Zimmerman: LLMPapa and Marinade Dave Are Back in the House with Part III

Papa titles Part III as A Walk With Marinade Dave.


Thanks, Gentlemen


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  1. Lonnie Starr says:

    Funny we don’t have a single person here from Sanford Fla or anywhere nearby, who could walk the nabe and send us pictures of the front gate and such or explain the house entry systems. Anyone on here know someone who can walk the RATL and take pictures?

    On usenet we had someone look up someone close to OJ Simpson’s place and post some info. Just thinking.

    • katieunc says:

      Lonnie there is a video I have seen on youtube that shows the front gate. I will if I can locate it again and post it here.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Thanks Katieunc, I’ve seen pictures of the front car and pedestrian gates, but they don’t show much detail and they’re “clipped” so you can’t see where the keypads are or how they look, or what resources they provide, like voice to house etc.

        Crump says that “he hit the code and entered”, but TM would not need the code if he entered before 7pm. It would have taken him almost half an hour to walk back from the store in the rain, for the gates to be closed before he got there. That seems very unlikely.

        It seems way more likely that TM kept up a brisk walk, that would have easily put him in the mail shed well before the 7pm gate close.

        The cctv’s show no car going out the front gate in the time frame where GZ’s truck should have been coursing about. The only vehicle out on the road in the required area, sweeps past the front gate without even pausing, as if it had ever intended to go out.

    • Brown says:

      I know you have been out of the loop because of “Sandy”. We are currently working towards a video with Marinade Dave, LLMPapa and a very brave videographer to do the footage @ RATL which will depict TM possible, movements. Such as the gate to mailshed to Twin Trees. Please check out following links:

      read first few comments, or better yet entire thread if you have time.




      Read Page 5 of comments.

      • Brown says:

        Go to Youtube page and read page 5 of comments for above video.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          @Brown: Sorry, but without a link to what your are referring to I don’t stand a chance of getting it. The comments to the above videos are disabled.

          In any event, I hope that they include:

          A view of the mailbox area (with someone standing in it), from the RVC approach and turn onto TTL, to see if someone heading to go out the front gate, could have possibly seen someone standing in the mail shed, along their way to the store.

          (remember, GZ says he was on his way to the store, but the cctv analysis shows that he passed up his first chance to go out the front gate and instead drove over to TTL. I assume he looked into the mail shed, saw no one there, so he circled back on RVC to where he could view the Taaffe cut through, then circled back to TTL, where it appears he now catches sight of TM and decides to park where he has, either a better view, or to provoke a fearful reaction in TM.)

          A view of the front gate car and pedestrian gates when both opened and closed, and the key pads for each.

          A view of the front doors of the homes, and if they’re opened by keys or keypad codes. where the keypads are located.

          If you could convey this wish list to them, I’d be grateful.

          • Brown says:

            Weird the links didn’t work, Hmmm. But to the requests its all on the list. I just posted an update regarding “TLW” video. I should be hearing from Mr. Knechel soon.

            Maybe if you just went to Youtube and typed Dave Knechel click on the first video. You should be able to see the comments. I don’t know what I did wrong but try that : ^ )

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Ah… The results are what I expected, I went there and got engrossed in the videos, forgot what I was looking for and found nothing until I came back here. lol, which is why I asked for the link, not because I’m too lazy to look, but because I’m easily distracted.
            So now I’m subscribed to his channel as well.

          • Brown says:


          • Brown says:

            I think I see what I did wrong I didn’t post his youtube channel


  2. Malisha says:

    NEWSFLASH!! I have heard back from Sanford Police and guess what: All those reports about “eight burglaries, nine thefts and a shooting” at RTL?

    The real story is: Eight (8) burglaries, five (5) thefts and ZERO shootings at RTL.

    When I asked the police rep, “Did the Miami Herald report a shooting that did not happen?” Guess what? The SPD guess about that is that the “shooting” reported by the Miami Herald that was used to describe why George was so worried about crime was:


    The shooting that took place on 2/26/2012 when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

    So…that neighborhood had no shootings from 1/1/2010 until George Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed kid.


    I intend to write to every single news source that reported all the crime in that neighborhood and demand a retraction NOW. I think the misinformation THEY have promulgated by suggesting there had been a shooting BEFORE George killed Trayvon is MUCH more important than the NBC mistake about “He looks suspicious…he looks Black.”

