Over Easy: Do you know anything about Morgellons?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good afternoon:

Ryan Ferguson is a free man today. He walked out of a Missouri penitentiary this morning after the Missouri Attorney General’s Office decided not to retry him for the murder of Ken Heitholt. He served 10 years of a 40-year sentence. The only evidence that linked him to the murder was the testimony of an eyewitness who said he saw Ferguson around 2 am standing in a parking lot near the location where the victim’s body was found and the testimony of his codefendant who pled guilty to the murder after providing police with a false confession to the murder. Both witnesses recanted their testimony after Ferguson was convicted and sentenced to prison.

I wrote about the circumstances of this wrongful conviction of an innocent man and the decision by the Missouri Court of Appeals reversing his conviction and sentence on the ground that the prosecution withheld material exculpatory evidence from the defense, which is a violation of the Brady rule.

I write today to encourage discussion and to solicit ideas regarding a vexing problem that Crane and I have been dealing with for the past week. During a routine house cleaning session, she discovered several fungus-like growths on kitchen counters and cabinets. When she first saw them, she thought they were bread crumbs or spilled food. However, they seemed to be attached to the surface and had to be pried loose. She got a closer look, saw black and white hair-like fibers and whitish larvae and thought she was dealing with some type of insect. I disagreed and told her that I thought it was a fungus.

After that discovery, we began noticing similar clumps all over the apartment, as if they had spontaneously sprouted into existence in the blink of an eye.

Then they began to appear as lesions on her hands, arms and face. During the past 48 hours, they have spread into her mouth and nose. This alarming development is the reason why you have not seen an article from either of us for the past several days.

We have not been able to determine what caused the lesions and we are asking for your assistance in identifying it.

Anti-fungal ointment keeps the outbreak from spreading and reduces the size of each infected site, but the stuff spreads quickly and appears to tunnel into the skin.

No, this is not a joke.

We’ve never heard of this thing, so we’ve spent a lot of time on the internet attempting to identify it. With the exception of it spreading to object, the symptoms are similar to Morgellons.

However, the CDC published a paper last year reporting the results of an extensive multi-year study of Morgellons and they concluded that it’s a delusional parasitosis. In other words, it’s an imagined condition.

That’s not helpful and it isn’t going to heal the open sores on her skin.

Have any of you heard about the raging controversy regarding Morgellons or have any experience with it?

We are searching for clues.


This worrisome development is not helping our financial situation. We really do need your assistance.


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  1. Deborah says:

    You should find Laura Julien on Facebook. She seems to be having a lot of success battling Morgellions with super strong magnets. She’s an American living in Puerto Rico.

  2. Paula Langelier says:

    I seen exactly what you’re describing on the bottom of my plant!it looked really weird wash my hands after I wrapped it up in a bag and took it outside because I just wasn’t comfortable with it I knew it wasn’t something normal!about a week or two later I started getting the lesions and I’ve had them ever since and been fighting them nonstop ! Mine even turned into Marsa at one point and got infected ! It’s literally been a nightmare brain fog not sleeping well I can name 100 things it is it’s ruined my life!I have tried an anabiotic that I have to take every day clindamycin and it seems to keep them kind of at bay.and then covering on with plastic wrap and putting anti-biotic ointment on them ,I try to them out with alcohol & peroxide ! I’ve tried everything to keep them at bay ,but then I’ll have an outburst of a bunch of them it’s never ending and they seem to be attached to little ones that grow and it just becomes a pattern from there !wherever it pops up at it becomes a pattern!😔😢I have three girls and I’m praying that they don’t get it I could swear that my dogs spots on him may be the same thing! Trying to be happy but it’s so hard!

  3. Morgellons is real, it is new and mysterious. It is not contagious. Morgellons is controversial. It is a worldwide epidemic. Morgellons is always self-diagnosed. It is treatable.

  4. Whitney says:

    Unfortunately it is real, and possibly millions are infected by it.. There’s a research lab in Germantown that deals specifically with this hidden widespread global epidemic. Weird stuff. Dr kilani. Check him out . I wish I had more answers for you:( praying for you both

  5. Freedom says:

    Click to access NeurotoxinProtocol_Jan06.pdf

    This is the Chlorella treatment my dentist put me on after removing degraded mercury filling in my teeth. In the process it did wonders for my Morgellons condition. It is now a recommendation for Lymes’ sufferers. I went from being bedridden for 3 years to almost normal now. I can do most everything I used to. It has been a real blessing and a miracle that I got to a dentist that practiced this therapy or I wouldn’t be here today!

  6. Malisha says:

    My son checked with an excellent physician he has seen. This to report:

    “For the Morgellon’s like syndrome consider oxidative therapy. There is doctor in Nevada that teaches doctors how to do the procedure. His name is Frank Scallenberger MD, his office phone is (775) 884-3990; please call his office and ask him to refer you to a doctor close to your home.

    “The gentle chelator is an herb called chlorella. A home based chelation can be done by DMSA but you need to get this from a chelation doctor in your area.”

  7. Two sides to a story says:

    Sorry for any repetitive information – I should have read the threads first – I jumped in with my two cents late in the game and read everything afterward! Lots and lots of good info here, whether for Morgellons or molds and fungus.

