Tomorrow is Motion Day in the Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Monday, December 10, 2012

I have just about fully recovered from food poisoning, but I am still a bit spaced out, so please bare with me.

Tomorrow is motion day in the Trayvon Martin murder case and one of the more interesting motions is the defendant’s motion to seal his text messages, emails and journal entries until both sides can review them. O’Mara claims release of the evidence will “adversely affect the proper administration of justice in this case, and may make it impossible to find an appropriate jury unaffected by this information.”

He must be referring to that select group of racist bigots and right-wing wackos to whom he constantly pitches his disinformation campaign.

There are reports that he sent Tracy Martin an abusive email and used the N-word “when referring who to look out for when on patrol in his Sanford, Florida neighborhood.

I do not believe the civil suit against NBC has any chance to succeed, but I believe it certainly opened the door to publicize his use of the N-word, assuming he did so.

[H/T to Rachael for providing the links to those two reports]

He also wants to be relieved of the burdensome GPS bracelet that he has to wear.

Well, I guess I would too, but I did not shoot to death a peaceful and nonviolent Black teenager who was armed with a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles and talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone while walking home in the rain. I am getting really tired of his incessant whining. I think he should be in jail because he is a danger to the community.

Regardless of my opinion, the time period within which to have moved for reconsideration of Judge Lester’s orders expired long ago, so this motion should be denied as untimely.

What do y’all think about these motions?

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  1. colin black says:

    yes thanks for the info on todays hearing sound like today was a goood day for Justice an not the zimmermans version… Just us,,,,

  2. colin black says:

    Missed hearing today re those sealed emails an texts…Those were mentioned way back at the very firrst bond hearing..I I R C the state brought them up in order to show gz appolagy to the Parents of Trayvon was not sincere…Bernie mentioned a couple of emails or txts wich made both gz an M O M very uncomfortable..Something to do with Trayvons Father an an unnamed Revrand….The defendant had no knowlage of said emails suprise suprise .He has a selective memory.

  3. I second your post, Trina. On my thirty-minute lunch break at school just dying to discover what happened. You all fed me more that my lunch could ever do right now.

  4. Trina Cosbie says:

    Leatherman, Rachel, Grahase, Tzar, Jun, Malisha, You all have thoughful comments, shannoninmiami & everyone else on this thread this morning, I would like to extend a HUGE heartfelt thank for taking the time out to comment this morning, so ppl like me who missed the hearing cause they were up over 24hrs working on a huge paper for school can still picture what happened in that courtroom, blow by flippin blow!!! Reading what happened is waaaaaay better than…..thanks a million guys!! 🙂 🙂

  5. dremn2004 says:


  6. Tzar says:

    My prediction
    -Serino got Baez because he is going rogue and could not trust the SPD attorneys
    -Hence Wolfinger and Lee are done!
    -expect a book

  7. Tee says:

    Not a fan of Mr. Mike Brook

  8. Tee says:

    The media is still on this voice identification kick. I say this is the reason why there will be a special place in hell for Zimmerman. It’s one thing that you killed this kid it’s a whole nothing to to then claim is voice. I ant to tell them play the damn recording and tell me that this is a grown man, tell me that this is the person with the gun, tell the world this is not the voice of someone looking death in the eye seconds before its delivered.

    • Tzar says:

      they insult the intelligence of everyone within earshot and reveal their depravity in the process.

    • Jun says:

      They already had experts state that it is not the defendant. Besides, numerous witnesses on scene of the murder state it sounded like a kid. The audio of the 911 sounds like a kid. I foresee perjury and obstruction charges for both Junior and Senior, if they plan to lie under oath because it is so easy to tell it is not the defendant.

    • groans says:

      It was nice to hear BDLR say quietly today: “Actually, there might be TWO voices on there.” Or something like that.

      I was shocked when someone pointed that out on this blog. So I tinkered with it on some audio software, and even I could hear it! (I don’t hear much in one ear.) It was so distressful listening to an angry male voice interrogating the terrified teen on death’s doorstep that I had to stop listening.

      Now if little ol’ I could tease that out to make it more audible, just imagine what the prosecutors’ experts and/or NBC could do with it …!

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        what was the angry guy saying?

      • Jun says:

        It is also tough because the public does not have an unredacted copy to hear

        I do hear a voice saying something during the screams

        I also believe that the defendant perhaps howled like a wolf while the kid screamed and then Trayvon screamed again and then he shot the kid, and asphyxiated him

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Nope, one of the witnesses holds their phone up to the window. In the background you can hear George questioning Trayvon while Trayvon is remarking in fear. I think one of Trent Sawyers videos contain a pretty clear and loud copy of that 911 call.

          • blushedbrown says:


          • Lonnie Starr says:

            I think so, the one who called before the shot. It’s all there, in any event, GZ is clearly the one talking while Trayvon was clearly being terrorized. That’s not going to play well to the jury and there’s nothing at all that GZ or MOM can do about it. It’s just there!

            It has to do with the age. When GZ was coming along, land lines were still quite the thing. Cell phones were just too expensive in the 90’s for too many people to have them. So all through his teen years, he’d have been used to phones, that were barely able to clearly carry the voice of the people who were speaking into them.

            Now the system is digital and the pickup mics are solid state and extremely sensitive. When you’re talking on a cell phone or even a radio phone, you can hear the ambient noises over the phone. So, the phone that was on 911 was actually picking up noises from as far as 20 or so feet away. It’s made even clearer because it’s digital and it probably travels over fiber optical cables so there no added static.

            It seems that every copy of the 911 calls is different in quality, probably because of the way the copies were made. Some are better than others, and volume plays a part. GZ’s voice is so faint that a poor copy probably won’t have, but a better or louder copy will. So, you’ll have to get copies from a few different sources but believe me it’s there for all to hear.

          • blushedbrown says:

            You have posted some great points that I want to respond to, but I need my notes. I don’t want you to get the impression that I am ignoring you. Just I need to be as detailed as you are,
            BTW, your folder is filling up on my computer and I better get cracking. 🙂

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            I’ll be waiting to hear your opinions.

            Having debated/discussed several murder and other cases before, any seasoned reviewer knows that there are some things that just inexplicably happen that can never be explained by anyone. Like that bread that falls buttered side down, or the coin that falls in the open, on carpet, and just disappears. Or that letter, put away for safekeeping in some special place, that can never be found.

            So, all you can do is try to collect the pieces of evidence that appear to be indications of some activity, then fashion a theory, discarding what seems unimportant. But then, you have to look at the pieces that you left out, and try fashioning another theory to fit them in. After you have a few of these theories, you look to see which one is the most reasonable one. As you work with the most reasonable theory, perhaps some of the little pieces will find their own way in, or perhaps not, don’t sweat it. The “fates” always introduce some sort of chaos into everything we do.

          • blushedbrown says:


            The “fates” always introduce some sort of chaos into everything we do.

            It seems that I am getting more then my fair share!

            Maybe I should check my horoscope. See where all my planets and moons are at, cause they are not in the house of organization!

            That being said, I have alot of information I want to bounce at you. I can’t seem to get organized, and that is weird for me because I usually have things right at the tip of my fingers.

            This is my first murder case I have ever followed. I am learning as I go. Like I told Xena, I am an HARD COPY kinda girl. I guess I am old school, that I like the feel of paper. I like to take a file and actually look through it in my hands.

            I started something on the other site. And would appreciate your help when I get organized! That reminds me I am out of INK again.

  9. chi1224 says:

    I’m a little confused did the judge rule on the texts/emails? TIA to anyone who knows.

  10. Ty Flair says:

    Serino sent two e-mail wanting two charge him with second degree,an wanted to take it to the grand jury whats going on

    • Well, well! Serino wanted murder 2. I remember early on in the case someone leaked Serino wanted manslaughter charges filed.

      • blushedbrown says:

        I thought the same thing too.
        But O’mara keeps leaving too many openings that are so easy for the State to counter.
        O’mara feels that some officers said his client shouldn’t be charge.
        He keeps going on and on about. Then the state cames back at em with
        State: We have documents from the LEAD investigator that he filed not one but two requests for Murder two.

        Now ask yourself, do you take some beat cop opinion,(O’mara) or the guy who is in charge of the murder case. (Serino)

        A thought just came to me, not only that be he changed it to manslaughter, could it be pressure from the powers that be, that MADE Serino, changed it. Hmmm Good thing He lawyered up.

      • Jun says:

        Omara, as usual, likes to lie and falsely present evidence. If he keeps it up, he will face criminal charges. The cops stated they felt there was not enough to go forward with charges and there was nothing there that said they should not charge him, they just felt there was not enough yet.

  11. Rachael says:

    Wow – not a word at the outhouse. But we still must remember to take the high road. It isn’t over yet. And I can’t really call this a victory, since the whole motion was so preposterous in the first place. However, I am VERY happy with the way things went. Overjoyed!!!

    Now I have to go and take a final. Glad I can be in a good mood for it.

  12. Jun says:

    Glad to hear everything went well. Finally they are confronting that liar Omara. If he keeps it up, they should charge him with a criminal act and get sanction from the bar.

  13. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Was this motion included today?

    “one of the more interesting motions is the defendant’s motion to seal his text messages, emails and journal entries until both sides can review them.”

    • Jun says:

      I dont know but apparently everything from the defense got denied. Yay, I am wondering what the defendant emailed and texted.

    • Rachael says:

      Even though I’m the one who posted that on the previous blog entry, it was from a few months back – so I don’t know if it has been ruled on or not, my reason for posting it was because of MOM’s statement about how if it were made public it could hurt GZ – which I find an astonishing thing to say, even more so than his client shot Trayvon as a reaction to a “broken” nose.

    • groans says:

      I don’t know, either.

      I’m also wondering about the “Crump Recording Device” Re-Re-Motion. Did they cover that one?

  14. Tzar says:

    Omara said that Trayvon was 6’2 and 170lbs
    now can we call him bad names?

    • YEAH OMAR is A fucking LIAR!!! pure and simple! It’s on the ME report crystal clear! god i hate that guy!! and then to say Trayvon “got himself shot” When i hear stuff like that it makes me fear for Omar’s life!

  15. Two sides to a story says:

    Love the commentary – I couldn’t sleep early, so got up late – reading here is just as good. I tuned in to see Tugboat chugging from the courtroom.

    Yay Judge Nelson! Unfortunately, I have to do an errand and miss the rest, but sites will have it up later. . .

    Cheers to all – hope the rest of the hearing will snap Tugboat and his team back into the real world.

  16. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    ***Serino wanted Murder in the 2nd degree originally***
    State now has Serino’s prior draft of supplimentaal report…given to them by Baez as Brady material!

    • Tzar says:

      Brady material towards who’s innocence?

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        IDK BDLE said Baez gave these documents to him because he felt it might be Brady material or something like that…darn, am I reading this wrong and Baez thought it would help Fogen and not the State?? Somebody help me, cause I don’t want to be doing the happy dance for nothing.

        • esentrick says:

          I with you ChrisNY, does the Brady material assist the defendant or the state? Hopefully, someone could weigh in on this.

      • KS says:

        I could be wrong but I think it means that it would be potential Brady material for any possible charges against his client Serino.

      • groans says:

        As I understand it, Brady material refers to EXCULPATORY evidence. So it sounded odd to me, referring to the earlier Murder 2 recommendations as Brady material.

        But, then again, one person could see evidence as exculpatory, while another could see the same evidence as inculpatory. So prosecutor should probably err on the side of disclosure … even if it feels good to disclose the material!

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        Maybe Baez didn’t want to be accused of withholding any evidence that his client had and possibly be accused of breaking the Brady law. I need to listen to what BDLR said again. I’m scratching my head over this one.

      • Tzar says:

        it might be Brady for Serino

        heh heh heh

      • Tzar says:

        I could be wrong but I think it means that it would be potential Brady material for any possible charges against his client Serino.

        totally agree KS
        I expect that Baez is referring to his client

    • Tee says:

      OMG! I think something stinks in Denmark. MOM wasn’t expecting that one.

    • groans says:

      I’m referring to “exculpatory” as it pertains to the killer in Trayvon’s murder case.

      Hadn’t thought about it being Brady as to Serino. I’m not sure anything is “Brady” before someone’s charged with a crime.


      • Tzar says:

        yes yes…professor?

      • Malisha says:

        HA HA HA I think BDLR did something adorable! He released that document as if it might exculpate Fogen! Why would it exculpate Fogen? Because it showed that Serino’s belief that Fogen had committed Murder-2 was not accepted by the prosecutor, meaning it was MEAN to charge Fogen with Murder-2! HA HA HA!

  17. esentrick says:

    Love this Judge…she gets straight to the point. But I cant seem wonder now if MOMs next move is to have the Judge removed.

    • Tzar says:

      good luck to him
      I don’t think the court system works that way 🙂

    • esentrick says:

      btw Prof. Glad to hear you are feeling better. =)

    • Jun says:

      I feel Omara is plotting that, as his modus operandi has not changed and he did the same thing to Lester, however, the appellate court may have purposely stuck it to him by putting Nelson in there, hard to say.

      Anyways, it does not look like he has anything he can recuse the judge with and they have proof Omara is using lies in his motion, so I feel if he tries, all his lies are gonna bite him in the butt at appellate court

      • esentrick says:

        Great point Jun! I just wondered because Judge Nelson denied bail modification without reason, therefore, could the defense argue that the judge was being impartial because she did not cite statue or does the Judge have to provide a reason?

