George Michael Zimmerman and the Thirteen Commandments of Criminal Defense

The First Commandment of Criminal Defense is thou canst not create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, no matter how good you are. Some cases are dead-bang losers and you must be able to identify and dispose of them, if at all possible, without going to trial. That usually involves a plea bargain and a guilty plea.

There are two kind of plea bargains: charge bargains where charges are dropped or reduced in exchange for a guilty plea, and sentencing bargains where the prosecutor agrees to recommend a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.

You should be prepared to take a case to trial, if the prosecutor is unwilling to give your client a benefit in exchange for pleading guilty. The prosecutor must know that you are willing to do that or you will not get the best deal for your client.

The Second Commandment is thou shalt not fail to use your independent judgment and act in the best interests of your client. The relationship must be a professional one, not a codependent one. It is not a friendship of equals.

Your client hired you, or you were appointed to represent him, because you are a professional with the requisite knowledge and skill to do the job. Because of that knowledge and skill, which your client does not have, and your duty to use your independent judgment, you must be the boss in the relationship.

I can think of no better example of a difficult and self-destructive client than George Zimmerman. Four words illustrate the disaster that can happen when the lawyer permits the client to make the decisions:

The Shawn Hannity Interview.

If you cannot control your client, thou shalt withdraw from the case.

The Third Commandment is thou shalt not fail to do everything within your power to silence your client because the prosecution can use everything he says about the case against him.

If you cannot shut him up, thou shalt withdraw from the case.

The Fourth Commandment is thou shalt not fail to keep your client well informed about the facts and legal issues in the case. Just because you are the boss does not mean you are God. Keeping your client well informed and up to date is the best way to build trust and manage the attorney-client relationship.

The Fifth Commandment is thou shalt not assume that your client is telling you the truth. He might be and he might not be. Whether he is or not is not your responsibility or duty to determine. Nevertheless, consistent with your duties to keep your client informed and to be diligent and thorough, you do have a duty to inform your client about any contradictions and inconsistencies between his statement(s) and the evidence.

The Sixth Commandment is thou shalt not try your case in the court of public opinion. Nothing good can result, if you do. Two words summarize this rule beautifully:

Mark O’Mara

The Seventh Commandment is thou shalt not ask a question on cross examination unless you know the answer.

The Eighth Commandment is thou shalt never ask a question on cross examination that cannot be answered with a “yes” or a “no.”

The Ninth Commandment is thou shalt not encourage your client to testify unless it is absolutely necessary. Nothing good can come of it. Three words summarize this rule:

George Michael Zimmerman

The Tenth Commandment is thou shalt know forensic science well enough to spot issues, ask intelligent questions and choose qualified and credible expert witnesses.

The Eleventh Commandment is thou shalt not rely on the police to investigate your case. You must always work with an investigator.

The Twelfth Commandment is thou shalt always file a discovery motion requesting a prosecution witness list with a list of prior convictions of record for each witness and disclosure of any agreements with any witness to confer a benefit of any kind on the witness in exchange for the cooperation and/or testimony of the witness; all police investigation reports; witness statements; forensic reports and bench notes; your client’s statements, together with a list of all searches and seizures and an inventory of all property seized; and any exculpatory evidence, including impeachment evidence, in the possession, custody or control of the police and prosecution.

The defense has the burden of proving self-defense by a preponderance of the evidence at the immunity hearing. Therefore, it will go first.

Zimmerman’s statements to police and others are inadmissible hearsay, unless they are not offered to prove the truth of the matters asserted in the statements. Therefore, Zimmerman would have to testify to have any chance to win the immunity hearing.

If he testifies, however, the prosecution will have an opportunity to confront him with all of his prior inconsistent statements. That might take several days and could get downright ugly eliminating any chance of winning the immunity hearing. His predicament can be summarized in nine words.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

O’Mara might want to consider waiving the hearing, since he cannot win it and can only further damage Zimmerman’s credibility and standing in the court of public opinion, if he goes forward with it.

The burden of proof will switch back to the prosecution at the trial where it will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman did not reasonably fear imminent death or serious injury when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

I italicized “reasonably” because the test is objective, not subjective. That is, he must not only believe he is in imminent danger of death or serious injury, his belief must be reasonable.

Satisfying that burden should be easy since Zimmerman admitted to Serino that he had Martin under control with a wrist lock before he pulled his gun and shot him. He also admitted to the investigator who administered the voice stress test that, after he grabbed his gun, he extended his arm beyond his left hand to avoid shooting it, aimed, and pulled the trigger.

Assuming for the sake of argument that he believed he was in imminent danger of suffering death or serious injury, and I do not think the evidence supports that conclusion, his own words establish that his belief was not reasonable.

Even if Martin punched him repeatedly in the head with his fists and then he gripped Zimmerman’s head and slammed it repeatedly against the cement sidewalk, Zimmerman was no longer in any danger because he had Martin under control first with the wrist lock and then at gunpoint. Although his injuries bled copiously, they were not serious and he did not have to shoot Martin, much less kill him.

Moreover, he knew the police were en route and would arrive within moments, which they did. The evincing-a-depraved-mind-indifferent-to-human-life element is established by the unreasonable and unnecessary shooting.

There is no doubt that he intended to kill Martin because, as he said, he aimed and the shot went direct from front to back exploding the right ventricle and collapsing both lungs.

In the final analysis, Zimmerman’s own words convict him and all of the hullabaloo regarding whether Martin was a Super Bad Black Gangsta From Hell or the Second Coming of Jesus was totally irrelevant.

The truth is Martin was a good kid minding his own business that night.

The evidence will establish beyond a reasonable that the only thug out and about that rainy night in February was a burly armed vigilante who fancied himself to be the Sheriff at the Retreat.

His name is George Michael Zimmerman.

I will now close this essay with the Thirteenth Commandment:

Thou shalt not play the race card or trash the character of the victim of a homicide or other violent crime, such as a rape or an assault, when the victim is a child, in order to escape responsibility for committing the crime. The best example I can think of consists of three words:

George Michael Zimmerman

So let it be written

So let it be done.

(H/T to Logi for pointing out Zimmerman’s statement to Serino admitting that he had wrist control of Martin before pulling his gun and shooting him)

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  1. Nellie Nell says:

    To add fuel to the fire, the Zimmerman brother admitted that he’d lie to the court too in order to conceal money from the public for his defense.

    Hmmmmmmm, what else will you lie about brother Robert?

    And oh, let’s not forget that the radio interview was to discuss the Zimmerman family values???

  2. Nellie Nell says:

    I am so in love with you and your knowledge!

    I love the way you share your knowledge of the law without resorting to race as race has nothing to do with this murder!

    • cielo62 says:

      Nellie~ you have a lot of reading to do within this blog. Race MOST CERTAINLY is involved, and to deny that is to deny the reason why GZ almost got away with murder.

  3. TeeTee says:

    I’ve not been here in a while…but BRAVO professor! The last part of this thread reads like prosecution closing arguments!

  4. Jackson says:

    The defense side is very often misunderstood and negated by the public at large, People often forget that we live in a country where “equal justice” for all is adhered to though severely imperfect. It is hard to get a statement out of a dead victim and therefore very hard for most people in the general public to believe the perpetrator.
    When an attorney doesn’t keep his mouth shut in a high profile case, I usually believe the worst – he took the case not because of justice, but because it could potentially make his career.

  5. Wrongful L. Eacused says:

    I have interests in this subject, but not because of Zimmerman Case, just in a general sense. How does a defendant know if his attorney has followed the commandments?

    It seems that not following the Eleventh Commandment begs for a client to break the third. OK, it happened to me.

  6. TearsForTrayvon says:

    I cried myself to sleep tonight thinking about the beautiful, innocent, well-mannered little boy being gunned down by that racist hate-filled George Zimmerman. He was such a sweet, sweet, little boy. He would have never hurt a fly. How could George Zimmerman have murdered him in cold blood? I just don’t understand it. I am so sad.

  7. Thank you everyone. I have an old computer with dial-up service so it’s almost impossible for me to download videos. That’s why I appreciate the info/discussions here. Right from the beginning of this case, when I read the NEN transcript and GZ’s discription of TM, something just seemed very wrong about what happened and I had many questions for which I could find no answers. George seemed to me like a control-freak bully….. and his supporters are all of the same mind.

  8. IMO Let’s clear up the 7-to-11plastic bag on the crime scene.

    The evidence will show that the officer doing CPR on the scene asked for plastic bags from those around the scene.

    A person who paid attention in CPR class IMO. Not only were plastic bags asked for…but also, VASELINE.

    In attempting to do CPR on a person, you do the chest compressions. You breath into their lungs.

    We have a wound to left lung and when you blow in air it comes out the wound. In a hospital setting when we pull a chest tube out of a lung…we COVER the opening with a vaseline gauze. Secure it with wide thick tape. It allows the hole to heal from the lung out while not allowing air to flow out and keeps the lung inflated.

    Also, remember people do not allow themselves to come in contact with blood. If no gloves are present…plastic bags would have allowed chest compressions over a hole into the chest without, hopefully, contact with blood. Think HIV and Hepatitis.

    We see a walmart bag within the crime scene. Blowing plastic bags ain’t going to prove when/if Trayvon put the tea and the skittles into his hoodie pockets. George said way back in the NEN call, “he’s got something in his hand (or hands?)…..could he have not seen if it was a white plastic bag?

    • I believe W13, who showed up with the flashlight right after the shooting and before the cop arrived, retrieved the white Walmart plastic bag, vaseline and a first aid kit in response to a request from the officers arriving a few minutes later who had rolled TM over to do CPR and discovered the chest wound.

      The tan bag is a 7/11 bag that was already present at the scene. It’s probably the bag TM got at the 7/11, but we do not know that. It may already have been present at the scene and he might have discarded the bag he received at the 7/11 somewhere during the walk back to Brandi Green’s place.

      I doubt he discarded it because I can’t think of a reason he would have had to do that.

      I don’t know what he did.

      • Dave says:

        The best way for Trayvon to have a cold drink when he got back to Ms. Green’s house would have been to carry the can of ice tea loose in the bag, rather than in a pocket or directly in his hand where it would have absorbed body heat.

        If Trayvon struck Zimmerman at all, I believe that it would have been with the can in the bag. It was probably in his hand when the two met and was the only weapon that he had.

    • Xena says:

      It might be possible that the first officers arriving grabbed the 7-11 bag and put the iced tea in Trayvon’s pocket, and that is how the paramedic discovered and removed it later. It does appear that other things were placed in Trayvon’s pocket to get it out of the way to administer CPR, such as his headset.

    • If you watch the video where GZ is being brought into the police parking garage, none of the officers are wearing gloves. Yet, they pat him down, etc.. right in front of cameras. In fact, the cop, after a so-called frisk, wipes his own hands on his own pants! I know of no police officer who would do that without gloves. Was the blood all over GZs face GZs, or was it Trayvon Martins used at the scene for effect. Is the gauze used at a crime scene analysed. Too bad GZ was allowed to go and wash his hands and face at the station. Strange to have been allowed to do so before evidence photos were taken.

