No Credible Threat to the Defendant’s Life or Safety Exists in Trayvon Martin murder case

Good morning and happy holidays to all of you.

I love blogging but it has developed into an obligation that leaves little time for me to do or think about anything else. My inattention to other responsibilities in my life reached a crisis about a week ago that forced me to suspend operations here. I am pleased to report that I can now return to blogging and I apologize for any inconvenience that my absence may have caused.

I believe interacting with all of you is the most important thing I do. That requires constant monitoring and response to your comments in addition to all of the time and effort that I expend producing new articles. This blog has developed from a hobby into a new career and I am grateful to all of you for participating in and supporting it. You have enriched my life and I hope that I have enriched yours in return.

Right now I am struggling with the time commitment and I sometimes refer to myself in conversations with others as a “prisoner of the blog.” I am obviously going to have to improve my time management skills because taking time off to put out fires is not a responsible or effective solution. Please bear with me as I adjust to the increasing demand for my time and attention.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle, I noticed a little story about a lawsuit filed in the Orange County Circuit Court last Friday against he-whose-name-shall-be-forgotten. The plaintiff is Associated Investigative Services, the company that has provided bodyguards for the defendant in the Trayvon Martin murder case. The company claims that he owes $27,000 for services provided. Presumably, those services were suspended some time ago for nonpayment. Termination of services is an extreme creditor’s remedy that typically is reserved for situations where no payments have been received for multiple billing periods and no agreement has been reached regarding when, if ever, payment will be made.

Mark O’Mara expressed “surprise” about the lawsuit. He said the company has been paid $40,000. Of course, that does not mean that the company is not owed an additional $27,000. Reading between the lines, I interpret his response as a tacit admission that his client owes money to the company.

According to the article that I read, the company was hired to provide security for the Zimmerman family in June and stopped receiving payments “after an independent trustee took over Zimmerman’s defense fund.”

In addition to the defendant, Mark O’Mara and Shellie Zimmerman are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

This lawsuit confirms my suspicion that contributions to the defense fund have stopped or slowed to a trickle and it also supports my argument that no credible threat to the defendant’s life or safety exists or ever has existed and the security firm was hired for the sake of appearances only in order to fool the court and the public into believing there was a credible threat.

I continue to be amazed that anyone believes this defendant and his lawyer.

Propaganda is not a defense to murder and sooner or later the defense is going to have to stop the bullshit and deal with the evidence.

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  1. bettykath says:

    Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. Malisha says:

    You know, it is in a sense intuitive to say that the only way Fogen could be innocent would be if Trayvon Martin were “a savage thug.” But even that doesn’t work. Even if Trayvon Martin were “a savage thug,” the confrontation between him and Fogen was NOT attributable to his aggression. He could be the most aggressive person on EARTH and still, killing him under the known circumstances of that night is murder. This is why. Presume, arguendo, that he is a savage thug.

    1. He was unarmed and not expecting a fight with Fogen.

    2. He saw Fogen taking notice of him (recorded by Fogen to Sean) and “he ran.”

    3. He was then on the phone until the very minute that there was a confrontation.

    4. Even if he attacked Fogen, it would have been a natural thing for him to do, in self-defense, to make a pre-emptive strike against someone who was obviously following him for unknown and presumed sinister reasons. To wait for the pursuer to hit first would give the defender a disadvantage and the pursuer might actually be armed and dangerous.

    So even a “savage thug” had every right to deliver some injuries to his pursuer and no amount of negative inference against Trayvon Martin can overturn that. In fact, since Fogen does not tell the NEN dispatcher that Trayvon is threatening him, there is zero evidence of savage thuggery on Trayvon’s part. There was actually NO JUSTIFICATION for killing Trayvon Martin, period. Still, Fogen is presumed innocent until this goes through the process.

    • Yes, you are right. Given the defendant’s behavior that night, anyone, even a savage killer, would have been justified in using deadly force to defend himself.

    • Jun says:


      worded perfectly

      at the end of he day, Fogenhats is the aggressor, he started it, and the victim had every right to defend himself…

      however, there is no evidence the victim even attacked the defendant but that is very reasonable to make a preemptive strike at a reasonable sense of danger, which is a stranger aggressively stalking the victim, with malice and intent considering the NEN phone call, thus, the victim had every reason to believe there was danger present and was actually correct with his fear in this case…


      the victim simply tried to talk to the defendant and then the defendant attacked the victim, without provocation, when the defendant caught up to the victim

  3. colin black says:

    Often dummy cctv systems are deployed as a deterent..They are just facade an have no inner workings ie not capable of monitering or recording…I remember dureing the trunkmom trial we were anxious to see the cctv from where she dumped the car.At first it was reported the cctv were not working.At trial we found out they were dummy camras used as a cheap deterant.

  4. Malisha says:

    Over on Jonathan Turley’s law blog, I mentioned Zimmerman in regard to gun control (specifically hollowpoint bullets) and a blogger named “BarkinDog” who uses sockpuppets called “BitchinDog” and “HumpinDog” and so forth wrote a diatribe beginning with the two stupid and offensive sentences:

    “The Travon Martins of the world need to be shot. Ask Martin Niemoeller.”

    He went on to blah blah blah about something — he thinks he’s “cute” and in the past he has at times been cute.

    But I went ahead and answered him:

    “BarkinDog, you do love to flaunt your little thing dontcha. ‘The Travon Martins of the world need to be shot. Ask Martin Niemoeller.’ If in fact the Travon Martins of this world (who are they exactly, how many of them are there exactly, and please provide their names and addresses so they can be shot) need to be shot, I wonder how come you (a) have never shot any of them but keep flapping your jaw about what they need; and (b) have never even tried to bite them, but growl so much before you tuck tail where it fits so good and run squealing behind the poopdump.

    “Get out there, big dog, and kill your own ‘Trayvon Martin of the world.’

    “You called me out on purpose. You sitting there licking something you can reach because you finally got a response out of a b1tch when usually you can’t? Here’s the part that comforts me, BarkinDog: If and when somebody shoots you dead with a hollowpoint bullet, you won’t be able to raise a crowd of 2,000,000 to bark up a storm about it. They’ll dump you in a hole and cover you up and ItchinBay will whine a bit and then let dead dogs lie.

    “As they so often do.”

    Then I couldn’t help addressing Professor Turley about the situation.
    I wrote:

    “Professor Turley, I address you directly right now. You can ban me if you don’t like it; otherwise I respect you for not doing so. I think BarkinDog’s having boldly said: “The Trayvon Martins of this world need to be shot” is a direct result of your having given permission for such an outrage by your somewhat sophisticated but nevertheless inappropriate ueberdefense of Zimmerman. YOU came out showing a picture of his noggin with a few insignificant capillary-type lacerations on it with the headline announcing “SERIOUS INJURY.” It was not serious injury. Had there been serious injury, you know as a lawyer that the photograph was not evidence of serious injury. YOU came out blaring that Zimmerman had “passed a lie detector test” when you know full well (and have been to conferences where it has been discussed by experts) that a voice stress test is not a “lie detector test” and furthermore that the phrase “lie detector test” is itself a misnomer. You have been with the “excuses excuses” team behind a man who profiled and unnecessarily killed a kid who then was slandered post-mortem (yes I know it is not the technical definition of “slander” but I will use it and stand corrected; we all know what happened) liberally all over the web for something that no law says he ever did.

    “When you give permission for people to behave like this, there will always be a dog or two who will say “shit” while he has a mouth full of it. I hope this goes through the moderator and if not, I hope you get what I’m saying.

    “BarkinDog has earned my contempt and disdain. I don’t often attack other bloggers ad hominem, and certainly not until after they have attacked me ad hominem. The exception I make this time is that I am a mother; Trayvon Martin was not my son but in some way they are all my sons. I would never shoot a hollowpoint bullet into BarkinDog. But I regret that he feels so free to emit such vile and reprehensible talk on your blog, to approve of someone shooting a hollowpoint bullet into a kid named Trayvon Martin whom BarkinDog never met.

