Today’s news: Shellie Zimmerman gets a slap on the wrist for perjury and Major Nidal Hasan commits slow motion suicide

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good morning again.

Shellie Zimmerman is going to plead guilty to a misdemeanor with a 1 year probation recommendation from the prosecution.

Not surprising, given the acquittal of her husband, but this “deal” will do nothing to dispel suspicions that the acquittal was a prearranged outcome.

My comment: She committed perjury, the prosecution can prove it, and this is not even a slap on the wrist. Ridiculous outcome.

In other news today, the New York Times has a good article today on the ethical dilemma that Army lawyer, Lt. Col. Kris R. Poppe, is suffering through as he is forced to helplessly watch his former client, Major Nidal Hasan, commit suicide in slow motion by insisting on representing himself, which he has a right to do, and then doing nothing except passively watch the proceedings inevitably end in a death sentence.

After the judge allowed Major Hasan to represent himself, she told his former Army lawyers to remain his standby counsel. They offer him procedural guidance in navigating the military court system, but cannot supply him with legal advice. They remain by his side in case Major Hasan or the judge seeks their return.

The odd role — to sit by his former client while prohibited from actually representing him, and to watch him purposefully inch closer to a death sentence — has posed an ethical dilemma for Colonel Poppe, 50, a lawyer from small-town Ohio with more than 30 years of military service who has been working on Major Hasan’s case since May 2010. He has argued in court that assisting Major Hasan in any capacity was helping him reach his goal of a death sentence, and that such an arrangement violated his and the two other former lawyers’ professional and ethical obligations. He asked the judge to limit their role, but the judge ordered them to remain as standby counsel.

I feel for him. I have a pretty good idea what he is feeling. It’s a waking nightmare from which you cannot escape, an awful situation to be forced to helplessly stand by and watch, especially when you know that you might be able to change the outcome, if only you could speak.

No matter what happens, he will never forget this and he might even retire and abandon the practice of law in horror and disgust much as I eventually did.

Just another day’s work in America’s criminal justice sewer.

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  1. Woow! says:

    Shelly should feel real stupid that she stood by her man and he could not show support for her during her court appearance.

    Taffee or that one Asian neighbor or Jeremy unintentionally helped CAC murder that child. I really hope the whole truth come out one day.

  2. Lynn says:

    Oooh, I forgot. She says they lived in a 20 ft trailer in the woods!!! How were they justifying tens of thousands of dollars for living expenses each month if they were in the woods?!!?
    They had us thinking they were hiding out in grand hotels with room service…send more money. WTF!

    • Woow! says:

      George, O’Mara, and West got paid big time from this case. You best believe West did not leave his job as a federal prosecutor for free.

      I would love to see how they justify the money for living expenses as a couple of thousand a month living in a mobile home. I know some of them can be nice but really?

      Everyone that donated money should feel real stupid because that got plucked with a spiked stick and no vaseline.

      • Xena says:


        …West did not leave his job as a federal prosecutor for free.

        He was federal defense. Federal prosecutors are U.S. Attorneys. West represented terrorists. Seriously.

        Federal defense attorneys are generally attorneys in private practice who take on cases for indigent defendants at a standard hourly rate paid by the government.

        It is what our Professor retired from.

        • I believe West was an Assistant Federal Public Defender when he decided to go into private practice and second chair GZ’s defense team.

          I was in private practice when I joined the CJA Panel, whose lawyers serve two functions: (1) to provide representation for codefendants of a defendant represented by a Federal Public Defender staff attorney (this avoids any potential conflicts of interest that might arise if an FPD lawyer represents more than one defendant in a multiple-defendant case) and (2) to help the FPD staff attorneys to maintain manageable caseloads by taking cases on an as-needed basis.

  3. Lynn says:–abc-news-topstories.html?vp=1

    This article brings up a few questions for me.

    Sounds to me like she is trying to come clean and start a new life. A life without GZ. Sounds like she didn’t get along with him 1 1/2 yrs ago, during the last year, or now. Maybe she is finally deciding to look out for herself. If that means leaving him and writing a tell all book to do so I hope she gets the courage. She was wrong and might rot in #@&! for being his sidekick to the killing, but that’s her cross to bear.

    We all hoped during the trial that she would turn states evidence in turn for a plea deal. That didn’t happen.

    My question is this?…Could this plea deal have anything to do with a DOJ deal? I mean, the state has the evidence with a pretty bow on this for felony perjury and instead they knock it down to misdeameanor, let her do 100 hrs at her church, write an I’m sorry letter, then agree to erase it all if she makes her one year probation.

    What’s in it for the state? You’d think they would want to save face and drag MOM into this since we know he knew about all of this money/passport stuff. He suing for costs, sanctions, you name it.

    Why is the state giving in now?

    • Woow! says:

      The state does not care. Angela Corey was told to make an arrest have a trial and let the man go free to shut the blacks up and that is exactly what she does. The question is does she feel bad for doing what she was told to do. Do any of the prosecutors feel bad that CAC got off. I think the two cute ones were genuinely affected but not AC and BDLR.

    • I think your on to something Lynn. I see a woman, who btw is also in some ways a victim of his madness, as being set up to do this for a deal of some kind. What kind of deal & with what agency who knows. Could be her divorce lawyer on future earnings, et al.

      If the interview was for pay, Piers Morgan would have paid her much more…..good nose m’am.

  4. Boyd says:

    Hey Ay2z has a link to to the entire bond hearing, why did they not go after MOM and Fogen about the passport LIE. He said in court it was the only one he had.

    I should have known it was a fix when they did not punish them. No way you can get a 2nd passport and not know about it. Fogen just sat there like a statue
    when he said it.

  5. Rachael says:

    So they got in a fight it was good enough that Shelly left to go stay with her father and you’re telling mecthat murderous asshole wasn’t as drunk as he sounded? They tried to ssy shit that Trayvon was angry about his or that but WHO was angry that night? Who was out looking for trouble? Might as well admit it George. you can’t be tried again anyway and we sll know the truth.

