State’s 9th Supplemental Discovery Release in Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Courtesy of Blushed Brown, we have the following link to the State’s 9th Supplemental Discovery Release that is posted at the defense website:

FBI reports

witnesses 47, 45, 51 , 46 , 48, 49 , Singleton, Taaffe & Santiago

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  1. Malisha says:

    Southerngirl2, I wonder if the folks on that weird blog think that if a kid DID peek into windows he needs to get shot through the heart with a hollow-point bullet? Maybe they need to get one of their state legislators to go ahead and propose that bill and get it passed. Then people would know to keep out of that state.

    Which wouldn’t be a bad idea — if all the tourism to Florida were to suddenly STOP DEAD those folks’ windows would be a lot safer.

  2. Malisha says:

    Lonnie, I got confused. Defense has been digging to find EXCULPATORY information but so far all they have found is INCRIMINATING, right?

    Did somebody backdate something — I got confused about the “DatniggyTB” thing too. I think Cheorge is nuts out of his mind.

    Shellie’s smartest move was not to have kids.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Incriminating to Trayvon, whose records they are searching.
      Because GZ admits to the killing, there is only one thing that can be exculpatory to him, and that is something that shows he had a genuine need to kill, as the only possible way to save his own life.

      His troubles derive from the fact that, with Trayvon unarmed at the time of the shot, and with him in such unfettered control of his weapon that he was holding Trayvon close, instead of pushing him away. As you would expect him to do if a person was threatening him with an instantly deadly ability, he has to explain to a jury how or why unarmed 17 year olds should be considered deadly threats.

      He will have to show that it is reasonable to believe that an unarmed 17 year old can kill a person in seconds using only their bare hands.

      Forgive me if I somehow conclude that, that will be a tough, if not impossible sell. I do believe that most unarmed adults are not considered deadly threats, although we’re told that some can be.
      But the difference is it takes years of training to achieve that status. Something I don’t believe Trayvon had and therefore MOM will not be able to show.

      The only karate like things that TM would know, is how to bow and how to smile, beyond that he’d be lost.

      • Next thing you know the defense will be searching for evidence that he once saw the movie, The Karate Kid.

      • Jun says:


        I dont get how he will climb that mountain either

        Scrawny bookworm kid with skittles & ice tea VS. ex bouncer stalking him with a gun and a knowledge of how to use violence and even fighting fully grown cops who had guns too

        yet he is feared of Trayvon killing him LMAO

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          I don’t believe that in human memory a 17 year old has killed an adult with only his bare hands and no training. Once GZ had gained control of his weapon, his only need was to warn and back away!

          I cannot imagine anyone advancing on an armed person, without many hours or even years of intense combat training.

      • Jun says:


        I also do not get how he can reasonably fear someone when he got out of his car to run after someone running away from him

        and he ran up to the kid to confront him and he knew he was unarmed and he had a gun

        and this is the same adult male (I refuse to call him a man) who attacked cops when they had guns and combat training

        and he suddenly fears this kid who never even touched him or hit him and spent a better part of the evening trying to get home and get away from him

        and yes, to kill someone with your barehands takes many years of combat training in various martial arts and experience in fighting, which Trayvon had none of either

        One simple proposed question is

        “Your honor and the jury. We have the defendant, Zimmernuts Fogenhats the 3rd. An adult male who targeted and aggravated stalked a young boy who was running away from him and keep away and get away from him. He has vast experience and habits of inflicting violence on others. He is an exbouncer who has attacked cops and other women, and even other children. He confronted and confined a kid to confront him. On top of that, he had a gun, mental craziness over the victim, and a physical advantage. The other is a scrawny kid with Skittles and Ice Tea, walking home trying to get away from the defendant and even screaming for help. It is not difficult to see who was truly in danger of imminent great bodily harm and death and that is the victim, the kid. Even though the kid would be perfectly justified to defend himself, he never even hit the defendant, and that is proven with the witness testimony, pictures of the defendant’s face, and the forensic evidence. We have no clue how the defendant got injured, and we believe he staged his injuries to try and bolster a self defense claim to escape justice. Either way, the victim never caused his injuries, the defendant started it, and ended it, therefore, he has no claim of self defense and it is murder 2. Lastly, the kid kept trying to get away from him and scream for his life and the defendant still killed him, and then was seen sitting on the victim’s back, pinning him facedown, with over 200 pounds, asphyxiating him, after shooting the kid straight through the heart, by grabbing his shirt and confining him and then shooting him dead on. He was also seen molesting the victim’s body with his hands rubbing all over the dying kid’s body.”

    • Jun says:

      Cheorge Fogenhats is not one of those brightly lit bulbs you have in your home. One of the funniest things he has claimed is he is not a racist and his myspace is DATNIGGYTB, which contains a partial racial slur, and than on his comments he talks about crimes he has committed and that he can get others to take the fall for him, that his ex is a ho, and then speaks ill of Mexicans and committing acts of violence against them. Does this idiot really want to get Trayvon’s alleged twitter and facebook? Because that means his myspace is fair game LMAO

  3. PYorck says:

    Today I have (re)read all the FDLE Investigative Reports up to GZ’s arrest in more or less chronological order. Very little of that was really new information, but it was still an interesting.

    Because most information wasn’t released until much later, it can be hard to keep track of the actual timeline.

    Seeing how many potentially important steps happened between the time when the FDLE got involved (3/15, a week before Corey took over) and GZ’s arrest on 4/11 some things become clearer.

    Even if you don’t see anything wrong with the work that the SPD did, it becomes obvious that they had only only part of the picture. That alone would be reason enough that their reluctance to charge GZ is not very meaningful now.

    The new information from that period includes things like Trayvon’s phone records, the contents of GZ’s phone, the voice exemplar and the interview with DeeDee.

    • blushedbrown says:

      PYorck wrote:
      The new information from that period includes things like Trayvon’s phone records, the contents of GZ’s phone, the voice exemplar and the interview with DeeDee.

      What I am not understanding and maybe you or someone else can chime in here. Why is it totally necessary for Trayvon’s phone records from Jan 2012 thur March 2012. I believe the only month that should have been viewed was the month of Feb.

