I Worry About Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman

O’Mara -“The client always calls the shots,” his lawyer, Mark O’Mara said Thursday.

One of the most contentious issues in the field of criminal defense is how to handle the difficult client.

Many lawyers are like Mark O’Mara and devote their efforts to assisting their clients to make informed decisions. I have seen some lawyers, for example, ask a jury to sentence their client to death because that is the outcome the client desired.

I have seen too many people change their minds after being sentenced to death, so I decided long ago to refuse to facilitate a client’s desire to commit suicide.

For some reason, I have had more than my share of difficult clients where we disagreed on strategy and desired outcomes. I refused to allow the client to drive the bus over a cliff and, if it came down to irreconcilable differences, I moved to withdraw.

GZ is the quintessential difficult client. He is paranoid, secretive, fearful, angry, stubborn, doesn’t trust anyone, controlling, believes he’s smarter than anyone else, manipulative, and probably delusional. It’s absolutely clear that he does not feel any emotional distress or regret for having killed TM.

His claim that TM died as part of “God’s Plan” exhibits a frightening dissociation from reality and a willingness to kill without any sense of responsibility or regret, if he deems it necessary to do so. In other words, if he should find himself in another situation where he believes he is cornered and needs to kill someone to save face or save his ass, I believe he’s likely to do so and excuse what he did as just carrying out God’s will.

I think he is a danger to himself or others and he belongs in a secure mental health facility or a jail. He needs a thorough mental health evaluation.

I fear that Mark O’Mara is a potential victim and I am concerned about his safety. He’s clearly lost control of GZ despite his protestations to the contrary. GZ clearly sees O’Mara in the way and O’Mara has to be very careful how he handles the “uncharted waters” (his words) in which he finds himself.

If he pushes too hard in an effort to regain control, assuming he ever had control, things could get ugly.

I think he needs to withdraw because there is basically nothing he can do at this point without potentially placing himself in danger. GZ is not going to listen to him anyway, so he might as well get out of the case. He needs to recognize that his dreams of fame and fortune have turned to dust. There is not going to be any money for him and he needs to get out while the gettin’ is good.

Now, back to the question of who should call the shots.

I firmly believe the lawyer has to call the shots with input from the client, obviously. According to the rules of professional conduct, the client only gets to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty and whether to testify or not testify. The rules provide that the lawyer has the responsibility and the duty to make the other decisions using independent professional judgment in the best interests of the client.

In my professional opinion, O’Mara is abdicating that responsibility when he says the “client calls the shots.” Having said that, I do not believe that he would have succeeded in getting control of GZ, if he had attempted to do so. He certainly cannot do it now.

Regardless whether a person believes GZ is guilty of murder in the second degree or not guilty by reason of self-defense, I believe everyone needs to realize that GZ is a volcano waiting to explode, despite no trial date having been set. The pressure, anxiety and fear will only increase geometrically as the case gets closer to trial.

Ask yourself if you would show up without your lawyer dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans to meet Barbara Walters and her film crew to do an interview for her show, The View, and at the last possible moment try to change the deal to get ABC to pay for a month’s lodging in a hotel with a security detail.

Think about that. Who does something like that?

Consider also that he reactivated his website (therealgeorgezimmerman.com) Thursday after his disastrous interview with softball pitcher Sean Hannity on Wednesday night , after basically complaining that the website that O’Mara established for him was,

(1) failing to correct distortions and falsehoods published by the media (even though his games to hide the internet donations and his contradictory and false statements have been the source of most of what has been reported);

(2) failing to get his message across; and

(3) failing to raise enough money to fund his lifestyle, security detail and pay his lawyer’s fees.

This is crazy behavior that does not bode well for the future.

I believe he is going to crack before too long as he realizes that his support is evaporating and he sees the bills rising and the walls closing in. I believe he may take his own life, commit suicide by cop, or he may take the life of another who pushes his button.

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  1. Malisha says:

    O’Mara’s appearance before the gun lobby is, in my opinion, a way to get money. And money he will get.

    This is no longer about crime and punishment. It is about appearances. O’Mara’s making sure his own appearances work for HIM.

    • Patricia says:

      The gun lobby is VERY appreciative to O’Mara for extricating SYG from consideration in the Zimbo trial.

      Gunsels do NOT want a putz like GZ as their poster boy.

      MOM should be able to shake loose some checks from the gun folks for GZ’s defence — which may give him a “little” control over uber-narcissist George, who never met an anger he couldn’t express – violently.

      (FYI I have had guns most of my life.
      They are a responsibility more than a right.)

  2. taiorafan21 says:

    While Zimmerman is clearly a sociopath, I don’t know if Mark O’ Mara is in physical danger. Is Zimmerman dangerous? Yes. Would he harm his own lawyer? Doubtful. I think he would just drop O’ Mara if he wasn’t satisfied with the job the man is doing (and frankly, I don’t blame him).

  3. ajamazin says:

    Why Worry About Mark O’Mara?

    O’Mara is certifiably insane!

    George Zimmerman’s Attorney To Speak At Gun Rights Policy Conference

    If you were on George Zimmerman’s defense team, wouldn’t you want to stay away from people who celebrate gun possession at least until after your client’s trial given the fact that Zimmerman is regarded by many people as trigger-happy, reckless, and remorseless?

    On the other hand, maybe you do want to associate with gun fanatics because Zimmerman is trigger-happy, reckless, and remorseless? Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara is slated to speak at a Gun Rights conference in Orlando, FL., according to an invitation from the organizers.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      He’s soliciting more support for GZ. CWC permit folks comprise the majority of GZ supporters. With donations down, he probably wants to foster the appearance that he supports the gun biz whether he does or not. . . a dirty business, that.

  4. Beybey says:

    I agree. Wow so much truth here. He is already going crazy. Do you mind if I spread your article around?

  5. whonoze says:

    When O’Mara took the case, all the Florida-based legal experts, Mark NeJame foremost, said he was was a well-respected attorney, with a reputation for high ethical standards. The first thing O’Mara said in an interview about how he would advise his client, who he had not yet met at the time, was “listen to me and follow my advice.”

    It’s pretty clear now that GZ doesn’t listen to anyone, and discards any advice that doesn’t suit him. I think O’Mara is between an rock and a hard place where professional ethics are concerned. After as much as stating ‘GZ needs to let me call the shots,’ the shoe is now on the other foot, and GZ is dragging MOM into very dicey territory. But if MOM abandons GZ at this point, that would undermine his client’s case, which he is duty bound not to do.

    Defense attorneys take on clients for good or worse, and if it turns out to be worse, they still have to put up the best case they can for the adversarial justice system to operate properly. Thus, MOM MUST say something like, “There is only one person who will tell me to leave this case. And that’s George Zimmerman.” And that could very well happen. Perhaps in light of the Hannity interview, O’Mara is telling GZ, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch / fire me! Anything but the briar patch!” GZ shouldn’t be that hard to manipulate, since his own manipulations now seem pretty predictable.

    I can’t see O’Mara just being in this for the money. He doesn’t look like he’s ready to retire, and the way this case is going, I don’t see it doing anything but continue to damage his professional reputation. Who’s going to hire him after this?

    Maybe GZ knows that as long as DOESN’T fire MOM, he’s kind of got him over a barrel, and maybe he’s delusional enough to think a kind of coerced defense where an attorney acts as his puppet will serve him well.

    • Good comment, but I do not agree with this statement:

      But if MOM abandons GZ at this point, that would undermine his client’s case, which he is duty bound not to do.

      If his heart is no longer in it for any reason and he does not have the time or cannot keep bringing the intellectual focus, emotional passion and intensity that is required in a difficult case of this nature, he has a duty to himself and to his client to withdraw from the case.

      A lawyer cannot withdraw from a case without the permission of the Court, but that should not be a problem because it’s still very early in the case and no trial date has been set. As an aside, judges do not like it when a lawyer attempts to withdraw just before trial because granting the motion would require continuing the trial date to allow the new lawyer to get up to speed.

      If O’Mara were to file a motion to withdraw, the judge would likely grant it for that reason and also because Don West, a lawyer with considerable experience trying murder cases, is his co-counsel and already up to speed.

      O’Mara would not have to provide a lengthy and detailed basis to support his motion and he could not do so, in any event, without violating the attorney-client privilege. He could simply claim that the case requires more time than he imagined possible when he agreed to take the case and plead financial hardship. Unless I am mistaken, he is beginning to unravel and I suspect Judge Lester and Bernie de la Rionda can see that and both would be sympathetic to his plight. I predict Judge Lester would grant the motion without objection by the prosecution. If the prosecution did object, it would be just “for the record.”

      We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  6. Patricia says:

    I saw Hannity last night desperately trying to con the Martin family attorney into Hannity’s spin about God’s Plan – that this was why Zimmbot though he was “here” (on God’s earth).

    A more accurate reading would be Zimmbot thinking “God’s plan” got him here – in the studio with Hannity. Wow! Zimmbot’s Nirvana!

    Really, Sean … God devises “get out of car, run after innocent un-armed teen, shoot teen – and it will get you on network TV????”

    Zimmerman’s God is a co-conspirator,
    and Hannity’s God is a booking agent.

    Yeah, that figures.

  7. TruthBTold says:

    I don’t know how many of you looked through all of the second discovery dump released a few weeks ago, but some disturbing things really jumped out at me. A co-worker stated that the last time she saw GZ was that Monday morning after the incident. GZ was waiting in the lobby to speak to someone (named blocked out) from HR. In reference to what happened GZ told her that he was mugged and not okay and he ended up shooting and killing TM. Mugged??? Other interesting bits was that TM ducked between houses and he got out of his car to update police of TM’s whereabouts (he has said this lie). Also, he FOLLOWED (hmmmm…..) Martin because it was late, raining, and they had a lot of break-ins. Jumping further into account told to her, he repeated a couple of times that Martin was bashing and slamming his head into the ground. Why the repetition of this? Hmmmm…Martin said you don’t know who you are messing with (riiiiight) and that TM was kicking the crap out of him (*blank stare* never heard that before from him to police, etc. hmmm…..) (pgs. 136-139).

    Mugged? A totally blatant lie. I thought I was seeing things.
    Admission of following (he waufles on this)
    Kicking the crap out of him? Never ever mentioned and is a blatant lie. Makes no sense, as if anything does. So after “bashing,” he stood up and commenced the kicking and then somehow got back into a struggle with him before shot?

    This guy is a tool.


    Click to access Trayvon_Martin_George_Zimmerman_Documents_given_to_the_Defendant_R.pdf

    • TruthBTold says:

      Edited to add, if a person lies in small things, he or she will lie in big things. In the context of this whole ordeal, why say that you were mugged? Meaning it’s so not necessary. I just don’t get it.