  6. ks says:

    Well, well, well….as we all suspected, it’s starting to fall apart for GZ and Co. Taffee was outed and has to slink back under a rock, RZ’s hoped for pr career has gone nowhere and he’s left trolling the rightwing fringes. West has dissappeared and MOM is desperately trying to recuop his financial losses. Now SZ has to cop a plea and comes out with more negative character stuff about GZ.

    Meanwhile GZ seems to be wandering aimlessly around the country. Karma is working fast on that crew and she’s just beginning.

  7. ay2z says:

    Shellie is more likely a part of this continuing ‘show’ to keep the story going. Listen to her full questioning by BDLR and hear the chip on her shoulder, not one lie, not two, and given chances to correct for the truth, she did not. Repeatedly lied to give a false impression. She’s probably doing the same now.

    Orchestration. It’s all media orchestration.

    Big fight that didn’t get violent, unless SZ lied about her husband’s tendency to have a temper and get aggressive, in the bond hearing also. Now she won’t repeat what she says to BDLR to clear up the matte? No, she ‘refuses’ to answer. Makes no sense she wouldn’t simply tell wthe truth, unless it reveals a huge other lie she told to the court.

    Business Insider reports

    The February 2012 night that Martin died, Shellie had gone to stay with her father because she’d been arguing with her husband.

    ABC reporter Christi O’Connor asked her how “volatile” the fight got and whether George had a temper, but Shellie refused to answer. Shellie did say that their relationship has just gotten worse since Martin’s death. She told ABC she’d have to “think about” whether she’s willing to remain his wife.

  8. ay2z says:

    Business Insider website has the SZ story, but alos they have a link to their story about the Kel-Tec factory tour.

    Guess what? Kel-Tec does NOT, according to the article which sourced the Kel-Tec’s own website with a quote, even allow tours.

    Exceptions, the website is quoted, can be made for LE, military or educational purposes, but GZ got a private one on one tour for himself and no surprise, that photo and the story, lands on national front page news across the nation. Clearly private citizen Kel-Tec user and admitted killer of a child, GZ has some sort of ‘celeb’ status as a press magnet, that allows him to talk Kel-Tec into a tour for some other reason and that reason is obvvious. Kel-Tec got a lot of headlines with a grinning killer to promote their products, not just the tiny niney, but this one AND they apparently report quote the Business Insider article, “Kel-Tec is currently experiencing an “unusually high call volume.” We’ll update the story if we get in touch with the facility.” unquote

    How much is the advertising spawned by the killer Zimmerman, paying off, and how much benefit or cash has GZ pocketed by his guest appearance tour? Hope the JAC delves into this new payola source.

    Zimmerman was reportedly asking about the legality of purchasing a Kel-Tec KSG — a pump-action tactical shotgun with an unusually large capacity. It “holds an impressive 12 rounds of 12 gauge 3” rounds in total (6 per tube),” according to the product description. It’s also as “compact as legally possible” — and at 6.9 llbs. empty and 8.5 fully loaded, lighter than an M16.

    nterestingly enough, right on Kel-Tech’s FAQs page, it addresses whether customers can tour the factory or test guns there. They can’t.

    “No. Kel-Tec does not offer tours and does not allow customers to shoot at the factory range,” the site read. “Special arrangements can sometimes be made for Military, Law enforcement, or Educational purposes only.”

    Zimmerman belongs to neither a police department, nor a branch of the military.

    Also, Kel-Tec happens to manufacture the PF-9, the gun Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

    Kel-Tec is currently experiencing an “unusually high call volume.” We’ll update the story if we get in touch with the facility.

  9. Boyd says:

    Get into a fight with your wife that’s bad enough that she leaves the house to move in with daddy , next day kill a teenager. No coincidence there.

    does he have a temper? I’m not going to answer that. uh shellie you did big time.

  10. ay2z says:

    GMA is self-serving. She told the reporter she wasn’t going to answer whether George Z got physical in their fight, in which she left the home to stay with her father the day before GZ followed and killed Trayvon.

    Here’s what she tells Benrie DLR in the infamous bnd hearing…. could her answer to BDLR be another lie she would expose if she answered the ABC reporter?

    18+ minutes in, BDLR asks about the past violence charges for her husband, and asks SZ directly about GZ’s tendency for being a violent person.

    Why wouldn’t she just admit no violence, nothing physical, about the fight she and gz had, to support that he doesn’t get angry or violent?

    She is a confident liar to BDLR in court, why should her character now change abruptly? Is this part of the keep media going on the story, with the fight, with gz not being in court, so they can follow the couple like regular celebs with marital problems?

    I’m skeptical of taking what’s going on at face value. If she is now comign ‘clean’, why plaster on the face paint with cupie doll lips and full black eyeliner circles instead of a professional fresh faced studio makeup job?

    • Boyd says:

      I never heard this before. MOM lied in court and GZ just sat there. Why did not the prosecution go after them. MOM told the judge that was Fogen’s only passport and he was handing it in.

      so what’s his defense? that he did not know he wnet to get another one?

  11. ay2z says:

    SOM GMA video links don’t work from otside US, but this one does.

  12. i don’t like that shellie lied to help gz, but she seems sincere. How could he not support her now? I hope she moves on. He is a pig. She looked lovely too.

    • ay2z says:

      How could he not support her? He is a coward, nothing more, nothing less.

      They should charge him, except she did the deed for him and the system is satisfied.