  8. Two sides to a story says:

    Oh, some people find some relief by listening to Rife frequencies on YouTube. Best to use headphones. There are many types of frequencies for different conditions. I haven’t found one that matches my symptoms exactly, but these have helped me with many other conditions, so if Crane does have morgellons, this might help.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      The original of the Morgellons tone is here – apparently the one above is copied from this one.

      • Rachael says:

        Good think I don’t have Morgellons – that is the most obnoxious sound, only a half a minute of it made me want to jump out of my skin. Of course, maybe if I DID have Morgellons it would be soothing, so perhaps now I know I don’t but dang, my ears are ringing now and I can’t get that sound out of my head. That’s awful!

  9. Two sides to a story says:

    Oklahoma State University does some research on Morgellons – http://www.healthsciences.okstate.edu/morgellons/index.cfm

  10. Two sides to a story says:

    I’ve never experienced morgellons but I’ve heard of it and read about it online and viewed pictures. It’s definitely real and vexing to victims. I suspect it’s some sort of unknown fungal disease. This Mayo Clinic article suggests that it started in California, something I didn’t know. I’ve lived in Cali for 3 years now and just a month after moving here began having fungal infections of the sinus and ears, something that has recurred for me off and on ever since. I’ve lived in other damp seaside locations and have never been bothered by anything like this before. I’ve also had the symptom of insect-bite type red marks on various parts of my body as mentioned in this article, but have never had any fibers coming from them, but have had blackened mucus and ear discharge along with the red “bites”. Looks very much like the black mold that grows in showers and around bathtubs. I’ve taken antifungal drugs as well as tried various topical treatments both prescription and over -the -counter. Went to an ENT about 10 times in 2011. Have taken lots of nutritional supplements that boost immune system and fight fungal infections. Everything helps at least temporarily, but it never seems to leave my system entirely. I’ve found that avoiding salt, sugar, and wheat, and dairy seems to help.

    I’ve found throughout my life that allopathic MDs often use the mental/emotional putdown, especially with women, when they encounter conditions they don’t understand. It’s quite frustrating, and you’ll probably get more answers from alternative health practicioners than from MDs. So Crane is probably better off to not have been treated in the ER.


  11. Trained Observer says:

    “It’s always something,” — Gilda Radner (1946-1989), comedy icon and ovarian cancer victim.

  12. I’m going to post an open thread before we leave for the ER.


  13. dianetrotter says:

    Is it safe to stay in the apartment?

  14. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Professor, please let us know how Crane is doing today and if she went to the doctor today.

    I have been thinking of you two today and saying prayers.

    • We are going to the ER this morning. Crane had a difficult night.

      Fortunately, I’m fine and have no symptoms. We still do not know what caused her illness.

      We are not going to mention Morgellons.

      I will report back after we return from the ER.


      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I am praying hard for Crane that she will find answers and that there be an immediate cure.

        Thanks for this update, Professor.

        I am glad that you are okay.

  15. The best way to determine whether this is or isn’t Morgellons Disease is to examine the skin lesions yourself with lighted microscopy at 60-100 X. Few doctors exist who are willing to do this exam for you. A good hand held scope is available for $12.99 at RadioShack.com http://www.radioshack.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=13384949&kw=microscope&origkw=Microscope&sr=1
    Morgellons Disease is differentiated from all other skin conditions by the presence of unusual filaments embedded in the dermal tissue and easily visualized at 60-100 X lighted microscopy.

    In the meantime you should see your Doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat other skin conditions hopefully providing some options for symptomatic relief as well.

    For information on Morgellons, stick to peer reviewed publications in medical journals authored by reputable scientists and licensed board certified physicians. Such publications are available here: http://www.thecehf.org/morgellons-disease-research.html and are also accessible on PubMed and/or Medline.

    Very Best Wishes,

    Cindy Casey Holman, RN, Director
    The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation

    (Show-Me-State Born and Raised)

    • Thank you.

      I am taking my wife to the ER this morning and will pickup a hand-held scope on the way home.


    • sylvia says:

      Show me state here ,also…I have had this condition for two years this month..afraid to say anything to my drs. Maybe one day they will figure out it is real.But for now ,I have had over 100 lesions at once..right now about 40..some small ones came up last night..lots of black specks..glitter..white dots in the lesions..itching and crawling feeling under my skin on legs and arms..sharp like pointed glad pains under my skin under the lesions..can’t sleep much thru this..black coarse hair growing straight up on my arms..I usually pull them out with tweezers..I have had real long stray hair in various places..these sores come up small..then they ooze clear sticky liquid that leaves it’s mark on the skin..inside the skin lesions are the black specks ..white fleshy dots..glitter and fuzzy blue stuff..they hurt..and burn like a bad burn..dr. has given silvadene..

  16. Boyd says:

    If it’s Black mold get out of the apartment or wash it down Good. That’s a landlord problem. The stuff scares the beejesus out of my wife, not me. We took away our son;s detached garage music studio becuase of balck mold.

    The picture looked like Black mold to me.

    • Rachael says:

      You have to be careful when you say it is a landlord problem, but there is where Mr. Leatherman’s being a lawyer can come in handy. For medical information, he needs to go to a doctor, for mold information, he needs mold professionals, but for law, he has himself.

