Latest news on Navy Yard shootings and a poll regarding corruption in criminal justice

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good afternoon:

The big story out of our nation’s capitol today is the shooting at the Navy Yard. The Washington Post reported 18 minutes ago:

At least seven people are dead after as many as three shooters dressed in military style uniforms opened fire in a rampage at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, police said, spreading fear and chaos across the region as authorities tried to contain the incident.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said in a mid-day news conference that one of the suspected shooters is dead, while authorities are looking for two other suspects wearing green and tan military style clothing.

“The big concern for us right now is that we have potentially two other shooters that we have not located at this point,” Lanier said.

Lanier described one as a white male wearing what appeared to be a khaki tan military uniform and a beret, and carrying a handgun. She said police also are looking for a black man, about 50, wearing an olive military-style uniform, and possessing a “long gun.”

Police are asking anyone with information on these two people to call 202-727-9099.

What is the Washington Navy Yard?

Wikipedia has the answer.

The Washington Navy Yard (WNY) is the former shipyard and ordnance plant of the United States Navy in Southeast Washington, D.C. It is the oldest shore establishment of the U.S. Navy.

The Yard currently serves as a ceremonial and administrative center for the U.S. Navy, home to the Chief of Naval Operations, and is headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Historical Center, the Department of Naval History, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Naval Reactors, Marine Corps Institute, the United States Navy Band, and other more classified facilities.

In 1998, the yard was listed as a Superfund site due to environmental contamination.

I do not want to assume too much, but it sounds like a place that might reasonably be expected to be surrounded by a fence with a main gate. The building probably has one entrance with a security checkpoint manned by armed guards. I imagine the entrance also has some type of metal detection device and video cameras.

Presumably, the shooters passed through that checkpoint to enter the building

My question is, how did they manage to get through security?

A possible answer is they had sufficient ID to bypass security.

In other words, an inside job.

Nothing new to report on George Zimmerman today, except to note that the level of prosecutorial and judicial corruption in his trial reminds us of what happened during Crane’s trial.

Her case is fresh in our minds because we have been reviewing all of the evidence and documents in order to file bar complaints against the prosecutor and the defense attorney and a complaint against the judge with the Judicial Conduct Commission.

The level of dishonesty, misconduct and corruption of justice in both cases is shocking.

I thought I had no illusions about the criminal justice system when I quit practicing law at the end of 2004 and switched to teaching. Nevertheless, despite all of my knowledge and experience, I have to admit that I am shocked by the level of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct and corruption that we have seen in both cases.

Over the weekend, Crane and I discussed whether there has been a nationwide surge in the level of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct and corruption, or whether the two cases are mere anomalies.

I believe the two cases represent business as usual in our legal system.

What do you think?

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  1. Girlp says:

    Speaking of corruption in the courtroom; what Dr. Bao has to say about this case is something beyond words. I hope the DOJ is paying close attention.

    • ay2z says:

      A private second autopsy would have been proper, not because of Dr. Bao, but to have an independent and unbiased, spare no expense review of the state’s work. Just sayin’.

      • Girlp says:

        I agree however SPD and Corey’s team did not have good intentions. They lied to Trayvon’s family and made Dr. Bao their scapegoat. Corey is a sorry excuse for a human being.

  2. fauxmccoy says:

    article in the huffpost bringing up exactly what my husband and i were discussing re: 3rd party background checks of snowden and DC shooter alexis

    The assault is likely to raise more questions about the adequacy of the background checks done on contract employees and others who are issued security clearances – an issue that came up most recently with National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, an IT employee with a government contractor.

    they’re probably bugging my house 😉

    • aussie says:

      With all the privacy laws around health records, they’d also not find out if someone is being treated for PTSD.

      No background check will ever show that someone has just SNAPPED.

      No background check will tell them what you are THINKING (unless you thought it out loud and NSA heard it, of course).

      • fauxmccoy says:

        i’m not discussing background checks for gun purchasing, but the top security clearance required for filling on-post positions.

