Is Shellie Zimmerman wavering

Thursday, September 26, 2013

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250 Responses to Is Shellie Zimmerman wavering

  1. Stormwatch says:

    So in addition to a murderer and liar, he’s also a thief.

    • Kate says:

      What I don’t understand is that they had the video cameras. If someone took the tapes, then it had to have been someone who knew the layout of the home. A regular thief would not know such information. To take the time out to even retrieve the tapes, if that is what the person did, is an indication they were comfortable in the house. Anyway, I don’t care because you harbour a racist killer and you get what you deserve. Not to mention I am sure that Shellie’s father is or knows of their views on skin color. Just as I sit down with my family and discuss my views, I am sure, seeing how close she is to her family, that they have heard them or possibly have the same views on people of color.

  2. Stormwatch says:

    Police were at the house owned by her parents again yesterday concerning an allegation of theft concerning some items Zimmerman took during his move-out.

  3. silk says:

    its a matter of time b4 (gz) dose some critical . i beleave that he and shelly is very desperate for money . i get the feeling that the cash is running low. and that like shelly , omara will prolly get most of the proceeds if its any . forgive me , but i cant still beleve that the case was intentually blown .

    • Kate says:

      Given what Dr. Bao is saying and if you watch the trial then it would become clear, as it did to me, after the fact. During the trial though I kept saying, why is the prosecution not objecting, why would they let the defense go on badgering and reaming their witnesses, especially Rachel Jeantel. There were so many times I was objecting and they pan over to the prosecution and these dudes have their faces in a laptop or paperwork. It was as if they weren’t listening or cared to pay attention to anything that was going on. Every now and again they popped their heads up from their holes to check their shadows and then disappeared back into the depths of electronic or paper distraction.

      One of my issues was Jenna Lauer and her being a friend to the killer’s brother on twitter and facebook. Her lame excuse was pathetic and transparent. They had the jury leave and the prosecution questioned her about it briefly and never brought it up again. I know she was their witness but why not treat your witness as hostile if it comes to light they are batting for the other team?? Then I come to find out Jeremy Lauer knew the killer intended to shoot the boy. Just watch Jose Vasquez’s videos on youtube of his simple enhancement (basically he turned up the volume) of the 911 audio.

      The judge, the jury, the prosecution, the governor, the attorney general were all in on it. The state’s FBI office was in on it as well to brush aside this case saying they found nothing. Nothing? Really? It’s on his myspace page, it’s on the 911 tapes, it’s in Jenna Lauer’s 911 call, it’s in people of color who had been victimized by this goon, but yet they could find no evidence? Yeah it was a cover up from day 1.

      • colin black says:

        And they left a gap wide enough for foggage to drive his truck through for an instant appeal /reverseall just in case the jury didn’t follow suite an aquit the nit.

        B D L R First sentence in his closeing arguments

        As Trayvon lay on the ground he told someone to phone his wife.

        Tell her Ive just killed someone?

        Even people with just a minimum of info on that night know he never said that.

        Tell my wife Ive just shot someone is what he uttered.

        At the time I coulnt believe neither M O Maniacc or tales from the crypt skellator didn’t get whiplash from the speed they would jump up to OBJECT

        The fact they remained glued to there seats proves the fix was in.

        No way no how was the gun/foggage going to get convicted.

        You see when a non AA brandishies a gun .
        Its just thee gun.

        But when an AA POSSESES A GUN ITS HIS GUN.

  4. colin black says:

    MichelleO says:

    September 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    I DON’T agree with this. I’ve been following this story since I became aware of it in March of 2012. She was a very active player in this court case and the goings on at the Retreat. I see her as the female half of both fogan and Robbie the Racist.

    Junior is the female half.

  5. Boyd says:

    If Fogen used a black magic marker on the kitchen Cabinets, why did they not charge him with Vandalism? I don’t think it wipes off.

    • Kate says:

      It is this narcissistic sociopath’s world and we apparently just live in it. They consistently let him get away with doing whatever he wants. They might all need a reality check.

  6. shyloh says:

    I believe NOW Shellie is a very scorned woman. She saw George with another woman before she hung up from the 911 operator. She is upset because George didn’t stand by her like she did him and she wants the MONEY! Remember she said they were going to be famous. Well now she is traveling around being on all the media shows. She is out for revenge. That’s just the way I see it. She wants to go out quietly. Yea! LIAR!!!

    • jm says:

      shyloh says: “She is out for revenge. That’s just the way I see it. She wants to go out quietly. Yea! LIAR!!!”

      Yet another LIE from ShelLIE. She wants to go out quietly so she appears on the Today Show to discuss GZ, etc.

    • Trained Observer says:

      What money? This pair’s debt exceeds assets many times over.

  7. Kate says:

    This woman still has blinders on. You can’t tell me for 7 years she had absolutely no clue on who she was married to. During the jailhouse phone calls he clearly spoke to her as if she were a “simpleton”. They had been in fights before, according to her last interview they had an altercation to which she left for her father’s house and at that point the narcissistic sociopath went out to kill someone, Trayvon Martin. So really? No one believes her. She is just as much a despised individual as her spouse. This is all a red herring.

    • Kate says:

      Also I believe that within those 7 years, she has probably heard him make disparaging and derogatory remarks about African Americans. She can’t say she hasn’t. He most likely had gotten comfortable with her being that she is his spouse, they had been having problems in the neighborhood with individuals he single handed targeted of a certain race, group or skin color. So she can’t say she didn’t know this man. WHY? Because if she did then it would make her look accepting of his views. It would make her look accepting and agreeable with what he was doing by constantly calling authorities on African Americans. What does that matter? Because it would make her look like an accomplice who explicitly helped cover up a crime from a known racist. That’s why she doesn’t want to say he is guilty. Her attorney has probably told her any unfavorable dealings or revelations about what he did that night and why would associate her with it as well.

      • jm says:

        Kate says: “It would make her look accepting and agreeable with what he was doing by constantly calling authorities on African Americans. What does that matter? Because it would make her look like an accomplice who explicitly helped cover up a crime from a known racist. That’s why she doesn’t want to say he is guilty.”

        ShelLIE is an accomplice and she is just like GZ, a liar and a con. She has shown her true colors over and over, beginning with the prison tapes plotting to hide money from the court system and the lies she told Judge Lester under oath and continuing on the interview on the Today Show.

        • Kate says:

          jm, yes. She would have to admit she knew about her husband’s racist views, making her out to be what everyone already suspected she is, a liar and a con.

        • Trained Observer says:

          They weren’t “prison tapes.” They were taped calls from the Seminole County jail.

          • Kate says:

            Do you know what the definition of a prison is? Another synonym for jail is prison. So basically it is the same thing. I call them prison tapes because that is where he was…….prison, in detention, in a correctional facility. Call it what you want.

          • Mojo says:

            @TO: Correct you are. Jail and Prison are two completely different things. Jails are run on a local municipality level. Prisons are run on a state or Federal level.

            Just because they’re both places where people are detained does not make them the same. I don’t believe people get sentenced to prison for misdemeanors or that they’re held in prison while waiting to make bail.

            I lived in Nevada for several years where, at the time, only felonies with a sentence of 1 or more years sent you to prison. Misdemeanors were punishable by a year of less of city or county jail (not prison) time.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Abused women do rationalize and “haver” like Shellie is doing. On the other hand, so do unreliable people.

  8. Eric Burdon & The Animals (accompanied by George Clinton) with ‘Bring It On Home To Me’, Estival Jazz Lugano, Piazza della Riforma, Switzerland, July 8, 2006.

