Cyber Bullies Still Seeking Dee Dee to Harass and Intimidate in Trayvon Martin Murder

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I write today to resolve a disagreement between BettyKath and others regarding whether certain racist individuals who rabidly support the defendant, let-his-name-be-forgotten (LHNBF), committed the crime of witness tampering under Florida law when they participated in an internet doxing scheme to identify, target, defame, harass, humiliate, intimidate and ultimately terrify W8 (AKA: Dee Dee), a witness against the defendant.

The disagreement concerns whether proof of witness tampering requires proving that the person harassed or intimidated was a witness. For reasons that follow, the answer is “No.”

Dee Dee is not her true name. The prosecution assigned her that name to protect her identity and her privacy from the media and people like the defendant’s rabid supporters, who routinely use character assassination to destroy anyone who dares to disagree with and criticize them.

She was Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend and she was talking to him on her cell phone when the defendant followed, confronted and assaulted Trayvon, knocking him and his cell phone to the ground. Moments later he killed him with a single gunshot wound to the heart. In fact, she had been talking to Trayvon off and on for about six hours that day and during the half-hour or so before the defendant assaulted him, Trayvon told her about a menacing creepy stranger following him in a vehicle. He told her the man scared him. He ran to get away from the man.

The defendant, who did not know that Trayvon was talking to anyone on his cellphone when he attacked him, claims self-defense. Even though he was carrying a gun and Trayvon was unarmed, but for a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles, the defendant told the police that Trayvon approached him, punched him in the nose, stunning and knocking him to the ground. Trayvon then straddled him as as he lay on his back and rained down savage punch after savage punch to his head, MMA-style. Trayvon grabbed both sides of his head and viciously slammed the back of his head time after time against a cement sidewalk until he thought his head would explode. On the verge of losing consciousness, he started to scream for help, but Trayvon stifled his cries and began to suffocate him by placing both hands over his bloody mouth, bleeding broken nose, and began to press down. Hard.

That is when he felt Trayvon’s hand start to slide down his chest toward his hip causing him to suddenly remember something quite important that he had somehow forgotten. That would be his loaded gun concealed in a holster inside his pants behind his right hip. Yes, that would be the same gun that was pressing into his back as he lay on his back being pummeled to death.

The defendant told the police he did what any reasonable person would have done in the same situation. He reached back, pulled his gun out of his holster, extended his arm, aimed to make sure that he did not shoot his left hand, and pulled the trigger.

Despite the defendant’s incredibly detailed and bloody account of Trayvon’s savage and vicious assault that came within inches of killing him, Trayvon did not have any blood on the cuffs and lower sleeves of the two sweatshirts he was wearing and the only DNA detected in his fingernail cuttings was his own.

High resolution close-up photographs of the defendant’s face and the back of his head taken by police at the station house approximately four-and-one-half hours after the murder do not support his story, and he declined several offers to be transported to the ER for a medical exam. That is not surprising as his nose appears to be straight and unbroken with only slight swelling near the bridge. Two small capillary cuts on the back of his head did not require stitches or bandages and the defendant never exhibited any confusion or appeared to be in any pain at any time at the station house.

Even though the defendant’s claim of self-defense is contradicted by the physical evidence, including blood and DNA analysis, Dee Dee’s testimony is important to the case because, if true, it establishes that the defendant was the aggressor who menacingly pursued Trayvon first in his vehicle, and then on foot into the area behind two buildings of town homes where he confronted and attacked Trayvon as she was talking to him on her cell phone.

Dee Dee has been the subject of considerable speculation as to her true identity and loathsome character assassination on the internet by the defendant’s rabid supporters. I need not recount specifics because they have said everything you can imagine and worse to ruin her life and break her, destroying her character and her credibility.

Yes, they are that depraved and worse because she almost certainly is a child.

They mistakenly targeted two teenagers named Dee Dee, in Miami and Miami Gardens where Trayvon lived, and subjected them to their unique form of branding only to discover that neither girl was the Dee Dee they were looking for.

These internet thugs are salivating with excitement, sharpening their knives and still searching for the “real” Dee Dee.

Well, guess what. They better stop and lawyer up because they are in a helluva lot of trouble. Legal trouble that destroys lives.

That would be their lives.

Florida Statutes > Title XLVII > Chapter 914 > § 914.22 – Tampering with or harassing a witness, victim, or informant; penalties provides in pertinent part:

(1) A person who knowingly uses intimidation or physical force, or threatens another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, or offers pecuniary benefit or gain to another person, with intent to cause or induce any person to:

(a) Withhold testimony . . . from an official investigation or official proceeding;

(c) Evade legal process summoning that person to appear as a witness . . . in an official investigation or an official proceeding;

(d) Be absent from an official proceeding to which such person has been summoned by legal process; or

(f) Testify untruthfully in an official investigation or an official proceeding,

commits the crime of tampering with a witness, victim, or informant.

[Emphasis supplied]

Note that intimidation of “a person” to induce “any person” not to testify constitutes witness tampering.

Question: How much trouble are these internet terrorists in?

Answer: Plenty pilikia.

(2) Tampering with a witness, victim, or informant is a:

(d) Felony of the first degree, punishable by a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, where the official investigation or official proceeding affected involves the investigation or prosecution of a first degree felony or a first degree felony punishable by a term of years not exceeding life.

(3) Whoever intentionally harasses another person and thereby hinders, delays, prevents, or dissuades any person from:

(a) Attending or testifying in an official proceeding or cooperating in an official investigation;

or attempts to do so, commits the crime of harassing a witness, victim, or informant.

(4) Harassing a witness, victim, or informant is a:

(e) Felony of the first degree, punishable by a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, where the official investigation or official proceeding affected involves the investigation or prosecution of a felony of the first degree punishable by a term of years not exceeding life or a prosecution of a life or capital felony.

I have no sympathy for the people who have sought and continue to seek to destroy the “real” Dee Dee and I hope the State of Florida traces these internet terrorists back through their proxy servers and ISPs to their lairs and prosecutes them for first degree witness tampering and witness harassment.

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  1. Malisha says:

    No copyright; post them wherever you like!

    POINT: The security company is suing not just Fogen but Shellie and O’Mara as well. O’Mara has apparently answered that some OTHER company provided security and got paid for it already. Do we know what is going on here? Has someone else broken ranks?