      • FactsFirst says:

        I thought Judge Nelson denied bail modification because GZ withheld information about his finances and that second passort?

        • No, she denied the motion because there had not been a material change of circumstances since Judge Lester set the conditions of release.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Meaning that instead of MOM working on this 74 page motion, he should have been working on finding a way to define a material change, that might allow the judge to rule on something of substance. Instead he goes off and wastes his, and the courts, time with motions directed at irrelevancies! “Taft Material” to be sure. That’s all MOM knows how to produce.

    • Malisha says:

      I think he will try.

  18. Joseph Norton says:

    Motion Denied!

  19. Dashamimi says:

    As Ice Cube said “Today was a good day”..

  20. Next motion date: January 8, 2013.

    • jm says:

      Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Chorge, family, friends and attorneys. Judge Lester isn’t buying your story and the publicity blitz y’all went on isn’t working.

      Props to Judge Nelson and also BDLR.who got in some great punches today regarding MOM’s shady way of doing things with half-truths. Loved the autograph and fund-raising slam to the defense also.

      BDLR and Judge Nelson rocked today!

      • Joseph Norton says:

        Waiting for your anlisis of what happened today and the message to Ohaha and his client that the court is serious to
        Play Ball.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          So Georgie Porgie was shaking his head? I wonder why? His widdle pwublicty pwan didn’t work? Oh, oh, oh… The world must have turned against him?

          IMO he should have been shaking his head when Serino asked him… No, Serino stated, “So he punched you and you stepped back?” George said ” no I fell down”, then George glanced at where the body was found and started swatting, instead of shaking his head! 8-D

      • Darnit! I missed it. I have to get the video on that.

    • Tee says:

      I happy you feel better professor.

  21. I’m late this morning… but I see Judge Nelson has denied the motion to modify conditions of release.

  22. Motion to clarify conditions of release: DENIED

  23. Rachael says:

    Woohoo!!!! Go Judge Nelson!!!!!

  24. BOOM, denied!

    (I have never heard of anybody complaining about an ankle bracelet)

  25. Motion to modify conditions of release: DENIED

  26. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Tzar says:

    Nelson is a smooth criminal
    she denied that shit and moved only like she just ordered lunch
    ha ha ha ha

  28. how dare he say “he got himself shot!”

    • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

      I didn’t hear that…who said that MOM?

        • jm says:

          MOM was extra filled with BS today with half-truths, omissions, lies and spinning double-talk and his finger while holding his pitiful Chorge injury picture in the other.

          With all due respect (none), I think MOM is a greedy ugly human being. I have been waiting for him to fall on his face (not literally) since the In Session interview and my wish came true today.

          MOM makes Jose Baez look like a normal nice guy.

  29. Tzar says:

    George’s face was pummeled?
    O’Mara is insane

  30. Tzar says:

    Bernie lighting it up!!!!


  31. BAM!!! Murder in the 2nd degree!

  32. ChrisNY~Laurie says:


  33. OMG, Fred just laughed out loud, watching the part about the autographs. He must be feeling much better!

  34. Tzar says:

    Motion to give Judge Nelson amnesia and release poor fogen

    • Malisha says:

      Motion to declare Fogen to be perfect and correct and to punish all people who don’t say so. Oh and disbar and fire Corey. Oh yeah, and supplemental emergency motion to reinstate Wolfinger and Lee. And make Fogen the President. 10-4.

  35. is being a murder suspect supposed to be NOT difficult??? hmmm

  36. Tee says:

    Is GZ dozing off

  37. I’m watching the Jacksonville Channel 4 livestream feed and nothing is going on right now.

    Basically, the judge got tired of listening to Don West’s whining, so she told him and BDLR to talk to each other instead of trying to conduct that conversation through her, so they’re in recess.

    Couple of funny things:

    1. This banner above the screen, reads:

    “Channel 4’s Jason Law tweeks from Sanford during hearing”

    Now that we know Jason Law is a meth head . . .

    2. This banner below the screen tells us that the defendant has had a sex-change operation:

    “WATCH LIVE: Georgia Zimmerman hearing in Sanford courtroom”

    He’s so cute!

  38. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    You know I was thinking that the defense was just lazy and wanted the State to do all their work for them, but now I’m wondering if they want everything to go through discovory in order for it to become public through the sunshine law. In other words, if they go to FDLE for all these things they want and make their own copies, the only way we see them is if they post it on gzlegalcase and not the media.

  39. Tee says:

    This man is bias he says that Tracy once said “no it does sound like my son then yes it’s my son.” But GZ dad says “yes that’s my son voice” , he says that it come down to does GZ father know his son voice. Really smh!

  40. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    @shannoninmiami- I’m watching it on cnnlive but it doesn’t seem to be as clear as it usually is.

    I have to say I wish BDLR could lower his voice a little.. I have to turn the volume up in order to hear West because he talks so low and monotoned..and when BDLR started talking, I jumped 2 feet out of my chair!

    • well bernie has a squeaky high voice, especially when Omar asks for the same thing over and over agian, LOL, and insinuates BDLR isn’t doing what he’s supposed to. But it seems clear to me the defense is posturing for the media and going on about the stuff he;s supposed to do on his own… that and he hasn’t even deposed the people related to the info he wants..

  41. Tee says:

    Pisses me off! Know one screams for help then shoots a gun! What the heck was the person doing who was having the gun pointed at him huh, just sitting there saying ok shoot me. DUMB I don’t know if I can listen to stupid people, until the shoe is on there feet they have on rosé colored glasses.

  42. jm says:

    Chorge has got a new hairstyle like his MOM. They are so alike, equal liars. Chorge’s dark circles around his eyes getting darker to match his soul.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I think George looked healthier when he had a mustache and beard. Something just looks odd about him now.

  43. they also stream it on CNN clearly online and on the phone app.

  44. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    9:23 Fogen smirks a text message while sitting there at his table,as court is on a break. loser

    • jm says:

      I think the text messages are just a prop to keep the camera away from Chorge’s darting eyes. Now we get to see his double-double chin.

  45. OMG! this is again, a little yapping dog is going on and on!

  46. Tee says:

    What? Is he for real, are they for real! Smh the nerve of it all.

  47. Tzar says:

    Dear Professor
    It is now 9:08 ET, I am watching the motion hearing. 8 minutes in, I already feel the need to say very bad things about Mr. O’Mara and to do so very publicly and amongst friendlies.

    Just Saying

    LOL 🙂

    • Tell me about it! i might slip up today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tzar says:

        Woossaaaaaah wooossaaaaaaah woooooossaaaaaaaaah

        Bernie is helping out right now because he is lighting up the defense
        ha ha ha

        • blushedbrown says:

          BERNIE is on FIRE!!!

          • jm says:

            BERNIE is on FIRE!!!

            This is the first time I have seen him like this and I now believe BDLR is going to kill MOM and West in a trial. He made a mockery of MOM (and Chorge) for their efforts to cash in on the killing of Trayvon Martin.

          • blushedbrown says:

            OMG YES!
            Bernie is a smart cookie, he let O’mara go on and on and, about this and that. Then months later, Bernie acquired enough material, damaging material I might add that makes them look like fools. I think his strategy is, “Give’em enough rope they will hang themselves”.

  48. Rachael says:

    O M G!

    “Other motions likely to be heard:

    Zimmerman has been barred from talking to certain witnesses, but he would like to be able to speak with some of them, arguing they are close friends or family members.”

    Hasn’t he learned ANYTHING? NEVER talk about your case with ANYONE but your lawyer!!! Yet he goes on TV, a book has been written. . .

    Not only can this put your friends/family in a situation they may not want to be in, but they might say things you don’t want them too AND IT COULD LOOK LIKE WITNESS TAMPERING!!!!

    I’m not sure who is more insane here, him or O’Mara!!!

  49. Jun says:

    Okay guys

    Here is a discussion where we can play, find the discrepancy on the defendant’s bloody nose photo

  50. Jun says:

    I also do not get why Zimmernuts Fogenhats is complaining about the call. If anything, their edit actually makes it seem less racist, than the actual full phone call, and NBC did not even actually alter any of the defendant in the Trayvon Martin Murder Case’s statements at all.

    NEN Phone Call

    Zimmernuts Fogenhats: This guy, he looks like he is up to no good…

    or he’s on drugs or something…

    it’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about

    Police Dispatch: Okay this guy, is he white, black or hispanic?

    Zimmernuts Fogenhats: He looks black


    Zimmernuts Fogenhats:

    This guy looks like he is up to no good


    Zimmernuts Fogenhats: He looks black


    Now in the actual phone call, not only is the guy up to no good, he’s allegedly on drugs or something, and is suspicious for walking in the rain “looking about” (not sure what the hell that means but it sounds like redneck talk) and when the defendant is asked of the race of the person he found suspicious and soon came to fact the person he was targeting, when you listen in totality, was that he looks black

    Now in NBC’s call, there is less disparaging and racial profiling and all they did was show parts of the phone call to fit the show and to the defendant in the murder 2 case against him, he simply felt that the person he targeted was just up to no good, and he looks black

    Now in conclusion, the full call, unedited, makes him look worse because there is more disparaging of a kid he never knew, and in one portion, he made sure that he stated to the officer as if it was important that the person he was targeting noticed him, and was “walking up to him, he’s got his hands in his waistband, and he’s a black male” as if that justifies his earlier suspicion, that walking in the rain looking about, being up to no good and on drugs, and now it is important that he has his hands in his waistband and he’s a black male. It is a really frivolous lawsuit and all the people who claim it is race baiting are all idiots. Media stations edit their tapes all the time and errors are made. There was actually no alterations to the original meaning of all the statements and the dumbo still stated what was stated in the edited call.

    • Rachael says:

      This is the same phone call where he said “these assholes, they always get away” and “these fucking *oons.”… and he is worried about what NBC did.

      He needs to grow up, grow a pair and take responsibility for his own actions. Stop blaming them on NBC, on Trayvon, on God and take some responsibility for his OWN words and actions.

      • Jun says:

        We will wait and see but if you check the defendant’s history, he has been enabled and coddled for his actions all his life and this is the first time in his life where it really came back to him hard, which is why I believe he acts that way

        It is too late, but when he attacked police officers long ago, they should have punished him. When he assaulted that women at the party, he should have been punished. I guess they never expected him to grow into the scheming creep he is, but we can not turn back the hands of time.

        On another note, all his cult are similar to him, so people alike seem to attract each other, as they all like to blame everyone else except the person who actually killed and hurt someone

  51. Nellie Dell says:

    I feel the same way. The bigots are attacking all of the TM supporters on social media and trying to polute the jury pool. I see the motions being denied.

  52. groans says:

    1. Call me silly, perhaps, but I have a hard time seeing the justification for a “motion to compel” discovery or anything else without making a showing that you’ve tried everything in your power to get it for yourself. A motion to compel should be your last resort, not your first attempt, for getting what you need.

    2. In its motion to change conditions of bail, the defense asserts that the killer has complied with all bail conditions. And in its “motion for clarification” of bail conditions, the defense admits that:

    “The current Order Setting Bail specifically states that Mr. Zimmerman is not to have any contact with the victim’s family, directly or indirectly, except as necessary to conduct pretrial discovery through his attorneys.”

    However, on the Hannity Show, the killer “directly or indirectly” “contacted” the victim’s family by addressing statements to them via a television program – which, last I knew, is not considered conducting “pretrial discovery.” Millions (if not the judge) witnessed that. It seems clear to me, therefore, that (1) the killer intentionally / knowingly violated the conditions of his bail in the presence of counsel, and (2) defense counsel is making false representations to a court of law.

    3. I hate to even think such a thing, but this flurry of (to me, at least, borderline if not outright frivolous) motions so shortly before the long-scheduled hearing smells a lot like a PR grab for camera time. I believe lawyers are supposed to be in charge of their cases and not relinquish control to other professionals, such as PR folks.

    4. All of the above, if true, look to me like violations of codes of conduct for lawyers, which should be reported to and addressed by the state bar.

    • Jun says:

      I feel Omara may be facing criminal and civil sanction soon, as well as from the bar. The state has loads of evidence of cyber stalking and threats to Deedee and the victim’s family. Omara could be found at fault for his negligent actions and also conspiracy. I would personally love to see him face punishment because I know he is lying. I would say let him continue representing the defendant and than after he will be facing sanction, because all the black girls named Deedee who Omara alleges to be the witness 8, have been harassed and terrorized beyond reproach. In New York, Omara’s ass would be in a vice grip.

      • grahase says:

        I dont think MOM has any control over what others do so I am not understanding your reasoning. MOM is doing his job by representing his client. I do not think he alleged all black girls named DeeDee to be Witness 8 at all. Enough already.

      • Jun says:

        I just have a suspicion he is commandeering people to intimidate witness 8 and all he has is allegations of who she is on twitter

    • grahase says:

      Just a thought – In the new year, the Thugboats donations will be received by another administrator of his choosing according to MOMs website. I think this is also an indicator of Thugboats idea to flee before trial. If the money is no longer in control of the money, I don’t think he will ever see a red cent from the grifter. I remember Junior talking about how he and his brother looked so much alike. Maybe a RZ Jr. passport will assist in the great escape.

      • grahase says:

        …should have typed —if MOM is no longer in control of the money.

      • Xena says:

        I think this is also an indicator of Thugboats idea to flee before trial. If the money is no longer in control of the money, I don’t think he will ever see a red cent from the grifter. I remember Junior talking about how he and his brother looked so much alike. Maybe a RZ Jr. passport will assist in the great escape.