    • Danita says:

      I dont no if anyone besides me heard her say she (shellie) was not at home the nite of the shooting. So first lie about him and shellie going shopping. I believe like any other spouse the family put pressure on her not to say anything and she complied.I believe she has lots to say and it would be normal for people to look at her as the killers wife and feel she supports his actions. However when she made her plea to Trayvons parents which was something no one else did, maybe theres another agenda here.Shellie may be the truth teller, not that it’s going to matter but maybe she will spill the beans.Ater all she caught a case because of her husband, and she’s marked forever as the wife of the guy who shot that kid.The beginning of Karma…….they will all get a turn just sayin…….

  13. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I imagine you 3chics will definitely have something to say to this! —

  14. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    See video as well as article.


    Mrs. Zimmerman refused to go into details about the argument she had with her husband the night before Martin died that ended with her going to stay with her father, and did not want to give many details about their relationship.

    “Does George have a temper? How volatile did it get evening before?” asked O’Connor.

    “Not going to answer that,” responded Zimmerman.

  15. Soulcatcher says:

    And if you’re wondering what that infomation is that didn’t come out to the jury, and why the verdict could have been different, pull up a chair, this is starting to get interesting. Could this be why we haven’t heard news about the ongoing investigation with the DOJ?

    • MDH says:

      I suspect that many in the Sanford community along with the PD are engaging in harassing and intimidating black people under the guise of “protecting property values”.

      IMO, George Zimmerman was a pathogen spawned and nurtured by a sick host.

      There are a lot of tells.

      One is the “we showed those outsiders” posting by the Sheriff who was also involved in George’s “heroic” rescue of people trapped in an SUV.

      Their hubris has no limit.

      I work for a government agency and any type of political statement wherein I reveal my job and the duties I have are pertinent to the opinion I express are cause for dismissal. That only makes sense in that expressing an opinion taints the objectivity of the agency.

      In Sanford, it appears that police officers are allowed to express opinions on guilt or innocence without any sanction whatsoever.

      Hopefully, justice for Trayvon will be the expose of this clustefu## that taints all that the USA is supposed to be about.

      One of the hallmarks of “freedom” is the right of every individual to acquire property rights pertaining to all forms of capital, regardless of race, color or creed. Denying a black person his or her right to buy into any area of the USA that he or she feels in in their best interest via harassment or intimidation is a violation of that right.

      It is ironic that the same people who violate a black persons right to property also claim that blacks can not pull themselves up by their bootstraps, although most (the 1% ers being the exception) of white net worth gained has been via real estate. How can one pull themselves up if the guy on the other side of the rope cuts it?

      I spit on and have utter contempt for these people.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Excellent post, MDH!

      • I won’t spit on anyone for any reason, but I agree with everything else you said.

      • Xena says:


        How can one pull themselves up if the guy on the other side of the rope cuts it?

        Imagine this. A city has no place to expand other than on the other side of what is known as a “ghetto.” But they do expand. They develop the property and build new houses. The houses are more than those on the market in the “ghetto,” but less than those sold in areas that are predominately White.

        The houses are bought up almost over night, but mostly by people who don’t earn enough to move into predominately White areas, but can afford the brand new houses in the new development. It’s a great, quiet area.

        Then some of the older trees in the wooded area beside the new development die. The trees are huge and when they fall, the tops land on the roofs of the brand new houses. The city says the county is responsible. The county says that although they knew the trees had died, they fell by an act of God.

        The sewer covers begin sinking in sink holes. The city says that they don’t know if they are responsible for fixing them. The county says they are not responsible — it could be the responsibility of the water department.

        They only take action to do things when a White homeowner or driver suffers property damage, and then those employees turn red in the face thinking that only Blacks live in the new development. And know what they say? “I didn’t think it would take long before that area started blending in with the ghetto.”

  16. Mary Davis says:

    @ Trained. No disrespect to you, but who gives a shit what fogen does. The damage has already been done. What I am looking for now is change.

    As one blogger so elegantly stated, Wake me up when fogen is dead.

  17. Mary Davis says:

    Hi Sophia. You haven’t missed much. Everyone is still trying to wake up from this nightmare.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      The nightmare of the wall rising.

      It does not just happen to youth as they discover what the white society has ready to dish out to them, but every time there is a blatant injustice with severe implications.

      Langston Hughes poem “As I Grew Older”

      It was a long time ago.
      I have almost forgotten my dream.
      But it was there then,
      In front of me,
      Bright like a sun–
      My dream.

      And then the wall rose,
      Rose slowly,
      Between me and my dream.
      Rose slowly, slowly,
      The light of my dream.
      Rose until it touched the sky,–
      The wall.

      I am black.

      I lie down in the shadow.
      No longer the light of my dream before me,
      Above me.
      Only the thick wall.
      Only the shadow.

      My hands!
      My dark hands!
      Break through the wall!
      Find my dream!
      Help me to shatter this darkness,
      To smash this shadow
      Into a thousand lights of sun,
      Into a thousand whirling dreams
      Of sun!

      I am committed to standing up against those who would spread darkness.

      I will NEVER forget Trayvon!!!

  18. Sophia33 says:

    Now Shellie is saying that Fogen beat down her self esteem. What a mess.

    On another note, I haven’t been here in a while. I had a major exam. Now that it is over, I will stroll through more often. I hope all is well with you guys.

  19. Mary Davis says:

    You know, this is a wake up call. Bottom line. Nobody, and I mean nobody (especially those hateful racist people that backed fogen) believes fogen’s lies. Everyone knows his lies just don’t make sense. This is the shame of it all, everyone knows fogen murdered Trayvon after Trayvon begged for his life. These people sent AA’s a message. Stay in your place, or else. Lesson number one, we will kill your children and get away with it.

    What we hear now is it was the law. Well, what can we say about the law. Only that it is racist based because the law is made by people who are racially motivated, but if that same law start to work for AA’s, these people will change the law in a split second. If we don’t do something, this raciest society is gonna do us in.

    • Xena says:

      @Mary Davis.

      Nobody, and I mean nobody (especially those hateful racist people that backed fogen) believes fogen’s lies.

