Featuring: Frank Taaffe

An individual posted a telling comment at 8:22 pm yesterday using the name Frank TV.

According to his email address, his name is Frank Taaffe.

Normally, I would have diverted the comment into the spam cue, however, this short diatribe is notable, not so much for its racism and foul language, but because of the reference to a “kid crying.”

Are u just a fucking jackass niggra lover. Cutcher and selma said they saw nothing just heard a kid crying u motherfucking shit stirrer

Well, Mr. Frank,

“If you plant corn, you’re gonna get corn.”

You earned this.

I’m going to stuff it down your fat throat.

Choke on it! Southern Man.

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  1. After checking on the neighborhood watch organizations across the country, it is clear George Zimmerman didn’t/doesn’t understand that “neighborhood watch” means WATCH; AND REPORT … NO ACTION YOURSELF. It also doesn’t authorize carrying a firearm and acting like the neighborhood vigilante. Someone needs to catch George up on the true meaning of “neighborhood watch.”

  2. smokeegyrl says:

    OMGosh. He sounds like the David P on the events page. The Petition site has been attacked by the GZ supporters. An email has been sent to MoveOn.org to delete those attacks. Thanks for all you do.

  3. I can’t wait for BDLR to get that drunken mess of a Man on the witness stand!

  4. onlyiamunitron says:

    “Choke on it! Southern Man.”

    Taaffe doesn’t strike me as a particularly Southern name.


  5. colin black says:

    Remember any voices heard on the 911 tape I can hear Trayvons despprate howl silanced mid howl by the fatal shot.
    I also hear a second voice differnt saying fuck more than likely foggen.

    Any other voices heard through fancy systems may be others involved.Or maybe background noise from a loud neighbours tv.
    Or the callers tv even.

  6. SearchingMind says:

    Did GZ CONFESS to 2nd Degree Murder?

    @ Patricia (PiranhaMom)

    I asked:

    Can those of us who have listened very carefully to the 911-recording confirm or deny (with reasonable certainty) that the words: “stay down”! and/or “don’t move!”, could be heard in the background?

    You replied:

    “Have you heard this, or similar commands? I do not have studio-quality beadphones, so I have not heard it. I recall others saying they have, but after 6,000 posts from students, cannot give you a name, alas. I envision that such a command would have been made by Zimmerman AFTER Trayvon failed to answer the question, that Trayvon answered with “I don’t knowwwwww..” We have been thinking on this site that GZ was either trying to get a confession from from Trayvon, to: (a)”Did you rob these houses?” NO? Who did? You know these guys? Give me the names!” or: (b) after Zimmerman demands “What are you doing around here?” TRayvon said, “I’m staying here” or “I live at Mrs. Green’s” or “I’m visiting Brandi.” and GZ barks, “Yeah -What’s the numberrr?” and Trayvon screams, “I don’t knowwwww…” (…)”.

    Seallison’s video

    In the video posted by Seal at 7:01 pm on thread: “The defendant was straddling Trayvon when he fired the kill shot”, GZ stated at 2:32 the following (mark the sequence of his actions as well). GZ: “once I shot him: (a) I holstered my firearm; (b) I got on top of him; (c) I held his hands up because he was still talking; (d) I said: stay down! Don’t move!”.

    Elcymoo’ video

    In the video posted by elcymoo on the thread: ‘Featuring Frank Taaffe’, GZ stated at 1:29 – 1:33 the following. GZ: “I was on him”.

    The prosecution

    I recall that the prosecution seriously objected to releasing the video-statements of GZ arguing (without elaboration) that doing so would amount to releasing GZ’s CONFESSIONS. No one including Judge Lester understood what prosecutors meant at the time.

    Connecting the dots

    After watching Seallison’s video, I am thinking that IF (and that is a big IF), at least, the words “stay down”! and/or “don’t move!” are recorded on the 911-tapes before the ‘kill shot’ was fired, GZ has solidly admitted in his video-statements thereafter that he held Trayvon down ordering him to “stay down”! “Don’t move!” (and GZ could give that order only because “I was on him”). That would indeed mean a solid confession to at least 2nd degree murder collaborated by hard evidence (GZ cannot attribute those words to Trayvon as he would have done and the prosecution would not need voice-expert analysis to determine who was saying what to whom). That would also mean “certain death” for the defense because I do not see how anyone can get around that and argue self-defense.

    • Tzar says:

      Personally I hear a commanding voice saying, “keep still” or “keep him still” just a few seconds before the killing shot is clearly heard. And this is with my horrible headphones.

      • racerrodig says:

        Last night I used my PA System EQ on my best computer with studio quality headphones. Why I didn’t think of this earlier …

        However I can hear what sounds like “……unintelligible…..keep…..
        ….keep ’em dow(n)…..” I also hear what sounds like “….kill ’em…..now” That sounds as if the one talking turned their head, more than likely looking for anyone who may be watching and it’s very faint. Sometimes we hear what isn’t there and miss what is.

        I’m going to play with every slider to enhance the frequencies that the voices are in but one sounds like a girls voice. The problem is that Trayvon’s screams are dominant and prevent me from picking out any detail. Listen again and see if you hear that.