    “I read it here. I’m going to take anti-nausea medication now.”

    Why did I re-post this conversation here?

    I think it is sickening that a certain small but influential cadre of legal scholars has chosen to promote the obviously false narrative Fogen created about his being attacked thuggishly by a non-scared “suspect” as he was merely seeking an [address] [house number] [police officer he had called] in a neighborhood that was, before his conduct, safe for life and limb. Nobody calls out these legal eagles. And why not? Because they’re entitled to opine and they’re entitled to present their views blah blah blah.

    But it was Turley who emphasized over and over that Corey had “overcharged” Zimmerman. Huh? Zimmerman was entitled to a defense. If he was overcharged, wouldn’t that come out at trial? What was the organized attack on Corey all about?

    In my opinion it was all about one thing: To these exalted, self-exalted attorneys, Trayvon Martin’s life was worth less than, say, their own lives would be. Thus, Zimmerman shouldn’t be punished to the MAX for taking that particular life. He should be perhaps punished a bit, but not too much. After all… his victim was someone these lawyers find it easy to make negative assumptions about. It’s easy to assume Zimmerman is telling the truth about the big sudden thuggish unprovoked beat-down. Easy. They have no qualms.

    That’s it, in a nutshell. Appalling.

    • it kills me these frauds allow such trash to post on their blog!
      but from what i see from the zimmerloving lawyers is pure envy.

      i believe they are so jealous of Omar and co. of the perceived recognition they are getting from this case and eventually afterward. they think *they* could’ve made way more money than Omar and GZ have wasted, they think “they” could handle the media better and do a MUCH BETTER job in front of the court too. You know, their sense of entitlement and greed is getting in the way of intelligent judgement too.

      Just think of the fame they could enjoy if THEY could represent GZ! Biaz tried to weasel his way in there, what other reason could he have??

      These zimmerloving lawyer bloggers are desperate for attention, i can’t see any other reason to allow the lies in which they are educated and experienced to detect and instead portray as truth and evidence??

      • bettykath says:

        Turley isn’t a fraud. He’s a constitutional professor at George Washington and takes cases relating to constitutional issues.

        In this case, the biggest controversy is his presumption of innocence of the defendant, especially considering that several of the regulars have looked at the evidence dumps and seen that the defendant’s story [pick one] just doesn’t hold together.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          “Presumption of innocence” is a technical state, it does not mean that everyone has to “believe the accused is innocent”. It stands as a technical barrier between the accused and those who believe the accused to be guilty without trial.

          This technical state must be observed if there is to be a trial at all. Otherwise, the mere accusation alone, would be sufficient to “prove” the accused guilty as charged without further ado.

          Thus, this barrier, is afforded to all who are accused of a crime, so that they have a chance to fortify it, by providing a convincing collection of evidence and/or materials/testimony, or destroying it entirely, by providing an insufficient defense.

          Anyone is free to believe what they wish to believe about an accused person. However, “The Presumption of Innocence”, protects them from anyone taking any (but not all) action against the accused, such as would be taken if they were to be proven guilty. The obvious exception is that the accused can be detained for the purpose of trial. TPOI, stands between the accusation and conviction, for the expressed purpose of making a trial both necessary and possible.

      • Looolooo says:

        These zimmerloving lawyer bloggers are desperate for attention, i can’t see any other reason to allow the lies in which they are educated and experienced to detect and instead portray as truth and evidence??These zimmerloving lawyer bloggers are desperate for attention, i can’t see any other reason to allow the lies in which they are educated and experienced to detect and instead portray as truth and evidence??

        I agree with you 1000%! Especially this last paragraph. Your sentiments match mine to a Tee. I find myself shedding a few tears from time to time when I happen upon yet another biased, racist, or attention seeking (otherwise reputable) lawyer, LEO, Dr., seasoned journalist, etc, spews out this sort of obviously false information, a take great pains to present it as undisputed fact. For those of us who are too young to remember (or weren’t born yet) a time when a young black child’s life wasn’t worth the ink NOT used to print it in the local papers……….this case must surely give you a glimpse as to the horror of those times. The difference now is that so much ink (Internet) IS now used to go into shocking detail as to how and why a young black child’s life is worthless, and the grief of said parents is just as valueless.

      • Malisha says:

        BettyKath, I never said Turley was a fraud. He’s a prestigious attorney and well known professor of Constitutional law. But it is not the presumption of innocence I object to; I adhere to that. It is his insistence that certain things are good evidence of GZ’s story being true when they are absoutely NOT and he knows it. I cannot fathom why he does this. The picture of the head is NOT good evidence of GZ’s story of being beaten; the picture of his nose is NOT good evidence of his story being true; the “lie detector test” was NOT a lie detector test and it was not good evidence of GZ’s veracity. All that is just plain wrong. I honestly feel that Professor Turley thinks GZ should get off light on this one because he sympathizes with GZ. It’s not my business, really, but it does rile me up. And by his dismissive attitude toward the deceased, he has contributed to such a lack of respect for Trayvon Martin and his family that I find it offensive. I remember the first comment on the first thread he put up about this, which said, “Please, Professor, the kid is dead!”

      • @looloo, i’m just getting educated on the injustice of it all and i’m determined to make sure my child is even more so! it’s sad how many good and normal people out there who are simply UNDEREDUCATED in these *Civil Wrongs* matters.

        my mom tried her best when we were kids by such things as making us watch things like “Roots” every year when it came on TV. Back then i very vaguely realized why she made us watch those kinds of things. I remember wondering why we were allowed to watch that and not the movie Conan the Barbarian- if she wanted to teach us history!

        My mom was a history and religion scholar and maybe if she would’ve had more time (she was killed) we all could have done something important. But I’m glad that now i realise where she was coming from and where she was leading her kids and it’s not too late for me and my child and the ones here and now to make a move on this. In fact it’s about damn time!

      • Jun says:

        It is not hard for me to be honest

        I just see a victim and I’d like to see justice

        It does not matter if they are white, black, hispanic, asian, or whatever…

        I learned from Kung Fu movies & stories… the hero would always stick up for the small guy being pushed around, even when the odds were against the Kung Fu man

    • bettykath says:

      Malisha, Sorry I missed that exchange. I like Turley’s blog but I think he does the headline and the article in a hurry. The headline sometimes misses the point, or it’s intended to stimulate discussion and his commentary sometimes leaves out key info. But, no matter, it’s still an interesting place to go.

      • (“the biggest controversy is his presumption of innocence of the defendant”)
        I guess you can like his blog and still realize the guy is a fraud.
        With the evidence so far, no one can presume GZ is innocent unless they believe Trayvon is guilty of being a savage thug.

        So excuse me if i’m not as gullible and/or forgiving of *accidental* (seriously?) misrepresentations of facts and evidence as you are. and I definitely don’t think he’s too *hasty* with his postings to write the truth and give his own opinions based on that! i mean the odds of so many consistent *accidents* against Trayvon and pro GZ are a bit suspicious.
        eh, could be just me though…

      • bettykath says:

        Shannon, You obviously don’t know much about Turley. He isn’t a fraud.

        Malisha, I was responding to Shannon who said Turley was a fraud. I know you think more of him than that. We’re on the same page in terms of the defendant’s behavior. You’re judging Turley more harshly than I am. I just accept that he’s setting us up for lots of discussion which may be true or not. Or you could be right. Can we agree to disagree on this?

      • bettykath says:

        “I guess you can like his blog and still realize the guy is a fraud.
        With the evidence so far, no one can presume GZ is innocent unless they believe Trayvon is guilty of being a savage thug. ”

        I like his blog and he isn’t a fraud. I seriously doubt that Turley has looked the evidence beyond a handful of newspaper articles that he has posted. He has better things to do. Don’t think of this as slam at you. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at all the gory details, too.

