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  1. rnewton32 says:

    MOM is such a douche. He says he wants to get this case over with, so he can get back to his life, yet he wants to delay the case; Even citing another attempted murder case that continued for three years.

  2. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    • PiranhaMom says:

      If it hasn’t been reported by another student thus far, on the evening (local) Fox News, O’Mara answered the question as to when the “Self Defense” hearing would be held:


  3. colin black says:

    Crane-Station says:

    February 5, 2013 at 10:13 am

    O’Mara was defiant when we basically said, “Fine, we won’t have any experts, then.”

    (Sam’s Club bill paid though)


    Also known as cutting ones nose off .
    To spite ones face….
    To probably spite there face.

  4. esentrick says:

    attempting to follow…

  5. Malisha says:

    I know how they can make money: Fogen and O’Mara can do a revamped, unfunny Laurel & Hardy act! Especially the pie in the face kinda stuff, everybody loves that! (And then Fogen can eat the props)

    • racerrodig says:

      And to keep it FogenPhoolePhunny they can use whipped cream coated Cherry Pop Tarts covered with Root Beer Barrels since he’s so fond of them. And judging from today’s hearing, he hasn’t stopped being fond of them.

  6. Malisha says:

    “Because there was never any self defence.

    Only Selfish Offence.”

    Right — exactly — precisely — well said — and thank you! ❗

  7. colin black says:

    Ive dedicated this song to foggen.
    Doubt he likes what he sees when looking in the mirror

    Nor has he time to look in a glass table whilst eating..

    To busy stuffing his pie hole.
    Nor can there be any recompence for his crimes of self defence.

    Because there was never any self defence.

    Only Selfish Offence.

    And from an offence of murder against TRAYVON.

    To a constant offence to the common sense an intelegence to the Masses whom you expect to..WINK WINK.Beleive your ever morphing version of events.

  8. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I hope the day will come soon when Trayvon with his family will see justice served.

    Standing next to me in this lonely crowd
    Is a man who swears he’s not to blame
    All day long I hear him shout so loud
    Crying out that he was framed
    I see my light come shining
    From the west unto the east
    Any day now, any day now
    I shall be released

  9. groans says:

    You guys are the best!

    Thanks for all the info – I knew I could count on you! Major bummer I had to miss because of work (not complaining – I enjoy the paycheck)!


    It’s so bittersweet, I think I’ll go have a cry.

  10. Malisha says:

    Vile racist comments are not even interesting, but they do show that the Fogenites are riled up like a bunch of angry hornets. Boo Hoo nobody to sting!

    • Rachael says:

      They are so worried that if things go their way there will be rioting in the streets. Yet when they don’t, this is what they do. Is it really any better? What a lesson I have learned from this case.

  11. MichelleO says:

    I can no longer look at these people anymore. I will just read along with all of everyone’s posts.

  12. The Trayvon Martin Foundation Presents:
    I am Trayvon “Day of Remembrance Peace Walk”.

    Sat. 2/09/2013 at 10:00am.

    This is a “Community Event”
    Free food, entertainmen, motivational speakers

    Ives Estate Park

    20901 NE 16 AVE Miami Florida 33179

  13. Trained Observer says:


  14. Trained Observer says:

    Were any Fogen family members in court today …. Mrs. Fogen … whining parents Robert and Gladys … the blabber-mouthing brother? The sister? Any known pal.. ;, Retreat former neighbors?

    It did seem odd … the way MOM and West got up and departed seemingly without so much as a glance at Fogen. More anomosity than we even suspect? Had Fogen, bully that he’s known to be, threatened to sack them if they failed to come through on a biggy like the continuance or some of the lesser motions?

    Is Fogen even bright enough to get the significance of what happened today with Judge Nelson … especially versus how it might have been with Judge Lester, or the first one?

    • blushedbrown says:

      @Trained Observer

      >>>>Is Fogen even bright enough to get the significance of what happened today with Judge Nelson … especially versus how it might have been with Judge Lester, or the first one?

      Oh I think he gets it. He gets it now. It is not going away. No matter what anyone tells him, he sees the writing on the wall.

      • lurker says:

        I would imagine that O’Mara knew it was a shot in the dark as well. His plea didn’t include much in the way of new information. I would think that he had his assistant explain in advance that this wasn’t likely to go anywhere. I believe he is working on a “spaghetti defense,” keep throwing stuff against the wall until something sticks.

        • blushedbrown says:


          “spagetti defense” is exactly what he is doing. He should of been preparing like the Judge reminded him. He knew months in advance of the trial date. O’mara has become so unprofessional that it still boggles my brain.

      • KA says:

        Ya know, I thought of something.

        I think O’Mara knew that he would not get this continuance. He offered no real information and could not even articulate what he was waiting for, specifically to warrant a delay.

        Honestly, I think he needs an excuse to “save face” on not having an immunity hearing with his contributors.

        Now, he just “doesn’t have enough time to prepare” as an excuse.

  15. We Remember! Birthday Week Celebrations For Trayvon Martin Scheduled In Orlando

    The Trayvon Martin Foundation presents the week’s activities honoring the memory of Trayvon Martin, whose 18th birthday would have been February 5, 2013.

    1st Activity: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 8:30 a.m.

    Community Leaders from Sanford Florida and college students will say a prayer for the Martin family, sing Happy Birthday, and present flowers and balloons in front of the Sanford Court House prior to the scheduled court proceedings.

    2nd Activity: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Goldsboro Welcome Center

    Address: 1211 Historic Goldsboro Blvd. Sanford, FL

  16. Their first mistake was to demand a new judge. Lester was bending over backward for that man, who would not be out walking around in our state (KY- no bail bondsmen).

  17. KA says:

    I think half of the stuff O’Mara is asking for has no place in the defense strategy (if there is one..which I question) but done to placate the CT folks to restart their financial support.

    I really cannot believe 300K is gone with nothing to show for it. GZ and SZ did not even make 30K a year, and yet has already gone though over 200K in 9 months and no attorney nor experts have been paid? Aside from the bail money (100k), I remember the number 6 months ago was like 330K they had received. How is 230K gone without any money to spend on the case?

    It is the height of irresponsibility.

    That is truly jaw dropping.

    • Aside from buying a house with cold, hard cash, we cannot figure out how we would even begin to spend that kind of money in that brief period of time.

      On another note- O’Mara might have wanted to keep that iPad on the down-low, instead of flashing it around in today’s hearing, while at the same moment complaining about not having any experts hired.

      • Plus, O’Mara and West needed to not turn tail and walk out on their defendant, on national TV, leaving him in a chair until a bailiff arrives.

        Bullshit like that sends a message: “We don’t have enough respect, to see to it that our own client makes it out the door.”

      • KA says:

        I agree, he was not even a home owner. Even his bills were 40K or so.

        SO publicly it seems he has spent 65K pre O’Mara “awareness” (which was a crock) – this included bills and living expenses.