    Yeah, and like that. ❗

    • bettykath says:

      Malisha, They probably asked for a report on the crimes in the complex. At the time they asked, there was a murder, that of Trayvon. They didn’t bother to sort out when the crimes were committed.

      • Malisha says:

        I don’t really care HOW they did their slovenly reporting. Their information, given in English, definitely gave the impression that they were reporting on crime in RTL that had led to George Zimmerman’s NW work, and his belief that he needed a gun in that neighborhood.

        I always suspected that the “shooting” reported was something like a gun going off while being cleaned or something. I did NOT imagine, however, that it just plain did not even exist.

        If the report were not repeated by every new source reporting on the case in March it might be different, but it DID. Terrible fact-checking, stupid reporting AT BEST. Maybe something worse.

      • Rachael says:

        “that had led to George Zimmerman’s NW work, and his belief that he needed a gun in that neighborhood.”

        I thought he believed he needed a gun to shoot a pit bull.

        • Brown says:

          According to two event logs:
          1) 10/23/2009 Event Number 20092960977 about 9-10 am

          A dog had his dog pinned

          2) 3/18/2011 Event Number 20110772679 about 9pm at night.

          He was outside washing his car and the dog ran up to him.

          When did he get his gun?

    • Malisha,

      I am going to start a new thread to feature what you’ve received.

      Let’s move the discussion there.

      Many thanks for getting this information.

    • Jun says:

      I have been saying for a long time and even the witnesses said it was a nice neighborhood. Nobody said anything about break ins except for witness 11.

    • Tee says:

      I believe if there was blame to be placed for the crime in this community the spd should bare its share of it. how do they not stay on patrol in this neighborhood where these citizens pay those high behind taxes. They should be required to patrol areas like this instead of sitting on a corner trying to catch someone speeding. Had they been earning there salaries criminal would not have focused on this community it’s common sense no fool breaks in where the police is a constant fixture. Smh! They leave patrolling up to the crazies likes Zimmerman I have notice from when all of this broke that tis department have a few lay officers.

      • Jun says:

        In all honesty, I am not protecting the SPD, but that was a nice neighborhood with an extremely low crime rate. I think the SPD felt that the neighborhood was fairly safe, until the arrival of George.

  3. Malisha says:

    George is so self-referential that a person becomes a “suspect” when George suspects him! All the rest of the world is supposed to fall in line behind his superior assessment of reality, see? 😈

  4. Tee says:

    The “suspect” word drove me crazy when I first read it. what da*m suspect, there had been no crime committed how in the hell can there be a suspect this man is not playing with a full deck and his family knows this. What grown man go on a ride along with cop they knew this man was a time bomb waiting to go off and no one addressed it. He needs to be put under the jail if you ask me deliberately putting himself in a situation where he may have to use his gun and he can save the bull crap about he didn’t remember he had his gun because we here all know that his butt wouldn’t have gotten out of his car had he not have his gun. I’m shouting 25 yrs to life for deliberately pulling the trigger on a kid begging for his life. Now who became the ” SUSPECT”

    • jm says:

      Tee says: “The “suspect” word drove me crazy when I first read it. what da*m suspect, there had been no crime committed how in the hell can there be a suspect this man is not playing with a full deck and his family knows this.”

      I’m not sure GZ’s family is playing with a full deck from what I have heard from them including the media “Zimmerman family are not racists” tour and the few jailhouse phone calls I could stand to listen to.

    • Rachael says:

      Absolutely Tee!

  5. rayvenwolf says:

    Taking it all in I have to say – the closer to the truth, the louder the other side screams otherwise. Too bad for them they offer nothing to counter but weak statements of lying, manufacturing and hatred for poor George.

    • Malisha says:

      The strangest part of this is that I wouldn’t have felt hatred for George Zimmerman if he hadn’t been out there screaming (figuratively) about how badly Trayvon Martin treated him. His carrying on about the beating, his head feeling like it was about to explode, the aggressive vulgarity of this “suspect” to “emerged from the darkness” and all that bullshit is what what made me hate him. Otherwise I would have pitied him as a person who had been so ill educated and poorly raised that he was a loss to himself and to society.

      • rayvenwolf says:

        I don’t even feel hate for him. Nor pity. He disgusts me to my very core. My hatred is saved for each and every waste of carbon who has taken his word like the damn sermon on the mount and used this case as a soap box for their own ignorance, hatred, racism and bigotry. George is trying to save his own skin, what is their excuse? None.

