Zimmerman Video Reenactment Contradicts Statement and Crime Scene Evidence: UPDATED BELOW

George Zimmerman

By Donkey Hotey

Creative Commons

Late yesterday the prosecution released the Sanford Police Department video reenactment of the shooting, starring George Zimmerman. They shot the video the day after the shooting.

Go here to see the video.

The first thing I noticed was two giant butterfly bandages attached to the back of Zimmerman’s head. A couple of flaps and he would have been airborne, if they had been actual butterfly wings. Just what he needed to cover a couple of scratches that did not require any stitches, right?

The next thing I noticed was that the location where he claimed the confrontation took place is approximately 20 feet or more away from the location where Trayvon’s body was found and yet more distant evidence, such as Trayvon’s cell phone.

The third thing I noticed is that his description of the confrontation makes absolutely no sense because he claims that after Trayvon punched him in the nose knocking him down, Trayvon got on top of him and was using both hands to cover his mouth and nose to prevent Zimmerman from shouting for help. Yet, even with both of his hands free, Zimmerman claimed only to have attempted to wiggle and slide his body farther underneath Trayvon and away from the concrete sidewalk, thereby inadvertently exposing the gun he was carrying in his waistband hoster. That’s when Trayvon supposedly declared,

One of us is going to die tonight.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, however, no blood was detected on Trayvon’s hands or in his fingernail scrapings, which is odd since Zimmerman’s nose was bleeding.

Zimmerman said he felt Trayvon’s hand sliding down the right side of his chest toward the gun, but Zimmerman somehow beat him to it, pulled it out of the holster, and shot Trayvon once in the torso as Trayvon was straddling him and leaning over.

Zimmerman did not explain how Trayvon would have been able to see his gun from his position straddling Zimmerman’s body. Apparently, Trayvon was such a vicious and superhuman thug that he could see through Zimmerman’s clothes and legs.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, however, the bullet must have changed course somehow in the 2 to 4 inch distance between the muzzle of his gun and Trayvon’s chest because it entered Trayvon’s chest 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/4 inch below the left nipple. It traveled straight through from front to back without deviating up or down, left or right and exploded the right ventricle of the heart and right lower lobe of the lung, collapsing both of his lungs (See page 125).

Odd too that no high velocity blood spatter blowback from the shot impacted Zimmerman’s jacket front or sleeves, according to the crime lab.

Trayvon then sits up and says, “You got me,” like he just lost a poker hand instead of having his right ventricle and the right lower lobe of his lung exploded by a bullet. Odd that Trayvon was able to push air through his vocal cords when both of his lungs were collapsed.

Trayvon then either slumps forward or Zimmerman pushes him aside — he does not recall which — so that Trayvon ends up lying face down. Zimmerman climbs on top of him, straddling him. Then he grabs both of Trayvon’s hands and stretches them out, so that Trayvon is in a Y-position. Meanwhile, his gun is just out of reach beyond Trayvon’s grasp, so he keeps restraining Trayvon — because that’s what you have to do to dead people — as he continues to call out for help.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, however, no neighbors reported hearing any screams or calls for help after the shot.

A neighbor suddenly appears holding a flashlight and says he’s going to call 911, but Zimmerman tells him not to bother because he already called 911 and the police are on the way. He tells the neighbor he needs his assistance to restrain Trayvon, who, of course, is still dead.

Zimmerman then holsters his gun just before the cop arrives.

I am pleased to report that he did not claim to have blown his breath across the muzzle of the gun to dissipate any remaining gun smoke in the air before emphatically slamming it into the friendly confines of his holster.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, Trayvon was found with both of his hands under his body, not stretched out in a Y position.

Given the location of Trayvon’s body and his phone, there is no doubt that the initial confrontation took place somewhere down the sidewalk, which runs between two rows of townhouses, in the direction of the home where Trayvon and his father were staying. That sidewalk forms a T-intersection with the sidewalk that provides a cut-through between two streets.

Zimmerman claimed that, after Trayvon ran, he got out of his vehicle and walked down that cut-through sidewalk toward the next street over attempting to find an address that he could provide to the police dispatcher. When he was unable to find one, he retraced his steps intending to return to his vehicle, but Trayvon emerged out of the darkness and approached him from the intersecting sidewalk that runs between the two rows of townhouses.

That story is not true.

Since we know the confrontation took place along the sidewalk that runs between the two rows of townhouses, we have to ask ourselves, why did Zimmerman tell a different story?

Does anyone think he lied to conceal that he followed Trayvon down that sidewalk between the townhouses and he does not want anyone to know that?

Why conceal that, unless he ignored the dispatcher’s request not to follow Trayvon, he followed him, and he confronted him?

Does anyone really think George Zimmerman did not know the names of the streets and the addresses in his own neighborhood, the neighborhood he patrolled as a volunteer neighborhood watch captain?

I think Zimmerman either followed Trayvon down that sidewalk between the two rows of townhouses or he walked down the street beyond the two rows of townhouses in the direction of the back entrance to the neighborhood, which is where he told the dispatcher Trayvon was headed towards, and when he did not find him, he looped back to the other end of the sidewalk between the two rows of townhouses and started up that sidewalk toward the T intersection.

I think he intended to find Trayvon, confront him, and restrain him until the police arrived. I think Trayvon ran from him again when Zimmerman found him while he was talking to his girlfriend DeeDee on his cell phone.

I think he tackled Trayvon up near the T intersection and probably hit the back of his head during the take down.

I think Trayvon hit him in the nose in self-defense

Trayvon was the person screaming for help and he stopped screaming when Zimmerman shot him, his heart exploded, and both his lungs collapsed.

UPDATE: Commenter JD corrected me regarding the location of Trayvon’s phone. It was found next to his body at the position designated with a 7 on this Google Earth satellite photo of the crime scene that JD prepared. Although we have not yet seen the GPS/total station prepared by the police, I suspect there will be little difference between them.

The bottom line is Trayvon’s body and the debris field is too far down the sidewalk between the two rows of townhomes from the T intersection to support Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon confronted him and knocked him down up at the T intersection.

Special thanks to JD for correcting my mistake.

80 Responses to Zimmerman Video Reenactment Contradicts Statement and Crime Scene Evidence: UPDATED BELOW

  1. Pooh Huffy says:

    I posted this on another blog.
    Here’s the picture, the belt clip is on the back of the holster in this picture.

    Here is the picture of the other side of his holster, the bottom of the holster is to the right,.

