A tale of two psychopaths: Castro and Zimmerman

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good evening to all of our friends:

Ariel Castro was sentenced today in Cleveland to life without possibility of parole, plus 1,000 years, a $100,000 fine, and court costs.

He will never be released from prison.

Crane and I liveblogged the 4.5 hour sentencing hearing via livestream. If you missed it, please go here.

Michelle Knight spoke at the sentencing and you can watch her here.

Amanda Berry, her young daughter and Gena de Jesus, the other three victims did not attend the hearing. Family members spoke for them.

Castro’s full statement to the court is here.

He denied being a monster or a violent man and insisted that they were a family and harmony prevailed.

About as fine an example of a psychopath denying responsibility for and minimizing his criminal conduct as you are likely to find.

Which brings me to another man without a conscience, George Zimmerman.

Unlike Ariel Castro, who will never be released from prison, Zimmerman is out and about packing a gun and was last seen in Texas where he was stopped for speeding and warned not to load his gun and to put it away in his glove compartment.

He didn’t get a ticket.

Ohio law enforcement did its job in Cleveland. The Sanford Police Department in Sanford did not.

These two cases offer a great illustration of the difference between honest cops who knew what they were doing and corrupt cops who knowingly and intentionally freed a remorseless killer just because he killed a black kid.

Finally, I was pleased to see two defense attorneys who did the right thing. As Crane just said, Mark O’Mara probably would have put the victims on trial claiming they were responsible because they were whores and they wanted to be enslaved.

What’s on your mind tonight?


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154 Responses to A tale of two psychopaths: Castro and Zimmerman

  1. Lee Ann Duke says:

    Hello, I am a lurker, LOL…. Just wanted to point something out…. George was not pulled over. I watched the whole video on a local D/FW tv station…yes, I’m a North Texan. You never see the officer directly behind the truck until the officer pulls onto the shoulder and pulls behind the already parked truck with it’s flashers on. I find it odd how comfortable the officer was with being told the driver had a weapon. There has been recent officer shootings in the metro area and I am having a hard time with this officer’s comfort level. Also. you never see George’s face. So how are we to know it was him? Forney police are notorious with a not very popular police chief. That’s why the warning instead of a citation just doesn’t sound legit for Forney police. So I question the legitimacy of this whole event. I also find myself wondering why? Why the great effort in making George look good?

  2. ElikiasDad says:

    Why wasn’t GZ charged with a federal crime if he had the gun in his glove box?

    Under the Firearm Owners Protection Act. You are allowed to transport firearms across state lines provided:
    1. the weapons are transported unloaded;
    2. the weapons are legal to possess in the state of origin, and in the state of destination;
    3. the weapons are stored in an area of the vehicle that is not accessible to the passenger compartment (i.e., trunk);

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      So, are you saying that gz broke the law by not having the gun in the trunk (#3)?

    • cielo62 says:

      Dad~ He had a CCW in Florida. Exceptions are usually made for pick up thrucks because many don’t have trunk area. And lastly, the cop  probably agreed with what gz did. Why make a fuss?


    • ElikiasDad says:

      If it helps this what I’m referring to Federal Law 18USC 926A


      • fauxmccoy says:


        the federal law you cited with which i am very familiar, stated in part

        Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof

        therein lies the problem. a florida CCW is perfectly valid in texas and all states one would drive through to get there per state law. therefore, no federal law was violated.

  3. Xena says:

    I just watched Michelle Knight give her statement before the court, and within her terrifying experience, she said something so poignant, so true, and for me, so comforting.

    Eleven years seems like a long time. It took 11 yrs for Castro’s reaping day to come, but it came.

    Yeah — karma works. Do you hear that George Zimmerman? You might want to give an appearance in public of not being a monster, but that won’t save you on your reaping day any more than it saved Castro.

  4. type1juve says:

    My thoughts tonight are bittersweet. I’m so happy to see these young women get some form of justice, though they will never be whole again. Punishment for Castro provides some validation for what they have had to endure. I’m still angry and hurt for the way that Trayvon’s life has been discounted. I think it’s sad that we’ve come to the point where we are grateful when law enforcement does their job as they are supposed to. I’m hoping for the same in the Jordan Davis case.

  5. kllypyn says:

    My thought to night are those ladies on the jury. I don’t understand how after hearing those last screams from trayvon,those ladies chose to let him go. I don’t believe for one moment they thought that was Zimmerman screaming. Trayvon was literally crying when he was killed.those ladies are going to have to answer for what they have done when they meet heir maker. o-mara and co. are sleeze ball lawyers.

    • Malisha says:

      Everyone who took part in the blessing of a murderer (i.e. the freeing and acquittal of Fogen) has a very big debt to pay to society. They have all done their part to turn our country into a disgraceful, shameful, mockable, hideous sewer for the whole world to criticize.

  6. lurker says:

    I saw bits and pieces, including Castro’s attempt to smear his victims claiming that they admitted to multiple prior sexual encounters, and his attempt to portray himself as an upstanding community member. What is sick is his apparent ability to believe that this is true. Also striking is his claim of having been abused sexually as a child–which I believe.

    And I do see these things paralled not only in George Zimmerman, but throughout his family. Another set of crimes in Ohio this week involved a teenaged serial killer on a rampage. A significant factor in his arrest was information provided to police by his frightened mother. Even minimally healthy people are able to recognize when a family member is in criminal trouble–and needs to be stopped for their own good as well as that of society.

    The Zimmermans have consistently displayed a pathologically ability to not only swallow George’s improbable tale whole and without question, but to provide their own embellishments–to a bizarre level of not only lying under oath, but of consistent propagandistic publications. The denial is deep and ongoing.