      • Nellie Nell says:

        I did not know that the police would allow a known killer to wash up at the police station. IMO that sounds extremely strange. Did any of these cops follow protocol that night? Going to the bathroom should have been the last thing George should have been allowed to do. And the way they let him out of the interrogation room to get himself a drink of water was also strange. You are being questioned for a murder, you have every right to declined, you don’t, but feel free to roam the police station?

  9. Tzar says:

    Remember I said this:

    The slickest and most advantageous thing GZ or the presss ever did for GZ was to REPEATEDLY REFER TO HIM(SELF) AS NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTAIN.

    every time I think of this calamity with GZ as just another citizen, the whole ordeal that we wrestle with today becomes unbearingly absurd.

    *you mean to tell me sir that your unidentified self conveniently ran into this law abiding, never met you before, ran from you in fear, kid after calling him all kinds of names and inveighing how he and his type “always get away”and somehow he mysteriously winds up dead from a shot you fired from your gun and you expect that you should go free because there is no video that shows that you did it on purpose?*

    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      *you mean to tell me sir that your unidentified self conveniently ran into this law abiding, never met you before, ran from you in fear, kid after calling him all kinds of names and inveighing how he and his type “always get away”and somehow he mysteriously winds up dead from a shot you fired from your gun and you expect that you should go free because there is no video that shows that you did it on purpose?*

      I love it!

  10. Malisha says:

    One other thing has occurred to me over and over that I then forget to mention. The two very common problems with the whole narration George gives.

    1. The “Trayvon the Attacker” does not “mount” the prone “George the Defender” once he punches him in the nose and throws him to the ground. He KICKS HIM OVER AND OVER and SMASHES HIS FOOT DOWN ONTO HIS FACE, guys. Right? Didn’t George ever watch TV?

    2. The “George the Victorious Good Guy” does not “lunge” on top of “Trayvon the loser-thug” once he has squeezed off one shot and still is worried about Trayvon continuing to struggle. HE STANDS UP AND KEEPS HIS GUN POINTED AT TRAYVON and backs up a few feet and, with both hands on his weapon, pointing directly at the defeated prone “Trayvon the vanquished suspect,” he says: DO NOT MOVE OR I WILL SHOOT. Right? Didn’t George ever watch TV?

    So in order to make the “self-defense” theory seem palatable, and still account for the fact that people have seen him ON TOP OF TRAYVON’S BODY ON THE GROUND, George has come up with a scenario that makes BOTH Trayvon and George do all the wrong things, all the things they would never dream of doing, all the things that would never work, and that are stupid, and that are transparently false. Both involve a man mounting another man, at a time when that is really not what either of them would naturally do…. Hmmmmm…

    • Tzar says:

      and his supporters swallow it whole

      I can only assume for one reason and one reason only, because injustice is more acceptable and more palatable than treating a black child with the humanity and dignity he deserves. The more vile and amoral Zimmerman’s character and the more innocent, appropriate and earnest Trayvon’s is revealed to be the better such an agendum is expressed, the more satisfying it would be for them to watch Zimmerman get away with his crime; so don’t expect them to go away.

    • Nellie Nell says:

      Good points Malisha. I would expect the same reaction from the thug that clearly wants to hurt you. He’d be more inclined to stomp your head into the ground rather than jump on top of you to do it. Way more leverage and strength with the stomping. From that standing stomp, I think there are many on You Tube, it makes for a faster get-away as well!

      As for the killer with the gun, well normally when someone pulls a gun on another a huge sense of defeat comes over that person so pulling the trigger is not necessary. Just pointing it at them will stop them in their tracks which is all George had to this kid in this instance. Looking down the barrel of a pointed gun for anyone, no less a kid with no violent background would have surely been enough to stop any alleged punching, head banging and smothering. Of all the things to say Trayvon did. smothering has to be the most ridiculous to me. I have never seen a fight where someone tries to smother another unless it is a man trying to rape a woman, boy and/or kid???

  11. whonoze says:

    Prof. L.:
    I have a question about your commandments that has nothing to do with TM/GZ.

    “The Eighth Commandment is thou shalt never ask a question on cross examination that cannot be answered with a “yes” or a “no.”

    Now I have watched enough lawyer shows on TV to have seen this is scripts: The lawyers always ask yes or no questions, and demand yes or no answers. Philosophically, i find this improper. It is very hard, on many subjects, to give yes or no answers that, ‘tell the whole truth.’ This is not just a matter of the inferences that come from ambiguous wording of the “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type question. (True answer, no, because I’m not married and have never beaten anyone.) As I daydream, I sometimes have imagined myself as a trial witness for this or that, and I have told myself that I would refuse to answer any question in yes or no form if there was any complexity at all involved in the matter.

    It strikes me, and again perhaps I’ve just watched too many lawyer shows, that witnesses are short-changed on their civil rights by being forced to answer questions in a linguistic form imposed by someone else, yet the witnesses remain responsible for their statements. I would want to say, “I have sworn to tell the whole truth, and neither the attorneys nor the court have the right to force me to violate that oath by compressing my answers into forms I consider to to relay partial and therefore potentially misleading truths.”

    I just wonder what your thoughts are on this subject from your years as a practicing attorney. Is this a problem in our legal system, where the advocacy nature of the proceedings requires attorneys to mold questions in ways that suit their case, and not only may do a dis-service to some larger notion of ‘the truth’ but to the specific knowledge of witnesses, and thus also to them as persons public and private? What would happen to witnesses who insisted on presenting their testimony in their own terms (within reason, of course).

    • Rachael says:

      GZ is a perfect example of what happens when you let them talk.

    • The primary purpose of redirect examination is to clear up any ambiguity or uncertainty created by the limited nature of the focused yes or no answer.

      The focused yes or no answer is a necessary component of cross examination and the right to confront one’s accusers.

      For example, witnesses in general and expert witnesses in particular hate to be confronted about anything and they will squirm and equivocate to avoid admitting they might have been mistaken or uncertain about something or that they might have said or written something in the past that they are embarrassed and reluctant to admit.

      There is no question that a skilled cross examiner can distort the significance of a yes or no answer, however, the distortion can and should be cleared up on redirect like this:

      Please complete your answer to counsel’s question about X when he insisted on a yes or no answer.

      The urge to explain and justify a yes or no answer is a natural ego-driven response to being pinned down or embarrassed.

      My advice is to answer the question because the jury is more likely to remember the resistance than the response.

  12. Malisha says:

    George was in danger, all right. He was in danger of being found out, in danger of people seeing his feet of clay, in danger of having to face the real world and say, “I’m really not that special after all; I’m no better than a Mexican.”

  13. CommonSenseForChange says:

    “Even if Martin punched him repeatedly in the head with his fists and then he gripped Zimmerman’s head and slammed it repeatedly against the cement sidewalk, Zimmerman was no longer in any danger because he had Martin under control first with the wrist lock and then at gunpoint.”

    Excellent and succinct! Thank you, professor, for yet another great blog.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      ” Even if Martin punched him repeatedly in the head with his fists and then he gripped Zimmerman’s head and slammed it repeatedly against the cement sidewalk…”

      1. The wounds are uniformly superficial along their entire course!
      2. There is no evidence of TM assaulting GZ on exam of his hands.
      Thus the GZ story is clearly false!

      GZ’s wounds need little to no treatment because, all along the course of these wounds they are uniformly superficial.

      If he had obtained them from a randomly configured attack, they would be non uniform. Thus, some points would reach depths that required medical intervention. Some scalp tissue would display surface indications of possible deeper maladies hidden from view, that would demand exploration. Instead the wounds are uniform along their courses and quite discrete from the appearance of the surrounding uninjured tissues. Leading the first attending medics to evaluate them as too minor to demand medical intervention.

      As such there can be no “Even if” about these wounds, they are, decidedly “prepared”. Where, when and why are the only questions that remain.

      • Lonnie, you said,

        “As such there can be no “Even if” about these wounds, they are, decidedly “prepared”. Where, when and why are the only questions that remain.”

        I do not agree that no other explanation exists for those wounds and I have a difficult time visualizing someone carving “wounds” in Zimmerman’s scalp before he sets out from his house or vehicle to hunt down Martin.

        We’ve discussed other explanations that seem more likely to me.

        I’m not saying it did not happen, but I think it’s unlikely.

        It’s going to require actual evidence to support it. Logical reasoning is no substitute for evidence.

        Pretend you’re the prosecutor. How would you prove it?

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          I don’t know how I’d prove it yet, we’re still in the “investigative stage”. So this speculation needs to be discussed more, hopefully something more will emerge to either confirm or refute it.

          I have seen the discussions of the alternative means by which these wounds might have occurred, But they don’t impress me because, they are random means with no control. Hitting the sign
          or sprinkler head for example, cannot be expected to leave wounds that are consistently superficial along their entire course.
          My guess is that if the medics viewed wounds, deeper than merely superficial, GZ would have lost the ability to refuse to go to the ER.
          All it would have taken is the medics insistence that the police take him there. I sincerely doubt the police would have refused the medics request.

          The medics would have to be satisfied well enough to stand by their opinion that medical treatment was optional. If so, I’m only relying on their opinion. That the wounds were not deeply incised anywhere, enough to make them suspect deeper damage.

          To my layperson eyes, the wounds appear to have well defined edges, not surrounded by abraded skin. Therefore, they do not seem to me, to be the haphazard work of either concrete or other accident.

          And yes, it is hard for me to imagine him having his head cut before going out on this hunt. But a satisfactory alternative scenario has yet to be proposed. I’m not “invested” in this theory or idea, I know better than to invest in theories and/or ideas. But I like to expose such ideas for further review.

          Finally this adds to the statements that there was quite some dried blood present, not just a mere few drops. Which appears to say as I said before, these wounds may very well be much older than the fight. Obviously “prepared” wounds could not have been accomplished at the scene. Forcing any theory of how or when they were created to reach for a time prior to GZ leaving his car, or even before that, since those are the obvious places where opportunity exists. The utility of logical reasoning is to provide investigators with leads to pursue, not to certify anything, since that can only come later with something supportive is found.

          • I respect your commitment, persistence and analytical skills. I think you do great work and you’ve helped me to understand this case better.

            Like you, I have a feeling there’s a lot more to this case than Zimmerman just happening to see a Black kid he did not recognize as he was headed out to the store.

            Does not seem likely that would be an unusual occurrence on a Sunday evening at 7 pm with the NBA All Star Game on tap.

            I don’t suppose it’s as popular as the Super Bowl, but it seems likely to me that there would have been some social gatherings with guests coming and going.

            I would have expected to see strangers White, Black, Hispanic, whomever.

            I would not have expected and would not have been looking for potential burglars as I would have expected everyone would be home. If I saw a stranger, I would have thought nothing of it and ignored them.

            Zimmerman’s emphasis on seeing Martin at Taafee’s house when he was supposedly still at home is a remarkably odd circumstance.

            FWIW, I’ve thought that he and Taafee may have decided to set a trap for a burglar using Taafee’s unlocked house as bait. Somebody kept it under surveillance, possibly from inside or sitting in a car outside.

            Trayvon happens along and because he is Black and wearing a hoodie, he is immediately noticed and suspected. The word goes out with Zimmerman and possibly others assuming battle stations.

            But Martin has no interest in Taafee’s place, so they follow him assuming he’s up to no good. Only he doesn’t appear to do anything except shelter under the roof by the mailboxes, which just makes them more suspicious. Of course, they don’t realize he’s talking on his cell phone hands free.

