Did Zimmerman Confess When He Said, “I Took my Gun Aimed it at him and Fired?”

Sometimes what you are searching for during an investigation is located in plain view right in front of your face, but for one reason or another, you don’t see it. I have been chastising myself for not seeing Zimmerman’s confession, even though it was obscured by a fog of inconsistencies and lies. Nevertheless, I should have seen it.

When Investigator Chris Serino was interviewing Zimmerman on February 29th, three days after the shooting, Zimmerman said,

“I didn’t want him to keep slamming my head on the concrete so I kind of shifted. But when I shifted my jacket came up…and it exposed my firearm. That’s when he said you are going to die tonight. He took one hand off my mouth, and slid it down my chest. I took my gun aimed it at him and fired.”

The key word “aimed.”

Notice that he did not say, “I took my gun and fired.”

Because of the ongoing struggle he was describing, I pictured him freeing his gun from his holster while lying in a supine position and firing it at point blank range into Trayvon Martin’s torso.

Given his description of the struggle between the two of them, he could not have extended his arm and hand holding the gun because there was not enough room between the two of them. Not only that, according to him, he succeeded in grabbing the gun because he pinned Martin’s left hand against the side of his chest using his right upper arm and that prevented Martin from grabbing it.

Do y’all see the problem? How can he possibly extend his elbow and aim the gun with Martin lying on top of him while pinning Martin’s left hand to his chest with his right upper arm.

If he accurately described their relative positions and what they were doing when he fired the fatal shot, the entry wound should have been a contact wound in Martin’s left side or possibly his back traversing Martin’s body sideways from left to right probably with a downward trajectory.

With Martin’s torso in the way, I do not see any way, he could have extended his arm and aimed his gun firing the fatal shot from intermediate range into Martin’s torso creating an entry wound 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/2 inch below the left nipple with the trajectory of the bullet going mstraight through from front to back without deviating up or down or left or right.

I also do not see him him saying that he aimed his gun when he did not aim his gun.

Instead, like a Freudian slip, it appeared to slip out during his narrative of the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

If this is what happened, he did not shoot Martin in self-defense because he had already separated from Martin with his gun in his hand aimed at Martin and was no longer in imminent danger of being killed or suffering grievous bodily injury.

76 Responses to Did Zimmerman Confess When He Said, “I Took my Gun Aimed it at him and Fired?”

  1. JVC says:

    Also note…Zimmerman is left handed. Today the prosecution said he was on the ground his gun in holster in his pants in back not side or front. Is he ambidextrous? Can he get his gun out with right hand as a left handed person and then pull the trigger with right hand? I highly doubt it with someone on top of him. Since he is left handed he definitely would not be able to do it with his left hand if he was on the bottom. I wish I were on the jury…GUILTY!

  2. Sophia33 says:

    He is trying to get Crump removed.

  3. Sophia33 says:

    Did they just kick out Zimmerman’s family? Did O’Mara try to have Tracy and Sybrina removed?

  4. Sophia33 says:

    Libation poured. Called on a bunch of ancestors to be with the family and the prosecution.

  5. LJ says:

    Additional confessions by Zimmerman

    GZ   slips-up in his reenactment and tells on himself!   When GZ is describing how TM supposedly was smothering him, GZ says  “he put his hands on HIS nose”. GZ then pauses and quickly corrects himself and goes on to say “NO, on MY nose”.   GZ passed the lie detector test because everything he said TM did to him, is what he did to Trayvon. 

    Also, in the interrogation video GZ signs a document with his left, and he tells the Investigator that he is left handed, but in the reenactment video GZ said he shot Trayvon with his right hand. I ask, how does a left handed person, shoot with his right hand?

    • Particularly with a left-handed draw holster tucked in his waistband behind his right hip.

      • Dave says:

        Zimmerman’s holster is set up with a waistband clip on the right side so that it can be worn inside the pants on the right side. Also, it’s usual for lefthanders to learn to shoot righthanded simply because most guns are made to be operated righthanded (just as most lefthanded musicians play righthanded. Have you ever seen anyone play a violin lefthanded? Hmmm.)

