Ibragim Todashev may have been unarmed when killed by FBI agent

USA Today is reporting that 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev may have been unarmed when he was shot and killed by an FBI agent in Orlando on May 22nd.

Todashev’s father Abdul-Baki Todashev told the the Moscow media that his son had multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and one to the back of his head. The elder Todashev also displayed photos he claimed were of his son’s body in a Florida morgue, according to AP.

Ibragim Todashev was the ethnic Chechen whom the FBI were interrogating regarding his association with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the late Boston Marathon bombing suspect. Todashev was also a suspect in a triple homicide in Massachusetts two years ago.

The early reports that I read said Todashev was shot because he pulled a knife on an FBI agent.

The USA Today story quotes unnamed sources that Todashev had overturned a table but was unarmed when shot.

The Florida branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for a federal civil rights investigation into Todashev’s death.

“We have confirmed through senior sources within the FBI that Ibragim was indeed unarmed when he was shot seven times in the head, what appear to be even in the back of the head,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director of the CAIR Florida. “That’s very disturbing.”

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  1. FBI Launches Internal Probe To Determine If Shooting Man Linked To Boston Suspect Was Justified


    The FBI is conducting an internal review to examine whether shooting Ibragim Todashev, who was linked to one of the Boston bombing suspects, was justified, Wyatt Andrews reported on Friday’s CBS This Morning. New reports say Todashev attacked an agent and went at him with a metal pole before being shot.

    “A law enforcement source familiar with the shooting has confirmed to CBS News the agent did fire his gun six times, but the source also says he had attacked the agent with a table, thrown him into a wall and was still moving forward with something in his hand as the agent kept shooting,” Andrews elaborated. The review group will now be asking if that account checks out, and if this was reasonable defense.”

    John Miller also contributed to the report, adding in some details. At the interrogation session during which Todashev was shot, he was reportedly writing out a confession about the triple homicide in the Waltham, Mass.

    The state trooper who was in the room noticed Todashev was getting “more and more agitated,” he said. “And then…he did something very interesting. Rather than alert the agent and tip off Todashev that they sensed something was about to happen, he texted the agent saying, be careful.”

    It was when the agent looked at the text that Todashev knocked over the table. The state trooper never got his gun out because he said it would have been too dangerous in the tight place.

    Yesterday Todashev’s father said in a news conference in Moscow that his son was “100 percent unarmed” and the FBI killed him “execution style.”

  2. Nef05 says:

    OT: Van der Sloot engaged? Dude is in all likelihood a serial killer of women, probably with more victims we don’t even know about. Who would be so stupid? Does she have no people? smh

  3. Nef05 says:

    When this first happened and I saw the reports, the thoughts that I had involved words like “shady” and “sketchy” and things like that. I have great respect for LE and folks who put their lives on the line, so that I can be safe, but WOW – there was some stink wafting from this story right from the beginning.

  4. mgs710 says:

    Now here’s some reprehensible police action: .


    “Sensing an imminent “threat” from Tremaine’s body language and “dehumanizing stares,” the officers placed the teen in a chokehold.”

    • amsterdam1234 says:

      Unfuckingbelievable. Way too much unchecked power resting with people who should’ve been disqualified for having any kind of power.

      What the hell is their excuse? Don’t ” dehumanizing” stares fall under the first amendment?

    • bettykath says:

      The Miami cops are complete wusses, thugs and bulies. They felt threatened by a 14 year old boy who had a baby bottle in one hand that was feeding the puppy in the other hand. Watch the video of the interview with the kid.

  5. PiranhaMom says:

    Quote was “what appear to be in the back of the head.”

    Evidence should be forthcoming.

  6. PiranhaMom says:

    I’m waiting for more info on this one although “overkill” is no pun.

  7. cielo62 says:

    Not surprising, really. You get adrenalin, hero fantasies and scant emotional training and you get trigger happy Rambo types. I wold have preferred a trial. But not being shot while unarmed. It’s getting to where we’re no better than 3rd world countries. Shoot now, ask questions never.

  8. Cercando Luce says:

    He would have been far more valuable alive. I wonder if the interview in the man’s home was video-recorded.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Not that any member of the public would ever get to see it.

    • Unless the FBI has changed, which I doubt, they have a policy of never recording interviews.

      They figure that a Special Agent in a suit will always win a swearing contest against a witness or defendant they interviewed.

  9. No, as a former amateur boxer and a black belt, my hands are not considered a lethal weapon. Please don’t get like the Tree House trying to make Trayvon a champion MMA fighter, which he was not and would not make a difference – anyways.