      On the other hand, he who shall not be named gets a request to see his phone on March 22, and they just download his data. No request for 3 months. No suponea to his phone company. Why?

      Is that the standard or is that just Florida ? View the victim’s phone 2 months prior, and the killer’s a month later. ????

      • ladystclaire says:

        I’ll tell you, it’s not right for the state of Florida to keep allowing the defense have access to what ever they ask for as far as Trayvon Martin’s privacy is concerned. he is not the defendant in this case but, the defense team of the “MURDERER” is being permitted by the judge to treat Trayvon as if he is the “CRIMINAL” in this case. they have no right to anything as far as his cell phone is concerned. this is all a bunch of Bull $hit and, the state is going along with all of it.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Step back and look at the strategy! The defense keeps asking for things, in the hopes of finding something incrimination, but all they’re getting is exculpatory material. Material that is going to be of no use to them. Meanwhile the SP is building a record of what the Defense has asked for and will not be using.

          Now, under those conditions, pretty nearly anything the defense tries to present to the jury, the SP can show that the defense is also in possession of material that contradicts and precludes any such use. Each time the defense tries to take a step forward, the SP will be able to push them several steps back. Simply because the defense can be shown to be searching in vain for anything at all, no matter how minute or immaterial it might seem. Yet, still finding nothing at all.

          The only question they’re probably asking around the SP’s offices is: Just how deep a hole is the defense going to dig itself into, before they realize they’d better stop digging? I can hear the peals of laughter emanating from the SP’s office from here.

          Like I said, the SP’s offices have got to be one of the happiest places on earth to work about now.

        • blushedbrown says:

          I am having a hard time with some of the things that are going on too. But all we have in getting justice for the murder of Trayvon is the State of Florida. So hang in there. 🙂

      • PYorck says:

        At some point the got GZ’s (and DeeDee’s) phone records, too. I don’t remember when that was.

        I don’t think that too much thought went into the exact period. You have to keep in mind that much of that data is not retained indefinitely. So from a law enforcement perspective it makes sense to err on the side of requesting more data generally.

        • blushedbrown says:

          Exactly my point. Why wasn’t gz, phone records given the same time frame as Trayvon’s. It was requested on March 22 and he gave them persmission to download the data on his phone, per FDLE reports and his phone was returned the same day. Why wait and ask him almost a month later to view his phone? I totally understand why they were trying to get into Trayvon’s phone, that night. That’s understandable. But with all that was going on from 2/26/2012 to 03/22/12, LE did not request GZ phone records. It just boggles my mind.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        It goes to the intent of what the SPD was trying to accomplish, like back dating TM’s identification, so as to cover GZ’s “DatniggyTB” mistake. If the TB is really Tug Boat, that doesn’t explain why Tug Boat should be a “niggy” at all.

    • Nefertari05 says:

      Looking at the dates you’ve posted, the entrance of the photo happens on 3/21, correct? So, FDLE gets involved 3/15. The story has gone national. This is no longer an inhouse Chief Lee and Wolfinger quiet room decision to not charge Zimmerman. The handwriting begins appearing on the wall that there is going to have to be some serious documentation of why that decision was made, and it’s going to have to be better than “spotless record” and “no evidence to the contrary”.

      So, the only facial picture of Zimmerman, prior to getting cleaned up by the EMTs has conveniently never been entered into evidence. Probably because in it’s natural state, it directly disputes the whole “no evidence to the contrary” meme. As long as it was understood Zimmerman wasn’t going to be charged, no one needed to know the picture exists. But, suddenly here’s FDLE.

      So the picture goes out to be “enhanced”, and a week later the clearly photoshopped pic with the horrible nose job, looking like Zimmerman got hit by a truck, gets entered into evidence just as SP Corey is assigned the case, Lee steps down and Wolfinger gets ready to quietly announce his retirement? All to cover the fact that Zimmerman murdered a young, black teen and they were going to let him just walk?

      That’s beyond corrupt. That’s pure evil!

  4. Lonnie Starr says:

    TM Petition 942

    140 signers today alone. whaaaaahoo!!!

  5. blushedbrown says:

    The legalcase site uploaded some more data.
    FDLE reports for March, April, May, July and August.
    Might want to add that here if you like.

  6. Malisha says:

    Grahase, Fogen could NOT be working undercover for any agency on earth that was not a flat-out suicide society. Anybody else trying to get ANYTHING done (right, wrong or indifferent) could not afford such a fuck-up on board.

  7. grahase says:

    I am thinking way-y-y outside the box here. Tugboats nickname, his MySpace comments, his gang-related tattoo, the gang moving into Florida, and into white-collar crime including mortgage fraud, Tugboat working in as an underwriter in mortgage risk company, friends in law enforcement, and a father previously CIA and magistrate.

    Could wannabe cop, Tugboat, be an informant for the FBI, CIA, or Homeland Security in witness protection or active thus explaining the heavy-duty security. Could this be why he was whisked out of town hours after the shooting after moving items from the household and the vehicle being allowed to be removed from the scene.

    Possible SPD corruption and cover-up. Could Tugboat and his handlers be working on a way to have him get outta Dodge and the issue of his arrest for Murder just will go away meaning high-profile and social media.

    Tugboat screwed up royally. He is obviously being given special privileges and security afforded no one else including most celebrities and wealthy folk accused of major crimes.

    • blushedbrown says:

      No Way.
      get back into the box.

    • PYorck says:

      My problem with the theories that GZ was some sort of important informant, gang member or drug dealer etc. is that it seems that something like that would give him more purpose in life.

      This a man with only a bare minimum of friends and family and no recognizable achievements in any area who spends his evenings driving around the block hoping to find a scary black guy so that someone will finally need him.

      He would be an incredibly sad figure if it weren’t for the murdering. And molesting. And racism. And lying. And possible domestic violence.

