Welcome to liveblogging day 7 Zimmerman trial (morning session)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good morning:

Court will resume this morning at 9 am EDT with Mark O’Mara’s cross examination of Chris Serino, the man who was in charge of the Sanford Police Department’s investigation of the Trayvon Martin homicide.

Court recessed for the day yesterday after Serino admitted that he believed George Zimmerman was telling the truth.

Here’s the link to the livestream coverage.



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1,283 Responses to Welcome to liveblogging day 7 Zimmerman trial (morning session)

  1. whonoze says:

    So apparently the Zimmerteam Internet Troll Squad (ZITS) is already trying to dig up dirt on Dr. Rao…

  2. whonoze says:

    Guy didn’t ask her about the blood trails and gravity. **sigh**

  3. whonoze says:

    Bush-logic: We can can attack Iraq because they might have a nuclear weapon someday. So obviously, GZ gets to shoot TM because, you know, an asshole might try to hurt you in the future.

  4. KateW says:

    OMara with his twisted questioning. What is it called? Oh yes….BS

  5. whonoze says:


    1. a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning.

    example: see O’Mara, Mark

  6. KateW says:

    Why isnt the state objecting, again this is all speculation. All these scenarios again with what could possibly be. Why are they letting this guy run with it. OBJECT!!

    • cielo62 says:

      Kate~ Because it shows 1. the defense is desperate and 2. head wounds like what gz claims are impossible no matter HOW you spin it.


  7. Bane says:

    she’s laughing at him. she knows what he is doing. distorting.

  8. fauxmccoy says:

    court ordered head shave, please!

  9. KateW says:

    Lets go fishing.

  10. KateW says:

    His double sided questioning doesnt seem to be working. He is getting frustrated. But man come on….injuries could have been created by rocks and debris in the grass!! Someone help me out here.

  11. KateW says:

    Ha! When OMara is got he says “lets move on”: or “anyway”

  12. God is there says:

    Concrete, that he (GZ) probably fell on while in hot pursuit of Trayvon, or while trying to detain him. Isn’t there a possibility that it happened this way?

  13. KateW says:

    OMara’s coming for her but man she is holding up well. He is trying to say the medical examiner is in cahoots with Angela Corey.

  14. God is there says:

    None of the injuries were life-threatening – BUSTED LIAR!!!!!!!!!

  15. gbrbsb says:

    Got here late… one of the first crunch times?

  16. KateW says:

    Cmon they need to say those injuries can be from rocks and debris in the grass. Not necessarily concrete. Cmon, dont open the door for the defense to say it was still impact from concrete.

  17. mrsdoubtfire says:

    Meet the State’s STAR witness……. yo

  18. KateW says:

    Yes, this is what I have been waiting for. The medical examiner. Cmon prosecution get this right!

  19. Ms.X says:

    I have a good feeling about the medical examiner.

  20. Ms.X says:

    So glad to see Mr. Guy @ the podium.

  21. KittySP says:

    Tell me this fool didn’t just chuckle at the end of that clip then lean over as if to say, “I looked pretty good there, huh?”

  22. Ms.X says:

    One of fogen’s tells is smiling/smirking. He did it on the hannity interview whenever he told a big one.

  23. KateW says:

    LOL that Faux interview was priceless!

  24. ZCBest says:

    Hannity interview next!

  25. ZCBest says:

    Just a reminder that TM’s dna was ruled out as possible contributing to any dna found on GZ’s gun. They found GZ’s dna and an unknown sample, possibly Tim Smith who handled the gun on the scene. But Trayvon was ruled out so bam! Thanks Osterman.

  26. Woow! says:

    West’s daughters are fugly inside out.

    Now we know why the defense has been docile since Monday.

  27. smokeegyrl says:

    can somebody find the motion from this morning or a link to this morning because I missed it…

  28. Rodlen says:

    Found a story on the motion relating to the West ice cream picture:


    A link to the motion is inside the article.

  29. colin black says:

    degraveegmailcom says:

    July 2, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Aha the Leather holster? He’s out!

    What be holster that thee talkin aboot
    The cheap nylon weave one costa bout ten bucks foggagge had be no where near leather an Im glad at least he wasn’t using the skin of a dead Animal
    Left that for his foot stommpin prolly steel toecap construction/hiker/buttkicking boots.

    To vist a store an shop you need those kickass BOOTS I DONT THINK SO.

  30. ay2z says:

    Noon break…. after that witness, a little Papa choice ‘live’.

    Osterman about his best ever friend:
    “I ain’t nothing but his fool…. he had me where he wanted me.

  31. You all have thoughtful comments says:


  32. Jason Olson ‏@knightproducer

    BREAKING: state files motion regarding picture posted by Don West’s daughter following Jeantel testimony. Reading right now…

    • Rachael says:

      But what does that mean?

    • Beverly says:

      Great….they looked like some Jr. Hi cheerleaders for “their” team; really sickening. Maybe that’s explanation why Capt. W has been sidelined.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      on another matter signatures over 16,500

    • Trained Observer says:

      Delighted the State may be taking steps. That cone licker and post was the most tasteless, racist, unprofessional stunt related to the defense bar quite possibly in Florida history.

  33. I am going to start a new thread for the afternoon session.

  34. ic2fools says:

    eeeEE ah ah idid, well that’s explains a lot oysterboi.

    has oysterboi been asked he and sheLies moved fogens car?

    • lurker says:

      Didn’t hear that. But he put his arm around her to keep her from blacking out.

      • ic2fools says:

        right at the end Bernie had oysterboi read from page 29 of his book about fogen spreading out Trayvons’ hands and holstering his gun.

        Bernie asked him did fogen have ‘The Gun’ in his hands when he spread Trayvons’ hands.

        Oysterboi tried to explain eeee ah ah ididi

      • Malisha says:

        Like Shellie “worked on” Fogen’s bruises. These folks have their odd ways, don’t they?

  35. colin black says:

    but I suppose child murders like kcswamphagtrunkmom an foggagge bring out the cursive in me ironic I cursive in print.

  36. Mike DeForest ‏@MikeDeForest6 56m

    BREAKING: Prosecutors inquire about photo of Don West and daughters “celebrating” after #GeorgeZimmerman trial PIC:

  37. Noon Recess.

    Court will resume at 1:30 pm EDT

  38. colin black says:

    An by the way ladies I never swear or curse when I talk its not polite annot me.

    But just as People want to reclaim the taboo N word.

    I know women whom reclaim an use the C word an more power to them
    Im neither rude nor crude in my talkink voice Im a hundred times sharper then in test or print.

  39. smokeegyrl says:

    He is going to regret writing that book.

  40. Trained Observer says:

    BDLR: Look at your book … page 29

    The issue of the holstering will return!

  41. Sabrina B. says:

    C’mon you wrote a book about it, how could you not remember?

  42. chi1224 says:

    The hands weren’t pinned down!!! DO THEY NOT GET THAT YET???

    • MedicineBear says:

      Ahhhh, the beauty of keeping the potential witnesses from watching the trial before they are called!

  43. disappointed says:

    oh now he remembers.

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      I’m sure Fogen is beaming some info into Oysters brain, I’m sure he’s capable of doing so since he was also able to magically transport his car and his person and Martin from the mailboxes to the T in a split second…

  44. PerfectlyImperfect says:

    Osterman is eager to help his BFFL (Best Friend for Life), but he has helped the prosecution.

  45. jo says:

    he just said before he had the gun and gz took the gun from him …

    this guy is just guessing ffs….bernie is smart to just let him keep talking

  46. breelee says:

    Arent they allowed to bring in Osterman and his buddys trouble over the stolen cars? This would show the jury this guy isn’t the awesome “cop” he claims to be, or a good judge of character.

  47. smokeegyrl says:

    My cousins funeral will be Friday. Here all the time I thought he passed away in New Mexico and instead he was in Tijuana Mexico at the time. They had a hard time getting him back to the States. *sigh*

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • type1juve says:

      Sorry for your loss…

      • smokeegyrl says:

        Thank you in advance for all those who have said this last week and this week.

        His name is

        Antonio Ortiz
        and my Family gives Thanks!

        • cielo62 says:


          Prayer for All the Deceased >By Thy resurrection from the dead, O Christ, death no longer hath dominion over those who die in holiness. So, we beseech Thee, give rest to Thy servants in Thy sanctuary and in Abraham’s bosom. Grant it to those, who from Adam until now have adored Thee with purity, to our fathers and brothers, to our kinsmen and friends, to all men who have lived by faith and passed on their road to Thee, by a thousand ways, and in all conditions, and make them worthy of the heavenly kingdom.


        • PiranhaMom says:


          I ask the Great Creator for blessings on Antonio Ortiz and all those he loved, and on those who loved him, and to receive Antonio into Eternal Joy. Give comfort to his family and friends.

    • cielo62 says:

      smokeegyrl~ Gain, deepest condolences. Yes, foreign countries can be stubborn about letting bodies through. Drug runners have been known to use that as a cover. I’m sorry though that it only adds to a family’s grief. In my culture, he would have already been buried. I don’t understand American customs at all.


