LLMPapa quashes a lying lawyer

And he does it succinctly . . .

How do you watch a video and tell the Court and a national audience that Trayvon Martin filmed two of his friends beating up a homeless man when it actually showed two homeless men fighting over a bicycle?

And don’t give us a third person “apology” written by someone else for you.


Frederick Leatherman

Crane-Station (AKA: Rachel Leatherman)

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  1. BLISS says:

    Why would anybody accept a apology when Omara knew he was telling a lie Nd it was intentional.This was no mistake.How can this guy look in the mirror and see anything but evil,racist.Onstage knows zimmeraman lied that rainy night.

  2. Dennis says:

    Frederick, can the Martin family sue O’Mara for defamation or something along those lines for the sick demonization of their murdered son?

  3. dianetrotter says:

    Smoking gun shoots blanks (funnee)
    If you’d like to laugh at the writer’s take on the bumfight, follow the link. All commenters are funnee also. No supporters for GZ as far as I could tell.

  4. Mandelbaum says:

    Can Sybrina and Tracy sue MOM personally for this blatant LIE?! I sure as hell hope so. He must be auditioning for the chance to replace Rush, Hannity, or O’Reilly!

    • Dennis says:

      Didn’t see you already beat me to that question. If O’Mara walks away from what he did without consequences, then the law is a complete joke.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        OJ Simpson’s murder acquittal was followed by a successful civil suit.

        If there is a deadlock/mistrial on the Zimmerman case, you can expect it to be tried again. This is too important a case, nationally and internationally, to let it get sloughed off.

        • racerrodig says:

          Even if Fogen is acquitted, he can be sued civilly because he waived hi Immunity. Just claiming self defense does not make him immune from civil action.

  5. LeaNder says:

    Maybe someone is as curious as I am about the exact time, use context and the exact place were the West document can be directly accessed on gzlegal.

    At the moment the two documents that contain the West letter are on their documents page 17 and 18 numbers on the bottom of the page.

    The first is on page 18, that’s the one with an extra Exhibit D. It’s an appendix to the last pre-writ challenge of Nelson concerning Crump:

    Motion for Reconsideration and Clarification of the Court’s Order Dated March 4, 2013, motion of March 15.
    Here the document is both contained in the 58 page document and added as extra exhibit D. In the document itself West’s letter starts on page 29 with the incriminating passage on page 31.

    Then scroll forward to: DEFENDANT’S MOTION FOR SANCTIONS AGAINST STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE FOR DISCOVERY VIOLATIONS, in this motion filed on March 25, a 66 page document you find it on page 20. Here it is added as exhibit F.

    So it was quite extensively used and pretty recently.

  6. NOTICE OF HEARING for June 6, 2013 in #Zimmerman case.

    Click to access noh_060613.pdf

    • What the hell is this?

      Defendant’s Sealed Confidential Motion to Maintain Anonymity and Confidentiality of Certain

      This must be another paranoid racist bullshit claim that the defendant and his family are in mortal danger from the New Black Panthers and their mighty black minions.

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting sick and tired of this crap.

      It’s long past time for this defendant and his family to STFU!

      • racerrodig says:

        “Certain” what did Certain witness ?? And what are they snorting over there at The O Mara Law Group ??

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        AMEN to that!!! I think Judge Nelson will have had about enough of these shenanigans and will see this motion properly dealt without undue waste of time. Omar’s leaving quite a trail of scorched earth behind him. Well, what else can he do to cover up his own foolish actions and wasted effort? Oh and he definitely must not let us catch on that he can’t get any expert or other professional assistance, because he’s alienated everyone.

        Meanwhile Mr. “Poor me” sits there looking for sympathy for his plight.
        6 days George, tick tock!

        • PiranhaMom says:


          Maybe to protect Mama Zim? Who else is frail and needs this?

          Are we going to have every White defendant in a case involving Blacks claiming that they are at risk of being attacked by a Black mobster?

          Bishop Desmond Tutu will smack a Zimmerman-supporting witness with his purple beanie? Obama will buzz them in Air Force One?

          Blacks don’t have a life? Don’t have other things to do EVERY DAY? Go to work, school, church, supermarket, doctor, auto mechanic …. ?

          Methinks they are worried about Shellie telling what she knows …

        • PiranhaMom says:


          I don’t expect O’Mara and West to get any more info than he submitted in his affidavit. But they’ll try.

          The ruling’s restrictions are excellent. O”Mara will make a big deal out of “winning” this round, but the results will be nil.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            It will look good to the donors who think they’re gaining ground. They can’t see up ahead to where the defense is backstopped by foggenfools own abject stupidity.

  7. ay2z says:

    WESH and WFTV (of Bill Schaeffer fame), so far remain silent about O’Mara’s lie to the court.

    WFTV’s latest article, apart from jury selection issues, is the defense accusation against prosecution, which we know is all hot air, not anything about the defense lawyer’s false, misleading and completely unfounded, statement of evidence they used as an example to try to get the cell phone videos, photos and texts into trial.

    Some example, officer of the court, O’Mara.

    Hope the judge uses the bottom of her foot to ‘squash’ O’Mara’s statement from remaining on the court record via the last hearing, without challenge or correction to the record, for posterity.

    • ladystclaire says:

      As I read your comment in reference to Judge Nelson, taking her foot and squashing his statement from remaining on the court record, I would like to see her squash something else, which I can’t mention here.

  8. ay2z says:

    (Crane, the posts are going behind a June 2 post, not posting new replies to the bottom, not sure if this helps find out what’s going on)


  9. ay2z says:

    Hope Ben Crump can get a video up of O’Mara’s ‘mischaracterization’ of the unarmed teen killed by O’Mara’s client, admitted killer, George Zimmerman.

    George Michael Zimmerman is the only party who was a mature adult, and Trayvon Benjamin Martin was the only party whose ‘youth is at issue’ in this case, as declared by Judge Lester early last year.

    Again, Trayvon’s family’s lawyer and the lawyer for Trayvon’s estate releases this statement today:

    Quote —->

    “George Zimmerman’s defense team’s so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mischaracterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn’t about the murder of an unarmed teenager.

    Let’s not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool.

    Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for second degree murder.”

  10. ay2z says:

    Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump released the following statement of “mischaracterization” of the 17-year-old by Zimmerman’s defense team:

    “George Zimmerman’s defense team’s so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mischaracterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn’t about the murder of an unarmed teenager. Let’s not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool. Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for second degree murder.”


    • racerrodig says:

      The Fogen Defense Team is about as sincere as this apology.

      • ay2z says:

        racerrodig, that ending nails the truth about the defense, sure does.

        • racerrodig says:

          I’m waiting for Mr. Crump to say O’ Mara sent a personal “apology” to them along with a contribution envelope.

      • ay2z says:


        But they would include a bonefide signature of the killer. Maybe the state can sell it on ebay to help the defense pay it’s way out of their self-serving mess.

  11. bettykath says:

    MOM says he has to speak out b/c of what “the other side is saying about [fogen]”. I think he’s got the wrong perspective. The other side he is talking about is Trayvon’s family. He’s ignoring the stuff coming from fogen’s family defaming Trayvon. He’s also upset that the prosecution has made the court-approved-for-release deposition material available for the public. He sees this as an excuse for him to join in. imo, he should follow the lead of the state and stfu. His spin hurts his credibility. But maybe he isn’t worried about that. After all, it’s turn for 15 minutes of fame. .

    • Two sides to a story says:

      What’s sad is that in this era of news infotainment, he’ll probably get away with it. This is the new normal for high profile cases, at least in Florida. Hopefully other states will quash this type of behavior.

  12. Oh my, looks like West is on deck for the next roast. Seems he penned a letter back in 9 of 2012, showing he knew what was on that tape.

    Half hour or so, this oughta be good….

  13. Melony says:


    Hey is anyone here from JQ? Was anyone else over there banned all of a sudden for no reason? I’m sad…I have never gotten a warning over there but I am banned…and it says it will never be lifted : (

  14. ay2z says:

    XENA? Where are you?

    Looking forward to more of your videos, this is a subject I’m sure you can NOT resist!! 🙂

  15. fauxmccoy says:

    good interview with debbie hines, of legalspeaks, a former prosecutor, legal blogger, and martin family advocate. speaks to voir dire, jury selection and pollution of jury pool. other than having the juror number wrong (she says 12), this is some good info.


    • ay2z says:

      Thanks, fauxy,

      BTW, I’m not wrong to assume there’s a very relevant to this case, reason for your choice of avatar.

      Sad… but true. Maybe one or two of the producers can advise O’Mara on how to spin his way off this stake he has sat himself upon.

      If he didn’t lie, he didn’t engage brain before using the lie before Judge Nelson.

      • PiranhaMom says:

        @ay2z –

        Gosh, Debbie Hines is good!

        And so clear-speaking, fair and likeable!

        I can see where she must be SO GREAT in the courtroom!

  16. Rachael says:

    I found this to be a very interesting article:

    ” But differences in the way the media have covered their cannabis use portend a major shift in public attitudes about the drug, as well as a troubling reminder of the racism that still largely prevents us from seeing drugs as a health issue.”


    • ay2z says:

      Hey Rachel, there is a scene from The Godfather, as the Don met with the heads of all the families to discuss the new form of ‘income’ , drugs.

      Each of the heads stated their opinions, Don Corleone wanted nothing to do with it, Barzini obviously opposed this view, and one of the other family heads took middle ground, where he took the ‘high’ road with ‘I don’t want it near schools’. Let the blacks have it, he said, basically they don’t matter anyway.

      O’Mara is playing into stereotypes, even his own biases need examination because of his assumptions about the ‘video’. He needs to sit back for a quiet moment of introspection soon, and be truthful with himself, in what he knows he assumed and conclusions he leapt to, before saying what he did to the court about the video.

      O’Mara’s own underlying, inherent biases he has worked so hard to ‘not have’ within himself, may have crept in from the depth of his subconsious, and caused the confusion he claims as a mistake.