    Wouldn’t it be a helluva thing if O’Mara not only didn’t make a dime on the case but in addition got a judgment against him for the security company? OMG it would be hysterical! And of course, NBC would have to pay it all — unless Fogen bailed…

    Oh NOW it makes sense to me. After the motion for him to get his ankle bracelet off, the security company realized that he was more likely to fool THEM and make a run for it than he was to be targeted by any strangers wanting to kill him. They’re protecting themselves here; the bond is beginning to look like a bad idea after all. Remember, the two prior lawyers bailed the day before charges were filed, saying they could not get in touch with their client. I think he was on the way to running but decided to stop and convince someone of his innocence (he’s always so sure he’s going to be believed!) on the way out of town. He accidentally walked into a trap while he had a loaded gun in the car if I’m not mistaken. The lawyers didn’t want to have negative repercussions. So Fogen got credit for having turned himself in (so compliant!) promptly when in fact he was trying to pull a fast one but once again, just didn’t plan things out very well. He can never figure out what the other person is going to do; so many people keep doing all the wrong things! (But he couldn’t shoot Corey.)

    O’Mara should look at Fogen’s history in terms of what he does to his lawyers:

    Attorney Pantas successfully sued Aames Home Loans for Fogen in 2005 or 2006 and won. Fogen was supposed to show up for his deposition and failed so the court ordered a $10,000 fine against him which he never paid. Then he got the $18,000 check but his attorney’s fee was not deducted and he — guess what — grabbed the whole $18,000 and didn’t even pay his lawyer. Pantas apparently said he wasn’t even going to bother going after Fogen for the money; he had probably had enough of Fogen by then.

    The two lawyers who showed up all over the place in March wringing their hands and weeping and wailing about how terribly their client Fogen was mistreated by the Black Thug were left with no client and empty hands (and then Fogen denied that they had represented him, cough sputter choke) when Fogen’s plan to blow town were thwarted.

    Now O’Mara has a stinko case and a poor prospect for recovery of any real fees — oh HA HA HA HA HA HA HA it hurts when I laugh (but of course not as much as a hollow-point bullet in the heart hurts but what does Fogen care about that?) oh my oh my, Fogen does have a poor record for being a client.

    • I know he claims not to have collected any fees, but I find that difficult to believe.

      At the rate he’s going, he won’t be able to cover his costs. For example, court reporters charge $5.50 per page to produce deposition transcripts. That’s a lot of money and the costs will go much higher for investigators and expert witnesses.

  2. Malisha says:

    Oh, forgot: 😆

  3. Malisha says:

    Sing a song of sixpence, pocket full of dox,
    Certain folks need someone to really clean their clocks.
    Lots of them imagine that they are really hot
    ’cause “knowledge is power” and see all that they’ve got!

    But say they know somebody, so what they gonna do?
    Fix them up with six-guns and they’ll come hunting you?
    Like their buddy Fogen, they’ll fall upon their asses,
    and land in jail and call their wives, asking for their glasses.

    Oh sing a song of sixpence, pocket full of dox,
    Only punks and cowards need guns to stiffen their ……
    When the song is over, reality sets in:
    The blab and flab and pomp don’t count: Fogen’s guilty as sin!

    😈 :mrgreen: 😉 🙄 ❗

    • cielo62 says:

      Great! I’d change it to a pocket full of POX, as in a vile sickness. It better explains those losers.

      Sent from my iPod

      • Malisha says:

        Sing a song of sevenpence, pocket full of pox,
        What about the guys who need to carry glocks?
        Methinks their basic problem is fear of wearing frocks,
        So all the silly wannabes must fortify their …….

        When the song is over, these guys are pretty weak,
        Unable to command the respect they always seek.
        If you don’t bow down to them, they can always shoot!
        And then fools on the Internet commence to send them loot!

        Sing a song of eightpence and maybe you’ll get change.
        If you’re caught, just ask the cops the facts to rearrange.
        While Billy Lee’s in office that shouldn’t be a prob (homie)
        But what you gonna do now that he’s plumb out of a job?

        ➡ 😀 😯 😎 😛 :mrgreen: 🙂

        • cielo62 says:

          WOWEE! Your creativity is AWESOME! Those should be posted over at the treehouse! They can spend the days til New Years trying to figure out what it means! 🙂

          Sent from my iPod

  4. GnusNotUnix says:

    Just as background info on doxing….from what I’ve seen, Pastebin seems to have been the “doxing” and info “leak” “platform” of choice.

    To see what they usually look like, ….go to and search for “th3j35t3r” or “sabu” with the term “dox.”

    Sabu, the former leader of “lulzsec” had both correct and incorrect doxes. Since the FBI had resources and purpose to apprehend him, the one correct one led to his arrest.

    “th3j35t3r” (the jester) has been doxed several times all conflicting. But the danger is it just takes one correct dox and one misguided individual.

    Ultimately sabu was caught the way Professor describes….one mistake in one statement plus one appearance outside a super proxy called TOR and the correct dox fell in place.

    Apparently pastebin provides some anonymity to the posters who dox.

    Bogus doxes (many of them) is an imperfect defense tactic.

    I personally feel doxing is out of line. Out of bounds.

  5. Vicky says:

    This is a bit off topic, but there is an anonymous group harassing the Westboro Baptist Church (so called church). I don’t have twitter, but they have apparently hacked their media accounts and posted all of their personal information. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh my butt off, since their (Westboro’s) latest target is the families of the children murdered in Connecticut. They are a despicable crowd and I can’t think of a group that deserves it more. They are based not far from where I live, so we have to put up with their crap each time a soldier is buried at the cemeteries on the fort and at the VA where I live.
    Anonymous has also posted a petition on the site to have Westboro declared a Hate Group. I hope many more people will sign this petition.
    Below is a link to an article about anonymous and Westboro. It contains a video produced by Westboro that blames the death of the children on homosexuality.

