Shellie Zimmerman: Turning the page is a good beginning

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good afternoon:

I write to congratulate Shellie Zimmerman for her decision to end her marriage to George Zimmerman and to remind my readers that judges and lawyers generally question the objectivity, accuracy and reliability of factual allegations in divorce petitions. They realize that emotions play a big role in decisions to end marriages. They know from experience, for example, that it takes two to tango, and in all but the most extreme cases, the urge to blame the other marriage partner for the failure of the marriage functions like a cloaking device effectively concealing one’s own contribution.

Assigning blame for the breakup of any marriage is generally a fool’s errand. Emotions are like water and marriages are rivers of emotions that resist classification according to cause and effect. Time is better spent acknowledging that the marriage is broken, regardless of fault. For this reason, we should take anything said by either SW or GW with a grain of salt.

I decided long ago that GZ is a narcissistic and pathological liar who cannot empathize or sympathize with other people. He uses people to get what he wants and his wants are unquenchable. Nothing Shellie says is likely to change my opinion. What she said yesterday confirms it.

As a general principle in most divorces, the lawyers should remind their clients to forget about fault and focus on answering two fundamental questions:

(1) who gets what, and

(2) what should they do to minimize the negative emotional consequences of the divorce on their children.

Shellie’s divorce should be relatively easy because she and George have little or no assets. They probably have no equity in their vehicles. They own a lot of debt and do not have any children.

Given the jury acquittal, the court administrator should pay the outstanding costs incurred by defense counsel. If the court administrator refuses to pay some or all of the costs and the decision is final, the trustee of the trust account created for the internet donations should pay those costs and windup the account. All of the debt remaining for any unpaid costs, after the trust account is closed, should be assigned to GW.

Debts incurred before the marriage usually remain with the partner who incurred the debt. Absent an agreement to the contrary, debts incurred during the marriage usually are divided equally, unless the benefit that created the debt was exclusively enjoyed by one party.

Bankruptcy is an obvious way to extinguish debt; however, not all debts can be extinguished in bankruptcy. Student loans are a good example.

Regardless of her motives, Shellie Zimmerman is headed in the right direction. GW is as toxic an individual as I have ever seen and the best advice that I can give anyone is to stay the hell away from him.

As always, we will be judged by what we do, not by what we say. Shellie Zimmerman is turning the page and that is a good beginning.


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Fred and Crane

297 Responses to Shellie Zimmerman: Turning the page is a good beginning

  1. towerflower says:

    George Zimmerman was just arrested in Lake Mary. Early reports he threatened Shellie and her father at the father’s home with a gun.

  2. looolooo says:

    So Fogen is in POLICE CUSTODY?! To bad he’s not in ATTICA!

  3. fauxmccoy says:

    weird, i just posted a link to part 1 of the unedited interview with shellie, but it wound up in the middle of this page. it is very telling. if anyone wants the link, but missed my post, let me know here and i’ll repost.

    fred — this might be worthy of a blog post of it’s own. also of interest is the arizona death row case of debra milke which the 9th circuit court of appeals has granted reprieve. she is out on bond now after 20 years on death row, the only evidence tying her to the crime (murder of her 4 year old son) was the lies of the lead detective. prosecution was also found to be withholding brady material. very interesting case.

  4. fauxmccoy says:

    not sure if anyone has seen/heard or posted this — the first 10 minutes (audio only) of the shellie z interview with christi o’connor. the answers that shellie does not give are as telling as the ones she does. i would stake my professional reputation as a crisis counselor for battered women that shellie is an abused spouse. this does not absolve her from personal responsibility, but certainly provides a filter for the situation as she perceived it.

    this is part 1 and i for one am keeping my eye on this site.

    • racerrodig says:

      “Nor have you heard the last from Zimmerman’s now estranged wife, Shellie.”

      This is the most telling part of the interview.

      Thanks for the link, this one is worth watching.

  5. Louie says:

    Shellie maybe NOW you can prove to the world just what an Ass your husband realy is!!! I am sure he has siad many things behide closed doors before, during and after the trial! Let the people know the truth about George. Tell the world what we all want to hear! He lied and won in the courts But YOU know the truth and let it be known Shellie. Be better than him, he is nothing but a fucken punk!!!
    You know I’m sure many TV stations would pay you big money to tell the the whole story , YOU KNOW IT SO TELL US !! Shellie tell us All what that piece of shit had to say and that will be YOUR last laugh on him!!! I will be waiting to see you on TV!!!!!!

  6. Kate says:

    I don’t congratulate her and frankly I believe she deserves what she gets after stating she was not home the night of the murder. She lied in court to hide money and funds and I am sure she knows her husband is a killer. Of course, she should support her spouse and she does not legally have to speak out against him; however, it doesn’t mean I feel sorry for her and feel she is to be congratulated for her decision to divorce the monster.

  7. MDH says:


    Are you trying to say that George, the macho gun man, could not cut it in the Marines??

    So he’s a little slow with left from right:

    • MDH says:

      darn, this got posted at the wrong point. I was responding to racerdogs video.

      • racerrodig says:

        I knew that !! Lets face facts, Fogen would never be on the side where the bullets are actually coming at him……he’s what we call in common parlance “…a pussy…” Hell, even his MMA instructor said he was soft, which as we know is one of the few truths told at his trial.

    • LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO I’ve never seen that before!LOLOLOL that’s zimmy boy for real!!!!LOILO

  8. Trained Observer says:

    Off-topic observation from previous thread: India is a huge country with all levels of weath and poverty and assorted religious beliefs, much like many nations including the U.S.

    In southern India, the “White Jews of Cochin”, for example, are quite proud of their “Jewtown Road” even though my jaw dropped in dismay — I wrongfully thought it was a slur — when first spotting the signpost.

    Some societies within in India are quite matriarchal, where men do as they are told by older women at the top of a family … if a female decides her husband is no longer worthy of their marriage, she announces the split by placing his shoes outside their marital door.

    More on topic: Looks like She-Lie has put Fogen’s boots where they belong.

  9. Trained Observer says:

    Off-topic observation from previous thread: India is a huge country with all levels of weath and poverty and assorted religious beliefs, much like many nations including the U.S.

    In southern India, the “White Jews of Cochin”, for example, are quite proud of their “Jewtown Road” even though my jaw dropped in dismay when I first spotted the signpost.

    Some societies within in India are quite matriarchal, where men do as they are told 🙂 by older women at the top of a family … if a female decides her husband is no longer worthy of their marriage, she announces the split by placing his shoes outside their marital door.

    More on topic: Looks like She-Lie has put Fogen’s boots where they belong.

  10. cielo62 says:

    Diana- not everybody gets free food and housing like you do. Professor works for a living, and this is his product. Try a new corner and maybe business will pick up for you.

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  11. cielo62 says:

    Diana- and bored little frustrated trolls like you.

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  12. cielo62 says:

    Diana- have you no brain? Why come here to insult our host? Or has Sundance Cracker kicked you out of his bed?

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  13. Endless Summer says:

    Is it possible that the Fogen’s are divorcing so that whatever money remains from the begging site can be placed in Shellie’s name only, and would then be safe from any judgments that may come from a civil suit?

    Is this just another false narrative to create a deception? Was Shellie paid for her interview? Was she paid for her interviews with the author? Does Shellie have a book deal?

    • neveragain says:

      so y don’t he just pay off all his debt… off all hiis debt so there’ll be no more left to give Shelly or the martins…..i wonder how much is left?..I read on TMZ that Shellie will be recieving more than 4 thousand a month……and since that moeney was suppose to be defense fund….why was’t it given to the defence?…then MOM want the state to pat the bill…y??

  14. Donna says:

    Professor, there motions filed at the seminole county courthouse against george’s murder 2 case. they appear to be motions to transfer the case to miami and upgradrto capital murder.

    Can you look at them and explain what they mean?

  15. The person posing as Diana is a troll.

    She posted her first comment on 7/23/2013, using a different IP address:

    The prosecution dropped the ball.

    She did not post another comment until this morning when she attacked Jodiwankenobi:

    You’re a tough guy, just like Trayvon.

    She followed that silly comment with this schoolyard taunt @ 7:59 am:

    And the bedwetting continues. Not guilty. It’s over.

    It’s over for her because she misstated facts, hurled false accusations and insulted people.

    Therefore, I banned her.

  16. Deborah Moore says:

    A late good morning to all.
    Fred, you are a real Mensch.
    For non-yiddish folks: a person of integrity and honor.
    I guess every once in a while we Are judged by what we say, and it should be so.
    I really appreciate this blog and the many posters who care and share here.

  17. a2nite says:

    Looks like there is a troll infestation here, today.

  18. neveragain says:

    aafter purjering myself and risking prison time and living in the woods with my husband, if he continued to treat me like shit…..I would make sure to tape his ass before filing for divorce….I would play nice, put up a big act for a couple of months and talk discuss the night of the shooting with him over and over while I secretely have a recorder taping everything….I’d be sure to get some reall good information…….her father should have advised her of that

    • Diana says:

      Just like a woman

      • @Diana:

        Really Diana? A real woman wyouln’t be afraid to put on the uniform of the United States Armed Forces and go fight oversea’s like I did over 25 years ago. You are very good at trading insults name calling and defending your boyfriend, GZ. If you don’t like it over here, go somewhere else where you will find trolls just like yourself who like to defend racists, who murder children.