    You’re welcome.

  9. towerflower says:

    Two sides…..the story is now out on ClickOrlando (channel 6). Police were called to the home that he and Shellie had. They were reporting a theft/burglary of the home. The police said it was a landlord/tenant issue. Nothing more said about it.

    • towerflower says:

      Should have said that Michelle Dean was the reporting party.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I just saw that too, towerflower – this new report of a theft is different from the other stuff that Shellie’s relative speaks about, I suspect. Ha, a novelist couldn’t do a better job making this stuff up.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        On the other hand, maybe she’s reporting the TV missing, the computer tossed in the yard, etc.

      • Rachael says:

        gz probably setting it up so he can shoot another “suspicious looking” black kid.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          Shellie and her family need to watch their backs. I’m sure Fogen’s family are aware of his temper. Probably anyone who has anything to do with him needs to beware.

          Wesh is now reporting that Mrs. Dean can’t prove ownership of the property that she reported missing today..

          • crazy1946 says:

            Is it sort of amusing that when ever the Fogdoit is involved people have to prove that a crime has been committed before the charge is filed? How many of us save every receipt for things that we buy, such as a television that is probably fairly old? Some how it would seem as this man is immune from charges that would put the rest of society into jail until proven innocent (note, I did not say guilty, remember we are talking about Florida law..)! One could only start to wonder if the Fogdoit took his new guns into a school and started killing more children, if the police would be there to protect him or the children, my bet is on him….

          • Trained Observer says:

            I’ve had a couple of break-in/thefts over the years. Police never asked me to “prove” I owned a laptop, camera, GPS, jewelry, TV, etc.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            Exactly. I’ve never had to provide receipts after a theft. I imagine you might have to provide something if property is recovered.

          • towerflower says:

            I think the receipts come into play in civil suits, they want to see how much and how old to depreciate the item’s value. Some insurance companies might fight you too on whether or not you have the proof of what you owned. One thing that they always say here is before a hurricane hits you video tape all your belongings so there is no doubt.

            I can see it now the Dean’s saying it was their property and Z saying it was his and they are just trying to steal from him.

      • Oh wow. Now this is getting really creepy. Couldn’t help my first random thought: ‘well, he was likely the one doing all the so-called breakins before, why would it be any different?’

        sorry, couldn’t help the thought…

        • looneydoone says:

          Check the mailbox when you’re out jogging next week

          • Oh! Thanks for the heads up, I hope to jog again today. (for folks who do not know us all that well, we are notoriously terrible at checking our mail. It is something I am trying to work on, but I believe it is as if I developed a fear of mail, during my legal case days, where I received one surreal document after the next. Of course, I need to move past this.)

            Will do and thanks.

        • Xena says:


          ‘well, he was likely the one doing all the so-called breakins before,

          I’ve been saying that since around July of last year; i.e., GZ organized NW as a cover-up for break-ins. After GZ organized NW, he made one call on a suspicious person — Emmanuel Burgess, who just happened to live on the same street as GZ. GZ did not commit the burglaries himself. Like he said on his MySpace page, he has boys who will commit crimes for him, do a year, and not “pinch” him.

          On Feb 7, 2012, Ransberg (who is White), was caught with a stolen laptop in his backpack. Burgess claimed it as his own and then ran. Cops caught and arrested him. Based on his MySpace page, sounds like GZ mentored them.

          • Well, I didn’t know about the MySpace page, but what got my attention was that his calls were scripted and formulaic. He had been making the exact same call for years, and in prior places. That was too weird to overlook.

          • Xena says:


            He had been making the exact same call for years, and in prior places. That was too weird to overlook.

            Yes, and look at how they changed after Sept. 2012. From the time he organized NW until he saw Trayvon Martin on 2/26/12, GZ made one “suspicious person” call, and that was on Burgess for standing outside of Taaffe’s unsecured house. That is also weird.

            During the same time after he organized NW, GZ made contact with Dovial and others for follow-ups on if anyone had been arrested. So, he wasn’t seeing any “suspicious” persons, but he was certainly interested in what the police knew.

  10. Mary Davis says:

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. If we believe SheLie, we might as well believe fogen. Why not?.

    IMHO she is just as guilty as fogen. Neither one gets any sympathy from me.

    • dianetrotter says:

      She may be lying but he is capable of doing all of the vandalism reported. What is worse than killing someone in cold blood?

      • Mary Davis says:

        @ dianetrotter. At this point, can we really say what SheLie is capable of. Look at her history. What do we really know about this woman. We do know that she is associated with the clan. I mean the Z clan.

    • Kate says:

      They get none from me either. She knew all along who this man was. She can’t admit it now because it would look like she was well aware of his views on African Americans.

      • jm says:

        Kate says: “She knew all along who this man was. She can’t admit it now because it would look like she was well aware of his views on African Americans.”

        Not only was ShelLIE aware of GZ’s views, she probably had the same views of African Americans. To admit GZ may have profiled Trayvon, it might just spoil a lawsuit against NBC in which she hopes to share the money with GZ.

        ShelLIE is all about ShelLIE. She got used to all that racist money rolling in after GZ killed a black teen and she doesn’t want to give up that easy money lifestyle and have to work for a living. GZ’s NBC lawsuit may pay off for her as well.

        • Kate says:

          jm, absolutely. I agree. I have said the same thing!! I said she did not want to hinder her receiving any of that money in anyway, that is probably why she did not file charges in the assault because that would hinder his case or make problems for either of them receiving any monetary gain.

  11. Two sides to a story says:

    Hmm, apparently Fogen continued to be a bad boy while moving out of the house he and Shellie shared, according to a poster on the Treestump who is thought to be a relative of Shellie’s, perhaps an aunt:

    “After this incident George was contacted not only through Mark O’Mara but also through family that owned the house and Shellie to please vacate for obvious reasons I would think.

    He refused and took an arrogant stance and from what I am learning now took a black magic marker and wrote on the kitchen cabinets. As this day I guess he has vacated and left no keys or garage door opener took the big screen tv that was there when he moved in, through out Shellies youngest brothers computer in the yard and left the house trashed. This is how he says thank you.”

    … and other tasty tidbits . . .

    • Kate says:

      LOL!! I don’t feel sorry for the home owners either. You want to harbour a narcissistic sociopath, well this is what you get. A snake doesn’t change it’s spots. You support the wrong person and you get jacked.

      • jm says:

        Is the Conservative Treehouse a reliable source of information now? What’s the story?

      • Trained Observer says:

        That cliche is typically associated with leopards.

      • bettykath says:

        When family members are in trouble, you do what you can to help them. I don’t fault Shellie’s family for helping them. Nor do I fault them for taking back the house. Things have changed. It’s time for all to move on. Shellie has moved out and it’s past time for fogen to move out.

    • Malisha says:

      HA HA HA HA!! Did Taaffe hear about Fogen taking the big-screen TV? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! 😆

  12. acemayo says:

    GZ: “Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh, it’s Retreat View Circle, um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

    Remember that he was observing him from afar and it was pretty dark outside and raining. And TM had a hoodie on to protect his head from rain.
    How can he tells this guy is up to no good
    How can he tell if this guy was on drugs or something
    What was he doing, remember GZ does no evil or lie or get mad
    Remember the guy that got shot and kill because he was treated
    like TM and profile like TM when all he was doing was seeking help
    He was up to no good

  13. crazy1946 says:

    I’m still waiting for the Shel_lie beg site to be announced… If it worked so well for the Fogdoit, then all sorts of women who think of her as a poor little battered baby girl will surely donate to support her until she is able to do so herself (never!). I’m sorry ladies, but I still believe that your are accountable for your own acts, regardless of what ever excuse you chose to place out there for your own self glorification….