    I have a real hard time believing either parent, especially the mother, who seems to harbor so much hate for American and the American People. I believe the older brother went after the police and they killed him ,plain and simple. And no, I am not a hangem-high type of guy, because I am 100 percent in the Martin’s corner.

    • I don’t believe anyone here thinks Trayvon was a skilled fighter of any kind. I certainly don’t.

    • mgs710 says:

      Please don’t conflate TM killing with this guys. I have much more faith in the FBI than I do GZ.

      • So do I! I don’t think the two brothers were treated any differently than other guys on the run who were involved in the murder of a police officer. The officer in Cambridge was killed hours before the take down of the older brother.

      • willisnewton says:

        George Zimmerman never ran COINTELPRO. I have the requisite “faith” in the FBI that they deserve, which is very little.

        GZ is a liar – the FBI puts out false information. I suppose that’s the difference.

        GZ is being brought to justice. The FBI often acts above the law, and is only occasionally subject to proportional oversight.

        GZ was investigated by the Feds. TheSPD and Norm Wolfinger were not investigated by the DOJ. Who has the authority to investigate this strange killing? The FBI’s own internal affairs unit? Golly such oversight should help stamp out any wrongdoing…

      • gbrbsb says:


        : – )

    • Even if his hands were lethal weapons – it’s a gun vs hands…. if he’s unarmed, take him into custody – don’t go on a manhunt for him. Are we not a nation of laws? He had the right to a fair trial even if he WAS guilty.

      When the media whips everyone up into a frenzy, the police become like rabid dogs and forget that their duty is to uphold the law, and everyone turns a blind eye because *surely* he’s a terrorist – that’s when things get bad!

  10. mgs710 says:

    Wouldn’t his martial arts training make it so his hands are classified as a deadly weapon?

  11. mgs710 says:

    This the same guy who was thought to be involved in that triple murder? Why would the FBI shoot him for no good reason? I don’t think they would.

  12. bettykath says:

    The younger brother in Boston was also unarmed when the cops released a hail of bullets into the boat.

    Damn convenient when they kill those they accuse. The whole Boston thing smell like old fish.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Yeah, and then say he shot himself in the throat. RIGHT. That was immediately suspect.

  13. Ty Flair says:

    Dam! This world we live in.

  14. BillT says:

    the 2 brothers had ONE hand gun between them, the police described some horrific gunfight more like a war yet they had ONE hand gun……and after being surrounded by police one of them got away? also it is very strange they would just announce what they had done and were planning to do to some guy who’s car they hijacked???

    the militarization of our police force is something i greatly fear, we are NOT their enemy, 97% of us abide by the laws, but the 3% that refuse 2 obey laws keep getting released onto us to make room for some of the dangerous medical marijuana people in prisons !

  15. Dennis says:

    Not surprised this happened. FBI was complicit in the cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing.

    The FBI murdered police officer Terry Yeakey after he had seen the unexploded devices in the Alfred P Murrah building and was speaking out about the cover-up. His last phone call was to his friend saying that he had to drop off some evidence to his storage unit and shake the FBI agents that were tailing him. Next thing, he is found dead, ruled a suicide.

    Jesse Trentadue’s brother was also murdered in an FBI holding cell. He had been detained after coming across the border and he matched the description of the infamous John Doe #2.

    A helicopter even snapped a nice picture of the yellow Ryder Truck sitting at a clandestine army base outside of Oklahoma City where they loaded it up with fertilizer. The location was even verified using Google Earth.


  16. boyd says:

    now Tsarnaev mom is saying what did I tell you? He was framed.

    boy did they screw that up and they lied.

  17. Malamiyya says:

    Shooting an unarmed person you’ve been peacefully interviewing in his own home seven times, the last one in the back of the head, does seem an excessive reaction, even for a G-man.

    Shooting an unarmed man you’ve been peacefully interviewing in his own home and then lying about it sounds like a coverup.

    The whole Boston bombing story is fishy.

    The story isn’t going to go away soon.


  18. Big Willie says:

    Disturbing, but unfortunately not surprising.

  19. 7 bullets went into him.

  20. fauxmccoy says:

    very disturbing, indeed.

    • two sides to a story says:

      Yet Tsarnaev had been shooting and throwing homemade bombs, no – according to citizen witnesses, there were shots exchanged.

      On the other hand, most US police seem to be on a shoot to kill rampage while on the street in many, many instances too numerous to count, and many incidents that have nothing to do with terrorism or armed crime and when police were under no real physical threat. So very sad indeed. You watched how the Brit police shot the Islamists killers of the soldier in the legs . . . our police need to show more restraint.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Oops. We’re talking about the acquaintance interviewed by the FBI. Very fishy indeed.

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