors of him being lured into the gym by a girl the night of the game. Could go like this…Girl lures him in, starts making out with him to distract, KJ kicks of shoes while making out on mats, group of guys come in and beat him to death, roll up mat.
            His mom did say she thought he was staying for the game and is usually home by 11pm.

            Something else strange to me…where are all of the social media posts about the game that night? Who won? Did anyone have school spirit? These kids tweet every hour of the day and night. Where are the normal expects tweets about how cool the game was and what everyone was doing after the game?

            Back to the RM topic.
            They moved him to a body cooler that is suppose to be between 36-39 degrees as to slow decomposition. The father says he noticed no coolness like you would expect when they gave him the viewing of KJ. Were they hoping for more decomposition?

            The ME states in his autopsy that RM was absent. The autopsy was done on 1/14/13. Of course RM is absent after 3 days. The Ga. Death Investigation Act says they accept requests 24/7 and it is requested by the county coroner.

            Delaying the coroner and waiting 3 days seems a lot like dragging your heels, not 24/7.

            Must stop. We already are called conspiracy theorists. Sorry, I am just nosey.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Lynn, Like you, I am doubting the time of death… The scenario you came up with seems to have some merit, actually it makes more sense than what the SO has said… As far as being called a conspiracy theorist I have been called much worse than that… Did you find out if Tory Carter is the son of Amy Carter? I had a link to one of her old campaign commercials and it’s gone much like many others are…

          • Asking relevant questions is called investigation. It’s what rational people do when they are attempting to figure something out.

            Conspiracy theorists are peculiar and irrational humanoids who make stuff up and proclaim that it’s true.

            You are engaged in the former, not the latter.

            Do not permit the right wing hate and noise machine to affect your thinking. Their opinions have no basis in reality and are unworthy of consideration, much less discussion.

            Never forget that noise is just noise.

          • Lynn says:

            I do believe her kids are Tory and Mary Alex Carter. Pics on her facebook match. shows them. He has a twitter and she has a facebook. Nothing interesting. I don’t believe they are in any way involved. Call it a hunch but I think they are sheltered kids.

  25. crazy1946 says:

    I’m in the process of going back thru the narrative from the SO in this case and there seems to be a bit of contradictory information in it. Let’s look at the chain of events involving the video first. On the day that the body was discovered, Jan 11, Det Priddy allegedly spent several hours finding the data, then viewed the portion he decided was relevant, but for some reason was unable to make a copy (but he tried?). Please note he was given access to system by the School Administrator named Bruce Crook. he then, possibly after he was unsuccessful in copying the data contacted, Scott Forthe (IT dept?) and was told it would take a while because there were so many camera’s involved. Then on the 14th Det. Priddy goes to Sgt Mike Adams and receives a CD of the time in question. My question now is who made this CD and how did Mike Adams come into possession of it? Then we go to the 16th where Scott Forthe provides the SO with a removable hard drive allegedly containing the requested data. This is a problem as well, this hard drive does not contain the original data, it again is a copy. Why was not the hard drive containing the original data furnished? You might also note that first we had a CD furnished that was supposedly containing all the data from the camera’s, which quite frankly would have not been physically possible to hold all the data from 40 camera’s for a span of 48 hours, and then we were give not an original hard drive but an alleged copy of that hard drive, edited to contain the requested time frame…. Does anyone else see the problem with this? Unless the original hard drive was removed and secured to prevent over writing the original data is lost…

    In going back over the narrative as provided so far there are quite a few problem that even I can spot, so a trained professional should be able to discover much more than I have….. Wonder why it has not happened?

    I’ve found a lot more to question and as time allows will attempt to post information about what I have found, if anyone is interested? If there is no interest then I will not go any farther….

    • crazy1946 says:

      Sorry, in my haste to get done with this part of my discovery, I failed to post a link to the source. Another case of fingers getting ahead of brain, hmmm more eye, brain, finger coordination problems…. Hmmm, I wonder if it is a terminal condition? Ok, here is the link…

      Click to access 131030051629_Jan%20’13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf

      • Not to worry. Life is a terminal condition.