  8. Malisha says:

    I was just thinking about the Outhouse’s “malicious prosecution petition” and it came to me: Massive Projection once again. Cheorge intended and began to carry out a malicious prosecution of Trayvon Martin that night. He was going to have the police come and arrest Trayvon for some imagined crime. He was going to PUSH IT THROUGH and make sure that “suspect” paid his dues to society. After it went wrong and he “had to kill him,” he still prosecuted him, insisting he was a violent assaultive thug and that his entire life was filled with criminality and evil.

    The height of wrong-headedness.

  9. blushedbrown says:

    Went back to document to gather information to request a FOIA, but at the very bottom it says, This report is intended only for the use of the agency. The information in this report contains information about a JUVENILE that may be privileged or confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. They bolded the word juvenile.
    Does this mean that Trayvon was captured on video on the clubhouse videos?

  10. blushedbrown says:

    yeah, I guess your right.

  11. Malisha says:

    I think if a Black man had killed a single white kid in a gated community the FDLE would have considered him a danger to the community, don’t you?

    • Rachael says:

      Ya think?

    • Jun says:

      In this case, a half peruvian, half white, adult male, who wishes he was fully white is no danger allegedly

      Or perhaps, since he is so infamous, they were hoping someone would stand their ground on Cheorge?

      • cielo62 says:

        Jun~ Maybe somebody WOULD Stand their Ground on GZ, but he’s such a coward without THE gun, that he stays in hiding! Sends out the  security force to get his toilet paper.


    • blushedbrown says:

      I was looking through discovery dump number 2. I have found that SAS Rodriquez photographed the clubhouse and the external cameras located at the clubhouse. (pg 88 of 284). I know that we received for the public all the photos taken of the Retreat, some 200 pics in total that was posted on sites like Axiom Amnesia. What I am wondering if that was handed over to the defense, why haven’t we seen them yet? Are do we have to request them? While we are waiting for Marinade Dave’s video of Trayvon Martin Last Walk, maybe we can get our hands on those photos. Any ideas?

      • Malisha says:

        ❓ I guess another FOIA to the SPD but why pay for things that should be free?

      • Eric says:

        I don’t know if any of you have gone over this before, but I was wondering can you see the clubhouse/mailboxes from Taafe’s house?

        • blushedbrown says:

          If you go to Bing maps in type in Directions,
          1460 retreat view circle sandford fl to
          1111 retreat view circle sandford fl.
          You will get your view of the complex. The mailbox shed is the building away from the Poolhouse. I don’t know if anyone on the ground can see the mailbox area, but that’s JMO. If a person had binoculars maybe, but you can judge for yourself.

        • blushedbrown says:

          Here is a video from MSNBC, a shot of the mailboxes is in there.

    • ladystclaire says:

      You damn right they would have “BRANDED” him a danger to society and, he would have not been granted a bail that he could afford either. THERE IS DEFINITELY A DIFFERENT SET OF LAWS FOR BLACKS IN THIS COUNTRY AS A WHOLE. In the state of Florida it’s even worse. Black people have been looked down on every since they were stolen from their own homeland of Africa. they never asked to come here in the first place. this idiot murdered a child in cold blood and for that he is now a damn celebrity of sorts. BTW, poor whites do fare so well in the justice system either. this IMO is 1955 and Emmett Till all over again. I only wish that Tracy and Sybrina had done the same as Mamie Till did when she allowed the world to see what evil people in this country did to her son.

    • Xena says:

      I think if a Black man had killed a single white kid in a gated community the FDLE would have considered him a danger to the community, don’t you?

      Look at it this way — if not but for the fact that White Supremacists and racial bigots gave money to GZ, he would not have been able to make bail, regardless of anyone’s opinion about him being a danger to the community.

      O’Mara’s motions to set another bond and alter conditions would have been unnecessary. GZ would not be dependent on others to provide his living expenses and O’Mara would not have his time wasted making sure that GZ has toilet paper.

      GZ is toxic.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Xena, it looks like you did something right, we hit 140 signatures today alone and the day isn’t even over. Good going guys! The media is literally feasting on the press release you designed.

  12. Malisha says:

    Wasn’t Cheorge in Connecticut when he was out on bond the first time with the $150 bond? I thought I read that he had to drive back from Connecticut to turn himself in after the bond was canceled. Can somebody confirm or deny that for me?

    • Jun says:

      That’s a far drive so I dont think so… thats like a couple days

      Only the person who gave him his ankle bracelet can say for sure at the 150 bond thing

      • grahase says:

        Only an 18 hour drive and you go via Virginia and no ankle bracelet at that time.

      • Jun says:

        No, he had the ankle bracelet. You get one put on 100% when you are out on bond. He just got lenient conditions until he got caught lying. They needed to keep track of him because he is still a criminal on trial for a murder indictment

      • grahase says:

        Jun The details of his release was kept secret and was permitted to be kept under house arrest out of state.

      • Jun says:

        Conditions of house arrest is an ankle bracelet

      • Two sides to a story says:

        You can read his bank records in the first discovery for the exact location of where he and Shellie rented a 5-bedroom house. They called the location “Heaven” in the jail calls.

    • grahase says:

      Okay Malisha — you are getting warmer. Yes, he was in Connecticut.

      • ladystclaire says:

        Never have I heard of another murder defendant being able to leave the state in which their crime was committed, until this one came along. WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS ONE? why is/was he being shown favoritism by the state of Florida? if he was so innocent, he wouldn’t have to be in hiding. as for those who think he will skate at his trial by the state of Florida, I say this, not to worry because the feds are going to have a go at old Tugboat and, he won’t walk away from them. he will do federal time and, I don’t think they will put his ass in protection away from the general population. I would really like to see one of the brothers take care of him for what he did to Trayvon.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Perhaps they wanted to see where he would go, and perhaps who he might make contact with there? By this time the FBI was involved so they might have suggested he be given permission to travel, if only so they could observe his activities and connections.
          Just a thought.

      • Jun says:

        Its just Florida

        believe it or not

        the standard to hold someone on remand demands a higher standard of evidence than convicting a person

        There have been other cases where guys have been let out numerous times, hence the hearings are called Paul after the first bond hearing

        They shouldnt have let him get off that easy at the first bond hearing, it was a similar mistake in taking the killer’s word at first

        The only thing I disagree with is that Cheorge is not a danger to the community

        Like jeez, look at his history

        and the crime was him killing a kid

  13. Malisha says:

    Grahase, wow, fabulous compilation of all the research. It does give us a lot to think about.