        O’Mara took out 27K for living expenses for GZ/SZ

        He spent 40K on one security detail (we know from the lawsuit).

        6K to his mom.

        Okay, that is 132K spent, and adding maybe 10K the for additional donations (conservative estimate I know)

        He still has over 100K to account for without a dime being spent on experts or the attorneys (the actual case).

        I mean REALLY! Was that ALL in security? What is he, the president?

        • At this point, probably the best idea for O’Mara would be to withdraw.

          Security. For what? Doesn’t Zimmerman have ‘the’ gun? Wait. Maybe he doesn’t have a license. Was that part of the bail deal, not to carry a gun? I don’t know for sure.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Shh. Don’t give ’em any hints, Crane.

      • KA says:

        I found it SO ODD that no one talked to him to tell him what happened, if he was okay, or anything…

        They all chit chatted with each other and acted like he just was not there. It was a surprise after O’Mara’s overly affectionate initial attention in the hearings early on.

        I can only guess, they do not like him. I suspect they live under constant threat of being “fired” from him. I bet they wished they would have taken him up on that now.

        • To be blunt, O’Mara and West looked like they couldn’t wait to get out of there and snort cocaine off a stripper’s tits.

          They looked way too happy, and they forgot they had a defendant sitting there.

      • ” To be blunt, O’Mara and West looked like they couldn’t wait to get out of there and snort cocaine off a stripper’s tits. ”

        @C-S, do you mind!! your killing me here, i gotta take a shower and then go pick up the kid, and you guys are distracting me, making me laugh and act all stupid like i’ve lost my mind or i’m ADD or something!!!
        PLEASEEEEEEEEEE i almost broke my neck!!!

      • fauxmccoy says:

        to all of the comments of folks ignoring fogen, i’ll just offer that fogen was playing his famous court room ‘potted palm’ routine 🙂

  18. esentrick says:

    Professor and all is DeeDee required to provide her Facebook and Twitter information to the defense? I sincerely hope DeeDee retain a lawyer prior to the deposition.

    • SearchingMind says:

      No, she can claim that providing such information would (a) violate her privacy and (b) put her in mortal danger. She will cite the cyber stalking of known DeeDees to support her claim that of living in fear and terror since reports of their doxings surfaced. Under certain circumstance(s) the privacy- and security interests of the witness outweighs the right of a homicide defendant to have the private information of the witness involved.

      I will be highly amazed if no lawyer was retained for DeeDee right after the arrest of ‘George Zimmerman: The Butcher of Sanford’. Attorney Crump would not be forgiven for that.

      • blushedbrown says:

        Doesn’t Crump represent her also? IIRC I think he does.

      • Xena says:


        No, she can claim that providing such information would (a) violate her privacy and (b) put her in mortal danger.

        Which is why FB and Twitter will object to the subpoena. They operate under federal law and their TOS do not require them to cooperate with defendants — only law enforcement. So, what O’Mara is looking at is:

        Deposing DeeDee:
        O’Mara: Do you now of have you ever had a Facebook account?
        DeeDee: Yes.
        O’Mara: What is the handle you use on the account?
        DeeDee: blah, blah, blah

        The O’Mara issues the subpoena to Facebook for account information, all input and activity on Facebook for account name blah, blah, blah, during the period of such and such through such and such.

        And Facebook responds, we are governed by U.S.C. blah, blah, blah. Our TOS sets forth blah, blah, blah. If you believe that you are entitled to the requested information — see ya in court.

      • esentrick says:

        @searchingminds ahhh that makes sense…but what boggles me is why he so desperately need this information for DeeDee…What could he possibly obtain from social media that would relate to this case or even justify her character?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        And if the defense wants that so badly – the Treestump has talked about it for months – why do they wait so late in the game to depose Witness 8 ? OM, you’re kinda slow on the uptake, buddy.

  19. So. Is that Orlando Sentinel’s honest-to-God classiest act, publishing that garbage that some tin-foil hat typed from an underground bunker?

    Referring to the inappropriate, racist, bigoted dipshit who commented at OS, just below the Live Stream feed.

  20. Xena says:

    Just received notification –Trent Sawyer, stateoftheinternet, has posted the hearing on his Youtube channel.

    Taking a break — need coffee.

  21. towerflower says:

    The State has to turn over a timeline dealing with the phone. Was that with the chain of custody or something else?

    I loved it when BDLR mentioned the history of the phone….Sent to Santa Barbara to only unlock the phone in which they did. Hand delivered to NJ Celtek and MOM was given the opportunity to be present for everything dealing with the phone there and he declined to come.

  22. fauxmccoy says:

    dang, dang, dang – was getting kids off for school out here in california and missed live action. so far, no uploads on youtube, but if anyone finds one, please post. thank ye kindly!

  23. Trained Observer says:

    Apple pie for dessert?

  24. So, should I hire an expert witness on retrieving GPS information from a cell phone, or should I super size three double cheeseburgers and an extra order of cheese fries?

    Fuck it. I’m hungry. I’m ordering the super sized three double cheeseburgers and an extra order of cheese fries and, yeah, four cokes and have it delivered in a Rolls Royce.

    Then I’ll take a nap and figure out what I’m going to have for lunch.

    That’s what I call a classic of the genre.

    Oh, and the genre is Stupid Defendants.

  25. Where can I find a recording of the hearing? I missed it? Sigh.

  26. roderick2012 says:

    Will the fact that O’Mara won’t be able to obtain Trayvon’s Facebook or Twitter data by the trail be grounds for an appeal?

    • lurker says:

      Pretty difficult to imagine anything in the FB or Twitter that could counter the reality that he was walking home from the 7-11, unarmed, when he was followed and accosted by GZ.

      Wondering if the strategy is to forget about the trial (lost anyway) and do as much as possible to pump up public opinion in the hopes of raising more cash. Last week, when interviewed, O’Mara was making a big deal out of having finally been provided with the actual pic that the Martin family gave the police to help ID the body. Now exactly what evidenciary value does that have to the trial? None–but he can flash it around and claim that the pics in the media were a part of a conspiracy to make his client appear to be a racist, or whatever.

      • Jun says:


        I dont see how that proves that but the picture is one we have all saw numerous times before Omara released it and in fact Trayvon looks like a teenage boy so it makes his client look even more like a pathological liar

      • KA says:

        I am guessing if they “need” that, they found nothing proving in his school records…

        It is clear that doors of opportunity and “evidence” of Zimmerman’s justification are closing behind him rapidly.

      • KA says:

        The Martin family provided a host of pictures to the media outlets. Several of those were taken 8 days before he was killed. If the case is not to jury yet, why in the world would a picture be grounds? This judge does not care what the media or the general population think. Her responsibility is the courtroom and the trial.

        I honestly cannot believe he actually brought it up.

      • leander22 says:

        I honestly cannot believe he actually brought it up.