      • ay2z says:

        Ahh we should all be blessed with the innocence of Forrest Gump, the character, not the character’s racist namesake, as played by the ever wonderful, Tom Hanks.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I find it hard to ascertain if OM is racist himself or just playing to the racists because he really thinks his client is innocent.

        At any rate, this makes him a player and not worthy to be on the positive side, IMO.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        Great! Time Magazine, on top of Daily Kos and Debbie Hines – the media is now rejecting O’Mara’s hypotheses.

        O’Mara overdid it.

        Sanity prevails

  17. Woow! says:

    @professor….MOM and Zimmerman(s) have been so cocky in their thinking that he has not prepared for trial. MOM & CO has wasted an entire year slandering that young man and his parents.

    He is complaining that he needs money to prepare for trial; sure he does. I interpret this to mean that I have wasted a year with BS letting folks on a blog do all of my research and formulate my strategy that I finally need to hire support staff to prepare trial notes books, summarize depos, put together exhibits etc…

    I have been a Paralegal for 22 years (heavy litigation case management) and there is no way MOM will be ready for trial. This is going to be interesting.

    @the posters…. I don’t feel good about the jury pool. MOM is going to try his best to disqualify everyone and then complain he can’t have an impartial jury.

    I wish someone would call him on his BS in the media.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Judge Nelson will be in charge. You saw how she dealt with the jury selection questionaires in the last hearing. She’s not going to let either side have the upper hand.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        two sides says

        Judge Nelson will be in charge. You saw how she dealt with the jury selection questionaires in the last hearing. She’s not going to let either side have the upper hand.

        with her background in psychology along with the juvenile court system for many years, i have utmost confidence in this area.

      • Rachael says:

        Me too.

  18. Rachael says:

    Even if someone’s knowledge of what goes on in a courtroom does not extend beyond the TV judge shows, one of the VERY FIRST things one learns by watching those is how important credibility is. If you lie once to Judge Milian, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Alex, Judge Brown, et al., just once, no matter how big or small, just once, your credibility is shot. If you get caught in one lie, why should the judge believe ANYTHING you say. You lose your case.

    We have GZ who is a known liar, that is “undisputed” LOL, but now along comes his attorney who has been passing off lies basically able to get out of taking responsibility for them by saying “don’t shoot the messinger.” However, he can’t do that this time. This time he stood up in court and told the judge to have an open mind about a bald-faced lie he told. This was NOT something he can say he was just passing on and to let people make their own decisions, this was a flat-out LIE!!!

    Why now would ANYONE in their right mind, especially a judge, believe a lying defendant who has a lying lawyer?


    BETTER YET – STFU ENTIRELY – but I guess it is too late for that now, isn’t it. You should have left it at that WAY back – like when you said you wanted your client tried in court, not in the media, WHICH IS ANOTHER GDMND LIE!!!!

    Anyway, speaking of lies, I’m reposting this because I found this at the top of the page, though dated today and I’m afraid people may miss it:

    CC says:
    June 3, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Read this: Officer’s Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon


  19. Wendie Dox says:

    Can anyone explain to me why MOM would not be sanctioned or disbarred for this lie? I dont understand how he cant get away with that.

    • A complaint must first be filed with the Bar Association. IANAL, but I am preparing a bar complaint, against my own trial attorney (a public defender) in my personal legal case. He and the prosecutor apparently went to the Court ex parte after the trial and behind my back, and entered a damaging agreed order that was based on trial testimony. Only thing is, I found a gem in the case file: the ‘order’ based on ‘trial testimony’ was written five months before the trial took place. So, you know. It’s BS and it’s disgusting. My lawyer refused to correct what he did, even after multiple written requests that are also documented and stamped in his file.

      From what I have seen in bar bitches in this state, co-mingling of funds and/or stealing money is the most often seen disbarment issue. I don’t know why lawyers continue to co-mingle funds, may as well just mail in that bar card.

      Also, it’s a really bad idea for lawyers to have sex with the clients. Basis for disbarment.

      O’Mara will say he made a mistake, and proving otherwise will be difficult. May seem hard to believe, but this sort of thing he did, IMO (again, I am not a lawyer) will not lead to disbarment. Needless to say, I have lost quite a bit of faith in ‘the system’ to do the right thing.

    • ay2z says:

      Someone needs to teach people the safety points of gun handling. How many lives are lost, often by family or loved ones killing loved ones, because of the level of stupidity. It’s not about ‘not thinking’, it’s about ‘thinking’.

    • Rachael says:

      From your article as to why he had the gun to begin with: “If there had been some psycho there, I’d rather be prepared. You just never know.”


      Even if you missed the sign that said no guns, wouldn’t common sense tell you you can’t bring a gun into a national attraction for children??!!!

      It is scary that people with this kind of “common sense” are gun owners – people like this guy or GZ who (sarcasm on) can’t even remember they have their weapon on them (sarcasm off).

      Just seems like so many of the proponets of guns are the very people who shouldn’t have them.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Exactly, Rachel. He was the psycho, just like Fogen.

      • Shari says:

        I just said that. Why is he bringing a gun to an AMUSEMENT PARK? I am a live and let live kind of person. But when you bring a deadly weapon where my children and I are playing you are intruding on my space. Go hunting, shoot at targets, but why must you bring your loaded gun with everyone else?

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          We had 25 shooting here in NYC Monday. Some nuts on the Daily News board are saying that we should all arm ourselves because gun control isn’t working. Yeah, well, think about how many more people would have been killed or wounded, when armed bystanders, untrained in urban law enforcement tactics and equipment, begin responding willy-nilly with gunfire and shells going astray and ricocheting. Yeah, just what we need, hundreds of people fleeing in panic because they can’t tell the real criminal gunman from the wannabee cops. All of whom are equally dangerous too boot!

  20. ay2z says:

    One week today…. a milestone, thanks again Papa.

  21. Romaine says:

    Professor, can a witness ask to use their deposition as a reference when answering questions during the trial?

    • ay2z says:

      Interesting question, Romaine.

      Obviously a witness can’t use depo statements to prove the truth of what they say in court, that would be self-serving and ‘hearsay’ technically, and they are there in person to answer under oath. The defendant can’t take the stand and bring all his past statements in as proof of anything, because he said it.

      And, as Mr. Donald West, the learned from his experience in April, a witness can’t question the lawyer from the stand.

    • Yes, if necessary, to refresh recollection.

  22. renahv says:


    Hypothetically speaking: If gz’s murdering detainment of Trayvon was actually a case of mistaken identity– he & his cohorts were looking to catch/confront another specific person whom they thought was an individual connected to the (nonexistent) high crime rate in the developement–

    Would that change this case & how it plays out?

    I cant quote, sorry, but shelies statement of “George shot someone else” is what got me thinking. It would account for several oddities imo, & it also bears out other posters’ theories

    • Rachael says:

      That is an interesting hypothetical because that would be 1st degree murder IMO, but it is also a big IF. . . or maybe not LOL

      • renahv says:

        Yes rachael…i thought the same. I had a 2nd part to that above but lol it poofedd. Dang phone. BUT, new question:

        Can the SA open trial by saying Your honor, due to evidence we’ve now received, we’d like to change our charge to MURDER 1″!!


        • fauxmccoy says:

          @renahv who asks

          Can the SA open trial by saying Your honor, due to evidence we’ve now received, we’d like to change our charge to MURDER 1″!!

          the SA would have to take the case to a grand jury for a M1 charge. i don’t see this as likely and the M2 sentencing is almost as severe, with the exception that it is not a capital offense. the payoff (if you support the DP) is likely not enough to take that risk. they have what they need to support their M2 charge easily.

  23. bettykath says:

    This is soo bad. MOM could have watched the video and made up his own lie. Or, he could have taken someone else’s word for what’s on the video without verifying it. Not a good move for something as inflammable as this is. It plants bad seeds in the minds of some, but it also hurts his own credibility.

    I think he’s protecting Mr. West. I have to wonder if West has had a stroke or some other malady. I don’t see him being able to have an extended career in the courtroom with the problems he seems to have in processing new information. If this is the case, he may have seen what he wanted to or expected to see, didn’t question it, and passed it on. Perhaps someone else in the office also saw the video but didn’t know MOM was going to use it in court as he did, then told MOM about it when he got back to the office.

    I think it’s possible that West saw the video last fall but forgot about it. When the new information came in from their raw data, he saw the fighting and characterized it as MOM presented it. I think Mom needed help and West volunteered.

    I do see MOM taking the hit for it if that’s the case. Rightly so. He’s the one in charge. He should be able to rely on those in his office, but he should also know where the weak spots are and put procedures in place to deal with them.

    • bettykath says:

      If I’m right about West, I expect to see MOM getting to the bottom of it and withdrawing the motion for sanctions with an apology. BDLR and the judge will go along with it without a lot of hullabaloo. Let’s move on

    • SearchingMind says:

      I agree. But I do not think O’Mare is going to withdraw the Motion. That just ain’t gonna happen. I say that because of an earlier Motion to sanction BDLR for misconduct. That was a personal assault on BDLR’s character and integrity. O’Mara lost that one. And he did’t learn any lessons from it. O’Mara has also on multiple occasions stated/suggested that GZ’s prosecution is politically motivated. That’s another accusation of corruption and personal assault on Corey’s and BDLR’s character and integrity. O’Mara abandoned that attack midway, but continued gnashing his teeth. The situation got so poisoned with all sorts of allegations, innuendos and insinuations of misconduct that BDLR finally exploded in his “Epic Smack Down”(Professor’s words). And now we have another Motion to sanction BDLR for yet another misconduct and lying to the Court?! It can’t get more personal. I have the feeling that there is something personal going on beneath the radar. Either O’Mara wants to publicly humiliate BDLR and discredit the prosecution or he is immature and petty. Some high caliber attorneys like Professor, Blackswell, Dershowitz, etc. will use this case to make a show of their intellectual know-how. But O’Mara turned what should be a good academic and intellectual exercise into bickering street fights. I think he will continue the witch hunt of Bernie and Corey. But, if your prediction materializes, you get 1$.

      • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

        *standing ovation* @ SearchingMind. Another example of an assault on another Officer of the Court, refer back to the April hearing when West was on the stand and basically accused Attorney Crump of redacting information. *wide-eyed* Then the fool started trying play games with the definition of redaction. He just sounded really crazy. I couldn’t believe it. The first attorneys Sonner and Ulhrig looked like they would have been comical, but West and MOM are definitely not disappointing in that area. Sad actually.

  24. EdgySF,

    Isn’t this the sign you made for the Trayvon protest? It’s front & center.

    Sanford leaders fear Zimmerman trial may revive city’s image problem


    Sanford’s new police chief, Cecil Smith, spent a recent afternoon knocking on doors in one of the city’s oldest black neighborhoods, carrying out his promise to improve relations between citizens and police after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

    But following Smith around Georgetown was a three-man TV crew from BBC America, which was in Sanford to report on this month’s trial of George Zimmerman and the city’s troubles with racism.

    Even as Sanford works to move past its image as a backward Southern town, the trial and renewed media interest threaten to undermine those efforts.

    “I do think that we’re going to have to relive much of what happened last year from the national media,” City Commissioner Patty Mahany said. “We’re not going to be able to avoid it. … But we’re a whole lot more experienced today. And we’re a much better community. I think we’ve developed a much better relationship and built better bonds, especially in Sanford’s African-American communities.”

    More than a year ago, the city was at the center of the international media firestorm that followed the shooting of Trayvon, a black, unarmed 17-year-old shot by Zimmerman.

    Hundreds of protesters filled downtown Sanford’s Fort Mellon Park when the police department did not arrest Zimmerman, who was eventually charged with second-degree murder and has claimed self-defense.

    Sanford leaders have been uneasily awaiting the June 10 trial, worried that revisiting the events of last year will set back the work the city has done to overcome its stigma.

    “I think Sanford today is a better community when looking back at how we dealt with it,” City Manager Norton Bonaparte said.

    Bonaparte hired Smith, a veteran black police executive who has led several walks with Sanford officers, knocking on doors of poor black residents’ homes to introduce himself.

    The city also put together a panel of nearly two dozen residents to come up with ideas to build better relations between Sanford’s citizens and the Police Department. The panel is expected to wrap up its report Tuesday and present it to City Hall soon.

    Sanford city officials have taken part in monthly community meetings in the historically black community of Goldsboro, and police officers have been trained in handling racial incidents.

    The fear in Sanford is that all that work could be undone if a not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial sparks another round of protests from those who think Trayvon was wrongly killed.

    Any protests “will come from outside of Sanford,” said Francis Coleman Oliver, a community activist and Goldsboro historian. “There is no reason to march. … I think that we in the black community feel that we have our victory. George Zimmerman was arrested … and the chief of police, Bill Lee, was fired. Those things are a victory. And it’s now in the hands of the courts, which is what we wanted.”

    • EdgySF says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t see a photo in that article. I’m on my iPad. Will keep looking tho. Thanks for posting the article.n:)

    • EdgySF says:

      Omg I just found the classic view on my iPad. Yes! That is my poster. :). I still have snaps of it on my iPhone in process of it being drawn. I also have a photo of the family I gave it to…holding it.

      Thank you, SouthernGirl2. This really means a lot to me. I’m crying again,,,not sure why. That was a powerful day.

      God bless Trayvon and his family. Xoxo

      I’m so happy he has a loyal online community supporting him! We are everywhere, and we are dedicated to TRUTH and JUSTICE.

  25. Lynn says:

    SO the press keeps showing this still frame and talks about homeless fighting…this has nothing to do with anyone homeless.

    • SearchingMind says:

      The “Homeless fighting video”

      This video posted is not the “homeless fighting video” (O’Mara has in mind) and I do not think that we are ever going to see that video for the following reasons (a) neither Trayvon nor his buddies were involved in any kind of fighting with anyone,(b) the two “homeless guys” were not fighting and may be arguing (c) the two “homeless guys” may not even be homeless at all (and might even be kids).

      The fighting video

      First it was claimed that Trayvon is one of the fighters (i.e. the small AA juvenile, who was referred to as “Trevon/Travon/Trayvon” in the video). That was debunked. Then it was claimed that Trayvon is the relatively tall skinny AA juvenile referring the fight – because he is Black. That has been debunked by (a) LLMPapa and (b) the fact that some spectators refer to the short fighter as “Trevon/Travon/Trayvon” and not the tall skinny referee.

      O’Mara is confused and can’t make up his mind.

      Here is what I think as to why the video was posted: AUTHENTICATION. O’Mara has yet not figured out the individuals on that video. By publicizing it in this manner (with the help of OS) he hopes that some people will come forward to identify Trayvon.

      • SearchingMind says:

        refereeing the fight … (not “referring” as my auto corrector would have it).

      • SearchingMind says:

        Additionally, even if O’Mara pays someone to claim that Trayvon is ether the small- or tall AA juvenile on that video, O’Mara would still have a major hurdle he CANNOT overcome: i.e. propensity to violence.

        Refereeing a fight in no way suggests aggressive behavior of the referee.

        Neither does a single act of participating in a (pre-arranged) fight show any form of propensity to violence.

        I can’t see this fight video being entered into evidence during the trial – under any circumstance/scenario.

    • GirlP says:

      That IS NOT Trayvon, it’s clear it’s not: not tall enough, tattoo on the wrong place even though it’s not clear you can tell it’s not Trayvon’s face. If this guy is named Trayvon does not mean his name is Trayvon Martin. Isn’t this from stormfront or CTH the idiots who took anyone name Tevon or Trayvon etc…from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and anywhere else they could and claimed it was Trayvon Martin. Can’t O’Mara be disbarred…there’s got to be a way.

      • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

        I agree with your reasons as to why this is not Trayvon. Didn’t his brother even say it wasn’t him?

  26. Romaine says:

    LLMPAPA, as always you are the “BEST”…your back ground music always fits the topic at hand..my fav from your videos “is anybody out there”…WHY? Trayvons’ cries for his LIFE were seeking for anybody to come and help him….Next….the defendant has no one to help his lying cause…I picture GZ searching for help in a very dark place with no resolution for the ugly crime he has placed upon his life…I see the rain falling upon his cold soul with dark shadows encircling his being taunting his spirit, he has no peace, no rest, food does not satisfy his sanity no matter how much he eats…in each of your videos there is a reflection of what is to come…GZ’s destiny is GRIMM…GZ shot Trayvon through the heart with a Hollow Point Bullet, which now lies within his own beating heart that aches with a pain he never imagined….the fear of losing his lifes freedom, GZ has to pay for every fragment that ripped away Trayvons lungs and HEART removing his young life…living through each moment, everyday of the rest of his life….GZs’ soul will forever cry out is there anybody out there..and the answer will forever be NO….darkness and rain shall forever be his pain…

    thank you for your talent and ensight

  27. Romaine says:

    i agree Jun…Bernie so wanted to cross examine during the last trial…but he has to wait…it is going to be good, goodie, good, good…. watching The Bern, BURN up the court room…I really hope that Judge Nelson gives it to the defense knee deep with wiggled toes..no more I’m sorry, we made a mistake passes for the defense..

    • pat deadder says:

      Professor Do you think the Richardson hearing or whatever the hell it’s called will be held after this latest fiasco by omara.Perhaps omara will cancel it out of shame.He has to show procedural prejudice againAlso .HaHa JN told him he had to get past the hurdle of authenticating the texts etc.Or am I misunderstanding the bullshit from may 28th and that lawyer on the stand..

    • Trained Observer says:

      Romaine — What last trial?

    • Trained Observer says:

      Romaine — I think you are referring to the Fogen bond hearing.

      • Romaine says:

        yes i meant the last hearing…

      • Trained Observer says:

        I think the State did attempt a cross when Fogen took the stand at one of his bond hearings (and dug his own hole deeper). That was rebuffed by Judge Lester.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      How about “We were fearful and mistrustful of the legal process, and we admit that we have made mistakes– everybody makes mistakes, and we most humbly beg forgiveness of anyone who might possibly have been offended by anything we may have inferred.”

  28. Jun says:

    I said this a long time ago that the claim of the homeless man beating was a lie and what do you know, I was right

    I knew that jerkoff was lying

    He did not misstate it, he flat out lied because he was trying to smear a dead murdered kid to try and win his case and I am glad he got caught redhanded as now it can be used against him during trial

  29. LLMPapa says:

    Leelee says:
    June 2, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Hoping LLMPapa would like to make a video about this with regards to O’Mara’s lies today.

    Thanks, good catch.

    • ay2z says:

      Sweet exposure…. O’mara has been working so hard to become the trusty used car salesman so that the public/jury will trust what he says when he says it as suggested ‘evidence’ or ‘fact’ in trial and to bring these bad acts into the court record before trial.

      I’d love to ask that you make a special version, with Judge Nelson as the receiver of Mark O’Mara’s argument to prove his point to the good judge.

      Judge Nelson intently listens in each and every one of your ‘Why No SYG?’ videos, and she would have listened just as intently to O’Mara as O’Mara lies to her and gets his lie in the court record.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      You are like a master chef– combining diverse ingredients and creating a most savorable dish!

    • towerflower says:

      Love it! I started to spit out my coke laughing when you put up his phone number.

  30. Romaine says:

    the letter from wes starts on pg 17 dated sep 19, 2012

  31. Romaine says:

    words..bad typing right now too

  32. Romaine says:

    i don’t know why the letters changed for some of the wpr.ords like facebook and skills, its just on this post so pls ignore it.

