Yet Another Insult to Decency by the Defendant in the Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Just when I thought the defense could not possibly go any lower in the the Trayvon Martin murder case, it stooped to yet a new low with a frivolous lawsuit against NBC, Ron Allen, Lilia Rodriguez Luciano and Jeff Beasley.

The Complaint has or soon will be filed in the Seminole County Circuit Court and you can read it here.

The Complaint is 24 pages long, alleges two causes of action for defamation (libel) and intentional infliction of emotional distress (outrage), and seeks an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages for making him one of the most hated men in America thereby destroying his reputation and his life.

George Zimmerman is the plaintiff and, under penalty of perjury, he reviewed and signed off on the Complaint averring that its contents are true.

For some strange reason, I found that hysterically funny.

Basically, the Complaint alleges that the three reporters, Allen, Luciano and Beasley, intentionally misrepresented and omitted statements made during the NEN call in order to falsely portray the plaintiff as a “hostile racist” who targeted Trayvon Martin because he was Black, “incite a national uproar,” and increase NBC’s ratings for their own material gain.

I found paragraphs 57 and 58 to be especially interesting because the Complaint alleges that the defendants falsely claimed that Zimmerman said “f____ coons” when they knew he said “f____ punks.”

Well, I listened to the recorded NEN call and it certainly sounded to me like he said “fucking coons.” Truth is a defense to defamation and intent to report the truth is a defense to outrage. So, too is the First Amendment and I do not believe this lawsuit will survive a motion to dismiss.

I find it ironic that GZ profited by more than $200,000 from the publicity generated by this case and now he is suing NBC and the three reporters who played a role in creating that publicity.

But the ultimate irony is that GZ is one of the most hated men America not because of adverse publicity but because he murdered an innocent Black teenager who was armed with only iced tea and Skittles. Then he had the chutzpah to steal Trayvon’s terrorized shrieking plea for help and to demonize him as a Black Ghetto Gangsta with murder in mind.

This lawsuit is yet another insult to decency because it is nothing more than the latest publicity stunt to propagandize a false narrative in an effort to poison the pool of potential jurors.

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  1. KA says:

    I find it shocking that the defense feels the jury members could be so simple minded and unintelligent that a photo picture of a swollen and bloody nose could only conclude that GZ was assaulted. DeeDee stated that Trayvon said “get off me”, it is more logical to conclude that Trayvon hit him with the bag with the ice tea or the back of his arm than a direct punch. Showing a photo and saying there is only one possible conclusion when there is not seems like they are defending on a very weak argument.

    I think GZ pushed him down, Tray got up, probably swinging the bag (as it was broke and Trayvon had to pick up the can) at him or hitting with the back of his arm to get him away and then took off towards the condo before being grabbed from behind.

    I think an important point is,that there was a confrontation at the “T” which is evidenced by debris, Logically, if it moved towards the truck, then GZ was attempting safety (where he knew the police were and his lockable truck)…if it moved towards the condo, Trayvon was trying to get to safety. That would take into consideration human nature and the flight of safety when scared (especially a young teen) will make sense to the jury. The fight moved up the sidewalk to the condo, therefore It is reasonable for Trayvon to be considered trying to flee to safety and GZ the aggressor. Outside of all other physical and forensic proof that supports that, that is common sense and I think will neutralize the dispute that it was the other way around in front of the jury.

    I think when Angela Corey said at the press conference at the arrest that they had broken it down to second by second and was able to see what happened in the entirety, that is exactly what they have…a second by second account of the 90 seconds with sufficient evidence behind each point. O’Mara waiving around a picture and saying it is absolute proof seems not even legitimate.You can’t kill someone for punching you in the nose, especially when you provoked the confrontation from a kid int he dark that was obviously scared of you.

    Also, about the officer that said Tracy said it was not Trayvon’s scream, I do not think it will have any effect. Simply put, the situation of the screams and the punctuated stop to the screams at the shot when GZ said “he thought he was still fighting” and “he didn’t know he shot him” will be overwhelmingly situation and hard to dispute to that point. The punctuation will be key and not fit with GZ’s narrative so what Tracy said is pretty mute.

    I am really trying to see a legal strategy from the Defense that is outside of a weak fundraiser attempt.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Tracy did not say that it was not Trayvon’s scream, what he said was that he could not be absolutely 100% certain that it was Trayvon’s scream. Of course, at the time the tape was being played, he had just been notified of Trayvon’s death, so he would have had a lot of emotions and other stuff filling his mind. I sincerely doubt he would be able to concentrate on what was being said, less, any question being asked at that time. Any normal person would be so shocked, trying to deal with the news of a loved ones death, there would hardly be any room in the mind for conversation at all.

      If I had to guess, his answer was more due to denial, than anything else. The mind goes irrational and thus believes that if it is not Trayvon’s scream, then it is still possible that Trayvon is alive. The mind would want to hold onto that hope, and that’s what I believe that answer was meant to do.

      • PiranhaMom says:


        Yours is the only answer, Lonnie – written with wisdom, compassion, and likely from personal experience in the trials and tragedies we inevitably meet in this lifetime.

        I believe your analysis is correct. 1,000%

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          A yesterdays hearing in Stateoftheinternets part 8, GZ shakes his head as if to disagree with what has just happened. I guess he still thinks that the court should be persuaded by lies. But, you can see by his demeanor that he’s beginning to realize, that he now has a very serious matter on his hands, and that no one of any importance is taking his side.

          The defense team, however, is merely relying on the fact that the “evidence” they’re using is still untested. That technicality is what allows them to keep using it, but we know that is ill advised. That evidence is already so compromised, it would be certain doom for their case, if they were to put it before a jury.

          Offering it to the judge in this case, does nothing to make it useful, since the judge is not ruling based on it, but merely ruling on motions, based on case law.

          As you can see from the judges expressions, (she sat there and stared at GZ rather portentously, after BDLR’s recital of the Bail Hearing materials) she is finding the defense’s offerings rather puzzling, to put things mildly. Just wait until a jury hears GZ’s slurred speech in the NeN call, then hears that his biometrics were flat after the shooting. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think they’re going to think “drugs and/or alcohol”, when they hear that GZ doesn’t want to go near a medical facility for his injuries.

          His release on bond is only going to have a grossly negative effect as trial draws near. With his lawyers finding nothing new of any substance to use to bolster his claims. The only thing giving him comfort now is that he’s not being required to take the stand. But, MOM and West know that they cannot allow a SYG hearing, and they cannot allow GZ to take the stand in his own defense. Which is why MOM keeps using what GZ has claimed, and attempts to make it appear that, perhaps some of the witnesses against him have something to hide. It’s the only thing they have to do, else they too would be sitting like potted palms in the court.

      • racerrodig says:

        All of this is human nature, of course the Zidiot Nation wouldn’t know about that.

  2. Tzar says:


    FRI DEC 07, 2012 #Zimmerman Edits out “F’cking Coon” from 911 Tape He Filed with Court in lawsuit against NBC


  3. why is Omar allowed to sit up there and discuss the MMA BS and other specific evidence in the case? why isn’t this considered slander since those ARE NOT FACTS and he’s NOT IN the COURT ROOM???

    • jm says:

      “Why is Omar allowed to sit up there and discuss the MMA BS and other specific evidence in the case? why isn’t this considered slander since those ARE NOT FACTS and he’s NOT IN the COURT ROOM???”

      MOM is spinning for dollars and trying to color the public view. He is as evil as Chorge. His flushed sweating face is a give-away.

      I followed the Casey Anthony case and took a strong dislike to Jose Baez after his opening statement but next to MOM, Jose Baez is a fine upstanding lawyer.

      The idea that an attorney would set up a begsite and then get on a TV interview and malign the victim while asking for money is beyond obscene.

      MOM and Chorge are ulgy liars and deserve each other.

      Once again thank heavens for Vinnie’s input to put some perspective on MOM’s lies and spin.

  4. jm says:

    I have never seen anything so ridiculous and obscene as MOM in interview on In Session. His spin is beyond ridiculous with him claiming once again Chorge’s nose is broken (based on the new photo posted on his begsite?). He is profusely sweating and flushed like no other person I have seen while doing an interview. He is once again begging for money. Of note per Vinnie Politano, according to MOM’s breakdown of money Chorge has received, Chorge is living on $30,000 a month. MOM is claiming they are broke at this point and he has not been paid.

    Thank heavens Vinnie Politano is poking holes in the interview and MOM”s story/spin.

    MUST SEE TV! Thanks shannoninmiami.

    • Jun says:

      I dont know why Omara just doesnt shut down the donations site, give the password to all the files on the account to prove what he has, swear under oath to it, and then state what he needs for finances, and get it over and done with

      & I am confused, why is he not paid, or that another lie or spin? He has $30K a month but somehow he cant get paid? Before I was told he had $320,000 altogether in donations. Minus whatever is spent and the bond, Cheorge only has like $100K or less. So what is the lie and which is the truth?

    • Eric says:

      He was sweating like a three legged racehorse trying to keep up during a Derby. I MOM is finding it increasinly difficult to defend Zimmerman. He knows, and not even deep down that his client is guilty. MOM is looking more and more desperate and foolish to anyone who’s iq is hovering around room temp.

  5. ladystclaire says:

    I don’t know where everyone is on here but, I’m looking at this IDIOT attorney and, this judge Nelson was VERY VERY wrong for not gagging O’money. he is doing his best to taint a jury pool with his interviews and, this woman who is conducting it, is very much “PRO ZIMMERMAN.” their main objection is to ruin this kid’s reputation and, it needs to STOP!

    • Jun says:

      It kind of reminds me of Jerry Springer but anyways, what is Omara going to do if he is found to be a liar in court? He made accusations and claims in front of millions and he will be held accountable to that. I honestly dont feel he is selling anyone

  6. colin black says:

    Why does gz want gps removed to move freely about the state of Florida..I thought he was hunkered down in hideing unable to venture out as people are threating his safety ?..

    • Jun says:

      It is because Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd is always lying, scheming, manipulating, and the only thing he is good at is being inconsistent and contradicting of himself

      But it is good he made that statement because NBC can use that against him now LMAO

  7. LJ says:

    Is it possible that Jorge is building an insanity defense, and acting it out for the world to see?

    • Jun says:

      I have thought that also but the simple fact that he is manipulative throws that out the window. I agree he is insane but as for legal plea for insanity, not likely.

      • jm says:

        Jun says: “I agree he is insane ”

        Honestly to call Chorge insane is being nice at this point. I think Chorge is pure evil and knows exactly what he has done and has the capability of doing it again with no remorse, no regrets and the killing of a black teen gave him the fame and fortune he has always wanted.

  8. Tzar says:

    bob kealing ‏@bobkealing
    #breakingnews #GeorgeZimmerman asking for GPS to be removed and wants to travel freely throughout state of Florida. Now restricted to Sem co
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    • Jun says:

      That time has flown the coop

      Nelson already stated that Omara had a limited time to argue any of Lester’s judgements so now everything he has stated stands

      so that means, he stays in Seminole County and cant leave

  9. Jun says:

    According to here, since NBC Universal is based in New York and the employees are based in New Jersey, does that mean, Zimmernuts Fogenhats only has one year to file against them?

    Since it was aired on March 27th, 2012 as the end of it all, that means the statutes ends by then?

  10. Tzar says:

    So if calling a black kid who has done nothing to you a fucking punk and an asshole and accusing him of trying to get away from a crime that you have no indication or evidence that he has committed DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE RACIST then


  11. colin black says:

    All this Political Corectness is insane..I got called out dureing the Anthony case for useing the word spade;I was confused about the alllegation casey borrowed a neighbours shovell to dig a hole…Or revove bamboo shoots.I said that shovells are for shovelling snow ect an to dig a hole you use a spade.I was told that it wasnt pc to use the term spade?You cant call a spade a spade.All this hyperbole is what m o m an gz want…So come time for trial they get a seqestered jury,,,6 jurours liveing in each others pockets for weeks months?Gives the strong willed perhaps agenda driven jurour time to bond with the others.Get to know there character likes an dislikes…More likely ten 6 an 4 alternates.Eitherway a seqestered jury is good for the defence bad for justice an the prosecution m o o.

  12. Jun says:

    Live News

    Zimmernuts Fogenhats is now suing Sean the dispatch guy for asking if he was following Trayvon

    what he meant was that he was skipping in the same direction as Trayvon very closely behind and he was not scared

    • Eric says:

      I was just thinking. Maybe Trayvons family should sue Fox News for describing Trayvon as a 12 foot tall , 350 lb muscle bound man who also possesed Usain Bolt like speed to “catch up” to the guy that was chasing him.

  13. Nefertari05 says:

    Watching O’Mara in In Session. I’m far beyond tired with him consistently spouting the “hitting him MMA style” knowing that statement was retracted 9 months ago.

    BTW – Does anyone know if a prosecutor can refile the same charges, if new evidence is found after a judge has found for the defense in an SYG Immunity Hearing? Similar, I guess to a mistrial ordered in a trial?

    • Jun says:

      even his photoshopped pic proves he wasnt being hit MMA style

      the only thing I can think of is that they could file charges for aggravated stalking, convict him, and then afterwards, refile the murder 2 charges and tell them that under SYG law, a person committing a forcible felony does not have SYG immunity and the former murder 2 trial was based on false and fraudulent information, therefore the trial was a fraud, and that means that he cant have immunity, and then retry, and let them know the new findings and convictions and reverse the decision.

      There is also a part of double jeopardy that it states that is an exception to it is that if the trial is based on fraud, then a new trial is permitted because the defendant was never in jeopardy in the first place

      And then, there is also 18 USC 1111 which is a federal law for murder and under dual sovereignty, the feds can indict Zimmernuts Fogenhats as the state only has powers to prevent the state from prosecuting for the force.

      Another issue is that the immunity only applies to the “force” used and Zimmernuts Fogenhats is claiming it for the gunshot, so there are many parts to go at him afterward for

      Besides, Omara is locked into Cheorge’s claims no matter what. He knows if he makes a new story, that is a new contradiction that can be used against him. Besides, witness 18 and 8 combined pinpoint Cheorge as the aggressor and the person who instigated the confrontation, after stalking and threatening Trayvon and attacking without provocation, so Trayvon would be justified to MMA hit him anyways. As much as Omara talks, he is still scared to go to trial or an SYG hearing, because lets be honest, he has stated the state’s case is weak, yet when a date was offered for trial and also SYG, he asked for a continuance but claimed he would be ready in 6 months and his excuse follows the same modus operandi as Cheorge Fogenhats, which is blame someone else, and in this case, he claims it is the state’s fault

      • Nefertari05 says:

        Thank you. If I’m understanding you correctly, a finding for the defense in an SYG hearing is automatically “with prejudice” requiring a prosecutor to invalidate the finding, rather than “without prejudice” allowing them to simply refile at a later date, based on new info they could reasonably suppose would prevent the defense from reaching the preponderance of evidence burden? Did I get that right?

