Could Trayvon Martin’s Cellphone be the Key to Solving the Zimmerman Case?

I have suspected all along that Trayvon Martin’s cell phone would turn out to be the smoking gun in the Zimmerman case and I offer the following evidence for consideration and comment.

At the 4:47 mark during Detective Serino’s interview of George Zimmerman, after Zimmerman admits that he shot Trayvon Martin with a hollow point bullet, Zimmerman suddenly volunteers,

When he was hitting me, I don’t know what he was hitting me with. I thought he had something in his hands, so I grabbed his hands when I was on top of him and I spread his hands away from his body because he was still talking and I was on top of him. And that’s when somebody came and they had a flashlight too and I thought it was a police officer, so I got off him.

In addition to claiming that Trayvon had banged his head against pavement, Zimmerman also told the EMT at the crime scene, when the EMT was cleaning his wounds with peroxide, that he had been struck with an unknown blunt instrument.

The report concludes:

Cause of injury: Struck by blunt/thrown object (9640) Mechanism of Injury: Blunt.

We know that Trayvon Martin was not armed and the police recovered only one thing near Trayvon’s body that could have served as a blunt instrument: His cell phone, which was lying in the grass next to his body.

The cell phone is Exhibit DMS 7.

The police submitted Exhibit DMS 7 to the Crime Lab with a request for a latent print examination. See Lab Report dated March 12, 2012 (see page 119)

The results:

No latent print examinations were performed per information received from Special Agent Supervisor David Lee.

Exhibit DMS-7 was returned to the agency.

The use of fingerprint powder to dust an object for possible prints (the fine powder adheres to the oil ridges left by the print making it possible to see the print and “lift” it from the object using special tape) can interfere with a DNA analysis and make it impossible to obtain a result. For this reason, one must always do a DNA analysis first.

According to Trayvon’s girlfriend, just before the connection terminated, she heard Trayvon ask,

Why are you following me?

Then she heard a male voice respond,

What are you doing here?

Then she heard what sounded like Trayvon’s headset being yanked out of the phone.

She tried calling him back, but he never answered.

I suspect the phone was resubmitted to the DNA lab for analysis, and if it was not submitted, it should be because it may have George Zimmerman’s DNA on it.

I don’t know about y’all, but I do not believe Trayvon would have confronted George Zimmerman while he was talking to his girlfriend and suddenly started wailing on Zimmerman with his cell phone.

I can easily imagine, however, Trayvon hitting Zimmerman in self-defense with the cell phone because he had it in his hand and it was the only thing he had to use as a weapon when Zimmerman attacked him.

Do y’all think that the prosecutors know they have the trump card and they have not released the lab report to prove it because they want to hold it back as long as possible?

I want to see that report.

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  1. jd says:

    Looks like my theory of where GZ parked is confirmed… the map and description of where he moved is in this document dump. GZ trailed TM in his car down TTL and admitted as much when he marked the map. Later in the video walk thru he lies and describes TM as “doubling back” when that isn’t what happened – it doesn’t coincide with the recoded 311 call at all.

    He’s pushing a false narrative and has admitted to the truth in one spot and later contradicts himself by lying to investigators.

    This is 100% validation for what I’ve been speaking about for MONTHS now. I’ll try to summarize this evening but right now I’m going to get a beer.

  2. jd says:

    links to new document release

    Looks like about 29 pages from the initial investigation, and the conclusion speaks about GZ’s multiple chances to diffuse the situation that he missed.

    It’s a case for manslaughter the way they are summing it up here, but the current investigation has more witnesses and a longer time to parse the inconsistencies and examine additional evidence – the clubhouse video included – and they’ve come to the conclusion that it was murder in the second degree.

    I’ve not read it all, however. Just wanted to pass on the link.

    the msnbc story that contains the link to the pdf is here

  3. naasha higgins says:

    To hear the soung im talking about its right when the 911 dispatcher was asking him his first and last name you can hear it loud and clear

    • jd says:

      Most people assume that sound is his black, non working flashlight. His smaller keychain flashlight was found by the T, it was still lit when police found it. He is likely around the T intersection at this time, having just stopped jogging ten seconds after being told “We don’t need you to do that” and his saying “okay” but continuing to move at a similar pace.