  33. Romaine says:

    13. Likewise, we asked for any video recordings you had ofTrayvon Martin that are
    connected in some way to him watching a fight, refereeing a fight or showed him
    fighting. You mentioned that you had seen a video connected to him in some way
    regarding a bicycle. We were previously unaware of anything like that, but later saw a
    clip taken from his cell phone SIM card that may have been what you were referencing.
    Please provide any audio recordings or video recordings you have ofTrayvon Martin or
    made by him regardless of the content. Also, in accordance with Brady v. Maryiand,
    provide any information you have regarding Trnyvon Martin’s interest in fighting, his
    knowledge and skiiJ in boxing or fighting and any information showing his interest in
    mixed martial arts including Twitter. Fuccbook. or other social media.
    Thank you for your attention to these matters. I know all of us are anxious to move forward with
    discovery depositions in this case.

    Click to access mot_for_sanctions_discovery.pdf

    page 20 on link item #13

  34. fauxmccoy says:

    papa — excellent job, as always. lies and damn lies, indeed!

    o’mara — c’mon, son!

  35. Two sides to a story says:

    This is kind of depressing, but take it with a grain of salt. Richard Hornsby thinks Seminole County demographics will favor GZ, but then Allen Dershowitz thought it not a favorable venue for the trial.


    • PiranhaMom says:

      I’m deeply offended by Hornsby’s CONCLUSIONS.

      His stats look good.

      But note that there was a WIDE margin of Independent+Democratic registered voters over registered Republicans.

      But Hornsby concludes that ALL WHITES WILL VOTE BY RACE, therefore they will aquit Zimmerman. He concludes that all Whites and all Republicans are racists who will pay zero attention to the law, the evidence, and the Judge.

      Is this guy crazy?

      A significant registration is Independents. Wow! “The Thinking Man’s Party – and the Thinking Woman’s, today, is INDEPENDENT.
      These people will be examining every aspect!
      (And this is written by a female Republican, albeit one so independent she voted for Obama.)

      If you’re just going by the demographics:

      TRAYVON wins the Democrats

      TRAYVON wins the Independents

      TRAYVON wins the intelligent, non-racist Republicans

      TRAYVON wins the law & order members of all the above
      TRAYVON wins the females except the few who are downtrodden by their racist partners, who probably don’t let them register to vote, anyway – so they’re not in the pool.

      Note: FEMALES are going to LOVE Judge Nelson!

      TRAYVON wins EVERY Mom!

      TRAYVON wins the vast majority of Dads
      (*Trayvon’s impressive parents are sealing the support from the above two groups.)

      TRAYVON wins the younger voters

      TRAYVON wins the responsible gun-owners who are offended by Zimmerman’s reckless disregard of standard gun-owning protocol

      TRAYVON wins the managers and professionals

      TRAYVON wins the educators – at all levels of the profession

      TRAYVON wins the health care profession at all levels

      TRAYVON wins everybody with an IQ over 90

      DRUMROLL!!!!! Who does Fogen win?

      ZIMMERMAN wins the convicted felons. Every one frickin’ one o’ them!

      Oooops! Convicted felons can’t register to vote.

      Pity …

      • ReadDeeply says:

        Beautiful post PiranhaMom! I do believe you are correct! We must remember that the jury will be forced to examine the evidence; imho, many gz supporters have blinders on and want to avoid the evidence at all costs. But court is not the same as public opinion, is it? No thinking person can actually miss the truth in this tragedy. Thanks for the positive reminder!

      • SearchingMind says:

        You forgot the non-racist, law and order, America First Libertarians. How dare you, PiranhaMom 🙂

      • Most excellent backhand return and in the process you have identified the jurors that the prosecution should want for the trial.

        Well done, Piranha Mom.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Hornsby is full of it. … Not all r white egistered Republicans actually vote Republican.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        He is crazy. There are plenty of whites, and probably Republicans too deeply offended by the killing of Trayvon Martin and the lies promoted by Fogen and his defense team.

      • racerrodig says:

        So……you’re saying it sucks to be FogenPhoole about now, ya know, having all the evidence against you, your own statements, the jury pool and your own attorney having been caught lying from day one……that that what you’re saying????

        • PiranhaMom says:

          Racer, I maintain my faith in the jury system, and on the complex but subtle interactions among jurors to examine all evidence and come forward with fair verdicts. It’s tough work.

          The attornies are significant, too – way important! Bernie is impressive and O’mara is, well … lightweight.

          Add more groups who will support THE EVIDENCE:

          Any juror who is bald or married to a man who is; any juror with a mustache or married to a man with one – or any juror with a Dad so graced by these signature features.

          Any dog lover if Zimmerman’s cruelty is released.

          The list goes on ….

          Jurors want evidence, well-presented. They want it publicly known and proved, why they voted to convict.

          It’s THE EVIDENCE.

    • LeaNder says:

      tstas, a couple of questions and he may well be better informed than I am.

      1) are prospective jury members only recruited from registered voters?

      2) are they recruited from all of Seminole county or must they be Sanford residents?

      Since in Sanford itself matters seem to look differently.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I think we have several FL residents who could answer your first question. I live on the left coast. From what I’ve read, the jury pool in Seminole County is derived from drivers’ license records. I don’t know if these also have to be registered voters as juries are chosen from in states I’ve lived in. I lived in FL for a year but don’t recall that I registered to vote or voted in any elections at the time. And I definitely didn’t get called for jury duty, though I did get a FL drivers’ license.

        Yes, jurors are chosen from the entire county, not just Sanford.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        leander —

        in seminole county, the jury pool is pulled from lists of registered voters along with those who have licenses/IDs from the motor vehicle dept.

        • LeaNder says:

          Thanks fauxy. On Hornby’s blog a female voter of the GOP responded writing he should not be that sure about. I hope the lady is right. 😉

          Admittedly I didn’t look carefully into the diverse parts of his statistics. But you answered my question, not only registered voters but car licence holders too.

          We don’t need to register over here. Every citizen that can vote is automatically informed.

          • PiranhaMom says:

            @Leander –

            “Convicted felons” one could expect to support Zimmerman are outta luck a far as jury duty goes. They’ve lost the right to serve.

            per Gogle: ” In 2007, Florida moved to restore voting rights to convicted felons. In March 2011, however, Republican Governor Rick Scott reversed the 2007 reforms, making Florida the state with the most punitive law in terms of disenfranchising citizens with past felony convictions.

            That’s why I listed them as the only Demographic in the Zimmerman-support camp.

            Tough break for fogen.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        PS – Because the demos vary around the county, the jury could certainly end up far different than Hornsby’s conclusions.

        I see God’s plan, whatever that may be! Hornsby did mention lots of stay at home moms and professionals on the juries in cases he tried in Sanford. Sounds like a good bet for a jury who won’t be impressed with Fogen’s stories to me.

        • LeaNder says:

          thanks, i asked Hornsby the same question. Let’s see if he answers. My basic impression from reading his articles occasionally is that he leans towards Trayvon’s side. Although I have seen him accused as biased by Trayvon supporters. Which I would protect him again.

          I may be completely wrong of course, but strictly I read his allusion to Dershowitz exactly that way.

          Here from an article by Rene Stutzman:

          Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby predicted the appeals court’s ruling would favor Crump. The court will likely say it does not have jurisdiction or that Zimmerman’s attorneys have failed to show that their client will suffer irreparable harm, he said.

          Crump contends that he should not have to answer those questions because he is a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family and what he knows is privileged.

          He also says he’s entitled to additional protection because he intends to sue Zimmerman on behalf of Trayvon’s parents, and courts traditionally give opposing counsel an additional shield.

          Defense attorneys most want to ask Crump about his dealings with a young Miami woman, the state’s most important witness, who was on the phone with Trayvon moments before he was killed.

          Crump got her involved in the case by recording an interview with her March 19, 2012, which did not involve police or prosecutors, then holding a news conference and playing portions for reporters.

      • towerflower says:

        “In 1998, the pool of prospective jurors will be persons who possess Florida driver’s licenses or identification cards issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or who have executed a certain affidavit.”

        They stopped voter’s lists because of people who wouldn’t register just to avoid jury duty.

        And like it was said earlier, it covers the county not just the city.

        • LeaNder says:

          Unfortunately the county and not just the city. Thanks towerflower. Hornsby may not be too far off nevertheless. Since political party affiliation can only be accessed via voting patterns. Of course if I take a hard look at Democrat Jeralyn Merritt I wonder how useful that feature really is. In spite of polls confirming it somehow. I hope they manage to filter out the pro-Zimmerman hardcore camp.

    • ay2z says:

      Of course they will favor GZ, Samford has a history of racial problems, plus the jury will be picked from those qualified who are unable to spend the time legitimately.

      Single mothers raising boys and working, would be one example.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Single mothers raising boys would likely not favor Fogen unless they have the same obsession with black kids that GZLC is trying to promote.

      • PiranhaMom says:

        @South’n Gal —

        This seems a plus to the situation, ay2z, are reported by South’n Girl:

        “I do think that we’re going to have to relive much of what happened last year from the national media,” City Commissioner Patty Mahany said. “We’re not going to be able to avoid it. … But we’re a whole lot more experienced today. And we’re a much better community. I think we’ve developed a much better relationship and built better bonds, especially in Sanford’s African-American communities.”

        WOW! Patty Mahany must have been paying attention to the evidence! She was 180 degrees from this last year!

      • ReadDeeply says:

        That’s a sobering thought ay2z….the people most likely to work toward seeing justice done may be the ones least likely to be able serve (like a single mom who can’t take off work), if I get your meaning.

  36. ReadDeeply says:

    This… apology? retraction? seems too much a whisper compared to the scream it is supposed to correct. What a shameful twit O’Mara is as a lawyer! I cannot help but wonder what prompted this momentary (I’m sure) bout of honesty. Certainly not conscience. I expect we’ll next hear that the “fight club” pic doesn’t contain Trayvon after all! Oops! “Misspoke” that too, ‘eh?

  37. tonydphotog says:

    A little off subject, but I cannot help but wonder if fogen’s mom was at the hearing last week.

