Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida needs to STFU

Friday, October 31, 2013

Good morning:

I write today to criticize Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida. In case you do not recall his name, he is the vocal sheriff of the county where 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death from a tower in an abandoned cement plant after she could no longer endure internet bullying by two girls, 12 and 14 years old. He arrested and charged the girls with stalking. I wrote about this tragic case here.

CBS Crimesider is reporting today:

Judd told CBS News’ Crimesider that he charged the girls with stalking because what they did to Sedwick went beyong bullying into harassment and intimidation, but he also said that Sedwick had problems at home that may have contributed to her state of mind on the day of her death. According to Judd, Sedwick slept not on a bed at home, but in a recliner. Her sister, said Judd, slept on the couch, and the girls’ clothes were kept in “grocery sacks” in the living room.

Sedwick’s mother, Tricia Norman, has been in trouble with the law since at least 1995, when she was charged with multiple counts of writing bad checks, according to Polk County records. In 2005, she was again charged with writing bad checks, as well as fraud and probation violation. The records reveal that Norman apparently has several aliases, including Tricia Craig, Tricia Howard and Tricia Jones.

These comments are extremely offensive and unacceptable. The so-called “problems at home” to which Sheriff Judd refers do not refer to absence of love or neglect. They describe poverty.

22 million children in this country live in poverty, according to the most recent census.

The prior record to which CBS Crimesider refers consists of writing bad checks 8 and 18 years ago.

Sheriff Judd should know that poverty and unemployment are rampant in this country. Millions of people are out of work through no fault of their own. Living in poverty does not mean that a parent loves their child less than any other parent.

Richard J. Coley is the Executive Director of the ETS Center for Research on Human Capital and Education. Three days ago in What The Poverty Rate Tells Us, he wrote:

The “official” poverty rate, first adopted in 1969, is based on a list of income thresholds for families of different sizes; the thresholds are updated annually to recognize inflation. For example, in 2011 the threshold for a family of four is $23,021. The definition used in this measure uses money income before taxes and tax credits and excludes capital gains and noncash benefits such as food stamps and housing assistance. Some details about who is in poverty using the “official” Census Bureau measure are provided below.

Of the 46.2 million Americans in poverty in 2011 the largest number are White (31 million). 13 million Hispanics, 11 million Blacks, and 2 million Asians are in poverty. The official poverty rate is 15 percent. Of course that’s an average and averages often hide as much as they reveal. So here are some differences in the poverty rate for different groups of people. Among racial/ethnic groups, 28 percent of Blacks, 25 percent of Hispanics (any race), 13 percent of Whites, and 12 percent of Asians are poor. The poverty rate for our nation’s children is 22 percent. While 6 percent of married-couple families were poor, the rate for families with a single female householder with no husband present is 31 percent. The poverty rate for those with a disability is 29 percent. For those working full-time the rate is 3 percent; the rate for those who have not worked at all during the year is 33 percent. It’s only when you start to look at poverty across these segments of the population that the bigger picture becomes meaningful. Then, instead of just faceless averages and generalizations, you can start to visualize the people affected–the how and why. Looking at the poverty numbers this way gives us clues to strategies that can help us combat it.

Sheriff Judd has no business expressing his personal opinions about anyone. Period. For any reason.

To add to a mother’s grief for the loss of her child by making comments like this is disgusting.

CBS Crimesider has no business trashing a grieving mother for problems she had with the law 8 and 18 years ago.

20 Responses to Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida needs to STFU

  1. ed nelson says:

    PS: above I mean to demean those who are dumb enough to be like some… (some that I know!!) who I think are almost like Zombies, smart in lots a ways, but programmed to the max about these certain issues.

    Got one near here that just started recieving SS, and then his wife started hers too, that is their main income, if I am not mistaken, the business has been failing and downsizing for some time.

    It is hard for me to find anykind of common ground with somebody who has all the old… John Birch points, when I attended more of those meetings than he ever did, and yet I think the fool is totally programmed with the worst elements from that mindset.

    Pavlov the all powerfull one found out a way to make dogs salivate!
    Many of our humanoids are not all that elevated from the canine.

  2. ed nelson says:

    Off topic, but some of us are old enough to remember, and too old to remember that, we paid into the Social Security fund, gladly!

    Now that is being called something like an””entitlement”!!!!

    So, bottom line is this in the nut shell: The dumbest, stupidest, have been… kept alive, for this moment, when the stupid dumbest worst of all asssucking bastards, (similar to Zombies! but real life zombies/untermenchen!)

    They will be used as a sort of weapon by those devils/____ as a barage against the populations and will be sicked on the population that was who we were.

    • MDH says:

      Social Security is an “entitlement”.

      It is rather obvious that the elite live a life of leisure due to the fact that they own property rights to a significant percentage of capital in the USA. It is also an economic fact that the value and income derived from capital is largely due to the labor and existence of toiling masses who own little or no capital.

      That said, Social Security is a payment to those who toiled that entitles the elite to not have the masses rise up and kick their ass.

      Or as the proverb goes: Be kind to the ass that bears you.