    By the way I don’t think “Tugboat” has to do with “helping people out of jams.” To me it says more about Cheorge’s stature and motive force than about his function in life. He’s a petty fraud and a pretender, that’s all. Even in gang terms, I don’t see him as being a “real” qualified member of anything. Unless, of course, he gets to be a “made man” by killing a Black kid. Where in Florida is that gang operating, do you know?

    • Jun says:


      He helps others

      By stalking, harassing, attacking, or killing them

      I dont know who gave those testimonies but I sure hope Omara tries to use them, because then it opens doors

      (Montgomery Burns Laugh & Excellent)

    • Xena says:

      Even in gang terms, I don’t see him as being a “real” qualified member of anything. Unless, of course, he gets to be a “made man” by killing a Black kid. Where in Florida is that gang operating, do you know?

      GZ is a typical blackmailer. He befriends to find out as much personal things that he can then uses threats of revealing that information to control others. What he does, he does to appear threatening. He admired Osterman who demonstrated on Dr. Phil’s show that he too is a bully.

      • Jun says:

        Osterman comes off as a pussy IMO and an idiot. IMO he shouldnt be a Marshall because the guy simply cant do anything without a gun. If you asked him to have a fair one on one fist fight he would probably wuss out, even if he had a size advantage.

    • grahase says:

      Gangs are moving into white collar crime. Please see further down stream. I can not tell you where they are in Florida. If I told ya, Id have to kill ya. Just kidding. FBI indicates the gang has moved into Florida.

  14. Malisha says:

    “Christina” inside a cross? Is that meant to feminize the name of Christ or is that a girlfriend other than Shellie? Or a half-sister? Or a step-sister? I’m confused.

  15. grahase says:

    When the killer was booked into John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Seminole County, Florida, police took note of his tattoos, including “theatrical masks” on his left arm as well as a “Christina inside a cross” on his chest.

    • Jun says:

      Maybe that is the reasoning for how he is

      He may have been in a gang before

      and may explain his dislike of Mexicans because a lot of gangs are very racist, even Latino ones, where they will only accept certain hispanics (say Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc)

      Perhaps Los Solidos has beef with Mexicans and Cheorge may have actually run over and attacked Mexicans before

      • Xena says:

        Perhaps Los Solidos has beef with Mexicans and Cheorge may have actually run over and attacked Mexicans before

        He said on MySpace that they were pulling knives on him. That doesn’t sound like he was very friendly.

      • Jun says:

        Another potential is the Mexicans pulled knives in self defense, just look at Cheorge’s history… it is full of instigating and harassment and violence and scheming

      • ladystclaire says:

        Do you all guess that when it was stated that ShelLie said these words to Osterman, “George has shot someone else”, I’m beginning to think he shot a Mexican and, he was parceled out of the Common Wealth of The Old Dominion. I don’t believe he left there because he wanted to. then there was the stupid friends who did a year of jail time and didn’t pinch his FAT STINKING ASS.

    • grahase says:

      Gangs are becoming more involved in white-collar crime, including identity theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud, money laundering, fencing stolen goods, counterfeiting, and mortgage fraud, and are recruiting members who possess those skill sets. Law enforcement officials nationwide indicate that many gangs in their jurisdiction are involved in some type of white-collar crime.

      • Jun says:

        White collar crime is also a less dangerous prison sentence. If you do not commit a violent crime, prison is not actually that bad because you get placed in the non violent offenders prison (what I heard anyways)

  16. grahase says:

    Do we have two Juns here. One poster is Jun and the other is JUN. Just wondering and slightly confused at times.

  17. rayvenwolf says:

    I just thought of something, wasn’t it one of the HOA board members who said she couldn’t recognize GZ from the pic shown to her by the cops? Made some claim about how beat up and bloody GZ was etc etc. If THAT is the pic she saw and still couldn’t identify him I want to know just how often she’s seen the man prior to that night.

    I mean really when you hear something like that this is the sort of picture you expect to be show(Graphic)

    I know I sure as heck was waiting for a pic like this to bolster his claim in the beginning.

    For background the above is a gay man who was accused of kidnapping twokids(Truth was the neighbor kids wandered over while their parents were having a party. Their relatives are the ones who laid the beat down on DJ and his partner.) The way this case was handled that sadly Florida does not have the market cornered on bad police work AND prosecution.

    • Malisha says:

      There are at least two women with the HOA who had a very definite agenda to back up Cheorge no matter what he said and no matter what he did, because they were in it up to their own eyeballs and knew that eventually the big civil suits would come rolling in and probably take away their houses and everything else they own as well. Remember, the HOA was in it with the SPD to arrange all the “patrolling” in RTL and they encouraged Cheorge in his lunacy by printing that he had been out there kicking ass like the Sheriff of Tombstone. All lies and brags, of course, all originating from Cheorge himself or someone close to him. The organization gave off quite an unpleasant smell.

      • Jun says:

        Legally standing though, they can only go at the people who hired Cheorge in his self appointed title for their negligence in allowing him to run amok in his manner in the neighborhood, especially after numerous incidents of him abusing his imagined authority like a Hitler or something

        I am fairly sure the HOA members who are guilty and the police officers who were negligent will be facing civil action

        If you check the NEN call dispatch guy, it sounds as though he thinks Cheorge is an idiot

      • rayvenwolf says:

        Yeah the smell of sick cow plop. I had really put her statement to the side, because part of me just figured she didn’t have much needed glasses on or was just being dramatic. Seeing that pic however brought it forward again. There is no way you cannot identify GZ from that pic if you saw him on a regular basis.

        Just goes to show how badly people are willing to believe that all black males are the devil incarnate even when the truth is staring at them like a depry deer caught in the headlights.

