The Defendant Should Claim He is Indigent in the Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I write today to comment on the defense team’s financial situation in the Trayvon Martin murder case. I wrote about this recently in What Happens if the Defendant Claims Indigence and his Lawyers Ask to Withdraw?

As everyone here knows, internet donors have contributed more than $200,000 to the defendant for his defense costs via Paypal and that money has been deposited into a trust account that is being managed by an independent third-party trustee. I believe approximately $200,000 has been paid for the defendant’s and his wife’s living and security expenses.

The defendant’s two lawyers, Mark O’Mara and Don West, claim they are working pro bono. This means they are not billing for the time they spend working on the case.

This does not mean that they are not billing for their costs, however, which will include money spent for investigation, expert witnesses, court reporters and transcripts of depositions. These costs could exceed $100,000 before this case is done.

Associated Investigative Services (AIS) filed suit in December against Mark O’Mara, the defendant and his wife for breach of contract alleging that they had refused to pay AIS approximately $27,000 for security and investigation services rendered pursuant to a contract negotiated and agreed to by O’Mara on behalf of the defendant. O’Mara filed an answer to the complaint apparently admitting the contract, but claiming that he advised AIS in August that a trustee was managing the account and conserving funds to pay substantial anticipated defense expenses.

The failure to pay AIS necessarily raises concerns regarding the solvency of the defense trust account and the ability of the defense to pay the “substantial anticipated defense expenses” that O’Mara mentioned.

In addition to comments about the significance of the AIS lawsuit, many of you have asked whether the donations to the account are nontaxable gifts or taxable as income to the defendant. I wrote about this back in May or June and said I believed they were nontaxable gifts, but I am not an expert in tax law, so I could be mistaken.

Grey Winter Sky provided this link in a comment this morning to an article in Forbes Magazine last June that reached the same conclusion that I did. Since the decision is up to the IRS, subject to the outcome of any appeals, we could both end up wrong.

Jun quoted Wikipedia to support his conclusion that the donations are taxable income. He said,

“According to wikipedia, Fogenhats’ defense fund does not count as a gift, so he has to pay taxes

“In the United States, the gift tax is governed by Chapter 12, Subtitle B of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax is imposed by section 2501 of the Code.[2] For the purposes of taxable income, courts have defined a “gift” as the proceeds from a “detached and disinterested generosity.”

For the time being, I am going to stick with my initial opinion that the donations are nontaxable to the defendant.

(The donors may have to pay a tax, depending on the amount they donate, but that is a different issue and beyond the scope of this article.)

Regardless whether the defendant has to pay an income tax on the donations, and if he does it would be a substantial amount, I am concerned whether there is enough money in the account to pay “the substantial anticipated defense expenses.”

O’Mara recently estimated the balance in the account had dropped to around $15,000 and there is no way that that amount will cover “the substantial anticipated defense expenses” as well as the continued living and security expenses.

I suspect the civil suit against NBC was filed with the hope that NBC would settle the case quickly and the settlement amount would be added to the trust account to give some breathing room to the defense team. I doubt the case will settle because the claims against NBC and its reporters, even if true, do not establish that they caused any compensable harm to the defendant. He, and not the reporters, called Trayvon Martin a “fucking asshole” and a “fucking coon.” That is what I hear on the NEN recording and I am not alone. Therefore, that lawsuit is going nowhere.

I do not know if the defense continues to receive donations, but if they have slowed to a trickle as I imagine they have, then the defense is going to have to make a very important decision soon.

Hoping that future donations will be sufficient to pay “the substantial anticipated defense expenses” is not a viable and responsible strategy. It’s called gambling.

Sooner or later and preferably sooner rather than later, I believe the defense is going to have to claim indigency and seek an order permitting the defendant to proceed in forma pauperis. If granted, the court would appoint and compensate defense investigators and experts at substantially reduced rates.

No doubt such a move would cause an enormous loss of face for the defense, but that is infinitely more preferable than proceeding to trial without the assistance of defense investigators or experts.

Moreover, a conviction obtained without the assistance of defense investigators and experts might be reversed for ineffective assistance of counsel and that is a result that no one, except a convicted defendant, would desire.

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  1. Lonnie Starr says:

    Except in this case, I don’t thing GZ will welcome any reversal on appeal, since by that time more information could be developed, sufficient to make Murder One a slam dunk for the new trial. Perhaps it’s would be better for him to let “sleeping dogs lie!:

  2. groans says:

    (Forgive me if someone’s already mentioned this in one of the preceding 600–or-so comments! …)

    I was just looking at Judge Nelson’s “Amended Scheduling Order” entered on 10/29/2012. The order specifically addresses continuances, as well as setting deadlines:

    “THIS CAUSE came before this Court upon its own motion, after discussion with counsel in open court on October 26, 2012. Upon the agreement of the parties, the following deadlines shall apply.

    It is hereby ORDERED:
    1. Trial is presently set to begin on June 10, 2013.
    a. Any Self-Defense Immunity / Stand Your Ground motion shall be filed and heard on or before April 26, 2013, which is 45 days before trial.
    b. Final witness lists, including any expected expert witnesses, shall be exchanged on or before March 27, 2013, which is 75 days before trial.

    e. No continuances of the trial will be granted on the basis that the parties have not complied with these deadlines.”


    Hmmmm…. I didn’t notice that O’Mara mentioned the Scheduling Order at all in his Motion to Continue, let alone paragraph 1(e) of that order. Seems like something he probably ought to have at least acknowledged, if not specifically addressed, when asking Judge Nelson for a continuance now.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Possibly hasn’t read it, or having read it, forgot it. And having forgot it, lost it in the new software system.

  3. SearchingMind says:

    Is Jaralyn Merritt in agony? Is She distressed and now personally soliciting money for the murderer of an innocent child? Or is she just spreading around what O’Mara supposedly said with the same effect as Jeralyn personally soliciting money for Fogen? Has Jeralyn contributed money to Fogen and, if yes, what has that got to do with any desires of hers, IF ANY AT ALL, for ‘fair trial’? Consider the following:

    “George’s Depression and Weight Gain: How Can you Help?

    O’Mara on the wESH tv interview with O’Mara Last night: He said george is much heavier than last time, he’s gained over 100 pounds since his last release on bail. He is housebound, can’t get a job and has the threat of a double digit sentence hanging over him. I think that’s very sad. My suggestion to cheer him up: Send him $5. We all waste that amount on things we don’t really need every day. Stick in an envelope and mail to him. Reading the media, he doesn’t see that anyone but the TreeHouse is standing by his right to a fair trial. Those envelopes may help him realize that not everyone has thrown him under the bus. It may make him feel better and eat lest It’s certainly a worthy expenditure. Weight is much harder to take off than put on.”

    – TalkLeft administrator.

    • My 2 cent donation was made by way of Paypal

    • Rachael says:

      Seriously? SERIOUSLY??!!!!

      Well boo-frickety-hoo for GZ

      That is so dang disgusting!!!! He killed someone and is depressed and I should feel sorry for him?

      Does it really say that? OMFG!!!!

    • whonoze says:

      My suggestion to cheer him up: Send him TastyKakes. Nothing says ‘we don’t want to throw you under the bus!” like a package of Krimpets or KandyKakes, or for real true love, a Chocolate Junior (Yumm!).

    • roderick2012 says:

      Search, you should have read Jeralyn’s response to a poster who posted whonoze’s latest video.

      She went batsh!t crazy.

      She told the poster that she didn’t want anything from any of the biased websites submitted to TalkLeft.

      That poster kindly reposted one of her statements from last August in which Jeralyn admitted that she was biased toward the defense because she was a defense lawyer.

      Of course she didn’t respond.

      I had to LOL after I saw that.

      I have no idea how she survives financially because l would never retain her services if I needed a defense lawyer. I read somewhere that she was one of Tim McVeigh’s laywers. I guess she has a soft spot for muderers.

      What is it with these people who support George? It’s as if they belong to a cult or something because regardless of how many acts of dishonesty or stupidity George or O’Mara perform they still support their nonsense.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Well, at lease gz now is only a wanna-be-eater and is not playing wanna-be-cop.

      • Rachael says:

        He’s no wannabe eater. He is a proven successful eater. The one success in his life.

      • whonoze says:


        What thread was that in?

      • Regarding Jeralyn Merritt, you said,

        “I have no idea how she survives financially because l would never retain her services if I needed a defense lawyer. I read somewhere that she was one of Tim McVeigh’s laywers. I guess she has a soft spot for muderers.”

        I cannot let that comment slide. I was a death penalty lawyer for many years because I oppose the death penalty in all cases and I also enjoyed the intellectual and emotional challenges involved in handling those cases.

        I do not and never have had a soft spot for murderers.

        I know Jeralyn personally and professionally. I do not agree with her assessment of this case and she will have to defend her position as best she can. I do not believe she has a soft spot for murderers

      • whonoze says:

        IIRC, Merritt defended McVeigh in the “guilt” phase, not in the death penalty phase. That is, she was working to get him acquitted.

  4. colin black says:

    foggen can watch himself eating an greeting,,,,thats Scots for crying…
    And expanding.

    But there is no recompence for there was no self defence.

  5. colin black says:

    what foggen thinks everytime he looks in the mirror an he thinks

    all my crimes of self defence

    could have been writen for foggen


  6. colin black says:

    Toots is my all time favourate

    Reggie got SOUL.

    Had the privilige of meeting him once after a gig at London Polytecnic students union.
    Seen them at festivals an small clubs must be near nine times live.
    Cheers made my day that.

  7. colin black says:

    Trina Cosbie says:

    January 31, 2013 at 9:28 am

    You know what really bothers me is the fact the fogen never says what his hands were doing when supposedly getting his head bashed. The only time he mentions using his hands is when he used them to “restrain” Trayvon’s hands & the prevention of shooting his own. Investigators didn’t touch on it either….


    Thats because the only time he used his hands that night where to restrain an aim to miss left hand an shoot his victim.
    He cant talk from re call memory of useing his hands to deflect punches ect
    Cos none of that ocoured.
    Only thing he can go into detail about his hands over an alleged 60plus sec beating is shooting Trayvon so thats what he does in exqisite detail..
    The other 60 seconds his arms an hands were just laying there motionless saying nothing happening here .
    We are not getting involved.

  8. I believe fogen is going to feel the Pressure Drop very soon

  9. colin black says:

    Sorry this is not meant to offend anyone.

    Well it is meant to offend the treeple but if it is to much can someone with the authourity remove pls…

    As the people over at that site have taken the Presidents reasonable remark.

    Had he a Son he would resemble Trayvon.
    To my knowlage he has no sons only Daughters.

    And his remark is true .

    Thet now refer to young Black Males as Sons of Obama or Obamas Sons.

    An apt name for them I M O Would be.

    Hitlers Sons or Sons of Hitler…………….

  10. Trina Cosbie says:

    You know what really bothers me is the fact the fogen never says what his hands were doing when supposedly getting his head bashed. The only time he mentions using his hands is when he used them to “restrain” Trayvon’s hands & the prevention of shooting his own. Investigators didn’t touch on it either….

    • looolooo says:

      @Trina C. Bingo! I’ve been wanting to know the exact same thing! He never volunteers that info, and during his interregation with Serino when asked why he didn’t use his hands to defend himself in any way, or to grab Trayvon’s hands, etc, he is not only interrupted by Serino, but also given an out and or explaination by Serino, instead of having to answer in his OWN words. Serino asks him why didn’t you use your hands? Then interrupts and asks GZ if he can’t remember…… which GZ immediatly jumps to agreement that he can’t remember what he was doing with his hands. He was struggling for a few seconds for an answer, when corrupt Serino let him off the hook! Why?

      And exactly where on the side walk did Trayvon bang GZ’s cro magnon-like noggin? Where are the photo’s of the blood stains? Again during the next day walk-thru, Serino NEVER made GZ pinpoint an exact spot for such banging. And NO witnessess have ever mentioned seeing anything similar to it. And no one is talking about his hands nor the cement blood stains.

      Oh,….. and just how did Trayvon grab hold of GZ Cro magnon-like head? That also is NEVER explained….. or even asked about.

      • Xena says:

        I know what GZ was doing with his hands. He was holding on to his tactical flashlight — all 40 ft as he shimmied to get his head off the grass. (snark)

    • PiranhaMom says:

      @ Trina –

      “Fogen never says what his hands were doing” — but he sure SHOWS what his hands were doing, and he shows it TWICE on two separate occasions on official Sanford PD videos:

      First, the observation cam catches him during his talk with the Stress Test operator at Sanfod PD: There’s GZ, re-creating the shooting, right arm extended with the “conceptual gun” in hand, while his LEFT hand, GZ’s dominant hand,is show CLUTCHING, held close to GZ’s chest — obviously re-creating his clutching of Trayvon’s sweatshirts to restrain him.


      Then, during the on-site reecreation for Serino and the other cops, plus, I understand, RZ Sr. and Osterman, there is GZ, AGAIN, showing his right arm outstretched with the imaginary gun, and his DOMINANT left hand in that CLUTCHING, GRASPING position of holding onto Trayvon’s shirts.

      That cowardly POS, Zimmerman, not only restrained Trayvon, he HELD ON TO HIM so he could POSITION his shot to Trayvon’s heart (with the trajectory of the hollow-point bullet shown in the Medical Examiner’s report), but as GZ has stated, again on police tapes, he was worried about shooting HIS OWN HAND, which was obviously in danger because he was still HOLDING ON TO TRAYVON at chest-level while he was CAREFULLY AIMING, SHOOTING and KILLING.

      This proves that GZ was NOT in fear for his life. He had Trayvon RESTRAINED. Immobilized! He could have continued to RESTRAIN Trayvon until police arrived. He had NO need to MURDER Trayvon EXCEPT to cover up his crime of profiling, stalking and assaulting Trayvon – an unarmed juvenile.

      Further, because GZ is left-handed, his FIRST offensive/defensive move would be with his DOMINANT left hand. So he grabbed FIRST, then drew his gun, taunted Trayvon, and murdered him.

      Obviously, he could not do that while UNDER Trayvon – clearly no room to extend his arm, as he showed both times on video, and clearly he could not extract his gun from under his 207 lb. ass if Trayvon was “sitting on GZ’s chest” as RZ Jr. and Sr. claim.

      GZ, in fact (and as the school teacher witness saw) the killer was in “the superior position.” GZ was kneeling on Trayvon’s arms to restrain him, leaning forward over Trayvon (hence the blood-drip markings from the back of GZ’s head, forward into his beard), then reached back and with ease and deliberation, drew the Kel-Tek from the holster that was on his inside waistband over his right-rear haunch, carefully positioned the shot on the fabric of the shirts – that GZ had stretched out of alignment to get his hand out of the way (the stretching of the fabric, and its re-alignment due to the stretching, and the airspace between the inner shirt and Trayvon’s torso, ALL proved by the forensic analysis), fired the shot that burst apart Trayvon’s heart, lung and young life.

      While the investigators, as you state didn’t touch on this, they have it on tape with GZ’s own words.

      I dearly hope that Papa will some day put those two Sanford PD clips together in one of his memorable videos, to show GZ, CLUTCHING AND RESTAINING as he shot. The dominant left hand motions are identical. And when he signed away his Miranda rights, he said to Singleton, on tape, “I’m left-handed.” I hope Papa plays that soundtrack over the shots of GZ’s left clutching, grasping – to show just what GZ was doing as he fired the killing shot.

      • Piranhamom

        I agree with everything you say with the exception of fogen drawing his pistol with his dominate hand……most all left handed shooters will learn to shoot with their right hand as the spent casings eject to the right….and right in front of the face of a left handed shooter, shooting left handed.

        Someone mentioned a crossdraw the other day….This could be the case, as I myself carry my revolvers (Black powder front stuffers) set for a crossdraw….Right handed…..I reach with my right arm to the left side of my body to draw the weapon………hence my right arm is already nearly fully extended.

        • PiranhaMom says:

          @ MountainMan,

          No, my friend, we are in agreement. I stated that GZ grabbed Trayvon’s shirt(s) in a LEFT-HAND grasp by his dominant LEFT hand – and then drew his Kel-Tek with his RIGHT hand from its holster placed inside GZ’s right rear inside waistband.

          We know GZ was trained to shoot RIGHT handed, which is logical to avoid getting the casings ejected to the schnoz. Actually, he was surely trained to DRAW right-handed but shoot TWO-HANDED, however his dominant left hand that night was busy grabbing & restraining Trayvon, so his weaker right hand alone shot the Kel-Tek and the cheapie lightweigh Kel-Tek, I expect, zapped GZ in the face from the recoil, hence the blood.

          The GRAB to Trayvon came first, and the first action will always be with the dominant hand.

          Also, I have not concurred with my associates on this site that GZ drew his weapon earlier in the encounter as he was searching for/pursuing Trayvon. Could not run with the tactical flashlight in one hand and Kel-Tek in the other; dared not risk dropping/losing the Kel-Tek or having it grabbed/deflected or used against him.

          When/where did GZ grab Trayvon? At the location the tactical flashlight was dropped.

          GZ drew the Kel-Tek only when he had Trayvon restrained and secured — on the ground.

          Surely GZ was trained not to run around in the dark on rain-slicked surfaces with a loaded gun in his hand.

          I have hunted and otherwise carried a gun on ranchland for over 50 years – a 9-shot Colt-style revolver in a holster tied to the right thigh, and an exquisite Beretta shotgun. I do not run with either.

    • rayvenwolf says:

      That was my complaint early on. He does it twice. First with himself and second when he shot Trayvon. When he first spoke with Singleton he claim Trayvon was bringing his head down when he shot him. He NEVER tells that story again after that, which leaves us with this assumption that Trayvon just sat there, with one hand restrained by GZ(VSA interview) and LET himself be shot.

      Common sense says that GZ should have thrown at least one body blow while Trayvon was supposedly bashing his head in. Instead he tells us he was screaming and squirming. CS also tells us that once the gun was out(following GZ’s story) Trayvon should have either put distance between them or foolishly fought for the gun.

      The lack of details in both parts made me highly suspicious and no one, not fogen and not his cheer squad have ever provided answers.