  5. Malisha says:

    Oh Fogen went out thug-hunting,
    E I E I O.
    He tought he’d get a hero badge.
    E I E I O.
    With a punch punch here and a slam slam there,
    here a punch, there a slam, everywhere a bim bam
    Fogen went out thug-hunting,
    E I E I O.

    And on that hunt he saw a kid,
    E I E I O
    But he thought he caught a good “suspect” instead,
    E I E I O
    With a “no no” here and a “help help” there,
    here a “no,” there a “help,” everywhere a scream scream
    Fogen saw a teenaged kid,
    E I E I O.

    So Fogen called the N-E-N,
    E I E I O.
    And tried to get them all freaked out,
    E I E I O.
    With an asshole here, a punk coon there,
    here a punk, there a coon, everywhere an asshole
    Fogen called the N-E-N,
    E I E I O.

    And “Shit, he’s running,” Fogen said,
    E I E I O.
    “They always get away!” you know,
    E I E I O.
    With a run run here and a skip skip there,
    Here a run, there a skip, everywhere a lie lie,
    Old McFogen told a tale,
    E I E I Oh you don’t expect me to believe that crap, do you – oooooooooooooh! :mrgreen:

  6. Malisha says:

    That did enter my mind. It would make sense in that the beating Fogen’s ego had taken might make him feel that he HAD TO CATCH HIS THIEF that night. But what means more to me is the date: right before the end of February. I think Fogen had spent all of February trying to get his hero badge so he could do something about the fact that he was about to be evicted. Remember the altercation with the landlord about the rent? With March 1 coming, I think Fogen was desperate to get himself into the village newspaper as a hero who could not, then, be ejected from the RTL neighborhood without major public relations damage. I also think his relationship with Kent Taylor of Leland Management should be scrutinized to see if there was maybe something going on. All sorts of possibilities present themselves. Those video cameras were off for a while…why? Whereas I love to have all the facts, we never do, and I think this is a situation where we will actually never find out what details are involved. One thing that can be said with assurance is that the injuries on Fogen do not indicate a violent beating the night of the killing. Fogen went out thughunting with hollow-point bullets but he brought down a teen instead, at a time when teens were (probably) out of season.

    • Eric says:

      Was the altercation about the rent in RTL, or was it another apt. complex?

      • blushedbrown says:


        Don’t know if you got an answer, but here it goes.

        Altercation and or argument about rent was located at Kohl’s Dept. store.

        Page 20 of 47

        Click to access george-zimmermans-911-call-history1.pdf

        He lived at these locations:

        Sun Lake Apts approx 2005-2006

        Pebble Creek Apts approx 6/2007-10/2007

        Retreat at Twin Trees aprox 4 years.

        If you take a look at the police log records, he complained about the same crap in every neighborhood in lived in. He also chased/ followed people in his car.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Did anyone notice that high number of complaints about properties located at or near the intersection of Twin Trees Lane and Live Oaks Way? With so many complaints from this particular intersection, he has to have patrolled it way too many times, for him to ever forget the name, of the very street that runs from the front gate to the rear gate.

          To hear him tell his false narrative, you’d think this was the first time he ever had anything to do with TTL. Not the case, over the course of his years at RATL he’s there more often than anywhere else.

          • blushedbrown says:


            When I had first viewed these documents on ViewonLL2, my first thought was this is a pattern, a schedule or format he adheres to. He makes other people’s business his business. Either loitering, loud music, or chasing cars. He has a propensity to engage himself into a mode of “I must get involved because these assholes won’t do it if I don’t”. If we look into the previous altercations, and busybodiness, anger and/or alcohol/drug problems, it was inevitable that he would step up the ante. Surveillance. Then ultimately use his gun. It is not that far of a reach for me to view him patrolling the complex out of his need to “control” his surroundings. It is not far for me to believe that maybe he did spy Trayvon before his initial contact. I can actually picture him in his house with binoculars on surveillance of the clubhouse. It is also a possibilty that he was the only one on this surveillance trip. It was a Sunday. Most people as the witnesses say were relaxing, watching TV, doing some work before the new work week started. But not Geroge, this guy was out patrolling. There is no two ways about it. If it is true as Papa Z says that Sunday was a day of regular shopping for him, his credit card statements should refect that in court. There should be purchases for food items on Sundays from various stores like, Walmart, Sams Club, or were ever he goes food shopping. I hope BDLR makes a point of looking into that, because it will show yet again another lie he has told and his father also.

            The cross streets:

            Even Serino stated, and I paraphrase, “That doesn’t sound right, you lived there for three years”.

            It was even more of an obvious lie when he did his reenactment and said, ” I walk my dog here everyday”. Which happens to be on TTL. But we are suppose to believe he forgot the name of the street, yeah right. He’s walked his dog everday for the past 2 years or however long he had his dog, and that particular name just went right out of his head when he was on the phone, yeah right. No way Jose. Don’t believe that for a second.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Of course TTL didn’t go out of his head for that moment. The intersection of TTL and Long Oak Way come up too often for him not to have patrolled in that area often and that’s what he does, he walks his dog as a cover. Since he doesn’t want to go out without his gun, he can’t say that he’s on patrol with it on him, so he says that he’s just walking his dog, when in fact he’s on patrol.

            He’s also fixated on the back gate, where they always get away via, TTL runs from the front gate to the rear gate, so he has to know that as well. But we know he’s a bald faced liar, so what else do we expect from him but lies?

            I’m sure the SP is going to introduce him as a liar when they get a chance to address the jury. Then all this “I forget” will play against him. O’Mara has got to be kidding if he thinks he can win a SYG hearing by putting GZ on the stand.

      • gbrbsb says:

        From the long list it certainly looks like GZ was an accident waiting to happen. How an earth did he get a CC gun permit?

        Curious is the heading “Nearest Intersection” with “LONG OAK WAY & TWIN TREES LN”. Was that written in at the time or later because if at the time it would seem the operator knew better where GZ was in the complex than GZ would have us believe he himself knew!

        • blushedbrown says:

          Most operators/dispatcherswill ask your address and the nearest cross streets will appear automatically from computer programs installed in the system.

          • gbrbsb says:


            “Most operators/dispatcherswill ask your address and the nearest cross streets will appear automatically from computer programs installed in the system.”

            I left a comment to this above but forgot to quote your one I was replying to so it makes sense.

        • blushedbrown says:

          gbrbsb wrote

          From the long list it certainly looks like GZ was an accident waiting to happen. How an earth did he get a CC gun permit?


          • gbrbsb says:

            I´m sure that´s how it works, but that doesn´t help me understand how GZ, who was not only one of the NWs patrolling RATL but was THE one who actually set up the scheme and its Captain no less, and the one all others were to contact, and the one who was in contact with the police liaison, still didn´t know the names of the three streets of the complex whatever grade of ADHD he suffered. That is just so much bullshit it could bury a herd of them!

          • Xena says:

            …still didn´t know the names of the three streets of the complex whatever grade of ADHD he suffered.

            But he wants us to believe that he walked to RVC to get an address and could remember the numbers until he got back in his truck and called dispatch. Oh wait — but then he told Serino and Singleton that he was on RVC getting the address when the dispatcher said “We don’t need you to do that.” Funny — it was after the dispatcher said that, that he asked where he was parked, and GZ didn’t give him the address that got on RVC.

    • Mandelbaum says:

      Hate to sound like a broken record, but….. I’m with you, 110%. We’re of the same mind. The prosecution needs to consult with you, Xena, the Prof., and a few others so that we can prevent Fogen from “shimmying” out from under a guilty verdict.

  7. Mandelbaum says:

    Just a thought. Is it possible that GZ could’ve been in some sort of physical altercation BEFORE encountering Trayvon, which resulted in his minor boo boo’s? Possibly after having his clock cleaned by someone else, still enraged and humiliated, he set out to find a victim that he knew he could physically dominate….. Trayvon.

    Also does anyone know anything about those packages that GZ took to the post office and spent $200+ in shipping fees? Any thoughts on what could’ve been in those boxes, and why it was so important to ship them…….. at such a tumultuous time?