    • jm says:

      crazy1946 says “I’m still waiting for the Shel_lie beg site to be announced… If it worked so well for the Fogdoit, then all sorts of women who think of her as a poor little battered baby girl will surely donate to support her until she is able to do so herself (never!)…..”

      Look for the double-talking book. ShelLIE is looking to cash in one way or another. If it is not a beg site it will be a book. She is a lazy lying loser hoping to cash in on the death of Trayvon Martin.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Wouldn’t she have done that by now if that was her intent?

    • Mary Davis says:

      @ crazy. If SheLie manages to get a donated beg site, all I can say is WOW. After all she didn’t actually kill an AA, so she doesn’t really deserve one. She has not earned it yet.

    • lurker says:

      I agree, she is accountable for her actions–and I see her taking responsibility for her perjury. I still believe that a lot of the rest is going to take some time.

  14. dianetrotter says:

    I hope Shellie will be called during civil trial and federal investigation.

    • Trained Observer says:

      That would make for depositions rich in juicy details. Lots of dots could be connected, some actually germane to run-up to the murder, plus the immediate aftermath.

  15. Hello everyone!


    We just got back awhile ago; Fred is studying the comment thread!

    Glad to see today that the woman who got 20 years for firing a warning shot will get a new trial. Angela Corey oughta be ashamed of herself.

  16. MDH says:


    Great summation!

    They {our great media} do not want to face the fact that they failed to objectively make a finding of fact in this case.

    The right wing does this all the time.

    They will demand that any sort of fantasy based argument they make MUST get equal time, lest the media not be OBJECTIVE.

    In the Zimmerman trial, they got upset that porky got accused of being racist and demanded that his fantasy story about being punched 20 to 30 time in the head and skull slammed repeatedly be given merit. So the media did not have the guts to say “hey, only a stupid shit would believe that crap, based on the wounds” because they would get accused of not being objective.

    Until the media grows balls, we will have to live with shit like this and:

    Obama is a Muslim

    Global Warming is a Hoax

    Obama’s health plan will bankrupt the nation

    All black folk are thugs on welfare.

    My point is that objectivity is not giving equal time and weight to fantasy with respect to reality. Objectivity is making a finding based on facts.

    All four stupid shit examples I gave above have no basis in fact and neither does George’s story.

    I get mad about this because they have made my country look stupid to the rest of the world. And stupidity is not a virtue.

  17. colin black says:

    Is Shellie Zimmerman wavering


    THOUGHT OUT ANSWERS havering =

    • jm says:

      @ colin black

      What do you think of ShelLIE havering on national TV? A decision motivated by ? and set up and approved by her attorney?

      What’s up with ShelLIE and Kelly Sims to give a havering interview?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Thanks, Colin. Nice to have a good, vivid term for this.

  18. kllypyn says:

    She knows more about what happened the night trayvon was killed than she is letting on. She also knows his story about getting beaten up was bull@#$ because she was training as a nurse so she knows or should have known of the injuries he would have had had he been beaten like he claimed. The size and weight difference between him and trayvon should have raised questions from everyone,including these so called journalists who gave murderman a pass. Because they seemed to buy his ridiculous story. They made a big deal about him being suspended like that makes a difference in his death.None of these so called journalist read the evidence even though some of them sued to have it released. they never reported on the DNA which shows trayvon never touched him. They barely mentioned the autopsy report. and when they did they lied and said trayvon had bruising and cuts on his hands. All he had was tiny abrasion which were so tiny they didn’t even bleed. They did not report on the ballistics which was readily available to read. they did not report on the DNA which was readily available to read.they did not mention how clean his clothing was despite photos showing that his pant’s were perfectly clean and his shirt was still neatly tucked and that his jacket was almost perfectly clean.In fact his clothing looked like it had just come out of the dryer. not dirt or grass stains nothing. all he had was a few specks of his blood on the front of his jacket. there was just 1 barely visible speck of trayvon’s blood on his jacket near his shoulder. which some have described as high velocity blood spatter. Instead they made a big deal about pictures of what might be weed plants which you can download off the net which is most likely where they came from. they made a big dead about trayvon blowing smoke. they made a big dead about a picture of a gun. I believe one of his friends found a gun and was showing it off and he took a picture of it. they did not call out Zimmerman’s lawyers when he got caught in a lie about trayvon watching his friend beat up a homeless guy. i’ve seen that video they wasn’t even really fighting they were clowning around and trayvon and his friends were just watching and joking with them. Trayvon was just a normal teenager and he was just on his way home from the store. They also know Zimmmerman was never the one screaming. If he had simply left trayvon alone the whole incident would never have happened. Zimmerman’s true colors are starting to show and they aren’t sure how to cover the story.

    • lurker says:

      I would say that Shellie’s story will be very interesting at some point. I just don’t think she’s ripe yet. First she needs to get free of gz, and then establish a life of her own, maybe pay down some debt. She needs to establish a supportive network of friends completely disconnected from gz.

      Then maybe a skilled interviewer can get at some things like what went on during the stay at the Ostermans. Exactly what was the story that gz told all of them. Was she ever uncomfortable with some of the “holes” (like his assertion that she was at home) in the story, whether there were actually any children being mentored, whether he actually organized any protests against Sanford. She would have a very interesting viewpoint on the Z family dynamics, I am sure.

      I just don’t think that this is the time, nor is Lauer the interviewer to do it.

      • jm says:

        lurker says: “…….First she needs to get free of gz, and then establish a life of her own, maybe pay down some debt. She needs to establish a supportive network of friends completely disconnected from gz.”

        Sounds good on paper lurker, but I doubt ShelLIE can pay down some “debt” without any marketable skills and how is a notorious perjurer who plotted with a murderer to hide income from the court system going to get a job? Who wants to hire her?

        Getting free of GZ is the easy part. He already dumped her.

        As far as a network of friends, who wants to befriend her other than racists who appreciate the fact she stood by her man who murdered a black teen.

  19. fauxmccoy says:

    better question to ask, mr lauer, instead of ‘do you think trayvon was profiled’ would be ‘do you think trayvon’s death could have been avoided?’.

    shellie is a product of her environment i would not expect her to admit to profiling any more than juror B29 would see it. the other question would have been much more enlightening.

    • jm says:

      fauxmccoy says: .”better question to ask, mr lauer, instead of ‘do you think trayvon was profiled’ would be ‘do you think trayvon’s death could have been avoided?’.

      ShelLIE said she agrees with the verdict and the evidence, so you may draw the conclusion she believes Trayvon’s death could not have been avoided.

      No matter what Mr. Lauer would have asked, he would get a double talk lie because that is what ShelLIE does.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        look, jm

        as a courtesy to fred, i ignore you. i’m going to kindly request that you do the same.

        • jm says:

          As a courtesy to the professor who I believe wants open discussion, I countered your views, one of which ShelLIE had no knowledge of the evidence that we had.

          I do not attack you personally but your viewpoint. You do not counter my views with logic but attack me personally.

          So you believe that ShelLIE knew less than the jurors? Really?!?. You believe a nurse-to-be actually believed the superficial injuries GZ sustained were from getting his head beat into the sidewalk multiple times justifying the murder of Trayvon Martin? You believe ShelLIE did not see anger ever from GZ as she testified under oath?