      It seems the model of flashlight he had is prone to problems with the switch – it’s a “tactical” brand and others have looked it up. google tactical and zimmerman and you will find much about this issue. Sorry no link…

      His firearm was of a type that did not require cocking to fire, and was loaded fully – as in a round was already in the chamber – when he fired it. He would have had to load the clip, chamber a round by advancing the slide (thus “cocking” it) , then unload the clip and add an additional round to make it “fully loaded.” Doesn’t seem like something he’d do in the dark with a flashlight in one hand. We know this because they found the clip and chamber had the maximum number of rounds in it plus the spent shell.

      But anything is possible.

  4. Beth says:

    How long could the struggle have lasted?

  5. aussie says:

    oops I forgot to mention Trayvon’s phone.

    No it doesn’t matter about DNA on it. That would only prove the phone contacted GZ, still won’t prove if it was offensively or defensively.

    I also don’t believe it was in his hand. The whole idea of earplugs is that the phone is IN A POCKET leavng your hands free. You dial or answer the call then put the phone away. It was either yanked out by the cord or fell out during the struggle.

    The item worth checking for DNA would be the 7-11 bag the Iced Tea was in, as that is the likeliest item TM had IN HIS HAND to take a defensive swing with (from a bit of a distance). This woud also account for the can not being in it, though how that ended up in a pocket is a mystery…. unless there was a lull in the fightlng long enough for TM to think it’s over and start picking up his things.

    Where everythng was found is not necessarily where they first fell. It may be where they fell a SECOND TIME.

    • GZ mentioned to the EMT and during his recorded statements that he thought TM was hitting him with a brick in his hand. The only potential weapons TM had were his cell phone and the can of iced tea.

      The can was in the front pouch of his hoodie sweatshirt, so we have no reason to believe that he used it.

      His phone was on the ground beside his body.

      Therefore, I am guessing that he used his phone and I do not believe he would have used his phone unless it was in his hand when GZ attacked him.

      I say when GZ attacked him because I do not believe he would have used his cell phone to attack GZ. If, as GZ claims, TM lay in wait and ambushed him, he would have looked for and picked up some sort of weapon like a rock, brick, poker, BBQ tool, stick, or whatever in the backyards and patios of the two rows of townhouses and beat him to a pulp with it.

      Cell phone?

      Not so much.

    • crazy1946 says:

      The cell phone nor the Ice Tea was what hit Zimmerman in the face, if Zimmerman came up on Martin from the rear, it is quite possible that Martin hit him in the face with the back of his elbow and upper arm! This would have caused Zimmerman to possibly fall and do the damage to the back of his head! That would account for no real damage to Martin’s hands!

  6. aussie says:

    The very beginning of the “reenactment” is interesting.

    He mentions wife and grocery store, and then a LONG long story about an earlier incident at that same house, which took a long time for the police to deal with. The IMPRESSION he’s trying to create is that he’s in a hurry and can’t afford to wait that long again, so decides to just go about his own business and just call this in to the police.

    That is why he goes leaving TM still hanging around at 1460 RVC. Pulls up at clubhouse nice and safe to make the call. Didn’t matter about TM, he wasn’t watching for him. BUT TM got there anyway and stared at him then ran down Twin Trees. So he suddenly forgets he’s in a hurry to get to the store, and follows him.

    Trouble with this story is, as it takes TM at least 1 minute running or 1.5 mins walking, to get to the clubhouse, by then GZ is well into the “he’s checking me out” part of his phone call. This is followed by “he’s running”.

    At this stage he still needs to reverse out, turn right, turn left, to get to where he’s eventually parked (and where he gets ut allegedly to look for the street sign). BUT on the tape he clearly gets out and starts running RIGHT AWAY, ie from the clubhouse. So how does the car end up 2 turns away?