  8. Digger says:

    KA, Yep! one inconsistency after another! The re-inactment GZ gave reminded me of one telling a made up story to children. He the big HERO! This uh, then uh, that uh s— happened!

  9. Digger says:

    I recall it having been said that GZ had Trayvon’s arms spread out to his sides, exact wording leaves me. Could have been the woman witness who said she heard the call for help then the shot.
    Or possibly in the re-inactment by GZ. I will have to do research.
    will take awhile, I don’t keep a file.

    • Two sides to the story says:

      I believe GZ said that himself in one of his first interviews with SPD. I don’t think any of the witnesses saw it quite that way, except one who said TM had one arm outstretched and one under him. The first police responder claimed he had both arms underneath him. You can review all the evidence in the case online. There are quite a few places where links to all the discovery (evidence) in the GZ case is posted. TalkLeft is one. I believe the NY Times and Orlando Sentinel are others. Axiom Amnesia is another.

      • KA says:

        Also that would not be plausible either because if GZ had any of his own blood on his hands and then held TM’s hands down…there would be GZ DNA on TM’s hands…which there was not…one inconsistency after another…

  10. Digger says:

    TruthBTold, I was watching and can see how O’Mara has grabbed onto what she said and used it to imply she did not know why GZ called. Surely this call can be listened to. I would like to know if O’Mara has lied and made BW the scapegoat for the negativity they have received from GZ making the call back. I do not imply BW lied, O’Mara has.

    • TruthBTold says:


      Oh okay, thanks for the clarification with respect to the lying part.
      I don’t think the call was patched through to BW meaning, I don’t think that she spoke to him. She has the earpiece in her ear and is fed information that way. I think she just cut them off at the path.

  11. KA says:

    I am still puzzled on how the red spot on Zimmerman’s nose is clearly on his right side of his nose was there by Trayvon’s punch at all as Trayvon, according to his mother, is right handed….The punch would have easily landed on his left side or middle bridge. In looking at the police photos this AM again…there is no way he was repeatedly punched by Trayvon. His facial injuries do not support that claim.

    • CherokeeNative says:

      KA – good thinking. I have wondered about GZ’s nose injury and the little scratch on his nose. I am very curious to know whether the slide action of his gun could have hit GZ in the nose given the close surroundings when he fired. I can see that happening….even though GZ was very careful to “aim” so as to not hit is other hand, he may have forgotten about the slide action of this particular pistol. The forensics in this case are going to be extremely interesting.

    • Malisha says:

      Serino commented on that in his interview of George, telling him that his injuries amounted to “capillary lacerations” that were “not coincident with” the kind of beating George was describing. Yeah, HELLO! Has George never seen Law & Order? The injury on his nose is inconsiderable; he wouldn’t even get a workers’ comp claim for it if he were a “smell tester” in a perfume factory. According to Mark Osterman, apparently George Zimmerman was often beaten as a child, violent angry mother, of whom he expressed real fear in his FaceBook page in 2005. So I think he realizes that it doesn’t take much of a beating to get a boo boo on the nose and a bit of blood on the back of your head. Give him a free transfusion and send him to prison.

  12. Digger says:

    Patricia, you have brought up a question a lot of us have been puzzled about, the blood? The report said fracture so it could have been nothing more than a tiny crack without a complete break, no dislocation. Although the mention GZ made of extensive pressure by TM’s hands certainly was emphasis enough to suspect a further break and bleeding. The bone itself would not have bleed if the vessels were not affected. GZ maybe put his hands on the back of his head, got his own blood from those scrapes and touched his nose leaving a small amount of blood near his nose but not coming from the nose. Heavy bleeding from anywhere or either should have been all over the place. If Trayvon put the pressure GZ claims on his nose, blood would have probably been shooting out his eyes and ears.

    • TruthBTold says:


      I’m trying to figure out what GZ was doing with his hands during this time. I am pretty confident that when his brother and dad were giving interviews, they mentioned TM pinning his arms down with his knees * blank stare.* However, I don’t recall GZ saying that. My goodness why would TM be trying to stifle his “screams?” TM was just going to randomly kill him and run off into the night? It’s just beyond absurd.

    • Two sides to the story says:

      There was blood coming from GZs nostrils and pooling in his mustache in the B/W photo taken with a cell phone, consistent with being punched in the nose. But the remark in one interview about not being able to see because he had blood in his eyes is over the top . . . rain in his eyes, perhaps.

      • TruthBTold says:

        “But the remark in one interview about not being able to see because he had blood in his eyes is over the top . . . rain in his eyes, perhaps.”

        I mean really. There is so much that is over-the-top and implausible (the fictitious d-list actor lines from low-budget movies, the Black vernacular of course (homie??), the circling of the car (unreported while on phone mind you)) I mean I can go on and on, that’s is actually offensive.

    • CherokeeNative says:

      No one can say GZ’s nose was broken because no one took an xray of his nose. They can all speculate but I guarantee this will come out in trial that it was never confirmed that GZ’s nose was actually broken. Just thought I would throw that out there. But you are right, if GZ’s nose was bleeding, and Trayvon really placed his hands over GZ’s nose and mouth, he would have had GZ’s DNA on his hands… the only DNA belonging to GZ on Trayvon was a small speck on the sleeve of his sweatshirt and another small speck on the back of Travyon’s hoodie up near the hood if I recall correctly. The only injuries that Trayvon had to his hands was a small “1/4 to 1/8″ abrasion” on the knuckle of his left hand. Trayvon was right handed so I believe it is safe to assume that he could have obtained that injury anywhere prior to the altercation – i.e., a paper cut even.

      • You said,

        The only injuries that Trayvon had to his hands was a small “1/4 to 1/8″ abrasion” on the knuckle of his left hand.

        Actually it was on the under side of the ring finger in the area where a ring normally would be worn, not on the knuckle.

        Don’t know, but it might be an injury from gripping an object like his cell phone while striking GZ with it in an effort to get away from him.

        Also, the injury on GZ’s face on the right side of the nose under the eye may have been caused by Trayvon hitting him with the cell phone while gripping it with his left hand. I’m assuming he may have been holding it in his left hand as he was talking to DeeDee when GZ attacked him.

        (some people have wondered how that injury might have been inflicted since TM is right handed and if he had punched GZ in the nose, the injury would be on the left side of GZ’s nose)

      • Dave says:

        Whether righthanded or lefthanded, Trayvon had two functional hands and could have punched GZ with eitheror both.

  13. Digger says:

    Now Barbara Walters has been put in a position of jumping to conclusions and lying by O’Mara’s comment, I wonder if she will
    have anything to say back to them, about it.

    • greenwarrior says:

      just the thing to do if you want favorable media attention for your client. i can imagine bw is less than thrilled with o’mara’s statement.

    • TruthBTold says:


      I don’t really think so. If they did not express what they were calling for, then she assumed or rather did not know what the motives were for now calling. Why is it necessary to try and reach her on the air to apologize? It’s nonsense. They were going to use that opportunity to run damage control. I am sure they still had motives. How did BW lie about MOM’s comment?

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      I hope that the telephone call from Zimmerman was recorded by the View and is played back on live television to give Z and MOM the media attention they both deserve.

  14. Loree says:

    State filed a supplemental discovery the Hannity interview.

    Click to access State’s%204th%20Supplemental%20Discovery%207-19-12.pdf

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      The only thing with that is that Fox We Make It Up News has a habit of scrubbing their transcripts after the show is over with, deleting stuff and might possibly do that also with the taping of the show itself. That is well known about them throughout the blogsphere. Hopefully, the D.A. taped and transcribed the show themselves.

  15. Dorothy Haith says:

    So so true

    • TruthBTold says:

      No more interviews anytime soon, huh? I am sure because the desired results were unsuccessful. Not much money was raised and GZ’s “interview” was more damaging than helpful. Unbelievable.

    • KA says:

      Well, at least until Zimmerman dumps O’Mara…it sounds like O’Mara might have won the poker game last night…

  16. Nef05 says:

    “Did they find any evidence of GZ’s blood? Especially on TM’s hands. Where else?”

    Yes, they did.

    No, as Beth mentions there was none found on his hands/nails.

    There was one spot of blood found on the shirt under his hoodie, that could be linked by DNA to Zimmerman. None on the lower sleeves/cuffs of either shirt, and none on his hoodie.

    “When was this done?”
    The FDLE lab report is dated March 26, 2012, though I would assume the samples and clothing evidence were bagged and tagged during the autopsy and forwarded. You can see the reports here, on pgs. 107-109.


    Hope that helps. 🙂

  17. KA says:

    I thought the abrasion was a small 1/4 inch cut below his left ring finger knuckle. That could have been anything.

  18. Beth says:

    Keep in mind that TM died before the body had time to process bruising. Maybe ME missed something? TM and/or GZ should have defensive wounds. GZ’s blood not found on TM’s hands/fingernails.

  19. Patricia says:

    Professor Leatherman:

    With Hannnity, GZ made an issue of how painful it was when Trayvon (supposedly) held his hands over GZ’s nose and mouth – pressing – because GZ’s nose was broken, and it hurt.

    I understand there is photographic evidence (at the police station, first interview? Or by the paramedics on arriving at the death scene? Or both?) that GZ’s nose bled.

    Nose injuries – broken, or less – often cause heavy bleeding.

    What police examination was made on Trayvon Martin’s body/clothing for GZ’s blood – especially TM’s hands?

    When was this done? Did they find any evidence of GZ’s blood? Especially on TM’s hands. Where else?

    Did that blood contain mucus?

    Was a blood search done during the autopsy?

    The undertaker reported a bruise on one of TM’s knuckles. Was the undertaker the ONLY examiner of TM’s body extremities? Do they normally have to report blood, etc., found on the body?

    Was the body interred or cremated?

    What official evidence exists that backs up GZ’s story that TM covered GZ’s mouth and nose?

    Did GZ ever say if he tried to peel TM’s hands off his face? (You can bend back an attacker’s fingers, painfully.)

    Thanks for your continued illumination.

    • KA says:

      They did a DNA check on Trayvon’s nail scrapings and clippings…there is no foreign DNA to Trayvon. It is highly doubtful that Trayvon’s fingers touched any blood at all. If GZ’s face was 45% covered in blood with most from his nose and in around his goatee, if Trayvon was holding his mouth and nose shut, he would most definitely have GZ’s blood of his nails somewhere…I suspect the story is a complete false narrative.

      • Nef05 says:

        I agree. I think it’s one of the prosecution’s strongest points rebutting GZ’s version(s) of the altercation. Particularly, if the ME is called and testifies there was no blood on his hands and there happen to be autopsy photos or crime scene photos that include his open hands, with no sign of blood.