      Absolutely, which is why the White Supremacists turned focus on Trayvon and ultimately, argue that Trayvon deserved to be killed because of his race. When race becomes justification for killing, then the killer doesn’t need a defense, right? That’s their logic. Through Zimmerman’s case, White Supremacists legitimize hate-crimes.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Nobody, and I mean nobody (especially those hateful racist people that backed fogen) believes fogen’s lies. Everyone knows his lies just don’t make sense.

      I agree with you, Mary Davis. It was very evident that the zimmies KNEW gz’s statements were full of lies and that gz’s statements incriminated him. The regulars who supported gz spent a huge amount of time trying to support questionable legal ways to make gz’s statements go away and not be able to be allowed in court.

      These people sent AA’s a message. Stay in your place, or else. Lesson number one, we will kill your children and get away with it.


      GZ had two camps of supporters: the gun nuts and the racists.

      The gun nuts did not care about GZ – they simply wanted the SYG untouched.

      The majority of the comments from the other camp supporting GZ reeked of racism. Their comments were full of negative stereotypes of AA’s and inaccurate quotations of statistics which they twisted. Their hate was blatant.

      If we don’t do something, this racist society is gonna do us in.

      Yes. We are called NOW to stand up against those people and organized groups who are attempting to turn the clock back.

      In his speech at the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washinton, John Lewis clearly pointed the threats to the Black community:

      The signs that said “white” and “colored” are gone, but there are still invisible signs…the scars and stains of racism still remain deeply embedded in American society:

      Whether it is STOP AND FRISK in New York or injustice in the TRAYVON MARTIN case in Florida. The MASS INCARCERATION of millions of Americans. Immigrants HIDING IN FEAR in the shadow of our society. Unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger, or the renewed STRUGGLE FOR VOTING RIGHTS.

    • Malisha says:

      It was not the law.
      The law said it was murder.
      A loose interpretation of the law said it was manslaughter.
      It was the COURT that did this: the prosecutor and the judge.
      The defense lawyers only corrupted the public; the judge and the prosecutor corrupted the court.

  20. Malisha says:

    This death penalty for Hasan is going to make a national problem: the self-justification suicide by mass murder. A template. Feel like the world is awful and you just have to exit? Great. Get a gun and blow away a bunch of innocent people somewhere, the more the better. Get yourself a visit from the President, a week or two of front-page news, a cheering section, a religious experience, and a glory-filled self-defended pontification trial. Then totally control the proceedings and demand your own death. You will be in total control for the only time in your life. Laugh in their faces; you showed them. They will pay for the whole thing.

    in the extreme
    which means
    it will be very popular.

    The height of perverted.
    Look out Mr. and Mrs. America: HERE COMES!

    • That seems to be the great American way to take revenge on the world now.

    • Girlp says:

      The death penalty is not good for many reasons one being that the law has not caught up with current mental health discoveries our mental health laws do not help, another is prosecution misconduct, poor LE procedures mistakes happen all the time, people are railroaded I am certain that many people have been killed by thier states who were innocent. If you have over 100 people found innocent then you have over 100 people who have been murdered by their state.

  21. colin black says:

    I told you yesterday there was trouble comeing round the u bend for foggage an skellator an omaniac from an unexpected source .

  22. acemayo says:

    She doesn’t want to reveal from who…. threating
    If someone is threating you and GZ it does not matter if they are black
    put them is jail

    Shellie Zimmerman says:
    “It put great stress on their marriage,” she said. “Constantly having to move. She got threats. A lot of threats. She doesn’t want to reveal from who…. They are constantly living under fear of being attacked.”

  23. acemayo says:

    South Carolina city makes being homeless illegal
    Remember thee old vagrant laws of the south and how they was rule

  24. sandyann says:

    Something does not smell good. Why would SZ say “there were so many untruths told.”What the jury never heard could have led to a different verdict,”sounds like she was hoping the truth would come out and he would be found guilty.

    What verdict would she want besides an Not Guilty. I think what she knows could really help a civil right case, if its goes that far, of course she would have to immunity. SZ knows a whole lot on the Zman. I predict either she might become GZ next victim or ole Georgie might just have a real mess on his hands. SZ I believe can really bring GZ down. She finally see that George is a dangerous man.

  25. Trained Observer says:

    So is she getting ready to dump Fogen, and will she get half of their ill-gotten gains?

    • boyd says:

      looks to me she wants out and dont want a dimeof his blood money. She could make a TON of money spilling the beans.

      • Xena says:

        ShelLIE will probably write a “tell all” book. It will have more sales than the Osterman’s and Papa Zim’s books combined. Then she’ll get her own reality show as she goes about dating and looking for a job.

    • Girlp says:

      He’s probably spent it all by now it doesn’t take long.

  26. bgesq says:

    during probation at least, she cant possess, carry, or own a firearm or weapon- it was a condition of her probation -page 4, #5

    • bettykath says:

      Seems she got a sex change in the process. The document repeatedly refers to “he”. Or maybe it’s just more of the male dominated society that doesn’t even recognize women in court.

  27. boyd says:

    I think we will be hearing about George for a long time. He’s the new OJ but without the money to hide out at the richie rich golf clubs

  28. colin black says:

    She states in her letter.

    That lieing under oath she let her God down?

    Her God when did shellie become the possesser of god is she as demented as her husband.

    Whom thinks that his stalking an murdering of an innocent child was all part of gods plans.

    Does this buch off fucktards think god has nothing better to do than cater to there whims an desires .

    An that they are his chosen family her fucking god ?

    Cindy Anthony was another whom thought God was her personal deity .

    When takeing the oath an she must have repeated it about 40 times.

    At the part swear to tell the truth so help me God

    She emphaticly stated every time swear to tell the truth so help my god?

    Or have they perhaps a differing god then most?

    • boyd says:

      I was about to say Southerners are like that but many Americans everywhere are like that. It sucks.