        • crazy1946 says:

          Professor, It would sure be nice if we had feet on the ground in the Valdosta area… As I go thru the limited data we are allowed access to, the more things point to a cover up… I’m sorry but I don’t have the faith in Mr. Moore that you do! I don’t think, we will see anyone actually charged in this case, if for no other reason the evidence has been so corrupted and so much was never collected, that proving (short of a confession) the case would be all but impossible. How ever we need to continue looking and searching so we can expose the prejudice that is present in the Lowndes County (and Georgia) law enforcement community…

          • I don’t believe I ever said that I have faith in Mr. Moore. I know nothing about him.

            Even if we can’t solve the case, we may be able to embarrass the sheriff’s department into upgrading their investigatory procedures to the 21st century.

          • crazy1946 says:

            “Even if we can’t solve the case, we may be able to embarrass the sheriff’s department into upgrading their investigatory procedures to the 21st century.”

            I don’t seriously think that I could possibly solve this case by myself. I simply lack the physical and mental resources to accomplish that mission. I would be very satisfied to see many of the excellent minds that came together on this blog to work on the Trayvon Martin case, come here an devote some of their excellent brain power to resolve some of the issues in this case. As far as the Sheriff Dept. in Lowndes County, is concerned, I don’t think with their prior history it would be possible to “embarrass” them, but perhaps I judge them too harshly, time will tell on that part. I will continue to plod away, and dig, and read and search for answers in this case, with or with out help, only because I think “we” as a group can make a difference.. Equality in the Justice System will only come about when We force it to happen…

          • Pshaw!

            The most important discoveries in science resulted from asking a simple question: Why?

            When the answer leads to another why, you just keep going until you get the answer.

    • 2dogsonly says:

      I think there will be a lot of interest in this crazy 1946. Georgia doesn’t have sunshine law as Florida does so finding info won’t be as easy. But this case is, IMHO, a lot more murky than the Michael Dunn. That guy will probably plead out as he has no defense.

      Thank you for this.

      • Don’t expect Dunn to plead guilty. He only needs one racist stealth juror like B37 to hang the jury.

        • 2dogsonly says:

          There’s too much evidence in Dunn. Gate station had cameras, eye witnesses unrelated to either one, police instantly on scene, him leaving scene, bullets in car where kids were backing up in terror, returned to his hotel, ordered pizza went home. Swat surrounded his home.

          His lawyer has so little to work with he actually said: well, he reupholstered his gun as any responsible gun owner would”
          The response was wait what??

          The state only authorized 6500.00 for experts. I honestly don’t know why this case is getting any attention. It’s as open and shut as a case could ever be.

          I live in jax. And even the news almost immediately after saying he was in fear, retracted as soon as evidence came in. Like 11pm news, fear. Then
          Next morning, update just another hothead crazy person.

      • crazy1946 says:

        2dogsonly, Thank you for your response. Like you, I feel that Dunn will plead to a reduced charge, but in that case the evidence was collected correctly and a conviction will be difficult to not be had, but remember, it took place in Florida so anything can happen…
        In Kendrick’s case the evidence was so poorly handled and the paper work was so poorly done, that we really don’t know what happen when or how… but I think they have told us more than they realize, based on what I am digging out of their own words and reports. I may be crazy, but I’m good at it… One major hindrance that forces me to take so long is my home brew, combination satellite, DSL and wireless connection to the Internet! If I had a lot faster connection, it would help.

        • tf0620 says:

          keep working on this, Ive begun following your guys work and looking into this on my own, I did this as well with the Travyon case. tho I have a question why would Fred Rosen change the boys names to Chris and Clark Martin in his reports for a Magazine, to the point where the local police department now have come out saying those names were never at that school.