        If it turns out that there is any other voice there, and the State has informed the defense, it certainly would explain FogenPhoole’s demeanor last Tuesday and SheLie and crew being absent.

        • Xena says:


          If it turns out that there is any other voice there, and the State has informed the defense,…

          That recording captured GZ’s voice in the background, apart from capturing Trayvon’s screams. It was reported that the FBI has the tape to enhance to determine what GZ is saying. The reason that report was pulled is because the reporter mis-spoke, saying that Trayvon called 911 when it was actually Jenna’s 911 call.

          I placed the links to the news reports here:

          I used a Sony software program with EQ. If you listen when Jeremy returns back inside, there’s a pause of about 2 seconds where you can clearly hear GZ using profanity and then Trayvon begins screaming again while GZ continues talking.

          • racerrodig says:

            I don’t have any special software to enhance the audio. I do have a very high quality stereo 15 band equalizer. Last night it hit me to take it out of the PA System rack and see if I could isolate anything that was not obvious. There is a very faint voice just before the gunshot that, to me sounds like a female voice. It sounds like
            “….kill ’em…..now” (gunshot) Before that it sounds like “…..keep ’em down…” and that sounds like a male voice.

            My EQ has 15 frequency bands that can enhance or remove (to eliminate feedback) any frequency range you want. When I maximize 1500 Hz to 2500 Hz range I can barely hear this. BUT sometimes we hear what is not there. I ran the normal audio out into a L/R splitter cable into the EQ then into a low wattage stereo studio headphone amp. I can filter out a lot of the garbage but I could never swear in court that that’s what was said.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. I’ve not yet listened for other voices in the background other than GZ’s. It is possible and believable that GZ would ask John to help him hold Trayvon down. It would also give the impression that GZ was the good guy trying to restrain and retain the bad guy, and that would prejudice what John heard and saw.

            I only wish that we had an unredacted copy of that call.

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep & me too !

      • Rachael says:

        Oh dear God, I hope it is not “keep him still,” as that would mean that – I don’t even want to think about it. I know though that some people heard what sounded like more than 2 voices outside and I know people saw a white T-shirt and I just don’t want to think about this.

        • Tzar says:

          That witness volunteered-in excited utterance-th presence of that white shirt individual, TWICE over a span of more than 5 seconds. so she had plenty of time for visual accommodating to lighting conditions and to discern the white from non-white.

        • Tzar says:

          Like I keep saying, I am still of the opinion that something much more sinister happened that night than we have been told or imagined thus far

    • Tzar says:

      Also re-watch the cross-examination of the killer’s father, BLDR hints at the other voices that HE can hear on the audio. They got some sweet surprises waiting for the killer.

  7. colin black says:

    She has been granted at least two continuences so far.

  8. colin black says:

    I dont know about LE officer Smiths phone gps data.
    Would be easy to check the gps data on the police car.

    But I doubt any of that evidence was gathered as remember this was a good shoot.

    foggen was a hero not a zero an no crime was comited except by the deceased.

  9. Trained Observer says:

    What is the status of the perjury charge against Mrs. Fogen?

  10. Tzar says:

    is there GPS data of all the phones of the other involved individuals
    witnesses, the killer and the first cops on the scene?

  11. Jun says:

    I was wondering, can Omara appeal, although he purposely wasted time instead of doing the necessary work for the case?

    I just noticed instead of going over evidence and files, he spent the good majority of the time going in the media slandering Trayvon and his family, telling lies in the media, trying to sue NBC, and then almost a year later, all he has come up with is twitter and facebook?

    I have a feeling he may leak that info to the treenuts

    • SearchingMind says:

      Can O’Mara appeal (a conviction)? Sure. He can.

      Will the Appeal succeed? Nope. Why? Because:

      (a) O’Mara has more than enough time (more than one year) to get expert-witness and prepare for trial;

      (b) O’Mara at this time does not even know- nor can he name the kind of expert-witness (if any) he intends to present at trial and why he has not been able to get such witnesses;

      (c) O’Mara does not know exactly what he does not have but is entitled to have (the Judge asked him numerous times but O’Mara could not provide (specific) answers);

      (d) whatever O’Mara would have gotten from FB and/or Twitter could not have been admissible and/or changed the outcome of the trial – assuming GZ is convicted (that information would be available during the Appeal and the Appellate Court would make that determination based on them), etc.

      (e) the Order Denying Continuance contains no (fatal) flaws.

      • MelRoy says:

        It’s possible an appeal (for a continuance) could succeed, but doubtful.

        They’ve forced two judges to recuse themselves already. The defendant lied to the court about his finances and having a duplicate passport (and I believe O’Mara knew – and so does the court), so there have been two bail hearings.

        So far, the court has been very accommodating to Zimmerman except for his requests not to wear a tag, or to be able to travel outside of Seminole County. And that is with good reason, because the likelihood of flight – especially with his wife on bail pending her own trial.

  12. So ur a Deadhead Prof.? 🙂