      When I had a really bad case of mold, to the point where they had to knock down walls and into the neighbor’s apartment too, and it ruined my furniture, they tried to say it was my fault because I didn’t clean well enough. However, I was able to prove on numerous occasions that I had called regarding mold – they never even came to look at it, not once. They just told me to clean with bleach. It got very out of hand and I had to make some threats, but that time a neighbor was having problems too (the apartment above us had some water pipe break or something so it wasn’t anyone’s fault) but they kept trying to say it was my fault for not cleaning well enough. Thank goodness Mr. L. is a lawyer and can make them stick to their agreements!

  17. Boyd says:

    wtf? too late now to not touch it.
    Go to the emergency room or Dr. Now!

  18. Mr. Leatherman,
    I am very sorry to hear that you and your wife may have developed symptoms of Morgellons Disease (MD). I can assure you that MD is a very real physical disease. Many medical care providers confuse it with delusional conditions due to the odd symptoms and patients are subjected to erroneous psych and mental illness treatments. The victims of MD are left without appropriate medical care and must suffer alone. Most are isolated from family and friends due to the labeling of “being mental” and “doing it to their self”. Eventually, they go through any and all financial resources and are forced onto disability, SSI, Medicaid, etc. These are stable, middle class and intelligent people. The injustice is unbelievable. I have been in the medical profession for nearly 40 years and have never seen anything like this.

    I am an RN with The Charles E Holman Foundation. We are the only 501(c)3 organization supporting patients while funding true scientific research into the cause and management of MD. Please read over our web site, http://www.Morgellonsdisease.org , esp. the Research page which contains peer reviewed publications about this research. Also, here is a link to the letter written by Dr. Randy S. Wymore from OSU-CHS, Tulsa for patients to take to their medical care providers. http://www.thecehf.org/rsw2drs1.htm

    We have come a long way since this letter was written; in Jan. 2013 research reported DNA proof of a spirochetal bacteria involvement. We are continuing the DNA research and hope that soon answers will come as to a cause, medical management and cure. You are welcomed to contact me at gwen.simmonsrn@yahoo.com for further information and support. I wish you both the best on your journey dealing with Morgellons Disease.


    Gwen Simmons, RN
    The CEHF Nursing Advisory Panel
    The Charles E Holman Foundation

    • Trained Observer says:

      Gwen : Regarding reference to “journey dealing with Morgellons Disease” as if it’s a confirmed fact … has there been a diagnosis for what apparently has popped up only with the past few days?

      Let’s hope for something far less dramatic causing these symptoms.

      • Trained Observer,
        Yes, I certainly do “hope for less… causing these symptoms” which is the reason for my beginning comments “…may have developed symptoms of …”. This is the last condition I would try to convince someone they had. Medical care providers are sadly less prudent in their dealings with such symptoms. Many, many people have sought out medical, environmental, nutritional and every other kind of assistance for answers. Instead of exploring possible causes, they were referred to local mental health centers or psychiatrists.

        I wish anyone just discovering Morgellons Disease the best in their journey of learning about it and hopefully eliminating MD. However, if it should happen to be a possibility, there’s a tremendous amount of knowledge on our website from qualified professionals to use as a resource.

        Gwen Simmons, RN
        The CEHF Nursing Advisory Panel
        The Charles E Holman Foundation

  19. Trained Observer says:


  20. Granma Sue says:

    Fred, sorry to hear about your troubles. I am sending you a donation. It isn’t much but I am on social security and very ill. I figure you need the money more than I do and I can eat cat food this week instead of tuna and hot dogs. I was saving up to take the bus to see my new grand baby next month, but that can wait, I am pretty sure that my cancer won’t take me to Jesus as quick as the doctors say it will. I just know you really need the money to keep this site going as the cost for hosting is like $10.00 a month and that is a lot, well at least for someone like me. God bless you for doing what you do.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      What a dear thing for you to do, Granma Sue. You have a good
      SOLE. I imagine you have done a lot of walking in this path you have chosen. Keep up the walking and also consider walking instead of taking the bus to see you new grand baby!

      One thing I suggest is that you choose dog food instead of cat food. Dog food is amazing. Just look at the nutrition in it:


      Yes, I am sure that your PURPORTED illness will not take you to Jesus quickly. That is because Jesus likes us to work on things like, say, honesty and kindness, before we meet him.

    • Thank you, Granma Sue.

      As desperate as we are, I’d rather you keep your money. Sounds like you need it more than we do.


  21. ed nelson says:

    @above re: Munchausens. Or… “Munchausens by Proxy”… That would be like if the one in charge, like a guardian or parent or other gets ego needs met by having somebody who is deemed ill as proxy, so that the ill one is used as a ticket to get the care and concern coming in, and taps into that, getting a big share of it by sort of clever ”induction”,(physics).

    Sometimes a parent or spouse, makes a kind of cottage industry out of their ill ”loved one”, their reason to live etc. They enjoy the heck out of it.

    Like they used to say: ”a little knowledge is dangerous”, too much reading makes … john a half baked… boor too!

