Zimmerman: A Spectacular Fail!

Watt4Bob at Firedoglake posted a comment to my article, Should Mark O’Mara Withdraw as Counsel for George Zimmerman? He asked the following question, which probably is on most everyone’s mind this morning after the Sean Hannity interview of George Zimmerman last night.

I want to ask both Hannity and O’Mara what the hell good they think they did for that pathetic man, but I realize neither of them gives a damn and GZ is oblivious.

I can answer that question with three words:


I am furious.

I cannot imagine myself, or any criminal defense attorney whom I respect, ever, under any set of circumstances, short of cardiac arrest, loss of consciousness or death, sitting passively beside my client as he denies any regret for killing an unarmed teenager, or anyone else for that matter, because it was “God’s plan” for him to die.

And to follow that statement with an “apology” to the kid’s parents in which he says he’s sorry they had to bury their child because he knows what it would be like to lose one of his as yet unborn children is . . . well,

What is it?

And all of this was delivered in a soft monotonous voice without any detectable trace of emotion as though he were describing doing the laundry.

Are there words that capture the depravity and emptiness of that shell of a human being?

If any of you were concerned whether the prosecution could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin while acting with a depraved mind,, you need not worry any longer.

The prosecution must be drinkin’ the bubbly and dancin’ in the street.

I assure y’all, no client of mine would ever have said anything like that on national television with me present because I would have done something, anything, even ripped off my clothes and mooned Amerika in all my naked glory, just to shut him up.

And this appears to have been scripted.

Jesus Christ on a bicycle.

Can there be any doubt who is calling the shots for the defense?

George Zimmerman is representing himself with Mark O’Mara dancing to his tune while playing the role of his attorney.

If anyone still believes George Zimmerman is not a devious and manipulative person, please listen to this audio recording of a jailhouse telephone call when he called right-wing Pastor Terry Jones of let’s-all-of-us-sinners-party-on-the-lawn-burnin’-Korans fame to pray with him for the healing of America and ask him to cancel a pro-Zimmerman demonstration to calm people down.

Hell, listen to it anyway.

Just for the halibut.

(h/t to Crazy1946 @ my website for spotting this recorded conversation and posting a comment about it)

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  1. Catharsis88 says:

    Your “op-ed” was hilarious!! I agree. I keep saying his attorneys are giving him plenty of rope, but then it just seems as if he is the puppeteer in this case. I have been calling him a sociopath and concur with your assessment regarding his lack of emotion. It is the same emotional void we see after he murdered this child. In the interviews there is nothing. In the apologies there is nothing. He is often stoic, apathetic, cold, distant, and the fact that he has no remorse for what he did backs it up. It’s like the circus came to town on this case. That interview was just a bad move overall.
    I have a question though. Will OMara be held accountable before the bar for knowledge his client had funds and account, and really didn’t inquire about total funds prior to the bond? He tried to get the taxpayers to pay for this guys trial via claiming his client was indigent while they stacked their chips. I thought it was pretty serious.

  2. justice for Tm says:

    george zimmerman has opened a you tube account and thisfool is speaking to his supporters i think this is a discrace and he should be thrown back in jail there is suppose to be a time when enough is enough and i think we all have had enough of gz and all his bull

    Professor can you tell me how he can keep getting away with all this when he is doing everything against his bail obligations

    • He hasn’t violated any of the conditions of his release on bond, yet.

      • justice for Tm says:

        Ok i thought he want allowed to be on the internet or try to reach out to the martin family my mistake

        • There is no condition of his release that prohibits him from getting on the internet, but there is a condition that prohibits him from any direct or indirect contact with the Martin family.

          The issue is whether his pitch to the Martins over the network constitutes a violation of the indirect contact prohibition, if not the direct contact prohibition.

          I think there is a pretty good argument that it does violate the prohibition on indirect contact. However, the prosecution apparently has not sought an arrest warrant or, if it has, I am not aware of it.

          We would not know that unless the prosecution announces or the media reports that he has been arrested and taken to jail.

  3. CherokeeNative says:

    I think what is happening here is GZ has gone rogue on his attorney, and rather than withdraw because his client refuses to take his counsel, MOM is hanging in there by his toe nails all because of the almighty dollar – heaven forbid if he should be tossed aside to miss out on this spectacular media blitz the trial will bring and all the money that will be received through donations. MOM has thrown his dignity and profession to the wind in exchange for greed. JMHO

  4. Digger says:

    Disappointed, but I do like O’Mara, and saw a great amount of stress in his eyes as he sat there listening to his client. In the beginning it is doubtful if O’Mara could suspect this man to have had the dangerous personality he has because he plays the timid soft spoken victim. I would like to see O’Mara step out, not that GZ fires him. George is relying on his being in control and having control of important people from the way he stepped out and demanded (as BW expressed it) that ABC facilitate him and his wife. He no doubt believed his own performance with the Hannity interview and his ego soared. Not getting what he wanted from BW must have wilted his self importance somewhat. A change in his defense may make GZ plenty nervous and we could possibly see some rage because a new attorney will not come in unaware of a manipulative personality who believes he can do no wrong.

    • Patricia says:

      Barbara Walter was tres, tres cool with GZ – and the studio audience APPLAUDED her rebuff.

      I hope Diva George heard that.

      He needs it.

    • You said,

      Not getting what he wanted from BW must have wilted his self importance somewhat. A change in his defense may make GZ plenty nervous and we could possibly see some rage because a new attorney will not come in unaware of a manipulative personality who believes he can do no wrong.

      Sooner or later, he is going to realize he is trapped in a box canyon.

      That is when the proverbial you-know-what is going to hit the fan.

    • TruthBTold says:

      I thought MOM was decent at the beginning and liked him enough, if you will. He was a major deviation, in a good way, from his predecessors. Let me preface my next statement first by saying that I have no issue with an attorney being a passionate and committed advocate for his or her client however, at the second bond hearing, MOM’s comment that TM getting shot was his own doing left a nasty taste in my mouth. That was over the top, extremely insensitive, and I think misguided. If could have gotten his point across of whatever it was in a different way. He really crossed the line with that comment. I had read that GZ called BW to apologize *side eye.* I think that when they saw what she was saying on the air about the botched interview, they went in, without much forethought (their words) and called in attempt to run some damage control. Because to most reasonable people, if you believe in your claims and feel so compelled to get your story out, why the need for conditions as if you are doing people a favor? Hello, because the way Florida is with cameras in the courtroom, we have been and will continue to follow this case to the end and when he takes the stand in any capacity, we will be privvy to his account. We don’t, well I don’t, need him to give interviews although, I appreciate him publically impeaching himself so talk on.:).