        IF GZ flees before trial, he will take on a new persona and start a blog featuring “Why George Zimmerman is Innocent.” It will have lots of ads and a donation request box. You see, GZ is still convinced that he can get over $200,000 of other people’s money a month. He can’t get off the tendency to profile even when the truth slaps him in the face.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        “Maybe a RZ Jr. passport will assist in the great escape.”

        That’s an interesting point.

      • Jun says:

        Mark Omara was never in control of the money. He may be accounting for it, but I do not feel the defendant plans to pay him.

  53. grahase says:

    Didnt Thugboat say that Hannity gave him nothing when Hannity asked. Give this video a watch from SanfordWatch:

    • Jun says:

      LMAO notice at the headings it says

      “He says it was in self defense”

      does not say anything about agreeing with them LMAO

    • groans says:

      Trayvon was not injured that night?
      What planet…??

      • Jun says:

        according to them

        bullet holes in the chest and global brain edema are not injuries

        but 1/4 or 1/8 scratches are life threatening, along with photoshopped pictures

      • Rachael says:

        I know. Dang. I keep hearing over and over about poor GZ’s brutal injuries and it is proof that Trayvon attacked him because he had non. I don’t understand how a bullet hole to the heart, the whole damned reason for this, can be overlooked by those GZ supporters!!! What is WRONG with them?

      • Malisha says:

        The first idea is this: You’re only injured if you have a RIGHT to do whatever you want and not sustain a single scratch in the process and not be blamed, hurt, punished or hated for it.

        You’re “not injured” if all you got, for doing something you wanted to do but for which you didn’t have permission, was what you deserved. Punk.

        The second idea is this: Fogen is not a racist. [disclaimer]

        When Fogen has been forced to properly kill a Black kid, however, it was justified. [disclaimer] And Blacks objecting to it is wrong. [disclaimer] Because Blacks objecting to a non-racist justifiably killing an unarmed Black kid is based on Blacks improperly presuming that folks who have done NO KILLING and folks who have not been charged with a crime or identified as lying in court to a judge still have no right, if they are Black, to impugn the credibility of a decent American.


    • Rachael says:

      I think he is speaking figuratively here. Not that Hannity gave him anything directly but by being on Hannity he got. He got it from him as far as other people gave because they saw him on his show.

    • KA says:

      Wow I can’t even watch this all the way through.

      I clearly remember that even Sean Hannity even denied he gave him money and Fox News denied it as well….so…this is a little contradictory to that really…

  54. rayvenwolf says:

    OT, but had to share. I never thought I would say this, but I have had my day made by a Z defender. And by made I mean doing the job for me of showing just how blatantly they will disregard actual facts and evidence. Also called me a racist(thats the edited version of my new label) based on nothing more than me pointing out the truth.

    If I don’t see a response I’ll assume my creative use of Gaelic is what sent him running because the truth sure didn’t.

    Back on subject – As usual O’mara is playing to his selected audience. He does have to keep looking like he’s actually doing his job. In a few hours we’ll see how he fairs, but I am not holding my breath for success on his part. Though I do have fingers and toes crossed on seeing a hint of reaction from Fogen when he still has to keep his state jewelry on.

  55. Xena says:

    Talk about editing!!! But this one is funny.

  56. bettykath says:

    One other thing in the attachments to the motion is the latest picture of the defendant. The prosecution should counter with the photo taken a few hours later that shows no swelling.

    The motion sounds more like a cherry picking to swing public opinion.

    • Jun says:

      it also looks photoshopped beyond reproach

      I would bring that up too and motion to not have it used because it is a questionable picture

  57. Kelly Payne says:


  58. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    OT, but does anybody know the name of Fogen’s dog?

    • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

      I remember reading somewhere that he and Shellie have one or two dogs or maybe he mentioned them somewhere. I really do want to know the name(s) though…if anybody can remember let me know. Thanks

      • rayvenwolf says:

        Two. A rott and some small breed. I’d have to crack open Osterman’s book for the second dog’s name but I believe the Rott is named Otto.

      • Jun says:

        Its not likely a Black Lab, otherwise Fogenhats will think the dog is up to no good

        • Xena says:

          You reminded me of a story.
          A woman brought her pet duck into the vet’s. The Vet told her that the duck was dead.
          “What? You determine that without any tests? Maybe he’s in a coma. How can you say he’s dead without tests?”

          The vet left the office and came back with a Lab retriever. The dog raised his front paws on the table and smelled the duck from beak to tail, looked sadly at the vet and shook its head.

          The vet took the dog out and returned with a cat. The cat jumped on the table, looked at the duck. Pawed it in places, then gave the vet a sad look. The vet took the cat from the room and returned, handing the duck’s owner a bill for $150.00.

          The woman exclaimed “WHAT! $150.00 just for you to tell me my duck is dead?”

          “No,” said the Vet. My charge was only $20.00 but the lab and catscan was $130.00.”

      • grahase says:

        Is the GPS monitoring also a requirement from the bail bondsman.

      • bettykath says:

        Xena, love your vet story!

        Like the computer guy charging $100 to remove a virus. $10 to run the program, $90 to help pay for his education to know which program to run.

        • Xena says:

          Like the computer guy charging $100 to remove a virus. $10 to run the program, $90 to help pay for his education to know which program to run.


      • bettykath says:

        Xena, the pun is priceless.

      • bettykath says:

        I find it interesting that he is afraid of a pit bull but has a rottweiler. Some pits look fierce b/c their eyes tend to be close together but really great dogs.

      • Jun says:

        Well the bail bondsman stands to lose a million dollars if the defendant runs for it and on top the bail bondsman has no collateral from the defendant so….

        I think I can put two and two together on what the bail bondsman thinks

        I sincerely say that Nelson should be able to read the defendant because she does not want what happened to Lester to happen to her as to the first bond hearing schemes and the defense baiting her so they can try and recuse her

    • Jun says:

      I think Fogenhats may have killed his dog or a different dog because I read they found animal blood on Fogenhats, the night of the murder

      • Rachael says:


      • Jun says:

        You can bet that is coming out at trial or the SYG hearing

        “State: Mr. Zimmerman, why do you have animal blood all over your jacket? We tested your jacket.

        Fogenhats: It was self defense. I was playing doctor. I only have one passport. I was skipping. I have no regrets”

    • Malisha says:

      Old Fogen’s doag (Old Fogen’s doag)
      Ain’t had no name (ain’t had no name)
      And Fogen’s friends (and Fogen’s friends)
      was just the same (was just the same)
      And the mentored kids (and the mentored kids)
      Was just called “they” (was just called “they”)
      And they loved Cheorge (and they loved Cheorge)
      all the live-long day (all the live-long day).

      So Fogen dinn know (so Fogen dinn know)
      what words to use (what words to use)
      to describe Trayvon (to describe Trayvon)
      and he got the blues (and he got the blues)
      first he said “punks” (first he said “punks”)
      or maybe “goons” (or maybe “goons”)
      Or maybe even (or maybe even)
      He called him “coons” (he called him “coons”)

      But that ain’t really (but that ain’t really)
      how bad it seems (how bad it seems)
      It’s ’cause old Fogen (it’s ’cause old Fogen)
      ain’t used to names (ain’t…used…to…names)…. 😛

  59. O’Mara’s entire motion has absolutely nothing to do with the request. His request to have the monitor removed came out of nowhere. He says all this irrelevant stuff then asks for something at the end that is not related to his rants. Strangest motion I have ever read.

    • Jun says:

      he is sort of writing it like he is applying for bond again and he is arguing Lester’s ruling when the time has passed

      • Rachael says:

        You know, when my son was little and I would say no, he would ask me the same thing over and over and I would finally say, “Look, you have asked me the same thing 5 times now. Why do you think my answer is going to change?” He reminds me of that. Why on EARTH does he think that someone – even if innocent (which I do not believe he is, just for the sake of argument) – would be allowed to take his ankle band off if it is a condition of the bond? Who else gets to do such a thing?

      • Jun says:

        I know what you mean. I also feel in this case, he should not be free because it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the killer of Trayvon is him. Only the defendant is using self defense as a defense in court, and that is still questionable at the moment, as much as Omara’s wants to lambast by falsely presenting all information all day long. I personally say if he continues it, he should get charged with a crime for falsely presenting or some other thing for being dishonest in court interactions.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        It’s just a standard procedure to wear a GPS and have a curfew until hearings are over. If he, god forbid, wins the self-defense hearing, then he’ll shed the damn bracelet.

        Just more high theatre, I think.

      • aussie says:

        OKAY he wants the bracelet off. TAKE IT OFF. Its a condition of the bond? well take it off, and let him sit with free ankles in JAIL.

        It’s a wonder with his terrible litany of health issues, that he’s not yet come up with being allergic to the material the GPS thing is made of.

  60. bettykath says:

    One last point. No way the defendant should have his ankle bracelet removed. What he get, at most, is the ability to wear it within FL, beyond the county, like he had it before. I think he has to pay for the bracelet and the monitoring. I don’t fault MOM for asking for more though. He can lose and win at the same time.

    • Jun says:

      Well the actual ruling that Lester made was that if he could organize with the GPS people to set it for all of Florida, then they can motion for allowing that. I agree that it would be an incredibly stupid thing to take off his bracelet because he would run for it. The defendant should not be coddled for lying and going to appearances where he has been court ordered to do so. To me it does not amount to much. Also considering the threats made to the victim, his family, and the witnesses, they should not allow it. I personally feel the ruling should stand because nothing has changed in the defendant’s life and personally, he thinks his photograph was motivation for him to pull these stunts much like the first bond hearing with his other questionable chain of custody photo.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        Jun, you are right– not only would he run for it, but might well kill anyone he thinks is in his way. What’s there to lose?

        Florida should have an interest in not allowing a killer free run of the place, but it seems like lots of killers have free run of Florida. I worry about friends and family members who are going there!

  61. bettykath says:

    I just looked at the motion for the removal of the ankle jewelry. Much of the information is a bit misleading or, better put, incomplete. I hope the state responds.

    1. MOM states that the FBI has 30 interviews showing what a great guy the defendant is but only 7 are included. One is Osterman, another is the HOA secretary. What was said in the other 23?

    2. He includes the original witness statement of MMA style fighting but not his retraction. Where’s his retraction?

    3. According to Serino’s report the 911 call was played to Mr. Martin at 10:30 am but a deposition fragment contains a hearsay that someone else heard this interaction in the evening.

    4. An FDLE report said that Mr. Z identified the voice as the defendant but I think there’s also a report that from Serino that Mr. Z also said that he heard the defendant scream like that when he was a teen. Where is the Serino report?

    5. Santiago’s deposition suggests that he wasn’t particularly engaged in the 2 – 2 1/2 weeks of meetings. He admits that he didn’t listen to the NEN call, didn’t watch the walk-thru video, didn’t look at any of the defendant’s statements but the consensus was there should be no charges. The only exception was Smith who said the injuries didn’t support the suspect’s (he wasn’t yet a defendant) statements. But if the discussion was limited to did you do what you were assigned and here’s what else needs to be done, and NO discussion of what they had and what it meant, how could he or anyone else reach a conclusion of to charge or not?

    Does anyone remember when and by whom the requests were made for the lab tests re: dna, gunshot residue, etc.?

    • bettykath says:

      I’m not suggesting the MOM should have provided the information that would answer the questions I asked. They are questions that the state’s response should provide. imo

    • bettykath says:

      In rereading my post I sort of suggest that the NEN tape and the walk-thru video etc. might have been a part of the meetings. They were not. No analysis was done in the meetings, just who’s doing what and what else needs to be done.

      The point is, Santiago had verrrry limited information on which to base his opinion. And anyone in those meetings who didn’t do his/her own work in looking at the information that Serino had, they also had no basis for taking an opinion.

    • Jun says:

      All of Omara’s motions have been fairly the same if you check all of them, since the beginning. Omara is trying to be sheisty as usual by painting a false picture

    • grahase says:

      Re: #4 bettykath

      Thugboat, when hearing the screams ALSO said – that doesnt even sound like me.

      RZSr. Said he didn’t recognize the screams as his sons the first time. It was only after using headphones that he could say those screams were definitely his sons.

      There are also police reports filed right after the shooting that identify Trayvon Martin at the beginning (header) of the report. However, Trayvon was not immediately identified that night.

      In other words, these notes or reports by some of the officers are obviously NOT contemporaneous. I would question why there was a delay in reporting the incident. Collaboration, perhaps.

  62. Dan Q. Smith says:

    No, he may not have the GPS off. Yes, I am tired of his whining. I’ve been tired of it for a long time.

    Is there yet more racist sceeed in his file? This I’d like to read.

    • Xena says:

      @Dan. I was just looking at self-defense cases in Florida to see if there is any pattern as to how fast they are finalized.

      John Orr killed his victim on 10/2/11. His immunity hearing was held in March 2012. He was denied immunity and his case is still pending.

      Trevor Dooley killed his victim on 9/26/10. His immunity hearing was on or about 5/15/12. He was denied immunity. His trial ended approx. 3 wks ago. He was found guilty of manslaughter.

      Although Judge Nelson has set tentative dates for GZ’s immunity hearing and trial, we shouldn’t be surprised if his trial doesn’t end until calendar year 2013. The longer it takes, the more time O’Mara has to attempt to taint the jury pool.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Oh my. I do hope the trial starts in June and is over by July. Jail. End of story.

