Change For Trayvon: A New Website

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton have started a new website, Change For Trayvon, that is dedicated to reviewing the Stand Your Ground laws.

The Mission Statement:

The purpose of Change for Trayvon is to give his family a voice in the political process. Your support will help engage the discussion across the country regarding stand-your-ground laws and the need to revise them so that there is required judicial or prosecutorial review before decisions are made.

We need your help to change the laws which keep parents like ourselves from finding peace. -Tracy Martin

30,000 mothers and fathers lost their children to gun violence.

The Change for Trayvon movement will shine the light on stand-your-ground laws across the nation. These laws allow individuals to shoot first and ask questions later.

For more information email us at:

According to the website, 32 states now have SYG laws, including 6 states that passed SYG laws since Trayvon’s death, and proposed SYG laws are on the November ballot in 8 more states. If they pass, that will bring the total to 40 states.

I do not believe these laws are necessary. Instead of providing increased security for private individuals, I think they create a legal justification for permitting meaner instincts to kill without consequence. This is not a solution.

Before we take another step down this perilous road, we should study what this law has accomplished. When that is done, I do not believe the documented ends will justify the deadly means.

25 Responses to Change For Trayvon: A New Website

  1. Tee says:

    I had a friend in Florida who got into an verbal argument with an individual who cut in front of him in a bank line one man was black the other young Arab. when the guy who was cut in front of in line left the bank after his transaction was complete was going to his car the other guy came behind him with a gun and shot him this is all on camera there was no fight just the shot fired. Do you know that the guy said that he fear for his life that’s why he shot this man and he was’t prosecuted or even arrested. Guess the color of the men involved. I don’t understand this law much and I told his wife that she should be raising hell to any and everyone who would listen. I have to say that this law is allowing people to kill and get away with it because “dead men tell no tales”. Especially in Florida where a kid can be chased down the street and stabbed to death and the man who did it get to away with it. Happy to say my friend lived but for all the victims of this law we stand our ground and say we will not stand for it anymore.

  2. aussie says:

    Someone gets shot or stabbed or otherwise killed or nearly so, someone should be CHARGED. If a COURT then decides they acted in self-defence, good luck to them.

    This idiotic business of not being charged, on your own word, because the other party is a “dead men can’t talk” is rotten all the way.

    This applies to POLICE even more than to civilians, because we (stupidly) expect BETTER from them.

    • Malisha says:

      Aussie, I agree, but with a very VERY limited exception. The exception would be a situation where there is a dead person, a person who obviously shot or otherwise killed the dead person, and injuries to the killer so extreme as to require hospitalization and not just for a bandaid. Then the hospitalized person should, in my opinion, not be charged with a crime until stabilized and able to go through a reasonable interrogation. Of course, if there are witnesses who can be interrogated first, so much better. But I think a person injured in a fight to the death needs to be treated, without law enforcement interference, before being subjected to other kinds of stressors. ALL EVIDENCE, biological and other, from the hospitalization, should, however, be placed into the custody of the law enforcement authorities with jurisdiction. No throwing out gauze pads or medical supplies while the surviving killer is in treatment.

    • Jun says:

      I feel proper investigation should be looked at in all accounts and not just take the word of the killer, at the very least.

      1) A person could simply seriously have acted in self defense

      2) A person could have never acted in self defense with no evidence to support it but claimed it anyways as a defense in court

      3) A person could state they acted in self defense and staged their injuries

      4) A person could have instigated the altercation, sustained some injuries while attacking and being the aggressor, and claim self defense because the victim defended themselves

      5) It could have been self defense but the force was excessive

      There are so many variables that could happen and that is why proper police work is needed…

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      A simple search on my blog produces several articles on SYG, the 23 states that have them and more coming on board every year.
      Have a good read to see how far along we are with this insanity: []

  3. Jun says:

    I feel self defense should definitely be allowed, however, they need changes to the SYG just based on the number of people abusing the statute. I also feel there should be better supervision of law enforcement because Chief Lee should have never ever been on the force and he is a shame to the oath he was supposed to uphold, as well as many other officers.

  4. Malisha says:

    Here’s where I see the SYG laws in the New America of the 22nd Century.

    “Corporate Security Guard guns down crowd of 6 protestors who threatened him as he stood his ground.” [Dateline Friday, some month day and year] Six protestors showed up at RICH CORPORATION to protest the water-boarding of three employees who refused to disclose which physicians had treated their injuries after the company-wide disciplinary action last week. When they became threatening to the security guard he was forced to fire an AK-127 into the crowd, killing only 5 of them. The 6th will be sentenced after she recovers from the amputation of her limbs.

    “OFF DUTY POLICEMAN forced to defend himself against rioters attempting to steal bread.” [Dateline Tuesday, some month, day and year] A crowd of nine criminals ages 6 through 11 attempted to distract food distribution officers at one of the city’s worker barracks yesterday. Seven were killed and the remaining two have been sentenced to life without parole at the prison staffing the sugar fields. The officer said one of the attackers called him a 21-st Century Pig before he died. The teacher who had that child in school for the two years permitted lower class children has been charged in absentia with Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution and will be placed on the most wanted list. See and http://www.don‘

  5. Xena says:

    Notice what he says about insurance companies and conceal carry in businesses.