  6. Malisha says:

    Having read a little bit about the Ned Golden/Arthur Barnes etc. reports I am starting to think about the Fogen/Martin situation again and (I say again when really I can’t stop thinking about it ever, I admit) I am coming close to a theory that I will have to think about and deal with later. Thus:

    Some police officers may use a technique for making “resisting arrest” arrests or even enhancing those arrests to something that involves really beating up or killing a “suspect” and Fogen might very easily have known about a lot of these tactics from all his fascinating conversations with police and from his general obsession. Goes like this:

    1. Approach someone you know will look like a career criminal when the sh*t goes down, in case someone suggests that the whole incident was your fault as a bad cop rather than their fault as a criminal.

    2. Start up with them.

    3. If they do not immediately do something you can roust or arrest them for, ramp up the volume and be very threatening; elicit defensive and jittery responses.

    4. Jump them and punch them or restrain them and the whole time shout loudly that they better “stop” or “quit” or similar exclamations to make it look like they are doing something wrong, and not merely being targeted and victimized.

    5. Rough them up, give yourself some kind of a scratch or a bump, and bring them in.

    6. Charge them with ten or twelve crimes; search them, the vehicle, the house, anything you can search; go apesh*t on them.

    If you get questioned about how you acted at any point along the way, you can point to other things that will make it seem like your version of events is credible.

    The trick is, make sure you do this to someone who has no credibility with the court system. The other trick is, if you subdue them too hard and accidentally kill them, make sure your story includes the fact that they were reaching for a weapon.

    Wouldn’t this be the prototype for what Fogen believed he was setting up and executing on 2/26/2012? If plenty of Sanford cops had gotten away with it for years, and he learned it from them, wouldn’t he believe that he could go out, subdue and [provide for] arrest his target, and prove that he and his loaded gun were essential to the safety of his community, if he picked the right target? Thus, it was essential that he be able to say that Trayvon Martin had no credibility. Since he was NOT a cop and did NOT have a way to carefully vet his victims and choose his target, he got it wrong. He also went too far.

    I will bet there have been plenty of arrests in Sanford that started with various cops deciding they could roust somebody even though there was no probable cause for suspicion in the first instance. I will bet Billy Lee was the granddaddy of the “arouse and arrest” crowd.

    • I have suspected for a long time that that is exactly what he was doing and why he was vague with NEN.

      He wanted time to do it.

    • cielo62 says:

      Malisha~ BRAVO  BRAVO!! This is EXACTLY how the Houston Police Department works! But the blind fool racist rednecks of Houston don’t see a problem with that. (I do, but then again, I’m in the minority) Each and every shooting here starts and ends with “I feared for my life” IN SPITE OF the fact that there were numerous times and ways to defuse the situation. Sadly I tell my students to fear the cops, and do exactly as they say. Don’t respect them or like them; just obey them. That way these kids can actually grow up some day.


    • Lonnie Starr says:

      There again is the need to have wounds handy, if he intended to chase, hold and detain anyone. He couldn’t leave it to chance that he would obtain such wounds, because he had no way to know if his victim would be either capable or willing to provide them. He wouldn’t know if he could accomplish them, using anything out in the field, because he could not foresee what circumstance would present at that unknowable time.

      What if he had grabbed his target and suddenly found himself surrounded by witnesses? With no police authority and no time to create any wounds, he’d have only a story about self defense, which probably would not fly if TM had lived, for all to see his manners.

      GZ comes to this event, with a smorgasbord of prepared lies. The one thing he must have is evidence which tends to support his story of self defense. It has to look good – lots of blood – but without being so bad that hospitalization/ER visit will be mandatory. Because, now that I think of it, that last tape of a call to the police that GZ made on another day, his voice sounds so crisp and clear that you have to know that on 2/26/12 he was dramatically impaired.

      Go listen to his other 911 calls and compare his voice on those tapes to the NeN call on the day in question. The difference is so striking you won’t for a minute be fooled.

  7. Lonnie Starr says:

    Whoa… “LIFE???” There will be “feathers” aplenty for the caps of officers who hunt down and obtain convictions of these people, these are not parking ticket offenses, these are major crimes.

    Those rabid fools have committed major crimes, in the State of Florida. Most states have “reciprocity” laws, which allow them to ajudicate charges committed in other states, in lieu of the extradition processes, and/or by the consent of the person to be charged. Thus, the out-of-staters need not all be transported to Florida for trial.

    Sit back and watch the law do it’s work on these fools. They probably won’t get life sentences, I doubt anyone thinks they should, but they’ve got severe legal troubles on their hands and there are defense lawyers just salivating at the chance to defend them.

  8. Rachael says:

    They are moving on to their next victim to cyberbully, someone they say is Trayvon’s coisin who taught him MMA.

  9. Kelly Payne says:


  10. groans says:

    Excerpt from: Addressing Concerns About Cyber Attacks and Doxing

    “Our policy regarding digital media makes us particularly aware of the online conversation regarding our case, and we attempt to adjust our online presence as we see the need.

    “We first became aware of these concerns while we hosted the [Trayvon Martin’s killer] Legal Case page on Facebook. Part of the reason we discontinued our presence on Facebook was because we were uncomfortable being in any way associated with people engaged in such practices and we refused to provide a platform where this practice could take place.”

    I am deeply troubled by the defense team’s admissions that it:

    (1) Is “particularly aware of the online conversation regarding our case;”
    (2) “[F]irst became aware” of cyber-attack and doxing concerns when it maintained a Facebook page in the past; and,
    (3) Specifically discontinued its Facebook presence at least in part because of its discomfort from being associated with and providing a platform for people engaged in such practice.

    It thus appears that they have (long?) been aware of potentially illegal activities involving conversations about their case.

    QUESTION: Wouldn’t they, as Officers of the Court, have a responsibility to report such known or suspected illegal activities related to their case to law enforcement – and in a timely fashion? (I don’t know whether they did or not, but their article noticeably lacks any statement one way or the other.)

    • They try to distance themselves from the mess they created.

    • i think if they(omar and co) had knowledge GZ was involved in or implicated in any of those illegal activities they will say they didn’t do anything because they can’t rat out thier own client.
      don’t ya think? because i think i’ve heard at least on TV, that lawyers don’t *have a duty* to tell on their own clients??

      • They not only have no duty to snitch on their clients, they are prohibited from saying anything by the attorney-client privilege.

        There is one exception. If the client says he is going to commit a crime, the lawyer has an obligation to disclose that to the proper authorities.