        My disgust came with realizing that he was lying, badly at that and so damn smug about it. He still thinks he can outsmart everyone. His delusions of grandeur and superiority are going to back fire in a way so spectacular that words cannot describe it.

        • jm says:

          rayvenwolf says: “My disgust came with realizing that he was lying, badly at that and so damn smug about it. He still thinks he can outsmart everyone. His delusions of grandeur and superiority are going to back fire in a way so spectacular that words cannot describe it.”

          I felt the same way when I watched the Hannity interview. To add fuel to the smirking GZ fire, his brother’s media blitz made me disgust the family even more for wanting to protect a lying killer. I hope all of their delusions of grandeur and superiority are crushed in a trial where indisputable evidence that GZ profiled and murdered an innocent black teen is brought to light and GZ is sent to prison and the family stays in hiding for the rest of their lives.

          • rayvenwolf says:

            I didn’t see any of his brother’s later stuff, mostly because after his interview with Piers I had my fill of him. I have notice he and pudgy have very similar tells when the river of shyte starts flowing from their mouths.

          • jm says:

            rayvenwolf says: “I have notice he and pudgy have very similar tells when the river of shyte starts flowing from their mouths.”

            RZ, Jr is better at BS. He says a lot of words over and over that make no sense but he sounds more “knowledgeable” when he makes his high-horse pronouncements. Added to RZ’s BS ability, he doesn’t have crazy eyes like GZ has, although he is starting to look more like pudgy GZ.

          • rayvenwolf says:

            That’s because RZ Jr has learned to play the game better. I’ve been a people watcher since I was kid so watching him the first time around it felt so much like he was reading a script, a polished one, but still a script and still bull. GZ has never learned to play well with others long term and have a honeyed tongue when needed. And just like his weight he can work on that in lock up as well.

      • truthforlisa says:

        George’s lies are what caused me to dislike him, especially when he let his wife lie in court about the money. Not only that, but his unmitigated gall to blame the victim really irks me.

        • rayvenwolf says:

          Shelie lying for him didn’t so much as bother me as the fact they were both so stupid to handle that business on the phone. Criminal masterminds they will never be.

    • truthforlisa says:

      You’re so right about that, rayvenwolf. Calling World’s Dumbest Criminals!!!! I don’t know how they thought that they would get by with that.

      • rayvenwolf says:

        Again Georgie thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. When we have criminals in prison sending out orders in invisible ink(dried urine), cryptograms, a twisted form of braille etc, you’d think he would have thought, “Hey let me leave written instructions for my wife BEFORE going in.”

        If you’re gonna be crook at least be a smart one.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Darwin Award.

  6. Malisha says:

    The prosecution doesn’t have to prove exactly what took place that night. They have to prove that (a) George had malice; (b) George killed Trayvon because of that malice; and (c) George’s story of why he had to kill in self-defense is not true. Parts (a) and (b) are provable by the NEN call and the admission of the killing itself. Part (c) is provable because of the statements given by George, the 911 calls that came in while Trayvon was being killed, the shell casing, and the autopsy. All that George’s stories do is demonstrate his lack of credibility. In somewhat graphic terms!

    The only thing that really fascinates me about George’s mental state is the degree to which he uses massive projection as a psychological defense.

    “The Suspect” concealed himself in the darkness.
    “The Suspect” re-emerged from the darkness.
    “The Suspect” threatened to kill George.
    “The Suspect” was up to no good.
    “The Suspect” immobilized George and hurt him.
    “The Suspect” said “Shut the Fuck UP”
    “The Suspect” tried to kill George.
    “The Suspect” victimized George.
    “The Suspect” showed George no mercy.
    “The Suspect” has a large following of angry racists.

    • Jun says:

      We should be fearful because low and behold



    • Tzar says:

      “The only thing that really fascinates me about George’s mental state is the degree to which he uses massive projection as a psychological defense.