            Zimmerman decides to provoke him by drawing attention to himself by driving back and forth and staring at him.

            Martin runs and the chase is on. Zimmerman wants to catch and interrogate him.

            What I don’t understand is how he could have failed to realize that his actions could have resulted in his arrest. For that reason, I think he intended to torture him for information and kill him before the cops arrived.

            I don’t believe Martin laid a hand on him and I suspect Zimmerman may have identified himself as a police officer.

            I don’t know how to account for the injuries other than as accidents incidental to the encounter.

            I definitely would like to know if any of the witnesses, for example Mary Cutcher and Selma, noticed him bleeding. I don’t believe they mentioned it.

            Apparently, one of those cell phone photos was photoshopped. I think it’s important to find out who did that and why.

            I suspect W6 is involved somehow because he gave a very detailed description of a fight that did not happen. There must be a reason for that.

            Bottom Line: I have a lot of unanswered questions and a lingering suspicion that there is a lot more to this story than we know or maybe ever will know.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Thank you for your detailed reply. I’ve saved it so I can address the many issues you have raised, without writing one overly long post.

            On the OJ trial I learned many things about internet sleuthing. Many more about cases work, and also how culprits not charged get away. Evidence, clearly pointing to other people, was not used at all, while the players struggled to keep Ito on the bench, even though his wife was in a position as a police captain, to know much more about the case than the judge.

            I post tenaciously on certain points because, well, in the OJ case, it caused someone to look into the 29 Palms seminar Mark Fuhrman claimed he attended that Sunday, as reason for getting to the station 1 and a half hours late. He said he was driving back, and had only just arrived in town. Turns out that seminar was a week ago, so he had lied. Good for him he was not under oath.

            Anyway, like the OJ case, where the indications of police involvement were terribly strong, this case too has some of the same characteristics. So, it is not unthinkable that may be the reason the focus is being kept narrow. In Chicago they took down an entire LE community, judges, police and others who were found working together to put on false cases and arrive at the results they desired using fabricated evidence. This as well as the many other things that go wrong with departments, police, judiciary, seem to occur whenever the public gives gov’t agencies “full faith and trust” with little to no oversight. These agencies find themselves on a runaway course of corruption.

            The general population in America has had it so good over time, that there are but a handful of people who watch closely, and when they discover that things have gone wrong, it’s all but impossible to get the word out, because America is focused on Star Gossip and sipping champagne from glass slippers, so to speak. Unlike Europeans who realize they need “eternal vigilance” to avoid another Hitler or Stalin coming to power. Americans think they’re immune to such fare, because we have “rights”, even though most people don’t know what they are, how they work, and what state they’re in now. (Oh gee, this is becoming a book).

            Anyway, the researchers here, the ones pouring over the documents, analyzing the videos, the pictures, the timelines and such, are very good at what they are doing. But, as with anything as detailed as that, they tend not to write so that everyone can understand what their discoveries mean or are leading to. That’s the gap I’m trying to fill. Boiling it all down into new leads and theories that might be investigated, by giving more people a chance to understand what and where the conflicts are.

            So, I would not have proposed lightly, that there was more to it than just an errant, erratic vigilante on the loose, if there were not substantial elements to indicate it. I don’t like sending people off on “wild goose chases”, it wastes the volunteer resources we have and need more of.

            Very early on, before we had the evidence dumps, I saw that too many coincidences were being taken for granted, and those coincidences led to low probability event happening, I voiced that opinion and our investigations turned and expanded. Not because of me, but because of the questions new ideas raised.

            Okay, that’s the back story, I guess I haven’t been very on point answering some of the issues raised in your post. Which is why I’ve saved it, so I can address it more on point later. Right now I’ve got a very full mailbox. I’ll get back to this later, stay tuned.

  14. Malisha says:

    Grey WS, we only have GEORGE’s WORD that he thought Trayvon Martin was suspicious. Remember, George:

    1 – is a liar;
    2 – thinks that people believe him when he makes up crap, no matter how stupid it is;
    3 – says things that are so blatantly and obviously false that no intelligent person COULD believe him;
    4 – does and says things FOR APPEARANCES ONLY;
    5 – was in a tough situation that evening because he knew he was flunking out of school, knew he was unlikely to be able to become a cop, knew he was unlikely to be able to become a judge, knew his credit was destroyed and his “place in the community” was insecure because there had been complaints about him misfunctioning in the Neighborhood Watch program, etc.; and
    6 – suffered, probably, from obsessive compulsive behavior, which causes him to say and do things that HE feels compelled to do by his idiotic obsessions, which also cause him to see things not as they are, but as his distorted and distorting mind “present” them to him.

    So he’s obsessed with criminals invading his space. He sees Trayvon Martin or learns of Trayvon Martin’s presence (not clear on which). Obsession kicks in. EVIDENCE DOES NOT AFFECT HIS PERCEPTIONS. Plastic bags have nothing to do with his “seeing” Trayvon as suspicious. People who try to find reasons for him to have “seen” Trayvon as “suspicious” [the hoodie, the suspension from school, the use of the word “homie,” the alleged and obviously untrue “circling of the vehicle,” blah blah blah] are trying to find reasons for something that is per se unreasonable.

    Hoarding is an obsessional behavior. If a person claimed that his house was full of objects because of some particular 7 reasons, there should be no real debate about which, if any, of those 7 reasons was REALLY the reason for the housefull of crap. There IS no reason for obsessional behavior; it arises from the mind of the obsessed person, not from the material world around him.

  15. I am new to this very informative site and appreciate the intelligent discussion regarding this case. There is something that is puzzling me (I don’t know if this has been addressed before) it’s about the shopping bag (that contained the tea and candy) from the 7-11 that TM carried out of the store. Did GZ see TM with this bag because if he had, wouldn’t he have known that TM may have just come from the store? At what point did TM put the tea in his hoodie pocket and disgard the bag? If indeed TM used the bag with the tea inside to fight off GZ, once again, GZ should have known that TM had just come from the store.

    • CommonSenseForChange says:

      GZ said on the NEN call “He’s got somethin’ in his hands.”

    • You asked,

      “At what point did TM put the tea in his hoodie pocket and disgard the bag?”

      We don’t know that he did that. We only know that he left the store with the can of tea in the bag and a cop attempting CPR after the shooting discovered the can in a pocket in his hoodie. Police recovered a tan plastic 7/11 bag at the crime scene not far from Trayvon’s body. Presumably, it’s the bag in which he carried the can of tea.

      Why and when those two items were separated is unknown.

    • Tzar says:

      The can of tea shows no evidence of having been used as a blunt attack object

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      GZ wasn’t paying attention to anything but catching this kid. He only just barely did. If it hadn’t started raining hard, TM would have made it home, well before GZ even left home. At the mailboxes TM had only a 2 minute 8 second walk left to the house.
      Probably even less if he walked south on TTL and used a cut through.

      [have you see the maps and timelines etc? I have a collection here you might want to peruse: I have links and embeds of the fine work others have done on various blogs, sites and youtube.]

      When he said “run from the back”, he meant he was going to go behind the houses, instead of using his preferred route, because GZ couldn’t follow him in his truck, up the back way. But, if he’d gone south on TTL, he feared that GZ could easily catch him in the truck.

      GZ’s main focus was on planting evidence and capturing TM in a place where he would not be easily seen.

      • Xena says:

        @Lonnie. Remember too that DeeDee said she called Trayvon at 6:54 which time he told her that he was being followed by a man in car and that he was standing in the mail shed because of the rain. His phone log supports receiving a call at that time.

        GZ didn’t make his NEN call until 7:09, so he had been stalking Trayvon before 6:54 and at least 15 minutes thereafter until he made that NEN call.

        As I understand it, the clubhouse vids also provide the timing of headlights appearing around the clubhouse before, during, and after GZ made his call.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          @Xena: ” As I understand it, the clubhouse vids also provide the timing of headlights appearing around the clubhouse before, during, and after GZ made his call” ————

          Yes, it would seem that GZ was not the only one out on the road that night. Still, all this car/vehicle activity starts too late to have captured TM at the mailboxes. Which is why GZ’s narrative, does not include TM sheltering there, but makes it appear that he kept traveling. GZ thinks TM only stopped there because TM detected that GZ was interested in him. TM would certainly be interested in a truck making a couple of passes, then parking to keep him in sight.

          There was little traffic at that time of day. GZ, in his truck, would pay little attention to how hard it was raining, while he focused on his prey. GZ’s “full frontal attack” would probably distract TM from seeing anyone else, who might have been working in consort with GZ. Let’s just keep hoping that something else develops and breaks the wall of silence. I’m sure the FBI is going deep, they can ill afford to have a cabal of miscreants working in close consort with public officials, so if there’s anything to it, they’d really want to know. I’m hoping this thing blows sky high and takes down any hidden culprits.

      • Xena says:

        @Lonnie. I’m hoping the same. What I noticed is that Osterman was named on the prosecution’s witness list early on. It might have been because he was GZ’s shadow at the police station.

        Then the M&I Bank vid was released, and I said the prosecution has reason for entering that in discovery. Also, GZ’s phone records were entered into discovery although not released to the public. Lo and behold, Osterman comes out with a book of “GZ speaks.”

        This makes me even more confident that when Corey filed charges of 2nd degree murder against GZ, that she had all of her ducks in a row, T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

        Trent Sawyer interprets one of the clubhouse vids as seeing Trayvon walking by the door. I saw a person but cannot identify them.

        My hat goes off to all of you who have taken time to study and analyze the clubhouse vids. I would have no clue of what they show without you.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Yes, that’s got to take hours of back and forth, back and forth and back and forth again. It boggles the mind to think of the concentration needed. So here’s one for you cctv analysis. I’d be willing to bet that the SP is going to use some of your work as a starting point for their own. Obviously they can’t just come into court and say “we got this off the internet”. They’re going to need dept. documentation and a credentialed expert to stand behind it.

          Anyway, do I need to remind anyone here, that these things we’re seeing now being supported by newly released and newly discovered evidence are the same things we were speculating about before the evidence dumps? Pretty nearly every speculation we came to a consensus about as most probable, is being borne out by the evidence and analysis. Even the “shadows” of behind the scenes operatives is growing stronger. Too bad they’ll probably stay behind the curtain, unless something big breaks. Big enough to start someone talking.

      • Mirre says:

        There were 2 cars driving east on TTL a 1 min 30 and 1 min before what is most likely Zimmerman’s truck passing by the kitchen window, and one car driving west on TTL somewhere between 30 sec to a min after he ended the nen call.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Thanks, it sure seems like Tchoupi did a really bang up job sorting out the movements around 7:11pm I won’t speculate about possible cohorts moving into position. Will wait for our expert analyst to lay out more of their findings.

      • Mirre says:

        I don’t know if they were cohorts, but there were definitely other cars driving on TTL around that time. They are logged in Tchoupi’s chart.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          I have no idea either, but without some reason to suspect them as such, I would tend to leave them alone unless and until something gives us reason to suspect them. We have enough on our plate following the leads we’ve developed so far, and any evidence of cohorts are still just shadows. Interesting shadows, but shadows never-the-less.