      • Jun says:

        I dont know what to think of Omara but he did at least come forward regarding the money

  11. colin black says:

    future little step Brother I meant.

  12. colin black says:

    This is whats so unjust an unfair in this case.Trayvon didnt catch a break not one .This gated community with small number of residents .Should have been considered a place to chill an relax for Trayvon compared to the hectic City life in Miami.It had a club house an pool an Im sure Trayvon wouldve been looking foward to kicking back with his Father an future step son step Mom.At the Retreat at Twin Lakes should have been his wee slice of paradice.But there was a hiious malevonent precence lurking in the shadows ready to strike .

    • Malisha says:

      Fogen claimed he knew everyone in the RTL neighborhood. Yet he did not realize Emmanuel Burgess lived there! ❗ (Strangely, he observed that he saw Burgess on “garbage days” but wouldn’t that be because Burgess put out the trash on “garbage days”? Wouldn’t every resident do that? And he didn’t know and was not known to Brandi or Tracy? ❓ And he couldn’t just call the folks in the area where Trayvon Martin was “skipping” to tell them to go turn on their porch lights and watch out for a burglar? And he didn’t recognize the young African American kid’s bicycle, which he wrongly claimed was stolen from HIM? Uh…

      • groans says:

        And – while claiming he knew everyone in the RTL neighborhood – he also claimed he couldn’t remember the name of one of only four streets in the neighborhood? (Huh?)

      • Patricia says:

        Oh Malisha you must have ESP! Emmanuel burgess address was by taaffees house 1540 RVC and cops confiscated a phone due to being used in dealing in stolen property and the old arrest report of the 15 yr old kid Jabari Shelley that stole the Xbox at 2151 RVC few houses from Brandy Green this kid lived in Lake Mary
        Event reports from 6/13/12 to 12/13/12 at retreat at twin lakes
        Current : case # 20125006621-Dec 10th–5:00pm 1200 block RVC. Motor veh. Break-in/theft (single res)
        2. Mr plant corn-get corn Taffee case#201250006424 –11/30/12
        8:15 am 1200 block RVC Burglary (apt/ condo)
        3. Case#201250005961—11/5/12. 1:00am. Burglary 2700 block RVC ( single res)
        4. Case#201250005999—10/30/12–12:00 am. 2000 block RVC
        Assault (apt-condo)
        5. Case# 201250005191–9/10/12–8:40pm. 2500 block RVC
        Fraud. (Single res)
        6. Case#201250004791–9/1/12–9:30am 1300 Block Long oak way–burglary (Apt/condo)
        7. Case#2012500044869–8/21/12–12:00am. 2500 block RVC
        Theft/larceny. (Apt/condo)
        8. Case# 201250004449– 8/14/12–1030am. 1400 block RVC
        Burglary. (Apt/condo)
        9. Case#201250004334–8/7/12–7:00pm. 2100 block RVC
        Fraud–(single residence)

        No guns. I got this info off sanford web sight called crimemapping sanford fl key in on specific area if you want to check it out or the sanford herald local we used to called it the mullet wrapper I don’t care for the Orlando slantinel ! My self.
        Is taaffee a witness in this case and for what? Bullying ?

      • Rachael says:

        Malisha, I hope the prosecution puts that together and calls GZ on it. They may be small, but VERY important points.

      • Malisha says:

        Groans: THREE streets, THREE! And he had made 49 calls into the police about suspicious people so he would have been on those three streets at least 49 times. There is NO kind of ADHD that does that to you; you have to have late stage Alzheimers for THAT!

  13. If she’d gone ahead and shot him, she could have claimed self-defense, right?

    • fauxmccoy says:

      pressing the ‘like’ button!

    • Dennis says:

      Excellent clip! Marsha had a busted nose for days but Voldemort’s nose looked almost fine at the police station. It is ridiculous to believe that his swelling disappeared in 1-2 hours from the police car photo.

  14. bettykath says:

    I thought I posted a thank you for this post earlier but it doesn’t seem to be here.

    Anyway, thank you.

    The law clearly covers this case and folks are in danger of being charged and spending significant time in jail.

  15. Jun says:

    I’d even go as far as saying Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd is a potential suspect in the witness intimidation, harassment, and uttering of threats. I believe the defendant has access to the internet and it follows his modus operandi of not being a smart plan and him going after any black girl named Deedee. The defendant speaks str8 to his cult, as evidenced by his cousin being outed. I hope she also presses charges against them numbnuts

  16. bgesq says:

    recently on the bcc blog, a contributesr, (i think it was john penniman, but I’m not positive) gave a link to one of GZ’s prior calls to the SPD- Penniman (or whoever it was) thought it showed GZ had encountered Trayvon before (it did not show this though), but the important thing is: during that call, GZ told the police that they should send a car to the adjacent neighborhood because the kids he was reporting always scattered and went to that neighborhood when the police came. To me, this shows that GZ tended to plan how to catch hs “suspect” and it evidences the liklihood that GZ indeed did head south and herd Trayvon north- consistent with the witness’ testimony, jun’s scenario, and whonoze’ theory that GZ was south -heading- north on that final footpath. I’m sorry that I dont have the link to that prior phone call by GZ, but In my view, it’s very telling as to GZ’s mo.(I think the call might have been August, 2011) Sorry to be so short on authority and the linking cites; I just wanted to make the point about GZ plotting how to catch his “suspect(s)”- to the point that during his prior callls to the SPD, he even was directing the police where to go! So very likely, GZ did drive/run ahead of trayvon, then head back up the path to intercept him- GZ was not on his way back to his truck, and he was not in retreat- he still was in pusuit.

    • LLMPapa says:

      “To me, this shows that GZ tended to plan how to catch hs “suspect” and it evidences the liklihood that GZ indeed did head south and herd Trayvon north”

      I’ve not heard the audio of the call you’re referencing, but the event report from Seminole County for his call on 8/6/11 notes he’s near the back gate and suggests LE enter that way.

      On 2/26, even though he told the NEN dispatcher his latest young black male was running toward this same back gate, this rocket scientist expects us to believe he parked his truck 400 feet away, where his “suspect” was no longer at, and took a walk to find an address for where he wasn’t parked!

      You can’t make this stuff up! LOL!