    • thank you rayven!
      Everyone see, florida isn’t the only evil swamp! there’s evil mountains, evil suburbs, evils hills, evil highways, evil meadows, evil hoods. evil lands, etc… it’s just nice to know we’re not alone… 😦

      • rayvenwolf says:

        Florida is just more shiny than other places. That the incident i mentioned happened in Utah, is so not a surprise to me. What was, was the blatant non investigation, by the police. In no way should someone be able to throw around X word and have it be an open and shut case.

        And what really killed me is this – if you really don’t like gays and secretly believe that all gay men are pedos(or at least feel that way after one too many drinks) why invite your gay neighbors over?

        Ugh I am just glad that everyone who laid a hand on these two got time.

  18. Jun says:

    I looked at the photo closely

    and I am under the impression, it was a picture of Z, and the nose was simply added in from someone else, as well as the blood

    If you look closely, the color of his nose looks digitally edited and out of place with the rest of his face

    and the police station videos are no editing

    • The color of his nose looks similar to that of a kool-aid stain, don’t you think? And whatever color they used on the nose, they used on the side of his face/head to make it seem as though he’d been punched pretty good and received bruising – which amazingly disappears 4 hours later – all of it. LOL How is defense going to explain such a drastic recovery?! 🙂

    • FactsFirst says:

      I’m with you Jun! The first time I looked at that picture, the first thing that popped through my mind was “MR. POTATO HEAD!”

      Now tell me that that picture don’t look like Gorge long lost twin…. SMDH… MASSIVE PHOTOSHOP FAIL!

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Have a look at my effort:

      Looks definitely altered to me. The same red banding between the eyes, is distorted in the right hand photo. Meaning that side of the nose was stretched downward and you can see it clearly. I’ve circled it.

      • Xena says:

        Indeed! There are programs that allow resizing by dragging with the mouse and I saw that in the b/w photo. Maybe Wagner was trying to make GZ appear smaller or he dragged the length of the face to make room for that lump that amazingly disappeared while GZ was in the police station.

  19. You brainics figured all this CRAZY OUTLANDISH UNTHINKABLE ETC.. racist conspiracies corruption premeditation coverup et al, even GZ’s plans, a long time before all this evidence came out!! how did you know??? *sigh* i give up, i’ll never be surprised again.

    wow, i’m slightly speechless tonight!

    • Jun says:

      the silliest claims is that the state is withholding evidence when they have given them more than enough and the defense does not even bother going through all the evidence, as evidenced by how they tried to present the case at the bond hearings

      • yeah ya know that must be why omar frantically posted the fake pic online w/o checking it out, b/c he knew the shit waz gonna hit the fan w/the FBI dump. lol omar shoulda stuck with civil law and leave the big time to the big dogs! LOL

      • Xena says:

        the silliest claims is that the state is withholding evidence …

        Jun, I would have totally agreed with you before tonight. Today, in response to discussions about the recently released color photo being altered, the Zidiots argue that the State photoshopped it before giving it to the defense to help the defense so the State will dismiss charges because they have no evidence to convict. (sigh)

        Just goes to show that the Zidiots do not read discovery material to know that Wagner took and retained the photo until he was asked for it, and while the dept. was having daily meetings about not charging GZ.

      • Jun says:

        Handing over that photoshopped pic is proof they are handing everything over

        Xena, they dont. Fact remains that Wagner did not even turn the photo in for three weeks, so who knows what he did to it. I am not a lawyer, so I am learning here, but I am guessing there is a broken chain of custody, and the pic is in direct contradiction with his police stations fotos and his reenactment video. Notice that whatever bloody photos there are, there is always a not so credible or questionable source? I dont know what is in his medical records but his nose has looked exactly the same throughout.

        • Xena says:

          Xena, they dont. Fact remains that Wagner did not even turn the photo in for three weeks, so who knows what he did to it.

          Exactly. Strangely, Wagner reported that he took a photo of Trayvon’s face, and GZ’s face. The next morning after Tracy Martin called in the missing person’s report, Serino came out to the house and noticed a resemblance between Tracy and the unidentified deceased. He left and returned with the photo of Trayvon’s face for Tracy to identify.

          So the question is, how was it that Wagner provided Trayvon’s photo less than 24 hrs after he was killed, but did not provide GZ’s photo to Serino at the same time, and held onto to it for 3 wks?

      • Jun says:


        I dont like how Omara dumps his evidence… he always tampers with what is presented on his website instead of full disclosure…

        Its good the FBI is in because there is also a federal charge for Murder 2 so Cheorge is still in our possession for murdering that kid Trayvon

      • Jun says:


        This pic of the weird hyphenated nose and the off colors and off placement is it doesnt even match his jail photos and whatnot

        and the 3 weeks withholding and remembering it suddenly later is questionable because it could be tampered with and looks like it was to be perfectly honest

        The same with the bloody head scrapes pic… it doesnt even come through the state, it is through some guy named Jon and then through Omara, and then there was a length of time it was not in then handed in

        I honestly dont think Omara can used them, unless the state feels like proving it is fake in court

        • Xena says:

          I honestly dont think Omara can used them, unless the state feels like proving it is fake in court

          I just thought of an argument for the State if O’Mara wants to play his “They didn’t want to arrest him” game.

          Based on the email Serino sent out saying he had no photos of GZ’s injuries, and that the SPD were holding daily meetings to discuss NOT charging GZ, here is my proposed argument.

          State to any officer called by the defense as a witness: When you attended the daily meetings to discuss whether to arrest the defendant, did you have these photos?

          Officer: No.

          State: Your honor, the State objects to the entry of these photos based on lack of relevance. The defense relies on the decision of the Sanford Police Dept. which was not to arrest the defendant, and they did so without seeing these photos so they don’t need them now.