    (Well of course we only have his word for that’s where it was, as the police never saw it and Mrs Z removed it by next morning. But he does tell the police it’s down from the mailboxes, so he CAN’T have exited it at the clubhouse).

    Further problem is, if he’s run/walked all the way on the east-west part of TTL, he can’t see TM going down the middle path. More importantly, TM would NOT SEE HIM FOLLOWING HIM.

    Therefore TM CAN NOT be lying in wait for him, as he has no idea where GZ is, and even less idea of where he might be going next. You can’t lie in wait for someone whose whereabouts you don’t know.

    • I generally agree with everything you said, except at the very beginning where you say GZ appeared to be in a hurry.

      I don’t think he was in any particular hurry, as far as his own schedule was concerned. I think was in a hurry to prevent TM from getting away by exiting the neighborhood via the back entrance, which is basically across the street from Brandy Greene’s house. He was in a hurry to prevent TM from getting away before the cop arrived and he was going to find him and restrain him, if necessary, and maybe even kill him.

      This could actually have been a premeditated murder, an execution basically, because he was pissed off at all the unsolved burglaries and he wanted to make a statement to end them. So he killed TM deliberately and tried to make it look like he did it in self-defense.

      I am not saying it was a premeditated murder; merely, that it could have been.

      As I said in my article, I think the cell phone will be the great undoing.

  7. aussie says:

    Let’s lay the “street sign” nonsense to rest once and for all.
    1) he was not asked for any kind of addresses until well after he’d gotten out of the car (and was heard running etc and told to stop).
    2) he told Serino (Tape #3) he forgot the name of the street – “he has very bad memory and ADHD” (an hour earlier when asked about mental problems bipolar depression etc he’d denied having any).
    3) the only address the police MIGHT have needed was for where he was parked……so going to get an address from where he is NOT PARKED was totally useless…. and no police ever asked him the logic behind that.
    4) if he had needed an address before getting out of the vehicle the easy way wold be drive down to the corner see the sign and drive back again.

    SO the entire “address/street sign” story is designed entirely to account for
    1) why he got out of the car
    2) to give innocent reason for being at the T to be attackable

    hoping the call was not taped, just notes made, so his story won’t show up as back to front from the order of events on the tape.

    He does remember “oh, back there they asked if I was following him”… but he wasn’t following, but could say he could no longer see him because he was in the general area (for the purpose of the street sign).

    In Serino Tape #3 they play the tape back to him. He denies following at any stage. He was just “going in the same direction” “at the same time”. Real Alice in Wonderland re-defining of words.

    He ALSO admits TM didn’t really “circle” the vehicle, just walked PAST IT.

    • Good points, Aussie.

      Zimmerman is a real piece of work, isn’t he?

      And nowhere near as smart as he apparently thinks he is.

    • ZubenElSchemali says:

      Hello, Aussie. At the very beginning of the call Zman volunteers the addy of the clubhouse, where he was parked. At 0:50 the dispatcher confirms the address. At 1:40 I believe he is moving his truck to twin Trees. At 2:03 dispatch asks more about his location, 2:10 where is he, 2:15 which direction, 2:58 address to meet him at, 3:29 again which address. Since Zman doesn’t see an address he tells him have them call and he’ll guide them. Dispatch is clearly asking him specific questions about where TM is and he can’t answer that without getting out of his car since he ran out of sight and he didn’t know what the name of that street was. He did know what the other was called though, so he went over there to see if he could see an address. It was too dark that night.

  8. PhVolland says:

    I wonder what happened to the swab from the flashlight. That was submitted to the lab, but it is one of the very few items for which no report has been released. That is another “harder object”. Zimmerman said that it was the one thing he had in his hand when the confrontation started, but then it disappears from the narrative.

  9. jd says:

    “Yes, my hand was stuck in the cookie jar but I wasn’t going to eat them” is about the level of bullsh*t that I equate with GZ’s “looking for a street sign” excuse for exiting his vehicle immediately after saying “sh*t, he’s running” and then staying out of his car until way past the amount of time it took to find a street sign/ house address on RVC.