    • rayvenwolf says:

      The blood from his nose was from a cut up on the side of his nose.

      DNA/blood from both parties were found on the clothing of booth. How much is unknown.

      Trayvon went through a full a proper autopsy, the undertaker was just the first to speak out.

      GZ only told his friend Osterman than he removed Trayvon’s hands. In ever other telling he says Trayvon removed his own hands.

      • princss6 says:

        One spot of blood was fond on Trayvon’s shirt under his hoodie. We don’t know the placement or size of that blood found.

        I do not believe believe any blood from TM was found on Zimmerman.

        This is hardly the hallmark of close physical combat with so little blood passing between them.

        Don’t forget, Zimmerman frisked TM after he shot him. But more importantly, there was NO Zimmerman blood found on either Trayvon’s sweatshirt or second shirt’s cuffs or lower sleeves.

        I’m confident at this point to say there was no blood before I would say, there was blood found on both. The preponderance of the evidence, IMO, points to transfer of GZ blood.

        • You are likely correct, although depending on the location of the one bloodstain and its shape and size, it may have been a drop that dripped off his head as he was above TM searching him for a weapon after the shooting, or it may have transferred from his hand or clothing.

          We need a blood spatter expert to interpret the bloodstain.

  20. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if GZ’s brother has a passport and GZ is thinking about using it to flee that is after he raises enough money from his donors since he’s taking sole control of money collected through his resurrected website? I might be stretching it a bit here, but I don’t put anything pass GZ

    • ajamazin says:

      George is devious and deceptive.

      If it can be done, he is apt to do it!

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        @ajamazin, him and his brother do resemble each other, so he could pull it off. I don’t trust GZ or his lawyer as far as I can see them. BTW, I meant to tell you that I agree with you that MOM is a shyster. It is no way that he did not know about the money in PayPal account, when practically every citizen that kept up with this case did. I don’t buy it.

        One and one is two, but it can also be eleven.

    • aussie says:

      Who’s seen a picture of the brother? did he look anything like G looks now with his chubby face and hair grown back?

      • TruthBTold says:


        I am unsure which brother they are talking about. The only brother that I have seen and aware of actually, is RZjr. and he and GZ don’t look that much alike to me where someone would mix one up for the other *shrugs*

  21. Beth says:

    I think George might commit a murder/suicide taking Shellie with him.

  22. Human54321 says:

    Professor Leatherman, I, originally, followed you here from firedoglake so I think I will, always, think of you as “mason”. I have been reading your posts for some time and I thank you for them. At an earlier time, you had mentioned your willingness to accept suggestions for posts. I know that you have given a good bit of time in the last few days to creating a lively and intelligent forum but I figured if you are on a roll, you might consider updating the earlier post: https://frederickleatherman.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/zimmerman-medical-report-released
    you did on the medical report. I noticed in one of the document dumps that the actual report doesn’t quite square with the earlier reports. When you were using the press versions of the leaked reports you brought up the issue of a reasonable fear of bodily harm and I can’t see that Zimmerman’s injuries, actually, reflect that. I, also, think it worth noting that his story on Hannity doesn’t quite match the report, either.

    It is here:

    Click to access george_zimmerman_medical_report.pdf

    You will notice that he was NOT seen by the “family doctor” but instead by a Physicians Assistant. The issue of the broken nose seems debatable. The P.A. records a “likely” one based on the testimony of Zimmerman that the paramedics told him that. The P.A.s own finding appear to only be the last bit of the report and she only notes two small head lacerations and some bruising around his nose and eyes. You noted in your last blog on the issue O’Mara’s slickness in introducing the issue and I think we can all see why. I am curious what you make of the report. I must admit it bothered me. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. And thank you for your blog. Back to lurker status for me, now.

  23. CherokeeNative says:

    I fail to understand how almost 400k is already gone – I just don’t believe that. I believe that this call for more donations, the interview with SH, the claim that GZ is near broke, the new internet presence of GZ, and Twitter are all ploys to take the media’s and the public’s thoughts off of Witness #9’s accusations – and if, well, it brings in more donations during the course – all the better.

    • ajamazin says:

      I doubt we will ever know the true amount of money donate to

    • I don’t know how much money has been donated to the GZLegalDefenseFund. I do know we have to rely on O’Mara for how much money is in the account and the volume of contributions from day to day and week to week.

      He’s soliciting donations by pleading poverty.

      Whether that is true or not is anyone’s guess.

      I am wondering what might happen, if there is no money to continue to pay the security detail. This could potentially cause a serious problem for the defense, if maintaining and paying the security detail is a condition that the bonding company imposed on GZ as a condition of posting its bond.

      We know, for example, that the bonding company is not adequately secured, if GZ were to rabbit on the bond.

      Would it revoke its bond, if he cannot pay the security detail? If so, the bonding company would simply order the security detail to take him into custody and deposit him at the Seminole County Jail, tear up the bond, and pocket the $100 K, thank you very much.

      This would put GZ back in jail with no realistic chance at getting out on the $1 M bail and Mark O’Mara would be left holding a bag of unpaid fees and expenses as the bail bondsman grins like a Cheshire Cat with the $100 K.

      Don’t know how likely this is but it does provide food for thought.

      • aussie says:

        Is it the bonding company demanding the security detail? I thought it was George’s paranoia. He had to get the GPS bracelet at his own expense, but surely they’re fairly cheap these days?

        If it is the bonding company, it would be less for G”s safety from his many would-be assassins, and more to make sure he doesn’t run out on them.

        • I am not sure why they are there.

          • Patricia says:

            Why the security detail?

            To impress his nutcake following that poor GZ is, indeed, the focus of persecution by a vast army of agitators who oppose the hunting and killing of un-armed teens.

            Also that GZ is so very important that he needs protection – like Presidential candidates, for example.

            So the nutcakes should be thrilled by the opportunity to write checks to suppor Important George’s lifestyle.

            That’s why he has his security detail. Window-dressing – to GZ, all the world’s a stage, and he gets top billing. Send money, before the curtain comes down.

            PS: I bet GZ was livid about the Aurora massacre.
            Pushed GZ right out of the spotlight.

          • Two sides to the story says:

            In one thread on the GZLC Facebook, the moderator said that the security detail is not part of the bail agreement – in other words, it is something that OM and GZ thinks he needs, and they paid about 50k for this (didn’t say how long the contract is for). High theatre, in my opinion.

          • TruthBTold says:

            @Two sides to the story,

            I was under the same impression that the security detail was not part of the bail agreement, but of their own doing.

  24. greenwarrior says:

    In the video on George’s website he says the website is a place to communicate with him, but there’s no way to “communicate” with him except by donating money.

    • Contributing money probably is what he means by communication.

    • Patricia says:

      Is there any requirement by the court that GZ or MOM provide an accounting of donatiions received? Not from whom, but how much?

      If no requirement now, would it become a requirement when GZ runs through all the money and is declared indigent OR if it impacts his current bail bond?

      I’d like to see the cashflow after GZ’s TV performance this week.

      • Apparently, they’ve only received 2 to 3 K and are just about out of money, according to MOM.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Actually, I don’t think he would qualify to be declared indigent while he is out on this large bail. Most states consider if you have money for bond, you have money for an attorney! Zimmerman may just be out foxing his own cause!

    • diaryofasuccessfulloser says:

      There’s a section in dark grey at the bottom of his website, which has his email address. I didn’t see it myself at first. It’s the same username as his Twitter but for gmail.

      • greenwarrior says:

        right you are! thanks.

      • ajamazin says:

        Email: friendsofgz@gmail.com

        Zimmerman supporters can then be told how to donate to George and bypass the GZLegalDefenseFund.

        • Good morning:

          The conditions of release prohibit him from opening a bank account. He may be in violation of that condition, if he is soliciting funds directly and bypassing the GZLegalDefenseFund.

      • ajamazin says:


        The conditions of release may prohibit him from opening a bank account, but other family members have bank accounts, yes?

        Donations could be cash, gold, bearer bonds, etc. with the added benefit of anonymity for donors.

        Donors could make payments to the security company.

        Of course, there is always Switzerland!

        Again, I doubt we will ever know the actual amount George has

    • Angel says:

      Actually there is an email link at the bottom left corner of his site, at least it was there two days ago. It still is there, just checked. Its a gmail account. However, it is sort of hidden in the lower darken part of the page. Amazing.

      What kind of world do we live in when it is OK for a killer to solicit money to pay his bills and live the life, while those giving to him are experiencing the same economy crisis as we all are? Amazing.

      Just crazy, people giving to a murderer.

  25. ajamazin says:

    George has no need of costly security.

    George needs to demonstrate his faith and put his trust in God.

    God has a plan for George.

  26. suuzie says:

    I predict GZ is getting ready to pull an OJ on his attorney. I think they have both gone rogue on each other and neither has confidence in the other because of actions they have both taken. GZ not being honest with MOM about the amount of money he had in his paypal account and MOM possibly making deals with SH and BW behind GZ back. I guarantee Baez will be sitting at the table at the next court appearance.

    • greenwarrior says:

      Can someone fill me in on who Baez is and what part he plays in all this? I must have missed that somewhere along the way.

      • He was the defense lawyer in the Casey Anthony case.

      • greenwarrior says:

        Why/how is he involved with this case?

        • Apparently, GZ had considered retaining him on Hannity’s recommendation, but he had already agreed to have O’Mara represent him and O’Mara did not want to work with Baez. Now that GZ seems to have gone rogue again reactivating his website and complaining that O’Mara has not done enough (1) to correct media misconceptions and lies about him, (2) to promote GZ personally, and (3) to fundraise, there has been some speculation that he might be trying to get Baez to replace O’Mara.

          The problem is he does not have enough money to do it, so it is unlikely to happen.

      • ajamazin says:

        Baez is not involved, presently.

        Mere speculation.

        • TruthBTold says:

          Yeah, I don’t think Baez is interested. If I remember correctly, it was said or he dodged the question rather, about whether he was contacted or not. I think he declined the offer though. I doubt he would take this on just coming off of another high profile case a year ago.

      • greenwarrior says:

        Is it known where the money came from for Baez and the defense team in the Casey Anthony case?

      • ajamazin says:

        Public defender, I believe.

    • aussie says:

      From some of the jail house tapes, it seems Hannity may have been interested in getting Baez onto the case. As in offering to pay some/all of it? GZ refused because MOM wasn’t going to go along with it.