      “The Suspect” concealed himself in the darkness.
      “The Suspect” re-emerged from the darkness.
      “The Suspect” threatened to kill George.
      “The Suspect” was up to no good.
      “The Suspect” immobilized George and hurt him.
      “The Suspect” said “Shut the Fuck UP”
      “The Suspect” tried to kill George.
      “The Suspect” victimized George.
      “The Suspect” showed George no mercy.
      “The Suspect” has a large following of angry racists.”

      that is an exquisite list

      • Malisha says:

        Tzar, thanks. I have one to add:

        “The Suspect” has much to be ashamed of, in his hidden history.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Yes Malisha “Tzar, thanks. I have one to add: “The Suspect” has much to be ashamed of, in his hidden history.”

          This is exactly why we have courts of law! This kind of “bashing” might be effective at a town hall meeting or other gathering of sorts, but a court of law has rules that bar it’s practical use. The elevation of what can be proven over what can be implied/insinuated. Implication and/or insinuation might be of some effect in court, but only if it can be supported by almost irrefutable fact.

          A fingerprint, a shell case, a wound path… A measured distance and the time to cover it, all must fall within a very credible envelop, before they can insinuate or imply anything useful for a jury to consider.

  7. leander22 says:

    Good work Dave and LLMPapa, I especially like this one in the series.

  8. JD says:

    What’s clear is that GZ lied to investiagtirs about his movements all the way up until the end of his NEN call. These lies can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court. What’s going to be slightly more challenging to the prosecution is how they will likely argue that GZ has established a pattern of HOW he lies and extend that on to the “missing minutes” and the account of the fatal altercation that followed. “When in doubt, George leaves it out.” He’s left out the youth by the mail kiosk. He’s left out parking at the first bend in TTL and he’s left out the car to pedestrian “chase” that caused Trayvon to run away. Again, I think all this can be proven in court using only GZs own words, a stopwatch and a map showing the distances involved. The other obvious omission concerns how he managed to travel so far south after being “jumped” and struck to the ground. He’s leaving out not only the movement but also whatever he did with his own hands the whole time up to the moment he says he drew his gun.

    To me that’s the link the prosecution needs to hammer home to the jury: George leaves out anything that seems possibly incriminating.

    • leander22 says:

      Good points. If I may answer with George Zimmerman’s words:

      “To be quite honest, I have a bad memory”.

    • rayvenwolf says:

      Of course he does. Everytime he says, “I don’t know/remember” is him skipping over any and everything that would have blown him out of the water.
      Can’t remember two other streets -even though he patrolled regularly
      Can’t remember which ammo he had loaded even though he went to the range regularly and carried everywhere
      I’m surprised he can remember his own name and how to tie his own shoes.

      • Xena says:

        @Rayvenwolf. One of the many things that got to me in GZ’s re-enactment, was when he said he didn’t remember how he got Trayvon face down because “It happened so fast.” It was my impression that the LE asked him to give GZ a chance to say that he turned Trayvon’s body over because the position of the body definitely conveys that it was rolled over.

        Under reasonable circumstances when a person uses a gun in self-defense, and the alleged perp has “given up,” you don’t make physical contact with them. You put space between you and them. It’s not under civilian authority to detain and search the alleged perp. Had Trayvon had anything in his hands that GZ touched, GZ would have been responsible for tainting with evidence.

        • rayvenwolf says:

          Xena I completely agree. Its a very poor disguise for actions he knew were wrong. Of course that covers his entire story. Its amazing that gangbangers when their backs are against the wall are willing to cop to stuff, when he is not. Says much about what kind of man he is inside. Its always pissed me off how he was soooo detailed in his NEN call(he even mentioned a button most people might have forgotten/not noticed) and written statement, but the second he starts getting questioned, its “I don’t know,” ” I don’t remember,” in that punk submissive voice of his.

  9. Malisha says:

    Hey, Lonnie, good to see you back! I hope nobody hurt!

    One of the main problems with all George’s hypercharged melodramatic stories of what Trayvon did to him is that uniformly, they presume that Trayvon Martin was exceedingly stupid and George Zimmerman was exceedingly weak and physically incapacitated, almost like a quadriplegic except for the hand that reaches for his gun. And even the hand that reaches for his gun could not do a thing until (a) his jacket rode up and (b) he “felt like” Trayvon Martin SAW his gun, thus reminding the just-about-to-lose-consciousness-victimized-George that he even HAD his gun on him. (Remember that one? It started with the phrase, “To be honest,” in the interview with the voice-stress-test guy.)

    Shouting out “You got a problem?” instead of just bashing the guy from behind. Sound like any bad guy you’ve seen on TV recently?