  19. Rob_UK says:

    Shellie Zimmerman has no problem with the fact that her sick fuck husband stalked an innocent kid who was minding his own business, started a physical altercation with him and then ruthlessly executed him by firing a hollow point bullet into his 17 year old heart while he screamed in terror and begged for his life and then sat there casually discussing what kind of gun he used to shoot him as the kid laid there dying.

    No, she’s only upset that once he was acquitted, he didn’t support her during her perjury trial after she had stood by him during his murder trial and was cold and cruel towards her. If Zimmerman had been loving and attentive once the show trial was over, would she have filed for divorce? Would she give a damn that her husband murdered an innocent 17 year old boy?

    Shellie Zimmerman said on national TV that she believes Zimmerman’s “savage crazed black thug” self-defense story, which means she’s a racist just like he is, because only a racist could believe that story.

    • neveragain says:

      Couldn’t have said it better…she is devorcing him because he treats her like crap…she thought he would change after the shooting, that he would be nicer towards her, but she realized he has gotten worst…….she believed and supported his self defence bullshit….but she is his wife……..she really thought that after she lied for him, risk going to jail for him, lived like a hermit because of him, that he would start treating her good…she realized she was wrong……

    • Diana says:

      I’d say anyone that continues to ground and pound a man that is bleeding and screaming for mercy is acting very savage, indeed. Zimmerman’s “story” has nothing to do with anything. Only the willfully ignorant could ignore all of the evidence that proves just that.

    • Diana says:

      Lol.. what a loon

    • @Rob_UK:

      ^5!! Yep. Just like I stated on a previous post! ShelLIE had no problem lying and covering up for her no good trash husband! She knew her father in law was lying about his whereabouts that night, she knew that her mother in law lied on the stand, and that the Ostermans were also lying about that night! She was complicit in the lies by remaining silent! She co-signed everything!

      She is upset that he cheated on her with that blond who was on the stand and that he is a selfish oaf only caring about himself! ShelLIE doesn’t care about the Martin family or the fact that her lunatic husband murdered a kid in cold blood because he was angry that night because she left him to stay with old pops! She is a racist just like he is and I am tired of the pity party people feeling sorry for this woman! This is not about her, but justice for Trayvon Martin! She is a grown woman who could have left the situation but she didn’t. She had choices and chose not to leave this creep when she had the chance to do so!

      If Fogen treated her like crap, then he could not have done so without her permission! You should have educated yourself ShelLIE before you married that lazy, trifling A$$ man so you could support yourself if you ever had to do so! This is 2013, not 1955! Women should educate themselves today so they could be self supporting.There is no excuse for you ShelLIe. You have no children and therefore, did not have to worry about child-care expenses, picking them up, taking them to the sitter, picking them up from school, cooking for them, going to parent/teacher meetings etc,.

  20. Diana says:

    There’s a whole lotta hatred over here. Old Leatherbum really knows how to gin it up.

    • sparger says:

      Why are you here? Go back to the Treehouse. Do you think you are going to change someone’s mind. You have nothing to add. You are happy Zimmerman was acquitted. Why don’t you go and donate some money to his gun buying fund. So he can live the life he so clearly deserves.

      • ks says:


        It’s funny right? Look at the troll talking to “herself”. We are slowly but surely being proven right that GZ is who we thought he was and all they can do is sputter. Crane and/or Fred will be around to clean up the mess soon.

      • Boyd says:

        The truth’s coming out on their hero. Everyone knows he was angry about Shelly leaving and took it out on the 11th grader the next day. Plain as day.

        Zimmerpoop and OMara should have been prosecuted for lying about the Passport, instead those cowards let Shelly take the fall. That’s your hero, hiding behind a dress.

      • God is there says:

        @sparger: Keep in mind that ignorance does, what ignorance is, and Diana is simply IGNORANT!!!
        Close the door on the ignoramus (Diana) and don’t keep acknowledging this fool because she’s just talking out the side of her neck and saying absolutely NOTHING!
        GOD WILL REPAY and Diana will be in that number.

  21. Diana says:

    There’s a whole lotta pants-pooping happening over here. Maybe it’s time to put on your “big boy” pants and move on.

    • cielo62 says:

      Diana- why does it matter to you if we still care that a fucking murderer is free? If you want to celebrate, I’m sure jeralyn at TalkLeft will let you.

      Sent from my iPad

  22. Diana says:

    And the bedwetting continues. Not guilty. It’s over.

  23. funny isn’t it…poor george, such a good guy, he’s not a wannabe cop…he’s selfless, he helps people…

    well all i can say is that we here had him pegged down to a t. He feels entitled, he wants to be a hero, and sure enough now that he got away with it even his wife says it went to his head. The photo of him getting more guns, bigger guns, with that filthy smile made me want to snap kick him to the throat…he’s soooo scared but he’s tearing up the streets (good law abiding citizen that he is), going no place in particular, not going home to his wife at night (am i the only one that imagines he is having orgies over with sundance cracker and his harem of gun lickers)…

    smug dirty filthy killer…

    he better never walk “the same direction” as a black male ever again because if it were me i’d be scared and i wouldn’t wait to be shot…

  24. neveragain says:

    Ok having an insurance for shared debt makes sence but they don’t own a home, most of their debt Ares school loans, if so Shellie could have simply asked that gz take responsibility for any other loan/ debt owed…….maybe he convinced her to use her credit to take out a loan to start a business because his credit was bad and she want to make sure that he pays his fair share..but even if that should be on him, if he had a heart he should’t have to be compelled by the court to accept the loan as his responsibility

  25. acemayo says:

    An eight-year-old boy in Dallas, Texas, was shot in the face on Tuesday in yet another horrific act of gun violence. Donald Maiden, Jr. was allegedly playing tag around an apartment complex when he was shot by 46-year-old Brian Cloninger. Police “have not been able to determine a motive,” Raw Story reported. Cloninger, who was seen waving a gun at people before the shooting, is being held on a $2.2 million bond after being charged with injury to a child.

  26. acemayo says:

    In the ABC interview, she also revealed she wasn’t at their home the
    night of Martin’s shooting in their gated community outside Orlando
    because she’d had a fight with her husband.
    “I was staying at my father’s house,” she said. “We had gotten into an argument the night before and I left.”
    So George Zimmerman was left in that house angry and mad…and the next day at nite spotted Trayvon Martin…This could be the link of George taking out his aggressive frustrations out on this kid he profiled. Maybe more will come from Shellie Zimmerman if she doesn’t get her share of the money. They are both liars…so it doesn’t matter to a lot of people that he was found not guilty. was O.J. and look what happen to him…Little by little things will come to the light…
    in the Opinions for
    Bastion 14 hours ago George’s acquittal left him feeling invincible
    George Zimmerman . . . CONservative HERO

    see the picture GZ as superman

    • Sophia33 says:

      The very thing that O’Mara tried to say about Trayvon Martin was true about Zimmerman. Remember when he tried to say that Trayvon’s state of mind was one of being angry because he had a text message altercation when a friend. Zimmerman actually had a fight with his wife. SMDH.

      • Rachael says:

        Oh yes, and I’ve mentioned that before. EVERYTHING about Z is that way. He used Trayvon’s words, actions, even cries for help. Everything he said Trayvon did was what HE did – martial arts and all. As well as the being angry that night. What a fucker.

  27. looolooo says:

    Question: Fogen and ShelLie are MARRIED. Why then was he allowed to abscond with all of THEIR money? I find it hard to believe that she didn’t sock away something for a rainy day. She HAD to see the writing on the wall. Can’t her lawyer have his accounts frozen? What are the laws for this sort of thing?

    • Sophia33 says:

      I was wondering about this too, especially when his credit was so bad that they had to have the cell phones in her name.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Well, it’s hard to sock something away for a rainy day when you ain’t got nothin’ to sock.

      Creep and fiscal fool that Fogen is, She-Lie isn’t likely to get any awards for money management either, and it’s been years since she’s had a job with her own paycheck. Also, keep in mind the beg/defense fund moolah supposedly was for Fogen’s defense, not keeping the wolf away from SheLie’s door.

      • racerrodig says:

        The fact that O’ Mara and Fogen want to sue FL for costs and they are in this much debt proves they were not getting the donations they claimed. I am on the record that this was a “…Go with a Winner” ploy. If they said “…..we ain’t gettin’ shit and all you racist gun nuts need to send your hard earned bucks in…” how would that look ?

        No, they blew this all out of proportion and at times they stopped begging for months.

    • racerrodig says:

      Back in 88, my 1st wife pulled the same thing. Any community property other than a house used for the primary dwelling can be taken by one party. We had well over 100K in investments in oil drilling that was making good money. She took all of that, everything in the savings and checking accounts, had her boyfriend forge my name on the title of custom Corvette I built that she drove, and God knows what else.

      I was left with my job, and the small business I had started a few years before, my truck…………………..and the mortgage. She played all sorts of games but in the end, she got dumped at the alter (literally) by her new flame, he went to prison for fraud, the oil investment went belly up, she sold the Vette for peanuts, her new flame took back the Benz she was driving and kicked her out of the apt, which was in his name.

      She wound up with no home, no car, broke, her family now hates her…………and can’t keep a job anymore because of her attitude.

      Karma !!!!

      Some states have different laws, but for the most part, if one grabs all the stuff, there is nothing that can be done. In my case, I just bought out her half of the house using 2 appraisals, less the mortgage balance and what I paid after she left.