          • crazy1946 says:

            tf0620, If you have been following this case and my posts then you will realize that I found the names in the SO own narrative, where they failed to scrub the last name… I can only guess as to why Mr. Rosen did not use the actual names, and my guess is to prevent a law suit… If you have any information to add, feel free to throw it out and let us see what you have.. I have some pretty strong (yet un proved) ideas as to why this whole case was thrown under the bus and not investigated properly and the fact of who the parents of the boys involved were is only a small part of the picture… I don’t think for a moment that this elected sheriff would be willing to throw his elected position of power away for a small fish like one of his officers or even a slightly larger fish like a low level FBI agent… no it will have to be someone in a much higher position in the realm of political influence in the area than that… Some one from a family who commands respect and has established power within the community and the state. Look at the leaders in the community, state, and school and see who you think should be looked at with an open mind… Keep in mind this person needs to have a child or grand child in the school and their involvement in this case would have to be important enough to stop an investigation at the very beginning…

          • tf0620 says:

            Crazy coming here is how I figured out the boys real names, and I agree about the law suit as well, from there I went to twitter and facebook and looked these two boys up. I also looked at the pdf reports and went back and looked up the football teams players rosters, Kendrick name isn’t on there anywhere, its like they removed him from all the records, I also discovered that Branden Bell was listed twice on the 2011 team as a freshmen and a Jr with two different numbers, now its possible it could be another Branden Bell, but I hardly think so,.

          • crazy1946 says:

            tf0620, The reason Kendrick is not listed on the rooster is because he was not on the varsity team, but on the junior varsity instead. If you remember, it was Brian that was in the fight with Kendrick and it was on the school bus on the way home from a game. Brandon, being a varsity player was not on that bus. I will leave it to you guys to do the checking on Facebook and other social site’s, I shy away from them because so much of what you find on there is subject to being impossible to verify that IMO they are not good sources for facts, however I will accept that perhaps they might give a tip about something one might overlook otherwise..
            I will try to look at the 2011 rooster later (if time allows) and see if there is something that has been overlooked.

          • crazy1946 says:

            tf0620, I just looked at the team rooster, and while the Brandon Bell name appears twice, if you will look at the description you will realize it is the same person and for some unknown reason they listed him twice..
            However I did discover something else while there, it looks like the 2010/11 school year was the first year that the Bell bros. were in that school. That is quite possible due to the employment of the father.. While that is not earth shaking news, it does indicate that the feud between the boys was not a long term item… Again not something that changes much, more of a trivia item than anything else.. Thanks for pointing out what you had seen.. You never know how many worms the can holds until you remove the lid….

          • tf0620 says:

            Crazy, I have discovered that someone on twitter Ill look into this person tomorrow…. did say in their comment how many laws were broken and give the date of the night KJ went missing

          • Kutie says:

            Yes please let me know the person I would love to look at there twitter also. Also what it Brian and Brandon twitter? I can’t find them

          • tf0620 says:

            and I believe he was a close friend with KJ, because he also talks about the CVC becoming closer after his death how much he misses him and he wished they would have all been closer before his death

          • Your comment was diverted by word press software into moderation because it had more than one link. To avoid this problem in the future, use one link or two messages with one link each.


          • Xena says:

            Word Press is making “improvements” and some comments with only one link to my blog are going into moderation. I’m thinking that their program is also blocking links of a certain length. Hope that gets fixed.

          • Hope so too.

            BTW, your article on hate crimes was excellent.

            Well done.

          • Xena says:

            @Professor. I think that Word Press started this past weekend making improvements and changes. Have you checked out “Appearance” and “widgets” on the admin side? It’s an entirely different layout now.

            BTW, your article on hate crimes was excellent.

            That means so much to me for you to say that. Thank you. Those who commented were really constructive.

            Did you know that the cop convicted of manslaughter for killing Oscar Grant is still under investigation by the feds for violating Grant’s civil rights?

          • tf0620 says:

            ok.. sorry about that …

    • I know I’m interested and I believe others are as well.

      You are asking good questions, so I think you should carry on.

  26. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Good work, crazy1946 and Lynn!

  27. Lynn says:

    Disclaimer…Foul language…Fair warning…Etc

    These are tweets from 9 different people (that appear to be students) just hours after KJ was found in the gym.