    Waiting for the answer, “No I don’t have a problem” and finishing the conversation, “You got a problem now” before throwing the first punch. Make sense from an interactive transactional point of view?

    If you are hoping to kill somebody and one more smash against the concrete will probably do it but you don’t want them screaming (wait a minute, you’re killing them and you have already announced that intention but you think maybe they’ll stop screaming?) so you quit the smashing activity to put your both hands over their nose and mouth to muffle their screams? Man, where did you go to Bare-Handed-Killer-Black-Thug school anyway, huh?

    It’s not that we are so racist that we don’t believe white Hispanic guys, George. It’s that you’re saying shit that is so inherently unbelievable that we wouldn’t even be able to believe you if you were Black. So perhaps STFU. OK Homie?

    • Jun says:

      George’s answer

      “I dont know”

      “I know I said he was running 3 times but what I meant was he was skipping and when I said I followed, I didnt follow, I was just following behind going in the same direction as him, watching him closely, I mean i didnt follow”

      Zimmerthug Nuts

      “Its not against the law to repeatedly follow someone. George was right, he was ambushed and left with no choice but to shoot the kid who only had candy”

      Robbie Z Sr.

      “It was absolutely 100% George”

    • Nefertari05 says:

      I don’t post very often. Usually just come in and catch up on all the latest posts at one time. But I have to say – I just love the way you write! It has a truth I feel straight to my gut!


  10. Lonnie Starr says:

    Hi all, I’m back from the Sandy power outage. Lot’s of reading to catch up on.

  11. Digger says:

    “What the f—s your problem hommie?”

  12. Jun says:


    LMAO apparently according to them, they have exposed you as a liar LLMpapa LOL

    • Xena says:

      LMAO apparently according to them, they have exposed you as a liar LLMpapa LOL

      Seems to me that only a few weeks ago, LLMPapa posted a challenge that if any GZ supporter could produce videos addressing several issues that Papa posted, that he would remove all of his videos about the case from Youtube.

      Well, seems that all they have is yada, yada, yada, “All they do is lie” mumble, mumble, mumble, “that cabbage patch guy” whine, whine, whine, “Leatherface Cult”, yada, mumble, whine.

      • Jun says:

        LOL the post is so illogical, I dont even know what to say except that this individual needs an education

        • Xena says:

          You know Jun, GZ’s supporters don’t like the truth. So, if you say “pertinent part” they say you are lying. If you address lab reports on debris, they say you are taking things out of context because you’re not addressing the NEN call. So, you address the NEN call and they then ask who witnessed the NEN call. ROFLOL.

      • Tzar says:

        why are they posting transcripts when I can hear the raw audio embedded directly in llmpapa’s vid?

        • Xena says:

          Tzar, it’s called projection. By saying that LLMPapa spliced the recording, implying he took something out of context, they post the transcript knowing that those who want to criticize won’t read it anyway, but go directly to comments. If they read it, they would see that LLMPapa did not take anything out of context.

      • Xena, Re: Your last sentence…………Your description of them is ….priceless!…….Because it’s soooooo true!……..LOL

        • Xena says:

          Xena, Re: Your last sentence…………Your description of them is ….priceless!…….Because it’s soooooo true!……..LOL

          Grey Winter Sky, I know their playbook. It’s a playbook of projecting from a false hypothesis to prove negatives with negatives in forms of questions. For instance, “If the moon isn’t made of green cheese, then why did man go there? You can’t see what it’s made of during the day because it only lights up at night so you have no evidence that it’s not made of green cheese.”

          Stuff like that. 🙂

      • Jun says:


        They’re stalking this page as we speak

        Well since the Zimmerthugs are here stalking, please take up your issue with the court of law, how evidence is allegedly manufactured by using George’s statements, that he 100% stated

      • Malisha says:

        Xena, it’s not fair, it makes me get hiccups when I laugh too much, ouch ouch! 😀 hic ❗ hic ❗ hic 😉

    • leander22 says:

      The Fredfans can say what they want. This video, plus the other garbage LLM has thrown out there is a fraud. Lies, deceit, and manufactured evidence. This is their milieu.

      Hmm? The Fredfans. Against the support base of true crime warrior GZ?

      Strictly I am a bit jealous, a similarly controversial case under something comparable to Florida’s sunshine war would give me the chance to watch my own country’s political divides more closely. The “good and righteous” against “the evil” ones on the home front, so to speak.