        • Xena says:

          Oh my. I do hope the trial starts in June and is over by July. Jail. End of story.

          Bernie said it will take at least 2 weeks to seat a jury. I’m going to say 3 wks. Trial may not end until early August.

  63. Rachael says:

    Now this is interesting. I found this photo at the outhouse. Someone imposed a picture of a drink can (like the one Trayvon had) over GZ’s face to show how the can could have been what caused his nasal “damage.” I suppose if it hit him at the right angle, it would not have dented, I don’t know that I put a whole lot of store in it. However, what I do think is that if he swung the bag with the can and/or hit him with the can, wouldn’t it make more sense that such a gesture would be done as an attempt to flee? I mean they go on and on about his fists (and how someone can’t be said to be unarmed if they have fists – gawd, like they don’t know the meaning of the word arms – because if they are thinking along those terms, it would mean we all have a right to keep our arms and bear them rather than have a gun LOL – I find so much amusement there) being so deadly and all, but now they say it is the can. I can see someone being attacked by someone with fists, but someone who throws a can or uses a can in a bag as a weapon is not attacking someone, it is what one would do in a situation to defend himself.

    One time I had someone break into my house and I had nothing to defend myself with. A friend gave me a sock filled with pennies. I feel like if he makes a good statement with regard to the can hitting GZ in the face, he also makes an even better statement that Trayvon felt he had to defend himself and used the first thing he could find.

    Again, I don’t know that I put any store in his theory, just saying that his theory kind of shatters the “attack” theory.

    • Tee says:

      So let me get this straight, he hit GZ With the can then put the can back into his pocket all while beating GZ head to the concrete ground

      • Rachael says:

        I have no idea how the theory goes. However, I do not believe that he beat GZ’s head to the concrete ground anyway. And who knows what it was he was doing when he was doing on top of GZ after he shot him.

        It isn’t my theory and I didn’t really pay much attention, other than to post the link to the picture and say what I said. I don’t know if anyone else is giving it any consideration either.

      • Rachael says:

        And I didn’t say it was a good theory LOL – just that it supports Trayvon more than GZ as far as Trayvon defending himself as opposed to “attacking” GZ.

      • Dennis says:

        Here is my take on the can:

        Martin was carrying both the tea and skittles in a 7-11 bag. It was a cold night and raining. For a long time I couldn’t think of any logical reason why the can of tea was in Martin’s hoody pocket. Then it hit me. Voldemort had claimed that Martin had a weapon in his hoody pocket. Martin could have swung the bag at Voldemort. But Voldemort needed something in Martin’s pocket in order to justify the “he looks like he has a weapon” part. Putting the can in Martin’s pocket would also serve another purpose. It would keep us from thinking that Martin used the bag as a weapon because that would logically be an act of self-defense.

    • Jun says:

      It is not even the proper size for the Arizona Ice Tea can as that company gives a really fat can of ice tea. It is not the right proportion in that picture and as usual, more proof you can not take anything serious from the Conservative Tinfoil Hat. They made the can appear the same dimensions as a redbull can. Also Arizona Ice Tea cans dent rather easily since it is thin aluminum. There was also no DNA found at all on the bag or the can of Ice Tea. Also a can in the face would cause more damage than that scab on the side of his nose. Lastly, if Trayvon was beating him with the pop can in a bag like a ball and chain, hitting at that angle would also leave marks around his eyes, and the can would not cause scratches as it is more a clubbing type weapon if used.

      • Rachael says:

        Jun, that is what I am saying – it would NOT be used to beat him with. Like you said, it would be too thin and would dent. However, if someone was holding you or after you, it is something you could swing at them with if it is in a bag or throw at them – like a one-time thing – in an attempt to get away.

      • Rachael says:

        Again, I am not saying it was a “clubbing-type” weapon. Like I said, that would make no sense. Just something to throw at him to get him off of him, away from him so he could get away. And I certainly would not think the scratches would come from that – or anything that anyone says Trayvon did. Geez!!!! Those look more like he, GZ, was hiding in the bushes and got his face scratched up. For goodness sake Jun. LOL. But no, I do not believe Trayvon had anything to do with the scratches, I do not believe his head was smashed into the concrete, and just saying that IF Trayvon hit him with a can, it was in a defensive move because it is not something one would use to attack with.

        Is that any clearer now?

      • Jun says:

        It can be used as a weapon, I agree with that, but in this situation, I disagree with the Tinfoil Hat assertions. There’s just no evidence it was ever used.

      • Jun says:

        What I mean by “clubbing” is the can used in a bag would hit more like a club. It would not just cause a surface scratch. It would cause bruising and a clubbing type injury.

      • Rachael says:

        But you are right that the Arizona Iced Tea cans are much bigger.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        The drink can would break through the bottom of the bag if swung, and the Skittles, I think, would break open on impact (weren’t they in the bag too?). Trayvon never had a chance to swing anything, IMO.

      • Rachael says:

        Maybe he took it out of the bag and threw it at him and got a lucky hit to the schnoz. Maybe then GZ grabbed him by the shirt when he went to run, taunted him and shot him then stood over him and put the can back into the bag and into the pocket of his hoodie. I can make up stuff as good (or bad LOL) as the next guy.

        Again, I didn’t say it was a good theory – or even plausible, just that if someone is going to use it, it shows Trayvon defending himself, not attacking GZ.

        Anyway, I’m going to bed now. I have finals in the morning.

      • Jun says:

        This is why you do not listen to the Tinfoil Hat Cult. They always make up stuff that only makes sense to racist bigot jack asses and right wing wackos. Do they realize how much damage a can in the face would cause? Mathematically it is mass times acceleration. For having such a minor scratch and a couple of photoshopped pics, it is a very false and idiotic theory full of failure. I remember when their proof was a twitter of a kid in North Carolina was Trayvon and they had a video of blurry black kids fighting, and then they had a mix video of people who were not Trayvon starting fights on a bus. When they can come up with something with a little more reasonable and actual scientific thinking and theory where it is physically matching what is present, I will give them props. I dont give much props for a site run by a bag boy right wing wacko.

      • aussie says:

        This is one of my early theories, and I’ve not seen much reason to revise it

        Trayvon comes out of a cut-through between buildings (between the doggie path and TTL) where he was taking a break talking n the phne. GZ emerges at a lower cut-through from RVC, having gone DOWN RVC to check the “coon” didn’t run through that way. This is the “cornered” that DeeDee mentions. Tray has nowhere to go but back north.

        They are seen moving north past a window. GZ grabs Tray, he says “get off” and swings at him with the bag containing the tea. The tea falls out of the bag, which tears. He drops his phone. GZ drops the big torch.

        Tray keeps running north; at the T GZ catches up with him. They argue. Maybe scuffle. Maybe GZ bumps into the tree and drops his keychain torch. One or both may slip on the wet grass.

        Trayvon runs back south. Witnesses HEARD the arguments move north to south.

        He runs back south to FIND HIS PHONE to call for help. First thing he comes across is the drink so he pockets that. This delays him enough for GZ to catch up again. They fall to the ground and wrestle. GZ gets to twist Trayvon’s arm behind him, Tray starts screaming in pain; GZ pulls the gun, Tray starts screaming in fear.

        This still fits all the known timings. This still fits all the witness statements. This still fits all the debris locations.

    • groans says:

      I don’t know, Rachael. Something along those lines makes sense to me. It’s kind of simple and realistic sounding, as opposed to all elaborate (which raises my eyebrows).

      Not long ago, I clipped part of a ChrisNY~Laurie comment, because it sounded plausible and realistic:

      “[C]reepy guy took his gun out near the T and is why he told the stupid story about reaching for his cell phone in case someone saw him reaching for his gun and was going to try and “take the suspect in”, but Trayvon was scared and swung his bag with the canned drink in it hitting creepy guy in the face and creepy guy stumbled backwards hitting the back of his head on the sign.”

      (Thanks ChrisNY!)

    • groans says:

      But I must admit, my favorite theory has always been his own gun recoil cracking him in his schnozolla.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Aluminum drink cans don’t take much battering. The side we can see in the photograph is pristine. I suppose there’s some off chance that it could have glanced off Tugboat’s face from the strongest point at the top or bottom edge and not left a dent, but IMHO, that’s a small chance.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Thing is, the can would make a circular bruise. But where would such a move fit in? Certainly not after TM asked “why are you following me for?” Because, such an attack is too easily defeated, by simply raising one’s hands. It’s a reflex when there’s anything coming towards the face. Besides which, to swing the bag, one has to draw it back first, then take a wide swing to keep control of it.

      You can’t simply whip a can in a bag, from a dead hang to a missile.
      The extra motion required would “telegraph” the “punch” so to speak, you couldn’t expect anyone to just stand there, stock still, and make themselves a good target to be hit square. As the bag darkened the face, the head would automatically jerk back, with the hands rising up, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve an effective attack. The bag would be grabbed and torn away from the attacker. So, that line of reasoning is just to ineffective for words.

      Besides, there’s no evidence that TM even has any experience with using anything as a weapon. The fact that he speaks first, belies that he mounted any attack, because you don’t surrender your advantage of surprise if you plan to attack. Most especially not with a bag that has to be first swung away from the target before it can be swung back.

  64. Judy75201 says:

    I’m very interested in motives for behavior, and wonder if anyone has an opinion about whether George’s family actually believes he is innocent (or innocent enough) or if they don’t care and simply want to save his life?

    • Jun says:

      I feel they are a family of people who think they are better than anyone and they do not care if the defendant is innocent or not, they just trying to bail him out like all the other times he got in trouble

      • Judy75201 says:

        @Jun, do you think part of the allure of defending George so vigorously could be the limelight? Especially for Junior? He gets angry if he doesn’t get his way. But he also seems to think his rightful place is before a camera.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Let him soak up as much limelight as he can, because it’s going to end pretty swiftly. After GZ is convicted, the only interviews he’ll get is from programs that want pretend to be analyzing the case. He won’t want to do them, because he’ll be hit with the verdict and that will make him look foolish. But, who knows? Maybe he won’t mind looking foolish, just to be in front of the camera. Be that as it may, that kind of thing has a very short shelf life and the curtain comes down pretty abruptly on it, like the after-game show at the super bowl, once is too much, so nobody listens to it.

      • Jun says:

        Getting angry for not getting their way seems to be a family trait, as they seem like a selfish bunch, with no care for others feelings, explained by much of GZ’s history and the hidden history of the other Fogenhats. Considering that, that is a very astute observation, as being self absorbed seems to be a trait of the defendant’s family and parlays within Junior as well. Their sense of entitlement befalls onto cameras as well, however, Junior is a very phony person and you can tell by all his media appearances, especially his “apology” where he stated his letter to the Trayvon family with a monotone emotionless tone and voice. The main motivating factor is their family cares more about how they appear to others than actual morals.

    • looneydoone says:

      They care more about “the shame” a guilty verdict will bring to their perfect little fantasy about being the perfect little family. They need to be seen as perfect, upstanding community members..and not the arrogant, selfish, dysfunctional personalities they are. There’s some very troubling dynamics at play in that family

      • Judy75201 says:

        Hi, Looney! I was just thinking about that, also. That it’s more of a losing face thing than anything else. Especially since neither son has actually lived up to potential, although George is easily the worst offender there.

      • Xena says:

        They care more about “the shame” a guilty verdict will bring to their perfect little fantasy about being the perfect little family. They need to be seen as perfect, upstanding community members..and not the arrogant, selfish, dysfunctional personalities they are.

        BINGO! GZ demonstrated how concerned he was for his family by deserting them and moving in with the Ostermans. In his jailhouse phone conversations with ShelLIE, not once did he tell her to not only repay his parents the $3,500 he owed them, but make sure they had enough money to be safe.

        He left his parents high and dry where they had to launch their own begging website.

        He tried buying bullet proof vests for himself, ShelLIE and O’Mara, but not for his dad, mom and grandmother who, according to Papa Zim, were threatened at their home and forced to leave.

        Now, that’s all the fault of Blacks and the New Black Panther Party — not GZ killing an unarmed 17 yr old and getting out of town like a bat out of hell hours afterward.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I think it’s entirely natural that any family would want to protect their loved one.

      However, I do think the Zs have a problem allowing Tugboat to face the music and they certainly seem to be in denial about the extent of his problems. They seem to care more about appearances than truth. If they’re truly not racist and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can dig up to prove it, then there’s really no reason to make such a racket about ipublic perception. The FBI investigation exonerates Tugboat at this point. One or two interviews would suffice to get the family views on the record. They’ve passed the point of dignity.

      • Judy75201 says:

        @two sides, I think your point about appearances is true. It actually matters more, at least to Junior, than the death of an innocent young man. I believe George was attempting to keep up appearances when he murdered Trayvon. Wanted to be a hero. Wanted to prove he wasn’t a loser. Gahhhh this makes me sick.

      • Xena says:

        I think it’s entirely natural that any family would want to protect their loved one.

        Oh yes, but they do that one-on-one with the family member. They don’t go to the media and attempt to denigrate the dead and the dead person’s family and legal counsel.

      • Jun says:

        I agree with Xena

        As much as I would want to protect a family member

        I could not do what the defendant aka the murderer of Trayvon and his family are doing as it is very immoral

        I also agree with your observation that their image means more than human life but what do you expect from a monotone, ulterior motivated, and emotionless characters of the Fogenhats family?

        You see Juniors monotone and weird delivery of what is supposed to be an apology?

