Is White Supremacy the White Knight of Capitalism

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good evening:

Every once in awhile I come across an interesting article that I want to share with our readers. Here’s an article by Michael Ortiz that was published at Truthout, titled, The Age of Hyper-Racism: White Supremacy as the White Knight of Capitalism. He holds an advanced degree in sociology. He works on equitable diversity initiatives for college institutions and writes about issues that focus on consciousness raising and empowerment.

What do you think?


16 Responses to Is White Supremacy the White Knight of Capitalism

  1. dee truth says:

    Off topic, but just saw a couple Zimmerman articles.

    One is, Shellie, in a Today Show interview, said she now has doubts about George’s innocence in Trayvon’s murder.

    The second, George was stopped last month by a state trooper in Brevard County for having too much tint on his windows and having his license plate covered. Loose cannon.

  2. a2nite says:


  3. Malisha says:

    Or the brilliant idea that if we “ignore it [], it will go away.”

  4. MDH says:

    Racism is based on how the system trains us to think from the day we are born till the day we die. Believe in the system and the bigoted acts are either encouraged or enabled like water flowing out of a busted dam.

    To end racism we must destroy the system.

    One of the latest gimmicks is the idea to act like we are all the same and “it” – “it” stating that racism exists – will go away.

    This fails on many levels.

    One level.

    “Same” assumes that there is a legitimate way to act and look for all people and it is dictated by white’s being the authority on what is “legitimate”.

    How many times has one heard “he don’t act black, so he is ok”.

    Who the hell makes anyone an authority on how another acts?

    Freedom is the individuals right to act out their life in their own way. I have probably almost come to blows with many a man who has pulled that “we whites” line on me. I bluntly tell them I am an individual and he can take that “we” and shove it up his ass. That would be my first attack on Taffe.

    The only we in this world is the entirely of humanity.

    The first step in taking down the system is to reject and abandon how it divides and conquers us against each other. At the proletarian level, any person who promulgates divide and conquer is a traitor to the people working against the system.

    The good version of Longest Yard starring Burt Reynolds delved into this topic. Pro vs. Con. Black vs. White. They were all peons played against each other by an authoritarian lusting for power.

    • One of the latest gimmicks is the idea to act like we are all the same and “it” – “it” stating that racism exists – will go away.

      I think we share the same belief, but I feel compelled to add this comment for clarification.

      All humans are basically the same, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or the language we speak. All human DNA is 99.99% identical.

      With the exception of the Golden Rule, I agree that there is no “right” way to act. Certainly, no race can justifiably claim to be superior to any other in any respect and whites who disparage people of color because they do not act white, whatever the hell that means, fully deserve to be called racist and evil.

      Anyone who forgets that we are all together in this adventure we call life needs to be struck by a cosmic 2 X 4 right between the eyes.

      • Malisha says:

        That cosmic 2 X 4? I call that “Amazing Grace.”

      • MDH says:

        In exercise science, we use the law of individual differences. What one finds out is that there is more variation within the arbitrary race categories than there is across the entirety of humanity.

        So to quote the Who:

        “hey hung up old Mr. Normal, don’t try to gain my trust”

        And hung up is a problem.

        How many women and men are having body image problems based on a norm of beauty that makes no sense to me?

        For example, there are a lot of men {mostly white} that think Venus Williams is not attractive. To me, she is the epitome of a women. If they get obnoxious about it, I just say: “well, I guess, with your lack of reach, a paper thin women with no curves suites you fine”.

        The point is that variety is the spice of life.

        What I am getting at is that response to cultural stimuli and parenting can produce differences in the way we walk and talk. It is how humans adapt to changing circumstances.

        Conservatives want to fix cultural norms to what they perceives as handed down to us by God via the great white Founding Fathers.

        To quote my daughter – “lame”.

        And lame it is to fix culture and behavior in the face of the dynamism of capitalism that quickly changes technology.

  5. bettykath says:

    His definition of racism as being systemic and institutional rather than personal, is what I’ve been trying to get across for some time. He does a pretty good job of laying out the problem but I would have appreciated some practical tips on how to solve it. Or maybe I missed them. I’ll re-read again later.

    I worked for several years with an activist group that claimed to be progressive, which they are in a number of areas. They had the right words re: racism and feminism but when it got right down to it, it was (and is) mostly white male dominated. The group bemoans the lack of women in the organization but doesn’t recognize the white male privilege that prevails and that puts the most capable women “in their place”. These women don’t hang around. In one instance, the group had an opportunity to double its size and change the demographic of the group. A meeting was set up with a very ethnically diverse group. Most of the people there came as individuals or members of a small group. The group I was with was clearly the largest and best organized. A very astute Black man recognized that if the issues he, and other Blacks in the group were concerned about were to be seriously addressed, they needed to organize as well. When push came to shove, the group I was with sabotaged the coming together b/c they were unwilling to give up any power to the “others”. Three women from the group I was in recognized what was going on and objected to the sabotage efforts. We didn’t prevail. We also left the group.

    • Xena says:


      His definition of racism as being systemic and institutional rather than personal, is what I’ve been trying to get across for some time.

      Yes!! One reason I use “racial bigots” rather than “racist” or “racism” is because racism is institutional. It takes someone with power and authority to be “racist” or commit acts of “racism.”