  5. Patricia says:

    I think O’Mara is in for the duration, unless GZ gets so stuffed with his own media importance that he fires O’Mara. GZ may think he can get Antony Scalia to defend him. Why not try for Clarence Thomas? George would think he’s entitled to big-name talent.

    If O’Mara just walks away from GZ, what high-visibility client would consider hiring MOM in future?

    When GZ sees how the new $$$ support trickles to a halt and dries up, he’ll get dependent on MOM, but for now, he considers himself “king of the hill.”

    Now going after Hispanic cash. Don’t think he’ll get much from real God-fearing Hispanics.

    O’Mara’s only hope-against-hope is that there’s a juror who sneaks in with nullification on his/her mind, and that the State has to keep re-trying this case, and eventually the State drops it.

    I don’t believe the State will drop it, with the physical evidence it has. Plus all that unsupportable GZ blather. On film & tape.

    We were all proud of the Sandusky jurors. Why shouldn’t a Florida jury be just as smart and just as honorable?

    But … O’Mara thinks that if there’s the tiniest chance of GZ getting off, the scum of the world will flock to MOM and those new sky-high legal fees will be worth it all.

    But, O’Mara looks so very, very exhausted, representing this prick.

    An ungrateful one, too, as he bad-mouthed MOM’s efforts today on his re-started website.

    But as we’ve seen, GZ bad-mouthed God first, so why not diss his pro-bono attorney?

    That’s George’s style.

  6. Digger says:

    Zhickel, Does O’Mara want out? I’ve been asking the same.
    Hard to tell. He may be the best representation of GZ …. if justice
    is to be had for Trayon.

    • Zhickel says:

      Digger, as Leelee posted above:

      O’Mara -“The client always calls the shots,”

      Now I know O’Mara went on to qualify this statement with an explanation of the desperate circumstances in which his client finds himself, but I can’t help thinking that there was a great deal of frustration behind these words. Was O’Mara distancing himself from Zimmerman’s decision to do the Hannity interview?

      It seems to me that up until now O’Mara has been well thought of in the legal community. I don’t know the details of how he came to be Zimmerman’s lawyer but wholeheartedly agree with Prof. Leatherman that lawyers should not be expected to work for free.

      When O’Mara first took on the case, it may have seemed attractive; high profile, plenty of willing supporters to donate. I would imagine he is seriously re-thinking his committment and the toxic fallout that will follow him.

  7. KA says:

    I think “in the mind of GZ”, he believes he was able to demand so much money initially when he was initially charged because of some knowledge or experience he had. What he has not realized is that the evidence is released, the lying in court and to the judge has happened, and most things that come out show he was not entirely truthful in his statements (to put it mildly). He blames his lawyer for not being able to demand the same money and feels he must have the “golden touch” to conjure money.

    What GZ does not realize yet is his support group is waning and he does not have the fraction of support he had before. I think his “celebrity” status has gone to his head and he believes that he is America’s darling now.

    It reminds me of the best business advice I ever got..”never fall in love with your own press release..”

    I think GZ is quite smitten with his.

    • Zhickel says:

      Agree KA. I also wonder if there have been any previous indications of Zimmerman’s devout, God-fearin’ christianity.

      Buoyed by the initial rush of donations from, I imagine, conservative supporters of gun rights, has he, on his own initiative, decided that it’s time for the religious community to donate?

      Another fleeting thought; does O’Mara want out?

  8. ed nelson says:

    One of the most important things to do is to get rid of all notions of “the rule of law”. That is a thorn in the side of what they got planned.

  9. ed nelson says:

    The above is evidence to my thought, that, really the powers that be, such as they be… well… all they want is to be… all powerfull!

    and since they seem to feel that they have… “arrived… pretty much…” so well why not go to a new… kind of old… way of …

    or… just revert to the old way… Sultan and slave…

  10. ed nelson says:

    to revise: this is the main thing from the quote: [” The treaty’s foes have argued that the enforcement of navigation rights ultimately depends on the strength of the US Navy and “not on paper treaties signed at the United Nations”, as Addington recently put it.”]

    [“… strength of the US Navy and “not on paper treaties signed at the United Nations…”]

    Power trumps paper shit… see what it is?

  11. ed nelson says:

    Real good stuff Prof Fred.

    Hannity is a fruit… ( I mean what a f’n p’c a crap, under “Irish name”… shame, shaun, shame… shaemus! … shame us all you p’c a crap!

    Now getting more to my point: What you have said is very good! And I am glad you said it. I want to comment, but alas, I see that your comments area is almost all taken/ filled up with comments.

    So here is my comment, which is a little off the beat, but I’m sure it is germain too, in a way.

    Proff Fred: this is my take of what the deal is with the tv interview of this poor fool of a perp, and why it is that this is done! Yes, the… purpose for why this is done!

    Well, don’t forget just last month or two… Sanduski, was done the same, as he was allowed by his… “handlers/ lawyers, ” to go on camera and say shit, that he should not have been allowed to say… if his “lawyers” were on the beam about what they should allow… (I read that somewhere, and it makes perfect sense… if they were really on the job… they wouldn’t let that pervert do that… ) ( “wouldn’t be… prudent..”).

    Hahaha…. in a way/ not funny stuff…

    Now I do have a comment to do with your above post, I was only getting up to speed with my thinking in the above… and what it is, is: that:

    I was reading today in the Asia Times, about how “Republicans sink law of the sea, for now” by Jim Lobe


    This is about a law that is supported by the Chamber of Commerce, but not by Neocons.

    sample: [“Similarly, the US Navy, traditionally the most conservative of the armed services, has long championed the treaty because of its recognition of navigation rights for warships. Its appeals on behalf of the ratification have grown increasingly urgent as a result of growing tensions between China and its neighbors in the South and East China Seas, as well as the burgeoning interest in territorial claims in the Arctic.
    The treaty’s foes have argued that the enforcement of navigation rights ultimately depends on the strength of the US Navy and “not on paper treaties signed at the United Nations”, as Addington recently put it.
    “Americans who seek to preserve the advance the rights of Americans to use the seas should support a strong national defense, including a strong Navy that can project American power across the globe in defense of American interests,” he wrote on Heritage’s “The Foundry” blog Tuesday. “]

    [[ a strong Navy that can project American power across the globe in defense of American interests,”]]

    My point is: to do with what the maine thesis of your post…. is: that, this case seems to show some poor legal defense, but to me it is more, that there is a conserted effort to undo the… “Rule of law”, and to undo the Constitution, whether there have been oaths taken or otherwise!. The set pieces are in play to undo!