        If they want to come across genuine they should stop being so phony because a kid could read through them

        • Xena says:

          If they want to come across genuine they should stop being so phony because a kid could read through them

          What I hear the Zimmerman’s saying in their purported apologies is,
          “Our son’s life is superior to your son’s life. George would have had good reason to kill your son for doing nothing more than stepping on his foot because inferior people need to know and stay in their place.”

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I agree with y’all too. To attack Trayvon’s family is unconscionable. Tugboat’s apology was incredibly lame and not entirely from the heart, and this was underscored again during the Hannity interview. He showed his true colors in blazing glory then. That was a big turning point for me.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      I sincerely doubt they believe GZ, since he’s cut the legs out from under the versions he gave them, a number of times. While they continue to focus on things that are either already refuted or not material to the charge. My guess is they feel that they have to say something, but, since GZ isn’t innocent, they feel they might just as well say anything at all. Since it’s their attacks on Trayvon that gets them the most positive results with their followers, that’s what they continue to do.

      The SP doesn’t need to slap back in the media, because they have a real case to try. All MOM has is irrelevancies to work with, he’s guessing that that is better than nothing. He doesn’t want to sally forth with his relevant material, because he doesn’t want it knocked down in public, before he presents it at trial. So that, he can, at the least, make it appear that his material is only failing for the very first time. He won’t want it to be shown that he has already been refuted, and therefore should not have presented this same material again.

  65. groans says:

    I don’t know WHY I keep trying to write my comments in this box. It suddenly deletes most of what I wrote, and it’s just GONE! 😦

    I guess I’ll try reconstructing it offline and hopefully get back to you all later. But maybe I’ll just read all your information – there sure is a lot of it!

  66. Tee says:

    I was thinking that Tayvon’s parents have to be a couple of the strongest people I have seen. This “guy” and his attorney are constantly trying to portray GZ as the victim and constantly bending the law, when their son is the victim. I just don’t understand how MOM sleeps at night. These parents lost here son, a son who they will not see walk across his high school graduating stage this year, a son who will not go away to college, no wedding day, no grand-babies, no more christmas or birthdays, and they want to complain about a monitor because he can’t go where he want, Trayvon can never go anyplace again! I never hated anyone in my life and I’m very close to hating this man. If I could say a few words to him it will be this.There once was a man in Miami that chased a young boy down and stab him to death for stealing his car radio. He said the boy swung the bag of radios at him so he stabb him in defense. this guy then sells the stolen radios found in the bag, he’s granted amunity under SYG. pay attention GZ, im talking to you. this guy dies lest than a year later in a drive by shooting on his way to work he had nothing to do with the shooting he wasn’t involved but that God you claim to know so well he has ways of judging that not one human can match! I pray for Trayvon’s family I know this hoilday will be hard may God bless you guys and bring you some peace this season
    With much love, tee

    • Jun says:

      Omara and his client have no soul and I agree with you because Trayvon’s family is strong to put up with so much nonsense just because this scum killed a kid after stalking him and does not want to face the truth or punishment for his actions. He’s gonna get his very soon.

  67. Malisha says:

    Anybody who can answer a question for me? When was Ron Allen fired from NBC for the flap over the reporting of the Trayvon Martin story? When was Lilia Rodriguez Luciano fired ditto ditto? When was Jeffrey Burnside fired ditto ditto?

    Anybody? Thanks.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Only two of the three were fired. But I saw that in a news report the day the NBC suit was announced. It may have been on the NBC site – not sure.

    • Jun says:

      I just thought of it, but NBC never publicly stated that they admitted that they purposely edited and altered the defendant’s statements to make him appear like a hostile racist murderer, nor did they at all. All I remember hearing is that people stated that the editors edited out the police dispatcher’s part of the dialogue and the NBC said oh, and then they fired the editors. If you look at it, even if the judge did allow the plaintiff to use that fact, it really does not prove anything for Fogenhats. All it appears from the firing is that NBC head honchos were unhappy with the work done on the show and fired the ex employees. Nowhere does it say “Yes we are sorry for treating Fogenhats unfairly and we were intent on making him seem racist and our modus operandi is to make Fogenhats a villian” like he claims because Fogenhats does a damn good job doing it himself.

      As for the firing, I never paid much attention to it because it was not a a huge deal to be honest.

      • PYorck says:

        Exactly. The distinction that the Zimmerman camp wants to ignore is that between work that isn’t up to the expected standard and illegal behavior.

      • Jun says:

        Nowhere in that exchange did they ever state that it made the defendant look bad nor did it showcase any racial implications or alterations of the defendant’s statements in the edit done by the editors nor is there any proof there was a conspiracy to do so nor does the edit show any actionable account that would cause what the defendant claims, as well, the defendant in the Trayvon Murder Case would have to take the stand and make his claims under oath and cross examination, which I do not see happening. The suit is overreaching but what more do you expect from those leeches of human life.

  68. Lonnie Starr says:

    Since the defense’s use of material that is no longer in evidence, is an insult to the court, I think the court should rule that the motion is frivolous and should be summarily dismissed, out-of-hand, in it’s current form. With a warning that the defense should stop using it’s motions as a vehicle to publicize it’s views of the case.

    • Jun says:

      That is a good idea and I never thought of that

      But Omara is prolly gonna use it as an opportunity to try and claim bias like he did Lester by baiting the court with frivolous motions

      and I feel Omara is taking orders from Junior because he has followed his mantra that it is only fair in trial if the defendant is let off

  69. Rachael says:

    OMG, LMAO!!! That is hilarious – I mean the reason he changed it. Hahahahahahaha

  70. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    I see that there has been visitors here all day reading comments and posting them on their site. {{{{waiving}}}}
    Must be bored and lonely. They love to make fun of Professor, so I’ll give them a laugh that I found on another blog that i just LOVED.

    The real reason their mentor has dropped the “cracker” from his name… LOL

    Apologies in advance for those who may find it offensive.

    • looneydoone says:

      jejeje….freaking hilarious

    • Xena says:

      I just received a request from one of them to my Yahoo Group where his reason for wanting membership was the “N” word, written out, and repeated about 30 times. But they aren’t racists bigots, right?

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        It’s funny to see them post that they are not racist, yet the next time you read there you see the same person post a racist comment. Maybe they are bipolar or have multiple personalities… or maybe they are just racist bigots.

        • Xena says:

          It’s funny to see them post that they are not racist, yet the next time you read there you see the same person post a racist comment. Maybe they are bipolar or have multiple personalities… or maybe they are just racist bigots.

          It’s a matter of understanding “sovereign citizen speak,” which says, they are not racists because this country belongs to them and thus, those who acknowledge their “patriotism” are racists.

      • Jun says:

        I found a funny photo of that

        That is for all the racist KKKlan members who want to proclaim the land as theirs

    • Two sides to a story says:

      ROFLMAO!!! : D : D~~~

    • OMG!!! LOLOL ewwewewweeeeeee!
      i’d love to know who’s coming here and going over somewhere and talkin smack. you could write their names on my blog page if you get a chance!

      • Xena says:

        i’d love to know who’s coming here and going over somewhere and talkin smack. you could write their names on my blog page if you get a chance!

        I seem to remember that the hearing before the last was posted by Trent Sawyer on his stateoftheinternet YouTube channel. I posted a comment here to that effect. Sundancecracker obtained Trent’s videos and without watching first, posted them on the treeslum. He received all kinds of thank you’s. Then, people wanted to know who was commenting in the background of the videos. When they discovered it was Trent, the hearing was no longer the subject.

        It was can be perceived to cover for sundancecracker’s embarrassment of taking opportunity to benefit from a pro-Trayvon advocate, (without telling his followers), a gay bashing attack was waged upon Trent.

        IOWs, regardless of any others from the treeslum who lurk here, sundancecracker does too.

  71. PYorck says:

    I thought the text message issue was decided among many other things back in June (shortly after those articles) in this 6/13 order.

    • boar_d_laze says:

      You’re mistaken, the text message issue was not decided. There was a ruling on Mr. Zimmerman’s cell phone records of the numbers that he’d called — and the court ruled that as of that time (June) the prosecution had not submitted sufficient bases and the records would remain private.


  72. Prosecutor: Zimmerman trying to ‘co-opt the mantle of victimhood’ from Trayvon Martin,0,7660340.story

    In a blistering response to a recent filing by George Zimmerman’s defense team, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda accuses the second-degree murder defendant of attempting “to co-opt the mantle of victimhood for himself.”

    Zimmerman’s legal team had asked Circuit Judge Debra Nelson to force an attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, the Miami Gardens teen shot by Zimmerman Feb. 26 in Sanford, to turn over a recorded interview of a witness described as the teen’s girlfriend.

    In its filing, the defense argued Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump was not forthcoming in response to requests for the original copy of the recording of the girl, who is identified in prosecution documents as “Witness 8.”

    That request is set to be among several motions heard by Nelson tomorrow, but today, de la Rionda fired back at what he described as the Zimmerman team’s “revisionist history.”

    “No matter how often, how viciously, or how vociferously Defense Counsel tries to attack Mr. Crump and make him a feature of this case, he is not the issue,” de la Rionda writes in his response, arguing Zimmerman’s “goal… is not legitimately to gather relevant evidence in this criminal case. Rather, he is clearly more interested in defending his own supposed ‘reputation’ than in permitting a judge and/or a jury to consider his actions.”

    • Jun says:

      Strictly my opinion but it seems like a fairly spot on observation of the defense. At the end of the day, no matter what he says, he instigated the whole thing by targeting the kid, stalking the kid, was told that pursuing the young boy was not necessary, the defendant continued his stalking and chasing anyways, he ends up confronting the young boy (which we have proof of), and before shooting the boy, he grabbed the young boy by the shirt so he could not get away, and then shot him, threw the kid facedown, sat on his back and asphyxiated the young boy, killing him, then was seen by witnesses molesting the young boy’s body by running his hands all over the young boy he just killed’s body. There was no need to do any of that because the young boy was committing no crime, nor was the defendant authorized to stalk and pursue the boy, on top of confronting the young boy and attacking him, and threatening an unarmed young boy with a gun, before killing him and not letting him go and be. The defendant was never in any position where he was defending himself and spent the whole incident attacking, pursuing, and confronting, and lastly killing the young boy. Although the young boy would be justified in defending himself, he did not even know how to fight and just ended up screaming for help. Witnesses on the scene described the screaming as that of a young boy or kid, or else a person in real danger and the screams were ended with a gun shot. 2 witnesses have identified the aggressor and the person confronting as the defendant, and the screaming was moving from the south to the north of the back pathway.

    • Tzar says:

      I am upset that every repeater of this quote leaves out the most important word Bernie said “SHAMELESSLY”, fogen is “shamelessly trying to co-opt the mantle of victimhood”

      • Oh yes! Bernie said “shamelessly”. The Sentinel is over-looking that one important word.

      • Malisha says:

        Very good, Tzar. Shamelessness is the major element of the defense.

      • Malisha says:

        By editing the document to leave out the word “shamelessly” the media have exhibited yellow journalism.

        YELLOW: Scared to say it as it lays!

      • Jun says:

        It is fairly shameless because I do not feel even as a defense lawyer, if I was one, could I, with my conscience, act so immorally, such as the defense and the defendant in this case. Even the racist 18 year old who killed the black man even publicly repented his actions and did not spend his whole case lamenting and making up lies about the victim. This is the most ludicrous and malicious defendant in the history of criminal law in the US of A.

  73. Xena says:

    There are reports that he sent Tracy Martin an abusive email and used the N-word “when referring who to look out for when on patrol in his Sanford, Florida neighborhood.“

    This would explain why Junior has gone on defense with his “We’re not racist” media tour. In the event that the email is released, he would hope that people read that word but believe it does not mean GZ is a racist bigot.

      • Xena says:

        Momma Zimm and Jr. did another interview

        Thanks for the link ChrisNY, but I am sick of reading Junior’s mantra. His agenda is to attack attorneys Crump and Jackson. What he apparently doesn’t realize is that, what he is doing, is in the same light as if Osama Bin Laden’s family criticize the U.S. for seeking justice for the victims of the 911 attack on America.

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        I know, I agree, but his mother is spewing the same garbage.

      • jm says:

        “Momma Zimm and Jr. did another interview.”

        Love it. This proves to me Team Zimmerman is running scared and something big and bad is about to happen to Chorge.

        Lawsuits and interviews and spin. Oh my!

        Team Zimmerman is protesting way tooooo much during this latest PR media blitz. What are they trying to accomplish and why becomes the question?

      • Jun says:

        I have a feeling from her interview that she is online with Junior because it sounds similar to what I have experienced online on other sites

        it seems they may have started the Trayvon is not so innocent and the thug movement

      • looneydoone says:

        1) The text and translation to English is riddled with errors(“George and his son Robert.”) ..and many more.
        2) Miami based Univision is a Spanish language version of Fox. It has a very small audience.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        These online translators are next to worthless. Why doesn’t the media venue just translate their work for general public consumption – they surely have bilingual employees who can fire off translations. I could do a better job than a computer myself with just conversational Spanish skills.

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        I know the translation is hoorible. Wish I took spanish in highschool instead of French…although I don’t remember any French so…

    • Malisha says:

      I predict that if text messages or e-mails come out in which Fogen said the “N-word,” he will deny it and say: “That was just ‘coon.’ I have ADD and my pronunciation is off.”