        I agree, the phony pic absolutely shows no kind of MMA style beating, or the dozens of punches Zimmerman claims, ever happened

      • Jun says:

        I think so. I know a lot of people speak of double jeopardy but until now, I never knew of various exceptions in US Law until now. I am basing it off my research on the internet of law. I could be wrong also, and the state could simply appeal the decision. However, I am doubting that Nelson votes in the defendant’s favor considering the statute and the evidence. Perhaps if this was the 1900’s yes, but with such modern advances in forensics and science, as well as some old school methods of using a defendant’s statements against him, it does not sound like he will get the immunity, based on the statute, which Jeb Bush signed off on, and his opinion is also that it will not fly. I honestly feel Corey can prove every single point on the SYG does not validate his killing, therefore, at bare minimal, it is manslaughter

    • Nefertari05 says:

      For those that missed this segment, they’ll have more with O’Mara shortly. Apparently, there were successive edits following the same race based meme, which is allegedly why O’Mara says once could be error or timing issues; but successive edits following the same racial premise could not.

      • Jun says:

        In the same phone call

        ZimmerShmucks Fogenhats the Turd says

        “He’s coming to check me out. He’s got something in his waist band. & He’s a black male”

        He provided those statements without any solicitation. Before that he claimed the victim was suspicious, up to no good, on drugs, he looks black, etc.

        LMAO Something tells me NBC lawyers are gonna have fun defending NBC against Zimmershmucks the Turd

        Since the plaintiff is making the claims, he has to be subjected to cross examination and to be sworn under oath

        Lastly, I dont think it is even filed yet LMAO

      • Nefertari05 says:

        So basically, O’Mara blasts this phony pic in the media and is going on a defamation lawsuit “tour” trying to hype “Zimmerman is a victim” cut of his supporters Holiday giving to charity and holiday spending.

        O’Mara just indicated the latest figure from donations is app $300K.

      • Jun says:

        Is it at $300,000 altogether with earlier stuff or now?

      • Nefertari05 says:


      • Jun says:

        Okay, so he really has $150,000 presently

        because 300,000 minus 100K for bond, 30K in credit cards and crap, 18K they pocketed, and then a bunch of chik filet

        Actually if it is altogether with earlier donations, he prolly only has $100,000 or less left

        Okay it makes sense then… I dont feel they hired Beasley on contingency because it is a frivolous lawsuit but at least Beasley will get paid, so that is all he cares about, so he is taking Zimmernuts’ last 100K or so for this lawsuit, and then paying NBC for the frivolous lawsuit

        But I looked at his hilarious paperwork, and it does not appear to be signed or filed yet

      • Yeah Omar said they counted it, NBC did it 3 times.. NANNY NANNY BOO BOO

      • Jun says:

        After they slaughter Zimmernuts Fogenhats in court, they will commit the edit a fourth time LMAO and a fifth, and a sixth, and then they will commence with a Saturday Night Live Sketch

      • tonydphotog says:

        O’Mara is so full of crap!!! He’s saying that “the masses” of people donate $19 – $20. IIRC, in one of the jail calls the killer talked about a single organization that sent him $130,000. We’ll never know how much money has actually been received since donations can also be sent directly to the killer.

      • Jun says:

        Yeah the organization is the Hispanics who wish they were white and in the KKK corporation

    • The answer is “No, they cannot refile.”

  14. fauxmccoy says:


  15. welp the circus is on!
    discusting really bad
    this better not be some fluffy softball interview

  16. Jun says:

    Okay another Zimmernuts Fogenhats claim is driving me nuts

    They claim the media frenzy is a product of black racists but…

    the petition that actually drove this ride and got it going was started by an irish man

    So… why are Zimmernuts so stupid?

  17. Jun says:

    Okay another issue that confuses me

    Zimmernuts the Fogenhats claims emotional distress at the fact that NBC aired that he said Trayvon was black and reported on his actions

    But he is not distressed at the fact he took a kids life that was screaming for help and spent a good part of trying to get home, trying to get away from him

    Then solicits donations by manipulating parts of the public, mainly racists and gets over $320,000 and tried to hide a bunch of it and his passport and blew about 50 grand in a matter of days

    Yet NBC is the one not looking at the murder of Trayvon as a tragedy and trying to profit off it with spins and lies, according to Fogenhats


  18. grahase says:

    Why is he not suing ABC – didn’t Barbara Walters snub him and would not agree with his terms. Did ABC not air the footage of the arrival of Tugboat at the police station just hours after the shooting and start a controversy about his insignificant injuries. Were they not the first to reveal the back of his noggin furthering discussion about his boo-boos.

    Yet, NBC edited a phone call that Tugboat perceives to be a defamation of character and hurt his feelings.

    To me, he is more interested in that editing than his own Murder 2 charge. In other words, he ACTUALLY believes he will be exonerated. His brother even discusses the whole familys hurt feelings about being portrayed as racists.

    Whatever MSM does – do not talk about the case. Focus on Tugboat and the rest of his family and associates defending the Constitution and how they are multi-cultural (their interpretation of being not racist).

    Junior and the killers lawyer were defending the Freedom of the Press when the issue of a gag order was the topic of the week. Hippocrates is the mildest word I can conjure up at the moment.

    • Jun says:

      I honestly believe the Zimmernuts the Fogenhats family listens to their dumb ass cult too much, because they prolly spy on internet conversations and then tell the Fogenhats that it is a possible lawsuit

      and at the same time, I wonder if their dumb ass cult is just using them for kicks to play games with because they give them dumb ass advice or maybe they are really just that idiotic, I dont know

    • Rachael says:

      He just hasn’t gotten to ABC yet LOL. According to the outhouse spew, he is going to be a very rich man once he is done suing everyone. I’m sure we are on that list somewhere too. LOL

      Yes, hippocrates.

    • PiranhaMom says:


      The issue here is not the benefits received by Zimmerman or the purported harm supposedly inflicted. That is not the argument in this case.

      Zimmrman is a “public figure” and ABC is protected in such litigation by its strong First Amendment Right of “freedom of the press.”

      If no malice was pursued with intent to harm, Zimmerman, as a public figure, has no case.

      The words used were his words, and the young man he described with such vitriol really was Black, and he informed 311 Dispatch of that fact twice.

      And then he was Black and dead.

      • Jun says:

        Actually his actual statements was

        “Now he is coming towards me. He’s got his hands in his waist band. & he’s a black male.”

        So after calling the kid suspicious, he justifies his suspicion by saying he’s staring at him, he’s coming towards him, and because he is a black male, his hands being in his waist band somehow justifies perception of criminality and he claims he was not racial profiling…. RIGHT!

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          In any event, nothing in this segment of the nights activities, does anything to defend or provide a defense for Zimmerman’s actions that night. It does not provide him with an excuse for following/stalking, or capturing/confronting or detaining, or being armed while doing so.

          I believe that a physician’s examination of the photos of GZ’s wounds and a reading of the medic’s reports, will confirm that the wounds are much older than the less than 2 minutes GZ’s claims of attack can provide. If so, that will mean that he has lied to the jury, about how he came by the very wounds, he claims prompted his defensive actions. The lack of dna trace on TM’s hands will only serve to confirm those conclusions.

          With GZ’s narrative of Trayvon’s final minutes in question, the witnesses will put the final nail in his coffin so to speak. Because GZ establishes clearly, that he had complete, unfettered control of his firearm, and with his other hand, he had control of his victim, whereby, holding onto the victims clothing, he was preventing the retreat of an unarmed person when he discharged his weapon.

          He clearly states that at the time the shot was fired, the only concern he had his mind focused on, was to prevent himself from hitting his other hand with the shot to be fired, and not on any struggle to survive.

          • Yes, he has admitted that he killed Trayvon Martin when he was not reasonably in fear of death or serious bodily injury.

            I italicized the word “reasonably” because it is a legal requirement that the defendant and his minions keep ignoring.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Well, they do so at their peril, since the word is there and it does mean exactly what it says! Only, neither the defendant, nor the prosecutor is the judge of what is reasonable or not. It is either the judge or the jury. While the judge is constrained by case law, the jury may make it’s evaluation of what is reasonable, based on how they view the evidence.

            The jurors are more likely to be swayed by their knowledge that 17 year olds who are unarmed, untrained and unskilled at combat, are unlikely in the extreme, to be capable of killing anyone with their bare hands. Otherwise, we’d be seeing parents, ever so gingerly moving their late teenaged youngsters out the door.

      • Jun says:

        LMAO its really funny how Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd seems to own himself all the time

        How can you claim you reasonably fear anyone, when you go after them and confront them with a gun, while they were trying to get away from you? That contradicts the idea that there was any fear. When someone fears, they avoid, they dont chase, threaten and harass and start a confrontation LMAO

        Then his solution to the problem is to come up with a new story, but little does he realize, doing so, creates even more problems, and now Omara starts to look like a mad man, with more wrinkles than my un-ironed clothing, becoming more stressed and aged with no wisdom, so the tale of wisdom comes with age, has finally found an exception

    • The lawsuit is focusing on NBC because NBC fired two reporters. O’Mara and the lawyers from Philadelphia are thinking that they can use that as an admission of wrongdoing to prove their case.

      But there is a problem with that because of the legal rule that prohibits the admissibility of efforts by a defendant in a civil case to correct a problem that caused an injury to a plaintiff.

      That rule is a serious impediment to their case.

      So too is the truth.

      IIRC, the ABC tape was photoshopped to support the defendant’s claim, so he has no bone to pick with them.

    • I normally do not comment on word usage, but several of you are confusing Hippocrates with hypocrisy.

      Hippocrates was a Greek from whom the Hippocratic Oath was derived.


      “Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos (Ancient Greek: Ἱπποκράτης; Hippokrátēs; c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC) was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles (Classical Greece), and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is referred to as the father of Western medicine[2][3][4] in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine. This intellectual school revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece, establishing it as a discipline distinct from other fields that it had traditionally been associated with (notably theurgy and philosophy), thus establishing medicine as a profession.[5][6]”

    • cielo62 says:

      I think you mean “hypocrites.” Hippocrates was a 1st century physician, father if the Hippocratic Oath. Hippocrates had honor and integrity. The entire Z family has none.

      Sent from my iPod

      • grahase says:

        Thanks. The Professor corrected me. I have spell check and sometimes I don’t catch it. I could not believe it happened and Hippocrates is the mirror opposite of
        the killer or his family.

        • cielo62 says:

          Sorry! I am trying to catch up on the blog! But I saw that 2x and wanted to say something. I like my automatic spelling corrector but sometimes some weird stuff gets put in instead.

          Sent from my iPod

  19. Jun says:

    I looked up Yellow Journalism and under it, it said the school of yellow kid journalism. Is that not a racist term towards Asian people? They say it is based off a comic strip but dang, it sounds like it could be a racist term.

    • PiranhaMom says:


      Don’t be too quick to assume every literary term is racism because the name of a color is involved. “The Yellow Kid” was Irish. A fictional slum kid in New York 120 years ago when the Hearst Newspapers ran “the kid’s” social and political commentary in comic strip form. The kid’s form of dress was a scraggly nightshirt (often colored yellow).

      The Irish emigrated to American and Canada in droves after the potato famine in 1846-47. They were loathed in every respect, except for their strong backs. They were unskilled laborers and kept out of unions. They were considered the “goons” of their day. They were Papists (Roman Catholic) with little education and often a taste for the drink – and considering the conditions under which they had to live, who could deny them that solace? There was huge prejudice against them … “No Irish Need Apply” was posted on shop windows and at businesses. Despite America’s industrial advances, the Irish were not welcome as skilled workers.

      But the strong survive and advance. America gained an Irish President. America gained a Black President. Some day, you will see America with an Asian President.

      I promise, her day will come.

      • Jun says:

        I am getting that it was based on a comic, but for someone who is Asian and not understanding, it may come across as a perception of racism toward Asians. It would be the same if they said “Black Kid Journalism”. It is the same as using the phrase “CHINK IN THE ARMOR”. It may have a different meaning but it may come across as racist.

        I agree that America is a very modern country with thoughts of globalism within one country and it has come a long way and I agree there will likely be an Asian American president one day. I know America loves Asians and Asian cultural things otherwise Jackie Chan or other stars would not be so huge and loved here.

        • PiranhaMom says:


          Jun, the term “yellow journalism” is a historic usage of over 100 years that DID NOT originate as a racist term. It was NEVER a race-based term. The child in the comic strip was Irish.

          Yes, we should strip old historic terms that were RACIST out of our language.

          But we should not have to gut our language of a historic phrase that has been understood for what it is (and there’s no other phrase that fits as well as this does) because somebody might DECIDE it is a racist term, just because they had not yet learned its history.

          If Macy’s is having a “While Sale” I know it’s sheets & towels, even if the sheets & towels are all colors of the rainbow now. I know they are not selling white people.

          My family now includes Nepali and Algonquin grandchildren. Am I supposed to strip the words “yellow” and “red” out of my vocabulary because they will think I am talking about Asians or Native American Indians?

          But you know how kids are. If I’m driving and I run a “yellow light” they will be the first to tell me that I’m guilty. And if I run a “red light” I’m really, really guilty and likely facing a stiff fine — or the ER.

    • Rachael says:

      “Yellow journalism, in short, is biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. Moreover, the practice of yellow journalism involved sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting newspaper sales and exciting public opinion. . . The term was derived, through a series of peculiar circumstances, from a cartoon by the famous 19th century cartoonist, Robert Outcault called “The Yellow Kid” (see second from top). The cartoon was first published in The World, until Hearst hired him away to produce the strip in his newspaper. Pulitzer then hired another artist to produce the same strip in his newspaper. This comic strip happened to use a new special, non-smear yellow ink, and because of the significance of the comic strip, the term “yellow journalism” was coined by critics.”

      Nothing to do with Asian.