      • Jun says:

        Me personally (I am not a lawyer so bear with me )

        If the photo is used

        I would first present the dishonesty and the scheming of the defendant (him and his Fogen antics)

        I would present the other evidence such as the forensics

        Then I would even remark that the photo looks fake and I would pinpoint why (dothprotest did a fairly good job) and I would show that the nose and the blood was just photoshopped in and I would pinpoint that the color of the nose is not the same as the defendant’s face, the bone structure is different, and the chain of custody

        Then I would bring in a computer forensic expert to tell what was used for the photoshop

        and in the end it will look like more scheming from the defense, and even if they buy the picture, Trayvon’s hands contain no dna from Cheorge at all, nor do his sleeves (they only tested the fingernails because there was no dna present or blood at all on his hands and my understanding of forensics is that they check the fingernails for scrapings if there is nothing on the hands to test), his injuries are inconsistent with his claims, and the picture looks staged because the blood appears to be hanging of the tip of his nose and his head and bone structure elongated for whatever reason

    • grahase says:

      I think the Professor featuring different aspects of the case from a Defence Attorney perspective has helped. As the evidence was made public, everyone fine-tooth-combed through it and thoroughly discussed significance. Many theories emerged (including conspiracy). Much agreement, alot of disagreement, but, above all else with respect and civility. Great group we have here. That is all I can say.

    • Malisha says:

      Fortunately, shannon, only slightly. We still appreciate the speech that filters through. 😀

    • Erica says:

      @Xena, it’s always possible that the pic that was shown to Tracy was a pic taken at the morgue.

      • Xena says:

        @Xena, it’s always possible that the pic that was shown to Tracy was a pic taken at the morgue.

        The reason I doubt that is because Tracy describes the photo as Trayvon with his eyes rolled up in his head, a tear on his cheek, and saliva coming from his mouth.

        I’ve not looked at the timing for when the coroner examined the body, but IIRC, it was not before Tracy called in the missing person’s report.

  20. Erica says:

    WoW in the newly released discover, it states African Americans were referred to as “porch monkeys” by white officers at SPD, a few years ago. This, spd, needs a major redo, it’s in a class with new Orleans, just absurd and extremely corrupt. Now I can see why they would go through this extreme photoshop debacle

    • Jun says:

      Its one of those corrupt lil hicktowns where there is barely any crime, so they thought they could sweep it under the rug at first with the SYG. What’s even more stupid is the guy claimed some sort of death beating and all he has is a maybe for a bloody nose (the pic is very questionable) and a couple 1/4 inch scrapes, and the victim has absolutely no dna delivered onto his hands from the defendant, so in conclusion the kid did not even defend himself and just screamed for help until he was killed.

    • Malisha says:

      If it is known and admitted that they referred to African Americans as “porch monkeys” a few years ago, then it can be assumed quite reliably that they do that today, and do NOT admit it. So white officers will say it among themselves and when questioned will deny it.

  21. Two sides to a story says:

    If you have a FB account, you can see a trio of GZ photos for comparison at –

  22. Malisha says:

    I think it’s good that they believe DeeDee is not real.

    One time I gave a party when my kid was 7. A guy at our party was in college and he was complaining about Algebra. I quoted a well known comedienne (Fran Lebowitz) and said, “Don’t worry about Algebra; in the real world there IS no such thing as Algebra.”

    The guy looked disconcerted and said, “Yes there is, I have a whole BOOK on Algebra.” My kid then said, “Hey Steve, I have a whole book on Unicorns!”

    My point being: Let them think DeeDee does not exist. So long as Judge Nelson thinks she DOES exist when she shows up and gets sworn in to testify.

    • Jun says:


      yeah you right, the judge and the jury is who matters and they have her identification and phone records to back it up

      BTW, I dont feel Cheorge should get the cellphone PIN and since he wants to delve so much into Trayvon’s info, why dont he give over his Paypal username and password?

      • ladystclaire says:

        I agree with you and, it’s not fair for him to keep requesting this and that on his “MURDER VICTIM” while at the same time, he is not wanting to give up any information about himself and he is the criminal on trial here. what use is this kids cell pin number going to be for him? they were granted his school records and, they didn’t find any dirt there, so now they are salivating to get their hands on his cell phone info. SMDH

    • bettykath says:

      Malisha, Thank goodness. This has been on my mind for years as people have tried to convince me that unicorns don’t really exist. And your kid proved that they do. Thank him for me.

      • Malisha says:

        Well, my kid was a witness to that conversation abut the unicorns, but then there were rumors that (a) my kid was really two kids; and (b) he didn’t really exist.

    • camanokat says:

      I use Algebra all the time, especially to figure out the correct sales tax when hubby makes an arithmetic error when billing a client.

  23. JUN says:

    Is there any links str8 from the courtroom and the state?

    Orlando Sentinel and Omara are not credible sources of information nor are they objective pieces of information

  24. JUN says:

    LMAO they are still trying to claim that Deedee is not real

    • ladystclaire says:

      @Jun, these people are a bunch of “SIMPLETONS” and that very much includes O’money and Wells. there was a photo of Trayvon and Deedee which was all over the internet. if they had not put so much stock in “how old Trayvon was in some of the photos that the media chose to use of him” they would have seen that one also, of the two of them together. these attorneys are just as sick as their client! JMHO and btw, They should not be granted access to the pin number to Tray’s phone either. the cell phone records that matter in this case, belong to the murderer George Zimmerman. it’s past time for Judge Nelson to put a stop to the defense, puttiing the victim on trial in the court of public opinion.

  25. In the evidence, FDLE also obtained the ATF records on Zimmerman’s gun, which was used to shoot Martin. It was purchased Nov. 11, 2009 by Shellie Zimmerman at Shoot Straight II in Casselberry.

    • Rachael says:

      Oh really? That’s one of those things that makes you go hmmmmm.

    • so was the gun registered to him or smelly? does it matter?

      • Jun says:

        It looks like it was registered to Shellie

        hence them taking away his CCW

        but what is weird is Cheorge apparently had a refund receipt for his CCW (his wanna be cop badge)

    • grahase says:

      I think it very much matters because it begs the question — why didn’t the killer buy it in his own name. Was he not qualified to purchase the gun.

      • Xena says:

        I think it very much matters because it begs the question — why didn’t the killer buy it in his own name. Was he not qualified to purchase the gun.

        Let’s go back and connect some dots. They will result in even more questions. It questions ShelLIE’s relationship with the Ostermans.

        ShelLIE was friends with Sondra. Sondra worked with GZ previously and when GZ started working at Digital Risk, he helped Sondra get a job there.