          Sorry but if you keep posting theories to protect ShelLIE, I will try my best to counter the nonsense you post in defense of ShelLIE.

          I repeat, why not counter others who find ShelLIE a liar and a fraud, not worthy of sympathy and with blood on her hands.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            please notice that i am arguing with none here — it is you who is following my posts with dogged determination.

            now, i have asked you kindly to ignore me. i’ll not be kind in the future.

          • jm says:

            fauxmccoy: please notice that i am arguing with none here — it is you who is following my posts.

            I read everyone’s posts. I respond to theories that I agree with and don’t agree with and state why. You are responding to my posts attacking me, not my responses to your theory.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I wonder if she would admit to feeling that Fogen offed Trayvon because he wanted to at this point. I think she would be in danger of violence from him if she did so. Isn’t it more convenient to say you have doubts but simulataneously say you think the evidence cleared him in order to stay on his good side? Or is she just playing the media and the world, as others think?

        • jm says:

          Two sides says: “Isn’t it more convenient to say you have doubts but simulataneously say you think the evidence cleared him in order to stay on his good side? Or is she just playing the media and the world, as others think?”

          Well if ShelLIE has doubts but thinks the evidence cleared him and justified the killing of Trayvon that would be “havering” or double talk or you could even call it BS or another lie from a perjurer.

    • Drew says:

      The way he asked it and the way she answered basically described a scenario where GZ would have killed anything that moved that night, black or white. Why were Lauer and Shellie so satisfied with that?

    • Trained Observer says:

      Faux — Have never understood why Matt Lauer has been so highly rated as a broadcast journalist. Asking her about profiling, which I continue to doubt whether she understands, was a total waste of time …. did he actually think she’d bite on that with an “oh, sure, he’s always out to get balack boys whenever the gettin’s good.” ???

      Whenever tempted to feel sorry for the pickle she’s in, I then think back to the intimate little taped jailhouse chat where she and Fogen shared ttheir hoodie joke.

      • Boyd says:

        I’ve watch Lauer since he was at WNEW in NY. He’s not a journalist. Always been a Good Morning guy.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          boyd — i agree with the lauer assessment. he’s a lightweight, if that. i just really thought my proposed question along with follow ups regarding the story of ‘mentoring the kids fixed supper (with the wife) then went to target’ should have been explored in light of SZ’s recent revelations that she was not at the home would have been far more interesting.

  20. Boyd says:

    why will the media not show the “Fogentaunting the father and destroying that IPAD” video. I only see it on youtube. ABC could have shown the video this morning as supporting evidence for Shelly. I swear the media wants to keep this guy’s image as a debate. When the video clearly shows he’s the thug. Fighting over Chinese junk, please.

    And who do you trust to retrieve that IPAD video without breaking it, Apple or the cops? yeah.

    • MDH says:

      IMO, showing the video, verifies that they did not do any real investigative journalism with respect to George Zimmerman before the trial. In a way, they have Trayvon’s blood on their hands in that they let the defenses false narrative fly unchecked.

  21. MDH says:

    Lets be more honest, today.

    Does Shellie really believe that Serino would have mollycoddled George, if the victim was white?

    IMO, they would have mocked his injuries and grilled him for his lies for hours. It would not have been a nice little chat at the Police Station and a “you can go home”. It would have been hours of interrogation and his ass locked up.

    Oh, and he would not have been called the “good guy”

    And the racists at the Tree House would have revoked his honorary white card.

    That is the truth that they can’t handle.

    • Mojo says:

      Can’t disagree with a thing you just wrote. That’s exactly what would’ve happened had FatAss killed a white kid. All those that supported him and proclaimed him a hero for his murdering of Trayvon would’ve cast him as a border hopping “Mexican” and child killer. And of course that would’ve morphed into tougher border control and immigration issues as well as open season on anyone looking Latino.

      • MDH says:

        I will also add that the white father would have been on many TV stations venting his rage at the killer of his child.

        Instead, we had to see those cowards, George Sr. and Robbie the piss in his pants racist, vent their rage on how George was in fear for his life from all those black people who accused their Frank Taffe loving George Jr. of racism; even though, being the fair and loving man that he was, he was fixing his wife dinner after mentoring black children.

        They lie like rugs and not a real peep from the media.

        Meanwhile, Tracy Martin had to take this shit in silence.

        Racheal, the one person who I feel told the truth as she saw it, had to have her character attacked and her veracity questioned.

        If that is not an example of honorary white privilege, then I don’t know what is.

    • lurker says:

      I am not totally clear that Serino mollycoddled gz. Calling him the “good guy” was really just about pumping him for details and building trust (your secret’s safe with me–I understand). I do believe that it was Serino pushing for an arrest and the recommendation was watered down under pressure.

      Wait until he has retired and his pension is safe. Then get someone to ask him for his story.

      • Mojo says:

        I tend to believe, other than the obvious victim being Trayvon, that Serino was somewhat of a victim in this, too. I believe he was threatened and bullied into conducting his investigation the way he did (and was removed from the investigation by being demoted to uniform duty) and to testifying the way he did over fear of losing his job, his pension, and never being employable again as a cop again (PD’s don’t hire cops who go against their own). Morally and ethically it was the wrong thing to do. He should have come out with the truth and exposed the SPD. But from a survival perspective and being able to provide for himself and his family, he feels he made the right decision, even if it went against his conscience (which he’s going to forever have to live with). I also believe once the walls start to crumble around Fogen, beginning with Shellie’s eventual revelations and whatever pertinent information we may get out of Dr. Bao, that Serino will eventually come clean as well.

    • Malisha says:

      Zackly. Eggg-ZACK-ly!

  22. MDH says:

    I have no pity for a women who thought it was peachy for her husband to have a friend/mentor like Taffe.

  23. Judy75201 says:

    I think it is very normal for Shellie to have tended to believe fogen about what occurred the night he murdered Trayvon, to have seen everything through fogen-colored glasses. Unless you already hate your spouse, that is what most would do–give the benefit of a doubt.

    She is doubting now. I refuse to tear her limb from limb like a blood-thirsty animal. I’ll save that for B37, 🙂 .

    • Mojo says:

      I’m with you Judy. There are a lot of people in here vilifying her. Yes, she’s a liar. Yes, she’s white trash. But, I keep holding out that she will be the one that finally spills the beans as to what happened that night… if she knows. It’s quite possible that GZ lied to everyone about what happened, MOM, SZ, his family.

      • Boyd says:

        I’ll stop if she does not take a cent for the book or interviews.

        else she’s making a profit from this and I cannot excuse that. get out and get a job like everyone else

      • lurker says:

        I tend to agree. Denial is a strange thing. It can mask all kinds of things that are blatantly obvious to a rational observer. And it doesn’t drop off all in one fell swoop. It may be years and require a lot of support before Shellie can deal honestly with questions of what George did that night, what she believed and why. And she may or may not ever reach the point of being able to understand things like how racism fed into the mix.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          lurker — i tend to agree and she may never get there.

          in all honesty, although i am a well educated woman, i did not learn of the terms ‘white privilege’ or ‘institutional racism’ until i was in college. although i grew up in an environment which was predominantly white and hispanic in northern california. i *did not see these things* because they did not effect me. once i learned though, i did get it and do my best to spread this knowledge. there is a huge swath of this country who will never get it — because of either their ignorance or because they realize the benefits are reluctant to admit it.

          shellie may never cop to the racial implications of this murder … but she may just get to the point where she will acknowledge that her husband is capable of murder. she says she believes in the evidence and that she saw more in court than she ever did before. she does not know the evidence as we do … but there’s a chance that she will.