    Added to this is the fact that he never called one in, returned to his truck, or did anything except keep looking for the teen until he found him. If a rat reaches a dead end in a maze, and turns back, has he given up looking for the cheese? If you throw a ball in the weeds, does your dog give up looking for it because he can’t see it anymore?

    The LUDICROUS idea that TM doubled back to CIRCLE GZ’s vehicle makes one wonder why GZ then went to the same dark area not expecting a confrontation of some sort. Of course this circling never happened.

    Okay, okay. We have a very good idea that GZ is lying about quite a few things. What EXACTLY can be proven beyond any resonable doubt to be a lie in court and what is just extremely inconvenient and inexplicable behavior but possible given the laws of physics?

    The circling seems the biggest bunk, but what it is covering for might be strongly suggested to a jury – he’s covering for what REALLY happened by the clubhouse and how the two MOVED from that area to the cut thru path. I think deductive reasoning can strongly suggest that GZ was right behind TM in his car and this is why TM ran when he got close to the cut thru, and why GZ jumped out to follow.

    • Agree with your comments and analysis.

      Regarding what can be proven by his lies and inconsistencies:

      If this case goes to jury trial, the prosecution will have the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt each of the elements of second degree murder and that GZ did not kill in self-defense.

      The prosecution will be able to introduce during it’s case in chief some, none or all of the statements GZ made. This means that before he ever takes the stand, assuming he chooses to testify on his own behalf, the prosecution will have succeeded in proving that,

      1. he’s a liar, and

      2. when he lies, he lies to conceal that he followed TM down the sidewalk that runs between the two rows of townhhouses.

      The prosecution also will be able to prove that the dispatcher told him not to follow TM and, as a student in his last semester of Criminology, he would have known that an aggressor cannot claim self-defense.

      It will also be able to prove that he knew a neighborhood watch person is limited to watching the neighborhood and calling the police to report crimes and suspicious activity. They are specifically instructed and he was specifically instructed not to contact or attempt to detain a suspect because that is a job for the police to handle.

      The prosecution will argue that, given the nature of what he knew at the time and the lies he told, there is no question that he lied to conceal that he followed TM with intent to find him after he lost sight of him and detain him, using force if necessary, until the police arrive.

      “These assholes, they always get away,” likely will repeated over and over at every opportunity by the prosecution.

      Now assume you are a juror. Are you going to have a reasonable doubt (i.e., a doubt for which a reason exists) that he killed in self-defense?

      What evidence is there, other than his own discredited statements, that he killed in self-defense?

      What evidence is there, other than his own discredited statements, that TM was the aggressor?

      Other than the after-he-disappeared-he-came-back-and-circled-me-as-I-was-sitting-in-my-vehicle story, which he did not bother to mention to the dispatcher, what evidence is there that TM was trying to do anything except get away from him?

      If you were a juror, would you not be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ was the aggressor and if anyone had the right to use force in self-defense, it was TM?

      I am going to post this as a separate article in a little while because I think your excellent question deserves an article, instead of a short answer, and I think people will be interested in reading and discussing it.

      • ZubenElSchemali says:

        I’m not sure what lies you think he told about that night but everything seems to be covered by witness statements the physical evidence. He had wounds consistent of being attacked. Martin had a small abrasion on his left ring finger, consistent with being left handed and hitting someone. Zman, on the other hand, had no such wounds on his hands. I think you may have missed some discovery so I tracked down some links for you. Here are the statements, released as reciprocal discovery by the defense. That the defense would enter them in discovery says to me they are exculpatory in his opinion and I agree because they agree with the known facts, as much as anyone can recall correctly after such a traumatic event.. Here are the audio recordings of witness interviews. In them you will find the interview of the man that watched most of it and says that Martin was on top of Zman hitting him martial arts style. By the way, Martin means belonging to Mars, the war god. I thought you might appreciate that bit of trivia, him being lord or your ascendant. You’ll also find the jail calls used to revoke bond and some other things there. If you haven’t seen the latest 29 pages of state discovery it is interesting because much of what was redacted last time is now uncovered, but I can’t find it easily, other than the copy I have on my hard drive.

