Kendrick Johnson was not alone in the gym

Monday, October 21, 2013

Good morning:

Kendrick Johnson was not alone in the gym.

Victor Blackwell, who has been doing a splendid job of covering the Kendrick Johnson case for CNN, explains how he reached that conclusion in this CNN video with Anderson Cooper

He explains why he wanted to view additional CCTV video:

Lieutenant Stride Jones, who has been the face of the investigation for the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, at least for the media, and we have the official record from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from the Medical Examiner’s office and they recount a conversation with Stride Jones on January 16th and here it is.

The decedent was seen on the school video going into the gym around 1300 hours alone. The video did not show any other children or staff in the gym with the decedent at that time.

Here’s what Stride Jones told the Valdosta Daily Times on May 4th.

He [Kendrick] comes down the hallway, and he essentially enters the gym. He’s following another kid. The first kid comes in and goes to the left. Kendrick goes in and off to the right where the mats are.

A clear discrepancy between those two statements.

Blackwell wrote this letter to the attorney who represents the school district asking the following question:

Are minors for whom Lowndes County has not received consent to release educational records depicted in the surveillance video recorded inside the Old Gym at Lowndes High School on January 10, 2013 between 1:09 pm and 1:20 pm?

He told Anderson Cooper that he received the following answer to his question:

We chose 1:09 pm because that is the time this picture was taken. In the response by the attorney for the school district. he writes, I answer your pointed question with, “Yes.” So confirmation that Kendrick was not alone in the gym.

We not only know that Kendrick was not alone, we know that Lieutenant Stride Jones lied about that on January 16th.

28 Responses to Kendrick Johnson was not alone in the gym

  1. riisey007 says:

    What is the likely hood of the adult parent helping roll Kendrick into the mat? There was quite a while before the coroner was even called. It seems to me the suspect most likely called their parent in a panic and the parent came and took care of business. This seems more like why they did not choose to investigate any of it. We know that the parent is not a regular person they have high authority. The motive could have been jealousy Kendricks athletic ability or plain and simple racism driven more by Kendricks relationship with a particular young lady. I live in the South, I know how the South operates. Stevie Wonder could see that the crime scene does not scream accident. They were in hopes that the parents were dumb enough to accept that explanation. I guess they should have called GZ up and asked him how to set up a crime scene. I surely hope whomever the killer is that he is found and prosecuted. This is a sadshame. P.s. Those mats being rolled so tight, why would they think we would believe his shoe could fall in? My son who wrestles currently in high school said, NO way!!

  2. I have opened a new thread on the shooting today at the middle school.

  3. OT: Sparks Middle School shooting: 2 in critical condition, 2 dead including shooter.

    According to a 13-year-old witness, a student shot a teacher. That likely means the teacher is dead because the two survivors in critical condition are students.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I wonder how many school shootings the US will endure before people get a lot more serious (and in agreement) about gun control?

      • crazy1946 says:

        tstas, When you have a portion of society who thinks the solution to a gun violence problem is to put more guns into peoples hands, you must realize that they will not agree to any solution that curtails their right to own a penis extension (gun)…. As long as they read the 2nd amendment as giving them a right that trumps my right to life, then there will be no change in the status of the murder problem here in this nation….

        • Rachael says:

          “When you have a portion of society who thinks the solution to a gun violence problem is to put more guns into peoples hands,”


        • Yep.

          Just think what a wonderful country we would have if only every kid in kindergarden had a loaded fully automatic AK47 at the ready.

          Then everyone would feel safe.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Professor, Yes we would be such a safe and wonderful country that people would be lining up to volunteer to be murdered just to keep the population under control!!! Need I post the sark symbol?? This country is amongst the few that people feel the need to settle any and all disputes with a shot from a gun… You only need to look at the divorce dispute between the Zimmerman’s to see that in action, could not even stand his ground in a dispute over property with out the protection of his gun…. There is the true example of the average modern American gun possessor, (note: I did not say owner)! He had to compensate for his itty bitty penis by pulling a gun… I suppose now with all the money and fame he has made from the murder of a black child, he now owns a much larger penis (aka gun)… What a true example of a modern American man….

