Featuring: LLMPapa With Yet Another Devastating Slam Dunk

Here’s LLMPapa brings it again.

Good tune too.

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  1. racerrodig says:

    PaPa, PaPa, Papa……………How about Bobbie Sherman’s “Easy Come, Easy Go” After all, he refer to himself as a Chump in that song.

  2. sdunn5 says:

    yahct previously you commented regarding Burgess and said I brought Ransberg into it I found the news story he is interviewed early on in from The Tampa Bay Times….I have edited it to just his relevance:
    The next day, on the other side of the complex, Thomas Ransburg, 20, was outside talking to his girlfriend. Ransburg has lived behind the gate since January, he said, and sees no reason to move now.

    A few months ago, he was hanging out with a friend who lives in another townhouse. “But that day, he forgot his key,” said Ransburg. So they walked around to the back patio and opened the sliding glass door. Someone saw them and called the police. They spent four hours at the station, trying to convince investigators his friend really lived there. “They thought we were trying to rob it or something,” he said.

    Ransburg, who is black and wears long dreadlocks, laughed at the memory, swore it didn’t make him angry, and said he understood. “I don’t think it was racial,” he said. “I guess we just looked suspicious. Everyone’s always been real friendly back here. People smile and wave. All the little kids run around. There’s always laughter.”

    Just then, three teenage males walked through the unlocked side gate, down the walkway toward Ransburg. T.J. Jones and his twin brother, T.Y., 14, and their cousin James Young, 13, have lived in the complex for two years. Their moms moved here from apartments to give the boys more room and a safe place to play.

    The boys, who are black, used to play football with Trayvon Martin “right there on that grass where he died,” said T.Y.

    He told Ransburg that their mom won’t let them outside after dark anymore. She is worried someone might think they are “suspicious or something,” said T.J. “She keeps telling us to be careful.”

    Ransburg nodded, and pointed at the townhouse across the street. “You see that door? That’s my door,” he told the boys. “If anyone is ever bothering you or following you, if you ever feel scared, that’s my door. Knock on it. I’ll be there to get your back.”Every building at the Retreat at Twin Lakes is painted some shade of brown: taupe, terra cotta, khaki. Every townhome has a garage out front and a keypad on the door handle — so if someone steals your keys they can’t get inside. Dozens of yards have signs alerting would-be intruders of alarm systems.

    No one had seen Zimmerman. Or Trayvon Martin’s dad. Except on the news.


  3. SpecialladyT says:

    10th & 11th discovery up……..


  4. Xena says:

    On his blogspot site, Trent Sawyer has tweets that he sends and receives. Looks like Junior has announced his alignment with the editor of Breitbart News.


  5. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Did all of you read this link when it was posted in July?


  6. Malisha says:

    I’m wondering if Junior has a duplicate passport or has recently applied for a passport claiming to have lost his prior passport.

    Cercando Luce, lol!! (moral bankruptcy)

    Junior was probably a run-of-the-mill paper-pusher somewhere and maybe now is a run-of-the-mill “commentator wannabe.”

    • seallison says:

      Malisha – During the Hannity interview, Jr. made a comment that he and Fogen looked alike. My lightbulb went on thinking that Jrs. passport may come in handy when needed for the great escape. Fogen seems to have the ability to lose and gain weight within a short period of time. Personally, i can tell they are brothers – but look alike – No.

      • Rachael says:

        I don’t think it would work at this point, all the notariety.

      • looneydoone says:

        One doesn’t need a Passport to leave the country via general aviation airport or charter boat. jr’s Passport could be used to gain entry in Haiti or Dominican Republic, for instance (corrupt)and use that as a launch point for parts unknown with a *new identity* (counterfeit identification/documents). How tall is jr ? fogen’s Passport application lists him as 5′ 10″.

      • sdunn5 says:

        Seallison I bit the bullet (oops) and kept an eye on Hannity’s show today but no Jr. I can’t stomach Sean Hannity just the sound of his voice makes me grind my teeth and my dog howl. Did Jr. tweet that? If so I see just how desperate they are. Psst he doesn’t need Jr.’s passport I believe there is a third that was in a safe deposit box……and the pesky ankle monitor. Moron thinks he can pull a John Goodman but he will still have to buy 2 plane seats just for himself. With the wife being extra large maybe they can get a military C-5. Joking aside I think he will be going to jail soon. I predict the bond will be revoked and he will he held until trial..