    • Malisha says:

      I wish you long life.

  48. tharealkeisha says:

    Good Morning all, Good Afternoon Eastcoasters

  49. colin black says:

    Oh I meant to say I suspect shelies home nurseing study course has as much cred as foggagges judge ambitions.

    At law scool ie none otherwise why place tampons on his head unless?
    I thought tampons were for menstateing ie a bleeding Vagina in cycle

    So if she saw foggggagge bleeding boo boos an used her flyladywing san towels on his fat head
    It implies to moi

    An pardon moi Francie but did she think he was a bleeding khunt?

    • jo says:

      hahaha yes i thought they looked more like sanitary napkins…very appropriate indeed haha

    • Two sides to a story says:

      “I meant to say I suspect shelies home nurseing study course has as much cred as foggagges judge ambitions.”

      And about as credible as Mark Osterman’s self-trumpeted, self-published book.

  50. ay2z says:

    “I may have heard wrong or may have documented it wrong.”

    Osterman, oh ohsterman…. ‘documented’ it wrong? didn’t you just emphasize that your book was based on your memory only, that you never took notes. That means ‘no documentation’

  51. jo says:

    he’s loving it isn’t he…i hope the prosecution are paying this guy, he’s brilliant haha

  52. disappointed says:

    Is his book listed as fiction then?

  53. lurker says:

    They only talked about it once and then MO wrote his book after he could no longer contact Zim (after 2nd arrest).

    Maybe BDLR can ask him why he decided to write the book.

  54. Unabogie says:

    Tell me how the FUCK Zimmerman’s best friend is a better witness against him that the damn cops whose job it was to check out his story???

  55. PiranhaMom says:

    What’s with the leather holster?


    Didn’t we see a fabric holster? Like nylon? (Same nylon as luggage.) With some Velcro or something?

  56. gwynne says:

    he’s sweating like crazy….hmmm….

  57. SearchingMind says:

    Mark Osterman is goldmine for the prosecution. GZ’s story crumbling.

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      Agree. Bernie did this on purpose. Keep in mind MOM boxed Serino into saying the body.could have ended up that way per Zimmerman’s first story only for Oysterman to come along and say Martin literally got up and turned 90 degrees. Which one is it MOM? Please jurors, be smart!!!

  58. Beverly says:

    Tracy has that look that says, “I cannot believe what I am hearing.”
    For sure, he would rather be anywhere else….Prayers.

  59. Sophia33 says:

    Struggling is different that talking. Zimmerman specifically said he struggled and had to restrain him.

    And yet, he still didn’t know he shot him? That was a LIE!

    • groans says:

      Gotta wonder why Trayvon would “fall over 90 degrees” immediately after the gunshot, unless he had been shot….

      But, then, GZ obviously ain’t the sharpest tool in the box!

    • cielo62 says:

      Sophia~ Forgive me for being gross, but the “struggling” may have nothing more than involuntary muscle spasms once Trayvon died.


  60. breelee says:

    PLEASE show fogen and Osterman at the station, I beg of you. I want the jury to see how “upset” fogen was as he bounced up the stairs. I swear this will impact the jury, as it did me.

  61. Tzar says:

    Osterman: Trayvon would have been able to speak for another 6-8 seconds

    I love this guy
    part time trauma surgeon part time air marshal
    full time bullshit artist

  62. ay2z says:

    He jumped on top of him to pin his hands down– Osterman said George said.

    Poor Tracy….

    • Trained Observer says:

      Babble … babble … babble. Somewhere within this babbling brook, BDLR will pull what he needs to do some precision gutting.

  63. degraveegmailcom says:

    Aha the Leather holster? He’s out!

  64. esentrick says:

    This man is a joke. I hope the jurors BS radar is working. Listening to this man try to explain why the child killer did the things he did, is sickening!

  65. jo says:

    you specifically said between the hammer and some other point…yeah he said he grabbed the gun…

    of course this guy knows exactly how long trayvon could talk for….interesting

  66. Sabrina B. says:

    Pretty long love fest.

  67. colin black says:

    Only Blahk Children mounting foggaggge are in his dreams


    It will be his last stand.

    Better learn to kneel at the feet of a Minorite prolly a MEXICAN HAS FIRST DIBBS ON HIS FAT BUTT

    He is about to become Carlos own personal BOUNCY CASTLE.

    Enjoy the rest of your miserable life you sock cucker

  68. dianetrotter says:

    Maybe BDLR called him to encourage GZ to testify. This guys is doing him no favors.

  69. Sophia33 says:

    Now Bernie objects.

  70. MrSykes says:

    Losing oxygen? LOL. Then how was he able to do all that screaming?

  71. ZCBest says:

    Sabryna and Traci are writing notes probably astonished at all the good lies Osterman is telling for Fogen. Saying, thank goodness he spews these inconsistencies before lunch don’t want to vomit during the lunch recess.

    The prosecution is scoring big time!

  72. Trained Observer says:

    OY: “I guess his knees came up a little higher …”

    MOM: How long on the struggle?

    OY: “20 … 30 seconds? He did not say how long.”

    Well, which was it?

  73. ay2z says:

    He is giving his ‘expert opinion’.

  74. Mojo says:

    I don’t understand (but hope the State gets to it eventually) why the State doesn’t bring up two key points. 1. He was following. 2. He got out of his truck to get an address.

    1. He admits to following which make him the aggressor. 2. GZ claims he got out of his truck to get an address and says he told dispatch to meet him at the truck.

    • Mojo says:

      Oops, hit submit before I was done. 2. Gets out to get address and claims (in reenactment) he told dispatch to meet him at his truck. First, we know he told dispatch to have police call him when they got there. Second, we know that when dispatch asked him for an address that he never gave them one, even though he claims he was on RVC when dispatch asked him this and he turned to walk back to his truck

  75. gbrbsb says:

    This guy is doing a proxy testimony for George. He knows EVERY single little detail off pat… it is as if George were on the stand… a fucking farce considering self serving statements were barred!

  76. parrot says:

    This witness is a strange man.

  77. Two sides to a story says:

    Osterman’s story still has the shooting at the sidewalk, where it wasn’t.

  78. Sophia33 says:


    What is the point of the prosecution doing this?

  79. colin black says:

    jm says:

    July 2, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Did ShelLIE wear a cape to once she transformed to superhero nurse?

    Seriously if she is questioned can prosecution ask about her nursing background/expertise/school?


    did I just hear that it was TRAYVONS FAULT FOR not walking through to retreat view circle

    now ive herd it all???????????????????????????/

  80. PiranhaMom says:

    Am I missing something? When did Shellie make the trip from SPD to home to get GZ fresh clothes then return to SPD with them that night, so SPD could bag Zimmerman’s clothes as evidence — where was Osterman during that time????

  81. Sophia33 says:

    I hate him calling him “Trayvon”.

  82. Woow! says:

    So MO was at the police station in his capacity as a federal officer and a friend. I am wondering how TSA is going to handle this b/c he has said he is an Air Marshall, there goes the anonymity.

    Did that fool just say CAC went down the dog path?

  83. jo says:

    this guy is nervous and twitchy like a rabbit….

    gee you can see they’ve had many a crime fighting conversation since they both talk in the same lingo

  84. MedicineBear says:

    Dispatcher: “let me know if he does anything else”
    Except don’t let me know that he’s circling your vehicle while you’ve got me on the line!

  85. Sophia33 says:


  86. gbrbsb says:

    I don’t understand what was the State’s move with this guy either. They didn’t need MO to testify to GZ having “wrist control” of Trayvon because Georgie already explained that to spd in one of the interviews.

    They didn’t show the atm video to show MO was at the scene (if it was him)… so where are we going.

    Now we have MO claiming that Trayvon was looking into a lit window… maybe the clan read the comment here the other day about how could Trayvon be looking into windows without a torch!

    Soooo soooo suspicious all this!

    • Boyd says:

      I think he’s there because.

      he said trayvon put his hand on the gun. now he’s claiming on the stand it was the leather strap (of all places) but did not say that in the book

      That gun holder is awfully small, always make sure it favors George. lol!

      • gbrbsb says:

        And just now he said he didn’t actually remember whether GZ has said Trayvon grabbed the gun… because… sit down… HE ONLY HEARD THE STORY TWICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • racerrodig says:

          Funny, he just stated Fogen told him the story 100 times. Gee, I wish these Zidiots could make up their mind.

          • gbrbsb says:

            Racer, sorry to trouble but my for some unknown reason my ip address is apparently being flagged up as spam by the spam guard so for the past two days any comments I make unless replying to a blogger’s reply to me on the notifications page they do not register on the page.

            According to WP the owner of the blog has to approve (accept) at least one of my comments in the spam box and I will be free. It worked on Xena’s so she knows what to do. Xena, Faux, Cielo I think they’ve all emailed the professor to no avail.

            You may not get this and it may not work either but I am posting to as many as bloggers I can because if you all reply to any of the professor’s or Cranes’s posts with my plight I could be vocal again.