  3. fauxmccoy says:

    regarding yesterday’s shooting spree — i will concentrate on your ‘inside job’ statement. this is what my husband and i were discussing last night and i think it is pertinent.

    unless the news has changed since i saw an update, the shooter worked on site and had ‘top security clearance’ to be able to do so. this ‘top security clearance’ however was not conducted by the armed forces or NSA. this is a distinctive difference and i will explain.

    my husband, while in the army had his ‘top security clearance’ as he worked in military intelligence. no expense was spared. the army contacted all friends and relatives, conducted a thorough background check at a very high level of expense to the army. even when my husband applied to the NSA a few years ago for an IT job they recruited him to do, the NSA needed to re-certify his clearance. just from our limited view, the cost expended on this was enormous.

    when my husband received his initial clearance, no expense was spared. the US army spent tens of thousands (low estimate) to track down my husband’s father who went AWOL when he found out he knocked up his girlfriend in ’73. added to that is the fact that my mother in law has never revealed the dude’s real name. the husband’s birth certificate lists the father as ‘Bobby Smith’ a student at our local university. well, no such guy has ever been found, not that the US army did not expend enormous resources to do so

    but now, we get to the problem where politicians have ‘downsized’ government jobs (as evidenced in legislation and labor reports). essential functions are outsourced to third parties. herein lies the problem — profit motive.

    while neither my husband nor myself have any problem with the actions of snowden — we do have to question the thoroughness of his background check as administered by a third party. we certainly question the effectiveness of this particular background check issued for the DC shooter — his job was subcontracted through hewlitt-packard who subcontracted through another (now 4th party) company for placement and background check. clearly this background check missed some major red flags that were easily identified.

    now why would they do so? profit motive. the 3rd or 4th party companies have a candidate capable of performing whatever task is being subcontracted, but they do not have the unlimited resources to expend on a thorough (or even half assed) background check. their profit motive and lack of accountability, to fill the position and get their cut of the deal, eliminates resources expended to fill the job. this makes it all to easy to overlook obvious red flags (such as shooter’s prior misdemeanors with firearms) and call whatever background check ‘good enough’. therein lies one of the major problems.

    eliminate the profit motive in back ground checks and i can see at least some of the problem.

    • bettykath says:

      Subcontractors do whatever to get the money. I worked for one many years ago. They tried to farm me out as a mathematician. I did very well in hs math classes but had no additional education or other experience to qualify me for the job. They listed me as a designer for a truck exhaust system. I barely knew what the exhaust stack was, let alone a “system”. I did finished drawing for the designer but otherwise hadn’t a clue. The subcontractor got paid for a designer but, on that job, I wasn’t even a detailer.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        bettykath — none of that surprises me. i believe you have just reinforced my point, if i am not mistaken. thanks.

      • Malisha says:

        I know someone who worked for a govt. contractor and she basically got fired for saying she could do a job in 4 hours that was a 4 hour job; they wanted it to take 30 hours! They harassed her out of her job and then denied her unemployment!

      • Girlp says:

        They also lie to you about the details and function of the job, they tell you they need one thing and you get there it all together something different. I had to use an agency once I needed 2 people to pack documents log and number them and stack them in a trailer. 3 times they sent me people in business suits or casual business clothing one did stay for awhile, I called back and told them they need to wear jeans, tennis shoes and it’s going to be hot out there even though we have fans for them finally they sent me someone, she had done farm work most of her life and said she said she could lift up to 100 pounds…getting this project took forever those agencies are very competitive and their main goal is to fill the position.

  4. lurker says:

    BTW–Angela Corey is under investigation. Spurred by the lawsuit of the guy she fired just after the trial. Alleged whistle-blower who accused her of withholding evidence. Hard to know which way things are falling. Is this justice, or just somebody above her throwing her under the bus?

    • Deborah Moore says:

      Or, both?
      That karma stuff is da bomb.

    • Girlp says:

      Now she has Bao to deal with as well.