  11. When is the deadline for the state to respond to these motions?

    • groans says:

      I believe the State’s responses would be due on Sunday, 2/3/13 for the hearing on 2/5/13. See Judge Nelson’s “Amended Scheduling Order” dated 10/29/12, which includes:

      “2. Courtesy copies of any documents or memoranda relating to a motion hearing shall be provided to this Court no less than 48 hours before the hearing if the parties wish for this Court to consider the information within those pleadings.”

      That might actually mean they’re be due by COB on Friday, 2/1/13. But Judge Nelson hasn’t appeared to be a stickler about receiving and reviewing materials only during “working hours.”


  12. Donna Flores says:

    The new picture released of Trayvon, haven’t we seen that one…lol

  13. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    As to gz’s weight gain……he is probably on double ADHD medication (for hyperactivity)…….and is probably a computer potato
    with eyes glazed……sitting at his computer reading and contributing to the case blogs.

    • Trina Cosbie says:

      Zimmerman can’t be taking his adhd medication, if it is adderall. Adderal will suppress your appetite while the medication is in your system. My daughter has adhd & takes adderall. She used to be a lil chunky, but is now slender. I bet the adderal is what helped him slim down in the first place, but for him to have gained so much weight in such a short period of time, I’d bet my paycheck he is no longer taking adderall. He might be on something else…..probably depakote(that will make u blow up & treats depression & other mental disorders)….not sure, just my thoughts.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        What a great help you are with your knowledge, Trina.

        Thanks so much!

      • towerflower says:

        In his jailhouse tapes he talks about Remeral, which is given for depression. But there is no telling which meds have been changed for him.

        • Xena says:


          But there is no telling which meds have been changed for him.

          You make a good point. Adderall is an appetite suppressant, and if he stopped taking it around July, that might explain the weight gain. GZ had health insurance through his employer, and he either abandoned or was terminated from his job in Feb. 2012. Unless GZ has continued his medical insurance through COBRA, he is probably without insurance and not seeing a physician.

          • Wonder if he’s using public hospitals and mental facilities claiming to be indigent?

          • Xena says:


            Wonder if he’s using public hospitals and mental facilities claiming to be indigent?

            If that’s the case, then he should apply for public housing and food stamps so O’Mara can get the State to for pay for costs for his defense.

          • Xena…..I was being entirely serious…even though you bring up good points….

            Considering he was unstable while on his meds, is he still on medication now? and if so how? as psych meds are pretty expensive for the most part.

            And if he’s not on medication? he could only be that much more unstable.

          • Xena says:


            Xena…..I was being entirely serious…even though you bring up good points….

            Yes, both of us are being serious. He is on the border of not having money to pay for his hotel room. Rather than pursue options, he is begging and this time, begging for a specific amount; i.e., $30,000 a month. That amount includes money necessary to take care of his personal expenses. Let the State give him housing and food, and that reduces the amount of free money he needs.

            It’s not about GZ’s meds. He’s a lazy con artist on and off meds. Since Papa Zim and Junior talk about not being safe, GZ and ShelLIE could have moved in with Papa Zim and security could have been provided to that entire household, saving GZ the costs of hotel rooms.

          • cielo62 says:

            MMP~ ONLY if he’s using an alias, although how anybody could not recognize those tiny beady eyes is beyond me.


          • racerrodig says:

            I can’t wait for “Weird Al Yankovic” to do a Fogen parody along the lines of ‘Eat it” Maybe he can do one about lies. Hmmmmmm. Remember the song “Signs”

            And the man said theirs a punky lookin’ kid here and he don’t belong
            So he grabbed SheLies gun and exited his schruck and went out to ask him why.
            He said he’s a coon and is walking about, hey whats a Fogen to do.
            So set out to trap, maybe set up a scrap, it’s me followin’ you


            Lies, Lies, everywhere are lies….
            Blockin’ out reality, breakin’ my mind
            I say this, didn’t do that, can’t you read my mind ?

            And Z said anybody caught here walking may be shot on sight.
            So T ran like hell, talkin’ to Dee and thought “Hey what gives you the right”
            To follow me, stalk me and just plain assault me, now just get off me
            If God was here he’d tell you to your face man, “This isn’t my plan”

            Chorus 2 X


            Now, hey you punk boy, what’s the deal
            Oh you’ve got on a hoodie, and that is for real
            You can’t even walk here, no you can’t even eat
            You ain’t supposed to be here !!!
            The sign says you got to have a resident card to get inside !!


            I’ll fine tune it but Fogen……it’s the truth !

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. AWESOME!

  14. Jun says:

    This is what I found off of google

    it seems these tools are off by about 30 feet, according to this software

    and for some legal matters, it states that there needs to be permission granted

  15. Jun says:

    The state had everything prepared within 20 days, so I dont get why the defense allegedly needs more time than that, and they keep looking through truly pointless information, such as alleged facebooks and twitters of witness 8

    Also phone records for cellphones will contain all contacts made outgoing and incoming, as well as texts, so from my understanding, the defense already has those records

    seems a lil strange but I would like to see Fogenhats’ cellphone records as it has not been analyzed for its GPS locator or whatever

  16. Jun says:

    I am reading the motion but it seems to me that the defense seems a little obsessed with Witness 8’s recording and Twitter and Facebook, and Trayvon’s facebook and twitter. Is the defense even sure they have a facebook or twitter or whatever? I do not get why he is chasing the bloodclot twitter as it seems it will not prove anything, and seems to be a waste of time

    I am no legal expert but it seems to me there are more mountains to climb than simply witness 8’s twitter and facebook, attacking Crump, and trying to talk smack about the job the state is doing when Omara is not exactly the epitome of professionalism LOL

    • blushedbrown says:


      Re: Twitter and Facebook

      What O’mara is specifically looking for is not so much of what Trayvon had on his facebook, because what he said before the shooting is not relevant. If he uses Trayvon’s music choice, or words used it will open the door on the other side against his client regarding character issues. But DeeDee on the other hand is another issue. If she said anything at all about what Trayvon might of said or did during the telephone call while he was being stalked by GZ, O’mara can use that to try and discredit her.

      Facebook and Twitter must not allow him to obtain this records because to me it doesn’t change the facts of where the bullet casing was found and Trayvon’ body.

      As Xena has stated, O’mara is a divorce attorney. He smears the other party to get his cases won. That is what he is trying to do. He can try and divert attention somewhere else, but Bernie is not going to allow that to happen.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        o’mara does take murder cases as well, but his reputation is that of one who consistently plea bargains.

      • elcymooymoo says:

        It’s not clear to me that the prosecution even has the identifying information regarding DeeDee’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. It seems to me that it would be a violation of not only her privacy, but of those with whom she’s been communicating.

        The motion also requests verification that she was ‘hospitalized’ on the night of Trayvon’s funeral. I don’t think she ever claimed that she was, just that she had to go to the hospital because of problems with her blood pressure, etc. Any hospital record would also be protected information, so it’s up to her or her mother to produce it IF they wish to do so, isn’t it?

        It appears to me that this is all about impugning her credibility as a witness, when Zimmerman’s ‘witnesses’ are far less credible.

        • blushedbrown says:


          There are alot of letters in your name! 🙂
          IIRC, Facebook and Twitter do not have to respond to O’mara request because of Federal laws, someone else can correct me if I am wrong. That information can be released by the party in question, but why should they, it has nothing to do with GZ shooting Trayvon. Even though the Judge granted O’mara to get Trayvon’s school records, that does not automatically mean she will let him enter that into evidence. She will review what she deems relevant. Just like she did with GZ medical records. Even thought the mental side of it would of been great for us to see, she only let some stuff in.

          Witness 8 aka DeeDee, has been well protected from the public. Her parents have done an extraordinary job in this regards. Along with Crump and Jackson. They have maintained her privacy. A task that is quite challenging, being the high profile case this is. I also have to give the teenagers that knew of her and Trayvon, that keep quiet as well a tremendous shout out as well. They have done well.

          O’mara wants to skewered her as much as possible, because he knows she is quite damning to GZ statement(s). What about the,” He jumped out of the bushes story, she heard the exchange. Why are you following me? That does not suggest jumping out of the bushes. She is quite damning to gz is so many ways, that the only thing for O’mara is to take up the CTH theories.

          >>>>>>It appears to me that this is all about impugning her credibility as a witness, when Zimmerman’s ‘witnesses’ are far less credible.

          He must discredit her, in O’mara view, but there is so much other evidence that it can actually be done without her.

          But he will fail in his mission to discredit her. Other witnesses corrobarated exactly what she heard. I can’t remember what witness it was, but I will get it to you if you like.

      • Xena says:

        Evidently, Facebook and Twitter will not honor the subpoenas. Those organizations are under international law, and O’Mara needs to go to federal court to compel cooperation with the subpoenas.

        Facebook and Twitter’s TOS allows for law enforcement to subpoena records, but not other parties, so O’Mara will have to fight that issue also.

        That’s a lot of expensive work to take on to find nothing relevant in defending GZ for his actions on 2/26/12.

      • Jun says:

        I dont even know if she even has a twitter or facebook but I agree it is an invasion of privacy and I do not get what he is trying to prove

        Even if you are in the hospital, it does not mean you cant twitter or facebook, and it does not mean you cant be happy or try to lighten the mood, and cheer up

  17. LLMPapa says:

    The defense cannot finish preparing for trial, for example hire needed audio and gun experts and private investigators, without more cash, he said.,0,6459983.story

    Audio and gun experts and private investigators, eh? Guess that means they’re giving up on a reconstruction expert to fix his story….

    • Jun says:

      they do not seem to have their priorities straight but considering their past schemes and lies and transpiring, I am liable to believe it is much the same

      it truly is not a good argument to say “we cant have experts because we have no money” after having the defendant, out of no necessity, blows through $200,000 Plus ($100,000 for bond) and a bit of change after that… it seems to be a delay tactic…
      and some selfishness as the state will have to fit the bill, which are citizen’s taxes, when the defendant could have paid for his own defense

      They have not changed their strategy much except to attack witness 8, Trayvon, Crump, and Bernie with slander and lies… their motions are pretty much just recycled with perhaps a couple extra fillers… you can tell if you read between the lines as that is what they are doing… the GPS thing seems to fall in line with the ping logs thing from the Treefort LOL…

      The biggest being that Omara has had close to a year, and he has done nothing but whine, lie, maliciously and needlessly spend money, waste time on needless things when the state prepared their case in a little over a month

  18. ladystclaire says:

    The ninjas are coming the ninjas are coming, that is the latest group who are out to get Fogen. LMAO, this fool is loosing what mind he has left intact. I’m not making this up folks this is his latest thing to get donations for his security.

  19. kimmi says:

    What I don’t get is how O’Liar and West are “pro bono” but then can accept 40K in office equipment from the fund…”Neither O’Mara nor co-counsel Don West has been paid, O’Mara said, however, THE FUND HAS SPENT $40,000 ON PURCHASES FOR O’MARA’S LAW FIRM, for example more computers, office space, phones, and software.”,0,2645095.story?page=2

    Couldn’t that be considered a payment in a round-about way?
    More like a dishonest (unethical), method of O’Liar/West accepting payment (40K of equipment from the ‘FUND’), without reporting it as a payment, thus still remaining “pro bono” on paper?
    Seems stinky to me!

    • PYorck says:

      As far as I can remember O’Mara has only said that he has not been paid (normally) so far, not that he wants to keep it that way. Actually he seemed to imply that he would love to see some money.

      Here “pro bono” seems to mean “in exchange for whatever is left of the donated funds”.

    • Xena says:

      The $40,000 of equipment and office space should be considered an asset to O’Mara’s firm. If I had a lawyer who charged me to expand and equip his office, I would first think that he isn’t prepared to take on my case. Also, if I had a lawyer who thought it was more important to thugify the person I’m charged with murdering rather than ALREADY getting experts lined up in ballistics and forensics, I would think he is not experienced in criminal defense.

      IMO, what O’Mara and West are doing is trying to divert the murder 2 case into some other type of case that does not defend GZ at all but rather, makes excuses for him.

  20. racerrodig, I look at these lyrics and I often wonder if this man has taken any sort of deep, serious and honest look at himself. Not with the media, or the lawyer, or even his wife. Just a personal look at how things got the way they are. I wonder if he has done that. At 29, he is only a year older than my son.

    • blushedbrown says:


      IMHO, that is a big fat NO. Lookit, look at how he has conducted himself throughout his life. Do you think that after molesting his cousin, he said to himself nope that’s not a good idea, but continued to do so to another female family member. Do you think he look backed at his comments on Myspace and said to himself in the future I will not disparage other minorities. Nope, he went right ahead and harassed his Arab American co worker later on in life. After he was married to Shellie. Did he break his vows by being with another woman, laying on her bed discussing how his wife didn’t want children. Did he look back and say hey I’m married I shouldn’t be in a bedroom with another woman. Nope he did it anyway.

      Everything he does he does for himself with no regard for his wife family, friends or lawyers.

      He killed an unarmed teenager and did not even have his blood pressure up. He talked about his ammunition. He stood over his body like some prize that needed to be got.

      He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.

      He doesn’t look back.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I think you are right, blushbrown.

        He seems like he possesses sociopathic tendencies. Now if that has been combined with some MO tricks he learned from a bad priest*, gz would have been very difficult to handle and pin down throughout his life.

        (* gz was an altar boy + worked in the rectory in the evenings from age 7 to 17)

        • blushedbrown says:


          >>>>gz was an altar boy + worked in the rectory in the evenings from age 7 to 17)

          Hmmm. Wow, we all have heard the stories about Priest and little boys.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        public image vs real self………many times worse than a simple Eddie Haskel type

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        TTYL, blushedbrown.

      • racerrodig says:

        You could not be any more correct.

      • I don’t know what the outcome of this case will be, but in the hypothetical case of if a guy like this goes to prison, my guess is that other inmates will not tolerate being ripped off, that’s just a given, but a lot of this behavior- inmates won’t put up with it, like they seem to on the outside.

        I suppose this comment goes under that annoying “I’m just sayin” category, but I’m just sayin. I don’t know what will happen, but if I were a counselor, I would be having a heart-to-heart that said, Listen. You might be convicted. You need to think about that real hard.

        • blushedbrown says:


          Life in prison is no joke. Sometimes you can find people in there that is no different then you or me. But as you have stated, there will be some he will not put up with certain things. It is a whole set of different rules in there. Hence the phrase “Prison Rules”. All bets are off.

          The heart to heart was given by Serino, to some extent, but he is no counselor.

          IIRC, GZ was seeing a psychologist, for what I don’t know. But considering what we know so far. He has anger, control, and impulse issues.

          They are some who will not benefit from counseling, he is not one of them. He doesn’t feel that he needs it. It is not him that has the problem, in his thinking its the world. It’s law enforcement not doing their job. Its Arabs who think they can do a better job then him. It’s Mexicans. Its the black youth who need to be “mentored” to do the right thing. Without him the world around him will flop. This is his thinking. No amount of counseling can change his world view. It is a part of him that he can not or is not willing to change. Look how his world view came into our view. He killed an unarmed teenager.

          • Psychologists CAN NOT prescribe medications….Only an MD or a shrink (An MD with an advanced degree in psychiatry) can prescribe them.

            Hell he could have even had a proctologist (An MD with an advanced degree in a$$holes) prescribe them .

          • blushedbrown says:


            Okie Dokie

          • This guy is in serious need of a counselor. I assume he was under the care of a Psychiatrist because he was taking psych meds, wonder how that’s all going. One can only hope he is getting some sort of guidance.

          • blushedbrown says:


            >>>>This guy is in serious need of a counselor.

            Totally agree, but behind bars.

          • Well, mental health counseling and some meds are available (limited, but at least there) in the prisons (not the jails), but often, the inmate has to be the one to seek it.

            And at this rate…

          • blushedbrown says:

            Hmmm, I was under the impression that it was done automatically when you enter prison, you know like, do you have thoughts of hurting yourself, do you use any psych meds, that sorta thing. Then they give you the counseling based on your answers.

          • I am sure that there is a lot of variation, but my experience was 1) there was nothing in the jails and 2) I sought out my own help from a psychiatrist in prison. People who automatically got mental help were very over-the-top cases, like talking to the trees and bushes, violent, or whatever.

            There is a lot of variation though, from state to state.

          • blushedbrown says:


            ahhh. I got it now.

          • racerrodig says:

            ….named Bubba who’s therapy line is “…..what’s yo problem….homie”

          • Bubba to fogen………”Let me give you an injection to cure that”

          • blushedbrown says:

            @MMP & Racer

            You guys are killing me over here 😆 😆

          • racerrodig says:

            Fogen “……….that’s not a needle…….that’s a cattle prod”

          • blushedbrown says:



            Oooo my sides hurt!

            Laughter sounds very crazy when you are by yourself and no one else hears the joke.

          • The sight of one lip grinning…..or sum such quote 🙂

          • racerrodig says:

            That was one big roar, I heard ya all the way over here !!

          • blushedbrown says:


            You guys got me laughing my silly ass off , and I need to attack the housework. I want to “get er done” so I can research this material regarding the phone and 7-11.

            Speaking of phones, what are the powers that be say about the 7-11?

            A long time ago, I had speculated that they were there was a couple of people at the mailbox. But that idea got knocked down, because that was not conveyed to DeeDee. I still think it is a possiblity considering, that people hear gz questioning Trayvon about, “Who are they? The question makes me think why would he ask “who are they? if no one is around.

            My other thought is why ask the question if Trayvon was alone. “who are they” should be “who are you”?

            Just my brain trying to work out the details.

          • racerrodig says:

            Fogen “……um, wait….that’s not a needle…”

          • Bubba to fogen……”Correct you are….this though is what we use to administer injections as we aren’t allowed to have syringes”

    • racerrodig says:

      Someone as self centered as he is would never take a deep long look at himself.He certainly would not be capable of admitting wrong and making a change.

    • cielo62 says:

      I think GZ is incapable of self reflection. I mean, he can see his failures. But he is incapable of seeing his choices as leading to those failures. He can’t learn from his mistakes.