        You are not part of his target audience. He simply picks up one of the major “evil media/Scheme Team” motives. The picture of a much younger Trayvon without which there would have been no trial or prosecution. That’s how spin works you have to pick up on arguments already deeply stored in people’s minds. The photo triggers the whole necessary chain of associations he wants.

        I am not absolutely sure about precise time lines but nevertheless:

        The whole photo argument feels weak to me, after all it seems to me prosecution was still working on the case. Wolfinger did never close it but instead asked FDLE for help.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Pretty difficult to imagine anything in the FB or Twitter that could counter the reality that he was walking home from the 7-11, unarmed, when he was followed and accosted by GZ.

        That’s why I find it difficult to understand why Nelson allowed O’Mara’s motion in the first place.

    • Jun says:

      I am not a lawyer but I dont think so because I doubt by at least 99.9%, that there is anything to prove, it was not a murder

      All twitter or facebook will prove, if there is even one (not everyone has those), is at one point in time, what a certain individual was thinking or feeling at that particular moment in time, as well as it could be hacked and someone posing as such a person

      • lurker says:

        There were some early things flying around the internet purporting to be Trayvon’s FB or Twitter. Lots of grins and giggles for the haters–he said bad words, his friends said bad words, one supposedly talked about T. hitting a bus driver. Mostly these were provided by a Klan offshoot that had supposedly hacked into the closed accounts. In my experience, if a black kid hits a school bus driver it is a VERY big deal and would be all over his school records–and a 10 day suspension would not suffice. So–doubtful that the stuff exists as claimed. But it seems like the slimmest of suppositions trying to suggest that someone who hit someone once would jump a stranger in the dark–even if the judge allowed it into court.

        What I have believed all along is that the best hope is to prove to Z. that the evidence is stack against him–because he did it and then tried to cover with a bunch of lies–and he can choose between a long sentence or a shorter one by making a deal.

      • Jun says:

        Even if you think about it, it still does not prove anything substantial in the case, in regards to those fake Trayvon twitter accounts

        And besides, Fogenhats has a long violent history of victimizing and manipulating and scheming others… so he would look just as likely character wise to have committed the crime… then add the actual relevant evidence, and then there’s motive, intent, opportunity

      • KA says:

        Also, There is nothing on Trayvon’s pages except references to pot (which we already know he was suspended for, but had basically nothing in his irrelevant) and some rap lyrics. I think bring out a statistic like 40 – 60% of 16 – 18 year olds try pot should be sufficient to diffuse that.

        However, GZ has MANY things on his social media that infer racist thoughts and motives, not to mention his “beating a charge” narrative. I think his profile ID alone is horrible and telling as well.

        Nothing Trayvon wrote (as a high school student no less) holds a candle to the content of GZ’s social media pages.

        I missed a large part of the hearing, why will Trayvon’s social media pages take 4 months to obtain for the defense?

    • lurker says:

      Wondering also about the 7-11 records of folks who made purchases before and after Trayvon. Cannot imagine anything helpful coming there (more wasted time). Worst case he asked an adult to make a purchase for him (and was turned down). Some smear value perhaps. Nothing pertinent.

      • Xena says:

        @lurker. If by chance 7-Eleven has the receipts and O’Mara is able to obtain personal information, it doesn’t mean that the person or persons know anything. They could have moved by now; be in the Armed Forces or away at college or simply say, “I don’t remember.” It’s a waste of time and resources, IMO. It doesn’t prove that GZ killed Trayvon in self-defense.

      • Rachael says:

        Just O’Mara wasting time so he can say he needs more.

  27. kindheart101 says:

    Oh Happy Day!!!!!!! Trayvon got the BEST Birthday gift ever. He was handed a platter, with Fogen on it, and a fresh apple stuffed in his mouth.

    You were not given more time Trayvon. Z declared himself your Judge and Jury on the 26th of 2012. Now, Fogen is begging for more time………..Denied, Delays, Denied. Time is closing in on him Trayvon. He has NO WHERE to run, he can’t get away.

    Happy Birthday Dear Trayvon. Justice is getting closer by the day.

  28. willisnewton says:

    George knows that THIS is all the “free” time he has left. By all rights he should be in county lockup after the stunt with the money and the passport hiding. But for the GPS device, he had the means, motive and opportunity to flee justice the first time he made bail. i have little doubt that his plan was to stick around to raise cash as long as the money was coming in, and then to miss his next scheduled appearance and flee to Peru had he not been ordered to wear a GPD monitoring device. He’s a rank opportunist who murdered an unarmed teenager after profiling him and chasing him first with his car and then going after him on foot.

  29. type1juve says:

    I just read that comment. It’s frightening that people like that exist among us.

  30. Well then. They just got backhanded by the Court. Wonder if they’ll finally start some serious preparations.

  31. Xena says:

    Happy birthday Trayvon!!! You shined in court today. The man who killed you cannot delay his trial. JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Justice for Trayvon!

    • blushedbrown says:


      Yes he shined today. Happy Birthday Trayvon! You did good.

    • KA says:

      I find it somewhat crazy he wants to delay…I mean this was positioned to the media and internet groups that “when the evidence comes out, it will be clear of GZ’s innocence”

      Interesting he has backtracked on that…and still feels slighted. If this is so “open and shut” over evidence, why need to go fishing and delay?

      I can’t believe the media in interviews has not nailed him on that point yet.

      • leander22 says:

        I do not watch his media appearances anymore after he dropped the comment on the codes of drug dealers compared to the “questionable” use of code by Fogen. …

        One thing comes to mind.

        It would counter his argument that evil media and “the Scheme Team”, if that is what they are called over at the Treehousers, was a problem.

        Strictly saying something like that wouldn’t help to raise it PR wise. Concerning this larger field it would indirectly insult everybody in the whole Trayvon Martin camp too.

        Interesting he has backtracked on that…and still feels slighted.

        Long meditation again, I should switch on my head before I type, has he ever said so himself?

        KA weren’t you our expert on possible cell phone GPS precision. Meaning are you the one that wanted to ask more experienced colleagues about the latest state of affairs?

      • leander22 says:

        I cut too much out again:

        Strictly saying something like that wouldn’t raise his reputation, and I think that is partly what he is in for.

      • Xena says:


        Interesting he has backtracked on that…and still feels slighted. If this is so “open and shut” over evidence, why need to go fishing and delay?

        The refusal of the Zidiots that released discovery should be taken seriously is what led to their “open and shut” claims. In the alternative, they made those claims in effort to convince others that the State’s released discovery had no relevancy. Now that O’Mara has seen discovery and know how damaging it is on his client, he claims to need more time, more discovery, more money.

        None of those things will help him, however. Evidence is evidence and forensic and physical evidence convicts GZ of 2nd degree murder.

      • KA says:

        Yes, I work in communications for about 20 years now (dang, I think I might be old).