      • Jun says:

        I wonder what his excuse for

        “DAT NIGGY TB” is supposed to be

        or his explanation for wanting to run over Mexicans with his car

      • Xena says:

        I predict that if text messages or e-mails come out in which Fogen said the “N-word,” he will deny it and say: “That was just ‘coon.’ I have ADD and my pronunciation is off.”

        You mean, he mis-spelled the word “punk”???? LOL!!!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Dat Niggy Tugboat was GZs nickname. His friends named him that.

        • Xena says:

          Dat Niggy Tugboat was GZs nickname. His friends named him that.

          It’s “TB” which is suppose to be short for “Tugboat.” Isn’t that what Junior said? IMO, it’s code for “That “N” took a bullet” which conveyed to GZ’s gang buddies that he killed a Black person. We know that GZ likes using codes.

      • Jun says:

        I know that is his nickname but why is he using “Niggy”, since he claims to be so proper? Why is it important only Mexicans are run over by him in his car?

  74. Dennis says:

    He-who-must-not-be-named should not be a free person. If the weight of the evidence proves they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they not not be allowed bond. He killed a person, which means he can do it again. What if the stress and his mental illness get to him and he ends up beating Shellie to death? Who will be held responsible if something like that happens? The justice system already failed Martin when they allowed him to carry a concealed weapon. How is a convicted violent offender allowed to carry a pistol anyways?

    • Rachael says:

      I think in his paranoid state, afraid of everything and everyone (except that he is not afraid to wander around free without an ankle bracelet – go figure), he would be more inclined than ever to shoot someone – in fear of his life and all.

    • Malisha says:

      The law “pulled a little trick” and demoted the charge of assaulting an officer WITH violence to assaulting an officer WITHOUT violence. I mean, hey, guys, how do I assault someone WITHOUT violence?

      Well the law pulls “little tricks.” It calls things “harmless error” when error is not harmless. It calls things “non-violent” when they are violent. And it calls things by all sorts of euphemisms.

      The bottom line is that Fogen should not have had a gun.

  75. Tee says:

    Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

  76. Tee says:

    Why is MOM keep asking for the same things, have not the court made there decision already about these motions? As far as the GPS didnt MOM have like 30 day to file a motion for any changes once the new judge was assigned if I remember correctly.

    • Xena says:

      MOM needs something that Junior can use in his “Attorney Crump is racist” campaign.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Sounds like his Crump bashing days will soon be over. I imagine Judge Nelson won’t take kindly to it now that the prosecution has commented and resolved the issue.

      • Jun says:

        The Crump bashing is from the Tinfoil Hat Cult. At the beginning Crump was never a target at all, perhaps maybe Omara and Crump would go at each other on TV, but even then it was just Crump stating the defendant has no credibility, and Omara getting angry on CNN and stating in reply that he would place Trayvon;s credibility in question to which Crump answered “Trayvon the victim is not on trial” and then Omara got all flustered. They do not seem to get that Crump does not represent the State of Florida and he has nothing to do with the State of Florida Vs Fogenhats.

        • Xena says:

          They do not seem to get that Crump does not represent the State of Florida and he has nothing to do with the State of Florida Vs Fogenhats.

          Each time that any pro-justice person produces a video, blog or argument that reveals GZ’s lies, the Zidiots search for something to counter, not in defense for GZ, but to demean others.

          Actually, I feel very sorry for O’Mara. He has to take the advice and demands from the Zidiots in his representation of GZ as well as Papa Zim and Junior. O’Mara is no longer representing GZ. Rather, he is representing the interests of Junior who is using him in his quest to have Jackson and Crump disbarred. It ain’t — gonna —– happen.

          In a frightening sort of way, GZ’s financial supporters have adopted him and are his guardians, and they believe they have authority to tell his legal team what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who to do it too. IMO, O’Mara and West need to start thinking for themselves and what’s best for GZ. Also IMO, they have come up to crossing the line of demonstrating disrespect for the court.

      • Patricia says:

        Hi xena did anyone read GlobalGrind’s editor-in-chief Michael Skolnik responce to RZs open letter maybe someone can post this link to follow –haven’t heard a peeeeeeep out of rz since!!!
        Malisha love your excellent points too!! Get well professor ! enjoy all your posts and people separating facts from fiction.

  77. Tzar says:

    has anyone seen the black and white photo O’mara submitted as part of his motion page 13

    Click to access Motion%20To%20Modify%20Conditions%20of%20Release%2012%207%2012.pdf

    it is even worse than the color photo

    this is amateurish at best

    • Jun says:

      well once the judge sees all the threats and racist remarks from the defense, I think it is safe to say that she has to protect the witnesses from the defendant and that it has already been ruled on

      I also do not get why he attached the deposition

      The cops all said they felt at the time they did not have enough to charge him, they never stated that they did not want to charge him

      We will wait and see

      • Xena says:

        Santiago said at least two things that are very relevant.
        1. The meetings were to assign tasks. These were apparently tasks that failed to produce any information different than what they had on day one.

        2. He did not see GZ’s re-enactment and therefore had no knowledge of the inconsistencies in the re-enactment with GZ’, NEN call, written statement, and interviews with Singleton and Serino.

        We also know that Serino had no photos of GZ’s injuries to present at those meetings. They had no forensics and did not discuss physical evidence beyond GZ’s boo-boos.

        • jm says:

          What do these police officers who give opinions without bothering to see evidence get paid? What a waste of time and money for the tax-payers.

      • Malisha says:

        None of that matters, since he has been charged, and Judge Lester has ruled that there was probable cause. That issue is a dead horse that O’Mara wants to keep beating.

      • Jun says:

        I agree Malisha, as that is Nelson’s way of doing things. She seems like a go getter in court to get everything done proper and fast. The other lawyers were correct in the fact that you better have a good reason to use court time with her. She is probably just going to say the ruling stands, the information that went into that ruling has already been presented and gone over, and the time frame to argue any of Lester’s rulings has passed, now let us move on. As much as Fogenhats and his lawyer do not like it, the defendant brought it on himself because he had a pretty lenient bond on 420. He should not have lied and schemed the court, as much as Omara tries to proclaim that it was just a “belief”.

    • blushedbrown says:

      and to think, they whined and moaned about getting a pristine photo, but its ok to use this poor copy in their paperwork.

      • raiikun says:

        Actually, the Defense filed the color photo, as seen here:

        Click to access motion_to_modify_conditions_of_release.pdf

        That black and white is just from the Court photocopying it.

      • Tzar says:

        Thank you Raikun for correcting my error in assumption
        the link you provided however showed significant color variations from what they posted on the website. more comment later

      • tonydphotog says:

        I just looked at the photos, and I cannot believe they’re actually filed these two photos in their motion. The one showing his face amazingly now has blood on his jacket. And he only seems to have hair on the sides of his head, in the other photo.

        • blushedbrown says:


          I think they do it so the record, can be filled with those pictures over and over again. So anyone viewing the public documents can view them and see those pictures. Jury tainting?

      • ladystclaire says:

        @Dan Q. Smith, you’re darn tooting it was never punks, it was what it was and, what he said was the words F’ing coons just as the sun shines in Florida, that is what he said!

      • ladystclaire says:

        @raiikun, take a look at the photos that you provided a link for. in the one on the left, he looks like he is missing an ear LOL. his eyebrows are not even as one is longer than the other one. this photo should not even be allowed into anything take a look at how shiny the blood look on his lower lip, that is not how dried blood looks under any circumstances!

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Shades of Andy Warhol.

      Counsellor O’Mara is what racerrodig said, for including Santiago’s deposition stating he never read or heard defendant’s statements nor saw his re-enactment.

  78. Malisha says:

    To me, it is inherently racist to expect that a dead child’s parents would believe their son, who had no history of violence or crime, would suddenly and without provocation attack and try to kill a man. To me that would mean either that those parents were exceedingly stupid and/or subservient (thus believing an obviously unbelievable story because some white cop told them to believe it) or that they were themselves “closet criminals” whose penchant for violence had affected their son to do things like that. If they were good, decent parents who had raised a good, decent child, they would NOT believe the cock-and-bull story told to them; they would believe, rather, that Fogen had terrified their son so that if their son reacted by fighting, he was doing so to defend himself against an aggressor.

    See if somebody came to the Zimmermans and told them, “Your son was killed by someone who was apparently being beaten up by him for no reason at all and the only thing the guy could do was to kill your son; and the guy who killed your son is ‘squeaky clean’ so don’t go trying to blame HIM for the thing,” would we all expect the nice Zimmerman family to go along with that? Would we all expect them to say, “Oh it MUST be our son’s fault; we generally are at fault whenever something happens”?

    I think not.

    If Zimmermans would not have believed this version then why should Fulton-Martins? Because they’re… what? ❓ What? ❓

    • Jun says:

      Because the defendant’s family feels a sense of entitlement over others. If someone killed the defendant tomorrow and claimed self defense, they would be crying a river about it, although the defendant who killed Fogennuts would have a good case against him, and Fogennuts also has a lengthy history of violence and harassment against him. The simple fact is the defendant’s family and himself are exceedingly selfish and routinely take advantage of others and have no thought of other’s feelings, especially the family of the victim.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      Not only did Trayvon not have any history of violence (unlike his attacker), but he was a guest, of a homeowner (unlike his attacker), and not only was he building his relationships with his hostess and her son, but I believe he “pulled his punches” i.e. did not attack or even defend himself from his attacker because he was strongly motivated not to make trouble (unlike his attacker) while at the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

  79. ladystclaire says:

    @Professor Leatherman, I’m so glad to know that you are feeling a little better today. take care of yourself because, we all Love and need you here. as for these motions, they stink to high heaven and the judge should dismiss them. O’Mara thinks he can just have his way with the justice system and everyone else is suppose to dance to his tune. everything about Casey Anthony’s life was exposed for all the world to see and, he is no better than she is. there is some pretty damming stuff in those text and email messages and, that is why they don’t want them released. what ever he said in them, is not going to go away! I’ll be willing to bet, that everything in them contained some form of racist rants or him using the “N” word a lot or maybe even calling AA porch monkeys.

    • Malisha says:

      I will also bet that if Trayvon Martin had been texting about all his life wanting to kill a cracker, that would be information that O’Mara would want OUT and SOON.

      • Jun says:


        at Omara’s whining of

        “Its an injustice to publish racist and angry remarks from the defendant, but it is okay to publish hearsay and stuff I made up and have no proof of the victim in this case such as his MMA fighting videos which there is no evidence of.”

      • ladystclaire says:

        I’m with you on that one all the way! O’Mara has been doing nothing but using dirty tricks from day one of his taking on this case. he has also done his fair share of smearing this kid’s reputation as much as his and Thugboats supporters. this is no way for an officer of the justice system to act, under any circumstances. he knows his client is *GUILTY* of the crime that he is charged with. I trust that Tracy made copies of the email’s and turned them over to the proper authorities. as I have said before, I’m saying it again, Zimmerman hasn’t got all GOD promised him.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        ^Thugboat^, yes!

    • Dan Q. Smith says:

      Joe Oliver went on a,”He said Goons” PR tour to explain away the, “…ooms” sound. It was never, “punks- this is a story the Zimmerman team, in all their glory, concocted.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        2 paraphrase Groucho Marx via Joe Oliver:

        Whaddya believe, Me? ….. or your lying ears?

      • ladystclaire says:

        Fogen said the words “fucking coons” as plain as the NOT broken nose on his UGLY FAT FACE. I just love the name given to him by TwinkiToes over at HP. she calls him, THE BLOATED GOAT and, it is very fitting in his case. we are TEAM Trayvon and, we are the BEST!

  80. Tzar says:

    O’Mara claims release of the evidence will “adversely affect the proper administration of justice in this case, and may make it impossible to find an appropriate jury unaffected by this information.”

    I am not sure if this is irony or the worst kind of malfeasance…someone help me out here

    • Jun says:


      He has no problem wanting to publicize private records of a dead murdered kid but anything regarding the defendant is an injustice. And he wonders why the whole world hates his client and himself as a lawyer.

    • Malisha says:

      Tzar, there is some question whether the act would be malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, or that good old Anglo-Saxon term: crap.

    • Dan Q. Smith says:

      He didn’t scream out, “Cooms.” it was under his breath for a reason. It was a slur. A slur is made against a minority group. It is not made against just any nebulous group (eg punks, goons, assholes, et al).

      I was born in Florida. Unfortunately, there is sill a saying among some, “coon hunting.” it referees to capturing escaped slaves during the time of slavery, to the days of lynching, to the present day.

      Fogen was “coon hunting,”

      • Jun says:

        Its very hard to tell. I thought it was Coons at first too but to be honest, it is hard to discern. Good thing the defendant is not very bright.

  81. Glad to see you’re feeling better, Professor! Food poisoning is the worse! I’ve had it before and was so so sick.

  82. Tzar says:

    PFL wrote

    I do not believe the civil suit against NBC has any chance to succeed, but I believe it certainly opened the door to publicize his use of the N-word, assuming he did so.

    I am not an attorney or a chemist
    but the way I see it any such texts or emails are certainly central to the NBC lawsuit and likely to be admissible on behalf of the defendant?

  83. If they can prove George Zimmerman used the N-word at anytime (especially after the murder of Trayvon Martin and during the crucial period when he should have been in mourning/regret having taken a life), he is done. George will soon hear the words we are eagerly awaiting… “Guilty.” His boat is sinking and fast. MOM and Zimmerman are about to grab on to anything they can to stay afloat.