  7. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Oh, gz, why did you not follow protocol that night?

    Reuters, April 26 (by Chris Francescani) :

    [[[“The last time Zimmerman had called police, to report Burgess, he followed protocol and waited for police to arrive. They were too late, and Burgess got away.

    “This time, Zimmerman was not so patient, and he disregarded police advice against pursuing Martin.

    ” ‘These assholes,’ he muttered in an aside, ‘they always get away.’]]]

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Ha……guess what?……..gz himself is one of those who will NOT get away.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Trying as hard as they have…..gz, RZjr, RZsr, and O’Mara have not and cannot muddy the waters of the CLEAR evidence.

    • Rachael says:

      But why did he decide Trayvon was one of these assholes that always get away? What was Trayvon actually *doing* that made GZ decide that Trayvon was one of “them?” – I mean aside from the obvious that we all know. . .

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Absolutely NOTHING, Rachael.

        Trayvon was innocently walking home from the store and shot dead by a wanna-be-cop with TOTALLY unfounded suspicions.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        And…..let’s not forget gz’s rage issues!

      • Rachael says:

        YAHTC, you must have not understood what I was getting at

        “these assholes” which assholes? These black guys. What was Trayvon, “that asshole” doing that night?

        We all know why he was profiled. He.bb was just another “black asshole.” He was not just walking, he was walking while black, and he had the audacity to run, as if running is illegal, but I guess it is if you are just a black asshole.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Got it and I agree with you, Rachael.

    • Malisha says:

      But Burgess, the prototype “asshole,” had not gotten away! He was sitting in jail on 2/26/2012 when delusional Fogen said that.

      • Rachael says:

        “They” are all “assholes” though, even though that “one” didn’t get away, you know, where you see one, there are 100 more you don’t see.

        SMH. How can ANYONE deny Trayvon was profiled because of race?

    • I feel obliged to ask how smart was it for the defendant to mutter in a conversation that he knew was being recorded,

      “These assholes, they always get away”


      “Fucking coons?”

      He knew that what he said was being recorded because Sean, the NEN dispatcher, warned him at the beginning of the call.

      I cannot shake my suspicion that he was playing a role starring in his own movie.

      • Rachael says:

        I think it was real smart because it proves the prosecution’s case lol

      • Puck says:

        In my academic work (sociology) I do quite a bit of content and discourse analysis, and my earlier work in English literature finely honed my critical reading skills. As a result, I’ve become very good at filling out social “pictures,” if you will, in terms of the broader meanings, (inter)actions, true underlying motivations, and so on, and these I support with solid arguments supported by established social and cultural theory.

        The NEN call has always fascinated me; it’s a goldmine for this sort of analysis. The professor says that he “cannot shake [his] suspicion that [GZ] was playing a role starring in his own movie.” This is exactly right. GZ was role-playing that night, and this becomes clear upon careful listening and analysis of not just what he says but *how* he says it in the call as well as later police interviews. (I could take this a step further and suggest that he was fulfilling a certain non-sexual cop-and-thug fetish, but I’d have to write something much more academic involving Foucault.) In symbolic interactionist theory, we often say “role taking,” which is certainly what GZ does here.

        There’s one line in the NEN call that confirms this for me: “And he’s a black male.” Listen to it a few times. Note that his voice changes to a more matter-of-fact tone that one would expect from a police officer. He doesn’t sound like he did earlier when he said “he *looks* ba-lack” (clearly feigning uncertainty to deflect accusations of immediate profiling). Moreover, was there really a reason for him to re-state Trayvon’s race? Did this need to be confirmed? My belief is that he said this beause he *wanted* to, or even *needed* to in order to continue performing this role. In that moment, in his mind and phenomenologial experience, he *was* a police officer by virtue of being connected to actual LE; he *was* representing LE *by association* through communication. He was the only one out there, communicating details of a “suspect” (remember, he referred to Trayvon as such in his written statement — another dead giveaway). Taking this further, it can be argued that “shit, he’s running” is also GZ speaking as LE, would, in their terms and their tone.