      • Papa,

        The photograph of Let-his-name-be-forgotten’s tactical flashlight appears to show prongs sticking forward around the perimeter of the bulb.

        Suddenly hit me that perhaps those prongs caused the minor cuts to the back of his head.

        If so, that would indicate they may have been self-inflicted.

        We have no reason to believe Trayvon ever had possession of or touched that flashlight.

        Your thoughts?

      • gbrbsb says:

        LLMPapa. Great video as to be expected.

        It all seems to fit but one thing niggles me. Something Whonoze, the resident sound pro, noted a long time ago (not sure video or post, here or on his blog) about the complete absence of any moving sounds some 10 seconds after GZ assents to not follow GZ. If I recall correctly, Whonoze affirmed, at least at that time, that when the sounds stop so does GZ, and he stays there until he hangs up.

        I tend to agree with his theory (have you put a mobile in a pocket only to find you left a recording of your clothes swishing and crunching on a friend´s answer service) albeit I do think he may have been able to slowly and stealthily creep a short distance. Further, during the last seconds of the NEN a phone starts ringing and I stake my life that it comes from outside and in the area of GZ… I have wondered if it was DD but not sure timing fits by around 60. Also, where others hear GZ thumping a torch I sometimes think I hear a series of quick steps.

        With David´s walk throughs is it possible to roughly calculate how far GZ could have got when he ceased running (min & max)? Could it be GZ reached the first or second cut through between the houses flanking the dog walk and hearing the phone crept down the alley to confront Trayvon. There is a problem, if GZ ran along RVC to the alley shouldn´t there be been traffic noises, or a hum, while he was talking to Sean? Or could the absence of such noises indicate that he didn´t go as far as RVC but turned down the dog walk?

        Just ideas…

      • gbrbsb says:

        Sorry LLMPapa, my comment was meant to to with the next post featuring your new video… I have to be losing it! I´m going to try to post it again over there as it doesn´t mean s**t here!

      • Tee says:

        Professor I have been screaming this from day one that this fool hit himself with this flashlight that is way the wounds are so superficial.

      • bgesq says:

        LLMPapa- – same incident- but listen to GZ’s phone call for that incident:
        he tells the SPD to send a unit over to the adjacent neighborhood Callabria Cove because that’s where the suspects typically ran. You’re right, you can’t make this stuff up- such a sleuth he is.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Hmmm… He can’t remember that he’s carrying a gun he always carries, even though it’s been loaded to +1, with super deadly hollow point bullets. Then, when asked at the station about the cctv’s, he not only knows that the front gate camera’s are out of service, but he can recite the name, title and company name of the person whose job it is to manage them? Then here we find him remembering the status of the rear gate and the name of the neighborhood that gate gives access to, to the south.

          But the 3rd street in his neighborhood, the one that runs from the front gate to the rear gate, he can’t remember the name. Just who does he think he’s fooling?

  17. colin black says:

    Sorry I meant to ps my post with totall agreement for the Profs conclussions in an excellent post an as well as criminal litigation heading there way .I can see civil litigation a plenty aimed at the defendant an others for there below the shoe laces never mind below the belt behaviour.

  18. Jun says:

    Okay I copy and pasted a post and showed the link where it is from. Deedee is corroborated and authenticated with other witness testimony and forensic evidence

    Jun says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Today I figured I would cover the chase Trayvon Martin’s killer did to him, Cheorge Zimmernuts…

    Here is the evidence we have

    (1) Cheorge’s own phone call with police – it is very clear on the phone call Cheorge was stalking Trayvon and had ill will towards him. He provided evidence himself by stalking the kid and describing him to police, calling Trayvon an asshole who always gets away, a fucking coon/punk, then says “shit, he’s running” and proceeds to get out of his car and go after the kid. It was so clear what Cheorge was doing even the dispatch figured that he was stalking the kid, & tells him to stand down. Cheorge obviously refuses and continues his chase and stalking. Cheorge mentions 3 times that Trayvon is running away from him. The call ends at around 7:13:43pm.

    (2) Trayvon’s cell phone records prove that he was having a conversation with his girlfriend, who is codenamed Deedee (to protect her, and the reasons are many, as you may have seen the stalking and harassment and attempted intimidation from the Zimmernuts). Trayvon relays what he is doing and tells her of a creepy man stalking him. Trayvon runs for it and lets Deedee know. Trayvon is down the back pathway heading home, thinking he lost the creepy man Cheorge Zimmernuts, and starts walking back home. On part of the call, Trayvon relays that the creepy stalker is back and Trayvon continues to try to get away before being worn out and cut off and confronted by the creepy man. Deedee advises him to continue running but Trayvon says he is worn out and asks why the creepy man keeps stalking him. The confrontation begins.

    (3) There is a clubhouse video where I believe they are going to use the lights and video software to enhance what they are seeing. It is to show the general direction they are heading.

    (4) Witness 1 notes that she heard a kid making a weird noise and then heard a shot go off. She places the location of her testimony of what happened down south on the back pathway. This corroborates Deedee’s testimony and also adds more evidence that Cheorge continued stalking Trayvon. Her attributing the noises to a kid is also evidence that Trayvon was the one in danger, as he is the kid.

    (5) Witness 2 testifies that she heard and glanced at a chase that happened from the south, heading north toward the T. She heard yells for help, like a No No No or a Yo Yo Yo, and the screaming was ended with a gun shot. This also corroborates both witness 1, and Deedee’s testimony.

    (6) Witness 3 stated that she saw a man in a white top on top of another person and she heard screams for help and immediately called police. She states that the screams for help were halted with the gunshot. This is evidence that the screams of help were because of the fear of being killed by a gun, and then the screams were ended with the gun shot. This also adds to the evidence and corroborates the other 2 witnesses.

    (7) Witness 18 saw the encounter from the confrontation onward. She clearly notes by the tones of the voices that the aggressor was the adult, Cheorge Zimmernuts. She attributes screams for help to that of a young boy. She says that Cheorge was on top, killed the kid, ended the screaming with a gun shot, and simply rose up off the top of the kid. She can place where the confrontation instigated and where it moved to for the actual killing in the murder.