      • racerrodig says:

        In his book Osterman said Trayvon grabbed the gun between the rear sight and the trigger guard. I hope Bernie brings that up. This was a huge point on HP last year. I believe you were in on that.

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      Burying Zimmerman in his own lies. Most important points 1. Saw TM 15 feet down that path(saw him with flashlight and followed and was not ambushed) 2. Was knocked backwards (contradicts evidence)
      3. TM GOT UP AND MOVED (Fail, super fail and triple fail as all witnesses never saw them change positions.)

    • bettykath says:

      The admission of the wrist lock was in the interview just prior to the voice stress test. Apparently Bernie didn’t want to enter that video b/c it’s about a test that’s inadmissible. Although I would think that the tape could be edited, by agreement, to keep the part about the vst out. Don’t see MOM agreeing with that.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Yes, it could be but as you say State could, and imo should, have agreed to edit the tape because what MO says GZ says just cannot compare with what GZ said himself. Furthermore stress tests are not valid in court so JN could have instructed jury about that, but leaving out that tape they have missed other really good things from it, such as how GZ shoots, and a few other gems. Not sure was a good move.

  87. chi1224 says:

    O’Mara keeps trying to make Trayvon look “suspicious”, but they have nothing! This whole “looking in windows” thing is BS. Trayvon was walking back home to deliver the skittles and watch the game, he was NOT casing the neighborhood as they are trying to imply

  88. Tzar says:

    Coming to a theater near you
    George Said: The Passion of George
    sometimes a man must follow his heart and shoot…someone else in the heart

  89. MedicineBear says:

    TM was “walking between two sets of town homes”.
    That’s called walking down the street asshole.

  90. Sophia33 says:

    MOM is trying to confuse the jury. This is not the point where Zimmerman said Trayvon circled his car.

  91. PiranhaMom says:

    I wonder if there was a videocam in the SPD lobby that filmed this touching reunion … sob … sob …. with precious Shellie.

    Wonder how come fogen never told Sean311 that “the suspect” was “looking INTO lighted windows” — geez, what embroidery!

  92. Sabrina B. says:

    Bernie needs to ask one question. In your opinion, why would a kid who had gone to the store and is running away, choose to then, after having done this, attack you?

    • groans says:

      And why would he leap out of the bushes, but leave a potential weapon – the non-slimjim – in the bushes??!!

      • Sabrina B. says:

        Exactly. Seems he would have taken that with him if he intended to kill him. Seems that would have made it easier.

        • tashatexas77048 says:

          Exactly. And had he made it home he’d have left his treats and picked up a weapon. But alas, the child was ON.THE PHONE so all of this nonsense about him lying in wait is utterly ridiculous. He’s lying in wait, in the bushes, while talking to Rachel? LMAO. The jurors have to be smarter than this.

  93. colin black says:

    Ice and such………

    explained the world according to foggagge.

    I saw a SUPER TARGET




  94. Dave says:

    They made eye contact in the dark?

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      Osterphuck proves Zimmerman confronted Martin. If he saw him down.that sidewalk 15 feet away then he went 15 down there to confront him OTHERWISE HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN DOWN THERE. Also proves Zimmerman lied about being knocked BACKWARDS, TM did not sneak up on him and he would have had plenty of time to run for his truck or call police if Martin waa 15 feet away.

      • MichelleO says:

        Noooooo! Fogen was simply a friendly sentry robot out for his robotic stroll, when a super agent came within his line of fire. Robots of course, have no facial expressions or feelings. Malice is not encoded in them, so it is not their fault when the wrong super agent is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Robots shoot to kill.

  95. jo says:

    supergeorge goint to supertarget like clockwork….apparently shellies clock doesn’t work since she wasn’t there this time.

    • Lynn says:

      And are we suppose to believe that Fogen was going to Target for next week’s thrifty packaged home lunches while Shellie gorges herself with a free meal at her Dad’s? No way GZ would miss the dinner bell.

  96. disappointed says:

    call sheLie and ask her about her nursing classes. Let her lie some more to the court.

  97. chi1224 says:

    It’s scary that this goon works in law enforcement

  98. The sickness of adults engaging in the coverup of the murder of someone’s innocent child from the witnesses to the people in charge of law enforcement and the media. It’s really a testament of the status under which blacks exist in the country. The pretense that there is no racism and yet the obvious guilt(yes its obvious) of the defendant is still something they try to hide in an effort to prevent him from being punished for killing an innocent black child. This is killing me, I really don’t expect a conviction, but this isn’t the only time. Aiyanna Stanley Jones, you will never be forgotten by me either.

    • MichelleO says:

      The pretense of a person speaking nicely equating to an incapability of harboring ill feelings or murderous ideations, is one tenant of racial bigotry. This person speaks calmly and nicely, so he is better than his victim, who happens to be an African American kid.

    • Sabrina B. says:

      Then they wonder what is wrong. There is no presumption of innocence, no benefit of the doubt, which is shown to not have been afforded Trayvon but, fogen? Yes, he must have been the assailed one. Happens all the time in all manner of interactions from work on down. This attitude has been ingrained in the shaping of this country and continues today just in more elegant and descriptive terms than before.

    • Michael Stewart says:


      And sadly, the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act last week is a portent of things to come for minorities in this country.

      • MichelleO says:

        Absolutely! But other groups had better beware: they come first for the groups most maligned; then they eventually come for the rest of us. This is how it always works. Powerful government and corporate types wants the rights of all working class and poor of this country.

      • vickie s. votaw says:

        It isn’t just about AA’s, all the red states are gerrymandering & that screws everyone except the republicans, & that party has some crazy members.

  99. Dave says:

    I get the impression that Osterman and GZ are VERY intimate friends.

  100. MedicineBear says:

    She went into “nurse mode” — because she’s a nursing student.

    Oh, and she went into mentoring mode — because they mentor black kids, you know.

  101. Sophia33 says:

    Thanks for telling the jury why Zimmerman grew his hair out. He already has a lumpy head.

  102. Tzar says:

    “the size of your fist but not quite the size of a goose egg”

    this guy is awesome

    • amsterdam1234 says:


    • lurker says:

      Notice–he has sort of a lump on the top of his own head.

    • Lynn says:

      All those “lumps” are near the top of his head…was he break dancing while listening to homie?

      I tell ya…he whacked his head with his gun by holding the barrel and left a tiny laceration and a huge red outline of the trigger and handle on his head. Then blood flowed downward.

  103. Trained Observer says:

    OMG … Shellie transforms from wife to being a nurse, according to Osterman.

    An insult to nurses worldwide.

  104. ay2z says:

    Berni will ask on re-direct, “would you have described the defendant as being ‘calm’ as he left the police interviews.

  105. Rachael says:

    Dang, I have to work now.

  106. fauxmccoy says:

    oh, shellie can ‘transform’ into a nurse!

    guffaw! snort! snicker!

  107. disappointed says:

    One more time with the nurse crap.

  108. Rachael says:

    Oh phuuullleeeeeeeze – online non nurse

  109. Tzar says:

    so MOM and AMMO are gonna felate each other for the next hour while George watches
    this is indecent porn!!!

  110. Sophia33 says:

    He wasn’t any of this in the interviews. I call bull shit.

    • lurker says:

      Possible detached emotionally.

      But I would call it more like being engaged in his personal cop fantasy.

  111. ay2z says:

    Calm!! Word is ‘Calm’, Osterman…. the word you are looking for to describe him being ‘detached’.

  112. Woow! says:

    MO is running out of lies to tell

  113. Sabrina B. says:

    Without the sound, he looks like another psycho.

  114. Rachael says:

    Oh, poor She’lLie. Boohoo. Went into “nurse mode” and put butterfly bandages on his superficial wounds.


    • lurker says:

      Those were not butterflies. They were knuckle bandages–designed to apply a bandage with sticky tabs on both sides of the joint. Not on a head.

      And butterflies are used to pull together the edges of a laceration without sticking in the middle–no bandage material to absorb fluids, or anything that might get stuck in the healing process.

      The wounds on the front were not lacs, but abrasions.

      To my mind, those bandages were strictly theatrical. The nose wound had already scabbed over–no need to keep out possible infection. And if there was a concern for scalp infection, they might have shaved the spot even closer. Hair is not known for being antiseptic.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        Bandages were optional. In fact, bandages get wet from sweat or showering and can breed bacteria and fungi, infecting the wound further. Best to wash lightly w/soap & water, dab dry w/clean towel (preferably paper).

        In this case, they were décor.

        Only appropriate size bandages would be Johnson & Johnson child-size Band-Aids (“Hello Kitty” Band-Aids most popular.)

    • Lynn says:

      Theatrics, yes. But sadly they have the press fooled.

      Jane Casares(sp?) was on tv yesterday saying the Physician’s Assistant put on the “butterfly” bandages.

      NO. It was Shellie who put on those knuckle bandages after being told soap and water and no dressing needed. Makes me almost feel the need to send in a message via HLN and point out the shoddy investigating we have to endure from ignorant persons working for them. Butterfly is NOT a knuckle bandage.