      I read it goes back to the Puritans circa 1600’s.
      The joke is the Europeans got tired of them and sent them here

  29. boyd says:

    something I stole off the internet today.

    Maybe Shellie will have to shoot him thru the bathroom door and claim self-defense I thought that was funny. (Pistorious)

    • colin black says:

      Well like Pistorious shellie could claim they had a huge row over the new décor for the bathroom.

      She wanted pine wooden doors but he was dead against it.

    • Kismet. Too funny.

      It amazes me how so many people have experienced effects, good or bad, from Fogen’s decision to pull the trigger. Now they have the rest of their lives to deal with the consequences.

  30. Whatever is going on, life is always better with Celia Cruz 🙂

  31. Well, at least Shellie manned up and told the truth. Even if boilerplate and heavy on religion, at least there’s that much.

    Unlike that lying bag O’Mara, who tried to say they were just young and naive and scared…What a loser that guy is.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      It’s interesting that she reports her marriage as strained and that Fogen was not being supportive and that she felt alone. Our perceptions during the trial were not wrong. I always felt she might be a far better person than he, because I’ve seen far too many co-dependent women hook up with crazies. Her experience may well prove to be far more transformative than his.

      I wish her good things without him.

      • boyd says:

        where did you hear this?

          • Girlp says:

            Not surprised at all, that entire family is cruel I can see he and his parents, sister and brother putting her down making her feel worthless. I delt with that for a short period of time you have to pick yourself up and walk away…I confronted my emotional abuser walked away and he came knocking at my door…I knew not to go there again…she can do it and it seem’s she realizes how he has affected her, he is not good for her. I thought before reading this article that she would never see the truth that she would never leave him….wow look who was left holding the bag, not George.

          • Girlp says:

            Looks like she lost a little weight

        • Two sides to a story says:

          Check this out – may the force be with this reporter –

          O’Connor, who is working on a book about the George Zimmerman trial, also hinted that there was evidence that was mishandled, saying that during the sensational trial, “there were so many untruths told.”

          – same link

      • If I were Shellie, I run. And get a restraining order. He used her, plain and simple. She knows it.

        As an aside, she reports that they had had a fight and that she was staying with her father. So, they weren’t um “mentoring black kids.”

        Oh well. We already knew that was a lie.

        But anyway. I think she should leave the guy before he hurts her some more, like physically.

        Just my .02.

        • Girlp says:

          I wonder if that has happened already, sometimes it takes awhile for battered women to open up, plus his family she’s seen what happens when someone reveals the truth about them.

  32. ay2z says:

    No mention of letting ‘her husband down’ in her list over everyone else she let down. No request or plea to Judge Lester to accept her apology that she says she’s taking the opportunity to write in the letter (ie via self-erved plea deal)

    This is cloaked in the bible claims and quotes. She dioes not say she let her husband down, nor has her husband ever set the record of his lies and role in his wife’s behaviour, down in an apology to the judge.

    She’s not sorry, she is playing her role to minimize the effect of her own actions, no choice.

    This is insincere, by not asking the Judge to accept her apology. That makes it incomplete and all about her.

  33. Girlp says:

    Was any member of Fogen’s family there or Fogen himself, if not that should tell Shellie a lot. If I had a husband and got myself in a jam I would hope he would be there to support me, I don’t understand how she trust him so much.

    • I thought about that trust issue today, especially with how Fogen would have his sister ‘oversee’ his and his wife’s finances. smh

      • Girlp says:

        On the recordings Fogen told his sister to make sure she did what he said (it was regarding a passoword for his bank account). Fogen told his sister he did not trust Shellie. She has very low self esteem. Fogen had her lie for him so he would not have to do it….therefore she takes the fall.

        • Girlp says:

          I’m speaking of the jail recordings.

        • boyd says:

          I do remember on the recordings George did ot want one penny to go to bail and Shellie said that’s what it was there for, George nixed that idea. She did what they wanted her to do.

          • Girlp says:

            Yet the republicans and teapublicans see him as a hero. Recently Jos Scarborough and his team warned them about Zimmerman that they should not see him as a hero. George trust no one but his family and it’s strange how Shellie is not family.

      • colin black says:

        He had never had this sort of wind fall collaterall exsess money an lots of it .
        Plus the prospects off more to come why on earth would you expect him to trust her?

        He was incaseratted an the thought of all that money an him unable to make it disappear must have driven him nutts.

        That why he had no time to reflect on anything else .The money was burning a hole in his brain an he wanted to have it turning his pockets to ash.

        He is a compulsive be it food drink money or drugs even exersize he just has to exsesively consume.

        Empty people like him with no self worth because your a piece of shit.

        Dont have the self awarenesss to realise never mind alter there behaviour

        So empty souls like him think things possesions money gives you pressance prestige .

        Dolts like him are soon fleeced of what they don’t fritter away on toys.

    • Malisha says:

      She doesn’t trust him and never did.
      She’s subservient to him.
      Probably by now she hates his family and they hate her.
      They had contempt for her from the start.
      He couldn’t “do better.”

      • MDH says:

        That points to more of the Zimmerman family delusion.

        I am not gay, but for the life of me, can not see anything in George Zimmerman that would give a human or animal any cause to have coitus with him.

        That said, I would argue that Shelly might be bitter for being stuck with a less than nothing.

      • Xena says:

        I just can’t figure out how ShelLIE KNEW what the code meant to catch on so quickly, and that she was suppose to lie about how much money they had. I mean, GZ gave her this great story about how O’Mara was going to motion the court to find him indigent, and that because they were unemployed they could keep the money for themselves.

        Had ShelLIE really believed that, she would have answered Bernie’s questions honestly. Maybe she doesn’t trust O’Mara either.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        You could feel the wall between Mr. and Mrs. Fogen Sr. and Shellie in court. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she goes on to live a decent and ordinary life. She needs to run the other way fast – and Fogen will never do better than her.