      • looneydoone says:

        The notice of termination given Krubidos was unprofessional (re: not to be trusted to set foot in the office ever again part) however, on the face of it, he’d previously been reprimanded for procedural/policy violations. Not so certain his suit will go anywhere

        On the other hand is Dr Bao’s accusation(s) of a slip shod and biased handling of the death of Trayvon. There’s smoke in that allegation supporting his claim
        *although Trayvon’s identity was known just a short few hours after his death ( prior to the expedited autopsy being performed)the ME’s office was not notified of same until Wed 29 Feb 2012 via fax sent from SPD at approximately 12:30 pm…more than 48 hours after autopsy had taken place

        * Neither SPD nor the SA office sent a representative to be present for the autopsy…that was a departure from SOP

        * Any independent ME and/or Forensic Pathologist reviewing the autopsy video and report would come to the same conclusion…cheorge was not pinned underneath Trayvon when he fired that single, fatal round.

        Let’s hope Dr Bao brings down those who conspired to obstruct justice in a trial designed to set his murderer free.

        • Girlp says:

          I hope he does bring Corey, BLDR and anyone else involved.

        • fauxmccoy says:


          just a note to add that the autopsy was conducted during the time when which norm wolfinger’s office was the SA responsible.

          • looneydoone says:

            The Chief Law Enforcement Official (SA in FL, DA in Calif) is the sole person with authority to order the autopsy of unidentified persons, as well as the scope of the exam in all homicide and suspected suicides. That authority is also mandated to conduct a timely and diligent search to learn the identity of the deceased prior to ordering post mortem exam

            Trayvon’s identity was known before the exam was performed.. yet.Trayvon’s body remained in the morgue officially unidentified until the fax from SPD on Wed 29 Feb 2012 at approx. 12:30pm…48+ hrs after Dr Bao had performed the post mortem as was directed by SA Norm Wolfinger.

            I looked up the FL Statutes last year, FL Title XLIV, Section 872.01 covers much of it. 925.09 identifies the SA as the Chief LE Official having that authority.

            Autopsy of Trayvon was expedited, the second of three Dr Bao performed on Monday 27 Feb 2012…just 14.5 hrs after his death. There was no “diligent search and inquiry” nor “then after reasonable time may” as proscribed by FL Statute prior to Wolfinger’s ordering the examination of an* unidentified* homicide victim.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            @looneydoone — thank you for the additional info, i was familiar with much of it. clearly, anything that could have been done right was not. i only wanted to clarify that the SA responsible at that point was wolfinger and not corey. i have no desire to absolve anybody, but do appreciate dr. bao’s willingness to come forward and look forward to hearing more.

    • bettykath says:

      Malisha had her (Corey) number at the get-go. If we had listened to Malisha we wouldn’t have been taken in for so long.

      • ay2z says:

        All I had to go on was intuition and blind hope,and it’s not good to judge someone on impressions and by intuition, but there was something false about Corey, and that could have just been the ‘politician’ I was sensing.

        The ‘we haven’t promsed them anything’ statement did stand out, not because it was a covering her butt, but because Corey had much that a professional and ethical member of the bar can promise those they represent. Corey did not promise to do all they could, turn every stone, to work ethically and determinedly to wupport their case against the killer and to not back down to pressures from anywhere, even within.

        Only a feeling, but the promise not only wasn’t there, they would not promise anything, period.

  5. a2nite says:

    Thanks for the info….

  6. MDH says:

    I voted “don’t know”.

    Having lived in a Detroit neighborhood that was under siege during the Crack Wars of 1980-1990, my view of our justice system got pretty dim and has not got any brighter.

    Back then, we called Reagans “War on Drugs” a “War on Blacks”. I can’t honestly say that anything has changed.

    This all makes me cynical.

    One of my white HS friends made a lot of coin selling powder at U of M. Hell, some of his customers were playing for the Maize and Blue. Today, he is a well respected, wealthy Republican businessman with one of those lame stories about how he pulled himself up by his boot straps.
    So why would thug George not he deemed a hero and ordinary Trayvon a criminal to a segment of society trained to believe its own BS?

    • Trained Observer says:

      I voted “yes.”

      That was predicated on a couple of South Florida cases alone, and who knows what’s going on elsewhere in America . One involved a sitting judge nailed for assorted rulings in favor of a top dog criminal defense attorney’s client who clearly was guilty, guilty, guilty. Turns out judge was quietly dating the attorney on the side, and this wasn’t the only case she had tilted for this attorney . The judge was allowed to quietly step down and that was about it from the JQC.