  20. Lynn says:

    They claim that NBC’s “…actions substantially contributed to a media frenzy…” then proceed to blame Al Sharpton. Looking back, Al was already talking about Trayvon Martin on his Mar 19th show. How was NBC’s news programs for that same day supposed to have influenced him. They are suing over the Mar 19-27 news reporting.

    Trying to blame anyone but GZ. Sad.

    He quit his job on day one never to return. He feared for his life and sought shelter at Osterman’s house on day one never to return home. NBC had nothing to do with it!

    He lost his only 2 friends as they became witnesses for the Prosecution. He was already taking medication for insomnia before he shot Trayvon. He had a history of emotional issues. Went to counseling weekly for a year with the last girlfriend before she got that restraining order against him. She told the FBI about his suicidal thoughts of taking pills or driving into a lake. Did NBC do all this to him too???

    • Lynn says:

      “Even to this day, when the defendants know that Zimmerman did not say a racial epithet…”
      REALLY? I don’t think you can claim anyone KNOWS that when the FBI could even figure it out.

      This is 24 pgs of lies. I must go to bed now.

      • Lynn says:

        *could NOT* even figure it out. Must sleep.

      • Rachael says:

        Do you have ears?

      • Lynn says:

        Me? Oh, I know what I hear! I was saying that MOM can’t claim that NBC could only be 100% positive in hearing what he WANTS them to hear when the FBI couldn’t tell us what GZ said. MOM has this issue where he simply states that “the evidence clearly shows” exactly wants he wants. Surely everyone can tell that his nose was broken because we have this picture that clearly shows…everyone knows that George walked back to his truck because the NEN operator clearly states that…and so on and so forth. No evidence. Just MOM being very confident that the ignorant public takes him at his word.

      • Lynn says:

        That quote was from the complaint. I guess I didn’t specify that up there. Sorry.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Sounds pretty much like a guilty conscience and a very confused human being to me.

    • Jun says:

      Btw my new name for Cheorge is a remix of everyone else’s funny names for him

      it is from now on

      Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd

      Anyways, NBC did not cause the media frenzy. The root of the media frenzy is him targeting, stalking, confronting, threatening, terrorizing, shooting in the chest, and asphyxiating Trayvon by sitting on his back while he was facedown…. Lord have mercy, the boy got shot screaming for his life, then had over 200 pounds sitting on him pinning him facedown on his bloodclot back!!!!

      An irish man heard about the case and saw the injustice and started the petition on and the petition spread like wildfire because it is an injustice that a kid gets stalked and killed by an adult male and he is walking free!!!! Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd claimed it was self defense and the world asked for a deep investigation and justice because it is an injustice!!!!

      If Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd did not stalk and kill a kid, the SPD would not look so bungling, and there would be no outcry, hence no media frenzy. It would be an injustice not to report this crime, 3 weeks after there was no arrest, and over 2 million signatures and worldwide anger at the injustice that took place!!!!! The media would look like idiots to spin the truth just because the truth makes Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd look bad

      The Mayor then got involved and was really disappointed in Chief Lee’s actions after hearing the NEN call and the 911 call of screams for help and a murder and he even cried too along with Trayvon’s family… The Mayor took action immediately!!! The governor then appointed Corey and her team and the goal was to serve some justice and whatever time was required would be no big deal to the Governor…

      Now his ass is now property of the STATE

      The root of all problems still lies with Cheorge Fogenhats the 3rd and he cant expect the media to spin the truth just because he cant handle the truth. So NBC is supposed to say what a nice guy Cheorge Fogenhats is for stalking and killing a kid?

      Get real Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd

      • Malisha says:

        I would only change one thing:

        “Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd” is great but:

        “Zimmerschmutz Fogenpoo the Turd” has a certain ring to it…

  21. Jun says:

    First Paragraph

    NBC Lawyers: “Your honor, the plaintiff alleges that our goal was to not see the Trayvon Martin incident as a tragedy but a money making opportunity. I would like to counter claim that it is a false accusation and in fact the only party attempting to gain out of killing a kid, is the plaintiff, who actually murdered the kid, after stalking him, and accusing the victim Trayvon, with being a criminal with absolutely no proof, just like we have here, and then setting up a site to what he calls donations, where he spent close to 40 grand on his credit cards, phones, and things that have nothing to do with his defense. He raised close to 200 grand and then attempted to hide it from officials, along with his passport, and then had jailhouse phone calls where he talked of taking off and flying away from all this (the murder case against him). We only broadcast the news and there is reasonable belief that he stalked and killed a kid, which is murder, because that is what happened.”

    “There were no exaggerated racist claims. The simple fact of the matter is he stalked a young boy and then killed him afterwards. We have proof from the state of Florida where he openly discussed with residents that he was targeting black males as his suspicions of people who commit crimes in what he calls “his neighborhood” as if he owned it and ran it like a Gestapo. The simple fact is people were more shocked that he stalked and killed a kid and then claimed it with a ludicrous claim of self defense. He also openly admitted to targeting the young boy, whom only had candy and ice tea on him, that he was following ie stalking the boy, and then later on he killed the boy, claiming it was self defense. He openly admitted the boy was black twice. Once where he was asked and the other where he stated the victim was black without being solicited for an answer to a question. We never changed any of George’s statements and his statements remained intact. We openly admit the reporters edited out the police officers question that he asked about the race of the victim, however, it was an innocent dissemination, his statement was not edited, and, he still admitted the victim he targeted was black, so there is no false light. The reporters simply edited it to fit the show, as the full call was not admitted or aired on that episode. The reporters were simply trying to highlight some of the phone call and the defendant in the murder case’s statements. In the end, whether or not the tape was edited with our aired version on a particular show, the plaintiff still clearly targeted a black young boy, yelled disparaging remarks about him, stalked him, and then killed the boy. There was a section on the call where it sounds like he yelled out a racial slur, and although he claims now he says punks, it was a simple discussion that it sounds like a racial slur and we believe it was.”

    “Zimmerman had no concern for his neighbor’s safety, otherwise he would not have had a history of stalking and harassing other residents before finally killing a kid. His history is fully available for everyone to see within that neighborhood. Frankly, there were complaints of his aggressive patrols and he also stalked and threatened another young black kid and accused him of stealing a bike, where the father had to come out and defend his kid, and then the police investigated and told him the bike was never stolen at all and the kid owned the bike. No apology was ever given by Zimmerman for his false accusation of another party, who was a child. On top of that, he stalked and killed Trayvon, who was a resident in that complex, and fired a weapon in an area where Trayvon was, and other kids play and walk their dogs. His negligence could have hurt others, besides Trayvon.”

    “Of course we highlighted Trayvon Martin, and his race. Under investigation, it was believed that race could have been a motivating factor and this case is about him and this injustice that was caused by the plaintiff. The simple fact of the matter is, none of this would have happened if the plaintiff would use common sense instead of overreacting to the most minute trivial issues, such as a kid walking home with candy and then was targeted by the plaintiff. We did adequate research.”

    “The next couple of paragraphs are just a bunch of lamenting with no coordination. The fact remains he yelled out a disparaging remark, it did sound like a racial epithet, and there is still a possibility there was racial motivation for the murder because, he still did target a kid, that was black, he claimed he was up to no good, he called him a fucking punk/coon, called him an asshole who always gets away, and then he mentions that the kid was reaching in his waistband, then mentions he is a black male without being asked. If anything the plaintiff’s own actions and words make him out to appear as a racist murderer. We cant be held accountable for the plaintiff’s own words and actions.”

    “As for firing two employees, you cant use that against us. It did not incite racial violence. The plaintiff’s own actions incite racial violence. Here is a sample of all of the plaintiff’s supporters posts all over the net. They mention the victim’s name as Traycoon, that the N word deserved it, and various other demeaning parties. The fact remains, if he had not targeted the kid, stalked him, and killed him, he would not have any problems. In fact, look at his doctored photo where he is alleging a brutal death beating. he claims to have been punched over a dozen times, and there is no marks on his face. We magnified his nose in this picture, and you can see it gets really blurry and distorted up close and contains evidence of manipulation. The only person attempting to distort reality is the plaintiff. We used all his statements, that he himself has stated, which makes his statements all true. The fact remains, he still targeted a kid that he said was black twice, he made a bunch of disparaging remarks, he started running after the kid, in one part he said that “he’s reaching in his waist band. And he’s black” as if to suggest that he is reaching in his waist band, and that he’s black, as if that is something to be suspicious about. He later on kills the kid, a short time later.”

    “Of course he should be scared of capture, he did kill a kid, after stalking him. That is probable cause to believe a crime was committed. That is why he went into hiding right after he killed the kid. Here is the proof of that. He went into hiding long before this hit international news, and that to me shows, he knew he did something wrong, so he had to hide out, not because of our broadcast.”

    “Zimmerman went into hiding right after killing Martin, and we have yet to see any authenticated proof of his death threats that he received. As for him claiming to fear for his life, how are we to believe so, when he claimed to fear for his life, after stalking and chasing down a boy and confronting him with a gun, and the kid only had skittles and ice tea. Any claims he has about his life sound contradictory and false, as well as ludicrous. On top of that, he was hiding out since he killed the kid, and no one knew his whereabouts, so how exactly did they threaten him? No one even knew this story till 3 weeks later, and he had already hid without the broadcast”

    “Zimmerman was dismissed from his college because he killed a kid and that is pretty strong evidence that he himself is a danger to others.”

    “People were outraged because he stalked and killed a kid, and it has nothing to do with our broadcast. If he wants to sue someone for wrongdoing, he needs to sue himself for stalking and killing a kid.”

    “Zimmerman’s claims of a rash of burglaries, still does not give him the right or authority to enforce law. He has no authority to stalk or detain a boy, based on his deranged perceptions. Here is the little boy he claimed stole his bike, and after terrorizing the minor, the police found the bike was never stolen, nor did he ever apologize. Here is also his phone calls to police where he reported minor trivial issues and otherwise pointless calls about black males.”

    “Zimmerman’s claims of rashes of burglaries are also unsubstantiated. Here is a report of the complex and they had altogether 8 burglaries in the 2 years leading up to the murder. It was so bare minimal, even some of the witnesses to the murder claimed that it was a nice neighborhood and they never noticed any rash of burglaries or crime, which is why this murder case was a shock for them. In fact, Zimmerman’s own actions caused that neighborhood to be dangerous”

    “Zimmerman claimed the victim in the murder case against him was walking through backyards all over the place. In his NEN phone call, he said he just walked down the street, and looked at houses and him. He also said he ran away from him and went down a public dog walk, which Trayvon was entitled to walk down. Lastly, he is not authorized to enforce law, so whatever excuse he has, he had no right to stalk the boy, because he was walking home with skittles and ice tea, and we have proof of that. It was 7pm at night and a gated community. It was not out of the ordinary for people to be walking around the neighborhood.”

    “I dont see any proof that editing was done with the objective to make him out to be a racist or with racial overtones.’

    “The accusation that the federal government refused to prosecute him is a huge lie. They never made a statement like that.”

    “Here is his myspace, where he routinely disparages Mexicans with racist remarks and talks of committing acts of violence against them”

    “Here is his coworker whom he harassed and bullied and he played games with management until he was fired for being a liability.”

    “Here is his cousin, whom alleges that the plaintiff had molested her for close to a decade and also has made claims that George does not like black people”

    “Here is a statement by his friend Frank Taffe, where he openly blames Blacks for all the crime in the neighborhood and the fact remains there was barely any crime that it was not noticeable by most residents and witnesses to his murder of Trayvon Martin.”

    “Lastly, we would like the defendant to step to the stand and swear under oath and be subjected to cross examination, or we strike down his claims as hearsay”

    What do you think =)

  22. groans says:

    Methinks he doth protest TOO MUCH about being perceived as a racist.

    • PiranhaMom says:

      @ Groans

      There is one simple reason to file this suit. It is to exploit the newly-released color photo, electronic enhancement and all.

      Zimmerman suing NBC will be perceived as a David vs. Goliath contest in the public eye and MOM thinks the photo will be received sympathetically – although all it shows is a guy with a nosebleed (which may be self-induced) and most folks have seen nosebleeds in their day, and this is a minor one.

      The public will not be impressed.

      But that’s all this lawsuit is: an exploitive publicity stunt for Zimmerman and another attempt to influence potential jurors.

      I worked as a political columnist and an investigative reporter in the political arena for four years. Won a slug of awards. Not that I was so good – but I had “the goods.” Every document. No guesswork.

      The lines are clearly drawn as to what is permitted by journalistic ethics and The First Amendment. While The First protects our right to speak freely, note that the “the press” is given specific protection in it. Without a watchdog press there would no honesty in government.

      Zimmerman has become a public figure – albeit, notorious – by his incessant self-publicizing. He does not get the protection a private person is granted. The quote applied to him was Zimmerman’s own words, truncated. He said those words.

      Have you noticed that when Zimmerman was asked “Is he White, Black or Hispanic?” by Sean, the 311 dispatcher, Zimmerman did NOT say “I can’t tell. It’s dark and he’s wearing a hoodie,” which would have been the HONEST answer.

      Oh no, right a way he had to proclaim “he … looks …. Black” with a hopeful note in his voice. That was the prey he was tracking, and he was doing a little salesmanship on Sean, to IMPRESS on Sean the necessity of dispatching a police officer.

      Then, as Trayvon came in view, Zimmerman happily confirmed “And he’s a Black male!”

      Zimmerman did everything except shout “Bingo!”

      The press (and all media) are held to a higher standard in reports on private citizens because the media is so powerful. The ordinary citizen has no way to “clear” his name if, in fact, he has been wronged, because the ordinary citizen does not have the circulation or extended broadcast area the media have. Thus, “the retraction.”

      Generally, when the media consider that reports have not met their “standards & practices” some form of retraction or statement of explanation will be issued, which NBC did. This was a clarification. This was not an admission of guilt. The Constitution protects the press when it makes errors – but it expects the media to correct their errors. That is all that is required by law And, in fact, this was no error – those were Zimmerman’s worrds. They canned the staffers for questionable editing judgment, and frankly, I think they feared “political” pressure. That’s internal, and we don’t have all the facts that went into their personnel decision.

      But Zimmerman does not even get any level of protection against “errors” by the media – the media have to INTEND to do harm, if you are a public persona, which Zimmerman is, self-made though he may be. Referring to himself as a “leading citizen” doesn’t help his case – it empasizes how difficult it would be to characterize himself as a “private citizen.”