      SheLie and Fogen have no assets to speak of and 103K in debt. They will probably looses both cars and claim bankruptcy to blow off what is owed, less the loans. If they had jobs, they’d keep the cars and each would pay for their own. They’ll probably still file, but just blow off the credit cards.

      Karma !!! Gotta love it……..didn’t someone call theirs lives a “Train Wreck”

      File that under “Great Call”

  28. bgesq says:

    sometimes in divorce, insurance is sought to guarantee support payments- or to guarantee payment of a payout due in case something happens- like for example, if they both are jointly liable for debt, the insurance would cover his payments in case something happened, so she didn’t have to pay it alone.

    • racerrodig says:

      I don’t know about FL. but in NJ, a mother friendly state, very often the judge will order the husband to carry an ins. policy that would cover the cost of education, most child support and such in case he dies.

      He pays for it and she is the sole beneficiary, or her estate. This sounds logical to me, but they have no kids so this may be a dream.

  29. Sophia33 says:

    She said that Fogen now thinks that he is invincible now that he has been acquitted. She also said he was selfish.

    I’ve gone from not liking her, to having compassion for her to now worrying about her safety. We all know what Fogen is capable of if someone pisses him off.

    • God is there says:

      @Sophia33: I guarantee if ShelLie is coming forward with the truth and if this is indeed the start of her “Tell All” she has taken every pre-caution of ensuring her safety. I don’t believe for one minute that she just up and started talking to the press and such. She talked with someone who knows how to handle her situation and handle it well before she ever said one word to anyone in the press, the news or otherwise. I’m not judging her, that’s not my place; but I believe it would be very good for her in the long run to just tell the whole truth, clear her conscience, so she can move on in a positive direction.

  30. neveragain says:

    I was thinking y don’t she stick around incase NBC settles but it seems like she got that covered….I would have secretely taped him if it was me…….but I guess she believed him or she believe black guys are dangerous

  31. neveragain says:

    Life insurance?? What the hell….sounds like extortion to me……is she threatening him??…give in to my demmans or I might just tell the 9th version of what you told me happened that night…..and even if you are aquitted that might make you more hated …………anyways gz will simply say she’s a liar………….don’t get me wrong I am not saying he was stupid enough to tell her the complete truth of what happened that night….but his story might have changed at certain points,…..

  32. dbj says:

    Now that the divorce is on I smell a Litetime movie about Shellie’s life with “Georgie” coming on.

    • Rachael says:

      I don’t think so. She said she didn’t want the drama and I believe her. I mean I honestly do think she was an abused woman. She loved him at one time. She thought they would be together forever. And like many abused women, she put up with so much just for so little, losing everything. The difference is, most of them don’t end up having their entire marital demise seen ’round the world. This has to be totally humiliating. The only good thing perhaps about it is, because so many are watching, there will be a lot of support for her out there to keep her on track so she (1) doesn’t go back to him (2) doesn’t end up with another like him. This is not to say that there are mean people who will try to derail her at every opportunity, but I think it is pretty obvious to most people that she was the victim of abuse by GZ, and long before the acquittal when she claims she first noticed it. It was always there, she just couldn’t see it. And it is very hard to come to terms with. Like I said before, it isn’t just something you wake up from one day and it’s gone. It is like PTSD.

      • @Rachel, I know I won’t change your mind but I can’t help but comment because i’m so amazed how completely opposite our views on shellie are!!

        it sounds like we are thinking about two totally different people. it sounds like you’re projecting someone entirely different from the shellie i’ve seen from the beginning of this case. and it’s like suddenly and solely based on the last two weeks? not the shellie who was on the phone lying to the judge and moving money from peter pan to her own safety deposit box speaking in secret code with her cutie pie killer. not the one who’s on tv now saying how bad she had it living in a 20ft trailer worried about ppl coming for them in the night. you do realize that’s the same song JR is singing all over the internet and twitter?
        read this trash by jr.

        she’s going on about the same things jr and omara have been saying all along! did she forget the weeks, i’m sorry, the months they spent THOUSANDS of dollars of other suckers money on not 1 but 2 suites at the luxury resort with 4 round the clock body guards like beyonce and jay z? or the 6 bedroom home they rented with the Magic shower? I mean how pathetic can they be living in luxury and paying off their own credit cards they ran up before the murder and WITH money FROM the murder?
        remember they were getting evicted. gz called the cops on the landlord because he’s such scumbag he’s just fine with letting the owner of the home foreclose so he doesn’t have to pay? You don’t think she knew about that? I’d bet they were fighting about money! because between her occasional online class and the class or two gz took, finally after 8 years and never earning one degree and being placed on academic probation because he couldn’t keep his gpa over a 2.0, the financial aid would no longer pay their rent.

        c’mon, are you sayin that this woman was so abused that even though she was strong enough to leave because of whatever argument they had the day before but suddenly she became helpless after he went out and actually murdered an innocent kid?
        she could leave him for an argument but couldn’t STAY gone after he profiled, chased and shot an unarmed kid point blank in the heart?
        I guess i’m trying to say is that she was with this guy for years and knew all the filthy shit he did to others.
        she knew his fake attitude around people he wanted to impress and aggressiveness towards ppl he wanted to intimidate. and she never said he abused her before.

        honestly right now and all along all I hear from her and everyone around them is all about the money. and they use sympathy to get it.
        remember this woman lived with her husband after they married in the safety of her own parents home for years in which she had plenty of time to decide if this was the man for her.

        to me it’s like they were perfect for each other, two of a kind. they got along great as long as they were scamming or victimizing someone else. they both took out credit cards and both got sued. they both took out student loans and never graduated. when he couldn’t get a gun because his 3 year waiting period after the restraining order for hitting another woman weren’t up she got it in her name. etc…
        it’s just like she said-now he’s all BRAND NEW and she’s not included in this scam. why don’t you believe that?

        • jm says:

          Shellie is about Shellie just like George is about George. Two of a kind, low-level lying cons.

          • God is there says:

            @jm: AMEN! The stripes are still the same; the game may have changed because now she wants and needs all the sympathy she can get so that she’ll be able to get her needs taken care of, but until she comes forward and tells all about how her hubby murdered Trayvon; she still rates a “F” in my book.

        • ladystclaire says:

          This idiot and his spouse was getting evicted, yet he had the audacity to ask one of the home owners to let him see some proof, that they lived there. for him to call LE on the person to whom he owed back rent money to was just too much and, for LE to show up because he called them, just goes to show how deep they are in his pocket.

          Could it be that he knows more about them, other than what he’s already told? BTW, why didn’t they make him stop with all of this calls that only amounted to him being nosy. it’s really amazing, that someone hadn’t really broke his nose for him.

  33. fauxmccoy says:

    as one inclined to believe that shellie was an abused spouse, i hope that divorcing her cretin husband puts her on the path to righteousness. she may have made many mistakes, but i will say that the apology she offered to the martin family was more sincere than anything else we’ve heard from the zimmermans. i will take her at her word and hope that her actions continue to back that up.

    she’s got a long, hard row to hoe and i wish her the best.

    • Rachael says:

      I agree with your post.

    • RobUK says:

      I thought she just said that she was sorry for their loss like her husband did. I haven’t seen her apologize.

      She said that she was sorry for their loss and then went on to say that she believed that her husband shot Trayvon in the heart in “self-defense”, which is the same as saying that she believes that Trayvon was a rage-filled unhinged thug who attacked her husband for no reason beating him to within an inch of his life and then tried to shoot him with his own gun. Her expressions of sympathy for the Martins are insulting, phony and worthless.

      • Diana says:

        “..rage-filled unhinged..” Anyone that continues to “ground and pound” a man that is bleeding, not fighting back, and screaming for help? I’d say those words are applicable. We all know what the evidence said. What the witnesses saw. Rage-filled and unhinged is EXACTLY what Martin was that night.

        • ks says:

          LOL, too funny. Not even the infamous “John” testified that he saw TM actually land any blows and no witness testified that TM was rage filled and unhinged so stop lying and trying to deflect attention away from the fact that your hero GZ is being exposed for the creep he is.

        • @Diana:

          Any individiaul who claims that they were “grounded and pounded” would have sustained, severe head injuries such a contusions, several sub-dural hematomas, lapse in a coma, and possibly death, and as a Nurse Practtioner for over 20 years, I have never seen anyone sustain the BS injuries that GZ described and then get right up off of the body and start talking with the police men who showed up and then and sustain NORMAL vital signs afterwards once the EMS showed up?

          They also would not have refused E.R. medical attention if they were able to speak! Why would anyone who was so severely injured as he claimed, refuse emergency medical attention? The only one who was unhinged and rage filled was your lying boyfriend!

          • racerrodig says:

            To me at least Diana sounds amazingly like Robbie the Racist, only very thinly disguised.

            But that’s just me.

          • @racerrodig;

            How are you today? I don’t remember Robbie the Racist! Was he ever on HP? He sounds stupid and his writing skills are juvenile just like his hero Fogen! I still cannot believe that these idiots are touting that falacy about an individual who was brutally beaten in the head and only sustained a few cuts! They are as stupid as Fogen, and that is why they follow him!

          • racerrodig says:

            Robbie the Racist is a name I assigned to Fogen’s brother, Robert Z Jr.

          • @racerrodig:

            In that case, then “Robbie the Racist” was on HP as we all full know he was posting BS nonsense on a daily basis! He has since disappeared since his lunatic brother was foudn “Not Guilty” by a jury of his racist peers during the “farce” that they called a “trial in racist Sanford, Florida.

          • racerrodig says:

            You have that nailed !!