    Ok, but has anybody considered that maybe it is a consorted… effort to undo all of the… “rule of law” and to lead back to the rule force!” ? Which is my point, that, all these weird court cases and weird handling of them, is intentional malfeasant stuff that is for the purpose to undo the rule of law wholly. INOW’s it is a purposeful unzipping of the Constitution and Law in general!, that is underway under the neocon/neolibs and fellertravelers.

  12. lynp says:

    George Zimmerman was not talking to lawyers, engineers, Doctors or people with advanced degrees. He was talking to the little people, middle class blue collar works and folk who work for an hourly wage of whatever color but primarly brown and white. The kind of people who don’t appear on TV or write for papers. While the pundits and baiters were debating this tragedy, little nobody Zimmerman took his case to the people on the Internet via his website. For whatever reason, George resonates with the Little People. The kind of people supporting him, sending donations and probably on the jury of his peers. George is not going quietly in the good night or belly up.

    • KA says:

      The issue is the people that can bring him to some severe consequences are the people with the advanced degrees….it would be foolish and naive of him to ignore them and act like they do not exist so he can resonate with the “little people”.

      (except it is a minority of “little people” that even support him or even care).

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      I somewhat disagree with your statement because I am one of those what you consider as the little people and I saw through GZ the first time I read his case. In fact, I have argued from day one that Zimmerman is not wrapped to tight and a few other things. As a matter of fact, not too many little people believed him from day one either.

    • Vickie votaw says:

      There are many, many “little” people who see through his bs and just want justice for a family that has been wounded beyond a parents worst nightmare. Common sense & a yearning for justice are not limited to educated people. In fact, there are many highly educated crooks running companies in this day & age.

      • Yes, indeed and one of the most important and urgent tasks we have before us is to end the two-tiered “justice” system that exempts the rich and privileged from any serious consequences for the crimes they commit.

  13. Leelee says:

    lol, you really scared me there until I got to the 2nd sentence.

  14. crazy1946 says:

    I think we (the members of this site) should take up a collection to provide Zimmerman and his wife a temporary home. We need to find out how much the cost of their housing would be in the Seminole County jail, until the trial, and perhaps we can raise enough funds for the county to help poor little God fearing Zimmerman out for a while. That way his body guards cost less, his food costs less and he will be safe and available to his attorney (who ever that will be soon?) for talks! Guess we can set up a PP account for the county?

    • Leelee says:

      Any opinions on this statement?

      O’Mara -“The client always calls the shots,” his lawyer, Mark O’Mara said Thursday. “If you’re on the streets or about to be hungry and worried for the wife you love, maybe you have to make decisions along the way.’’

      • Zhickel says:

        Yep. It’s a bad sign when a lawyer is publicly apologising for his client. I can’t see this relationship carrying on for much longer.

    • Leelee says:

      And this one ?

      As for the revived website, http://www.therealgeorgezimmerman.com, he said Zimmerman always wanted to maintain his own web presence in the face of false rumors and imposters. O’Mara acknowledged being in “unchartered waters” in a case of this kind, and said he will check in on the site periodically.

      • KA says:

        I also just saw someone who made a comment on another group that the message in English was different than the Spanish one. I do not speak Spanish, so did not validate, but his asking for money was very pronounced in the Spanish one.

  15. Zhickel says:

    Does anyone find the opening statements of the interview by Zimmerman slightly odd?

    HANNITY: Let’s start at the beginning.

    ZIMMERMAN: I was going to Target to do my weekly grocery shopping. Sunday nights was the only nights — well, Sunday after we mentored the kids, we would always go grocery shopping and do our cooking for the week. So I wanted to go to Target and I headed out. And that’s the last time I’ve been home.

    HANNITY: Since then. You never went back since that day.

    First he talks about ‘I’, then ‘we’, then ‘I’ again. If it was customary for both Zimmermans to do the grocery shopping, why was this Sunday any different.

    There has been much speculation over whether GZ had someone (Taaffe, Osterman?) tip him off to a ‘suspicious’ character in the neighbourhood.

    Is it coincidence that the only time Zimmerman does the weekly shopping alone he crosses Trayvon’s path?

    I would like to see further investigation into the movements of both Zimmermans in the hour immediately before the gunshot.

    • KA says:

      “That was the last time I was home”…interesting…was he threatened then? No one even knew about the killing yet. He did not flee his home due to threats…he just fled his home immediately after. Would that be reasonable fear?

      • Nef05 says:

        It could be. He had already falsely assumed Trayvon was a criminal. It’s just a short step to falsely assuming his criminal friends would retaliate.

      • KA says:

        SO he assumed a threat before there was any made? That would be in line with our conversation on here a week ago or so on if he is really in the amount of danger he fears….my guess is he has a habit of constantly overstating fear. There seem to be no credible recent threats, yet he continually lives in fear? He fled, not by a vicious mob calling for his death, but the day after the shooting when it was not even public knowledge and would not be for at least 2 – 3 weeks.

        The story of “he had to leave his house due to the threats and public attention” is just a PR pitch with little proof. He now supposedly lives in fear but welcomes in the national media? He has spent 50K in security in what, 2 weeks?

        Let’s hope the majority of his donors have enough sense to smell a fraud…

      • Dave says:

        Zimmerman appears to be a man who lives in a permanent state of fear. Given that he seems to be well-liked and respected by his neighbors, I would think that the safest place he could be is at home, surrounded by people who would be looking out for him.

      • 4ayces says:

        The funny thing is that the night of Feb 26th was NOT the last time he was home.

        The police officers picked him up there the next day when they did their re-enactment.

        In addition, several neighbors said that they saw him in person in the days following the shooting.

        Yet another lie from Z.

    • KA says:

      He also has not mentored kids for years. He stopped “when the program ended” years ago. Why would he have mentored the day he shot Trayvon? I suspect (as usual) he threw that in there to get a bit of sympathy…

      (and BTW GZ…mentoring disadvantaged kids is not an single event on a Sunday afternoon, it is a relationship..I do not know anyone who mentors who says I “mentored” Sunday afternoon…they talk about what they did with the the child(ren)..)

      This is man is truly psycho…

    • KA says:

      How did he only spend 20K in the 6 weeks he was out of jail on his first bond, yet spend over 50K in 2 weeks this time? Because he has to stay in the county? please…

      • Dave says:

        He has to pay for his “bodyguards” now.