      He’s not. And if he can’t stand the heat, he and his attorneys should stay out of the press conferences and off the self-pomoting websites. He said those words – conjecturing, at first that Trayvon was Black, without actually being able to see what color he was, then emphasizing it triumphantly as he spewed forth his venom against “fucking coons,” who “always get away.”

      NBC made none of that up. They edited his words in the interest of time. They used no malice, and there was no deliberate intent to harm.

      This is all just a publicity stunt.

      Zimmerman has no case.

      • Rachael says:

        I think it is more than a publicity stunt. I think it is O’Mara’s way of keeping GZ in the public so that when it comes time to pick a jury, he will be able to say that GZ will not get a fair trial – anywhere. But it baffles me why he would do that when he is the one keeping it so high-profile. But I still see it as a ploy to somehow get it kicked out by saying he would never get a fair trial anywhere – but I guess then he will just have to settle for as fair a trial as he can get.

        Don’t poop where you eat.

        Don’t foul your own nest.

        Don’t shoot holes in your own boat.

        Don’t spit into the wind!!!!

        O’Mara, you are spitting into the wind, and it is gonna come back and hit you in the face.

      • Jun says:

        Bill Maher put it best

        Cheorge Fogenhats is a



        I personally feel Omara and Cheorge Fogenhats is actually hoping NBC will just settle because they dont want to deal with them

        But blam

        NBC said they intend to vigorously defend their position in court


        • cielo62 says:

          MOM is not the lawyer filing the NBC suit. Does he then get any say in what happens?

          Sent from my iPod

          • Xena says:

            MOM is not the lawyer filing the NBC suit. Does he then get any say in what happens?

            With 3 pro hac vice attorneys, MOM is merely the local attorney. Meaning, because Florida circuit courts do not have electronic filing, MOM files the papers. He can also appear in court on general motion hearings and pre-trial matters that do not require argument. He can appear with either of the pro hac vice attorneys before the court, but if it’s like Illinois, he cannot appear on his own on any pleading in which the pro hac vice attorneys have signed.

          • cielo62 says:

            Thank you for explaining that! I didn’t think MOM would want to tangle with NBC but I always remember that ” the client calls the shots.” So GZ finds a few non-local lawyers to take this case, and all MOM has to do is file the papers. Nice.

            Sent from my iPod

      • Rachael says:

        I’m sure Bill Maher is on his “to sue” list too. While most people are busy making to do lists – GZ is busy making to sue lists.

      • Jun says:

        I am gonna sue Cheorge Fogenhats for emotional distress by having to listen to his lies that he forces onto my television screen and I want compensatory damages but if you throw him in prison, its even LMAO

      • Malisha says:

        Bravo, your comment should be in the NBC file as the outline for the motion to dismiss already! YAY YAY Piranhamom!

      • Excellent analysis, as usual.

        I’m going to feature you and your analysis on the front page today.

      • blushedbrown says:

        Well said.

  23. grahase says:

    He claims he is unable to take care of his wife because of NBC and he has no friends because of NBC.

    Hell (oops), he couldn’t afford to take care of her before and it seems he only has 3 friends – Taaffe, Osterman, and of course – Oliver.

    • Xena says:

      He claims he is unable to take care of his wife because of NBC and he has no friends because of NBC.

      Uh, wait a minute. How do you make friends when you’re in hiding?

    • Rachael says:

      If he had no friends to begin with, he can’t blame that on NBC. LOL The most he can say is he isn’t able to associate with his friends right now because he can’t talk to them about the case – but that hasn’t stopped him from talking about the case on the internet and on TV so he doesn’t have much of a case there AFAIC.

  24. grahase says:

    Tugboat feels he was treated unfairly by NBC. I feel he treated Trayvon Martin unfairly. NBC s report caused Tugboat distress. I feel he distressed Trayvon Martin before Tugboat shot him to death.

  25. grahase says:

    How come Tugboat isnt suing for editing the whole NEN call. The editing outcome is open to interpretation. The killer obviously knew which phrases to use in his lawsuit because the rest of the call could actually prove him to be racist and could actually prove he murdered a child.

    How come Tugboat and the rest of the grifters in his circle can make over $350,000.00 by murdering a child. Yet, Tugboat accuses NBC of trying to make money with the story of a racist idiot killing a child.

    • Jun says:

      I honestly think that fact is one of the things that will be said against him, if this ever gets to trial

    • Xena says:

      Wouldn’t it be a hoot if NBC asked him to identify donors in the weeks he was in jail? Anyone tied to White Supremacists, and it will evidence that his donors believe he’s racists. Why take money from racists if you’re not racist, GZ?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        OM claims he filtered them out, but I highly doubt it. How could he unless they sent racist messages with their paypal donations?

        • Xena says:

          How could he unless they sent racist messages with their paypal donations?

          Right. Self-declaration. But we know who are sending him money who comment on the treeslum, and their comments demonstrate racial bigotry and demeaning of everyone who is Black, who they think is Black, and any Whites who support justice for Trayvon.

      • Jun says:

        They also attack Asian people. I have commented on facebook and been called racial slurs, and to stay out their country of America. I actually screen printed it. And it is not hard to prove his cult is full of racists. Its funny that they claim that everyone else is racist but them.

        • Xena says:

          @Jun. I watched the Mark O’Mara, Don West Fund Raising Campaign on In Session this afternoon. MOM’s purpose can be reasonably paraphrased as “Blacks hate my client. He needs protection from them. Send money.”

          “Had Trayvon Martin been arrested for viciously beating my client, I would be open to discuss the justice system and prosecution of Black defendants.”

          “Race should have never entered in this case. Al Sharpton should have kept his mouth shut and then Trayvon’s parents would not have gathered attention. Since Blacks now have such power in America, it’s only fair that Whites give money to my client so I can zealously defend him.”

          • jm says:

            Great summary Xena. All this said while MOM sports a new hair style, lots of sweat coming from flushed face and neck and a bit of a beer gut.

            PS: I didn’t watch the whole thing because I have a weak stomach, but most of the Vinnie Politano commentary on MOM. Was the question ever asked of MOM about the difference between the pictures from the first one taken on the scene that fired up this fund-raising endeavor to the one taken a few hours later in the police station. Did they ever show the two photos side-by-side to have the various lawyers comment on the difference between Chorge’s “injuries” to his nose in particular since MOM claims the nose was broken as evident in the new photo and the “miraculous” cure of the “broken” nose a few hours later.

          • Xena says:

            Great summary Xena. All this said while MOM sports a new hair style, lots of sweat coming from flushed face and neck and a bit of a beer gut.

            Talk about vanity, he also had his hair dyed.

            There was no discussion about the police station photos and the one taken in the back of the squad car. Reporters are not going to give MOM any clue for what the State might argue. They certainly laid out some baits that MOM grabbed, such as the “broken nose.” There is no medical evidence to support that.

            I suspect that after the immunity hearing the media is going to have a field day replaying MOM’s “broken nose” assertions, and the judge’s ruling that a photo is no substitute for professional medical reports of a physical injury.

          • racerrodig says:

            So Moron O’ Mara, how does this affect these assholes getting away. What about those coons just walking about as if they have rights. Does rain prohibit their walking at night. What about an “Anti – Hoodie” law ?? Maybe they need an identifier if they are “fitness nuts” and one if they are not. Does the type of skipping make a difference and what about a “Skittle Transportation License”

          • jm says:

            You should have interviewed O’Mara racerodig. Jean Cesarez asked softball questions and allowed tons of BS spin answers from MOM.

          • blushedbrown says:

            If by chance you come across the interview on youtube or anywhere else, pleast post. I forget to set dvr. duh.

          • jm says:

            I’ll keep looking. The interview was a farce and the only thing good about it is no matter what BS came out of MOM’s mouth, his sweat and flushed face and neck showed how he really felt. I think MOM knows his client is going to get hit with more charges.

          • blushedbrown says:

            Thanks. 😉

          • PiranhaMom says:

            @ jm –

            Can you supply a link so we can view the MOM interview today? Thanks!

          • racerrodig says:

            I would have no problem with that. If someone can make it happen, lets get it on. I have plenty of experience in front of the camera and in public. I’ll even lose the 10 lbs of excess !!

          • Xena says:

            So Moron O’ Mara, how does this affect these assholes getting away.

            Excellent point. It’s the foul language abels that GZ placed on Trayvon that speaks volumes about his attitude. Not even law enforcement profiling “suspects” would call them “assholes” or “funking” anythings. GZ expressed hate, anger, and by referring to Trayvon in the plural, prejudice.

          • racerrodig says:

            In the real world it = Motive. Oh and hate, racism, bigotry or whatever else one would call it.

    • Malisha says:

      As if NBC had to exploit Cheorge to make money, as if they weren’t making money until Cheorge killed a kid.

      As if kids in the ghetto couldn’t find mentors until Cheorge came along.

      As if Sherman Ware’s case was gonna be ignored unless Cheorge went to all the Black churches with his invisible fliers.

      As if the cops wouldn’t have been able to deal with the Trayvon Martin skipping incident unless Cheorge got an address for a dispatcher at NEN.

      • Jun says:

        LMAO NBC is worth $30 Billion before Cheorge

        So I dont see how he is going to prove that he himself provided even a fraction of their worth LMAO

  26. grahase says:

    Friday 9:00 a.m. EST – In Session – interviewing Tugboats lawyers.

    • Eric says:

      Did Omara, during this interview really say that Zimmerman had his face beaten into the concrete also? The story seems to shape shift from moment to moment similar to a lava lamp.

  27. Two sides to a story says:

    Interesting and ironic – the Beasley law firm prevented a sociopathic murderer from profiting from a book deal –

    • Xena says:

      Their report is ambiguous. They don’t say what they sued for. It sounds as if he made a book deal and the family of the victim sued — wrongful death maybe?

      So notice how they write — “… Einhorn was planning to write a book, which would have handsomely compensated him for telling his story. The Beasley Firm’s victory effectively precludes Einhorn from ever seeing a penny in profit from his horrible crime.”

      They don’t say that the book was never published, just that Einhorn won’t see a penny “in profit” …Did they settle with the publishing company? File a lien against him? (Not expecting you to answer — just pointing out the skill of announcing the win but now how they played the game.)

    • Malisha says:

      Yes, Maddux is their big-name case. The fact situation in Maddux was pretty simple, however. I think they’ve taken the Zimmerman NBC case so people look them up and get impressed with their work in Maddux. It’s marketing. They’re certainly not showing off their writing skills with that complaint, though, unless they let O’Mara write it. And that’s probably what happened because O’Mara does mostly divorces so he’s used to filing stuff that’s bombastic, exaggerated, huffy and puffy and that does not need to make sense or cite law.

  28. Jun says:



    at his telling the judge

    “I called him a fucking punk, an asshole who always gets away, a black male, up to no good, walking about not knowing what his deal is, but I never said coon”

    LMAO as if that really helps his case for defamation LMAO

  29. PiranhaMom says:


    Just before midnight EST, pro-Trayvon petition topped 1,000.

    Pro-Zimmerman petition: 858.

    • Xena says:

      Hooray!!!! That was the goal we hoped to reach by Friday. We’re ahead of deadline with 2 wks to go.

      • Xena, I am watching that mind-blowing documentary Dear Zachary, and I may write a post about it for another site, I will hat tip you for the find if I do this. Mind-blowing, thank you.

        • Xena says:

          Xena, I am watching that mind-blowing documentary Dear Zachary, and I may write a post about it for another site, I will hat tip you for the find if I do this. Mind-blowing, thank you.

          I look forward to your post. It’s a heart wrenching story. If only the judge had remanded that crazy woman. (sigh)

          • I will put it up here also then, thank you. I cannot imagine what that judge was th

          • Xena says:

            I will put it up here also then, thank you. I cannot imagine what that judge was th

            IIRC, the judge thought that because the defendant was educated and a doctor, that she was capable of preparing her own court documents and would not be a danger to the community. Apparently, the judge was not a good judge of character.

            I’m really behind tonight — will try to catch up.

          • It was mind-boggling, seeing that decision.

          • Xena says:

            @Crane-Station. (Could you let Professor know that I have a comment held in moderation in the Dear Zachary post? I forgot and entered 2 links.)

            The decision in that case just goes to show that looks can make a wrong impression. It reminds me of GZ saying “Nosir” “Yessir” when he knows he is being filmed, but said “assholes” “shit” and “funking coons/punks” when he was not being filmed.

            His NEN call is the real George Zimmerman. He was a fake thereafter when a camera is on him.

          • Okay,thank you, and he says this is resolved now.

          • Okay it’s up, here and at two other sites, and thank you so much again for turning my attention to this film.

          • Xena says:

            Okay it’s up, here and at two other sites, and thank you so much again for turning my attention to this film.

            I owe it to someone else for reminding me about that case — think it was Shannoninmiami. We were talking about a case with a woman nut-job that is coming on In Session next week and that reminded me of Dear Zachary. It’s been a long time since I saw the documentary (2008) but never forgot it.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Great news. Xena, go here:

        Take a look at M8 software, it’s a clipboard manager that will save you lots of time and effort. Just imagine that, instead of saving just one clip at a time and pasting, then going back for another, you could save 25 clips, and then paste them all into a document with just one click.

        After I make my tiny urls, I store them on one of the sheets that come with the paid version (9.99) I have 10 sheets to store 100 clips, and you can give any clip whatever display title you like.

        Believe me, this program is worth it’s weight in gold for the time it saves.

        • Xena says:

          Thanks for the recommendation Lonnie. I’m really pressed for time now with work and some other matters that are time sensitive. I’m one of those who get nervous having to learn to use new software off the bat when I can write faster than I can figure out what the software wants.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Go get it, you’ll spend about 10 minutes reading to learn how it works, there’s also a free version.
            Just allowing you to take up to 25 clips, before having to leave one doc to paste is more than enough reason to have it. But, to also be able to copy urls, give them a new title and save them, then replace the long url in the saved clip, with the tiny one, and always have it handy, is invaluable.

            You can set it so that it appears after you place your cursor at the top of the screen for one second, so it pops up when you need it, dismiss it with the minimize bar. Bet in less than an hour of use you won’t be able to live without it, and it saves hours of work.
            Give it a try you won’t regret it at all.

    • thats really good news, but it’s not enough.. it;s not in the main stream media enough, thats why thousands aren’t signing.