      Sent from my iPod

  21. @racerodig: I don’t use the word “amazing” much, but you putting up the lyrics AND the keys for this song was amazing, thank you so much. Made my night.

    • racerrodig says:

      Thanks so much !! Think I’ll give “Old Man” a try.

      • This is hella fuckin balls-to-the-wall cool, having a musician on the site!
        /on my feet, clapping.

        • racerrodig says:

          Maybe I can sit in with mys sons band….they backing me would be more accurate and we can post these rewrites here. I’m not much of a singer, but Ill give it a try.

          • That sounds great to me. I like the idea.

          • racerrodig says:

            Think I’ll give it a try

          • I think this is a fantastic idea, and Fred and I have discussed the “I’m not much of a singer” comment, and decided that that means you are likely a ridiculously talented singer.

          • racerrodig says:

            Well I’m not much but I can get by when needed… me on the not much aspect.

          • See your other lyrics here, really has me thinking tonight. There’s something wrong with the whole picture, just to take for random example, when I watch Gabby Giffords speak, while at the same time an armed/dangerous gunman is on the loose in Arizona. I do not believe gun control is the answer here, I mean, I am a passivist for the most part, but I can’t own a gun, because a background check will prevent, what exactly? Prevent a non-violent person from not being violent? Bottom line, this is not the country I ever dreamed it would be. BTW, I am a fan of Christian rock music, and pretty much any rock. I love pretty much any music, from Santana to Zambian Acapella gospel.

            If we had more people listening to music, maybe there would be no need for all the guns, just an opinion.

          • Xena says:

            My favorite Santana. No one leaves my house until they hear this, so they go with it in their heart.

          • racerrodig says:

            “Smooth” !!!!

          • Thank you so much, Xena. Santana has been my all-time favorite since I was nine (1969). I have seen them in concert, with their, like sixteen percussionists, quite remarkable. Gonna listen, then hit you back.

          • Okay, wow, thanks again. Beautiful. I could talk Santana all day, but music’s got my toes tapping, so I suggest we all get off our ass and jam, and I will leave you with this bit of fun:

          • Xena says:

            @Crane-Station. Would you believe that I have that on vinyl? 🙂

          • Seriously?! We Are Not Worthy. We got to looking at some related videos about the history of this song. Fascinating stuff. The guitar is pure sex. It could wake the dead.

          • Xena says:

            Oh, I go way back when it comes to music — still have 45’s. LOL!! There’s a couple of 78’s too. Some passed down from the previous generation. I’ve probably loaned out as many as I still have — (loaned but not returned). I have a turntable that connects to my computer to record and then burn to CD, but the process is very tedious and will take me years to complete.

          • racerrodig says:

            You may go way back with music, but you missed rehearsal last night !!! LOL !! Sorry I missed everyone today… real busy in the shop (Thank you Lord for answsering that prayer)

            I have about 400 posts from this site to read….Hmmmm Thank God it’s Friday !! You guys sure talk a lot !!

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. Glad to hear that you were busy at work.
            “If a man doesn’t work, neither shall he eat.”

            No wonder GZ is in such bad shape. He is the opposite of scripture; i.e., he doesn’t work, but man he sure looks like he’s eating.

          • blushedbrown says:


            Please check mail.

          • Xena says:

            @blushedbrown. Checked, and replied. In about 15 minutes, I’m going to be off the computer for several hours — but I shall return before the end of tonight. 🙂

          • blushedbrown says:


            You are a doll, thanks.
            I’m heading out as well, be back tonight.

          • racerrodig says:

            Thanks ! I always have some work and make money everyday (self employed in the race car / Hot Rod field) but yesterday I had a ton of new business, kind of like before the economy went south.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. May the floodgates of heaven open and continue pouring blessings to you — just with enough time though for you to participate here. 🙂

          • racerrodig says:

            Thanks !! I’ catch up all night if I have to.

          • racerrodig says:

            I wrote a song called “Listen to His Love” Mind if I post the lyrics later ? Maybe Fogen could use this since he did mention “Gods Plan”

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. “Listen to his love.” Good title. It’s not my blog so I can’t approve whether you post the lyrics here, but feel free to email me or post it over on the home page of Blackbutterfly7.

          • racerrodig says:

            I’ll do that…thanks !

          • You have my permission to post your lyrics here, Race.

          • racerrodig says:

            Wow !! You are amazing and this is an amazing forum with tremendous insight. I just copied the Lead Sheet from my documents of music so there is extra stuff as to our arrangement.
            It was quicker than typing it all out.

            If everyone on this planet could just dump the malice from their hearts and just chill….stop being racist and mean spirited.

            My favorite line is “Reach out for a brand new start….”

            LISTEN TO HIS LOVE

            1st Verse ( Male Voice )


            2ND Verse ( Female Voice )





            3RD Verse ( Male Voice )


            4TH Verse (Female Voice )


            CHORUS 2 X

            REPEAT 3rd & 4th VERSE

            CHORUS 2 X & END W/ CHORD PROG. ON Bm7

          • racerrodig says:

            i agree 100% but there has to be some kind of control as it is far to easy for anyone to buy a gun legally, let alone illegally.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            i’ll help you out my friend, if you have room for an acoustic guitar and part time mandolin player who can sing a respectable harmony – you oughtta see my female johnny cash impersonation 🙂

          • racerrodig says:

            Way Cool !! I play 12 & 6 string acoustic & electric and a little mandolin. I have a Dean Mondo mandolin which is a 9 string oversize mandolin that tunes like a guitar and sounds like a regular mandolin for us old guy who don’t have time to learn a new instrument. I’m thinking of putting another band together to do some Christian music and some old “British Invasion” and some classic rock stuff……come on over, lets jam !!

          • I can play the stereo…..that’s about the limit of my musical expertise 😦

          • racerrodig says:

            You can be my sound engineer !!

          • that means I can ring the bell & blow the whistle?

          • blushedbrown says:

            @MMP & Racer

            I can be on the cowbell, we need more cowbell!

          • racerrodig says:

            Oh, we do need a lot of cowbell to offset the Fogen bullshit.

          • blushedbrown says:


            I’ll bang on it loud and proud !!!

          • racerrodig says:

            If you want, but that would be a “Train Engineer” being a sound engineer would mean you have to be stable or move all those sliders and turn all those knobs. It’s fun.

          • Sliders & knobs sounds like fun to me 🙂

            Actually I have a son in law that IS a sound engineer in LA

          • racerrodig says:

            Well, there ya go then !!

          • fauxmccoy says:

            right on man – although you are all the way across the country from me. i remember a nice music discussion we had at huffpost but the best memory of our double tag two punch system was when we were gonna go beat up some tough talking surf bum at danny’s bistro in santa monica or something. … good times, man.

          • Santa Monica…….Home of the Homeless…

            Unless they’ve cleaned it up since I was last there?

          • fauxmccoy says:

            i live a good 500 miles to the north of santa monica and have not visited it in years. none of my data would be recent. the above was just a silly conversation racer and i got into on the huffington post with some fogen apologist.

          • I used to live in the Inland Empire….Riverside to be specific

            You know the saying

            Riverside 😐

          • fauxmccoy says:

            i was born in the city of orange (OC) in ’64 and am very glad that my folks got out of that mess and moved the family to a small cattle ranch near chico, ca in ’72. it was a dramatic change, but such a wonderful way to grow up. i did leave for san francisco about as soon as i could, but when it came time to settle down and have babies, i got my behind back to chico, which is an absolutely lovely spot on the planet.

            anything south of santa barbara just sounds unpleasant to me.

          • racerrodig says:

            That’s right…..last summer. I remember that. That was funny too.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. Hey! I can wobble — good background singer. 🙂

          • racerrodig says:

            You’re hired !!

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig! I accept, been singing since the age of 2, started in church during the days when there were no microphones or PA systems. I’ve been known at karaoke for putting down the mic — not needed. 🙂

          • racerrodig says:

            Okay !! Rehearsal is at 7:00 tonight. You can use my Audio Technica wireless. We’ll do hmmmmmmmm “Holy is the Lord” by Tomlin and “I’ll Fly Away” the “Jars of Clay” with Sarah Kelly version as a dedication to Trayvon. You can pick the 3rd song.

          • Xena says:

            “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” for Sybrina and Tracy.

          • racerrodig says:

            I will learn it by the weekend.

          • Xena says:

            In the key of A, please. 🙂

          • cielo62 says:

            Xena- I love that song! You don’t have to Christian to love the knowledge we are loved unconditionally. I once named a kitten I found Sparrow. He had had quite a time before I got him.

            Sent from my iPod

          • Xena says:

            @cielo62. Hello my dear cat-loving friend. I missed you yesterday.

            Xena- I love that song! You don’t have to Christian to love the knowledge we are loved unconditionally. I once named a kitten I found Sparrow. He had had quite a time before I got him.

            Indeed. It’s the spirit in the words. There are quite a few secular songs like that too, such as “Dream the Impossible Dream.”

          • cielo62 says:

            Xena~ It’s scary the way you just might understand me. “The Impossible Dream” IS one of my favorite songs, the sadness that idealists face in a crazy world. Still I cling to my idealism, while tempering it with pragmatism. It’s the only way I can remain a teacher and not quit in despair.

      • PS Sorry for the misspelling there. I left out an r, my bad!

      • racerrodig says:

        Hey Fogen, take look at your life
        Who’s a lot like you are ?
        Old man, look at my life, twenty nine and there’s so much more
        Live alone in a cell block now, that makes me think of two
        Love lost, such a cost, Trayvon’s life, assigned no cost
        Like a coin that won’t get tossed…rolling home to you.

        Hey Fogen, take a look at your life
        Who’s a lot like you are ?
        I need someone I need someone to blame the whole day through
        Ah, one look in my eyes and you can tell what’s true

        Lullaby’s, look in my eyes, run around the same old lies
        Doesn’t mean that much to me, to mean that much to you
        I’ve been first and last, hope to God the time goes fast
        Now I’m all alone at last, never comin home to you

        The 1st song I ever played in public was “Down by the river: by Neil Young….

          • racerrodig says:

            A song is meant to do just what you did….think. Try this lyric and let me know what you think, It’s one of my originals Off Topic sorry.
            What images do you see.

            When I look at all of the beauty around me
            God created everything for me to see
            Sit back and take a breath every things gonna be all right
            A touch of His Love makes it all worthwhile

            Pre – Chorus

            Open your eyes….to a world alive


            Lift your head up to the sky, dontcha know the reason why,
            ‘cuz we’re living for the moment Like we’re never gonna die
            Lift your head up to the sky, dontcha know the reason why,
            ‘cuz were lining for the moment like never gonna die

            When the end is near God will be there for you
            It’s how I feel don’t feel that way too
            Well if you don’t you better reach out and touch Him
            Pray the prayer that’ll let Him in your heart

            Open your eyes….to a world alive

            Chorus 3 X

            I’ve written many songs, mostly Christian songs but back in 89
            I wrote one called Death by Gun and it is about this type of tragedy. It was based on a Time magazine article about just this stuff.

            Little children, get down low, (Heavy guitar riff)
            Who’s next now…we just don’t know (Riff)
            All you shop owners…lock up tight now (Riff)
            Would be felons (Fogens) are out tonight !! (Riff)


            Deaaaaath by gun (Riff)
            Deaaaaath by gun (Riff)
            Deaaaaath by gun (Riff)
            Deaaaaath by gun (Riff)

            Unknown driver…..wrong side of town (Riff)
            It doesn’t matter…..any old town (Riff)
            Carjacked, he kills ’em No reason why (Riff)
            Just for the kicks now……he heads for the bar (Riff)


            Forgotten Senior, out on her own (Riff)
            She didn’t deserve… die all alone (Riff)
            He took her one life yeah…..was all in his plan yeah (Riff)
            Looks for a victim….not selective is he (Riff)

            Chorus 2 X

            With that one shot now…you sent her away (Riff)
            It was just a short fight yeah….she dies all alone now (Riff)
            Bad man is out there, packing his piece (Riff)
            Nowhere to hide, he’s comin for you now (Riff)

            Chorus 3 X

            It is a typical hard rock late 80’s song with a heavy 10 note Metal style riff which add to the texture and “heartlessness” of the acts.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. Do you know of Stephen Curtis Chapman? The lyrics you shared remind me of some of his songs.

          • racerrodig says:

            One of my favorites. I went to one of his songwriting seminars back about 2006 or so with the Northeast Christians Artists Guild. What an experience….Phil Keegey was there also. I was so lucky to get in.

          • Xena says:

            WOW! Phil Keegey is a name I haven’t heard in awhile. IIRC, I first heard Stephen Curtis Chapman around 1984 and the following was the song. Then along came the Allies (still love Bob Carlisle) and Bryan Duncan. Then in Chicago is a guy named Glenn Kaiser who sings Christian blues.

          • racerrodig says:

            I wasn’t familiar with Glen Kaiser until I used your link….great talent.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. Re Glen Kaiser. Hometown boy — Chicago. 🙂

            He used to be with Resurrection Band. Glen has some vids on Youtube too including his testimony.

          • racerrodig says:

            The Resurrection Band !! That’s it. I put together a CCM band in 2006 called “The Resurrection Project” when my band “Profession of Faith” ended.

          • Xena says:

            @racerrodig. Have you heard of Gospel Gangsters and DC Talk? They’re Christian rap groups. I also like Charlie Peacock. Then there’s Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary who are also my faves. For inspiration, give me Shirley Caesar.

          • racerrodig says:

            No, No….Yes (cool) No, Yes, (cool again)

          • blushedbrown says:


            Very nice Racer.

          • racerrodig says:

            Why Thank You !!

      • abbyj says:

        Racer, Genius at Work. [wow]

  22. Jun says:

    Okay now their next new story is…

    some alleged secret stuff on Trayvon’s school records


    which proves… dun dun dun

    what happened when Trayvon was in school, not on Feb 26, 2012

    Very brilliant LOL

  23. Xena says:

    When I saw this months ago by LLMPapa, I knew GZ would not have another restful day nor night.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I am glad you posted this, Xena.

      It is an important, soulful presentation by LLMPapa.

      I pray that Trayvon’s spirit will be able to connect with his mom and dad and enjoy loving warmth forever.

  24. Xena says:

    I like this. It’s real and dispels claims about having more people armed is better.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I just finished watching this video……what an eye opener. Every one should see this!

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Thanks for posting it, Xena!

      • blushedbrown says:

        That was an outstanding video, I learned alot, thank you.

        • Xena says:

          Thanks Brown. I too learned from it, and it also verified some thoughts I had. If a person is not trained in law enforcement and the situation is spontaneous, they should try to get to safety rather than playing high noon at the OK Corral.

          • blushedbrown says:


            It goes to show how even if you own a gun. You don’t have the specific training that is really required. Guns are way to easy to obtain, the guidelines should include this training as mandatory to get your license.

    • racerrodig says:

      As my dad, a 25 year police veteran always said, “Any civilian who leaves the house with a gun is looking for trouble”

      There are so few, if any cases where a legally armed civilian “saved the day” it’s a joke. There are tens of thousands of cases where an armed civilian killed or wounded someone for one reason or another, eh Fogen!!

      • Xena says:

        Looks like those who were armed thought that the gun protected them from bullets too.

        I remember reading a comment on Yahoo posted in response to the article about James Holmes where someone said a person in the theater should have had a gun and returned fire. That person forgot that Holmes was covered in body armor head to toe.

        • racerrodig says:

          It’s a statistical fact that even in police shootouts, a bad guy and a cop can stand within 30 feet, expend 30 rounds and in most cases, there is not one hit because of the adrenaline factor. I have been shooting since I was 12 ? and well am well trained. I can hit what I aim at on the range. BUT a combat simulation drill is another story.
          You miss half outright and hit some friendlies. Imagine a real crisis situation…..Not Me !!

      • Jun says:

        The issue with Holmes is most people were just kids and families watching Batman… that psycho shooting was unexpected so even if someone was armed, they would not have ample opportunity to return fire

      • rayvenwolf says:

        From my own looking the majority of “civvies” are in fact off duty law enforcement or ex/current military. In cases where a true civilian has stopped a shooter , the shooter was in fact NOT in the act of shooting and usually leaving the scene.

        There has never(as far as I have researched) been a true case of Mighty Mouse coming to the rescue. Even IF I was in a situation like a crazed fool shooting and had my gun on me, my first instinct would be to get myself and my son to safety, NOT get into a draw down with someone. a) because I know I don’t have the training and b) I would not be able to live with myself if someone else got hurt because of it.

        • racerrodig says:

          Well said. i am a gun owner and would never get a carry permit. IOf gunfire breaks out I’ll go “grass roots”

        • cielo62 says:

          rayvenwolf~ DON’T mention Joe Horn! He shot 2 people IN THE BACK as they ran away FROM him while they escaped from burglarizing a home. It wasn’t HIS home, and his neighbors didn’t ever actually thank him for dragging their families into a raging controversy. I was in a furious funk for months! He wasn’t even taken TRIAL, just no-billed by the ignorant gun-toting yahoos from Pasadena, TX. Is it karma that today he is broke and depressed? I sure hope that feeling like a “man” was worth it. There was a defense fund for him, too. At the end he had nothing left, either in his defense account or his bank.


          • rayvenwolf says:

            I wasn’t actually even going to do that. Honestly I wouldn’t even count break ins unless the thieves were armed and often they aren’t.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Great stuff. Unfortunately, many rabid gun lovers are as hard to talk to as Fogen supporters.

      • Xena says:

        Hey Two sides! You just gave me an idea for the Zidiots to raise money for GZ. They can have a shoot off with the rubber bullets with paint in them like the ones used in the video. The entry price can be $1,000 and they bring their own gun. They only need 30 people to raise money for GZ for a month. They will need to come up with their own ideas for the next 6 months, however. 🙂

        • blushedbrown says:


          OOOO OOOO I have an idea, why doesn’t O’mara send an email to all those pro-z blogs and ask that every dollar that comes through the blog site get turned over to them. I can just see the CTH, going

          “What?! You want us to turn over our dough for him, Ummm you know what all that pro stuff, umm we just say it because we don’t like black people we just do it to spew our hatred, but we don’t even believe the crap that comes out of GZ mouth, we just play along. We beleive he’s guilty as sin. We ain’t giving up no more money, that train has left the station.” HA!!!

