Zimmerman Update: Six Recorded Jailhouse Phone Calls Released

Yesterday, the prosecution released a copy of the information charging Shellie Zimmerman with perjury, the supporting affidavit of probable cause, and six recorded jailhouse phone calls between George and Shellie Zimmerman.

Go here to review the 69 page document.

I. Shellie Zimmerman’s testimony under oath by telephone at George Zimmerman’s Bail Hearing on April 20, 2012.

A. Direct examination by Mark O’Mara:

After establishing that she and her husband are indigent, he asks

Q: … other major assets that you can liquidate reasonably to assist in coming up with money for a bond?

A: None that I know of.

Q: I have discussed with you the pending motion to have your husband George Zimmerman declared indigent for cost, have I not?

A: Yes, you have.

Q: And is — are you of any financial means where you can assist in those costs?

A: Uhm, not that I am aware of.

Q: I understand that you do have other family members present with you, and I’ll ask some more questions of them, but have you had discussions with them of at least trying to pull together some funds to accomplish a bond?

A: We have discussed that.

Q: Okay

A: — trying to pull together the members of the family to scrape up anything that we can possibly can.

B. Cross examination by Bernardo de la Rionda

Q: And you mentioned also, in terms of the ability of your husband to make a bond amount, that you all had no money, is that correct?

A: To my knowledge, that is correct.

Q: Were you aware of the website that Mr. Zimmerman or somebody on his behalf created?

A: I’m aware of that website.

Q: How much money is in that website right now? How much money as a result of that website was —

A: Currently, I do not know.

Q: Do you have any estimate as to how much money has already been obtained or collected?

A: I do not.

II. Shellie Zimmerman’s money transfers from her account to George Zimmerman’s account from April 16 to April 19, 2012, a four-day period ending the day before the hearing.

$9,990 (X 4) = $39,960

$9,999 (X 2) = $19,998

$7,500 (X 2) = $15,000
Total: $74,958

More than $47,000 was transferred from George Zimmerman’s account into his sister’s account during the period April 16 through April 19, 2012.

III. On April 24, 2012 (four days after the hearing), Shellie Zimmerman transferred $85,500 from her account into George Zimmerman’s account. She had previously transferred that money from the Paypal account into her own account.

Total Transferred before and after the hearing: $160,458

IV. Recorded Jailhouse Conversations

The prosecution released six of the 155 recorded telephone conversations. The balance of the recorded conversations have been withheld pending the outcome of a motion by Mark O’Mara, who claims they are not relevant to the case.

The conversations contain coded references to the Paypal account as “Peter Pan” and amounts are referred in a primitive code where dollar amounts are really 10,000 times greater, as you can see below. George Zimmerman gives the orders and Shellie Zimmerman carries them out. For example, he instructs her how to access the accounts, how to make the transfers, and how much to transfer. He also tells her what bills to pay and checks back later to make sure she did it.

April 16, 2012 @ 2:26 pm

GZ: In my account do I have at least $100?

SZ: No

GZ: How close am I?

SZ: There’s like $8. $8.60

GZ: So total everything, how much are we looking at?

SZ: Uhm, like $155

The actual sum on that date was $155,000

V. Conclusion

There is no defense to the perjury charge and I am surprised that the prosecution did not also charge George Zimmerman with perjury as an aider and abettor.

12 Responses to Zimmerman Update: Six Recorded Jailhouse Phone Calls Released

  1. onlyiamunitron says:

    Apparently WordPress has it’s own way of interpreting html.


  2. onlyiamunitron says:

    You seem not to have noticed that the state omitted part of the cross-examination without even inserting ellipsees to indicate that they had done so.

    “Q: How much money is in that website right now? How much money as a result of that website was —

    A: Currently, I do not know.

    Q: Who would know that?

    A: That would be my brother-in-law.

    Q: And is he — I know he’s not in the same room as you, but is he available so we can speak to him, too, or the Court can inquire through the State or the Defense?

    A: I’m sure that we could probably get him on the phone.

    Q: Okay. So he’s not there now.

    A: No, he is not, sir.

    Q: Do you have any estimate as to how much money has already been obtained or collected?

    A: I do not.

    Q. Okay. You haven’t talked to your brother-in-law in terms of just bare amount of how much money?

    A. No. No, I have not

    Q. Okay. And how long has that website been in existence, ma’am?

    A. I do not know. I have not been with my husband since he’s been in hiding. I do not know.

    Q. Okay. So you mentioned your husband was in hiding. I understand he left the state, is that correct?

    A. That’s correct.

    Q – Okay. And did you continue to have contact with him while he was out?

