3ChicsPolitico Protest the Killing of Trayvon Martin

Southern Girl 2 is back in the house with a new video:

3ChicsPolitico – Protesting The Killing of Trayvon Martin

Welcome back.

Missed you

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  1. Malisha says:

    Reporting in on the widely-publicized misinformation that there had been “eight burglaries, nine thefts and one other shooting” in RTL in the “year before Trayvon Martin was killed.” WRONG.

    First of all: NO SHOOTING.

    Details on the burglaries/thefts — Here it is.

    ANALYSIS: You have 12 actual incidents.

    In January 2011 (which technically should not be counted as “in the year before Trayvon Martin was killed, but I got information dating back to 1/1/2011 just to be thorough) you have the incident at 1850 RVC, reported by resident Olivieri, listed as BURGLARY, LARCENY, and PROPERTY DAMAGE. That was a real event and serious. It was also a “BREAK-IN.”

    In March 2011 Velez reported that a friend took $800 out of her handbag but the police could not verify the report because “other people lived at that address” so accusing the particular person she suspected would not work; yet it was listed simply as a LARCENY. It was not a BREAK-IN.

    In April 2011 someone broke into Duncan’s car and broke the car window and left the car door open, late at night, and that was listed as a BURGLARY, also PROPERTY DAMAGE and also CRIMINAL MISCHIEF. It was a break-in, of course, but of a car, not a home.

    In July the construction site at 2260 RVC reported a LARCENY and TRESPASS when someone took a copper strip and “studs” from the site. Not a break-in.

    In July 2011 there was a car theft of an Enterprise Rental Car rented by resident Williams; the car was recovered but the front wheel had been damaged; listed as BURGLARY because they came in the unlocked back door and stole the car key, and listed as grand theft AUTO, which is a form of LARCENY. No break-in because the door of the home was not locked (lock not functional).

    On August 3, 2011 Bertalan’s house was entered w/o permission and burglarized and they identified that Burgess was the perp, listed as BURGLARY and LARCENY. Burgess lived in the neighborhood; no indication of why arrest was not made immediately. This was a break-in.

    August 2011 again Velez reported a theft (computer game) and break-in by broken window, listed as BURGLARY, LARCENY and PROPERTY DAMAGE.

    In September 2011 again the construction site was hit, listing as BURGLARY, LARCENY and PROPERTY DAMAGE. Someone stole a door and broke a mirror. Break-in.

    In November Kinney reported that his bicycle was stolen from his back porch and that was listed as a LARCENY. Not a break-in.

    In December 2011, the property manager for Fannie Mae reported that someone had vandalized an unoccupied foreclosed-on home. That was listed as BURGLARY and PROPERTY DAMAGE.


    On January 26, 2012, Beard reported his bicycle stolen from the area behind the club house. It was, strangely enough, listed as both a LARCENY and a BURGLARY! Beard gave a description of someone whose footprint he claimed to have seen; the police did not collect evidence of said footprint. This should probably not have been listed as a burglary. It was definitely not a “break-in.”

    On February 6, 2012, Deamicis reported BURGLARY and LARCENY from her house, and two witnesses who were nearby described Burgess; Burgess was indeed arrested the next day and pled guilty to the crimes on 3/14/2012. In June 2012 Judge Nelson sentenced him to five years. It was a break-in.

    There were indeed a total of eight burglaries and nine “thefts” (larcenies) if you count the theft of Beard’s bicycle from the open area behind the club house as both a larceny and a burglary, although it is difficult to understand why that would be.

    What you get is a picture of a relatively stable lower middle class neighborhood with a few “normal type” crimes involving theft and burglary when the thieves believe, rightly (most of the time) or wrongly (in the case of Bertalan) that nobody is home. You’ve got three fairly substantial burglaries of valuables from inside the homes, two stolen bicycles, one vandalism of a foreclosed unoccupied home, two thefts from construction sites, a stolen car, a car broken into but not stolen, cash stolen from a purse, and a break-in through a window with a relatively minor theft.

    The important part about all this is: NO SHOOTINGS.

    Until George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, there were NO SHOOTINGS in RTL, in the nearly 14 months before 2/26/2012. NO SHOOTINGS. No “other” shootings and no “shootings with injuries” and no shootings at all before George killed Trayvon.

    In that respect, the information given to the Miami Herald and reported widely all over the print media and the Internet was SUBSTANTIALLY WRONG.