    I know there has to be other pistol owners on here that could weigh in on this.

    • Sproutlette says:

      Somewhere else there was mention that he didn’t have the gun in his holster…and he also didn’t have the holster strapped on.

      If the gun wasn’t already in his hand during the whole altercation, it seems likely it was in his pocket or waistband.

    • onlyiamunitron says:

      Why is the holster one color in one photo and a different color in the other photo?

      Are we sure both are photos of Zimmerman’s actual holster and not just of the same brand and model?


  2. Pooh Huffy says:

    One thing that I noticed on the evidence pictures today is that GZ’s holster is set up for left handed carry or for a cross draw from the right hip, if he went for his gun with his right hand it would have been butt forward on his right side.
    I can’t find anything about which side his holster was on when the police got there but GZ indicates that it was on his right side when he drew his gun.
    It would have been difficult to grab the gun with his right hand and flip it over in the situation that he claims he was in unless he shot with the gun upside down.
    See if you can find another gun owner to weigh in on this, I’ve tried this weird draw with my weapon and it is uncomfortable for me to do this standing up.

  3. Michael Stewart says:

    “I know you have a gun now, I heard it…I’m giving up.”

    Hi aussie. I appreciate your reply, but I respectfully disagree with your interpretation Zimmerman’s musings. I think his account of the gun struggle (along with additional elements of his narrative), is best summed up in the words of Sir Walter Scott.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!

    • aussie says:

      Hi Michael
      it didn’t sound right starting with the phone call to the police. His speech was off, for starters. His description of why the guy was suspicious didn’t make sense. The tape very very clearly indicates he was following, then hunting.

      Anyone doing time-lines needs to work out where the two parties could have been just when GZ says “actually get them to call me…..” THAT is when he finds Trayvon again.

      The two female witnesses (who he forgets to mention in his reenactment) saw him on Trayvon’s back and he knows it. The whole “I didn’t think I shot him” story is designed to justify that. If someone is sitting up, moving, talking etc then you have some reason to think he’s nt been shot. So that’s made up to give him “reason” to believe that, and thus justify still trying to restrain him.

      In actual fact it is far more likely (including on the women’s evidence of what movements they saw) that he was frisking the body hoping to find a weapon to justify the self-defence claim.

      Considering witness John (unreliable though he is) said he first saw the body with an arm to one side and an arm over head, certainly someone moved the body before the police got there and found it with the arms UNDER the body. The only person seen WITH the body was GZ. Odd Trayvon was found with his arms under him, when GZ reenacts holding his arms spread out and then getting off when the police arrive.

      So once again his story conflicts with physical evidence.

      Why am I not surprised?

  4. Michael Stewart says:

    Great job here Frederick!

    Transcribed from the Zimmerman video reenactment:

    “I had my firearm on my right side hip. My jacket moved up, and he saw it. I feel that he saw it, he looked at it and he said “you’re gonna die tonight MF’er….he reached for it, and I felt like his arm going down to my side and I grabbed it, and I just grabbed my firearm and shot it one time…I shot him and I didn’t think I hit him because he sat up and said, “okay, you got me. You got it, you got me”…something like that. So I thought he was just saying, “I know you have a gun now, I heard it…I’m giving up.”

    Question: Did TM see the firearm and reach for it when GZ’s “jacket moved up,” or did he discover that GZ had a gun after he “heard it” ?

    Can’t have it both ways.

    Thank you.

    • momisbuff says:

      Excellent point!

    • aussie says:

      he is not saying that’s the first TM saw of the gun

      Seeing a gun in a holster is one thing.

      Seeing it drawn and having heard a shot is another.

      Just in the holster, the person might keep fighting. After a warning shot they might put their hands up and say “ok ok ok I give up I see you mean business…”

      That is all, it is not an attempt to say TM didn’t notice the gun earlier.

      Of course it is BS because in the FIRST interview he clearly states he shot INTO THE TORSO. And nothing in that statement about thinking it’s still alive and needs restraining.

  5. tonyt says:

    you know, something else just occurred to me about the location of Trayvon’s cell phone that really finalizes Zimmerman’s lie for me. I forgot that his phone was found next to his body. Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon came out of no where and confronted him, and pretty much started this altercation. So basically, he is saying that Trayvon, ran and hid from him waiting for the right moment to start this fight with his cell phone in his hand. Now, I am not someone who goes around starting altercations, but I imagine that at the moment you decide to physically attack someone, you would at least put your cell phone in your pocket, which clearly Trayvon did not do, because it was on the ground. I think your analysis is correct. I wasn’t disputing the idea that Trayvon knocked Zimmerman to the ground before he punched him, but I am now. I just assumed that occurred because Zimmerman came at him with a gun, but know I feel confident that Zimmerman started the physical confrontation as well. Ugh, if this jerk gets off, I’m gonna be so mad!

    • Obwon says:

      Well, let’s have a little look at the reasoning available here.
      Phone in hand? Trayvon was using a “hands free” headset/ear buds, right?

      Okay, as a general rule ear buds don’t stay in place very well, so vigorous movement tends to dislodge them. Anyone who uses them often, learns that holding the phone in your hand, while engaging in vigorous movement, is simply asking for the ear buds to pull out.

      Next, because it’s raining, you’d probably not want to hold your phone in your hand at all, if you can possibly help it. To a teen, his phone is his lifeline, he has to have known that getting the phone wet is a very big no no. So his reflex, if he’s going to engage in vigorous activity, is to protect the phone by putting it away as quickly and securely as possible.

      All of which is to say, it takes some kind of very sudden onset event to get TM to take his phone out in his hand, and preparing to fight isn’t one of them.

      Of course, now we add that we find Trayvon is a passive personality. Think of trying to convince people that “Mr. Rogers” could play Al Capone. The spirit of physical combativeness isn’t there. Scared out of his wits, he says “why are you following me for?” That’s not a challenge from a rogue, it’s a pleading by someone with no other alternatives.

      A rogue, ready to attack, is not about to give warning! What would be the point of reducing his own chances of success?
      …And against a person larger and older than himself?

      GZ says that one quick punch broke his nose and sent him reeling, stumbling off balance, some fifty feet, with Trayvon simply watching and following, until he finally falls to the ground.
      Then Trayvon simply gets down on top of him, and begins slamming his head on the pavement.

      Funny thing is, after all that stumbling and reeling, and the subsequent fall, his head still doesn’t look like it made high force contact with pavement. Is it possible that this too is a lie?