        • How does he grip the gun with his right hand while he is pinning TM’s left arm against his side using the upper part of his right arm, juggle the gun and sqeeze off a shot so that the bullet enters TM’s chest 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/2 inch below the nipple and travels straight back without deviating up or down, left or right?

      • LJ says:

        If Zimmerman drew with his right hand, that would mean he shot his gun upside down and backwards.

  6. TC says:

    Have you shot s gun? You don’t need to extend your arm to aim. I can aim from the him or even hold it close to my chest and aim without looking down the sight.

    • TC says:

      Aim from the *hip*

    • Dave says:

      That’s not aiming. That’s pointing.

      • Dave says:

        In the original blog post at the top, Prof. Leatherman uses the word “aim” in its proper sense, i.e. “to visually align the sights of a weapon with a target.” TC has just shown that there are a fair number of people who are unclear on the difference between aiming and simply pointing. That’s why I don’t think that GZ’s possibly sloppy use of the word “aim” is necessarily significant in itself. However, I find it extremely difficult to believe that he could have made the perfect heart shot that he did without aiming.

  7. Michael Stewart says:

    aussie, I’ve listened to the SPD interviews multiple times, and I see another problem with this segment of Zimmerman’s account.

    He says that TM saw the gun, and reached for it. Zimmerman claims that he interrupted this movement by pinning Martin’s hand between his upper right arm and ribcage, while simultaneously making an improbable draw with his right hand. But here’s where this ‘story’ gets real sketchy, if not downright absurd. Zimmerman claims that after he managed to draw his weapon, Martin grabbed his head and began slamming it into the concrete again, so he shot him. He uses this rationale in multiple re-tellings.

    Now, if you were reaching for Zimmerman’s gun at close proximity, and he beat you to the draw, so to speak, would you return to head banging, or would you be focused on controlling that weapon?

    At this point in the struggle, it would be all about that gun [imho].

  8. aussie says:

    Listen to the Serino interview Tape 2, arouind the 27 min mark.

    He says Trayvon had his mouth and nose covered. When he let go and started to reach for the gun “I didn’t need my hand anymore” (??? for defence? none mentioned) “so grabbed his arm…” and Serino says “wrist control, we call that wrist control…” and GZ says then he got out the gun and not wanting to shoot his own hand he was holding TM with, moved the gun hand around and then shot.

    So he had time to consider not shooting his own hand.

    He had a wrist hold on someone straddling him, who’d then not be able to hit him with the other arm without falling flat onto his face.

    He had time to tell that person he WILL get shot unless he stops struggling.

    HE was IN CONTROL of the situation and therefore in NO DANGER anymore.

    He pulled the trigger anyway.

  9. aussie says:

    Frederick, just thought you’d like to know someone’s “borrowed” your image of Zimmerman for their own blog


  10. naasha higgins says:

    The way he states ge has had gun holstered is a complete lie in the interrogation video he states he is left handed the picture of the gun anf holster in evidence looks like a left handed holster to me so if he pulls the gun out like he says seems like it would be upside down if it was on his right side like gz states in the reenactment video JUST MY OPIONION PLEASE LEAVE YOUR RESPONSE VERY INTERESTED IN KNOWING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT THE WHOLE RIGHT HAND LEFT HAND CONFUSION

    • PYorck says:

      My understanding is that many people consider the dominant eye more important than the dominant hand if the two don’t match. Because of that people who use their non-dominant hand for shooting aren’t all that unusual.

    • Dave says:

      Also, most guns, including Zimmerman’s, are designed for the convenience of righthanded shooters.

      Zimmerman’s holster has a belt loop on each side and a second loop on each side for a spring clip that can be clipped to the waistband of the wearer’s pants for an inside-the-pants concealed carry. Zimmerman had the clip attached to the right side of the holster which would permit an inside-the -pants carry either on the left side (butt forward) or on the right (butt back).

  11. Peter says:

    Aim??? Exactly how did he do that?

    When Martin reached over to grab Zimmerman’s gun, Zimmerman drew it first, pointed it (aimed) at Martin’s body which was on top of him, and shot once.

    How possibly, with a contact wound, did Zimmerman ever get the barrel of the gun up to his eye so he could “sight” down the barrel and then “aim” it to fire? That never happened.