      Am always amused when reading “up by the bootstraps,” “didn’t have a pot to pee in,” “did it all on his/her own” success stories. Very few are even remotely true.

      Whatever any of us accomplish, we’ve all had help. The playing field is rarely if ever level, and we need to get used to that.

      • MDH says:

        I kind of did try to obey the law and make it by getting an education. That said, I had lot’s of help from people who our media would dismiss as losers. The poor life is a hard life.

        I mean there were times when a helping hand along with tool skills got my hooptie up and running to make a critical exam on time.

        I reciprocated by giving rides to the less fortunate when they were in a pinch.

        The thing is that many of my friends had criminal records.

        So guilt by association could have been applied to me.

        The above gets me hot under the collar when I discuss Trayvon with those who deny white privilege.

        I can give one example of my white privilege. Where I lived was kind of dirty, sometimes mean and a bit depressing. I could just get in my car and drive out to one of the Metro Parks for a break and not be hassled. Could I have done that, if my skin was black?

        That leads to another point.

        Trayvon was sent away to do what I did and that fat ass prick shot him.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Couldn’t agree more, MDH.

          Haven’t ever seen much on the Miami school system dopes who suspended Trayvon when they should have been challenging him to meet his own capabilities to achieve excellence … fancy for be all he could be, which was plenty.

          All we can do, it appears, is to recognize we’ve all had help and to pay it forward, like with your giving rides to those without wheels.

          It’s sickening to know lard-brained Fogen could have given the kid a ride in the rain … and instead chose to shoot him cold.

    • Malisha says:

      I can’t see how it can be measured. Most of it is undetectable by any means! It is hard to imagine that it could have increased since 2004, though, since it was so all-pervasive before then.

      • Rachael says:

        I agree with this. I think our ability to send and receive information has certainly increased since 2004 so it might seem like it but has,IMO, always been very much that way.

  7. Evening everyone. I thought about the poll question and had to vote ‘no’ about whether corruption in the criminal justice system has increased substantially since 2004. Where I come from, corruption has always been there, especially considering the history of the CJS and the purpose for which it was designed. It’s not really about equal justice for everyone, but more about protecting and serving the monied/propertied elite. So ‘corruption’ for me is defined as the CJS not wholly serving everyone in the interests of equal justice: effectuating neither the Golden Rule nor Maat. In other words, Lady Justice is not blind and she still has the chains of servitude for the elite at her feet.

    Minorities, women, and the poor can more than not be found at the losing end of the bargain. We routinely have been processed into the CJS with a surety of incarceration, whether factually culpable or not. Without minorities and the poor around them, most folks of means then feel safe.

    But when an anomaly comes along like OJ , who is a minority, but also has the ability to meet or exceed resources to combat charges against him, then the pot gets stirred and questions arise as to whether the previous criteria for ‘safety’ is reliable. In one way or another, OJ had to go down, for the sake of reassurance. Fogen’s case also buttresses the false national narrative regarding safety (read: marginalization) against minorities, especially Black men and boys. I think this is why we often see the two cases compared, even though they really have no comparable factual similarities.

    If anything, there is an increasing awareness in certain communities of how the CJS actually works because of the widening income/wealth gap that has placed the ‘middle-class’ folks into the new classification of the ‘wage-earning’ poor. IOW, having used minorities and women as cannon fodder since its inception, the long-standing CJS has been instructive to those who find themselves shifted into a new economic realm.

  8. lady2soothe says:

    More false-flags????

    Police, FBI: Shooter reported in military building at Washington Navy Yard; multiple victims …
    Sunday, 15 September 2013 – 23:31
    Eric Tucker And Brett Zongker, The Associated Press

    Do you see the date and time? SUNDAY, 15 September 2013 – 23:31

    I obviously can’t post a screen shot but if you click on the link you’ll see the article was posted 2 days ago.

    2 days ago – World News, International News, WASHINGTON – Several people were injured in a shooting Monday morning at a building at the Washington …

    I did some research and what I found out about time stamping etc. is:

    Search engines use bots/spiders/crawlers which read code and visit thousands of sites searching for the most common words on each web page. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks.