    Xena? Malisha? Jun? Prof.?

    • Xena says:

      Just a thought. Is it possible that GZ could’ve been in some sort of physical altercation BEFORE encountering Trayvon, which resulted in his minor boo boo’s? Possibly after having his clock cleaned by someone else

      I commented on the other thread about this. The answer, IMO, is yes. It was in the thread where Lonnie commented GZ self-inflicting his injuries, resulting in the blood being dry when the EMT’s arrived.

      Personally, I don’t think they were self-inflicted. The scratches on his face had already scalped when the police photographed him in the police station. GZ could have been in a fight or had a drunken accident that Friday or Saturday. He wouldn’t need injuries that Saturday — only blood. It didn’t have to be his blood.

      GZ did not tell that lie about spreading Trayvon’s arms out for no reason. IMO, GZ made sure that he touched the wound in Trayvon’s chest — and I asked if anyone would take a look at the pic of the back of his head and the blood trails and tell me whether they follow more of a finger pattern applying blood than an actual running of blood from wounds.

    • ladystclaire says:

      @Mandelbaum, maybe he was shipping out stolen goods that he had taken from one of the homes that he and Taaffe robbed. this is not a far fetched idea either. what ever it was he could have been sending it to one of his *THUG* buddies in Virginia to fence for him. after all he needed the money in order to pay his rent didn’t he? sometimes when crooks steal things in one place, they are not going to sell it in that same area, where it might be able to be traced back to them. just a thought and IMO not one that is far fetched either.

      • Mandelbaum says:

        Nice to know that I’m not the only one thinking such thoughts. Time will tell. I sure hope that BDlR is thorough in this investigation. The ENTIRE truth (however it unfolds) needs to come to the fore. I am positive that there’s more here than meets the eye.

  8. Jun says:

    Howdy and Happy Holidays to everyone and the return of Freddy

  9. grahase says:

    From Cherokee Native to Junior taken from Twitter:

  10. Malisha says:

    About Fogen needing a million dollars for experts, I had a good laugh. Would a good expert give up his reputation to testify to something that was so silly his colleagues all refused to try? Perhaps an expert at the end of his or her career who had not properly funded his pension plan would try it for a million dollars but frankly, otherwise…

    • bettykath says:

      Malisha, Surely, you know there are expert whores all over who testify according to the needs of their client. There are those who believe that u-no-who is innocent and might someday need their own expert-for-a-price.

      • Malisha says:

        Of course there are. But you’re not going to find a voice analysis expert who’s going in there against whoever the State brings in on this one this time. And you’re not going to find a physiotherapist who’s going to testify that what Fogen said he did with the gun from underneath Trayvon Martin is possible. Had Fogen kept his mouth shut, had the FBI not become involved, had the story made even the tiniest bit of sense, it might be different and any number of court whores would be there for him (perhaps even an African American expert to make the team look good). But under the circumstances that Fogen has created, I frankly don’t see it being a normal job to be done for less than a million dollars. I could be wrong; people surprise me every day so we shall see.

        • Xena says:

          I frankly don’t see it being a normal job to be done for less than a million dollars. I could be wrong;

          O’Mara already said it’s going to take a million dollars, so you’re agreeing with him, and he probably doesn’t believe that he’s wrong, so neither are you.

    • Xena says:

      About Fogen needing a million dollars for experts, I had a good laugh.

      Include private detectives and more depositions in the costs.

      If GZ doesn’t have expert witnesses on ballistics, forensics and medical, he leaves O’Mara and West to cross-examine the State’s expert witnesses when they have no knowledge of those sciences and can neither testify for GZ.

    • Jun says:

      Omara simply means him and Fogenhats needs 1 million

      “defense” is a code word for “their pockets and bank accounts”

  11. Malisha says:

    I don’t believe Fogen moved in with Osterman on 2/25/2012 because he was afraid that Trayvon Martin’s family or friends would be out to kill him. Remember, he didn’t know whom he had killed that night but he DID know that the guy he killed was young and unarmed. And he knew that the only things “suspicious” about the guy he killed was that the kid was doing something that Fogen wasn’t informed of first, for which Fogen had not first given permission, or something, say, that Fogen had not “mentored” the kid to do. In other words, the kid was minding his own business and had no reason to concern himself with Fogen.

    I believe the reason he went to Ostermans was that the adventure on 2/26/2012 was not just an accidental thing. He had set out to prove to the HOA that he needed to patrol with a gun. Things went wrong. Taaffe lived in RTL and wouldn’t really want Fogen at his place anyway. Osterman was with Fogen at the police station and he needed to strategize with Fogen as to what should happen now that “Operation Hero Man” had to be changed into “Operation Innocent Man.”

    They needed time together, to plan out how to get the rest of it done. They needed access to Lee and Wolfinger that would not be observed by residents of RTL. They needed to be somewhere other than at Fogen’s house now that everybody knew that Fogen had killed an unarmed innocent kid. They went there for tactical planning purposes, not because of fear. The NBPP had not even HEARD of Fogen at that time.

    Remember Fogen wasn’t regular paying his rent. He was about to be thrown out anyway. He was at the end of his rope. He needed a place to stay by early March anyway. Time was, as he said, “running out.”

    • Xena says:

      Osterman was with Fogen at the police station and he needed to strategize with Fogen as to what should happen now that “Operation Hero Man” had to be changed into “Operation Innocent Man.”

      I agree. GZ evidently became frightened on 2/29 when Serino made it known that the SPD had to give answers and excuses for his killing of Trayvon.

      GZ had no idea who he killed, and whose parents he was messing with. We hear Junior regurgitate it time and again — how did these two working-class Black parents know the right people to have the right connections so that GZ would be exposed? Shame on them for not believing the person who took their son’s life.

      • ladystclaire says:

        I’m so glad that Tracy and Sybrina knew all the right people who knew how to get the ball rolling against FAT FAT CESSPOOL RAT and, that really exposed him and led to his arrest. he just knew that his lying POS of a father had gotten him out of yet another crime but, he just didn’t know that Trayvon’s parents were not going to take the word of the SPD and, I’m so glad they didn’t.

        btw, why wasn’t he charged with having access to another gun and ammo when he was arrested the second time? I believe he was also getting ready to make a run for it, by the items that were in his rented vehicle. I’ve also read that he cried like the big over grown baby that he is, on his first night in lock up. well, he hasn’t cried yet and, as for him having a breakdown then, he hasn’t seen nothing yet and I hope they don’t put him in PC either.

        he was a big man when he attacked a 17 yr old kid and, I don’t think he deserves any protection when he goes to the hoosegow. let him take care of himself. we all know that he is *NOTHING* but a coward without his gun. we also know he hasn’t got the fortitude to pick on someone his size and gender. he will only pick on innocent children and women.

        George Michael Zimmerman is not a man in any sense of the word and, he is not an innocent person because, people who are truly innocent of this type of crime or anything else for that matter, don’t go into hiding!

        • Xena says:

          btw, why wasn’t he charged with having access to another gun and ammo when he was arrested the second time?

          GZ had not been arrested when he had the gun, ammo, and a knife in the car with him. Serino had called him twice the last week of March for him to come in for more questioning. GZ was suppose to get with his lawyers on their availability to have that meeting. He then stopped communicating with his lawyers, drove to Florida and met with Baez, and from there he drove to FDLE in Jacksonville where he was arrested. GZ did not know he was going to be arrested and from what he had in his car, it looked as if he planned on hitting the road again.