    A. Yes, every day.

    Q. And that was every day?

    A. Yes.


  3. KA says:

    Also, it seems Zimmerman’s statement in the police vehicle that he felt like he was avoiding him because he went between the town homes. I would think that was another part of mental state that Zimmerman had as it reinforces that Trayvon did not “belong” there according to him. If it were me (a middle aged white woman), I seriously doubt he would have the same suspicion. I also felt it telling that the police asked him about race as well. It seems an obvious factor here, even to the police.

  4. KA says:

    In addition to the fact Trayvon did not have George’s blood on his hands. If his nose was bleeding a little (which has been documented several places) how was there no blood of Zimmerman’s on Trayvon’s face. Why, in the iPhone picture the police took, the blood streaming down and not smeared all over his face (from large hands covering that whole area. Why is the blood on the back of his head not smeared? It does not make sense to me. His also does not allow for “traveling” which obviously happened as mentioned before. I think a plausible explanation for his injuries could be falling against the pet disposal station at the “T” or the tree in the pushing of Trayvon or the scuffle. Those two small cuts and the redness could easily be explained in that way. His description does not also fit into the 80 second time period which is when this whole confrontation happened. I think Zimmerman tried to detain him and that did not go well. Since Trayvon was adverse to being detained, I believe he shot because he thought he could as part of SYG and stopping a felony. His mental attitude in regards to who Trayvon was allowed him to believe he was actually stopping a robbery in progress. His shot would have been allowed it seems with FL SYG. Basically, he shot him because he felt he COULD.

    I am also very disturbed by the complete lack of emotion not 15 hours or so after the event. On an emotional level, he seems to be justifying his chosen brand of peanut butter verses reenacting a scene where he felt his life was in imminent danger and he had just killed a teenager. I have not listened to the police statements yet but the reenactment is telling I believe.

    Professor Leatherman, I wanted to ask if it is common to keep a client like Zimmerman when it is obvious he has lied not only to the court, but to you since the beginning? Does it not hurt O’Mara’s preparation for court as much of his direction relies on Zimmerman’s words and direction? I guess he could just take the discovery and make the best of it and build a strategy in the loopholes in evidence.

  5. Chi says:

    So according to Zimmerman, Trayvon used both hands to cover Zimmerman’s nose and mouth, enough to restrict his breathing, but then he manages to call for help. Trayvon circled the truck, jumped from the bushes, and told Zimmerman he would die. Zimmerman only got out of the truck to look for a street sign in his neighborhood.

    OMG- where do I begin?? I can clearly see why Corey filed 2nd degree murder charges. Zimmerman is an OBVIOUS liar! I expect O’Mara to try and plea for lesser charges. I don’t see any way that Zimmerman can prevail in court.

    I’m glad chief Lee was fired today. He is a disgrace.

  6. jd says:

    gzlegal (which is now crashing) released video of or form the videotaped walk thru
    abcnews has exclusive excerpt

    GZ claims fight takes place in wrong spot; leaves out how the fight moved and his story is 100% exculpatory and obviously phony if you compare it to the evidence and witness testimony.


    GZ claims on video that the fight happened by where his lighted keychain flashlight was found, up at the T intersection of sidewalks.

    Further south, around 40 feet down the sidewalk officers found a pile of evidence including George’s black flashlight, TM’s cell phone and one other thing.. Trayvon Martin’s body, with GZ’s bullet in it.

    • Yes, I watched the ABC video and it’s apparent that his description of the fight conflicts with the locations where various items of evidence were found.

      I also thought the enormous butterfly bandages on the back of his head were an extremely heavy-handed and overly dramatic prop to cover a couple of minor scrapes.

      Have to run an errand for a couple of hours and I will put up a new post after I return.

      Meanwhile, here’s a link to the video.

  7. Two sides to a story says:

    Ken may be the code name for Robert Zimmerman Jr., Susie appears to be the code name for George’s sister, Grace. Heaven is the hideout in Cambridge, Maryland.

