Has Obama Decided To Start A War With Iran To Assure That He Wins The 2012 Election?

I write to warn everyone that President Obama likely intends to start a war with Iran before the November election even though two days ago,

(a) Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, admitted that Iran is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes and not attempting to develop a nuclear weapon; and

(b) Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, admitted that Iran is unlikely to start a war on its own.

Jason Ditz at antiwar.com reports today,

Officials say Obama has been telling Israel he wants to “give sufficient time” to the current round of sanctions before starting the war, though they say that in the end the result will start be a war because Iran is “behaving like sanctions don’t matter.”

Ditz further reports that,

Obama advisers are now calling September or October the “sweet spot.”

For additional information on what I believe to be Obama’s complete capitulation to corporate America’s lust for unfettered access to Iranian oil and his decision to act in “lockstep” with Israel, allowing Netanyahu to drag us into an aggressive, unnecessary and illegal war with Iran in order to assure that he defangs the eventual Republican nominee for president and wins the November election, please listen to this 24-minute interview of David Bromwich by Scott Horton at antiwar.com.

Also, please take a few minutes to read Bromwich’s article at the Huffington Post titled, Obama’s Drift Toward War In Iran.

3 Responses to Has Obama Decided To Start A War With Iran To Assure That He Wins The 2012 Election?

  1. Ken Robbins says:

    I’ve seen all sorts of proposals on how the US can fight Iran. The depressing part is looking real hard at the assumptions behind these plans and realizing Iran would win the war.

    The main assumption, that Iranians would welcome us Americans as liberators, it totally flawed.

    Imagine Afghanistan except with better roads. And EVERYONE is Taliban. A simplistic comparison but more accurate than Frank Gaffney’s assessment.

  2. Qoheleth says:

    Obama’s complete capitulation

    He’ll spinelessly, cringingly, haltingly, meekly, start World War III?

    Or maybe, just maybe, this is the real Obama we’re seeing?

  3. Editorial Note: Historically, people have come together and voted to retain an incumbent president during wartime, evidently fearing that electing a new president would be destructive to the war effort.

    Just as Bismark stole the socialist’s thunder, Obama keeps stealing and adopting right wing talking points. The right wing wants war with Iran and the lapdog media is vigorously pounding the war drum and spinning lies to whip up a frenzy for war.

    Will Obama act honorably and stand-up to the right wing noise machine and their bellicose candidates for president and declare that war is not an option, since Iran is not attempting to build a nuclear bomb?

    Of course he won’t.

    Does he care how many innocent people will die as the result of his desire to win a second term?

    Of course, he doesn’t.

    Therefore, his decision to preempt the right wing Republicans by going to war with Iran will leave we the people, who oppose unnecessary and illegal wars of aggression for natural resources that benefit US multinational corporations and the criminal banks that own them, with no choice in the matter except to take to the streets to express our horror and disgust.

    And one more thing.

    Write these words in blood: Whatever Israel wants, Israel gets.

    Until we say, “Enough!”

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