        Then there’s “toward the back entrance.” Listen to this a few times too. It seems the consensus is that his tone of voice is the result of his being somewhat winded from running. I have always heard something different: that strange tone you sometimes get when you’re experiencing an adrenaline rush — that sudden warm feeling and lump in the throat. This is a much more subjective, gut interpretation on my part, but consider it nonetheless. In that moment, he was finally doing it! He was finally chasing down an “asshole,” a “fucking coon” (I have never heard “punk” or “goon” or “cold” even when these are suggested before re-listening; let’s be real here, it was “coon”), he was finally getting his chance to impress the boys at Sanford PD, who might put in a good word for him so that he could get into the police academy after all. Or perhaps it was his moment to impress upon the HOA that he should be allowed to patrol with a gun, but given GZ’s LE obsession, I think the former was more likely.

        Finally, consider “I don’t know where this kid is.” People focus on “kid” to further establish that GZ knew Trayvon was a teenager, and rightly so. But again, his tone here is a bit like “and he’s a black male.” (I can imagine him acting all cool here, slealthily moving around with his gun in one hand and flashlight held at shoulder level, like on TV, though we’ll never know.)

        Of course, my interpretations, however informed, are still mine, and as such are open to criticism and dispute. Still, I’ve listened to the NEN call many, many times, as we all have, and the foregoing is what I’ve always felt and thought. This isn’t court material; rather, these are a series of impressions of what GZ might have been thinking, and more importantly, *feeling* during his hunt.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Great analysis, Puck. Hopefully you and the prosecution are on the same page.

      • Puck says:

        Thanks Two sides. Still, I don’t think the prosecution would go anywhere near role-playing/taking because though relevant in a general sense, it’s extraneous to what they are trying to prove.

        I also have some similar analysis of GZ’s police interviews, but I’d have to go back and watch them in their entireties to write something for posting here. We’ve all been struck by GZ asking Singleton whether she’d ever had to shoot someone (“good for you” – GZ placing himself at her “level”). What sticks out to me is when Serino asked him if he had ill will towards blacks (I forget how it was phrased) and GZ emphatically says “no-o-o-o!” in a higher pitch with that sort of “of course not! why would you possibly think that?” laugh one puts on when lying.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        While the pros can’t use the subtleties you suggest, I would think they could point out the curious use of suspect in Fogen’s first written statement. He’s certainly good at displaying the workings of his psyche.

        I hope you’ll post more of your assessments!

        • Xena says:

          @Two Sides.

          While the pros can’t use the subtleties you suggest, I would think they could point out the curious use of suspect in Fogen’s first written statement.

          Yes. GZ’s referring to the person he killed as a “suspect” conveys his belief that Trayvon had a committed a crime in which the police were already involved and in which the deceased matched the description. GZ went beyond the scope of a “suspect” himself by taking on position of LE in his written statement.

      • @ Pork, yes! everything you pointed out became a complete picture.
        the tone of voice. and what he said, and then his demeanor at the police station, during the interviews AND the reenactment sitting in the car as the tour guide, showing his *bosses* his hood. and what he did.

        he was so loving it.
        the way he saunters into to police station, walking his own way, he breaks away from everyone else and takes the short cut, he doesn’t look back as if he’s being guided or escorted, he was with purpose, with his head high. yes.

        NOT one time did he show any distress, he was not nervous or uncomfortable discussing his story, even as he’s face to face with serino who’s trying to let him know the *kid* was NOT a coon! my god.

        it’s gonna take me a minute to absorb this, you explained so well. and i totally understand and agree and believe in what you’re saying. but ina way, i’ve gotta turn on a different switch in my brain to sort these things out!

        but it explains the *why* he started this ball rolling.

        @ Professor, the way he felt comfortable enough to speak that way on the NEN call has really been irking me. i was gonna bring that up too.
        No matter what, we all know how to comport ourselves when we’re on the phone or in the presence of police. when we initiate police contact, we are in need of their help.
        we are respectful and as clear as we can. we know it’s simply inappropriate to cuss, much less make racial slurs.

  8. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    As reported by the Orlando Sentinel:

    [[ Zimmerman (jr) said to members of the Central Florida chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists—

    “At the beginning we couldn’t speak publicly to the media to defend ourselves against the allegations that we are family of racists and that George is a racist,” Zimmerman said in Spanish. “We didn’t grow up with racism. We grew up with a Latino mother and white Father. Theirs was an interracial love story.” ]]

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      And yet, George who is a Peruvian American doesn’t like Mexicans according to his 2005 MySpace page.