  27. crazy1946 says:

    I have been spending a little time on other sites and after reading a lot of comments, I have a question. Would it be possible after the trial starts to change the charge against Zimmerman to first degree murder? The more he talks the more it would seem that he murdered Martin by intent! I suspect the answer to that question is no, if for no other reason that it would have required a grand jury to be involved, but is there any other way that the charge could be expanded against him? By the way the judge suggested, if my memory is correct that the charge against Zimmerman should be criminal contempt and not perjury….
    Professor Leatherman, thank you for taking your time on this blog to allow we little people to better understand how the process should work and what we can expect to see!

    • There are no little people.

      There are only people.

      Criminal contempt would be easier to prove than perjury, but perjury could be proven with Shellie’s cooperation.

      More important, if Shellie were to confirm that the purpose for hiding the money and the passport was to flee to avoid prosecution, then the whole sorry episode would be admissible at trial during the prosecution’s case in chief as evidence showing consciousness of guilt.

      I don’t believe the State will up the charge to M1.

  28. Olivia Ova says:

    He’s sounding like a Charlie Manson in the video he posted on his site. Talking to “the masses”, and telling them the Website is “our” website.

    The masses support him in his mind only. He seems to be getting crazier by the day.

    • ajamazin says:

      Zimmerman may be crazy or he might be “crazy like a fox.”

    • aussie says:

      AFAIK for an insanity plea, you had to be provably insane at the time of the offense? not 4 – 12 moths later?

    • Malisha says:

      Although he seems to be getting “crazier by the day,” there really ARE a lot of people out there responding to his psycho-rhetoric about his constitutional rights being taken away, about his victimization by the system, about his close alliance with god, about all that and more. Never underestimate the power of lots of dumb resentful people who are armed. Remember Germany in 1933! Zimmerman seems so transparent, so pompous, so dishonest, so obnoxious to rational people that they can miss the appeal he has for the masses of people who really cling to their self-righteous anger problems for dear life, who equate self-protection with the right to pummel others who seem frightening to them, and who love a HERO who seems to them to be facing terrible odds with great and godly fortitude. Do not underestimate the power of the “Poor George” Image. If there is ever a riot because of some legal decision in this case, I can see it more likely to be coming from the Hannity-flavored angry-religious-right than from African Americans, who have traditionally responded to adverse legal decisions with resolve, legal protest, and the leadership of religious (Christian) authorities.

  29. Benjamin Crump tweeted this article:

    Dear God, It Wasn’t Your Plan To Kill Trayvon.

    By Michael Skolnik @ Global Grind dot Com.

  30. rayvenwolf says:

    You mentioned GZ possibly taking out the next person to get in his way. If I had to pick the easiest target it wouldn’t be his lawyer, it would be his wife. Shellie is facing perjury charges because of him. Assuming she wakes up to the reality of things any time soon, she may go crawling to Corey with any information she can provide outside of spousal privilege.

    If Lester decides that his comments to/regarding Trayvon’s parents is in violation of his bond, I do think George will not go quietly.

    • I fear you may be right.

    • TruthBTold says:


      Yeah she might be a target especially, if she feels some sort of way once finding out about the sexual abuse allegations against GZ. Can you imagine trying to get away from him? *Yikes* The dude is, amongst other things, controlling. He has a history of domestic violence and clearly has some issues. However, she might be the type of woman that’s just happy to have a man and will stand by him through anything. It’s everyone else.:/. There are quite a few relationship dynamics going on.

      • rayvenwolf says:

        @TBT: Yeah that’s why I’m not 100% on whether she’d wake up or not. Shellie comes off as rather meek and submissive to GZ(which is probably why he married her.). If the molestation allegation and her court date at the end of the month don’t shake something free in her I don’t think anything ever will.

      • KA says:

        If I were Shellie’s parents, I would be basically kidnapping her to keep her away from him. What parent wants their child charged with a felony over a guy that allowed HER to take his heat…it reminds me of this couple that were interviewed about the Aurora shooting…they were completely unaware of what they were saying, but as their “story” came out, it ends up the dad left his crying baby on the floor of the theater, jumped over multiple chairs, saved himself, and drove away in the car as his wife was struck my a bullet in the leg, she grabbed her 4 year old daughter, found her 4 month old crying son and then had to call the dad on the cell phone to come back and get her and the kids…

        You know, as terrible as that is (that young man is lucky I am not his mom) that is truly not much different than allowing GZ to isolate himself from Shellie by saying “it was her that lied, GZ told her to pray about it” (O’Mara’s words) and let her pay for his devious plans.

        In both situations, the women’s parents should be coming in and taking over…maybe I am a helicopter mom…but I sure would be…

        • TruthBTold says:


          I hear ya. I am not a mom, but I would want the same thing for my child. Ultimately, she is an adult and will do what she wants to do. I don’t know the dynamics of their relationship, but she probably won’t challenge him or leave him. I haven’t listened to any of his telephone recordings, but others have reported that he talks to her like she is a child or stupid or something. He’s the mastermind. She may have low self-esteem or whatever, so it would be very difficult to get those types into the light.

          “that is truly not much different than allowing GZ to isolate himself from Shellie by saying “it was her that lied, GZ told her to pray about it” (O’Mara’s words)”

          Whaaaaaaattt? That’s what was said?

    • Dennis says:

      I fear you may be right as well. GZ’s criminal and violent past shows how much of a sociopath he is. He assaulted a federal agent that was undercover trying to arrest his friend, but it should have been obvious to GZ that he was law enforcement. He also supposedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. His cousin (Witness #9) has now come out saying GZ’s whole family is racist and that GZ molested her for over ten year.

      If Shellie has any brains she will work out a deal with the prosecution and divorce that sad excuse for a human being. She was naive and did something stupid on command from her loser husband. I would like to see GZ face the fire for the perjury crime but then again I think GZ was planning on fleeing and SZ was his accomplice. I would absolutely love SZ to testify that GZ was going to flee.

      • TruthBTold says:

        @ Dennis,

        Yeah, I am wondering when or if the State is going to bring perjury charges against GZ. I would have to pull up the 2nd Bond Order, but is perjury the correct charge considering he wasn’t actually testifying at that time? He knowingly permitted a falsehood. Either way, I wonder what the State is ultimately going to do.

      • Do you mean to say you don’t like happy endings when the lovers embrace, kiss and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes?

        Shame on you.

      • Malisha says:

        My prediction: Shellie will not turn on George, not in the foreseeable future. IF HE GOES TO PRISON FOR A LONG TIME she may possible extricate herself, but I would only give that possibility a 25% chance and I’m a pretty good handicapper of low-self-esteem subservient “harem-wives.” George is more and more godlike the more and more “abused” he becomes by the big bad media and the terribly unfair courts. I think Shellie’s glue is getting stronger, not weaker. I also don’t feel terribly sorry for her.

  31. TruthBTold says:

    He claims he is not going anywhere unless GZ gets rid of him.


    You can also click on the hyperlink to watch MOM’s interview. I only watched the first couple of minutes of part I; can’t do too much. *blank stare* at his attempt to explain away GZ’s use of “God’s plan.” Ridiculous.

    • ajamazin says:

      “….unless GZ gets rid of him.”

      I assume O’Mara is talking in ‘code’.

    • Olivia Ova says:

      I read that Zimmerman’s brother Robert works as an attorney, and is licensed in Florida?

      Can’t recall for sure where I read it, but believe it may have been at bcclist.com

      George Zimmerman was just a few credits short of an associates degree in criminal justice. On his application for a “police ride-along”, etc. with a law enforcement department, he said that he wanted to “be” a police officer. Later said he wanted to “be” a judge.

      Add to that, his dad worked as a magistrate –

      Maybe he changed his mind and wants to “be” an attorney. His own attorney at that.

      In addition to a “social marketing guru” – hee, hee.

      He put on his site a youtube video of himself calling out to the “MASSES” – yes – he calls his target audience the masses – unbelievable, eh?

      Then tells them his Website is OURS.

      Yes, indeed. George ZImmerman’s two-page Website belongs to his contributors.

      • TruthBTold says:

        @Olivia Ova,

        LOL. He is really delusional. If this whole thing wasn’t so sad, it would actually be quite funny. Over at Global Grind, they captured a few of his tweets from the Twitter page that was taken down shortly after being created. His supporters are just as cuckoo as he is. One kook tweeted telling him that “Everything will work out, it’s all part of God’s plan.” Some people really need to stop using this “God’s plan” in the manner that they are.

        • I believe there will come a time in the not too distant future when he comes to deeply regret having said that.

          What an astonishing excuse to make in refusing to accept responsibility for killing an unarmed innocent kid talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone on a rainy Sunday night.

          I am still stunned by the depravity exhibited in that statement and by this one that may even exceed that one:

          I do not regret killing your son, but I do regret that you had to bury him. I pray for you every night.

          • TruthBTold says:

            You know what Professor, you are right and I think the same thing. It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next year, but he has to atone for what he has done. Yes, his statements were totally off-the-wall, hurtful, insincere, not well thought out, etc. I hope during the maturation process during his life, he comes to terms with many of his poor decision-making results and accept responsibility. It might be a long journey because these types of individuals are very thick and believe their own stories or accounts; resistant to conceding anything. When Detectives Serino and Singleton were going through the 911 call with him (February 29th, Part 3) and when they got to the part when he exited the vehicle and the dispatcher made his remark, Serino asked him what was going through your mind at the time? GZ responded, he (the dispatcher) is right). Serino: So you should have gotten back in your car? GZ: BUT I still wanted to get an address. He still wanted and wants to do what he wants to do. It’s clear he doesn’t exercise good judgment. His other interview with Serino that night or the next day and when Serino said something to the effect of when you are all alone thinking maybe you can remember something pertinent to that night (paraphrasing). Basically, suggesting to him to think long and hard and recognize your role in this and be forthright. But of course, GZ is maintaining his position that he was an innocent victim that night and he did not create the hostile environment which led to a senseless loss. In the part 3 interview before they went into the screams and they were pushing back on him with questions and his voice would drop like a scolded kid and he said something and Serino said yeah, that’s why you have to open your mind.

      • Soon to be an audience of one hand clapping?

      • Michael Stewart says:

        “He put on his site a youtube video of himself calling out to the “MASSES” – yes – he calls his target audience the masses – unbelievable, eh?”

        Zimmerman’s behaviors are out of alignment with his alleged safety concerns. The website revitalization, new Facebook account, and the media blitz aren’t consistent with the actions of a man receiving legitimate death threats.

        Think Salman Rushdie here; bodyguarded-up and disappeared for 10 years.

        Quite a contrast.

      • aussie says:

        I saw Hannity explain the God’s Plan bit. He said it did not refer to his not having any regrets. It referred to his question do you feel you’d be here” as in “meaning here on Earth”, he said. So, that he was lucky enough to be successful in defending his life, THAT was God’s Plan. According to Hannity.