      • Thank you Lonnie for the information.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          @grey winter sky: That’s me finally learning how to use google maps to calculate distances. The 4.4 ft/sec. is a very good average to use, easily achieved by a 17 yo. I’d guess that he might have moved even a wee bit faster, like perhaps 4.5 or .6 or 7.
          Averages being what they are, even if you move much faster, if you slow down, your average speed drops really quick. But, pushed by the rain and, it appears he hurried along, such that he didn’t stop to shelter at the apartments, even though it seems like the rain was starting to pick up, kinda shows that he was trying to hurry. So, maybe we could give him a 4.6 ft/sec. Either way he arrives at the mailboxes before GZ starts down RVC west.

          Nor does it matter what entrance he used, they only result in a few seconds difference, not the many minutes needed to sync with GZ by Taaffe’s.

      • Nellie Nell says:

        Of all things to describe a “suspect” the “button on his shirt” stands out most. How close was he to Trayvon that he knew that it was a button vs a logo or patch? Maybe at some point he was standing right next to Trayvon. Maybe as Trayvon took shelter at the mailboxes Zim pretended to retrieve his mail from the mailbox getting a close enough look at Trayvon to know that it was a button? That part just stumps me. It’s raining and dark, you’re in your car windshields going (I am sure) and you can tell that there is a button on the kids shirt? I have never known criminals, thugs or gangsters to wear buttons on their shirts.

        The more I read some theories, the more I believe that it was all premeditated. I did not and do not want to believe that he planned to kill for thrill this kid and expect to not be charged.

        • jm says:

          “Of all things to describe a “suspect” the “button on his shirt” stands out most. How close was he to Trayvon that he knew that it was a button vs a logo or patch?”

          That has always puzzled me too. Wonder how big that button was that GZ would spot it.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          It is skirting very close to premeditated. GZ’s exculpatory stories are self serving. If they are also either lies or impossible, then they must be replaced with theories that they are covers for guilt. No one expects a guilty person to tell the truth. we don’t expect an innocent person to lie. All that’s needed is for “another shoe to drop” and GZ will be believed to be guilty of premeditated murder.
          Depending on how reliable is the information/evidence that leads to this conclusion, he may very well face a grand jury indictment.

          Already he has compromised any evidence that could have led to a theory of innocence. But, it is extremely unlikely that anyone would come forward, if it was a gang style initiation. Such a discovery would have to be “forced” by the discovery of almost irrefutable evidence, like a recording or testimony of some kind from someone. So, rather than chase “wild geese”, we wind back and settle for what we have and can prove.

          • cielo62 says:

            Lonnie~ Agree that GZ be jailed on what can be proven. Remember: the great mobsters were not brought down by murder convictions, but through IRS records for not paying taxes!

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            The problem:

            There is Satan himself, sitting on your living room chair!
            Do you wait until you actually catch him doing something against you, before you can move against him?

            This is the problem that we face at every step along the way from “white” across each shade of grey on the way to “black”.

            When is it right to martyr oneself in the name of the “greater good”, by acting wrongfully?

            Actually we have appointed people for that. Which is why “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

  16. Malisha says:

    Wow, Xena, people are nuts! You’re receiving these messages because you comment on the Leatherman blog?

    Someone needs to make a video called “The Innocence of Zimbots.”

    • Xena says:

      @Malisha. You caught me just as I was signing off and shutting down for the night. GREAT TIMING!

      I received the comments because the person had evidently been stalking me for about a month until I launched my own blog. That gave it/she/he opportunity to contact me. It started off slow with threats about my contributing on TheJBMission blog, saying if I did not stop associating there, that it/she/he would ruin my reputation. Seems as though it’s a personal vendetta against TheJBMission — said very ugly things about her.

      Now, it/she/he has threatened to disparage theJBMission, BlackButterfly7, and Frederick Leatherman’s blog on other internet sites because I failed to obey their warning.

      Hypocritically, they argue that I violate their First Amendment rights by not approving their comments on my blog, while at the same time, it/she/he seeks to silence JB, and the Professor unless I voluntarily give up my First Amendment rights.

      • Malisha says:

        super creepy!

        Why can’t they get a life and stop trying to control the world?

      • bettykath says:

        First amendment rights have to do with the government. The government has to honor your, and their, first amendment rights. Blogs are different. YOU are the moderator of your blog and you get to decide what’s posted or not. It can become a first amendment issue only if the government tells you that you can’t let them post. This would be an interference with your and their first amendment rights.

      • JUN says:

        Most Zimbots are idiots and dont understand anything, so I wouldnt even blink an eye at their ridiculous complaints. Your blog is your property and you allow what you want on it. Furthermore, its harassment and cyberstalking, and going against your liberty to force you to do something you do not want. I have come to realize Zimmerman and his cult like fans have no regard for others or human life. They are all lowlifes.

      • Rachael says:

        Obey their warning? Who the hell do they think they are?

      • Check your email for my response to your comment last night.

        Sounds like this person is nuts.

      • Xena says:


        First amendment rights have to do with the government. The government has to honor your, and their, first amendment rights. Blogs are different. YOU are the moderator of your blog and you get to decide what’s posted or not.

        Right! Most blogs provide an option to allow or disallow comments for pages. Commenting on blogs is a privilege, not a right. I consider it to be an extension of the blog owner’s home. If I won’t allow a person to come into my home because they are intentionally disrespectful, I won’t allow those types of comments on my blog either.

  17. JUN says:

    So Omara cant enter Zimmerman’s statements into evidence because it constitutes hearsay?

    Because of that, Zimmerman must be under oath and cross and scrutiny?

    Just to be sure, there are no exceptions

  18. Xena says:

    Professor. Not meaning to change the subject. I don’t have your email address and want to know if you will email me. I am receiving threatening comments from a person using the handle of Jenn and Alex P concerning you.

    • jm says:

      You know I often wonder if these people are somehow related to Zimmerman. I have read comment section after a news story and there is someone who claims to be close to the family and has “insider” knowledge. She is obsessed with cellphone “pings” on cellphones and also has maligned Tracy Martin and Dee-Dee and with her “inside” knowledge she knew about the MO book. Her screen name initials are OG. She posts on Conservative Treehouse under different screen name. Has anyone heard of the Zimbot ping theory?

      Bottom line is these angry and threatening posters seem to have more than a normal interest in “defending” Zimmerman and I do wonder if they are Zimmerman family/friends or maybe friends of MOM who want to sway public opinion or intimidate anti-Zimmerman posters who post about the actual evidence against Zimmerman.

      • PYorck says:

        Has anyone heard of the Zimbot ping theory?

        Yes, that’s a strange theory. Unfortunately it is unlikely that it will be put to rest before the trial.

        For those lucky enough to have missed it, the whole thing seems to have originated with the person mentioned above. The idea is that the phone found on the scene did not belong to Trayvon. Somehow that means that the publicly known phone records are fakes and the phone call with Dee Dee never happened.

        Both the prosecution and the defense have had the phone records for GZ, TM and Dee Dee for a while now. There is no particular reason to believe that there is any location information that has not been included yet.

      • Xena says:

        For those lucky enough to have missed it, the whole thing seems to have originated with the person mentioned above. The idea is that the phone found on the scene did not belong to Trayvon. Somehow that means that the publicly known phone records are fakes and the phone call with Dee Dee never happened.

        Right, and connected to that is they want the pings to prove that Attorney Crump had DeeDee give a false statement so somehow, he will lose his Bar license. The conspiracy theories they come up with are not intended to clear GZ but rather, damage DeeDee, Sybrina, Tracy, Crump and Corey.

        Btw, it was rumored that OG is Sondra Osterman, and the info she claimed to have to bust the case open was actually the book that she and Mark wrote.

        • jm says:

          ” Btw, it was rumored that OG is Sondra Osterman.”

          I got the sense OG was older and for awhile I entertained it may be Shellie’s mother repeating gossip. Who knows, it may be Shellie herself. I wonder if the family members do post, though not necessarily as OG. There is no law that would stop them is there? There is someone who posts as frankboy who posts blatant racist comments and I thought it might be Frank Taaffe after a few drinks.

      • PYorck says:

        Btw, it was rumored that OG is Sondra Osterman,

        I thought she was supposed to be Osterman Sr.’s wife.

      • camanokat says:

        She posts on HuffPo under several different names” Angie Nifong, Cherry PopTart, Phemale, Leatherbots, Kat Starsch (sp?) and PingPong are among them. Yes, it is obssessed with the pings. I think it is a member of the Zimmerman family or inner circle.

      • TeeTee says:

        Yes, poor, poor Odessa Girl. She’s keeps slipping further and further down the rabbit hole GZ has dug from himself and is devotee’s. GZ has concocted this Alice and Wonderland fantasy and the rest of them follow right along. It’s unlikely GZ will ever tell the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what really happened that night. I would imagine he’s replayed it in his mind…wish there were some method to extract that memory from him.

        Instead of administering lye detector tests, which are inadmissable, they should have something similar, where the person is giving truth serum, electrodes connected to the area of the brain that would display images of that specific memory.

  19. Xena says:

    LLMPapa is busy. He’s put out 2 new vids this evening.

    • LLMPapa says:

      Naaa, not really, LOL One was done a while back and I had it on unlisted at the Tube. I made it public for a post at JQ:

      The other is just a little ditty about family traditions, LOL

      Great new post, BTW, Professor!

      • That one be hilarious, Papa!

        The Zimmerman smirk is really something and while no one looks their best in a booking photo, that photo of Shellie is . . . well, I don’t know what to say except that it’s not flattering.

        His face really changes from photo to photo. I’m not sure that I could identify him if he walked by me on the street.

      • JUN says:

        LMAO I have honestly lost count of the number of lies the Z KKKlan have made. And his brother is a douchebag. A couple months earlier he was lying his ass off on national television. Piers even tried to lighten the mood and use wisdom and state that

        “Trayvon was just a kid who was walking home with candy from the store. Why did George have to bother him at all? If George would have simply stayed in his vehicle and let things be, Trayvon would be alive, and your brother would not be facing a murder charge.”

        Not exact wording from Piers but along those lines.

  20. Malisha says:

    For quite a while, I have been thinking about the Zimmerman Support Team, and it seems that people who support Zimmerman support the Sanford Police Department, the cover-up and corruption crowd, the “forget about it; it was just some future criminal” mob, and the “We automatically get to judge everyone because we’re born right” bunch.

    No matter what they are guilty of themselves, they believe that whatever they say is essentially THE Holy Grail and whoever does not take it to be so is bad, wrong, punishable, disrespectable, blah blah blah. I looked at the individual pieces of information about this, in light of Professor’s advice that the defense should ask for the prosecution witnesses’ criminal histories. Look at the folks who were on Zimmerman’s and Chief Bill Lee’s side in this scandal:


    On 2/26/12, GZ killed TM. That day, then Police Chief Bill Lee and apparently Seminole County prosecutor Wolfinger decided not to charge GZ with a crime. The next day GZ went with his friend and a cop (or two) to do a videotaped re-enactment of his version of the events. Also apparently on 2/27/12, at George’s request, he had a voice-stress test at the police HQ.

    Two, maybe three days later, George was again interviewed by Detectives Serino and Singleton.