    Since I never heard back from Frances Robles of the Miami Herald about what, if anything, she wanted to do about dealing with correcting this misimpression, I have contacted another journalist. If the other journalist does not answer me this week I’ll put out a press release about this and start circulating it. I doubt there is anything the SPD can do to retroactively change either the reports they keep in the normal course of business OR the way they misled the press in March 2012.

  2. Malisha says:

    You all, I didn’t get it. Row of “i”s?




    Is that what you meant? What does it do?
    (Sorry if I missed something)

  3. ed nelson says:

    well I said something but it is lost, but suffice to reiterate the point: have a great week end to all and I sure am sorry if I was snotty in the past few days… I am going through some kind of transition I think!!

  4. Malisha says:

    OK, I cannot remember who asked for the breakdown of the crimes in the RTL neighborhood during the year before Trayvon Martin was killed. HERE is the information apparently given by crime analyst Jennifer D. Blake to the Miami Herald (Frances Robles) on March 15, 2012, leading to the information [misinformation] put out in the articles printed on March 17, 2012 and March 18, 2012:

    Reports of Crimes in the neighborhood during that time:
    All other larceny 2
    Burglary 8
    Criminal Mischief 1
    Dealing in Stolen Property 1

    Information 25 (I think this is when they do a “criminal information” arresting someone for a PRIOR crime, so the incident itself would not have to have occurred during the period, and the information could be a duplicate, and it really will not offer much information to enlighten as to the crime rate there)

    Larceny theft from bicycles 2
    Larceny theft from motor vehicle 1
    Misc. Crime 1

    Missing person 1 (This was Trayvon)
    Negligent Manslaughter 1 (This was what they called the killing of Trayvon Martin at the time that this report was given to the Miami Herald, as per the Serino capias)

    Registered Felon 1 (?)
    Simple assault 3
    Traffic accident 2
    Uniform Traffic Citation 2

    I am correlating this with the actual police reports they sent me on “burglaries, thefts and shootings” in the neighborhood, will report back after I have it in tabular form.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      What great research you are doing, Malisha! Thank you SO much.

    • Most likely the registered felon is a reference to a registered sex offender. In most states, probably all states by now, defendants convicted of sex offenses are required to register their address with local authorities. IIRC, there are 6 levels or categories depending on the severity of the offense of conviction. People in the least serious category are not regarded to be a danger to the community, but are still required to register.

  5. fauxmccoy says:

    beautiful work of art SG2, a poignant tribute with a lovely accompaniment of a much loved buffalo springfield tune. a goddess you are!

    • Hi there, Fauxmccoy!

      Thank you so much. Buffalo Springfield forever! I still crush on Neal Young! lol

      Nice to see you again. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I cooked for 2 days and so soo tired but all was good.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        SG – i think i put in about 4 days of cooking but my left arm is only partially functional. at any rate, it was a whole lotta work and at least i did not have to do dishes afterwards! hope you had a great holiday yourself …. now, on to the next one!

      • grahase says:

        Neil Young, although born in Toronto, was raised in my neck-of-the-woods AKA Winnipeg. My sister is a singer and a whole group of these budding artists could be seen jamming around town in the olden days. He visits often. In fact,he was just here 2 weeks ago with his band Crazy Horse.A really great guy.

  6. ed nelson says:

    Sorry, I am not all that trilled with the tattoo and other stuff… nasal rings… and etc. etc

    Now don’t get me wrong pardner! no not hardly, I think it is just dandy.. You betcha! and I will tell yah, I will tell yah!!

  7. Malisha says:

    OK, I just forced myself to listen to the “scream, gunshot, silence” 911 call again and again and I cannot hear Fogen’s voice saying “fuck” or frankly anything else, on that tape. Maybe it’s me. Where does the sound of Fogen’s voice appear in terms of what the 911 caller herself and the 911 operator are saying?

    Here’s something else I am working on right now.

    Emmanuel Burgess. I’m thinking that there were times in early 2012 when someone on the inside at SPD (Tim Smith perhaps) told Fogen that Burgess was NOT in custody at that particular time, and the suggestion could have been made that SINCE each time he was picked up he ended up being UNARMED, he could be reliably considered unarmed and did not own a gun. Then, whoever was trying to help Fogen get himself some cred so he could be a cop or a guard might have said, “Burgess is out now.” Burgess’s address was 2520 Retreat View Circle. Obviously, then, he could be seen “on garbage days” because he would be putting out the garbage. ALSO, when he apparently burglarized Bertalan’s house, he jumped over the fence to get out of the neighborhood and they collected his fingerprints from there, so Fogen knew that he would head “to the back entrance to the neighborhood.”