    Obviously, Zimmerman meant to convey that after he drew the gun he moved his hand to point it at Martin (who would be difficult to miss and he, instinctively, would not want to shoot himself), and then shot once in panic and fear. In short, the only way to draw and shoot at such close quarters without shooting yourself instead.

  12. Short Pump says:

    2/27 Interview. Lady sat with GZ chating like they are friend Did you give Chief Lee my e-mail. What kind in surance. About her family. DID YOU WORK TODAY WHERE ALL BAND AID (PATCH) SO HURT. Did he put them for the Crime Tourthat his father was standing him what say. My wife RN student,take home school, went work on then then she pat his head during taping . He need Act in Hollywood. What top off Did you ever Shot any on. You send home. Then come back take test. They are all his friends. He need be look for new Lying Lawyer. There plan did not work. Say you have no money so the State Fl Pay Fee Pastport . Gun Rights keep sending money. They gave him money after 1st Bond. Will they paid off all their back Bill. ZIMMER HAVE FELONY ON BOOK SOME HE CASH CHECK IN JULY11. Sign check never gave Lawyer his money. He was release. This has something also over his. OMare Trip. Past lie Test the mood test. Which they just check box day later. Daddy took care that. That while Lee no Longer here. This two need help. SeeFeds was sent Stanford. He sitting at table like use car sale person in suit. CANDY vs GUN

  13. Visitor says:

    Beth, What a great thought, if the cops had come in with sirens,
    George Zimmerman may have decided he didn’t have enough time to finish the role he was playing and Trayvon may be alive today to tell his side of how that evening went down. Still I doubt it, ’cause he had been so engrossed in his plan to take someone out of action.

  14. Visitor says:

    It’s a good read here today, To add this posted theory Zimmerman “aimed” indicating he was in a position other than being pinned down, as I have commented on another blog that Zimmerman also stated that it was him yelling for help as he had Trayvon’s hands spread out from his body and AFTER he said he had shot Trayvon. On the taped call to 911 by the woman witness you can clearly hear the yells just BEFORE the shot. Also, it seems that if Zimmerman’s head was so bashed that he thought it was going to EXPLODE, his comment of leaning over Trayvon would allow at least SOME of all that blood from his nose and head to drip onto Trayvon. I have read there were a few drops of blood but as yet I have not heard whose it was. Anyone who had been so badly beaten and feared for his life as Zimmerman claims surely would be happy to go to the hospital for xray and observation to be sure his brain was still in his head. Does anyone think that the horrible damage he suffered is why he just can’t tell a straight story? Just one lie after another. However, his “mixed up accountings along with the SYG Law could possible work in his favor. A jury wouldn’t know what to believe and Trayvon sure isn’t here to tell his side, is he?

    Good work on this post here on Frederick Leatherman Law Blog
    Thanks for allowing me to visit, hadn’t known of you before.

  15. Mirre says:

    Could you tell us what evidence the defense can enter without Zimmerman having to take the stand?

  16. Mirre says:

    Did anybody notice this exchange between Zimmerman and a female investigator, from the voice stress test video?

    He is chatting with the investigator prior to the beginning of the test, when he asks her whether she ever had to shoot somebody. Listen to why he thinks she never had to, unlike him.

  17. Short Pump says:

    George RedJacket Shot Gun Back Fired in His Face. Fell Backward Hit Own Head. Listen Crime Tape. Witness #3 Tape. Yelling stop when Shot Trayvon. Person in White Shirt Holding Trayvon down. George. (Help). FRANK TAFFEE. They walking around &driving chasing him.this how the meet up.

    • Beth says:

      What is your thoughts of the first aid kit with tweezer on top?

    • Beth says:

      So do you believe the “knocking sound” from the 911 call is George knocking on a neighbor’s door and this neighbor assists in the killing of Trayvon?

  18. Short Pump says:

    May be they had Trayvon. FACE DOWN. Person. In White on Top Him. Was Body found Face Down Gun went off Yelling Stop. Listen witness #3 then Crime tape hand movement while he talk.