    On March 1, 2012, there was a meeting of the Neighborhood Watch group of RTL, with then Police Chief Bill Lee in attendance. Reportedly, Lee “escorted out of the meeting” a certain resident of the neighborhood who was very upset about the fact that he or she had made complaints about George to the police — before the date of the shooting — saying it was inappropriate for George to “patrol” with a loaded gun, and apparently those complaints had gone unheeded by the police department.

    On March 8, the day Trayvon’s father held an Orlando press conference, calling for his son’s killer to be arrested, the case began drawing national media attention. Lee began receiving thousands of angry emails from across the country.
    The majority of the emails apparently slammed the police department for its inaction, which was seen as a cover-up.

    At the same time, a librarian from Miami-Dade County wrote to Lee, stating she knew Martin casually because he came into the library. [THE LIBRARY, folks, not the boxing ring, the gun range, the hoodlum hang-out, or the “hood”]

    “Trayvon came to my library and was a quiet kid who never presented a problem,” she wrote. “He was a nice, quiet kid who was decidedly not a trouble maker – a special quality in the rough and tumble environment of Miami-Dade County.”

    Some e-mails also showed support for the chief, and for the “integrity of the investigation.” Among those emails of support are several from police chiefs in the surrounding Florida counties, including the City of Orlando, Lake Mary and the University of Central Florida.

    UCF Chief Richard Beary wrote, “You’re doing the right things… Trial by fire makes for good chiefs.”

    Let’s check out Beary. Perhaps he should know about “trial by fire” since a charge has been leveled against his department that they profiled a female professor, Jennifer Lisa Vest, and under guise of a traffic stop for a broken tail light, searched her car, involved four police, insulted and degraded her, and insinuated that she was a drug-dealing criminal, but found no evidence. Then apparently they wrote up a 25-page report claiming they did nothing wrong, while each cop supported the allegations of the others that this was not an example of profiling, and was not harassment, and etc. But they brought in drug-sniffer dogs! Hello, Hello!

    Oops, although they denied wrongdoing, we then read the following:

    “Authorities acknowledged…that a University of Central Florida police officer used improper language during a traffic stop in August involving mixed-race professor Jennifer Lisa Vest, but found no evidence to support her claims that she was illegally searched or racially profiled.” My My, “improper language” but no profiling? Hmmm. Let’s see how that plays out.

    Richard Beary is apparently the brother of Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary. On the web –site announcing his appointment there were multiple comments opining that the departments were known for corruption and nepotism. “Another Beary = more corruption” commented one local who did not mince or spare words.

    About brother Kevin, the web has this to say:

    In 2004 and 2005, Beary was accused of corruption by a former subordinate turned political rival in the 2004 sheriff’s race and a local television news station. This resulted in an audit of homeland security spending by his department. Beary was later cleared of any wrongdoing by a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigation. Ahem. The police policing themselves. But it didn’t work out so well a few years later, when the Florida Ethics Commission found probable cause to believe that Beary violated Florida Ethics laws as a result of his involvement in his homeland security business and filed four counts against him. Beary was prosecuted by the Florida Attorney General’s Office and was to face trial on October 24, 2007 before a State of Florida Division of Administrative Hearings Judge on Case # 07-001820EC where he could have faced penalties up to removal from office. In July 2009 Beary pleaded guilty to violating Florida ethics laws, was fined a total of $20,000 and ordered to have no business relationship with the company he started, using tax dollars and public employees, for three years. He was also given a public reprimand and censure by the Governor of Florida.

    In 2008, Beary had decided not to run for a fifth term as Orange County Sheriff and left office on January 5, 2009.
    Another supportive e-mail came from Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell.

    Lake Mary Chief Steve Bracknell’s encouraging e-mail to now disgraced Chief Bill Lee was titled, “Keep the faith brother.”

    Bracknell’s got his own credibility problems. When a case was brought against his department for the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by his officer David Prince, an expose found here:
    described some of the issues. It appears that Bracknell kind of lies when it kind of suits him. Doesn’t reveal his medical records although he claims benefits are due him because of his medical condition — remind us of anyone? Says he was not fired when he was — remind us of anyone? Birds of a feather.


    Lee himself, of course, we know what happened to HIM.

    Ultimately, Lee would end up stepping down from his position amidst public pressure on March 22 – the same day a rally was held in Martin’s honor in Fort Mellon Park.

    The DOJ has not yet finished its investigation into Lee’s conduct and the conduct of the FPD under his leadership.


    On March 13, then Police Chief Bill Lee received an email from Orlando Police Department Chief Paul Rooney, who wrote, “if you need anything don’t hesitate to call… take care my friend.” This was to show support for Lee NOT CHARGING Zimmerman with a crime, since e-mails had been pouring in from everywhere insisting that he should do so.

    The emails show Rooney was just the first of several police chiefs to voice support. But Rooney has his own little gang of Georgies, who have been exonerated by him after crazy-ass shooting that seems more related to fantasy than danger — although HIS PSYCHO-SHOOTERS are REAL cops. Apparently, a bunch of them opened fire (five shots, two of which hit an unarmed man) in a crowded Target Parking Lot, because they suspected someone of using a stolen credit card! 14 months after the shooting, Officers Tim Kuzma and Randall Pennington, members of a unit meant to target “violent criminals and illegal guns,” were cleared of any wrongdoing by OPD’s internal-affairs division. Surprise, surprise!
    Sgt. Rhonda Huckelbery, a veteran officer who initiated the investigation, which began with the theft of her own husband’s credit card, was never even investigated or disciplined by the department, records show.

    Despite a separate inquiry by Florida Department of Law Enforcement that found the officers’ statements did not match up with video or physical evidence at the scene [hey, doesn’t that remind us of some other situation in which the statements do not match the physical evidence?], no one in OPD was found at fault, according to the internal-affairs report released to respond to complaints about the Department.

    Officers claimed they shot at minivan because the driver rammed their unmarked cars in an effort to escape, records show. But surveillance video released after the shooting shows an unmarked police vehicle hit the suspect’s minivan from behind, pushing it into the unmarked police cars.

    The driver and credit-card-theft suspect, Rogelio Cortes, was shot twice but survived. His two passengers, Edward Torres and Juan A. Perez — also suspects in the case — were slightly injured. Cortes was arrested on a slew of charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

    Later Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office dropped all charges against Cortes.

    I guess what I’m saying about this is that at least the authors of e-mails that were featured in the news articles about this latest evidence dump are officials who seem to believe that it’s OK to shoot at, or actually shoot, folks they disrespect. They think it’s OK to misuse the power of their offices. They think it’s OK to consider criminal behavior excusable if it’s done by someone they feel compatible with or comfortable around. They think it’s a perk of their jobs to decide which crimes should be excused with a wink and a nod, and which punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    What a bunch. OMG What a BUNCH!

    • Xena says:

      GZ’s BFF, who are on the State’s witness list, will not be beneficial for him. Taaffe has a history of DUI and domestic violence. Rather than report a stolen car, Osterman tried getting the dealer to pay a friend a finder’s fee. I suspect that MOM has to be nervous about this.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Not expecting them to be “squeeky clean” but hey? These people are positively rolling in mud. Is there no one MOM doesn’t have to get the night sweats over? Those 200k donations made it look like MOM’s big payday had finally arrived to cap off a lifetime struggle on the job. Now, even that has vanished like “will-o-the-wisp” and left him surrounded by ne’er do wells to grapple with.

        Instead of him sealing his clients lips, he finds his clients are sewing up his mouth, sealing of almost every angle of defense he might have used, behind an ocean of impeachment material. A defense attorney’s worse nightmare, open any door and drown in a flood of impeachment. Leaving MOM envious of the days when all defense attorney’s had were Gacy’s, Capone’s and Dillingers.

    • Looks like police departments out of control.

      For example, check out the NYPD and it’s out of control assaults on journalists and peaceful protesters

      Hate to say it, but I don’t believe that’s unusual these days and I’m not expecting the US/ DOJ to do anything about it.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        From what I see in the news, I think you’re right. These aren’t isolated cases. At least we live in an era in which most people carry a cell phone camera and can record police incidents.

      • Malisha says:

        Unfortunately, Professor Leatherman, I have to agree with you. A colleague and I once brought a huge child sexual abuse case to the attention of the Army involving molestation of four children at Fort Benning, Georgia. The Army covered it up after spending probably a quarter million dollars on “investigating” it and writing a report bigger than the Bible. AFTER THAT we reported the whole thing to the DOD IG and THEY went through an even bigger charade. More than a year’s work, with testimony, blah blah blah blah, chopped down a forest of trees for the copies of copies of blah blah blah blah and in the end they said, “We are glad this issue was brought to our attention or we would not have had a chance to investigate it.” And that’s all. Molester lives well on the DOA pension and he cost the taxpayers about a million dollars and he raped four kids repeatedly and kidnapped them as well. He was an Army Marksman — did three tours in Korea and two in Cuba, ever heard of that? We know what HE was.

        It’s all a charade. The police are out control; the corruption is so standard that it is not even hidden. We are locked in tighter than the “Arab Spring” insurgents ever were. And we can’t bring down any particular tyrant because the tyranny is the structure itself.

      • gblock says:

        And then there are the boy scouts, who for years kept their own private files on scout masters who had sexually abused boys under their care, but often didn’t bother to report the cases to the police.

        • But god forbid that you have a gay scout leader or a gay scout! It’s a real kick in the head when child molesters are considered more “moral” than gay folks, despite the fact that MOST child molesters are white and straight! Beaucracies take on a life of their own. Police departments and major organizations lose sight of their mission once they become major powers in themselves. Recent scandals all prove this: the Roman Catholic church, Penn State and all the police departments cited above for corruption. I don’t know how we can fight the systems, except to keep on fighting each time.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            We can, however, write to our elected officials and let them know clearly that we know what’s going on! Then vote to cut budgets for “out of control” departments and agitate for the replacement of departmental leadership. We already see how they react to public sentiment. We need to let them know more, not remain quiet and give them the latitude to think that what they’re doing is fooling us.

            Notice that the more quiet the public becomes, the more outrageous stories they tell us. Use the internet and email to send them a message, and watch how they struggle to keep things on course, then you know who to vote out at the next election.

            When they realize that officials they’ve appointed have been caught, they replace them quickly, in the hopes that the problem won’t tarnish themselves and go away. Use those emails to light a fire under them and to keep that fire burning. Nothing keeps “the nose clean” like constant pressure and attention.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          “And then there are the boy scouts, who for years kept their own private files on scout masters who had sexually abused boys under their care, but often didn’t bother to report the cases to the police.”


          Yeah, it translates into: “We believed that our own reputation was more important than revealing and punishing the reprehensible and disgusting conduct of our scout masters, and the interest of the children who were suffering these attacks.”
          Just terrible!

    • Nellie Nell says:

      Wow, they are definitely doing the most! What a shame that there are criminals in charge of criminals!!!

  21. heartofhearts says:

    Great post! following

  22. cielo62 says:

    Following meow meow.

  23. rachael says:

    Professor, this is your best post yet (I think I say that about each one LOL), and your comments are spot ON! Sorry I haven’t been around much. Started back to school and already have so much work, but I am following things here and around. I guess i am just so frustrated and angry I’m not even sure how to reply to things right now, so I’m just listening for a bit, but it is not easy to shut me up, and I will be adding my thoughts when I can. In the meantime, everyone is doing a fine job.