        I am not an expert [at all] on handsets or data storage on wireless devices, but I am on network data, technologies, and operational data. I just remembered today when reading this blog. I will ask a more experienced colleague on the data that is captured, and then stored by T Mobile from both the network and the device.

        On the network, data may be captured by a switch or transmitted, but overwritten or dropped. There is also possible “App history” data that can obtained. I am more familiar with that as IP, broadband networks and devices and the analysis is more of my current focus.

        I will answer back when I hear.

      • KA says:

        leander22 –

        He had said dozens of times that when the evidence comes out, it will clearly show GZ was using self defense. He has also talked about how “in shock” he and his client are at being charged at all since the evidence clearly points to his innocence. He has said that he felt the arrest and charging was politically or socially motivated without the facts to back it up.

        I could go on.

        It is strange that he is needing every illogical documentation and fringe data point which is doubtful to even be admissible to “prove” his case that was so “easy” with just the evidence released.

      • KA says:

        I am not a “device” person either….so my spouse marvels at how I can know so many things about telecommunications, yet not be able to reboot my phone properly, or change the text language….the device itself is a mystery to me too.

        I will post. Specifically, I was going to ask what data is captured and “hard” stored in the device (ie memory, card, SIM), and then ask what information may be stored and kept in the network. The only thing I can get my head around on GPS coordinates it that it cones from an app (which is sounds like on that phone) and it is stored somehow in the app history. Every carrier has different implementations of data capture and storage, so I will see what I can find out on T Mobile for this.

        The only issue here is that in my thoughts is that if Trayvon was talking on the phone for hours with W8, and his battery was almost dead, 3/4G and apps may have been turned off to conserve battery.

        The “ability” to capture data, and the actual capturing and storage methodologies are very different. Typically, unless there is a regulatory or commercial reason to do so, only a portion of data is actually processed and stored.

      • KA says:

        oh and the “app history” would most likely come from a third party and not the phone or T Mobile. T Mobile may keep a sunset of the data available for CALA (regulation for law enforcement) reasons, bill validation, or a commercial product (like targeted advertising).

      • fauxmccoy says:

        Tmobile has a nifty service that you can subscribe to on their customer support site that will track any gps phone in your plan. i have used it to check on my teen daughters, just to make sure they are where they say the are going (it’s very accurate). it’s also helpful if a phone is lost, until it runs out of battery power. i pay a nominal fee for the service, but i kind of wonder if the data simply exists withing Tmobile records anyway and i am merely paying for access.

    • Malisha says:

      Uh Oh I see PTSD coming!

    • esentrick says:

      @Xena Your absolutely right and nicely stated! Trayvon definitively shined today.

      • kindheart101 says:

        X 100………….well said!

      • Xena says:


        @Xena Your absolutely right and nicely stated! Trayvon definitively shined today.

        Trayvon’s birthday could not have been a better day for a hearing in GZ’s case. BDLR, attorneys Crump and Blackwell no doubt got up this morning with peace, confidence and a song in their heart, while GZ and his Feign Team got up nervous, tense, and filled with fear.

        It’s all God’s plan.

  32. O’Mara was defiant when we basically said, “Fine, we won’t have any experts, then.”

    (Sam’s Club bill paid though)

    • willisnewton says:

      lol. and new phones that are clearly smarter than they are. Note to self: if ever on trial for murder, pay lawyer first.

      • Yup. Someone faced with a murder charge has a couple of choices: 1) Get the best possible defense one can get, or 2) Say, “You know what, fuck it. I’m going shopping at Sam’s”

        Who takes choice 2?

        Who does that?

      • Eric says:

        Crane-station, that’s funny! Who does that you ask? Evidently those who know that the end is near and have grown to corpulent to bend over and kiss their asses goodbye!

      • groans says:

        Crackin’ up at your “note to self”! :lol”

      • fauxmccoy says:

        Who takes choice 2?

        – – – – – – –
        i’m sure it makes perfect since if you are a giant #2.
        (yes, i’ve sunk to potty humor, but it’s a great day to not be george!)

    • esentrick says:

      bwaahaa!! Your right Crane…but wasn’t that MOM primary concern, that the defendant’s living expenses are taken care of instead of his defense!

    • blushedbrown says:

      LOL with Crane-Station

    • Rachael says:

      “Fine, we won’t have any experts, then.”


      • towerflower says:

        Setting up the grounds for an appeal……

        • There is no appealable issue at this time.

          Judge Nelson several times asked MOM to be specific about why he needed a continuance and he never answered her question.

          The truth is he wants the continuance to troll for more dollars on the internet, but that’s not a valid reason for a continuance.

          Therefore, there is no basis to appeal and the rules of appellate procedure probably prohibit interlocutory appeals (i.e., before a case is concluded) unless the order appealed from decides the case.

          The denial of the motion to continue did not decide the case. Therefore, an interlocutory appeal would be rejected.

        • Xena says:

          @towerflower. If O’Mara is setting up grounds for appeal, then it means he believes GZ will be convicted. Not having expert witnesses when the defense is responsible for obtaining them is not grounds for appeal. Not having money for expert witnesses is not grounds for appeal, especially when your client has received in excess of $300,000 in less than 12 months, and exhausted it on other things.

          Did you catch where BDLR said he didn’t know why the defense would need expert witnesses? (Hahaha) In other words, BDLR is saying that O’Mara will not be able to find any expert witnesses to refute or interpret evidence to the defendant’s benefit.

      • blushedbrown says:

        My sentiments exactly.

      • KA says:

        Surely they can not win an appeal on the fact they could not stick to the established and “agreed upon” deadline? There is nothing “new” here. I could see if some new host of witnesses came forth last week, but this is all the same stuff they have been talking about.

        I did not think they would try to get Lester removed (nor had any grounds).

        Anyone want to wager they will try to get Judge Nelson removed?

        I have to say, she has been quite to the point, facutal, and very neutral in her words and tone. I think she knows who she is dealing with.

      • pat deadder says:

        And BDLR’s reply ”I don’t know why you need experts anyway”,

    • Two sides to a story says:

      That was funny. I’m taking my ball and going home then, nyah-nyah.

    • leander22 says:

      could that be connected to a legal trick that helps him to get what he wants?

    • Malisha says:

      They won’t have any experts because nobody’s gonna get up there and try to espouse something that will get so torn apart and demolished, so publicly, that their career will be in absolute ruins after they get out of the court room. Even for half a million dollars, no respectable expert would get up there and expose himself or herself to the obvious aftermath. Their careers are worth more in the long-run than one fee on which they have to pay tax. It’s not about money. O’Mara’s got a sh1t case and he knows it. After all, think about it: plenty of experts do pro bono work. O’Mara knows lots of them. You could get one of them who was sympathetic to Fogen OR friends with O’Mara to do it if it could be done. It can’t be done and O’Mara is just using money for an excuse.

      Petulent little b*****d.