      • Malisha says:

        That is the part that has always astonished me about Fogen’s arrogance. He believes that the parents of a slain African American teen-ager were supposed to say, “Oh yassuh, we b’lieve you show nuff, dat white man must be right, our son must’ve done somepin turrble wrong to have to be killed lak that, we’z so sorry suh.” They weren’t supposed to disagree with the official story given to them that they bore and raised a thug who tried, for no known reason, to kill an innocent armed white man one evening because he had seen a martial arts movie. Robert Junior actually can fix his mouth to say things like that! That’s the most astonishing thing about it. They didn’t expect a wave of protest from the parents of an innocent dead teen-ager. And then Robert Junior appoints himself the proper person to scold these unruly parents and their inappropriately angry supporters for not BELIEVING his brother, the newly canonized “decent American.” It’s unbe-effin-lievable!

        • Xena says:

          And then Robert Junior appoints himself the proper person to scold these unruly parents and their inappropriately angry supporters for not BELIEVING his brother, the newly canonized “decent American.” It’s unbe-effin-lievable!

          Indeed. Junior seems to forget that back around 2007, Americans who wanted to learn, learned about “dog whistles.” His diatribes are filled with them. He and Sarah Palin would make good buddies. He should contact her and she could tell him exactly how to put all Blacks in their place and exert his authority and superiority over them. Maybe he could get a job with Fox news and start earning some money for a season or two.

      • Vicky says:

        @ & LSC – GZ was arrested (not at liberty to leave) the night of the shooting, but was released pending further investigation. He was subsequently charged and then rearrested on his way back to Sanford. Since he was not charged the night of the crime, there was no law that kept him from rearming himself. The fact that he was armed when taken into custody as second time, demonstrates that he was and is more than willing to kill again if his irrational fears are ever tested.
        He even irrationally mistook African Americans who were visiting Osterman’s neighbors as people who had arrived to kill him and ran into the house and took up arms. fortunately, they didn’t venture onto the Osterman property.

      • blushedbrown says:

        Xena in wrote in part

        how did these two working-class Black parents ……

        I noticed in the interview/article written by F. Robles this….

        “People try to say I did all this for money. I go to work every day. We have been hard-working people for 30 years. I have never even claimed unemployment,” Martin said

        That part ” I go to work every day. ….I have never even claimed unemployment”, was a verbal punch to GZ’s mouth and maybe Shellie too, because he included Sabrina in that statement of work history.

        • Xena says:

          That part ” I go to work every day. ….I have never even claimed unemployment”, was a verbal punch to GZ’s mouth and maybe Shellie too, because he included Sabrina in that statement of work history.

          Yes. GZ averaged 3 months on his jobs until the last one, which I think he held onto for a bit over a year. No one seems to know if ShelLIE ever worked.

      • Jun says:

        For lack of better word

        Fogenhats and Junior and Senior, are all assholes

        But I feel they are purposely doing these things to rile people up

    • gbrbsb says:

      Spot on and agree absolutely. No way GZ went into hiding that same night for fear of Trayvon´s family or the like taking revenge and if, (and a very very big IF), that was in any way a part of his thoughts it was because GZ knew full well he had killed a teen armed with skittles and ice tea without any justification whatsoever and that could, and a very big COULD, be grounds, albeit not good grounds, for a family member to seek revenge, but even more likely was that it was going to be grounds for his prosecution and he needed to plan his way out.

      And He didn´t even know Trayvon was from RATL. As you say he went with MO for “tactical planning purposes”.

      how do gun enthusiasts claim exemption?
      so can us in the cat lovers association – CLA, get this entitlement??

      • Dave says:

        They don’t. The NRA isn’t a nonprofit organization and donations to it are not tax deductible. It’s a private “club” like the CLA or the American Motorcycle Association.

      • cielo62 says:

        Hey I’m all for Cat Lovers to be tax exempt! >^..^<

        Sent from my iPod

      • bettykath says:

        The NRA has three arms:

        a 501-c-3 which is tax-exempt for educational purposes, e.g. training in and about firearms (including police departments)

        a 501-c-4 which is, I think but not sure, also tax exempt for political purposes, e.g. lobbying for particular legislation or advocating particular candidates.

        a membership organization for dues-paying members. I don’t know if there’s a particular IRS code, but it is not tax-exempt.

      • Dave says:

        The NRA Foundation is a legally and financially separate but closely associated charitable foundation that hands out grants for firearms training programs and the promotion of shooting sports. They used to have another associated charity called “The Firearms Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund.”. I don’t know if that is still active.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      NRA Foundation is the tax-exempt fund-raising arm. However, organizations that engage in political lobbying are not tax-exempt. So can someone explain the NRA’s tax-exemption to me?

      After all, money is fungible. A dollar raised for providing Cub Scouts with BB targets is a dollar spared for lobbying.

    • gbrbsb says:

      Tax- exempt ?!! On what basis is the NRA tax-exempt ???

  12. Cercando Luce says:

    In reading the above I realize that you must be doing quite a bit of screening of posts to your blog. Gets me thinking that “counter-intelligence” as mentioned by the high-and-dry security company could mean stalking that the victim’s family and friends, as well as posting onto social media. Picture twenty muscle-bound men paid to post onto HP and the Orlando Sentinel and trying to post to this blog as well.

    I noticed your links and hope it means paid advertisers. Yay! Your posts are courageous and deserve recognition and remuneration.

  13. Lady2Soothe says:

    Welcome back Professor and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    M’OM is deflecting and placing blame away from HWNSBF “after an independent trustee took over” and “according to the (security) company”, O’Mara explained that HWNSBF and the trustee were “clamping down” on the defense fund because it was “very low.”

    From an accounting perspective I feel the *independent trustee* was ordered NOT to pay the invoice, as per M’OM’s statement above. The Duty of Loyalty which is an obligation owed by the trustee binds them to act in the best interests of the beneficiary (HWNSBF)

    Questions need to be addressed around who put forward, influenced, appointed, and evaluated this independent trustee and fair remuneration for his/her services. Remuneration of independents itself presents a potential conflict of interests, for if the independent trustees are reliant on the income from trustee duties, they might be less willing to the sponsor (HWNSBF), or blow any whistles.

    • Jun says:

      The security firm provided work for Omara and the defendant and should be paid for their work

      They obviously reached an agreement beforehand and it sounds right considering the man hours put in

  14. Malisha says:

    I don’t think the NBC lawyers will miss the obvious. I once saw the NYPD lawyer deliberately give up $75,000 to someone who sued them frivolously and not even fight it, when people even sent them LETTERS telling them about evidence that was on their side and against the bullshitter who sued them, but they caved and paid (with NY taxpayers’ money). The reason was that they didn’t want the whole thing to be tried in court and embarrass them, so they paid a scam artist $75,000 to avoid embarrassment. But the NBC thing is far different. (1) NBC is not a public agency and can’t just throw taxpayer money around as can a public agency; (2) NBC already fired people for the “mistake” and there’s nobody to “save” by caving in; and (3) NBC will be utterly humiliated if they give Fogen a dime.

    But there’s something else to consider about Fogen’s planning. He fails to pay the security company he had from the time of his exit from jail with the ankle bracelet on until now. The other security company is charging less and doing less. They probably also know less. There is trouble in paradise.

    • Xena says:

      There is trouble in paradise.

      Absolutely. Already, someone allegedly inside the former security agency reported how GZ sent security on store runs for him; how they paid out of their own pocket and then waited for O’Mara to reimburse them, and how they stopped that, resulting in GZ being without toilet paper for 3 days. That person also reported that GZ calls O’Mara’s office numerous times on the same day.

      If that were not true, GZ would not have been so anxious to terminate their services AND not pay them.

      Apparently, GZ lacks respect for others and pushed those security guards to the brink by treating them like his babysitter. The real sad part about it is that he depends on the money of others to provide him and ShelLIE with that lifestyle. The well has dried up. It’s time he begged for a job.