    • wow! this is so scary. what a damn shame that POS (gz) loser was stupid enough to think he had the right, much less the skills to make intelligent life or death choices!

      • Xena says:

        @shannon. GZ said why on Hannity. He was terrorized with the thought that the cops would arrive, see him standing there with his gun in his hand, and shoot him.

        Now remember, GZ said that after he shot Trayvon, he holstered his gun. If you were a cop, and arrived seeing a crying, screaming teen and a man standing with a gun aimed at him, which one would you shoot?

        • Xena

          My first response would be to COMMAND the armed individual to put the weapon down…….Failure to do so would / could result in them being shot.

        • For the cop to shoot the individual, while the individual is pointing a gun at another…..being shot could cause body reflex’s up to and including pulling the trigger.

          I know this how?……..An Uncle of mine has 3 bullet holes diagonally across his body from a kraut he clipped who went down with his finger in the trigger of his Schimesser …….. Another Uncle carried the burn scars of of being burnt in a Sherman tank…..These men were my hero’s growing up…..even though now deceased…..they are still my heros.

          • Xena says:

            @Pat. We have to think like GZ. (I know. Very difficult.) Here you are with this kid who you don’t want to get away. He is screaming and crying and there you are holding on to his clothes and pointing a gun at him.

            Then the cops arrive and shout, “Put your hands on top of your head now.” But when you’re GZ, you have the urge and need to explain why you shouldn’t, which results in your getting shot by the cops.

          • Xena…….So sad that that isn’t the way things transpired…..We’d still have Trayvon…….and one less POS on the planet.

          • Xena says:


            Xena…….So sad that that isn’t the way things transpired…..We’d still have Trayvon…….and one less POS on the planet.

            For sure. GZ said he was out of time. He was out of time because residents heard Trayvon screaming and at least 2 made their presence known. The cops were coming. The 911 call that captured GZ’s voice is damning. O’Mara says he needs money for an audio expert witness. I suppose GZ has said that is not him using profanity towards and mocking Trayvon — but then he needs to identify the person that was. No audio expert can help O’Mara.

        • racerrodig says:

          I’ll take “Lying, Racist, Sexual Perverted Bastards” for $5,000.00 Alex !!

  25. PYorck says:

    I have a question about discovery. What are the prosecution’s obligations when it comes to incriminating evidence?

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Oh yeah, uh huh

      ……and how does gz feel about time?

      Now the time has come (Time)
      There’s no place to run (Time)

      • racerrodig says:

        Played this song many times in bands……in the key of “D”

        Yep…no place to run.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Should be a nice lullaby…..right?

      • racerrodig says:

        Hey Fogen, lets look at the lyrics…

        Time has come today (And in the future as well like 35 +)
        D C G D
        Young hearts can go their way (SheLie will probably go away)
        D C G D
        Can’t put it off another day (Nope….Trial in June)
        D C G D
        I don’t care what others say (That’s why you are a liar)
        D C G D
        They say we don’t listen anyway (Ain’t that the truth)
        D C G D
        Time has come today (Or at least pretty soon)

        D C A

        D C G D
        The rules have changed today (Hey) (You won’t get away however)
        D C G D
        I have no place to stay (Hey) (Ask AIS about that!!)
        D C G D
        I’m thinking about the subway (Hey) (I’m thinking prison)
        D C G D
        My love has flown away (Hey) (Yep)
        D C G D
        My tears have come and gone (Hey) (They haven’t even started bucko, trust me)
        D C G D
        Oh my Lord, I have to roam (Hey) (But only to the end of the cell)
        D C G D
        I have no home (Hey) (That would be true, since the rent was overdue!!)
        D C G D
        I have no home (Hey) (See above)

        D C G D

        D C G D
        Now the time has come (Time) (Judge says oh…35+)
        D C G D
        There’s no place to run (Time) (Especially with those manacles)
        D C G D
        I might get burned up by the sun (Time) (We can only hope)
        D C G D
        But I had my fun (Time) (Damn I never should have bought that gun)
        D C G D
        I’ve been loved and put aside (Time) (You call that love?)
        D C G D
        I’ve been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time) (ROLL TIDE)
        D C G D
        And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time) (More like demonized)

        D C G D
        D C G D
        Now the time has come (Time) (Yep 35+)
        D C G D
        There are things to realize (Time) (It’s called “Reality”)
        D C G D
        Time has come today (Time) (And not soon enough)
        D C G D
        Time has come today (Time) (35+ Fogen)

        Time x11 huge break


        D C G D
        Now the time has come (Time) (Sound of handcuffs clicking)
        D C G D
        There’s no place to run (Time) (Nope!!)
        D C G D
        I might get burned up by the sun (Time) (Maybe)
        D C G D
        But I had my fun (Time) (Time to pay the piper now Fogen)
        D C G D
        I’ve been loved and put aside (Time) (Loved Pppfffftttt)
        D C G D
        I’ve been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time) (ROLL TIDE ROLL)
        D C G D
        And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time) (Demonized)

        D C G D
        D C G D
        Now the time has come (Time) (This way Fogen (cell door slams))
        D C G D
        There are things to realize (Time) (Yep those 35 + years)
        D C G D
        Time has come today (Time) (What Time??)
        D C G D
        Time has come today (Time) (How much time)
        Time x4


        All together “Yeah” !!

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:


        That is a masterpiece, racer!

        Great job!!

        • racerrodig says:

          Thanks, but then again I hear more cowbell !!

          God how I love music and those talented artists !! The 1st band I was in we did Time and being all white boys we had no idea how it would come off. Just goes to show how limited a 15 year old’s thinking can be !!

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I just listened to it again, racer, and with your added “asides”……..just wow!

    • Xena says:

      One of my favorites.

    • Two sides to a story says:


    • that video just tripped me out!
      but i could swear i heard this song before but not like this. maybe from another band, like a southern rock band like skynyrd or someone..

      oh i’m definitely saving this song! cas they are totally tripping for sure!! lololol omg i would like to be there!

  26. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I think we should be very pleased by all that scampering that O’Mara is doing. To me, it is an admission of defeat.

    Now doesn’t that make you want to dance and shout?

  27. Trained Observer says:

    Amid the pre-hearing flurry of maneuvers and motions, why do I have a feeling that Team Fogen now wishes it had good old Judge Lester back on the bench? Something tells me Judge Nelson is going to nail these clowns to the wall every time they try something out of order.

    * You’re indigent and can’t afford defense or security? We’ll fix that,… you go back to jail and I’ll appoint you a public defender.

    * You say prosecution has not cooperated? Give me specifics.

    * You say you can’t proceed to trial until Facebook and Twitter play ball with you? Dream on, and move on.

    I predict egg on the face time for Team Fogen, come Trayvon’s birthday.

  28. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I have always thought it was odd in Audio #3 interview on February 26, 2012 that gz said he did not remember mentioning the button that Trayvon was wearing. (He wasn’t even being questioned about the button. gz brought up the subject of the button.

    I really think he was covering up that, in fact, he DID remember. :

    (plays tape 1:03 to 1:16)
    Singleton: Have you moved yet?
    Zimmerman: I don’t think so.
    Singleton: You’re still in front of the clubhouse?
    Zimmerman: I think so.
    Singleton: On Retreat View Circle.
    Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am. I don’t remember even saying he had a button on his shirt.
    Singleton: OK.

    When the two met up, what if George went for Trayvon’s button, and Trayvon got that cut on his finger from the pin in an effort to keep George from taking the pin? Why wasn’t the button STILL on Trayvon’s sweatshirt after he was shot dead by gz?

    • Rachael says:

      I like those questions.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Based on where the button was in the 7-11 video, Ole Fogen would have been pointing his gun right next to it while he was pulling on the boy’s hoodie.

    • amsterdam1234 says:

      The button was still on his shirt. Ayala describes observing the gunshot wound under the button. 2nd dump page 2.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I just looked at p.2……thanks amsterdam. That puts all my questions to rest.

        I would love to hear the audio or read the transcript of that April 2 interview of Gilbreath with Ayala. Guess they don’t release those, but just give Gilbreath’s summary.

    • SRA says:

      The button was still on Trayvon’s hoodie when he was killed. The EMT notes it and removes it when he/she was trying to resuscitate TM. Its in the report in the evidence dump.. the EMT put it in TM’s pocket.

  29. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I just think that a lawyer takes the route O’Mara is taking ONLY when they have nothing else to play.

    de la Rionda has a royal flush, and O’mara doesn’t even have a pair of deuces.

  30. Jun says:

    Okay so now the new Treeforter theory is alleged “Lost Files On Trayvon’s Phone” LMAO

    I dont know what they expect to prove that proves self defense for the defendant, especially with all the witnesses and forensic evidence that point to the defendant targeting, stalking, chasing, harassing, threatening, attacking and killing a kid which equates murder

    • Drew says:

      I think he was working with Al Qaeda and Fogen was trying to squeeze time-sensitive info out of him a la Jack Bauer. He wouldn’t talk, and things got out of hand. The lost phone files tie Trayvon to Osama bin Laden (most likely).

      • Jun says:

        LMAO I think I saw that on Harold & Kumar go to Guantanamo

        The guy who played the cop was hilarious

        He accused Harold of the Koreans working with Al Qaeda

    • PYorck says:

      I know that prosecutors are not always above playing dirty, but they are not completely stupid. The idea that they would do something so obvious in a case like this is absurd.

      • Jun says:

        The FDLE gave them all the files they could muster from the phone and the sim card, and they gave them the phone records, which would include all the chats and texts with Deedee

    • Two sides to a story says:

      *Groans* Treestumpers are always flailing those twigs around.

    • whonoze says:

      They think Trayvon attacked GZ to prove his machismo to DeeDee and the other “thugs” in his “gang”, and so he recorded it. Or at least that’s what they were pushing the last time I looked at one of the pro-GZ sites, which was like 9 months ago…

    • Xena says:

      More bigotvoyant theories to go along with their other bigotvoyant theories.

      • Tzar says:

        it’s projection, plain and simple

      • I just love the Bigotvoyant super powers they have!

        i think omar has it too. he’s absolutely positive there’s someone/something out there that’ll prove ALL barely 17 y.o. black boys from miami have the propensity to become angry, savage, killers of short chubby, gun toting, hispanic, self appointed NW captains!

        • Xena says:


          I just love the Bigotvoyant super powers they have!

          Frank Taafee is a classic bigotvoyant. He knows exactly what young Black males think.

          i think omar has it too. he’s absolutely positive there’s someone/something out there that’ll prove ALL barely 17 y.o. black boys from miami have the propensity to become angry, savage, killers of short chubby, gun toting, hispanic, self appointed NW captains!

          Yep, because using their crystal brains, they have looked into the future of every young Black male.

  31. Malisha says:

    I was just now thinking about people’s (mostly witnesses’) reactions to what took place on 2/26/2012 in RTL. It seems to me to be a sign of extreme, almost sociopathic disrespect and ignorance for Jeralyn Merritt to speak of the teacher as “hysterical” — the teacher’s reaction (“OMG OMG why would somebody just kill someone like that? OMG OMG — “) was one of the most appropriate reactions anyone could have had. Compare it to Taaffe, who is still complaining about a television. Imagine, somebody grabs a hostage and tells a community: “Either you give up your televisions or he will be killed!” There is not a sane person (other than a psychopath) who would not immediately unhook their television and throw it out the back window, saying, “DON’T SHOOT!” This teacher shows real human emotion in response to a horrifying and terroristic antisocial abomination in her backyard, and some damn fool lawyer has the nerve to mock that and isn’t ashamed! A life was lost! Have we taken leave of our senses? Do we have short-range vision like soulless low-class Taaffe?

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever had your head smashed on the concrete but it hurts”? Here’s my answer: I don’t know if you’ve ever had a loved one killed in cold blood but it HURTS!

    The people’s reactions to this gave us their measure.

    • Xena says:


      “I don’t know if you’ve ever had your head smashed on the concrete but it hurts”? Here’s my answer: I don’t know if you’ve ever had a loved one killed in cold blood but it HURTS!

      Good answer. Mine is, okay, but GZ said he had moved his head off the concrete and actually restrained Trayvon’s arm and wrist when he shot Trayvon — so if he killed Trayvon for smashing his head on concrete while he was no longer on concrete, then he did not kill in self-defense.

    • groans says:

      Maybe Taaffe has, himself, had his head smashed on the concrete. Hence, his authoritative opinion about pain associated with such an event. And, hence, the crazy things that come out of his mouth to this day!

      (But, then again, what exactly did he mean about having “your head smashed on concrete”? Could it have been a comparison to being smashed in the comfort of one’s own home?)

      In any event, taking a hollow bullet in the heart undoubtedly hurts much more – and hurts more people – and causes significantly more devastating and permanent damage.

      • ladystclaire says:

        Maybe Taaffe fell and hit his FAT head on concrete when he was on a drinking binge. that would be as good of an answer as to how he knows about how much pain one would be in if their head hit concrete.

      • Kelly Payne says:

        the bullet broke into three pieces when it entered Trayvons body the metal jacket the bullet was in also entered Trayvons body. during last seconds of consciousness he suffered a lot of pain. that bullet penetrated the right ventricle of his heart the low lobe of his right lung and severely damaged the plueral lining of the chest wall.severe bleeding began to compress both his lungs he would find breathing becoming more difficult.if he was still conscious when the destruction of his lungs occurred he would have suffered even more pain before dying.i believe all this happened in less than a minute because when the police arrived he was not breathing and there was no, pulse. his nail beds were cynotic which mean his heart was still beating for a time after he was shot but his lungs were no longer working. please forgive my terrible spelling.

        • PiranhaMom says:


          One of the few words I believe from GZ is when SPD asked him, in the interview, what Trayvon said after the shooting, GZ has this line of bunk about Trayvon saying “You got it” or “You got me” and that it meant(as IF Trayvon had a vision into Tayvon’s thought processes) that Trayvon was saying, “OK, I know you’ve got a gun, I give up.”

          GZ was claiming he “didn’t even know if he hit him.” Then he goes into this fable of turning Trayvon over, spreading his arms, to “restrain him.” Actually GZ quickly frisked Trayvon, looking for a gun, with the hope tha Trayvon had threatened HIM with a weapon. I stated last summer that I expect the observation of GZ running his hands over Trayvon’s back meant he was REALLY checking for the exit wound, which would mean the bullet would be embedded in the earth under Trayvon – not expected because it was a hollow-point, but could happen, so GZ’s bunk about being UNDER Trayvon wouldn’t fly.

          I think it was Detective Doris Singleton who asked GZ what Trayvon said after GZ turned him over, and he said “Ow, ow.”

          I have been certain that is all that Trayvon could say in the few seconds of remaining life: “Ow, ow.” GZ didn’t expect to be asked that. He had prepared the crap he spooned out to the detectives about “You got it” but he could not think if a reply to this question, and had to tell what he heard: “Ow. Ow.”

          Could he say on tape, “Umm. I fogret.”? Nooooo …

          Kelly, you asked us to excuse your spelling. I don’t know how any of us manages to put thoughts in writing, with tears in our eyes. You will never be criticized for spelling: we all face the same challenge.

          We understand.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      JM is a concealed weapons carrier herself. Her assessment of the teacher’s reaction makes my blood boil too!

    • Rachael says:

      I agree. I what world would someone not be upset, perhaps even hysterical, by someone shot dead just outside their home?

      I what world would the person who shot him talk calmly and casually with bystanders about the ammunition used like one would talk about about his latest dear hunting expedition?

    • whonoze says:

      I agree Merritt was way off-base with her insulting caricature of W18 (That’s putting it mildly; it really pissed me off.). However, I think a resistance to harsh judgements of witnesses should cut both ways: I don’t think we can draw firm conclusions about people based on how they react or don’t react to witnessing horrible events. Is W3 a bad person because she was more frightened than shocked or upset?

      One of the reasons Merritt’s mocking of W18 is so absurd is that W18 was the only witness who didn’t run to the interior of their apartment, but had the courage to stay at her window. So she was the only witness so see the actual shooting. Of course she’s more upset than the others, she saw more. By the same token, the other witnesses wound up seeing only a dead body, which is a far cry from seeing the spark of life extinguished.

      What we see in both Taaffe and Merritt is a partisanship so extreme it enables the dehumanization of “the other side.” Frankly (no pun intended), I think Taaffe is more respectful than Merritt, and has more of an excuse for his position, since he sees GZ as a friend and kindred spirit. I stopped reading TalkLeft long ago, mainly because of how Merritt treated W18… and the fact that she’s an NRA sycophant gun nut…

      Since I learned W18’s real name, I did a bit of Web research on her. You could characterize her as a “stand-up” person. The fact she reacted to Chris Serino blowing her off by contacting an attorney to help her prepare her own detailed statement to replace the perfunctory one taken by the SPD is consistent with her history. I’m dying to read or hear the deposition the defense took from her…

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      W18…… being the caring, compassionate person that she is…..was truly shaken by hearing Trayvon’s desperate cries for help followed by gunfire. She said she was never going to be able to forget those cries.

      From her 911 call:

      Oh, my God……
      ….Oh, my God. To see someone killed laying in the grass. Oh, my God……….
      …..Oh, my God. Why would somebody kill someone like that?

    • Cercando Luce says:

      I always agreed with your saying the teacher was the highest form of life in Sanford.

    • Jun says:

      For lack of better of word

      She’s a real piece of work (Merritt)

      I do not get how exactly w18 is supposed to react to a teenage boy screaming for help and then having his life taken away by the larger hispanic adult as she states in her testimony

      Merritt has lost her credibility as a legal representative and a human in my mind and has become a Zimmernut where logic and other people’s regard and feelings do not matter, except for the defendant

      But hey, according to her, Trayvon is just a black thug even though there is no proof whatsoever, let alone any form of attack from the teenage boy

  32. Malisha says:

    Imagine, “they gave us the color photograph of Fogen’s face too late so we need more time before trial” being an excuse that a real lawyer would actually write down on paper! Is he nuts or what? They couldn’t move the defense case forward until they saw a color picture of Fogenface because if the color of his blood was different it would have made a big difference to the defense, right?

