Frog Gravy: Let Them Eat Cake

Boiling Frog
artwork by DonkeyHotey on flickr (creative commons)

by Crane-Station. Author’s note: Frog Gravy is a depiction of daily life during incarceration, first in jails and then in prison, in Kentucky, during 2008 and 2009, and is reconstructed from my notes.

This post is about cost-cutting measures in prison, and it is not comprehensive because the topic is broad. I will discuss education and treatment cuts for Class D inmates as well as elimination of other programs, in another post.

PeWee (pronounced Pee Wee) Valley Women’s Penitentiary (KCIW), near Louisville, KY, 1-7-09 (my father’s birthday)

Kentucky is laying off teachers during the holidays.They take jobs away from teachers so they can keep funding incarceration for War-On-Drugs inmates like me, Carol, KC, and my roommate Janelle. Carol had her heart attack this morning and she is in the hospital, toothless and disabled. KC had her heart attack last week and just got out of the hospital. Janelle can barely walk, is a borderline diabetic and has asthma, requiring oral medications as well as rescue inhalers.

Kentucky would rather lock up a kid than educate him or her. Kentucky would rather lock up a non-violent minor drug offender parent than educate the child that is left behind.

I am always looking at pictures of kids in Iraq. Ginny’s 19-year-old son is in the meat grinder in Iraq, posing in front of this blown up building and that one, while Ginny sits in this prison for a personal-use possession charge, showing us pictures of her son who is not old enough to drink, posing in front of blown up buildings.

The media will never tell the passing public that the children at war in Iraq are taking smiling photographs of themselves in front of blown up buildings in foreign countries and then sending them to their mothers in prison, to lessen the emotional burden of the mothers, and make them proud.

When the children are killed, the media will never show the coffins.

The media will never tell the passing public that when the mother gets out of prison and the son comes home from the bogus war that they will reunite and exchange sincere, empty blank stares with each other.

Seems like all the money goes to wars and prisons and then more wars and more prisons.

I am working landscaping, raking leaves and placing them into bags. I work this job in the bitter cold because I cannot stand to be inside after a year in the jails where I never saw a blade of grass. I wear several khaki shirts and two pairs of khaki pants, and a khaki jacket and a stocking cap that is called a toboggan. My eyes are beginning to heal from the harsh fluorescent lighting in the jails, where my body could not process Vitamin D, because I so rarely was allowed to be in a cage that was located outside in the sunlight. I put a towel over my head under the toboggan, but am told to remove it, because if my face is covered, I will be charged with felony escape, a charge that carries another five years.

I cut the toes out of my socks and wear the socks on my arms as arm warmers, and I cover them with my jacket sleeves so that I do not get a write-up. In here, a write-up is like an arrest on the outside, complete with an arraignment, a plea, legal representation from the ‘jailhouse lawyer’ department (which has inmates that are better ‘lawyers’ than the one I had in McCracken, I might add), a negotiation, and either some disciplinary action or a dismissal of the charges.

I remove the towel because it is not worth it. There are far too many other worthwhile risks. Like getting food to the birds, which is strictly forbidden and carries stiff penalties such as cell block time (time in the hole). I have priorities. That is why they call me Bird Lady in here.

At the end of the day, for the benefit of all workers in various jobs, the new cost-cutting measures are posted. Cost-cutting rule violation carries stiff penalties, of course. The list tell us:

1. We will be allowed only one glove, to clean the toilets.

2. On landscape, trash bags will be rationed and buckets will be used in lieu of bags.

3. Kitchen staff is to save and re-use their disposable hair nets.

4. Cookies, cake, slices of ham, patties and other food items will be counted and accounted for.

5. State-issued Kotex pads are rationed.

6. State-issue bath soap is rationed.

7. State-issue toilet paper is rationed.

8. No more Styrofoam cups in the kitchen.

9. One-half of the prescribed amount of soap and sanitizer will be used to wash inmate dishes.

10. Kitchen workers will carry their own toilet paper to work.

11. Only one paper napkin per inmate. This will be controlled by hand-to-hand issue of napkins.

12. No refills on KoolAid. A guard will be assigned to the KoolAid dispenser to enforce this.

13. If an inmate uses the restroom labeled “inmate restroom” in the kitchen, she will receive a disciplinary write-up.

14. Applesauce will no longer be available as a substitute for iced cake and cookies, without a doctor’s order.

15. Snacks are only issued to insulin-dependent, and not diet-controlled diabetics.

I make an appointment with medical and see the doctor about the applesauce. (Rule #14)

At the appointment, I cite a lengthy and painful history of bulimia, state that I am in my twelfth year of abstinence, and report that iced cake and cookies are a trigger for me, and I do not want to relapse. I request the applesauce substitute.