    • Rachael says:

      Which is exactly why Professor should be seeking the right professionals instead of spending time looking on the internet and having us do so as well. This is serious stuff, regardless if it is fungus, Morgellons, or Munchausens, Crane deserves better than an internet diagnosis by unqualified people.

    • Malisha says:

      The “Munchausen’s” hysteria was brought on by lawyers who used that “syndrome diagnosis” in divorce and custody cases so that anybody could cross-accuse anybody of anything. Think a parent was guilty of medical neglect? The other parent gets accused of “Munchausen by proxy disorder.” It’s a very rare — extremely rare — condition that has been “promoted” by lawyers and TV episodes of doctor and lawyer shows. In 1980 there were 200 reported validated cases WORLD-WIDE!

      It has gotten a lot of mileage for simply being a manifestation of a complex mental illness that has already got plenty of diagnostic names (anxiety disorders, psychoses, delusions).

      • Trained Observer says:

        Malisha — South Florida is home of one of the most notorious cases in recent decades, with assorted physicians, hospitalsl and the Miami Herald itself falling prey to the mother’s affliction perpetrated on her daughter, who had been featured as “the littlest angel” or some such.

        After years of subjecting this child to .an asortment of surgeries through deliberatingly infection, the mother finally got nailed and was convicted. Once separated from old mom, the child became a picture of health. Interestingly, it was a team of nurses, not the docs, who first began to catch on to mom’s suspect behavior.

      • Drew says:

        I know this is starting to get way off topic, but I have some first-hand experience with a similar issue.

        While true Munchausen by proxy might be rare, this type of behavior from a parent or authority figure – including hypochrondria and hypochondria by proxy – can have a profound and long-lasting effect. For example, children of malignant narcissists are often led to believe they are always sick (and therefore that they are wrong/faulty/deficient/unworthy/incompetent/needy/selfish) when their symptoms are mild and exaggerated, imagined (by their parents), or even outright fabricated.

        We think of Munchausen by proxy as something violent (it can be) and deeply sinister (it is), something like poisoning a kid in purpose so that they always need medical attention, but to me there are milder forms like psychological gaslighting or superficial things like purposely putting shoes on the wrong feet or two sizes too small.

      • Rachael says:

        I’m afraid, Malisha, I have to disagree with your statement and your statistics. Also, just because something is rare (even extremely rare) does not make it any less so. What was that rare brain thing that they have only seen one or two other times and this young girl lived? Regardless, my point is, just because something is rare, doesn’t mean it does not exist (as well, I disagree with your statistics and your statement about it in general) and saying things in the manner you stated is what makes it difficult for people to get help. That would be like saying to the professor that if Crane has this, it’s all in her head so don’t bother with it. When I was in peds we saw a case where the mom didn’t realize she was being watched and was putting feces in the kid’s IV and they went crazy trying to figure out what was going on with this kid, while the mom doted over him portraying the “perfect” mom. Then there is another, more personal I won’t go into here. But my point is, just because something might be rare, doesn’t make it any less so or needy.

    • gblock says:

      Munchausen by proxy has received a lot of attention in recent years. However, it is named after the original Munchausen’s, in which patients deliberately cause medical symptoms in themselves because getting medical treatment (sometimes including surgery) meets some kind of psychological needs in themselves.

  22. fauxmccoy says:

    crane — get yourself to a doctor ASAP. i’ve seen nasty fungal infections in people’s lungs from breathing spores. this is not something you want to mess around with.

    wish i could be of more help and blessings to all.

  23. Lyn says:

    Fred, got a little windfall and was able to donate earlier then receiving my Social Security check. Good luck with your foam.

  24. Trained Observer says:

    Do I know anything about Morgellon’s … or, for that matter, Munchausens? Not much, other than this critical situation requires action.

    1) Contact Public Health department for ASAP medical aid. (This is no time to wander drug store aisles or cruise online for funky remedies, or ask around among those who don’t know squat.)
    2) Scrub your premises: Borax for carpets (great for fleas), bleach for tile, vinegar for glassware, Lysol for upholstery.
    3) Expose everything possible to fresh air and sunlight.
    4) Get rid of any spore-laden clutter.
    5) Document preparation or ingestion of any suspect foods within recent days … fish, eggs, an old box of oatmeal, cake mix, etc.

    1) Assume the problem is mold when it might not be.
    2) Overlook possibility that this serious outbreak has been launched from latent into active status by something fairly innocuous.
    3) Back yourself into a corner: Since your landlord already has indicated a desire to evict you, do not spur him/her onward by reporting mystery infestation/ailments.


  25. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I am so very sorry that the two of your are having this scary experience and that Crane is having a physical reaction to the mold.

    I agree with everyone that Crane needs to see a doctor immediately and that you need a professional to analyze and rid your home of the mold.

