36 Responses to Frog Gravy: Meanness Among Warehoused Inmates

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Beautiful, heart-rending post.

    I just came across Charles Shaw’s Exile Nation film. I’ve read some excerpts of his book and have been meaning to buy it and read it. He did time for drugs and speaks articulately about that and about the war on drugs and other topics.


  2. crazy1946 says:

    Hmm, did he have Shel-lie with him? What are the conditions of her bond? Can she leave the state of Florida? He is probably going to Arizona to seek employment with Sheriff Joe…. that would be a good mix, two racists working hand in hand…. Come to think of it, with his comments on his “my space” page, he might want to go thru El Paso at night and real carefully…. Maybe we should take an ad out on all the Spanish speaking radio stations in Texas NM and Az., and play his comments from his “my space” page non stop 24 hours a day….. That would enhance his tourist opportunities…..

    • Now that the NSA is monitoring every keystroke, I’d better not say out loud what I REALLY think of George and Shellie.

      • Linda Andersen says:

        The whole fam-damily, for that matter!

        • Better go check your brake cable, LOL!

          • Linda Andersen says:

            Just did! Appears to be fine! Actually, my car is in pretty good condition, except for the dust! I worry about it falling apart if I ever get it washed!

            By the way, I live in AZ and I don’t care for Sheriff Joe either, or Her Royal Highness Governor Jan’!

          • I lived in Tucson for 3 years, in the very early 90s, and during that time, I got to know Rich Carmona, because he was running the then-trauma program at TMC, and I had the good fortune to be working in the trauma/surgery ICU.

            I wish Carmona had won that senate race. It was a long shot, but I believe he would have been really good.

          • Linda Andersen says:

            I lived in Tucson too. Wanted to return there after I had a stroke (like the climate better than in Virginia), but ended up coming to Maricopa County instead.

            Glad I did. All of my crazy ex’s crazy relatives live there! I loved the mountains surrounding Tucson.

          • Oh, me too, how I love that desert! But Maricopa County is also beautiful.

          • Linda Andersen says:

            I was lucky enough to find a condo to rent (the owners live in California) that stood empty for six months so the rent had been reduced far enough for me to afford.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            I’m an old Tucsonan too – and was there in the early 90s. Wow! Small world.

          • I started roller blading there. River wash at Campbell and Sunrise…there was a path. Such fond and beautiful memories. I was in Tucson from 90-93.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Linda Andersen, I don’t mind the NSA reading what I say, or even listening into my voice communications! My secrets are so open that I actually have the following app on my phone to help them out… I think every American Citizen should install this to help the government out…


        • Linda Andersen says:

          That’s too funny! I really don’t care either. The government might even find out just how boring my life is!

          But then, I always say, “I like boring. It means nothing is going wrong!”

  3. Brandy says:

    There is a story on TMZ that Georgie was pulled over for speeding in Texas. They have the pic of his truck and the officer. Georgie had a gun in his glove compartment. It appears that he has turned into Georgie Texas Ranger! LOL This idiot sure is making the news and the rounds since his acquital! Hoping for 3rd time being the charm. He told the cop… that he is not going anywhere lol,

  4. type1juve says:

    Crane, you have a compelling story to tell. Please write a book, it would be a bestseller.

  5. crazy1946 says:

    When can we expect our autographed first edition books? 😉

    • Linda Andersen says:

      You can actually purchase it on Amazon.


      As a published author myself, it always amazed me how many people expected free copies of my books when they came out. I’m hoping you didn’t mean “free.”

      Never made much money. Even my ex-husband (who always had his hand out when my checks arrived) said, “Is that all?”

      • crazy1946 says:

        Linda Andersen, No Mz. Andersen, I was not begging for a free copy of her book! I do however wish to “PURCHASE” (as in pay for!) a first edition of her works as a stand alone book, and not contained within a collection with other authors.

        • Linda Andersen says:

          Didn’t think so. Hope you didn’t take offense. Now you know why my birth family doesn’t even like me. I mean well, but it doesn’t always come out right!

          • crazy1946 says:

            Linda Andersen, Don’t worry about it, were good, actually I was probably a little sharp in my response….. 🙂

      • Thank you,this essay is published in the anthology, but my goal is to get the whole of Frog Gravy published as a standalone. Dr. Crosby urged me to seek a larger publisher, and per suggestion at this blog, I will be submitting a manuscript to Jaded Ibis in September, I hope someone there will be interested in reading some of it.

        • Linda Andersen says:

          Cool! I’ll keep an eye out for it! Hope you plan to announce it on this blog when it happens, especially for those of us whose brains are on auto-pilot and often headed in the wrong direction!

      • Linda, how did you get to be published? Did you query for an agent first, or go directly to a publisher? I need all the advice I can get!

        • Linda Andersen says:

          Queried agents, only to be told that my work was trite, unoriginal, unpublishable, and unsalable! Finally responded to an blurb in Writer’s Digest magazine and heard back from an editor at Zebra Books (it was actually a very bad Historical Romance). She turned me on to an agent before she died, who then orchestrated the publishing of 5 more very bad Historical Romances!

        • Linda Andersen says:

          Here’s the agent I used–http://www.agentquery.com/agent.aspx?agentid=19

          Now that I know I’ll probably never make enough to interfere with my Disability check, I’m garnering ideas for another novel. Hopefully a much BETTER one this time!

          • Too cool, thank you so much, I am so impressed and so not worthy, to meet someone who is published. I already know that a writing life is more bohemian than monetarily wealthy. Getting into print, getting the story out, getting the word out- that is something to be so proud of!

        • Linda Andersen says:

          Hope it helps! I think he only handles fiction now, but, hey! Just getting a foot in the door is a start–maybe he can refer you to someone who does represent non-fiction writers.

          Heck, I haven’t been in contact with him for so long, I’m sure he doesn’t even remember me! Doesn’t mean I’ve totally given up on the dream. Sometimes life gets in the way.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          You don’t need an agent for small publishers like Jaded Ibis, but you’ll need to research contracts online to negotiate a contract yourself because you may find that the contract offered has points that need to be negotiated.

          It’s generally pretty tough to get an agent, but you might have some luck there too!

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