  19. Michael Stewart says:

    To underscore Pooh Huffy’s post in the “Zimmerman Video Reenactment Contradicts Statement and Crime Scene Evidence” thread, please click this Youtube link:

    Hat Tip Pooh Huffy – great catch on Zimmerman’s left handed holster worn in cross-draw position.

  20. Short Pump says:


  21. Short Pump says:

    Solve Case. George(Red jacket) had Help. Trayvon was person on Ground YELLING. THIRD party was holding him down. Look at storeTape . What Color was Trayvon Hoodie. (Black). Team player on top had on White shirt. Listen to witness # three tape. Gun pull on Trayvon. In Frank Taffee yard. Look at George Crime Tape. Where is he point to at in tape look how he move his hand. No Blood on Trayvon. That why was getting that money moving around ,pastport. His Lawyer is Liar. I get him Disbared. If that Judge want he best sign. NO BOND

  22. jd says:

    I saw most of the hearing but missed the father’s testimony only catching the clips on news reports. The second half of the hearing is on you tube here.

    I’m prone to want to see Perry Mason drama, but I suppose it was outside of the scope of the hearing for the prosecution to have asked RZ what he knew about the hidden money and passport?

    It seems to me that the most obvious questions were never asked or answered. Why was the money moved? Seems like a simple question that should have a simple answer.

    What are the legal reasons the judge could cite for refusing bond?

    • Peter says:

      “What are the legal reasons the judge could cite for refusing bond?”

      As a practical matter, none that would ever hold up on appeal.

      Lester, acting a little like a “drama queen” here, will set bond.

      In a few days all the pundits will forget the incident. And the “strong case” nonsense will disappear into the sewer where all “media” issues of no significance go.

    • Dave says:

      1. Danger to the community. (Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder, admits to having fatally shot an unarmed youth. He also has a history of lower-level impulsive, violent behavior.)

      2. Flight risk. (Zimmerman, who MAY be able to claim Peruvian citizenship, clumsily tried to hide a valid US passport and a very large amount of cash.)

      If the judge grants bail at all it will probably be for a lot more than $150,000.

  23. Beth says:

    Did the police dispatched to the scene arrive with lights and sirens? Lights and sirens might have provided an alternate ending to this tragic evening.

  24. Beth says:

    Could it be that Austin and his dog provided George the time for George to aim and shoot Trayvon? George, in all of his versions of the events that night never speaks about a boy and his dog.

  25. KA says:

    Michael, I could not have said that better myself. Either GZ knew he shot him dead and quit screaming immediately, or it was not his screams in accordance with his other narrative about Trayvon still talking and moving around. It cannot be both ways.

    I tend to believe that the screams stopped at the exact second of the gunshot, they belonged to the person that was killed by that gunshot.

  26. Michael Stewart says:

    Apparently the defense made hay over the witness 911 tape at today’s bond hearing. If it was Zimmerman screaming for help, why did he suddenly stop screaming after he fired his weapon? He said he believed Martin was armed, and that he thought may have “missed him.” In fact, this was his stated rationale for mounting TM’s body and restraining his hands after the shot was fired.

    If I were engaged in a similar life and death struggle, I’m pretty sure I would continue to scream for assistance until assistance arrived, even if I believed the “assailant” had expired.

    OTOH, if it was Trayvon Martin we hear shrieking on the 911 tape, it’s understandable that he would immediately fall silent upon receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the heart.

    I am not offering this speculation as conclusive evidence of guilt, I’m simply highlighting another element of GZ’s account which appears to contradict logic as I understand it.

    • Tzar says:

      you know what else? there is something that you don’t hear…you don’t hear anyone saying “you got me” or “you got it” after the shot

  27. raiikun says:

    jd, the reason the Judge didn’t make a ruling on bond then was because O’Mara gave him about 8 hour worth of evidence to review first.

  28. raiikun says:

    Presumably with George on the ground, pulling the gun out would have meant the gun was perpendicular to the ground. If he’d then fired without aiming he probably would have shot himself, Trayvon’s leg, or nothing.

    So I don’t see how “aiming” makes it a confession of murder.

  29. Mirre says:

    Did you miss Zimmerman sr.?

  30. jd says:

    Re the bond hearing. OMara vamped for a while but had one real question, IMO which seemed to be “can my client answer questions from the judge about his hidden money and passport issues without being cross examined?” which of course would make a cat laugh.