          • jm says:

            fauxmccoy says: “…..she does not know the evidence as we do … ”

            Really!?! ShelLIE had no interest in the accumulating evidence and the jurors knew more about the evidence than she did? She did not have access to the internet where she could read the witness statements and see the big picture like we have?

            I don’t believe that for a second. She supposedly studied to be a nurse (another lie?). Did she think the superficial injuries GZ sustained were from getting his head beat against the sidewalk multiple times? Did she not fear internal injuries from the trauma and urge him to get imaging studies to see if there was internal bleeding?

            A liar is a liar is a liar. ShelLIE is a liar. She does not limit lying to perjury about trying to save racist funds/blood money from the court so she and GZ could live the good life. She lied before and she is lying now.

            She does not want to admit to GZ profiling a black teen because it might spoil the NBC lawsuit which she hopes to share in.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            whatever jm — your continued harping is unimpressive.

          • jm says:

            Lots of people dislike ShelLIE fauxmccoy. You read the posts. Why not go after others who dislike her and think she is a low class liar with blood on her hands who does not deserve sympathy and do not consider her a “victim”? Why not counter their posts in defense of ShelLIE?

          • roderick2012 says:

            she does not know the evidence as we do

            Yet she placed those knuckle bandages all over Piglet’s head and nose to make his injuries seem more severe than they were.

            Just because Shellie is saying things that we already knew that doesn’t excuse her behavior.

            Just like Dr. Bao and Juror B29 Shellie is attempting to use public opinion to her benefit.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            roderick — i cannot dispute any of your statements. i certainly mocked her ‘nursing’ skills and will likely continue. i give her no passes.

  24. MichelleO says:

    Shellie Zimmerman: I was robbed!

  25. towerflower says:

    In case anyone was wondering…..

    Tint laws for Florida:

    How dark can window tint be in Florida?
    Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
    Front Side Windows: Must allow more than 28% of light in.
    Back Side Windows: Must allow more than 15% of light in.
    Rear Window: Must allow more than 15% of light in.

    316.605 Licensing of vehicles.—
    Nothing shall be placed upon the face of a Florida plate except as permitted by law or by rule or regulation of a governmental agency.

  26. Boyd says:

    I think he’s earning a living making appearances at shooting ranges.
    When he was caught in Texas I believed that. Otherwise what could Shelly mean by ‘victory tour’.

    And Shelly’s trying to make a living off Trayvon as well. I have doubts but I believe the evidence. What evidence? oh the evidence of the Attacker getting his butt whooped.

    I was surprised no one gave him sheet about the tint. When he was pulled over in Texas, first thing I noticed You can’t see into the car. Cops hate that and dispense tickets all the time for it.

    • ay2z says:

      What is ” 48% tint”? How does that relate to 5% tint? I know what 5% tint is, really dark, but is the officer talking apples and oranges? 5% the amount of light you can see through ‘into’ the vehicle, and 48% referring to the amount of light you can see looking out of the car? (that’s still pretty darned dark for safety, but it’s the sunshine state)

    • ay2z says:

      He should head up the shotgun giveaway program, become the safety officer in charge. 😉

    • towerflower says:

      I wonder what ranges would pay for that? I am a member of a range and I would scream loudly if the board ever tried to “hire” him to appear at the range. He never showed what it means to be a responsible gun owner.

      Florida does have tinting laws too, they were enacted for the protection of Law Enforcement–too many cops killed in traffic stops because they couldn’t see inside the vehicle. I can’t believe they let him off with a warning when his tinting was so dark 3% when the cops said 28% was the minimum.

      • ay2z says:

        He could have a silhouette of himself made to become the new practice target for bigginners… ‘big’ being the op word.

      • Soulcatcher says:

        The people I have known who were stopped for their windows tinted to dark have gotten fix-it warnings. The have to take the tint off and have it written off by the police, or they will be issued a citation.

    • Trained Observer says:

      That victory tour comment was likely something She-Lie picked up from her lawyer. If Fogen were being monetarily compensated by gun shop owners to show up at specified times, surely TMZ, the Enquirer or some other muckraker would have let the world know by now.

      I’m more inclined to think Fogen shows up at places like Kel-Tec and gun shops on his own because he likes to dish out the element of surprise in return for recognition that feeds his ego.

      • Mojo says:

        “he likes to dish out the element of surprise in return for recognition that feeds his ego.”

        Ain’t that the truth? He pops a little stiffy every time a cop pulls him over and recognizes him.

        I was careful to specify “little stiffy.” His personality and need to carry a gun are over compensation for his lack of manhood. So, I have no doubt he’s sufficiently lacking below the waist.

  27. Xena says:

    Regarding the traffic stop in Brevard County, Christi O’Connor reports on her blog

    But, there is much more to this story. It is not what’s happening here. It is what is NOT. Exclusive details involving a knife and a new Kel Tec Shotgun this afternoon. Stay tuned, here.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Thanks, Xena. Just read this on your blog and thought to come look and see if you posted here too.

      • ay2z says:

        Wow, Xena. Your vid just has to be posted here.

        SZ told OMara a story to try to get Trayvon’s father removed.

        Liar. I don’t completely buy the abused wife thing, yes, do absolutely agree with Prof, that she is (has been) “acting like an abused spouse.”

        Something is missing here in what she and Sims are doing, and she and Sims are becoming more and more transparent. What does MOM know about this? He’s neatly distanced himself by saying not rep for the divorce, but he’s likely got his thumb stiring this pot too. (leaving that open to possibility and why not serve GZ by publication, what’s the delay?).

        • ay2z says:

          Xena, vid of all the traffic stops, with the audio about the speeding issue, the tag blocking, the over tinting, the excuses, do you know who I am, the alleged ‘death threats’ (btw, any police, or SA or FBI, reporting the threats, ANY of them?) and then as he drives away, the audio calling himself, the assohole that always gets away.

          • ay2z says:

            ph yeah, the iPad breaking incident too

          • Xena says:

            @ay2z. I have a relative who had surgery Tuesday. She might be discharged from the hospital today. (Still waiting on confirmation.) Her 3 little ones who LOVE mac and cheese will be happy to have her back home for sure. 🙂

            Anyway, I might be able to get back active on Friday and start working on the vid. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • ay2z says:

            Hey Xena, all the best! No rush, afterall, you might have several more police dash cams reveal themselves if you wait a week!! 😉 (seems Brevard sat on this one)

            Maybe he’ll start to vary his routine and push his law breaking without consequences, to greater risk levels, like drive away from the gas pumps without paying…. “.. a guy gave me the eye and could have been one of the death threaters so H had to leave without paying”.. Send me the bill.

        • jm says:

          There are more lies from ShelLIE. Under oath she said she never saw GZ angry. Yet after she got dumped by GZ she claims in an interview he got angry with her several times.

          “The Daily Mail report also noted that Zimmerman and Shellie had been in marriage counseling sessions to curb his “anger management issues” before the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting of Martin in Sanford, Fla.”

          ShelLIE is a BIG UGLY LIAR.

          • Boyd says:

            Did not know they were in counseling. And they painted him as this nice , mild-mannered guy.

            They all lied their asses off.