    (8.) Considering that Trayvon’s body was found about 63 feet south of the T, and to the west of the backpath way on the grass, head facing north, and the shell casing in a position where the shooter was facing north, along with a debris field south of the dead body, and the witnesses, the chase was started from Zimmerman’s car, then south down the back pathway, and then Zimmerman herded Trayvon north, and confronted him, instigated a struggle and then killed the kid. Zimmerman is clearly the aggressor.

    There you have it folks…. there’s more evidence of the chase but I figured I would just hit the strong points

    • Dennis says:

      The location of Trayvon’s body is proof that Voldemort’s entire story is false. He claims he was beat down then had his head slammed into the concrete, and eventually pulled out his gun to shoot Trayvon. Trayvon’s body would have been found exactly near where this assault would have occurred, if Voldemort’s story was true.

      • Jun says:

        that is one major factor

        as well, on the 911 call that recorded the screams, you can hear Trayvon yelling “GET OFF” at the beginning and there were no noises of any type of blows being struck or slams onto a concrete sidewalk or muffles, just the sounds of the victim struggling with the defendant that just confronted and attacked him and the only person heard in pain was the victim, Trayvon

    • Excellent Jun, the prosecution is going to prove exactly this. They have fogen by the “short hairs”, and O’mara knows it.

    • Dennis says:

      Voldemort is so stupid for claiming that he was the one screaming for help, even though his mouth & nose were covered. They already have him caught in so many lies it will be very probable that a jury will not believe anything he says. He has to testify to win his case and he will be destroyed upon cross-examination. This is a slam-dunk case. The only way he is going to be acquitted is if the judge allows the jury to sit in the deliberation room huffing glue.

    • Jun says:

      Yeah, I believe from the evidence that Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd, caught Trayvon about 200 or more feet south of the T point, then started forcing him north towards the T, which would match the physical evidence and the testimony of all the listed witnesses

      The defendant is obviously lying because you do not hear any type of head bashing or smothering or blows being thrown, you hear a struggle and wrestling and you hear the victim yell for help and squeal in pain and in fact, you can hear Trayvon say “GET OFF” at the beginning of the 911 call

    • Horrifying!……One also has to wonder…If the Zimthugs are so absolutely sure that their hero did nothing wrong, and that he will be exonerated, why harass (who you assume to be) a witness? They obviously must feel that there is a possibility that GZ may have committed this crime and they want to quiet anyone who can prove it. Why? I don’t think the ringleaders of these thug sites actually have any feelings about GZ…it’s only what he represents and what he did…and they want him to get away with this crime. If GZ can get away with killing a black teen, using a lame excuse, think of what these racists may try to do next…… Horrifying!

    • Jun,excellent analysis.

    • grahase says:

      Jun – just curious – are you a lawyer or law student.

      • cielo62 says:

        Neither- she’s just brilliant! 🙂

        Sent from my iPod

        • grahase says:

          I am in the middle of watching a documentary on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. Then I read Juns putting her deductions all together. I shall call her Sherlock.

      • Jun says:

        Jun is a male name in Chinese/Philipino. I am a guy but I guess on the net you cant tell.

        I am not a law student or a lawyer at all, I am simply a person that has an interest in justice, and I taught myself legal and crime investigation type work

        Not an expert at law or crime investigation but I do know that part of those studies is putting everything in a simple way for everyone to understand

        I simply read the evidence and based on the evidence, I concluded everything written and actually this was taken off the Benjamin Crump Page

        It is fairly simple if you look at it… if you check the math

        Trayvon was about 40 to 60 feet south of the T point

        For them to move north to the T point and in the end result, they would of both have had to have been further south of 40 to 60 feet, my estimation about 200 or more feet south of the T point, probably more

        If the defendant did not follow, then how did he end up that far down the path way, and seen by witnesses confronting and attacking the boy, as well as chasing him?

    • FactsFirst says:

      Well done…

  19. Jun says:

    I wrote this 2 articles ago but some of the cyber terrorists may not actually be in the State of Florida but according to dual sovereignty doctrine math (I believe anyways)

    1) Whichever state they were in when committing the crime, they will be indicted there

    2) Since the threats were transmitted to a Florida resident, technically, a crime was also committed in Florida and they can press their own charges on the perp

    3) It is also a federal law, and they have jurisdiction all over the states, and if they wanted to, they can also press their own charges too

    In dual sovereignty doctrine, it states that 2 or more separate states can file charges for the same conduct if the conduct breaks 2 or more states laws, and, the crime was committed upon both states

    Also in the dual sovereignty doctrine, if a perp commits an act, that breaks the laws of the dual sovereign of every state, both federal and state can press charges for the same crime, but it is considered two separate offenses since they uniquely broke laws within each sovereign

    I know there is a federal witness tampering, cyber harassment, and uttering threats laws and I am guessing every state has them too

    • Jun says:

      Here is my original post

      Jun says:
      December 15, 2012 at 6:43 am

      I just did some dual sovereignty doctrine math, and some of the Treeper Zimmernuts could actually get prosecuted 3 times I believe

      1) If they are not in Florida, they can be indicted within their own state

      2) The crime or crimes were committed in Florida because their words were transmitted into Florida to a person of Florida, so Florida can also file their own indictments on the perps

      3) Federal laws mean total US jurisdiction, and the actions also break their laws, so that is number 3

      It says under dual sovereignty doctrine, that two separate states can file indictments on a perp, if the crimes happen in two separate states and the actions break both their laws

      It also says under dual sovereignty doctrine that the federals have jurisdiction over all states and act as a second sovereign in each state, and if a perp’s actions violates both the state laws, and the federal laws, it permits both sovereigns to file indictments, because they are categorized as two separate offenses

      I know that witness tampering, cyber harassment, and uttering threats are against federal laws, and I am almost certain it is the same in each and every state

      If my math is correct and each state and the feds wanted to push it, whomever was stalking and threatening whom they deemed to be Deedee is in a lot of trouble LMAO

  20. colin black says:

    Because of the acussed lies an attempts to place himself as the victim an Trayvon as the aggressor..So many improbablle events an versiions from his lieing mouth .An wittness 8 blows his blatant false naratiive out of the water .Desprste to discredit wit 8 Becuse of his lies .Two innocent women came under scrutiny an then full on cyber intimidation.Simmilar the way kc anthonys lies about a ficticous kidnapping Zanny the Nanny led to an inocent woman with similar name provided by trunkmom Zeinida HYphon Gonzallez allegedlly lost employment an received intimidation emails threats an forced into hideing at one point.At the momment she is in the process of sueing trunkmom for damages .All this also ocoured in Florida so Im assumeing thease Dee Dees the double D s coulld take out a joint DAMAGES suit against Foggen..At some point as his refuesall to truth tell an continued lies caused there predicament and also the genuine witness 8 she also has a case for defamation an suits she could serve him with .Although I may be way of base as not an expert in American Laws..Though have learned a few from an through Florida…..