    There was an older woman sitting close to junior, and she didn’t seem to be with anyone there. When junior walked out of the courtroom, she turned her head to see where he went, almost as if surprised.

    Anyone else get that impression?

    • tonydphotog says:

      I also think if it was her, she’d be sitting alone. (so we couldn’t figure out it was her)

    • LeaNder says:

      Any chance, tony, you could trace that on Trent’s diverse videos of the event? Do you remember when it happened. I didn’t pay too much attention on the audience besides on senior and R. Stutzman and Sybrina, Natalie leaving at one point.

      Someone mentioned Robert jun he sat close to Crump and the others at that point. Did they intend to pick up what was spoken there?

  38. TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

    PiranhaMom wrote,

    “I tried using this link but got nowhere:


    Can you help? Would love to see a transcript or hear the dialog. Thanks!

    I second this. Thank you in advance.

    • LeaNder says:

      It seems to be an appendix D to some other file. At least that pops up if I google simply the document name. Strictly it must have been in one of their motions concerning delays and it is probably listed as one of the appendixes, as some type of evidence.

      google search for file

      If West saw that clip from Trayvon’s SIM card, they had the information.

      Betty, if I may put this here. West writes “we”, that suggests to me both were present and saw the clip. It may well have been connected to their visit to FDLE to look at all the stuff they felt was missing. I cannot put what West writes into any other context. You can be absolutely sure that O’Mara was there too, and if Wests writes “we saw” he means both of them.

      • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

        Thank you LeaNder so much. I have seen it already now. I believe through a different avenue or medium. Nonetheless, I send you my gratitude:).

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Try a different browser. I was able to open it in Chrome.

      • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

        Thank you Two sides. I actually do use Google Chrome. It’s okay now though because I’ve seen the document now.:).

  39. mcave77 says:

    gzdocs.com/documents/0313/mfr_exhibits/exhibit_d.pdf … pg.4 #13 MOM/west talking about video found on phone of TM and bicycle..SEPTEMBER 19, 2012

    If this is true then why are they trying to act like they were unable to read the raw data until after someone from SAO informed them of the pics and video. In this email West talks about watching the video involving a bike and having TM’s SIM card since 9/2012…

    • Malamiyya says:

      Great catch, mcave77!. When the subject arises at the hearing this week, I hope Bernie points out that last September West was talking knowledgably and familiarly about pictures the Zim team has been saying de la Rionda withheld from them.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Hmmm. This case is bizarre. It’s as if OM remembered he could pull this out of his bag of tricks.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        . . . and conveniently forgot it didn’t match his story the prosecution withholding evidence. Methinks he’s stretching his stories so much that he can’t keep them straight any more.

      • PiranhaMom says:

        @mccave 77

        I tried using this link but got nowhere:


        Can you help? Would love to see a transcript or hear the dialog. Thanks!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        That link didn’t work for me either.

      • abbyj says:

        Two sides, OM has been pulling things out of thin air for a while. Once the trial starts, he’ll be pulling them out of an orifice much lower.

      • bettykath says:

        The link worked for me. It is a letter from West to BDLR, 9/19/12, requesting various discovery items. One item,

        “13. Likewise, we asked for any video recordings you had of TM that are connected in some way to him watching a fight, refereeing a fight or showed him fighting. You mentioned you had seen a video connected to him in some way regarding a bicycle. We were previously unaware of anything like that, but later saw a clip taken from his cell phone SIM card that may have been what you were referencing….”

        It goes on to request any info re: interest in fighting.

        If West saw that clip from Trayvon’s SIM card, they had the information.

        • PiranhaMom says:

          @BettyKath –

          Oh, WOW, BettyKath, you are THE GREATEST!!!

          ” It is a letter from West to BDLR, 9/19/12, requesting various discovery items. One item,

          “13. Likewise, we asked for any video recordings you had of TM that are connected in some way to him watching a fight, refereeing a fight or showed him fighting. You mentioned you had seen a video connected to him in some way regarding a bicycle. We were previously unaware of anything like that, but later saw a clip taken from his cell phone SIM card that may have been what you were referencing…. ”

          “It goes on to request any info re: interest in fighting.

          “If West saw that clip from Trayvon’s SIM card, they had the information.”


          Thank you!

          Note to Bernie — blow BettyKath a kiss at the next hearing!

          My cup doth overflow …

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I finally used Chrome to open the link. Firefox didn’t like it.

        Abbyj, I think OM has been pulling stuff out of that lower orifice for quite awhile now!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        PS – after reading the doc I realized I’d read it before. I’d forgotten about it with all the discovery and reporting we’ve seen since.

    • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

      Bernie is not worrying about their accusations. All smoke and mirrors. They are just trying to promote their grand conspiracy that everyone is acting unethical and just will do anything at all costs to get GZ. Puhleez.

    • ReadDeeply says:

      Very nice find, mcave! I have vague memory that all this stuff was actually handed to them long ago; at the hearing prior to last, MOMmy kept floundering when Judge Nelson was trying to pin him down on what evidence exactly had been so slow to be handed over or just kept (oh, there is no “cleaned up” cry-for-help tape, or redacted CDs, because they’d been edited by CBS not the state after all, etc.). MOMmy et al got nothin’!

      • renahv says:

        …other posters theories quite well, ie involvement of the 3 guys at the convinience store who seemed to detain Trayvon, witness jon alledgedly being against actually shooting, his mma lie, etc.

        It also would provide an ultimate motive for the stalking & capture, which Ive also read here, of impressing & securing future paid work from the HOA…

        In my mind, once gz realized he had the wrong guy, he shot poor Trayvon to cover his mistake and his cohorts generously allowed him to take all the credit & glory (PUKE) for himself… IF this turns out to be the case, would it change the trial?? Because in my non-lawyerly mind, it would actually very much HELP CONVICT by providing a much simpler story than we have now.

      • ReadDeeply says:

        That’s the one, Professor! Bravo! If I were Nelson I’d turn the sanctions MOMmy & West proposed against the state for “not releasing” this evidence and turn it right back around on them for lying. Only I’d double the monetary punishment just ’cause they’re lying pathetic little snots!

    • PYorck says:

      In Trayvon’s phone and most other Android phones there are three kinds of memory.

      The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small removable chip. Its most important function is that when it receives the PIN it will confirm its (and thus indirectly the user’s) identity to the network. That allows the phone to connect to the network, make and receive calls etc. Its exact functionality and how much of that is used varies a bit, but generally it is crucial for the basic operation of the phone and not so much as a place where you store things like photos or videos.

      Then there is a module of non-removable internal memory. That’s where most of the software is stored. It can be used to store anything you want, but it is not very large and much of it is permanently used.

      Finally there is the Micro SD-Card, a small removable memory card. That one has by far the highest capacity of these three. Those cards are relatively cheap and easy to replace (although usually you have to open the phone) and they are exchangeable between phones, PCs and other devices. It can be used for any data that is not required for the basic operation of the phone. That is where you would expect photos and videos taken with the phone’s camera to end up.

      Unfortunately often the discovery is not very clear which is meant at any time. For example a video stored on the SIM would be highly unusual and even impossible in most setups.

      We know that the data from the SIM and the internal memory have been extracted. I don’t recall anything specific to the SD-Card, but since that is by far the easiest we should be able to take that for granted.

    • LeaNder says:

      Great evidence, mcave, this shows that O’Mara knew this before. He writes about “we” and that must have included O’Mara since it seems refers to their visit at FDLE looking at everything they had.

      This would be worth spreading.

      Don West, September 19, 2012

      13. Likewise, we asked for any video recording you had of Trayvon Martin that are connected in some way to him watching a fight, refereeing a fight or showed him fighting. You mentioned that you had seen a video connected to him in some way regarding a bicycle. We were previously unaware of anything like that, but later saw a clip taken from his cell phone SIM card that may have been what you were referencing. Please provide any audio recordings or video recordings you have of Trayvon Martin or made by him regardless of their content. Also, in accordance with Brady v. Maryland, provide any information you have regarding Trayvon Martin’s interest in fighting, his knowledge and skill in boxing or fighting and any information showing his interest in mixed martial arts including Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

  40. kllypyn says:

    Zimmerman and his defense team continue to sink to new lows.All in an obvious effort to turn jurors against the victin in hopes they will ignore evidence,and set him free.Trayvon wasn’t perfect,we have messed up as teens hell we still mess up as adults. Trayvon deserved to live and learn from those mistakes that’s how most people become responsible adults. Zimmerman has never learned to be a responsible adult.people have always helped him out of trouble.

    He attacked an undercover police officer because he tried to arrest a friend of his for underage drinking.He was allowed to enter a diversion program which included the requirement to go to anger management classes,which either didn’t work or he never went.While working as a bouncer a woman had too much to drink he got angry lost it threw her across the room,injuring her ankle costing him that job.

    He claims he was able to uNholster his weaponn while Trayvon was supposedly beating him up.A LIE HE WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD TIME TO GRAB HIS GUN LIKE HE CLAIMS. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO BUSY BLOCKING BLOWS AND TRYING TO FIGHT BACK AND TRYING TO PROTECT HIS HEAD. HE had no defensive wounds to his hands. he had no defensive wounds to his arms. There are only 2 possible reasons for that. 1 He just laid there while trayvon beat him till he grabbed his gun or 2 he was never being beaten up in the first place.Trayvon never touched him,he made no attemopt to hit him at all.He simply tried to escape.

    I am probably the only Trayvon martin supporter who has even come close to being beaten like he claims. I know from first hand the kind of injuries you will get from getting beaten up like he claims I’ve gone into detail about what hapopened to me in a previous posting i’m not going to do it again because i don’t like to think about it. He had none of those injuries. all he had was a few scratches on his face. and 2 tiny injuries on the back of his head.1 round puncture wound and 1 1 inch long cut. Those are not the injuries you will get from a sidewalk.

    He demomonstrated how he killed Trayvon on his video recorded statement. he showed how he was hold something in his fist while aiming his gun with his other hand.While being careful not to shoot his own hand. he was holding the front of Trayvon’s shirts preventing his escape when he fired that bullet into his chest.