    If I’m understanding these things correctly, Burgess had three separate cases with the criminal court in Seminole County, 592012CF000403A, 592012CF000774A and 592012MM001389A, for the burglaries committed in August 2011 and then February, 2012, in RTL and for the misdemeanor of giving the cop a false name and then running away (without violence) from the cop on February 7, 2012 when he was arrested. That false name and running away charge was dismissed on March 30, 2012. By the time he pled on March 13, 2012 he had 135 days’ credit off his 5-year sentence (sentenced by Judge Debra Nelson) for time spent in the county jail. But if he was arrested on Feb. 7 and not let back out until the day he pled (March 13), then he would not have had 135 days; and if he was arrested in August 2011 and let out at some point later so that he could commit the February 6, 2012 crime and then get re-arrested the next day, he might have had 135 days but it is hard to figure. To make matters more confusing, his bail was set at $1,000 for one case and $2,000 for another and I see no indication that either was posted.

    The notation “Defendant was in custody” appears in the docket sheets many times, as follows:

    Arrested February 7, 2012
    Feb. 8, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    Feb. 15, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    Feb. 15, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody (again)
    March 6, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    March 14, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    March 15, 2012 – capias returned executed
    March 27, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    April 17, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    April 17, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody (again)
    June 21, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody
    June 21, 2012 – MNFD – Defendant was in custody (again)

    BUT, to confuse matters:

    May 15, 2012 – MNFD – all charges: Defendant returned to custody

    May 16, 2012 – RTCT – Defendant returned to custody
    Was Burgess arrested in August 2011 for the burglary at Bertalan’s house? Strange thing about the crime report associated with that event. It lists the suspect as Black male, Emmanuel Burgess, date of birth 7/21/1993. The arrest is said to have been made on 3/13/2012. ??? Why? They had his address down as 2520 Retreat View Circle; why not arrest him? They had his fingerprints where he jumped the fence between Retreat View Circle and Calabrea Springs Cove. Bertalan identified him in a photo line-up. (?)

    But then there was a burglary of the computer from Tatiana Deamicis at 1540 Retreat View Circle, and under Suspect, it lists “Black Male” and shows only a date of birth, coincidentally, 7/21/1993 — and all the other identifying information about the suspect is REDACTED. Huh?

    Then there is the note that the police found four kids on bicycles, and it names all three of them but not the fourth, but the redacted part shows that it’s the right number of letters to be Emmanuel Burgess. He gives a false name and runs. The police apprehend him and the arrest shows up as Emmanuel Burgess. Later, he is identified as the person on that fourth bicycle. He is charged with trying to sell stolen property relating to the computer he was caught with that day (Feb. 7, 2012) and he pleads.

    So my question is: Which 135 days, between August 3, 2011 and March 13, 2012, was Emmanuel Burgess incarcerated in the county jail, and which days was he out?

    The reason I ask is this: Clearly it was mostly Burgess who was both responsible for the “crime wave” in the RTL neighborhood and who was the person Cheorge was focused on and wished he could have apprehended to prove himself. Did somebody deliberately let Burgess spend time out of the jail on or shortly before 2/26/2012 so that Cheorge could do his hero thing? Did Cheorge go out there expecting to pick up an unarmed criminal and actually do a mistaken i.d. thing to Trayvon Martin? If so, were his demands designed to make Trayvon admit to something Burgess would actually have known about? Is that why the body was left on the ground for two hours while police ran here and there trying to make an i.d. of a slain criminal? Were they imagining they were going to cart Emmanuel Burgess’s body to the morgue that night and then get unpleasantly surprised?

    And all like that.

    Anybody know how to find out when arrests, releases and so forth take place? Or should I plan another FOIA? Anybody know where this information can be found and how to interpret it?

    I found the criminal cases in Seminole COunty by running a search at the following url:


    Or if that is too big to paste into your browser you can go to

    and plug in: 201__ for the year, Burgess for the last name, and “Em” for the first name and the three cases will pop up. But I can’t tell from that when he was in, and when he was out, of the county jail and why.

    • Rachael says:


      “Did somebody deliberately let Burgess spend time out of the jail on or shortly before 2/26/2012 so that Cheorge could do his hero thing?”

      I doubt that. I doubt he was deliberately let out so GZ could do his hero thing, but it could be very possible that he was out and somebody told GZ he was out – and GZ took it upon himself to keep an eye on him.

      As far as:

      “were his demands designed to make Trayvon admit to something Burgess would actually have known about?”