  21. FactsFirst says:


    SN: Anybody know if this is the same Sgt. Lynch in the Trayvon murder investigation… (see page 7 of 284 of discovery) ~~~~~~~~~>

    Orlando Sentinel “Sanford police Investigator Steven Lynch fired once, fatally wounding Nicholas Eugene Scott, 23, about 3:30 p.m. Friday in the Winn-Dixie shopping center on U.S. Highway 17-92 at 18th Street.

    He opened fire because Scott was about to run over another officer, Sgt. Stacie Cabello, according to Sanford police.

    Neither Broadway nor Sanford police would say where the bullet entered Scott’s body.

    But Scott’s cousin, Shiyann McGill, who went to the scene Friday afternoon, said there was no bullet hole in the front of Scott’s car”

    things that make you go hmmmmm….

    • bettykath says:

      Must be Lynch didn’t command enough respect so he had to shoot. [re: comment to Singleton]

    • Malisha says:

      Which officer was being run over?

      • FactsFirst says:

        And this isn’t the first time Authur Barnes, (one of the officers Serino says pressured him to arrest Fogen) threw a flag on the play.. Check out this VERY intresting FDLE investigation report about Ned GOLDEN an SPD officer fired for lying on 2 black guy’s (TECO LIVINGSTON and Willie Lee Smith), claiming livingston tried to run him over on 12/28/2010…. However, Author Barnes wasn’t buying it with a wet foodstamp !!!! Check this out here ~~~~>

        Isn’t it ironic…. Don’t y’all think……
        any thoughts??????

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Apparently Golden didn’t get the message that Standard Operating Procedure has been changes since the SPD has been put under the microscope. The “blue wall of silence” is now the “Blue Megaphone of Song”. Even just picking up cctv tapes doesn’t cover it up, because some establishments also send copies to a central location via internet or other connections. Obviously Golden raced back to the Mobil and tried to get his paws on the videos to destroy them if he could.

          Well, one bad apple is off the force.

      • Malisha says:

        Raimondo was implicated in the Sherman Ware case.

    • grahase says:

      hmmmmm… is right. Exactly where did the bullet enter Scott’s body if there was no bullet hole in the front of the car. Research needed now.

    • FactsFirst says:

      Lonnie, makes you wonder about the other “missing videos” at the Retreat, huh? I’m seeing a pattern here…

  22. Manberk says:

    2 questions professor;

    Could the GZlegal post about Dee Dee count as tampering and intimidation? Their post in and of itself may be quite upsetting to the real Dee Dee in so much as it displays that people are trying to dox her and makes her a target of future attacks.

    And is Jr, display breaking any rules? Seems like his spreading of lies might be considered obstruction but I’m not sure it applies.

  23. esentrick says:


  24. At the rate things are going, every criminal defense attorney in central Florida could wind up with a client in this case.

  25. There is a huge difference between committing acts of cyber harassment against a person and committing the same acts of cyber harassment against a person to silence a witness against a defendant charged with murder 2.

    The former probably will not result in criminal charges.

    The latter could get you life in prison.

    • Animaljunkie says:

      And so it should! Ms Natalie Jackson Esq confirmed that screen captures of all harassment to the incorrect Dee Dee have been documented and is pending prosecution, I hope.

  26. Tee says:

    It seems to me if MOM is saying that since the prosecution & Mr. Crump know the true identity of Dee Dee and her twitter account they should disclose it so That others are not targeted by GZ supporters ( only te real Dee Dee is ) I pray that I’m reading this crazy man wrong.

    • leander22 says:

      That’s exactly how I read between these superficially ethical public relations polish, tree.

      On the surface the usual campaign against team Crump, hardly hidden beneath the frustration crashes through. Imagine “the enemy” still effectively blocks their access to Dee Dee’s twitter handles! Didn’t the treeslum (TCTH) already month ago show that their chosen DeeDee was just as unaffected by Trayvon’s dead as they were themselves?

      Maybe team O’Mara realizes this type of evidence would be much more helpful then the latest treeslum theory that Dee Dee is a pure invention or “Keyser Soze” of Crump and partners?

      We understand that there may have been such actions directed at individuals who may be associated with Witness #8. In an October 19 hearing, the defense team requested a Subpoena Duces Tecum for the social media accounts of Witness #8; however, we intentionally did not disclose her name or any possible Twitter handle out of respect for her privacy. (We still have not been informed of her Twitter handles).

      Poor Chorge/O’Mara/West. Imagine they still do not have the “correct DeeDee” twitter handles. How frustrating must that be? ..

      • Dennis says:

        If the real Dee Dee has a twitter/myspace/facebook account, she most likely would have closed it already. No point in allowing yourself to become a target from the racist Voldemort supporters, or possibly even Voldemort himself.

    • Jun says:

      I defined it the same

      He basically said that the crimes committed against the wrong Deedee’s can be stopped if they publicly release her identity and her social media handles

      They as in the state of Florida and Crump

      So it is like he is directing his minions to hold the wrong Deedees hostage for the real Deedee’s information

      Now it sounds like the judge has more the reason to rule to not even release it and I do not believe she has to

      Omara will have to go straight to Twitter or Facebook and argue with them and then both would get sent the threats the defendant’s wacko supporters have made and then they would lose access in federal court for the subpoena

      That is my estimation

    • grahase says:

      Just call West and OMara the murderers handlers. MOM likes the word handlers

  27. Two sides to a story says:

    Professor, what are the odds that the state of FL or Feds will prosecute any of these cyberstalkers? Seems to be a fairly common crime these days but I don’t know how often justice is dispense.