    • Jun says:

      Yet he feels all black teenage boys are suspects and feels they should answer him properly when Fogenhats confronts them and attacks them and stalks them with a gun and flashlight and car, and made statements that Trayvon was suspicious because he was walking around looking about, looking black, was a black male teenager with his hands in his waistband and that is suspicious, and allegedly he was looking at all the houses…

      Then he also wants to run over Mexicans and feels all Mexicans are punks…

      and he is half white half peruvian, however, he listed himself as a white man, showing shame to his latino roots?

      & no one made allegations about them, until they came out speaking, which led to allegations against them that they are racists LOL

      They confuse me with their circular logic

      • Malisha says:

        Their GOAL is to confuse folks with their circular logic.

        My ex used to use circular logic and then when I would point out a fallacy, he would curl his little nearly-invisible grey lip and say with as much disdain as he could pack into his stale creepy monotonic “cyborgoreal” voice, “I kennott standt a liar!” 😈

      • LLMPapa says:

        There’s been a lot of that with these clowns…..

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        That’s one of my favorites of yours, LLMPapa.
        The circular logic of gz’s inner circle!

        “Now you all [close ranks] and you circle the ring
        Stop where you are, give your partner a swing……”

        [Dizzy, gz’s so dizzy, his tale is spinning…..
        Like a whirpool, it’s going to get flushed.]


    • Two sides to a story says:

      Except that Hispanic is a culture and not a race. So really a multicultural love story.

      • Malisha says:

        Right, and Fogen added (in his interview with Serino) that he was now working on a bachelor’s degree. Oops, gratuitous lie, not good for the C.Q. (Credibility Quotient)

  9. Judy75201 says:

    Oh, and for those who twitter, I have a parody account which uses the letter “O” in place of the zero in my name. It doesn’t like me because I am vocal about Justice for Trayvon.

  10. Judy75201 says:

    Ha, very entertaining comments!

  11. sdunn5 says:

    June-ya is not the guy who murdered Trayvon Benjamin Martin thus I fail to see what the ranting is for. Anonymous is huh????? Wow why don’t ya go with that see how brilliantly that works. Sooner or later this POS has to put out a defense I say sooner rather then later.

  12. sdunn5 says:

    Short People: by Randy Newman…….”They got little hands little eyes..they walk around telling big BIG lies..they got little nozes tiny little teeth they wear platform shoes on their nasty little feet”! Chorus….”they got little baby legs that stand so low you got to pick them up just to say hello…they got little cars that go beep beep beep, they got little voices going….tweet tweet tweet”!

    • Rachael says:

      that “tweet tweet tweet” part is just cracking me up!!!

    • sdunn5 says:

      Oops I may have plagiarized the last part of that song….wtf was my point…..oh right Trayvon Benjamin Martin was “taller” then “short” george……so…george being “VERTICALLY CHALLENGED” plus small penis issues believes Murder is legal as long as the teenager is TALLER!!!

      • Rachael says:

        Oh and here I was thinking of RZ Jr tweet tweet tweeting all over the place.

      • again you speak the truth!
        i was just telling this dumb ass *Pokerface tod* Vlogger on you tube to do at least the minimum to inform yourself and find out Trayvon’s height and weight! read the damn ME report, it just has the *facts* it’s easy to find and you’ll look just slightly less idiotic.

        Trayvon was NOT 6’3!!!

        god, i can’t stand it when they say shit and they don’t even know the basic facts about it, but they have the nerve to make 1000000000 videos about it?

        • sdunn5 says:

          I know they steal other vid uploaders videos then do a stupid obvious hatchet job. You tube alone is going to be some of these nitwits undoing. But here is what I saw from doodoowata man….in a monotonous voice he gives you this crazy looking animated timeline showing where z and Trayvon were in The Retweat @ Twin Wakes..he uses a humongous silver SUV that was the size of 3 townhouses there. As he drones on as Mr. Expert….hehe who are these people? I just can’t see Blimpie having any fans. so if they are not related there are some twisted sisters out there. Skinheads wouldn’t want them too confusing a new group perhaps pinheads! Oh almost forgot Trayvon Martin in doowataman’s epic movie was the size of Sasquatch!!!