    The rest was for show – he couldn’t just show up and ask that one silly question and leave.

    I missed the second half of it however and am relying on others’ descriptions of what went on. I don’t think it went well for GZ, but the judge may or may not grant bail anyway. I tend to doubt it but IANAL. If he was going to grant bail he would have done so at the end. He’s got a question or two to consider possibly, or wants M’OM to finish his business submitting various things into evidence.

    I did note that the bail bondsmen did not speak, even though he had earlier said they might in a document to the court of some sort.

    Was anything ever said about the hidden passport? The way I see it, when GZ got out last time it was but for the GPS device on his leg that he was a flight risk, seeing as he had the (financial) means, motive and opportunity to flee the country. The judge in his order revoking bond spoke of the passport no longer being an issue not because of anything MOM and the defendant said or did, but because the state department acted. (presumably to put out the alert on the still missing passport, once the prosecution had contacted them after hearing the jail calls and figuring out the deception.) Unless and until the defense can satisfy the judge about the passport better I don’t see why he wouldn’t consider GZ a flight risk based on past behavior. Yes, GZ no longer has use of that passport but he’s ruined his credibility with the court and like the judge says showed no respect for the court or the law.

    • Tzar says:

      “The rest was for show – he couldn’t just show up and ask that one silly question and leave. ”

      and that my friends is the tale of the tape!

  31. Mirre says:

    Have you been watching the bond hearing. O’Mara sounded kind of desperate to me. I thought it was a provocative move to introduce the 911 call where you can hear the screaming, as proof of Zimmerman’s victimization. .

    • KA says:

      The more I think about it, I do not believe the bond hearing was not the main objective for O’Mara. I believe he was “testing” Judge Lester to see if he could introduce doubt in the judge’s mindset about the State’s case and thereby setting him up for a SYG case.

      If Judge Lester can rule that there are weaknesses in the State’s case and therefore the evidence is not as strong, then O’Mara has a platform to go for a SYG hearing. If the judge further states that the stories are inconsistent and the fact that GZ will not submit to cross examination leads him to believe it is still strong, then I think he will not risk it and may consider plea bargaining.

      Anyway, just my thoughts. The central issue of the hearing was for GZ to give explanation and/or apology for the money/passport issue yet they concentrated on the evidence supporting GZ.

      In my opinion, the evidence was weak as the presence of blood and/or stitches does not indicate self defense. The fact that GZ will not answer questions about his testimony or the evening could not look good. Judge Lester already considers him disrespectful of law and the judicial process, the fact he will not stand against his statements on the stand cannot give him anymore confidence of truth.

      • Mirre says:

        Interesting point. So are you, that if the judge will not grant bond, that would indicate the judge believes the state’s case is strong enough?

      • KA says:

        I think if the judge feels there are weaknesses he will address it in the order. The “strong case” was only one aspect of his decision to revoke and if that was a reason to reconsider, then I suspect he will address that in the order. It seemed that he was to give a written statement about the decision.

  32. Mirre says:

    There are so many things wrong with his statements. To Singleton he tells how he was on top of Trayvon holding his arms, and asking that first person with the flashlight to help him control Trayvon, because he wasn’t sure he was dead. The teacher in her 911 call, gave an on the spot testimony of what was happening at the time. She says I can see him walking around, he is stepping away. Then she describes the first person with a flashlight arriving on the scene. So he never asked anybody to help control Trayvon, he was up and walking around.
    Another thing that has been bothering me is the description he gave of Trayvon to the dispatcher.
    He discribes the hoody, the white tennis shoes and the button on the shirt. But then he describes the pants as either jeans or sweatpants.
    Anybody heard the voice sample Zimmerman gave for comparison with the screaming in the 911 call?

    I am not a voice expert but the pitch of Zimmerman’s voice seems lower.

    • jd says:

      The sequence of events that the teacher describes is a very good point to make! Also what Harry says about “I was on him” as a freudian slip. He’s got some pronoun problems in general it seems.

      Plenty of people speculate that he has reversed a few key events or roles in his tale.