  15. Jun says:


    Been saying it for a while. He’s never been in danger. NBC will have a field day with this as well, along with the fact that Zimmernuts yelled out “fucking coons” on his NEN phone call before murdering a kid, whom he was stalking, because the kid was suspicious for walking while looking black, and because of that he must have committed burglaries. The DOJ, FBI, and the State of Florida is already taking care of his culo and the defendant in the Trayvon Murder Case is obviously lying because he knows the real story and truth is he targeted, stalked, followed, pursued, chased, instigated, confronted, terrorized, threatened, and then murdered a kid for walking while black and that makes the defendant suspicious because black kids should not walk around looking about, and are not allowed to look at him or houses

  16. kenteoth says:

    I think the watchman needs to save everyone the drama and taxpayer money and change his plea to GUILTY,,,,,prayers for Trayvon’s family they have had to endure the grief of not having him with them for the holidays,,,,

  17. Xena says:

    The fact that GZ left his home and moved in with the Osterman’s within hours after killing Trayvon, gives reason to believe that his fear was then present, and not anything deriving thereafter when Trayvon’s parents sought media attention.

    What went wrong on 2/26/12 that failed to satisfy whomever it was that threatened him so that he had to abandon his home in the middle of the night?

    Was he using his NW position to pull off a hit? Was he suppose to shoot “someone else”? Had he received partial payment, no longer had the money, and by shooting someone else could not then shoot the right person under the guise of NW? If so, then he will never be safe.

    It’s all God’s plan.

    • gbrbsb says:

      Agree totally with the point about GZ moving in the MO and SO from the same night he shot Trayvon, which could absolutely not have anything to do with any perceived threats from Black Panther or otherwise. I really really hope NBC lawyers are on the ball because it could be important to their defence.

      • Xena says:

        I really really hope NBC lawyers are on the ball because it could be important to their defence.


      • Dave says:

        Having learned that Trayvon was an unarmed, harmless kid going about his lawful business, it should have been clear to the killer that he must have had friends or family living within the complex–people who would be VERY angry with him. Moving out made sense.

        • Xena says:

          As a prosecutor said about the defendant in a S.C. case that just aired on In Session, “innocent people do not run.”

          Assuming that Trayvon had friends and/or relatives that would harm GZ is nothing more than a continuation of GZ’s profiling. Had Tracy wanted to enact retribution on GZ, he would not have gotten a lawyer and went about things the right way. That in fact, he would have left out of the SPD and got busy finding GZ. It would not have been difficult to locate him. GZ is a debtor. There are subscription services for that purpose.

      • Jun says:

        In all honesty, if anyone wanted to do anything to him, it would have been done long ago to Fogenhats The 3rd…

        I am sure people are angry with him, including the Governor who wrote an order for justice to be served in this case…

        but nada…

        being real… Fogenhats is not hard to find… he set up a website and a paypal from where he was staying…

    • kenteoth says:

      Yes God is planning on making sure this murderer pays for his sins…….

  18. Vicky says:

    I think his his unreasonable and unfounded fears, actions and attitudes are helpful to the prosecution. He unreasonably feared the neighbor’s dog and purchased a gun to protect himself from it. He unreasonably feared that his neighborhood was filled with dangerous criminals and patrolled it armed with “the gun”.
    He unreasonably feared that Trayvon posed a threat by simply walking in the rain. His reaction to that fear was unreasonable. Immediately after the murder of Trayvon, he unreasonably feared that Trayvon’s friends and family were going to come after him and moved out of his house.
    He unreasonably feared that the whole world was out to get him and when rearrested was armed to the hilt. He now unreasonably fears that as the “most hated man in America” someone is going to harm him or his family before he goes before a judge and/or jury to answer for his actions (fat chance).
    He unreasonably believes that his actions and explainations should be accepted without question. He unreasonably believes he (and his family) needs round the clock protection from an entire team of security guards. And he unreasonably believes that complete strangers (beyond Florida taxpayers) should be lining up to pay for his defense and his autograph.

    Nothing about GZ seems reasonable to me, and I believe the SAO will be able to paint a picture of a man whose actions leading up to, during and following the shooting were completely unreasonable beyond a reasonable doubt.

  19. bettykath says:

    Professor, I missed you. Glad you’re back.

  20. cielo62 says:

    >^..^< Happy New Year!

  21. Xena says:

    Professor, not only are your posts educational and raise important questions, this blog is like the dinner table of blogs. Some people go elsewhere for information and come back here to share and discuss. It’s a welcoming environment and because you dedicate so much time to it, people know there will be ongoing discussion.

    That time management thing can be a bitch and since participants include those of other countries, this is indeed a 24/7 blog.

    If there is anything I can do to help, please shoot me an email.

    • gbrbsb says:

      I´m one from another time band but I know I won´t get response at certain hours (we are 6 – 9 hrs behind, West to East coast respectively). I am often awake at ungodly hours taking turns with my OH to care for his two severely learning disabled adult sons until social care services, cross fingers, take over the main part of the care otherwise we are set next year to sue the council.

      • Xena says:

        @gbrbsb, I’m sorry to hear about your situation and hope that the council does the right thing.

        When I’m up late, I often see that you and some others on the other side of the great pond post comments and I try to respond.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Thank you for your words Xena. No worry, the boys (they are 40 but we call them the boys) are no problem at all but the sweetest most affectionate souls you could meet it´s just that caring for them leaves you little time for a life of your own. The problem is the council and it should have been sorted years ago, and almost was but then the economic crash and the huge cuts in services, over here at least, in which everyone except of course those who caused the mess in the first place and got rich in the process have had to bear the brunt… makes my blood boil!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I was glad to see you take a break, Professor. I know only too well the chained to the computer deal and all the pitfalls of time management. Glad to see you back! Regards to Crane Station!

  22. Dennis says:

    According to the news article I read, the security company warned O’Mara that the security was ridiculously excessive. He seems to have more security than the congresswoman that was almost killed by the psychopath in Arizona. Voldemort’s actions make me believe he wants more people to lash out as him and threaten him. How can any murderer sell their autograph and not expect the public to lash out at them? Later on he can use those threats to justify his ridiculous security detail.

    The sad part is that somewhere, someone is armed and protecting Voldemort ready to take a bullet for that murdering scum. The security firm that is protecting him obviously has no morals or human decency.

    • bettykath says:

      Come on, Dennis. The security company provides a service that is legal and moral and decent. They can give advice on what kind of security they recommend based on the degree of threat they see, but it is the client that either accepts or rejects their advice. In this case, I think the client demanded more than what was recommended. Not a problem as long as they can pay for it. If the client can’t pay for it, the service is terminated.

      I also don’t see O’Mara as a bad guy. He’s doing the best he can. His job is to defend his client, not please us. He’s got a very difficult client and really poor chances of getting him off. He’s playing to the best chance for his client, a jury that has at least one person who will insist on not guilty. O’Mara is also ill-equipped in terms of his own experience and ability to deal with this client and this case.

      • Rachael says:

        I wonder if that is what he meant by needing 1 mil for a rwal defense, i.e., a different lawyer, one who can really defend him cuz he wants out.

        • Xena says:

          I wonder if that is what he meant by needing 1 mil for a rwal defense, i.e., a different lawyer, one who can really defend him cuz he wants out.

          IMO, what has happened thus far is that O’Mara has been hindered from providing a real defense because GZ and his treeslum cohorts have been running the show.

          The result that GZ wants is to avoid immunity hearing and avoid trial by having the case dismissed. That ain’t gonna happen.

          GZ has no money for expert witnesses. He needs experts to challenge those of the State on ballistics, tape enhancement, medical reports, voice analyst — if he can find such experts to his benefit. GZ wants everyone deposed. Depositions cost money, and most court reporters/transcribers do not provide a written transcript unless paid in advance.

          He wants detectives to interview Sybrina’s neighbors. He wants Facebook and Twitter to turn over Trayvon’s and DeeDee’s social media, and those organizations have told him to take a flying leap or let a federal court decide.

          GZ has accomplished, neither will accomplish, anything for his benefit in the mud-slinging. He has wasted the time of his attorneys, and they have wasted money.