  115. MedicineBear says:

    SheLie sounds like she had a more appropriate reaction than the murderer.

    • Two sides to a story says:


    • tashatexas77048 says:

      BDLR is reeling his punk ass in like a fish. TM backed up, turned 90 degrees and fell down? BULLSHIT. Its already been established and will be further established that MARTIN NEVER MOVED. The eyewitnesses have already shot down the part of the story he cannot explain HOW DID MARTIN GO FROM LEANING OVER THE SIDEWALK TO LYING IN GRASS??? Send that bastard to jail!

  116. Woow! says:

    I hope CAC phone records comes in with MO and Shelly’s testimonies.

    • Absent a stipulation (agreement), phone records must be introduced through the custodian of records for the phone company.

      • Woow! says:

        Thanks professor… I so desperately want to know who CAC called or may have received right before he called NEN and who he was on the phone with in that picture Jon took.

  117. willisnewton says:

    he’s NOW saying he never spoke to GZ> thats not what he told FDLE apparently according to the summary of his interview.

    • amsterdam1234 says:

      Yep, I heard that too. In the summary he said he didn’t talk in depth with GZ.
      Osterman is pretty stupid.

      • racerrodig says:

        “Osterman is pretty stupid.” “…pretty…”

        Osterman in his book states flat out that Fogen grabbed his gun between the sight and the trigger guard…..This was a huge topic on HP last year.

  118. MedicineBear says:

    MO: “Every non-convicted felon should carry a gun . . . because the police are not always there”[ when a black kid needs to be murdered].

  119. jo says:

    jon told the jury that he told her george was ok and was going to the police station for questioning before george said “just tell her i shot someone”…she knew he was fine.

  120. PerfectlyImperfect says:

    How did Shellie know that George was in hand cuffs and bloody?

  121. groans says:

    Wow! Bernie objected to scope of cross! Is that a first? Will he stick to it?

    Not so far…. Maybe it was just the specific question he didn’t like. Oh, well.

  122. lurker says:

    OK, here it comes. Shellie was at her father’s and got a call from a neighbor.

    Put his arm around her to keep her from blacking out.

  123. Sophia33 says:

    Why did the neighbor have to hang up?

  124. Rachael says:

    Let’s here the dramatic “I’d die for him but I wouldn’t lie for him”

  125. colin black says:

    no dna on gun or hoster so why say that an allow to bolster defendants lies.

    Since I got sacked for being an illegall body guard for a fake celebrity?

    An now his bff is another fake celeb go figure


    • lurker says:

      It’s in print–no escaping it.

      Gotta show that the story doesn’t fit the facts, Hence, it is a lie, told by a lyng liar.

  126. gbrbsb says:

    WTF is a “mal convicted felon” ?

  127. willisnewton says:

    guns for everybody! yay! It’s the wild west!

    • Tzar says:

      pew pew pew!!!!

    • gbrbsb says:

      And hi ho silver !

      • Two sides to a story says:

        And away (with your donated money and hidden passport)!

        • gbrbsb says:

          TSTAS, sorry to trouble but my for some unknown reason my ip address is apparently being flagged up as spam by the spam guard so for the past two days any comments I make unless replying to a blogger’s reply to me on the notifications page they do not register on the page.

          According to WP the owner of the blog has to approve (accept) at least one of my comments in the spam box and I will be free. It worked on Xena’s so she knows what to do. Xena, Faux, Cielo I think they’ve all emailed the professor to no avail.

          You may not get this and it may not work either but I am posting to as many as bloggers I can because if you all reply to any of the professor’s or Cranes’s posts with my plight I could be vocal again.

  128. lurker says:

    Osterman’s philosophy–everyone should carry, the police aren’t always there.

    Don’t think this is going to be helpful with the jury.

  129. Two sides to a story says:

    Ugh, the police can’t always be there theory.

  130. Judy75201 says:

    He thinks a lot of himself (Osterman)

  131. Key point: GZ told MO that he got control of TM’s wrist so that he could breathe before TM reached for the gun and got hold of it between the sight and slide.

  132. Rachael says:

    And it is you who created a story for him about self-defense.

  133. willisnewton says:

    ask him about getting fired for taking place in a fraud.

    • Trained Observer says:

      An amusing story for sure. He’s smarter than Fogen, but not by much. (Feds should be ashamed for employing him after that.)

    • fauxmccoy says:

      still under subpoena, o’mara will call as his own witness … nice 🙂

  134. Hey guys,

    I’m reading on Twitter the State has filed a motion regarding Molly West’s pic!


  135. fauxmccoy says:

    and why are you no longer at the sheriff’s office, mr osterman??

  136. Sophia33 says:

    So Zimmerman lived vicariously through his friendship with Osterman.

  137. groans says:

    No “mad as hell” question? Or did I miss it?

  138. Sabrina B. says:

    Show him a picture of the holster and ask him to point out the leather and the strap.

  139. ay2z says:

    Here comes the ‘value added testimony factor’.

  140. MichelleO says:

    Notice that boy men (fogen/Ostermann) attempt to speak and behave as perfect boy scouts.

  141. ay2z says:

    NOT this holster, Mr. Osterman. No safety, not even a strap on the holster that was cheapie fabric, not leather.

  142. willisnewton says:

    Osterman is admitting his book is incomplete and an altered account of what GZ told him. In other words, a work of fiction.

  143. Two sides to a story says:

    I’ve been watching MSNBC and just switched to computer.

    I observed Osterman saying his publisher wanting MF out of the book. That COULD be a lie, as the book is self-published and rarely does any venue who does print on demand books filter much. ON the other hand, this publisher also states they vet their POD books carefully, so perhaps they did ask.

    I knew BDLR would come back strong. He’s letting the story play out as it actually happened, in my mind.

  144. colin black says:

    This is the calibre of man hood you expect to deter another 9 11

    than pkluck bin laden dead an not watching this.

    What an asshat

  145. gbrbsb says:

    Maybe the mystery of was it MO at the bank or not finally be resolved.

  146. deetruth says:

    Early on in his call, George told the NEN Dispatcher that the suspicious person “looked” Black, which implies to me that he did not see Trayvon close enough to see Trayvon’s color.

    However, George determined at the very start that this suspicious person was someone that he had never seen before (and I assume, did not belong in the neighborhood) – given the fact that he knew every man, woman and child in the neighborhood.

    So how could George, (or Fogen [sp?] – I’m new on this blog) tell that he had never seen this person if he couldn’t even see the person close enough to know his race, esp. since Trayvon was not what is referred to as a “fair skinned” Black)?


  147. Judy75201 says:

    The reason Osterman thinks he know’s exactly how it went down is because he helped craft the story.

  148. Michael Stewart says:

    This may be a confirmation of Godwin’s Law, but why does Osterman remind me of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes ?


  149. ay2z says:

    “Subject”, now there’s a better term to use, eh Fogen?

  150. willisnewton says:

    If TM’s knees were up BY GZ’s armpits, then GZ’s hands were free the whole time. And yet he did almost nothing but draw a gun and fire. hmmmmm

  151. MichelleO says:

    Fogen was just a robot, wound up to detect and take out all threats of a specific type. Said robot never fought back, as super threat over-powered him, banged his robotic head on concrete nor attempted to block his oxygen. Robot then sprang into action and eliminated super threat of a specific type.

  152. lurker says:

    Just had a flash.

    Think Bernie is going to read excerpts from George Sr.’s book into the record?

    That would be interesting.

  153. Sabrina B. says:

    How did fogen break Trayvon’s grip if Trayvon hadn’t touched the gun?

  154. anita says:

    This a**hole tries to make fogen out to be a superhero. I despise this pos. Saw him on Dr. Phil.

    • lurker says:

      I am hoping that the jury is as disturbed by his smirk as I am.

    • MichelleO says:

      Why fogen was just a fine gentleman of the evening, when super threat appeared; in an attempt to uphold his fair and gentle residence; the fine gentleman then eliminated the super threat in his line of fire.

  155. willisnewton says:

    I’m laughing my ass off. Osterman is a total idiot. I knew he was dumb but this is beyond stupid.

  156. colin black says:

    how can one pivon i80 degrees on knees??????????/

  157. Sophia33 says:

    Stress the arms Bernie.

  158. Tzar says:

    This is a first folks
    a live melting in open court

    someone put some towels around the stand

  159. ay2z says:

    “leather strap”??? Holster has a leather or any strap over the back of the gun to hod it in? Don’t think so….

  160. fauxmccoy says:

    sounds like most of osterman’s book sales were for court purposes — everyone seems to have a copy to spare!
    /snark off

  161. Dave says:

    The gun doesn’t have an external hammer

  162. disappointed says:

    I think fogen said you got it. not Trayvon.

  163. willisnewton says:

    there is no leather strap, dumbass

  164. Unabogie says:

    He says Trayvon had his HANDS ON THE GUN!

  165. lurker says:

    Oh, oh. Backing off on the struggle for the gun.

  166. chi1224 says:

    “I don’t like to curse in front of ladies”…… but you’re okay with child killers…. STFU! Liar!