        I think it may be important to know that the lead investigator, Serino, who seems to be leading with his questioning, has voluntarily demoted himself from lead investigator in major crimes to the graveyard shift patrol. This is coupled with the firing of the chief who stands by his actions. Now, why would anyone demote themselves that way if they have done an upright job. It seems it has been revealed by Matt Gutman of ABC, who denies it of course, has been getting information from Serino, much of it false. His denial is pointless, since the admission was captured before he could delete it. The media has very dirty hands in this case so if you’ve taken their word for anything, please find support for it in discovery. Knowing the above, I have to ask myself what Serino’s attitude toward Zman was, since he was very outspoken against the shabby work of SPD, working hard to get an arrest of an officer’s son who beat two men on video. Interestingly, 2 of the officers involved in that incident, were the 1st responders and their work looks very good to me, crossing every i and dotting every t.

        Kind Regards

      • Harry Benton says:

        . First of all In the interview Zimmy said that Martin knew he was talking to the police. I dont know how he would but he said that. So in other words what Zimmy is saying, Martin must have known the police were coming. He wants people to believe Martin would attack him with the police on the way. NO WAY!!!! So Martin would attack him and try to kill him with the police coming. I truly doubt Martin would want to go to jail for the rest of his life. Zimmy is getting in deeper everytime he opens his mouth.

        I really dont believe either guy intended this to happen. I think when Martin started running Zimmerman ran down the 1st street and cut back through and got in front of Martin and trapped him as he slowed down and was talking to his girlfriend. I think Zimmy pulled his gun and tried to detain him till the police arrived He started walking him down the path toward the tee And Zimmy attempted to call 911 to tell the police where they would be. As he did that ,Martin thinking he was being robbed or worse, saw a chance to hit him and thats what he did. I think after that Zimmy changed a few things to make it look like self defense.

        • So you think he ran or walked fast S/B down RVC toward the back entrance to the neighborhood and then cut over to the sidewalk that runs between the two rows of townhouses and started walking N/B toward the T-intersection?

          How does his flashlight and set of keys wind up close to the T-intersection, approx. 40 feet north of TM’s body?

  10. momisbuff says:

    I did note the EMT report indicates GZ is hit by a blunt/thrown object & it occurred to me if TM was able to hit him at all, with anything, it would have been his cell phone. From what I remember of the blood results, it showed Skittles package & cell phone swabbed for DNA, but showed no results for those two items, not even negative results. Perhaps the information was held back by prosecutors? I don’t know how it’s not in the lab report.

    In regards to his statements there is nothing what-so-ever consistent about any of them. I note all of what was stated above–including the inability to explain how they migrated south so far & the ridiculous excuse about the street sign. GZ certainly knew the street name of TTL the following day in the reenactment, though it is possible he’s so drugged the night before he’s no clue what he’s doing. Still, he clearly knows RVC, so why would walking to THAT street (where he’s not parked) help him describe to the police where he was? In one statement, he says he’s looking for an address on that side; in another, he’s still looking for a street sign. Note that he turns to look left in the reenactment to say he can’t see any address because it’s the back of the houses, instead of continuing to face forward where there is an address right in front of his face. Also, in a different statement, he says he can’t see the address on TTL houses due to the white truck parked in the way. Flimsy, flimsy, flimsy.

    I’m thinking one item alone sinks him: in his 02/29 interview with Serino, part 3, they play his NE call and have him state where he is at each point. Plenty of discrepancies, including not being able to “remember” if he is or isn’t at the clubhouse during the first portion of the call. Once he gets out of the vehicle, however, he pinpoints precisely at what point he is “walking back” to car from RVC. The investigators are timing this (84 seconds). At least twice he says he’s walking back, he’s walking back. when investigators then asked, “Why didn’t you get in your vehicle?” He suddenly starts talking about his dead flashlight & places himself still across the way at RVC, after just telling the detectives he’d been walking back to the car. Not only is 84 seconds too long either way, he directly contradicts himself from one moment to the next. That alone … as well as the timing and the million other inconsistencies … should be a pretty large nail in his coffin.