    • Eric says:

      And the Feds will be rushing in to get ole Jorge !

    • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

      I am in no way defending Fogen…but if the State had a recording, email or journal entry of him using the N word, wouldn’t the FBI already know about it and that would be all the proof they need to say he is a racist and file charges of a hate crime? I’m confused!

      • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

        Or does he have to be found guily first, then they charge him after?

      • jm says:

        “I am in no way defending Fogen…but if the State had a recording, email or journal entry of him using the N word, wouldn’t the FBI already know about it and that would be all the proof they need to say he is a racist and file charges of a hate crime?

        Not sure but isn’t the FBI investigation ongoing? And would an occasional use of the N word prove Chorge committed a hate crime against Trayvon Martin. I am not defending Chorge but just suggesting maybe in context it would be different and then again maybe it is proof that has not yet been presented to the public.

        I think something is up Big TIme because of the defense media blitz by family, token black friend, and attorneys and maybe the FBI is closing in on a hate crime charge with Chorge’s texts, etc.

        Don’t know enough about the law to speculate, just odd that all the media appearances seem extremely strange. Maybe they just want more racist money and nothing is happening behind the scenes as far as FBI or more charges.

      • Jun says:

        FBI has not filed charges yet so we will never know but they do have jurisdiction over Florida and the defendant is still under their control and they have their own set of laws to ravage the defendant.

      • Malisha says:

        FBI has not completed their investigation yet.

        All they said about hate or racism was that after the interviews they conducted there was no “evidence of racism.” Interviews with laypersons won’t really reveal “evidence of racism,” though. And persons interviewed obviously either knew Fogen and wanted to present him well or DIDN’T know him and could only surmise. Two people apparently said very equivocal things (cousin suggested the family did not “like” Blacks and ex-girlfriend, who was probably also a racist said something vague and noncommittal) about him but nobody had much to say. I could do 20 interviews about anybody and come up with a statement that there was “no evidence of” any particular characteristic they had or didn’t have.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        It might not be intended, but “guily” is good descriptor for the defendant– as in, the opposite of “guileless” and it rhymes with “wily.” It fits.

      • Tee says:

        @ ChrisNy If I’m correct yes the FBI would already know about it but I doubt that it would be all the proof they need to charge him with a hate crime. They would have to prove that the murder committed that night was due to Trayvon being black, that it was GZ intent to murder Trayvon because of his skin color. Being a racist is not a crime, killing someone because of their race is. Geoge could have called trayvon the N word while shooting Trayvon, but if he claims his reason for following Trayvon then shooting him were base on break ins in the neighborhood & self defense then the prosecutor or the FBI would have to prove otherwise. Professor correct me if I’m wrong.

      • thejbmission says:

        Thank you SouthernGirl2 for the heads-up!
        I found this link.
        This might be a good place to start if you want to watch in online.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @JM, I would say that by George Z using the “N” word along with him calling his murder victim and AA as a whole F’ing coons, he is definitely a racist and, for them to come up with the photo of some black man trying to pass him off as Zimmerman’s great grandfather, was nothing more than a ruse to make fools out of all who believed their antics. the same goes for this stupid person Joe Oliver who knows nothing about this *murderer* or GZ himself. why would he do something so stupid as to insert himself into this case by taking up for this POS. sorry professor, but I just can’t really take the high road were George Zimmerman is concerned. he killed this kid even though he was begging for his life, and crying out for his mother. Trayvon had tears on his face when he died. this among some other things is why I can’t take the high road when it comes to him and the things he did that night. he also had the audacity to claim Trayvons calls for help as his and, he sat his Fat stinking @$$ on that kid’s back as he lay trying to take his last breath of life. he is a *monster* and some other things that I will not say here because of my respect for you and my fellow bloggers.

    • boar_d_laze says:


      How is that I went to law school, was a prosecutor, did criminal trial defense, and criminal appellate work, and you know how this trial will turn out, but I don’t?

      • Actually, I can’t say with 100% certainly… but, neither can you or for that matter any of us. But, this is a blog in which our opinions (as long as respectful) are allowed to be posted. Unless, I need to go to “law” school to understand the rules of making blog post.

      • truthforlisa says:

        I can’t say either, but common sense plays a factor in my opinion of how it will end up.

      • boar_d_laze says:

        Let’s not wander too far away from the point discussing our putative right to say whatever it is we like.

        What makes you think that if Mr. Zimmerman ever used the “N word” [God, how I hate that euphemism] it would mean Mr. Zimmerman’s certain conviction?

        In my experience, some juries care about those sorts of things and some don’t. Most juries stick pretty close to the facts and law, and the issue here is not whether Mr. Zimmerman is an odious bigot, but the legal framework in which his acts and frame of mind led to Mr. Martin’s death.

    • groans says:

      What I don’t get is why it wouldn’t have shown up in discovery yet. I mean, if the prosecution has had such information for any period of time, weren’t they required to produce it before now? And have they actually produced it?

      This criminal discovery thing seems a bit chaotic – it used to be just exculpatory things, but now appears to be everythin (or is it mostly exculpatory stuff, still?

  84. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    Wasn’t the motion to seal text messages and such an old motion? Are they going to revisit that motion tomorrow?

    • Jun says:

      Yes it was. She’s probably gonna say the same thing to the defense she has stated all along – they have gone over it, it has been ruled, let’s move on. We have a trial to get to.

      • blushedbrown says:

        Is this motion going to be televised?
        I hope so considering that O’mara is doing interviews again, and the state has issued such a fierce response. Could you found out please Jun?

      • Jun says:

        I have no idea, as I dont have the appropriate channels on my TV to watch the trial. I have to depend on people telling me what happened or taping it for me and sharing it online.

        • blushedbrown says:

          Okie Dokie, will set dvr this time to In Session, I forgot last time. I had to depend on the web also for clips, like Sandford Watch.

      • @ blushedbrown

        George Zimmerman: How TV will cover Tuesday’s hearing

        Where to watch Tuesday’s hearing in the George Zimmerman case?

        Central Florida News 13 plans to carry the entire hearing, which starts at 9 a.m.

        WOFL-Channel 35 said live coverage starts on “Good Day” at 9 a.m. The station also will stream the hearing on its website.

        WESH-Channel 2, WKMG-Channel 6 and WFTV-Channel 9 said they will stream the hearing on their websites.


        I’ll post links when they become available.

      • groans says:

        @BlushedBrown – I don’t recommend watching it on TruTV (is that In Session?). I tried that for one hearing, and they CONSTANTLY break for commercials! You end up missing half (OK, maybe an exaggeration, but not much of one) of what goes on.

        • blushedbrown says:

          okie dokie
          I will be online tomorrow early. Im in Texas, so I want to get an early jump on it. I always forget the time difference here.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @blushedbrown, this judge was wrong not to gag O’Mara when the state first asked her to do so. it seems to me that she is giving in a lot to everything that the defense ask for and, not so much to the prosecution. that is not fair! not only is the SPD indifferent to AA, the justice system of that state is indifferent to them as well. she is said to be a child advocate but, I sure as hell can’t tell.

        • cielo62 says:

          My take on it (the judge giving the defense everything it asks for) is to minimize or outright stop ANY grounds for an appeal. GZ gets sent to prison and NO leg to stand on for an appeal. Buh- bye Georgie!

          Sent from my iPod

        • blushedbrown says:

          At the end of the day, this is the judge we have. I think by having a gag order on the defense would benefit the state, so they don’t have to go into court and arguing everything that is being argued. That said, I also find that having a gag order, does not help US. We take apart everything that O’mara and company spew. By him taking the advice of others, such as the other hated filled blogs and posting things on his website, gives us a great open oppurtunity to view and to take it apart with undisputed evidence to date and our intelluctual discussion of the case, with some humor in it as well.

          I totally understand your frustration with the judge, it does seem that she is giving more to them then US, per se. Look at this way. She hasn’t done anything unethical. She is following the law. No matter how we feel, she is the Judge. I do, however feel, we won’t really get a sense of her until trial. So far she is on track. No playing around in the court. No praising of attorneys, like Lester did to O’mara. She has been ok. Let’s give her a fair chance.

          Not only that, I believe that the state does have someone viewing the more credible blogs, such as this one, to help in those little tidbits they may or may not be useful to them.

          It is imperative to maintain an open and through discussion of this case.

      • truthforlisa says:

        ladystclaire says:
        December 11, 2012 at 12:15 am
        @blushedbrown, this judge was wrong not to gag O’Mara when the state first asked her to do so. it seems to me that she is giving in a lot to everything that the defense ask for and, not so much to the prosecution. that is not fair! not only is the SPD indifferent to AA, the justice system of that state is indifferent to them as well. she is said to be a child advocate but, I sure as hell can’t tell.


        Ladystclaire, I disagree with you for one reason. This judge is going to give O’Mara and GZ enough rope to hang themselves, hence the NO to the gag order.

  85. Cercando Luce says:

    First, I’m glad you are feeling a bit better– please continue to recover. (My cure: the fancy non-fat plain yogurt with all the pro-biotics– tastes like medicine, but works)

    Second, if the nosebleed photo is out there, disseminated by defense counsel, let the text messages flow! Was the man identified by the victim as “crazy, creepy” sending spiteful messages to the victim’s father? Let the messages speak for themselves. Did he send or receive messages prior to the killing hinting at intent? Let the messages speak for themselves.

  86. Two sides to a story says:

    Unbelievable that the Fauxgen Tugboat would want his text messages, emails and journal entries sealed. What does that tell the world? The pro defense camp enjoys probing Trayvon’s life to the max, now let’s take a hard look at the shooter’s life.

    • thejbmission says:

      I doubt that Judge Nelson will seal GZ’s emails and texts from the media. The Sunshine Laws of Florida are very liberal. I remember in the Anthony case, EVERYTHING was released. I do not recall one thing that came out at trial that wasn’t released in the press first even 1300 letters she received while she was in jail.
      In that case, there were no smoking guns, with that said, I think O’Mara will lose this battle. Another thing.. Casey Anthony’s name was in the press everyday for almost 3 years and she was acquited so this baloney about not getting a fair trial is hogwash, in my opinion. I’ll be very surprised if Judge Nelson seals them.

      • ladystclaire says:

        @JBmission, indeed they did release *everything* about Casey Anthony and, the same should hold true of this *murderer.* I’m so sick of Zimmerman and his attorneys and, I can’t wait until this trial is over and he is behind bars where he belongs. he is nobody special and if he is so damn innocent, why file a motion to have that info sealed? RELEASE IT NOW!

    • ladystclaire says:

      You’re right and, they are now trying to demand that Trayvon’s pin number for his cell phone be given to them. I hope Tracy will give them nothing in the way of Tray’s cell pin number. they are trying their best to dig up some kind of criminal acts on the victim and, they are not finding any and they won’t.

  87. jm says:

    ………. “I am getting really tired of his incessant whining.”

    Who is whining but MOM? I think he is just throwing things out there to prove he is an earning his fee after watching him on In Session interview.

    “One of the more interesting motions is the defendant’s motion to seal his text messages, emails and journal entries until both sides can review them. O’Mara claims release of the evidence will “adversely affect the proper administration of justice in this case, and may make it impossible to find an appropriate jury unaffected by this information.”

    So it was okay for MOM to mention alleged MMA tapes by Trayvon without authenticating them on the In Session interview to stir the pot, get pity and hopefully $$$$$ from racists who believe Trayvon was a thug and an expert in MMA?

    Mom is disgusting or maybe it is just the legal system 2012 that allows this sort of duplicitous game-play by MOM.

    Happy you are feeling better.

    • Jun says:

      I agree. I also feel they should not blame any hate the public has towards them on the media because they create that anger themselves. The defendant is a true lowlife and so is his lawyer. Even in Bernie’s motion, even he recognizes the racism and hate coming from Omara’s side. It is not enough that the defendant targeted and then stalked and killed a kid, he wants to do even more harm to others and even try and scheme money from NBC. I am so happy the state and the federal have his rear end in a vice grip.

  88. racerrodig says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict there will be clear proof of “The Hunt” in those calls.

    • Jun says:

      I dont know if it is true, but I heard that the defendant wrote racist and hate filled emails and texts with his phone after the murder and I also heard he wrote some abusive emails to Tracy

      I would like to see the records to authenticate my assertions that I heard

      • ladystclaire says:

        @Jun, thank you for that info because I know I read that he sent abusive emails to Tracy Martin. this judge shouldn’t allow O’Mara to keep out those text and emails and, I mean he shouldn’t be allowed to seal any of them! they damn well got Trayvon’s school records and, it’s only fair that this about Zimmerman be released also. as I have said before, I’m not to keen on this judge not at all.

      • truthforlisa says:

        I’d like to see those texts and emails come out as well. Perhaps the media will fight for those to be released.

  89. camanokat says:

    I think he wants his cake and to eat it too.

    • LJ says:

      You think… Lol! Every time I think he can’t stoop any lower, he strikes again with another outrageous request. No remorse, no regrets, no soul.

      • LJ says:

        Soon Jorge will refer to himself in third person. “Jorge doesn’t feel well today; Jorge hasn’t had his coffee yet; Jorge needs a new Jury”.

      • Tzar says:

        Soon Jorge will refer to himself in third person. “Jorge doesn’t feel well today; Jorge hasn’t had his coffee yet; Jorge needs a new Jury”.