    Here is the image page for “black mold”:

  26. Freedom says:

    I’ve had Morgellons for over ten years now. It started with open wounds on my skin and lesions in my mouth, nose. Doctors refuse to take samples and one after another referred me to a psychiatrist and or prescribed anti-depressants. I did see one specialist who talked frankly about it and believed me. He did a series of blood tests. I called back for tests results and never got him on the phone. Finally his nurse looked in my file and said all tests came back fine but one showed I had plant matter in my DNA but it was no big deal. Whaaat? (It is now known that that is the marker for this disease founded by other researchers who have taken things further than the CDC) I never could get back to this doctor directly and have suspicions he was hushed up. I gave up on trying to get doctors to look at my skin or samples of fibers that came from my wounds. I did demand they stop calling me delusional and asking if I were suicidal every time I visited, that it was offensive to me since I was fighting for my life.(I was bedridden for a long time).
    I threw away the pills. moved to the forest, grew my own food and haven’t looked back. Gradually I got better,not cured, but well enough that I manage if I pace myself. I have only a few lesions and none in my mouth for a long time. Most of us who have this feel the GMO’s in food have contributed a great deal to our demise. In my case I also lived on a farm where it was sprayed. There is also some thought it could be lyme’s disease super amped up from the GMO’s. BT cotton, clothing is also thought to contribute.
    I have since become and advocate and have a page on facebook called Morgellon’s Information Canada.Since I started it a few years ago I have talked several people out of committing suicide because they feared what was happening and they got the same lame treatment from doctors who refused to believe them or their spouses who witnessed it.
    Word of advice, don’t go to a doctor saying you think you have Morgellons unless you find one who treats and recognizes it. Ones who refuse to acknowledge it forever label you and you won’t get them to take you serious from there on out.

  27. groans says:

    I’m wondering whether you’ve had any recent dumpster acquisitions and, if so, whether you might be able to correlate it/them with these recent developments. Maybe such an analysis could help to make sense of the: sudden appearance; apparently rapid dissemination to other specific locations in the apartment (e.g., maybe via hands, clothing, etc.); and, lesions developing on only one person (e.g., maybe by touching one’s nose, mouth, and other areas with infected gloves, hands, or clothing – and/or a weaker immune system at the moment). I don’t have any special knowledge about these things. But your description suggests to me some unusual and/or intensive parasitic attack from outside.

    My sympathies and my best wishes for a complete resolution of such a horrifying experience. (I also agree with others about seeking help ASAP from public health authorities and/or environmental/infection control specialists.)

  28. ed nelson says:

    Well sorry I don’t know about morgellons syndrome. But I might have a possible answer about the “larvae” that you mentioned inside of the hairy fungusoids in the cabinets… It could be ordinary fly larva that are feeding on the ”fruit” of the thing, like any other fruit, the insects eat it and spread the spores/seeds far and wide.

    Now the bad news: If you loose your sense of humor, you might be in danger, because, it has all the markings of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers… be extra careful about others in the community who may show personality aberrations from their old selfs.

    Drink lots of clean water and get some sunshine, funguses hate light and fresh air too.

  29. Malisha's son says:

    Check out
    There’s a ton of info, by a researcher who recognizes and acknowledges that the vast majority of doctors and specialists think that Morgellons is a load of B.S., and offers some tangible advice. Under “medical info” is a tab for “treatments”. But the gist of this section is that you are to seek treatment for things that are related or underlying, and never tell a doctor to test or treat for Morgellons. Anyway, check it out, see if the info there resonates, and if it does, maybe you have a direction.

  30. Rachael says:

    It may vary from state to state. For example here, where mold is prevalent, it isn’t covered. I was renting and my landlord didn’t hold me responsible for damages, obviously (a wall had to be knocked out and rebuilt and all kinds of stuff because my place was infested) and my son had been sick, but it was such an ordeal to even go through the hoops to prove his illness was mold related. They did move me into another apartment, but then did not renew my lease when it was up. And I had furniture that was damaged and that I figured would be covered under my renter’s insurance, but there was…get this…a mold clause. Sigh. I actually laughed when they told me that. Not that it was funny, but there was just something about paying for insurance only to find there was a clause for this and a clause for that. Anyway definitely check with your insurance carrier to see if you are covered. I sure hope so. It sucks.

  31. endlessummer76 says:

    Professor, if the problem is actually from mold or a fungus and you own your home, your insurance may cover professional mold removal, and possibly will cover the medical costs of treating a mold-borne illness. If you are renting, your landlord should cover this cost. If there is mold then water has somehow gotten into the house and other repairs may be needed. You may need to relocate until the mold is completely gone.

    The rapid onset and spread sounds similar to what many people who were exposed to the BP oil disaster reported. I agree with the other posters, this could have an environmental origin.

    Wishing Crane a speedy recovery and the best of luck getting this mystery solved swiftly.

  32. Mr. Leatherman,
    Morgellons is a very real physical disease. Many confuse it with delusional conditions due to the odd symptoms. I am an RN with The Charles E Holman Foundation. We are the only such organization supporting patients while funding true scientific research into the cause and management of MD. Please read over our web site, http://www.Morgellonsdisease.org , esp. the Research page which contains peer reviewed publications. Here is a link to the letter written by Dr. Randy S. Wymore from OSU-CHS, Tulsa for patients to take to their medical care providers. http://www.thecehf.org/rsw2drs1.htm
    We have come a long way since this was written; in Jan. 2013 research reported DNA proof of a spirochetal bacteria involvement. We are continuing the DNA research and hope that soon answers will come as to a cause, medical management and cure. You are welcomed to contact me at gwen.simmonsrn@yahoo.com as well.
    Gwen Simmons, RN
    The CEHF Nursing Advisory Panel
    The Charles E Holman Foundation

  33. ay2z says:

    What is the state of the rest of the building, neighbors, basement if any, central air, plumbing, outside water seepage?