    • “We feel a responsibility to make a public, affirmative stance against any and all incidents of cyber attacks or “doxing” to anyone associated with this case, any one suspected as being associated with this case, or to anyone who contributes to the conversation about this case.

      We have heard that some witnesses, or possible witnesses, and supporters on both sides of this case have been the victims of cyber attacks or doxing (the act of publishing personal documents about the individual on the Internet).”

      Thanks, Mr. O’Mara, yeah…

      For a while there, they had us living on a vacant lot, me residing in prison and using a computer to blog, Fred having criminal charges pending, and Fred’s deceased father as a white supremacist.



      • Two sides to a story says:

        Azzholes. Sorry.

      • Disturbing thing about the recent wave of doxing and cyber-bullying is that it involves juveniles.

        And that’s just not okay.

      • grahase says:

        I forgot about that whole episode that the two of you went through not that long ago. And, only because you were trying to get to the truth of what happened in this case.

        Now we know exactly what a teenager goes through when cyber-bullied. Twitter, Facebook, etc. are a couple of ways teenagers communicate with each other and are sort of a social lifeline. If you are being bullied, threatened, where do you go! These creeps say and do things on the Internet that they would never do in person because they do not have the guts. It is a crime of cowards thinking there would be no consequences.

        Maybe this case will demonstrate that there are real-life consequences to those who commit this terrorist-type crime.

      • @Rachel

        I ccan’t stop laughing. They are SO stupid. Good _____ grief!

      • Jun says:

        Xena observed it but I will use it here

        Omara tries to say that the threats can be stopped of the real Deedee is identified and her twitter or other social media released and tries to pass off blame


        is not Omara the one who was waving around papers purporting that he had the twitter handles and facebooks for such information?

        If Omara was secretly telling Zimmcult that he had the correct handles than he could get in trouble

      • Rachael says:

        @Rachel (CraneStation):

        “Disturbing thing about the recent wave of doxing and cyber-bullying is that it involves juveniles.

        And that’s just not okay.”

        Got that right – involves juveniles. It involves adults who act more juvenile than the juveniles – and that is just not okay.

  28. grahase says:

    …and OMara knows it was the wrong DeeDee. He flashed the papers with the Facebook and Twitter comments belonging to the wrong DeeDee in the courtroom. He was attempting to discredit her during court and called her an avid Twitterer. He used the information obtained from the cyber-stalkers without verifying the authenticity. He made remarks in that courtroom that could be regarded as intimidation, IMO.

    I do hope the wrong DeeDee’s go ahead and press charges. Even though they had the wrong DeeDee, this wrong DeeDee MUST have been traumatised, by the actions taken by these creeps.

    OMara, through the website, is essentially blaming the lawyers for the Trayvon Martin family for the dilemma he now finds himself in. Will he suffer any liability should there be charges made.

    I think we will be following this case for some time to come.

  29. There is much focus on Witness 8 but let us not forget what they did to Witness 9. I have no doubt that someone close to fogen gave them her name. No doubt at all.

  30. Tee says:

    The night GZ took Trayvon ‘s life Dee Dee was on the phone with him and she said that she heard Trayvon ask GZ what you following me for. Dee Dee then hear GZ say what are you doing around here, she hears a push maybe Trayon Bluetooth being snatched out and Trayon scream get off of me before the phone goes dead. When I listen to the 911 call of Trayvon screaming for help, before I hear help, the first thing I hear is him yelling get off of me. I wondering if the timing coincide with Dee Dee being on the phone with Trayvon. Because I clearly her get off of my first. Do any one have any ideas on this?

    • Logi says:

      I believe the prosecution has the initial confrontation on tape. I believe the rumored Trayvon 911 call is actually Fogen calling 911 and connections in error. I’ll be back to say I told you so. His goose is sooooo cooked!

      • Rachael says:


      • Logi says:

        What , what?

      • Nefertari05 says:

        I believe the call you describe is the rumored Trayvon 911 call, but I’m pretty sure it’s an ear witness’ 911 call. I don’t believe it’s from Fogen, because all the 911 calls were already released, as indicated in the hearing dealing with the media intervenors motions, regarding public/media access to (among other things) the 911 calls, and there was no Fogen 911 call. I believe the network misidentified who made the call. They simply had too much specific detail about the call (feds have it, being enhanced, Fogen’s voice in background) for it not to have been an actual call, as Fogen supporters tried to claim when the report was aired.

        I think you’re right though. His goose is cooked. If we go back to the network affiliate report of the “Trayvon” 911 call, they specifically stated that the feds were enhancing it because you could hear Zimmerman’s voice on the call (note BDLR made a comment during the portion of the recent hearing, dealing with the “screams”, that Fogen’s voice can be heard).

        I don’t think BDLR was referring to the “screams”. I believe BDLR and the prosecution have the enhanced tape/report and since it is not exculpatory, AND the defense has the original 911 call tape, I don’t see how the prosecution would be required to turn it over. I further believe this is part of the fishing expedition that O’Mara/West are on with the FDLE/FBI reports.

        They want to know what the FBI enhancement brought out on that tape, and they can’t get it from the state, since there is no requirement to turn it over.So, they’re trying to get it from the FBI. This is why they are being so vague about what “exactly” they want turned over, because they know they have no right to it outright. So they use terms like “all reports as regards to this case” in the hopes that it will be part of a collective file. Of course, I could be completely off on the defense’s right to that report, but that’s my take on it. If the defense wants to know what’s on the tape, let them get it enhanced themselves. I don’t know why they keep thinking the prosecution should be doing their job for them.

  31. Tzar says:

    and they would tell you they want justice…

  32. Digger says:

    Everyday we use these wonderful inventions of technology to communicate just as we are doing here. Unfortunately nothing is so perfectly formed that all the good can not also be used to do harm and intended harm. Hard to believe that simply being on the phone talking to Trayvon that she has come to be a subject of harassment. To go to such low levels in trying to use this way to try and develop loopholes to free a sneaky killer is beyond beyond.

  33. Tee says:

    It’s a shame how they claim that Trayvon was a thug yet they are the only ones exhibiting thuggish behavior.

  34. catseye78 says:

    BOOOM!!!! I like this Article!!

  35. Tzar says:

    excellent article

  36. cielo62 says:

    >^..^< following along avidly

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