      In the wet moist evening air, several minutes later, a medic is testifying that he’s removing “dried blood” from GZ’s head! “DRIED BLOOD”??? Just how old are these wounds? Certainly they are not just minutes old! So, couple that with the lack of GZ trace on TM’s hands, and it certainly appears that GZ has yet again lied, about how these wounds came to be.

      But enough for now. I think the defense has Mt. Everest to climb, without the proper gear to do it.

  6. momisbuff says:

    Enjoying the discussion here. I note many of the same discrepancies in the evidence. Just one quick comment this go round:

    Zimmerman says he thought that Trayvon was unhurt after the shot & simply saying “OK, I heard your gun, I give up.” Please tell me where Zimmerman thought the hollow-point bullet discharged into another person’s torso ACTUALLY landed, if not INSIDE this person’s body (particularly, his heart …) If he really does feel the need to restrain a person who’s just taken a hallow-point to the heart, that’s a pretty good indication as to his level of delusion. More likely, he was doing something else, like searching the body or?? Attempting to plant evidence?? Or?? And realizes he needs to explain that. Of course, he “doesn’t remember” how he got on top of the body. He just knows he was there & had to come up with an excuse (another lame excuse, that is).

    • Obwon says:

      A “normal” person might not be thinking so much of the aftermath of his misdeed. But GZ is no “normal” person, he has a foot in law and another in law enforcement to some degree, so he knows it’s better to have a “lame excuse” for destroying evidence, than it is to have incontrovertible evidence, left laying around undisturbed.

      Now that we know he’s an accomplished liar as well, everything a jury hears from him, that is not backed up by, or supported with facts, testimony and evidence, will have to be taken against him.

      He has, via the bond hearing debacle, given the SP all the impeachment material, any prosecutor could ever hope for and more! Such that even a “half baked” prosecutor’s theory of guilt, will be too overwhelming for the defense.

      Worse yet for GZ is that he’s displayed enough self interest ability and skill, in successfully beating back a thorough police investigation and charge, that he’ll be unable to convince anyone that he has mental issues sufficient to absolve him of guilt.

      He hamstrung the police he could not convince, and won attention to his side from the DA, and the Police Chief. He succeeded in fooling the court into thinking he was penny less, and gained not only a low bail, but a defense paid for by the state. While facing murder charges he does not believe will stick. While it is only his word that a youth of passive personality, mounted a vicious surprise attack on a larger and older individual, and managed to gain and maintain the upper hand, in hand-to-hand combat. Using foul language to boot!

      One can only wonder what would GZ’s real reaction be, to being jumped from behind and engaged in hand-to-hand? Does anyone think he’d simply go helplessly limp? That, perhaps, GZ is all tough talk, but totally incapable of putting any physical force behind it? Well, there’s a least one policeman out there, who knows differently!

      • aussie says:

        Trayvon, dead already, still being restrained, going “ahh ahhh and cursing…”

        Well, badly wounded but not dead, a LOT of people would have some bad words to say, along the lines of F** that hurts sh** aahhrgg. Doesn’t make them retrospectively vicious.

        Problem is, prosecution has to prove he did it. For that they have to paint ONE scenario that fits ALL the physical evidence, and show how all GZ’s statements contradict all that evidence. He probably won’t take the stand, so can’t be cross-examined into burying himself deeper. All they can hope for is giving the jury enough reasonable DOUBT about GZ’s story to have reasonable confidence in the opposite.

        Unless there’s some secret witness not revealed yet.

        • Trayvon, even if he were still conscious, would not have been able to utter a sound because his right ventricle had been destroyed together with the lower right lobe of his lung and both lungs were collapsed. Not possible that he sat up and said, “You got me,” and it’s not possible that he was struggling and swearing after he fell over or GZ pushed him over.

          Therefore, we have yet another GZ lie.

        • Obwon says:

          Well the medical verdict, on what TM may have said after being shot, will be totally against GZ. I note in the records that, when cpr breathing was administered, the medic heard a gurgling sound in Trayvon’s chest, looked and found the wound there. That gurgling sound means Trayvon’s lungs had lost the ability to move air. Thus no speech at all was possible.

          The lungs work like balloons in a container. The diaphragm below the rib cage, pulls downwards to create a vacuum that causes the lungs to inflate/fill with air. It then moves up while the chest compresses, pushing air out of the lungs with enough force to vibrate the vocal chords. This system depends on the lungs being sealed. Once the lungs are pierced, the diaphragm moving down, draws air THROUGH the lungs, not INTO them. On the reverse, there is no air in the lungs that can be compressed, because the pressure leaks out through the hole(s) in the lungs.

          Before the bond hearing, I was given to think that GZ might have been imagining that he heard TM speak, as an indication of shock and denial that he had actually killed someone.

          Now, after the bond hearing, all I can see is, an attempt to make us think that there was some viable hope that quick action might save a life. (But then there was no “quick action” was there?) So all we have left is the idea that he wanted to disturb the evidence, and the idea was to be that the struggle wasn’t yet over for certain, allows him to “innocently” do that.

          As a law student and police aficionado, he’d know that after he altered the evidence by moving the body, anything found later could either be explained by these actions, if it was even useable at all.

      • I won’t speculate and go into details that I believe to be true, but I think it’s fair and sufficiently neutral to say that George Zimmerman has issues, major issues.

        I think you have analyzed the case well.

        Thanks, Obwon.

        May the force be with you.

      • Pooh Huffy says:

        Look up ballistics on 9mm hollow point ammunition, depending on the brand he used TM had 300 to 400 foot pounds of energy to his chest.
        He might have been able to try to breathe a little.

        • TM would not have been able to breathe because both of his lungs were collapsed by the fatal shot. That means he would not have been able to move any air through his vocal cords

        • Obwon says:

          Yes, it’s a compound problem. At the same time that his lungs were pierced and loss the ability to push compressed air through his vocal cords, he also had this massive impact on his chest producing “hydrostatic” trauma as his blood pressure suddenly soared off the scales. I’m no expert or gun user, so I have to rely on what those experts we have are saying. To a man they’re saying it’s not possible for Trayvon to have spoken after the shot and that death was instantaneous.

      • aussie says:

        Of course he couldn’t talk.

        That’s just GZ’s excuse for jumping on his back, which he needed to do
        a) to search for a weapon to justify the shooting
        b) to confuse witnesses who may have seen TM holding HIM in a similar pose, trying to stop him from using the gun

        Listen to the interview with Serino (Tape 2) from the 27 minute mark.
        GZ grabbed one of Trayvon’s wrists and was managing to hold it, then carefully aimed around so as not to shoot his own hand.