        I hope you know how hilarious that is
        If I was drinking I would have spit at my screen

        ha ha ha ha

  90. racerrodig says:

    Hope you continue on the road to recovery and it’s short ‘n complete. So what they’re saying is his excessive use of the “n” and “c” words in his electronic communications would hurt his case.

    Gee……….D’ya think !!

    • ladystclaire says:

      @racer, I’m thinking on the very same lines as you are. I wish I could see the email that he sent to Tracy Martin. this thing has got some nerve, killing this man’s son and then sending him a nasty email. what a big fat joke he really is. his defense team are jokes as well.

      • Tee says:

        It’s inline with their whole family don’t you think, A bunch a crazies.

      • Malisha says:

        I don’t think we’re sure Fogen did send any messages to Tracy Martin. I’d counsel a “wait and hear” or “wait and see” attitude. I think it will serve defense purposes to spread rumors that can later be denied, to create the impression that people are wrongfully slandering their poor FogenFellow who, after all, is up to only GOOD.

      • Logi says:

        I don’t get it. Can anyone tell me how, if this E-mail to Tracy Martin exists, isn’t it in the FBI report? And if the FBI in fact had it, how could they not come to the conclusion that GZ is a racist?

        • Xena says:

          And if the FBI in fact had it, how could they not come to the conclusion that GZ is a racist?

          The FBI has not reached that conclusion. Bernie said in the hearing before the last that the FBI’s investigation is ongoing.

          • blushedbrown says:

            I was under the impression, that GZ sent someone ELSE, disparaging text messages about Tracey Martin, not that he sent them directly to Tracey Martin. Did I miss something?

          • Xena says:

            I was under the impression, that GZ sent someone ELSE, disparaging text messages about Tracey Martin, not that he sent them directly to Tracey Martin. Did I miss something?

            Hmmm. Don’t know Brown. It could have happened that way. What is interesting — very interesting — is that it means the FBI did get GZ’s emails and text messages and if they got his emails, they got his computer. If they got his computer, they will also know if he had dealings on eBay.

          • blushedbrown says:

            Hmmm….. pretty sure it was talked about at a hearing or somewhere….. brain working on overload. I know it will come to me but I really can’t think of where. Maybe after the hearing it will come, jog the old noggin…..

      • Jun says:

        I dont know the truth to the recent assertions, which is why I am saying it is just an allegation at present but it seems odd that the defendant wants to hide his text messages from the public and his phone records, yet the dead murdered kid’s is fair play for the publications. However, Malisha and others have told me that there have been complaints that the defendant had aggressive patrols and actually put out his own version of a BOLO (wanna be cop version) that he was targeting black youths with his patrols.

        • ladystclaire says:

          And yet some morons want to say that this murder was not race related, go figure! if Casey Anthony’s life was put out there for the world to see, then this *CRIMINAL* is no better than she is. I HONESTLY HATE THE SIGHT OF HIS BLOATED UGLY ASS. HIS LITTLE SMIRK ON HANNITY’S SHOW, I HOPE IT’S THERE WHEN HIS GUILTY VERDICT IS READ, RIGHT ALONG WITH THE READING OF HIS SENTENCE. I ALSO WANT HIM TO MEET THE SAME FATE AS JEFFERY DAHMER AND, HE WILL BE DESERVING OF IT. MAYBE IT WILL BE GOD’S PLAN ALSO.

      • Tzar says:

        Malisha said

        I don’t think we’re sure Fogen did send any messages to Tracy Martin.

        See BLDR Cross in Transcript of first hearing after Fogen apologized

        Unidentified male is BDLR

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ok. Now, sir, you had a phone at some point and you agreed to turn over that phone to the police so they could make a copy of what was in there, right?

        ZIMMERMAN: Yes, sir.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And in that phone did you receive or send text messages sir.

        ZIMMERMAN: Yes, sir.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever make any reference to a reverend?

        O’MARA: Objection, your honor. Outside the scope.

        JUDGE LESTER: Sustained.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever make any reference to Mr. Martin, the father of the victim?

        JUDGE LESTER: Sustained. You’re getting a little bit far away.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I apologize your honor. My question is he was asked in terms of apology to the family and I’d like to be able to address that if I could. JUDGE LESTER: I think you can classify that whether or not he asked the apology. I don’t want to get into other areas.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, sir.

        JUDGE LESTER: Thank you.

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My question is, Mr. Zimmerman, do you recall sending a message to someone, an e-mail, about referring to the victim’s father?

        ZIMMERMAN: No, sir. I don’t.

        this is just a hint

        • jm says:

          Tzar: “UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My question is, Mr. Zimmerman, do you recall sending a message to someone, an e-mail, about referring to the victim’s father?

          ZIMMERMAN: No, sir. I don’t.

          “This is just a hint.”

          I believe you are right. Not for nothing did BDLR ask that question out of the blue. I also believe that what is coming up in Chorge’s e-mails and text messages defense wants to hide is why there is a media blitz by Team Zimmerman INSISTING Chorge is not a racist and why Chorge looks like he is heavily medicated.

          More to come and it doesn’t look like a bright future for Team Zimmerman.

      • Jun says:

        I am guessing the media, wants copies of the emails and texts sent to them because it is juicy material to be honest

        I am willing to bet the media will be there to argue that it be released to the media

        They released emails and letters sent to Chief Lee from people in support of getting the murderer of Trayvon Martin

        I do not know what the court will do, but my way of thinking is what is good for the goose is good for the gander so…

        since the defense was so apt to want to release and make up so much private information of the victim and lambast false information about the victim, it is only right to release real information from the defendant and not allow Omara to cherry pick what he wants to present so that it is a false image

        • ladystclaire says:


      • Jun says:

        I do not doubt the defendant has any weird and messed up emails and texts and phone calls

        This is the same adult male that spoke of running over Mexicans specifically, in his Fogenhat car

    • racer….Knowing that all this was coming down, and possibly more, do you think that this may be one of the reasons that GZ has now asked to have the GPS monitor removed? 🙂

  91. Jun says:

    I also took a pic of myself at the “bloody nose photo” angle to prove my “lack of shadows” theory compared to the defendant’s photo

    As you can see, there is a shadow on the right side of my face, and under my chin area

    • Jun says:

      Here is the defendant’s photo

      No shadows, where they should be!

    • Tzar says:

      thanks Jun
      the only problem is that you have no way of reproducing the original lighting since you don’t know what it involved

      • Jun says:

        I actually dont know the lighting but the physics remain the same that light going through object creates a shadow

        No matter the type of lighting, there should be a shadow and if we are to go by the photograph, I dont see any proper shadow within the photograph

        I am under the belief he used an iphone?

    • thats amazing Jun! you nailed it! and i see the shadow on the right! but i can see shadows from the right side hair too.

      and i’d like to see another close up of GZ’s nose b/c i’m starting to think that there is NO booboo on his tip of nose! i think it’s just a speck of left over dried blood and not an abrasion at all!

      IF that boo boo on the tip of the nose is NOT a scratch then where did that large drip, as if blood is just flowing so much, like stuck pig???

      and even if it is a cut HOW MUCH WOULD THAT TINY NICK BLEED???? C’mon GZ man. this is totally ridiculous!!

      • Jun says:

        the blood on the nose sure looks funny to me too

        it looks like a dried blood booger stuck from the tip of the nose to the mustache and what is even more strange is how close the tip of the nose is to the mustache and in the station photos, the nose tip is 1/2 an inch from the mustache

    • Kelly Payne says:


      • Jun says:

        They can say whatever, it is sticks and stones

        I did not target a kid for walking home in the rain with candy, stalk the same kid with a gun a car a flashlight, continue pursuing the same kid when asked by police not to, catch up to the same kid and confront him, attack and threaten him, and then shoot the same kid in the chest, and throw the kid facedown onto the ground asphyxiating him while molesting the kid’s body with thy hands, much like the defendant in the Trayvon Murder Case did

        My conscience is clean and I can freely walk down the street with no problems

        All I can say is damn, because the defendant, since he committed the crime in Florida, stands accused, and can be prosecuted for the same act twice, by state and federal, and could very well be serving 2 life sentences, when he could have just stayed in his car and acted reasonable because Trayvon did not commit a crime nor attack the defendant nor was responsible for any robberies

    • Jun…..While you are analyzing the photos, (I know that I must sound obsessed with this but…..) will you look at the direction in which the scratches seem to run. They seem to run diagonally. Could it possibly be that George scratched HIMSELF with his right hand from his upper left forhead, down & across his face to the lower right side, scratching the bridge of his nose and the tip with his own fingers? Could he have also scratched the inside of his nose HIMSELF to make it bleed? ……and then ask a witness if there was blood on his face?

  92. Jun says:

    I agree Freddy

  93. blushedbrown says:

    Also Professor would it be to much to ask to also put up SoutherGirl2 link. State’s response to O’mara Motion To Compel.

    • No, I was looking for the link and happy to see that you posted it.

      • Eric says:

        Professor, can you answer a question for me? If Omara has stepped away from SYG, isn’t he admitting that GZ was the agreesor? Isn’t he admitting GZ’s guilt? How Omara drop SYG and use a “traditional defense”? It seems to me that SYG doesn’t apply how can a “traditional defense” work ?

      • blushedbrown says:

        Okie Dokie

      • Rachael says:

        I *think* what he is trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if he is the aggressor, it was still self-defense. If you use SYG you cannot be the aggressor and then claim self defense, however, for self-defense alone, it doesn’t matter if you were the aggressor, “A person is justified in using deadly force in self-defense if he or she reasonably believes such force is necessary to protect one’s self from imminent death or great bodily harm; the circumstances must be such that the defendant had cause to think loss of life or serious injury is imminent.” However, they are also obligated to try to get away first and he is saying that it was not possible for his client to get away.

        I don’t think he is directly admitting guilt in that GZ was the aggressor (though he is – if you know what I mean), he is saying under a traditional self-defense, GZ had every right to shoot him because he was in fear of serious injury or death and was not able to retreat.

        So while yes he is admitting GZ’s guilt, no, he isn’t.

        I’m not sure if I have this right though.

      • Jun says:

        SYG was built to add more to traditional self defense. Besides the defendant already gave away his chance to retreat by repeatedly stalking Trayvon with a gun and traditional self defense never states that you can instigate an altercation and claim self defense. Besides, the defendant has no proof he could not retreat because he said himself he had control of Trayvon before shooting him and then asphyxiating him by sitting on him. So in the end, the defendant’s own statements get him in trouble. IMO, what Omara tries to do is try and hide the fact that his client instigated the whole incident by stalking and targeting the young boy. The state should charge Omara with a crime if he continues his lies in court.

      • Malisha says:

        @ Eric: In my opinion O’Mara did something tricky and silly in saying SYG did not relate to this case. Since the actual author of the Florida SYG law had already gone public saying that SYG did not apply to the case, and since O’Mara knew he wasn’t going to be able to pretend Fogen had not aggressed against Trayvon Martin, he wanted to “gracefully” find a way to back out of the “SYG SYG SYG” defense which should rightly be a real humiliation to any lawyer with a client who did what Fogen admitted to doing: marking, chasing, and killing.

        What O’Mara said to try to “wiggle out” of the SYG context was something like what Fogen said he did to protect the back of his head from exploding [both of them having made it up anyway]: He just said something. In O’Mara’s case, he just said that SYG didn’t apply because his client didn’t have the OPPORTUNITY to back down from the fight since he was underneath Trayvon Martin having his head smashed at the time. At what time? The fight (IF there was a fight) HAD started at the point when Fogen was allegedly underneath Trayvon Martin. The time to have backed down would have been when the dispatcher told Fogen not to follow the “real suspicious guy.”

      • Jun says:

        IMO he wont be able to prove he got his head smashed into a sidewalk even once with his two 1/4 inch scrapes. It would be an insult to a normal person’s intelligence to believe Fogenhat’s assertions and allegations of such action. I honestly do not feel his bloody head pic will make it into evidence because of the chain of custody of that picture. Besides, even the EMT agreed the injuries were super minor and add to that that no one witnessed any alleged beating or head smashing, and the forensic evidence from Trayvon, that shows he never even touched the defendant, let alone attacked him. Add to that his schemes upon the court and his other schemes with the big huge bandaids, it will look like more scheming from the defendant, stuff only his weirdo cult would believe, because apparently science and physics are no longer in play with Fogenhats as a character.

      • Rachael says:

        It is a slimy maneuver – a shimmy slimy maneuver.

      • SpecialladyT says:

        Here is a response to the answer? And the “games” continue. LOL

        Click to access zimmerman_reply_to_states_response_to_motion_to_compel.pdf

      • Jun says:

        Their reply to the state is moot as well because Nelson already went out of her way, as well as Crump, to provide the backing evidence for his recording, thus providing the witnesses who were on scene when he taped the interview, and Crump turned the device over to FDLE so that it is protected from the defense, and lastly, chain of custody, simply means that piece of evidence is no longer used, so there is already a ready made version by Bernie to use, as well as the witness herself, and the phone records to back up the assertions that she was on the phone and a witness to the whole altercation. Besides, witness 18 saw the whole thing from the confrontation onward and already points out the defendant as the aggressor and the young boy as the one screaming for help. I do not get these games the defense plays but it sure is evidence that they have been taking part, or at least reasonable suspicion of, that they had something to do with the harassment and attempted intimidation of witnesses such as witness 8, and pointlessly harassing Crump.

  94. blushedbrown says:

    I glad you are back with us. But take it easy.
    Thank you for the new post.

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