        • the media needs to be outraged at this behavior from a murder suspect. they have to stop treating him with these kid gloves.
          there/s gotta be a super highprofile person to smack the media out of it… idk but i think the media is a pansy assing on this now, and i can;t understand why.

          • Xena says:

            the media needs to be outraged at this behavior from a murder suspect. they have to stop treating him with these kid gloves.

            There’s the case, and then there’s the petition. People wanting justice for Trayvon have gone beyond the call of duty and we’re not finished yet. Moses raised a staff and parted the Red Sea, but he had to get the people together first, and they felt they were trapped before they could see a miracle.

    • Xena says:

      Pro Zim petition is actually 758. On Tuesday, they had 664. On Tuesday, we had 792.

  30. Dennis says:

    Frederick, I found an interesting Youtube video. The author alleges that the photo showing the blood running down Zimmerman’s head is also doctored. I sure hope the FBI or whoever is analyzing these photos to make sure they are genuine. The prosecution in the Anthony case was too stupid to realize that the defense photo of Caylee was photoshopped to make it appear that she could reach the handle for the sliding door. If you zoom in you can easily see that part of her shoe was duplicated. Professionals should be able to spot these kinds of things.

  31. oh InSession says Zimmerman’s attorney: We will not take a plea deal

    AS IFFFFFFFFF!!!!!lolololl no one suggested one moron omar!!!

    • Jun says:

      Omara is full of crap anyways…. he claimed early on in this case he would never try the case in the court of public opinion and that is all he has done since he took the case… I dont believe a bloodclot word that comes out of his mouth… In the end, I dont care if he takes a plea or not, I just want to see some justice. I looked at the evidence and Cheorge is clearly lying and he went after this kid, and because of that, he should not be allowed to claim self defense. Even if the guy does go to prison, I bet he wont change and will still blame everyone else for his own actions.

    • Xena says:

      oh InSession says Zimmerman’s attorney: We will not take a plea deal

      Lawyer speak for:
      We have been offered a plea deal but my client refuses to plea.

      That means we will see GZ sentenced to life with no chance for parole.

      • lolo i’m afraid your wrong about this one Xena,

        lawyer speak for: we have not been offered a plea b/c the SP is laughing their asses off at me and my client. they’ve gathered so much damning evidence that will put my client in the big house for life and send my career to the shitter i’ll be representing innocent hookers on Biscayne blvd and healthy crackheads for the rest of my life.

      • Malisha says:

        Woah, O’Mara claims they have been offered a plea deal?

        When? What was offered?

    • Why would the State offer a deal when they have a lay-down hand?

  32. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Amazing GZ site had that bloody noise photoshop pic uploaded once it hit the mainstream it came down within hours. They have some well trained cyber groups.

    • it’s gone? i think i saw the day it came out on their website. can’t remember now. wonder why, it’s on his new and improved site, right under the why i’m suing BS letter for pity and money

    • I doubt if he is listening to me, but I advised him to take it down because it appears to have been so clumsily manipulated.

      Instead of being shocked by how badly injured his client was, most people are shocked by the clumsily photoshopped photo and immediately suspect the credibility of the defendant and his lawyer who posted it.

      I realize some folks here have stated that it wasn’t photoshopped and perhaps they are right. But it looks photoshopped and that is what most people have concluded by now.

      I’m not an expert, but I’ve worked with Photoshop and it sure looks like a bad photoshop job to me.

      No wonder he took it down.

      He never should have posted it.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I noticed it’s a much smaller size on the new site, which doesn’t make it look as ridiculous – or as photoshopped.

      • Jun says:

        If you zoom in on the nose and fake blood area, it becomes more obvious

        notice the pic, that has a chain of command, looks like every other nose pic of Cheorge but this particular one just looks so fake up close?

      • grahase says:

        Did Jun just say – nose pic – snicker, snicker.

      • Malisha says:

        I can’t tell whether it looked photoshopped or not because I’m technologically impaired; don’t even underSTAND that talk.

        But to me it looked pathetic and stupid. Awwww, poor Cheorgie Poopsie woopsie widdow boy, you pooor widow thing you, somebody bumpie wump your little nosey wosey make 7 drops of your precious Christian blood drip down on your silly widow mein-fuhrer mustache you were trying to grow into a macho hispanic upper lip? Awwwww, you poor widow mistreated puff-ass victim, awwwww, Tears are just streaming all down my face, covering 45% of my head, and all in my eyes and I can’t see and all this just because you were trying to be a decent American, awwwwww, booooo hoooooo boooooo hooooooo 😥

      • Jun says:

        Photoshopped just means its doctored

        I feel it is

        The nose looks abnormally large, like one of the joke glasses noses

        and when you go up close to it, it starts getting blurry and the blood starts to look fake

        Considering a phone pic is fairly high quality, it should not get blurry, especially around the nose area

        and lastly, a bloody nose does not cause the head to become elongated and then suddenly his head retains its shape once he goes to the station LOL

        I have looked at his nose from his childhood until all the recent court hearings, and his nose looks exactly the same, except for the questionable pic that just showed up three weeks later in Wagner’s email or phone or whatever

        I feel the state can prove its fake

      • FactsFirst says:

        Its obvious the new photo was shopped for alot of reasons, but here’s two really good ones.
        The big azz growth/cocoon/tumor or whatever that thing WAS on GchildkillerZ’s left ear and the big azz DENT that WAS on his right nostril, all which seem to magically disappear by the time the good ole boys took those evidence photos at the police station.. Please somebody take a close look the new photo and evidence photo #31 so you can see what I’m talking about… Because that was the indicator for me… SMDH…

    • Two sides to a story says:

      You mean the GZLC site – it’s still there – or are you talking about his fundraising site?

  33. Lets hope NBC lawyers chew holes everywhere in this lawsuit. Just like roaches….chewing away…

    • Malisha says:

      The holes in this lawsuit are available for everyone to see. Maybe NBC should begin to hear from ordinary citizens that if they settle this they will be looked upon as complicit with an exploitive, lying, racist thug and that their reputation will be harmed by US, WE THE PEOPLE, and that we won’t put up with it, and that if they settle we will sue them for everything they have written that WE don’t like and keep them dancing on motions to dismiss from now until doomsday.

  34. Jilly says:

    Blood Money !!!,………he makes me sick .

  35. Xena says:

    Professor, how common is it to have attorneys file pro hac vice to present clients in a state court?

    • It’s not common, but it happens now and then. Probably less than 5% of the cases. The lawyer has to be well known with a good reputation to attract clients from out of the local jurisdiction. I’ve appeared pro hac vice in federal and state courts in Alaska, California and Idaho. I’ve also served as local counsel for out of jurisdiction lawyers appearing pro hac vice in Seattle.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Professor, is it possible that NBC will quietly settle out of court, since they’ve already apologized and fired employees? Or have they already been approached for an out of court settlement and rebuffed the Philly law firm, hence the public complaint? Some say on other sites that the NBC lawyers and GZ lawyers are doing a little dance and will ultimately agree on a settlement.

        • Anything is possible, but I doubt it.

          But having said that, civil lawyers usually do settle cases because they don’t like going to trial and don’t trust juries.

          I think NBC knows the criminal trial will happen first, so they will wait and see what happens. He won’t have much of a lawsuit after a jury convicts him.

      • Xena says:

        Thanks for the response. GZ has 3 lawyers applying pro hac vice and from their website, their concentration is personal injury and medical malpractice with a few defamation cases. Overall however, the proof of their professionalism is with the complaint — and it fails.

      • Jun says:

        I dont think they will settle to be honest. I got hit by a car and it took me 4 years to get $20,000 out of them and they kept trying to settle with like $1000. I think they will give him a STFU amount of maybe $1000 to shut up because the suit seems very frivolous to me. The edit is not what makes him look bad, his own actions do. JMO, and I agree with the Crump page, is that NBC has a reputation to look after, which is worth more money than them paying lawyers to fight Zimbit in court for his accusations.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Doesn’t the opposite sometimes happen – a corporation will settle for some decent nickels just to get it over with? Especially when they’ve already admitted partial wrongdoing? Though I agree with you al – NBC could easily drag their feet until a criminal trial,

        So why didn’t the Tugboat team go after ABC too? In Z;s mind, he should have a bone to pick with them too.

        • Xena says:

          Doesn’t the opposite sometimes happen – a corporation will settle for some decent nickels just to get it over with?

          GZ’s complaint did not ask for a specific amount so NBC has nothing to work with in offering a settlement other than their saving their costs.

          Here, GZ is playing with the big dogs. The controversy itself is worth fighting the case.

          Just thought about something —- there was no notice of filing or affidavit of service in what MOM posted on the website. Since GZ is suing former NBC employees, they might not know where to serve them. The clock does not start ticking on the 20 days to file an answer until the parties have been served. GZ’s immunity hearing could be held by then.

      • Jun says:

        NBC, as a corporation can’t be held accountable for every employee’s actions. They are protected under innocent dissemination because an employee, like any other human, can make a mistake, and it really is not the fault of a whole corporation. NBC was likely under the presumption that the aired report was true, which it was, just edited to fit the program, I believe. I dont get where you are saying they admitted wrongdoing. They simply fired the workers because they were unhappy with the content they put on the aired shows. At most, Cheorge Fogenhats can simply go at the ex employees, but under privacy laws, he might not even be able to serve them. The employees who were in charge of programming the show, really did not do any damage to Cheorge, so he is not going to get a dime out of the ex employees either. The simple fact remains, they had a certain amount of air time, they edited the tape to fit the show, and they left all of Cheorge Fogenhats statements intact with no editing to those statements, and to them it could be an innocent dissemination of the summary of the phone call and hitting key parts of the phone call. I feel the admission of a party opponent rule falls in here because those are Cheorge Fogenhats’ statements, and whether he likes it or not, he did offer that Trayvon was black without ever being asked, in fact, he offered it like this “He’s got his hands in his waistband, and he’s a black male” after describing the person as suspicious. So as usual, Fogenhat is defeated by his own words and statements. LMAO

      • Jun says:

        I dont think this is even filed yet to be honest, I dont see any court paperwork attached or stamps or signing of Cheorge Fogenhats document to the court

  36. Jun says:

    Personally I am sick of his crap. The state should ask the date be changed to Feb 2013 and get this BS over with and get him into prison for murdering that kid.

  37. why i’m suing NBC
    by the racist murdering idiot GZ

    On the night of February 26, 2012, after enduring a prolonged physical attack from Trayvon Martin, screaming for help countless times and receiving no help, and all the while in fear for my life, I shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. I did not shoot to take his life, I shot to save my own.

    The night of the shooting I was taken to the Sanford police station and was read my Miranda rights. Aware I had the right to remain silent, I chose to tell investigators what happened. In the hours and days that followed, I cooperated completely with the authorities, and during that thorough investigation, the consensus among law enforcement was that I should not be charged.

    However, in the days and weeks following the shooting a story was promoted that I am a racist and a murderer. These untruths spread through the community, the government, and the nation, amplified by a media frenzy seeking ratings over truth. This was no more apparent than when NBC repeatedly edited the recording of a call I made, intentionally misrepresenting me as a racist. Unfortunately, their plan worked, truth suffered that day, and my family and I have suffered every day since. That is why I am filing a lawsuit against NBC. The details of the complaint can be found on a website created by my legal team:

    What happened that night was a tragedy: a tragedy that NBC exploited, creating an opportunity for profit. I am holding NBC accountable for its actions. If NBC had not spread lies and falsifications about me, this lawsuit would not exist. This lawsuit is a product of NBC’s intentional distortion of facts. I do not know, because of my situation, how I will be able to provide for my wife and myself in the future, and so I expect NBC to be held responsible. The unjustified public persecution of me because of NBC’s actions is wrong. It shouldn’t have happened to me, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone.
    In the last several months, the prosecutors have released evidence regarding this case, and the evidence speaks for itself regarding my innocence. As this lawsuit moves forward, I hope the existence of this exonerating evidence will be broadcast with at least a fraction of the publicity afforded to the lies and misrepresentations. I deserve that and those who have been misinformed deserve that. However, that will be up to the ethical journalists who will spread the truth without regard or concern for political or social pressure.

    • cielo62 says:

      Ugh. Makes me want to puke up a hair ball

      • i know, i swear he’s the MOST repulsive thing i’ve ever seen in my life! and it’s got to be punished. you aren’t allowed to kill an innocent boy and almost get away with it as long as he killed an underprivileged kid or one who’s parents had skeletons in their closet, or the kid wasn’t as INNOCENT as Trayvon, or what ever.and then make hundreds of thousands of dollars to live off of and pay expensive lawyers, and get special treatment and then sue the newspapers for reporting it… it has to be nipped at the bud, now.

    • KA says:

      Someone wrote that for him. I found this funny….

      “What happened that night was a tragedy: a tragedy that NBC exploited, creating an opportunity for profit.” insert [and only I have expressed permission to do that]…

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Especially ironic, in that, um, GZ has profitted to the tune of hundreds of thousands . . . (< notice the ellipses!)

    • Jun says:

      You mean like how he misrepresented his death beating and his funds and his passport, his attack on cops, his beating of his ex, how he beat that girl at that party, the kid he accused of stealing his bike…. hmmm

    • KA says:

      So “In the last several months, the prosecutors have released evidence regarding this case, and the evidence speaks for itself regarding my innocence. As this lawsuit moves forward, I hope the existence of this exonerating evidence will be broadcast with at least a fraction of the publicity afforded to the lies and misrepresentations. I deserve that and those who have been misinformed deserve that.”

      Is this not the commenting on evidence by the defense?

      Just wondering…

      • Rachael says:

        What do you mean?

      • KA says:

        The defendant is commenting in a public letter that certain evidence is “speaking for itself to his innocence”

        Wasn’t that an issue in the bond hearing about “commenting on evidence” as to the need for a gag order?

        This was an open public letter.

      • Rachael says:

        I just see it as a comment about commenting on “the evidence,” not about discussing actual evidence. However, IMO, he should not be discussing the case period. That is what lawyers usually tell their clients – not to discuss the case with anyone, yet he discusses it with everyone. But in a way, I guess it is a good thing. The more he says, the more can be used against him.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      George went into hiding the FIRST night…….what did NBC have to do with that? In other words, he was already in hiding before what he complains about as far as NBC.