        NO EXCUSE. At this stage he had the situation under control. No further need to fear for his life, as he had the “assailant” held and could hold him AT GUNPOINT if necessary, to prevent further injury to himself.

        Shooting him dead was plain overkill, no pun intended.

        • Obwon says:

          Yes, and then we also got to figure out how all that blood the paramedics found on GZ’s hands and arms, didn’t transfer onto TM when GZ took to handling his dead body.

          My guess is that these are old wounds (did I say that before?), that have scabbed over. After the police arrive, GZ realizes he has to dislodge those scabs pretty darned quick, before he’s handcuffed behind his back and loses the chance to bleed out. So he quickly puts his hands on his head and massages, restarting the bleeding, and smearing the blood around gets his hands bloody and some of the blood runs down his arms.

          So, to be clear, blood that should have appeared early on, does not, and doesn’t get spread around as it should either. It only appears to start flowing in earnest, just before the Police arrive.

  7. aussie says:

    “Global cerebral edema” which the Medical Examner reports from Trayvon, is swelling of the brain. It is not caused by buildup of blood, as you’d expect from injury. It is fluid (water mostly) leaking out of the brain cells as a response to pressure changes caused by hypoxia – lack of oxygen. This is the situation when the heart stops pumping, for whatever reason, but would happen faster if the blood was also draining out of the arteries.

    So it’s not from blunt force trauma; it’s a physiological response to sudden near-total reduction of oxygen supply.

    (Lack of bruises on TM’s knuckles, incidentally, prove nothing – unlike the brain swelling, caused by lack of oxygen, ordinary bruises are caused by blood oozing from damaged capillaries, for which a few minutes/hours of blood circulation is necessary.)

    There is no need for GZ to have touched TM at all, to create a SYG situation. Surely. Law blog, right? No need to imagine further injuries not borne out by medical evidence. No need to “legislate” that a person must lost x amount of sking, blood or bone before being entitled to fer for their life. They need to lose NONE – they are entitled to fear from a credible threat from a distance, eg a gun pointed at them by a person who’s just shown himself to be nasty and creepy.

    So it’s always back to what happened. What happened? DID GZ scare and threaten TM enough for him Stand His Ground? or did GZ give up his earlier pattern of following, and TM act unreasonably (and illegally) by attacking him when he was no longer a threat?

    We will never establish this by lookng at levels of injury. The only reason GZ’s non-wounds are attracting attention is, nobody can really see how little scratches could make him afraid enough. Had he admitted early on to being a total coward, people would believe the self-defence story.

    So the latest released evidence has to be searched for truth or lies
    about what happened. A level of confidence that some people have already achieved may feel good for them; most likely won’t be enough to stand up in court.

    It was a moving fight, the guy was in shock, fine, a few feet here or there are not a big issue. Whole directions of travel opposite to what all other evidence shows,,,,now that is a different matter.
    1) why is all the “debris” apart from the key down where it ended, not where it supposedly started?
    2) did TM have TIME to get from first sghting to clubhouse? from clubhouse down path and BACK to circle the car (oh, not mentioned tho happened while on phone to police)
    3) why does G not fear to walk to (and past) the T junction, if that is where TM has ALREADY once strangely re-appeared from (to circle his car).

    Even long before the altercation, things were not happening the way he says. Because there’s not enough time for them to happen that way. He drives to the clubhouse. TM appears in 20 seconds??? the distance, walked, takes 5 times that.

    Here’s the first half of the reecanctment

    excellently annotated with matched portions of the phone call.

    • Obwon says:

      The missing bruises on TM’s hands, of course mean little to nothing. But, it’s not the bruises that concerns us here, it’s the complete lack of trace from GZ on TM’s hands. Yet, even that would not make much difference, were it not for the fact that it is the central “proof” offered by GZ as the reason he had to shoot.

      Out of a gazillion reasons GZ could have cited as having put him in fear for his life, GZ has chosen a reason that requires trace from him to be present on TM’s hands. In other words, he did not kill TM because TM had snuck up on him, he didn’t kill him because he was punched in the nose and knocked to the ground.

      He says that he killed him because he feared that the prolonged attack, the smothering and beating of his head on the ground, put him in fear for his life! Now, it turns out, there is no evidence that TM ever touched GZ’s head. No blood, no DNA, no saliva, no nothing on TM’s hands, which would have to be the case if TM touched GZ’s head.

    • Mirre says:

      I realized I made à mistake which direction you are looking at in the pool and pool hall area. You are looking east towards the mailboxes and twin trees. I think you can see Trayvon at the mail area at 12:48 in the east pool hall video. I think I’ve got the timing for the east pool, begins at about 6:44 pm, the east pool hall at about 10 sec later then the east pool and the game room about 5 min later. The shot where you can see the flashlight, the person holding the flashlight is standing right next to the mailboxes.
      So what you see is Trayvon in the mail area around 6:57 pm. What looks like a car pulling up on Twin Trees around 7:03 pm, a person walking around with a flashlight on the east side of the pool, a person shining his flashlight into the mail area and the pool hall at around 7:06 pm. Then between 7:06 and 7:07 pm you can see somebody walking on the east side of the pool again and what looks like a car backing up. I didn’t get it. Why would Zimmerman follow him from that cut-through near Taafe’s place and arrive near the mail area more than 6 minutes after Trayvon. And after he gets there, he gets out of his car and has to go looking for him. Then he gets back in his car and calls 911.
      I’ve never paid a lot of attention to Taafe, but now I am beginning to wonder if Taafe called Zimmerman. He could tell that Trayvon was wearing a photobutton, but he couldn’t tell what kind of pants he was wearing.

      • onlyiamunitron says:

        I’m very impressed with the work you have done on this, but, as I have pointed out to so many others, on all sides of this case, Zimmerman called the police department that night, not 911.

        Even some of the people who think Martin came back from the store, hung out around the clubhouse and mailboxes for about a quarter of an hour, and then returned to the west to pop up in Taaffe’s yard just in time to attract Zimmerman’s suspicions have finally gotten that detail consistently right.


        • Not sure what you mean about GZ calling the non-emergency number, but the police department’s Neighborhood Watch liaison had instructed the various programs around the city, including his program and him personally, to call the non-emergency number. Therefore, I do not see anything unusual or suspicious that he called that number.

          His behavior and his statements, however, are very suspicious.