      • Well, definitely. That said, there are whores in every arena, but some circles are pretty tight, meaning that O’Mara may be having a difficult time, finding that expert ‘trump card.’

    • mandelbaum says:

      😀 😀

  33. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    Why does West have to make Nelson repeat herself after she makes a ruling? Does he hope that she will change her mind or does he need to hear her say it 10 times before it sinks into his brain and he can finally understand? Mr. Crump’s deposition will be postponed until she and both parties read the affidavit given to them by Crump’s attorney and defense can call her office to schedule time if they need something important heard. H E L L O….I got that the first time she said it LOL
    George was not happy when motion for continuance was denied. 😀

    • Rachael says:

      Because he is like an 8 year old. Also with telling about that other case that is 3 years in and not ready so why shouldn’t theirs be given more time. It is like “well Johnny’s moms lets him do it.”


      • Funny. I was just saying, “Jeez. She is having to repeat things as if O’Mara is five years old.

      • leander22 says:

        that’s pretty close to what Jeralyn suggested. She wrote, I am pretty sure about that. Such cases never get to trial before two or three years. Since I remember, very, very bad considering how much you will forget as a witness.

        Maybe they should read less concentrated on the web, they introduced as such a uniquely new tool in such a case?

        What I start to wonder about is this. Scenario: Judge Lester wrote a private internal info or spoke to someone in charge of matters. Look x, this is a case that confronts me with a high dose of psychology, I wonder if I can handle it. We have only one experienced judge that could handle such a case and that is Debra. Answer, well do something that will trigger a motion to get you out of the case, I’ll talk to her, give me two days. 😉

        • You said,

          “What I start to wonder about is this. Scenario: Judge Lester wrote a private internal info or spoke to someone in charge of matters. Look x, this is a case that confronts me with a high dose of psychology, I wonder if I can handle it. We have only one experienced judge that could handle such a case and that is Debra. Answer, well do something that will trigger a motion to get you out of the case, I’ll talk to her, give me two days.”

          I am reasonably confident that no such conversation took place. Lester is a very experienced judge and I doubt he would ever consider dodging a case like that.

  34. @Groans!! YOU called it baby!! HELL NO GZ YOU ARE GOING TO TRIAL!!!

    when i read that again when you posted it 3-4 days ago i felt the same way. i got this calm warm fuzzy feeling that she wouldn’t allow a continuance!! they had fair warning and should spend their time on the case and not on the internet!!

    • Rachael says:

      I had heard that she doesn’t like to waste time, that you better have things ready when you say you will. Apparently that is true. YAY!!

    • groans says:

      Thanks, Shannon. I assume you’re referring to the itsy bitsy calendar club? >WHACK! <

      Like Rachael, I had heard that Judge Nelson has a reputation for keeping control of her cases/docket and having no tolerance for slack lawyers. Local lawyers said: She's very fair, but you better do your work and be prepared; she's not inclined to grant continuances due to lawyers not doing their job.

      When she started the calendar the FIRST time this case came to her, I put 2+2 together — aha, THAT’S how she keeps control of her cases! Then she put it in an Order, with a “no continuances” paragraph. That’s why I was so surprised O’Mara didn’t even address that Order, because he was actually asking her to amend it.

      I sure hope Trent’s got a video of the today’s hearing – I hate that I missed it, you all sound like you were having a great time!

      • yeah but you came out with that order and she actually pulled it out and quoted it !! that was so unreal!
        yeah in the very beginning when she put those things in that *itty bitty calendar* she wasn’t foolin around!!

        and ofcourse Trent got that!! :;):

        you’d think omar woulda at least found the same information on Judge Nelson you found… but ya know, he had more important things, maybe like writing emails to the tree house termites…tisk tisk

  35. esentrick says:

    Happy Birthday Trayvon! MOM got a taste of its own medicine! Blackwell is fierce!

  36. KA says:

    I am trying to figure out what they want to deposition Crump about? I understand the logistics of recording, the contact with W8 and the device and methods, but what in the world would they have to ask him about besides things that he is not going to answer anyway?

    Crump was not there, he just found and interviewed W8 BEFORE any charges were levied.

    I hope the judge does not stand for an obvious attempt to intimidate and kill the reputation of a minor that’s only crime was talking on the phone to Trayvon.

    Question: How are the rules different on deposition for attorneys? West was reading rules at the end that seemed to allow anything on deposition for the defense.

    • Xena says:

      The Rule is about Class A witnesses. He’s skipping over the attorney-client privilege. West is disrespectful.

    • tony reay says:

      They’re fishing – just like they have been doing with everyone… hoping against hope that some will say SOMETHING that they can MAYBE twist to their advantage

    • Crump represents the Martin family and obviously has had many conversations with them about the case. All of those conversations are confidential and protected from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege.

      So is his work product, which includes his efforts to find Dee Dee and his conversations with her, except for the recorded conversation with other people present, including Mark Gutman of ABC.

      Basically, Crump’s affidavit sets forth a chain of custody for that recording, which is all that Judge Nelson said he could be asked about.

      • lurker says:

        In other words, the affadavit just saved O’Mara a bunch of work–that is if the deposition was only intended to gather info about the limited topic of chain of custody.

        I agree with others, he is twisting in the wind, trying to focus just about anywhere except for the dog-walk between Twin Trees Lane and Retreat View Circle on the evening of Feb 26.

      • KA says:

        I had the feeling that they wanted to “catch” Crump in something and discredit him (like he “coached” her or something inappropriate like that). I assume if they are fishing for that, they will have to somehow conclude that from W8’s deposition, not Crump as those questions would be off limits?

  37. willisnewton says:

    I think they spent the 300 large on cheeseburgers. I agree w the prof that MOM is getting ready to dump his client after claiming indigent status. He’d got enough material now to sell a book deal and who needs the grief at this point?

  38. jm says:

    Looks like GZ finally realizes the end is near and he will have his day in court in June where his lies will be exposed after which he goes to prison.

    This judge doesn’t suffer BS fools like Team GZ and that has to have registered with GZ today. Bet they miss Judge Lester at this point.

  39. lurker says:

    Just noticed. One comment on the Orlando Sentinel site, below the live feed. It ain’t pretty. There is a sickness in our country.

  40. racerrodig says:

    What a slap in the face !! A couple things.

    I hate to say it BUT I called it Crump, will not be deposed. She will stick to the Affidavit as being sufficient. That was well done.

    I noticed when Mr. Blackwell was talking BDLR was just going about his business and packing up nice and calm !!

    The hypocrisy of O’ Mara with his we just won’t be able to have expert witnesses, yet West goes down a “…we’ll do it our way, do the deposition THEN we’ll discuss the legal issues regarding that, and Judge Nelson had none of that !!

    West went down the “..prearranged deposition…” s if it was set in stone and there is no flexibility.

    Wow, what’s with the semi – mohawk haircut Fogen ??

    And where is that stupid little smirk ??