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osiLdNk7KvE at 1:28 mark

      • Malisha says:

        George practices “non-say” which appears to be what his father before him practiced. Zimmerman Senior was giving his famous and obnoxious statement while his son was still in hiding before the first arrest and he said that then (at the point after the mythical attack by bad Trayvon and the mythical broken nose) “George pulled out his gun and he did what he did.”

        George “did what he did.”

        George, explaining his actions, and his motivations, uses the same sort of nonspeak. He does not regret the events of that night but he cannot imagine how sad it must be to have to bury your child. He’s sorry the parents have to bury their child! Would he feel OK if they only had to cremate him? He thinks the media should apologize to him because they portrayed him as a racist and they shouldn’t have. Should they apologize because they insisted he should be arrested and then he was?

        George’s speech is a specialized form of lying; it is the lying of recasting what happens in a way that seems acceptable to the liar. Then he insists that alternative understandings of what really happened are untrue and even unwarranted.

  32. Nef05 says:

    What if SH backed GZ’s bond, with the bondsman; giving O’Mara the understanding that once the bond was released, it would be released to O’Mara for legal expenses?
    Here’s my thinking:
    1. O’Mara stated GZ would sit in jail indefinitely, because the family didn’t have the assets to back the bond. Yet, within hours of making that statement, bond was arranged and GZ was released, by COB.

    2. SH said unequivocally he did not pay GZ. This arrangement totally bypasses GZ.

    3. It would explain why O’Mara is sticking around and (somewhat) why he’s letting GZ call the shots, if he knows he has a guaranteed payday of at least $900K. That might be as close as he can get to realising any sort of payment for expenses and services rendered.

    4. Barbara Walters said it was O’Mara who negotiated the deal with the network, before GZ went all prima donna on them. It would make sense that he also negotiated with Hannity/Fox, on GZ’s behalf.

    Maybe the interview was fulfilling GZ’s half of a deal, negotiated while GZ was still locked up. Where payment was rendered on GZ’s behalf, but not to GZ, allowing both GZ and Hannity/Fox plausible deniability.

  33. Olivia Ava says:

    IIRC, O’mara told news reporters that after taking Zimmerman’s case, he bought the house and property next to his office, because he would need more space to work it.

    Perhaps O’Mara thought he could keep generating at least a thousand a day in donations, which would give him an income from the case with which he could at least cover the cost of house/property payments and taxes (if he didn’t pay cash).

    Of the more than 200K donated before O’Mara told judge Lester about the money, we know that Shellie and George spent almost $37K (in 18 days) and that O’Mara gave them an additional $20K of the money to keep for their living expenses.

    O’Mara then set up a donation page and claimed support was so great for Zimmerman that donations of about 1K a day were coming in.

    Then, fund grew overnight by 20K when George’s bond was increased.

    At that point, 300K or more had been contributed. Since then, contributions have continue according to O’Mara, but I do notice that he’s no longer happy with 1K-2K a day in contributions. He complained about their only being a couple thousand in contributions after the Sean Hannity show.

    Now, they claim the fund is almost insolvent.

    But, how can that be?

    $57K to Shellie and George to spend as they please ($37K and $20K) + $100K bail ($5K for the first bond and $85K for the second ($100K) bond) = $157K to the Zimmermans.

    The total contributed to date is probably near or tops $400K.

    If so, then even if the fund’s administrator received his or her approximately $45K annual salary in advance, there would still be about $200K left.

    If O’Mara is really working pro bono, then where has the rest of the money gone?

    He talks as though so far he hasn’t done much more than view the discovery.

    I just don’t see how the fund could be depleted unless O’Mara has billed for, and received payment for many hours @ his $600.00/hr rate.

    Question: Does he have to inform the court when he switches from pro-bono to paid counsel?

    • PYorck says:

      I think the details of his security arrangements could make the difference. Serious 24 hour security can get horribly expensive very quickly. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they are paying the equivalent of multiple full time salaries for professional armed guards (no matter to whom those actually answer.)

      • Olivia Ova says:

        George and Shellie Zimmerman were at what O’Mara called a “secure location” that turned out to just be his friend’s house, and now – if I understand correctly, the bail company is providing security.

        George wanting Barbara Walters to put Shellie (and himself, unless he goes back to jail) up in a hotel for a month makes no sense security wise.

        They’d be recognized in a heartbeat, especially with a cadre of armed guards following them in and out of a hotel room.

        • You’re right, unless they paid for a whole floor with secure access and that would be a very expensive and crazy idea. What would they do after the month was up?

          The whole idea seems crazy and unnecessary to me.

          • TruthBTold says:

            While channel surfing about a half to 45 minutes ago, I fell upon the show “Extra” and they were in the midst of reporting on the BW/GZ story. They reported the condition of being 3 months lodging. Unsure what the correct number is, a month or three but doesn’t matter because ABC is not accommodating those types of requests. They are truly desperate. Oh well tons of individuals who find themselves entering the system don’t have these types of luxuries (funding sites, etc). Also, considering our current economy where people have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own, deserve the real compassion. GZ and his camp will have to do like every one else.

          • I think a lot of people are offended by his performance during the SH softball interview and the way he blew through $36 K. That was a slap in the face to anyone struggling financially to get by, particularly if they had skipped a meal to contribute $5 to the cause.

      • PYorck says:

        The bail company may provide security, but I am pretty sure that they don’t provide substantial security for months, all the while paying for it out of their $100000 fee. That just would not make sense.
        I think it is likely that there is security involved that answers to the bondsman but the fund is still paying for it all. As long as the donations keep flowing that is an acceptable arrangement for all parties.

      • Two sides to the story says:

        On the GZLC FB account, the moderator explained in one thread (I think perhaps gone because they have to pull some threads because of all the arguments between supporters and non-supporters that break the rules of the site) that the security detail cost $50k – I don’t know what time span that was for. The 100k for bail, the 20k for living expenses, paying off GZ’s old debts, the security detail, and some payments made for MOM legal matters (research, experts, etc 30k ?- not direct to O’Mara). . . At any rate, the original 200k was wiped out and GZLC hoped the Hannity interview would spur a new round of donations. There are supporters commenting on FB who make automatic monthly donations from their bank accounts. Some of these are suprisingly substantial.

    • ajamazin says:

      Apparently, O’Mara does what he wants to do.

    • O’Mara does not have to inform the Court about his fee arrangement with his client, however, if he wants the Court to appoint him as counsel at public expense, he would have to have GZ fill out an affidavit of indigency and file it in support of his request to be appointed. The hourly rate probably would be less than $50/hr which would not even cover his overhead, but it would be better than nothing.

      He would need an accounting of how much money came in via internet donations and how it was spent or the judge would never grant the motion.

      If the motion were granted, he would submit monthly itemized billings to the Court.

      • Olivia Ova says:


        Interesting, because instead of asking the court to appoint him counsel at public expense, he let it be known that he was working pro bono.

        Prefers $0.00 an hour to $50.00 an hour? Feels so supportive of Zimmerman that he is willing to work for nothing?


        He was aware of Zimmerman’s web site, knew it was generating money, and felt he could do even better at bringing in donations.

        He had more public exposure than Zimmerman – press releases, social marketing on a Facebook page, case updates on the Web site.

        Mark O’Mara altruistic? No. Just smart business strategy. Social marketing.

        He saw an opportunity to collect $600 hour from Zimmerman supporters. Made himself out to be supporting the CAUSE, losing his own money, just like he wanted Zimmerman’s supporters to do.

    • ajamazin says:

      The money in the fund belongs to Zimmerman.

      He can access it whenever he pleases.

      O’Mara no tiene tiempo para trabajar en el caso debido a que está aprendiendo a hablar español.

      O’Mara planea huir con Zimmerman.

      ¡Hasta la vista!

      • Creo que no, porque no hay suficiente dinero.

      • Olivia Ova says:

        According to content on O’Mara’s Web site, Zimmerman is given an allowance for living expenses, and must show receipts for every dollar he spends of that allowance.

        Doesn’t say that he can access however much he wants, when he wants.

        • TruthBTold says:

          @Olivia Ova,

          Right, I was under the same impression. MOM brought in an independent administrator to oversee the funds. Don’t think GZ has free access like that.

      • ajamazin says:

        The funds may be in the possession of an independent administrator but Zimmerman has constructive possession of the monies in the fund, I believe.

        He is the beneficial owner.

        Did Zimmerman gift the money or transfer the money to the administrator?

        Clearly the money is not held in trust or the administrator would be the trustee who administers the trust for the beneficiary Zimmerman. The client is the beneficial owner.

        A custodial account is a trust account owned by an individual and managed by a named party for purposes of distribution of funds in that account.

        Law firm accounting includes trust accounts for disbursing funds entrusted to the law firm by each client for the client’s benefit.
        However, the client is the beneficial owner.

        However, we have heard of no trust being legally established which would establish a fiduciary relationship exists between the trustee and the beneficiary or custodian and beneficiary.

        O’Mara has consistently referred to an administrator yet has made no mention of the funds being held in trust.

        Should Zimmerman demand the monies in the fund, the administrator would be forced to comply.

      • Beybey says:

        Obviously cause he blow it all on his personal affairs.

  34. Olivia Ava says:

    Did anyone else notice a strange body contortion that O’mara did at the first bond hearing?

    The one where he stood up from his chair did an odd sort of sucking in of his abdomen while at the same time quickly throwing his shoulders back and chin up?

    Just stood out as really whacky body movement.

    • Dennis says:

      I was disturbed by two things in the interview from the other night.

      #1) Sometimes GZ laughs or chuckles before he responds to a question like this is all a game to him. No respect or remorse for killing an unarmed 17 year old.

      #2) O’Mara didn’t even chime in with his two cents until 20-30 minutes into the interview. He let his client say some ridiculously stupid things. GZ should have never made public comments that contradict his fantasy version of what happened.

      • Malisha says:

        Dennis, those chuckles were accompanied by smirks, and they indicated that some suggestion made by Hannity (always referring to the “theories” that media or prosecutor had put forward) were so silly and so idiotic (on the part of the law or the media) that they were easily mocked.

        George, did you know about the SYG law before this unfortunate event?

        ANSWER: Smirkchuckle, Noo.

        George, was Trayvon Martina afraid of you because you were following him?

        ANSWER: Smirkchuckle, Noo.

        and like that.

        George’s smirkchuckle is his contempt and disdain for the person who is so disrespectable as to disagree with HIS VERSION of reality.

        George, should other people hold their own opinions of what you did?