    Thanks Professor and everyone.

  24. Xena says:

    If you ask me he should have opened the door and flung himself out after the first bond hearing!

    You mean like this? Here’s a lawyer who knows how to jump.

    • katieunc says:

      Could you hear me laughing? That was too funny!

    • Malisha says:

      OMG Xena, he can really dance! OMG!

      • Xena says:

        @katieunc and Malisha. Thanks for sharing my laugh. I needed it after listening to Robert the hypocrite Zimmerman Jr.’s sad, purported condolences.

    • rachael says:

      OMG! Thank you for that. Whew – hot in here. My instructor for Introduction to Law and the Legal System had us fill out these stupid get-to-know-you-type things and one of the questions he asked (I had him for Civil Procedure last quarter and he did the same thing) was “What is a song that always makes you smile.”

      I’m going to email this to him. LOL

      He may not appreciate it, but I sure do!!! Hahahahahaha.

  25. katieunc says:

    Perfect! You hit all of the key points spot on, and this was the blog I have been waiting for.I remember one of the first things MO said…… we will not try this case in the media, obviously not true. When MO wanted to put GZ on the stand at the second bond hearing, but didn’t want the judge to allow cross examination. What? Really? I am a law layman but I knew that was craziness at its best.

    This has been a circus! My opinion is that GZ is driving the bus and MO is sitting at the exit door. If you ask me he should have opened the door and flung himself out after the first bond hearing!

  26. “Better to walk away with dignity than run away in shame,” deserves serious consideration for commandment status.

  27. Xena says:

    Just when I thought I had another set of 12 commandments memorized and wrapped up in 2, along comes the Professor and gives us 14. 🙂

    Thank you, Professor. I love how you are direct and get to the point.

    For O’Mara; better to walk away with dignity than run away in shame.

  28. I had never heard about the wrist lock until now.

    Thanks for the great blog Professor !

  29. Tzar says:

    Dear professor, I am going to respectfully disagree with you on this statement:

    “Although his injuries bled copiously”

    I have seen hundreds of scalps bleed copiously(occupational hazard), and never would I consider stopping said copious bleeding with simple tamponade/pressure or washing with peroxide or tincture of time. When the scalp is really bleeding you are looking at a stitch(es) or at least a staple(s).

    • You’re right. Copiously overstates the matter 🙂

      • katieunc says:

        I am in the medical field and to say GZ had a “laceration” is a joke. When you say laceration, I say sutures or dermabond! I wouuld classify that as and abrasion. It sealed off quickly and required no sutures, staples, or dermabond.
        My second issue would be the diagnosis of a closed fracture to the nose. How can you know that without an xray. I was trained that there must be documented test results to diagnose.
        As for head trauma, I won’t entertain the thought unless you want to tell me it was a pre exisisting condition.
        I hope MO is smart enough to avoid seating doctors, nurses, or anyone who has common medical knowledge. If gz took the beating he claims, he would have went to the ER.
        My dianosis is that he “blacked out” from stupidity; unlike Osterman’s belief that is was the beating!

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Thanks a bunch katieunc, just as I was thinking. My thought is, you can’t get such a shallow wound from a haphazardly brutal attack, but only from a carefully operated sharp force instrument.
          Is that a good guess?

          My guess is that, GZ and “others” knew, that a medical professional would be able to tell, not only the difference about where the wound(s) came from, but also how long they’ve been open. Another guess of mine.

          If any of that is true, then it should be no surprise to anyone that he didn’t want medical attention. He was trying to conceal that he came to the “fight” with wounds already prepared and ready to be re-opened to provide blood as needed.

          The people who treated GZ at the scene, only cleaned him up and left. All that blood was just for a public show. It makes no sense that he would go to kill someone, and hope that he could get, non-serious wounds that would still bleed a lot, by chance.

          When one needs “evidence” one usually takes steps to ensure that it’s going to be there, and in a way, shape and form of their choosing as well. The only time available to ensure that just the right wounds and amounts of blood are available, after the fact, is to prepare them some time before! That’s obvious logic to me, and it seems to be a pretty darned well reasonable conclusion still.

          Any chance my speculation is close to the truth?

          • I have suspected that Trayvon ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and there’s more to this story than we know, but I’m not willing to go there in the absence of compelling evidence to support the theory. I’ve thought for a long time that Shellie might be a valuable source of information, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

            Meanwhile, no reason not to look for evidence. Maybe something will turn up.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Well, along those lines I finally got my stomach quiet enough to let me look at the reenactment again. That’s when I noticed that GZ didn’t seem to realize that TM had passed FT’s place several minutes before he got there and would have been over, sheltering at the mailboxes by the time GZ got to where he said he first saw TM.

            When GZ is parked on TTL and several seconds into the NEN call, he says TM is coming towards him. The whole narrative is continuous as if TM has been walking the whole time. When in fact, TM came from 711 unimpeded and it would take him only 13 minutes to reach the mailboxes, perhaps less after being hustled along by the threat of rain. It really doesn’t matter much which way he entered RATL, since the difference would amount to mere seconds either way.

            GZ, meanwhile, would have come down RVC west and taken 30 seconds or less to get to FT’s cut through. Add another 15 seconds to pass the clubhouse, and perhaps another 45 to retrace (as shown in Tchoupi’s cctv work up) If he’s on TTL just moments before TM leaves shelter there and starts walking towards him, he’s missed at least 12 minutes he’d have had to wait, before this could happen.

            Thus GZ only assumes that TM has been walking continuously, when TM comes towards his truck. Because he never saw TM over by the cut through near FT’s but just made that up to cover notification. GZ would have to have left home some 15 minutes sooner to see TM by FT’s place, then he’d have to wait 12 more minutes for TM to come out from under the mailbox shelter. Obviously none of this happened, he picked TM up at the mailboxes after leaving home on the hunt. Otherwise he’d have gone out the front gate to the store, without ever seeing TM.

            So, would he pull his gun and pursue a possibly armed TM — knowing what could happen — without a credible SD or SYG defense story and window dressing already in place? What would make him think he could create it later? Unless I miss my guess, it’s a whole lot closer to something carefully crafted, than gained in a rough and tumble fight, that never happened anyway.
            How does one bang their head on a metal sign or a sprinkler head, such that only a minor abrasion appears? Wouldn’t a deeper gash be more likely? How about two abrasions?

            And now, come to think of it, why would the witnesses be so scared of a fist fight, that they would rush back inside and hide?
            Or did they know that GZ was armed? Was the area known to have gunfights? Every time I see fistfights break out in public, most people gather around to watch, while a few, either men or women sally forth to tell them to break it up. So, forgive me if I’m still waiting for an explanation of why the strange behavior that night. Who or what made these people so scared of what could only appear to be a fist fight?

            One thing is sure, we’re far from finished hearing about surprising developments in this case.

      • rachael says:

        Me too (in the medical field) and I agree 100%.

      • JUN says:

        I’d call them wuss scratches.. it looks like it got scratched by a prickly bush. I obviously have no medical degree but science and physics and biology tell me a head hitting hard cement would result in the head being cracked open with a huge gaping wound, not the wuss scratches he had

      • katieunc says:

        Right on the money Lonnie! I would have expected to see a full thickness laceration with that beating. The type of laceration that requires repair under the skin and then repair to the outer layer.

        I think the PA saying laceration just puts a fancy on the medical record! There are numerous ways I can think of that could put the abrasions on his head. The skin around the face and head are thin and will bleed “at the drop of a hat”…….. that’s why we have skulls.

        Blood can be dramatic to the everyday person, but let’s not let the blood distract us from the true injury. In my opinion the injury is a scratch or two. That is all I can scrape up no matter how many times

        I look at his medical record.

        • The “copious” amounts of blood IS one major point that the Zcrowd harp on. “Look at the blood!” is one of their mantras, even though the actual wounds are minor. In fact, they don’t care that the wounds are minor! It’s the fact that GZ even has wounds supposedly inflicted by Martin that means to them that GZ was in “fear for his life” and thus justified in shooting to kill. Of course, the fear was not “reasonable” so their argument is moot, but it’s a waste of effort to point that out to that group.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            The answer is: The wounds are uniformly superficial, which could not have happened in a brutal random attack. The wounds should have variations along their course, if they resulted from an actual attack. Which means the wounds are prepared wounds.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          katieunc said: “In my opinion the injury is a scratch or two. That is all I can scrape up no matter how many times I look at his medical record.” ———

          Okay, now I’m getting somewhere. Try to imagine your own head taking a few brutal wacks against pavement, such that laceration and bleeding develop. Now, do you imagine these wounds would look like shallow separations of the skin, with no disturbance in the surrounding tissues?

          From what I’m reading, GZ’s wounds appear to be more like someone with a sharp instrument carefully incising wounds into the scalp, so as to start bleeding, but keeping it shallow enough to avoid permanent scarring and/or pain. By keeping the wounds shallow enough, they also avoid need for much in the way of medical treatment. Thus, these wounds are made/designed for mere show.

          If so, then they are not the kind of wounding that would or could happen by an accidental encounter, where depth over the course could not be controlled. If left to a chance blow of some sort, the wounds would have an unpredictable character, likely forcing an unwanted medical intervention, which could in turn, discredit the head bashing saga.

          These wounds are “pricelessly configured”, enough to draw impressive quantities of blood, without giving medics reason enough to do more than clean them.

          My point is, how does a randomly acquired injury, stay within the desired parameters? The obvious answer is they can’t, nor are they expected to. Thus, logic keeps telling us these wounds are prepared wounds. Like I said, if they were randomly acquired they’d have random characteristics over their course, with random evidence visible in the surrounding tissues as well.

          If that can be determined, that the wounds have an even course. Then the next question is how were they prepared and/or when? The final question is the biggie: WHY? Why would anyone go through the trouble to carefully prepare wounds, for a situation that hasn’t been planned?

          Perhaps now you see why the matter of dried blood being present so soon after the fact, strikes me as extremely suspicious. We’ve all heard on the news reports of “gang initiation killing”. With GZ’s biography displaying such a proclivity to be a “joiner”, it’s hard to imagine his tatooes not reflecting some kind of membership. He travels closer to “manly combat” than to “scholarly” pursuits. Has none of the scholars distaste for weapons, but frequently works at improving his fire arm skills (per Osterman: “we fired some 3 to 400 rounds per session”).

          Then all of his subsequent actions covered up, by a threadbare story so thin, that serious questions arise from it’s own internal narration, yet it is accepted by professional investigators anyway.

          So, while we may not know who gave him “notification”, we can see why they wished to remain unknown. Not because there’s anything criminal connected with the mere notification, but because there’s evidence that there was more fore knowledge to be known about this matter. Thus what they are trying to do is, avoid being caught in the evidence chain.

      • katieunc says:

        Pardon my typing and grammatical errors. I am typing from a phone the size of a credit card.

      • jun says:

        I can answer that Lonnie

        Its a scandal involving GZ & the police chief. Many of the residents were complaining about GZ’s apparent aggressive behavior and his “patrols” where Z lives out his pathetic Dirty Harry fantasy carrying a gun. Lee disregarded the complaints and thus set the stage.