    New nickname acomin’ Thunder Thighs FogenPhoole. I’d say he’s at about 3 bills for sure.

    Oh, we just won’t be able to make it for trial on time. (big sigh and shoulder shrug) We just won’t be able to have any expert witnesses and if you noticed he said “…because there are none…”
    or “…we have none…” Gee, imagine that !!

    The more West talked the harder it was to hear him and the best line was by Judge Nelson, “….for the third time….” Pop, right in the kisser. O’ Mara was looking for his Vodka flask and Fogen’s jaw dropped.

    • The more West talked the harder it was to hear him and the best line was by Judge Nelson, “….for the third time….” Pop, right in the kisser. O’ Mara was looking for his Vodka flask and Fogen’s jaw dropped.

      bwa ha ha ha ha ha

    • Nefertari05 says:

      I literally LOL when she said, “for the third time”. I was thinking, “Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark. That had to hurt!”

    • Tzar says:

      Wow, what’s with the semi – mohawk haircut Fogen ??

      someone may be preparing to flee with his mohawk sporting brother’s passport.

    • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

      And how is it the State or the Courts fault that the defense has no expert witnesses? Why do they not have any?

      I’m not sure, but I think they were alluding to not having experts yet because they haven’t gotten all the info or depo’s regarding the recorder used by Crump and the FB and Twitter info on witness 8 and Trayvon. So, in other words, they plan on finding an expert to try and prove Crump edited the recording of witness 8, try and prove that someone edited and cleaned up witness 8 and Trayvon’s FB and Twitter pages.

      The Defense has wasted months listening to blogger’s ludicrous theories.

      Why don’t they just come right out and tell Nelson what they are really after? Why don’t they just tell the court:

      1) We need witness 8’s twitter because my bloggers tell me that she is a liar and they think that the witness 8 in the recording with Crump is not the same witness 8 that was interviewed by the State. They say that she didn’t go to the funeral or the wake and her twitter proves this, therefore, she never spoke with anybody there. If we don’t have access to her accounts we can’t get an expert to challenge the deleted data.

      2) Our blogger’s tell us that Crump told witness 8 what to say and edited their recording. We want to ask Crump anything we want…we don’t want it limited to just the device. We can’t prove this without a broad deposition. If we don’t get the original device, and get to ask Crump questions about witness 8 and the Martin’s we can’t get an expert to say it was edited.

      3) We need Trayvon’s FB and Twitter acct. info because our blogger’s told us that Trayvon was a thug, and they also told us that the Martin’s lied when they said that Trayvon’s acct.s were hacked. We were told that they just deleted stuff because he’s a thug. Without access to these accounts we can’t get an expert to say that it wasn’t hacked and that they closed the acct.s and deleted comments to hide Trayvon’s thuggish internet persona.

      4) Our blogger’s told us that the heart stickered phone wasn’t Trayvon’s phone and if it turns out to actually be his phone, we need to prove that someone, we are not sure yet, but someone tampered with the 2/26 data that was recovered. Our bloggers believe that Trayvon wasn’t on his phone with witness 8, that his battery was either dead 30 minutes prior to his demise or in safe mode, therefore, he was never talking to her. We can’t get an expert to prove this without all the data from the phone even though the State just recently got this data, we should have had it before we went to FDLE. So, we and our blogger’s feel that the State is withholding discovery, therefore we won’t have an expert in time for a June trial and it all their fault.

      • lurker says:

        Again–I think that there has been a lot of emphasis on stuff that will never make it into court, or if it does is next to irrelevant. Such as the actual digital version of the color photo of blood on George’s face. What will play in the courtroom is medical records and the opinions of a bunch of medical experts. The photo is for the public. I used to think it was about influencing the jury pool. Now I think it has more to do with bringing in donations. Same with the photo that O’Mara says he finally got. The one that really matters is the one that we haven’t seen and that is Trayvon’s dead body. Unless O’Mara is hoping that Trayvon has a FB or twitter post saying I think I’ll jump the fat white guy that’s following me around (and I think he knows better), there isn’t anything possibly relevant to be found in those accounts–and it’s pretty likely that even with a subpoena and account names FB and twitter are likely to fight against letting the things go (and they have BIG lawyers).

        I think OM gave up on proving innocence, or even self-defense long ago. But, since he has a stubborn client (according to Barbara Walters), all he can do is try to raise funds to ride the thing out.

      • KA says:

        Outstanding summation 🙂

        You convinced me. It must be the *States* fault I can’t find any evidence to prove thousands of conspiracy theories.

        So adding…

        “So our quest into Trayvons’ school records were a dead end.

        Our proving that no police officer felt he was guilty was a bust. Our depositions are telling us nothing we can really use. Our “supportive” witness changed his story. The recent “picture” concept fell through so we can’t paint Trayvon as a black aggressor. We can’t put our defendant on the stand credibly, so really …..

        Dear Judge Nelson, we really need more time to sort through these 1500 internet theories to have a prayer of winning this case…can we have more time?”

        “…oh, and we need money…forgot that..”

      • blushedbrown says:


        Excellent post.

      • Xena says:

        @ChrisNY. Add to that;
        Our bloggers tell us that the defendant was wrongfully arrested and that he is being maliciously prosecuted, and it’s all because of racism on the part of every Black person with the exception of Herman Cain and Bill Cosby. Therefore, this case should be dismissed. We will be present at trial but won’t participate. According to our sovereign citizen bloggers, this court lacks jurisdiction.

      • ChrisNY~Laurie…..Wow…That’s EXACTLY what the outhouse has been saying…. 😆

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        Hey Guys- Why don’t they just file one motion…a motion to dismiss. I mean it is their bloggers that keep telling anybody who gives them real evidence that none of that stuff matters, because it is a clear case of self defense according section 776.blah blah blah. (I don’t know know the chapter or section) lol

        Where is the motion to dismiss???

        I would just like one of these wanna be’s to answer that question when they use that as their comeback. One in particular that does it everytime he can’t win a debate …stultus est sicut stultus facit…dude, fac ut vivas

        • Xena says:

          Where is the motion to dismiss???

          In GZ’s case, it would be his motion for immunity from prosecution. From the sound of this morning’s hearing, it doesn’t appear that O’Mara is considering moving forward with such a hearing.

          It’s all God’s plan.

          • racerrodig says:

            Speaking of God’s plan I noticed FogenPhoole didn’t look like he was praying very much…..what a look.

            Can you spell SCREWED. I’m betting reality has about started to sink in. If what the Professor says is a possibility, I’d say FogenPhoole was told that and now knows the jig is up.

          • Xena says:


            If what the Professor says is a possibility, I’d say FogenPhoole was told that and now knows the jig is up.

            For sure. That is why he tried planning to flee before he went broke.

          • racerrodig says:

            That “What the f am I gonna do now…” stare was just priceless.

