Sycophant King

Occupy Mordor
by Jamison Wieser on flickr Creative Commons
h/t to Crane-Station to save my marriage 🙂

Sycophant King

He favors tailored navy blue suits that look exactly the same

And white shirts decorated with solid silk ties

Perfectly pinched below the Gordian knot

That binds him to the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

He majored in deception and has picked many a pocket clean

Wearing his practiced smile of starched white teeth

Flashing like a strobe in an after hours club.

He reached the top the old fashioned way —

Kissing ass

Taking credit for other people’s ideas

Daggering them in the back with whispers made of lies.

No one knows what he really thinks and neither does he

Because he thinks like the people he seeks to please.

Now that he’s reached the top there is nothing left to steal

No one with whom to share a thought

Only angry ghosts seeking revenge.

Who shall shed a tear

For the sycophant king?

Cross posted at my regular blog, Firedoglake/MyFDL, and the Smirking Chimp.

6 Responses to Sycophant King

  1. ed nelson says:

    I guess,, like many of my gal friends have used to hammer me with the deal: don’t drink too much, don’t do …. like they knew anything, but what I mean… is you Prof Leatherman that esteemed proffessor… have made some very good works, I of all idiots, can get it, I get it, I think, but I sawr some of what it is… To see through the Veil… that is pretty cool… to see through… to that other dimension, even for a moment… then you know.

  2. ed nelson says:

    Oh and by the way, I read for many a day, so many of these posts that I used read on the FDL, and all over too… But to tell yay, these posts from the likes of you all, are some of my faves, (favorites,) Ta da! No, all I mean is: you people have put out some good comments… commentary… And realistic.

    So there is my Iconoclasticism for today…. No let’s get real now, the f’n world is commin’ down around us, we need to recalibrate, to it.

  3. ed nelson says:

    Nice piece a work there Dr. Leatherman, did you get my donation of 50$ ?

    I think Jesus said, don’t make a big deal of giving…. So the least I could do is ask, did you get the f’n 50$?

    See I like your and your side kick’s puts of great things you’all say’s. And I just thought that it would be approapriate, to send you a 50.

    No that is pathetic, small change, not even worth comment-agreed.

    I am not a serial killer…. You know about those guys. So I like you because you have worked to help us to understand that weird world, but I am not into that world, but I wonder about it, and so I sent you 50. You did not respond, so that is a lot like that… you are sounding… (as whales do, they go down deep…. deeeeep….
    soooo…. deeeeeep… My grandad could say that and he was almost a baritone…. Deeeeeeeuuuuuuuuupppppppppp!

    could it eever be… that you’all are a serial murderer? Just wonderin’ seein as you don’t like to keep up on communications with… fairly friendly folks like me… I liked your essays, but I don’t like your lack of replies to my little comments…. (Blasphmey…!)…
    But then you have to be 40 proof to get that….

    • masonblue says:

      Hi, Ed.

      Please check your email.

      I apologize for not responding to your comments. I did not see them until someone new posted a comment that triggered a notice to me to check my comments. I didn’t realize that once I have approved someone to post a comment, that person is automatically approved to post and the system doesn’t notify me that they have posted a comment.

      I just figured this out and will be going back to read and respond to comments.

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