    • Malisha says:

      sdunn5 you get the PRIZE!

      Tweet Tweet TWEET!!! 😛 😆 💡 🙂 :mrgreen:

    • LLMPapa says:

      I gotta figure out how to do something w/this song that doesn’t piss the world off, LOL

  13. While reading another blog, I noticed that someone named “Anonymous” responded to one of Jr’s tweets. The blog admin seemed to think that being in “the radar” of Anonymous could prove detrimental to Jr and the Z’s.

    Could someone fill me in on what this blogger means? What am I missing here? Who is Anonymous and why is his/her attention to the case significant?

    • sdunn5 says:

      Psst it’s “code” for Alcoholics Anonymous me thinks.

    • Xena says:

      Could someone fill me in on what this blogger means? What am I missing here? Who is Anonymous and why is his/her attention to the case significant?

      Based on my limited knowledge, Anonymous is with an investigative organization that began to support the work of WikiLeaks. It is said that they operate with a level of integrity, issuing a fair warning before hacking into computer accounts to obtain material.


    • Jun says:

      Anonymous is a hacker group but they dont appear to do anything that is immoral

      They were the ones who leaked the tape of the teens trying to joke about the brutal rape case in Ohio

      If Anonymous does not like Junior and is supportive of Trayvon, which I believe they are, it is going to be trouble for Junior

      • Rachael says:


      • Jun says:


        Considering Anonymous’ history, Juniors escapades are gonna get digitally massacred by Anonymous…. I can tell by their agenda that they would be sticking up for Trayvon Martin

      • Rachael says:

        Is it real though? I mean is it really them you think or just someone calling themself a anonymous? It wpuld be great if it is really them!

      • sdunn5 says:

        Psst …..gorge the Feds are watching everything……give that outdated crappy lingo ya use a rest wussy. How is that vest fitting you? Me thinks Anonymous ..er..means not a spark of a brain cell left to come up with a tacky new user name like fartsinbed! Now if you insist on placing importance on “june-ya” it would be “domedoggie”!

      • Rachael says:


        “It’s the same Anonymous gravatar. I don’t think anyone would want to impersonate them. LOL!”

        No, probably not! LOL

        This is good news. This makes me happy.

    • Probably a reference to the group that calls itself “Anonymous.”

    • Malisha says:

      Anonymous may be the organization that busted and even doxed the crowd of high school athletes who drugged and raped a girl in Steubenville OH and then were stupid enough to cut a video laughing about it, watching a video of the girl being raped and sodomized while unconscious, and carried out slung between two rapists (one holding feet and the other holding hands) and discarded like trash. The video had a chubby, unkempt, drunk high school punk repeatedly insisting, “She’s dead” and then showing off his two-bit-get-change-brain by stringing together a chain of sentences in the form of: “She’s as dead as [fill in blank]” including, even, “She’s as dead as Trayvon Martin” and “She’s as dead as f*cking JFK.” The police there didn’t want to charge the rapists, similar to SPD not wanting to charge Fogen. Anyway, that’s my guess. Anonymous hacked them and busted them all and started a movement there to get the criminals charged. It will work, too. The rapes were in August so they have time to mount their protests. Meanwhile the guilty boys’ parents are out there “Doing the Zim” and talking about how good their sons are and how they’re being dragged through the mud and boo hoo and all like that. Ughhh.

      See it here:

  14. Griff‏@Griff1782

    @VocalLisa @rzimmermanjr Stalking a child? TM wasn’t 7 years old he was a grown man who assaulted someone. TM didn’t know GZ had a gun

    Retweeted by Robert Zimmerman Jr <<<<<NOTE, Jr retweeted this tweet from a zimmerlover Griff.

    so jr is saying Trayvon was a Grown man now… unreal

    • Xena says:

      Junior is making a grave mistake demonizing, lying about, and misrepresenting Trayvon. It’s one thing to support a relative who is awaiting trial but another to denigrate the person your relative killed.

      • Jun says:

        There’s no need to be ridiculous though

        like seriously?

        Trayvon is a 17 year old teenage boy and I think at most you could call him a young man, but a grown man? He’s not even fully developed yet

        Trayvon did not know Fogenhats had a gun? Of course the kid knew Fogenhats had a gun, why the hell do you think the kid was screaming so hard?