    We’ve all heard those screams that was the most heart breaking thing about this case.Trayvon was literally begging this man not to kill him,while at the same time he was desperately trying to break free from his grip.He simply wasn’t strong enough.He was also being interrogated. people around world heard those screams and most of them the vast majority knew it was not Zimmerman.

    As usual Zimmerman with his lawyer is trying to deflect blame on to the victim. they want to use any mistake trayvon ever made to justify his death.they like to mention fights well most of us have had a fight or 2 as teens hardly proves trayvon has a propensity fo violence. even zimmerman got into fights as a teen he seems to have been a bully based on his behavior as an adult. Trayvon was a laid back kid who sometimes messed up. Trayvon did nothing to deserve death.

    The evidence is clear and overwhelming they should be able to get a conviction even without DD’s testimony. Niether he or his lawyer will be able to expalin away the DNA.they will not be able to exp[lain his own statements they will not be able to explain the autopsy report.They will not be able to explain the ballistics. Those screams will be the icing on the cake.the only way he gets off is if they get people like his sleaze ball supporters on the jury. If that happens,he will kill someone else.

    • racerrodig says:

      “… I know from first hand the kind of injuries you will get from getting beaten up like he claims…” Been there so to speak. I’ve posted a few things I’ve endured as well.

      When I was playing HS football, on a corner blitz, I was unblocked and about to crush a (as hard a a 5 – 9 150 lb corner could crush) a left handed QB. At the last instant, he saw me and instinctively threw his right hand out to stop me. His hand went up from the bottom of my face mask and hit my nose. It was 90 + and this was late in the game. When I jumped up, the ref tossed me from the game because in those next 8 – 10 seconds the front my white jersey was covered in blood and I didn’t even break my nose. Our medical staff ran to me as I trotted off the field as thought I was seriously injured. Leading 49 – 0 takes the sting off any minor issue, but they stripped my jersey, pads and t shirt looking for something worse than broken nasal blood vessels. I would volunteer the pictures for evidence, but you’d all laugh at the Sports glasses I had to wear.

      The point is, Fogens facial picture is a medical joke as far as anything being broken. Maybe Fogen needed a bigger face mask.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        re: “The point is, Fogens facial picture is a medical joke as far as anything being broken. Maybe Fogen needed a bigger face mask.”

        Racer, Zim seems hypersensitive — gets his nose out of joint easily — considering his future, likely more of the same in store for him …

        Do they make Depends For The Nose?

      • Rachael says:

        I have just the right picture for what he needs, but I don’t know how to post a pic here.

        • racerrodig says:

          On BB7 I scan it and sent it with the name I want on it. and send it to Zena, She posts it on here bolg.

      • abbyj says:

        Racer, What you describe is exactly what happens when there is serious force to the nose. Blood everywhere. Clothes soaked Blackened eyes ensue. Anyone who’s ever seen it (much less experienced like you did) finds it laughable that fogen was even lightly tapped on the nose as he went after Trayvon. The only significant injury he’s probably ever received involving his nose is from picking boogers. What a fraud. A molester, a liar, a child killer, and a fraud.

        • racerrodig says:

          He is all of that and then some. When someone lies, they are in effect saying “I think you’re stupid, and you’ll believe anything I say” OR “I’m a tough guy and you BETTER believe what I say.

          Fogen seems to have all bases covered on this one……oh, except when he’s whiny in court, or flashes those smirks.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @P.M. unfortunately no but, a KNUCKLE band aid will do! lmao, he looked like a big fool with that damn thing on his nose. all for cause and effect. whether he knows it or not, when one has a broken nose, a splint is applied to the nose especially if it’s a severe break.

        Knuckle band aids have no place for a broken nose. Fogen is pathetic.

        • racerrodig says:

          Yep. I didn’t have a broken nose and had to wear a metal protective splint, which used athletic tape to hold it in place.

          Pathetic & then some.

    • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

      “Trayvon wasn’t perfect,we have messed up as teens hell we still mess up as adults.”

      BOOM!!! I mean really and then to hear MOM say that Trayvon was put on a pedestal and portrayed a certain way is an absolute lie. I have seen a great deal of interviews with Tracy and Sybrina and they never portrayed him as a choirboy or anything like that. Sybrina has said he was an average student as it relates to academics. He basically was characterized as a regular teenager and with that, we all know what can come with that. They really believe that these stuff they put forth and just their general perspective is that he caused his own death. I mean why focus on a hand (no face mind you) holding a gun and try to connect that when Tray didn’t even have a gun or any weapon on him? Ugh, I just can’t.

    • ReadDeeply says:

      Absolutely agree with you on all points, klly. Some people think Tray may have defended himself with a blow or two– I don’t think he ever got the chance. And gz’s hand snaking down his own chest to get the gun in his play acting bit on 2/29, acting the part of Tray, bugs me no end.

      If gz was on his back, Tray would never have seen the gun because the holster was behind gz’s back, he’d have been lying on top of it. And even so, the hand snaking down his chest makes no sense unless you believe the shortest distance between 2 points is not straight ahead of you to Mr. Creepy’s gun, but a rather longish acrobatic twist down Creepy’s chest to get to his back…? I can’t even whip up the proper words for such an absurd action!

      And why at this point in the “reenactment” does gz suddenly stop acting out Tray’s part as Tray, as he’s been (he is Tray and himself as victim, standing in front of Tray); suddenly gz as Tray vanishes and it’s gz’s OWN arm snaking around his own chest to get the gun. NOT gz-as-Tray reaching forward, groping for the gun. I find this very telling. It’s the only point at which the physical story telling collapses (like the verbal when gz says “I put his hand over my mouth”) in a very obvious way. Because of course gz is the only one that ever reached for the gun and (imo) he did it standing up. And let’s not even get started on the whole right hand left hand business or I’ll never get off the page!

      Your comment that he would kill again if let off this time is, I believe, spot on. I have a very strong feeling that he has killed before.

  41. abbyj says:

    Thank you, as always, LLMPapa. Every one of yours is a gem. And thank you for the strains of Jonny Lang in the background. Always a pleasure to hear, and always so apt when it comes to fogen, his family, his defenders, and especially his lying defense team.

  42. Malamiyya says:

    I must have blinked when O’Mara explained how he came to learn the true nature of the video. If it was obvious, why wasn’t it obvious all along? And if it wasn’t obvious, who convinced him otherwise and how?

  43. Shari says:


  44. ay2z says:

    And “misstateed nature” of video

    “For that Mr. O’Mara apologizes”.

    (Prof, he did not heed your advice about apologizing personally).

    • ay2z says:

      And, “a slip”
      And “misinformation”

    • LeaNder says:

      ay2z, the problem is that no one can prove that it wasn’t an mistake.

      Keep in mind there was something else. The photo of an under age girl. I guess that was meant to balance the story of Fogen’s cousin, which admittedly prosecution should not and probably will not bring into the trial. But I guess with dropping that allusion he signaled them he was prepared for it. With Trayvon taking a photo of an under age girl? Silly. If he was, as he suggests interested in little girls, he wouldn’t have had a girl friend who is one year older than him.

      What I just wondered, does he plan to exhibit “this mistake” to show how swiftly he corrects an “misstatement”? Compared to the misinformation from the family camp? Maybe that is what this little story was all about looked at in perspective?

      • ay2z says:

        Can’t prove it wasn’t a mistake. That would be easy, an inquiry under oath, of the officer of the court making the statement, in chambers if the judge prefers because he gave misinformation to the court on the record.

        Question: Did you watch this video personally or pass along information given to you by someone else?

        Are you claiming that you could not tell the difference between TWO homeless ‘men’ fighting over a bike and TWO school aged youthful boys beating up ONE ‘man’ for a total of THREE persons involved in a beating being taped?

        TWO or THREE, O’Mara?

        Don’t recall, you say?

        Why not?

        You were mixed up and confused one video with another? There was another of two youths beating up someone? Oh, you confused a refereed fight contest between kids, and thought the referee was a homeless person?

        And what was that referee wearing, Mr. O’Mara.

        Oh, a wide black and white horizontally striped T-shirt, you say?

        Similar idea to what a referee would wear to be highly visible to players in a sport, for example?

        The homeless person was wearing stripes?

        Remind me, how many youths were beating up a homeless person wearing a black and white striped T-shirt?

        Did the homeless person in a white and black striped t-shirt use the bicycle as a block to defend himself against his TWO attackers?

        Alright, Mr. O’Mara, I have heard enough. You did not offer, as an officer of the court, this statement to me as truthful IN GOOD FAITH as required of an officer of the court.

        It is hardly a misstatement, Mr. O’Mara. Next time convert the raw data into proper visual formats before you try to present your best guess of what the file might look like, to the court.

        • LeaNder says:

          ay2z, I didn’t notice at that point, there was evidence he lied fully aware of “his mistake”, I am absolutely with you of course. And pleased about the efforts of the collective mind out there. 😉

          Fact is, I have quite a bit of experience with this type of polite Machiavellian. you always need hard evidence. Over the decades I often needed to look carefully into this type of manipulative lies. But it is not always that easy, they must make a mistake, as he did in this context. He must have forgotten about appendix D. 😉

          • PiranhaMom says:

            #LeaNder –

            ” He must have forgotten about appendix D. ;)”

            As in Dumkoff …

          • LeaNder says:

            Several appendixes really. The motion challenging Nelsons rule concerning Benjamin Crump, then the motion for sanctions of the state and finally the writ of certiorari. Considering this a mistake is even less likely.

  45. Faith854 says:

    Why won’t Judge Nelson issue a gag order in this case? I’m tired of O’Mouth running his mouth!

    • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

      I don’t know, but I know that I am so tired of his yapping as well. When Rev. Al interviewed him last Thursday, I didn’t even get through the whole thing. The misrepresentation of what Tracy Martin said as it relates to the voice screaming on the NEN, the lies about experts across the board not being able to identify the voices, etc., was just too much.