      That could be very possible as well. I am not able to hear GZ’s voice in the background either, but it does sound like the Trayvon says “I don’t know” in response to being questioned.

      And as far as:

      “Were they imagining they were going to cart Emmanuel Burgess’s body to the morgue that night and then get unpleasantly surprised?”

      I would not be surprised if on account of knowing Emmanuel Burgess was out, when they heard GZ’s call, that was what they were thinking and, like you said, were “unpleasantly surprised” to find out it wasn’t him.

      I wish you were an investigator for the prosecution!

      • Rachael says:

        Of course they also might have told GZ that he was out and to keep an eye on things and call if he thought he saw him doing anything “suspicious.” But I doubt he was let out deliberately so GZ could do his thing.

        I have always wondered if the police would have come quickly had there not been the gunshot. I wonder how often they responded in the past when GZ made his previous calls.

        Obviously, they never responded quickly enough for GZ, hence his need to go after one of “these assholes” who always get away.

        It is hard to know, because obviously they were there within minutes because of a gunshot.

        But I wonder if they were also there within minutes because they were already on their way, having notified GZ that Emmanuel was out and were acting quickly on his call.

      • Malisha says:

        About the burglar and accomplices, that’s another strange thing about the police report of the burglary on 2/6/2012, for which Burgess was arrested on 2/7/2012. Four young men were riding bikes through the neighborhood. They were all stopped. Three of them gave their names; Burgess gave a false name (Nick Smith) but the police were aware that he was Burgess. As the investigation proceeded, Burgess ran, and then was apprehended and arrested. He was unarmed. He later pled guilty. Yet only Burgess’ name was redacted out of that police report; other names were given! Burgess lived in the neighborhood; the others apparently did not.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Interesting theory, but a bit of a stretch. Like Rachael says, perhaps GZ knew Burgess was out and mistook TM for that asshole “that always gets away” even though Burgess didn’t always get away.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Oops, didn’t read all the way through the thread – thanks, Prof, for setting us straight. At any rate, we can see that GZ had it out for young black males, assuming the mere sight of one meant a crime was in progress.

    • gbrbsb says:

      Malisha, for a long while I am convinced I hear one, two or perhaps three ineffectual wimpish “help mes” underneath what I am also equally convinced are Trayvon‛s screams, shrieks and moans, and that these concord with what GZ claims he called out, with what several witnesses heard and as well as with the ineffectual wimpish “help mes” GZ made for his voice exemplars. I don´t hear “fuck” but it´s a long time since I listened to the tape but noise can resound and bounce in funny ways in spaces enclosed by buildings so I never thought it strange that some witnesses heard Trayvon´s screams while other´s heard GZ´s “help mes”.

      On your point about Burgess, from Trayvon I hear several audible words and phrases; “I´m begging you”, “Help”, “stop” and most importantly to me at least, “I don´t know em”, which I firmly believe, as I have commented here several times, that it was Trayvon‛s desperate reply to GZ who took him for one of Burgess´ gang and using painful restraining techniques, was trying to force Trayvon, before the police arrived, to disclose the name/s of the accomplice/s that had never been arrested so as to show what a damn good “cop” and “hero” he was.

      • Rachael says:

        With regard to your last paragraph, I TOTALLY agree.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Malisha, re-reading your post, I think Burgess was the burglar in February(?) who was seen by someone with 2 or 3 presumed accomplices the day of the robbery and was reported a day or two later by the same person as he walked in the retreat alone. However as it´s so long ago since I read the reports it might be I am mixing Burgess up with another burglar with accomplices.

        • It wasn’t a robbery because a robbery is defined as an unauthorized taking of personal property from another person accomplished by the use of force. The crimes committed were a burglary (entry into a residence without permission and with intent to commit a crime in the residence) and a theft (unauthorized taking of personal property with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property).

          IIRC, Burgess acted alone and stole a laptop. He was spotted walking down the street with some other people the next day or so by some roofers who called 911. Police responded to the call, checked the laptop, and made the arrest.

          I don’t believe the other people were arrested.

          • gbrbsb says:

            Thanks professor, my mistake… “robbery”, silly me, shows up my lay background!

            In respect of Burgess I got it round the wrong way but you jogged my memory so I remember it clearly now. I read way back in a newspaper, report or something how Burgess got away while the cops were handcuffing the other three with him (two blacks and one white), but caught him shortly afterwards. As the others were handcuffed I presume they were likely taken to the station as suspects, but if they were Burgess didn´t grass as only one other is named in the report, Renburg. I am sure wanabe cop George would have wanted their names convinced they were all a gang “working” the Retreat, and I believe he was questioning Trayvon under duress to that effect after he caught him as I am almost 100% certain I hear Trayvon scream, “I don´t know em”. Just surmising… but it does seem to fit.