        If he’s going to lie, at least not treat people like they are a sucker, with that nonsense

        I mean at least come up with a more realistic lie

        There’s no need to claim such ridiculous lies

      • sdunn5 says:

        Teenager…..he was a teenager k?

        • Xena says:

          Of course Trayvon was a teenager. Junior is quick to co-sign any lie about Trayvon. That is my point when saying he is making a grave mistake. The argument that Trayvon was a grown man is made as a defense for when all grown Black men were called “boy.” IOWs, they now represent a 17 yr old teen as a “grown man” as a form of racism since they believe they are constrained by purported Black racists from calling him “boy.” They are not using “man” out of respect but rather disrespect. GZ called him a kid. Child is another term they can use.

          • sdunn5 says:

            Agreed Xena but they do not only want Trayvon Martin 18 but his girlfriend as well. I believe engaging those people is a waste of time and in their minds validates their mental deficiencies so teenager works best for me. These barnacles have never had children it shows. Stay tuned for DD being a cougar…..hehe..

      • sdunn5 says:

        Boy in terms of a derogatory term for black…or baaa…lack as george says.??? I think that is a reach….coming through Jr.??? Why all the talk about jr.? Who cares?? As to the reference of “boy” perhaps it could be explained why those people have DD at 18 as well? Certainly the derogatory “boy” does not apply. YOUNG MAN was what daddy called g on a jailhouse call. Sounded icky too like they were strangers or …?????? These are icky people not interesting, uneducated and Grifter would be an upgrade from all I have seen!!

    • Jun says:

      I dont feel he gets paid to go on air. He gets used by media for ratings and the guy seems desperate for attention. Considering all the thumbs down and dislikes he always gets, and that he barely has any followers on twitter, he has no real effect on the public, so I do not see any reason for the stations to pay him. But the stations are kind of stupid. I would personally get him confronted with tough questions as that is more spicy for TV and Radio. I forgot the MSNBC correspondent’s name, but he was supposed to question Fogenhats’ former lawyers before Omara. He would be a good candidate and the show would be incredible because he would confront Junior with tough questions and also all of his lies.

      • Xena says:

        I dont feel he gets paid to go on air

        It depends on the program’s producer. Some pay for transportation, lodging , meals and give a thousand dollars for your pocket. (Or at least it was a thousand back around 2005 when one of my friends worked in getting clients on the talk show circuit.) Oprah did not pay anyone who came on her program.

      • Jun says:

        I could be wrong but I highly doubt they would pay Junior. Junior has no leverage.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        AND don’t forget hair and makeup people hovering off-camera, plus all the preliminary phone calls and appointments and contracts/waivers, etc. People not used to that stuff get a real high from it and can be induced to do and say all kinds of things on TV.

      • Malisha says:

        Junior has, essentially, NOTHING to say about this case, what-so-e-ver. He (a) was not there; (b) is related to the defendant and therefore not “impartial”; (c) is not an expert in anything; (d) has never shown any credentials that would tend to support the idea that his opinion is important in any public forum on any particular subject; (e) has no “dog in the race” except that he doesn’t want his brother to go to prison and his family to be disgraced; (f) never even presumed to know Trayvon Martin or his family or anything about Miami Beach or Trayvon’s history; and, last but not least, (g) is not a good public speaker and does not present well on TV.

        What in the world makes anyone think his two cents’ worth is worth more than two cents?

    • Jun says:

      On another note, I believe Junior is trying to make Trayvon into an adult grown man because he knows the voice on the tape sounds like a young boy, a teenage boyish voice and many witnesses have identified it as a young voice. I know his agenda. Nice try though lol

    • And he appears to have used a typographical error (7 instead of 17) as an opportunity to push the false narrative that Trayvon was a grown man.

      Just as his brother, the defendant, used the opportunity to apologize to Trayvon’s parents at his bond hearing as an opportunity to push the same false narrative.

      The defendant and his brother are despicable liars.