          • onlyiamunitron says:

            “Not sure what you mean about GZ calling the non-emergency number…”

            I mean exactly that, that he called the non-emergency number at the police station.

            He did not, no matter how many people believe it or repeat it, call 911 at the time in qestion.


          • Yes, I don’t believe here anyone disputes that he called the non-emergency number, instead of 911.

            I certainly don’t.

            When I said I was not certain what you meant about GZ calling that number, I meant that I do not see anything significant about that since he was instructed to do so by the liaison for the Neighborhood Watch program at the police department.

            Why do you believe it’s significant?

          • onlyiamunitron says:

            ” Why do you believe it’s significant?”

            Because when people start being misinformed about the facts of this case, that’s the one with which they start.

            As Deputy (and later Detective) Fife used to say, you’ve got to nip it in the bud.


          • Obwon says:

            Yes, the non-emergency number is to be used by the NW’ers. Kind of explains why this call does not contain any information about GZ having followed TM from 1640 RVC. My guess is, if he’d mentioned that he was following during that call, he’d have been overtly ordered not to follow as per the rules. Hmmm… we need to look at that call in a different light.

          • onlyiamunitron says:

            My only intent was to correct the record about him dialing a 7 digit number instead of a 3 digit one, about dialing the “I think there might be a problem” number instead of the “There’s a life-threating situation that needs to be dealt with immediately” number, and only to correct it for the sake of accuracy in a case that illustrates all too well the old saying “It ain’t what people don’t know that’s the problem, it’s what they do know that just ain’t so.”, which number he called being the most widespread of the misinformation spread by sloppy “journalism”.

            But if I’ve inspired a fresh look from a different angle at something, that’s cool too.


          • Obwon says:

            Hee hee hee… Paraphrasing Mark Twain’s remarks on faith, fun to see his work is still with us.

            But yes. Many people don’t distinguish between 911 and police non-emergency numbers, because to lay people, “calling the police is calling the police”, so they see no distinction at all.

            In the same way that GZ supporters think that “We don’t need you to do that”, is not an order for GZ!

            For anyone else, who was not signed on as a member of NW, and who has therefore, not agreed to abide by a set of rules that prohibit following suspects, that would not be an order, but a suggestion.

            But, for a person who has accepted the mantle of NW and the rules that come with it, that reminder is in fact an order! Because it reminds him of his pledge to follow exactly the rule that prohibits that conduct! Dispatch needs put it no other way! Since both Dispatch and GZ know that the rules are “do not follow”! Superior officers don’t have to follow every command with “that’s an order” for it to be clear that the “suggestion” is in fact an order.

            If it is your duty to do something, and a superior officer “suggests” that now would be a good time for you to get the job done, then that is an order, even if it isn’t put precisely that way.

            The non-emergency number would be manned by someone aware of incoming NW calls, and alert for any apparent or potential breaches of the rules. The call is being taped, so, my guess is they put their orders in suggestion form, so as not to embarrass a NW’er who might have strayed a bit.

            Otherwise, those tapes would be full of direct countermands from dispatch to NW’ers, which would make the entire program appear to be populated with out-of-control vigilantees bristling for the chance to make their mark.

            Hmmm… Maybe now would be a good time to have someone go through those tapes, to see just how often NW’ers have to be reminded of the rules, eh? Maybe the SPD isn’t making such good choices about who to put on the roster? I mean, even if these breaches of the rules aren’t resulting in widespread shootings, they’re still indicative of the discipline levels acceptable to the SPD.

      • Mirre says:

        I know he called the non-emergency number. It is just a little shorter, and it didn’t have any impact on what I was trying to tell. But you are right.

        • onlyiamunitron says:

          It’s just that there are so many inaccuracies about this case out there that people are believing 6 impossible things before breakfast, and I think one needs to stand on the side of the line where we start with, and stand up for, the facts, and base questions and opinions on those.


    • jo says:

      actually aussie bruises do show on a dead person or how would most crimes be solved..

      Bruising Top^
      Bruising on the skin occurs when the blood vessels are broken by some form of hard and forceful contact with the skin, usually by a blunt object. The shape of the bruise can often reveal which direction the blow was received from and the colour of the bruise can indicate how long ago the injury occurred. As bruising heals, it goes red-purple, to brown, to green and finally to yellow. Bruising is not an accurate way of deciding how the victim met their fate, as interpreting bruising is different in every person, due to the fact that people bruise at different rates and bruising continues for a short while after death. Strangulation around the neck also leaves significant bruising. The hands, cords and ropes usually leave a distinct mark around the neck in the shape of the pattern on the strangling agent. If the strangling agent is very soft material, it may leave little or no marks, but the dissection of the neck area is able to show tissue bruising beneath the skin.


      The lack of bruising on Trayvons knuckles is significant because it contradicts Zimmermans story of being punched in the face over and over. The injuries on his own face contradict that story also, certainly he copped a blow to the nose but repeated punches to the face is not very likely. The smothering is another scenario that just does not add up with no DNA of GZ on Trayvons hands, surely blood, snot, saliva, anything?? would be present if the events unfolded as GZ has described.

      • aussie says:

        Yes of course there can be bruising on dead people.

        But especially in strangulation, the bruises were forming well before they died from it. In any trauma, there is usually blood in the capillaries to come out to form the bruise. But when a person’s lost more than half their blood (in this case into their chest cavity) within seconds, there may be broken capillaries but not enough blood in them to form any externally visible bruise.

        Even totally alive you can see how little blood capillaries contain, if you graze a knee or knuckle, say on a rough path or wall. There is a bit of colour, not even liquid blood, from a light grazing. I once cut a knuckle to the bone (literally – I could see the bone and the tendon moving across it as I moved the finger) and it was a full second before blood started to come into the wound. Then it poured. And that’s not even from capillaries.

        At any rate, in Trayvon’s case, it makes no difference, as even the presence of substantial bruising would do nothing to show who started the fight (though would provide more fuel for the pro-Zimmerman crowd).

        • Obwon says:

          The point of looking for bruises on Trayvon’s hand is to ascertain if he threw any blows, or otherwise had hand contact with GZ, since that would be required, no matter who started any fight.

          It’s an “on/off” switch, no bruises no blows!
          If there were bruises then we can say that it’s possible that he did hit GZ with a punch.

          But there are no bruises, so we can’t say that he ever hit GZ with his hands. So now, if there was a fight of any kind, we have to supposed that Trayvon did not use his hands. How such a fight would put GZ in fear of his life, is something O’Mara will have to devise.