      To me the biggest “slip” is in marking his likely car position at the first corner of TTL on a map and then quickly amending it as heard w his initial interview with Singleton. This is where his “TM doubled back/circling/hand in waistband” contradiction starts. He’s caught dead to rights on that lie, and it is a big one since it leads to how he likely chased the teen down TTL with his car and then jumped out to continue the chase on foot.

      As for the “aiming” comment, it’s sketchy but at trial it can be explained away – cowboys in the movies “aim” from the hip in a quick draw contest….

      Keep in mind the prosecution has to prove M2 beyond a reasonable doubt. Lying about the “circling/hand in waistband” action is something GZ contradicts himself on, so he’s lying at least once – actually both times – when he claims this happened where he says it did ( in both places!) He simply can’t have it both ways.

      • jd – funny thing about that “I was on him” statement…I showed that part of the video to my wife…she knew nothing about the case…just watched that few seconds and got the straight impression that GZ meant he was on top of whoever he was talking about. There’s something in the body language that goes with the words. I agree though, he has a lot of “pronoun problems” and “verbs” too. I’m trying to stay away from the word “lie” because he passed the polygraph. I’m also under the impression that he actually believes everything that he is saying. I’ve known people like him. I think all of his contradictions, lies or not, create a reasonable doubt that what happened didn’t happen the way he says it happened. IMO once the aggressor element is established, which is at the heart of your comment, it isn’t that much of a stretch to M2…at least not to a reasonably objective person. Forgive me for my bad legal terminology…I’m just trying to keep up with you guys.

    • Harry Benton says:

      He may have climbed on top of Martin to see if there was an exit wound. That way he could tell his story accordingly or he may have just went through his pockets. I dont believe what he says about this.

    • Eugenia Michelle Brown,LPN says:

      Was the other person, with the flashlight the one who assisted with inflicting those life threatening injuries?

  33. Dave says:

    If an experienced shooter had made that statement it would be damning. Zimmerman, dumbass that he clearly is, might not grasp the difference between aiming and pointing.

  34. Karma says:

    I Agree with you.His entire reolllllllection was he was looking down.Now its clear why Trayvons screams were so clear,It seems Trayvon was on the ground when he was shot.Thats how he ended up face down,hands uderneath his body.Also a witness said they saw Zimmy stadaling Trayvon.Lying dirty coward.

  35. I would say agree with your analysis…I would also offer up the fact that he never got on the ground to re-enact what happened. His entire recollection seems to be as if he were looking down. In addition, if you watch the interrogation video closely at 44:52 he describes the moment of the shooting and says,… “I was on him” while extending his arm…then says “I knew I was”…and stops. I believe this to be another Freudian slip. I don’t believe at any time in either one of the videos, he looks up as if he were lying on his back. Just my two cents.

    • True Bonnie says:

      Excellent observation Mr. Leatherman! That little Freudian slip needs explaining.. He “aimed” his gun?
      Another good observation, why didn’t Zim lie on the ground to explain the manuveur it took to wrestle his hand free to grab his gun and at the same time, scream help with TM’s hand over his mouth.
      I wish someone could answer this question; I’d like to know how quickly someone would die after taking a bullet to the right ventricle. As for Zim’s claim that he straddled TM after he shot him was CYA, in case someone saw him on top of his victim,imo

      • Triforcharity says:

        WRT: His death, and how quickly. His body would have gone into almost immediate shock, and start shutting down non-necessary functions. The ventricles take blood that has been used, and sends it to the lungs for oxygen. Without the ability to get oxygen to his blood, his body would go into “panic” mode. He most likely would have died within a few minutes, most likely within 3-4. The bullet also pierced his lung right behind his heart, which would have filled with blood fairly quickly, preventing it from doing any useful work. By the time EMT’s got there, his heart was in asystole (flatline). Nothing short of the hand of God could have saved him.

        • Do you agree that he would not have been able to sit up and speak any words with his heart stopped and both lungs collapsed from the shot?

          That is, that he would not have been able to force any air through his vocal chords to make any sound.

    • Tzar says:

      George was dying to have A story to tell, now he is dying to tell his story. This assertion could have been a literal one, had the prosecution charged him with 1st degree murder, secondary to a felony assault.

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