          • MDH says:

            I got in a big argument with my brother about this trial. I told him that finding Zimmerman guilty was easy. The physical evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that George did not have any life threatening injuries and that George, when his testimony is compared to evidence or other stories he has told, is a liar. A liar’s tale does not raise reasonable doubt. It is that simple.

            As time goes on, it is getting proved beyond a reasonable doubt that everybody close to George also lies.

            So, besides the outright racists, why does anyone think this guy is not guilty?

            Could it be the fact that they lie to themselves to believe that racism does not exist and is a figment of the imagination of black people?

            I pity these fools.

          • jm says:

            MDH says: “So, besides the outright racists, why does anyone think this guy is not guilty?”

            To being you may ask ShelLIE, RZ, Jr, Gladys and RZ, Sr. Then follow up with the friends and the neighbors who testified on GZ’s behalf.

            First and foremost ask ShelLIE why she feels the jurors made the right decision with their verdict even though she knows GZ has anger management issues and is a proven liar plotting to hide away his racist money from the court with ShelLIE’s assistance.

          • MDH says:


            My best answer is denial or racism.

            The racist hates black people and will lie to enable anyone to do bad things to them.

            The denier, if they admit George was guilty, must face the fact they harbor deep seated racial animosity to black people that clouded their judgment.

            Of course, one could argue the two go together like peas on a pod.

            In this world, unless one has hard evidence, every man has the right to not be presumed guilty of anything and it irks me to no end that the George defenders tout what I just said as a reason to give him a benefit of the doubt.

            In reality, they presume Trayvon was guilty of being up to something, based on nothing factual, as the basis for believing George in theface of hard evidence that he lied.

            In an objective world, George would have been guilty of making a false accusation against Trayvon, if he had not killed him.

            I mean he called 9-11 about a guy walking down the street with a drink and candy.

            That is how messed up this really is.

            His false accusation becomes the foundation for his justification of murder.

            IMO, the media gives all these shits the kid glove treatment. Just like Serino did with George.

            They make me sick.

          • jm says:

            MDH: Of course, one could argue the two go together like peas on a pod.

            I believe the two go together like peas in a pod. They even gained weight together. They both lie. They both lack a conscience. They are both Losers in life with no marketable skills. They are both unemployed living off of someone else. Look for a book from both them, hoping to cash in on the murder of Trayvon Martin once again. They are both DISGUSTING.

          • ay2z says:

            First report from the reporter who did the first SZ interview, said they tried counselling. That’s the source of that, apparently. Maybe Sims even mentioned it in his batman presser.

        • lurker says:

          Ay2z–O’Mara got dumped too.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          I think the biggest scoundrel in all this was OM. He didn’t have to bring it before the court and should have advised Tim and SZ that it was petty and unbecoming (and perhaps not even true.)

    • Judy75201 says:

      Thanks, Xena.

    • lurker says:

      Christi seems to be taking a broader view–looking at law enforcement in Florida with a wider lens. Ultimately I think that this is where the focus needs to be. Just as with Rodney King. That man was not perfect, but neither did he deserve the beating that was caught on film. And that film was evidence, piled on top of other that had really been accumulating for quite a while, of widespread problems in LAPD.

      I sincerely hope that the federal involvement in FL takes a similarly broad view. This would indeed bring justice for Trayvon. GZ was just a small time goon who slipped through.

  28. jm says:

    I like her less now and think she is a double talking low level con and a fame ho like RZ, Jr. She lost 40 pounds??? Who cares?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Um, well, people who care about women’s issues might care, if Shellie’s sincere about her disgust with Fogen and her waking up from his control of her.

      • jm says:

        Um, well, people who care about women’s issues might care, if Shellie’s sincere about her disgust with Fogen and her waking up from his control of her.

        She is waking up from his control. She got DUMPED.

  29. kenteoth says:

    Eventually she will accept the truth for what it is and see that she and her killer husband believed that taking a human life for no reason was okay and to accept that bunch of mess they called evidence they will both have Trayvon’s blood on their hands in this life and the next………

    • “…they will both have Trayvon’s blood on their hands in this life and the next………” From my limited understanding of Karma (action) I think you are absolutely correct. To your wise post, I add and for their many lives to come, until they each reach enlightenment.
      That’s why I try hard to be mindful of my thoughts, speech, and action (Karma). Make no mistake about it: Karma is a b@@@h. I know from personal experience. I’m trying hard to minimize her visits to me!

      The fogens, g and s, should, imho, stop accumulating bad Karma.

  30. Deborah Moore says:

    Heard about this earlier and thought this might be a place to share.
    Armed Citizen Project targets Orlando neighborhood
    Group looks to arm neighbors with shotguns

  31. Marion Spotford says:

    A Victory Tour really Shellie really. How far away from reality are you????You and GZ are not celebrities and never will be. Blood is on both of your hands.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah sounds like she is more upset at not being included in the victory tour than she is disgusted that said (disgusting) victory tour exists.

      She loves the racist just as much as she always did because she’s racist scum, too.

      • jm says:

        Drew says: “She loves the racist just as much as she always did because she’s racist scum, too.”

        She would still be with him if he didn’t dump her. GZ has got ShelLIE in a corner, just like he did Trayvon.

        Karma is a bitch ShelLIE and when you lie to protect a murderer, it comes back to bite you in your fat azz.

  32. Shari says:

    I have no sympathy for this woman who laughed and plotted and profited off the murder of a child. I spit on her-metaphorically. She could have helped put her husband away. Don’t want to hear her media tour and possible book.

    • MichelleO says:

      SHE thought she and fogan would ride off into pickup truck heaven; gleefully shooting up the town, while proudly displaying a huge Confederate flag plastered across the rear of their car window.

      • God is there says:

        @Michelle: Exactly! ‘When this is over, you’re going to have a great life.’ I believe these were the words she used in one of those jail house calls, not knowing that he really wasn’t going to include her. She came a dime a dozen. Now SHE knows the truth. He’s a manipulator, a liar, a racist, a piss-poor excuse of a man, and a child-murderer. Now all that’s left is for her to come clean about the whole thing. And I’m really hoping she does the right thing; but I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Malisha says:

      Shari, I’m with you on that one 100%.

      How many of the Nazis’ wives were poor, bullied, cowering, brainwashed women? Who cares?!

      Was she forced to make up lies to try to get Judge Fakey-way-pee-Nelson to kick Tracy Martin out of the courtroom? She’s a rotten person. I haven’t got 2 cents worth of sympathy for her.

      • jm says:

        “Was she forced to make up lies to try to get Judge Fakey-way-pee-Nelson to kick Tracy Martin out of the courtroom? She’s a rotten person. I haven’t got 2 cents worth of sympathy for her.”

        Sounds to me she is an angry vindictive beitch and is now turning on GZ because he dumped her and shut her out of the promise of the “good life” using racists and gun nut money to support themselves.

      • God is there says:

        @Malisha: You’re better than I am then, because I don’t have even that much.

    • jm says:

      ShelLIE doesn’t know what GZ is capable of and did not know him before, but she says the jury got it right when they acquitted him because of the “evidence” that they knew more of than she did?


    • @Shari:

      Agreed Shari! I have no sympathy for his lazy, trifling woman! She was on that prison phone plotting right along with Fogen’s sister and brother on how to hide that money. She thought that she could live a “good life” with the money donated to Fogen! Profited off of the death of a dead boy while his family mourns his loss for the rest of their lives! They sat there in that courtroom and lied and lied! She doesn’t care about anyone but herself! She could have helped to put her husband away.