  167. Rachael says:

    Puke – doesn’t want to say those things for the ladies. Him smiling SO much just seems inappropriate to me.

  168. ZCBest says:

    A smackdown of epic proportions!

  169. Unabogie says:

    This is surprisingly awful for Zimmerman. Wow.

  170. willisnewton says:

    Osterman is doing terribly. Bernie is KILLING this guy and MO doesn’t even realize it. THis is hilarious.

  171. lurker says:

    Nice George never hit Trayvon.

    Just shot him.

    Trayvon grabbed for the gun.

  172. Sophia33 says:

    Tell me, if Zimmerman slide down while Trayvon was at his arm pits, then Trayvon’s knees would be next to his face.

  173. gbrbsb says:

    WOW… Trayvon saw not only the gun but the “holster” too!

  174. colin black says:

    foggagges sister same flat effect in faceial non expressions.

  175. smokeegyrl says:

    I hope he loses his job as a Air Marshal… I wouldn’t want him protecting me in the air if he protects a killer.

  176. ZCBest says:

    Bernie had his wheaties this morning. Yay!

  177. lurker says:

    Describes a pinched nose and covered mouth. Completely inconsistent with screaming.

  178. colin black says:

    foggagge thinking

    If only I had said

    Trayvon said…

    You got a problem you crakerarsedrapisthiggacreepyassedude you DO NOW
    Then the Jury will believe me.

  179. ada4750 says:

    where the hell is BDLR igoing?

  180. Sophia33 says:

    So Zimmerman was having whole conversations with people while he was being beaten by Trayvon?

  181. Tzar says:

    Sabryna looks lovely today
    the glasses and bun up look suits her

  182. gwynne says:

    lets hope that eventually he gets caught up in a mess of fairy tale telling…could make it necessary for fogen to take a trip up to the stand.

  183. Woow! says:

    Correction: Homeland Security/TSA is the agency the Air Marshall Service falls under. It used to be under ICE.

    • Nef05 says:

      Interesting. Woow, do you know if it switched over right after 9/11? Could that possibly how Osterman got hired? I remember some posters saying something about the influx of new marshalls at that time, and he probably would not have been hired otherwise. Makes a lot of sense, especially if the air marshalls were going through a changeover to another dept, at the time.

      • Woow! says:

        Yes he got in right when there was the influx and they did not do the extensive background checks. They were just looking for former PO and military. A lot of the the guys retired from Secret Service UD division and went over there (double dipping getting salary and pension)

        I was corrected by a family member who knows him this morning on which dept they fall under. It was changed to Homeland Security under TSA.

        TSA is reactionary. They will watch to see what he says and do before they make a determination. Thing is he cannot fly right now b/c he has to be on standby for the trial so he must be on leave.

  184. jo says:

    knees in the armpits mutherfucker…he squirmed down mutherfucker…how’d he see the gun…keep talking, its finally your moment

  185. Trained Observer says:

    OY: ” It was a squirm, he said.”

    The shimmy becomes a squirm?

  186. Sabrina B. says:

    Where was the dirt then on his undershirt?

  187. lurker says:

    OK–tightening the noose. Trayvon’s knees were supposedly in Z’s armpits.

    Gives an 8 inch overlap with the concrete. He squirmed 8 inches.

    • Nef05 says:

      Squirming down from a starting point of Trayvon’s knees in armpits and squirming down 8 inches puts his nose in Trayvon’s groin, correct?

      I’m guessing not too many men are buying this. Most guys I know would claim to rather have their head bashed on concrete than stuff their nose in another man’s groin area. IJS

      • PiranhaMom says:


        OK, with Zimmerman’s nose now stuffed into Trayvon’s crotch, there’s Zimmerman’s blood on Trayvon’s chinos crotch, yes?

        And with Trayvon’s hand on Zimmerman’s blooded nose, then Tray goes for the gun/holster, then there’s Zimmerman’s blood and snot transferred to Zimmerman’s Levis waistband, holster and gun, right?

      • fauxmccoy says:

        it’s a position he might as well get used to assuming.

  188. chi1224 says:

    Every day since this trial started I pray that the women on the jury came into this with no bias, are sane, intelligent, and not racist. That is how it SHOULD be, and if that is the case this is a slam dunk for the prosecution. I mean look at this bozo, and their BS story!!

  189. smokeegyrl says:


    You have a problem Homie…
    You have a problem MF’er….
    You have a problem…

    the inconsistencies once again…

  190. MrSykes says:

    Dammit BDLR stop being so apologetic!

  191. Sophia33 says:

    “Knees up near chest or armpits”

    Then how do you get a gun?

  192. Trained Observer says:

    I do believe we are now hearing from the scriptwriter, the revisionist, and what passes for brains in this slimeball “duh, what are we gonna do now?” operation.

  193. gwynne says:

    what is the deal with mr affable? smiling, happy, you’d think he just found out he won the lottery.

  194. Sabrina B. says:

    Got his phone? Really?!

    • gbrbsb says:

      Yeah, but after your comment when BDLR asked about the phone MO can’t remember if he got it or not ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      I can’t believe the details he remembers and the ones he forgets.

  195. lurker says:

    Zim had to look down to find his pocket to get his phone?

    • crazy1946 says:

      I guess he is not used to having pockets on his diapers? He also said on his orig statement that he reached for his phone with his right hand, yet when the photo was taken just a few moments later he was using the hand that he would have normally used his left hand! I think he was reaching for his gun and not the phone…..

  196. KittySP says:

    Ok. I know this isn’t right…but an image of MOs book being thrown and clocking him upside his head just flashed in my mind…when he tried to explain GZs reason for exiting the truck.

  197. tonydphotog says:

    He looks like he’s on drugs, or sumptin’.

  198. diary73 says:

    Somebody please give Osterman a towel. Sheesh!

  199. gbrbsb says:

    Whose got the book… please look up whether MO’s publisher also eliminated MF from the “You’re going to die tonight, MF”

  200. colin black says:

    m oysterman irking now

    because Bernie bought his book

  201. Sophia33 says:

    Was it homie or MF?

    WHAT?! The publisher puts curse words in books all of the time.

    He is lying.

  202. fauxmccoy says:

    oh, this should be fun! the mysterious mr osterman!

  203. lurker says:

    OK–he’s bringing Osterman’s book in.

    There were some new lies told in the book.

  204. ay2z says:

    Bernie, wipe that chit-eatin’ grin off this witnesses face.

  205. gbrbsb says:

    He got it wrong… MF was with “you’re going to die tonight MF”!

  206. Sophia33 says:

    He is going to hang him on what he said he said in the book.

  207. MrSykes says:

    What happened to “homie”? hahahah

  208. ay2z says:

    Osterman, gz gave him two reasons got out of car….. and “because as a POLICE OFFICER you always want …” to know an address.

    “As a police officer???

  209. Trained Observer says:

    My god …. OY: he (Fogen) got out of car because he didn’t know the name of the street he was on.


  210. gbrbsb says:

    F**k is this guy lying… he knows the story, off pat, better than GZ !

  211. colin black says:

    followed in car=kerb crawl

  212. Sabrina B. says:

    Fogen was not a police officer.

  213. Sophia33 says:

    He has a wart on his mouth. Lies will do that.

  214. chi1224 says:

    What kind of value does this “witness” have for the state??? Get this goon off the stand and get to a real witness!

  215. Sabrina B. says:

    Followed with his car.

  216. colin black says:

    oysterman smiles beaming like he iz da BOMB Am da man taught this dam phool all he knows .

    wich is nowt.

  217. Rachael says:

    Isn’t this all heresay?

  218. gbrbsb says:

    What does he mean he “believes” GZ had pulled up to the clubhouse… anyone read his book about it ?

  219. Bernie asks Osterman to tell the jury what the defendant told him

  220. Trained Observer says:

    OY: Walked around vehicle in close proximity … I think they looked at each other..

  221. lurker says:

    He looks like he thinks this is all a joke.

  222. amsterdam1234 says:

    I really do believe it is the guy in the bank video.

  223. colin black says:

    if I LOOKED at any one of you reading this blog an we had never seeeen an image of each other
    I would look like a stranger ano woulyou?

  224. Judy75201 says:

    Mark, you were not there.

  225. crazy1946 says:

    The door has now been opened to call She-lie! I wonder if she will be called next?

  226. Sophia33 says:

    Address the “looking in windows” nonsense.

  227. Sophia33 says:

    Something is wrong with Osterman.

  228. chi1224 says:

    LOL this guy sounds like a nut!

  229. Sabrina B. says:

    They should have let the defense call him.

  230. Judy75201 says:


  231. Unabogie says:

    Is this going to end well for de la Rionda? Why bring in Osterman and let him tell the defense theory again?

  232. colin black says:


    Trayvon was looking like a stranger doh

  233. Trained Observer says:

    OY; George goin to get lunches for the week at SuperTarget.

    (without money or credit/debit cards, apparently)

    • jm says:

      GZ had a wallet. There is nothing to say he had no credit card. Not on GZ’s side but I hate people keep saying no money and no credit card. We just don’t know for sure. I go to target with a wallet and a credit card in the wallet. Hardly ever carry cash.