  15. i feel like we are kids and the teacher is out of the classroom~ and we’re all talking and acting loud!!lolo

  16. Robert Zimmerman Jr‏@rzimmermanjr

    Thanks Lily>>“@LilyMonkeygirl: @JammerKill @rzimmermanjr I support George Zimmerman. Trayvon attacked him and got himself shot.”

    so this is what this asshole thanking? man i swear if i wasn’t a lady!!!! i tell you what!!

    ok i made myself laugh with that lady comment!! lololo

  17. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    What is Jr. going to do when the money runs dry from these interviews? Is he counting on Fogen winning his lawsuit and sharing with him or is he planning on suing somebody himself…or is he hoping to find himself a sugar daddy in Hollywood?

    • i don’t think he’s getting paid much. if at all. he’s probably just getting expenses, rooms and tickets. maybe a few bucks from some shows but not a windfall by any means. he’s desperate to make money. that’s’ why he’s doing so much to stay relevant. and outrageous just to get attention..

      i think he got paid a little in the beginning, but not now.
      but, i’m just guessing because of how he’s acting..out of desperation. and it’s not about gz. it’s to make himself relevant.

      • sdunn5 says:

        Shannon I thought of inviting him to Hawaii before he started speaking mumblease. I would have Jr. making the Shaka sign with lei’s, & umbrella drinks being held up by 2 Samoans named Tusi and Nephi.. Maybe a bit part in Hawaii 5-0 as a dancer at the old Glades Boys will be Girls Review. Nice photo op ….and I can dream can’t I?

        • i think that would suit really he wants to be in show business.
          ya know, i offered to put in a good word for him up at the club, Swinging Richards on Biscayne blvd.. i’m good friends with the brothers who own it! i happened to have saved one of their lives out on my jet ski – true story!

          get it, Swinging Richards??
          all male revue!! LOLOL isn’t that hilarious!! i swear it took me awhile before i realized what it meant!LOL like a year passing by it almost daily!!LOL

      • Malisha says:

        Each time they put him up in a hotel, he takes those little shampoo thingies and all the extra toilet paper and then he sells them on the Black market.

    • Malisha says:

      He should not count on Fogen sharing with him no matter what happens, even if Mel Gibson lays a billion bucks on him and makes a movie called “Fuckin Fogen’s Fracking and I’m the best” and it’s a blockfuckinbuster. Fogen will find some flaw in Junior’s behavior, use it as an excuse, and cut Junior off, and at that moment, he will feel that delicious delusion again that he’s a real man.

      This is really all about a vicious sibling rivalry gone wrong. Junior and Fogen were locked in a very dirty thing for a long time and it shows on both of them.

      • looneydoone says:

        >>”Junior and Fogen were locked in a very dirty thing for a long time and it shows on both of them”

        How did jr, the “worthless” brother suddenly propel himself into center stage tweet-rant master, and media spokesperson for the family ?

        Suddenly, a long estranged, “worthless” elder brother has become a valuable asset to the tribe. Me thinks there was a lot of “dirty” during the years these kids were not allowed to play outside their own yard, or with other children. I suspect there’s a big, dark secret jr doesn’t want made public.

  18. Jun says:

    Is Junior gonna be a character witness for Fogenhats? I’d love to see him get a perjury charge for lying on the stand

  19. Robert jr is NOT a lawyer- never has been!
    he’s even said it in his stupid rants in interviews.
    “i’m not a lawyer, but blah blah…i’m gonna make it my lifes work to disbar someone when i don’t even have the sense to know i don’t even know WTF i’m talking about”

    someone asked me along time ago to collect all his stories. i have all his interviews from the beginning up until recently, maybe about a month ago. i stopped hearing about his media circus appearances…

  20. Jun says:

    I think it is safe to say Junior lies just as much as Fogenhats and his father, Papa Zimmernuts

    But he was half honest when he said Fogenhats was heard on the 911 scream tape… just that Fogenhats was not screaming, he was yelling angrily and threatening an unarmed scared child… the kid was the one screaming for help

    so Junior gets 0.5 points for that

    Also funny how Dershowitz shut his bloodclot mouth once the alleged threats of a lawsuit came forth LOL

    • seallison says:

      When did he say that. I haven’t seen that one yet. Just the opposite, in fact.