    Have you measured the humidity with a cheap humidity and temperature indicator? Digital ones are cheap to give you the conditions inside.

    Health department do any visits, ie monitoring housing conditions buildings for public safety esp. mould/fungus?

    Question would be to ID what’s there, can a health dept help out with that? What about university biology department?

    Hope there is some good news somehow for you soon, wishing Crane all the best.

  34. crazy1946 says:

    Professor, If you will contact me via the e-mail address I used when registering, I will give you the phone number of a person that can help you to get help with Morgellans syndrome, It is not something that you need to put off, it is a very serious problem. The lady I am going to put you in contact has been dealing with this problem for a long time. She can refer you to people that can and will help.. Please contact me ASAP so I can give you the phone number!

  35. Kier Salmon says:

    This sounds like contact dermatitis complicated by an allergic reaction. I am no physician, but I echo… “Get in to see a GOOD specialist;” “don’t take “NO” for an answer.” Don’t tell them what you **think** it is–this is really important, it can derail a physician’s thought process and maybe without it there would be a 3am wake with a real thought and new direction if there isn’t the comfort of thinking, “Ah, that’s just a xxxxx…”
    Now, CDC having stated that it isn’t a parasitosis isn’t the same as saying it isn’t a condition that needs treatment. From the description (I didn’t read the whole article), there is a situation with physical symptoms and a standard reaction to non-medical means of treatment which present looking like a parasitosis. But clearly something is going on and is discretely identifiable.
    This all said, there’s a LOT we don’t know about human environment interaction, and some things take a long time to be figured out and some are never understood.
    I spent 10 years with very itchy skin and scalp. I never understood what was causing the dryness, the flaking, the irritation, but it didn’t respond to anything. Then I ate some coconut milk icecream and had a severe reaction. 18 months of tracking down coconut oil in food, one day led me to read the label on my shampoo and realize it had coconut oil… and then I found out that soap is now made with coconut oil instead of tallow… oooooohhhhhh…. The past few months we’ve managed to find soap and shampoo that are coconut oil free and I am itch free, finally. But there was no general announcement ten years ago: “Today we begin to use the cheaper, less odorous coconut oil in all soaps and shampoos!” And so I never knew what caused my skin to suddenly be so unhappy
    The moral to this is that you will have to keep on looking and start being very skeptical and scientific minded as you search for answers.

    • Carlyle Moulton says:

      Professor, I would add to Kier Salmon’s advice the following.

      Do not imply that the outbreaks on the surfaces of the building are connected with what is afflicting Crane. They may look similar but that does not mean they are related, It may just be coincidence but implying that they are the same may derail the physician’s thought processes. Doctors resent amateurs telling them their business and the resultant anger can interfere with their problem solving.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Interesting, because my skin LOVES coconut oil and one thing I can eat and apply to skin that soothes it . . . seems true that “one’s man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

  36. colin black says:

    Go to your nearest chemist an buy some fullers earth .
    May not supply it but you will find it some where maybe online.

    Once you have acquired fullers mix it with distilled water about three heaped spoons of earth to half tea or coffee mug should suffice .

    Want it suitable for face mask .

    Spread it over all areas an allow it to dry an leave on overnight if possible.

    This will draw all toxins from your skin you may have to repeat it a few times but it will work .

    Fullers earth can neutralise sarin an even radioactive material.

    Its an excellent face pack an skin cleanser as well.

  37. CarolMaeWY says:

    Hello Professor. I’ve only commented one or two times on your blog but I read you often. I’m not familiar with most of your commenters either. However I’m concerned about Crane and your situation. I don’t even know what state or area of the country you live in so my advice would be what I would do. Contact your county public health department. They will give you the best advice for your area. You should also have a State health dept. They are responsible for hazardous waste and communicable disease. This is the sight for me health.wyo.gov . If you take any samples of your kitchen everything it touches should be sterile. Public Health should be able to give you a disposable container. Whatever you use to scrape a sample should also be sterile. Here is an example of my counties website:
    Wyoming All Hazards Response Program

    Bio-terrorism Recognition and Response Information

    The All Hazards Response Program is responsible for early detection and rapid response to biological or chemical events and infections disease outbreaks.

    If you see or get notification of:

    threatening messages, packages or envelopes
    unusual illness among people/animals
    Or notice possible clues to a bio-terrorist event:

    illness caused by an uncommon agent
    large number of ill persons with a similar disease syndrome or death
    other unusual diseases from unknown causes
    atypical aerosol, food or water transmission of disease
    Notify the All Hazards Response Program Immediately

    Who are your neighbors? Ask them if they’re seeing a fungus to.
    Everybody recommends hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to clean everything. Whether it kills germs I don’t know. There is a brown bottle of Lysol for sale we used to clean my parents house after they had Heptititus B or C. Whatever the bad kind is and our families all got a shot in the butt. The one that turns you yellow. A family office visit. Stick, stick, stick, stick. We cleaned every inch of the house and threw out everything.