        George met Mark Osterman through his wife, Sondra.

        Sondra introduced ShelLIE to George. George, who is purportedly a devout Roman Catholic, did not marry ShelLIE in the church. Sondra officiated over the wedding.

        George moved into his mother-in-law’s house with his new wife.

        Osterman picked out the gun for George. But ShelLIE purchased it.

        • cielo62 says:

          Sondra is a MINISTER?


          • Xena says:

            Sondra is a MINISTER?

            Don’t think so. Someone said that in the State of Florida, couples can be married by a Notary of Public and that Sondra is a Notary.

          • cielo62 says:

            Thank you for clarifying that. Several people mentioned that Sondra had “presided” over GZs wedding and it struck me as strange. I was steuggling with the thought that she might be a minister.

            Sent from my iPod

      • grahase says:

        This whole thing boggles the mind, doesn’t it. How did ShelLie become friends with Sondra. ShelLies Mom seems to have issues and her Dad has had run-ins with the law. Then you have the couple moving into the mother-in-laws. Georges background is a little sketchy too. Gang-related tattoo, strange communiques with friends. In one of documents where his friend says they used to call him Tugboat, it goes further than that.

        His active Myspace page was under the name “DatNiggyTB”. TB, meaning Tugboat, apparently. I have scratched my head on the TB thinking – Trayvon Benjamin. Can not find when he started the MySpace page under that name. But he used it up to the very day he was arrested.

        In addition to “DatNiggyTB,” Zimmerman’s real name on the site was listed as the Latin proverb: ”Si vis pacem, Para bellum” which translates to “If you wish for peace, prepare for war.”

        Stay with me, now:

        One of his tattoos is the tragedy and comedy theater masks.

        The Los Solidos are a Hartford, Connecticut originated gang that now has spread throughout the Northeast, Florida and Texas. Mostly Hispanic and white, but, there are black members as well.

        Their colours are red and blue and their symbol is the theatrical comedy/tragedy masks.

        Their criminal activity includes murder, drive-by shootings, extortion, assaults, intimidation, drugs.

        The Solidos refer to “hits” as “missions” and will require members to take part on a mission. If the member fails to carry out the mission, he/she will be the subject of a mission to terminate him/her.

        There is much written about this high-threat gang.

        Why did GZ run and hide within hours after the shooting out of fear. No one, including the NBPPs had even heard his name in connection with Trayvon’s murder.

        • Xena says:

          Weird bunch, aren’t they?

          Why did GZ run and hide within hours after the shooting out of fear. No one, including the NBPPs had even heard his name in connection with Trayvon’s murder.

          Right. It is my suspicion that GZ had to get something(s) out of his house before the cops came a-call’in. I would still like to know what his $135.00 transaction at the U.S. Post Office consisted of.

        • cielo62 says:

          grahase~ I also suspected some kind of gang initiation. But what I can’t figure out is WHERE and WITH WHOM? I mean, if you run with a gang, its usually known. I just don’t see Mark Osterman being a member of Los Solidos.


          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Don’t forget White Supremacist groups, they too have initiations, and they’re likely to have older members, some of whom are LEO themselves. From what I’ve read it seems that younger WS usually do beatings, while the older ones do killings. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a good place to start looking for info of this sort.

          • cielo62 says:

            I just don’t think that GZ is “white enough” to gain admittance into a White Supremacist group. Still the idea of a gang initiation intrigues me.

            Sent from my iPod

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Until the case went public and GZ had to defend against charges of racism, the SPD thought he was white. Then GZ went on the air to proclaim himself proud of his (heretofore hidden) Hispanic Heritage and the donation slowed down almost immediately.

      • Jun says:

        Cheorge has a gang tattoo

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        I believe there was a claim that he purchased two guns, one for himself and the other for his wife. My guess would be that he couldn’t easily identify his own gun from hers, so they’d often wind up with each others guns.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Couldn’t GZs fleeing his home immediately simply be a reaction to say, Osterman telling him, oh-oh, you shot a black kid, there will be a backlash? Obviously these folks aren’t the worst bigots in the world, but they’re not entirely devoid of racism either.

  26. In the witness interviews, a former policeman said Zimmerman was “fascinated” in his police experience, with the especially in a shooting case.



    • Malisha says:

      Right, and then he asks Singleton on 2/27/2012, “Have you ever had to shoot someone?” She didn’t. Cheorge comments that probably nobody ever dared to challenge her authority. NOT “probably nobody ever put you in fear for your life,” but “probably nobody ever challenged your authority.” Then he tried to remind her that he had once sent a letter to Chief Lee complimenting her for something. She sounded unimpressed.

      • Erica says:

        He also asked her if she was catholic, she said no, I’m Christian and she wanted to know the why he asked her that and he said something to the extent of, Catholics are not supposed to kill people……but no duffas…it was all Gods plan. God must not be catholic then

      • Jun says:

        You could tell by Cheorge’s actions he was trying to sell his story by his correspondence with Singleton. Its good she kept him talking. It also leaves one to think if he killed to prove his imagined authority but in real life he has none, hence his concocted lies.

  27. blushedbrown says:

    [READ: Discovery | FBI reports| Zimmerman photos | FDLE interview 1, 2 , | Recorded radio traffic EMS | Transport of Witness| Analytical assistance 1, 2 | Transport to Fort Lauderdale Airport | Sam’s Club video | Court orders Google, T-Mobile| FBI Voice Analysis| Recorded traffic, mobile |Records request| Twin Lakes Clubhouse Review| Video request |SPD personnel | Aerial photographs | Bernie de la Rionda | Trace report | FDLE lab reports l T-Mobile records | Kohls video | Neighborhood walkthrough | SPD evidence receipt| Concealed Weapons permit | Area businesses | Crimeline tip| Crime scene | Bio profiles | Zimmerman bio | Case inception

    Copied from OS….Can’t get into them…UGHHHH!

  28. PYorck says:

    Professor, you have mail.

  29. According to FDLE reports, there was an investigation into a Crimeline tip that suggested there was an 8-year-old eyewitness to the shooting who saw the entire incident.