      • aussie says:

        @ Obwon,

        in the reenactment he does go on about how he felt it was something hard he was hitting with, felt like bricks at one stage, from memory.

        Of course no bricks were found at the scene, either. The Ice Tea I think had no blood so wasn’t tested, and the phone wasn’t smashed.

        It’s all stories, anyway. But thinking he’d get away with it (especially the first day when his victim had not yet been identified as an innocent local guest) he didn’t think much physical evidence would be looked at.

        • Obwon says:

          Yes, he had that right. My guess is he had enough of a relationship with some officers, and with some higher ups via his appearances, that he believed he could count on some heavy hitting support. Why else would he brush aside reminders to obey the NW rules, knowing what they told him the outcome could be? Either a ruined police investigation, or a serious altercation with terrible results needlessly caused by misunderstandings. The NSA give a host of very serious considerations about why NW’ers should neither carry weapons or follow and/or confront suspects. They have serious concerns about the program being seen as vigilante group, which would be illegal. So, they tell NW’ers that if you follow or confront or carry a weapon, you are on your own, but don’t consider yourself to be doing the job of a NW’er.

          Now, and I hope the SP makes this clear to the jury, GZ having knowingly placed himself outside the rules of Neighborhood watch, he cannot claim that he had any legitimate reason for doing anything that he did that night period! Once he disobeyed the rules of NW, he became an illegal vigilante acting on his own!

          He broke the rules when he followed Trayvon.
          He broke the rules again when he got out of his car to see where Trayvon went.
          He had no duty, no right and no authorization of any kind, to watch, follow, or come anywhere near Trayvon. Meaning he had no right to even saunter across that walkway, because he didn’t belong there, and trying to get a street name or address was no justification for him to have walked there.

          Any and all actions he took, when he left his vehicle, were in furtherance of tracking his suspect. The only address he needed and was legally entitled to give the dispatcher, was that of where the police could meet him, and that address, within the rules of NW, was the clubhouse!

          Further he had no right to bear his firearm, even though he was licensed to do so! He was not authorized to carry it for these purposes! In fact he was warned not to carry it for these purposes. Thus his firearm should have been left in his truck!

          By taking his fire arm with him, when he went into an area where the suspect had been, an area where he could not see clearly, and seeking a street sign or address where the police could meet him, is neither logical nor excusable behavior.

          Let me be clear, his only reason for being on that back walkway at all, was to obtain an address or house number, in furtherance of assisting in the capture of a suspect! Therefore being their with a firearm, and for no other reason than to even possibly, further the capture of a suspect, either by sighting that suspect, or obtaining any address, is illegal for him. Since the controlling rules given him by law enforcement, says that as NW he is prohibited from doing these things!

          GZ broke the rules with tragic results, now he must pay for the crime that he alone is responsible for!

  8. James F says:

    The butterfly bandages were applied by Sandford PD personnel. I am getting tired of George Zimmerman haters lambasting him for the bandages on his head. They are claiming he applied them to garner sympathy from police investigators or anybody else who might view the video. They make analogies to wearing a big neck brace into court and the like.

    The bandages can clearly be seen during the video interview at the police station on the night of the incident.

    • Come on, man.

      Does not matter who put the bandages on his head or when they did it. Close-up HD photos of the 2 little cuts show they are minor and did not even require stitches, much less a bandage of any kind, let alone two bandages as big as Dumbo’s ears.

      The EMT at the scene of the murder cleaned up the clotted blood with a little hydrogen peroxide and that was all that was necessary.

    • Come on, man.

      Does not matter who put the bandages on his head or when they did it. Close-up HD photos of the 2 little cuts show they are minor and did not even require stitches, much less a bandage of any kind, let alone two bandages as big as Dumbo’s ears.

      The EMT at the scene of the murder cleaned up the clotted blood with a little hydrogen peroxide and that was all that was necessary.

      Finally, those two little cuts did not happen as the result of GZ’s head coming in contact with a concrete sidewalk. You’d see more abrasions covering a broader area and extensive bruising.

      Far more likely that TM inflicted the cuts by hitting GM with his cell phone in self-defense after GZ attacked him.

      If anybody’s head was being slammed against the ground, it was TM’s head because, according to the autopsy report, his brain had severe swelling.

      There were no exterior injuries to TM’s head, but the ground was soft and wet and his head was not being banged against a sidewalk.

      In fairness, I am still attempting to obtain confirmation from a medical professional that the severe edema or swelling could have been caused by trauma, such as I have described, as opposed to general swelling from system shock caused by the gunshot.

      Bottom Line: No brain trauma sustained by GZ, which is inconsistent with his description of what happened. Yet more evidence that he is not telling the truth.

  9. Cynthia says:

    He’s NEVER getting out of jail. Lying scum.

    • aussie says:

      Let’s be fair. He doesn’t deserve life in jail for being a lying scum, any more than Trayvon deserved to be shot for walking too slow in the rain.

      A few more lies need to be proven yet, to prove that was ALL the poor kid got killed for.

      THEN he can rot in jail. He won’t though. The day will come when he finally wakes up to what he was responsible for, and he won’t be able to live with that.

  10. aussie says:

    The already quoted link
    seems very accurate in placing the debris field items.

    Marker No 6 was Trayvon’s body. The shell casing was found only after the body was removed, ie was in the area covered by the body or the tarp over it.

    Numerous maps with timings, witness locations etc can be found here (warning it is huge with 100s of comments)

    We’ve pulled apart the re-enactment video and have found a true statement that’s not contradicted by anything else

    ” I was driving…”

  11. jd says:

    Google 1400 Retreat view circle. Between there and 1300 is the gap in the fence that pedestrians use on a regular basis, mostly school kids and bus riders.

    near 1300 RVC, pedestrian cut thru

    The creepy thing is that Frank Taaffe lives there and can see anyone who uses this cut thru. There is zero proof but some speculation that FT could have called GZ when he saw TM. GZ’s told so many non-credible things I think anything is possible at this point. Proving it thru a cell phone record would go a LONG way to showing a depraved mind, since if true he’s hidden the fact. Again, there is no proof of this.

    In the full version of the reenactment video GZ claims he saw TM in front of the units that form this gap while he was “on his way to Target.” You need to watch the full version of the walk thru. It’s bizarre the things he says happened. I’m still confused by a lot of it.

    • KA says:

      Does anyone know anything about the picture of pg 62 of the first round of evidence documents? Is it related to the clubhouse security footage? I noticed the date is 2 days later..