    • Kimmi says:

      That’s for sure Lurker, “the denial is deep and ongoing”

      Robert Zimmerman JR ‏@rzimmermanjr 11h
      The capacity to hate is the most dangerous human reality. **We’re always ready to blame someone else in order to absolve us of our self-guilt.**

      What an idiot, does he ever THINK before he SPEAKS?

      That’s almost as stupid as his comment about a “vigilante with a gun going after Fogen and taking the law into their own hands.”

      SHUT UP Jr, the more you open your mouth the more you prove how stupid you (and your whole family) are

      • ladystclaire says:

        The racist bastard even got on TV and told Don Lemon that, he heard that Trayvon was trying to procure guns and, that he was growing weed as well as making LEAN. why does CNN along with Piers Morgan, give this SOB a platform on which to spew his lies and racist hatred? I believe Piers himself is a racist and, this is why he has joonyah on his show so much because, he is able to say the things that Piers himself can’t say on the air himself.

        I have never heard of LEAN until this happened and, I heard it from the folks who are longing for the days of Jim Crow. from what I understand, one would have to have a opiate based cough syrup to mix with the other items that consist of, sprite and jolly ranchers candies. now, to procure the cough syrup that is opiate based, one would have to have a script for that medication and, black folks are not going to get a script like that so easily and, that’s the truth. doctors do not routinely write out scripts for AA that freely and, this is common knowledge. just ask anybody who works in the medical profession. Readers Digest even wrote an article on this very thing a couple of years ago and, they stated that, blacks are under treated for chronic pain and that includes the pain of cancer.

        So, where was Trayvon going to get the cough medicine from to make this LEAN? and why do those who accuse him of doing so, know so damn much about LEAN and, what one would need in order to make up a batch of it? this poor kid lost his life and, for these kluckers to make up shit on him and smear his character, is too damn much to take.

        • MDH says:

          I think I would lose it and start beating Roberts ass, if he pulled that in front of me.

          His brother is a COWARD who, even before the shooting, could not go anywhere without his gun. No amount of false demonizing of the victim will change the fact that GZ is a C-O-W-A-R-D.

  7. Soulcatcher says:

    Well that was an exciting week jury service, and I said when I was free to discuss I would be here first. Nothing to discuss as I was on stand-by for the week, and have fulfilled my obligations gor the next 12 months. Darn, I was hoping to be sequestered for a couple of weeks, and have some steak dinners, free manicures and movies. Maybe make the tours and write a book. LOL. I did read though here in Cali, you cannot profit after jury duty for 90 days, not that I would even attempt to, but I guess in Florida the laws differ.

    • Welcome back. Sorry to hear you didn’t get on a jury. I think you would have found the experience to be quite fascinating, even if a bit frightening because of the responsibility involved in deciding guilt or innocence.

      Because of my background and experience, I have zero chance of ever serving on a jury. Therefore, I am limited to experiencing it vicariously.

  8. I am very concerned about the glee that Zimmerman supporters appear to take in (1) the murder of Trayvon Martin and (2) the not guilty verdict for Zimmerman. While Zimmerman’s case is often compared to the OJ case by his supporters, there are at least two crucial differences: (1) police did not trump up evidence against Zimmerman and (2) no one I know thought OJ’s victims deserved their fates. I remain in grief over the injustice of the verdict, made even more painful by the the words of the two jurors who have spoken out. I am grateful for this blog, an oasis in a desert of misinformation, lies and hate. In the Zimmerman case alone, it seems to be a tale of millions of psychopaths. (Wish my first post after months of lurking was more cheerful; sorry!)

    • Trained Observer says:

      Two excellent points, obitwriter. Glad you’re here. May your presence be the kiss of death for the type of behavior Fogen exhibits.

  9. You all have thoughtful comments says:

  10. endlessummer76 says:

    Since you asked, here’s what’s on my mind:
    The Dream Defenders are still Occupying the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee: http://dreamdefenders.org/
    Their immediate goal is to have the governor call a special session to work on a repeal or rewrite of SYG. Their long term goal is a repeal of SYG and enactment of ERPA.

    I have also been thinking about Juror B-29’s interview with Robin Roberts. There was so much wrong with it, including the fact that she contradicts herself, and contradicts much of what was said by B-37.

    One of the things she said that was heavily quoted was this: “we thought he was guilty but the law couldn’t prove it.” On it’s face this sentence is nonsensical as the law is not able to act to prove anything. In a typical display of journalistic failure, Robin Roberts didn’t ask her what she meant by her statement. I can think of 2 things she may have meant. 1) “the law” being the prosecution, failed to prove that the defendant was guilty of a crime; or 2) “the law” as a statute said that what the defendant did was not a crime. Or she may have meant something completely different. It would be good to know what she actually meant.

    The other thing that bothered me greatly was when she said that the defendant did not plan to kill when he got out of the car to follow Trayvon, so that was another reason for acquittal. B-37 said that they only considered what happened at the moment the defendant pulled the trigger. I find both of those statements baffling. Where did they get the idea that intent had to be formed when he left his vehicle? And where did they get the idea that nothing mattered but the moment the shot was fired? Both these jurors seem to have such a skewed view of the law. Abject failure by the prosecution to educate the jury on how to convict the murderer.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Beyond baffling.

      Where did the Dumbo Six get any of their ideas?

    • elcymoo says:

      I suspect that she and the other jurors got the notion that they had to find that GZ got out of his vehicle intending to kill Trayvon from Mark O’Mara. I remember that he brayed out at least twice that the prosecution wanted the jurors to believe that. The prosecution never argued that, of course, and he wasn’t charged with premediate