      • KA says:

        Agreed Dave. Why moreso now? He was threatened with the citizens arrest well before his first bail release. If he did not have bodyguards then, why would he now…

      • Dave says:

        It’s widely believed that the “security detail” is there at the insistence of the bail bond agency (in lieu of collateral) to ensure that GZ doesn’t run off. If so, then GZ’s fans are, in essence, paying the salaries of their hero’s jailers.

        • If this is true, what happens when GZ runs out of money to pay the security detail?

          They ain’t going to work for free.

          I’m not sure about this, but I believe the bonding company could rescind the bond and deliver him to the jail, assuming a condition of their agreement with GZ is that he pay for the cost of the security detail.

          If the bonding company rescinds the bond, it will have made a cool $100,000 without basically doing anything except filing a piece of paper (the bond).

          Not bad for a couple weeks of “work.”

    • GBNG says:

      GZ’s “Freudian” slips are multiple and the I, we, I appears to be yet another. Several analysing the non emergency call hear the voice of someone else whispering to GZ “tell them…”, others analysing the car lights from the clubhouse cctvs see GZ’s and another car parking there for a few minutes that night as well as a car speeding away just after the shooting. And now we know Osterman was at the nearby bank not 30 minutes before the call… the mind boggles.

  16. Zimmerman Just put up this video on his therealgeorgezimmerman website. http://youtu.be/J09xoHm4_-w

    • At 9 pm EDT, the score on the video is 23 likes to 116 dislikes, 5 to 1 against him.

      • KA says:


        I think there is trouble in the defense team. Didn’t George say last night he only did the interview for O’Mara to help funds. O’Mara said that George wanted to do it to “get his story out”. Also in the comments GZ supporters are actually waning (finally) feeling GZ may be crazy and unstable (again, finally).

      • KA says:

        O’Mara also said in an interview tonight that this website would be exclusively for George to control and tell his story…I cannot imagine a worse train wreck for the defense team…why would they be supportive of this? This man is truly a walking time bomb!

      • The Comments are Brutal.

      • TruthBTold says:


        I think it was a combination of the two. For GZ and the camp to get his “story” out and to raise funds, but seemingly not on the same page. MOM is claiming that all is well between GZ and the team. Eh, I guess we all need something to believe in. GZ is demonstrating the same characteristics as before with his first two attorneys, pardon me, legal advisers. I admit that they were clownish, but GZ is a less than ideal client for any sane attorney. He’s unpredictable, hard-headed, and a loose cannon. Maybe his supporters will continue coming into the light. Let GZ keep on with his videos and ill-advised behavior. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. If I was his attorney, I would be figuring out all types of ways to exit stage right. Or is it left?

  17. TruthBTold says:

    To all,

    It’s being reported that Faux News will air additional footage of Zimmerman interview on Friday *sigh*

  18. TruthBTold says:

    The part of the interview where SH was asking him had he not had the gun, would he not be here today. He answered no, but you can see the confusion on his face and in his voice. It was edited after that. I cannot recall who, but someone stated that they believed that SH was saying that if he left the gun that TM would have still been alive thus, the result would have been different. My interpretation however and because of how slimy SH is is that, he was intimating that if GZ didn’t have the gun to stop the attack, TM would have killed him. They are playing it up for their base. The whole “interview” of course but specifically, that question, the bringing up of the Sherman Ware incident, and for some reason I missed him saying the part about mentoring that day as some have mentioned, but the inclusion of that. I am surprised that they did not mention the race/ethnicity of the mentees because I understand them to be Black. Unsure if they were still mentoring at that time anyway.

  19. Digger says:

    Now I am wondering what he might have been telling all those children he says he was “mentoring”. Maybe to do good works?

    • crazy1946 says:

      I hope none of the children he was “mentoring” were female!

      • GBNG says:

        And I hope he is not carrying his concealed weapon when “mentoring” seeing as he said he carries it all the time except when working.

    • KA says:

      He is not currently mentoring. He has not for years. There is speculation is was done as part of his community service. I was confused about his “mentoring the kids and going to target” comment since he has not mentored the kids for a long time. The program ended I heard them say before he was arrested.

      • aussie says:

        Ahhh… but according to his mother, he kept going there anyway. She told him not to go because they’re in a dangerous part of town and he said “Mom if I don’t go, they have nobody”. This was her contribution to his good character testimony for the first bond, I think.

        The gun shop owner, interviewed when he first showed up on the evidence list, said he’d never heard GZ being racist …”He runs a Sunday school for minority kids at his home doesn’t he?”

        Wonder where he got that idea from?

      • Malisha says:

        Nobody has seen any proof of the mentoring and I wonder what subject he would be mentoring IN. He doesn’t seem qualified to be able to mentor anybody. Furthermore, the whole “mentoring” thing has been mentioned only by George and his family — just like the whole self-defense thing. George says things, he tells his family things, they reinforce and echo those things, they all tell various versions of those things, and pretty soon we’re expected to take them all as true? How come not one parent of one mentored kid came forward to say, “He is not a racist; he mentored my child and we all love him”? How come not one parent of one mentored kid has ever tried to contact the authorities to speak for this wonderful man? And how come the story changes from “He went into a bad neighborhood [armed] to mentor kids” to “He had kids come to his house for mentoring”?

        I think the “mentoring kids” is in the same category with the “handed out leaflets for the poor Black homeless guy” — George relies on the fact that nobody can DISPROVE that he mentored kids or handed out leaflets, but he cannot PROVE it. Not one person who ever received a leaflet from George about Sherman Ware has ever come forward; not one person who ever was mentored by George has ever come forward; as far as I know, this is more of that imaginary stuff in George’s mind.

  20. Digger says:

    crazy1946, It’s tough, my state of mind in anger and dismay at how one can walk all over our justice system after an act of hunting and killing an innocent is a bit to swallow. However, I too, do believe and support the right to a fair trial. Fair does not mean that I support the verdict of an acquittal of a manipulative one who has shown himself as George Zimmerman, conveying to us that he is innocent by expressing belief that “God directed him to do it”. I fear this in itself will be a way to affect a jury that he is mentally ill. the next we might be hearing is a “little voice speaking to him”. He knows exactly what he did, and exactly how clever he thinks he is. The “sir” thing is really getting to me, too. I understand the interest and concern of those who keep a gun for protection, I have a few, and I don’t want them taken away but am willing to give them up before I would donate to support a man like GZ and if it will remove his kind from society. I believe this coward would have shot Trayvon even if they had never come to be in physical contact. I believe Trayvon moved to protect himself because GZ already had his gun drawn and he is the one who voiced “now you are going to die”! Could be GZ is the one who yelled “help me” would make sense just as he pulled the trigger. Knowing if it was heard, it would lend a positive that he was protecting himself by killingTrayvon.