          • MDH says:

            Exactly, the Zimmerman fans equate two capillary wounds to the back of the head as evidence of pounding or slamming. Each hard blow { that is how those who are versed in the English language interpret pound or slam } would have produced a large contusion and probable deep gash.

            The cuts on the back of George’s head are commensurate with scraping or bumping.

            That said, there was not one slam of the back of George’s head shown by his wounds.

            Let them come here and demonstrate their lack of technical expertise. Keep in mind that these trolls also believe that Obama is a Muslim and was not born in the USA. And they have evidence!!!!

            IOW, they will just insult or equate possible with reasonable to back any argument they make because they are too stupid to use fact based logic.

            For example.

            The autopsy revealed that Trayvon’s pericardium and right ventricle were shredded by a hollow point bullet.

            The circulatory system relies on blood pressure from a pump to keep one conscious and alive. A shredded right ventricle can not create the vacuum required to draw blood from veins and deliver it to the lungs via the pulmonary artery. Because there is no blood being delivered to the lungs, the left ventricle can not create enough pressure to feed blood to the brain such that a person can either remain in or get up to a standing position.

            George would have us believe that Trayvon was able to mutter some lines out of a Jimmy Cagney flick, stand up and take paces backward after have his right ventricle and pericardium shredded.

            The forensic evidence points to him more likely collapsing to the ground in an unconscious state while is heart pitifully vented most of his blood out of the massive hole in the pericardium to his chest cavity. Death would not be instant in that it takes a bit of time for the brain stem to die for lack of oxygen.

            Did they not find Trayvon face down?

            Did they not find a large amount of blood in the chest cavity?

            Also, if blood pressure had been high enough to allow Trayvon to talk and stand up, there would have been venting out of the bullet hole.

            I read a case wherein in a medic was able to save a man shot in the chest { it was a hard jacketed projectile that often leaves a hole } by shoving his finger into the wound and find the hole. When he did that, the shot man would regain a conscious state. A release of the finger would put the man back out.

            That’s how blood pressure works.

          • Soulcatcher says:

            @Deborah from NYC, here’s Robbie the racist

        • like a good friend said the other day wait for SHELlie book to come out so you can see what a zero your hero is.

        • God is there says:

          @Diana: “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.” “Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are His delight.”


          We, who know better, have better things to do with our time and should not be wasting any more time with Diana. She has ears, but cannot hear. She has eyes, but cannot see. She has a mouth, but only ignorant, racist, denial, and nonsense is all that pours from it. She has a heart, but it is a heart of stone, not of flesh. So Diana, go on back to your deep dark hole of evil wickedness, from whence you have come; for all that you are is a white-washed sepulcher that is full of nothing but dead men’s bones. May God have mercy on your wretched soul.

    • MDH says:

      @ Deborah from NYC

      The medical professionals would have required George to stay in the hospital for observation in order to avoid a malpractice suite, if the injuries they saw indicated any possibility of major head trauma.

      A subdural hematoma often manifests itself at a later time. And once manifested, time till death is short.

      Good grief, the kid who I saw run into and flip over a car had a very large contusion { big round bump } where his head hit the concrete.

      What George had is so minor that it invites derision.

      And I bet a large percentage of GZ’s followers also felt that the purple band aids worn by people to mock John Kerry was appropriate.

      Their inability to be logical is legendary.

      • @MDH:

        I knew that Fogen was lying from day one about the extent of the injuries he sustained! He and his racist rebel rousers may have been born yesterday, but I wasn’t! After over 20 years in the medical field and working in trauma, with Veterans, and every specialty where I could learn from and seeing many, many head injuries, I knew that this man was covering up the extent of his LACK of injuries! The fact that the EMS didn’t take him to the hospital, and the fadt that he refused to go, spoke volumes! None of this was brought out in the trial and neither was Fogen’s e-mail letters, text messages or anything else which they claimed were so damaging to his defense. They did it on purpose. They didn’t want to prosecute this case. They don’t want justice for Trayvon Martin, and that is the bottom line. The locals do not want to investigate the SPD. They want to tkeep the ole boy network up and continue to mistreat blacks and other minorities.

        So when I look at ShelLie, I do not feel the least bit SORRY for her and her part in the cover up! She is the one who applied those fake A$$ bandages to the head of Fogen, (and they were so inappropriate) and she knows good and well, that her demented husband didn’t get receive any head bashing at the hands of Trayvon Martin! She is a liar too and is just as complicit as he is by her silence!

      • MDH says:

        @ Deborah from NYC

        I think they are covering up the fact that Sanford is still using sundown town tactics.

        It pains me to see this type of behavior.

        I took my daughters to the Martin Luther King swim center for lessons. Those pools are a sea of every type of humanity laughing and having a good time.

        The racists hate Montgomery County MD. They call it Monkey County.

        I call it my bit of heaven.

      • God is there says:

        @MDH: If anyone recalls, Det. Serino asked GZ himself, about the lumps on his head, and fogen said, that was just the way his head was shaped. Why did the Prosecutors not mention this at trial. It was just so much that was messed up about this whole thing, its not even funny. I remember saying after the trial that I wanted to give accolades to the Prosecution Team, but that diminished very quickly after hearing about so much more that they could have done. I still like John Guy though, I believe he was sincere in his quest. But Corey and the others should be ashamed. My question is: How does a woman fire a warning shot at a man who admitted being abusive to her, even on the very night this happened; no one gets hurt or killed, but yet she is now serving 20 years in prison? Whereas, there being proof-positive that GZ murdered a 17-yr. old teen, who did absolutely nothing and he walks away free? I’m still trying to take hold of this. What kind of justice system are we really dealing with?

  34. Trained Observer says:

    In the divorce throes, will we ever find out if the mentored kids actually existed? … And if they did, was that part of a community service requirement for Fogen’s previous scrape with assaulting the undercover cop?

    • sparger says:

      I am going to say no. No mentored kids ever existed. If they did O’Mara would have at least had the director of the program on TV talking about how wonderful George is.

    • dianetrotter says:

      We know they didn’t mentor earlier that Sunday because Shellie had left him the night before to stay with her family. Will we ever know who the idiotic jurors are?

    • pat deadder says:

      TO I can’t remember who said it but they said.It would be easier to find a real mermaid than the black kids they mentored.
      I still giggle when I remember that but I’m moving and packed away my book of all the funny things I’ve read here and the authors are noted in the book.

      • Diana says:

        Just like there is no way that Trayvon could have said a word. Oh.. but that ended up being disproven just like every single other piece of nonsense I’ve read from “Professor” Nutty.

        • ks says:

          Actually, that wasn’t disproven. All that was speculated by the two people hired by the OS was that TM might not have died instantly. People like you ran with that as proof that TM could/did say something. In any event, nobody testified that TM said anything after being shot and I doubt anybody except loons like you believe that TM uttered the dated gangsta’ lingo attributed to him by his killer.

        • cielo62 says:

          Diana- LOL! A troll has arrived! And one so very easy to spot!

          Sent from my iPad

        • God is there says:

          @Diana: Don’t worry ‘deary’ you and your precious fogen will meet in “HELL” one day very soon and there the two of you, along with every other racist can live eternally, but don’t bet on being very happy. Fogen won’t be able to do a ‘thang’ for you there. Hummm…I wonder who will be calling who a “Nut” then.

    • racerrodig says:

      Trust me…..there are no mentored black kids. SheLie blew that into the woods when she said they had a fight Sat. night (2/25/2012) and went to her dads and was there until she found out Fogen shot “someone else”

      His entire tale of that night just went down the drain and it’s only a matter of time before he fully realizes the damage that caused.
      I’d bet SheLie has already talked with the Feds and this is merely step 1.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Step 1? We can only hope.

      • looolooo says:

        “Someone else”?! I’d really love to know who “ELSE” Fogen has shot.

        • neveragain says:

          Yo can hear in the 911 call John is claerly sayinng…he told me he’d shoot them…them meaning the burglars….so this proves gz had intent, he hated these theives and swore he’d shoot them if the opportunity arrived and he thought trayvon was one of those theives

          • racerrodig says:

            He did say he warned me he’d shoot ’em, but who is the question. Did Fogen mean that kid that night, or “someone else” With the possibility the original target / threat to was SheLie, this thickens the plot a bit.

            Did he mean Burgess ? and the fact that Fogen has at least 1 on police record of attempted theft, the story he concocted that a black kid stole his bike, when it was proved to be purchased by the kids father, well, any burglaries ma have been Fogen.

            Remember he went to every door casing the place claiming these were “security questions” when he 1st started the NW. He asked about everyone’s work schedule, how many / who lived there, vacations, valuables and most telling, were they armed.

            In the real world, that’s called “Casing the place”

            There is more going on here. Do destitute people, like Fogen, or those with at least a job, rob ??

        • neveragain says:

          All he needed to do was provoke them into a fight knowing he was armed, act like a helpless child and shoot then claim self defence

        • racerrodig says:

          There are open murder cases where he used to live in VA. and he did make a hasty retreat to live in FL. about six years ago. One never knows, and the someone else could be “….he said he was gonna shoot me, so I left but he shot someone else in his rage.”

      • neveragain says:

        Maybe someone else meant that gz did not shoot who he promised to shoot….he prably told them if he ever caught burgesses in the act he’d shoot him and Shellie knew budges was in prison at the time

      • Diana says:

        Lol.. riiiiiiight. I wouldn’t hold your breath on those Federal charges. They aren’t going to happen any more than the guilty verdict in the contrived state’s case against him.