    It seemed they had announced the cameras were not working very early on. As early as 2 1/2 hours after 911 call went to police they were peddling the broken camera story. Students mention lots of times the cameras were working. No Foul Play was declared by that evening but the students there knew it was murder.

    No respect for this fucking lhs staff them fucking cameras work people get some shit stole in the gym the camera work my lil brah get killed And now they dont?? Get the fuck out of here 1:09pm

    LOWNDES AIN’T SHIT !! How can you let something like this happen ? 1:19pm

    So the cameras work when a nigga skipping or vandalizing but somebody get killed and they know nothing?? Come on dude. 1:26

    Nah brah they found lil brah rolled up in a mat brah and they.talking bout the cameras dont work smh this world we live in ridiculous 2:03pm

    Yall fuck niggas swear yall got me on camera for starting a food fight, but where the camera at to show the fuck nigga that killed kendrick? 2:08pm

    They won’t show the cameras , LHS ain’t shit ! 2:32pm

    The cameras can catch people skipping, fucking, fighting and everything else, but they can’t see who killed somebody’s child? Oh okay. 2:48pm

    How the fuck they ain’t got the shit on camera!!! They can catch a nigga skippin class , but can’t catch a fuckin’ murder?!!!?! 2:54pm

    Its sad enough my lil brah died but it feels worst when you know his life was taken man 3:22pm

    LHS Always Claiming To Be The Best School, But Today Brought Out How They Really Are .. 6:23pm

    Boy im starting to think lowndes school system is hiding sum! 6:29pm

    IDGAF what they say! Foul play WAS involved! Nobody can do that to there self !!! #ReallyLowndes ? 9:28pm

    How we suppose to go to school, n the killer could be walking next to me or shaking my hand !!!! 12:43am

    IK u probably thinking idk what im talking bout but I know the school is up to something and yal aint gotta believe me but just watch & see 12:57pm

    • Drew says:

      I believe the camera not working story but I also believe it was intentionally broken, obscured, or taken out of focus.

      • Extremely important to determine why that video camera was out of focus and for how long.

        One need only wet their finger with saliva and smear it on the lens to put it out of focus.

        To discover whether that was done, one need only swab the surface of the lens and submit the swab for DNA testing.

        Unfortunately, the probability of obtaining a DNA profile after this much time has passed is very low.

        Also, I imagine someone probably cleaned the lens to refocus the camera a long time ago illustrating again the importance of preserving a crime or potential crime scene until you are certain that all of the evidence has been collected. As soon as they realized that the critically important camera was out of focus, they should have seized it and sent it to the crime lab to determine why it was out of focus, including examining it for fingerprints and bodily fluids like saliva for DNA testing.

        Of course, if you have decided that KJ’s death was an accident before you have processed the potential crime scene . . .

    • crazy1946 says:

      Lynn, Have you seen a copy of the paramedics that responded to the school report? I am interested in the alleged comment that one of them is supposed to have said in regards to rigor mortis having set in. That seems to contradict what the first officers on the scene said when they reported that the arm was (only) moderately stiff. per my research the temp in the Valdosta area was about 70 deg. which would lead to rigor mortis setting in approx. 12 hours after death… Could this be why they did not call the medical examiner?

  28. crazy1946 says:

    I have been going back and reading all the articles in various media reports that I can today, have found a few thing that are interesting and some of them actually answer a few questions and a few raise more questions…

    ” As for the GBI’s assertion that KJ died from positional asphyxia, their report contradicted their conclusion. Anderson points out that if KJ died from positional asphyxia, his lungs would have filled with fluid. But the report stated, “Kendrick’s lungs only weighed, 200 or 240 grams. If Kendrick died from positional asphyxia, how do we explain the absence of pulmonary adema?”

    This quote from the article raises an important question, one that would cause us to think that Kendrick did not die while in the mat, but was dead at the time he was placed into it. Think, if he did not have fluid in his lungs that would have caused him to basically drown in his own fluids, then he was not breathing when he was placed into the mat…

    This is the article from Ebony that will answer “Drew’s” questions about who did the tweets.