    Truthbetold, I was quite surprised too, BW was smart to let him know he is not as clever as he thinks he is. Can you believe he asked the luxury of a room for his wife and himself for a month like honeymoon time on the bed (grave) of his victim. Geezie!

    • TruthBTold says:


      Most people appreciate the rights and protections which are afforded to all of us. This is to your point of believing in the right to a fair trial, which I agree. Personally, I haven’t heard anyone call for the circumventing of the process. Unfortunately, this fact has been lost on GZ supporters. Yeah, the sir and mam thing can wear thin, but I understand it to be a southern thing. That God comment was waaaaayyy out there. I mean my goodness. When I read the condition they requested for the BW interview of course, I was appalled and disgusted but not surprised. I don’t know if they think this is some sort of joke or what.

  21. I am new to this site and have a question about last night’s interview. Hannity asked “Do you feel you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a gun?” And GZ answered “No.” if he uses SYG defense doesn’t he have to be in fear of his life? Hannity looked up and appeared to be startled by his answer.

    • GBNG says:

      I saw that too and Hannity was surprised so much so he rephrased the question and, if I recall correctly, he even answered with the correct reply for GZ.

      Congrats on a very interesting blog Professor Leatherman.

    • Malisha says:

      I think George understood that question differently from the way perhaps Hannity understood that question and perhaps differently from the way that question should be understood. To start with, it is very poor construction of the question.

      “Do you feel you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a gun?”

      This could mean, for instance (among other things):

      “Do you feel that you wouldn’t be here [accused of murder] if you didn’t have a gun?” as in: “Do you feel that the fact that you had a gun caused you to use it, and therefore, you killed someone when perhaps, if you didn’t have that gun, you might have just gotten a little more beaten up and then been rescued by the cops and the thug would be in prison and you’d be free?”

      or it could mean:

      “Do you feel that you wouldn’t be here [on television] if you didn’t have a gun?” as in: “Do you feel that if you had just finished out the fist fight and either won or lost, that you would not have become a cause celebre, and the gun lobby would not have taken an interest in your case, and you wouldn’t be on TV?”

      or it could mean:

      “Do you feel that you wouldn’t be here in the world, still alive, if you didn’t have a gun?” as in: “Do you feel that if you didn’t have a gun and you couldn’t therefore kill the guy who was fighting you that night, he would have managed to kill you within the next few minutes before the cops arrived, so that you’d be dead and he’d be on trial for murder?”

      See, it’s a very equivocal kind of question.

      I think George’s idiotic answer to that idiotic question meant, to George, that he thought his carrying a loaded gun, and USING IT, were both perfectly all right, as was everything else he did that night, so that his filling the gun with hollow-point bullets, and carrying it into the darkness to chase down a frightened kid who was trying to “get away,” and then using it to kill that kid, were all A-O-K, and that none of the BAD RESULTS (such as his having to appear on TV to defend the rightness of what he had done) were attributable to his having had that gun.

      I think he meant: “My having the gun was perfectly all right,” or “My having my gun on me was the RIGHT THING” or “My being armed and dangerous was perfect because I am the good guy and God is on my side and it was his plan for me to be armed and Trayvon Martin to NOT BE ARMED.”

      To this day I don’t think George Zimmerman connects the dots in any way about the events of 2/26/2012. He uses circular reasoning, thus:

      “I killed Trayvon Martin because I had to; I wish I didn’t have to; I had to because he was doing wrong; wrong that he was doing was not doing what I knew he should be doing, which would have been RIGHT; had he done what I wished he had done I would not have had to kill him; he made me kill him; since he made me kill him, and I was right, and he was wrong, everything will be all right if only they stop persecuting me because it is my right as an American to be right and if somebody makes me kill him to be right while he is wrong, that’s my right because I’m an American. As an American I have to stand my ground.”

  22. crazy1946 says:

    For those of you that have stated that the NRA and the Stand Your Ground supporters have nothing to do with the defense of Zimmerman, here is a little bit of info directly from his donation site.

    >>4. They support the 2nd Amendment and they feel that Mr. Zimmerman’s case is being turned into a referendum on gun laws.

    “I believe Zimmerman was right in protecting himself and I don’t want bad case law for future gun right cases.”

    “I support GZ because I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I support the right to a fair trial. I support the 2nd Amendment. I support the SYG law. I believe something must be done about irresponsible journalism.”<<

    These people are so afraid of any possible loss of their right to own any type of weapon that they wish, they are willing to support a guilty (IMO) man out fear of the loss of those rights. If this was not an election year there would not be as much heard about this case as we are experiencing.

    Does anyone know who the State Law Officer that Zimmerman talked about supporting him in the press conference last night?

  23. ajamazin says:

    Who is the dude with the dog in the photo that appears on :

    http://www.therealgeorgezimmerman.com/ ??

    It is not The Real George Zimmerman or The Real George Zimmerman’s Dog.

    • GBNG says:

      It may not be the same in the US but if anyone here asked me what breed dog I could imagine GZ would have I would have said Rottweiler which here are considered “status” dogs associated with violent characters and, dare I say it, thugs. I even tried it on a friend yesterday and they answered Rottweiler.

      And did I read somewhere GZ saying that he had only got a gun to protect his dog because it was attacked a few years ago and somebody told him better than pepper spray why not get a gun !!!

      • GBNG says:

        sorry forgot to say:

        While in the SH interview he said he got a gun because of the burglaries ?!

      • ajamazin says:

        “And did I read somewhere GZ saying that he had only got a gun to protect his dog because it was attacked….,,”

        Not exactly……

        Reuters reported that George and Shellie purchased guns after
        Boi, a pit bull, cornered Shellie in their garage.

        But, I can understand the difficulty in distinguishing Shellie from a dog.

        It is not George or either of his 2 dogs in the picture.

        I believe the photo is intended to mock O’Mara and his dog.

  24. Hold on everyone.

    Someone mentioned that there is no condition in his conditions of release that prohibits establishing and/or maintaining an internet site.

    That person is correct and I was mistaken.

    I apologize for the error.