    These guys saying that is like Fogen saying, “Then he said, ‘what’s your fucking problem homie?’ and he punched me in the nose.”

  33. colin black says:

    Jun says:

    January 30, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    We should come up with a name for the Conservative Tinfoil Hat or Treefort, because they should be forgotten as well


    Ive considered them as the treeple from the get go.

    As in sheeple.




    • Rachael says:

      No matter what you all decide, they will always and forever be the outhouse AFAIC and all the produce is stinky sewage.

    • ladystclaire says:

      How about the conservative KKK house!

      • Rachael says:

        You know, if someone asked me for a definition of rabid racists, I would send them there to read that blog. It is THE definition of such. I know the Z’s feel supported by them and I know they otherwise may not feel much support, but I wonder if they realize that by aligning themselves with that outfit, they are only proving themselves to be the very people they are purporting not to be.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @Rachael, you are spot on about this family of crooks and it’s even more shameful on their part that they associate with trash such as that and not to mention the fact that they are on these blog sites talking trash and spewing lies about Trayvon and his family.

  34. groans says:

    It looks like O’Mara is doing his typical “media blitz” before the February 5th court hearing. Google News has quite a list of articles, now.

    One of them is on ClickOrlando, entitled, “George Zimmerman defense releases new Trayvon Martin picture.”

    O’Mara doesn’t even PRETEND not to be trying his case in the court of public opinion! According to this article:

    “The defense says Zimmerman was ambushed by a much older-looking teen and that the public should be aware of that.”


    • Rachael says:

      There was apparently a news report (some local channel 2 in Florida) that said they got some phone records of that last day that they didn’t have previously, that previously the state gave all phone records for Trayvon except 2/26, now they have that too.

    • Xena says:

      That picture is on the internet purported to be from Trayvon’s obituary. I could not find any verification that it was and no source is claiming that it was provided to them.

      The actual photo of his face is found elsewhere taken in a vehicle. Therefore, the background would be added, and because of the skull and crossbones, I could never imagine Sybrina and Tracy using that altered photo on Trayvon’s obit.

      • Rachael says:

        Was just coming to post that lol.

      • groans says:

        Agree … not a likely obituary photo. (BTW, it also isn’t “much older-looking,” either, to me.)

        @Xena, are you saying it’s a doctored photo that the defense is releasing … for “public education” purposes?

      • ladystclaire says:

        @Xena, I saw Trayvon’s obit on line and, it did not contain the shit that has been *ADDED* to the one O’haha is showing around. these SOB’S ought to be ashamed of themselves for doing something like this. I hope when this is all over, that Trayvon’s family can somehow sue O’ haha.

        • Xena says:


          @Xena, I saw Trayvon’s obit on line and, it did not contain the shit that has been *ADDED* to the one O’haha is showing around.

          Around the time that picture appeared on the internet, a Zidiot claimed to interpret the additions to be gang symbols, and alleged that Tracy was a member of a gang. That is what makes their behavior filthy and disgusting, because if they truly believe that GZ is innocent, there would be no need for them to create lies.

          I hope when this is all over, that Trayvon’s family can somehow sue O’ haha.

          Trayvon’s family is focused on GZ being brought to trial. O’Mara may not have any money by the time this case is over. O’Mara should, at least, try to verify the source and info he gets before including it in his court filings and releasing to the media. He should have learned when he offered DeeDee’s doxed social media to the court to later be embarrassed finding it was not for THE real DeeDee. Since he wants to continue that unethical behavior, it will come back to bite him in his butt.

      • ladystclaire says:

        BTW guys, if my memory serves me, the photo on his obituary program was the one of him in his prom suit and, it didn’t have any thing such as what these people have photo shopped on his obit. they have posted that damn thing every where. this shit needs to stop. I hope Sybrina and Tracy will post the real obit program in the paper to make O’haha look like the fool that he is for running that thing.

        • Xena says:


          I hope Sybrina and Tracy will post the real obit program in the paper to make O’haha look like the fool that he is for running that thing.

          O’Mara will be embarrassed where he should be — in court, in front of cameras making a historical record of his behavior. When the State objects to the entry of that photo, and O’Mara’s chain of custody is that it came from someone who supports GZ — not Trayvon’s parents, neither the funeral home, neither any service that the funeral home uses to prepare obits — he will look like a fool before the court.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @Xena, I understand and agree with all you are saying but, this is just too much and it’s getting out of hand and not to mention that it’s not fair to this family the BS that has been going on for the past year. they have lost a son and a brother and just like someone here has said, Trayvon was barely 17 and, what happened to him is wrong on so many levels, and now the family has to deal with racist whites doing such as this. I’m sick of them as well as being sick of the *MURDERER* and his defense team.

        • Xena says:


          @Xena, I understand and agree with all you are saying but, this is just too much and it’s getting out of hand …

          The newspaper that O’Mara gave that photo to can resolve the controversy — just ask the funeral director and/or Trayvon’s parents about that obit to verify or refute the photo. Responsible journalism requires that.

      • Jun says:

        the picture does not prove he assaulted Fogenhats the 3rd

        besides, he’s lying because Trayvon still looks like a kid in the picture, a teenager, so its a huge fail for the defense again

        trayvon does not even look scary in the picture

        it sounds really pathetic, what they are trying, to be honest

        • Xena says:

          @Jun. It’s called “projecting.” They project what the image is suppose to show. The fact is, Serino showed GZ a photo of Trayvon when he interrogated him, and that photo was no doubt the one that Wagner took at the crime scene. GZ knew what Trayvon looked like alive and dead.

          Like I posted here previously when I was researching the Dooley case, the photo released to the media was of victim David James holding his infant daughter. Only, when Dooley killed James, James’ daughter was 8 yrs old.

          I haven’t read any of the Zidiots say that is media bias. They have a double-standard.

          • blushedbrown says:


            Off topic…
            Do you have a link to Princess6 blood stain analysis handy?

          • Xena says:

            Her blog is now private so I can’t look there. I’ll see if I can email her.

          • blushedbrown says:

            I posted the link to the picture you were looking for. It the tinyurl.

            I have asked for a request from Princess, no reply as of yet. Please see if you can contact her, appreciate it. 🙂

          • Xena says:

            @Blushedbrown. I sent her an email. Because it’s late, I might not get a reply until morning. If and when I do, I’ll email you. Not to worry your smart head. I’m the queen of networking. 🙂

          • blushedbrown says:

            One Queen to another Queen, I know you got my back.

          • Xena says:

            Blushedbrown = the committed Queen of research.

          • blushedbrown says:


            awww Xena. You know me all to well. 🙂

          • Xena says:

            Since I started blogging around July, I have met some absolutely wonder people, and you are one of them. Go Team Trayvon!

          • blushedbrown says:


            You are an extraordinary person as well. I am so glad to have met you and everyone else on this blog. It is quite a place to be that we can all share, vent, challenge without the vileness. It is always a pleasure to be here with you guys.

      • Rachael says:

        I am so sick of all of this nonsense. What the HELL is that picture supposed to prove anyway? Okay, I get that he was 17 and didn’t look 12 anymore, but aside from that, what is the point? It is a picture of a handsome young man. I’m not sure what it is supposed to prove – other than he is BLACK!!! Is that what it is? That he is as BLACK young man? WTF!!!!!

        After O’Mara showed the picture of Trayvon in the 7-11 at that hearing, there were people at the outhouse who then and since have said things like oooooh, I wouldn’t go in there if I saw him in there, or I would be afraid to get my mail if I saw him at the mailbox.

        WTFWTFWTF!!!!! Have they never seen a 17-year-old kid before? Have they never seen a 17-year-olf BLACK kid before?

        Okay, so he was tall. So what? I’ve seen taller white kids in 7-11. Would they be afraid of them? What if they were wearing a hoodie?

        I flat out refused to believe it before, I refused to believe this was about race, but the sewage at the outhouse has proven to me that I was wrong.

        Anyway, I think it is a perfectly nice picture. I’m not sure what the point of it is. Unless it is to show what an azzle O’Mara is.

        • Xena says:


          Anyway, I think it is a perfectly nice picture. I’m not sure what the point of it is. Unless it is to show what an azzle O’Mara is.

          It’s the symbols in the background of the purported obit photo that the Zidiots use to argue that Tracy was in a gang and that means that Trayvon was to follow in his footsteps. The bleeding font and skull and crossbones were deliberately photoshopped into the photo by Zidiots. That it first appeared on Pate’s blog makes her suspect.

      • Rachael says:

        Fine Xena, but I still don’t understand the point. What does it have to do with GZ shooting Trayvon? What is the point?

        • Xena says:

          @Rachael. You’re correct. It has nothing to do with the case. It’s just the White Supremacist way of conducting their thugification of Trayvon Martin.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Hold on… the only portrait of Trayvon in a car I have seen,
        is not the same as the one with the skull & crossbones. The car portrait I know is a 3 quarter right taken from below with the mouth is wide open and eyes are looking down while the skull & crossbones photo is taken near head height with a slight offset to the left with the mouth is tight shut and eyes looking straight ahead. Exposure, light source, and shadows, are totally different too. Perhaps there is another alleged photo of Trayvon in a car?

        In respect of the skull and crossbones, IMO it is a cute kiddies type lllustration not the aggressive style associated with gang culture so even if it were an add on, which I don´t see it is, it would doubtfully serve to prove MOM´s “gang culture” claim being much too childish and playful.

        (Link to car photo I know:

      • I’ve seen the photo in question w/background stuff and it is from the kids at his school’s memorial. they did posters with decorations and his pictures. i think some have also used that pic on twitter accounts and sent it around.

        it’s absolutely benign and obviously childish with cartoon broken heart stickers and stuff.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Oh, for Pete’s sake. Everybody and their brother knows what Trayvon looked like in updated photos. And Fogen too.

    • Jun says:

      Its not a new picture, we have all seen that photo, and it still does not prove any of their nonsense theories

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Bu-ah-ha-ha-ha! Right now at Target you can get children’s fuzzy pyjamas with much scarier skull+crossbones pattern– part of the pirate fad of the last few years. Maybe O’Mara can buy some to sell at a markup to Fogen’s supporters.

    • Tzar says:

      He needs to be taken to task for this

  35. Jun says:

    We should come up with a name for the Conservative Tinfoil Hat or Treefort, because they should be forgotten as well

  36. Tzar says:

    the killer and his attorney may have a lot more silent,strategic minded and political supporters then we can fathom

    • blushedbrown says:

      This is very interesting, they are showing their cards big time. I knew someone was at that 7-11 that he knew or those kids. I have been working on that 7-11 for a long time now.

      Thanks for posting Rachael!!!!

    • blushedbrown says:


      He is finally had it!! I think GZ is spilling his guts to O’mara. I think he is finking on the tipster?

      • kimmi says:

        Or are they looking for the blunt purchase that Taffee mentioned?

        • blushedbrown says:


          NO BLUNT.

          The kids in the store bought Black and Milds. Do you know how hard it is to cut open and fill a black and mild with weed? It is not done. A cigar is better because the leaves are softer and not tight like a Black and Mild. The outside leaves are moisten with your mouth. Then you put the weed in the cigar, then it becomes a Blunt.

          Black and milds are used for just that smoking.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            you know waaaay too much about this ms. blushed 😉

          • blushedbrown says:


            (Batting eyelashes innocently) 😛

          • I take it U know Anita Bonghit also?

            Cough gag cough gag choke 🙂

          • blushedbrown says:


            Ok, full disclosure.
            When I was younger, yes I did smoke. Never used a bong though. I do not smoke now, just cigarettes. But anyways, like Malisha had posted that she gave permission to her son to smoke, I did as well. I allowed him to smoke on his third floor room because I didn’t want him to smoke in the street where he could possibly get into trouble. I didn’t view weed as bad. He was a good student. He did his chores. He held done a job since he was 16. All in all he turned out to be a wonderful son he really didn’t give me any problems. No law, no school problems etc. He has 2 beautiful daughters and a wife and a home and a great job.

            I have other family members who can not live without weed. My sister for one is a totally pothead. I know the process of how to roll up a blunt because of people I know, now if I had to do it myself I would f88ked it up. It is not easy. I know how to roll cigarettes though.

            I know that when she didn’t have weed, she would buy Black and Milds to abate the want. If a person is trying to ween themselves they usually buy Milds.

          • Being in Colorado….even before they passed the law last year……. I have my “Red Card” for medical Maryjane… ounce lasts me about 3 months….I do like rolling joints and sticking them in my bong to smoke 🙂

          • blushedbrown says:


            WOW, you make it last.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        What should my response be to this ( by Carmen) in a MSNBC discussion that is going on now?

        • blushedbrown says:

          give me a minute, I will have a response.

        • blushedbrown says:



          Why do you think O’mara wants with the credit card receipts? Do you think its to prove GZ or his wife or Mark was somewhere else and not with him?

          Mark O’mara was told by the judge, if he felt there is more things that needed to be copied or furnished, go to FDLE. The state is not going to do the work for O’mara. He has to do some of the legwork for himself.

          Crump has a right to an attorney to be present during any questioning. All the witnesses have lawyered up almost immediately. He is not doing anything wrong by having an attorney present. That is his legal right.

          Copy and post see what she says. That’s the best I can do for now. I have to get ready for an appointement.

        • cielo62 says:

          “Steve” is an out-and-out Zidiot.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        You might want to go over to the MSNBC active blog, Pat.

        • YAHTC…..

          I went (to the last page at least)……voted on your comments…

          “Plenty of the Trayvon advocates are responsible gun owners and they do NOT support gz.” My thanks to you for that comment.

          I also noticed that Cartman has a new computer that can spell correctly….and I commented 🙂

          One page is all I could take with the zimbots running loose……

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Thanks for going over there with me now, Patrick!

        I have been there for about three hours and will have to take a break sometime, though.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Thanks for having my back, Pat. DOCJT is over there with me now.

        • Thanks YAHTC 🙂

          I gotta stay out of there with the zimbots….makes me sick and angry….not good for blood pressure 😦

          Please give Doc and the rest of the team there my best…

          Oh….if you happen to see kramp?……..still waitin’ for the dog piss 😐

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Thanks, blushedbrown….I just posted that……I will let you know if I get a response.

        The activity over there is now dying down to the point that it will just be a few zimmie regulars who aren’t worth the time. (Their purpose is just to spread O’Mara’s dirty propaganda.)

        • blushedbrown says:


          Okie dokie. Sometimes its better to see where there head is at then you can counter/answer their response. I hope you get a response….curious.

    • Dave says:

      7-11 takes credit cards?

    • PYorck says:

      The cynic in me suspects that he is just requesting subpoenas for random crap related to Zimmerman supporter theories in order to convince them that there are new and exciting twists ahead and that he is totally not just milking them.

      (One of the other kids in the 7-11 video paid with a card and they are obviously in cahoots with Trayvon in so far unexplained ways.)

    • groans says:

      Maybe they’re working on an alabit defense for the killer? Like maybe there were purchases with the killer’s credit card proving that he was shopping at 7-11 at all times relevant to this heinous crime?


      • Kelly Payne says:

        You will also notice that trayvon’s voice is a little higher pitch than zimmerscum’s. Not that it matters because when a teenage boy screams or raises his voice it becomes higher pitched and it cracks. Trayvon’s voice cracked as he screamed for his life. Thew zimmerpukes always say Trayvon had a deeper voice than zimmerscum.

    • rayvenwolf says:

      The rumor floating about care of one of the Znation is that Trayvon had stolen/cloned credit cards on him >.< Seriously starting to think the defender of Gz with two accounts at Global Grind needs to get his dose upped.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Since no one there at 711 used a credit card and the autopsy report doesn’t show any stolen property or credit cards in TM’s possession, I sincerely hope that MOM isn’t being led by the conjecture of those enamored of GZ impossible claims of innocence. He’s short of funds as it is, he doesn’t need to waste more money on wild goose chases.

        • SpecialladyT says:

          Since when hasn’t OMara wasted money?! Equipping his office with infrastructure wasn’t wasting money? What criminal defense attorney doesn’t already have in place the infrastructure to defend a client?!!

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Ah, but MOM doesn’t want to just provide a defense, he wants to provide a defense in Gangnam style. [hint; try youtube]

          • PiranhaMom says:

            @Lonnie and all our students at Leatherman U –

            BINGO, Lonnie! DOUBLE-TRIPLE BINGO!

            O’Mara needs no trial delay to accommodate his fundraising efforts.

            Video Zimmerman singing his woes GANGNAM STYLE with pay-to-view @ $1.00

            Leatherman U students – our great poets-in-residence – will volunteer to write words & music (heavy on the bass, no pun intended)

            A SMASH-hit worldwide. Goes VIRAl in 15 seconds.

            And here I’ve been struggling to ghost write “Sumo Wrestling for Dummies”

          • fauxmccoy says:

            first – gain 100pounds

            (this reminds me of vintage steve martin ‘how to make a million dollars and not pay taxes’ … ‘first, make a million dollars. then, don’t pay your taxes …..’)

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Yeah, just picture GZ and MOM dancing, it’d be like Abbot and Costello.

          • I see a new TV show in the offing

            “Dancing with the Slimeballs”

          • racerrodig says:

            I can easily see Dersh as the host……clear as a bell.

          • racerrodig says:

            For some reason I picture him more like “Curely” just not as smart.
            But that’s just me.

          • PiranhaMom says:

            @ Lonnie – BINGO!

            My friend, here’s everbody’s solution for a speedy trial!

            No need for O’Mara to seek a delay, just for such pesky details as raising funds for the defense.

            Just put 307 lbs of Zimmerman on a pay-per-view clip, dancing GANGNAM STYLE, with Leatherman U poets, songwriters and musicians supplying words & music.

            Split the revenue between O’Mara’s website and
            Professor Fred’s. At a buck per view, one million screenings nets O’Mara $500,000 and Frederick Leatherman Law Blog $500,000.