    I agree that it is unlikely to go to trial based on a defense of provable lies.

  11. Phil_in_VA says:

    Lots of interesting speculations here. What do all y’all think of GZ’s statement (on the “re-enactment” video) that he got out of his truck to “check the street signs”. I know it was dark, but really? Wasn’t GZ a neighborhood watch guy for the last 2-3 years? Didn’t he and SZ have a house in the complex? Set me straight here.

    • Not only did they have a house in the neighborhood, it was on the same street that he claimed he walked to in order to find out the name of the street.

      The name of the street is Retreat View Circle.

      Granted, the street curves around to circle the neighborhood, but I find it difficult to believe that he did not know the name of that street and the name of the other street he was on, which is Twin Trees Lane.

      There are only a few streets in that neighborhood and you would think that the neighborhood watch captain would know the names of the streets and the approximated addresses, if not the actual address of every house by just looking at it without seeing a number.

      Plus, there were visible numbers on houses where he was standing during the reenactment in the location where he was when he told the dispatcher that he had to walk over to the next street (RVC) to see if he see a street name and a house number.

      • ZubenElSchemali says:

        Hello, Mr. Leatherman. If you haven’t read all the discovery you may not know that Zman has ADD. It is very common for someone with this type of central nervous system response to not be able to remember the other street in his neighborhood. In fact, I don’t have ADD and I can’t tell you how many roads I’ve driven repeatedly without ever knowing the name. I just know that’s the way I need to go to get where I’m headed. As for the house numbers, which is likely what he was looking for on the other side of Retreat View Circle, it was very dark, before the 1st quarter Moon and cloudy, with rain. With his flashlight not working, he likely couldn’t see the numbers. But even if he managed to, TM decked him before he had a change to let LE know where he was.

      • Harry Benton says:

        Zuben! You bring up a good point about it being dark out there. BUT how did Martin see the gun If it was sooo dark?

      • Al says:

        @Zuben, You mean to tell me you don’t know the name of the street ONE STREET OVER from where you live? This is the excuse you give? How about all the self serving details George remembers that only happened once and under stressful circumstances? He can remember all of that but not the name of TWO STREETS in his OWN neighborhood? Does that really sound reasonable to you?

  12. ed nelson says:

    Do y’all think that …
    [“the prosecutors know they have the trump card”]
    What ..I’all : ( A Northerner )… think about what the prosecutors [know or don’t know], as in whether they have a card, well, that’s in the playing of the hand… isn’t it?
    I read most of yours and then this one different one, which I thought had a good thinking in it… even though it is counter intuitive to what what we/I, get on the msm take/blogosphere included…. !
    My point here is: Here we go trying it in the defective msm… defective … Blog stream media to boot!…
    I have to say, I took the side of the kid that got shot. That wanna be copper, with an attitude, and no… charisma in a truckload… No no no… That is wrong, anybody could figure that that twerp; wanna be, is the perp!
    Poor damned kid went to the store, and got shot by a wanton… wanna be cop, but really more of what is the worst thing a sadistic monster that sought to find a position in authoritarianism, to do what… God knows these creeps want to do,
    Some/most of… we are young enough/old enough to remember some of the wonderful extraneous facts from the 1940’s, and there are no shortage of other forlorn examples of human waste.

  13. jd says:

    GZ’s lies start at the very beginning, I suspect. He’s reworked the events to make the entire affair 100% exculpatory at EVERY juncture.

    Notice he starts off by saying that TM was pretty much behind him from the start, and that GZ drove to the clubhouse and parked there BEFORE TM arrived… what kind of sense does that make? Did GZ somehow know that TM would stop there? He claims to be able to observe nothing from there, but only to call the police. Then he claims the police instruct him to move. Police no better than that, and in fact they did not do so.