    One more small point that we might have been confused about is also answered in that article, I think that we had been told earlier in the lead up to this point, that the fight between Kendrick and the other boy was with the one that was a senior in school, however according to the article it was actually with the younger one (Brian)! This causes the statement that the fight might have been over a girl to seem much more accurate, and I would guess we are looking for a girl between the age of 15 & 16 years old, and probably white.. If I find any more to answer any of the questions asked, I will post it later..

  29. tf0620 says:

    do you have the case files for this case, Id like to review them

  30. MDH says:

    This is my song for the day:

    Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love)
    There is one question I’d really like to ask (One Heart)
    Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
    Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?

    Best version of this tune produced by Coxone Dodd at Studio One.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Beautiful song choice, MDH!

      Thank you for this.

      • MDH says:

        Studio One has unleashed their vault and I am constantly on the prowl for downloads of these treasures.

        I like how Dodd held back on the instrumentals to let the rather awesome vocals work for this version of Stir it Up:

        BTW, there is a fourth Wailer – Beverly Kelso.

  31. MDH says:

    I have a honesty scenario for the right wing?

    Put the picture of Bell in his wrestling grab next to the one they post to prove TM was a thug and ask:

    Which one would be able, with reasonable possibility, to ground and pound a 207lbs male and TM?

    I bring that up because, my eye for estimating body fat and muscle led me to believe that a fit six foot teen would need to be at about 185lbs to gain strength parity with Zimmerman.

    The right wing is so full of shit that they are blind to any reality.

    • Drew says:

      Hypothetical situation for the right-wing: can an unarmed teenager kill an ex-bouncer with a gun?

      A teenager couldn’t kill an ex-bouncer with a gun. Not only hypothetically, but, as we saw with Trayvon Martin’s murder, in “real life”.

      The right-wing is both willfully ignorant and disgustingly racist.

      Any right-winger who claims that GZ was forced to shoot out of self-defense is either barely smart enough to remember to breathe, or simply enjoys seeing blacks die. If they’d just admit this and move on, we’d be in better shape as a country.

      The trial wouldn’t have had to be such a sham – no self-defense fabrication necessary from GZ, O’Mara, conservative pundits – if they just proudly and honestly wore their MO.

      Why be so cowardly about it and hide behind a bogus self-defense claim?

      • MDH says:

        I saw a man die.

        He was a kind middle aged black man who died, mid sentence, asking me how my family was. He groaned, his eyes rolled up, his feet splayed out, and he pitched forward to fall on his face with his hands folded under his body. It is very disturbing and sad to see that.

        And I was telling him how it is good to visit the elders for it may be the last time I see them alive.

        There was a lot of karma in that event.

        I kind of cried and said please come back. And I might cry about once a decade in that hard streets have made me hard.

        And all fat boy could do is sit on his kill with is lard ass and try to figure out his excuse.

        Or shoot the shit with another callous turd about what ammo they used.

        IMO, a person who lacks empathy for any human is defective. They are no better than the Nazis who put cute little comments that they thought were funny on pictures of Jewish people they were taking to be slaughtered.

        But, then again, the USA used to sell poster cards of lynching events like they were some sort of celebration.

        “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers. That you do unto me”


  32. barbershoptalker says:

    I am trying my hardest to follow this case, but I must confess it is difficult for me to do so without getting a little tick off.

    Have we not learned anything from the Trayvon Martan case?

    As long as they can keep things in this case a our word of what happened versus what they said happened (being Kendrick or his family) knowing that a dead person can not speak for himself, then any wrong doing of anyone other then another black man is not visible, and even if charges are brought fourth, then we still have to fight off a jury of six who can see no wrong in a 18 year old Caucasian kid, but yet can see a complete thug in a 17 year old black kid.

    I find myself sometimes wanting to post comments like the one I’m posting now, but opt not to do so, trying not sound like those in which I oppose ( a man/ woman who just sees things only one sided).

    This in my opinion is like ground hog day, same story just different cast members with the ending yet to be seen.