    • Jun says:

      They are simply a security firm. Yes they worked for a piece of crap but that is their job. Besides, the security firm were never needed to provide security because the defendant was never in danger, so in mathematics, that means the security were never in danger as well. It sounded like the defendant were treating the security firm like they were coolies anyways, and they provided even more evidence against the defendant and they also have to be paid by the defendant. They also made sure that the defendant had to face justice and also kept an eye on him for the State of Florida and the bond company. Sounds like a win win to me. Personally I feel he should be held in remand with no bond, but that is not my decision to make.

      • bettykath says:

        The security company was hired by the defendant to provide security for him and his family. They did nothing overtly for the State or the bond company because these entities were not their client. If their client decided to go walk-about, they could reasonably terminate their coverage, but, unless it’s part of their licensing requirements, I don’t see them having an obligation to tell the state or the bonding agent. Their “evidence’ against the defendant isn’t evidence of the crime of which he is charged.

      • Jun says:

        I know they were not obligated, however, they provided an eye for the State without having to be obligated to the state, if you catch my drift. It also provides more evidence because it shows more of his sociopathic scheming mind and unreasonable fear and demands.

      • bettykath says:

        I don’t expect to see any of the security company “evidence” presented in the murder case. They are involved in a civil matter looking for payment, not the criminal case.

      • Jun says:

        It is inadvertent but it is still evidence that the defendant in the Trayvon Murder Case has unreasonable fear and is a scheming liar. It is the same as them knowing where the defendant is, because inadvertently, if the defendant runs, the security company could give some testimony and evidence. I am not saying 100 it will be used, but, it is there for them to use now, much like the Hannity thing

      • yes absolutely the security company is NOT covered in bodyguard and client confidentiality! They might volunteer information in this murder case or the state could subpoena them to testify against that moron!
        shit, they may want to, especially when they realise they can sue GZ all they want but since he’s flat broke busted- by wasting tens of grands on unnecessary ‘protection’ for his of his fat ass instead of paying for the real defense! ya, know, like it was supposed to be. NOT on cell phones and motel rooms and take out tacos.

        and yes, any of his anything he said to the guards can and will be used against him in court! professor mention these kinds of statements several weeks ago.

    • ladystclaire says:

      @bettykath, when it comes to the security that you describe this POS receiving, well the security of the county jail in that county offers the very same thing. the only difference is that they don’t charge quite as much to house his OBESE behind. he couldn’t receive any better protection any where else.

      his parents were the idiots of 2012 for allowing him to use them in such a manner and then tell them through his more than likely abused wife, that they would not be repaid for the money they put up for is release. this is one ungrateful *ASS HOLE* and, he doesn’t care who he $hits on. also, he is the first person I’ve ever known to receive two bail out of jail chances. is this something unique to the state of Florida? if given the chance he is going to make a run for it and, if he does, MOM and his team should be locked up until he is captured and thrown in jail himself.

      I believe his *LYING* father’s trip by plane was in connection with his plans to flee from justice. RZ Sr. should also be locked up if his son decides to flee from taking his punishment for his murdering a child. for people who are begging for money to keep them up in paying their bills, where in the hell does he need to go, that would require him to have to fly? these people are definitely up to *NO GOOD* for the benefit of a child killer.

  23. Kelly Payne says:

    Mr Leatherman is right. Sooner or later O mara is going to have to deal with the evidence. Which shows his client interrogated and terrorized Trayvon before he killed him. He’s going to have to deal with the fact he knows who was screaming for help and it wasn’t his client.He’s going to have to deal with the fact that his clients injuries are not consistent with his claims. He’s going to have to deal with the fact his client killed trayvon while he was trying to get away. He is going to have to deal with the fact Trayvon has no blood or DNA from his client on his hands or under his finger nails or on the sleeves or cuffs of his hoodie. He’s going to have to deal with the fact,Trayvon had no bruising or swelling on his fingers or knuckles. He’s going to have to deal with the fact that i would have been impossible for him to grab his gun in the way he described because Trayvon would have been sitting right where the gun was,and he would have never seen it.He’s going to have to deal with his clients lies.For example he didn’t go to the next block to look for an address. if his truck was parked where he claims,he was near homes with clearly marked addresses. He’s going to have to deal with the fact his was never going back to his truck because he told the dispatcher to call him and he’ll tell him where he’s at. he’s going to have to deal with the fact that a contact hole in trayvon’s shirts and and an intermediate range hole in his chest prove his client was holding onto Trayvon’s shirts while he was trying to escape when he shot him. He is going to have to deal with the fact,his client followed pursued illegally tried to detain then when Trayvon resisted got pissed off and killed him. He didn’t care about Trayvon’s desperate cries for help. he didn’t care about Trayvon begging for his life,he fired a hollow point bullet into, his chest anyway,with the full intention for him to die. Trayvon was innocent he wasn’t perfect because everyone screws up even adults. Im sure during the week prior to his death he and his father had a good talk. He was a good kid who didn’t deserve to be shot dead like that. P.S. He also needs to deal with the fact that his client has a violent history while Trayvon doesn’t.

  24. Donna Flores says:

    So I suppose its okay for Zimmerman not to held responsible for the bill, is that correct? Just like he shouldn’t be held responsible for shooting an unarmed kid, who was walking home in the rain, talking on his phone, who was being followed for over 10 minutes, by a man in a vehicle, acting suspcious, who never identified himself as head of NW, but got out of the car to continue to follow, who was instructed by dispatcher if wasn’t necessary, because the police was in route, and the teen had not committed a crime. He confronted the teen, who I guess should have bowed down, let be searched, and answer all Zimmerman questions, because George was tired of these Koons always getting away with it. Trayvon didn’t have the right to protect himself at all, because he was wearing a hoodie in the raining and talking to a girl. Right?

  25. All I can say is that the watchman continues to dig his hole every time he moves…..and this little antic just goes to show that the evil little troll will eventually will change his plea to GUILTY of MURDER 2….should be MURDER 1… prayers to Trayvon’s family having to endure the HOLIDAYS without him…smh

  26. Tzar says:

    Welcome back Professor
    I can’t wait for the hearing on the defendant’s emails and text messages.

  27. Ezz-Thetic says:


    I know what you mean. I have also had to ask myself if this case has taken over my life. But I cant stop. Let the chips fall where they may. I (and no doubt countless others) appreciate the sacrifices you have made. Justice for Trayvon!

  28. Malisha says:

    Strangely, the murder of an innocent youth allowed Fogen to realize his dreams. For a minute there he was important, he had an entourage, he had “counter-intelligence.” The very thought of it! Hotel suite, if you please, for a TV interview! Imagine! Shellie needs two bodyguards at all times? The new First Lady of the Paranoid Racist Minority.

    I’m loving it that the security company nailed them for jacking up their bill to dramatize their plight and wring money from NBC. Now THAT’s a story!

    The police were not enough to protect RTL from “suspicious guys” and they’re not enough to protect Fogen and his quivering Missus from “murderous thugs.” How pathetic. How utterly pathetic.

  29. gbrbsb says:

    Professor Leatherman said:
    “…sooner or later the defense is going to have to stop the bullshit and deal with the evidence.”

    My view exactly but better put… we live in hope!

  30. Malisha says:

    Fogen doesn’t pay the piper. He has always gotten away with not paying the piper, in the past, so he has become bolder and bolder with it. An attorney named Pantas represented him and got stiffed and Fogen took the money and didn’t even pay the court fine; then two bozos represented him while he was “in hiding” doing all that praying, and they bailed out the day before he was charged with murder; and now O’Mara’s going to basically have to eat a big bill and nobody’s crying for him either. Fogen is the lawyer’s nightmare. And frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I am thinking that there is an alternate reason they weren’t paid, though: if Fogen wants to make a run for it, he sure doesn’t want professional security people around him figuring out what he is doing and possibly thereafter giving information to the authorities that would help them locate his new hiding place. Just imagine the lecture tour Robert Junior would go on THEN: “My brother was driven out of the country by the bloodthirsty lynch mob of Black racists and he is in hiding from Mexican drug lords too.”