  6. C-S on Fred’s screen again. From the United States of New Orleans:

    27-Year-Old Man Gets “20 Years Hard Labor” for Half an Ounce of Pot
    Arrests and harsh jail sentences continue even though public opinion has moved against the war on drugs.

    What do you want to bet, he is black?

    “Marijuana use still remains a ticket to jail in most of the country and prohibition is enforced in a highly racially discriminatory manner. A recent report of the ACLU, “The War on Marijuana in Black and White,” documents millions of arrests for marijuana and shows the “staggeringly disproportionate impact on African Americans.”

  7. colin black says:

    The abolation of Slavery only heightened raceism or was the birth of White Americans hatred of AA there former chatells whom they considered beasts of burden in the fields.

    An the pretty ones negresses an young boys as play things in there boudours.

    Slave owners gave birth to there own children by Woman slaves an were content to see them as possesions rather than there own flesh an blood.

    The hounding an despicable treatment of the greatest Boxer the World has ever seen an the best Athlete Americas ever produced JACK JOHNSON a was proof that the White population detested an feared a non compliant Black Man his crime was to be uppity denied a shot at the Heavy weight championship until he reached age thirty.

    A fighter whom could easily have beaten both Mike Tysons in the ring an his title as the youngest ever Heavy Weight Championship .

    IF ALLOWED HE COULD HAVE WON THE TITLE AT 16 He was that good that big an strong an fast.

    But at the turn of the twentieth century AA were barred from fighting for boxing titles.

    When eventully gien a shot in 1910 it was like watching a man against boys so superior was he to his opponents.

    But his greatest crime in the eyes of Whites was not only did he destroy every white hope they placed in his path with arrogant ease.

    He was arrogant in there eyes out side the ring.

    AN WORST OF ALL He married an slept with white women.

    As they couldn’t beat him in the ring they decided to ironicly charge him with the MANN act

    Wich was nothing to do with a man an all to do with WOMAN

    White slavery off women infact or the transporting of a Woman over State lines for debaucherous purposes.

    This is what they persecuted the greatest ever boxing heavy weight not just then but for now an for ever he was uniqe a phenonim an a one off.

    Thease were not Women kidnapped of the street but willing participants of his between the sheets.
    Infact he married the first girl whom they tried to arrest him an get him in court for under the man act.

    The case was dropped but the authourites wouldn’t rest so they dug up another former girl freeing /sporting woman /prostitute whom had serviced Jack 4 years prior an arrested him an condemned him on her statement alone stripped him of his title his dignity an sentaced hi to a years hard labour in Jail.

    He paid a massive bond to be free whilst an apeaal was heard an then fled to Europe via Canada exiled an loathed because of his brilliance in the ring an his prefrance for White Woman.

    An he wasn’t just a brilliant fighter but a learned an philosophical thinker.

    He didn’t consider himself a Blackman just a Man an it infuriated those .

    Not only White people condemned him but some of his own race wich saddened him the most as he said when he won the title of all the AA whom cheered him to the rafters.

    I hope there not like the peoples of France whom loved Napolian when he was on top an winning an crowned him emperor.

    Only to turn on him in bad times

    I hope my people will still love an support me in the bad times an remember thease days.

    Sadly many of his own race where his harshest critics when he needed there support most.

    Just reading the vile languge used by the media back in those days shows the extent of open raceism especialy below the mason Dixie line.

    And do you know that the very first movie to be screened in the WHITEHOUSE ?

    Birth of a Nation that about sums up the raceism overt raceism existant in America in Jack Johnsons days.

    An still prevaliant in the America of today

    Its as back then an today the raceist see African genes as an infectious disease an once tainted your irevokeably lost your whiteness stained.

    Obamas never refered to as Americas first Mixed Race President.

    Only as the first Black President you see them warrior genes get all uppity in the embryo an swarm over the white genes an wipe them out.

  8. I think that the author did a really good job of defining racism. (oops, Crane-Station here, on Fred’s screen).

    He states:

    Sociologically speaking, though, racism refers to the systemic, structural, institutional or ideological disparity in the allocation of social and material rewards, benefits, privileges, burdens and disadvantages based on race. That includes access to resources, capital, property (which affect life chances) and possession of social power and influence.

    Going even farther down the rabbit hole, racism is built on the framework of racial supremacy. Racial supremacy refers to the systemic, structural, institutional and ideological racial base that our contemporary society operates within.

    If one takes this definition and puts it next to the numbers (rates of incarceration, for random example), it amounts to us living in a racist society.

    Don’t hear about it enough in the mainstream media, but well…I definitely saw the talk during the Zimmerman case: Have you ever actually listened to people spew this stuff? It’s really remarkable. Makes me want to say, “If you don’t zip your face, I’ll slam you up against a wall and knock your teeth half way down your throat.”

    I’ve stopped myself from saying this in the past, because you never know if they are armed!

    • Frederick you and LLMPapa are blessing. You’ve provided and hope and insight on exactly every step of the way in the Zimmerman trial. I live off of social security Frederick or I would defiantly donate to further your cause. However, I will say that your work is not in vain. I mentioned that people are beginning to organize once again on face book. We don’t see Zimmerman’s acquittal as a defeat but as an eye opening experience. The civil injustice in Florida 2013 is eerily similar to legal maneuvering we experienced during the civil rights movement. Frederick and Papa have you ever considered applying for a grant through the Justice Department for doing pretty much what you do now? It seems like a natural fit.

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