    Then, without even seeing where TM went to, GZ drives to the cut thru (why?) how did he know TM left the clubhouse area? There were many paths TM could have taken – behind the pool, around the back and then west again, behind the houses on TTL that are between the clubhouse and cut thru… yet somehow without seeing TM travel from the clubhouse area to the cut thru, GZ knows where to drive. Only when he gets there and parks, it seems, GZ THEN spies TM cutting between the buildings and THEN TM returns “doubling back” to circle the car. This is all hogwash, every bit of it and can be proven to be lies if you place the laws of physics up against this account and use the recorded call to the dispatcher as a timeline for the events described IN DETAIL by GZ.

    It was semi-belivable the way Frank Taafe told the tale, with GZ’s car facing the clubhouse but parked at the cut thru, but even that account doesn’t match the timeline, and I demonstrated this was false WEEKS ago. GZ’s version according to the walk thru doesn’t even rate a demonstration on a map – it just can’t have happened unless he possesses the ability to see around corners and teleport his car if you compare it to the recorded call. It’s a pack of lies.

    I think if the prosecution starts with destroying this account, the account that brings GZ from his house to the cut thru, before he even gets out of the car the case is all but over.

    Who would believe anything that follows from there?

    There are significant problems after, but just the start is enough.

  14. jd says:

    If found, GZ’s DNA on the cell phone by and of itself proves little, but I also think it’s pretty obvious TM had his phone in his hand up until the struggle put the two on the ground or thereafter, meaning the phone was in his hand up until he was shot, and fell and GZ got on top of him.

    Can this be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a courtroom? I don’t see how, exactly. DNA show THAT he was struck with a cell phone, not WHERE he was standing when he was hit, and GZ claims he was struck up west of the T in the sidewalks.

    GZ himself is VERY sketchy on how the fight migrated south for the winter…. a migration of some 50 feet, aprox. In many accounts the action is simply not described in any manner, as though it never occurred – which maybe, it didn’t. Maybe GZ wasn’t struck in the face until the struggle had carried the two to “John’s” backyard, where the body was found close by the cell phone.

    In the video re-enactment, he seems to suddenly and almost spontaneously recall that he “stumbled” and then he re-enacts twelve steps or so, but the real distance is more like twice what he paces off.

    Again, keeping the emphasis on what the prosecution can PROVE at trial. it seems that what GZ claims happened is VERY inconsistent from one telling to the next regarding THIS ISSUE – how the fight MOVED.

    In his written statement he claims he fell backwards to the ground after being struck in the face. I think that may very well have happened – AFTER the 50 foot migration occurred. It damn sure did not happen up by the T. If it did, why does George “re-enact” a forward march? By all rights he should have fallen westward, not south-southeast.

    He’s lying. But again I get back to what the prosecution can prove happened vs. what GZ says happened and can at least partially corroborate.

    I’d love to see all his various accounts of each action in spreadsheet form. They don’t line up well at all with one another, much less the timeclock established by various recorded calls.

    • Well, only the jury gets to decide whether the prosecution has proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt and the prosecution’s basic argument is Zimmerman intentionally lied and he lied to cover-up a willful and depraved murder.

      After all, what other reason could exist and his various lies amount to a confession.

      Consider this, however. Can he risk going to trial, getting convicted, and receiving a life sentence when his defense is based on provable lies?

      I doubt this case will go to trial.

    • TeeTee says:

      In response to the thread…and I’m not sure if someone else has pointed this out. I thought based on the article title that you were going to bring up the point in the interview with Serino where he’s giving GZ background info on Trayvon, stating that he was a kid with a promising future, had no history of violence. He than says that he had hobbies, and hinted that he uses his phone to record things and perhaps the entire encounter had been captured as either video or audio. He then stated that they were just waiting for codes to unlock the phone.

      Did anyone else pick up on that?

      • I was not aware of that.

        Sounds like standard police interrogation 101: Bluff and tell the suspect we have your fingerprints on the murder weapon and see what he says.

        They get a lot of confessions that way, including some false ones, btw.

        Since TM was talking to his girlfriend, DeeDee, I don’t believe he was recording his encounter with GZ.

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