            Like “……shit, I drank, gambled and whored away my whole paycheck………….. and I didn’t even get home yet….SheLie is gonna kill me…..”

            Feel free to add what look you think he had on.

          • Xena says:


            Feel free to add what look you think he had on.

            What about, “Did I just fart? Is anyone gonna smell it?” look.

          • esentrick says:

            @Xena and Racerrodig hilarious!!! LOL

          • Xena says:


          • racerrodig says:

            My ribs hurt from laughing so hard…..He thinks he’s a smart feller, when all he is is a fart smeller.

          • racerrodig says:

            It’s the truth..

          • jm says:

            GZ looks like he hears the fat lady singing and it isn’t ShelLIE this time.

          • racerrodig says:

            You guys and gals are good !!

            Turn out the lights….the parties over….
            they say that all good things must end……….

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        Yes, it is all God’s plan. Happy Birthday Trayvon.

  41. willisnewton says:

    Pool camera geeks and sound man chit-chat is funny as the stream continues to go on with audio after picture is off. I wish we could hear what the Bailiff thought of all this… fly on the wall… oh to be a fly on the wall at so many junctures of this case.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I wish I could read lips better – looked like some interesting things said before the picture went off.

  42. SearchingMind says:

    Over $300.000,00.- in donations to the butcher and guess what? O’Mara does NOT have an expert witness AND will NOT be presenting any during the hearing/trial. What a brilliant defense counsel!

    • LOLO waaaawww waaaawww fat ass shoulda saved up instead of thinking he was POB needing the secret service!!!lol he knew nobody wanted to kill him, especially when it’s way better to see him sit in prison for the next 25 to life!!!

      i can’t wait to write him and ask him if he still woulda done the same thing that night!!!

  43. tony reay says:

    this is really strange – the myfox orlando livestream folks are still recording/streaming audio as they tear down the equipment…

  44. The defense is in serious trouble:

    No experts.

    No money to retain experts.

    No Continuance.

    But West and MOM were smiling.

    I think they know they’ve got a way out of the case.

    They turned their backs on him and walked out of the courtroom.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Their mouths almost dropped open at Nelson’s decision, but their lightness of being when walking out of the courtroom wasn’t lost on me!

      You predicted it all to a T, Professor, pun intended!

    • That West guy, smiling, practically laughing. He needed to tone that down. This is not a laughing matter for the defense.

    • Eric says:

      Prof, if the defense is finacial straits, do you think they’ll convince GZ to change his plea to guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court?

      • No, they will ask Judge Nelson to declare the defendant indigent and appoint counsel to represent him at public expense.

      • Tzar says:

        what financial straits?

        -the average person would be in jail on account of not being able to come up with 100k for bail.

        -The average person would not have pro bono defense, they would have had to settle for what the state gives them.

        -the average person would not have been afforded a national microphone to plead their case and taint the jury pool.

        -the average person would not have 200k to spend on hotels and security and their personal bills.

        This guy is in financial heaven compared to the average person.

        There is no reason this killer should be afforded a better defense than any average killer, from what we know so far, he probably deserves less

    • Jun says:

      Thats what $300,000 allegedly does for you LOL

    • KA says:

      I thought it odd that NO ONE talked to GZ at the end. It is like he was the most unimportant person there.

      How strange. It seemed as West and O’Mara cit chatted and the female at the table all talked over GZ and did not even acknowledge him. Isn’t that unusual?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        They did that in October as well. I’ve always gotten the impression even his legal team doesn’t like him all that much.

      • Rachael says:

        I thought it was strange too. You would think a lawyer would talk to his client, explain what had happened, what would be next, etc. Instead, he was just totally ignored.

      • Malisha says:

        If I were Fogen (God FORBID!) I would have taken that whole $300,000 and turned it over to O’Mara and stayed the hell in jail and told Shelli, “Honey, go get some job somewhere and live your life until I get out and then I’ll wow you with flowers and candy but I can’t spare a dime right now” and I would have had a much better chance of getting off easier than Fogen’s got now. But then again, if I were Fogen I’da stayed the hell in my damn schtruck and eaten a candy bar.

    • SearchingMind says:

      Oh no, Professor, they were not smiling. They were angry, dumbfounded, in disarray and weeping while showing their teeth. It is the kind of smile you see on a boxer’s face immediately after he receives a quick hard jab between the nose and the lower lips.

      • lurker says:

        Who was they guy who approached them at the end. It looked like the three of them were going off to have a conversation somewhere–leaving Z. with the babysitter.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Lurker – I think you mean one of the prosection attorneys, the one that was sitting beside BDLR.

      • leander22 says:

        tsoas, thanks I didn’t get that. Maybe he has to do the chain of custody for the phone. It would be wise to ask how specific that has to be. On the other hand I would ask that in writing, considering the scenario. I would want a specific written list.

      • Tzar says:

        @ lurker
        that’s John Guy
        second chair to BDLR

      • lurker says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

    • ay2z says:

      Interesting point postured by MO’M to emphasize that he team certainly did not want a delay in the case he suggested that his wife could be called as an ‘expert witness’ to testify to that fact!

      The defense lawyer’s wife can testify as an expert witness that her husband does not….. A. she does like the defendant either, B. like to work on a case that takes much over a year, C. has never handled a case that has taken much over a year,

      Would make for an interesting cross!

  45. Jun says:

    Omara admitted in court he would purposely delay the work he was supposed to do… it does not take 4 months to go over the information, especially that one small piece… I dont know who he tryna kid

  46. willisnewton says:

    I wonder who that last woman out the door was. Might be Fogen’s sister?

    • lurker says:

      I was just pondering on the absence of his family. Didn’t see Shellie, or M/D, not to mention Robert.

    • She is a lawyer in MOM’s office, apparently assigned the duty of babysitting the defendant.

      Pretty clear that West and particuarly MOM, cannot stand the defendant.

      Their body language made that very clear.

      • Rachael says:

        I know. I found it a little odd that after, they didn’t even talk to him – you know, like explain to him what was going on and what to expect next. They just turned their backs and ignored him.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      the other woman following behind fogen and babysitter was renee sutzman from the orlando sentinel

  47. FactsFirst says:

    Look at Tugboat fat sloppy azz over there looking like he’s thinking….

    “Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries, Icey coke, Milkshake, Sundaes and Apple Pies…. AND THE CUP RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON…… YEAH!”

    LoL! What y’all know about that? That’s a throwback CLASSIC…

  48. tony reay says:

    do they know it’s still recording audio?

  49. willisnewton says:

    He was waiting for his security escort, I’d imagine.

  50. That was bizarre. Bailiff escorts him out. Why?

  51. Tzar says:

    so basically the judge told it to MOM and West like this

  52. Jun says:

    Fogenhats is not trying to mean mug anyone in court anymore… he actually looks like he about to cry LOL

  53. Puck says:

    Fogen looking down with his eyes closed.