        • ks says:

          Don’t worry, given his history GZ will be in trouble again soon so you better start saving your money so you can send him some.

        • Xena says:

          I’m going in late and know that Diana has already been banned, but would like to respond to the following.

          I wouldn’t hold your breath on those Federal charges.

          The thought that GZ is walking on eggshells not knowing what the feds are doing or going to do, brings me great pleasure. In fact, I hope that the feds take their time. The longer they wait to make any announcement, the longer GZ is a nervous wreck.

          Btw, the troll in California impersonating the DOJ by sending comments to blogs using the DOJ’s email address in Florida saying that DOJ was not going to charge GZ, has been reported to the DOJ.

        • God is there says:

          @Diana: BUT GOD!!! Baby, BUT GOD!!!! You better have a good answer too, but somehow I don’t think you will.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @racer, I hope so because, this murderer of a child does not deserve to be breathing the same air as you and I. I read some where that, some part of the United Nations have told the U.S to speed their investigation of this thug up. every country in the world is watching and, keeping up with this case. they also speak of Fogen violating Trayvon’s civil rights.

        This is the year of our LORD 2013 and, we have had not one or two Emmett Tills here, we have three. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and, Kendrick Lamar Johnson. these three kids didn’t deserve what happened to them, any more than any other murdered child in this country did.

        I read a comment on facebook, where some female ass hole says referring to Trayvon, I’m glad he’s dead. now that is something for someone to say now isn’t? since they feel that he was so deserving of what happened to him, I wonder if they feel the same way about Natalee Holloway! she definitely caused her own demise, by jumping in a car with people she didn’t know. but they will not see it that way for her. a lot of these people need to sweep around their own backyard before they go sweeping someone else’s.

        • racerrodig says:

          Very well said. When SheLie stated they had a fight 2/25/2012 and she walked out, she in effect, just wiped out his entire defense. It also showed how screwed up the prosecutions game plan was.

    • ok so think about that Q.

      who ever heard of a program that would let a drunken, obnoxious, aggressive idiot who had the audacity to attack a cop anywhere near troubled kids as a part of the arrested person’s punishment/rehab??
      and of course, what would someone like gz have to mentor anyone about?

      I can imagine zimmy made that lie up and applied it to himself in reference to some other type of program he heard about or knew of someone else doing. it sounds like how he turned everything he did to Trayvon around and claimed Trayvon did it to him. like the MMA type stuff & screaming. and like he did to his ex girlfriend when she took out a PPO and the next day he went and flipped it and said she actually did it to him.

    • Woow! says:

      Would you want those two dumb asses mentoring your children?Just saying.

  35. colin black says:

    MDH says:

    September 6, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    If George really thinks that he is invincible, then his appointment with a real thug is just a matter of time.

    In an age of instant text messaging, it is quite easy for a Bob Ford to find someone who keeps a high profile

    Observation shows us foggage is a L.E. Junkie kind of similar to those pyromaniacs that set fires.

    An hide an gloat at the sound of the fire engines .So if I wanted to find this twerp Id aquire a scanner for a few bucks at radioshack an tune into the Lakemary Seminole L E freqencys .

    That’s more than likely what he is doing just hearing there back an fourth chatter prolly gets him hot.

    An anything major in that area ocoured he will come like a moth to a flame try an put him self in the frame.

    Also the amount of traffic stops is his way of getting his self a quickie L E fix speeding at an intersection right by the cop shop was no coinkydink he was prolly circleing till he got stopped.

    So its going to be youtube vt easy to get his licence plate number.If its a hire then there are ways an means useally involveing money to get his rental details.

    If I wanted to find this dork it would take me a fortnight max

    I have no reason to ever want to meet or see the Child Muderer unless he wants to sue me for calling him a Child Murderer then I will see him in court..

    • boyd says:

      that just sucks

    • Rachael says:

      Yeah – I posted that this morning. disgusting

    • looolooo says:

      I dwindled down my CNN viewing during and after the trial (due to J. Toobin’s and others obvious bias toward Fogen), so it won’t be too much of a stretch to walk away completely now. I’ve already deleted the app. And I can not stand to even look at Ryan Smith, and especially Vinnie Politan.

      They had no problems considering Casey and Jody guilty, but they couldn’t even bring themselves to even consider (on camera) that Fogen might be guilty. And don’t get me started on Mike Brooks the Criminal Justice Expert.

      • racerrodig says:

        The best part is that O’ Moron had every call wrong in the Anthony trial.

      • @looolooo:

        ^5! I quit wacthing CNN during the fake Fogen trial. The commentators and the entire staff was biased toward Fogen. There racist bigotry came through loud and clear and I cannot stand to see any of them! It was obvious that they disbelieved the prosecution and were on the side of Fogen and his racist supporters!

        I was so fed up with CNN! I have not watched it since and don’t care to, and now that, that idiot O’Moron will on it, I definitely will not be watching! He needs to get new dentures! Maybe he can afford them now!

      • ladystclaire says:

        @looolooo, I can’t stand those guys either, Ryan Smith, Vinnie Polotan and Mike Brooks are all hypocrites to the core. I no longer watch anything on CNN and, I won’t!

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Effing loser needs to move to Fox network. Disgusting.

  36. Woow! says:

    It will be interesting to see what CAC family has to say about Shelly. I have a feeling this divorce will get real nasty. I so pray it does and not because I wish that for Shelly but because if that family attacks her then maybe she will spill the beans and show the world who they really are.

    • looolooo says:

      They won’t say much, if anything at all. She’s not black. The Zimmerklans ONLY take issue with the coloreds. They’ll probably keep mum, just like they did with witness #9(?), their cousin.

      I can’t wait for the inevitable confrontation between Fogen and Joohyah! Thrilla’s don’t only happen in Manila!

      • racerrodig says:

        Yep, aren’t we due for some more Robbie the Racist malarkey ??

      • @loooLooo:

        Thank you for the compliment above, but what’s up with the term “coloreds?” Do you reside in South Africa where that term was and still used? The term “coloreds” is offensive to black people. It is the language of the racists who wanted to dehumanize and disparage black people not only in South Africa, but also in America looloo.

        Black people have come a long way from the term Colored, Negro to black then African American.

        • looolooo says:

          @DeborahNYC……..we OFTEN joke like that here. It’s meant to be sarcastic. Besides, I’m a full- blooded colored myself.

          • @loollooo:

            Sorry looloo! I am in a rotten mood today! LOL! I am so tired of ShelLIE trying to portray herself as an abused women when we all know she is racist and participated in the cover up along with her lunatic racist husband!

            The Fogen family appear to think that they are not people of color themselves but they are. When I saw Fogen’s mother in the courtroom, I noticed how very dark she is, and how she tries so hard to distance herself from who she truly is. She talks about her “Afro Pervian” roots but she appears to be ashamed of her “Afro Pervian roots.”

          • looolooo says:

            You’re right, they ARE ashamed of their OBVIOUS non-white ethnicity. I thought that I would be on Social Security before I ever came across a family that is as dysfunctional and has as many mentally ill members as the Anthony’s! But alas, I needed only to wait a mere year for the ZimmerKKKlans to be catapulted into the spotlight.

            Did you see Papa Z in court? He could barely contain himself. And he was a Magistrate?! OMG! Just how fair and impartial were his judgments? And Mamasita La Cucaracha (no offense intended…. just trying to be funny) wasn’t any better. And just HOW was she a clerk of the court in Virginia? She’s been in the states for over 30 years, and her English is STILL barely understandable. I wonder if she identifies as white along with Fogen and Joonyah. Even though NEITHER of them look it.

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep……and they scoff at others !!

          • @loooloo:

            LOL! You have a great sense of humor! The Z family are very ashamed of who they are and they put the “D” in dysfunctional. My younger sister hollered to me that, that is why, ‘Mama Z married that white man because she so full of self hatred towards herself!!’ She figured she was marrying up, and she didn’t want any lowly Pervian from her country. We all know people like this. No wonder she told Fogen to marry a white girl according to the cousin that he molested who made claims about the family being racist.Well white girl is leaving the Afro-Pervian!

            I was shocked to see how dark skinned she was, and Fogen, Robert and Grace are just as dark. How do they go around denouncing blacks when you are as dark as any black?? Give me a break!

            I wonder how impartial Daddy Z was while sitting on the bench in VA? How many blacks did he railroad while sitting up there judging others and Mama Z can barely speak any English herself and she has been here how long? Over 30 years? Did any important documents disappear while she was clerking in VA? I am sure Mama Z identifies as white like her other ignorant children who think they can pass as white and European. LOL! I hope that Fogen continues his cross country trip, gets a few more speeding tickets, and runs into some Mexican gangs who he denounced on his MYSPACE website!

          • @Deborah, and looloo, I swear I’ve been saying the same thing! I can’t believe these freaks! Jr is so obsessed with his new found white-ness he can’t get over it! it’s unreal!
            the other day he tweets something like “the lib media hooked on one word, *white*” LMFAO as if??!!

            if it weren’t for the murder of Trayvon these freaks would be such interesting case studies of racial self hatred. Especially mama z, she hates so much it oozes out of her whole being. I can’t remember ever seeing anyone, especially a woman, so incredibly ugly inside and out. she’s scary to me. i’m serious.

          • @shannoninmiami:

            ^5! loooloo and you are on point Shannon! This family is a case study in self hatred, and it comes from their mother who hates herself! When Fogen killed TM, he received his “white card” and was now a card carrying member of racist whites! They identify with being whties on everything! I look at them and see people as dark as any black person!