My applesauce request is denied.

A friend of mine, Rosie, works in the kitchen, and I find her, and we set up the following long-term arrangement for bootleg applesauce: I will supply her with coffee and creamer, acceptable currency in the prison 15th-century black market bartering economy, and she will supply me with applesauce.

She even gets me fresh fruit on occasion.

And that is way more than I would have been allowed with a doctor’s order.

The heart attack inmates, however, will continue to eat iced cake and cookies because calories are cheaper than nutrition in this country. This state will continue to pack inmates into jails and prisons and then pack calories into the inmates, while sons and daughters are blowing up buildings in foreign countries, in wars that they cannot possibly understand.

There will be no media mention of inmate mothers with enlisted children. There will be no mention that these children had little choice but to enlist, because the family was broke, with one or both parents in prison.

While inmates eat iced cake, the sons and daughters in the wars eat Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), provided by the military.

11 Responses to Frog Gravy: Let Them Eat Cake

  1. crazy1946 says:

    Crane-Station, Once again you exhibit how cruel and uncaring we can be to each other. I suppose the old saying, always kick the dog when it is down, is still alive and well in our penal system.. Every time I read one of your stories about your time in jail (prison) it reinforces my perception about how strong you are physically and mentally. How many of the rest of us could have survived the trials that you faced on a daily basis… My heart goes out to you as you share these moments of your life with us.. Thanks for allowing us, if even for a brief moment, into your life…

    • Two sides to a story says:

      X infinity. That frog set to boil is also a good metaphor for where we find ourselves with climate chaos.

  2. acemayo says:

    The Surprising Reason Americans Are Far Less Healthy Than Others in Developed Nations
    Americans are losing ground globally “by every” health measure, and it’s not why you might think.
    And none of these determinants matter more, these researchers contend, than economic inequality, the divide between the affluent and everyone else. Over 170 studies worldwide have so far linked income inequality to health outcomes. The more unequal a modern society, the studies show, the more unhealthy most everyone in it — and not the poor alone.
    Just how does inequality translate into unhealthy outcomes? Growing numbers of researchers see stress as the culprit. The more inequality in a society, the more stress. Chronic stress, over time, wears down our immune systems and leaves us more vulnerable to disease
    This same stress drives people to seek relief in unhealthy habits. They may do drugs or smoke — or eat more “comfort foods” packed with sugar and fat.
    Can the United States change course on health?
    Japan offers an encouraging precedent. Sixty years ago, Japan ranked as a deeply unequal and unhealthy nation. But, since the 1950s, Japan has become one of the world’s most equal places and, on life expectancy, now ranks number one globally.
    The United States, over the same span of time, has gone in the exact opposite direction. We have become the world’s most unequal major nation, with health outcomes among the developed world’s worst.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I think people simply have to work out ways to avoid stress no matter how stressful their situations are. Not easy, but what else is there?

  3. acemayo says:

    Prize-winning scientist brings African teachers to Cern
    Prof Virdee had been thinking of ways to use some of the prize money to develop science education in Africa.
    In Uganda he met physics teachers who had come to the BBC event, and, together with two teachers from Kenya, brought them to Cern.
    They took part in Cern’s long-running teaching programme, originally designed for physics teachers from member states, which has participants from over 50 countries – though until now hardly any from Africa.
    “The international community has done Africa a huge disservice in only emphasising primary education at the expense of higher education and not giving strong emphasis on support for science and technology, this is something African leaders are starting to do on their own – but they have to fight a lot of prejudices against training young people in the sciences.”

  4. colin black says:

    State issued toilet paper

    I swear to God this is true toilet paper in uk prisons when I did time was like glossy almost on one side couldn’t get a less abbsorbant or sharper type paper .

    It even had small geen printing on bits of it.

    The reverse side was also tottaly unabsorbant but rather than clossy its sand paper textured.

    The writing by the was had this legend.

    This paper is medicated?

    I couldn’t figure it out the toilet paper was either on drugs.

    Or they realised it was lethal to ass holes an liable to rip it to shreads or scrape it away so they impregnated it with antiseptants

    Mind you it was usefull as a cigarte paper at a pinch

    That’s what the shiny side was like imagine wipeing your ass with a guidians bible page doesnt absorb it at all just rearranges it over more landscape.

    • ay2z says:

      and kitchen staff carrying their own t paper to work. Kitchen staff! Ok, so when they take it to the can to use it, they have to pack it on back with them as they leave and go back to work in the kitchen? How does sanitation work?? No… no answer please!


  5. colin black says:

    Freds thread listings are great

    The peasants are starveing they have no bread lady anntionnette tuff luck let them eat cake.

    Love it sychrinicity via the innerweb.

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