      • Mirre says:

        It looks like the corridor, doesn’t it. I can’t find a description of that image in the discovery list.

      • aussie says:

        That’s Tracy Martin and Brandy Green, not aware of why it was in evidence. They don’t seem relevant. The clubhouse images all just came out this past week.

  12. KA says:

    jd – I am confused about where Trayvon came into the complex. We know he walked from 711 as the video of him there and the time stamp. I assumed he went through the front entrance and I have been puzzled of how he could have “looked” at any houses as there is not much there to look at. The clubhouse makes sense as well as it would be prominent from the front. He did not know the neighborhood well so he would not really realize what he was coming on. It is why I think when he ran, he overshot the “T” and then went back to the cut through to avoid the road and the “crazy man staring at him”. I think that is where they met and Trayvon was obviously just walking while on the phone when he saw him.

    What other entrances are there for someone to go in outside of the front and back?

  13. jd says:

    The phone may have been in TM’s hand as he struggled with GZ. One obvious question is, do people usually stay on the line with their girlfriend when they plan to attack someone? GZ is clearly trying to obscure how the fight started and where and how it MOVED, since he thought there were no witnesses to the start of the altercation.

    There are many many possible things that could have happened, but there is only ONE way that GZ claims it happened, and that way makes no sense at all when compared to the location of the body, the timeline of events as suggested by the many recorded calls and the call between TM and DeeDee, the witness statements and the scattered debris leading some 50 feet from the T to the cell phone, the southernmost item found.

    The earphones are a mystery, as they are listed in several locations according to the police. DeeDee seems to have heard them being yanked out – or something that made the sound change dramatically.

    Figuring out what likely happened is not the important part, however. Proving that what GZ says happened is not credible is.

    In terms of TRAVEL alone, GZ claims that ONE punch and (maybe a push) and his own unmolested stumbling brought him from up on the E-W path somehow to a place on the ground where he squirmed some and then shot TM. Somehow this activity ends with the shell casing some 50 feet south of where he wrote that he was punched and fell BACKWARDS to the ground. It just doesn’t add up. He’s omitting the means of the travel. The cell phone’s location figures into all this but will never fill in the gaps. The injury to TM’s hand suggests he had the phone in his hand at some point and maybe used this hand to strike something or someone. Is this the behavior of a premeditated assailant?

    There is a lot to puzzle through here now that we have heard GZ’s various versions of how the fight STARTED, the part he is most assuredly lying about.

    I’d like to see a spreadsheet of all the ways he’s telling the story. In some he falls backwards after the initial alleged punch and in the video he “stumbles” forward directly past where his supposed assailant stood. I guess TM stepped aside to let him pass? GZ “stumbles” in the video around 25 feet, and even then it doenst look credible. The real distance is more like twice that.

    Go out in your back yard and “stumble” 50 feet credibly, and then tell me what TM was doing during this time. And, if you are reading this and you like GZ’s story PLEASE post a youtube video showing how this makes sense in a re-enactment.

  14. lynp says:

    If Martin was talking to DeeDee on his cell phone, why is it not open for talking instead of closed?

    • KA says:

      That phone would easily close if hit. I used to have a business phone like that years ago and everytime I even dropped in on my desk it closed and disconnected the call. It is probably the reason that the call disconnected as the phone was dropped and closed. It could also be that Trayvon picked up the phone (as it looks like he picked up the tea from ground as the broken bad is left there). At 17, picking up his phone was probably a priority so he had it in his hand as it was next to his body. He obviously had it out and loose.

    • aussie says:

      The phone closing on dropping could be why the call was cut off.
      BUT — I have a slide phone, and it is configurable whether closing cuts off the call or not. It would make sense to have it set up to NOT cut off, otherwise it’s near impossible to have the phone in a pocket when using the headset. You’d only need it open if talking directly on the phone itself.
      A sensible place for a phone would be a side pocket on the hoodie. Easy to answer, close enough for the headset to reach. And easily fall out of the pocket if the headset cord is yanked.

    • onlyiamunitron says:

      Trayvon had a T-Mobile Comet, a PDA style, not a flip phone.


  15. Mirre says:

    I was looking at the surveillance videos from the clubhouse, to see if I could find out where Zimmerman was when he called the police. I am quite sure that one of videos shows exactly that. I was kind of surprised to see a person with a flaslight walking around the clubhouse for I believe, at least 6 minutes before Zimmerman called the police. I’m quite sure that it is Zimmerman. I wrote a detailed post about it here http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/06/21/1101850/-Videos-show-Zimmerman-walking-around-the-clubhouse. I would like your opinion about.

    • KA says:

      THAT is amazing. I am so impressed with the patience it took to analyze those videos. You are absolutely right, someone was looking in the windows with a flashlight prior to the call being made. I suspect someone CALLED GZ when he saw Trayvon, not GZ just seeing him. That coordinated effect BEFORE a call would really be concerning for the defense I imagine.

      • jd says:

        The conspiracy theory (literally) is that Frank Taaffe would be the one who gives GZ a tip off about people cutting thru his back yard, which is where the path from the main street is open into the gated community.

        There is ZERO proof about this in the public domain, other than the fact that FT likes GZ and had a friendship with him, and was tangentially involved in a prior incident where GZ called the police about a break in. FT lives on the 1400 block of RVC.

        FT also went on local TV and told a very similar story to GZ’s in part, but different in other places. FT claims the fight happened where the lighted keychain flashlight was found, around 8 feet south of the T. (in some ways this is MORE credible than GZ’s account, but of course BOTH of them are quite wrong about where the body ended up. At least FT doesn’t have the audacity to suggest that TM punched GZ in a manner that moved him 50 feet somehow, unmolested until he falls to the ground.)

        He also repeats the “circling the vehicle” tale and places the vehicle “According to George” (his words) facing the clubhouse near the cut thru but just past the halfway point on TTL… something that doesn’t seem to work out with the timeline suggested by GZ’s recorded call to a police dispatcher.

        FT also claims GZ walked north up the dog walk, which GZ and GZ’s father disclaim. So FT is pretty much “O for three” when he pushed a false narrative to the local tv.

        FT car position/ 5fps walk

        Here are some notes I made prior to the release of GZ’s statements that examine FT and what or why he is pushing this false narrative. Mostly, he’s just an idiot, but he has some sort of agenda and some limited access to GZ, possibly through the father. He’s a curious person and if I were a detective I’d classify him as a “person of interest” and work to pin him down on what his involvement is in all this. GZ’s cell phone records would be the place to start, and the prosecution has these.