    Worst for me, is the fact that I live here in Jacksonville,fl with yet another cast of this kind: Dunn vs. Davis case. Which should be a dead lock case, and yet I’m still fearful, is that crazy or what?
    Sad is what our law enforcement system have come to……or perhaps what it has always been all along.

    • Lynn says:

      Don’t lose hope. The truth has a way of showing itself. Maybe not when we want but eventually. Stay with us here and feel free to post. We will be following the Jordon Davis trial in a few months. I believe justice will be served and Dunn will be found guilty.

  33. Drew says:

    Been trying to “analyze” the tweets of the brothers and a bunch of their friends / girlfriends.

    I teach kids that age and from what I’ve read (a lot of tweets, fyi!) I really don’t see anything damning.

    Perhaps everything of note (not only the explicit threats, but anything even remotely connected) has been deleted, but, to me, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to glean anything of import from the tweets, unless Twitter gives access to the deleted stuff.

    Of course, all the inactivity on Facebook and Twitter during certain key phases of the investigation are enough to arouse suspicion, as are the deletes. Neither brother has mentioned KJ since mid-January.

    On the other hand, both brothers are Facebook friends with the kid that was supposedly threatened. Not that it means anything but it seems like this might not be the case had there been legitimate bad blood. In addition, the younger brother seems to be fairly friendly with a bunch of KJ’s friends.

    Some other notes:

    A possible girlfriend did say something like “why would you take the life of another person”, but it wasn’t directed at anybody in particular. This was on January 11th. It may or may not have anything to do with anything.

    The main suspect (I assume it’s the younger brother, because he’s the really big one, and reference has been made to the massive size of the bus fighter… the older brother is a smaller looking wrestler) was acting oddly depressed during November and December, saying a lot of emo posts about girls and possibly referring to someone “cheating” on him or someone else.

    • Lynn says:

      The younger brother was the one involved in the fights with KJ. KJ was 5’10” 160lbs. Brian is listed as 6’3″ 185 lbs now. I saw 6’2″ in an earlier roster. The boy is still growing, I guess.

      That being said, his older brother seems to stick up for him getting whooped and makes the threats on his behalf. He might be smaller as he is listed at 6’1″ 185 lbs…BUT, he had a 52-4 wrestling record and could bench 315 and squat 450.

      • Drew says:

        The younger bro is now well over 200 lbs according to team rosters and college football recruitment sites, but I imagine last football season he could have been less.

    • Lynn says:

      Also, I had read where the town put aside all racist issues and on Friday night games they would be all kumbayah like. Just players and parents. No hating.

      Maybe the kids were like that, too. During practice and games they were all one team and best of friends. But in social situations and for the rest of the year they are back to segregated ways. I see Brian was also on KJ’s twitter friends list. Now do I believe they hung out at parties on the weekends? No.

  34. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    To ALL sisters AND brothers HERE and on ALL other blogs who stand up for the cause of justice and equality as we advocate for Trayvon, Jordan, Renisha, Kendrick, and all who need our support:

    It IS because we stick together as FAMILY that we CAN be strong in standing up to the hateful racists and the Zidiot-type people.

  35. Drew says:

    OT: a new meme from right-wingers is the fact that a couple of black teens have played the so-called “knockout game” proves that Trayvon viciously beat GZ which necessitated self-defense homicide.

    Look up “knockout game” if you’re unfamiliar. It’s all the right wing can think about these days.

    • Xena says:

      @Drew. If Trayvon was playing the knock-out game, he would have hit George in the nose and ran — not (according to George) waited for George to stumble 40 ft before falling.

      • Drew says:

        It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

        I’ve also read that the wingers believe the knockout game’s mere existence eliminates the need to investigate Kendrick Johnson’s death.

        • Xena says:

          @Drew. “Dumbest thing” is an understatement. The knockout game has nothing to do with Kendrick and they know it. It’s part of their wanting Blacks to embrace the ideology of White Supremacists to define all Blacks as inferior.

          They also want the Black Community to demean Chism’s parents for not raising him right — never mind that Chism is bi-racial.