    • ay2z says:

      “… the lure of the cameras….” Microphone addiction?? He’s trying to make himself familiar like a good ol’ honest car salesman, for the jury to relate to. Maybe the lie was part of the plan to show humility.

      Wouldn’t put anything past this guy, but why do it in court? No respect for Judge Nelson?

      • pat deadder says:

        ay2z The more I see him the more I dislike him.I wanted to say hate but omara and west are not worth it.

  46. TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

    Oh yes, LLMPapa rocks as always.

  47. TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

    Sorry for the testing posting, but this is formerly TruthBTold, and my post wasn’t showing up under that name. I haven’t been here in like forever (a few cursory glances here and there), but glad that everyone is keeping up the good fight.

    In any event, OMG!!! If these two lawyers are any good at what they do, it is not really evident to me in this particular case. They tend to leave me speechless and just shaking my head. I nearly died when MOM tried to get a co-sign from the Court and the State when he attempted to assert that he wasn’t the only one yapping away in the media. This was after he told that Natalie Jackson sent tweets to the media the night before. He left it open-ended in that all she requested was fairness to THIS victim similarly afforded to other non-ethnic victims. The judge said that either side is in no position to point fingers, and please don’t go there LOL. The Judge may be confused in that, the State does not talk to the media and the attorneys for the Martin family are not the ones prosecuting this case. I am so sick of MOM going to the media with his commentary. We are on the eve of trial and he should really focus his energy and attention to trying this case in the courtroom where it belongs. He has no need to yap and I believe really does a disservice to his client as if he doesn’t already have enough self-induced issues to contend with. I so appreciated the smirk on Bernie’s face when MOM called in Mr. White and identified who he was. Next week should be very good.

    • Rachael says:


    • ay2z says:

      quoting your comment–

      “I am so sick of MOM going to the media with his commentary. We are on the eve of trial and he should really focus his energy and attention to trying this case in the courtroom where it belongs. ”

      because it’s worth repeating. His focus has been since April 12, 2012, in the media, building his own reputation as far as ‘public perception’ goes so he has the trust, red-haired boyish likability of and (ahemm) the mild-mannered church deacon believability.

      Thanks for the ‘Bernie’ expression heads up, as I missed that the first go round, not watching as it was on. Will find it.

    • We will check into this, don’t know why this is. He says he has no ‘pendings’ and is checking the spam filter. Wait a sec, he says he moved a bunch over this morning. Is the problem resolved on your screen?

    • groans says:

      TheMind said:

      The judge said that either side is in no position to point fingers, and please don’t go there LOL. The Judge may be confused in that, the State does not talk to the media….

      This was not the first time Judge Nelson has said something like that, either. It bothers me to hear it, too, because it’s simply not true. There are only TWO sides in this case, and one of them never talks to the media, does not Twitter, does not maintain a website for the case (let alone a begsite!), etc., etc.

      • Rachael says:

        Don’t let it bother you. She has to be impartial. If she says it for only one side, then that side she says it for can cry about bias.

        Not a problem.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Certiorari Granted: Attorney Crump will be deposed, but the inquiry will be kept very narrowly limited and done under care of Judge Nelson.

        • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:

          I get what you are saying Rachael, but the defense attempting to cry bias when it is a fact that the State does not go to the media and has filed three gag order motions, would look crazy on their part. Not that it would be a new look or anything LOL. Bernie made sure that he put it on the record that the State does not do that. It’s all good because we all know the truth.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        Well, Bernie is present at press conferences after hearings, and comments as asked, but rarely initiating statements. He is savvy.

        The media are lazy – thy could go to him for comments, but they don’t. Many questions, he would refuse to respond to. O’Mara is “unique” in that he is flogging the press with misinformation or information that should be withheld at this time.

        So Judge Nelson wisely uses the term “both sides” so O’Mara cannot claim prejudice and get rid of her.

        She may, however, issue sanctions after the trial, for various reasons. It will be interesting to hear her comments at the next Hearing this week.

      • TheMindIsATerribleThingToWaste says:


  48. ay2z says:

    I want to know something, Mark, what was it that YOU were smoking and tokin’ when you were watchin???

    You were swayyyy off base with this lie. Maybe you should skip the internet apologies and call in to ‘The View’ one more time, this time to apologize to someone who deserves to hear it from you.

    Thursday morning would be good, counsellor.

  49. The Orlando Sentinel and Mark O’Mara owe Trayvon Martin’s family an apology for publishing a bald face LIE about their dead child.

  50. Tee says:

    He knew that it was a lie when it left his mouth! This man is smart people this was not a mistake, he did this to poison the potentional jury. When we first hear something it almost becomes truth until proven other wise, but to most we don’t go back to check if what we heard was true or false even if an apology was printed. Once the lie was spoken it can never be undone. That was his intention, that someone on that jury would hear this lie, believe it and carry it in their minds and into the courthouse.

    • LeaNder says:

      I am with you, Tee. Absolutely a calculated move. Even using the time frame he knew he would have most attention. The Machiavellian part of it, is that no one can prove it was anything but an “unfortunate” mistake. Prove it!

      He works via insinuation. It’s not only about poison the jury pool it’s about shaping US perception on matters.

  51. TruthBTold says:

    OMG!!! If these two are even remotely good at what they do, it is surely not evident in this case. It is embarrassing to say the least. I say in a state of shaking my head. Personally, I am tired of his commentary and am just waiting for the trial to start. Removing the obvious of why he runs to the media, I still don’t understand why he continues to do it. Just focus your energy and attention to trying the case in the courtroom. I nearly died when he tried to get a co-sign from the judge and other parties when he “told on Natalie Jackson” regarding her tweets she sent to the media (which was nothing but requesting fairness in this particular victim the way shown to others) and said that he is not the only one who is in the media basically. The judge was like neither side can point fingers, so please don’t go there LOL. She may be a bit confused seeing as though the State does not talk to the media and the attorneys for the Martin family are not prosecuting this case, so their talking doesn’t really matter. Ha, ha. He looked so silly standing there as the crickets were chirping.

  52. colin black says:


    Was he deceased when you shot him point blank through the heart with a hollow point projectile?


    No he was not he was talking .


    He was DEAD a young DEAD Black kid lieing on the grass.


    No he wasnt deceased he was talking saying
    You got it or you got me stuff like that you no surrendering because now he knew I had a gun .
    Even although I thought he already knew when I kind of sort of shot him point blank
    But thought I had missed



    He wasnt skipping or jummping out of two foot bushes he was a Deseased dead non moveing not surendering non speaking met his maker slipped of this moetal coil pushing up daisys or at least lieing face down in some never to see his Parents again or his Brothers SWEETHEART ceased to be alive Young Black Child.


    No he wasnt he was curseing up a storm an everything I even think I asked someone to help me restrain him
    I definately had to spread his arms to look for a brick an I definetly saw a flash light so he was alive an saying stuff.


    He wasnt saying stuff he wasnt cussing he was D O A
    Deaad on Arival your arival you turned his heart into mincemeat.
    He had no pulse no heartbeat he was in early stage rigor his life signs ware flat his eyes were fixed he was no longer a liveing human he was with his maker he was a dead Black Inoccent Child on his waay home
    An now he is with GOD the Angels his life force ceased kaput gone dead do you understand.


    Fucking PUNK his life had to get away an now mines going away even although Inever had one an TRAYVON DID.

    An thats why you murdered him jelous much you barley functioning excuse of a human not being but a human prtending to be..

    Pretending to be a gangsta
    .Pretending to be an insurance sales person pretending to be a student to graduate pretending to pay rent
    Pretending to be a man or a cop or a decent merican or an Afro Peruvian
    Or a self defence victim or a human or a person of religion
    I could go on an on an on

    TRAYVON Didnt have to pretend he was real you are hollow like the bullets you stole his LIFE WITH.


  53. Two sides to a story says:

    Oh, this is FUN!

  54. ay2z says:

    ****kjsorry, that last link needs to go, it’s a playlist. 😦

    Please cancel. Not the best choice either.

    [mission accomplished]

    • ay2z says:


    • Done, but I have to say, I love yours and others’ videos here. Hate it when that playlist thing happens. Keep ’em coming…”We are not a glum lot.”
      -quote from B Wilson

      (I swear to God we considered changing the site name to Mongo Slade, but I was afraid we’d get sued!)

  55. Leelee says:

    Hoping LLMPapa would like to make a video about this with regards to O’Mara’s lies today.

    In his presser on May 28th O’Mara talks to reporters about BLDR’s presentations to the judge that are not accurate and at 2:15 O’Mara says “If i said something to the judge that turned out to be completely untrue by indisputable evidence I’d probably talk to Mr Schaeffer back there. “
    We need to make sure that O’Mara faces those “dire consequences” that he calls for, for BLDR.

    • PYorck says:

      Note how he starts waffling as soon as he is asked about the video (ca. 2:25). If he was somehow sincerely convinced that that’s what was on the video, why not repeat it? If he just misspoke (yeah, right), then that would have a good opportunity for a little clarification.

    • ay2z says:

      Worthy O’Mara Quotes:

      “could lead to dire consequences for those that make presentations to the judge that are not accurate:

      “I know what I would do if I said something to the judge that turned out to be completely untrue by indisputable evidence…. I’d probably talk to Mr. Schaeffer back there.”

      (You called Mr. Schaeffer yet Mark??)

      Damn, Papa’s mind must be whirling with the possibilities tonight…. 😉

    • ReadDeeply says:

      He did, Leelee! Look it up under Misstated 🙂

    • thejbmission says:


      ….and at 2:15 O’Mara says “If i said something to the judge that turned out to be completely untrue by indisputable evidence I’d probably talk to Mr Schaeffer back there. “

      Does this mean Mr. O’Mara will probably talk to Mr. Schaeffer back there?