        SMIRKCHUCKLE, Nooo. They should only listen to ME. I AM THE ONE WHO HAS GOD’S APPROVAL.

        • TruthBTold says:


          Excellent observation. He even did the the same thing (like that’s preposterous type response) when Serino said that a “witness” saw him trying to detain TM. Serino was line “yeah I know” which was kind of a weird response. Probably more psychological tactics.

  35. Olivia Ava says:

    O’Mara might do well to get a psych evaluation, too.

    • ajamazin says:

      Greedy, sleazy, lying shyster is not a diagnosis included in the 4th edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

      Perhaps, it will be included in the 5th edition, due out in 2013.

      • Malisha says:

        Ajamazin, about O’Mara, I think he is both cagier/smarter than Professor Leatherman has presumed so far AND nastier/smarmier than even you have presumed so far, and this is why:

        I do not believe that O’Mara is trying to gain acquittal for Zimmerman, but I do believe that he has not said as much to George or the Zimmerman family. I believe that as soon as the two bozos who were calling themselves George’s attorneys before O’Mara entered from stage-left leaped off the sinking ship, O’Mara was retained with the idea that his jumping in would make it possible for George’s many “advisors” to convince George and Shelly not to take the money and run. That is, I think those two attorneys were there to test the waters and start screaming “broken nose” “bloody head” “fear of death” for a while until the thing died down; when they failed to prevent charges from being dropped I think George and Shellie were ready to leave but somebody got to O’Mara and together, O’Mara and these others convinced George that his best bet was a real defense and to get that, he had to turn himself in, appear very obedient and law-abiding, and start the process, so O’Mara could turn the ship around and achieve his goals.

        To me, O’Mara seems smart, very smart. He’s got a tiger by the tail. Although he would not have PROMISED George to get him acquitted, he surely did not climb on board by saying, “George, you will very likely have to do serious prison time and you are NOT going to be a rich man from this webpage or anything else.”

        I think he would not have gotten George on board had he been that brutally honest with him. I do think that O’Mara imagined that he would be able to do very effective damage control, re-paint George’s portrait in the media, get most of the public turned around from “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO AN INNOCENT BLACK KID” to “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO AN INNOCENT HISPANIC AMERICAN?” and then proceed to getting George something like a plea deal for a year plus probation or something utterly crazy like that.

        But then, I think O’Mara got a series of bad shocks. Most of them came by way of revelations that the facts, which are reportedly “stubborn things,” were worse than he imagined. Perhaps he was not aware of how stupidly George had blabbed and blabbed and blabbed to the cops when he thought they were A-100% behind him. Perhaps he was not aware of how much George’s own arrogance and his obvious mental illness would resist logic, reason and rational planning. Whatever.

        Then I think the thing went into orbit as George tried to achieve real celebrity, in his own mind, talking to the pastor about prayer, talking to Sean Hannity about God’s plan, trying to scam Barbara Walters, and turning out to be a bully so incurable that he shoots his own attorneys in their feet while sneering all over the TV screens.

        I think Judge Lester’s considerable authority also shocked O’Mara, who was just not ready for a judge to stand up for his judicial right to callz-em-as-he-seezem.

        It almost amused me when O’Mara came out admitting that the SYG law had nothing to do with the case, and in the same breath, saying his client was “reacting to a broken nose” and that the reaction was screaming “HELP”! Um…he killed someone. We can forgive him for screaming “HELP” — especially since there is no prima facie case that he ever DID scream “help” or anything else. But the little issue of killing a kid…yeah, problem.

        So then O’Mara seems to retreat from his plans for a SYG hearing to plans for a “self-defense hearing” — although there is no such thing in Florida law. Give it a few months; when the appellate court comes down saying Lester is not recused, then we will hear that O’Mara has decided not to seek a “self-defense hearing.” And we’ll have a brand new interesting reason for that — perhaps that George has not been doing well since he suffers from PTSD and as a result he cannot appear at a hearing.

        Then there will be other dilatory motions.
        Then there will be an attempt to show that George cannot yet stand trial.
        Then there will be expensive legal things happening.
        Then there will be a plea deal.
        UNLESS George goes into open rebellion or goes off and does something else “uncontrolled.” In which case, look out.

        There’s my take on it.

  36. bmh says:

    Mr Leatherman. Excellent post! I agree, and can see the madness of GZ behavior. Wouldn’t MOM already of had a psych evalutation done on GZ? I got the feeling when watching the interview that MOM looked very disturbed and almost disconnected when looking at GZ as he was talking. He obviously has seen and heard more bizarre behavior from his client than we have.

  37. ajamazin says:

    Professor Leatherman.

    “I Worry About Mark O’Mara ….”

    O’Mara is a greedy, sleazy shyster.

    Need I remind you:

    George Zimmerman’s Attorney Smears Molestation Accuser: Falsely Claims She Tried To Sell Story To People Magazine

    ” Defense attorney Mark O’Mara immediately attempted to discredit the young woman, telling the Miami Herald she tried to sell her story to People magazine.”

    People Magazine has denied it.

    O’Mara is a greedy, sleazy, lying shyster.


    • masonblue says:

      Yes, I know, but I am still concerned about him as a human being.

      I was and remain concerned about all of my death penalty clients, too, including those who are serial killers.

      • ajamazin says:

        I do not approve of the death penalty and I support its elimination.

        I advocate for those who are vulnerable, exploited, marginalized, mentally or physically impaired, have limited resources, or are victims of injustice.

        O’Mara does not fit in any of these categories.

      • ajamazin says:

        O’Mara harshly criticized Zimmerman’s former attorneys for discussing the case publicly.

        The height of hypocrisy.

  38. Digger says:

    Would Cheney Mason touch this client?

  39. Michael Stewart says:

    “Having said that, I do not believe that he would have succeeded in getting control of GZ, if he had attempted to do so. He certainly cannot do it now.”

    The saga is developing according to script. With the rekindling of his website and that offensive Youtube channel, he’s has gone ’round the bend, over the hill, and officially, off the reservation.

    Zimmerman’s plea to the Hispanic community is more of a rehabilitation effort. From the very beginning, Hispanic advocacy groups have never supported him. This includes major organizations like La Raza, MECHA, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Not much has happened across the past 4 months that would inspire a change in sentiment, on the contrary. And regardless of his heritage, I don’t perceive GZ as culturally Hispanic, unless of course, it’s convenient. I say this as the product of a “White – Hispanic” union myself.

    Skating on thin ice here; if Zimmerman was perceived as culturally Hispanic, he may not elicit such a groundswell of support from the conservative wing of the political spectrum.

    A question y’all. If O’Mara decides to walk, citing irreconcilable differences, or a need to spend more time with his family (ahem!), do you think a notable defense attorney (a bona fide member of the hierarchy), would be inclined to touch this client?

    I know this sounds crazy, but as the wheels wobble and the hub caps fall-off, I expect to see GZ redouble his efforts.

    • ajamazin says:

      O’Mara and Zimmerman are cut from the same cloth.

    • You asked,

      A question y’all. If O’Mara decides to walk, citing irreconcilable differences, or a need to spend more time with his family (ahem!), do you think a notable defense attorney (a bona fide member of the hierarchy), would be inclined to touch this client?

      Not without a $1,000,000 non-refundable retainer, minimum.

      • lynp says:

        What a great guy O’Mara is for taking the case Pro Bono and not requesting a Million up front to provide George Zimmerman with a defense.

      • KA says:

        You understand Lynp –

        You understand his client worked actively to deceive him, right?
        It would be like (on a small scale) sponsoring a family for Christmas, sacrificing your own family at Christmas to help out. After time, money, and effort was expended and the bags of gifts delivered, finding out they had hidden money, hidden presents, and were still actively seeking money from others for the same Christmas? I assume you would be pretty pissed. I would assume you would feel duped. Anyone would.

        Do I say “that’s okay, I was going to buy it for your family to begin with, so no more money is lost” or do you confront them with the fraud and demand that they give the presents back to give to others or your own family as it is obvious their family is taken care of…

        You understand O’Mara pays for office staff, paralegals, research assistants, and rental and expenses for his offices. He gave up all other revenue (he would have to) to take on this case…and then his client lied to him about money and was hiding a small fortune while he makes the sacrifice and pays his staff and rent with no revenue.

        Should O’Mara continue to take a loss while his client has spent foolishly and has been able to pay himself completely out of debt? O’Mara still carries the debt and has taken no money from the fund. I imagine GZ calls most of the shots on the money, in addition to the strategy.

        O’Mara is not greedy to want to get paid. It is not just his time and family, it is also his office staff, office, travel, and expenses.

        O’Mara is the one taking a bath on that, not GZ.

        For GZ not to realize the sacrifce O’Mara was doing to help him, goes to his oblivious social skills to seeing anyone else’s pain but his own.

    • Patricia says:

      Does anyone have a credible translation of GZ’s Spanish pitch for dinero? I understand it was more extensive than the English wording on his re-habbed non-attorney website.

      Is his Spanish more Florida oriented (Cubano mix?) or does it reflect his mother’s Peruvian idiom?

      Re O’Mara – I think he looked stricken during the Hannity interview because he expected, and Diva George REALLY expected, that Hannity would make a pitch for funds or at least direct viewers to the PayPal site. Didn’t happen. MOM knew GZ would blame MOM – and go off the deep end, Which GZ did on the rehab website, although they cut it out shortly after GZ verbally napalmed MOM on the site.

      Net result, though, was still this: no flood of funding to PayPal from Hannity fans and Diva George’s lifestyle as “sequestered media royalty” with security detail is consuming all available cash.

      Will bail bond agency foreclose on GZ’s freedom?

      Next move by GZ: declares Shellie pregant? (Asked Barbara W. for hotel suite for month-long effort, covering one ovulation?)
      Lotsa fake religious rheteric flows, more pleading for $$$, can work this angle for 4 or 5 months – then the tragic “miscarriage.”

      Enter the Kardashians …

      This circus can go on for years.

      But pens to checkbooks will stop.

      • Michael Stewart says:

        Hi Patricia. He opens by making amends for not responding to his supporters in a timely manner.


        ” Hello, this is George Zimmerman speaking.

        First I would like to apologize and thank you (collectively) for supporting my website, therealgeorgezimmerman.com. It was my intention to personally thank each of you, individually, but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity. (I assume he’s referring to the bond revocation). However, I wanted to take THIS opportunity to thank every one of you.

        This website is OUR website, not MY website. It’s an opportunity for you to communicate with me and receive the facts surrounding this case. I will be updating with new information daily.

        Please check-in, and be sure to tell your family and friends that OUR website, therealgeorgezimmerman.com has returned.

        Again, I thank each and every one of you.