            I normally do not make fun of anyone or anyone’s looks,unless i despise them and this is one family and one woman I truly despise! She spoke of ‘praying for TM?” She is so full of it! She took her butt ugly self on that stand and lied for her no good son to send him out in society again, to kill another black kid! She and her lying husband know that Fogen is a time bomb who cannot do anything other than get himself in trouble!

            Mama Z is not the least bit attracitve, and the fact that, that white man wanted to marry her must have sent her mind into orbit! Papa Z ain’t no surprise package himself, but he was white and breathing, and that was enough for her. What a bunch of idiots!

  37. kllypyn says:

    Don’t forget Murderman has a habit of reacting violently when things don’t go his way.he killed trayvom because trayvon would not comply with him. and instead resisted and tried to escape. Despite Trayvon’s desperate pleas for his life he killed him while preventing his escape. he family and friends were willing to lie and perjure themselves to help him get off.. we had people who lived near where trayvon was killed who were willing to lie for him. despite the fact they claimed they didn’t know him.we had people who just second after the shot came out and instead of trying to provide first aid to a kid lying face down in the grass,they engaged in a discussion about what bullets were used. A kid who just seconds before they heard screaming in terror and desperation.and literally crying. by the time the police arrive it was to late. if some had tried to help trayvon during those first seconds after the shot if he were still alive they might have made his last seconds more comfortable. there’s a slight possibility they could have prolonged his where he might have made it to a hospital, although with the injuries he suffered he still would have died. JON GOODE IS A LIAR. JENNA LAUER IS A LIAR JEREMY KNOWS AND SAW MORE THAN HE’S TELLING. THEY ARE TOTALLY L;ACKING IN MORALS AND DECENCY. I DESPISE ALL OF THEM. IF THEYN HAD DONE THE RIGHT THING MAYBE MURDERMAN WOULD BE SITTING IN A JAIL CELL INSTEAD OF WALKING FREE.

    • @kllypyn:

      SheLie is just as bad he is! Fogen and his lying A$$ racist family which she was a part of, all set out ot protect this narcissitic, self centered idiot! She knows exactly that her selfish soon to be ex murdered Trayvon Martin! When Fogen was joking about “wearing a hoodie” while speaking to her on the jail house phone, I don’t recall her correcting him, or chasting him for his poor choice of words about the boy he deliberately and violently shot through the heart. She was to busy stroking his ego by telling Fogen, ‘What a great life he would have.’ Well, she is not a part of “his great life.” She was delusional and crazy then thinking that this killer who cheated on her, was going to stick by her! He doesn’t care about her or anyone else and that is why he left her right after the trial! She sat right there during the trial, and watched one by one his lying A$$ family and his friends, LIE! Why should I sit here and feel any sorrow for ShelLIE? She co-signed everything that Fogen did.

      The walls are all tumbling down and I hope everyone who was involved in the cover up of this case meets the hell that they deserve. Sybrina and Tracy have to sit here and watch this lunatic, break the law and flaunt the fact that he got away with murdering their precious son! I cannot imagine their pain and sorrow knowing that this case was a farce from day one, and the cover up for Fogen was in full swing! Tracy and Sybrina did not receive justice but they will!

      • looolooo says:

        @Deborah …….BRILLIANT & spot on!

      • agree 100%. I can’t stand the pity party she’s still having. talking about living in a 20ft trailer worried ppl were coming to get them? kinda like Trayvon’s true life’s end story where some pos did come to get him??? every time she repeats that bullshit it’s another attempt to manipulate and get money! I only wish someone would’ve came for them! F her and everyone around them!

        • @Shannoninmiami:

          ^5! I know Shannon. What’s up with the pity party? This is about Trayvon Martin and seeking justice for him and his family! We know that the criminal trial was a farce to placate the black community, the family and the supporters of the family who are suffering over the loss of their son, and watching the family, the kilelr and now his wife come on the television and talk about her life in a trialer and people coming to get her and Fogen! We have his family and friends, laughing and smiling and we know that they KNOW Fogen got away with murder! Fogen rides around speeding and flauning his freedom, while TM should be starting college this month just like my own 18 year old son will be! The Martin’s are heartbroken and devastated over losing him, and I have to hear about ShelLIE who has not lost a thing, other a 350lb dead weight around her neck and her troubles which are of her own making??

          Save it ShelLIE! TM is in a coffin, buried 6 feet below! He is cold and still. His body stopped functioning once your husband put a bullet in his heart, and caused his heart and brain to stop functioning and guess what? His and his body will be there for eterniy because of the actions of your racist, demented husband who was angry and out of control and yet you are here on the tube complaining about living in a trailer? IF you had to live in a trailer then you did so because you wanted too live there! You could have left anytime and had the feds hide you if you told what you knew but you chose to remain silent! It is no one’s fault but your own that you never educated yourself so you could support yourself, or own your own company if you chose to do so!

      • God is there says:

        @kllypyn: I totally agree with everything that you and Deborah from NYC, have stated and am awaiting the day when CAC gets what he so rightfully deserves. I don’t want him dead, I want him locked up for the rest of his miserable life. I truly hope his sorrow wife steps up to the plate and “TELLS ALL” on him, and on all of his accomplices. I don’t feel sorry for ShelLie and I won’t until she comes clean and tells what we all know actually happened. Who knows, she might be making a deal with the DOJ as we speak, maybe this is the reason why she requested the insurance because that really does seem rather a strange request. Only time will tell, I suppose, hopefully, justice will eventually prevail for Tracy and Sybrina.

    • Diana says:

      You are mentally unbalanced

      • @Diana:

        Why the hell are you here other than to be disruptive, rude and obnoxious? You contribute nothing of truth. Only excuses and sweet nothing about your racist Afro Pervian boyfriend. Are you afraid that your boyfriend is being exposed for the racist, murderer that he is, along with being the self centered, selfish husband that he was to Shellie? Are you so afraid that Shellie will expose him for who and what he is as well? You need to get up out of here. No one wants to read your lying racist rhetoric!

      • cielo62 says:

        Diana- look in the mirror for someone mentally unbalanced…

        Sent from my iPad

      • kllypyn says:


        • racerrodig says:

          God I love it when you guys and gals speak your mind…..

        • @kllypyn:

          Once again, your post rings true, and brings me to tears when I think about Trayvon coming face to face with this mentally deranged man! Thank god my own son did not meet this man that night! I would be in prison for the rest of my life for sure, because I would either hire a hit man or do him in myself!! Fogen needs to take a page out of the Ariel Castro playbook and oaf himself now because he is going to meet his fate one day!


          omg you are so right! that poor baby!!!!!! my god!

          I believe Trayvon saw Jeremy and Jeremy saw him and Trayvon begged him for help but Jeremy turned his back and left him there to die! I can’t stand that thought.

          I can only imagine the flicker of hope Trayvon felt when he first saw Jeremy. He screamed to him for help, they possibly locked eyes for a second and then just like the moment of hope was there it was gone when Jeremy turned away!
          how can these people do that?

          • ladystclaire says:

            @Shannoninmiami, I do indeed believe that Jeremy and Jenna both saw what was going on and, turned a blind eye to what was going on. this is why you can hear Jeremy crying on his lying wife’s 911 call. Jeremy was not called to the witness stand for a reason and, I believe he would have blurted out the truth because, what other reason did they not call him to testify?

          • kllypyn says:

            Because they are scum bags who thought trayvon was some kind of thug who got caught in the act.when they found out who he really was they just didn’t care. i hope nothing good ever happened to them for the rest of their lives. They might have been able to prevent Trayvon’s death. i personally believe they knew what was about to happen and they knowingly let an innocent boy die. Trayvon’s screams and the evidence tell the whole story.he grabbed Trayvon trayvon startts yelling GET off. i believe he breifly broke away from Zimmerman and tried to run but he may have slipped on the wet grass. zimmerman grabs him again he sees the gun and stars panicking he screams even more he sees people who are watching. he screams help me they don’t help his screams become more intense he is hysterical. it’s obvious he is crying he knows if no one helps he’s dead. i also believe Zimmerman told him he was gonna die tonight,that’s why he made the horrific shriek he screamed help again shot rings out.dead silence.the photos of trayvon’s body show his eyes and mouth open. He either died in mid scream or he spent his last seconds trying to breath.remember that bullet collapsed both his lungs. those screams coupled with the evidence tell another story. Trayvon was desperately trying to escape when he was killed but he simply wasn’t strong enough to break free from Zimmerman grip. ZIMMERMAN KILLED TRAYVON WHILE HE WAS TRYING TO BACK AWAY AND ESCAPE. NOT SELF DEFENSE. THOSE HUORO CHOSE TO IGNORE THE EVIDENCE THEY CHOSE TO COMPLETELY DISREGARD THE LAST TERRIFYING SCREAMS OF A 17 YEAR OLD BOY WHO KNEW HIS LIFE WAS ABOUT TO BE SNUFFED OUT.I don’t buy ,for one minute that they think Zimmmeran was the one screaming. They knew damned well who was screaming.They let a grown man get away with following an unarmed teenager as he walked home from the store. They lat a grown man get away with pursuing an unarmed teenager after he got scared and ran away. They let a grown man get away with illegally trying to detain an unarmed teenager. They let a grown man get away with holding an unarmed teenager at gunpoint while interrogating and terrorizing him. And worse of all they let a grown man get away with killing an unarmed teenage while he screamed for help and begged for his life while trying to escape the man who killed him.I hope what they have done comes back to bite them in the ass, especially B37. People say i shouldn’t be angry with the jury because they did their job.Like hell they did. If they had done their job Murderman would be sitting in a prison cell serving a life sentence. There was more than enough to convict this so called man. I know because i have read it watched it or listened to it. a conviction was practically handed to them on a silver platter and they chose to gloss over most of it.All in an effort to protect a corrupt police department and their own colleagues who dropped the ball. When he kills or attacks someone again i will blame them as well.