        I’ll try to take some time soon and examine the FT version with the GZ versions and update this flickr set, but the main thing I’m willing to say for now is the guy’s a poor liar and is pushing a false narrative.

        When FT was on a cable show with some blonde blowviator around the time of the jailhouse virtual perp walk video being released (prior to the arrest) he was caught lying flat footed by the host and had to admit he was saying he knew things form GZ but had not spoken to GZ at all. In other words he’s a PROVEN liar.

      • Mirre says:

        I don’t know anything about a possible ct. They are an odd couple, Taafe and Zimmerman

    • aussie says:

      Hi Mirre

      I was just looking at your video analysis. Phenomenal.

      One problem. When I tried to click the link above again, it says not authorised to view it, and it no longer comes up on a search, either. Can you check into this? it’s brilliant work and I’m sure others would love to be able to see it, too.

  16. bmaz (@bmaz) says:

    What a load of sensationalistic crap you have pitched here. First off, even under your somewhat fantastical slant on the evidence, there are key elements of the crime of second degree murder that are not, and cannot, be supported. Secondly, do you understand what self defense instructions to a jury are? Do you understand how they shift the total burden to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the claim of self defense once asserted and accepted by the trial court? I have a feeling you really don’t. This is one of the strongest self defense claims on this level of a crime, in a case that was actually charged as opposed to being no-billed by a GJ or declined by a DA, that I have ever seen in 25 years of practicing criminal defense.

    • Hi bmaz,

      Good to see your fonts and welcome to my blog.

      Well, I’ve been around the block at least as much as you have and I know the law of self-defense as well as you do.

      I respect and agree with you a lot of the time on a great many legal issues.

      But not here.

      Not on this case.

      No way.

  17. jd says:

    Exactly. There were dozens of POSSIBLE explanations, but GZ has given us ONE, to the exclusion of all other explanations, and that seems to be that he “stumbled” from A to B seemingly unmolested by TM all the while. Go out in your front yard and “stumble” fifty feet. It takes quite a while. What was Trayon doing all this time?

    Elsewhere he makes various claims of being knocked backwards, which makes no sense at all.

    By the way, it looks like someone else came to the same conclusion on where the evidence is and posted a YouTube video that is a little more idiot proof than my own analysis.

    On a humorous note, the person who made this is a fan of George’s and links to The Conservative Treehouse. Yet he comes to the same conclusions. I wonder if he will eventually regret his hard work in helping to prove GZ’s pushing a false narrative.

    George did have his nose punched it seems, but probably not up by the T if it knocked him to the ground. It may have been the incident that angered him into chasing the teen 50 feet south, we can’t really know – and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that what George said seems so impossible. Whatever he’s hiding, he seems to have a good reason to want to hide it.

    But still, I’m not sure how the prosecution uses this obvious lie to gain a conviction. How does this play out in the courtroom?

    • Well, I think this case will end up in a guilty plea, but if it goes to trial, the prosecution introduces his statements and proves that they are lies and argues that he lied to cover-up a murder.

      Plus, a good cross examiner can destroy Zimmerman in front of a jury.

      A lot depends on jury selection and I will be writing an article about that in the near future.

      But first, we have some more statements by Zimmerman to review, presumably within the next few days.

      Again, great work on figuring out where everything was. Bet you’re real close to the GPS total station effort by the police.

      I’m going to correct my article regarding the location of Trayvon’s phone and credit you.

    • onlyiamunitron says:

      A lot of that seems to be the lifted from jeandodge’s flickr page, and that person, who seems to be willisnewton when posting at TalkLeft, doesn’t come across as a big Zimmerman supporter


      • onlyiamunitron says:

        Oooops! Make that jeandodge67’s flickr page.

        an embarrassed


        (who can’t say enough bad things about WordPress’s sorry excuse for a comment system)

  18. Bottom line is Trayvon’s body is around 50 feet south of the T intersection where Zimmerman claims Trayvon jumped him and his story does not explain how that could have happened.

  19. Tyasia says:

    I love this, and this is exactly what I think happend on February 26!

  20. jd says:

    Pretty good summary. Like I’ve been saying since April, the location of the body is proof enough that GZ is a liar.

    Here is a very quick comparison of the evidence photos vs GZ’s walk thru as seem in screen shots:


    Not a big deal but the cell phone was actually by the body. The debris was numbered from N to S as can be seen here:


    What was up by the T was GZ’s keychain flashlight, still lit up when it was found.

    Probable scenarios include a lunge or punch up by the T, and then a chase that scatters debris some 50 feet down to the cell phone, the southernmost thing found.

    But nothing belonging to TM was found north of the tan bag, which was probably his but that may be hard to prove unless there was a receipt in it.

    So many things are possible, but what GZ describes is almost IMPOSSIBLE. He claims he “stumbled” from where he was hit to where he was on the ground and mounted, and re-enacts this as though he crosses about 20-25 feet. The real distance to the shell casing is more like 50.

    He’s hiding the WAY the fight moved. And he’s hiding it for a reason.

    Now, how the prosecution PROVES he tried to detain TM is something I don’t know – IANAL. But it’s clear he’s lying by omission at the least.

    • Thanks for pointing out that the cell phone actually was by Trayvon’s body.

      I knew the cell phone was assigned a number 7, but I did not see Trayvon’s body in the crime scene photograph.

      I assume Trayvon’s body was located where the black box containing the yellow dot is located on your photograph, correct?

      How did you get the precise locations for the various items of evidence?

      • Never mind, I see from the other photographs that you linked to. but I haven’t seen some of them, particularly the wide angle shot with the evidence flags.

        Sorry, I think I confused some raindrops on the lens for evidence flags.

        BTW, congratulations on doing a splendid job of putting this case together.

    • But nothing belonging to TM was found north of the tan bag, which was probably his but that may be hard to prove unless there was a receipt in it.

      I just checked the 711 video and the clerk handed Trayvon a tan plastic bag containing his purchases. You can see it here.

  21. Karma says:

    Did you see those giant butterfly bandaids he had on those scrathes on the back of his head?This guy is a pathological liar.This was taken the next day after he killed a human being,i dont know about you,but i dont see any black eyes or a busted lip.All of his lies are coming out for everyone to see and hear.

    • TeeTee says:

      Well apparently lying runs in the family…didn’t his father claim he had black eyes, busted lip, and wearing a protective nose covering?

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