        • Girlp says:

          It would suprise me if she did at least in the near future she is dependent on him he controls her….hopefully she will realize she’s better off without him and move far far away from the entire sociopathic Zimmerman clan.

    • pat deadder says:

      So is fogen allowed to have a gun around Shelly now she has a criminal record.

  34. Tampa Bay Times ‏@TB_Times 1m
    Soldier sentenced to death for Fort Hood shooting.
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More

    • Yep Crane, I guess we knew it was coming.

      Hope you’re feeling better.

      • I don’t think there is any chance he will appeal. He is a volunteer, and he could be dead within a year. Not sure what mainstream media is babbling about with a potential lengthy appeal, because there won’t be a lengthy appeal.

        • colin black says:

          I thought a death sentence was appealed automatically?I know he didn’t present a defence an is unlikely to file appeal himself.

          But are not death sentances appealed anyway.

          As the very fact he presented no defence or extenuating pleas for a life sentence .

          Shows that he wants to die an is effectively chooseing suiside by silence via the state an a lethal injection.

          Wich in my opinion shows he could be of unsound mind an thus the death sentence is illegal .

          Hideous an atrousious the carnage he caused withstanding an insane person is an ill person a sick individual an only a sick Justice system condems insane people to death.

          Or is it different that his case is a court martial type of army affair.

          Is he expelled from the military an handed over to civilan prisons an judicial sytem .

          Or will they just keep him in the glass house an take him out back an use him for target practice one day?

  35. ks says:

    Well unfortunately, I’m not surprised but, at least by getting a guilty plea there can be no longer any bs spin from the usual suspects on this issue because SZ will soon have a documented criminal record for perjury. That she had to plead guilty even after her’s husband’s farce of a trial shows you she had no defense.

    • Rob_UK says:

      No defense because she didn’t have a black kid to vilify, lie about and blame for her crime unlike her wretched husband. I’m surprised she didn’t plead not guilty and say she did what she did because she had PTSD from treating her husbands life threatening injuries after he was beaten to within an inch of his life by a hulking drug crazed 6ft 10 balack “thug” and was then further traumatized by seeing her poor husband demonized by the liberal media and persecuted by the “race hustlers” for defending himself.

  36. Boyd says:

    So it’s okay to lie about the money that was ‘supposed’ to be for a defense fund and hiding the passport. Then use the ‘defense fund’ donation to pay bills (according to the tapes). Later on , you bill the State for your defense,and have your lawyer tell the world none of the defense money was used for the defense (as reported yesterday).

    Smells like fraud to me from Zimmerman and MOM. I recall MOM used some of that money to rebuild his house or office.

    What happened to the 400k I’m told his fund was around that number? That should be investigated.

    I also heard that Fogen is on disability for fear of going seen in public and can’t work

    • Deborah Moore says:

      How does his paranoid brain still have reality in this world?
      (I got yer disability, baby G. So you better not run in to me.)

    • Girlp says:

      They try to blame everything wrong with Fogen on the trial, he was sick before he murdered Trayvon probably all his life. Apparently from everything I’ve read about him he was parinoid most likley all his life.

  37. bettykath says:

    If the judge, the prosecutors, the defense attorneys, the jury, and the defendant all committed fraud on the justice system, why should SZ be the only one to be penalized?

    • Trained Observer says:

      Good, fair question. They should all be charged for their various transgressions. But none more than Fogen for his premeditated decision to get himself a hero’s hat by shooting an unarmed kid.

      • @Trained Observer:

        Personally, I do not care any longer. Fogen will receive his Karma. It is only a matter of when. I do not trust the DOJ, they are not going to do SHIT because their will be an uproar if they decided to go after Fogen. The racist bigots must protect their hero Fogen. I hope Fogen receives “street justice” for his killing TM. Fogen is going around grinning and purchasing another gun, and asking the state to pick up his tab for the trial. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? He has hurt so many people and he cannot get away from this Karma any longer.

        I wish nothing but pain and bad Karma on his lying ass family and all of their lying ass friends. I don’t understand why Shellie is the only one who is punished here (barely). The entire state case was a farce and a set up from day one to placate black folks. The jury was racist, the defense was racist liars, and the DA was racist. The SPD was and is racist, and they need to be investigated but of course nothing will happen! Case closed.

    • aussie says:

      coz they’re sexist as well as racist????

  38. Malisha says:

    In general, if people are assured their wrongdoing will be rewarded, they are greatly stimulated to do more wrong. This is the story not only of Fogen and his dumb nasty wife, but of the white supremacists in general, and going all the way back. And HOW was their wrongdoing rewarded? By preventing self-defense by their victims. Only thus.

  39. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Sybrina and Tracy are now singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” with Peter and Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary.
    Very moving!

    Live steaming on C-Span of Commemoration of March on Washington:

    • Deborah Moore says:

      Hi ya. I was just coming here to share the same thing. All the music this morning has been wonderful. A few tears here.
      Every time I hear a new born baby cry…wow.
      (And, just this morning, I found out that my daughter is having a baby boy. Reminded me of the connectedness Alan Watts taught us about. Just, wow.)
      But, it’s just Peter and Paul. Sadly, Mary has passed on.

      • Congratulations on the news . . .

        Life goes on.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Thanks for posting this article on Shellie’s probation, Professor.

        I appreciate your keeping us up to date!

        Deborah or should I say “Granny” 🙂 …….what exciting news!

      • Boyd says:

        Congratulations Grandmom 🙂

        • Deborah Moore says:

          Thanks, Other Honey, Boyd.
          I saw a copy of the sonogram, emailed to me. Let’s hope he stops looking like an alien before he’s born.

          • bettykath says:

            lol. All newborns look like aliens for awhile but they have this magical power that makes moms, dads, and grandparents see them as the most beautiful things in the world.