      I viewed a story on ID Discovery of a woman in TN was shot and killed in the middle 90’s by a monster man, who followed her home from a casino where she had just won $5,000 in winnings. This freakin monster’s wife, had the courage to report his actions, what he had done, what she knew and saw and this man is now on death row! This woman is now being protected, but to think that this woman went the extra mile to put away her husband after he killed an innnocent woman who had three small children at that time.

      Shellie is only looking for donations, and sympathy for herself but now that Fogen has dumped her, she is angry and complaining and telling everyone how selfish he is. She knew that already! She helped to create this monster so she should sit her Ass down and shut up! She is an angry vindictive SOB! She still continues to defend this freaking lunatic, socio-path!

      • lurker says:

        I expect that in 5-10 years, this crime will be excellent fodder for the TV shows that go back over crimes, looking at them with new knowledge. It won’t put him in jail (if he hasn’t put himself there in the meantime), but it might bring some satisfactioin.

        • Mojo says:

          I agree lurker. And I believe Shellie will be the first to reveal things that brings the whole house of cards down around Fat Ass George

  33. MichelleO says:

    THIS IS no more than Damage Control.

    The fogan’s don’t marry or date people with high morals or with a sense of fairness towards all of humanity.

    She is a racist who married into a deeply racist family. She participated with her rancid husband in the daily surveillance and harassment of the residents of the community where her husband murdered and unarmed and murdered boy.

    Women like this are attracted to men like that. There are many women and men like this in Florida. There are many families like this in Florida. Discriminating against and making life miserable and difficult for “others” is a badge of honor for MANY in that state.

    • towerflower says:

      It’s not just this State.

      But what I believe is that Shellie was young (19) when she married the monster. I believe that, like many love blind women, that she bought into the lies of his past. I’m not violent, it was them, I was defending myself. I also believe she was blinded by the $$ coming in and hoped for that sweet life funded by others.

      But I hadn’t heard that she participated in the nightly patrols. Reports that I’ve read only mentioned him. I think she is also starting to wake up about the truthfulness of his past actions and realizes that she married a monster.

      • MichelleO says:

        I DIDN’T say that she participated in the patrols. Read it again. And I’m not going for the “I was young b.s.” Many of these people born in this part of the country are born and bred to the beliefs they hold. They call it being a “patriotic American” others call it madness.

        • towerflower says:

          Michelle, I’m sorry if I miss understood your post but you did say she “participated with her rancid husband in the daily surveillance and harassment of the residents of the community…” I interpreted it to mean she participated in the patrols since that is what he was known to do in his community.

        • God is there says:

          @Michelle: Totally agree with your assessment. She may have been young and obviously dumb, but nevertheless, a willing participant and knowledgeable of Georgie’s temperament and mental problems. Now that the tables have turned on her, she wants everyone to feel sorry for her and believe that she was just innocently standing by her man. WHATEVER!

  34. towerflower says:

    This is the link of Fogen being pulled over by the State Trooper in Brevard County (this is SE of Seminole County and along the coast, I-95 is the main freeway). He was violating the law for having tinting over his plate, too dark tinting on front and rear windows and speeding. All he got was a warning. I wish these cops will stop with the warnings and start giving him some tickets.

    He told the trooper that he had death threats so hence the dark tinting.

    HEY FOGEN, you are not above the law!

    • Trained Observer says:

      My mother once said she’d strangle me if I took her car out without her permission. Does this mean I can get a super-dark (and illegal in Florida) tint job and get away with it?

    • Dave says:

      If he’s so damned worried about death threats , why does continue to drive the most widely recognized vehicle in the state of Florida?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Especially after all this exposure – why not change vehicles? D’oh.

        • racerrodig says:

          That would require a double digit IQ to think of that…..not to mention the serious lack of friends willing to swap rides for awhile, ya know, him getting all them death threats and all.

          God knows who might plant a bomb on his Ridgeline.

        • Soulcatcher says:

          Probably because he owes alot more on the truck than what it’s worth. He would then need a new loan for another car, and I don’t think with his credit and employment history anyone would finance one for him. I think he is stuck like chuck with the shruck.

      • racerrodig says:

        Because he’s a dipshit?? Just sayin’…..

      • lurker says:


    • bettykath says:

      from the article: “Zimmerman was issued a warning by the troopers and did not receive a speeding ticket. He was told to get the window tint and tag fixed.”

      What is issued a warning? Is this a citation of some sort? or just a verbal warning? A verbal warning has no clout. A ticket means you show up in court and prove that you fixed the problem.

      No reason for speeding ticket since he was stopped for having his plate covered.

      I wonder if he considers Shelly’s divorce papers a death threat?

    • racerrodig says:

      He’s had as many death threats as I have NFL touchdowns….0.
      He’s so enamored with himself he wishes he had threats. Who’s making them and how do they contact him……let me guess. A slow high wing Piper Cub trailing an advertisement sign that says, “You’re a dead man fatso”

      That would be the only way since nobody has any contact info.

    • God is there says:

      @towerflower: Yes he is, that’s why he got away with murdering Trayvon, who was just walking home from the store, minding his own business, with an Iced Tea and bag of skittles. BUT GOD!!!

  35. Z is trying to hide behind tinted windows on his truck and a license plate cover that makes it difficult to read.
    I would think a guy who claims to know the law would know this .
    He was stopped by police and given a warning his tint was too dark and the license plate cover had to go !

    • Trained Observer says:

      Ibonnie …it’s hilarious when you think about it, Who in their right mind drives with illegally darkened tinted windows and a covered tag on I-95, which is always crawling with FHP and county cops?

      That’s hardly a way to keep a low profile. Fogen is attempting to use his big-assed schruck to attract attention, not deflect it.

      • MichelleO says:


      • Yes indeed Trained Observer !

      • ay2z says:

        That video appears to be severely redacted. What cop approaches a vehicle from the driver’s off side? Especially with 5% tint, he can’t see in, he can’t see the guy reach for a glove box gun, and what does he do, lean into the car to retrieve the DL and registration from the driver’s hand? Or have the driver shimmy over the console? And then there was no conclusion to the stop, no ticket given back, at least that was shown.

        He knew who he was stopping.

        • Trained Observer says:

          On crazy I-95, I’ve often seen cops approach from the passenger side. … especially those who want to live.

  36. Drew says:

    “Yes I believe he would have shot and killed any race or ethnicity of teenager for no reason that night”

  37. Drew says:

    Pretty dumb line of questioning there with the profiling. Or maybe a dumb answer from Shellie. If she was being truthful. She’s saying he would have shot any teen walking around that night? Even still… If he had shot an unarmed white teenager and got off it’d still be getting away with murder, just not racist.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Am not sure SheLie is smart enough to understand what racially profiling, with all its insidious undercurrents, actually means.

      What she may know (and this is pure speculation on my part) is that Fogen targeted Trayvon Martin not so much because he was balack, but because the dufus thought Trayvon was someone else on his “gonna get ’em good” hit list.

      Hence the oft-quoted “shot someone ELSE” remark made that night.

    • Judy75201 says:

      She may not be ready to hand him over to the feds for a possible death sentence.

      • lurker says:

        He’s already been tried for this particular crime. Unless he has committed another that she knows about, it doesn’t matter what she says.

        • What about the Aleman case. He was tried twice for the same crime-same sovereignty. Double Jeopardy only exists where there is jeopardy. Like Aleman case George’s case was already in the bag. Yes he can be tried again.