    • Malisha says:

      Oh it’s such foolishness that if you open to the public you need to allow guns. I’d say you open to the public and at the door, you put a notice that says: “If you want to carry a weapon into this premises, first call this number [provided] and fill out the forms we will give you to indemnify US against your possible inappropriate use of the weapons, and we will then issue you a pass. Application and processing fee is $25.00 payable cash in advance. Have a nice day.” PS: If you want to come in here with a deadly communicable disease, same number, ask for the “contagion” for, application fee $50. Get well soon.”

  6. SearchingMind says:

    Homo homini lupus est. These words were spoken by Thomas Hobbes in describing the natural state of mankind and the rise of the State. Thomas Hobbes opined that in the natural state (i.e. kind of social order), humans were lawless, very suspicious and fearful of one another and lived in a constant state of war with one another and man was a wolf to his fellow man. SYG-law brings Thomas Hobbes (and his social contract theories) back to my psyche. IOM, SYG-law is not “law” (and I will be happy to debate on what constitutes law) but rather a symbol of our current culture of death, our cultural degeneration and decadence – were the death of ‘the other’ has become very cheap and his life worthless. SYG-law is not “law” but furthermore an illusion to quench man’s thirst for- and satisfy his pretentions of potency and omnipotence. Indeed, running around with (concealed) weapons and indefatigably ready to Stand Your Ground at any moment, can really make you feel quite potent and omnipotent. That’s what, IMO, SYG-law is all about. And that’s an illusion – because ironically you (the good citizen) are more likely to end up dead in a so-called SYG-situation.

  7. Digger says:

    Is there anything to question that may not be a justifiable change.
    I am definately supportive that Trayvon is the one who had a right to stand his ground with whatever he may have used to defend himself and certainly supportive of innocence such as in this horror have a fair chance of survival. However, since any change will affect all of us, what exactly is the change that is prompted to have take place. It is a hard law to understand, and perhaps Professor or whoever knows, can describe the law as it is now. What part and what change to any part is being offered to support. I am hesitant only because those da– voting ballots we get can be worded to vote YES which means NO, and worded to vote No which means YES. Thanks

  8. Xena says:

    I appreciate this post. It is helping me to think about SYG. Illinois has justifiable homicide, but we do not have conceal carry. Even in cases of justifiable homicide, the accused is arrested and there is an investigation. IMO, that’s the way things should be.

    I am now considering that although SYG might have been intended as a gun law, it is not. Rather, it is a “get out of jail free card” for injuring or killing another person on a claim of self-defense. Several cases in Florida support this, including that of John Orr who used a knife to kill a man.

    SYG appears to be a law based on fear. It says to me that when I leave my home, that I have the right to kill anyone I fear might cause me harm. It makes every citizen a member of the militia, placing LE in position to do little more than act as judge and jury — almost a rebellion against the government.

  9. Malisha says:

    Congratulations to the family on this website. What worthy, important work.

    For years I was an activist dealing with the subject of the various state agencies’ significant mishandling of child abuse cases. We discovered that child protective services agencies tended to ignore the real situations presented by real children needing real protection, and to involve themselves instead in mountains of unnecessary and often counter-productive nonsense that actually prevented kids from accessing much needed help. At all our rallies and conferences, there would always be someone crying out for: “WE NEED NEW LAWS!”

    I would always respond: NO WE DON’T. We already have laws on the books saying you’re not allowed to rape, beat or starve a child. We need more and better enforcement, more honest agencies, and less corrupt courts, that’s all we need.

    This has perfect application to the SYG laws. It is already legal to defend yourself from an attack by an assailant. You don’t need another law that says, “and not only can you defend yourself but you don’t have to try to run away first.” Since it’s never BEEN illegal to run away from an attacker and since the fact of an attack presumes either that you didn’t run away or that you couldn’t run away, who needs that law? Especially in view of the fact that it has never been illegal TO run away from an attack in the first place!

  10. Tzar says:

    -Deaths Nearly Triple Since “Stand Your Ground” Enacted

    -Analysis: ‘Stand Your Ground’ States Have More Shootings
    Shadowy ALEC group helps push for the laws

    More on Alec
    a fantastic expose on Alec (Trayvon Martin case is mentioned)


    • Tzar says:


      “The police are shooting more people and citizens are shooting more people. We’re evolving into an increasingly coarse society with no obligation to diffuse a situation and rapidly turn to force,” said Professor Dennis Kenney, of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and an ex-police sergeant in Florida. “People are literally getting away with murder.”

      • Coarse is a good word for it. I left the US in 2009-10 and may do so again. I’m fed up with the level of violence in this country, and that included so-called self-defense. I don’t understand what so many Americans are thinking. One nation under God indeed.

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