    Crane should see a dermatologists if she can. A regular doctor will probably send her there anyway, but the Public Health nurse should be able to refer you to the right doctor. That’s their job and it’s the law. Google Public Health law and you will see your rights on Wikipedia if nowhere else.

    I wish you the best. This is very troubling. My first thought was Anthrax. My husband has a fungus that grows on him. We’re just speculating it’s a fungus. It could be anything. About my husbands fungus. A dermatologist tried about ten to twenty prescription fungal products on him. Even though some creams clears it up he will always have it. It will be gone only temporarily. It’s a brown rash around his groin and leg area. It really embarrasses him, but it only itches occasionally. There are pills that can be given for fungus. They work well, but have severe side effects. A common one is diflucan (brand name). Generic is fluconazole or something. It’s given for vaginal infections or severe ringworm plus. But it’s not meant for long term use. There are other formulas. My husband had a severe reaction to the his prescription. It would only get rid of it for months, maybe a year but it would eventually come back. That medicine is too dangerous to take long term. It doesn’t effect me at all. We’ve been married forty-two years. Without knowing where you live that’s the best advice I can give you. Don’t give the doc any preconceived ideas. Stress where it was found and then just report the symptoms. Take a list of all vitamins, prescription drugs, teas, etc to Public Health and doctor. Have a list of cleaning ingredients you’ve used. Mayo clinic website gives very good examples of how to talk to your doctors. Google it. Do you have pets or contact with neighbors pets? Anything you can think of that’s been around. Landscaping and the chemicals they use, etc. Put your prosecutors hat on. Check if there has been any unusual work done in your area. Was there a hazardous waste spill somewhere or an unusual gas leak. I’ve made this long enough, but I think you know what I mean. I will be thinking of you and Crane and hoping for the best outcome. The money will come I’m sure. Don’t worry about that if you can help it. Remember we have a Surgeon General and CDC for a reason. I’ll check for cleaning solutions but beware of homemade concoctions too. We will solve this case!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Thanks for sharing your husband’s story. The fungal mess I’ve had with my ears the last three years has been very vexing and possibly caused an immune reaction that started psoriasis in my outer ears, also hard to get rid of once it starts.

      • CarolMaeWY says:

        Oh, I’m so sorry. His only rarely bothers him physically. It’s just embarrassing. It’s not that easy to see, but I’d be the same way. I have psoriasis on my feet of all places. But the ears that sounds awful. I hope you have seen a doctor. There really is no other advice. Read about it and maybe someone will have a good tip. I use Urea 40, doctor prescribed. I’m lucky to have a good doctor.
        Hopefully Crane will be okay now that they’re finally seeing a doctor. Those microscopic things are the worst. Take care. I’m on twitter at @carolmaewy if you want to chat.

      • CarolMaeWY says:

        You can also get me here again. It’s an old thread. But don’t be afraid to ask. I hope you don’t take this wrong, but we had a Bassett Hound that had been cross-bred and was six months old when she finally found her home with us. We had been the fourth place. Anyway, she always had a fungal ear infection and we followed vets orders. Daily washes, and drying it well. Sometimes prednisone cream or something for the pain when it got bad. They would smell when they got bad. My new neighbor told me when her daughter was young she had the same type of problem. Then a little starving kitty came along and I loved and the other kitty and young dog loved him too, itty bitty guy. So I called the vet right away and took him in. Turns out he had ringworm. I had never seen it before or knew much about it. I knew it wasn’t a worm. Turns out almost all of our now nine cats got it, two didn’t. Two dogs and me, not hubby. What a costly lesson! Anyway it cleared up Daisy, the Bassett hounds ear for at least a year. She just need fungal medicine! Just kept them clean. So, it could be that. You wouldn’t need an extended dose like hubby. It wouldn’t be as dangerous for you unless you have other medical problems. Best wishes, Carol

  38. towerflower says:

    If it’s all over the home, I would also check out the ventilation system of the apartment. Sounds like it is spreading through the that.

    • aussie says:

      It also could have been brought in with the soil on potted plants, or by placing on the counter bags which had been put down on an infected patch of ground. This may include supermarket bags, or ones you got ready-filled, eg parrot food. If it’s from the ventilation, it could/should affect other apartments, too, it is worthy asking them (without starting a panic).

      Getting rid of it is more important. Don’t touch or wipe them. SPRAY them with your choice of removal agent..
      * Bleach: use chlorine bleach (but the fumes are toxic to you)
      * vinegar (white, use undiluted)
      * borax (1 cup borax powder to gallon of water)
      * baking soda (same as for borax = tablespoon per spray bottle)

      Wear face mask. Then wear gloves to wipe up the areas with disposable cloths/paper towels after about an hour, when they have dried. The natural substances (not the bleach) will penetrate into the timber/fabric to get at the “roots” of the fungus, too, without causing any damage.

      But first get a few samples into a glass jar, maybe together with a piece of what they’re on, if you find any in a suitable place for this, (eg flake of paint cut off wall with utility knife).