          • @kllypyn:

            Once again, another moving post! BRAVO! You KNOW I have no love for any of them. I just cry when I think of Trayvon who was just a neighborhood kid, who was not in a gang, and was harmless, was confronted by this MONSTER and the other monsters around him who stood there and watched, were so indifferent and so unfeeling towards him! They didn’t lift a finger to help or assist Trayvon! SMH. This destoryed my faith in the Justice System, which I didn’t have much faith in anyway, but this really did it for me!

            I am still angry at the racist cowardly jury, the SPD, Fogen’r friends, his family and all who participated in the cover up! The prosecution, prosecuted this case very poorly in not presenting any of the evidence regarding the corrupt SPD, Fogen’s text messages and cell phone calls (which they claimed were so damaging) and O’Moron flat out lying about this kid. My co-workers from Trinidad and Jamacia sait they have placed a curse on all of them. LOL!

          • kllypyn says:

            As you can tell i still have a lot of anger about this case.

          • @kllypyn:

            So do I am so angry sometimes, I never thought I would come to the day when I wished Fogen dead and I do! I! I used to listen to your video’s while I was on my way home from work. Your soothing determined voice made me determined that this man was going to pay for what he did! Now the lunatic has proven us right! His anger and rage is now being turned on Shellie and her dad. I am not a fan of Shellie’s, and I blame her somewhat for her silence and for not speaking out against this man, but look at what has transpired since. Now she is afraid for her life and she should be! This man is crazy and out of control! He is probably drinking again and is drunk with rage because she has left him, and she knows all of his secrets!

            Fogen has now shown his ass and he has now threatened Shellie and her dad with a gun and most likely telling her that he can KILL HER and her dad and get away with it, and SHE KNOWS THIS WELL! Shellie knows what Fogen is capable of!! IF she had gotten away from him last year before the trial, her life would not be in danger now! That is what is so scary! Shellie needs to cooperate with the feds and hope to get some type of protection from them. Fogen is on the warpath and he will kill again! He is a socio-path, vindicative, child murderer, rage fille animal who needs to be taken out of society before he kills someone again. and I hope it is not Shellie or her dad!

          • @Lady, I have a problem with the idea Jeremy was crying after the shot, I don’t hear that, I hear him in shock and awe, I hear him very excited. And you know excitement is NOT an appropriate response to witnessing a cold blooded murder outside in your own backyard. especially after you’ve laid eyes on a boy screaming and begging for help just moments before!

            and he damn well could have stopped Zimmerman by staying out there and telling him to let go. he could have at least TRIED, but he didn’t. he’s the one who said he told them he was calling the cops, and Zimmerman said he told him to come here and help him, that he already called the cops, so either way if Jeremy was crying he would’ve testified honestly to what he saw. he would’ve went outside and told the cops THAT SAME NIGHT the truth. but he had the same nasty attitude Jenna had on the phone that night, talking about she didn’t really know what they were saying, that she thinks they were saying help! DUH!! she could hear perfectly it was right in front of her face!

            i hate her so much for what she said on the stand, and that they even got married afterwards is just SICK! who marries after what they did? they should have been miserable after what they saw and what they did and did not do that night, they should have been fighting with each other because ONE of them should have been decent enough to at least regret what they did! one of all those idiots should have totally regretted everything especially when they found out it was an innocent boy!

            it’s very interesting no one called Jeremy because in the call it’s very clear that he was outside at one point. I just don’t get it at all.

            @Deborah, I wish I believed in curses because it would help me feel a little bit better too! but i’m sick to death of every single one who participated in the murder and cover up. I don’t know what to think about why the prosecution didn’t want to convict him?? I just can’t wrap my head around any possible reason anyone could benefit, except the killer! in fact all i can see is the negative impact it’s having on the SYG laws. i’m positive it’s going to be revised BECAUSE the real asshole got away and even the reasonable gun nuts appreciate the damage this acquittal caused them. I mean the authors of the law came out immediately and denied Zimmerman protection! and they didn’t even need to bother exposing SPD to get a conviction. this case was simple. Zimmerman’s own words, recorded loud and clear, easily sank his own boat! I just don’t get it.

  38. boyd says:

    Fogen will give her a hard time. It’ll be interesting to see how he gets his message out, I don’t believe he wants to do an interview.

    • racerrodig says:

      “…I don’t believe he wants to do an interview.”

      Oh, he’ll do an interview and at some time he’ll say
      “….she can’t cook worth a lick…”
      “….she doesn’t have any talent….”
      “….um, and she’s a lousy shot at the range…”
      “…her dad never gave me anything…”
      “…she’s lousy in bed…”
      “…I had to do everything..”
      “…she didn’t have any friends…”
      “…she’s stupid…”
      “…did I sat she’s lousy in bed ?…”
      “..Oh, and she can’t have kids….”

      It’s coming…..he’s, after all “Invincible”

  39. Trained Observer says:

    The professor is right: It’s a start.

    But the soon- to-be- former Mrs. Fogen needs to face reality. She wants both dogs? Owning even one is a luxury when factoring in her debt load and costs of registration, shots, vet care, etc.

    She needs to pare her expenses to the bone, so she can get cracking on paying off her student loans that won’t go away with any bankruptcy maneuvers.

    That means knock off manicures, facials and other fluff. It may require renting a room in someone’s house rather than an entire apartment for herself. Hello, Mrs. Donnelly?

    She better not count on any windfall from NBC. And she’d best anticipate that the road ahead will be difficult.

    On the upside: Life without Fogen in the rear-view mirror should feel like a miracle on Magic Street.

    • bettykath says:

      I think that requesting custody of both dogs is a bargaining chip if gz balks at anything. He seems to claim the rotty as his. If he wants it, he should give up something. otoh, she may have seen him abuse the dogs and wants to rescue them.

      I’m not entirely sure about him not being in her rear view mirror. I certainly hope that the divorce makes him history, but he seems to be much too controlling to let her walk away and call the shots. But then, he walked out on her. Good riddance.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        According to an article on TalkLeft, Fogen disappeared for a month after the trial and didn’t tell anyone of his whereabouts. He probably left the dogs with Shellie and she now feels even more entitled to them. Probably good watchdogs for her too.

        • cielo62 says:

          Did Fogen go to Texas, or “no place in particular”?

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep…..Texas !! Then he lost over 100 pounds, took a tour of the Kel – Tek factory, gained that 100 pounds right back and got stopped for speeding.

            Wait, are we to believe photographic evidence he dropped 100 in 3 weeks, and then lost it in 3 weeks ??

            Looks like that Kel – Tek tour was sometime between 2/26/2012 and say, sometime around…….oh, the day before he was arrested ??

    • Rachael says:

      She probably does the manicures and facials herself – hair as well, and when you do that, or have friends you exchange with, it isn’t that expensive.

      • racerrodig says:

        Actually, the studio does them before the interview as far as that is concerned.

        I believe she said she doesn’t have any friends because of Fogen. That I believe.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Racer, no friends? I believe that, too. Creeps like Fogen like to isolate for better control. The closest female acquaintance she’s had in recent years is Sondra Osterman, another piece of work.

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep, not saying much on that front. And if she’s going to roll over on him, she’ll be their target as bad as they slandered Trayvon.

          • Rachael says:

            No I just mean in general she was trained in that field so I’m sure she does her own makeup and nails I wasn’t talking about for now on the stage there but somebody said she needs to give that up and I’m sure she knows how to do it on the cheap

  40. MDH says:

    If George really thinks that he is invincible, then his appointment with a real thug is just a matter of time.

    In an age of instant text messaging, it is quite easy for a Bob Ford to find someone who keeps a high profile.

    • Mary says:

      i think it is a matter of time. amazing she could request the life insurance policy as part of the divorce settlement. it’s like betting on that eventuality.

      • boyd says:

        ouch! I’d would have rolled laughing if she had cracked a joke about an insurance policy.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I don’t understand why she would request life insurance. Would someone clue me in? I’ve been divorced twice and walked away with nothing both times just to make it quick and keep the peace.

        • Xena says:

          @Two sides.

          I don’t understand why she would request life insurance. Would someone clue me in?

          It’s like reverse protection. If he is responsible for the policy, then he can’t kill her without being suspect.

        • Mary says:

          i’d never heard of such a thing myself. seems like something a divorce lawyer would know about, not shellie herself.

          like i said, it’s like she’s betting on the odds someone will take him out.

          • Rachael says:

            I’m sure She isn’t doing her divorce herself. I’m pretty certain she has a lawyer who wrote up the papers and served them – hence when they say “she’s asking for blah, blah, and blah” it is because the lawyer, who like you said knows about this stuff asked for it, but her lawyer is representing her so they just say she is asking for this – because she is.

    • racerrodig says:

      Bob Ford…..and his brother Charlie….and their friends Smith & Wesson. I just have this gut feeling that’s how he’ll wind up. I think someone, possibly one of the Zidiots to be honest, to stroll right up behind him and lights out Fogen.