  8. KA says:

    I wanted to also bring out that the first transfer of money from the Paypal account was on April 9th ($10.5K). That would predate engaging O’Mara on the case by one day. The 12th of April was one of the first conversations on this in jail in which George said he had $44 and many transfers were done that day. Assuming that O’Mara actually discussed the indigent evidence for bail and the filing of the relief motion (4/12), I assume this would indicate a lying relationship with his client from the beginning of their relationship. I assume O’Mara did not make up him being indigent. I am quite surprised O’Mara is continuing. It seems this type of situation is why Zimmerman’s former attorneys quit.

  9. KA says:

    I noticed also that there are two bond requests in FL. One is Request for Bond and the other Request for Reasonable Bond. O’Mara filed the Request for Reasonable Bond which is the one that is requesting a specific relief. The main difference in looking at his request was the fact they were indigent. There are many bloggers, including Jeralyn that believes that money should not have been the deciding factor. I say that because relief was requested on bond through the filing of that request that was focused almost exclusively on the Zimmerman’s being indigent (as the other request would have handled all other consideration).

    I believe Judge Lester had every right to revoke bond as a remedy for the court extended the relief based on misrepresentations. I think with the passport issue and the hidden money combined, the judge could consider him now a flight risk. Alternatively, I assume he could hold Zimmerman in contempt of court and make the decision at another time. I was told yesterday that O’Mara, in an interview, said he did not know if George would be released before the trail. I would think that telling.

    jd – I completely agree that he only turned in the passport when he discovered that he could not get around the GPS. I think their conversation about a great life afterwards and their excitement was about escaping the country with 155K or more with no lingering bills. At the time they made those statements, an ankle bracelet was not known as a condition of his bail.

  10. jd says:

    George it seems has the “potted palm” defense of having said nothing in open court about the hidden money and hidden valid passport. I suspect however this will be cold comfort to him on June 29th.

    Like the entire Zimmerman crew, “Ken” included, I’m waiting for the other RACK of shoes to drop here. Who knows what wiretaps were started as the result of these allegations?

    What I learned from listening to the jailhouse phone conversations (ugh, what an unpleasant task that was)was that there seems to be two passports known about before the bail hearing, which doesn’t jibe with MO’M’s explanation of how the second passport wasn’t “found” until the Z’s were packing to move.

    GZ says “hang on to THEM” which was previously transcribed as “hang onto THAT” if you read the current transcripts.

    Also, GZ clearly discussed using the pay pal donations for the purpose of posting bond or paying a bondsman a percentage. I think the transcription reads “if it’s 50, pay the 15” but is actually a bad transcribing job. The whole passage makes a lot more sense if you hear it as “if it’s 50, pay the 50” and then the next thing he says is that if it is more then pay the percentage, which he says is 15, I think, meaning 15 per cent. So that part of MO’M’s story to the press is also “inoperative.” He’s peddling a version where GZ was confused as to what a “defense fund” could be used for at the time he was in jail. Of course, later GZ DID use $5k of the money to pay a bondsman – he’s since forfeited that amount. So that argument seems foolish to me.

    The only witnesses we know MO’M wants to call at the hearing are two bondsmen, presumably who will say they are willing to post another bond, but that’s hardly worth the trouble to hear them profess. Perhaps they know something about GZ’s “confusion” about what a defense fund was good for. If the judge grants bond again and they are the bondsmen, they won’t lose a dime so long as GZ doesn’t saw off his foot and thus defeat the GPS he’s be wearing.

    It’s the GPS that may have changed GZ’s plans the first time – had he not been ordered to wear one, he would have walked out of jail with a valid passport, all debts paid off and $135-155 cash close at hand and his “confusion, mistrust and fear” to guide his actions. I am reminded of the great short story by Flannery O’Connor called “A Good Man is Hard to FInd” where a character called The Misfit says “She would would have been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.”

    The question is, who is “Ken” and what exactly is his role in all this? Someone called Ken by the couple was the one who moved money form a pay pal account into George’s credit union account until Shellie was able to become an administrator. Shellie moved the finds fomr GZ’s account into her own and her sister’s account. Some bloggers claim there is a 10K limit on pay pal transfers but there is no limit on transfers that Shellie was doing – moving money within the same bank from one account to another. It’s unclear if Ken left the loop at the time Shellie gained admin status or not. He also may be the “brother in law” Shellie mentions in court as the one who knows how much is in the pay pal account, but he’s not named in any documents we’ve seen yet. “Ken” apparently used that name to post to the Conservative Treehouse, a blog I’ll nor bother to dignify with a description his news about the website that was accepting the donations. Jeralyn over at TalkLeft posted the citation if you are curious, but it only proves these people know where their bread is buttered.

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