      “Cleaning vinegar” is sold in some supermarkets in 1/2 gallon jars. You’ll need a gallon at least. Crane could swab herself all over with it, including washing her hair, and gargling with it, to get rid of any spores that haven’t grown yet. Put up with the smell until it dries, then rinse off.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I’ve found that wiping my ears out with vinegar helps when I’ve had fungal infections of the ear canals. So does hydrogen peroxide.

  39. The Raven says:

    See a doctor, for heaven’s sake. It’s very hard for humans to get major fungal infections, but they can be quite serious. They can also be opportunistic infections in immune-compromised people.

    Although, if there are larvae, this could be an insect parasite.

    You need to have your house checked out, too.


  40. bettykath says:

    If the anti-fungal is somewhat effective, but not totally, then you probably need something stronger. Don’t worry about a label. Get it tended by someone who knows what’s needed. The house probably needs a complete cleaning with vinegar if it seems effective or bleach or something similar. Whatever it is, it’s living and multiplying. It doesn’t belong in your house!

  41. bettykath says:

    pictures of fungus infestation here

  42. Xena says:

    Since it was “feeding” on the kitchen counter, my guess is that it is some type of mold. In the alternative, there are flies and other flying insects that leave things behind.

    If fungus or mold, Crane should start taking Burdock Root and Milk Thistle Extract. They can be purchased over the counter, found in the section of vitamins and supplements. Burdock Root is a blood cleanser. Milk Thistle Extract is a liver cleanser. It rids whatever doesn’t belong in the body. Doctors are now using Milk Thistle Extract in an IV form to treat food poisoning, but it hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA.

    This can be supplemented by high doses of time released vitamin C.

    She should avoid mushrooms, sugar, bread, and any other food substance containing yeast. If it is a fungus, Crane will be graving these things because fungus feeds on them.

    I would also suggest, Professor, that you take the same, as whatever it is that was growing on the kitchen counters seems to be contagious.

  43. Rather than respond individually, I’m going to reply to all five of you.

    We understand the importance of seeking medical attention immediately and will act accordingly.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to answer as best you can under these peculiar circumstances.

    This situation is so bizarre that I cannot think of anything else to say.

    Thank you again.


    • crazy1946 says:

      Professor, I attempted to have you e-mail me last evening, the lady that I would like to put y’all in touch with is like a walking Medical Book, in regards to this disease, she has spent a large fortune on treatments for it and is extremely knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction to get help from people who actually know how to treat the disease…. This disease is extremely difficult to treat and the actual cause is unknown… She can tell you all about that…

  44. aussie says:

    Carefully scrape some that you find on furniture into a glass jar and take it with you. Do NOT use your bare hands. Use something like a popsicle stick you can then throw away (wrapped).

    Try swabbing the fungus (where there are no open sores) with vinegar; this creates an environment many funguses will not survive in. Try it on some of the ones that are on outside surfaces, ie not on Crane.

    • aussie says:

      Of course go see a doctor about it and do NOT mention Morgellons (don’t give them an easy out for not checking it properly: just a few tissue samples sent to a laboratory will soon say what they are).

  45. William Walton says:

    Crane needs to be seen by a competent physician who will take samples from the lesions and send them to a laboratory. The laboratory can determine if the cause of the lesion is bacteria, fungus, or neighter one. However, it is something that needs to be done now!

  46. Drew says:

    That sounds horrifying. I know nothing and can only offer my sympathy and well-wishes.

  47. Rachael says:

    Here is what Mayo Clinic has to say:


    I’m thinking that if she were “imagining” it, you probably wouldn’t be as well, however, stress never helps anything and very often tends to bring on things and make them worse, and as a person who is suffering from stress of extreme financial distress myself, I’m telling you, it doesn’t help matter.

    My main thing to you, however, is you said she has them in her mouth and nose and “imaginary” or not, this, IMO, is considered most urgent, if not an emergency and she needs to be seen immediately. When something is affecting the mouth, throat, nose or anything like that, it is NOT the time to look stuff up on the internet. Please have her seen IMMEDIATELY! I know you probably don’t have the money but if you don’t get seen, money isn’t even going to matter.

  48. Malisha says:

    If it were an imagined condition, it would not infect both the building environment and the human being. Imaginary conditions only attack humans; I’m not trying to be funny here.

    It’s scary that CDC says it is imaginary but then uses the term “parasite” for it. Have you called anybody in the Public Health Service? I’m cc’ing this article to my son who may have a lead.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      and two people together would likely not both see/experience an imagined condition unless there is serious mental illness going on with both.

  49. racerrodig says:

    This is a new one to me and my wife is in the medical field so I hear of a lot of stuff. Back about 2000 I developed something on my right thigh I believed resulted from an insect bite. I was working on an old school bus converted into a Phila. Eagles fan / tailgate party vehicle and when I stood up inside it after kneeling over the engine for some time there was a long insect on my pants about mid thigh. I swatted it off and thought nothing of it. A few days later I had more pain in my thigh and incredible amounts of a puss like goo flowing like the Mississippi. Half a dozen doctors later it was diagnosed as a MRSA infection of which there are several.

    I do know of others who have had a MRSA and all appear different. Is there a chance this is what she has. Some “anti (insert name here) ” drugs seem to slow it down but only on a very short term basis.

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