      • Rachael says:

        And he couldn’t sleep before he even shot Trayvon. Makes me wonder. His grandma had been sick, his dad had been sick, he has ADD and on medication, unable to sleep, worried about the neighborhood – just a little on edge and I think that had something to do with it. I have a friend who is bipolar and gets really nuts almost psychotic when she doesn’t sleep well. But she doesn’t carry a gun.

        • Xena says:

          And he couldn’t sleep before he even shot Trayvon. Makes me wonder. His grandma had been sick, his dad had been sick, he has ADD and on medication, unable to sleep, worried about the neighborhood – just a little on edge and I think that had something to do with it.

          Failed college. Knew he deceived his attorney in a civil case and would be found out. Daddy needs new shoes. Mama needs new dress.

    • sdunn5 says:

      OMG he thinks he is a world wide celebrity gag!

    • Xena says:

      I deserve that and those who have been misinformed deserve that.

      See, he has a mental dysfunction thinking that the only reason he’s the “most hated man in America” is because of what someone said rather than his actions. He does not give people credit for being able to think for themselves.

      Let NBC bring in the Ostermans as a third party for writing a book titled “Most Hated Man In America.”

      • Rachael says:

        There you go. See, noe if it were ONLY NBC, but thete are so many here, mostly GZ himself. Does he REALLY think his immage was improved by going on Hannity? Is he going to sue himself for making himself look like a cold-hearted bastard for having no regrets about that night and it was Gos’s will?

      • its sick, it really is, and it;s getting outa control. he needs to get lost until trial and then disappear into prison. only to be hauled out one more time in 24 years in a pine box.

        • Xena says:

          The majority of the allegations in his complaint are framed in the sense of what others think or believe about GZ. NBC cannot admit nor deny what others think. They should demand strict proof of the threats. Heck!! Not even his own attorneys could reach him for days before he was charged. How do you communicate a threat to a person hiding and whose phone number is unknown? Send it by blood hounds?

      • Rachael says:

        But of course he wouldn’t because that would mean taking responsibility for what he said, so maybe he will just sue Hannity for having him on his show lol. When he is done suing everyone, he’ll sue MOM.

        • Xena says:

          When he is done suing everyone, he’ll sue MOM.

          GZ has gone rogue. I wonder if MOM is aware that GZ has posted his version for why he filed the lawsuit on his website? The State should file for another gag order — this time against GZ.

      • Jun says:

        NBC announced they will defend vigorously like the Benjamin Crump page has suggested. They obviously dont want to back down to a child stalker and murderer. I agree he has nothing in terms of proof against NBC.

        • Xena says:

          I agree he has nothing in terms of proof against NBC.

          It’s kinda like if Osama Bin Laden had sued the media. “I did it for Jihad, not to take anyone’s life but to save Islam. I didn’t kill them because they were Americana!! They were collateral damage for what other Americans did.”

      • Malisha says:

        “See, he has a mental dysfunction thinking that the only reason he’s the “most hated man in America” is because of what someone said rather than his actions. He does not give people credit for being able to think for themselves.”

        I think it’s even worse than that, that he doesn’t give people “credit” to think for themselves. HE BELIEVES THEY ARE REALLY NOT ALLOWED TO.

        Naturally he thinks he’s only the “most hated man in America” because of something somebody ELSE said or did wrong; that’s his massive projection problem. As to thinking for themselves, folks just plain aren’t allowed to. They have to listen to what HE tells them to think; they have to follow HIS lead; they have to NOT QUESTION the story gold to them by a “decent American.” The cops were not supposed to think he had stalked Trayvon because he said, “and I wasn’t following.” Hannity’s audience was not allowed to think he scared Trayvon because he said, “he wasn’t running; he was skipping” and it was “not from being scared.” Nobody was allowed to think he said “fucking coons” when he only said, “fucking punks.” And all like that.

        Nobody’s allowed to use racism to question the credibility of a DECENT AMERICAN.

        Get over it, you lying scumbag fucking punk, George Michael Zimmerman. If you’re the most hated man in America, you earned it. If you’re not the most hated man in America, at least you’re still trying to be number one but so far I believe you’re only number two.

        • Succinct and well deserved putdown

          Well deserved because, as the late actor John Houseman used to say in the advertisements for Smith Barney,

          [He] earned it.

          If ever a man was guilty of the sin of “protesting too much” that man is the defendant in the Trayvon Martin murder.

          By now, most everyone in the world following this case knows he is a freakin’ racist who can’t stop running his mouth.

          From Wikipedia:

          The quotation “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III, scene II, where it is spoken by Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. The phrase has come to mean that one can “insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what one is saying.”[1] The phrase is often misquoted as “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”[2] and is commonly used in the second person as “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

      • racerrodig says:

        Ya gotta love it when your “Token White Friend” writes a book with that title. It’s likely to be “NBC defense exhibit “A” “

    • Rachael says:

      I can’t believe his lawyer doesn’t tell him to STFU!!!!!

      • Shut him up. Hell, O’Mara is co-counsel on the civil case.

        Tail wags dog.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I don’t understand a lot about law and this case just sounds stranger and stranger.

      • Malisha says:

        Professor, as to the tail wagging the dog, I think it’s true but only a wee bit off in terms of geographical location of the wagging part of the anatomy.

        My father used to ask, “How come there are more horses’ asses at the racetrack than horses?”

        If you get my veterinary drift.

    • Vicky says:

      Well, I recon GZ could plead guilty, go to prison, work in the laundry and send Shellie the $2/day he makes. Or he can wait, and if convicted (which I believe will happen) do the same. Right now, it’s bullshit for him to claim poverty when according to his own admission he made over a quarter million dollars last year, and spent close to half on living expenses. Dip wad should have budget his windfall a bit more conservatively. That darn dog he was so frightened of could have provided security for him and Shellie.
      In the meantime, why in the heck doesn’t he find an online or phone from home job? He wasn’t fully supporting his wife to begin with if he was $25,000 in credit card debt in March.
      If he is found not guilty, all the dumbass has to do is change his name. He photos like a frigging chameleon. All he needs to do is drop about 50 pounds, and move to some backwoods, racist redneck community where he can either remain anonymous or be held up as a role model for SYG zealots.

      • Xena says:

        In the meantime, why in the heck doesn’t he find an online or phone from home job?

        (Speaking with trembling voice) Because he’s SCCCCARRED!! Applying for a job means providing your address and phone number. Someone wearing a hoodie might get past security while he’s in the shower without his bullet proof vest —shoot him in both feet and break his nose. Then he’ll have to irk O’Mara for money to buy bigass bandaids.

      • Malisha says:

        I believe he is working from home and was (without declaring it on his taxes) long before he killed Trayvon Martin. $135 in postage was for the stuff he was sending that he had sold on ebay or another on-line source, is my guess. Just as he kept the lawyer’s money after the civil suit and kept the court’s money when he was fined, he does everything in a shady, hidden manner and that’s exactly why he is suspicious of everyone else; he thinks everybody is as fraudulent and dishonest as he is.

        • Xena says:

          $135 in postage was for the stuff he was sending that he had sold on ebay or another on-line source, is my guess.

          I totally agree and will go further — I don’t believe it was his own property that he was selling on eBay.

          • racerrodig says:

            In all likelihood he was selling stolen items that his mentored kids burglarized. Be a real hoot to see what he did sell.

          • Xena says:

            In all likelihood he was selling stolen items that his mentored kids burglarized. Be a real hoot to see what he did sell.

            Malisha will probably know more about what was reported stolen, but my guess is that GZ was selling stolen jewelry.

          • racerrodig says:

            I have the feeling the Feds know exactly what’s going on down that road. I guessed that back in the summer when I saw the $135.00 shipping bill. Hmmmmmmm ???

          • Xena says:

            I have the feeling the Feds know exactly what’s going on down that road. I guessed that back in the summer when I saw the $135.00 shipping bill. Hmmmmmmm ???

            Indeed. If it’s true that some original donors complained, the feds may also be looking into charges of interstate fraud. GZ begged for money for his legal defense and living expenses, but used thousands to get out of pre-Feb. 26th debts and benefit himself with new cell phones and pre-paid contracts.

          • racerrodig says:

            And lets not forget that $1,000.00 + new pistol and car rentals.

          • cielo62 says:

            If he sold the items on eBay, it should be easy to trace down the items and the buyers.

            Sent from my iPod

      • cielo62 says:

        Alas, Houston would welcome him with open arms.

        Sent from my iPod

    • Wow. So now, every word in the complaint, that he swore under penalty of perjury to be true, and every word of this letter, will be admissible against him in the criminal trial. He needed to think about that. This letter is a strategic mistake. Why this man’s mouth is still running is beyond it.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Yes, this legal document opens all the doors MOM was trying to keep closed! Poor thing. He can have the jailhouse lawyers explain it to him.

        • Right, and there are a good many jailhouse lawyers who I would trust over the public or private defense bar. I am not alone. I have come across opinions from various Courts of Appeal who say that jailhouse lawyer briefs are often better than hired council briefs.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Hmmm.. Maybe MOM should consider putting a jailhouse lawyer on his staff? 😀

          • At the rate he’s going, not a bad idea. The thing I observed about jailhouse lawyers is 1.) some are lawyers 2.) In the alternate, the rest are paralegals. The entire legal department I was in in prison was made up of inmates who were paralegals. 3.) These people must be, in some cases, five years to the parole board to work in these positions, which means that they spend a tremendous amount of time and study, completely steeped in the legal work of criminal appeals once an incarcerated inmate has exhausted possibility for public council and must proceed pro se for Habeas or ineffective assistance of council claims. The exception is the death penalty cases. The death case inmates continue to qualify for council.

            These people write extremely well, and can cite authority like the backs of their hands.

          • racerrodig says:

            I’d bet he’s taking advice from Conservative Outhouse former jailhouse lawyers. The jargon is a dead giveaway.

          • Xena says:

            I’d bet he’s taking advice from Conservative Outhouse former jailhouse lawyers. The jargon is a dead giveaway.


          • racerrodig says:

            And the Beasley law firm specializes in Medical Malpractice. When this is dismissed, just cut them loose on SheLie for the improper use of knuckle bandages…..Duhhhhhhuu !!

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            If either GZ or MOM can be connected to that board, the jury gets to peruse excerpts from that board, oh my!!!

          • racerrodig says:

            And don’t count that out.

  38. cielo62 says:

    >^..^< GZ is such a LOSER!

  39. you guys i’m being stalked on twitter …. just because i decided to butt into a convo of some zimmerlovers and just wondered how Frances is doin since the foreclosure.. maybe a few other things…

    anyway, so they keep asking why i’m only IM’ing the new GZ begsite with chat plus letter to the ‘masses’ on why he’s ‘suing nbc.

    They want me/everyone to retweet it so everyone will know about it..i only sent it to a few peeps i know, and now they’re mad!! LOL i actually think one of them thinks there’s a possibility that GZ could change my mind himself?!!!! i hope thats just my imagination tho.. so far no one seems to be commenting!

    i don’t want him to have a platform to BS everyone, but it looks like he’s got a brand new chat page with his new begsite!!

    but i will post his stupid “why i’m suing NBC” letter”. it’s only fair some of you guys share the puke in your mouth with me? right?lol

    • Judy75201 says:


    • Judy75201 says:

      What I really meant to say was, really…

    • Xena says:

      The Zidiots are ignorant bullies.

    • I often find myself wondering who these people are. I picture a person sitting in a recliner, one hand gripping a gun, the other on a keyboard, surrounded with tin foils hats, radios, scanning equipment, weapons and ammo, waiting for the day and opportunity to confront a perceived “lefty liberal.” Living in a cabin in the woods with a 2-year food supply, and spending days and nights stalking people all around the internet.

      If I were a gun owner, I would not want to associate myself with someone like fogen. Rather, I would want to be an expert in safety and responsible ownership. More gun control laws are not the answer, I don’t believe. But, damn, there’s gotta be some guidelines. People don’t just drive their cars 150 mph on the curbs in a school zone, and so it should be with the guns, people can’t just run buck-wild psycho, stalking about with a handgun.

      Even if Trayvon had been carrying a sign, that said, “I am a thief and I will steal your laptop,” fogen had no business doing anything other than calling the police, and rather than following a person, following the NW rules. No guns while on watch duty. That’s the rule, right?

      • racerrodig says:

        I found one of them that was on HP early on as he used his real name and a picture. I found a youtube video. Picture this…

        Cloudy day in a clearing with trees in front and to the right of the camera view. The camera pans right and there is XXX XXXXX, semi auto pistol in hand and about 200 feet down range are various targets. Behind him are “Prospects” trying to get into the White Supremest gang he is involved with. He begins firing at the targets then wheels around 180 and begins firing at the crowd of 25 or so young adults behind him. He delays just a second so they can duck, but he fires about 10 rounds over their heads at which they they rise and begin to cheer.

        I forwarded this info to my Federal LE connection who followed up on it. He confirmed it and a few days later the video disappeared as did this clown from HP and every other site I found him on.

        Your picture is pretty accurate.

        • Damn. I kind of figured, although my son claimed once, “You don’t want to meet them. They are the guy managing the produce at your local grocery. They are the guy walking right up and down the same street. You don’t want to know, Mom.”

          • racerrodig says:

            And your son would get an award for common sense. That is who they are.

          • This will be the reason for jury selection experts. There are little cues, little giveaways that an expert would be able to spot, even if someone tries to fake. The jury selection must be sophisticated in a case like this one.

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep !! I have no doubt that there will be a very good evaluation. Even if one racist gets by, they can be removed if the foreperson tells the judge about it.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Yes, but you can get around that rule, if you can claim that you were attacked while you were on your way to the store. Of course, a bloody wound with be a big help, if you could find one.

    • Malisha says:

      shannon, I’m sure if you would only give GZ a chance to speak with you he could change your mind. Didn’t he change most of the country’s mind when he appeared on Hannity? Let me guess. He would tell you:

      1. He mentored Black kids because but for him, they would “have nobody.”

      2. He went to bat for Sherman Ware because the NAACP was unwilling to do so and there was nobody besides Cheorge willing to stick up for the poor Black homeless man.

      3. He was willing to defend his neighbors because without him, there would be nobody to patrol that area and keep it safe.

      4. He is still willing to protect YOU if you will only stop seeing things wrong and come over to the right side. THEN if anybody attacks you he will have his brother write another “open letter.”