      • Jun says:

        The only one I know of is on Piers and that video has a lot of thumbs down because it is fairly obvious it is not Fogenhats screaming

    • Malisha says:

      Dershowitz was out there accusing Corey of having LIED because she did not consider [what he thought was] defense evidence to be credible enough to dissuade her from prosecuting. He wanted her disbarred and incarcerated for drawing charges. Then when a few ooopses occurred, suddenly Dershowitz fell silent. What does HE care? He had his 10 minutes in the sun. What a slimeball. And he does not really care about constitutional rights; he cares about his little crowd of chosen heroes and he allowed Fogen to enter that little crowd by showing boo boos on his noggin. Dershowitz must know of some law that says when you hunt down and kill a [victim of your choice who is not being profiled] you must not sustain any injury in the process; if you sustain injury of any sort, the savage thug deserved it and nobody dare try to prosecute you for it.

  21. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    Robert Zimmerman Jr ‏@rzimmermanjr
    Looks like a nose-breaking fist2 me>>“@GodseyG: @Vickie627 @rzimmermanjr what’s that then? http://pic.twitter.com/TEJTKTLn”
    Details Reply Retweet Favorite

    This one was in with his pictures…the picture is of Trayvon’s autopsy , the diagram of his injuries. It was posted on

  22. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    I wish I knew how to post some of his tweets over here for the people who may not have twitter. I still don’t fully understand twitter myself, so if there is a way someone pleaseet me know.

    I will try to copy and paste his lastest tweet…

    Robert Zimmerman Jr ‏@rzimmermanjr
    I’m done standing by as libs: attack 2nd Amend & US Const.; Attack cons as ‘racists’-all while claiming2know what’s “best”4us- i.e.:”change”
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

  23. cielo62 says:

    >^..^< I've gone back to work. You make it hard to keep up!

  24. seallison says:

    Papa – Remember in a Junior Tweet when he tells another Tweeter that his little brother did not lie. He said it was his wife who lied.

    Junior, true to the Z family form, virtually, threw ShelLie under the bus and called her THE liar.

    hope that tweet will be used in her case of perjury when it is finally heard.

  25. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I can’t remember what RZ jr does for a living. Would one of you fill me in?

    • seallison says:

      At one time there were some that said he was a lawyer specializing in Bankruptcy. I do not recall it ever having been substantiated.

      He has man has many talents though – Prophet, philosopher, spiritual leader, legal analyst, motivational speaker, snake oil salesman (no sales to date), and used car salesman (no sales to date).

      He certainly isn’t a Public Relations Specialist or Human Resources Officer.

      In my opinion, he is a professional malingerer – he knows a sucker is born every minute and capitalizes on this knowledge.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I thought I heard once that he was a lawyer…..but he doesn’t act like one.

        I just can’t figure out why he is seeking all these interviews to speak up for George especially when he was estranged from George. Plus, George told someone that that person (his brother-in-law?) was the brother “he never had.”

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Do you think RZ jr even visits gz?

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Only if he is not proud of his professional career.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Do you think he is getting paid for appearing on TV ?

      • seallison says:

        cielo62 – From what I have seen, he would block you with a question like that.

      • sdunn5 says:

        Actually he is a cosmetologist.

        • cielo62 says:

          Sdunn5- are you kidding? How stereotypical!

          Sent from my iPod

          • sdunn5 says:

            No I mean it… look up vocational license codes in Florida look it up there are some odd things there. Cosmetologist Robert J. Zimmerman. I take offense at your claim I am stereotyping some of my best friends are gay men. They are the best!

          • cielo62 says:

            Sdunn5- sorry! I didn’t mean to say that YOU are stereotyping! I meant, isn’t that weirdly stereotypical that he happens to he a cosmetologist? I’m gay, too. 🙂 so is my hairdresser.

            Sent from my iPod

          • sdunn5 says:

            Not just his name there are a slew of them I thought they were playing a different form of fun with documentation and phonics!! And to think I was just looking to see what that could mean…all the news (cough) sources reported shellie being a licensed cosmetologist. I thought it sounded somewhat more important then it was like Licensed bathroom attendant.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        He is a liar specializing in moral bankruptcy.

      • Malisha says:

        I checked for his bar license in all states and did not turn up anyone who COULD have been Robert Zimmerman, Jr. They do not, however, list every attorney on the public databases. I think he is squirrely about his “occupation” and that those who said he was a lawyer were unconfirmed. I doubt he is licensed to practice law.

    • sdunn5 says:

      Nothing…. however he is the only one that can get through “Airport Security”…

  26. blushedbrown says:

    Excellent work, LLMPapa.

  27. blushedbrown says:


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