            ARE WE READY???

            OK, O’Mara, IS YOUR CLIENT???

          • cielo62 says:

            Lonnie- open gangnam style!

            Sent from my iPod

          • cielo62 says:

            Lonnie~ LOL! Yeah, my students singing in Korean (which they don’t understand) is SO funny!

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            The Gangnam videos are probably the most viewed vids on earth, the lead has 1 billion 2 hundred million views and rising.

  37. Big Willie says:

    Question. Is it possible for Fogen (if willing), to surrender himself into custody, and the Bondsman refund the $100,000 bond from his Schadenfreude Fund Account? I think he needs to show the court some effort in funding his defense and not just sit like a pottted palm, before asking for a delay.

    Schadenfreude i/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/ (German: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə]) is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others

  38. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I think that if there is a delay, gz will lose whatever of his supporters that remain.

    His supporters do not seem to have a long attention span as demonstrated by their not taking the time to read the evidence.

  39. Jun says:

    Is the fact that the defendant manipulated the court and his present funds with his dad’s begging site, gonna cause monkey wrenches for their indigence status claims?

    • Rachael says:

      I think it should result in disbarrment if it can somehow be shown that O’Marra had the account spent down so he could claim indigence for GZ and make a “graceful” exit.

  40. Jun says:

    I feel Omara is full of crap

    Everyone in America is allowed due process and a fair trial, and a free lawyer if one cannot be afforded by the defendant

    Him claiming to need vast amounts of money for the defense is such a lie and I still do not get why they feel a lot of people will still fall for that line, hook like sinker

    And to make it worst, the money he had, he did not even spend money on his defense, he just greedily blew it all on himself

    So after all that, which is fairly public news, I do not think there will be any more suckers for that mess

    Omara should close the donations websites, admit that they are not a charity, let the state investigate all their accounts so that they are not playing any games, and then allow them to go indigent so that we no longer have to deal with this pony show anymore

    However, I would like to point out that I feel it is unfair to the Florida public that they have to pay for this guy’s defense because he is a greedy manipulative stalker and murderer of a kid, especially after he greedily spent money he raised

  41. Operacarla says:

    Dear Professor, all of your predictions are falling into place just as you have said. Thank you so much for your insight!

  42. Trained Observer says:

    The “masses” saw the light a long time ago … any doubters remaining need only follow the trial when phony Facebook and Twitter allegations are not allowed. (Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter, NBC, ABC and other such enterprises are not going to be bullied into turning over materials or into settlement agreements by the likes of Team Fogen. In fact, I’d like to see some countersuits launched against the defendant.

  43. seallison says:

    Life goes on.

    The bulk of fogen groupies left after evidence that contradicted his story began to surface. Then, the Hannity interview sealed his fate.

    For fogen and MOM to believe the momentum would continue is suspicious in itself.

    Shortly after the interview, Mom & Dad started begging with their own website. Big bro. started his media tour.

    But, there have been a number of more important issues that have arisen since the plight of fogen began. People have long forgotten him and moved on. He has only his die-hards left hanging-on.

    His SYG – self-defence claims are paled in comparison to more recent events. I doubt people have much sympathy for him and his need for money.

    Let his name be forgotten.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I think you are right, seallison.

    • ladystclaire says:

      Let his name be *FORGOTTEN* and let Trayvon’s name *FOREVER* be remembered!

    • groans says:

      Heck, according to O’Mara an OS article today, even the NRA has never donated:

      “The National Rifle Association has not contributed, O’Mara said, even though Zimmerman has become a hero to guns rights advocates. ‘They say, “We really wish him luck, but we don’t want to be tied to him,”‘ O’Mara said.”

      Of course we all know the NRA is now focused on much bigger and broader issues than this killer (yes, both bigger and broader than that). But the OS article seems to say that the NRA has NEVER contributed.

      And I seem to recall O’Mara spending some noticeable time giving NRA speeches or whatever since he began representing this killer. (Time that might have been better spent working on the killer’s defense so that he wouldn’t have to be begging for a continuance of the trial for a nearly year-old murder charge, I might add.)

  44. SRA says:

    Quite a change from the smirking, lisping arrogance we saw on Hannity and his video asking for support from the “masses”.

    • Big Willie says:

      Ditto! Fogen is learning, you don’t mess with God or his children. Fogen is quiet as a church mouse.

      • Xena says:

        @Big Willie.

        Ditto! Fogen is learning, you don’t mess with God or his children.

        Amen. When I heard GZ say it was God’s plan, I shouted, because like Trayvon, God was minding his own business and GZ had to lie on God too. The Big Guy uses light to dispel darkness, and truth to dispel lies.

    • blushedbrown says:


      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I think the judge should request an accounting from the manager of the fund as to how much is presently in the fund and
        and itemized list of all expenditures from the fund since that manager took over.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        before making a decision about the continuance

    • Big Willie says:

      How much more of Fogen and MOM’s foolishness must we take!!!

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Time is on the side of the prosecutor… matter how long it takes gz will have to face the music sometime.

        Here is de la Rionda’s song to gz:

        Time is on my side, yes it is
        Time is on my side, yes it is

        Now you always say
        That you want to be free
        But you’ll come running back (said you would baby)
        Youll come running back (I said so many times before)
        Youll come running back to me

        Oh, time is on my side, yes it is
        Time is on my side, yes it is

        Youre searching for good times
        But just wait and see
        Youll come running back (I wont have to worry no more)
        Youll come running back (spend the rest of my life with you, baby)
        Youll come running back to me

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Just know that the waiting period is probably giving gz stomach ulcers.

      • Big Willie says:

        Here’s is what MOM is signing to Fogen.

      • Big Willie says:

        I meant to type “singing”.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:


        Don’t put your head on my shoulder

        In time it could have been so much more
        The time is precious I know
        In time it could have been so much more
        The time has nothin’ to show

        I felt I lost you from the start

      • groans says:

        @YAHTC – LOL!!!
        Your “Time is on My Side” lyrics cracked me up!!

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:


    • elcymoo says:

      I skimmed through the docs in the defense motion to delay trial, and I didn’t see anything that I thought would warrant a delay past the schduled date in June. The argument seemed mostly a rehash of former complaints and whines about what the prosecution has or hasn’t done, when by my reckoning, the defense team’s time would be better spent doing some of the things it claims are still left undone. It looks like the tactic is to throw everything at the wall and see what, if anything, sticks.

      And why file the complaint now, when there was a hearing for motions scheduled for Feb. 5th? Is this motion instead of, or just in addition to, any motions that were planned for that date?

      • gbrbsb says:

        “when by my reckoning, the defense team’s time would be better spent doing some of the things it claims are still left undone”

        And by my reckoning also not spending so much time writing long whiny motions repeating the same complaints

      • The motion to continue the trial date is in addition to the request for a subpoena duces tecum to be served on ABC and Matt (I forget his last name — help me out Whonoze) for production of all records they have of Benjamin Crump’s telephone interview of Dee Dee.

        I do not see a sufficient basis for a continuance. I think she will deny the continuance and grant the SDT.

      • leander22 says:

        All in all they manage perfectly to convey the impression of a conspiracy against Fogen, and that may well be partially their intend.

        But if what they write is at least partially true, and it has to be, I can also understand their frustration.

        Interesting in this context their statements about Benjamin Crump page 11/12 under the header of additional discoveries, depositions.

        Benjamin Crump: Only recently Mr. Crump has identified that he intends to file motion to his planned deposition and defense counsel was recently contacted by counsel who may become involved in the case representing Mr. Crump and his firm. Therefore, it is anticipated that additional litigation will be necessary to address and resolve the issue surrounding Mr. Crump’s deposition.

        “may” become? Strictly they are slightly contradictory here, since they seem to intend, if I remember correctly to depose Crump and DeeDee anyway at the end of their deposition/discovery. But I also only scanned it very fast.

        The most interesting item concerns one of my oldest obsessions in the case, I’ll add item 10. which may be added as fodder for the Teehouse mindset, just as the allusion to the “field contact” in Miami, they now seem to have more about, I am more interested in 9.

        C. TRAYVON MARTIN’S CELL PHONE (starting page 7)

        9 … Initial analysis was done by undersigned over the weekend of January 19, 2013 and there was specific concerns with information that is missing from that analysis. As illustrative example, while the analysis includes GPS locating records for Mr. Martin’s phone for all of the time that he was in the Sanford area specifically absent is any such data for February, 26, 2012, the date of the event.

        10. Similarly, there seems to be missing entries regarding phone calls made to the phone or texts made to or from the phone in the evening hours of February 26, 2012. Expert analysis is required to further identify the issues.

        and under section F FDLE FILE INFORMATION, page 11:

        6. At a meeting on January 9, 2013, yet additional information previously undisclosed by the State, was identified. These items include many documents which were generated in March and April of 1012, including a map created by an FDLE analyst showing the whereabouts of Trayvon Martin’s phone during the hours of February 26, 2012; a report of an incident involving Trayvon Martin created by the Miami Dade School Police Department; a picture given by Tracy Martin to the Sanford Police Department identified as a current photo of Trayvon Martin (which was perviously specifically requested by defense), and approximately 150 pages of additional discovery and several discs of discovery.

        • Xena says:

          What O’Mara is effectively saying in his motion is that the people he wants to depose are represented by legal counsel, and communicating with their lawyers rather than directly with him is wasting his time. He prefers that they not have legal counsel present at deposition so he can conduct it without objections and re-direct.

      • leander22 says:

        intend = intention. Good night.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Fingers crossed. I want to see Fogen in jail by July 10!

        • Xena says:

          Fingers crossed. I want to see Fogen in jail by July 10!

          I see GZ sleeping on the streets and eating at a homeless shelter, shivering at night and from fear without his body guard, while carrying a 7-Eleven bag with his clothes in it. And someone seeing him in that condition, has mercy on him and gives him a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona brand iced tea.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        My fingers are crossed. Jail for Fogen by July 10, 2013!

      • camanokat says:

        Too funny, Xena!

      • amsterdam1234 says:

        That is the part that has my interest. The GPS data will show exactly how Trayvon moved. That combined with the clubhouse videos, may seriously throw whatever defense strategy mom was planning.

        • Actually, the GPS data isn’t likely to “show exactly how Trayvon moved.” Most of the time, it’s only possible to get an approximate location, such as a neighborhood or part of town.

          Precision depends on the phone being within range of at least 3 cell towers and, given the number of dropped calls, I am not optimistic that the GPS data will place him any more precisely than somewhere within the RTL.

          • blushedbrown says:


            Thanks for clearing that up.

          • racerrodig says:

            Exactly. Remember all the Ping Log crap the Zidiot Nation hung their hopes and dreams on earlier. When it was proven they were looking at a radius of about 200 feet, Game Over Man !! and did they cry about that !!

      • Jun says:

        Omara seems to contradict himself a lot

        He says he does not have the records, then he says he has the map FDLE made

        But since that is brought up, lets see the defendant’s GPS location records of his phone from that night

        I am gonna guarantee it is gonna show he lied about his movements

        and is Trayvon’s phone even GPS enabled, or is it more hoopla?

      • leander22 says:

        thanks, Prof, when I looked that up sometime in May, I had the same impression. Sanford has quite a few cell phone towers actually. But you are right. If DeeDee and Trayvon were constantly disconnected that may tell us, all we need to know.

        You surely understand though, I would love to have some type of scientifically reliable data, and watch the “Treehousers” and/or Madame, for that matter, respond to it. … Are intending to target the opposite camp with propaganda, by the way. With carefully edited prepared talking points: All you need to know about the case.

        The Fogenhat’s, as they are called too, already linked to the cute little idea from TalkLeft linked above. Imagine how angry “” “Saint George the dragon slayer” (irony alert) will get facing a pile of envelops each containing only a five dollar note and the best wishes 😉

        As to the “single” schoolyard fight above, it could have used an irony alert too. … driver … jewelery. Seems they will try to paint a more coherent image with the separate dot. . All it needs it to create an air of suspicion. Why mention the filed contact again, if it was important we would have heard about it. …. I understand it is a Pandora Box, it could backfire. But will George understand? It was his strategy from day one.

        Amsterdam, it would be nice, no doubt. But I have always kept my expectation down, too good to be true. With the average tools you don’t get much closer than the part of town, it seems. They played with these tools, transparency online, look were I am. It wasn’t very precise. I am curious anyway, just like Team O’Mara. And I wish them the worst possible, especially “Saint. George”..


        But what the hell does Saint George think he will find in the two hours 711 credit card details? TWO HOURS 5:15 – 7:15.. See above Rachel’s link and blushedbrown’s comments, or go to gzlegal. If he wants the credit card details of one of three guys, he does not need to take a look at two hours of credit card information. What is this about? Hell will Nelson grant that?


        Mr. Zimmerman has involved himself … Mr. Zimmerman requests this Honorable Court to Order


        • blushedbrown says:


          >>>>>>But what the hell does Saint George think he will find in the two hours 711 credit card details? TWO HOURS 5:15 – 7:15.. See above Rachel’s link and blushedbrown’s comments, or go to gzlegal. If he wants the credit card details of one of three guys, he does not need to take a look at two hours of credit card information. What is this about? Hell will Nelson grant that?

          These are my thoughts on the credit card receipts.

          1) He has deposed several witnesses already. How about if one of them said they used the same store. It would be eaiser to suponea the store records, then all of the witness credit card statements. They all have lawyers.

          2) Possible tipster said, Yep he used the same store and seen TM at the mailboxes and called GZ. Need receipts to establish timeline?

          3) Trying to track down the three young men that bought three black and milds.

          Now this seems to be the concensus that number three is what O’mara is looking for.

          Let me say he is reaching, far reaching.

          The three guys who bought Black and Milds, if you are a “smoker”
          you will not buy a black and mild for your weed. It is not normally done.

          A Dutch Master cigar is the choice made when rolling a blunt.

          Picture is for educational purposes only:

          We all know that the THC levels in Trayvon’s body was so low that we can safely assume that he DID NOT smoke weed before he was shot.

          Trayvon was at his Dad’s so his Dad can help him sort out some things. That’s what Dad’s do when you might be going a little off course. The Martin/Fulton gave full disclosure of that when interviewed. They didn’t hide anything, they told the truth about his suspension and the reason why. Trayvon was just your typical teenager. That’s it.

          Unlike what the police told the Martin/Fulton that GZ was a squeaky clean guy.

          If O’mara thinks by tracking these young men to try and present something there that is not, will backfire in his face. It would be more likely then not they will not even remember what they did a year ago.

      • leander22 says:

        sorry, for the bad proofreading.

        In any case I was wrong. Only two FCC registered cell phone towers in Sanford, the the rest is a multitude of antenna towers.

        In any case the Fogen camp keeps telling us it is a slam-dunk case, if so, why delay the trial then?

    • leander22 says:

      6A they are trying to get at DeeDee again. Didn’t judge Nelson already rule that they don’t need the identity since depositions could be arranged via the court? Am I fantasizing?

      thanks anyway.

    • groans says:

      Hey, Professor! I think you’re one of the reasons that O’Mara cites for needing a continuance of the trial!

      Look on page 14, paragraph #4!


  45. whonoze says:

    BTW, NBC isn’t going to give him one red cent in a settlement. If they did, they would open the gates to a flood of litigation directed at any broadcast news story that edits sound bites for brevity, which is to say it would be the end of broadcast news as we know it. If some insane judge let GZ’s suit go to trial, GZ would be facing not just the resources of NBC, but ABC, CBS, Fox CNN, the NAB as well.

    The filing of this suit was the longest of long shots, and it will go nowhere.

    Of course, GZ himself probably thinks it self-evident that NBC grievously wronged him, and expects a nice payout as a result. I wonder how O’Mara and West keep themselves from laughing out loud in his presence. They must howl at the moon behind closed doors, or at least inside the walls of their minds.

    • looolooo says:

      He calls the cops on a kid walking home from the store, follows/stalks him, calls him all kinds of horrible names, assinates his character, chases him down, terrorizes him, physically assaults and hurts him, humiliates him (so much so that he cries out for his Mommy), murders him, lies on him, further demonizes his charater and reputation, then replaces Trayvon as victim for himself.

      What arrogance. GZ is EVIL personified.

    • Rachael says:

      LMAO – If you ever stop by the outhouse, they think GZ is going to be a very wealthy man because he should sue all media and well geez, just about everyone who has ever said his name, including, most likely, you and me.

  46. Big Willie says:

    Fogen knew enough “goons, punks or a$$holes”, to hire them to take out the NBP for $200.

  47. looolooo says:

    I wouldn’t be at all suprised if SheLIE is pregnant, and they’re hoping to get major $$$ from a magazine or TV show for the exclusive. I wouldn’t put it past them. We’ll see.

    • Big Willie says:

      Shut the front door! I never thought about that.. They are just that conniving and devious to try the baby route to obtain more funds.

      • looolooo says:

        Let’s all pray that nothing springs from fogen’s loins. But if so, let’s also make sure to pressure the nurses in the maternity ward to pat down fogen jr before they allow it to enter the nursery. You never know, there could be some suspicious acting black infants with blankets around their heads that give the appearance of hoodies.

      • Big Willie says:


        Too funny! I’m laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes!

      • looolooo says:

        @Big Willie….. I was laughing while typing too. 🙂

      • ladystclaire says:

        If that does happen, let her take her fat ass to DSS and apply for baby love. there is also the fact that she can work but, she and her spouse “DON’T WANT TO WORK”! these people make me sick and they are making themselves the victims in this case more and more every day. this tub of “NOTHING” made his bed now let him wallow in it with his *OBESE* ass. I don’t care how much weight he gains, if he has no money or if he has a roof over his *EMPTY* head, Trayvon’s family are left without their child/brother forever and, his little inconveniences don’t matter to me and I could care less about him not having this and that. man up why don’t you Fogen but, without your piece you are nothing but a *COWARD*!

        • kindheart101 says:

          S.l.o.w.l.y pulling out a pencil, “Note to self”………………Never tick Lady off………………:)

      • ladystclaire says:

        Lady LOVES you Kindheart! you are the best and, I’m glad to know you via this site as well as the cesspool site HP. BTW, Fogen is saying that there are some Ninja’s are after him now. LOL! I read about that over at Ben Crumps facebook page. the things this fool comes up with in order to make his past donors give money to him. but, they are the fools to do it.