      • Woow! says:

        Congratulations, my son told me last week his girlfriend was pregnant. I am not happy about the out of wedlock papoose but it is what it is and I do not believe in shot gun weddings.

        I will make sure he do the right thing by his child and the mother.

        • Deborah Moore says:

          It’s amazing how things actually happen without our explicit permission, isn’t it?
          Babies come We all know that.
          Funny how some folks deeply desire a child, go through all sorts of medical stuff to bring a child into this world. Other folks just smile and Bam, belly bump.
          I’m sure you will be a wonderful and positive influence in the life of your grandchild.
          Believe and here’s a hug.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          and congratulations to you too!

      • Oh!!! Oh oh, a baby boy, can you stand it?!

        Such wonderful news, thank you so much for sharing!

        • Deborah Moore says:

          So much news these days.
          I talked to a friend who has moved here, but still has family in Syria.
          I asked him if he’d talked to his. He said yes, and they’re scared.
          I was on my way home from the plant nursery, putting in two 88 cent petunias by the front porch, don’t you know how fabulous it is? And, I stopped by his little mini mart near my house just to say, OMG.
          We chatted for a while and I said, Eddie, they don’t care what I think, just what can I do?
          He said, Plant flowers, doll. He always calls me doll.
          Since I worried half the night, the sleep quotient is too low and I’m feeling the need for a nap.
          You know what I’m sending out and feeling for everyone right now.

          • Oops, just lost a comment. I feel sorry for that man who still has family in Syria. A ‘limited strike,’ whatever that means, can only amount to even more suffering, to more people. I don’t understand it, and my heart goes out to anyone who has family there at this time.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        congratulations grandmoore!

  40. Trained Observer says:

    Mrs. Fogen, lying pig that she is, deserved far more. The sad message that is getting sent: Lie all you want in court, it matters not.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I still think there should have been a major charge for the two of them intentional hiding GZ’s passport!!!!!

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Great article by Xena at Blackbutterfly7:

      “Let’s Talk About The Mixture of DNA On Zimmerman’s Jacket”

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Also to everyone:

        May I suggest that you review our professor’s DNA articles:

      • MDH says:

        I have a different take on Trayvons DNA. A bullet entering a body causes a blowback of some blood mist towards the point which the shot was fired. If GZ shot Trayvon from a standing position with his right hand using the gun and the left grabbing the hem of Trayvon’s hoodie, then some of Trayvon’s DNA on the right cuff, right shoulder and left shoulder of Georges jacket would be a logical expectation.

        This would also explain how Trayvon was found face down in a position away from the sidewalk such that one must accept the most illogical premise that Trayvon was able to get up after being shot, step back a few paces and die.

        The wound to Trayvon shredded his pericardium and right ventricle. The massive and instantaneous loss of blood pressure means that he dropped where he was shot.

        I had a man die of a massive coronary {a fine example of sudden loss of blood pressure} in mid sentence as he was talking to me.

        This is what happened:

        He went silent

        His arms dropped in front of him

        His feet splayed outward

        He pitched face forward into the floor.

        He ended up lying face down, feet splayed out and hands under his body.

        How did the find Trayvon?

        Anyhow, the premise of the link is orders of magnitude more plausible than Georges tale of Trayvon saying “you got me” and getting up after a hollow point shredded his heart.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          Fogen claims he doesn’t quite remember how he got up from under Trayvon and he mentions pushing him away from his own body, but he never mentions any walking, so that assumption may be off, unless Fogen was holding Trayvon when they were both upright. I had cousin who died from a bullet wound through the heart and managed to move forward a bit before collapsing, he was turning to run when he was shot in the back.

          • MDH says:

            If he was under Trayvon and his claim that Trayvon was one head pound away from putting him into oblivion, then Trayvon’s body could not be where it was found, unless Trayvon had arms ten feet long.

            How fast one goes down depends on the type of ammo used. I jacketed projectile will punch a hole that can allow the circulatory system to keep up pressure to the brain for a bit of time.

            What I read in the autopsy indicated shredding of the pericardium and right ventricle.

            Why the prosecution did not bring a trauma expert to testify adds to the theory that they were “in” on a fix.

            The prosecution pathologist was not a type of person able to convey science to layman.

            So the defense was able to twist being able to make movements to doing the impossible.

            What he meant was autonomous functions.

            Higher order functions such as moving the hands back under the body or saying you got me and moving back to fall in the “right place” were not possible.

            If I understand what you correctly, your cousin was up and moving when he was shot. There can be some continuation of an action as shock sets in.

            George’s lie requires Trayvon to actively get up while talking after being shot.

            It seems like we are also basing our views on different stories that George told.

            Which leads to something that a jury with common sense should know:

            Liars keep changing their story while the truth stands fast.

          • Xena says:


            Liars keep changing their story while the truth stands fast.

            Yes! As judge Judy says, “When you tell the truth you don’t have to try to remember the lie.”

            Btw, according to Adam Pollock’s testimony, he doesn’t believe that GZ was on his back when shooting Trayvon.

          • bettykath says:

            “Fogen claims he doesn’t quite remember how he got up from under Trayvon…..”

            Of course he has trouble remembering. It’s hard to remember that which never happened!

          • MDH says:


            Neither do I.

            The first assumption when faced with forensics indicating a right angle shot to the heart is that the shooter was standing with his arm leveled and extended.

            LMppa posted a geometrical sketch that showed how that lined up everything.

            One of the big failures was the media trying to match forensics to a false narrative.

            A logical person lets the forensics tell the story.

            After that, one sees which story – forensics or the defendant – has little or no discrepancies.

            That is why we are all pissed off.

            George’s stories are full of holes like Swiss Cheese. That’s why he kept changing his tune. The liar adds lies to cover the holes only to dig more of them.