    Here are the conditions of release, in addition to posting the @1,000,000 bond that has been posted by the bail bondsman.

    a. The Defendant shall refrain from criminal activity of any kind;

    b. The Defendant shall not have any contact with the victim’s family, directly or indirectly, except as necessary to conduct pretrial discovery through his attorneys;

    c. The Defendant shall be subject to electronic monitoring at his own expense;

    d. The defendant shall not leave Seminole County without prior authorization by this Court;

    e. The Defendant shall check in with the Pre-trial Release Department every 48 hours;

    f. The Defendant shall not enter the property of the Orlando-Sanford International Airport;

    g. The Defendant shall not open or maintain a bank account;

    h. The Defendant shall not consume any alcohol;

    i. The Defendant shall obey a curfew between 6 pm and 6 am.

    j. The Defendant shall not apply for or obtain a passport.

    Carry on.

    • KA says:

      I think the confusion was that he had that restriction in the 1st bail. It was not carried over to this bail for some reason.

  25. Digger says:

    GZ wanted BW (ABC) to put him and his wife up in a hotel for “a month”? Guess he has been missing out on a good screwing and I hope he gets it, back in his cell block. The little cutie!

    • TruthBTold says:


      I am kind of surprised that they reached out to BW for an interview. I guess she would be more neutral, but I can see her asking real questions though. I guess they are reporter shopping, but I guarantee they will not reach out to MSNBC (Lawrence, Rev Al, etc., ) or some others because they know they would not be able to push their agenda. Does anyone remember when GZ’s first attorney, Craig Sonner, up and left the Lawrence O’Donnell show a few minutes right before airing? How embarrassing. Although, that other interesting fellow, Joe Oliver was questionable, at least he had the courage to go on that show even though, he got shredded. One must stand up to the tough questions, not just go where people are going to “play nice,” since GZ and MOM want to use the media now. *Tsk tsk*

  26. ajamazin says:

    “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”

    John F. Kennedy.

    Think outside the box.

  27. Digger says:

    OH! ok, O’Mara has not killed anyone. Right!

  28. TruthBTold says:

    Since discovering this wonderful blog Monday night, I have been totally immersed not only in following the conversations with respect to this particular case, but seeing the other varied blog categories. This forum is an enriching environment to continue learning and participating in enlightening and mature conversations. For that Professor Leatherman, I truly thank you and as long as you continue to dedicate yourself to what you do so wonderfully, I will always be a participant.

    Where does one begin? First, I am glad that another poster posted the Barbara Walters information. I was intending on doing so. I am so upset that I gave Faux News my viewership this one time. This whole situation really leaves me speechless. I cannot believe that an attorney worth anything would engage in such a foolish and reckless manner. I guess legally they can attempt to solicit funds, but just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it should be done. MOM and GZ really did themselves a huge disservice by “interviewing.” The purpose of the movement was to bring awareness, an investigation and of course, an arrest. However, after that, the family as well as supporters wanted our judicial process to play out. Unfortunately, MOM and the camp want to play games use the media for other purposes not conducive to the process.

    I totally agree with your analysis Professor Leatherman. I have surmised a while ago, that George Zimmerman has some serious issues. He clearly has problems with self-accountability and in his mind, it must be everyone else but him. *smh*

    • Welcome to my blog.

      I see that you’ve already jumped into the pool and contributed some good comments.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Vickie votaw says:

      I would like to second this approval! It is ( to say the least ) refreshing to read intelligent discussion. As a supporter of the Martin/ Fulton family and a believer that ” the truth will set you free”, I think discussions like these are sorely needed to counter all the lies that are floating around the Internet . This blog & Judge Lester’s scruples , have both helped restore my faith in the justice system.

      • Thanks, that’s a very high compliment and I am honored by it.

        However, I think we have a long way to go to restore faith in the justice system.

        No one can do it all, but as long as we can still breathe, we can each in our own unique and individual way contribute something to putting it back together again.

        This blog is my contribution to that effort.

        Welcome and thanks again.

  29. Two sides to the story says:

    The old English description “barking mad” comes to mind – GZ wanted a month’s holiday in a hotel – ! mindhttp://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2012/07/barbara-walters-rejects-george-zimmermans-interview-demands.html

  30. Digger says:

    Attorney O’Mara? Seemed frozen in his seat like he doesn’t have an inkling of what the hell he is doing!!! Deplorable! I hope it is a joke that I am reading, ” called Barbara Walters for an interview.” How are we going to determine which is the sickest piece of flesh between the two, George Zimmerman and Mark O’Mara.

    The use of God as his excuse??? His Pastor Terry needs to do some explaining on that one. By the way did anyone notice the demeanor of Pastor Terry on that phone call, he actually sounded like he didn’t want to be there talking to GZ.

    GZ spoke of “mentoring children” and immediately steps out on a hunt to kill one. Yet he wants us to believe he has such great tenderness and compassion. Will Shellie wake up? I don’t know much about legalities. Can she ever speak out against her husband. He is using her and knows she is the only one he still has under his control. His sister Susie, brother, dad, can they ever turn and be brought to testify against him, as the cousin has bravely tried to do. I have a very strange thought that George Zimmerman hates his father, that he is deliberately defiant of the “law” for some reason that has a connection with his father, a
    slight mention in his remark about his father not being around.
    Having been raised by his mother and grandmother, claimed Hispanic, English his second language? Anyone else have any
    consideration of such?

    The family of Trayvon Martin are of the most admirable and gracious people as they bear the loss of their young son at the hand of one who is a werewolf under the guise of his smooth talking saintly existence. Fangs and slobbering hunger to kill an innocent lies, LIES! just beneath as he illustrates pride and satisfaction in himself. We hear GZ use God as his weapon to justify his act. Surely not the same God we are so often directed to for truth, justice and peace.

    Right now, I am not too sure what Mark O’Mara might do, but if he is happy with his client, it sure didn’t show on the Hannity interview.
    He looked like a scared little boy sitting beside the Devil himself.
    It is difficult for me to actually believe MOM is going to continue to allow himself to be a puppet on a string in defending his client.

    Professor, can you and others save Mark O’Mara, can he even be advised by his like associates. Is it considered wimpy for an attorney to just up and quit in a case like this? What is the best
    road for MOM to take today to benefit his self-respect.

  31. CherokeeNative says:

    Unfortunately, the Order granting bail does not prevent GZ from having an internet presence. So his Twitter and Website are not violating the terms of his Bond – unless he directs communications towards the Martins. But he clearly, IMO, violated the terms of his bond by addressing the Martins in his Hannity interview and I certainly hope the Judge sees it the same way. I just can’t imagine what MOM and GZ think they are accomplishing by doing this. Are there that many people out there who are not aware of the true facts of this case, and if they only viewed that interview, could possibly believe the vomit these guys are spewing? Like you Frederick, I am disgusted.