  234. Tzar says:

    “really really close to his home…”.
    I just wanted to make sure I get that in there

    Did I mention it is a SUPER Target?

  235. Rachael says:

    I thought he knew ALL the residents. And in his own statement he said looking around – he never said looking in windows. SOMEONE HERE IS LYING

  236. chi1224 says:

    Looking like someone he had not seen before….
    This guy looks like some kind of maniac too just like Fogen

  237. Woow! says:

    ICE is watching Osterman’s testimony… he will be very careful when answering. His job is on the line.

  238. Sophia33 says:

    He is already lying. “I think he was dark outside”. You know damn well that it was dark.

  239. gbrbsb says:

    Oh how cocky this guy is… too jovial and friendly with BDLR, he has to be hostile!

  240. ay2z says:

    Professional witness– looks at jury

  241. Ty Flair says:

    Ok for one minute let’s play the defense game,O”mara said the blood from fogen nose did not come out until he stood up. Now we got fogen choking on his blood while Trayvon is holding his nose and mouth and able to sream for help. Listen to the treehouse just got your client a extra ten years.

  242. Sabrina B. says:

    I might have to mute after Bernie. The sick is going to get thick after that.

  243. ay2z says:

    He just said something by mouthing, as Bernie was about to question.

  244. Rachael says:

    Thread is getting long again.

  245. Next witness: Mark Osterman.

    Defendant is the best friend I’ve ever had.

  246. Trained Observer says:

    Oy: “Best friend I ever had”

    Does not speak well for his taste or judgment.

  247. lurker says:

    Osterman is smirking.

  248. Rachael says:

    What the heck is he so smiley about? gag

  249. chi1224 says:

    Calling another defense witness?

  250. Sophia33 says:


  251. Woow! says:

    Osterman has an attorney

  252. colin black says:

    Whos up next?

    Wait for it
    Wait for it
    as above


  253. ZCBest says:


  254. elle says:

    Uh oh. This should be interesting.

  255. Sabrina B. says:

    Osterman? Is that fogen’s friend?

  256. Judy75201 says:

    OoO Osterman!

  257. PerfectlyImperfect says:


  258. crazy1946 says:

    did he just say he was calling oysterman?

  259. Trained Observer says:

    HOt dog! Mark Osterman up on the grill next.

  260. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Mark Osterman

  261. Unabogie says:

    Mark Osterman

  262. Rachael says:

    Ooooohhh, oysterman!!

  263. Puck says:


  264. sparger says:

    Loved O’mara tried to explain lack of blood on Trayvon is due to gravity. Trayvon punches George hard enough for George to bleed and the blood magically flows away from Trayvon.

  265. Sophia33 says:

    The jury should be disgusted with the defense, especially after they tried to imply that a piece of awning from Manolo’s house was possibly a tool by Trayvon Martin to commit crimes.

  266. colin black says:

    FactsFirst apparently b shyster has gone insane on the none to down low qt to you an me

    He is Nuucking Futs

  267. colin black says:

    gwynne says:

    July 2, 2013 at 10:11 am

    you forgot you can’t walk too slow or you’re suspicious, and you also have to be careful not to walk too fast, either. And you can’t be wearing a hoodie, of course. ugg…mom’s world, not anyplace i’d want to live.
    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….And whatever you do dont SKIP or your a dead mo fo assholepunck.

  268. FactsFirst says:

    IDGAF what NOBODY say WFTV’s Bill Schafer full of shyt and so is WFTV…

    Had to get that out of my system…

  269. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    But even if the stars and moon collide
    I never want you back into my life
    You can take your words and all your lies
    Oh oh oh I really don’t care
    But even if the stars and moon collide
    I never want you back into my life
    You can take your words and all your lies
    Oh oh oh I really don’t care
    Oh oh oh I really don’t care

    from Demi Lovato lyrics

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Ya hear that, O’Mara. I really don’t care about how foolish you are. How foolish you are to support gz’s lies.

  270. Valerie says:

    West’s behavior is somewhat…umm…different today. I hope he felt the blowback.

  271. colin black says:

    I wish we could have Jurours Questions like in j arrias trial.

    I could think off a few dooozies

    An imagine foggagge wason the sand like arias an had to try an answer them?

    That’s dream viewing for moi.

  272. Sophia33 says:


    Do you think that BDLR had an effective counter to what Serino said about the truthfulness of GZ? I know the question was thrown out, but that doesn’t un-ring the bell. What are your thoughts?

  273. silk says:

    hay . im behind trying to catch up. whats up with the time line ?? u no when gz stated that trayvon circle his car and then did all this walking while he was on the phone with the non emergency operator . will the prosecutor go over this?????

  274. Ty Flair says:

    On redirect O’Mara never mention why Trayvon hands was found under his body. They have know answer for that and the jurors was waiting for a answer.

  275. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    Fogen claims that everytime he tried to sit up, that Trayvon would slammed him down. Fogen also says that he turned his head to look at John Good when he was at his patio door. If Fogen was bleeding from his nose it would have came out of his nostril during any of those events and if the blood was going down the back of his throat he would have inhaled some while while taking in a big breath in order to scream. Hope BDLR addresses this.

  276. degraveegmailcom says:

    Applause for Serino and Bernie today right?

  277. colin black says:

    How long recess t y i a ?

  278. colin black says:

    B Shyster say foggagge profiled TRAYVON as a young man

    Sounds like he thought foggagge was lookin for a date?

  279. MedicineBear says:

    OMar has established that

    (1) fogen is a VERY POLITE creepy child murderer

    (2) walking in the rain is SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY

  280. MichelleO says:

    fogen had no blood on his hands, because after the murdered boy got through bashing his head, mma style punching him, and then smothering him; he simply wiped all of the blood away from himself and Trayvon—such a good boy scout is he.

  281. Woow! says:

    Both MOM and W demeanor is different since this past weekend. Wonder why?

    Has W done any questioning since Friday?

    • PerfectlyImperfect says:

      W and MO’M probably looked at how the commentators and blogosphere perceived their demeanor in court.

    • lurker says:

      They probably have someone watching jury reaction.

      West puts them to sleep. Except when he was crossing Rachel. Then they were appalled.

  282. colin black says:

    Got it

    Why I dislike o mara .

    He is always tittle tatleining on Bernie Like Im not going to do what that BAD B D L R Done he Shouted

    He play fighted a wittnes Im tellin

    The jurours saw you doldt

    Bernie it could be raining outside now right?

    An that would be pure speculation

    I rest minein case.

    • MedicineBear says:

      He is smarmy on so many levels — can’t believe he ever got laid!

      • crazy1946 says:

        MedicineBear, you forget that while money can’t buy you happiness, it could allow you to rent it for just a little while! Even MOM is allowed into the rental store…… GAG, PUKE….

      • Girlp says:

        Lights out and an eye mask? YUK! he has no appeal

  283. Trained Observer says:

    MOM blathers about Fogen swallowing blood from snout injury, speculates that’s why Trayvon had no blood on hands.

    Bernie: Right now it could be raining outside, right? … and that would be pure speculation.

    Serino: Yes, sir..

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      How about: If you had ingested large amounts of blood wouldn’t you throw it up at some point?

      And wouldn’t you also insist on going to the hospital for this reason alone?

      On a side note, this is more proof that the demonic Fogenites flooded the web defending this creep. The sidewalk weapon and swallowed blood are bullshit arguments I’ve seen them make online.

      • vickie s. votaw says:

        When I was a kid I had lots of bloody noses. I swallowed a lot of blood, it doesn’t make you choke, the blood doesn’t flow fast enough to choke a person, it just has a rich thick taste. That is another lie , as far as I am concerned

  284. Serino excused subject to recall. 15 minite recess until 11:20 am EDT.

  285. lurker says:

    State has a motion? and DW just file a response. Anyone up on that?

  286. Sophia33 says:

    Look at JN face while reading the motion? LOL!

  287. Art says:

    Lurker here. I enjoy everyone’s comments. Can someone help me find a link to transcripts of opening statements?


  288. Ms.X says:

    Now ould be a good time to show the photo with the blood running toward the face. omara asked if blood was subject to gravity. omara is a dick making continuous insults about the prosecutor.

  289. Romaine says:

    finally JN is taking control…..

  290. Nef05 says:

    No, it couldn’t be his “arm or sleeve” since fogen was specific about Trayvon having used his two hands.

  291. anita says:

    Just woke up20 min. ago What is going on? I hate to say this but it sounds like fogen has become a saint. Please someone fill me in.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      far from it — BDLR was spectacular on re-direct and re-re-direct

      nelson ruled that yesterday’s opinion stated by serino that gz was being truthful was struck from the record.

  292. MedicineBear says:

    Blood, GRAVITY — Bernie ask about the blood trails on GZ’s head!!!

  293. colin black says:

    I fink foggagge ish very very very very cross a bout now…..

  294. Rachael says:

    Then how the EFF could you scream??!!!