    • Rachael says:

      I just went to look at the link and after I picked my jaw up off the floor from reading that, I have to wonder, just how fricken stupid are those people? You know, once it is out there, it is out there, so even if that post and its comments come down, everyone who read it will know how stupid they are. I would die of embarrassment if I posted anything so stupid.

      • jm says:

        LOL! The squirrels at the nuthouse are in extreme denial. Everyone is a liar and a psycho but Zimmerman who stalked and murdered an innocent black teen for walking home to the residence he was staying at in the gated community.

        The Zimbeciles are in full-out kill the messenger mode and it makes me think they are desperate to not look stupid for defending a bloated lying killer who exhibits no remorse, has no regrets and blames Trayvon’s death on God.

        They are very sick people and one has to wonder what motivates them to defend GZ and malign everyone else.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Ask them what they feel should happen to themselves, if they should be charged with a horrible crime they did not commit? Do they think that the people who accuse them, should be allowed to call them names and villify them without needing a piece of evidence to support such claims? If not, then what are they doing? But, if so, then it goes without saying.

      • Brown says:

        Took a look at the link, WOW a whole 5 responses!!

      • rayvenwolf says:

        Oh come on everyone acknowledging the truth amongst the details is very hard and tiring for these people. We should cut them some slack…..NOT. Seriously even within the context of the full transcript they flat out ignore this bit
        “Serino: Where’re you at?
        Zimmerman: Once he told me not to follow him…
        Serino: Mm hmm.”

        George STILL puts himself at RVC at that time.

        But hey they think Dave’s vid of someone walking at a normal pace is off too. *rolls eyes*

      • Rachael says:

        They even bolded GZ’s OWN WORDS and STILL don’t get it. Just think how rich I’d be if I could find a cure for stupid.

        • rayvenwolf says:

          Rachael you would make a killing that is for sure. My suggestion however would be to give free samples to various politicians, first. At that point if it works on them, everyone will be buying it.

  13. Xena says:

    LLMPapa, thank you so much. While I anxiously await part 4, I can hardly wait for the next video Dave provides showing the mail shed and where GZ said he parked at the clubhouse. I have a gut feeling that you will have a field day with that video also.

    Get ’em, LLMPapa. Get’emget’emget’em. Get George Zimmerman.

  14. Tavia Anderson says:

    Zimmerpig is a fool who should have stayed his dumb, not making good judgement self in his truck and he would have not fight for his life as he claims. He’s a sick individual who should have never been given a license to carry a gun. His gun should have been taken away from him as soon as he failed the psychological exam for the police academy.

    • Xena says:

      GZ purchased the gun because of a loose pit bull dog who had not bitten anyone. Now, what does that say about him?

      • Malisha says:

        You don’t buy hollow-point bullets to shoot dogs with.

        • Xena says:

          You don’t buy hollow-point bullets to shoot dogs with.

          True, neither do you buy a gun to shoot a dog because it APPEARS to be threatening. After two purported incidents of Big Boi the pit bull backing-up SheliLIE and another person WITHOUT BITING them, some dog treats thrown in the opposite direction may have re-directed the dog.

          There was non-human blood found on GZ’s jacket sleeve. I wonder if he actually shot someone’s pet because it looked threatening and was off leash?

  15. Malisha says:

    George actually believed that Trayvon was required by moral law (“God’s Plan”) to acquiesce in everything George chose to do to him, so Trayvon was not, in George’s mind, permitted to try to evade George (“These assholes, they always get away”) or to run from him (“Shit, he’s running…”), or to resist him (“because he was still struggling…”) and, particularly, Trayvon was not permitted to hurt George when all George was trying to do was to assert his lawful authority.

    That lawful authority was derived from George being a Neighborhood Watch Captain. It was not derived from George being Trayvon’s elder. It was not derived from George being a citizen trying to stop a crime. It was not derived from any legal right. It was George’s own assumption of authority over a young Black male who was, in George’s crazed mind, “up to no good.”

    That’s it. It was George’s white privilege to apprehend this kid without injury or risk to himself. When it didn’t turn out as he expected he arrogated to himself the right to kill “the suspect.”

    George described Trayvon Martin as “the suspect” in his written statement to the police on the night he killed him. 2/26/2012. Signed it and submitted it. Wasn’t even ashamed.