    • grahase says:

      Malisha – somewhere in the documents, I think Fogen called the SPD to enquire about the status of someone who had been arrested. Maybe this, too, is connected.

      • Malisha says:

        OK, upon further study I believe that Emmanuel Burgess was NOT out of jail at the time of the killing of Trayvon Martin. Furthermore, none of Burgess’s crimes were committed at night; all in broad daylight. In fact, only car theft, car vandalism and bicycle theft could have occurred at night, except for those crimes like removing things from construction sites, where there were NO suspects and no forensic evidence collected. This is not about Burgess; it could very well be about Fogen feeling humiliated that he did not help arrest Burgess, though. He was definitely scared of Burgess, because Burgess was bigger than him and because Burgess really WAS a petty criminal. Fogen needed to pick on someone who was easy to pick on.

    • Malisha says:

      I’m sorry; the case search engine won’t let you in if you try to click on the urls — just go to google and plug in the following keywords and you will get into the criminal docket:

      seminole county florida case search court

    • Looks to me like he was in jail from February 7th through June 21st.

      I do not believe there is any possibility that Emanuel Burgess was released from custody by SPD to set him up to be killed or arrested by the defendant. Only the jail had the authority to release him and it would not have done so without checking the computer to determine if he had served all of the time he was sentenced to serve and there were no pending cases or warrants outstanding for his arrest. Given the arrest on February 7th, they would not have released him, unless he had bailed out on that case number and there is no indication that he did because he always is in custody when he appears in court between February 7th and June 21st.

      Finally, it’s not unusual for a body to remain at the scene of a death investigation for several hours while police investigate the crime scene. The ME’s office can’t pick up the body until the cops release it. Therefore, I do not see anything unusual or suspicious about the length of time Trayvon’s body remained at the scene.

      • jm says:

        Professor says: “it’s not unusual for a body to remain at the scene of a death investigation for several hours while police investigate the crime scene. The ME’s office can’t pick up the body until the cops release it. Therefore, I do not see anything unusual or suspicious about the length of time Trayvon’s body remained at the scene.”

        Being left at the scene in the rain, not being totally covered, would that affect the evidence like DNA. I’m only asking because I read a Zimmerman supporter saying the reason there was no DNA on Trayvon’s hands/fingernails, was because the body was not fully covered and was left in the rain for hours.

      • Malisha says:

        You’re right, Professor, the Feb 7 to June 21 period is 135 days and explains it. But I thought I saw the figure 135 listed on the March 15 report and then got totally confused. What confused me, also, was the fact that they identified Burgess as the suspect for the August 3, 2011 burglary of Bertalan’s home but although he lived in RTL he was not arrested for it. Why would that be the case? And there would have been an open warrant for him all along but no evidence of it exists on the docket sheets. Why would that have been the case?

    • Jun says:

      I can hear a voice that sounds like Cheorge saying something but its not very clear… he says something while the kid is screaming for his life

  8. ed nelson says:

    Fred I can only barley type at the moment,,, and you know why .

    Well I must take this opportuniry to reemphasisise

    • ed nelson says:

      Well in case any one might be in some quandry about that term: as to that term: about the idear of … etc. etc.etc….. Hey you go and get some culture!! You do some groud work, when you have any spare time from your tatoo sessions!!!

  9. OMG!

    Professor, you’re making me cry. I am so honored. I’ve been practicing making a few videos. I wanted to do this one for so long, but I had to get the hang of it. My son usually works with me to help get the timing and visual effects down. He was out of pocket so I was on my own. It took awhile but I think I’ve got it. 🙂

    Thank you! Thank you so much!

  10. Mary Davis says:

    @ Southern Girl, Hi, glad you are back. I missed you. I am the new Mary. Do you know where Granny is. I miss her. Hope she is doing ok.

  11. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Wonderful video, Southern Girl! Thanks for putting it together!

  12. LLMPapa says:

    Southern Girl 2, Great video! The image selection is terrific with outstanding synchronization to a perfect song!

  13. colin black says:

    follow follow we will follow u???…When I see follow starting of a Trayvon Story its weird/ironic.sychcronisic as this whole tragic event unfolded with a killer following a minor into tthe dark with a weapon loaded with lethal bullets.

  14. Two sides to a story says:

    I love all the strong images in this series. Thank you!

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