      • looneydoone says:

        I’m kinda hoping it’ll be o’dirty or robbie that takes him out 😉

        • racerrodig says:

          Or Osterman……he’s a nut job as well and if there is any chance of SheLie or Fogen implicating him…….I shutter to think about it.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @racer, those are my thoughts exactly! one of his racist benefactors will see how he is flaunting his ill gotten riches, with the money they gave him for his defense and, it wasn’t used for that purpose.

        This MURDERING, LYING, SWINDLER, played them all like a maestro on a violin. When all of his hidden misdeeds come to light, some of them are going to be very angry, to know that they gave money to this VILLAGE IDIOT, knowing it was not used for the reason specified. He used that money for everything except, for what it was meant to be used for. Also why would anyone set up a beg site, asking for donations to pay for a defense especially, since he hadn’t been charged with a crime.

        His past due bills have been paid (at least some of them have been paid) while they are still having to pay theirs. yes indeed, he played their ass’s real GOOD!

        • racerrodig says:

          I believe we all know most of the Zidiot Nation isn’t wrapped to tightly either. Anything is possible…..anything.

    • PYorck says:

      I am absolutely certain that sooner or later he will feel threatened or stalked by someone (take a guess which race) and things will turn ugly to some degree.

      Let’s just hope that nobody gets hurt.

  41. Xena says:

    IMO, Shellie saw the light before Feb. 26, 2012. The 6 wks that she spent with the Osterman’s clouded her perception of what her life was truly like with GZ. Then he left, opened the beg site, was arrested, and she no doubt decided to hang on because of the money. The woman had no money of her own and was placed in the proverbial barefoot and pregnant situation. Her alternative was to get a job, but by that time, she was awaiting trial on a felony charge.

    Now was the right time to make a decision to dissolve the marriage.

    • Trained Observer says:

      @Xena … Timing is everything. If She-Lie’s 26, and has been married to thiat CAC for 7 years, that’s essentially her entire adult life. Given her own dismal law-breaker family background, she may have thought she was marrying up, but that turned out to be a laughable lie.

      Now will be the time to see if she’s got what it takes to make something of herself. Getting her maiden name restored, or changing it to something else entirely would be a good move. As for the unfortunate spelling of her middle name — Nichole — she might want to make a clean sweep.

  42. According to some news reports today, Shellie Zimmerman is approximately $103,000 in debt primarily due to student loans and a car loan. How can that be? She drives a 4-year-old car, has not completed her nursing degree and they received hundred of thousands of dollars in donations, some of which was spent on paying bills and buying new electronic gadgets. These two people are all messed up. The law should require that they remain married; they deserve each other.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      They must have gotten some really high-interest private student loans. Online academic work has not been funded by lower interest gov’t loans since 2006. I would think Fogen’s community college classes would have been partly paid for by the county he lives in or by gov’t grant if his income was low enough. It’s quite possible that they took out substantial amounts for living expenses as well as for tuition – that could be the bulk of it, actually. I spent a year studying overseas on US gov’t student loans and the living expenses were far greater than the tuition.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Non-payment and late fees can drive a private education loan through the roof. What’s $103,000 this week can be a whole lot more by the time her divorce is final, even if it’s speedy. Minimum payments because she’s unemployed or doesn’t earn all that much won’t keep her from sinking further in debt either.
        Somehow she’s got to sell her story to someone and pay that loan(s) off pronto.

  43. Mary says:

    of course that’s true about emotions and the statements people make while undergoing divorce procedures, but i can’thelp feeling shelley is seeing the light abut george, and that when she says “”I have a selfish husband and I think George is all about George,” and more ominously, “In my opinion, he feels more invincible” since his acquittal, she is seeing what we’ve all seen.

    Shelley is requesting that she share in any unnamed assets, namely any proceeds of the defamation lawsuit zimmerman filed against nbc.

    further, she is requesting that zimmerman take out a life insurance policy that permanently names her as the beneficiary. which is an amazing thing to do, imo, under the circumstances. sounds like shelley is playing the odds.

    • Trained Observer says:

      The life insurance angle is a nice touch. Sims must be trying to protect her from getting buried with Fogen’s debt if he gets offed before the divorce is final or shortly thereafter.

      • Mary says:

        bingo! you’ve pinned down the reasoning for this that i just coudn’t figure out.

      • lurker says:

        It looked pretty much like boiler plate stuff to me.

        I think that given George’s disappearance without a word, the whole document aims at freezing assets until ownership can be sorted out in court. I get the impression he took the bail money, the donations from the Ohio gun club and there is danger he’s been spending like a drunken sailor, leaving Shellie at financial risk for all debts.

        • cielo62 says:

          that stuff about the insurance is standard? I’d never heard of it. It seems rather macabre to me…

          • Xena says:

            @cielo62. I’ve not known of any divorce case where one spouse is ordered to maintain life insurance on the other. I can only see that as insurance that he won’t kill her where her death is a financial benefit to the beneficiary.

          • lurker says:

            As I read the legal papers as posted it seem to be following a form in which all typical cosiderations were listed. There were a lot of na references to children. If one spouse is dependent on the earning capabilities of the other, they are left in the lurch if the other dies. That’s what life insurance is all about. This sort of covers any bases such as the spouse cutting the other out of anything before a court hearing to determine actual assets. Remember, asking ain’t getting.

          • i thought it said she wanted life insurance, not specifically insurance on HIS life. but she hasn’t any dependents and it makes more sense she’s ask for it on him. but like zena said, it’s never gonna happen now since he hasn’t had it in the past and they’re divorcing. no judge would do that. why give her a financial reason to want him dead? that’s the first thing i’d want in a divorce.’

            what I noticed last night was she didn’t ask specifically for all her attorneys costs. in flordia it’s not 50/50. you have to ask for every single tiny thing you want and attorneys fees from the non-working spouse are the norm. who else would pay it? that made me suspicious of the whole thing. and I think she still wants him back. maybe more out of spite than affection. you know there were locals saying in the beginning that gz already had another girlfriend before the murder.

            I don’t trust her at all. BUT personally I would forgive her complicity in everything so far ( since she knew about all the lies that were represented during trial leading to his acquittal and she stood by and watched) only IF she were to go directly to DOJ and bring any corroborating evidence and/or witnesses to prove gz’s preparation and intentions in the killing of Trayvon and any information that the SPD were willful enablers!

            in fact i’d embrace her 100% for finally exposing what we know. finally proving gz went after a young kid knowing he’d be unarmed and completely helpless against a grown man well practiced in the art of covert harassment of black kids and men in the guise of benevolent protector, AND knowing the SPD wouldn’t damn thing about it!

            but without her total participation I will never believe anything from her. I don’t find her a battered woman, emotionally or otherwise. I think she’s passive aggressive and just as manipulative as gz, AND she’s a far better liar than him per her bold bullshit lies to the judge about the money. I mean that takes some nerve. last month I was in front of a hearing officer and the cop lied explicitly! but I couldn’t lie about anything much less do it smooth and calmly like she did!

    • boyd says:

      Insurance Policy? she’s sending him a message. “”I know who you are and what you did”

    • Two sides to a story says:

      She reveals a bit of Fogen’s narcissism in her words. She also reveals her own propensity to enable him – and she’s still doing that, I feel, by saying he “isn’t like that” in regard to killing Trayvon. I hope she’ll get some good counselling and guard against continuing to enable him. She may do it publicly out of fear because she knows what he’s capable of. My narcissistic mates were capable of great physical harm.

      • Mary says:

        i thought her ‘he isn’t like that’ was sufficiently vague enough so no one could claim she was really trying to smear him. i think as a comment, it was a legally advised one.

    • colin black says:

      Life Insurance policy naming her as benificery ?

      That’s absurd she is divorceing him an if he gets hitched again to some gullible woman shouldn’t his new wife an unborn children be the recipents of any life insurance.

      And can you imagine the monthly premium payments that would be demanded on such an at risk policy?

      Never heard of such an absurd reqest in divorce proseedings.

      • pat deadder says:

        colin says Life insurance naming her as beneficiary.Never heard of such an absurd request in divorce proceedings.
        I so agree with you.What if someone does kill him wouldn’t she be the first suspect.
        On top of what you said about him getting remarried if someone else was crazy enough to marry him.I don’t understand her logic.
        Just get the dogs and run and never look back.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Can’t imagine anyone would think he’d be responsible enough to make monthly payments. The demand is likely for a paid up irrevocable policy benefitting SheLie from the beg fund/defense fund.

    • jm says:

      Wow! Wonder how the jurors feel after the person who knows him best exposed his true nature.. .

  44. lurker says:

    Wow–maybe I am first to comment. Excellent considerations.

    If Shellie can avoid falling into a relationship with some new George she may have half a chance. I also wish her well.

    • Trained Observer says:

      That’s a point. Studies indicate divorcing people often go right out to hook up or marry a clone of whoever they just parted from. Of course, not too many out there who could reach the depth of Fogen.

      • lurker says:

        Since she’s broke, in-debt and lacking in saleable skills and experience, I can see where it will be tempting to look for someone to rescue her. Again, I really do wish her the best. Just know how hard it will be.

        • cielo62 says:

          Did you read where she is asking in divorce court that gz get a life insurance policy and require him to list her as the beneficiary? Seems she can read the writing on the wall, and wants to benefit financially when karma runs smack into gz for his comeuppance! LOL!

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