    Someone on HP suggest this may have picked this story up from an Australian newspaper. But upon further research I found the newspaper is located in Kelowna, BC which is on the west coast (US).

    Anyone familiar with time stamping or????

    • ay2z says:

      I’d chock this up to a mistake and the online news site did not notice and correct, as they should have.

      This site may be on some US located server, who knows, but obviously this is not even in the USA.

      The explanation that this online newspaper might have picked up the story from Australia, (AP stands for Associated Press), would mean the local date and time of publication would be on Tuesday, as local time Monday in the USA.

      The story in question gives the correct info on the event, time and date, just the AP header that is incorrect.

      No tinfoil hats needed, no conspiracy theory crackers either. NSA is national for the USA, not for Canada, one of the commenters on that link story was concerned about that.

  9. lurker says:

    I don’t know about corruption in the legal system and comparisons across time. There certainly have been some very corrupt eras. I am slightly encouraged by some FBI work here in Ohio–aimed at political corruption, with some convictions. That is the sort of thing I hope for with the DOJ in Florida. I have little hope they can pin a hate crime on gz. But, if Bao is right about the nod-nod-wink-wink ‘investigation’ and prosecution, there may be some possibility of rooting out some current corruption.

  10. ay2z says:

    OT, time for a smlje break anyone? In the news today, after a lifetime in comddy, Bob Newhart won his FIRST Emmy Award!! Why so long?

    LA Times asks ‘Why did it take so long?’ Good question.,0,7874823.story


  11. Girlp says:

    Corruption in our legal system…Ther is a lot and has alway’s been. I don’t know that has increased maybe being reported more often…I’d like to know why if a person has money for a lawyer they are not convicted of a DUI, if the person is poor, AA, Latino you are going to lose your license for 6 months (first offense) pay SR-22 insurance in additon to your insurance going up. I’m not in favor of drunk driving but it’s not right that people with money get off with DUI’s, among other crimes at least in this State. IMO if you are over the limit you are over the limit lawyer or not.

  12. Girlp says:

    Global Grind reports Aaron Alexis has a history of shooting I don’t know why but he must have anger issues and cannot control himself. It’s strange that he has this history his friends say he is a Buddist and was not violent. Maybe he tried Buddism as a way to curb violent tendencies or anger. I believe there is a lot more to be learned about this man. Why did he murder 12 people? There is no excuse but maybe a reason.

  13. MichelleO says:

    WHAT in the hell is wrong with America? When is it going to stop? This place and its people are absolutely bonkers!

  14. lurker says:

    The fellow–apparently well-liked and trusted by many–had some prior gun incidents. One involved shooting through the floor of his apt while cleaning the gun. This one may have gotten him discharged from the military. The other–which predated his enlistment–involved shooting out the tires of a parked car. Not clear what the legal outcome was.

    Reminded me of gz. Not quite enough at any single incident, perhaps to raise red flags. Still, not someone who ought to be running around armed.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Yes, Lurker, apparently gun trouble in both Texas and another state, possibly Washington. T

      Today’s shooter started out small, and escalated big-time. Who else do we know that’s on that trail? … Or as the Lake Mary sheriff asked, does anybody see “a pattern?”

  15. bettykath says:

    I voted no b/c the justice system has been corrupt for a long time. My experience was with 2 lawyers that I fired, an accountant that worked for one of the lawyers and judge.

    Leonard Peltier has spent many years in jail due to the FBI manufacturing evidence and a blatantly racist judge. The prosecutors now admit that they don’t know who killed the FBI agents, but Peltier is still in prison. Mumia Abu Jamal recently was removed from death row but is still in prison due to Philadelphia police manufacturing evidence, coercing witnesses and ignoring others. Don Siegelman is in prison due to corrupt system. The ratio of people of color in prison or otherwise involved in the criminal justice [sic] system says that this isn’t something new. Do we need to go back to Sacco and Vazzente? How about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed for a crime where execution is appropriate only when we are at war and we weren’t at war at the time, but no judge would sign the appropriate paperwork to object.

  16. looneydoone says:

    Corruption in the justice system…business as usual, while primarily in the good ol boy states, it’s systemic, and nationwide. Been that way since forever.