  32. Michael Stewart says:

    Picking-up on Stand By Me’s excellent point in the previous thread:

    HANNITY: ….had you even heard stand your ground?

    ZIMMERMAN: No, sir.

    HANNITY: You have never heard about it before?


    Is it conceivable that GZ, a neighborhood watch captain (who ALWAYS carried is weapon unless he was at work) would be ignorant of Florida state gun laws?

    Zimmrman’s close friend, Mark Osterman was an LEO.

    “During the interview, Mr Osterman, 44, described a seemingly close relationship with Zimmerman, saying that the two men would frequently go over to one another’s houses, take hunting trips, and go on monthly visits to the nearby Gander Mountain shooting range.

    Mr Osterman also claimed that he was the one to teach Zimmerman how to shoot.”


    Are we supposed to believe these two men never discussed the lawful use of a firearm in self defense situations? That they never rehearsed self defense scenarios?

    If I had dollar for every time George holstered-up and stood in front of the mirror asking; “You talkin’ to me?”, I could underwrite his defense fund and have plenty left over.

    Not sure where Zimmerman received his CCW certification, however some classes include a basic introduction to Florida gun statutes and concealed carry law as part of the curriculum.

    Should be interesting if the prosecution can show that GZ received a rudimentary instruction in Florida guns laws.

    • Nef05 says:

      I believe they can. Zimmerman would have had to fill out a concealed carry permit application. As stated below, he would have received a copy of the justifiable use of force statute.

      Directly from the Florida application to carry concealed:
      “• FAMILIARITY WITH FLORIDA LAW: You are required by law to read and become knowledgeable of the provisions
      of Chapter 790, Florida Statutes, relating to weapons and firearms, prior to submitting your application for a Florida
      Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. We have included a copy of this section of the law in this application
      package for you to read and retain in your files. You will also find included in this package a copy of Chapter 776,
      Florida Statutes, the portion of Florida law relating to justifiable use of force.”

      Click to access concealed%20weapon_applicationinstructions.pdf

      • Michael Stewart says:

        “FAMILIARITY WITH FLORIDA LAW: You are required by law to read and become knowledgeable of the provisions
        of Chapter 790, Florida Statutes, relating to weapons and firearms, prior to submitting your application for a Florida
        Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.”

        After taking a closer look at Florida gun statutes, the provisions that apply to the justifiable use of force are written in Chapter 776, not 790.

        Specifically, with respect to SYG (‘no duty to retreat’) please refer to provision 776.012 at the link.


        In Florida, aspiring CCW’s are not required to study “Use of Force” provisions. But as I posted earlier, some CCW certification classes offer a basic introduction to the relevant provisions as part & parcel of their curriculum.

        I don’t know where Zimmerman received his certification; maybe the prosecution does?

        I do know that in light of GZ’s close association with former LEO, Mark Osterman, the claim that he was unfamiliar with Florida’s SYG provision is hard to reconcile. I’m being polite here.

    • TruthBTold says:

      Personally, I think it is highly unlikely that GZ was not aware of this law. If you live in a state that allows individuals, barring specific exclusions, to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves I would think, that he knew about this particular law, not just self-defense. Other cases in Florida, those individuals claimed this particular law.

    • Nef05 says:

      I apologize Mike, I should have been more clear. In the paragraph requiring an applicant to study the Firearm statutes, they specify that they are also including in the package a copy of chapter 776, the statutes regarding use of justifiable force. “You will also find included in this package a copy of Chapter 776,
      Florida Statutes, the portion of Florida law relating to justifiable use of force.”

      You are absolutely correct. They don’t require them to study them. However, Zimmerman might find it hard to explain why he had never even heard of the statute, when he had been documentedly provided with a copy, by the state, in his application. I don’t believe him, and from your post I don’t think you do either.

      Could it come down to how picky the word choice is? I remember there being detailed questions about the words “profiling” and “confront”, during the first bond hearing. Do you think it might come down to “never heard of” vs “not understanding” or “didn’t know details of” or some such? We know that Zimmerman is good for changing something around and saying he “meant” something else (running/skipping, following/walking in same direction). Could it come down to something as simple as holding him to hs words? I’m not sure. Any ideas?

      • Michael Stewart says:

        “I apologize Mike”

        Not at all Nef05.

        “Do you think it might come down to “never heard of” vs “not understanding” or “didn’t know details of” or some such?”

        I think you called it.

        Something like: “My CCW certification didn’t require that I familiarize myself with Florida’s use of force provisions (Chapter 776), and I didn’t.”

        Thanks for responding Nef.

    • whonoze says:

      Hoiw dare you impugn the character of Travis Bickle by comparing him to George Zimmermsn. One of these days a real rain is going to come down and wash all the scum off these streets… and Florida will be entirely under water.

      • Patricia says:

        WhoNoze, please use your audio smarts on “Fuckin’ Goons.”

        The Goons are a black gang in Sanford that wear hoodies as their “gang colors.”

        Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon as a gang member,


      • Whonoze,

        I read your blog on the timing issues last night and was most impressed.

        Am I correct in concluding that the time period between the termination of GZ’s call to the SPD non-emergency number and the gunshot is approximately 3 minutes and 10 seconds?


  33. Dennis says:

    Holy crap! I just found another inconsistent statement made by GZ on his pathetic interview.

    “In an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity, George Zimmerman said he didn’t know about stand your ground law before shooting Trayvon Martin.”

    If I’m not mistaken, a witness said GZ stated “Stand Your Ground” in a sentence after the shooting like he had to soothe the witness with words to justify his actions.

    Frederick, do you recall any witnesses that said GZ stated “Stand Your Ground” in a sentence?

  34. Justkiddin* says:


  35. Justkiddin* says:

    I too can some up what I watched last night with George Zimmerman. Dis. gus. ting. 🙂 Seriously though how many black 17 year old boys do you know that go skipping away? He changes his story every time he opens his nasty pie hole. It is to bad Trayvon can not tell us what happened.

    • TruthBTold says:


      It was truly an offensive thing to watch. When Det. Chris Serino pushed the issue as far as GZ describing how TM was running, he couldn’t remember/didn’t know. How convenient. Now all of a sudden, he can describe his movements. Skipping? Really? That sounds ridiculous. His inconsistencies is not even a result of forgetting some information, etc., it’s different versions of events. It doesn’t pass the smell test with unbiased reasonable individuals with good sense.