  54. Valerie says:


  55. Court is in Recess.

    Epic Smackdown

    Eminently Predictable..

  56. Puck says:

    Poor Cheorge looks terrified.

  57. Epic smack-down. Should we send tissues to the treehouse, then?

  58. tony reay says:

    who’s the woman next to zimmie?

  59. Mike says:

    Forgen looks like he’s about to cry

    • Malisha says:

      You know, I think Fogen should go ahead and cry. I think he should cry. I know his little “support team” claimed that he cried for three days after the killing of Trayvon Martin, but we all know that he didn’t shed a tear and has not done so since, except possibly in pity for himself. But it would do Fogen good for him to break down and cry. He needs to feel our pain. The only way he can possibly fear our pain is to let his own pain sink in and then realize: THIS IS THE PAIN YOU CAUSED.

      I hope he finally breaks down and cries and becomes human.

  60. jm says:

    West and O’Mara are insulting Judge Nelson’s intelligence and she knows it.

  61. blushedbrown says:

    She is sick and tired of West as well…

  62. Dashamimi says:

    Man I am high as a kite. My adrenaline is off the chart! This is some good stuff! Justice for Trayvon!

  63. jd says:

    Just joining in… any mention of GZ’s phone records? Not that this is expected…

  64. FactsFirst says:

    You can literally see the smoke coming outta O’Money’s ears… And I’m enjoying it every bit of it too… Tehehehe….

  65. dremn2004 says:


  66. KA says:

    Who is the attorney speaking right now? He does not appear on either side it seems. Sorry, I just joined.

  67. Puck says:

    Crump’s attorney has submitted detailed affidavit from Crump re: DeeDee recording.

  68. Jun says:

    For god’s sake, Omara

    You been goin on and on since August I believe of 2012 about the records and twitter…

    it does not take this freakin long to do a deposition (s) of w8

    • lurker says:

      End of the day, I don’t think he’s going to find much that is admissable from either FB or Twitter. At best he can counter Crump’s characterization of DeeDee as a sweet 16 year old girl friend. Probably far more casual than that. Has nothing to do with her testimony.

      • Jun says:

        Twitter or facebook or whatever wont prove a damn thing

        Its a waste of time

      • leander22 says:

        I didn’t quite get it. Did Nelson rule MOM has to ask her about her accounts? Does that mean since they have nothing to do with the case, but only would help defense to paint her negatively she can deny to give them the information?

      • Jun says:

        Since it is a homicide defendant, she can simply say NO to Omara… she does not have to reveal any private information since it is a homicide defendant

  69. SearchingMind says:

    O’Mara is angry. VERY ANGRY!

    • Rachael says:

      I think the Judge was pretty annoyed with him too. He is exasperating.

      • leander22 says:

        Nelson is very good very precise and not too easy to catch unaware it seems. I wish I had better understood West. I guess Diwataman will soon have an audio up.

  70. SearchingMind says:

    O’Mara getting is angry. VERY ANGRY!

  71. tony reay says:

    no, because as the Judge pointed out, they have had a schedule for over six months and SHOULD have had all necessary arrangements made to meet those scheduled dates.

  72. Trained Observer says:

    MOM: “I can tell you that’s not going to happen.”

    How amazingly impudent!

  73. Jun says:

    Its 4 months away!!!! More than enough time to get everything done….

    • leander22 says:

      They may have needed much time to built up their database. Reflecting on tagging etc. These things are time consuming. I still wonder what software they are using.

      • Jun says:

        Does not take much time. Everything is already labelled for them. There are computers and scanners now. It would take a week at most to catalog everything for this specific case

      • why would they need more time? because they say so?

        they’ve had 300K and over a year, they could have hired a whole- nother law firm to do anything they needed to do!
        there’s still 4 months to get thier asses in gear.

        they’ve wasted tons of time playing to the media and writing blogs and writing pages of repetitive and/or erroneous motions, getting 2 judges off the case & getting the client out of more trouble he caused himself.

        they took this case and they should be working on it properly! why should they get more time to twiddle thier thumbs?? this is a murder case! not a game!

  74. SpecialladyT says:

    Stop BEGGING for more time to line your pockets, OMara!

  75. Jun says:

    I missed the first part… did the motion get denied?

  76. Rachael says:

    If GZ is convicted, can they say that they did not have enough time to prepare for trial because motion was denied?


    • leander22 says:

      I wondered about that too.

      But since I was late, was there something concerning the 711 motion? I missed that. Admittedly it caused a steep rise of adrenaline in my body the more I thought about it.

    • Jun says:

      I dont feel the appeal would go well

      because they were handed everything and were even offered to connect the dots by an assistant attorney of what it means

      and they had over a year with over $300K

      It just sounds like Omara was lazy and did not bother doing anything

  77. Puck says:

    BDLR shaking his head in disbelief.

  78. lurker says:

    RE: facebook and twitter. Looks like O’Mara is fishing–trying to substantiate internet rumors.

  79. Puck says:

    BDLR referred to recent phone records…

  80. Judge Nelson is visibly annoyed with MOM’s lack of specifics.

  81. jm says:

    Nelson is cutting straight through MOM’s BS. Love, love, love style.

  82. Whoa. She is really annoyed with O’Mara.

  83. Puck says:

    Nelson is BADASS. She’s crushing MOM.

  84. blushedbrown says:


  85. BOOM! Continuance denied.


  86. You all have thoughtful comments says:


  87. Rachael says:

    DENIED!!!!! Yay!!!

  88. Motion to continue the trial date is denied.

    • leander22 says:

      Professor, does it mean anything that he twice entered that he may not be able to finish his preparations till that date? Are there additional legal tool for continuance or was this more aimed at getting the appropriate news?

  89. tony reay says:

    motion to continue denied

  90. Trained Observer says:

    Professor — what’s the advantage for the State at this juncture to keeping the dynamite buried?

  91. Trained Observer says:


  92. Two sides to a story says:

    Does Fogen look gray or is it just me or my computer?

  93. BDLR did not specifically mention the “missing” cell phone data, but he did say he supplemented the discovery by giving the defense some stuff left out.

    There’s dynamite in them thar hills and neither side wants to talk about it on the record.


    • Puck says:

      That’s what I thought, professor.

    • SpecialladyT says:

      It’s quite obvious that there are explosive data that is revealed in the so called missing data!

    • lurker says:

      Did I see somewhere that as recently as yesterday a news group won the unsealing of some of the case evidence? Would those records be included?

    • Malisha says:

      Exactly. BOTH SIDES would like a plea so there doesn’t have to be a trial. Phone records would probably bring down the entire SPD as well as Wolfinger and his folks. Who knows who else?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Doesn’t that make OM’s posturing even more reprehensible if he knows darn well there’s stuff he doesn’t want the public to see yet?

      • racerrodig says:

        My thought is he just trying to keep the Zidiot nation happy and they’re not smart enough to see what is really happening.

  94. blushedbrown says:


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