    • crazy1946 says:

      Interesting article involving the argument that more guns prevent violent death… Should I post a counter opinion from the NRA? I would think that a reasonable person would read this article and think, even if for just a moment that perhaps we as a society are overly burdened with weapons of mass death!!!

      • Tzar says:

        the solution to gun violence is clear and has been adopted by several other countries, once we have had enough of the killing we will follow suite
        Pay attention to the Australian comment on teen suicide

        • Tzar says:

          PS I meant the “solution to mass shootings“, however gun control does reduce gun violence (just did not want a gotcha moment from a gun lover)

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Hopefully the reward will tempt someone to talk, unless everyone who knows something is busy covering up, which seems both possible and probable.

  4. According to a lawyer representing the Johnson family, there were 4 cameras, each one focused on a corner area of the gym. That means 1 of the 4 cameras recorded what happened to Kendrick, unless it malfunctioned.

    Given the lie on January 16th by Lieutenant Jones, I would not believe the police, if they now claimed the camera malfunctioned.

  5. colin black says:

    Its semantics an lieing by omission.

    Officials are experts at wording statements to miss lead the reader.

    Saying Kendrik entered the gym alone is technically true.

    After all he did enter alone .

    Ge wasn’t in a group or walking abreast with and or talking to anyone.

    Saying he entered the gym alone an wasnst seen with any other kids is technically correct.

    It simply leaves out the fact that another student was seen entering the gym seconds before he entered alone following the other student whom was also alone .

    One went left one went right an that’s wasn’t explained to the genral public for what ever reason.

    If they have vt footage of the student Kenriek entered the gym after.

    Then they must also have footage of him leaveing an Kendrik failing to leave.

    And also must know said students name.

  6. bettykath says:

    I don’t see presence in the gym at the time of a student death as an education record.

    I also think it would take more than one person to put Kendrick in the mat, dead or alive.

    • colin black says:

      Not so

      If it was done with Kendricks assistance it could have been a manner of just messing about .

      Hey lets roll you up like a giant hot dog an film it for you tube on a cell phoe.

      Kids pull stunts like that all the time.

      Now did the guy suggesting the prank have lethal intent on his mind .

      Because lets face it you have someone at your feet rolled up tight in a rubber exercise matt.

      You have someone at your mercy tottaly icapacitated an if you wished to dance the macaranna on them or slowly pile weights on them an crush them there fuced if your that way inclined.

      Or more likely an innocent prank gone wrong rolling the matt to tight an not realiseing it would restrict his breathing.

      Kendrik Dies he panicks hits delete on his video phone an flees.

      What does the autopsy report give as cause of death.

    • gblock says:

      I agree with Bettykath (and mostly disagree with Colin). My son was in wrestling for 4 years of high school. Whenever a meet was held at his school, the boys had to roll up the mats before they were allowed to go home. It took several boys to roll up a mat (As stated in articles about this case, they are 6 feet wide and the length is more than that). Kendrick and one other boy might have been able to take a mat down and unroll it, but it is unlikely that one person could have rolled up the mat as well as was shown, with Kendrick inside it. Also, the person who hit him might or might not have intended to actually kill him, but it is unlikely that the blow was delivered through several layers of wrestling mat. It would also have been nearly impossible for one person to stand the mat back on its end with Kendrick’s weight inside it.

  7. Fight Fan says:

    does Lieutenant Stride Jones have any connection to any student at the school? 6 degrees of kevin bacon perhaps

  8. Drew says:

    Makes sense to pursue this angle, as their BS argument for not releasing the tapes is that it would violate the privacy of the other students [who were caught on camera committing criminal acts].

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