            The linked article also points to something that really pisses me off. George’s head was not slammed. In the English language, slam is to strike very hard. Whenever a right winger brings that word up to try to prove that GZ was at death’s door, my reply is:

            Oh, so you agree that the LA Police were trying to kill Rodney King?

            I mean his head had clear picture evidence { after being cleaned up!!! } of being slammed by a hard object.

            George has cuts that are about as serious as a kid in shorts scraping his knee on the pavement.

          • Xena says:

            @MDH. LLMPapa’s “How, Pt 3” was his first video that I watched. It is very powerful.

            What can I say? You said it all and very well.

          • Yes, we may be thinking of Fogen’s Fickle Fables I, II, & III.

    • Boyd says:

      yes, lie all you want because our mind was made up that fatal night.

    • ladystclaire says:

      If you all don’t mind me saying, this entire case and those involved are full of shit! I mean, why would the entire judicial system in the state of Florida be complicit in seeing that someone get away with the murder of a child?

      There has to be a lot more going on here, than we are being told. For instance, I think it’s very possible that someone in LE was involved with this murder of a “CHILD!” We all need to get involved and demand, that everyone involved in this case be investigated as well.


      Are there many decent people in that state, who see the wrong that’s being done here? If so, then they need to lead the charge. The prosecution is just as deep in this, as anybody else. Why didn’t any of their investigators testify, like Jeremy why didn’t they take the stand?

      This is “BULLSHIT” AND, MOST OF ALL IT’S WRONG. A murdered “CHILD” lies in his final resting place, and his murderer is shaking hands, with someone at the factory who manufactured the weapon he used, to kill this innocent child.

      • pat deadder says:

        ladystclaire says This entire case and those involved are full of shit.
        I couldn’t agree with you more.I also don’t think the DOJ will do anything either and doubt Trayvon’s parents will sue.
        I’d like to know why the Twin Lakes complex settled.They obviously know something we don’t.
        If I hear one more Canadian say they are going to Florida I will throw up.
        My friend’s son is going to college there.Bill is originally from Alabama,he’s black,he’s lived in Canada for 40 years.
        I asked him why he says the part of the state his son is going to is not racist.
        My other friends white are the only ones I know who cancelled their trip for Sept.I agree there is something very dark and sinister about this case that we will never know.

        • MichelleO says:

          PURE AND SIMPLE: This was THE NRA test case, and Fogan, the NRA’s poster boy. With America’s economy in the tank; who in the hell do you think sent all of that money to this stupid assed family? The NRA runs that state. I read where even the police (gasp) were originally against the law IN Florida as it now exists.

          The police foresaw the rise of vigilantism and more unreasonable killings with this law, where people in the wrong could just walk away. Search, and you will find these news articles. Plus, we all know that Fogan, the child murderer, through his father had ties to the judiciary and to the police force itself. His father was a former magsistrate, and his uncle is still on the police force in Florida. Florida is a very RED state and very TEABAGGERISH—especially places like Sanford.

          The governor of that state is unbendingly teapublican. There was no way they were going to let this man or his wife suffer the consequences of their actions. You can see it in the face and actions of Fogan, post trial, that he knows he’s got newfound powerful friends.

          There is no special “hoo-doo” to this case. When you;ve got powerful allies; you win—-no matter how disgusting your actions.

      • colin black says:

        Not protecting someone

        Protecting something the gun.

        An the rights of anyone to own one .

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        From the 1969 book entitled “Black Is” by Turner Brown, Jr.:

        Black is when they say “….one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all…” and you wonder what nation they are talking about.


        Black is not needing a psychiatrist to tell you what’s bugging you.

        • ladystclaire says:

          They are definitely “NOT” speaking of this country, with that liberty and justice for all jibberish shit. Also, the statue of liberty with her light in her right hand, was never meant to be a beacon to welcome, those who came here on slave ships!

          The MOST UNWELCOMED ONES, did NOT come here through Ellis Island. Oh no, their ships brought them here and docked at the Charleston Harbor and, there were many, many ships coming from the Continent of Africa, bringing the unwelcomed ones to a lifetime of hell on earth and misery.

          When those words were pinned, they were “NEVER” intended to include, those who are being shown on a daily basis that they are “NOT” wanted here. I see some of the things being written, about a murdered child of color by racist white’s and I ask myself, WHY does GOD allow these wretched hate filled people to continue to have breath, IN THEIR EVIL AND VILE BODIES?

          I’ve also read where some have said, I’m not going to be blamed, for something my foreparents did. I agree, no you shouldn’t but at the same time, you shouldn’t practice the very same racist hate that they ascribed to either.

          Nobody is born with that kind of hatred in their hearts. Just like a coveted family heirloom, IT’S TAUGHT AND PASSED DOWN FROM, GENERATION TO GENERATION. This is why racism will always be a big part of this country’ s existence.

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          Yes, ladystclaire.

          I’ve also read where some have said, I’m not going to be blamed, for something my foreparents did. I agree, no you shouldn’t but at the same time, you shouldn’t practice the very same racist hate that they ascribed to either.

          Nobody is born with that kind of hatred in their hearts. Just like a coveted family heirloom, IT’S TAUGHT AND PASSED DOWN FROM, GENERATION TO GENERATION. This is why racism will always be a big part of this country’ s existence.

          Whites that have no wish to correct the damage that still exists today because of the past need to accept blame.
          Whites who do not recognize the benefits and advantages of being white in this society and who make no effort to erase this inequality need to accept blame.

          Whites who remain silent when they hear or witness racism need to accept blame.

          Whites who make no attempt to speak up for a black person whom they witness being profiled, being stereotyped, or being treated unfairly need to accept blame.

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          There is much that we with our white privilege can do to make this a better world.

          SouthernGirl2 posted this on last Friday:

          One Easy Thing All White People Could Do That Would Make The World A Better Place.

          This was originally posted by “Cracking the Codes” about the system of inequality.

    • Woow! says:

      It matters if you are any race other than white.

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