      If the masses were not so brainwashed, they would demand that Social Security be augmented by a 5% increase in the capital gains tax.

      This whole idea of the rich being producers must be debunked and abandoned.

      How many times have we heard a rich person say “if only those poor X who are a drain on society would die”


      If Bascom the third gets his income from a factory producing cheap bread and a REIT vested in low income housing, then how would he get his dividend checks. IOW, he is not a producer of anything. No, he is, in fact, a wealth extractor.

      Although capitalism has many merits that make it better than Feudalism, it is still hierarchical and, as such, those at the top live a life of leisure due to extracting some of the wealth produced by those at the bottom.

      And what gives them the right to hold title to property in the first place?

      The will of the people, of course.

      • If the masses were not so brainwashed, they would demand that Social Security be augmented by a 5% increase in the capital gains tax.

        Or, lift the cap on the $107,000 taxable-income limit to the social security tax. That would forever solve the fake social security “funding crisis.”

        Nobody in the government wants to solve the fake crisis because they invented the crisis to abolish social security, despite more than 80% of the people who identify as Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party members who oppose any cuts in social security.

  3. Trained Observer says:

    I respectfully disagree on whether Sheriff Judd overstepped his bounds.

    He said this child had problems at home, and it’s clear she did … poverty being at the forefront, along with a mother of dubious habits and background.

    If those wretched teens who bullied her knew anything about mom, her brushes with the law and her various aliases, it’s likely they used that info to further torment this tortured, now deceased girl.

    The Polk County sheriff’s obligation as an elected law enforcement official is to speak with media to give the public as full and complete picture of the shameful situation as possible.

    It’s called transparancy, and it’s a big part of Florida’s Sunshine Law and.a related culture. Nearby Seminole County needs to practice more of it. If Sheriff Judd had refused to make any statements on the victim’s living circumstances, it would be one more reason not to vote to re-elect him.

    • bettykath says:

      Did he mention that the mom reported the abuse to the school? to the cops? that she cancelled her daughter’s social media accounts? that she took her cell phone away? The mom did everything she could. The daughter found ways to have access anyway. I’ll see if I can find the reference.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Bettykath — I’m out of state up north at the moment, but from this vantage point have seen extensive news coverage on anti-bullying steps the mother took … or at least said she took. Had the sheriff gone redundant with that previously reported info, chances are it would have been sliced from the video and omitted from print. His job was to report what circumstances his investigators had uncovered most recently, and the media’s job was to report what’s new.

        (If the bullied victim had come from a wealthy family with country club memberships and golfing privileges in Augusta to a point where AWOL parents had no notion what the kid was facing at home alone, we would have heard about that as well).

        Just as the mother in this case had every right to make known the efforts she had made to end the bullying, the sheriff had every obligation to reveal generalities on what his department’s investigation had encountered.

    • We will have to agree to disagree because I firmly believe he stepped far over the line that separates commenting professionally about the known facts of a case and expressing a personal opinion about the people involved in or tangentially connected to a case. To make matters worse, his comments exhibit a prejudice against poor people and I find that deplorable.

  4. Speaking of the dismal unemployment and underemployment situations in this country, more than 25 million Americans still can’t get a full time job.


    But as the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s glum calculator reveals, to achieve the “full employment” rate of 4 percent last seen under President Bill Clinton, the economy would need to add 143,000 jobs a month for more than a dozen years. Non-stop.


    Since the beginning of 2013, employment
    growth in health care has averaged 19,000 per month, compared
    with 27,000 per month in 2012.

    • bettykath says:

      you can’t get a feudal system if everyone has the opportunity for a full time job with a liveable wage. Those looking for the feudal society needn’t worry, their income is from the international corporations and governments and taxpayers in the form of various government handouts.

  5. OT: I just updated yesterday’s article with new developments about Philip Chism and the murder at Danvers High School. See UPDATE 2.

  6. Malisha says:

    This is an example of rampant American-culture-sanctioned anti-mother prejudice. Everything that goes wrong anywhere should be blamed on the mother except, I hasten to add, where there is someone even MORE despised by our culture to cast blame upon. (Note that I still believe that the murder charges against De’Marquise Elkins in Georgia were trumped up and that the baby may well have been killed by his own mother; just no police investigation of that possibility while there was a young Black male available for the rap.)

    The mother of this youngster bears no guilt for her daughter’s suicide; it is likely that the schoolmates who bullied the child to death were victimizing her because she was already in a victimized class: the poor.

    Shame on the Sheriff and shame on his county if they re-elect him after this egregious public disgrace.

  7. There is no difference between this guy and the bullies. He is continuing the bullying, plain and simple.

    What an egregious, horrendous human being.

  8. Two sides to a story says:

    Poverty levels are especially high in rural counties and rural areas of counties where work is thin and often lower-paying.

    Just because a parent has a record of writing bad checks doesn’t make them a deficient parent or family life bad, and to assume that is wrong, and especially for a public servant to publicly make statements to that effect is wrong. Life is much more complicated than that.

    Yes, Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida needs to STFU and stick to the facts of his case.

  9. CherokeeNative says:

    Bravo Professor

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