    Time to demand an end to it

  17. colin black says:

    Yup he had id not valid but doctored to be up to date a former employee .

    Gained entrance an proceeded to go postal or in his case naval.

    Not terrorist say the gov but disgruntled ex employee acting in terroristic manner

    An then just for jokes an giggles some smuch decided to yhrow cherry bombs over the White Hoise fence.

    The shooter a former naval reserve officer was alleged to be a first responder on 9 11.

    An his father states he was receiveing treatment for P T S D.

  18. One factor I attribute to this steady stream of violence is our painful economy. There is alot of high stress & hopelessness out there.

    • Deborah Moore says:

      I agree Ham, (:)). I so wish that every conversation here didn’t turn into a race issue. That may not be a popular sentiment, I realize. But, that’s an honest feeling of mine.

      • colin black says:

        There cant be race isssues anywhere.

        Unless people whom see differences amongst races are involved in the conversation.

        For its a biological fact there are only one race of homo erectus homo sapiens /human race that’s it .

        One race called en mass non masses but classless exactly the same identical human race.

        Not Caucasian or African or Chinease those are not races not a differing species there just human.

        Anyone whom thinks other wise is wearing blinkers an being willfully ignorant.

        An we are not even pure bred human either at least 79 percent of us carry Neandrithal D N A.

        As the Neandrithals were also Human we co existed with them for at least a hundred thousand years.

        All Eurapeans have Neandrathal genes .

        Infact the only Humans on the Earth whom don’t carry the so called primitive Neantrathal D N A / Genes are .

        Africans as they remained in African there Ancestors never came into contact with Neandrathals so the Africans are of a purer human blood stock than any other race on the planet.

        Bit of a mind fuck for all those deluded white suprmists out there whom like to refer to Blacks as Apes An Monkeys when in fact there purer humans then we are .

        I honestly don’t give a tinkers curse the pigment of someones skin or texture of there hair.

        From where they hail an what there sexuall ptrefrences are if any or none.

        As far as peole of all cultures religions or non religions

        Conventinal radical mainstream viva la difference is my prefrance diversity an non linear models of thinking living an just plain old conteplaiting one navel as in belly button to horrris pun intended.

        • colin black says:

          Belly button for naval I meant no horrible pun intended.

          As I wrote that id momenterly forgotten the attack happened on a naval base. honest.

        • Deborah Moore says:

          Very well said, Colin.
          BTW, my daughter lives 5 blocks from the scene. And, she’s pregnant and I prolly had some tender feelings today.

  19. MDH says:

    A thug is an outlaw.

    How long would George have remained alive, if his victim had been either Whitey Bulger’s or John Gotti’s son?

    Would they have used the law?

    • @MDH:

      Fogen would be dead right about now if he had murdered John Gotti’s son. I don’t know to much about Whitey Bulger, but men like this don’t play. Around 1980 here in NYC, a neighborhood man of John Gotti, who resided on the street behind his house, accidentally hit the youngest son of John Gotti with his car. The sun glare was in his eyes and he didn’t see young Frankie on his bike or a scooter because young Frankie had darted into the street. He was about 12 years old back in 1980. Of course, the police ruled it an accident but to live around the corner from the DON of the Gambino family? Kill his youngest son, and not not retaliate??

      Other neighbors told this man to move out of the neighborhood far away, to the midwest or enter the witness protection program since he was receiving threats, but this man made the move to late. Word is that this man was having breakfast in a local diner in Howard Beach, and a couple of men came in, dragged him and you never saw him again. Of course John Gotti and his wife, Victoria were conveniently on vacation out of town but he made that order after his wife proclaime that he needed to do something about that man who hit her son. She could not stand living in the same neighborhood! The cops investigated but no one was talking! SMH. They never found out what happened to this man, but we all know what happened to this man!

      Yep. Fogen woudl be a dead man if he had murdered John Gotti’s son!

    • a2nite says:

      A thug is the nword.

      I can tell when evil racist RW use it.

  20. a2nite says:

    It’s gonna blamed on thug culture because one perp is black.

    • Woow! says:

      No but the first shooter’s picture has been posted to Huffpost and he is black.