  40. Professor Leatherman, I have followed your blog for quite some time but seldom post. I do have a burning question at this point about a topic that seems to have fallen off the radar. What will come of the following turn of events:

    1. Mr. O’Mara fought tooth and nail to prevent having the additional jailhouse phone calls from being released.

    2. One of the calls reveals that Mr. O’Mara very well knew of some of the Pay Pal funds available to Mr. Zimmerman, at least $37,000 of it.

    3. In the original six calls released, Mrs. Zimmerman tells Mr. Zimmerman that Mr. O’Mara had met with the brother-in-law (the one who was in charge of the Pay Pal account.

    Who will need to file what on whom concerning this possible ethics violation… possibly more than just an ethics violation.

    • Yes, I believe he has a potential problem regarding the $37 K, however, he has denied any knowledge of it and the source of the statement is George Zimmerman.

      Recall that GZ is talking to someone named “Scott” in Call 30 and tells him that he discussed the $37 (code for $37, 000) with O’Mara regarding whether it would complicate the indigency claim in the motion to set bail.

      Scott asks him if O’Mara knows any more information and GZ denies that he does saying that he does not know the “volume.”

      “Let’s keep it that way,” says Scott, an GZ agrees.

      I don’t believe that will be sufficient information to sustain a bar bitch or a criminal charge, even though I believe what GZ said, given the nature of the conversation.

      It’s basically a whispered and coded conversation between two coconspirators in furtherance of their scheme to conceal assets from the Court and from O’Mara. Knowing how much O’Mara knew at that point would be important for the coconspirators to know for the purpose of playing and carrying out their plan and that is why I believe he was telling the truth.

      I believe O’Mara knew about the $37 K and he should have disclosed that information to the court, but I do not believe he will suffer a consequence because of it, except perhaps, a well-deserved loss of respect.

      • Professor Leatherman, how much do you think this will play into Mrs. Zimmerman’s court showing next week? In order to clear her name, might she simply say that Mr. O’Mara knew of the funds and advised them not to worry about it? Could this possibly become a pretty nasty situation all the way around? Could it also create an uncomfortable situation with her counsel?

        In addition, the fact that Mr. O’Mara wanted to keep those additional calls from being made public makes it more suspect to those looking in on this case.

        • Yes, it could become a problem.

          First, she needs to have a lawyer and O’Mara cannot represent her because her best interests conflict with
          GZ’s best interests.

          Her lawyer needs to play let’s make a deal with the prosecution in exchange for her cooperation and potential testimony against GZ, assuming she is agreeable.

      • greenwarrior says:

        how would it work in practise? if gz is out on bail, wouldn’t shellie be in danger if she makes a deal that hurts him?

        • It would be difficult and probably impossible to pull off, if they are living together.

          First, she needs to have her own lawyer and she needs to meet with him or her privately.

          Second, they would need to work out what they are going to do.

          GZ’s influence on her, if they are living together, probably would be too powerful, controlling and possibly intimidating for her to consider flipping on him, but that could change, if she were to move out or he were to have his bond revoked.

          I believe the latter is more likely than the former.

          I wonder if she has family or friends she can stay with. I don’t believe she is employed and that would make it very difficult for her to move out, if she doesn’t have somewhere to go.

          Hard to know how solid their relationship is at this point.

      • greenwarrior says:

        you’ve covered all the points i was thinking about. i could only see it happening if he’s in jail and she has some distance from him.

  41. crazy1946 says:

    If MOM and Zimmerman end the client attorney relationship that they currently have, will that affect his status with the court and the bond allowing him to be (sort of) free? It is my understanding in most states that if one has enough assets to be free on bond, they do not qualify for a court appointed attorney, is that true in Florida as well?

    Could it be possible that MOM is allowing Zimmerman to go down this path toward destruction with hope that he will actually fire him? This would provide MOM with a valid excuse when Zimmerman is convicted. He could say that if Zimmerman had followed his directions he would have been acquitted, but he was not allowed to complete the case. If one were to watch the alleged interview not knowing who the attorney or client was, and without sound, one would have, because of body language alone, thought Zimmerman was the attorney and MOM was the client! I predict that within ten days Zimmerman will be back in the Seminole County Jail and shortly after that MOM will no longer be his attorney!

    • I would not be surprised if your prediction turns out to be accurate, but I do not believe O’Mara is attempting to get fired because he could just withdraw, basically firing his client.

      He would have to have the Court’s blessing to withdraw, but that probably would not be a problem since no trial date has been set.

      I believe O’Mara is hanging in there because he hopes more money will be raised and he will get paid.

      I don’t think it’s going to happen for him.

      • Cielo says:

        “He needs to recognize that his dreams of fame and fortune have turned to dust. There is not going to be any money for him and he needs to get out while the gettin’ is good.”
        My 2 cents, for what it’s worth, is that MOM can cash in with a book deal and a movie script IF he manages to hang in there until the bitter end. Win or lose, MOM will get the notoriety and with that will come the deals and the money. After all, Marcia Clark is a paid attorney commentator and SHE lost a BIG case. I think that’s what he’s trying to get out of this.

  42. Digger says:

    Should be declared taxable, at least that which comes by way of his solicitation. After all it is already “selling his story” to the public as a business. We should all put up a video asking for substitute income and not have to pay since the economy is in a pit. Wishful thinking!

    Professor Leatherman, this post has laid a lot out for thought as
    usual. You have a new one everytime we blink. Thank you!

    • Thanks.

      I wonder sometimes if this blog will inspire someone to get a law degree and use it to fight for civil rights.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        I’m glad that I found your website, It is very informative and enlightening. I do fight for civil rights, but not as a lawyer. Btw, I love your sense of humor, you remind me of my dad.

      • Digger says:

        FL @ 1:33
        We need a lot of someones to do so, unfortunately most of us will spend our time “voicing” disturbance and complaint over issues while not lifting a finger or gambling a dime.

        There are many many good men and women who do inspire
        us to at least care in our hearts. Thank you all

      • KA says:

        Hear hear!

      • Malisha says:

        Are you wondering that or hoping for it?

        In the last several years I have spoken with probably 100 attorneys about a civil rights test case for the “life interest” — I think I have been pretty thorough. The news is good and bad: the BAD NEWS is that nobody has any money available for taking a case of any kind that is a pure support-of-constitutional-rights case, no matter how egregious you can prove the violations have been or how much mischief has been done in the society because of them. The good news is that most of the lawyers who do not become involved reject the offer without cussing you out on the phone.

  43. ajamazin says:

    The standard procedure in Florida jails is to deny the inmate all addictive drugs, and schedule 2 drugs.

    The inmate is given anti seizure drugs and monitored closely while the inmate goes through withdrawal. Then a psychiatric evaluation is made.

    But George is “special”.

    George worked security at “illegal house parties” from 2001 to 2005.

    “Illegal house parties” are raves.

    George is nothing more than your garden variety drug addict who “doctor shops” to obtain his drugs legally, rather than buying them on the street.

    Sanford, Florida is the “pill mill” capital of the South.

    Who doesn’t know this?

    Recall the history of Will Taaffe, Frank Taaffe’s unfortunate son.

  44. Mike Rhys says:


    Off-topic, but since you have become the FDL chronicler of all GZ things, here’s an idea for a future post – taxes! He’s raised (hundreds of) thousands of dollars, and has probably spent that all. But when April 15th comes around he’s gonna’ owe the IRS around 30% of all that, ’cause I doubt he’s a 501c …

    Just a thought for you to consider …

    Grey Wolf

    • He does not have to pay any income taxes on those contributions because they are non-taxable gifts, not income.

      • Professor Leatherman, I have a question about the donations. Since these gifts are solicited, can they really be simply gifts. I’m thinking that Zimmerman is publicly promoting his story in an attempt to make money. Isn’t that capitalizing on his notariety? Can these funds be seen as potentially forfeitable assets, because of the “Son of Sam” laws?
        I really would appreciate your input on this.

        • I know you have asked that question several times and I apologize for not responding to you sooner.

          I do not see a Son-of-Sam issue because he has not been convicted of a crime.

          I have not looked at the statute in a long time, but I believe that is a necessary condition for the law to apply.

          He is claiming innocence by reason of self-defense and must be presumed innocent at this stage of the process.

  45. TruthBTold says:


    I agree with your great analysis. For an attorney regardless of his qualifier or damage control on his own comment, to publicly state that GZ is calling the shots is very damaging in my opinion. I am unsure if MOM is going to walk away from this case as he might appreciate the publicity of this case. I can see GZ attempting to get rid of him first before anything. MOM must be sitting on pins and needles knowing that GZ has a internet presence and not knowing what else he might say. Personally, I couldn’t represent him at this point. I mean even with respect to Lester’s recusal request, do we even know who was the initiator or mastermind behind that? GZ was probably behind that and MOM could have been a little hesitant or resistant to it, but since GZ calls the shot and shot calling is not just limited to GZ’s actions of this week, he did it. Pure speculation because it could have went either way. Nonetheless, I hope Judge Lester doesn’t recuse himself.

  46. bliss says:

    Yea the shot caller zimmerman is no longer raising all this money anymore.Ppl who have been donating probably got a change of heart after watching that fool on hannity.No remorse a he can care less about he took a life of a kid.All he wants is keep the money coming so he can live large.

    • Two sides to the story says:

      Don’t delude yourself. Watch the comments flow past at GZLC on Facebook. GZ has core group of very vocal and loyal supporters. Many seem like nice, average people who believe he acted in self-defense. (There are are a few who sound just as disturbed as he is). There has been nothing GZ has done so far that have deterred him from thinking otherwise. These folks twist themselves in knots denying that anything is wrong with GZ, and they blame everything from the evil thug TM to politics, to Judge Lester for his dilemma. https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeZimmermanLegalCase

    • Malisha says:

      We don’t KNOW how much money George is raising or how much MOM is getting. We only KNOW what’s coming in to the webpages that are public knowledge. I suspect that Shellie’s family, Mark Osterman and his family, Frank Taaffe and his “crew,” and a bunch of skinheads are off fund-raising (in cash) for George without anything traceable happening. I don’t see MOM going into bankruptcy at all; I see plenty of opportunity for the kind of money people RETIRE on.

      OK call me cynical. But if you can kill and not worry, why worry about cheating?

  47. CherokeeNative says:

    Frederick – I have one last question for you. Do you think that possibly Judge Lester is watching this fiasco while on vacation? Possibly viewing GZ’s reopened website, video, etc.? Or, is he even allowed to do that? I am reminded of Judge Strickland’s surfing the internet in the CA case.