    • jo says:

      well summed up Malisha, agree totally (although i’ve never heard the “still struggling”)but you have nailed the way it went down in my opinion.

    • Jun says:

      Too bad he only has half white priviledge LMAO

      • Xena says:

        That is probably why Papa Zim did all the talking to investigators asking if they could make it all end.

      • Xena, What is so absolutely, positively disgusting about papa Zim’s comment (to make it all end) is that he doesn’t give a sh!+ about what Trayvon’s family is going through..trying to seek justice for the murder of their son. The grief they suffer for the loss of their son will NEVER END.

        • Xena says:

          @grey winter sky. Of course Papa Zim doesn’t give a shit about Trayvon’s parents. He started that interview off with a competitive spirit saying that Trayvon’s parents were allowed to listen to the 911 call that captured the screams and they said it was Trayvon. Then he started on what would become his mantra; i.e., “That is ABSOLUTELY George …”

          What is ABSOLUTELY clear to me is that GZ has stated 2 reasons for why he purportedly cried for help;
          1. He wanted help to restrain Trayvon. If you’re looking for help to restrain, you’re trying to detain rather than have the person stop doing what they’re doing and run.

          2. He knew the cops should have been there and was screaming so they could find him.

          GZ was not screaming for help because he thought his life was in danger. That means that his exemplar should have been a perfect match to the screams captured — but it wasn’t.

      • Jun says:

        I dont feel the state of Florida will take kindly to him either so expect charges for perjury and obstruction when he takes the stand to lie (Robbie Sr)

    • leander22 says:

      Good summary, Malisha.

      Wouldn’t it be interesting to make a Test NEN call, with e.g. Sean, by someone getting out of the car and ideally under comparable climatic circumstances (wind speed) to one time run, jog, and walk the distance and then compare the different sounds recorded.

      This entered my mind while responding to GZ the true crime warrior support base linked below.

      I am thinking occasionally about the scientist and experienced juror in our camp at Jonathan Turley’s blog, I forget his name. Remember his theory? In a nutshell it was GZ already lied to dispatch to get police on the scene by trying to make TM even more suspicious. Trayvon did not run, Trayvon did not have his hand in his waistband, that was to suggest to police officers that he was dangerous. Meanwhile at least GZ himself changed to, no he didn’t run, with the GZ-true-crime-warrior-support-base eagerly picking up the correction. If George says so, it must be true. It was simply another way to put it. He only wanted to suggest he disappeared out of sight.

      Very, very good work by Dave and Papa, by the way. I especially like number 3. 😉

      • Malisha says:

        Are you speaking about Otteray Scribe? I think he is a forensic psychologist who has many law enforcement people in his family. If I am not mistaken. He is very sharp. I can’t remember his theory; can you be more specific?

      • leander22 says:

        No, obviously not Otteray Scribe, Malisha. What do think of me. He was one of my favorites. But one point he was busy or hat lost interest in chatting,

        I noticed BettyKath has arrived here too,

        Ok you force me to look up his aka: Gene H. Remember him and his theory?

      • leander22 says:

        Oh this is very embarrassing:

        But [at] one point he was busy or hatd lost interest in chatting with us,

      • leander22 says:

        I just realized something else may trigger your memory. One of his siblings was killed too, it felt that made the case even more personal to him than to us in the Trayvon justice camp.

      • leander22 says:

        Besides, this is a serial response, I found his theory not uninteresting. GZ may well have exaggerated Trayvon’s behavior to make police respond. Remember an officer is already dispatched, and he still asks if someone will be sent. Just as GZ surely wanted them to check him out. That always sounded pretty realistic to me.

  16. Ezz-Thetic says:

    Zimmerman should cop a plea and get this overwith. He’s toast.

    • rayvenwolf says:

      George would have to a) think of others before himself and b) actually be in touch with reality.

    • ladystclaire says:

      @Ezz-Thetic, I hope they nail his lying FAT A$$ to the wall and his daddy right along with him! they are one in the same IMO. George is everything that he is because of his parents and, that’s the truth.

    • jm says:

      If Zimmerman cops a plea that will leave the whole family humiliated by believing and repeating his obnoxious lies plus all his Zimbecile supporters looking stupid. Not to mention his $400 per hour lawyer who claims that his client is innocent of murder 2 charges.

      GZ has to see this through to the end (prison).

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