  295. disappointed says:

    oh so he did not bleed until he stood up. GTFOOH

    • lurker says:

      With all that blood in his throat, wouldn’t his first move have been to hawk some up and spit somewhere? The CSI team spent two hours with flashlights looking for blood in the grass and on the sidewalk. I can understand how his itty-bitty head lac might not leave enough to be seen. But, if all that blood was in his mouth, it should have lefty a tasty little pile somewhere!

  296. Judy75201 says:

    Serino is too easily lead.

  297. Sophia33 says:

    You don’t want to talk about gravity and blood O’Mara.

    • crazy1946 says:

      Too late, he opened his mouth and placed his whole leg in it! Will be amusing how he explains how gravity affected only blood on Trayvons hands and not the blood on his clients head and face! I’m surprised he did not claim that the rain washed the blood and skinned knuckles from Trayvon’s hands!!!

  298. FactsFirst says:

    You will not get the last word, ASSHOLE/O’HaHa!

  299. Mojo says:

    You have 5 minutes for your re-re-cross. In other words, I’m tired of your prolonged BS.

  300. Trained Observer says:

    JN give MOM 5 minutes for a re-re cross.

  301. whonoze says:

    Do re re re re ME!

  302. Judy75201 says:

    First onto the fist.

  303. gwynne says:

    5 minutes for your re re cross… (JN to mom)

  304. Sophia33 says:

    Good she is cutting him off.

  305. disappointed says:

    another 5 miutes.

  306. Trained Observer says:

    BDLR: What law states that a person can’t go into a 7-11 with a hoodie? … Is there some law that I missed?

    • Malisha says:

      ex post facto law.
      Can’t go to 7-11 w/hoodie while Black in Sanford or you victimize a neighborhood and need to get killed.

  307. Sabrina B. says:

    B: So detective does the defendant’s story seem like bs to you?

    S: Yes. sir.

    B: That is all.

  308. gbrbsb says:

    What was that BDLR said about “something going on” pointing and referring to Bajador’s house ?

  309. What is the thing about behind the bahadoor’s house?

  310. Rachael says:

    The 7-11 clerk wasn’t upset, didn’t even remember him.

  311. colin black says:

    No blood on foggagges hands


  312. Trained Observer says:

    Nice demo by BDLR negating silliness of suffocation scenario while being hit … all with Trayvon having no blood on hands.

    • gbrbsb says:

      It was good except he forget that Trayvon was, according to GZ, trying to suffocate him with both hands which is even sillier, I mean who tries to suffocate someone by pinching their nose with one hand and trying to cover their mouth with the other! On the other hand MOM during these crosses just gave us a hint of what his forensic expert and medical expert is going to argue… will be an interesting battle to watch the two opposing experts.

  313. BANG! Bernie nailed it.

    No blood on Trayvon’s hands!

  314. Judy75201 says:


  315. disappointed says:

    you can hit me! lol

  316. gwynne says:

    No blood on victims hands.

  317. Sophia33 says:

    Keep going Bernie. There are a lot of lies to sort though.

  318. colin black says:

    thought bubble fn punks

  319. Trained Observer says:

    BDLR to Serino: Do you read comics?

  320. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    BDLR is drumming for a gz wipeout and conviction:

  321. Rachael says:

    He uttered fucking punkoons under his breath as he was running AFTER him!!! Oh, Bernie just got it. LOL Thanks Bernie.

  322. colin black says:

    Its not against the law in Florida to wear a hoodie at night.

    Yup foggagge had zimmcam on his blackberry an didn’t turn on night vision option to film or try an see in the dark

    Its like heat seeking ision infra red

    excellent for spotting cats in the dark
    bbut foggagge wanted no footage for foggagge.

  323. lurker says:

    Good points–no photos taken by Zim.

    Also just refuted the “tool” found by Manolo’s house five days later–a piece of an awning.

    And Serino would defer to ME’s opinion.

  324. Tzar says:

    If the jury is not disgusted with OMara and his client by now, check their pulse

  325. Romaine says:

    boi that om is such a fabricater…just shameful

  326. disappointed says:

    Part of John’s house not a burglary tool.

  327. Stormwatch says:

    Professor Leatherman wrote about the bullet holes not lining up a log time ago.

  328. disappointed says:

    Haha Fogen did not video tape either!

  329. Trained Observer says:

    Boom: O’Mara overruled.

  330. fauxmccoy says:

    yes, o’mara — with heels and a bouffant, i can appear 6’4″, depending on the amount of aquanet i use. at the end of the day, i’m still 5’10”. silly argument.

  331. willisnewton says:

    Those who think GZ was pulling on TM’s hoodie as the teen was shot, raise your hand. Those who believe GZ had his hand on Trayvons’ WRIST, and had to move the gun past his own hand so as not to shoot it, raise your hand.

    He can’t have been doing both. But the hoodie could have been pulled by the general activity of restraining the teen.

    • Ms.X says:

      Hand raised twice. I pray the prosecution brings that up, but they haven’t brought up that the nose could’ve been injured by gun recoil & scratches on the face/back of head could’ve occurred from gz running into one or more trees. He also hasn’t pointed out that the photo w the blood shows it running toward the fce even though hes had at least 2 opportunities that begged for it.

  332. disappointed says:

    Dead but grew taller.

  333. Trained Observer says:

    O’Mara thinks it important for Serino to prove he knows what a reach differential is …

    BDLR: Do people get taller after they die?

  334. gwynne says:

    Ok Bernie, bat clean up.

  335. gbrbsb says:

    I must admit when Guy in opening said that GZ had pressed the gun into Trayvon’s chest I wondered what that could be as we know, or at least we think we know, that there was a space between the entrance hole on the clothing and the entrance hole on the body.

    • I’m paraphrasing Guy on opening –> “Amy Seaworth from FDLE will tell and show all about the firearm. Did distance testing between muzzle and Trayvon’s clothing. The distance was zero…it was a contact shot.”

  336. lurker says:

    He looked larger in the 7-11 video?

    Didn’t look like a skinny kid.

    Doesn’t mean that he WASN’T in fact outweighed and outmuscled by Z.

  337. Sabrina B. says:


  338. Tzar says:

    ha ha ha O’Mara’s whole defense is from the treeples

    • ks says:

      Yep and then some. And the more this trial goes on the more apparent it becomes. MOM just literally threw every bit of nonsense out there most of which has been debunked already and the rest of which is almost too absurd for words.

  339. Rachael says:

    WTF??!! Why no objections? The clerk didn’t find Trayvon “scary.”

  340. tonya B says:

    omg what is going on??????

  341. chi1224 says:

    “this person”….. my blood is boiling, I don’t know how much more of this I can stomach

  342. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    This smells. Get the lysol!

  343. MedicineBear says:

    Bernie should ask about the blood trails being INCONSISTENT with GZ being on his back.

  344. Nef05 says:

    NO! That’;s NOT how it was. “Gravity” does not pull to the right! Nor does the weight of a can pull down an UNDERshirt that it is not in contact with. Those holes would not line up.

  345. Stormwatch says:

    The reason Zimmerman told dispatch to have the officer call him when he arrived is because Zimmerman did not know where he would be when the officer arrived. He had no intention of standing pat and was too busy running the kid down and trying to detain him until the police arrived.

  346. colin black says:

    Couldn’t slap him upside his head an point a gun in his mouth
    An say you murdered a fucking kid.

    Because he was whiteish hisspanicish an had shot an AA CHILD.

    Now if he had been Blahck an shot a white child screaming for help at point blank.

    They would’ve got a confession an he would be sitting on death row already.


  347. disappointed says:

    Could there be palm/fingerprint on the button Trayvon’s chest?

  348. willisnewton says:

    this was not covered by the state – how is MOM allowed to ask about this on cross?

  349. Girlp says:

    I knew it a totally new lie all made up with burglary tools and a piece of concrete no more head banging I guess.

  350. MrSykes says:

    Noooooo, the misalignment is due to the fact that Zimmerman grabbed Martin’s hoodie before he shot him. God I hope BDLR is catching this.

  351. Rachael says:

    How the hell did we get here?

  352. parrot says:

    O’Mara is testifying.

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      Now BDLR definitely has that horse faces bastard exactly where he wants him. Omara will say ANYTHING to exonerate Zimmerman because he is an extension of his lying ass client.

  353. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    O’Mara, you cannot save your client from his lies.

    Give it up…..you are looking so much in cahoots with you client and you are spiritually becoming as low as gz. Save your soul, O’Mara.

  354. willisnewton says:

    Serino is not a pathologist.

  355. chi1224 says:

    Why is O’Mara allowed to go into this area??!!!

  356. Sabrina B. says:

    NO NO NO Bernie, he is shooting holes in your case. Get up. Serino is not a ballistics expert.

  357. I cannot believe this BS. Serino knows damn well there were NO muffled screams. He said it himself on the recording.

  358. smokeegyrl says:

    I did a video on the address situation

    • tonydphotog says:

      So, he doesn’t see an address because it’s the back of the house?