  38. Mojo says:

    She is finally seeing him for what he is. I think she’s being real measured about what she says to protect any future financial windfalls (i.e.; they get something out of NBC). I think once her divorce and probation are over and she no longer has any fear of financial or legal repercussions we will get a revealing tell-all book from her. Then the walls will start to crumble.

    Afterthought: I am not a violent man, but when I watch the videos of GZ and see how he walks around like he’s a big man, I can’t help but wishing I was there when he says, “please step closer.” I’d be inclined to step closer and serve justice on his fat ass.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Mojo — Understand your feelings. Some fine day, Fogen will invite the wrong person to “step closer.”

    • Judy75201 says:


    • MichelleO says:

      I DON’T agree with this. I’ve been following this story since I became aware of it in March of 2012. She was a very active player in this court case and the goings on at the Retreat. I see her as the female half of both fogan and Robbie the Racist.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Time will tell if she’s only cleaning up her image or if she’s discovering a whole new reality.

      • jm says:

        “Time will tell if she’s only cleaning up her image or if she’s discovering a whole new reality.”

        The whole new reality is she is a liar and stood by a murdering liar hoping for the “good life” living off contributions from those who thought GZ was a hero for murdering a black teen and ShelLIE got dumped by the obese murderer. That is her reality.

        • God is there says:

          @jm: Exactly!!! She is but a woman scorned, tossed out with the garbage that she is. And George will never be truly free!

    • Sophia33 says:

      She knew what he was all along.

      • jm says:

        Sophia33 says: “She knew what he was all along.”

        That is because they are both alike, liars, self-centered and have the same lack of character.

      • Mojo says:

        I don’t agree. GZ is paranoid and narcissistic sociopath. He’s adept at deception and disguising who he really is. Ted Bundy had been married and his ex-wife had no clue when he was finally caught. GZ has duped millions. He duped SZ as well.

        • Mojo says:

          Oops. Not his wife, but long time girlfriend.

        • I think it’s possible that Shellie suppressed a lot of unpleasant things in order to make peace with herself and maintain the relationship. That has a way of having to come out somewhere, sometime. We might be seeing a sincere person now, or like the skeptics here say, she might just be another player. We’ll have to see it all play out.

  39. Judy75201 says:

    I believe Shellie is emerging from a trance. I support her facing the truth and owning her mistakes. That takes courage. I see a lot of bad talk about her on Twitter from my “friends” there, and I understand their anger and hurt. But I believe Shellie is taking off the blindfold, and, while still blinking a bit from the glaring sunlight, is arriving at the right conclusion. I believe she is being sincere.

    • MichelleO says:

      I DON’T believe Shellie is emerging from a trance: She knew all along what type of beast her husband and his family were. I’ve lived in Florida, and am quite acquainted with people like Fogan’s family and the women they date. She is just like him. She believes as he believes, and assisted him in harassing people where they lived. She assisted in harassing Trayvon’s family in court by creating that bogus story of Tracy Martin directing a profanity laced statement to her “friend.”

      She is trying to clean up her image, now that she is furious with Fogan. He left her holding the bag—but then again that is his modus operandi—-the thing that she was most attracted to him about.

      • jm says:

        Agree Michelle. The only thing she is emerging from is the fact that an obese murderer dumped her. She continues to lie.

      • MDH says:

        I agree.

        What about the fact that George considered Taffe a mentor while she was married to him?

        What about the fact that George falsely accused a black boy of stealing a bike?

        If Lou Gordon were still alive, he would read her some of Taffe’s BS and say how could you claim George was not racist with friends like that?

      • @MichelleO:

        I totally agree MichelleO Her eyes have been wide open somce Day 1! She knew the type of family that she married into, and she also kneww the type of man that she married because she is just like him! When she accused Tracy of directing a profanity laced statement to her “friend” I knew she was an evil witch just like Fogen’s mother!

        She sat there and watched Fogen’s friendship with a racist, Frank Taffe and did not say one thing about it! She never denounced anything that he said in the press, nor did she ever show any regard to the Martin/Fulton family for the death of their son at the hands of her monster lunatic husband! I do not trust her or her motives and I don’t care if she is wavering or not! I will save my empathy for the women who suffered REAL ABUSE who post on this board, and did not support a murdering, racist spouse!

      • God is there says:

        @MichelleO: You are “right on Michelle” Shellie did know the kind of monster George is, that’s why she wasn’t at home the night of the murder; they had a fight, so I’m not believing any of her mess. She says she’s not sure what her husband is capable of, but at the same time, she believes that he did not profile Trayvon – What? And if it had been a white kid, the same thing would have happened. Really? I don’t believe her and won’t believe her until she comes completely clean about what she knows of the murder her husband committed. The only compassion I have is for Tracy and Sybrina.

  40. lurker says:

    OK–somebody ‘splain to me. She said the officer made very clear to her that if she pressed charges they were all going to jail and she would be the only one staying. What’s up with that?

    • Trained Observer says:

      lurker , I didn’t get that either. And since it was her father who allegedly was punched in the nose, why couldn’t HE have pressed charges? SheLie would only have been a witness.

      It’s best not to take legal advice from cops.

      Lauer missed an opportunity to question her lawyer, who was by her side, on that statement.

      • ay2z says:

        No kidding, her lawyer was there with her, they had MOM there, and presumably the cops, plus had GZ on the phone from where he was stationed nearby with cops). SZ has no credibility because she ‘stood by her man’, her father’s record, her record, who’d believe them.

        Sims didn’t advise charges it seems, they ‘worked it out’ to stay away from each other, in his 40 min long presser.

      • towerflower says:

        Shellie was more than a witness, fogen accused her of pushing him and hitting him in the head with the IPAD. She was the only one on probation and she would have been the only one to worry about a probation violation……hence she sits in jail while everyone else gets released on bail.

    • jm says:

      Is it too late to press charges? In any case, I don’t believe the cop said that. ShelLIE is a BIG UGLY LIAR.

    • Malisha says:

      She said the officer made very clear to her that if she pressed charges they were all going to jail and she would be the only one staying. What’s up with that?

      Could be true, could be a lie, doesn’t matter much to me. If he did what she says he did, she AND her father should press charges and see it through. Unless, of course, they both know that there is no justice in the Florida courts because they were in that (on the dishing out side, instead of the receiving side) throughout the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

      Hmmm…they must KNOW that if the cops want to predetermine what goes down in court, they can, ya think? Wow! ❗

    • bettykath says:

      imo, If she pressed charges, fogen would press charges, and they would all go to jail. She would be the only one staying b/c she is the only one on probation. It’s possible that the first part of her sentence, “they were all going to jail” is what the cop said and the second part of her sentence, “she would be the only one staying” could have been from her own knowledge, or the advice of her lawyer, of the consequences of violating probation by being in an altercation.

    • Rachael says:

      Well here, if there is a domestic altercation and it is a he said she said thing and charges are pressed, they both go to jail. Since she is on probation, that would be a violation and she would have to stay if that is a condition of her probation. Can’t have run-ins with the law when your are on probation. Since GZ wasn’t convicted of anything,after arraignment he could go.

    • I didn’t get that either. Never heard of probation and parole officers saying such a thing, is this some Florida deal or something? (Fred is reading downthread, where some are saying that if both sides accuse, they go to jail?)

  41. Rachael says:

    Amazing how when you fall out of love, the blinders come off. BTDT

  42. C-S here. This is an open thread. We will be back in a bit!

  43. Two sides to a story says:


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