Student shoots and kills teacher and himself at middle school in Sparks, Nevada

Monday, October 21, 2013

A student at a middle school in Sparks, Nevada shot and killed a teacher this morning, then shot and wounded two students, before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. The two students who were shot were admitted to a hospital in critical condition, but are now in stable condition and expected to survive.

The teacher has been identified by his family as Michael Landsberry, a math teacher at the school. He was shot while attempting to protect students from the gunman.

The gunman and the two wounded students have not been identified.

The L.A. Times has the latest story.

10 Responses to Student shoots and kills teacher and himself at middle school in Sparks, Nevada

  1. ay2z says:

    Deja Vous all over again.

  2. neveragain says:

    Why did he target only 2 students…did he just target the 2 who got shot??…did they bully him….did they drive him to do this…did the teacher loose hus life fir a couple of bullies who tormented and hatrased a person untill it drove them to murder??

  3. colin black says:

    I went to school dureing the 60 ys An early 70 s.

    An teachers were allowed to use copral punishment in there arsenal of punishments in the UK
    Use of the cane was common place in boarding schools.

    In Scotland they hed an implement called the towse aleather strap thick leather belt not the kind for holding trousers up
    .Commonly refered to as the strap
    an the teacher gave you three or more hits across the palm of your hnd it bloody hurt.

    Bear in mind some teachers men useally started thre trajectory swing with the strap behind there own backs .

    Women useall only hit you from shoulder level but it could still sting.

    There was no humane way to implement it.

    An you get strapped for minor things like being late or talking in class falling asleep in class

    I got strapped all the time an never once did I feel like revenge on my teachers even when punished unjustly I just took it in my stride.

    Did I like it no .
    Did It make me full of hate resentment an a urge to go postal no never crossed my mind.

    So I can honestly say I have no idea what causes thease Kids to go schitzo at all times is due to then having a major reality break malfunction an the readily availability of guns to all in America Adults got them the kids no where there at an how to accsess an with no moral compass theases tragedys will become common place oops I forgot they already have.

    Coulanbine an Sandy Hook an numerous other incidents show nothing is going to change the gun lobby is GOD as far as N R A an the right to bear arms crowd cannot do the math

    Easy access to lots of guns

    = Lots an lots of spree shootings an suisides by spree shooting ect .

  4. crazy1946 says:

    When we live in a nation that the right to possess and use a gun, is more important than protecting a life, what could one expect? Once we lived in a nation that people could normally work out our differences peacefully, however today it seems the only way to resolve a problem is to use gun control (good aim?)…. Our nation can not even pass a budget in congress, much less attack and resolve the gun problem…. I know too many people who will not even walk to their mail box at the side of the road with out a gun in their pocket, of course if you knew our mail carrier, you might be tempted to do that as well, he is a walking talking NRA card carrying racist…..

  5. racerrodig says:

    When does this insanity end ?? Maybe O’ Mara can put his spin on it and hold a conference. Yep….more guns readily available in the wild West.

    So any idea whose gun this was.

    • ay2z says:

      The gun was innocent ergo the gun’s owner is innocent? How would the handgun lobbyists handle this one, who would they blame? Not the gun laws or gun owners, not the shooter, must be the victim’s fault.

  6. Two sides to a story says:

    Another American tragedy. Prayers to all the families, including the shooter.

  7. cielo62 says:

    Hey,too bad all those other students weren’t armed, too, huh? I do NOT understand how it is that not enough kids have died.

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