      Wouldn’t it be easier to walk around to the front of the house that he’s behind, instead of walking to the other end of the block? And, he would still have to walk around to the front of the house for an address.

  359. lurker says:

    Yes–not being able to remember the names of the streets DID raise flags.

  360. Unabogie says:

    I will say that Serino is the least concerned homicide detective I’ve ever seen.

  361. colin black says:

    M O M is bolstering the States case an highlighting foggagges lies

    Because foggagge was dumb an so where the cops???

    So what?

  362. MrSykes says:

    Omara’s throwing out a lot of strawmen.

  363. breelee says:

    They need to show a picture of fogen’s old home and show that it looks just like the Laure’s and the address is in the same darn spot. You’d have to be a idiot not to know he knew where to find the addy.

  364. Sabrina B. says:

    He could have just got in his car and drive up to the top of the street where he knew there were street signs,

  365. parrot says:

    Excuses, O’Mara!!

    Anybody living in that complex knows that addresses are on the front of the house.

  366. willisnewton says:

    The fact that BDLR’s big white board doesn’t include the mail kiosk bothers me to no end.

  367. MichelleO says:

    Simply murdered for walking by.

  368. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    gz could have walked a few steps back and read the address of W11 on TTL

  369. The absence of the defendant’s blood or DNA on Trayvon’s hands and sleeves is the trump card that proves the defendant lied about being smothered.

  370. Rachael says:

    Put GZ on and let’s see what HE says.

  371. MichelleO says:

    Fogen was a nightly patrolman, who would have known where to look for the address on the front of the houses, whether bushes were blocking the address or not. You will note that there are lights above the addresses, illuminating them.

  372. Unabogie says:

    All the homes are the same and all of them have addresses on the front. If you live there, you know where the addresses are!

  373. colin black says:

    O Mara trips himself up constantly verbally an now thhe props tip him up but
    Not any props Tryvons props
    Props to Trayvon

    You go guy fat boi tugboat is sinking fast.

  374. Sabrina B. says:

    Blocked by the tree. Straight bs.

  375. Rachael says:

    Lying effing SofAB!!!

  376. Sabrina B. says:

    Just not enough to contend with his screams for help and his choking on his blood?

  377. Judy75201 says:

    No blood on Trayvon’s hands, no broken nose.

  378. Puck says:

    Give me a break, no video camera would have accurately captured what happened in the dark, and Fogen knew it.

  379. lurker says:

    He used the word “elated” re: the possibility of there being video,

    The same word occured to me in watching the walk-thru yesterday. He seemed to be elated in his recount of pulling his “firearm” and getting off a single shot.

  380. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Xena, Trayvon just tripped O’Mara! 🙂

  381. sparger says:

    Well that other guy was tall and slim also,therefore Trayvon was up to no good. This argument has changed my mind about this case. Let Zimmerman go.

  382. Puck says:

    Quick, someone make a gif of O’Mara stumbling and twirling!

  383. disappointed says:

    Sick fuck wanted to watch him killing Trayvon is what I am getting from this line of questioning.

  384. Sophia33 says:

    So O’Mara is acknowledging that Trayvon Martin had his phone out.

  385. Sophia33 says:

    Yes, but Trayvon was not doing any of those things. MOM is just proving his clients ill will. He wanted to get the bad guys and had profiled Trayvon Martin as a bad guy.

    • ks says:

      Boom! Despite his blather, it’s been well established the TM was doing nothing wrong. He’s proving ill will for the prosecution.

  386. sparger says:

    Trayvon wasn’t breaking into anyones home when he was murdered. If he was we wouldn’t have heard about this case.

  387. chi1224 says:

    Those crimes have NOTHING to do with Trayvon, why is this even allowed to be talked about?!

  388. Unabogie says:

    Look at the map Zimmerman drew. Trayvon was on the sidewalk. He even drew an X.

    (unless he thought he was signing the document)

    • Judy75201 says:


    • willisnewton says:

      if you mean this color map that GZ drew on for singleton, there is no X on the sidewalk


      There are however very damning things for the idea of GZ’s consistency. Look at where the path to RVC goes…. to the middle of the street.

      ANd of course the car position by the mail kiosk that he drew and then quickly crossed out before telling the impossible “TM doubled back/ cirlced my car” false narrative

      Serino doesnt get it. He never timed the NEN call all the way thru as bloggers have done.

  389. Tzar says:

    on any given day all citizens are amrmed with concrete
    so gun up people
    you never know when someone you follow might arm themselves with a sidewalk

  390. gwynne says:

    This could be worse. thankfully mom lost his momentum this morning when his tactics yesterday came back to haunt him.

  391. Sabrina B. says:

    How do they think they can attribute other crimes to Trayvon?

  392. Sophia33 says:

    Serino point out that they were found in grass.

  393. Trained Observer says:

    O’Mara: A rash of burglaries?

    Serino: I’d have to refresh my memory … to consider it a rash.

    O’Mara not making much progress.

  394. lurker says:

    Serino is rolling his eyes as O’Mara asks whether the number of burglaries made z’s concerns warranted.

    Keeps referring to “in his mind.”

  395. gbrbsb says:

    Why did not BDLR object as to facts not in evidence MOM’s reference to Trayvon being armed with “concrete”

  396. MrSykes says:

    Ahh the old “armed with a sidewalk” notion. Oh but I thought the point at which Fogen feared for his life was when Trayvon supposedly reached for the gun? Which is it?

  397. crazy1946 says:

    Here we go with the attack by concrete defense by MOM!

  398. Romaine says:

    armed with concrete…wooooow!!!!!

  399. Sophia33 says:

    Armed with concrete?! This is bullshit.

  400. gwynne says:

    please Bernie, get a real DOCTOR to testify about fogen’s “injuries”.

  401. chi1224 says:

    Armed himself with concrete. Now I have heard it all!

  402. Rachael says:

    God, now we’re going to have to have concealed carry concrete permits.

  403. disappointed says:

    In between buildings? Trayvon was not in between buildings until your client chased him there you idiot!

  404. I never heard anything about a slim jim tool found in the bushes 5 days after the murder until today. Omara brings it up today.
    Did they check this tool for fingerprints ? Seems unfair to insinuate this may have been Trayvons .
    If Trayvon was going to attack Z why not bring this tool and use it as a weapon ?

  405. crazy1946 says:

    Does it not seem strange that an allegedly experienced defense attorney would not realize that he could call Serino as a defense witness?

  406. gbrbsb says:

    In the UK if someone called the cops every time they saw someone standing between two buildings in the rain not moving the cops would be everywhere but where a crime was being committed.

  407. lurker says:

    And, no, an unmarked cruiser, seeing Trayvon standing in the rain, would not stop and ask him anything.

  408. Nate B says:

    MOM asking all the wrong questions, Serino is burying GZ

  409. Sophia33 says:

    Then why didn’t Zimmerman ask him right then and there why he was there?

  410. chi1224 says:

    Attention mothers: Has your child ever walked home at 7:00 PM? This is sooooo going to backfire!

    • MedicineBear says:

      And tell your children not to call police or tell an adult because you’ll be told “It’s not illegal for the creepy dude to follow you.”

  411. Rachael says:

    He never said non-moving. He said walking leisurely in the rain. Why would that be suspicious to an officer?

  412. Deborah Moore says:

    I wish her Honor would ask M O M to let the witness finish his answers.
    (And, I want a new Ferrari.)

  413. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Love it……..”He might live there.”

  414. MrSykes says:

    THANK YOU Serino!!!!! Don’t take that bait.

  415. Rachael says:

    Exactly MO’M, not inappropriate for him to call but certainly inappropriate for him to follow. If he was SO concerned, he should have called 9-1-1 and he didn’t.

  416. chi1224 says:

    Sereno isn’t a great witness in terms of finding the right words… but I think the jury will see through O’Mara’s sleeze ball tactics, I really do, he is worse than any dirty used car salesman imaginable, and I do not believe the mothers on this jury are buying his bullshit… at all!

  417. tonydphotog says:

    Serino’s getting a little pissed off at O’Mara.

  418. Whoa! O’Mara asks Serino is there is any evidence that Zimmerman followed Martin after the dispatcher told him not to.

    Serino said, “Yes.”

    O’Mara is surprised.

    Serino says the location where the body was found.


  419. willisnewton says:

    Zimemrman did NOT indicate the TM went beteween the buildings to the NEN operator. He said that later, inconsistently

  420. lurker says:

    Yes there is evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s statement!

  421. disappointed says:

    Let’s not forget fogen started following before the clubhouse. Spin it however but that won’t be lost on jury.

  422. willisnewton says:

    these people are making shit up all over the place. the blind leading the blind.

  423. I hope y’all realize black males in America are on trial here.

  424. amsterdam1234 says:

    I just hate the way O’Mara says ” cowwect “.

  425. willisnewton says:

    ZImmerman was told we don’t need you to do that, he was nearer to his vehicle.

    And serino has no evidence as to where the vehicle was, other than GZ’s word.

  426. tonydphotog says:

    What’s with the sweet, innocent, and wholesome image O’Mara is trying to portray?

    He’s so full of crap!