        Complaints include chasing a little boy, who ran home, & his father came out to defend his son. I am not sure of the details of the other issues but it was basically Z’s aggressive “patrols” with his gun where he was enabled by Chief Lee and a police force Z has called inept in the past.

        In conclusion, they dealt with Z and know “him”, not the fake fissad Z puts on to try to look innocent.

        • jm says:

          jun says: “Complaints include chasing a little boy, who ran home, & his father came out to defend his son. I am not sure of the details of the other issues but it was basically Z’s aggressive “patrols” with his gun where he was enabled by Chief Lee and a police force Z has called inept in the past.”

          Wow. Are those resident’s complaints part of the prosecution evidence? Wonder where Chief Lee is now. No wonder he was let go. He had ties to both Osterman and Zimmerman.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            They think that by getting rid of the “lightening rods” they keep the lightening from striking near them. Show them that’s not true, or they’ll be ready to try another cover up later.

      • Lonnie Starr – regarding GZs injuries: Would you agree that the two wounds on the back of GZs head are too high to have been caused by a smash on the head. I agree the wounds appear to have occurred prior to the incident and not by accident. I also agree there is much more to this story and probably will not find the whole truth in the end. I find GZs tattoos interesting, as well as the company he keeps. It is also interesting that Wolfinger visited the scene that night. Highly unusual. Especially for a case that was going nowhere at the time – a simple self-defence case, no arrest made. Osterman scurries GZ away 6 hours after the incident out of fear! Not a chance. He sent his wife home with the vehicle right after the incident when Osterman stayed with GZ at the scene. The same officer(s) involved in the homeless man incident are the same that were first at the scene of the Trayvon Martin killing. There are too many so-called coincidences involved here and my first thought was GZ not acting alone and still is today. When I mentioned an initiation theory, the idea was quickly poo-pooed. In closing, there is only one reason Osterman whisked GZ away and that one reason was to come up with a story. GZs recounting is consistent at some points, much rehearsed — but he is a bad actor who can not remember his lines. Improv has revealed, at least, 2nd degree murder charges. Our one hope is that Jeremy and his partner will clear their conscience and will tell the truth about what they witnessed that night. Just a thought – would Mark Osterman flashing a badge be mistaken as law enforcement. Who looks closely at what type of badge LE or Air Marshall. Hmmmm…..

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          @ Sandra: I’ve mainly paid more attention to descriptions of the wounds rather than actually studying them. Of course, I have looked casually. I’d say that they don’t impress me as having been on the parts of the head, where the bone projects higher than the surrounding area. I got the impression that the wound crosses what would be a very soft valley on his head.

          Never-the-less, no part of these wounds can impress a medic that serious medical attention is needed, or it would have been mandatory. That’s where I get the idea that the wounds are of uniform depth. Hardly what you’d expect of a chaotic pounding.
          There’s a distinct lack of abraded skin on either side of the wound, meaning that whatever created these wounds, did not involve skin to either side of the “strike paths”. Much like a knife or razor or other sharp instrument would. With concrete contact there should be wide areas of skin damage. So, let the medical pro’s work with that, as best the can from the images.

          When I first mentioned that there might be others involved back in June or July, the reply was K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). I realized it was going to be hard enough to prove GZ was guilty, let alone rope in others, who were able to steer clear and leave only shadows of their existence in the evidence. After all, when mobsters plan murders, they pay others to do them, while they go off and establish strong alibis.

          Of course, these aren’t pros behind the scenes here, they’re interested in stay close and viewing their work. Why not? They’re not going to be suspects, so even if they don’t have alibis, it wouldn’t matter, they won’t be questioned. The thing about initiation killings is, they don’t display any clear motive. So, in a case like this, a supplied motive or reason, is a good enough cover. NW vigilante gone wild is an easy sell, to prevent anyone from bothering to look further.

          Yes, Osterman, like any police or other LEO would, keeps their id and their badge in their wallet so that to see one, you have to look at the other. Letting them know that you’re “one of the boys” goes a long way towards getting the leeway to get things done. Most especially if it check out. I don’t suppose they keep any records of who is check out whose creds in the system. So no one will ever know just how much Osterman managed to “get done” over time in the area by showing his badge and id.

          But, the idea of voicing a suspicion is to get people with the skills and positions to start looking. Maybe the FBI never thought to approach this as a “maybe initiation”. But now that the idea is out there, perhaps someone will and connect some dots they came across, in a different way. Likely if it is an initiation by some group, a member or two may have suspiciously appeared at the scenes of other incidents as well.

          • cielo62 says:

            I thought about the initiation theory ever since I heard about his tattoos and his first question to Martin: what are doing around here? Sounds like a turf challenge. With this credible discussion of the “prepared” nature of the wounds, I feel more confident that we might be onto something. Initiation into what, I don’t know. But it sure looks like a planned encounter intended to he fatal.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            I was surprised by his “what are you doing around here?”, where, if NW was his goal, his question should have been “where do you live?” or “where are you going?”

            The snarky answer to the question he asks is: “Trying to avoid you!”
            But GZ’s question assumes you have no business being here, no matter where you live. Just the thing if you want to strike fear in someone’s heart.

            GZ knows better than to ask a kid to explain his presence! Children are inclined to take things literally and would be confused by this question. While “where do you live” makes more sense, but I don’t know if Trayvon would be inclined to tell him at this point in time. At least not until GZ explained why he wanted to know.

            In any event, just for asking this question of his, he should be arrested on the spot. He has no uniform on and no one knows who he is. So, he’s just a thug wandering the neighborhood himself, with no right to question anyone about anything. I hope the jury gets to drive that point home.

      • JUN says:


        I actually do not know. I found out about the complaints from some articles and do not know if it is being used. They are using some letters that a resident was complaining before the shooting of Zimmerman’s patrols with his gun.

      • NancyBenefiel says:

        I know that the EMT’s administered the Glasgow Coma scale the nighto of the shooting and GZ had a perfect score. That should put to rest any attempt to claim a TBI

      • NancyBenefiel says:

        How could he bleed so “copiously” without getting blood all over Trayvon’s hand which was over his mouth “suffocating” him?

    • Nellie Nell says:

      Naw, the preplanned wounds would be way over Zimmermans level. He just is not smart enough to come packing wounds and a pistol. I still think the wounds came from the slip on the wet grass as he chased after Trayvon.

  30. Tzar says:


  31. Fed-up taxpayer says:

    This sounds like good, friendly advice to Mr. O’Mara, but he is busy with other things these days:

    • Tzar says:

      super busy! lol

    • jm says:

      Could this be considered a fund raiser for Zimmerman defense?

      • Two sides to a story says:

        OM is a perpetual fisher of funds.

        • jm says:

          I guess I can’t blame MOM for wanting to make more money on this case, but coming after the Robert Jr PR “apology” the whole Zimmerman family and the defense team are becoming increasingly disgusting.trying to make money and achieve superstar status off of the death of a black teen.

    • rachael says:

      OMFG!!! What a fricken asshole!!! If there was EVER a case AGAINST gun rights and self-defense, THIS would be it. Don’t get me wrong, while I don’t like guns and personally have no use for them or want them in MY home nor do I hunt, I am not trying to take those rights away from others. But this was NOT a case of self-defense and trying to make it one does NOT reflect well upon those who do believe in gun rights for such.

      • Xena says:

        Hey Rachael. Come close. (Whispering) GZ bought the gun to protect SheLie from Big Boi, the pit bull dog. He didn’t get it for the purpose of self-defense against humans.)

        (Back to normal tone.)

      • rachael says:

        Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about that. Anyway, just saying, it seems to me there would be cases that would be better representation of gun rights and LEGITIMATE self-defense. If people are really interested in gun rights and self-defense, I would think they would stay as far away from this case as possible, because it is not representative of responsible gun ownership or use in self-defense. This case totally defeats the purpose of both.

      • Xena says:

        @Rachael. I totally agree. Personally, if I can’t feel safe wherever I go unless I carry a gun, then it’s the gun that makes me brave and I shouldn’t take my butt to those places to begin with.

      • gblock says:

        GZ seems like an example of someone who should NOT have received a concealed carry permit!

      • racerrodig says:

        Remember as Xena said, they were afraid of a Pit Bull, leading me to coin the term “The Pit Bull Defense”

        Remember what they bought the same day. A Rottweiler.

        Gee………….we’re so afraid of a big mean doggie, we need guns. But I know SheLie….lets get a dog known for turning on it’s owners !! Yeah..!!…..that’s the ticket !!

      • Nellie Nell says:

        Interestingly enough, Big Boi or any other dog were no longer an issue – the problem now was the Big Black Boi!!!!!!!!

  32. PYorck says:

    O’Mara might want to consider waiving the hearing, since he cannot win it and can only further damage Zimmerman’s credibility and standing in the court of public opinion, if he goes forward with it.

    This is something I don’t understand. O’Mara himself told us that the immunity hearing required just as much preparation as a trial. If that’s the case, why not go for the trial with a more favorable standard of proof?

    Does GZ insist on a hearing at all cost? Does O’Mara simply want to demonstrate maximal confidence? Will he forget about the hearing a few months from now when his preparation is complete? Am I missing some other advantage?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I suppose your questions might be answered with the first commandment – OM is more likely to get a decent plea agreement with aggressive preparation for both the immunity hearing and the trial. It will surprise me if GZ does not take a plea agreement, but then, he’s hard-headed enough not to.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Which elicits another question? When does the prosecution typically offer a plea agreement and why? Don’t they typically offer a plea agreement either when they feel they have a chance of not winning a case or to avoid a long, expensive trial?

        • Plea agreements can be reached at any time before verdict.

          I do not believe the prosecution has any incentive to plea bargain now.

          Verily, verily, the window of opportunity has closed and the ship has sailed.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Yes, “the good ship SS Plea Bargain has sailed”, and political incentives have pulled up the boarding ramps and cleared the docks. No state in the glare of the global media (yes, this story is global, my blog of evidence collections is pulling in people from around the globe) is going to back down on a winning case!

            Most especially when there would be police fault to blame for a loss, and or suspected if the prosecution does not go all out for the easy win they have in front of them. “Easy” because the defendant has shed his mantle of credibility so totally, that all the defense can do is, try to manipulate the pretrial phase, in the hope of raising enough money to make the case worth their while.

            MOM is stymied, any attempt to put on a defense, would open doors that would let in a flood of impeachment material so horrible, the jury might lunge for GZ themselves.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Thank you, professor. It makes sense that it’s too late for a plea agreement. GZ’s media circus has taken things a bit too far and their case is not strong, so of course the prosecution feels it can get a conviction, if I understand your drift.

      • logi says:

        George zimmerman is not going to want to plea. He does not want to do time. Not that any one would but I don’t think he can come to terms with that, not George.

    • cielo62 says:

      Remember- GZ calls the shots and he might be delusional enough to believe he can win the immunity hearing. MOM just does what he is told.

      • Tzar says:

        Zimmerman entire defense works like this: Since there is no video of TM not attacking me, everyone must believe he did and since it was not technically illegal for me to follow him, everyone must ignore everything that lead to our encounter. case closed.

    • Nellie Nell says:

      He already tried to have the trail at the bond hearing.

      George had the nerve to ask him to ask the Judge if he could take the stand (to insult the family again), but did not want to be cross examined.

      Something is certainly off with MOM. And maybe the professor can enlighten me – Is there any such thing?