    • TruthBTold says:


      So funny you bring this up because I was thinking the same thing provided he is not out of the country on some island somewhere. I know judge’s are supposed to be neutral impartial bodies, but they are human at the end of the day. Unsure about the web surfing, but at least seeing the Hannity video and if he has any thoughts on that. If nothing else, I am pretty sure that he knows this is a train wreck.

  48. CherokeeNative says:

    Great post Frederick, and I totally agree with you. I am bumping my comment from the previous article since I did not realize there was a new article up. Anyhooo….

    I think what is happening here is GZ has gone rogue on his attorney, and rather than withdraw because his client refuses to take his counsel, MOM is hanging in there by his toe nails all because of the almighty dollar – heaven forbid if he should be tossed aside to miss out on this spectacular media blitz the trial will bring and all the money that will be received through donations. MOM has thrown his dignity and profession to the wind in exchange for greed. JMHO

    I, too, hope that Judge Lester sees GZ’s comments at the SH interview as a violation of the conditions of his bond and revokes it. I also question whether the Paypal account cannot be considered a “bank account” under those conditions and a separate violation. I believe we have to take the “intent” of the Order which was to prevent GZ from having access to substantial sums of money should he decide to “flee.” By having reopened his old website, he appears to now have control over those funds. Just sayin….

    How long is the Judge on vacation for?

    • CherokeeNative says:

      My mind thinks faster than I type…my comment above should say, “…we have to take the “intent” of the Order into consideration which was…” Sorry for any confusion.

    • TruthBTold says:


      Judge Lester is on vacation until the 27th of July.

    • Dennis says:

      I agree that GZ not having a bank account is to prevent him from having access to money in case he decides to flee. I would consider PayPal to be a bank account if I was a judge.

      • WC says:

        All one has to do with a paypal account is transfer the money to your checking account, and it is there to spend, within three business days.

      • KA says:

        I agree. If he has a find that he has direct access to, I would consider that a violation. I am not sure that the Paypal account is in his name or not…but if he has direct access to transfer, move, or distribute funds, that should be a violation.

      • I believe the webpage he has on his own puts the money in the account his lawyer has set up with a third party. You might want to check that.

        • Two sides to the story says:

          Yes, all GZ donations online do go to the paypal controlled by a third party. But it makes you wonder if perhaps if he couldn’t slip some checks past the controls since people are communicating with him via e-mail.

  49. crazy1946 says:

    I seem to be looking at this from a different angle, while Zimmerman has always been some what a loose cannon, he did not seem to lose control of his senses until Monday when the interview with witness #9 and the phone call recording were released. I think that possibly at that time he finally realized what a deep pile of dog poo he was actually in. Here he is out of a formal jail, and in an informal jail with guards appointed by the bondsman, probably in a less luxurious housing situation, faced with an income that had dropped to less than he thought he was worth, and forced to spend money to defend a wife that he had used in an attempt to become rich and famous! He then, with or with out MOM’s approval contacted SH and made some sort of deal to do that interview. I know that SH said he did not provide funds for Zimmerman’s interview, but does anyone actually believe that Zimmerman & MOM did the interview out of the goodness of their hearts? Zimmerman has now become a prostitute and MOM is his pimp. The real question is will the judge place Zimmerman back in jail for violating his bond agreement? Will MOM continue to represent him when the money runs dry? Personally I think that Zimmerman needs to be returned to jail for his own protection, not from outside forces, but from his own hands. The man is like a trapped animal willing to chew off its own leg to gain freedom, never realizing that he will not see true freedom for the rest of his life

    • You said,

      Zimmerman has now become a prostitute and MOM is his pimp.

      That is a spot on characterization, except it looks like GZ has gone into business for himself.

      I don’t believe Judge Lester has a basis to revoke bond at this time.

      I have a feeling that is going to change.

      BTW, the judge is on vacation until the end of next week, but any other judge on the bench could sign off on a bench warrant, if the prosecution requests one and provides a legally sufficient and verified basis for it.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Professor Leatherman, Actually I think that his contact with the Martin family via the Fox News Press release (interview?) would be grounds to revoke the bond and place him into protective custody in the Seminole County Jail. At this point he is a danger to himself as well as the general public, IMO.

  50. suuzie says:

    When George realized there were people out there that sympathized with him and was willing to donate to the “cause” this unexpected reaction inflated his ego. Reading some of the conservative blogs there were bloggers out there criticizing how MOM was handling the case and believed George did better when he had his own website asking for donations and I suppose George had more confidence in the conservative bloggers than he had in his attorney. I can only imagine MOM tried to reason with George, but Georges ego after killing a man he had become a hero to some and he was enjoying the money and the glory, two things he has never had. I guess MOM could not impress George with his legal knowledge and since he could not tell him, he had to show him by letting him do the interview with Hannity. George has gone fom bad to worse, at this junction he should take a plea, I can only see his situation getting worse.

    • KA says:

      He is completely smitten with his fan base…those conservative bloggers are a mainstay….

    • In view of what has happened, a plea bargain to a lesser charge may not be possible, assuming one were possible before the shenanigans with the money.

      The only “deal” possible now might be to plead straight up to the charge and take his chances at sentencing.

      I don’t see him doing that. I think he would represent himself, before he would do that.

  51. Zhickel says:


    “No schism whatsoever, George and I are doing very well and the whole defense team is doing very well. Whenever we go through decisions there are always conversations and discussions, but we are one absolutely cohesive team.”

    There ya go.

    • KA says:

      It is the “we are all here for George” cohesiveness. I do not think O’Mara will quit, but I do think GZ could walk away from him pretty soon.

      If they were that “cohesive”, GZ would not have written those defense team “failures” on his website.

      I find it interesting about the t shirt….he wears a bullet proof vest to court, but plain clothes and a T shirt on the “outside”. I think this whole “paranoid” thing could be a show.

      If he was that paranoid, he would have stayed in the truck…

      • KA says:

        On a side note, I think he wore a t-shirt and jeans (with no bullet proof vest) to interview with BW, because that is what Brad Pit would have done..

      • Ain’t that the truth.

      • julia says:

        Is there any proof that George Zimmerman is in the danger he has claimed? He has spent his adult life as a perennial victim, and I would not be surprised to learn that while he has had threats they are likely few and faint hearted.

        • There is no question that the New Black Panther Party threatened him a long time ago, but I do not believe he has received any credible death threats since he was charged with murder 2.

          I believe wearing a bullet proof vest in court and hiring a security detail to protect him 24/7 are ridiculous to the point of absurdity.

      • Dennis says:

        Good point. Zimmerman should have worn a bulletproof vest to the crime scene when he did the reenactment. It is absurd to think that he fears danger when going to court but does not feel danger when he returns to the actual crime scene with only a couple of officers guarding him? I have to conclude that he is not really in fear of being gunned down by black people. He should logically be in more fear of being convicted of murder than being hunted down by vigilantes.

        • Especially when you consider most courthouses in the country have a security entrance with metal detection devices, which makes it extremely unlikely that anyone would smuggle a gun into the courtroom.

      • Dennis says:

        I don’t recall Casey Anthony (the devil) wearing a bulletproof vest and she was despised by a majority of America.

    • CommonSenseForChange says:

      The caveat being as long as O’Mara is under control by Zimmerman.

      Personally, I think O’Mara and Zimmerman are two peas in a pod and deserve each other.

  52. Your featured comment/headline from MOM is telling ..“The client always calls the shots”.

  53. Zhickel says:

    Yes, I’ve considered for a while that Zimmerman, for whatever reason, may not live to see a trial.

    The Hannity interview seemed to mark a new phase in Z’s narrative; Twitter account (now defunct), re-emergence of the website and a deep religious belief.

    I don’t agree with this statement from para 6:
    His claim that TM died as part of “God’s Plan” exhibits a frightening dissociation from reality and a willingness to kill without any sense of responsibility or regret, if he deems it necessary to do so.

    To date, there has been no evidence that Zimmerman is a deeply devout person. This is a blatant appeal to the religious right for funds. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I believe Mark O’Mara wants out. I also belive Zimmerman deserves a competent defence. How will this be possible?

    • O’Mara can move to withdraw for financial reasons and I think Judge Lester would let him withdraw. I don’t believe Judge Lester would hold him to his original agreement to do the case pro bono because a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and this case is eating O’Mara and his law practice alive. I doubt he has any time for his other clients and their cases. Judge Lester isn’t going to force him into bankruptcy.

      No trial date has been set so there is no need to deny the motion in order to avoid continuing the trial to another date to allow new counsel to get up to speed. The prosecution would not be inconvenienced, if he is permitted to withdraw, and might not even object.

      He also has co-counsel, Don West, whom he associated as counsel because West has a lot experience trying murder and self-defense cases. Assuming West does not want to withdraw, he could take over the defense.

      I am pretty sure West did not agree to work for free, however, so he might walk too.

      O’Mara and West could pay themselves out of the balance in the account, after they pay the current costs, such as the $50 K for the security detail.

      I am sure they would end up losing money on the deal, but it’s probably time to end the losing streak, cash in their chips and move on.

      I certainly would.

      GZ might end up with a public defender.

      • TruthBTold says:

        Professor wrote,

        “O’Mara can move to withdraw for financial reasons and I think Judge Lester would let him withdraw. I don’t believe Judge Lester would hold him to his original agreement to do the case pro bono because a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and this case is eating O’Mara and his law practice alive.”

        Professor, is that necessarily right or fair though? If MOM initially went into this situation knowing that there was no money but subsequently, it was revealed that a site garnered funds and they got excited and thought this was their avenue to raise money but not a guarantee as we see, why should he possibly be able to withdraw because of that? I can see if it was stipulated in the retainer or some other contract that if the defendant’s finances change, he would be subject to not being represented pro bono.

        • Circumstances have changed and I don’t see any judge forcing MOM into bankruptcy or a mental breakdown that he did not foresee. That would be a form of torture and slavery. There are other options.

          One of them would be for GZ to fire MOM and that may already be in the process of happening.

      • Tina says:

        I agree with your statement.

    • lynp says:

      Then get out, O’Mara. If the kitchen is too hot for him then George should get someone who can stand the heat.
      Tales of Gloom for George has been greatly exaggerated. Clearly, instead of supporting George’s right to an attorney (…. You have the right to have an Attorney. If you can not afford one, one will be provided to you…. Miranda 1966″, a fair trial and a defense, some want George to wind up in Stocks in the Public Green, broke, without an attorney getting the odd beating.

    • CommonSenseForChange says:

      Zimmerman’s wife wasn’t aware that there are two Corinthians. One would think someone with deep religious convictions would know that and if he prays as often as his family claims/pretends to do on the jailhouse calls, one would think his wife would at least be knowledgeable on Bible book names.

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