    • gbrbsb says:

      “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” one of my favourite books as a young teenager everso many years and years ago!

    • ladystclaire says:

      @Malisha, him making a run for it is exactly why he wanted to have his gps removed as well as being able to travel freely around Florida. I figured that one out when I heard about those motions being filed for him to do just that. he wants to flee the country from justice for the murder he committed. there is a comment on HP about this very subject and, Fogen’s wanting to flee before the decision on the third motion filed which is the one about his email/text messages being sealed. those messages will surely send him to the hoosegow and he knows it. go to HP and read comments by Heat2hot.

      • Xena says:

        Of course he wants to flee, but I don’t think outside of the country. He put a plan in place which first required another trust administrator. Then, he offered to sell his autograph. That trust administrator stopped paying the security firm and possibly, the money was going to be given to GZ for him to flee. He only needed the judge to order the GPS removed and freedom to leave Seminole County.

        He also wants to communicate with state witnesses. What’s that about? The Ostermans are state witnesses. He may need their help to complete his plan to flee.

        GZ’s efforts to circumvent rules and do wrong things are so obvious. Just because the judge doesn’t approve does not mean that his plan is stopped. He will continue looking for ways to avoid facing justice. Don’t be surprised if he fails to appear in court in January.

        • cielo62 says:

          Realistically GZ MUST leave the country. He’s too well known in the US. Flee America or suicide. Knowing the coward he is, he’d never suicide. He might try to jump bail, screw his parents out of their house since it’s collateral and eventually end up behind bars anyway.

          Sent from my iPod

          • Xena says:

            Realistically GZ MUST leave the country. He’s too well known in the US.

            I don’t know, cielo. GZ looks like many other Latino men. Depending on where he goes, he could blend in. His problem is being in an area where he can’t take part in a criminal enterprise to financially support him. Which means, GZ would need a gang of his boys to do his dirty work for him, which might lead him back to Virginia.

            Knowing the coward he is, he’d never suicide. He might try to jump bail, screw his parents out of their house since it’s collateral and eventually end up behind bars anyway.

            You know, when he was in jail talking to ShelLIE, and was not agreeable to paying the entire bond and had his parents put up their house for collateral, I said then that he is one cold hearted person.

          • cielo62 says:

            His best bet is to avoid criminal enterprises. He’s such a loser, he’d be caught very quickly. Well, maybe that’s a good thing. 🙂

            Sent from my iPod

          • Xena says:

            His best bet is to avoid criminal enterprises. He’s such a loser, he’d be caught very quickly. Well, maybe that’s a good thing. 🙂

            GZ has a manner about him that is threatening. Chances are he gains personal information about people and when they resist doing what he wants, he threatens to use that personal information against them. He would never be a gangland follower. He wants to lead, like his handle “To be king again.”

            Since he lives in his own make-believe world, he would think it possible to be appointed to the head of some gang, and using his connections, such as “Air Marshall” Osterman, to protect his assistants.

          • cielo62 says:

            He’s a sociopath. Parents? Just somebody else to use and discard.

            Sent from my iPod

    • Jun says:

      You can bet the bond company has people close by in case he makes a run for it

      The defendant provided no collateral for the milly

      • grahase says:

        Didn’t his parents put up their house as collateral as well as the 10%.

        • cielo62 says:

          They wouldn’t confirm it, but you know how the TV experts explain how things are done. The consensus is that they had to put up collateral, so RGE house was the most common option.

          Sent from my iPod

        • Xena says:

          Didn’t his parents put up their house as collateral as well as the 10%.

          At the first bond hearing, GZ’s parents put up their house as collateral and, IIRC, GZ paid $5,000 towards the $15,000 and his parents put up the rest. I don’t remember what phone call it was now, but he did tell ShelLIE to let his parents know that he would not be paying the money back because the money donated to him was for him and not his parents.

          • cielo62 says:

            Man, what an absolute snake (my apologies to real snakes). Donated for “him”? As in, donated so that he could pay all his bills but NOT pay his bail, lawyer or defense costs? Truly this piece of work is a selfish sociopath.

            Sent from my iPod

          • Xena says:

            Donated for “him”? As in, donated so that he could pay all his bills but NOT pay his bail, lawyer or defense costs? Truly this piece of work is a selfish sociopath.

            Yep. If he cheated his attorney in the civil case by keeping $18,000, we can believe that he would cheat his parents for $141,000.

            When he launched his begging site, he had plenty of time to include ShelLIE on the in’s and out’s of Paypal before he drove into Florida. GZ did not know he was being arrested when he did so.

            So, we can ask and answer why GZ gave ShelLIE information to access the Paypal account — because he was in jail, and needed her to move the money around in an attempt for him to keep it. It was not to provide her with so much as a box of crackers.

      • Jun says:

        Omara apparently convinced the bond company to let him loose on 10% and no collateral at all

        The defendant does not have 1 mill in assets nor does his family

  31. looneydoone says:

    costume changes in handicapped bathroom stalls
    rental car exchanges
    shellie demanded 2 guards at all times
    a security entourage accompanied papi to the airport
    surveillance and counter-surveillance
    security provided to all family members

    As head security officer, Mr Rumbaugh states “these overkill measures made no sense from a security point of view” And “In retrospect, we can see that z was fraudulently inflating his expenses in preparation for his lawsuit against NBC”

    In my neck of the woods we call people like these grifters and scammers

    • Grifters and scammers, indeed.

      • looneydoone says:

        O’Mara is included as one of the grifters and scammers in this group of reprobates. He’s taken on a career killing client, and wants payment…he’s worked hand in hand with the defendant perpetuating the fraud hoping to get a cut of any $$$ for himself.

    • Jun says:

      Those security demands were all Fogenhats’ ideas as well, if you view the jailhouse phone calls

      Fogenhats has always been a scam artist, a manipulator, a schemer, and a liar

    • gbrbsb says:

      GZ and his security guys have a d***n cheek making use of bathrooms for the handicapped unless there is a real emergency and changing disguises IMO is not an emergency. Disability rights activists fought long and hard over here, and I presume there, to get such advances to help the disabled not neurotic trigger happy cop wanabees.

    • sunnieday7 says:

      “As head security officer, Mr Rumbaugh states “these overkill measures made no sense from a security point of view” And “In retrospect, we can see that z was fraudulently inflating his expenses in preparation for his lawsuit against NBC.”

      I bet NBC is happy to hear Mr.Rumbaugh’s story.

  32. Hi Professor and Happy Holidays. I never for one minute believed that the defendant or his family were in any serious danger. They played on the NBP wanted for arrest Posters, and it worked for a minute. Their minute has been up, which all but those “Defenders”, of them knew.They have no one but themselves to blame, and the fact that what was donated, was “blood money”. LLMPapa has 4 new vids that are “Priceless”. I love the way he proves the lies, of the defendant, with his own words. Between you, and he, and Marinade Dave, and others too numerous to list, you all have done and I know will continue to do an amazing job, proving what we all know. Justice will be for Trayvon Martin. Keep it up!

  33. Amen, Professor! Soon enough all the games will stop. I have to hand it to Bernie for at least pushing back, in ways that he can, on their games. His last responses have really made many things clear. Too bad the media fails to take note.

    • Malisha says:

      REALLY GLAD to see you back, Professor, and I hope your holidays were great. In advance, Happy New Year!

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Good to see your fonts again Professor, I was beginning to worry that you’d relapsed or something. Happy Holiday to you and yours.

      But, you don’t have to put so much time in when you can’t, just drop by long enough to get us a new thread every once in a while when the going gets rough. Does word press allow you to give permissions to others like Blogger? If so, maybe that’s a solution you could look into.

      Anyway welcome back into the breech once again.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Got me confused there LS, so had to look it up… do you mean “breech” as in “buttocks”, “rump”, “nether region” as in “breech birth”, i.e. buttocks first, etc., or “breach” as in Shakespeare´s Henry V “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”? LOL!

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