          White Supremacists want their divide and conquer, race war, and figure the only way of achieving that goal is if those of us who seek equal justice for all play their same discriminatory game. But unlike them, we are not all of the same race.

          • crazy1946 says:


            ” But unlike them, we are not all of the same race.”

            Agreed, we are of the human race, they however must be alien to this planet!

        • 2dogsonly says:

          Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but the knockout “game” is a new fad and you know how those teens get bored easily so this would have been already out of style if Tray had “played” it in like last century ( which is how teens view anything 21 months old). Hell, since a teen’s attention span is like 3 seconds, anyone engaging in any fad longer than a second is likely to be laughed at. Think south park’s cat bread meme episode. One of my favorites.;-)

    • MDH says:

      God are they ignorant.

      If George was viciously beaten, then there would be injuries on TM’s hand, Georges face, and Georges arms providing evidence to a reasonable person that a beating occurred.

      All I see in the evidence is a scuffle between A and B wherein A ended it by shooting B.

      Classic manslaughter.

      Ill will and depraved mind {the M2 criteria} on the part of A is also strongly suggested by statements wherein A calls be a F’er, asshole and suspect. Another is a boy screaming no.

      The right wingers are cowards who want to be able to verbally or physically harass people of color and, if that person of color puts up any modicum of resistance, shoot them dead without any consequences suffered on their part.

      This is exactly what Dunne is arguing.

      The fear of the black boogieman meme is just a way to save their cowards face.

  36. acemayo says:

    Black Man attacked pregnant Black sister over chicken nuggets, Orlando police say
    But most comments I read follows: Lets sterilized black people, “SHOCK” Obama supporter at it again!, Another chimp out., I am so sorry. I didn’t finish ghetto school, One has to love the feral black society., Chicken nugglets are the favorite grazing food of ghetto street heifers., They will have to make one up on that under Eecutive Order Number 103,004th or so. Obama loves those Exec orders. don’t he?., In their cultural group it is epidemic. Same group doing the knockout. Same group running the country. Wake up, dope., Unfortunately, if not aborted, that child’s future is pretty much predetermined.

  37. Two sides to a story says:

    Sorry for the OT. Looks like OM and Fogen(s) settled with the security company. Makes ya wonder where the 30k came from.

  38. colin black says:

    Someone needs to ring the bell loudly an as clear as a bell.

    An I don’t think its going to take a hunch as big as Qusi Modos to realise Kedrik met his Death at the hands of one or more suspects.

    And that the deed was witnessed in real time an after the fact by many more eyes than those of the killers.

    Someone with a conscience a backbone needs to break the circle of mistrust an malice.

    An does anyone know of the alleged GF whom may have been an angle in the triangle that cost Krndrik his life.

    I f as is stated she was an ex of one of the perps.

    An She was dateing Kendrik then She must have feelings of remorse an greif for his loss.

    An outright fear as well if boyfriend an brother are batshitcrazy enough to off a love an fighting rival.

    Who can guarantee she wont be next to have an unfourtunate accident?

  39. Drew says:

    One of the suspects (the younger one) is Facebook friends with the best friend who was threatened. This may or may not mean a thing.

  40. Drew says:

    Also, does anyone know or purport to know the identity of the kids who sent the threatening tweets?

    • crazy1946 says:

      Drew, their names are Brian and Brandon Bell….

      • Drew says:

        But have either of those two been confirmed as the tweeters?

        I ask this because no one has seen these tweets, correct?

        At least, not since they were deleted…

        • crazy1946 says:

          Drew, No neither one of those individuals has been confirmed by the SO as the tweeters. However it has been commented several times by the media that the tweets came from the brother of the individual involved in the fight on the bus… That individual is Brandon Bell… Sorry that I did not make that clear before…

  41. Drew says:

    Has the FBI connection to the suspects been confirmed?

    • I believe it has been confirmed, but I don’t believe they are being referred to as suspects, officially.

      • Kutie says:

        Where can I look up these “suspects”?