      5. If you apologize publicly he will send you a signed thank-you note.

  40. Xena says:

    Some pro se defendants in criminal cases file civil suits hoping to get a decision they can use in the criminal case. I am now wondering if this suit is an effort to circumvent any federal charges of hate crime against GZ? If so, it’s a sad day when GZ can talk O’Mara into following pro se mistakes.

    • he’s not repping himself is he?? he can’t, he’s too scared to leave the cave.

      • Xena says:

        he’s not repping himself is he?? he can’t, he’s too scared to leave the cave.

        No, he isn’t representing himself, but that theory is a jailhouse lawyer theory. It means, for instance, that if arrested for burglary, and claim that you know the owner of the house, that you were invited inside, and what you allegedly stole was actually given to you. You then sue the owner for defamation hoping to get a court order that will dismiss the burglary charges or hold up criminal proceedings. I’ve never seen it work.

    • These cases (I am assuming you may be referring to 42 USC 1983 cases filed against cops by defendants during the pendency of a criminal proceeding) are ordinarily delayed (dismissed without prejudice) until the entire criminal proceeding (including appeals) is completed, and I think the binding authority on this is Heck v Humphrey, although I am not for sure.

      That said, since this suit involves a news organization, I do not know if the same rule would apply.

      • Malisha says:

        Well, the defendant has something to say about the timing, and I will bet that NBC will have a LOT to say about the timing.

        • Yes, and the thing of it is, I never watched the clip in the first place (we don’t have TV), but even after the reports, I never gave it a thought, until now, when the spotlight is shone on it. The problem is, how can fogen prove that he is wearing a bullet-proof vest because of that news clip? He is the one who saturated the media, set up websites, met with Hannity, dissed Walters, ran amuck on social websites, and so on.

          The whole ‘I Am Not a Racist’ thing, repeated over and over is protesting too much, Freudian and transparent.

      • You’re right, m’ dear.

        Heck v. Humphrey, 512 U.S. 477, 487 (1994).

        This is the legal rule:

        We hold that, in order to recover damages for allegedly unconstitutional conviction or imprisonment, or for other harm caused by actions whose unlawfulness would render a conviction or sentence invalid,[6] a § 1983 plaintiff must prove 487*487 that the conviction or sentence has been reversed on direct appeal, expunged by executive order, declared invalid by a state tribunal authorized to make such determination, or called into question by a federal court’s issuance of a writ of habeas corpus, 28 U. S. C. § 2254. A claim for damages bearing that relationship to a conviction or sentence that has not been so invalidated is not cognizable under § 1983. Thus, when a state prisoner seeks damages in a § 1983 suit, the district court must consider whether a judgment in favor of the plaintiff would necessarily imply the invalidity of his conviction or sentence; if it would, the complaint must be dismissed unless the plaintiff can demonstrate that the conviction or sentence has already been invalidated. But if the district court determines that the plaintiff’s action, even if successful, will not demonstrate the invalidity of any outstanding criminal judgment against the plaintiff, the action should be allowed to proceed,[7] in the absence of some other bar to the suit.[8]

      • Xena says:

        No. What I’ve seen are jailhouse lawyers filing mandamus and civil suits against private parties in effort to circumvent criminal charges.

        To be fair, there are some very intelligent jailhouse lawyers and they are zealous and proceed according to the rules of the court but that involves defending the criminal charge(s); not circumventing them.

        Regarding GZ, if he can get a decision against NBC, there’s chance of attempt to use it to prevent federal charges of committing a hate crime. I do believe that is an ongoing investigation.

        • Okay, thank you for this information. All I know is what I observed in the prison, where I admit that my focus was on post-conviction issues.

          I also better understand his strategy, so thank you.

  41. Insession will air a taped interview w. zimmer’s lawyers at 9 am?? why so freakin early>>> weird

    • Xena says:

      Maybe because they have more important programming that they aren’t going to delay showing.

      • Jun says:

        LMAO what more are his idiot lawyers going to say

        Omara is going to wave his hands around, squeezing his index finger with his thumb talking of utmost importance, the undisputed broken nose, his photoshopped pic is not photoshopped, the death beating, Trayvon is a thug, blah blah blah, Cheorge is so innocent and its not low to sell autographs

        I hope they pull a Piers Morgan and just cut off Robbie Jr mid speech LMAO

      • yeah tomrrow should be the end of this trial cas that crazy bitch (Jody) who stalked and killed her boyfriend is starting jury selection on monday right?

        • Xena says:

          I think they are showing the Lynch case decision tomorrow. Today was boring going through everything in his bag. I didn’t finish watching it. I am looking forward to the “that crazy bitch (Jody)” case. Isn’t she claiming that she was abused as a reason for killing him after they broke up? Nuts.

          I’m trying to remember a case from years ago involving two doctors who dated. The man was killed. He was his family’s only child. The ex-girlfriend was suspected, finally charged and convicted. She was pregnant. The judge let her out of prison pending appeal. She then walked into the ocean with the baby tied around her, drowning them both. The grandparents were devastated. IIRC, it was a case in Canada and there is a documentary. I’ll see if I can find it.

        • Xena says:

          Found an introduction to the documentary. “Dear Zachary” I saw the entire film years ago — tore my heart to pieces. It sounds so hopeful, and then the bitch murdered the baby.

  42. Vicky says:

    Just so I’m clear here. GZ is claiming that he was not in fear for his life before March 2012. Hmmm, according to his good friend Osterman, he was in fear for his life within hours of shooting Trayvon. He was convinced Trayvon’s family or gangster buddies would be looking for revenge. MO and Shellie packed suitcases before they even went to the police station that night. As far as I’m concerned, if GZ did not believe Trayvon was a black gangster, he would have told Shellie and Osterman they were overreacting, and would have gone home. He profiled that kid, and no amount of backpedaling or litigious bullshit is going to change that fact.

    • KA says:

      Exactly…he was in hiding the day after. He moved out of his house that week….I am not sure he can convince ANYONE he was targeted due to that recording. There were protests before that time, there was already other stations covering it and the demands for his arrest were already happening.

      I am not sure what the damages are. He was “already in hiding” when the tape aired….kinda proves that he was already scared before that time..

      • Yes, indeed.

        He cannot prove that he suffered any damage to his reputation caused by the defendants. He was a failed human being before 2/26/2012 and he’s an even more failed human being now directly due to his own actions on 2/26/2012. To blame his present circumstances on the media is beyond ridiculous.

  43. Tee says:

    ” leader in the community” surely he jest. Who the heck was he leading because I know that many people in that community sure would love to know who his followers are, so that they may protect their children from them.

    • Malisha says:

      When he originally went door to door in September 2011 with his clipboard looking leadery and trying to organize a Neighborhood Watch, somebody called the police and reported a guy going door to door claiming to be Neighborhood Watch but HE HAS NO I.D. Sound like a leader to you?

  44. Two sides to a story says:

    Professor, is it possible that NBC will quietly settle out of court, since they’ve already apologized and fired employees? Or have they already been approached for an out of court settlement and rebuffed the Philly law firm, hence the public complaint?

    • Vicky says:

      My guess is that NBC has some pretty slick attorneys on the payroll, so this suit won’t cost them anything more than they are already paying. Not only that, allowing this to go to trial will be a ratings goldmine for them. I bet their Website has seen more action tonight than it has since election night. And their Nelson Polls will reveal a huge uptake in viewership over the next few weeks. LOL

      • Rachael says:

        Yep. LOL. Ironic, isn’t it. GZ was accusing them of using him to boost their ratings and now he’s going out of his way to boost them higher himself. LOL. Idiot. I would say he should just shiut up, but maybe not. He’s just digging himself in deeper each time.

    • Jun says:

      No, they stated that they would vigorously defend their position and besides it is innocent dissemination and the aired footage was Cheorge’s own unedited statement.

  45. Xena says:

    Oh. I get it now. File in a Florida circuit court and ask for a jury trial. That means when GZ is in prison, he might get to see sunlight to attend court.

  46. Malisha says:


    If you don’t want to be thought of as a racist murderer, don’t shoot any innocent 17-year-old Black kids through the heart with hollow-point bullets. You know how oversensitive those folks can get.

    • Rachael says:

      There you go!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Glad you’re back tonight, Malisha. You’ve given me the first smiles I’ve managed since the news of the NBC suit!

    • Jun says:

      Or target and stalk a black teenager for “walking about” scaring him into “running” and then saying “shit, he’s running” as if you dont want him to run away from you, then proceeding and continuing the stalking and chase of the “kid” and yell disparaging remarks, including one that sounds like a racial slur “coons” or “punk” and then afterward, confronting and murdering the kid while he screamed for help.

      On top of writing racist remarks about mexicans on your myspace, and talks of committing acts of violence against Mexicans

      Stalking and harassing an Arab American co-worker calling him a terrorist and other racist remarks

      and lastly, dont go around your neighborhood telling others that you are targeting black males, including telling Taffe

      • racerrodig says:

        And never…..ever…..let your “Token White Friend” write a book and title it “The Most Hated Man in America”………….Never.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Right on, Malisha!

  47. colin black says:

    Jun…Okay, I am not up on all sayings

    so Red Herring means its crap?…….a Red Herring means something done to distract.To lead one away from a conclusion by offering up another option ..Its like magicians use distraction to have an audience watch his right hand whilst he uses his left to compleat an illusion.

  48. type1juve says:

    George just can’t seem to wrap his sociopathic mind around the fact that he, and he alone is responsible for his predicament. It seems to be second nature for him to blame someone else for everything that goes wrong in his life. His day in court can’t come fast enough for me.

    • Rachael says:

      You know, there was a time I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but all his showboating makes me sick. His poor me victim attitude while giving no thpught to what he did to a kid and his family – even if he is onnocent (which I do not believe he is, just saying though) – is digusting and disgraceful, rwally more like inhuman. He brought all this on himself but instead of standing up like a man and taking responsibility for and being acountable for his actions, hes just a wuss.

      • Mari says:

        I’m with you on that one. I also gave him the benefit of he doubt. But quickly changed my mind with the changes of stories.

      • Malisha says:

        “All the burglaries” in the area is a myth; that was the result of the misinformation given by SDP to the press that the journalists are now not the least bit interested in correcting. There were a few burglaries in the area, no robberies, nothing dangerous, it was just like every other residential area, no big deal. The reason there were some and then there were none is two-fold: First, the person responsible for the really significant ones is doing five years in prison thanks to Judge Debra Nelson; second, nobody at ALL wants to be in RTL now whether to live, to rent, to do construction or do burgle. The place is the center of attention for the whole country thanks to a madman murdering a child there.

        • Excellent point, Malisha.

          From Reuters:


          On February 2, 2012, Zimmerman placed a call to Sanford police after spotting a young black man he recognized peering into the windows of a neighbor’s empty home, according to several friends and neighbors.

          “I don’t know what he’s doing. I don’t want to approach him, personally,” Zimmerman said in the call, which was recorded. The dispatcher advised him that a patrol car was on the way. By the time police arrived, according to the dispatch report, the suspect had fled.

          On February 6, the home of another Twin Lakes resident, Tatiana Demeacis, was burglarized. Two roofers working directly across the street said they saw two African-American men lingering in the yard at the time of the break-in. A new laptop and some gold jewelry were stolen. One of the roofers called police the next day after spotting one of the suspects among a group of male teenagers, three black and one white, on bicycles.

          Police found Demeacis’s laptop in the backpack of 18-year-old Emmanuel Burgess, police reports show, and charged him with dealing in stolen property. Burgess was the same man Zimmerman had spotted on February 2.

          If anything, the defendant had less reason to be suspicious of anyone, since Burgess was in jail on 2/26.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Funny… This could mean nothing, but… I note the mention of three black males and one white. Am I mistaken that two black males and one white we’re at the 711 while Trayvon was there?
            Makes sense that one would be missing with Burgess in jail, but could they have been GZ’s spotters? We know that GZ takes up with people like this. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, getting one of them arrested was part of GZ’s plan to seize control of their little group. Maybe the SP should have a closer look at those guys.

  49. Xena says:

    Let’s give this one a try. Professor, can you delete the comment above for Youtube?

    [Mission Accomplished, sorry it took so long]

    • This is a lovely tribute, thank you. Fred will remove the above link as requested, when he gets to his screen (I don’t edit anything on his site)

      • Tzar says:

        in other news

        bob kealing ‏@bobkealing
        #breakingnews #GeorgeZimmerman asking for GPS to be removed and wants to travel freely throughout state of Florida. Now restricted to Sem co

        • Jun says:

          From what I heard, he had a limited time to argue Lester’s judgements, and that time has passed and Nelson stated that his judgements stand, so that includes him being stuck in Seminole County with the ankle bracelet, and that he report to an officer every two days, and the rest of his restrictions. He’s on pretrial release so therefore he does not have the same freedoms as everyone else.

        • Thank you Tzar, I just read this to Fred, who is putting up another post. His comment: “Ridiculous.”

        • Rachael says:


    • blushedbrown says:

      Beautiful, thank you.

  50. Malisha says:

    It’s actually impossible to slander George Michael Zimmerman.

  51. Tee says:

    Can anyone say “no control over you client,” ie. Zimmerman is to name who he wants to have control of the donation in the Pay Pal account, This guy Zimmerman is a piece of work. I can bet that his attorneys didnt want him bringing this suit at this point in the case. when I say Zimmerman has a mental disability I mean it. He is his own worst enemy & I’ll bet money that his wife is regretting the day she married him. Oh she may not say it out loud but she sure is thinking it, unless she is just as crazy as he seems to be. Playing the victim is something Zimmerman seem to be good at, never mind that he profited from the same media outlet. “The most hated man in America,” hardly he overestimates his importance, that’s what got his crazy butt in this mess in the first place, thinking that he had the right to persue that kid. No one was then or is now looking to do any harm to him, so Paying for security is a waste of money. No one took the mishap from the media and judge Zimmerman as a racist, his action did that. No one made him tell so many different lies about that night events,insulting our intelligence, that the sound of his voice started to annoy us. Most of all, no one made him open his mouth and tell the biggest, most hurtful and utterly despicable lie, that it was him crying out for help that cold rainy night. So Zimmerman if your ass want someone to blame, blame your deprave mind for you being hated because I can assure you that the media, Rev. Al sharpton, Jessie Jackson or Mr. Crump did nothing to impress upon the world the feelings we carry for you. You Sir, are solely responsible for every ill feeling that we carry for you, you and your lack of common decency for TRAYVON B. MARTIN life.