        Why pray tell in the hell would some ninja’s be after his fat ass? I think he is loosing it and boy is he loosing it fast. he is trying every trick in the book to get donations coming in again. I hope he never receives another dime in blood money. he hoodwinked those fools the first time, when he wasn’t even charged with anything to set up a defense fund for in the first place.

      • racerrodig says:

        But the reality is that sonny boy will say in the future. “But we’re still trying to figure out who the real dad is……and the real mom”
        out of complete disgust and embarrassment.

    • truthseeker66 says:

      OMG I had that same thought a few days ago. I would not be surprised.

    • camanokat says:

      They are both huge! How do they, um, connect?

    • lady2soothe says:

      I wouldn’t be at all suprised if SheLIE is pregnant, and they’re hoping to get major $$$ from a magazine or TV show for the exclusive. I wouldn’t put it past them. We’ll see.

      I’ve been wondering this for the past month or two, not a word or sign from her. Is she hiding her otherwise ever larger than life self because she too gained 106 lb eatting junkfood or is there a little fogen (God forbid) on the way?

  48. Big Willie says:

    10 ways Fogen can realistically replenish his Schadenfreude Fund Account.

    1. Return to jail and ask Bondsman for refund money of $100,000.

    2. Cut back on groceries. $300 a month

    3. Send Shelly to live with parents or homeless shelter: $1200 a month saved on rent.

    4. Living expenses electric, water, gas etc. $200 per month saved

    5. Close cell phone accts. $200 per month saved (He’s already talked too much).

    6. Sell vehicles. Est. $12,000 saved (His driving gets him into trouble and innocent teens murdered).

    7. Return monitoring device. No more monthly fees.

    8. Auction off all his belongings on EBay (with autograph).

    9. Divorce Shelly and auction self as prison husband or mate.

    10. Sue AIS for refund, because they did not tell him nobody was trying to kill him…

    • SupremeVictory says:

      I don’t know if anyone really wanted to kill him. I’m not saying there weren’t any death threats, but more than anything people just wanted him arrested. People don’t like the idea that someone can follow and shoot you without being charged.

      On paper, GZ followed and shot someone who was walking home. Those circumstances are on acceptable.

      • Big Willie says:

        I don’t believe anyone was trying to kill him either. He took that New Black Panther semi threat and ran with it.

      • looolooo says:

        @ Big Willie……..You’re exactly right! I HATE that tne NBP asholes made their ridiculous and empty threats in the first place. They like so many others (FT, MO, JO, and especially RZJ) just wanted to interject themselves into this case, and the spotlight. I seriously doubt they have 10,000 cents let alone dollars.

      • Tzar says:

        The nbpp flyers asking for him dead or alive were photos hopped. The actual nbpp flyers asked for his arrest.

        • racerrodig says:

          All 3 of the New Black Panthers or just 2 of them….I heard one really didn’t even care as he knew Justice would prevail on it’s natural and lawful course.

  49. rnewton32 says:

    Let’s say he is deemed indigent and the state gets the bill, what will happen to donations Fogen receives after the fact. Will the state have claim on them? Will he be forced to reimburse the state for monies beyond basic living expenses?

    • Yes, I expect there will be some provision in the order for reimbursement, although the defendant is basically indigent right now with no money coming in for living expenses and security and the account is upside down by approximately the amount claimed by AIS.

      Reimbursement would be contingent on the receipt of new donations, which is unlikely.

      I think O’Mara is attempting to cut his losses and get out of this thing gracefully without screaming and running as fast as he can toward the exits with his hair on fire.

      At this point, I think it would make more sense to close the account to prevent more people from basically being defrauded by having their money pay for unnecessary security and create fertilizer via the defendant’s alimentary canal instead of paying for needed defense services.

      Yes, settle up with AIS, close the account, enter the IFP Order, let O’Mara and West out with an admonishment to run a few laps on the beads and go forth and sin no more, and appoint new counsel at public expense. Then set a new hearing in a week or two for confirmation of new counsel.

      If the defendant demands security, send him to jail. He will be safe there. That should stop his complaining.

      If he objects to the GPS device on the ground that he cannot afford it, revoke his bond and take him into custody. That should stop his complaining.

      • rnewton32 says:

        This case has really sparked a fire within me, Especially since there is a loss of a child. I hope you won’t be too offended Professor if I pray that MOM never sees your blogs. They don’t deserve the helpful hints. But then again their arrogance is what consumes them and will ultimately bury them in the end–along with all of the overwhelming evidence against Fogen.

  50. SupremeVictory says:

    GZ needs to buy a Bow Flex immediately. 105 POUNDS in under a year? Its impossible!!

  51. TommysMom says:

    Clipped from their site on why people give.

    •Many people donate because they think that George shot Trayvon Martin legally in self-defense, and they recognize the need for George to have a fair trial.
    •Some people who donate believe that George Zimmerman was a victim of a coordinated public-relations attack designed to cast him as a racist murderer, which he is not.
    •Some people think that George was egregiously misrepresented by the media, and in particular by an audio tape edited by NBC in a way that made George appear racist, when he is not.
    •Some people think that the State has over-reached with the 2nd Degree Murder charge, and they feel that charges were only filed against George Zimmerman because of political pressures, and they think that if it can happen to George, it could happen to anyone.
    •Some people are afraid that George Zimmerman cannot get a fair trial because they know that the State can spend millions of tax-payer dollars on his prosecution while George is left to depend on the generosity of individuals

    I have my doubts about the brains of those who might think these are reasons to donate to a man who murdered a child who was barely 17yrs old.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      They obviously have refused to read the evidence.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        They all should watch this video by teeslaw (whonoze)

      • RBLKMSCORPIO says:

        None of the top MMA fighters in the world would of been able to walk away with those minor injuries following the type of beating the defendant tells! Yet he still has people out there that support him. I can’t wait till Lady Justice catches up with him!

    • Jun says:

      It is simply propaganda and lies from a defendant who refuses to take responsibility for his actions

      the fact of the matter is he targeted, stalked, chased, scared the victim, threatened, terrorized, attacked, and killed a kid, and then staged his bs self defense claim

      Put the evidence in totality and that is what it shows

      all they are hanging on is what witness 6 claims, and according to his statements, he is not sure what he saw, so it does not even really help the defendant

      and all that mess is a lie anyways

      1) He raised $300,000. He greedily spent it on himself and not his defense, and that is all his own fault. Besides that, the state will pay for his defense if need be if he cant pay for it, although he does not deserve it IMO

      2) He targeted, stalked, scared a kid, attacked, threatened, and terrorized a kid, and killed him. He called him suspicious for being black teen and walking around near the clubhouse. Of course people will think a motive could be racism.

      3) How are people supposed to represent an adult defendant who targeted stalked chased threatened terrorized attacked then killed a kid? Please I would like Omara to show how that is supposed to be presented in a nice light. So far their lies and slander of the kid has completely backfired, but who’d a thunk it, eh?

      4) He killed an unarmed kid. Of course he would get investigated and indicted. Are we supposed to just let people freely kill each other? He wants to claim self defense, he can claim it till the cows turn green. It does not make it so.

      All their claims and requests are nonsense as usual

  52. TommysMom says:

    O/T I just picked up the stream from the JA trial,JMHO but she is certainly not even pretty let alone beautiful.

  53. SRA says:

    Looks like they are going to launch another website.


    On top of that, defense attorney Mark O’Mara said his team may have to ask for a delay of trial.

    Wednesday, O’Mara told me his case may need an extra six months until it’s ready. He said problems with discovery are slowing down the process, plus they don’t have the money to pay for the experts needed.

    O’Mara said Zimmerman was almost completely out of cash, and unless donations flow in to a newly launched website, he will have to take drastic measures and declare Zimmerman indigent.

    O’Mara said Zimmerman’s defense team is about to relaunch his legal defense fund website, hoping to spur donations.

  54. roderick2012 says:

    From the Orlando Sentinal: “the fund has spent $40,000 on purchases for O’Mara’s law firm, for example more computers, office space, phones, and software.

    Some of those things are being used by six interns working on the case, according to the defense fund website.”

    Does this sound like what I think it is?

    O’Mara just admitted that he has volunteers posting pro-George crap on message boards in an attempt to influence potential jurors this case.

    Someone should contact the State Attorney office and have them investigate O’Mara. It should be easy enough to trace the IP addresses from those computers to any website posts on message boards discussing this case.

    • elcymoo says:

      I read something months ago where O’Mara said that he had interns scouring the web – presumably, for posts and comments like those on this site, but apparently, he finds those at the TreeHouse more useful for preparing the defense – or providing more fodder for demonizing TM, his parents, DeeDee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the media.

      • roderick2012 says:

        “he finds those at the TreeHouse more useful for preparing the defense – or providing more fodder for demonizing TM, his parents, DeeDee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the media.”

        But why would he need SIX people to do that?

        Besides there are posters from the Outhouse and other pro-George sites who probably email O’Mara directly.

        And why would he need extra space to do that?

        If these people were interns he would have to pay them and $40K for six persons over several months isn’t much financial compensation.

        My guess is that these ‘interns’ are older persons on fixed incomes who volunteered their time to ‘the cause’.

      • ladystclaire says:

        I don’t think this should be allowed in this or any other murder case. this is exactly what got Casey Anthony walking free today.

    • WOW yes! now i totally believe that there are 6 little demons sitting on their brand new computers, probably with the Propaganda Handbook peddling smut online for gz!

      yes this is wrong and it’s got to be looked at legally. this has to be some kind of attempted jury tampering.

  55. Tzar says:

    allegedly the killer has gained 104 pounds, is it possible he embezzled his own fund money for pizza and hot dogs? I don’t have any evidence of this of course, I just thought I’d ask the question.

  56. TommysMom says:

    Did KC’s trial get delayed when she was declared indigent?

  57. Two sides to a story says:

    Here’s OM’s new spiel on his old donation site, in case you haven’t read it yet.

  58. rnewton32 says:

    Does anyone know if Fogen’s parents have generated any money from the website they initiated months ago? If so why can’t they contribute to his so called defense? They truly are a clan of swindlers.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Probably not, but hey this gives them a chance to enjoy spending quality time with their loving, obedient son.

    • looneydoone says:

      Shhh ! That’s probably his secret “fugitive” fund
      Jail call #114
      shellie tells gz “Not going to do things in reverse, we are just going to GO !” and tells him “MOM isn’t part of this plan”. I think they still plan on making a run for *freedom* with papi and mamacita’s assistance. I think the parents website was set up expressly for that purpose, outside MOM and/or the Court’s control

  59. SupremeVictory says:


    The new article at OS explaining how much GZ has spent is too much lol. Do you have any solutions for his supporters as to how they can help GZ with his current predicament? He only has $5000.

    101 lbs!!!

  60. whonoze says:

    Can’t the in-di-gent get 3 hots and a cot in-di-jail? 🙂

    • blushedbrown says:


    • De rain in jail falls mainly in de pail.

    • abbyj says:

      A perfect bullseye! If fogen can’t find a way to pay for his daily living expenses, then he can go back to the slammer. That way, he has no overhead except legal costs, the bond money would be returned to PapaZ, no security needed, and no need to pay for his ankle monitor. Chances of him fleeing reduced to nil. Even better, with fogen cooling his heels in jail, that would surely quickly recalibrate O’M’s inevitable efforts to delay the trial into the next century.

      And!! Just to save even more on costs, SheLie can go with fogen and get her 3 hots & a cot in the women’s wing. The only losers here are the taxpayers of Fla. However, bankrolling fogen was going to fall to the public sooner or later. Fogen’s never known any dynamic in the world other than taking all he could beg, borrow, or steal.

  61. rnewton32 says:

    whoops. I meant “over 300,000”

  62. rnewton32 says:

    The courts can’t possibly agree that a delay is appropriate due to him being indigent. He spent of 300,000 in less than a year. There are some people who won’t see that amount of money in a lifetime. If he was careless with his finances then that shouldn’t be the courts problem. The case should continue as scheduled.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Advice to all future defendents: Go out and spend your wad of cash so that you get your trial delayed.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Sadly, I think the court may have to allow a continuance in order to make certain the defense is up to speed. Cases get routinely delayed for smaller issues than this.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Sadly I think you may be right… and also to ensure he does not have automatic grounds for a retrial maybe?

      • rnewton32 says:

        And after the state gets the bill, MOM will have another excuse to delay. I think he is hoping that witness memories will fade. He reminds of a rat.

        • SpecialladyT says:

          Judge Nelson made it clear that there will be no delays or rescheduling for the Immunity Hearing and or the trial.

          My thoughts are that OMara will cry about the tape from ABC that he doesn’t have, but I still fell Nelson will not allow a delay.

        • kindheart101 says:

          Me too Rnewton.

          A rat, with wrinkles and false teeth. Ewwwwwwwww I can’t watch him talk! He slops his teeth around, and I just know they are going to fall out at some point.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I hope I’m wrong. I hope Nelson sticks to her guns.

      • kindheart101 says:


        You are a riot!!!!!!!! I finished dinner and figured I would read the latest posts, and saw you had posted this video. I died laughing! I watched it 3 times, tears streaming down my face. LOL

        I have to call it a night. I have really bad weather moving in, high winds and under a tornado watch until 1:00am. Thanks for the laugh. Hope to see you tomorrow. 🙂

      • looneydoone says:

        You have no idea how MOM’s ill fitting dentures *look* to a Dentist. He should spend $5k on a one day, full load implant/plate procedure.

      • kindheart101 says:


        Oh Yeah! They are way oversized, and he is always sucking them in. LOL I want to see one good sneeze…….(Bye Bye Reporter)

    • gbrbsb says:

      He paid of previous debts even !!!

  63. whonoze says:


    Do you think Judge Nelson will grant MOM the continuance?

    Can I sue someone for my medical expenses I’ll incur after by body and brain have seizures if she does?

  64. SRA says:

    When did the donations begin to dry up? Was it before or after the Hannity interview?

      • gbrbsb says:

        So if as the article describes, “After Sean Hannity of Fox News broadcast news about it, nearly $200,000 flooded in.” can we expect more tv interviews with more fodder for the prosecution?

        • blushedbrown says:

          O’mara will not allow his client to appear on any tv shows. IMO that will be a deal breaker for him. He will quit right then and there if GZ goes against his wishes.

          The state already has 2 interviews mark into evidence, I don’t think O’mara wants a complete trilogy. 🙂

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        from article above:

        Donors have not included the National Rifle Association, O’Mara said, although Zimmerman has become a hero to guns rights advocates.

    • elcymoo says:

      I think most of the donations ‘flooded in’ after Hannity kept portraying Z. as the victim in the case, and family members and friends appeared on his or other Fox shows to relate their skewed versions of what happened the night Trayvon was killed. After the defendant and his attorney appeared in that disastrous interview on Hannity’s show, it appeared to me that donations didn’t continue at the same rate, and instead declined rather drastically.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Exactly, elcymoo. Plus the world moved on to other issues, other causes. … Sandy Hook stirred up the gun controversy to a point where not even the NRA, despite its clout, can afford to divert a dime to a sleaze like the defendant.

      • Dave says:

        The NRA wants nothing to do with this case. They haven’t even mentioned it in their monthly magazine.

    • Xena says:

      IIRC, they slowed down after he made the first bond. When his bond was revoked and Judge Lester ordered the million dollar bond, donations picked up. Then they dried up again. GZ went on Hannity in effort to gain more supporters to donate money and he also wanted to interview with Barbara Walters to achieve that goal. That didn’t work out for him.

      With the feds continuing their investigation, and GZ’s supporters demonstrating outright racial bigotry in their internet comments and behavior, who in their right mind wants to be associated with him and possibly also end up in a federal investigation or placed on a watch list?

  65. SoulSistaWoo says:

    Unbelievable *SMH*!

    Once again after Fogen messes up, he is give a courtesy… He can now claim indigent and get a delay of trial.

    I am so Sick of him and O’Mara!

  66. PYorck says:

    I understand that GZ doesn’t have the money he needs for his intended defense, but then again who does?

    How does it usually work for people with reasonable but limited incomes? Is someone with, say, a median income and no significant assets indigent for criminal defense purposes?

  67. I have a question for the defendant:

    How did you blow through a defense fund containing $314,099.17 in less than a year without spending hardly any of it on the defense?

    • blushedbrown says:

      Bondsman are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Time for gz to get a paying job mowing the law at the local jail and cleaning the windows of the SPD headquarters.

    • Tzar says:

      this is my question as well
      it’s fair to say that shenanigans are afoot

    • gbrbsb says:

      Very good question… how?

    • elcymoo says:

      As the article at the Orlando Sentinel pointed out, counting in the $64K the couple spent before turning the fund over to O’Mara brings the total of donations to $380,000.

      I don’t understand why the defense team waited until relatively recently to begin deposing the ear/eyewitnesses in the case, or why no experts had been hired to examine the evidence turned over by the prosecution thus far. The only explanation that’s occured to me is that O’Mara hopes to be able to delay the case as long as possible so the public will forget the defendant’s contradictory statements and actions, and give him more time to taint the potential jury pool.

      If the case does go to trial and the defendant is convicted, it looks to me like he’d have a good case for claiming incompetent counsel on appeal.

      • leander22 says:

        It looks so far most has been spent on bureau equipment purchases hard and software, rent. If I read this I understand why West was so obsessed to get computer files instead of photocopies. See second item.

        Law Firm Support and Infrastructure — $40,647.64
        Case Related Expenses — $35,588.07

        But that’s not exactly nothing but adds up to: 76,235,71

        With the staff working for free or being paid minimal wages. Thus no experts but computer hard and software. Hmm? case management.

        That somehow reminds me of the scandal surrounding the GOP’s (or Karl Rove’s) handling of the last election, the latest software but no or close to no time spent to introduce the volunteers into it, before they had to use it to report GOP voters that had already voted. So people could contact the ones that had not done yet. The best software and tools kept them unformed up to the very last minute. It was somehow funny to watch. Team Obama did quite well by using the same method used for decades.