      • crazy1946 says:

        This from the last article:

        “Lynn says:

        November 23, 2013 at 9:59 am

        Yes, Martin is the name of their school’s stadium. Pg 51 of the narratives says Bell. Older one is Branden. Play careful attention to his personal statement at the bottom of this.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Professor, Lynn and I found the information that I/we have posted regarding the identity of the FBI agent and his sons that are “involved” in the murder of Kendrick. If you go to the link provided and read the statement at the bottom from Brandon you will realize that we have found the correct individuals…

        • Excellent sleuthing by you and Lynn. I found the name on page 51 of the discovery, but that was long after both of you found it. I might have missed it, if I didn’t know it was in there somewhere.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Thank you Professor, Lynn and I have both been looking at this case with open eyes, reading and re reading, looking for the little details that are easy to overlook. I suspect the evidence has been compromised so badly that it will be virtually impossible to get a conviction, especially in Valdosta. At this stage I think the best we can hope for is to expose the parties responsible not only for the murder but those that participated in the cover up as well. The truth will come out!

      • crazy1946 says:


        ” I don’t believe they are being referred to as suspects, officially.”

        Because Sheriff Prine is still insisting it was a suicide then the only suspect per his investigation would be Kendrick… However, at some point, it will be changed to a murder investigation and then they will have suspects.. I don’t have as much faith in Michael Moore as you do, I would have been a lot more comfortable had they appointed a special prosecutor from out of the area to investigate.. I’m afraid that Mr. Moore could have too many ties to the area to be objective, but perhaps I am wrong once again…

  42. crazy1946 says:

    A few points that I am curious about. Was this surveillance system and active or passive system? I read on the schools web site that they had four resource officers assigned to the high school. That seems pretty low for the number of students attending. In the video’s provided to the family, is there any sign of the FBI agent named Bell or either of his two sons, Brian or Brandon? Why did it take several days to furnish the copies of the video to the SO? When it was found, was Kendrick’s phone still turned on? If it was, where and when was the last position ping noted by the cell phone provider?
    When reading the narrative of the investigation, I read where the coach looked into the roll and determined that Kendrick was dead, yet when the officers arrived on scene they had to move several more rolls to be able to see into the roll, why the discrepancy of that minor detail? I have looked at several video’s that show the rolled up matts and none of them indicate they were close enough to the stands to simply step off onto them, strange….. Perhaps after the death they moved them before the videos were taken?

    here are my simple minded thoughts about the case… First one must realize that we are dealing with an area that is still living in the early 1800’s mindset in regards to race. The two young men that are most likely involved in the murder of Kendrick are white. In the Valdosta area if they had been charged there would not have been a conviction, at best a plea bargain down to Jay Walking and a small fine. Remember where we are at before you say no way, it would be all but impossible to convict a white child for killing a black child, it just does not happen there… Now let’s look at some other aspect of this case, the rumor that a girl was involved in the case, beings it was mentioned in relation to the Bell boys, it most likely was a white girl, while murder of a black child is no big deal to these fools the virtue of a white girl is extremely important! Only if this white girls family was well connected would this case have been so compromised, they would not have done it for a lowly FBI agent or his child, so the girl is the key to who and why the case was manipulated … Look for some one from an old and established family that is in a place of high power and you will find your answers…

    • Kutie says:

      Where did u hear the names Brian and Brandon as suspects? I hear Chris Martin and Clark Martin but Kj mom said those names were false.

      • crazy1946 says:

        kutie, The name of their father is listed in the narrative from the SO, they failed to totally scrub the names and that is where I found the last name, I then went to the rooster for the foot ball team last year and found the name for the younger subject… check in the last article from the professor and you will see more…

  43. bettykath says:

    re: the blurry video. How long was it blurry? If it produced clear video earlier in the day or the day before, I’d be inclined to think it was tampered with.

  44. Drew says:

    Informative post.

    Another thing that bugs me is the positional asphyxia cause of death being used as “proof” that it was an accidental death. Let’s say that somehow we could definitively prove 100% that positional asphyxia was the cause of death. It could still be the case that a large linebacker or two could have held Kendrick upside down in the mats somehow.

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