    • blushedbrown says:

      Totally agree with your post. He is his own worst enemy. He has to take the bad with the good. The media frenzy that took place over this case was actually very much in his favor and still are. Just look at OS. He reaped in alot of cash because of it. I think that donations are at a all time low, that this lawsuit is a hope for the defense team that NBC will settle out of court. Most lawsuits of this kind are handled that way. Settle for the quick and easy out, or drag out as long as possible and get nothing. Considering how big NBC is, I think they might settle, or NBC can go the other preferred route of mine and have many of the contributors here go on National TV and disect the evidence on TV..

    • racerrodig says:

      Does Ostermans book “The Most Hated Man….” mention the NBC issue ?? I’d think NBC can use this book title alone as a defense since his best friend wrote the book.

      Is there a chapter title “NBC & why their video made me write this book” ??

  52. KA says:

    Does this convince anyone else that the defense will do the unthinkable and make GZ’s “character” and “leadership” a part of this trial?

    Everything points to it I believe…

  53. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I just looked at George’s signature. Does anyone know why he puts a “nose” on his capital “G”?

  54. LJ says:

    Next MOM will dissect Trayvon’s autopsy, and Jorge’s new defense will be, “Trayvon had a rare heart diease, and would’ve died that night anyway, so it’s not Jorge’s fault”. I am so sick of Jorge and his B.S. I am sitting here fuming!!! What the heck is next!

  55. colin black says:

    Describes himself as a leader in the community..I think blameing N B C for his lack of sleep is stupid.Considering he had a prescription for temazzepan before any off this happened,,,They only prescribe sleeping tablets to patient with chronic problems dropping of to sleep…It appeared to me at his last court apearance the defendeant had more problem staying awake than falling asleeep.

    • lolo he claims he can’t sleep??? lolol a leader???? maybe a leader of losers. this mofo needs to get real. he’s going down, whether or not he wants to go kickin and screaming and looking like the bitch he is, well, that’ll just get him a husband quicker i guess…

    • Rachael says:

      God he’s an azzzz

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Gag me. Calling himself a leader in the community pisses me off almost as much as his crime.

    • Rachael says:

      Leader in the community pfffffftttttt.

    • Malisha says:

      He would have the world believe that he lost sleep, became all mentally ill and suffered because people didn’t like him because of a newspaper mention that was a tad bit slanted.

      Does this mean that he would have suffered from NONE OF THOSE TERRIBLE THINGS if the only stimuli were the fact that he learned that he unnecessarily killed a young man who had done no wrong, intended no wrong, and had no reason to be profiled, targeted and killed?

      George Zimmerman would have been fine were it not for the fact that NBC used elipses in a quote? He would have walked away from the bloody dead body of a teen-ager he had never met before he murdered him, and he would have slept well, felt good and not had any problems?

      He has defined himself as a psychopathic monster. Only if he IS a psychopathic monster could his ills (if he really suffers them) have resulted from the “proximate cause” of the newspaper report.

      This makes me want to stand my ground against him. And then I would let NBC report it any way they wanted. 😛

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Yep…..It is all about poor George. As far a Trayvon is concerned all we hear from George is a dribble of “I am sorry for the loss of your son.”

      • KA says:

        SO dang true….he didn’t lose sleep over killing a kid that was unarmed…he lost sleep over the media’s opinion of him?

        That screams sociopath….

      • Xena says:

        If, according to GZ, it was all God’s plan, then his problem isn’t with NBC.

    • YvetteEU says:

      ha ha ha ha ha !! My Ice tea came through my nose…Thanx lol

  56. Jun says:


    NBC stated that they strongly disagree and they will defend their position vigorously

    • LJ says:

      I hope NBC proves it was a honest mistake, and rehires the three individuals who lost their jobs.

      • LJ says:

        Better yet, I hope Jorge gets slapped with a bill from NBC, for their Attorney Fees.

      • me too, but they may have just placed them somewhere else…but still working

      • Malisha says:

        It was not EVEN a mistake. They used elipses. They got it right. It was not a “false light” at all. It was the truth.

        In fact, George Zimmerman is a racist murderer. And he hasn’t got a “Mark Fuhrman defense” at all.

      • Jun says:

        I dont feel it is defamation at all because Cheorge still stated that he looked black, no matter what was asked of him beforehand, and thats the truth. Cheorge even says that “he’s a black male” within his own fruition without being asked on the same NEN call. As for the racial epithet, it is ambiguous and does sound like a racial slur (coons). I dont feel the 3 reporters should have been fired, because I feel, they were simply editing it to fit the show, and they felt perhaps that was the best fit for the show, and in all honesty, it was still Cheorge’s statements that were unedited and there was no harm no foul, nor was there any intention of malice.

    • I am not a fan of the mainstream media and I did not agree with the decision to fire the two reporters, but I will root for NBC and the three reporters in this case.

  57. wow, i’m smart, and/or Prof, Leatherman is crackin my hard head and stuffing information in there when i’m not lookin!!

    i’ve been texting tonight that GZ said “he’s black” without solicitation. and truth is an absolute defense!!


    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      “GZ said “he’s black” without solicitation.”[Shannon]
      Yes, it was almost like he had forgotten he had already been asked that question and had already answered it.

      • no, it was like he wanted to MAKE sure the cops knew that there has been a rash of burglaries by black guys, that this suspicious guy was BLACK and he has his hands in his waste like he could be armed, and this BLACK guy was acting as if on drugs, and this BLACK guy was leisurely walking as if he belonged here, and this BLACK guy was not gonna get away.

        the reason GZ said it over was a code along with all the rest of the codes he gave on the call.

        no he didn’t forget shit

      • Xena says:

        “He looks black” and subsequently, “he is black” as though seeing Trayvon for the first time, is why some are of the opinion that someone called GZ and told him about Trayvon. Until Trayvon left the mail shed and walked passed GZ’s truck, GZ had not laid eyes on him. Which also adds into that theory that someone else in a “car” and not a truck, followed Trayvon as he walked down Oregon,

  58. Even if this civil case were to go to trial, and I predict it won’t, the trial would not commence until long after the criminal trial is over.

    The first action in response to the Complaint, with the exception of notices of appearance filed by attorneys representing the defendants, likely will be a motion to transfer the case to federal court.

    The hoo-hah that produces will provide the defense with yet another opportunity to push its false narrative.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      April and June can’t come fast enough. I’m tired of all GZ and his defense team’s shenanigans. At least he owes them a ton of moolah.

  59. Xena says:

    Professor, I haven’t read the entire complaint — just went over it because it’s rambling and disorganized. What I didn’t see is statute cited for the cause of action. (Did I miss it?) So, I went to the Florida Rules for Civil Procedure and found that there are no formats for briefs (which is probably why the jurisdictional statements is not until page 8).

    You make an excellent point which I paraphrase — GZ benefited from the media’s coverage by collecting at least $200,000 from the public. Now he complains about media coverage. I hope that NBC brings that out in court.

    • This Complaint would merit a D in a Legal Writing and Research class in law school.

    • Jun says:

      Hey Xena & Freddy

      I asked this in the last post but I will ask it here too

      Since Cheorge Fogenuts is making these claims and accusations, would he not have to take the stand and testify in court and be subject to cross examination, otherwise it is hearsay?

    • looneydoone says:

      HA! Maybe Orlt Taitz wrote the brief for fogen..though I’m more inclined to believe it’s the collaborative efforts of papi zee and jr

      • looneydoone says:

        Whoops !
        That would be Orly Taitz (or is is Oily Taint?)

      • Xena says:

        HA! Maybe Orlt Taitz wrote the brief for fogen..though I’m more inclined to believe it’s the collaborative efforts of papi zee and jr

        Hey! Hold up! Wasn’t the first “Birther” attorney a guy named Berg in PA? He later sued Taitz for plagarizing his “birther” complaints. LOL!

    • SpecialladyT says:

      Each and everyday, MOM/Zimmerman sickens me that much more….Do you think NBC will settle to make this bogus suit go away or do you think they will fight this.

      • No, they will wait until he is convicted and then move to dismiss.

      • jm says:

        IMO NBC would be foolish to give “the most hated man in America” money. First it would set a precedent for others and secondly the backlash from anti-Zimmerman people would not be something NBC would want to deal with.

      • Xena says:

        NBC said they are going to defend. I could answer the complaint for them in 15 minutes:
        “Defendant has no knowledge of what the public felt or believed, and therefore denies the allegation in paragraph ____ and demands strict proof.”

        “Defendant has no knowledge of what plaintiff felt and therefore denies the allegation in paragraph ___ and demands strict proof.”

        “Defendant lacks sufficient knowledge to admit or deny allegations in paragraph ___ and therefore denies, and demands strict proof.”

      • SpecialladyT says:

        Another thing that came to mind, would we be sitting here talking about a frivolous laws suit if the races were reversed and the word “white” was used instead of “black”??? Nope.

    • Shirking Violet (@Shirking_Violet) says:

      “Professor, I haven’t read the entire complaint — just went over it because it’s rambling and disorganized.”

      Rambling and disorganized: that pretty much sums up Mark O’Mara’s performance in court, too. If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit – it’s the O’Mara way.

  60. KA says:

    I never saw the NBC video….I just saw a story on an unarmed black kid that was killed with no weapon whatsoever…in Sanford, a place with racial issues of its own.

    What is his damages really? Did people have a “different” opinion after the NBC video? I would say not.

    The wording changes did not make an minuscule amount of difference in what mine, nor anyones opinion was.

    Did he lose his case because of it? Did he force NBC to take it down? No, they were proactive…

    This is another pathetic approach to say everyone else is the racist outside of him and the “media” and the “parents” made it up. The truth is, there is a recording of Serino saying “Don’t you like black people George?” far before this ever went public. People came to the conclusion it was racial by common sense, not some media “spin”.

    I can’t believe he found someone to take this on.

    • Rachael says:

      That is why NBC will have such a difficult time. See my post below with the article.

    • KA says:

      I saw it. The uproar was far before this telecast of the NEN call, the question of race was said far before this NEN call and really the changes to verbiage are not the issue, it is the 7 previous calls on “suspicious black people” in a community that is less than 20% black. It is the Middle Eastern co worker he terrorized and MySpace rants on “Mexicans”. It is the call where he labeled a young boy who showed signs of “getting away” [from him] before he shot him, it is the suspicions of the police detective a day after the killing.

      He is a whining child that seems to have some weird control over , what might have been, otherwise intelligent people…

      It is sickening….

      • Didn’t he call one time because a black man was taking his trash out or something? And didn’t he wrongly accuse a black kid of stealing his bicycle, only to have the police come out and look at the totally different serial number on the bike, that belonged to the kid? Crazy. Actually creepy. Nobody in our little neighborhood stalks around the place looking into other people’s business like this.

      • racerrodig says:

        It won’t be sickening when he looses this frivolous suit and is ordered to pay their legal bills, which is a possibility. Especially since this will be tried well after he is convicted !!

        More hateable every day…… betcha !!

    • Vicky says:

      I never saw the video either. I formed my opinion based upon the entire 911 call. All I needed to know was that GZ spotted some poor kid walking in the rain, followed him in his car and then by foot. Minutes later the teen was dead and the asshole who shot him claimed he did so because he was getting his butt kicked by the kid he chose to confront. My first reaction – you don’t take a loaded gun to a fist fight. If GZ was too big a pussy to follow that kid unarmed, he should have kept his candy ass in the truck.

      • Well said. I’m a 52-year-old woman, and if somebody followed me in the dark with a gun and attempted to confront me, I’d kick his ass good and hard before he got that shot off, that’s for sure. Talk about standing ground.

      • probalance says:

        And he said ” F-ing coons ” that was good enough for me.

      • racerrodig says:

        I saw the video and it didn’t make any difference to me at all. He said these things, how hard is that for him to understand.

        Oh, my bad… must be someone else’s fault every time. If he thinks they will say “….here’s some ducketts… go away…” he is sadly mistaken. He’ll be in prison long before this get any discovery done. I’m sure Moron O’; Mara and the law firm handling this can’t hold a candle to the NBC legal team. The 1st thing they did months ago when this was first brought up was have everyone say “…No Comment…” where as Fogen said…

  61. jm says:

    Could this lawsuit be why In Session and Headline News did not comment on the obviously altered newly produced photo “evidence” by MOM compared to the photos 4 hours later at the police station with Zimmerman’s enlarged and distorted nose suddenly a normal size later?

    This case and MOM gets more and more shady and sickening.


    • hmmm, that may have something to do with it!! good idea… we’ll have to ask them!
      2morrow Omar will be their guest!!!
      isn’t that special.

    • ladystclaire says:

      @jm, you are so right about this deceitful defense attorney! also, George Zimmerman definitely said, “FUCKING COONS.” I always tell my son as well as my nieces and nephews, I might not be able to see good but, I can damn well hear good! I’m like Nancy Grace, in the fact that I don’t need the FBI or anyone else for that matter to enhance that 911 call for me George Zimmerman is the most hated man in not only America but, the most hated man in the world as a whole. his wife is also the most dumbest woman in the world.

  62. Judy75201 says:

    I consider this a nuisance suit, with O’Mara hoping for some quick cash. It’s not as if it isn’t obvious that George had already pegged Trayvon as black before he ever made the call. George clearly thought Trayvon was “on something” and “up to no good” specifically because Trayvon was a young, black male.

  63. Two sides to a story says:

    I’m glad to know that NBC will defend itself vigorously. The media frenzy at the beginning of the case is somewhat regrettable, but it doesn’t change the fact that GZ murdered Trayvon Martin.

    • Do you think NBC will eventually settle this case just to make it go away ?

      • No, they will wait until he is convicted and then move to dismiss.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Nope, no settlement because it slices too deeply into their credibility. They have no choice but to resist this kind of precedent being set, since it will cost them more in the long run to deal with a welter of law suits sure to result from an unfavorable ruling.

        • Yes, that is a good point, because lawyers who defend “deep pocket” corporate clients carefully evaluate the potential long term financial consequences to their clients of settling any case. They know this is a frivolous lawsuit, they have the First Amendment, libel law, and all of the equities on their side.

          Best of all, they have the truth and time on their side.

          The prosecution has a slam-dunk case and nothing to worry about, barring a Zidiot who commits perjury during jury selection and succeeds in eluding detection to sneak on the jury and vote not-guilty regardless of the evidence.

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