      OMG! Now I’m convinced he lied about the passport and his knowledge of the amount in Zimboy’s PayPal account.
      You have to lie to me once.. lol

      • pat deadder says:

        thejbmission yes fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me.Or something like that.

    • LeaNder says:

      What struck me listening to it again, was the photo of an under age girl. GZ’s cousin comes to mind. They look at Trayvon via the data on GZ only. What does taking a picture of an under age girl mean, beyond insinuating something more sinister?

      The sensationalist trends I perceive in this context in US media will prevent them from dealing with these matters more carefully. The Sun Sentinel article may well be the exception in this context.

    • ay2z says:

      Leelee, you said “Hoping LLMPapa would like to make a video about this with regards to O’Mara’s lies today”

      Papa granted your wish. Seen it yet? 🙂

      Hoping LLMPapa would like to make a video about this with regards to O’Mara’s lies today

    • bettykath says:

      So who’s Mr. Shaeffer? Why is he the go-to guy when you lie to the judge?

      • LeaNder says:

        I have the same question. LLMPapa seems to have him in the video below.

        But I still have no clue what the comment means. I was in fact just looking if someone explained it, and your comment so far is all I kind find via the search option. 😉

  56. KA says:

    Is the media covering this “mistake” and “apology”, or did they only rebroadcast the lie?

    • Trained Observer says:

      In some instances, they’re covering the “mistake” and “apology”, following with news that the judge has ruled out admitting into evidence Trayvon’s “pot smoking” … Trayvon’s “truancy” … Trayvon’s “this” and Trayvon’s “that”. Sort of using the apology to broadcast all allegations or irrelevancies Judge Nelson ruled out. I am disappointed she didn’t issue a gag order, and am still hoping she will this week,

      • ladystclaire says:

        @T.O. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one myself. this EVIL CHILD ASSASSIN should have been muzzled a long time ago. he has been taken part with the misfits at the SLUM TREE and maybe on other such sites, smearing this kid’s character as well as his that of his parents and brother Jahvaris.

        He needs to be disbarred and, I think we need to start a petition to see make sure that he will be. as for Rene Stutzman, she needs to be given her pink slip and, walked to the door. this has gotten out of hand and it has been for a long time. PLEASE JUDGE NELSON, SHUT SYLVESTER UP!

  57. ay2z says:

    Class this one as an implosiion of black hole proportions.

  58. O’Mara reminds me of a chap I encountered at a pet shop in Bolton, or was it Ipswich?

  59. ay2z says:

    The chorus fits to a tee. He’s a Liar!!

  60. colin black says:

    This entire phenonima is global among the young uns an started of in America.

    A young guy became a multi millionare by wandering around with a vt an filming
    Homless people fighting.

    He produced a series of vt s called BUM FIGHTS .

    An then thaks to jackass tv ect young people all over the world filmed tramps drunks even toddlers fighting.

    But this BUM FIGHT GUY will pay up to a thousand dollars if you capture a good tramp/homless fight on vt ipd smart phone ect.

    I know its callous but for frigs sake If Trayvon did film this then he is one of about a gazillion people on youtube an the innerwebb whom have done exact same thing.

    Shall we shoot a gazillion more innerweb generation Kids.

    DR Phil tried to have it out with this bum fights entaupenair an it led to
    One of my top ten funniest tv moments ever probably number seven.

    Dr Phil thought he was going to tear a stripp of this bum fights dude an never mind I will see if I can find it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjuuoax2KQY

    • colin black says:

      You have to watch the entire show Dr Phil had no idear that the guy was going to walk on set like that.

      He had worn a base ball cap an differnig garb during the run through .

      An just took of the hat an unveiled his Dr Phil suit at the last second on stage.

      Dr Phil jaw dropped an stood there stunnd or like he had been hit.

      For about 60 secs untill he finally started ranting about get of my stage get of.

      It was nothing to do with the content of the vt he had just shown the friggin vt s
      It was because he was tottaly befuddled at this youn dude rippin the PISS OUT OF HIM


    • LeaNder says:

      This “Dr. Phil” is such a bigot, I am not going to publicize that, it’s despicable, but it is exactly what he just did. Invite the guy show his work and then kick him out. Slightly contradictory, Dr. Phil, don’t think?

      The moral indignation camp. They need to plank out the bits of reality they do not want to face or should allow their kids to face. Never-mind that they may see it out there in the real world, where they hardly can be prevented from seeing it.

      Send your kids out first.

      Incidentally you just showed how it can spun for the support camp.

      But also odd what you can make money with nowadays.

      Interesting, Colin, I didn’t know that.

  61. heartofhearts says:

    There seems to be a severe lack of scruples when it comes to O’Mara. I understand now why he was hired.

  62. Rachael says:

    Professor, do you still say you have seen worse (or was it more stupid – not that it matters, I can’t imagine either one)?

  63. Mr. O’Mara, you make up a story, you get busted, you claim to have great interest in truth…At least show us you have the stones to issue a first-person apology.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      He posted one at GZLC. I’d like to see one on CNN! MSNBC! ABC! FOX! HLN!

      • Yes, I did see the one at GZLC, and my issue with it is, it looks like somebody else wrote it for him: “Mr. O’Mara apologizes,” or whatever, should read more like “I apologize. I got overzealous/lost my mind for a minute/ showed some poor judgment…and I am terribly sorry.” <—-something like that would have sounded more sincere.

      • ay2z says:

        And FRONT PAGE video at the Orlando Sentinel

    • Dan Q. Smith says:

      O’Mara is a common racist. He’s not sorry for anything.

  64. ay2z says:

    Prof, your title reminds me of a cut out animation scene from Monty Python classics.

  65. ay2z says:

    Have to wonder if Mr. Memory man himself, Donald Du…. Donald West, passed along the bad intel.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I think the Treestump infected his brain.

      • ay2z says:

        stump rot

      • Two sides to a story says:


      • Rachael says:

        The theory about this at the outhouse is that there are 2 videos (like there are 2 DeeDees?) and MO’M was describing the wrong one.

        God that outhouse stinks.

      • ay2z says:

        Of course there are two …. Dee + Dee

      • Rachael says:

        LOL – but actually, last I heard they really think she’s a compilation of 3 so she is DeeDeeDee LOL

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Lord have mercy.

      • racerrodig says:

        And there is no cure…nor for being a Zidiot…It’s deadly.

      • Rachael says:

        I wish I could just toss a buch of antibiotics down the toilets at the outhouse if that could disinfect the refuse, but alas racer, you are right. There is no cure. It is deadly.

      • towerflower says:

        Rachel, Yeah the treepers put on a homeless man getting beaten on a bus and because one of the attackers wore a striped shirt similar to the one of the “Trayvon” in the schoolyard fight, it had to be it and Trayvon was a participant in it (he couldn’t have filmed it). The shirts also aren’t the same…..if they bothered to look, one has a V-neck and the other does not.

  66. ay2z says:

    Love to be a fly on the wall to hear what Judge Nelson says to herself when she hears this!

    The LYING LAWYER has outdone himself in undermining his own defense smear tactic and turning it on himself, this time, big time.

    Dee Dee is smiling tonight.

  67. two sides to a story says:

    Beta. Yup, he messed up big this time.

    • groans says:

      Fact is: O’Mara DOES NOT KNOW what “the video” (BTW, what video?) shows.

      Clearly, he hasn’t authenticated it – that is, he can’t demonstrate that “it is what it purports to be” – because (1) he doesn’t know what it is, and (2) he doesn’t even know what it purports to be!

      SMH. Is this the standard of practice for lawyers in Florida??

      • GirlP says:

        So, is he going to aplogize for all the unauthenticated BS he posted and spoke of in the media including tweets from an account that was hacked and a highly redacted document so marked up you can’t really follow the conversation. O’Mara is such a sleezeball.

  68. PiranhaMom says:

    LLMPapa does, indeed.

    As always!

    • CC says:

      Read this: Officer’s Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/06/03/1213239/-Officer-s-Cellphone-Pics-Show-Zimmerman-May-NOT-Have-Been-Punched-the-Night-he-Killed-Trayvon

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Fogen and his supporters think if they tell the story of the deadly attack often enough that the world will accept it.


      • Rachael says:

        “did not note any dried blood in the nostrils”


        And I agree, the blood seen is from that little scratch on the tip.

      • lurker says:

        Very good analysis. Likely something along those lines will occur in court. Once O’Mara is on a playing field with actual rules and an opponent he isn’t likely to do so well.

      • dianetrotter says:

        My thoughts:
        1 GZ admits that Trayvon asked him what his problem was.
        2. Therefore, he was not surprised by Trayvon jumping out of the bushes?
        3. None of this narrative was picked up on 911 call: You gon die tonight mofo! I’m gon git you sucka! or other similar nonsense.
        4. If this “discussion” took place during the beating, wouldn’t voices have jerking motions because of the violent slamming of GZ’s head against the pavement.

        Oh, I can’t wait for the trial.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Well, it’s not as if we didn’t know this already. Good to know that gz now has nothing at all to submit to the jury to show that he received any injuries that night. I guess they’ll have to rely on O’mars stories about Trayvon’s battle readiness, har har har!!!

        A doctor will confirm that a teen of Trayvon’s height and weight, typically is able to manage to manipulate less than 25 lbs and do so with difficulty. While a person of gz’s height and weight can usually manage to manipulate more than 100 lbs with relative ease.

        That makes for some real mis matched wrestling eh?

        • PiranhaMom says:

          @Lonnie –

          Anybody know who “CC” is at Daily Kos? That’s the only byline. Was this written by staff, or an opinion piece by a member of the public?

          RIGOROUSLY reported AND DOCUMENTED! Superb!

          Even Bernie could not do better! (What greater praise could I offer?)

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Beats me who CC is, haven’t seen that handle before. But the article is on the Daily Kos site so that’s a leg up for credibility.

      • towerflower says:

        Lonnie, not to mention the various “moves” that Osterman taught fogen.

    • cielo62 says:

      SLAM that lying SNAKE!

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