    • groans says:

      Great question – but, worse, It was actually more like $380,000 that the killer spent in less than a year without spending hardly any of it on the defense

      “That $314,000 does not include the $64,000 that the Zimmermans’ spent before turning donations over to O’Mara in April. When that’s included, Zimmerman donors have contributed nearly $380,000.”


    • Animaljunkie says:

      Because, a fool & his money are soon parted 😀

  68. I am going to predict that O’Mara and West are going to withdraw when this latest effort to troll for dollars fails miserably.

    The defendant is going to get a public defender and the trial date will be continued.

    • blushedbrown says:

      Yep. I am right there with ya. I have been saying that O’mara will withdraw by March.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Just gives the prosecution more time to polish up their case against gz.

    • kindheart101 says:


      It was court ordered that Fogen was required to pay for his GPS monitoring. If he cannot do this, does the state have to pay for this, or, can they put him back in jail?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Prof, do you think OM would serve as his public defender, or do you think he and West will be glad to hightail it out of Dodge?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Prof – any chance that OM and West will serve as his PDs? Or do you predict they’ll be thrilled to get out of Dodge?

    • Tzar says:

      some serious characters in this one

    • roderick2012 says:

      Professor, how long do you estimate the delay will be?

      I bet that George tries to make a run for it if he is assigned a public defender.

      • I’m going to guess 6 months.

      • Xena says:

        Did you catch in the video where O’Mara addresses GZ’s weight gain, that he continued saying “trial”? Conveys that he doesn’t believe GZ will be granted immunity.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Xena says: Conveys that he doesn’t believe GZ will be granted immunity.

        That’s because O’Mara never planned to file for an immunity hearing because George would have to submit to cross-examination and we know from the second bond hearing how O’Mara feels about George having to be humiliated by the State.

        • Xena says:


          That’s because O’Mara never planned to file for an immunity hearing because George would have to submit to cross-examination and we know from the second bond hearing how O’Mara feels about George having to be humiliated by the State.

          I still would like to know how he plans on raising self-defense at trial without GZ testifying. That GZ did not go to the hospital, well, he has no medical testing to support any of this claims that the injuries were life-threatening, and without his testimony of a reasonable belief, he might as well plea and go directly to jail.

    • leander22 says:

      O’Mara and West are going to withdraw when this latest effort to troll for dollars fails miserably.

      You are the expert, Professor, you know the trade. And you may be right.

      In any case, if there is no money to fund experts, it may be the better choice.

      But: It feels it would harm Fogen’s case enormously even more since O’Mara paraded as the embodiment of Fogen’s innocence.

      In a way he still covers up for him as René Stutzman point’s out:

      It shows that Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, have spent more than $61,000 in defense funds on living expenses. In truth, they’ve spent more than $125,000. That’s because they spent more than $64,000 before O’Mara found out about their then-very successful fund-raising website in late April and took control of the balance, about $132,000

      I am not sure if he has deducted the 3% you pay if you transfer money from paypal to your bank account. But he is right of course.

      • Trained Observer says:

        What 3 percent? PayPal has never deducted a penny when I’ve transferred to a bank.

      • leander22 says:

        Trained Observer, you may be right, I just checked the rules, It happened to me not long ago, they shouldn’t have deducted anything although the Paypal Fee rules are not completely clear. Not long ago I canceled a purchase and transfered the money back into my bank account after they sent it back to me. And they did deduct something. Maybe they shouldn’t. So far my impression was one side has to pay anyway. And only if I am a customer or sponsor (eg. for blogs) the other side has to pay the fee, if I use PayPal and not credit card.

        Maybe Fogen’s account wasn’t a simple private account just used to pay for whatever you buy online, Scroll down to O’Mara’s expenses list and you will find an entry concerning PayPal expenses.

        Or he is lying? There was always talk about PayPal fees that deminshed whatever he had collected.

        Here are the rules for transfers in a private PayPal account. How do they know if Max Doe is a friend of mine? or family? Do they automatically assume they are if I transfer money via their email? Can you do that with a scenario like Fogen? Don’t you need to set up a professional account for that?

        Transferring money

        Usually Free – Sending money to friends and family is free for you and the recipient when you fund the transfer with your bank account or PayPal balance. You can also use a debit or credit card or make an international transfer for a small fee.

        In any case, I asked them why they deducted something when I transfered money back to my account. If it is the rule or if it was a mistake.

      • leander22 says:

        good I didn’t contact them yet:

        For Personal Payments, the following applies:

        The Fee depends on the Payment Method you use.
        The Fee is paid by either the sender or recipient, not both.

    • abbyj says:

      Bingo, Professor. Trolling for dollars will be their last act before exiting. You’ve got them nailed. No way that they’d ever leave before shaking the tree bare. Once they’re convinced that there’s no more money on the tree, the only sign of them will be the dust plumes.

    • crazy1946 says:

      Professor Leatherman, I respectifully disagree, I don’t think MOM’s goal is to withdraw, I suspect he actually is trying to force FOGON to fire him! That would allow MOM to save face, while getting him off the hook….

    • Animaljunkie says:

      It has been suggested, Judge Nelson will grant the continuance, since she would not want to give the defence a right to appeal, once convicted.

      • If that reasoning were valid, no judge would ever deny a motion to continue a trial date.

        Judges frequently deny those motions and I think Judge Nelson will deny this motion because MOM has not asserted a proper basis to support it.

  69. towerflower says:

    MOM has hinted at declaring GZ indigent as far back as the Hannity interview. I think they delayed it thinking that the Hannity interview and then his selling of his signature would generate more funding. He also made one comment back in June that he wasn’t going to work pro bono anymore. Here is the link:

    • Tzar says:

      his selling of his signature would generate more funding.

      how grotesque!!

    • Trained Observer says:

      Can we conclude nobody much wanted to pay so much as a plugged nickel for the defendant’s autograph? (Would love to be a fly on the wall during strategy sessions when Team Fogen comes up with these gambits.)

    • Xena says:

      O’Mara gives us a hint in his statement as to why he hesitates to have GZ declared indigent. One is that GZ must agree to it. Apparently, he does not. The other is that without the defense fund, GZ has no money for living expenses. Yet with the defense fund, if donations increase, GZ may not remain indigent.

    • ladystclaire says:

      “He made a comment back in June that he wasn’t going to work pro bono anymore.” isn’t it something how GOD.S plan works for the good of those who fear him. it’s to bad that Fogen is one of those people!

      • Rachael says:

        Anymore as in after this case or anymore in this case? How do you take on a case pro bono then change your mind? He must mean anymore as in anymore after this case.

  70. Talk about good timing. Check this out:

    Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel just reported:

    “Defense attorney Mark O’Mara today said that he and client George Zimmerman have spent their way through more than $300,000 in donations and are desperate for more funds.

    “The case is out of money,” he said.

    Zimmerman’s defense fund has raised $314,099.17, O’Mara disclosed, but its balance is currently less than $5,000.”

    • kindheart101 says:

      That won’t even feed him until he goes back to court on the 5th! Poor Fogen, Poor O’Mara……..ROFLLLLLLLL

      • roderick2012 says:

        LOL, kindheart, that was cruel but as funny and heck at the same time.

        I guess they want George to look sad and hungry before the cameras on Tuesday.

        • kindheart101 says:

          Ouch! 😦

          I swear to you Roderick, I am not a mean person. But I really have to question what the heck he has been eating? This guy, just like a race car, has gone from 0 to 300+ in a few months? Just how many Double Whoppers, Pop Tarts, Cheeto’s, and Pizza’s does someone have to pack in their face to gain that much weight?

          We will see what he looks like when they “roll” him into court, on the 5th. 🙂

      • roderick2012 says:

        Kind, I was being sarcastic.

        Yeah it may take two bodyguards to roll George into court.

        • kindheart101 says:

          Awwwww I know. You actually gave me a really good laugh. 🙂

          If this trial is continued Roderick, my head may explode before Fogen does! I see this as nothing more than manipulation of the court system, to buy him more time. So…….appoint a Public Defender, and let him visit Fogen in jail. Let’s see how long Fogen wants the courts to drag their feet then?

      • Xena says:

        GZ’s massive weight gain in a few months has me sincerely concerned. He can end up diabetic.

        • kindheart101 says:


          True, and I shouldn’t make light of that.

          Here’s a solution? Go back to jail, get three squares a day, and round the clock monitoring from the jailhouse medical team? It’s quite obvious he is just sitting around, lethargic, and eating constantly. Yes, that can lead to type 2 diabetes. He has never shown any control Xena, over anything in his life. So, throw him back in jail where they will monitor his meals for him.

          • Xena says:


            Yes, that can lead to type 2 diabetes. He has never shown any control Xena, over anything in his life. So, throw him back in jail where they will monitor his meals for him.

            That would be one way of resolving his weight gain, yes.

            Thing is, GZ not only lied about why he killed Trayvon, but he also stole Trayvon’s screams and said it was him. That is a curse he brought upon himself because now, everything that Trayvon felt emotionally and physically comes back onto GZ. The reaping ain’t over for GZ yet.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @roderick2012, they are going to have to go a long way to make him look like he’s hungry. LMAO! I look at this as being Fogen is getting what he deserves in bits and pieces. I can’t wait until his just desserts come full circle, with him being locked up behind bars for what he did to Trayvon.

      • kindheart101 says:


        We all know Z feels no remorse, he has said so himself. He took everything from Trayvon, His freedom to walk down the street, his comfort zone, his future, and ultimately, his life. The terror Trayvon felt was heard in his screams for help, and yes, Z is so cold as to try to claim those also. He is a very sick, evil minded, deceitful man that cares for no one other than himself.

        Seldom do I get really angry Xena, but I find myself very angry when I think about many things. Why was Z allowed to walk free. Why was the investigation so sloppy. Why did they accept all of his blatant lies. Why wasn’t he kept in jail. Why was he allowed to bond out again after lying to the court. Far more “Why’s” than answers! Oh……’s the system……Bull! He needs to be locked up, not sitting stuffing his face in a hotel room, with his honey boo boo, TV, computers and the luxury to roam at will during the day. I get furious just thinking about it.

        So, I say. He’s too fat? Put him in jail. He can’t pay his bills? Put him in jail. He can’t pay for security? Put him in jail.

        This probably is one of the meanest things I have ever said, but……….I can’t wait for the day I watch him scream in court when he is found guilty. I want to see the fear on his face when they drag him out. That will be the only little bit of Justice Sybrina and Tracy will ever know. Their son had no choice in his fate that night. Trayvon begged for his life, and at that moment, Z set his own fate in stone. Yes, the Reaping has begun my friend. Z opened Pandora’s Box, and he will be tormented every day he walks this earth.

        • Xena says:


          This probably is one of the meanest things I have ever said, but……….I can’t wait for the day I watch him scream in court when he is found guilty.

          We might not have to wait until after his trial to see him scream in court. Actually, it won’t be a scream. He will go directly for O’Mara’s throat without saying a word first. Mark my words.

    • Rachael says:

      So how does that work? I mean does the court ask for an accounting of his financial situation if he declairs indigence? I mean I know it sounds like a lot to go through $300,00 in a year, but I know that the costs of a hogh-profile case are huge. However, the security company said they were going overboard and what if other expenses were found to be overboard? I mean I guess it doesn’t matter because if they are broke, they are broke regardless of why.

      Could spending down all the money be a strategic maneuver for O’Mara to “gracefully”exit the case?

      • Rachael says:

        Oh, and if it does appear that spending it down frivolously to be able to claim GZ indigent does appear to be a tactic, can santions be taken against O’Mara? I mean I can ynderstand that he could not have just withdrawn without making it look bad for GZ, but is GZ worth taking the bullet for, so to speak?

      • Malisha says:

        The “lack of money” is a way to get a continuance and more time, not a way to get O’Mara off. I don’t think O’Mara has a way off. Perhaps he still thinks there’s a hail Mary somewhere for him. Perhaps in the discovery they’ll find out that Trayvon Martin was just an alias and Fogen killed a well known Saudi terrorist.

    • abbyj says:

      Unbelievable squandering of a fortune: a third of a million dollars. To claim indigence now is to subvert the definition of the term. From a third of a million now down to $5,000? Someone was living high on the hog. More importantly, assuming that this stream of cash would never end was a foolish belief by fogen and his pan-handling attorneys.

      That notation about fogen having gained 105 lbs. may provide the answer to where the largesse of the money went. Not to be unduly cruel, but it appears that all the donations went down the pie hole.

      • kindheart101 says:

        LOL Abby!

        Hence, what enters, must exit………which is why Fogen is known to be “Full Of Shi*”

      • abbyj……According to the Orlando Sentinel, fogen and shellie spent over $64,000 of the money fogen collected BEFORE O’haha discovered that he had the begging site. The $132,937.20 was what was left over. (That’s the amount that was transfered to the new “Defense Fund” site that they are now talking about.) The fogens spent over $64,000 in about two months….I’d really like to know where that money went…..and how much did he owe on his charge cards/debts. I wonder if the prosecution has looked into fogen’s charge accounts to see how much he actually paid on them during those two months before he was found out.

    • truthseeker66 says:

      proff, can the gov claim that since fogen earned over $300,000 that he cannot claim indigent. Or do they go by his current financial status? Also won’t MOM have to prove that delaying the trial will result in increase of $.

      • I think Judge Nelson will have to go on the basis of his present status, but I do not think she will continue the trial date just to give the defendant more time to raise more funds. I think she will force the indigency issue.

      • Jun says:

        The problem with the indigency issue is they could be lying about money again, and that will raise another clown show to appear like at the second bond hearing

        What I mean by lie is Peter Pan, and the $10 withdrawals LOL

      • Rachael says:

        He might have to prove it.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Oh, oh, oh, Professor, I do hope you’re right. I hope Nelson won’t allow a continuance.

    • Trained Observer says:

      O’Mara: “Your honor, we request a continuence until big donations start flowing again, or until my client slims down … whichever comes first. The lack of ammunition we’ve uncovered in discovery has been tough on us and you need to show mercy.”

    • Xena says:

      HA! So much for GZ’s supporters actually providing the support he needs.

    • FactsFirst says:

      IONO y’all, but it seems like the Sentinel and ole Rene is no longer #TeamFogen lol.. but I could be wrong… LOL!

    • Professor…..Before I scrolled down and read the rest of the comments, I posted the link to that article (way up near the top). It also states that fogen spent approx. $60,000 out of the original “begging site” (that he set up right after he killed Trayvon and before the “Defense Fund” was set up in May). Wow….a free $60,000 to pay off his credit cards, buy electronic gadgets…..must have seemed like Christmas all over again for fogen……

    • TommysMom says:

      Why is there no mention of the funds transferred to family members,or used to pay the CC & cell phone bills,that G told S to pay?

  71. kindheart101 says:

    This reminds me of the teacher that gave her 3rd grade students a weekend project. They were to find a way to try to collect money for the local charity. Some sold cookies, some set up a lemonade stand, some did yard work, etc. On Monday morning they all proudly stood up, one by one, told what they did, and turned over the few dollars they had collected.

    Then it was Fogen’s turn. He stood up, and said he had set up a table on a very busy street corner, and sold toothbrushes. He then pulled out an envelope containing over $5,000.00? The teacher was stunned and asked Fogen how in world he was able to sell that many toothbrushes?

    Fogen: I offered free chips and dip teacher, and almost everyone came over to try some! Then, they all came running back, and said, THIS TASTES LIKE DOG POOP! I smiled and said, IT IS……….care to buy a toothbrush?

    O’Mara gets no pity from me. He knew what he was dealing with from the beginning, but thought he could jump on the money train, and achieve fame to boot. Fogen is holding your toothbrush O’Mara even though you’ll NEVER get the taste out of your mouth. Oh, and don’t forget to pay his bills on the way out. 🙂

  72. Big Willie says:

    Two words com to mind, “God’s Plan”.

  73. Prof you called it just a few days ago!! well you’ve kinda been saying it for a long time!
    Does the judge HAVE to say ok to a delay?/
    what could be the justifications? he’s had a yearrrrr! it’s not our fault Omar spent all his time blogging and babysitting gz!!

  74. TommysMom says:

    Good afternoon all
    Question if they have no money,who will pay their living expenses?
    Question can they really get away with claiming the money raised for his defense and used to pay his overdue bills is acceptable and should be tax free?
    Am I the only one who thinks MOM and the team should run for the hills,as things just keep getting worser and worser for them?

    My advice for GZ and RZ,Jr. I believe Maxine said it best.
    I’m tired of whiners. When you’re a professional it’s so hard to listen amateurs.

    • Rachael says:

      @ TommysMom:

      “Question if they have no money,who will pay their living expenses?”

      As far as I’m concerned, GZ can sit in jail until his trial begins and the state will pay his living expenses. I don’t live in the state of Florida, but I wouldn’t mind paying for that. As far as his wife, she can get a job, live with family, go on welfare if she qualifies, whatever anyone does to pay living expenses. How does anyone of us pay for living expenses?

      I know there are people at the outhouse who would open their doors to them. Let them go live with them.

      • TommysMom says:

        If G wnt to jail would he get his bond back?

      • looneydoone says:

        There’s no refund, that $85k paid for *bond* was the 10% fee charged by the Bondsman to guarantee the full Bond amount

        First Bond $150k=$15k fee to Bondsman
        Second Bond $1 million= $100k fee to Bondsman
        gz actually got a $15k discount if the total fee he paid was only $85k for the two Bond Releases

    • lurker says:

      There has been an ongoing claim that both George and Shellie are now unemployable due to their notoreity. George, however, apparently lost his job just about immediately, before there was any press (G. claimed it was because his presence would endanger his co-workers, due to the possibility of “threats.”). Shellie was supposedly stuying to be a nurse (although one look at those finger-tip bandages stuck on the back of G’s head–pretending to be butterflies suggest that she couldn’t have been very fare along, or very good), still it seems as though one or both could pick up some kind of employment some where–it just doessn’t help the image that they are trying to build of being fugitives from vigilante justice.