    • Never heard that story, but there was a teenager named Austin whose dog got off the leash and he ran after the dog after seeing someone lying on the ground apparently in pain.

    • blushedbrown says:

      Everytime I click on a link I don’t get anything on that, I want to see Sam Club Video and everything else, wth?

    • Xena says:

      “According to FDLE reports, there was an investigation into a Crimeline tip that suggested there was an 8-year-old eyewitness to the shooting who saw the entire incident. The caller did not know the girl’s name or address, but said she lived in a house with a screened porch that was located within eyesight of the crime scene. FDLE checked out all the nearby residences with screened porches, but did not locate the possible witness or anyone who knew about her.”

      “In the evidence, FDLE also obtained the ATF records on Zimmerman’s gun, which was used to shoot Martin. It was purchased Nov. 11, 2009 by Shellie Zimmerman at Shoot Straight II in Casselberry.”

      • Malisha says:

        If I had an eight-year-old kid who had witnessed that murder, and if I saw that Cheorge was not charged, but walked free that night, and then I saw a storm brewing over what had gone on, in view of the fact that children were not very safe in RTL, I might be tempted to move away for a while or to send my daughter to stay with Aunti Goodlady for a while, for her own safety.

        But there was someone who called Serino the day after the crime, who told him anonymously that she witnessed Cheorge trying to restrain Trayvon against his will. I am SURE the police can figure out who anonymous callers are.

        • Xena says:

          But there was someone who called Serino the day after the crime, who told him anonymously that she witnessed Cheorge trying to restrain Trayvon against his will. I am SURE the police can figure out who anonymous callers are.

          Malisha, think about this. Now, I could be wrong, but in general when LE say a caller is anonymous, they simply mean that the caller did not give our their name. They have caller ID and call trace on police telephone systems.

          It has to be someone in that area who could observe from a window.

      • Jun says:

        Cheorge is definitely a dangerous person

        I recall another kid he stalked and threatened and called the cops on and accused the kid of stealing a bike

        The dad came out and defended his son and the cops proved the bike they had was not stolen

        Never one regret or apology, as if he is the general of the Gestapo (the complex being the Gestapo)

        Dude is the next Hitler (Cheorge)

  30. cielo62 says:

    >^..¥< Stitched up my ear following too close!

  31. Judy75201 says:

    What the heck do the “follow” comments mean?

    • heartofhearts says:

      Following and then clicking email so we can follow along with the discussion. For myself, I am not able to contribute as much but a huge fan of the professor and his noble fellow bloggers.

      • blushedbrown says:

        Its a quick any easy way to get post from a new thread without having to post a comment. Then you get emails and follow along the comments and then you can either reply or just delete out of email. Its easier then going thru the whole thread and trying to reply to each and every comment or sometimes there is no more room to reply to anyone’s comment. hope this helps

    • Yes, as heartofhearts explains, “follow” is apparently a WordPress feature that indicates a notification by email.

      • Malisha says:

        Well the word “follow” has nothing to do with the action you need to take to get notifications of new comments by e-mail. When you make ANY comment you’re offered the chance to “follow” the thread and if you say yes, then whenever somebody adds to the thread, you’ll get a notice in your e-mail in-box. So some people, to leave a message in order to get linked into the thread by e-mail, simply say “follow.” They could choose to say “jabberwocky” instead; it would work just as well. They could even say “skipping” or “emerged.”

  32. PYorck says:

    Here is a link that has a few more documents, but unfortunately the links appear to be broken. They work if you change the ‘.null’ to ‘.pdf’. Perhaps they’ll notice and fix that.

    • truthforlisa says:

      Ugh. The people on clickorlando are a bunch of Zimmbots. I can’t read there, as they enrage me.

      • @truthforlisa

        They are deranged. Facts enraged them. You can’t reason with fools.

        • jm says:

          I was banned from Click Orlando site because “snookman” did not like my posts. I actually learned about Professor Leatherman’s site there and once I started to promote this site as a source for reasonable discussion, calls/e-mails were made to whoever runs the site and I could no longer post – so it looks like Click Orlando management may be Zimmerman biased.

          I am very familiar with the stupidity of those posting there including Mung, the obscene snookman and Odessa Girl who claims to be a Zimmerman insider and because of “inside” knowledge has said some awful things about Tracy Martin and Dee-Dee in particular. I rarely go back to read their rants but it does seem a clique of Zimmerman’s friends and family who are left to post pro Zimmerman propaganda.

          • I’m sure I’ll be banned there soon. I’m pushing Lonnie’s petition and they’re biting at me hard. LOL!

            The signatures on the petition is 857!

          • jm says:

            SG2: “I’m sure I’ll be banned there soon. I’m pushing Lonnie’s petition and they’re biting at me hard.”

            Beware of the snookman – he is the person who knows someone at Click Orlando who got me banned. If you really want to make them mad, push Professor’s website as the source of fair and honest discussion about the evidence. They obviously despise this website which I consider a compliment to Professor Leatherman.

          • Thanks for the 411. I sure will.

      • Malisha says:

        Notice, though, that their comments consist entirely of “conclusory allegations” without any facts. It’s a peculiar thing. Whole paragraphs of ranting without any facts in them. Fact-free thinking coupled with belligerent, indignant, hostile writing.

      • Cercando Luce says:

        They are more likely to be jurors than anyone here, though. O’Mara/West strategy is on view.

      • @Cercando Luce

        That’s too scary!

      • @JM

        Here’s my comment on Click Orlando

        I want to thank all the good folks who have signed the petition. Keep it coming. If anyone is serious about discussing this case, I recommend Professor Leatherman’s website as the source of fair and honest discussion about the evidence.

        • jm says:

          LOL SG2. I don’t know how you can stand to be over there. I read a few things posted by OdessaGirl (want to smack her upside the head) and had to quickly come back here for sanity.

          The whole site is pro Zimmerman even people who run Click Orlando itself is biased. You can tell by the carefully worded headings and pre-obese Zimmerman pictures they choose for their topics.

      • @JM

        Yeah, he keeps coming at me as if his insults is going to scare me. LOL!

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