      • Justkiddin* says:

        I know right! To top it off he then says he has no regrets. At this point his version of events have gone from questionable to delusional. O’Mara needs to stop with the begging and work on shutting this fool up.

      • princss6 says:

        Not only skipping, but GZ KNOWS, he was skipping away with no fear. Shrug, God must have whispered in his ear to let him know Trayvon wasn’t scared.

  36. Professor ?: In the 2nd bond stipulations, GZ was told not to have a bank account. The fact that GZ has launched his website again asking for donations, which links to PayPal – wouldn’t this considered a violation of bond?

    • Dennis says:

      I don’t think the government considers PayPal to be a bank account because it is much less secure. There are also federal protections that are granted to bank account owners but not to PayPal owners. I would still consider it a bank account because you can accept and pay people money, and make transfers of sums of money. That sounds like a bank account to me. Arrest GZ and throw him back in jail for violation of his bond.

    • Dennis says:

      Another question is, did GZ himself start that bank account or did his lawyer or family do it? Lets say that his family started the PayPal account. If the PayPal is directly linked to something called “George Zimmerman defense fund”, the court may still be able to consider that his account, even if he does not have control of it. I’m not positive though.

    • ajamazin says:

      The website does not collect funds.

      It links back to the GZDEFENSEFUND.COM WEBSITE

  37. Real GZ has a twitter feed … please make it stop!


  38. This comment from Sergio @ the Smirking Chimp:

    This morning O’Mara and his out-of-control, trainwreck of a client called Barbara Walters while she was on the air, offering to do an impromptu interview. Naturally, Walters turned them down.


  39. princss6 says:

    Just imagine what was said that ended up on the editing floor. Of course, I’m hoping the prosecution subpoenas all tapes and we find GZ saying the God’s Plan line more than once…or his walk back of it at the end…I really, really do.

    • @princss6 –>Yes, this am prosecution entered in the SH interview into discovery as evidence. I believe it was for the entire video – inclusive of any edited portions.

      Dang … is it too early to start my xmas list to Santa? I would love to hope that someone on the production side (or maybe God’s team lol) had video of “off the camera” moments and conversations.

  40. KA says:


    Wow they actually restarted the website with a first person, personal note from George himself….Was the internet part of the conditions? I will have to look again but WOW if it was…this is a clear violation.

    • KA says:

      I do not see in the Conditions for bail being no internet presence…I just see no direct or indirect communication (which I think in addressing words to the Martins and saying he would like them to meet with him and talk face to face being a violation). I also see the “no bank account” one as well. I saw the link was fort he GZ Legal Defense fund and the words that THIS would be the only real place to donate thereby taking it off the O’Mara legal site. I would believe that maybe they are doing this to “calm” the uprising in GZ support over O’Mara by making the pleas directly from GZ, or maybe O’Mara is planning his exit.

      • ajamazin says:


      • TruthBTold says:


        He truly has a history of imposing himself upon innocent people. Before the first bond hearing, it was reported that he wanted to meet with the family, etc., but the family sensibly and obviously declined; they weren’t ready for all of that. What does he do? Take the stand and forces an apology upon them and turns around and does it again on SH last night. Why continue throwing salt on a very open wound? He is playing to the cameras, nothing more. The guy just lies and lies. He was caught in a lie when BLR cross-examined him and at first, he stated that he didn’t apologize then he backtracks and says, that he did. I’ve listened to all of his audio and surely didn’t hear him say any such thing to any law enforcement professional. He has some serious deep-rooted issues.

  41. Two sides to the story says:

    Pardon me for posting this twice – State of FL just added the interview to their discovery – http://www.scribd.com/doc/100525084/State-s-4th-Supplemental-Discovery-7-19-12

  42. Olivia Ava says:

    Frederick said: “I assure y’all, no client of mine would ever have said anything like that on national television with me present because I would have done something, anything, even ripped off my clothes and mooned Amerika in all my naked glory, just to shut him up.”

    LOL! I believe you would!

    O’Mara just sat there all stiff and poker faced!

  43. Olivia Ava says:

    It sounds as though Zimmerman is reading from a script in his call to Terry Jones.

    Either a script or an outline of talking points.

    Remember, Zimmerman worked as a salesperson.

    Tsk, tsk. His calm personna is part of his pitch.

  44. crazy1946 says:

    I took a few tums and watched the alleged interview last night, or should we actually call it a scripted press conference? Neither Zimmerman or MOM have any shred of decency toward the Martin family or the Florida Justice System! I have read some of the other blogs this morning, where they are praising their new God (Zimmerman) and now realize that he was blessed by God for this act of murder of a child!
    Among the new lies that he told last night is one that is so rediculous that I can’t beleive he was allowed to say it, he said he never went more than 100 feet from his car! Even after he said he went to the next street to get an address, he thinks he never went more than that far from his car? Wow, will the lies ever end? This man needs to be back in the local jail for the protection of the public! I might suggest they put him in a padded cell for his own protection!

  45. Olivia Ava says:

    Hello, Frederick –

    That love for his unborn child statement was another way for him to justify killing Martin.

    He could have just said “while feeling that my head was about to explode, I thought about my unborn child and it was out of love for my unborn child that I aimed my gun at Martin’s heart and pulled the trigger”.

    Instead, he gave an unspoken message that if he hadn’t killed Martin, then his unborn child would forever be an unborn child.

    Yeah, so Zimmerman killed Martin because it was God’s plan that Zimmerman’s unborn child become a born child. He and God feared for the life of his unborn child.

    If the judge doesn’t revoke his bond, who will he interview with next, and what “messages” will he send in order to motivate the sending of MORE MONEY?

    • re –>”Yeah, so Zimmerman killed Martin because it was God’s plan that Zimmerman’s unborn child become a born child. He and God feared for the life of his unborn child.”

      I had not thought of it from that POV …. wow

    • Dennis says:

      I can’t believe GZ keeps contradicting his own statements. First he claims that his head was being smashed into the concrete and once TM saw he had a gun, he had to use the gun on TM. Now he claims that it was fear for his unborn child? This guy can’t even keep his story straight.

  46. ajamazin says:

    “I can answer that question with three words:


    I have another thought.

    I grow more suspicious that this is orchestrated to get Jeb Bush the nomination at a brokered GOP convention as tensions build.

    There will be an event [eg. an imflammatory ruling ] that will occur in late August to trigger ‘riots’.

    Jeb, who is married to a Hispanic and was governor when the Stand Your Ground law was passed, is on record as saying that the law does not apply in Zimmerman’s case.

    Yet he is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment also and a darling of the NRA and Alex.

    Please, let me be wrong.

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