  33. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Thou shalt not play the race card or trash the character of the victim of a homicide or other violent crime, such as a rape or an assault, when the victim is a child, in order to escape responsibility for committing the crime.

    Thank you!

  34. Darlene says:

    Wow great write… I concur with these commandments… so right on point..

  35. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Jeff Weiner ‏@JeffWeinerOS

    Hearing set in the #GeorgeZimmerman case for 10/19 at 1:30 p.m. for “pending discovery issues” inc defense subpoena requests.

  36. racerrodig says:

    This is so well written I have to bow at the alter. I do expert witness reports and testimony in civil Consumer Fraud auto lawsuits and the lawyers I do work for are all first rate. I have learned an enormous amount about the law from them and you have nailed this perfectly.

    I have said from very early on that he has no chance to win. Once the police interviews were made public it was easy to read between the lines he has a depraved mind. My opinion is his NEN call provides motive. His past supports that. The wrist control, “…can’t shoot my left hand…” line and the fact that he admitted he was on top at one point spell “Guilty as Charged” His only chance is a brain dead jury.

    • Thank you.

      You said,

      “His only chance is a brain dead jury.”

      May I suggest a friendly amendment?

      Add the word “racist,” so that it reads:

      His only chance is a racist brain dead jury.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Lol, I thought we were avoiding the race card? But, yes, it is there, even if not as an “overall personal philosophy”, it is for his criminal profiling senses. Proving it is not necessary, given what he has provided the prosecution.

        Worse yet, although he tries to deny it, the “vicious attack” is not proximal to his drawing the gun. While, if I understand a previous missive you’ve posted on the law, he cannot claim SD against a gun he brought to a fight he caused.

        If he didn’t cause a fight at the T, he’s certainly and clearly responsible for any fight south of the T, since he’d have to have followed TM there, instead of retreating back to his truck, as he claims to have intended to do. What, on earth, is he doing, drawing a gun on an unarmed teenager, who disengaged him 40 feet away?

        It isn’t reasonable for anyone to think, that an untrained teenager at 150 lbs, is going to be able to throw a punch so stunning, that a 204lb man is going to be terribly disoriented for a minute or more. I mean, if things were that simple and easy, then why bother with fight/weight classifications and training?

        Someone posted, if I recall, fighters weight classes, and GZ is so many grades above TM, it would have been considered criminal to let them enter a boxing ring together. Before anyone considers the matter of training. Such that the only thing “stunning” about GZ’s story is, that a “fly weight” could master a somewhat trained heavyweight without any training at all.

        Zimmerman shot an unarmed child, then tries to embue that child with super human combat skills and powers. Simply so he can live to do it again someday.

        • Racism is what it is and Zimmerman’s bullshit idea of Trayvon as an unarmed Super Black Gangsta and martial arts artist with murder in mind while uttering outdated B-movie slang is a racist image or symbol calculated to appeal to white racists.

          Whether or not he is racist, George Michael Zimmerman played the race card when he made up that story and his lawyer plays the card when he trolls for dollars in public and on the internet.

          I think Zimmerman is racist because I believe only a racist would think of making up a ridiculous story like that.

          I also believe the story is so absurd on its face that only a racist person would believe it.

          Therefore, the race card is not only embedded in the story, it’s the defense, the whole defense, and nothing but the defense.

          In addition, the defense will be attempting to seat a brain-dead all white racist jury because that is the only way Zimmerman has a chance to win.

          Under these circumstances, the defense has placed the race card in play and I believe O’Mara and Zimmerman should be called out for doing so.

          I believe the only thing it likely will accomplish is a longer sentence, probably life in prison, instead of a 25-year sentence, which is the mandatory minimum.

          I cannot say that I agree with any move made by the defense to date

          In particular, after screwing up by allowing W9’s molestation complaint to be publicized; replacing one of the best judges in Central Florida, according to the criminal defense bar, for one of the toughest, and now issuing subpoenas for inadmissible private information about Martin without the Court’s approval in clear violation of the discovery rules, I have to say that I am not seeing a competent ready-for-prime-time lawyer.

          • jm says:

            I think W9, the alleged molested cousin, was spot on when she said the family is basically racist but the racism depends on whether the black person acts white enough. For example, Joe Oliver was acceptable as a token black person to prove Zimmerman was not a racist, but young black teen Trayvon dressed in his hoodie was not.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            We’re both on the same page with that!

            Over on they’re going over another youtube reenactment video. I watched it again and noticed:

            It took them 30 seconds driving time, to go from GZ’s house to FT’s place. From there it’s about 15 more seconds over to the clubhouse.

            Now, get this. It takes TM only ~13 minutes walking time, to get to the mailboxes from 711 at 4.4 ft/sec. That puts TM at the mailboxes at ~6:42:19 approx.

            GZ is in front of TM at 7:11 pm, when he starts the NEN call, and it’s only a few seconds into the call when he says TM starts walking towards him.

            Okay, what’s wrong with this story?

            TM is only ~2 minutes 8 seconds away from home at this point.

            GZ thinks that TM was walking continuously, from FT’s towards the T. When, in reality, TM sheltered at the mailboxes for ~12 minutes or more.

            Meaning that GZ could only have seen TM, either at the cut through, or at the mailboxes, but not at both places, and not know that TM had sheltered for 12 minutes there.

            GZ’s story about seeing TM at the cut through by FT’s is made up totally. When GZ left home some ~2 minutes before his NEN call at 7:11pm, TM had already been sheltering at the mailboxes for some 10 minutes or more. GZ could not have seen TM walking anywhere.

            This is going to cook his goose at trial.
            The bonus is, we now know for certain that GZ was told by someone, that TM was out walking around. We also know that GZ was not on his way to the store, but left home on the hunt!

            The only way for GZ to catch TM coming through by FT’s place, would have been for him to leave home almost 35 minutes earlier than his NEN call, to be sure to catch TM walking at all. No where in his narrative does he leave a 12 minute gap, where he waited while TM sheltered.

      • Xena says:

        Racism is what it is and Zimmerman’s bullshit idea of Trayvon as an unarmed Super Black Gangsta and martial arts artist with murder in mind while uttering outdated B-movie slang is a racist image or symbol calculated to appeal to white racists.

        Last night, I again listened to some of GZ’s previous 911 calls. In one, he called about a Black man going through garbage cans and said what is now familiar; i.e., “I don’t know what he deal is.”

        With that demonstrative pattern, how on earth can anyone take what he said about Trayvon seriously? I’m beginning to believe that everything — everything GZ reported as Trayvon’s behavior were lies.

      • jun says:

        I dont think even an all white racist jury would help

        1). A black kid is dead
        2). The murderer is half hispanic and they can send him to prison

        It would be a double positive point for a all white racist jury to have a dead black kid and sending the half hispanic killer to prison

        Not that I condone the white racist mindset but I can see the brownie points for them to convict Zimmerman lol

      • pws (@pws4) says:

        I saw this at My Rightwing Dad today:

        It’s obscene, but interesting. I mean, how could someone be fooled by this nonsense? But then there are people who want to be fooled.

        • They must be extraordinarily desperate to take a photograph of a known rapper and misrepresent it as “Little Trayvon.”

          That’s not only dishonest, it’s really really stupid.

          It’s the functional equivalent of a signed guilty plea.

          The reader doesn’t have to be told that the rest of the story is either false in fact or false by innuendo.

      • Tzar says:

        @lonnie star
        beautifully said

      • gblock says:

        Looks like most of this person’s commenters weren’t fooled, either.

        In response to Lonnie Starr’s post, is it possible that GZ had been visiting FT at his house (and spotted TM at the cut through) for a while before he started following him at the mailboxes? I’m not sure how this would fit in, but it seems worth throwing out there as a possibility.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          @gblock, GZ starts his NEN call at 7:11 (what a coincidence eh?).

          Now take GZ’s story first: He came down RVC west, on his way to the store. He’s about 30 seconds from home when he supposedly spots TM. He then drives over to the clubhouse and parks, that should only take him 15 seconds. But, for TM (who he says arrived only 5 seconds behind him) it was a 1 minute 20 second walk. So 1m 20sec plus 30 seconds equals 1m 50 sec. waste a little time there, then another 20 or so second drive over to TTL and the start of the NEN call. Let’s say 2 minutes 30 seconds.

          Okay, we get a time for GZ leaving home at 7:11 minus 2 minutes 30 seconds or 7:08:30 approx.

          Now, let’s look at TM’s return trip from the 711.
          It takes him 13 minutes to walk the distance at 4.4/ft/sec.

          6:29:19 Trayvon is seen outside heading back East
          6:54 At mailboxes ???

          25 MIN WALKING AT 4.4ft/second = 6600 FEET ???

          Trayvon needed only ~13:04 to reach the mailboxes from 711.
          Or eta of ~6:42:19 @4.4/ft/sec. walking speed.

          Therefore he could have sheltered there for 12 minutes by 6:54pm
          A minute or two longer if he had hustled as the rain had increased
          before he arrived there.

          So TM has an eta at the mailboxes of approximately 6:42:19.
          …And he’s being hustled along by the threat of rain.

          By 6:42:19 GZ won’t even leave home for another 26 minutes!

          So, even if TM is 5 minutes slower, which is extremely gross, he’s at the mailboxes 21 minutes before GZ leaves home.
          How could GZ see him by FT’s?

          You can’t find a worse mismatch between GZ’s story and the evidence than that.

          GZ’s narrative, however, displays that he did not know that TM had been sheltering at the mailboxes for nearly 12 minutes by 7:11pm. Thus, he concocts a story that assumes continuous travel for TM, from FT’s to the mailboxes to walking past his truck. Because he doesn’t know any better.

          Meanwhile, this timeline destroys GZ’s claim that he was going to the store. If he was, there was no TM for him to see anywhere, so why doesn’t he go out the front gate?

          [see: tchoupi.caillou’s fine work on the Zimmerman – Martin case

          Instead the cctv work appears to show that he “patrolled” the area and required two passes, before he managed to discover TM’s whereabouts. Meaning that GZ knew that TM was around somewhere, without having been able to see him.

          So, it is in this light, that GZ’s escalation, rather than abatement, of hostilities makes sense. Because GZ already had a plan to do more than simply follow TM. Since, if all GZ wanted to do was see where TM was going, he could have peeked around the corner at the north path and kept TM in sight. Instead GZ kept moving, and nobody knows where he really went. Except that he finally does come in contact with TM, who was trying to hide from him.

          It seems GZ was on a predetermined mission. Which is why he had answers in hand for NW violation scenario’s but which could not follow the unknowable actual events. Under this view, he’d certainly drop and leave things as close to the T as possible, since that was part of the already planned narrative, that the police readily accepted and released him upon.

      • racerrodig says:

        I have said “racist” so often on the other site, I plum forgot. I stand corrected. Of course in my defense “racist” automatically infers “brain dead”

      • pws (@pws4) says:

        @gblock Well, MyRightWingDad is a Website for people suffering from “email abuse,” where they get Email forwards of this type and post them for the world to see. (That’s how this one was initially disseminated, by Email forwards.)

        It’s the Dads (Uncles, Godfathers, Crazy Neighbors etc.) who send them out.

        This site is where the kids come to commiserate.

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