    • @a2mote says:

      Considering the past shootings that were done by white men, I don’t see how anyone can will blame this shooting on “thug culture” unless they call the white perpetrators a thug too, but you know the racists and the media will not refer to these men as thugs! They did not refer to Adam Lanza as a thug despite the fact that he shot 27 people, 20 of those were innocent children. They also do not refer to Patrick Sherrill, the white man who shot 20 postal workers and killed 14 of them. He was not referred to as a thug either then in ’86 or now, nor was James Huberty who shot and killed 21 people in San Ysidro, CA in 1984 at the McDonald’s. Is he a thug too? What about George Hennard (Luby’s restaurant in Killen, Texas ) ’93. Charles Whitman (Univ. of Texas). He killed 17 people and wounded 32 in 1966 when he climbed on the roof of the University and started shooting at the crowd below.

      When crimes are committed by White people, they are explained as as deviations of the individual, and have nothing to do with race, but crimes committed by Blacks or Latino’s are somehow attributed to their race. Black Gang-bangers from South Chicago have somehow become a symbol that Black men are to be feared, but you don’t get the same fear that one could attach to the brutal murders committed by Neo-Nazi skinheads, the KKK, the Mafia, The Westies, or White Supremacists groups who have committed horrible crimes against people of color or anyone who goes against their sick and warped ideology.

      • a2nite says:

        Yeah they will because that is how the evil white supremacist MSM rolls. There is not problem with white culture, those evil killers are individuals. It doesn’t have anything to do with white American culture…..heaven for fend….

        It’s all black people’s fault.

        I was really concerned when he was black.

        White people just have to blame the negro, all negros….it makes white people feel so superior. It keeps poor white people controlled by the the evil 1%.

        • ay2z says:

          The last sentence, a qualifier might be useful, ‘some’ white people.

          Not me, I don’t blame people based on colour, race, religion, ethnic background.

          I think qualifiers to aboid lumping all white people in one category as biased is by it’s own nature, biased. Have confidence, we are here, cound us in with you in standing up to this cancer in society.

  21. MDH says:

    Sequester is pretty draconian at DOD. I believe they are doing one or two days a bi-week without pay till the end of the fiscal year – September 30.

    The management also will do everything in their power to push as much of that cost onto the contractors as is possible.

    All this is going to strain and ruin the lives of some individuals.

    Just some more postulation.

    It kind of makes me NOT miss the days when I had to go to an office.

  22. MDH says:

    I am going to wait on more details. When NAVSEA was in Crystal City, I felt that small number of their employees and the contractors working for them were under a lot of stress and prone to snapping.

    They had shooting in Crystal City wherein a disgruntled employee shot his boss and some others due to some action taken against him. In that case, the ammo he loaded in his pistol was bird shot. So all his victims survived. He did not because he put the last shot in his temple.

    My brother retired from NAVSEA recently.

    The managers were under extreme pressure as to how to impose the sequester on employees and contractors. He was glad to get away from all that.

    Could this be revenge based on losing work and pay due to a sequester cut that ultimately is the fault of Congress?

    Or maybe it is an act of terrorism?

    It will all come out soon enough.

    • Few details have been reported.

      Thanks for the background info..

      • racerrodig says:

        I had the same experience with the legal system and a lawyer who was in cahoots with a judge. The same little shit in the video I linked last week who is all mouth and tough guy has a lawyer who committed such blatant fraud he’s lucky I’m wired right.

        His client was having me build a race car and at some point he decided he didn’t want to pay the balance. This punk came into my shop with a letter from his lawyer that stated if I didn’t have his car done by a certain date, I would refund all his money and pay a 25K penalty. Needless to say I threw that in the circular file. This punk and his dad started crap with me on a daily basis culminating with me calling the police to throe them out.

        Long story short, I sent a certified letter demanding payment at which point they could take the car. They responded by putting the title of the car in his moms name and forged her name to a civil suit. This was a business to business transaction (they own a body shop) which excludes any Consumer Fraud so to defraud me of 15K that’s what they did then kept playing games (like O Mara) until they had the judge that this lawyer plays golf with.

        So I’m never surprised by Judicial misconduct.

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